Politicians/Bureaucrats Play Roulette with Covid Vaccines!

We can’t have it both ways: either we let SCIENCE rule the fight against Covid or we allow politicians and local bureaucrats interfere … and potentially place us all at greater risk.

For decades, we’ve heard from doctors, nurses, pharmacists and health authorities: Take medications as prescribed; Don’t cut medication doses; Don’t miss a scheduled dose.

No one ever said: DELAY a required dose for a week or two … so politicians and health authorities can do more with less, and try to impress.

Yet, that’s exactly what’s happening with Covid-19 vaccinations in some states and provinces, including BC.

Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine protocols say a second dose is REQUIRED, 21 to 28 days after the first jab.

That’s the scientific basis and timeline under which the vaccines were developed by the companies; that’s the schedule that was used to test the vaccines on tens of thousands of volunteers by several testing agencies; that’s the specific dosage parameters and frequency that was approved by Health Canada.

I have not seen a single piece of scientific RESEARCH, EVIDENCE or STUDIES that guarantee the effectiveness of the vaccination program won’t be affected by altering, delaying that REQUIRED second injection for not just days, but weeks!

Yet POLITICIANS and BUREAUCRATS think we should trust THEM to delay the second dose, without citing ANY scientific testing that backs up their decision to set back the dosage timing.

The rationale is that, instead of holding back second doses when vaccines arrive, all of them should be administered to as many people as possible, with second doses coming from scheduled future shipments. Even if that means delaying the second shot to BEYOND the previously tested and approved schedule.

This is playing Roulette with public health and safety!

Who designated politicians and health officers, working behind desks, as experts in vaccine research, development, testing, dosage, and impacts of extra delays?

How dare they set aside the EXACT timing that many months of study, research, testing, evaluations and licensing approvals PRESCRIBED in protocols approving the Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines!

In fact, Pfizer officials have warned AGAINST delaying the second doses:

” “We can only support usage of the product according to the label and indication agreed upon with Health Canada,” company spokesperson Christina Antoniou told CTV News.

Pfizer also issued a statement saying that “the phase three trial showed that the immunity began to take effect 12 days after the first dose, but that only “52.4% vaccine efficacy was observed between dose 1 and dose 2. After getting the second dose, effectiveness rises to 95 per cent.”

Clearly, delaying the second shot increases risk … especially for the elderly or those with pre-existing conditions who are most vulnerable.

You can read the whole story here: Pfizer pushes back after Quebec delays second vaccine doses, says data doesn’t exist | CTV News .

And that’s not all.

Groups of BC Doctors AND BC Nurses have also opposed delaying second doses beyond the schedule recommended by the pharmaceutical firms and approved by Health Canada.

” “We understand the rationale for this decision; however, there are several reasons why this decision by public health is extremely alarming, unethical and a violation of the rights to informed consent,”  the group of BC Emergency Medicine physicians have said in a letter to the province.

” “By not following the advocated guideline, B.C. has elected to unroll the vaccine in a fashion that is not supported by the existing evidence and could be considered ‘experimental,'” the doctors added, according to a story on CBC: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/bc-covid-19-vaccine-second-dose-delayed-1.5865482.

BC’s Public Health Officer Dr Bonnie Henry has defended the government’s decision to delay second doses:

“We did an ethical review, we looked at the data, we looked at the modelling of how many people we could best protect and we looked at the operational issues of how much vaccine we’re expecting,” Henry said.

Sorry, Doctor, that’s NOT science! That’s subjective interpretation and estimated projections at best; gambling and political expediency at worst!

” “The decision to announce a delayed vaccination schedule after doses have begun to be administered is in itself an experiment that we unknowingly became a part of and that we did not consent to,” said BC Nurses in their own complaint to the government.

The World Health Organization has also weighed in, noted distribution problems in some countries, and said “although administering the second dose between 21 to 28 days is “recommended” , the second dose could safely be delayed for up to six weeks.”

Frankly, I trust the recommendations of the companies that developed the vaccines over the WHO …. and Health Canada’s approved protocols too over the WHO.

Most of us are looking forward to getting the Covid vaccine … but it should be administered EXACTLY as it was researched, developed, recommended and approved!

Even if it means I have to wait a bit longer to get mine.

Harv Oberfeld

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30 Responses to Politicians/Bureaucrats Play Roulette with Covid Vaccines!

  1. 13 says:

    So Harvey, this bit of hocus pocus will make our vaccine debacle go away.
    You will have a difficult time finding a medical professional that says its okay to ignore the drug manufacturers recommended doses . Currently Im taking quite a few different drugs . Some are expensive and as Im not a public sector worker I am paying the full cost of the drugs. I actually asked the specialist if I could could cut the cost of one drug by taking it every second day. No was the response.
    Who benefits from this idiotic plan designed to excuse poor vaccine management
    Trudeau for not having an adequate supply of vaccine.
    The military for failure to distribute the vaccines efficiently. (military and efficient two words seldom linked)
    Horgan Dix and Henry for failing to administer the vaccine efficiently
    Personally I believe the failure is from the top down and being as they are all public sector they will cover each others butts.
    Its almost like a carnival game at the PNE.

    (Response: The “working” media should confront the politicians and bureaucrats doing this … and call them out HARD on their hypocrisy! If we have LONG been told not to alter prescription drug doses and schedules … how can provincial politicians and bureaucrats suddenly say it’s okay to do so with a life saving drug during a pandemic??? Where’s the SCIENCE and the STUDIES that says that’s okay …even when the pharmaceutical firms that developed the vaccines WARN against it …and issued research statistics that show one dose is NOT sufficient to adequately protect! h.o)

  2. BMCQ says:

    Great Analysis of this Harvey, there is absolutely no way any of hose you have mentioned should deviate from the protocol set out by the pharmaceutical companies who have developed their own vaccine without clarification and indeed a written acknowledgement from Pfizer, Moderna, or any other developer of any of the vaccines .

