Post-HST: BC Needs FULL Taxation Audit

If anyone think the war over the HST is over … you are wrong, wrong, wrong.

The government, big business and the very wealthy (look at the ridings that voted highest in favour of the tax!) will not end their ten-year campaign to shift more and more of the tax burden away from them and onto the shoulders of the middle class.

They … and their media propaganda mouthpieces … will now begin a major campaign to make everyone who voted “Yes” to extinguish the HST THINK they’ve made a huge mistake.

Here’s how it will go down.  (In fact, it has already started.)

First, there’s the cost of going back.  I’ve already heard  $3 Billion … and I’m sure we’ll soon be hearing $4 Billion … all dished out without any specifics and no mention of offsets in additional PST revenues by INCREASED consumer spending once people have more money back in their own pockets, and not Ottawa’s.

And speaking of Ottawa, secondly,  there’s that little bit about paying back the $1.6 Billion the feds gave BC to transition to the HST. (You’re going to hear a LOT about that from the media messengers.)  But wait! What about the hundreds of millions dollars in EXTRA revenues Ottawa will have pulled in from BC before the HST tax …  which extended federal tax gains on a whole myriad of services and products that were not covered by the GST before …  is ended?

British Columbia should have a HUGE PLUS in its “credit” balance with Ottawa, reflecting all the extra loot the feds have  raked in… and will continue to rake in for another year or more.

However, it looks like the BC government will be amateurs at negotiating down that $1.6 Billion on that basis alone, not to mention other arguments and statistics I’m sure any competent accountants could come up with quite easily.  Maybe we should hire or borrow a couple of tax/accounting experts from the Quebec  government: they’d not only get Ottawa to let us keep the $1.6 B, but maybe even turn over another $100 million or $200 million to us in an overall compensation agreement to cover all kinds of other grievances as well!

And third … this one should be quite comical to watch it unfold … the government and their media mouthpieces are about to launch a campaign to justify a whole series of punishments on the public: cutting services; laying off people; playing hardball with the teachers’ negotiations; punishing hospitals; raising fees wherever they can; and, of course, adding on a little more on to the cost of gas, alcohol or tobacco. 

Mind you, they will only TALK about most of that right now, with a  provincial election getting closer and closer every day … carrying out only a few “hits” against their favorite targets to make it look like they have no other choice. And just before the election, they’ll announce that because of their fantastic ability to govern, many of  those other “unavoidable” consequences of rejecting the HST can indeed be avoided.

And you’ll also hear a lot about the “HUGE” loss of revenues without the HST: money to build new hospitals; repair schools; finance health care; services for the elderly;  cover public wage increases; build transit infrastructure (that Evergreen line again???) ; and. pay for environmental programs.

This is either a joke … or the government and the media were lying through their teeth when they PROMISED us the HST was revenue neutral OR, even when it wasn’t, would only cost each of us very, very little.

They can’t have it both ways: the HST either produced relatively little extra  revenue, in terms of the overall provincial budget, or it WAS INDEED a total major ripoff of the middle class!

But there’s one thing the government,big business and their media mouthpieces will conveniently FAIL to mention in the coming days, weeks, months: how about raising taxes on the biggest, most profitable corporations (after they’ve hidden or written off as much as they can)  and the wealthiest, highest income earners (and their five or six-figure bonuses) to help cover the loss of revenues from the ending of the HST.

Why must it always be the middle class who pay the price?

What this province really needs in the post-HST era is a full TAXATION AUDIT  by a specially appointed independent research/study group of financial auditors, accountants and economists (NO politicians) so the people of BC are informed about:

HOW is BC  provincial tax burden actually divided in terms of taxation load on individuals and businesses?

WHAT’s the comparison between those figures and the taxation loads in other provinces?

HOW do other provinces, without the HST, pay to support their public services?

Compare the tax write-offs, subsidies and other financial incentives given business in this province with the others.

That’s pretty good for a start: I’m sure the audit experts could come up with more.  But again, NO politicians on the study board: we need facts, not spin.

Then BC can come up with a fair, equitable taxation system where every segment pays a fair share of the cost of financing the services we all demand. 

Of course, this will never happen … because I suspect the government and big business don’t want us to know how much more than our fair share of the burden working families in BC are actually paying.

But it would be nice if someone would just ask … and watch the Premier and Finance Minister squirm about why it can’t be done.

Harv Oberfeld

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  1. ron wilton says:

    Ms. Clark would be well advised to heed your suggestion, and call for a fair tax assessment body, if she entertains any hope of her government being even considered for re-election.

    Her ineptness at selecting advisors thus far has been a disaster for her.

    Did she never talk to Carol Taylor?

  2. RossK says:

    Speaking of those from the wealthiest ridings who, based on their votes, have indicated that they are, indeed, all for consumption tax increases to raise revenue…

    Perhaps they could do their part, if only symbolically, to get the revenue ball rolling by demanding that Ms. Clark and Mr. Falcon bring back the luxury vehicle tax (i.e. 3% on vehicles over $55,000).

    Just sayin’…


  3. a.j.27 says:

    correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t it so, that the HST will be collected until the pst is reinstated? with over a year of collecting hst that is going to add millions to the government coffers!in my mind that has to account for something.
    you seem to be right about msm though,they say the cost to bring back pst seems to go UP with each broadcast…

    (Response: Yes…the HST will go on until for another year …maybe more. Just think of what that means to Ottawa in terms of increased revenues from BC! That MUST be taken into consideration in working out if ANY PART of the $1.6B should be returned. h.o)

  4. I work in Vancouver-Quilchena, and many of the residents are very angry with the overall Yes victory.

    I was so tired of hearing about how well educated and “proper” Vancouver’s westside is, and that the rest of the province should be forced to pay for their mistake.

    Oh well, life does go on.

  5. I think we need a Plan C – DO NOT implement the PST.

    Simply recover the income the PST would have generated by changing the personal and corporate income tax rates accordingly. This would be a much fairer tax system than any consumption tax ever was, and there would be no additional costs involved, since we already have a BC Income Tax system up and running.

    Of course the government would FULLY CONSULT with the residents and businesses in BC before any of this is (hopefully) implemented Perhaps hold a vote on it at the same time of the next general election.

  6. Laird says:


    Can you explain what you mean about the EXTRA revenues Ottawa pulled in from the HST? Didn’t they still only get 5% of the HST and the province take the other 7%? And even with more items being taxed, those particular items were already taxed at 5% GST before the HST was introduced, so Ottawa didn’t get any more revenue from them. You’ve confused me. Am I misunderstanding your comment?

    (Response: My understanding is there were a LOT of items/services (haircuts, repairs) that previously were either exempt from the GST or where it was only only partially applied (parts but not service). Under HST it went onto almost everything bought and sold or service rendered …. except for a very few specific exemptions … making the tax, and the feds cut, MUCH bigger than under the former GST coveerage. The NO to HST people like Bill Tielemann can probably provide greater details. h.o.)

  7. Grant G says:

    With corporations in BC adding $2 billion dollars to their bottom line each year means this…

    It increases the amount of Federal tax they owe, roughly $300 million dollars more in Federal taxation…

    So do the math, by the time the HST goes Ottawa will have collected at least $1 billion dollars in extra tax..

    Why do you think Ottawa wanted the HST, and there are other hits..

    There is HST on my Federal fishing license, the cost went up, and there are hundreds of little cute tax grabs with the HST that find their way to Ottawa…

    And one more thing, when anyone collects tax, especially Governments, it is contingent on you to claim back ALL your tax credit inputs, the Government doesn`t just send it to you…

    There is ALWAYS a build up of unclaimed money, and, and if you owe fines, a long forgotten Government bill, garnishee, EI, you name it, Ottawa will grab it!

    $ millions and millions of refundable tax money (unclaimed tax money) piles up in Ottawa, and the USA


  8. e.a.f. says:

    The cuts christie and her lieberals are suggesting must be made, because of the “yes” vote, well I expect she was going to make them anyhow. She was just looking for an excuse.