    Can any country or any Health Authority from any country including Tam, Dr. B, Dr. Fauci, or any one else in similar positions guarantee that their recommendations are
    guaranteed not to cause any problems without testing or authorization from he manufacturers of the vaccines ?

    I think not .

    As already asked, where are media on all of this ? They appear to be either asleep at the switch, hiding under their pillow, or complicit . None of the three make the media look all that professional or interested .

    Perhaps the questions have been asked today, but being that I have not heard any news this am I still ask the questions .

    Hopefull some in media will actually ask the questions of the authorities while a microphone is turned on .

    (Response; If there ever was a case for following the science ,it’s in fighting a pandemic that has already killed people!! Here’s what the US FDA has said: “Suggesting changes to the FDA-authorized dosing or schedules of these vaccines is premature and not rooted solidly in the available evidence,” according to a statement released by FDA’s Stephen Hahn, MD, and Peter Marks, MD, PhD, on Monday. “Without appropriate data supporting such changes in vaccine administration, we run a significant risk of placing public health at risk.” Read the whole article here: https://www.medpagetoday.com/infectiousdisease/covid19/90561. I believe it’s politics … not science that is ruling decisions now being made … and that’s risky, even dangerous!!

  3. Jimbo says:

    Gen. Hillier suggested maybe one shot could be okay. Military planning of distribution – Military personnel have and ACRONYM for their leaders actions – SNAFU. Please excuse the brevity.

    (Response: THANKS for the brevity!! LOL! But you still make a very valid point: it should NEVER be up to the military (or any politician or bureaucrat) to decide and change medical protocols … NEVER. If SCIENCE is the best way to rule/decide on the fight regarding climate change, surely it should also rule medical matters that could impact life and death!! h.o)

  4. DBW says:

    Fun debate. I never got higher than a C in any high school Science class. (My degree was in English and History.) So my opinion here is worthless. But I enjoy philosophical discussions and as far as I can tell this is the question.

    You have 1000 doses of a vaccine. After three or four weeks its efficacy is around 80%. After those three or four weeks we do not know how effective the vaccine is because no trials were done. We have a choice.

    Vaccinate 1000 people and wait five weeks before the second dose.

    Vaccinate 500 people. And keep 500 doses in the refrigerator for three or four weeks so you can give the second dose within the recommended time.

    Like I said. My opinion is worthless. I am just glad I don’t have to be responsible for making that decision.

    (Response: Well, keeping it real: my high school science record was worse than yours … so bad, my physics teacher noted I did not need the course to graduate, so we made a deal: if I didn’t ask dumb questions like “Who cares?” about science/displacements/measurement experiments … I could just sit at the back of the class, work on my history, social studies or English etc. courses instead. BUT I learned enough throughout my life to trust science and several months of very detailed medical research, not politicians or bureaucrats under public pressures, to decide what’s BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE when it comes to administering life-saving vaccines in a pandemic. That response should earn me an “A” from my old physics teacher … along with front-line BC doctors, nurses and Health Canada! h.o)

  5. D. M. Johnston says:

    It is called PANIC.

    Covid-19 is now eating away at political time tables, especially tax increases. This means pet projects for ribbon cutting at election time maybe delayed due lack of funding.

    Panic is contagious, especially with the none so brave.

    Politics trumps science (bad pun I know), well we are no better than south of the 49th, politics is trumping science here.

  6. r says:

    it is possible companies may pull back doses if instructions not followed?

    (Response: YES!! Pfizer has today threatened to do that in Quebec:https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/pfizer-could-withdraw-vaccine-supply-from-quebec-if-two-dose-schedule-not-followed-legault-1.5262256. The provinces should follow the protocols EXACTLY as laid out by the vaccine companies, Health Canada and the FDA in the US … not local “spin doctors”, who I fear could be more easily politically influenced. h.o)

  7. Ron Baker says:

    I really hope the band of Bonnie bashers and resident experts on here found it within themselves to watch Dr. Henry today. And not just watch, but listen and hear what she said.

    Two of the red herrings swimming here were addressed quite adequately; extending the time between doses one and two and the early booze cut off on NY eve.

    In this clip, she laid out the science based data and reasons taken with the vaccine. Note the points about no difference in clinical trials whether a 19 day gap or 42 day space between doses.

    In this clip, both the Doctor and Minister Dix, explained why the NY decision was made. Note the reference to community, beverage and restaurant operators expressions of concern about some of the plans for NY.

    If you dare to watch the whole piece, it’s here:

    (Response: I did watch …the whole thing today … and, yes, I did see Dr Henry’s “spin”, citing specific study cases where the vaccine remained highly effective weeks after one dose. However, MOST I’m sure, MOST people, would trust and stick with the SCIENCE and FINDINGS and INSTRUCTIONS of the actual companies/scientists that researched/developed/manufactured the vaccines and Federal Health Authorities who approved them!!! Read what the PFIZER spokesperson said. Or better yet, read this story TODAY, where Pfizer is now threatening to cut off vaccine shipments to Quebec if it delays second doses, another province whose health officials say delay would be okay.
    However, my biggest disappointment today was that not a single “reporter” CHALLENGED Henry with the FACTS that Pfizer officials and now FDA officials in the US too have WARNED not to delay the second dose:https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/fda-statement-following-authorized-dosing-schedules-covid-19-vaccines
    …. and don’t forget BC’s own Doctors and Nurses in separate letters have also opposed delaying the second dose beyond the monograph instructions: 21 days for Pfizer and 28 days for Moderna. h.o)

  8. 13 says:

    Mr Baker, the resident Bonnie bashers and experts need not worry . The government is setting a precedent in this case. They need to do more with less. A theory they have absolutely no past experience with.
    I can hear it now from Horgan on high. People of BC those of you that only got 1/2 the c19 vaccine will only pay 1/2 of your provincial income taxes. We the NDP can and will do more with less.
    All kidding aside most medication comes with a stern warning to “Use as directed”.
    There is only one reason that our government is telling us one dose will do. They do NOT have an adequate supply of vaccine and do NOT expect to meet their vaccination goals. Meanwhile the death toll skyrockets.