    All the various taxes are nickel and dimming us to death, well into the poor house.

    I would suggest the government simply implement a fair general tax system and be done with it. Of course they should take Warren Buffet’s comments into consideration when they do so, that the mega rich pay their fair share.

    In ten years the lieberals have taken this province from one which was doing o.k. to one with largest deficient in B.C. history and huge cuts in services.

  9. Lynn says:

    So there you have, as Sean in Van stated. The West side just showed their true identity. They don’t want to have anything to do with tax equality.
    I agree, put the luxury car tax back.

  10. RossK says:


    You can find a full accounting of the PST exemptions, which are the real issue, here.

    You will notice that luxury SUV’s worth $55,000 are not one of them.

    That was a separate gift horse, not useable by most of the folks that voted YES (to extinguish) that came in WITH the HST.

    (Response: Thanks. h.o)


  11. 13 says:

    Harvey I agree with you BUT we need to pay less tax across the board. Buisness , and individuals. We need to eliminate about (you insert the percentage but please start at 33%) of all government spending. Eliminate the 300 municipalities. Eliminate the many school and hospital boards. Get the goverment out of insurance sales. Keep the government out of booze. Get rid of all the red tape. Allow buisness to build and grow.

    On the other side of the coin make union membership easier to obtain. All gov contracts to be awarded to union companies. Get rid of rat unions (CLAC) Bring back anti scab laws. Allow secondary pickets. Get the Port of Vancouver to keep its nose out of everybodies buisness. Do a tax audit on the Port.

  12. Crankypants says:

    As things seem to be unfolding since the results of the HST referendum, I can only come to one conclusion. The proponents of the HST and the elites in our society that would most likely benefit from consumption taxes have got to be the biggest whiners of all time when they don’t get their way. One would think that those of us that are doing the best we can to just get by were stealing their lunch money.

    If the doom and gloom they predict is inevitable then why do Standard & Poors still give BC an AAA credit rating based on the results of the vote?

    I agree completely that we need a fair tax commission to apportion the cost of our governance, but I also think that it should be combined with the efficiency our various governments spend our tax dollars. One simple example is the hiring of Pamela Martin and Lorne Mayencourt by Christy Clark since she assumed her position of Premier. Both of them were hired as outreach personnel, Martin as a liaison between the public and the Premier and Mayencourt as a liaison between the caucus and the Premier. Does caucus not have direct contact with the Premier? Aren’t our MLAs supposed to be our link to government? Do our elected officials really need all the perks they get that the rest of us must either pay for or do without? Should cabinet ministers get extra money for their title when they are nothing more than a front for the deputy ministers and their staff that really do all the work and in most cases much more knowledgeable about the individual portfolios?

    Our governance and the bureaucracy it creates is probably the biggest drain on the public purse and even if they all keep within the guidelines that are set out, we must remember that they are the ones that set these guidelines.

  13. Mr. Ken in Victoria says:

    I just read the careful comments of the commentators before this commentator. If,my memory is correct only one voted No. Now,I have been ordered by myself to obtain another Jaguar. The tax free saving account is a joke so I can spent $10,000 or less. To replace my Jaguar, I purchased a $500 throw car. Like cops have throw away guns. I also have throw away girlfriends. Tax on the car was $60 ($500 sale). Before baby HST , tax would have been $35. The reason being that unfriendly, collects the 5% GST where as it was only previously collected on sales at registered car dealers. A windfall for Fed and should be available as the the amount generated. Also,note that car dealers charged 12% but private sellers charged 7% on low ball prices. HST leveled, somewhat, the playing field Will I.C.B.C. continue to collect to GST. I suggest Yes but do not tell and just keep the money. AS mentioned there should be available a figure on the bonus and deducted from the questionable debt. As an side, I inspected New Land Rover at Victoria Jaguar. $140,800 sticker price. Total 12% HST is ? If it was slight used vehicle and sold privately for the same price, 7% pst only would be must less. Family friendly, Ms. Lark is lemon.