    (Response: It’s not just the NDP; the do more with less aberration from recommended protocols is surfacing in other jurisdictions as well, where politicians and their appointed officials are involved. especially countries having trouble funding/getting vaccines. I find it a bit curious when people who probably have been advocating for decade that we “follow the science” on climate change are yet so willing to: set aside the findings of the academic journal The Conversation which wrote: “Nevertheless, the Food and Drug Administration has reminded the medical community of the importance of receiving both doses of COVID-19 vaccines in line with the way they were tested in clinical trials. The FDA says there is no data that demonstrates vaccine efficacy if the second dose is delayed.”; or that Pfizer itself has warned “the phase three trial showed that the immunity began to take effect 12 days after the first dose, but that only “52.4% vaccine efficacy was observed between dose 1 and dose 2. After getting the second dose, effectiveness rises to 95 per cent.” … BUT yet are ready, willing to accept alternative facts put forward by NDP politicians and bureaucrats or in their Quebec Coalition Action version!! When lives are at stake, I’d stick to the EXACT instructions and dosage intervals as INSTRUCTED by the scientists/producers of any medication and as APPROVED by Health Canada. h.o)

  9. helena handcart says:

    Dr. Henry’s “spin”??
    What on earth do you think that this dedicated woman has to gain from “spin”? She has worked tirelessly to keep us safe for over a year. Walking a fine line between controlling a new and unknown disease and maintaining some sort of normalcy in our lives. Of course, she is only a world respected epidemiologist (The New York Times called her “one of the most effective public health officials in the world”), and not a washed up old journalist with a claque of confused commenters. As to Pfizer’s role in this; do you really think that they have no axe to grind? They are out to sell as much of this stuff as they can. If I want some guidance on how to manage my Covid risk, I’ll take Dr. Henry’s advice every time over someone that thinks that a restaurant will go bankrupt if they can’t sell booze for two hours on NYE.

    (Response: Have you READ the articles I’ve cited …. they quoted actual findings, warnings Pfizer itself and the FDA??? Even a warning by the company it will STOP delivering vaccines to places that flout its second-dose instructions!!! I’d go with the manufacturers’ scientists, researchers and official monograph instructions and NATIONAL Health Authorities’ approvals over what I see as the BC NDP government’s spin, through Dr Henry, using selective study results to justify what I believe is a political decision: the government wants to be seen injecting as many people as possible, even if delaying the supposedly second dose clearly flouts the warnings/approval regimen issued by Pfizer, the FDA, Health Canada and also ignores warnings by BC Doctors, BC Nurses. h.o)

  10. DBW says:

    Let me reiterate. My opinion on Dr. Henry’s decision is worthless.

    But just for fun, let’s review.

    Back in May or June, you called Dr. Henry elitist when she had the audacity to agree with the Vancouver Parks Board’s decision to close Stanley Park. You have called some of her decisions dictatorial going so far as to refer to her as “Sister Bonnie”. You have claimed that her decision to include Vancouver Health in the December closings was politically motivated because she was afraid to call out the real culprits in Fraser Health. You claimed that not ticketing the car rally in support of Indian farmers was also done for similar reasons.

    Now you are claiming that her decision to postpone second doses by a week or two is “the BC NDP government’s spin, through Dr Henry, using selective study results to justify what I believe is a political decision: the government wants to be seen injecting as many people as possible.”

    Seriously. What do you have against Dr. Henry that you could suggest that she is doing this solely for political reasons. She has said, as have other jurisdictions, that vaccinating as many people as possible while the number of cases is high and hospitals are reaching capacity is a means of saving lives and protecting the system. She has said that this was not made lightly that there are risks and that they will be monitoring the results both here and abroad and will make changes if needed.

    You can argue that decision. But please stop with the conspiracy theories.

    (Response: I do respect Dr Henry and her efforts …quite successful overall… to lead BC’s fight against Covid. And, personally, I do my best to follow the rules/advice/cautions she issues/points out. But I am NO sycophant or NDP stooge or weak-spined “reporter” who has forgotten how to ask tough questions of officials …elected or appointed. Let’s keep it real: ANY public official, a bureaucrat appointed by ANY government (municipal, regional, provincial or federal) has a POLITICAL boss. And they know it; they “consult” and sometimes they take/implement orders that they might even disagree with personally. Dr Henry, contrary to her image with some, is not an angel sent from God … and given the extensive powers she has been given, her actions (Orders) in a free and democratic society MUST undergo scrutiny, criticism and yes, even condemnation when she screws up … or at least, when she does so in the eyes of critics. This is not Russia, or Belarus or Cuba or Iran or Venezuela, where no one is allowed to criticize government officials. I DO believe Dr Henry was selfish in her support of the Stanley Park road closure, denying seniors and handicapped who can only get around in vehicles access; I DO believe she was influenced by political considerations when there was a serious Covid spreading problem in South Surrey (which I was not aware but turned out to be heavily East Indian area) and rather than zero in there, she Ordered closures from Vancouver all the way to Hope. Ridiculous! Overreach! And I believe that over-reaction encouraged people to just hold larger gatherings in homes. And now … after DECADES of Doctors, Nurses, Health Officals and Pharmacists telling us all to take medications EXACTLY as pre-scribed, NEVER miss a dose …all of a sudden it’s okay to delay doses for WEEKS extra … so the government can be seen to be giving vaccines faster to thousands more, even when the manufacturer and national Health Authorities, Doctors and Nurses warn DON’T DO IT!! I stand by my criticisms … quite proudly in fact. h.o)

  11. Baker says:

    13; “There is only one reason that our government is telling us one dose will do.”