  14. Mean Gene says:

    BC is part of a global economy, any advantages “big business” can gain to compete in this area is a good thing, it creates employment which increases tax revenue for different levels of government.

    However, babyboomers sliding into retirement don’t care about employment just how much money they keep in their pockets and wonder why their kids don’t move out of the basement.

    Nothing is stopping people from purchasing preferred shares in big businesses and getting some easy income.

    Any taxes a business has to pay (corporate, municipal ect) is buried in the sticker price of the product or service joe public is paying, so any inferance concering downloading the burden is just plain ignorance.

    Give this article a read to understand the psychology of the value added type taxes.

  15. LMG says:

    Unfortunately, I see little neutrality in the bulk of economists these days. Take Ken Milligan from UBC, the HST’s main academic cheerleader.

    Where was he when the government was grossly claiming revenue neutrality? Where were the other 90 some odd economists who signed his letter when the public needed an honest review of the HST from academia in this province?

    Why did it take an INDEPENDENT PANEL to confirm what many of us armchair economists knew from day 1- the HST wasn’t revenue, neutral, not close?

    Simple answer, economists aren’t neutral, and people should be weary when they group up to recommend something.

  16. Curt says:

    Harvey, I agree that there should be a total tax audit on all government. Ministries, corporations, authorities. Forensic audit. Let’s see what is really going on with the people’s money.
    I don’t mind paying taxes as long as they go where they should and my first three top priorities: healthcare, education, infrastructure.

    (Response: My feelings about the tax review are even stronger now, after hearing Finance Minister Kevin Falcon saying that even without the HST, BC has the most competitive business tax rates in North America. Huh? So the sky isn’t falling …it REALLY was a tax designed to make working people pay even more, more, more and business even less, less, less….without having to pass on any savings. h.o)

  17. Alexander says:

    To Echo what sean had said earlier, I work in Qualicum Beach, and have never observed so much anger and contempt for the “Uneducated”, “Unwashed masses”, One well polished women commented how the results were disgusting , and it makes her want to leave British Columbia….mind you she only resides here 5 months of the year, and resides the others between her home in California, and condo in Maui.
    And I am just happy I may be able to afford a restaraunt meal, and maybe a movie again, at the end of my work week.

  18. Henri says:

    Response to
    Mean Gene // Aug 29, 2011 at 3:46 pm #14
    Your suggestion of “Nothing is stopping people from purchasing preferred shares in big businesses and getting some easy income.”
    Is fine and dandy for those not confined to minimum and lower wages or low pension’s etc.
    Have you ever seen investment brokers hanging out in front of employment offices , food banks or welfare offices drumming clients to invest in their portfolios? I think not. There is a reason for that…THEY DONT HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO LIVE ON LET ALONE INVEST……
    Shifting gears, if the wording put forward in the HST referendum had been properly worded rather that the misrepresentation that it was intended to cause by confusion of it wording ,the out come of the referendum for the removal and abolishment of the HST would have been an easy 65% without a doubt, this the Liberals best understand , futher to this subject if this government has “any” intention of tampering with the outcome of this democratic vote, I predict serious consequences could befall onto this province , people are just to pissed to be abused any futher by this government, and their rich Friends

  19. Gloria says:

    Campbell and Hansen’s election lie. The HST was not on their radar? We know Harper, Campbell and Hansen, (edited..ho) on the HST, long before the BC election. The three of them made their own deal. The BC people said, no to the HST. We made no deal (edited ..h.o.)

    The HST money should be paid back to the people. The money was stolen from us. Harper, Campbell and Hansen forced the HST onto the people. We wanted no part of their crooked deal.

    We are all, fully aware of how corrupt the, Campbell/Clark BC Liberals are. Their lies and thieving will never stop. This has been so, for over 10 years now.

    Harper has turned Canada into a cesspool of corruption. He participated fully in the HST scam. Harper thought nothing, of lying to Europe, trying to con those country’s into believing, the dirty tar sands is clean energy.

    This entire country is dirty. The world has taken notice. The fact that Harper, sent scum like Campbell to England, should be telling us something.

    The BC Liberals are the dirtiest scum party, in all of Canada’s history. But the most evil Liberal scum of all, was rewarded the High Commissioners appointment in England.

    It’s all a big laugh to me, when Harper preaches, democracy to other corrupt country’s. He doesn’t realize how much he stinks. But, other country’s HAVE noticed, democracy in Canada is fading very rapidly, because of Harper. Other country’s, don’t like Harper. Remember what was said? Harper is a petty gasbag. Arrogant, stubborn and impossible to work with.

    One day, there is going to be a blow-up. There will be, severe civil disobedience.

    If anyone thinks there will be a tax review, forget it. Name me one occasion, when the BC Liberals have ever been honest and fair about anything. There is nothing in this province, that isn’t corrupt. And, the Liberals aren’t ashamed about that either.

  20. BG says:

    I voted to dump the HST mostly because it is shifting the tax burden from big business to the middle class (Hidden within the HST were tax credits for corporations).

    Tax rates on big corporations have been falling for years now, both provincially and federally. The governments have been saying that we need to offer “competitive” corporate tax rates in order to attract “investment”.

    Meanwhile profitable corporations have been closing down and outsourcing everything as fast as they can, even as corporate tax rates were in freefall, thanks to free trade with countries that pay slave wages and have no environmental regulations. Call centers are gone, manufacturing is gone. The only big corporations left are the ones that cannot leave because they are here to extract our resources, and they are mostly foreign owned (thanks to “liberalized” foreign investment rules that allow more foreign takeovers).

    We’ve all been had by “globalization” and we’re in a race to the bottom along with other democracies – continually lowering corporate taxes despite record corporate profits.

    Any corporations that can leave to go to China have already done so and they won’t be coming back just because we slash corporate tax rates again.

    We need a review of tax policy as Harvey says, and I say we need to review our trade policy as well. We simply cannot trade competitively with dictatorships that enforce slave wages on their own people – and we shouldn’t have to.

  21. Gini says:

    If I needed anymore proof that the public has been duped by the BC Liberals for years, I received it today in an e-mail

    On June 6th of this year I sent an e-mail to my Liberal MLA requesting some clarification of the wording on the referendum, namely the part about the previous PST exemptions.

    Kevin Falcon had been on TV saying that he wouldn’t rule out changes to the PST if we voted to axe the HST, and everyone was worried that he meant losing all our exemptions.

    Almost 3 months after I made my request and a full 4 days after the referendum results were made public, I received a reply to my e-mail, not from my MLA, but from the Ministry of Finance.

    Could this be construed as incompetence by the BC Liberals, or merely arrogance? They deliberately waited until after the referendum was over before answering a question that they knew was foremost in the citizen’s minds. Left unanswered, they knew their chances of keeping the HST were better. Well, it didn’t work, and now we must get rid of that corrupt party ASAP. Can’t we recall them through a vote of non-confidence or something, Harv?

    (Response: Yes, there is recall legislation …but it is much miore difficult than the referendum or initiaive legislation. And with an election coming next Spring …oops, I let that out of the bag …. it’s probably best to just wait. h.o)

  22. Mean Gene says:

    Respond to.. Henri // Aug 29, 2011 at 8:08 pm

    Brass tacks, people who are poor shouldn’t be eating out, driving cars ect.. these are considered “luxury items” and subjected generally to GST/HST.

    People with weak incomes received HST credits every quarter to cover any taxes paid out for bona fide necessities, when scarfing garbage at a fast food restaurant or buying Timmies then the credit it going out the door for the wrong purchase.

    When big business is booming, think Alberta before 2008 everyone was feasting, hell, a cashier up in Fort McMurray could make good coin, but invest properly…. not likely, probably bought real estate.