    One dose?

    Very selective hearing there 13, but I’ll not convince you or you conspiracy buffs, busy circling the wagons on here, that was never said.

    Though I know you are harmless, it is still frightening to see among us, the same limited comprehension that divides the US and led to the debacle in DC.

    Dr. Henry’s credentials are long. She isn’t going to muddy her solid ground with spin.

    (Edited…off topic)

  12. BMCQ says:

    Harvey is simply pointing out facts and he is also providing well documented information from Pfizer, Moderna, and others, it is all there to see in black and white .

    Are you really calling Harvey a “Washed up old Journalist” ? You are obviously a person of high intellect and that is what you stoop to ? I know you are better than that, disagre fine but that kind of name calling is beneath you . I can see you calling me names, that works even though you might not have fact to back up your argument, but go ahead shoot away .

    All of my family and scores of my friends follow this blog and they for sure know who BMCQ is, each and every one of them know what I post and every single one of them would be embarrassed to know I made the statement you just did .

    Harvey is/was a leader in the field of journalism for decades and he is in fact now one of the best even though he technically retired . Ask most anyone in media, I know what they think of Harvey . Even those here that might disagree with Harvey know just how fair and balanced he is, he just happens to disgree with you, me or some others, please go back to the facts Harvey posts up the page, especially the message sent to the Government of Quebec, can you argue with that ?

    You know who Harvey has been and you know the great public service (yes he was on salary) he performed for people like you and me while a paid journalist and you are well aware he does not run this blog because he is making a profit, he does it for the love of the blog and the interaction with people like you, DBW, 13, DBW, and BMCQ who for the most part have differing viewpoints on any topic .

    Why attack Harvey with a cheap shot when it is him that is providing you the opportunity to present facts and the opportunity to take part in a blog that is not governed by his political viewpoints, he just wants to provide an opportunity for people like those here to participate and in fact provide a forum for the argument, the discussion, and the debate, why name call ? IMHO what you are doing here is “Playng Small Ball” . Why not present an argument, an alternative backed up by different articles or other fact based videos etc. ?

    YOU are entitled to YOUR own opinion but YOU are NOT entitled to YOUR own set of facts .

    I agree with Harvey about 85% of the time but when I do disagree with him I do not and would never call him derogatory names, why attack the host of this blog, just disagree and make your points based on fact or sound opinion .

    Of course no one else on this blog will call you out and I will be vilified for it but fair is fair, you should seriously re consider your attack on Harvey . Yes, Harvey unlike me will turn the other cheek but someone needs to speak out and that will never change .

    I have been on record as congratulating Dix and Dr. B but as DMJ more or less stated they both seem to be getting “Beyond their Best Buy” state, they need a re boot, and yes Dr. “B” was spinning, there is no way around that .

    Again, please re read the pieces cited by Harvey, they speak for themselves .

    Just heard this am that in the USA the roll out of the two vaccines will more than keep up to allow the follow up of the second vaccine dose within the number of days specified by Moderna and Pfizer .

    Unfortunately we cannot and will not be able to say the same about the roll out in Canada . Canada “Dropped the Ball” and our political leadership will need to answer for that, now here is the big question, will Dr. “B”, Dix, Provincial Governments right across the country and the “Lame Duck” complicit media need to ask the tough questions of the Federal Government and it’s uh leadership, “What Happened” ?

    As A wise people kind once stated a few months ago, “After the Roll out those questioning the government might have egg on their face”, well guess what, I WILL NOT have ANY egg on my face, can’t say that for some though can we ?

    Harvey – response to Helena

    Unfortunately there is NOW too much Spin and too much in the way of politics in this whole sordid Covid -19 “CF”, thanks for your fact based commentary .

  13. Keith says:

    in your response to Ron Baker Harvey, you started out by saying this’’,

    (Response: I did watch …the whole thing today … and, yes, I did see Dry Henry’s “spin”, citing specific study cases where the vaccine remained highly effective weeks after one dose

    To your point about the vaccine remaining effective after one dose, a couple of U.S. lawmakers testing positive for coved after the first of 2 shots after being stuck in a room with many of refusing to wear a mask. Bonnie Watson Coleman had received the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, and encompassing to your other observation about pfizer threatening to pull the vaccines if the protocol isn’t followed;.


    So yup, I do agree with you on the increasing spin and political interference and according to news reports, we will be lagging other countries on getting the vaccines, maybe that’s the reason for the spin.


    (Response: Thanks. As I mentioned, I know I will get the vaccine FASTER now that the BC government has decided to ignore the company’s and national Health Authorities’ basis for approvals, so I’m grateful. Unless vaccinated people start getting Covid after one shot, with their second shot delayed. Since the BC government is going against the protocols as issued … I wonder if the BC government will be legally liable for anyone getting Covid after one dose, with the second delayed for weeks??? As I wrote, it seems like they’re playing Roulette with vaccine delivery … and that deserves a LOT more questions AND answers. h.o)

  14. 13 says:

    @Baker. Thanks for pointing out my limited understanding of the facts. Your insinuations are insulting and therefore I can only surmise that you are probably part of the crowd south of the boarder….
    Sorry to disagree with your superior understanding of the facts but all in all Im comfortable with heeding the drug manufacturers instructions.
    Conspiracy? No
    Incompetence by the Federal Liberals led by a complete fool . Yes

  15. DBW says:

    Are you sure you weren’t a retired politician instead of a retired journalist? LOL. Talk about spin.

    This was my question: What do you have against Dr. Henry that you could suggest that she is doing this solely for political reasons. Then you go into a defense of your hyperbolic rhetoric, drag in Venezuela and Belarus (again!) and double down on your claim that she is making these decisions for political reasons.

    Let’s be clear. You and anybody else can criticize decisions made by Health officers, Bonnie Henry included. That is not the point. What concerns me is how you, without evidence, toss out motivations for her decisions. If you are suggesting that she is making decisions based on political considerations then she is being unethical and has no right to have the job and maybe should have her medical license revoked. Is that your position?

    And then what do we get here? Stretches. You claim that what you call her “ridiculous overreach” when she included the entire Lower Mainland in her December orders “encouraged people to just hold larger gatherings in homes.”Evidence? I could argue that it was under reach. The north was not included in those Decembers orders. Cases are now so bad that the Terrace hospital which was prepared to handle all covid cases in the northwest is overwhelmed and we have cases being sent to our hospital in Rupert. (Blame work camps)

    And then we get people here who claim that Henry and Dix are past their due date as if we can just snatch another liter of milk off the shelf. Who will replace them?

    And exaggerations: They are only given one dose (not true) or it is WEEKS later. It is one week, two tops.

    And let me be clear one more time. I don’t care if you want to criticize decisions being made by Dr. Henry. That is perfectly reasonable discussion. This is the first decision of hers that I have wondered about. It concerns me but I get what she is trying to do. Vaccinate as many as possible while supplies are low while taking the risk of delaying the second dose by a week or two.

    That is a fair enough and reasonable debate. So let’s just keep the unfounded motivations behind the decision out of it. They are complete and utter distractions.

    (Response: C’mon… you have more intellect than you indicate in this comment! You wrote that I said Henry “is making these decisions solely for political reasons.” That’s not true … never said she makes decisions “solely” for political reasons. And how/where you conclude I believe “she is being unethical and has no right to have the job and maybe should have her medical license revoked.” So ridiculous, so outrageous …you must be trolling!! Not worth my responding to such low Trump-level lies. h.o)

  16. helena handcart says:

    “The Trump administration is changing how coronavirus vaccines are allocated to states, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said Tuesday.—snip—The administration will also release second doses of the vaccines it had been holding in reserve, in an effort to double the number of doses available.”

    I guess Dr. Henry and Horgan are in cahoots with the Trump administration too. Not to mention the WHO.

    Don’t forget that the C19 vaccination is being brought to you by the same caring professionals in an industry that developed Oxycontin and Thalidomide.

    (edited…off topic)

    (Response: I see … trust Trump and his administration on Covid vaccine handling …not the companies or the scientists. Are you serious???? I rest my case!!! h.o)

  17. Gilbert says:

    Dr. Bonny may be a respected epidemiologist, but she’s not perfect. Politicians should never ignore the advice of medical experts. If the second dose of the vaccine is administered late, it becomes less effective. We all know that the government doesn’t have enough vaccines, but that is no excuse for making the vaccine less effective.

    Do the blind supporters of Dr. Henry not believe she consults with the government before making a decision? Who on this blog actually believes she opposes the provincial government? Finally, who believes Premier Horgan placed British Columbians’ interests ahead of his own when he called a completely unnecessary election?

    (Response: Exactly!! Bravo! And I’ll add something else no one seems to have thought about: the vaccine developers were given legal immunity federally under the Emergency Approvals they received in the rush to get the vaccine out. Someone in the “working” media might want to check whether a provincial government is IMMUNE if it delays second doses beyond the 21 to 28 days instructed by the manufacturers … and someone gets sick or dies. I doubt the immunity would extend to the province if it deliberately extended the second dose for weeks, beyond what company and national Health Authorities instructions! Think about that! h.o)

  18. HARRY LAWSON says:


    It comes down to trust, i would follow the developers science before before i would recognize any other science. the other scientist may be right but at what cost? would you want to be the anomaly? would you want to be that one in a thousand or million . i think not

    i recently got out of the intensive care unit at abbotsford hospital , every day i had a covid test . let’s follow the real science not science of convenience or political expediency

    a side note Lisa is now in a care home ,and my health is getting a lot better. I wish to thank all for your kind thoughts.

    (Response Glad things have settled down for you/Lisa. I agree ..trust the science of those who developed the vaccine, tested the vaccine, collated ALL the data. Strange how so many who have said for DECADES Trust the Science on climate change and global warming now prefer to trust elected provincial politicians and their officials over the recommendations/warnings of the primary scientists at the companies that developed/manufacture the vaccines and have sounded WARNINGS against deviating! Incredible! h.o)

  19. DBW says:

    LOL. There you go again attacking my intelligence and accusing me of trolling.

    This is what you said. “the BC NDP government’s spin, through Dr Henry, using selective study results to justify what I believe is a political decision: the government wants to be seen injecting as many people as possible”

    And this “I DO believe she was influenced by political considerations when there was a serious Covid spreading problem in South Surrey”

    And this “all of a sudden it’s okay to delay doses for WEEKS extra … so the government can be seen to be giving vaccines faster ”

    So why wouldn’t I ask this question. Notice the word IF.