    The people of BC are short sighted and impatient to see if the HST would have a positive effect, now Ontario is laughing as more business will go their way, we continue on our merry way with more cruddy paying jobs, big business creates good paying employment, flip them the finger and they pack up shop and leave town tout de suite.

    Give this a read it’s kinda funny and so true:

  23. Colin says:

    Harv, I agree with you. A comprehensive tax audit would be interesting. However, being somewhat skeptical, I suspect that if the results suggested that the HST was actually a good idea, the “yes” voters would just dismiss the audit as biased.

    It’s interesting to see people reminisce about the old luxury car sales tax. It was completely illogical, since there are a whole range of products and services that might easily be considered luxury items, that were not subjected to increased PST. For example, luxury yachts, motor homes and seasonal residences, just to name a few. I’ve always wondered why the NDP singled out cars.

    Let’s be honest, anybody debating tax policy today is really arguing for someone else to pay more and themselves to pay less.

  24. Henri says:

    reply back to Mean Gene // Aug 30, 2011 at 3:19 am #22
    Where do you live at Disney World ? Ever read the employment ads, Employers looking for employees ,qualifications high school graduate, 2 years min experience, clean drivers record , drivers licence abstract required, drug -alcohol urine test, must have own transportation, min wage to start ,possibly advancement inducement after 6 month probation trial, must be team player( in other words come in early and or stay late to work on your own time)
    In regards to your Province story I suppose because some confused, controlled,part time writer wrote a third rate story your going to swallow it. Your obviously a follower of the old adage of it must be true it’s in the papers .
    Rather than waste time writing that malarkey why didn’t he writ something viable like about that nit we have as a fill in premiere or the BC railway rip off,the colossal cost of the stadium roof.
    I wont even go into your demeaning attitude of the poor or working poor that you mention in your first paragraph.
    I could go on and blow holes the size of the stadium roof through out your whole comment section but you would only reciprocate with another silly remark .

  25. Sid Evans says:

    Mean G there r numerous facts about the HST that support it’s welcome demise.
    Conusumption taxes affects the mininum wage/poor a lot more than those with wealth.MG u r bitter about something don’t take it out on the poor, b a man, suck it up.
    By the way we, the people of BC, have excellent
    vision, plenty of patience and we’re smiling on our merry way to work.

  26. D. M. Johnston says:

    Note to mean Gene.

    The poor people are now shopping in the USA, in Blaine and Bellingham, where there precious dollars can buy at least 35% more and if one shops extra careful, 50% more than if they shop in Canada.

    The HST rebate was nothing more than a con-job and bore little relation to actual HST paid.

    If the government wasn’t so greedy, they should have bucked up $500 every quarter.

    As for businesses leaving BC because of the negative HST vote, I have one sentence; “In your dreams.”

    BC still has cheap non-nuclear hydro generated power and as Ontario’s aging nuclear/electrical plants expire, the cost of electricity will almost double.

    Oh yes, where is Ontario’s Pacific Port?

    Nope, the cries of doom and gloom from the pro HST side hide the fact that their paid for government MLA’s failed to deliver, which will bode ill for their reelection war chests.

    I wonder, just how much big business paid into the anti HST side? $10 million – $20 million? They won’t tell and are afraid to tell lest the public demand more independent accounting from big business!

  27. Julie says:

    Our hydro won’t be cheap for long. Campbell sold our rivers, and the run of the rivers, is going to kill us. Never mind the terrible eco damage they caused

    There is nothing done to this province, that isn’t going to hurt the everyday family’s, seniors and the low income people.

    On the news it was said, credit card debt was far too high. The cost of living, has gone right out of control. There are family’s, who can no longer make until their next paydays. They put their, house and car insurance on their credit cards. Any emergency goes on credit cards. Even groceries go on credit.

    Everything Campbell and Hansen promised the HST would do for the people, was an underhanded, blatant lie. Don’t forget Harper was in on the HST scam as well.

    This is one reason, people in other country’s riot. They are fed right up, with the lies, deceit, corruption, and being thieved from, by their governments. The HST (VAT) country’s are in trouble.