    If you are suggesting that she is making decisions based on political considerations then she is being unethical and has no right to have the job and maybe should have her medical license revoked. Is that your position?

    Yeh but I am the one with the Trump level lies. Good luck, Ron and Helena. I’m wasting my time here.

    (Response: You can’t have it both ways. You note the importance of a single word: well, then why say, when I stated I’m suggesting “she is MAKING decisions on political considerations” … when I clearly stated I believe “she was INFLUENCED by political considerations” in the south Surrey case. Very big difference. And I stand by my view. But when you suggest that means Dr Henry is then “unethical and has no right to have the job and maybe should have her medical license revoked.” … you are being ridiculous… and I believe you are smart enough to know that is a very stupid conclusion to draw … and are merely trolling. h.o)

  20. BMCQ says:

    I know many on this blog believe that the NDP Gov, Dr. “B”, Dr. Tam, Health Canada, the China manipulated and controlled W.H.O. can do no wrong when it comes to Covid – 19, as a matter of fact most I am referring to on this blog that see Health Authorities and Government as the best of the best believe that Covid – 19 and the spread of the virus was caused by Osmosis, and or Climate Change .

    Who needs the facts, after all, we have the opinion of those here that will run interference for any Health Official or politician, that is of course that Health Official or politician might be say Conservative, B.C. Liberal or horror of horrors an American Republican .

    I strongly suggest everyone here read the attached Vancouver Sun Vaughn Palmer Column regarding the questioning by CBC reporter Stephen Quinn who literally left poor Health Minister Adrian Dix looking like someone wanting to crawl back under his desk . I sincerely wish there were more like Quinn, I especially would like Mr. Palmer or Mr. Quinn to ask the Horgan Government if they thought they assisted in the spread of Covid – 19 by calling the early and unnecessary election which seemed to give Covid – 19 a very strong tail wind in promoting the spread .

    Of course there will not be much of this type of questioning from Quinn or Palmer as the protocol of how questions are asked of Dix, Dr. Bonnie, Horgan or any other official will change immediately, they will not ever leave themselves open to accountability, let alone inform the “Great Unwashed” of what is really taking place in Long Term care and the rest . Notice that Dix finally admits it is staff taking the C – 19 into the facilities ? Do you hve any friends or loved ones in LTC ? Think about that for just a minute .


    One last thing here, other than Palmer, Quinn, and Oberfeld I doubt we will hear much more on this from many in media, especially CKNW/Global .

    Who of those that have unnecessarily accused and criticized Harvey of being biased and being more or less washed up will now say the same things about Palmer and Quinn ?

    Dix and Dr. Bonnie have done an over all good job on the C – 19 file but they are not anywhere near perfect, they have made mistakes and they have made misjudgments and mistakes, let’s just give credit where credit is due but let’s also remember they are human and they are not “God Like” and they are certainly not close to being as credible and principled as Barack Obama, now that is “God Like” .

    I take my hat off to Quinn, Palmer and Oberfeld !!

    (Response: Kudos to Stephen Quinn!! Unfortunately, I did not hear the actual interview, but read the Palmer column on it. Wonderful!!! Everyone should read it. It gives hope that REAL journalism is still alive and well in BC… in the midst of the very tepid compliant and almost complicit media we almost exclusively get now at Dix, Horgan, Dix briefings and the oh-so-gentle questioning they face on most radio appearances and those propaganda-like townhall sessions. Will write more about this in my next blog. h.o)

  21. G. Barry Stewart says:

    I listen to Stephen Quinn a fair amount and appreciate his persistence when a question needs to be answered. He doesn’t need to yell or pound his desk… he simply persists, sometimes taking different angles of attack.

    In mid-November, John Horgan was fielding questions on COVID and schools. I guess Dr. Henry was away that day, as Horgan usually stays away from the COVID file (which I think has been a good idea.). Horgan said something which infuriated a number of teachers: “The evidence is fairly clear that children are not transmitters of COVID” and further: “Staff are bringing it into the classroom… (backtrack) into the school.”

    I have no doubt that SOME staff are getting the illness outside the school and bringing it in — but there’s a HUGE difference between nursing homes and schools. Kids go home each day… care home patients do not. At about a 20:1 staff: student ratio, that’s 20 kids with the potential to bring the illness into the school, for every one staff member.

    The nub of Horgan’s statement was that children (who spread all sorts of other community disease) are somehow not spreaders of COVID. There’s lots of evidence in other countries that this is false — and Horgan has, in the past, come out the next day and admitted to a misspeak, when he’s said something insensitive or wrong. I appreciate that about him.

    In this case, as far as I’ve noticed, the statement was never corrected, even by Dr. Henry. So… the practice of children sitting at close quarters, unmasked, for 5 or 6 hours per day continues. The children go home — and if anyone in the home works in a care home: you’ve got a bridge from the community, to the school, to the home and into the care home. Or vice-versa.

    Children know how to wear masks and social distance — and they HAVE to when they are in malls, or stores, or places of work… unless it’s a place where teachers and education assistants work.

    Having said the above, I commend the government and Dr. Henry for mostly being on the right side of the pandemic response. Our numbers, relative to our neighbours, show that. I also commend the majority of BC citizens who have complied with the PHO’s orders. (For example, mask wearing in public indoor spaces went from 60% to 99+ overnight, once the order came down… other than in schools.)

    It must be a daunting task for Dix and Henry to keep all the plates spinning, where one misstep could cause a cascade-effect of disasters — but when the media notices a wobbly plate and wonders why it’s not being addressed: there should be an honest answer.