    Has anyone heard one politicians say, they will take a cut in salary until the recession is over? Of course not. The recession is for the everyday citizen. There is no recession for politicians and the elites.

  28. Henri says:

    D. M. Johnston // Aug 30, 2011 at 1:54 pm #26
    I wonder, just how much big business paid into the anti HST side? $10 million – $20 million?
    Gee does that mean they spent their reserve funds leaving them short for their move to a HST Province. There are four back east to pick from.

  29. DonGar says:

    There are only three things governments know how to do well. Increase taxes, cut services and look after their own.

  30. RossK says:

    For Mr. Gene–

    Just wondering, given your comparison province where things are going oh so swell….

    If you could please point us towards Alberta’s HST?

    Or is it possible that in resource-based economies big business can boom without such a consumption tax?


  31. Mo says:

    The rich all over Europe and the USA are calling for more taxes:
    “Now, as both France and Spain consider introducing a wealth tax, a group of 50 rich Germans have joined the “tax me harder” movement by renewing their open call to Angela Merkel to “stop the gap between rich and poor
    getting even bigger”.”

    The liberals have to deal with this,. And the HST was WRONG as it shifted the tax burden from CORPS to consumers. BAD! The tide is turning … esp. if you hope to stop the riots in the streets!

  32. Gini says:

    I guess we’ve all read the article about the BC Public Sector Salaries, and how one Kevin Mahoney, president and CEO of BC Rail ranked right up there with the highest.

    BC Rail was sold to CN eight years ago in such a suspect way that two Ministerial Aides (Basi and Virk) pleaded guilty to fraud and stopped a corruption trial in its tracks (pun intended). The BC Taxpayers were forced to pay their legal bills ($6 million) plus all other court costs.

    Now, we read that this Kevin Mahoney is still collecting over 1/2 million a year. For what? BC Rail is history! We really must get rid of this corrupt government, if only to get some answers to the BC Rail scandal. Then we can continue with a complete audit.

    So many unanswered questions, I don’t know where to begin……….the true cost of the Olympics, perhaps?

  33. Gilbert says:

    If the Liberals had wanted to ensure that the HST passed, they could have done what other countries have done. They could have set a standard rate of 12% for the HST and a reduced rate of 5%. This would have maintained the same tax rate on goods and services that were PST-exempt under the PST and GST. I know. My suggestion is too practical. And it would have made the HST more revenue neutral. And it would have provided too much tax relief for the middle class.

  34. mariner says:

    We will never know the full extent of the irrepairable damage that Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberal government have caused British Columbia.

    I question the sanity of Campbell – who is obviously sick and does not know the meaning of decency, honesty, integrity – who led a financial assualt of the province and succeeded. Many of his methods and acts would be illegal had they be done by an ordinary person – so why isn’t he in jail where he belongs, with the common criminal.

  35. Henri says:

    mariner // Aug 31, 2011 at 11:40 am #34
    so why isn’t he in jail where he belongs, with the common criminal.
    Aren’t you aware of the law here, they don’t put wing nuts and political thieves in jail, jail space is reserved for the common person only….

  36. james says:

    Business does not create jobs.Consumers create jobs. the less spending money a consumer has the less jobs created. No business large or small hires people unless it can sell it product.

    (Response: Exactly! If the governmjent wants to create jobs, they need to put money into the hands of the consumers to spend …and then there will be jobs, expansion and better profits, which should then be taxed fairly …not just entirely pushed into the top executives pockets. h.o)

  37. Norm says:

    You mentioned the feds have benefited by collecting millions more in taxes as result of the HST. There is a list on the CRA website that shows all of the differences and I can’t find any items that have attracted GST since the HST was introduced. However the province has increased the tax on used motor vehicles bought privately from 7% to 12%, paid at registration. There are other examples.

    I certainly agree and tax audit by an independent, unbiased committee would be a step in the right direction toward more honesty in government but with this government not possible. Norm

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