    (Response: You’re quite correct: BC is doing fairly well in fighting the virus compared to other places …but it has not done the best. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/dec/29/us-uk-covid-sars-vietnam-senegal-ebola. There is room for improvement, better handling, fairer handling … and I believe both questioning and criticism HELP to expose/achieve that. The NDP sheep don’t like it (and if the Liberals were in power, the Liberal sheep wouldn’t like it), but it is not the job of REAL journalists to be cheerleaders and spokespersons for the government, so when Quinn and others go after Horgan, Dix, Dr Henry and others seeking TRUTH and the FULL story, they are performing a very valuable public service. h.o)

  22. BMCQ says:


    I cannot speak for everyone but I can guarantee you I would be supportive of the Christie Clark Government if they had done “Most” of the things/protocol correctly but I would also be critical of them if they had fumbled the ball a few times as Dix, Dr. “B”, Horgan, and the NDP Gov have, fair is fair . Again, most of what Dix and Dr. “B” have done is commendable but ……………

    I have real concerns that far too many have jumped the que, that should not be allowed and the public needs to be informed and the information needs to be fully transparent, will media ask the questions that need to be asked . Of course Dix and the Gov will hide behind “Privacy Conerns” as they always do and the rest but Citizens and Tax Payers should not settle for anything less than the facts including the actual count of those que jumpers . The Gov and Dix need to stop deflecting and hiding facts from all of us, they need to prove to the public that they really are on our side.

    Hopefully someone in media will press the points today, especially with the Horgan press conference, if the Premier or his handlers refuse to answer those questions the media needs to “STAND TOGETHER” and ALL demand that the questions are answered, if Horgan and Dix do not answer directly the media should all stand unified in silence and force the issue . There should b no restrictions for reporters, they should be permitted to ask the important questions .

    AS to the comments by Barry regarding Teachers, we can include all workers that serve or are involved with the public in those comments, there have been too many inconsistencies world wide on opening, closing, or restricting schools and various business ventures .

    Again, mixed messaging, inconsistencies, forever evolving protocols, and so many other mis steps right across Canada depending on the province, in the USA, the now free UK, and the EU, along with most other free world nations that are somewhat transparent .

    We have friends and family that are teachers, how would you like to be a teachers nurse, Dr., First Responder, or other worker who may be exposed to C – 19 each and every day who have elderly parents or other elderly relatives that live with them, others living with them that are health compromised, how do you know what you might be taking home ? We ow all of those and more that sacrifice a great deal of thanks and respect .

    Absolutely horrifying what some of those essential workers are going through during times of C – 19 .

    I am often critical of a high percentage of Teachers and the BCTF as they are always far too political and I believe they indoctrinate as much or more than they teach today but give them credit where credit is due .

    In the meantime China marches on as if nothing has happened without not even a whimper from many nations other than BOJO/the UK, Australia, Taiwan, S. Korea, Japan, and the “Bad Orange” Man .

  23. booey says:

    Hi Harv
    Excellent points. I listen to Dr. Michael Osterholm out of the University of Minnesota, he’s a specialist and now actually on the Biden team for fighting Covid. He has podcasts every week or so and in his last podcast, he basically stated that there is “No science in extending vaccine times” which backs you up for sure. You can hear the podcast here if you want.
    Now if B.C. along with some other provinces start to fool around with vaccine times, what do we do not take it? I kind of feel like a guinea pig! I’m not sure why they want to fool around like this, I’ll wait until they stay on the protocols stated by the company.

    (Response: Thanks. There’s a BIG potential serious LEGAL issue with delaying the second shot, that the media hasn’t realized, hasn’t posed or I can’t find in searching for it: in applying for and being granted Emergency Approvals from Health Canada, both Pfizer and Moderna were EXEMPTED from legal liability should problems arise from their vaccines. BUT I do not think that would apply to provinces that deliberately delay second doses beyond the stated protocols under which the vaccines were developed, tested, issued, licensed and covered in their instructions. If anyone who gets the first shot, gets sick and/or dies after being delayed the second shot, I could definitively see their lawyers or their families’ lawyers lining up with substantial legal claims! h.o)

  24. NVG says:

    Yeah, great suggestion Harvey. Bring on the lawyers, the ambulance chasers

    (Response: It’s not a suggestion: it’s a warning of the dangerous game the politicians are playing. h.o)

  25. D. M. Johnston says:

    It is before 6 in the morning and I am somewhat distraught, last night I was told that a good friend has passed away at the ripe old age of 65, my age, due to Covid. From what I have been told, he passed with 7 days after being admitted to the ICU, after having been confirmed having Covid.

    Now I have been almost like a hermit since last March, my small bubble has remained small. I do go out shopping, masked of course, but as I write this, my world is very small.

    Today, the USA will pass the 400,000 mark in deaths, Covid has created a shambles across both countries, yet our provincial government, along with many other provincial governments is playing witch-doctor, by not administrating the Covid vaccine as per its manufacturer’s instructions.

    This is playing politics with a pandemic and the history of those who play politics with a pandemic is not good, not good at all.

    But, the pandemic and the provincial and federal health regulations appear to only affect those who are not well off as thousands are flying out of country to sunnier climes for the winter, despite the boarder being closed and on last nights news, Covid regulations seem non existent at Whistler, where heath and safety protocols seem non existent.

    We have fumbled the ball and we, I mean the provincial government, the media, the bureaucracy and us, with Covid. What should have been done, wasn’t and what should be done, isn’t.

    It is clear that the province did not have an emergency plan and have no intention of ever having one.

    I am tired of the Henry/Dix daily soft shoe and I am tired of excuses by politicos and bureaucrats. Horgan appears so little these days that one wonders if he even exists and not some sort of hologram. I am tired of him too and his self righteous mob. Well the Liberals are no better and probably would have been worse. Mediocrity well describes our politics.

    And Harv, keep at it, because the few who are reporting the chaos, and panic that the mainstream media ignores because we can take the truth and oh yes, I can see major legal action being taken if the the government plays silly buggers with the vaccine.

    (Response: So sorry to hear about your friend’s passing. In a world so often dominated these days by numbers, we sometimes forget that each individual affected (sick, dead, mourning, unemployed, business destroyed etc.) is a real person with family, friends, neighbours or even alone in our world … victims of the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s terrible. And yet, from what we keep hearing from teachers, parents, front line workers, those now unemployed, financially ruined, impacted families, the government(s) are very carefully “managing” the information the public is getting, so we are not getting full transparent information of what is going on, where and exactly who is responsible … and most of the media are largely going along, not shouting like hell, confronting politicians or officials for details. That bothers me, so I will keep it up, pushing for better journalism/reporting … and public accountability from our officials … elected and appointed. h.o)

    I believe the very vast majority of people support the efforts to combat and defeat the virus … and really want the vaccine. But if it is not distributed safely and exactly as proven to be effective,

  26. 13 says:

    Yesterday Horgan was interviewed. The hardball questions never came. When the questioning became the least bit difficult for John he tossed a smoke grenade into the fray and poof gone in an instant
    gov tampering with vaccine
    lack of vaccine
    poor distribution
    poor testing
    death toll of seniors (almost invisible electors)
    LTC workers without sick days

    OMG Horgan is ready to act. Hes going to look into this unthinkable actions by our fellow Canadians. They are travelling to BC!!!!!!! CKNDP swings into full court press. Simi interviews the mayor of revelstoke. He admits that many Albertans work in Revelstoke but assures us they have quarantined. Simi asks him how does he know they have quarantined. Mayor admits he just assumes that they do the right thing. When will politicians realize that to most workers without paid sick days the right thing is to GO TO WORK!!!!

    To close I hear many of Harveys regulars defending their precious NDP and it makes me wonder how loud the shrieks would be if Christie Clark had called an election in the midst of the worst health crisis in decades. How many would spring to her defense if her health minister was willing to play games with the vaccine. CRICKETS

    (Response: I saw that … will blog on it next week. As for the lack of vaccine, it’s now getting scary: Pfizer has announced because of production problems, it will temporarily (?) CUT shipments to Canada and other countries. Now we’ll see whether it’s really about public health or politics for Horgan/Dix: ANY doses we get … priority should go to second doses for those who need it … and should get it exactly as Pfizer said they should, exactly as the scientists, researchers and test studies concluded should happen, exactly as authorized by Health Canada: 28 days after the first …. not make them wait now many weeks longer now because the government wants to boost the number of people getting the first dose. Seems very political to me! What if there are more delays? Very scary. h.o)

  27. BMCQ says:

    Ok, here we go, it is now time for The Federal Liberal Gov, Prov God’s including the B.C. NDP, Prem Horgan, Dix, Dr. “B”, Tam, other Health Officials to be fully transparent and truthful about what is causing the delay of the Pfizer Vaccine, is it production upgrades, is it how the vaccine is allocated, is the delay attributed to a late booking program To reserve an adequate number of doses by the Federal Libs, or is it any number of possible reasons That Canada now finds itself “Behind the Eight Ball” ?

    We in B.C. also need to know what takes place if In Dr. “B”‘S a few thousand that have already Received their first dose are Now without dose two and SOL for 60 days, what then ?

    I own a business that exports $ Millions of B.C. Union Made Product world wide and I do not accept the story that Pfizer or Moderna who both knew a few months ago they would be shipping billions of doses of vaccine world wide In the near future, it is crazy to think they did not take the months that were available to upgrade and prepare for the huge upcoming demand, there is much more to this whole story, there are many moving parts and we need explanations . We are being lied to .

    It also appears that several or all EU Nations will be receiving millions more doses before Canada falls somewhere into line behind far too many nations to count . Hello ??

    Canadians uh from eh Coast to uh Coast to uh Coast eh need to know uh exactly what is uh taking place uh here, we uh are being uh conned, and we are uh being eh taken for uh suckers .

    Let’s see who in media is willing to stand up at various press conferences around the country and ask the important questions we need answered .

    The first questions need to go to the Prime Minister of Canada, he has been allowed to hide and avoid responsibility for far too long .

    The next serious questions and demands for transparency go to NDP Premier Horgan, Dix, and Dr. Bonnie, and those questions need answering tomorrow .

    Not one of you can run interference for any of those mentioned any longer, it is more than obvious that we are now setting course in very dangerous waters and we need a real captain, not a handful of fair weather sailors .

  28. r says:

    Nspector4 ?

  29. BMCQ says:

    I have not read this as yet but someone brought it to my attention so I thought I would post .


    I do not have an e mail address for PM Justin, Dr. WHO – Tam, Premier Horgan, Adrian Dix, or Dr. “B”, would one of you regulars please pass this on to them .

    Perhaps Media can raise this very thing when we get an update tomorrow .

    Media will ask about this will they not ?

    WE are “Going to Hell in a Hand Cart” !!

    (Response: I also hear that results in Israel are also showing the first dose is not giving the high level of immunity they expected. Second dose is very important …the health officials know very well and that’s why I expressed such concern (when other media just went along with the government spin) that the second dose should be given EXACTLY as pre-scribed by the manufacturers …even if it meant I, and others, would have to wait a little longer to get it. h.o)

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