PQ’s Next Step: Ethnic Cleansing

Quebeckers opened Pandora’s Box Tuesday to have a peek inside, and in doing so, allowed an ugly scenario to escape which will cost them … and Canada … dearly.

The Parti Quebecois said during the campaign that a separate Quebec would not be on their agenda in the term of office they were now seeking: but if you believe that, you don’t understand the PQ.

A separate Quebec country is THE PRIME GOAL goal of the PQ.  Period!

And in power, they will now move calmly and deliberately towards winning the next Referendum  … and you’re dreaming in technicolour if you think there will NOT be one.

In fact, as someone born in Quebec, raised there for 24 years, holding a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from Concordia University in Montreal and who still has family and friends there who I talk to and visit quite regularly, I know how it will all unfold.

Let me tell you ….  because  the politically-correct Anglophone media and the sovereignty-friendly Francophone media will not … until they analyse it all AFTER it happens.

Step One: Premier Pauline Marois and her Ministers, as she vowed, will make all kinds of demands of the federal government.

I can tell you now that whatever concessions or powers Ottawa cedes, they  will NOT be enough.  In fact, ANY demands not agreed to will be INSULTS to Quebec, painted as just more examples of how Quebeckers are downtrodden and ruled over by English Canada.

There will be a WHOLE plethora of federalism-stripping pushes for new provincial powers and responsibilities ….  with the PQ’s outrage over each failure to extract a victory carried home by a compliant and supportive Quebec nationalist media.

The real aim, of course, will be to convince the 23 per cent of Quebeckers who do not NOW favour another referendum to join the 28 per cent who do.

And with a sustained propaganda campaign of anger and indignity over “Ottawa insults to Quebec” don’t think that will very difficult to achieve.

But that will not be enough.

Step Two: the war against “les autres” … the outsiders.

Former Quebec Premier Jacques Parizeau made the separatist view quite clear after the whisker-close referendum result last time: he pontificated the vote would have passed if it had been up to “pure lain”  (pure wool) Quebeckers … the white, French Canadien Catholic population.

In other words, the fault for failure lay with the “others” … the Anglophones (English) and  the Allophones (other ethnic groups) with their clear federalist and Canada sympathies.

Pauline Marois’ solution: get rid of them … ethnic cleansing Quebec style, not by violence, but by legislation rubbing not just their  noses but their faces in the dirt, making them feel unwelcome enough so they will leave.

This was done before…. by earlier PQ governments … by adopting oppressive anti-English language laws that BANNED any English on store, street and traffic signs; by “francaphoning” government contract awards;  by denying Anglophones the right to work in English (in supposedly officially-bilingual Canada);  and by making them feel second class (sometimes even third) whenever they had dealings with the government.

Almost SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND left this “new” Quebec (Francophones as well as Anglophones, along with many corporate head offices … a HUGE economic boost to Toronto and Ontario that almost brought the Quebec economy to its knees.  So subsequent elections returned the Liberals and eased the rules, but only somewhat.

But the PQ … and apparently Marois … never forgot Parizeau’s message.

So over the next two years,  the ethnic cleansing heat will be turned up again … designed to convince more of those stubborn Anglophones and Allophones who stayed behind, and their now-grown and voting adult-age children, to LEAVE!

Step THREE:  first will come the Secular Charter talked about on this blog before … cleansing from the Quebec public service and certainly not hiring any observant religious staff who sport turbans, skullcaps, headscarfs etc.  BUT crucifixes will be okay!

Step FOUR: language laws … the English speakers will be beaten down again, exactly how they haven’t yet said, but it will be designed NOT to protect the French language (anyone visiting Quebec these days knows Francais is NOT under threat in any way!) but to make it so uncomfortable for those who are not “pure lain” that they will finally leave … and take or send their adult children and any grandchildren with them.

Of course, Quebec will pay a heavy economic and investment cost again … but nationalists and separatists are ruled by the heart, so they will be willing to suffer to bring about their dream of an independent country.

And ethnic cleansing … over the next two or three years …  will set up conditions for them to have a much better chance of succeeding.

Remember, in the 1995 referendum, federalism trumped those voting for a separate Quebec by only 54,288 votes!

With a manufactured emotional issue and two or three years of ethnic cleansing to wear down federalists and get them to leave, the PQ will be ready to reach for their dream again.

STEP FIVE:  When they have accomplished the above: another referendum.

When enough Anglophones and Allophones and even many fed up Francophones have moved out…..

And will no longer be around to vote.

Harv Oberfeld




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18 Responses to PQ’s Next Step: Ethnic Cleansing

  1. Mo says:

    I don’t think so. ’cause in today’s times they will be swallowed alive if they threatened leave “home”.

    Young people know the suffering will be hard and long should this even be a simple threat …

  2. Diverdarren says:

    Harvey, your opening to this blog couldn’t be more prophetic.

    Canada is a unique nation in the world, where our history is full of examples of negotiated peaceful political evolution.

    The issue of Quebec separation should be no different. If a nation can confederate then it’s reasonable that it could de-confederate. If the Quebecois what to leave, then let them negotiate leaving.

    Their leaving could save Canada, it could be a fresh start for the rest of Canada.

    If Canada ceased to exist, the people could
    re-confederate as the people see fit without the chains of the Charter, the various Constitutions/law, and the court’s precedence . Our old treaties would be null and void (good-by, NAFTA, our binds to the UN, NATO ,the Monarchy)

    Canadian’s could rejoin together as Canadians see fit, write a constitution and laws as we deem appropriate, ally with others for our benefit. And we could do it peacefully because we are Canadian, and that’s how we do things.

    The toughest part will be deciding on a new name.

  3. ron wilton says:

    So what ?

    Would it be so bad if Quebec, or Alberta, or Ontario, or Newfoundland or BC were to become sovereign states ?

    Given the current disillusionment and growing disenchantment with the present ‘federal’ governance which all but ignores the preferences of the majority in favour of those who would lavish them with financial benefits to ‘feather their nests’ and ‘scratch each others backs’, it is small wonder that withdrawing from a crippled federation seems like a reasonable solution.

    Democracy is only an annoying concept to the present regime, and we the people are powerless to stop the clear and present danger that ‘our’ federal government poses to all that we hold dear.

    How much worse off would we all be without Harper at the helm ?

  4. dan says:

    If Quebec leaves confederation, they will be annexed overnight by the US who will claim potential security issues along that border being the reason.

    (Response: That will not happen … they would no doubt tighten up the border, without “Canadian” immigration files and updated computerized records for Quebeckers to fall back on. But they would not invade or annex. Who would want them??? And all the language crap?? And for another reason most Canadians have never considered: the Republicans don’t want to add any part of Canada to the US!! Why? Because MOST Canadians, compared to Americans are more left-leaning on social and health care issues etc …even our so-called conservative Canadians. So adding new seats in Congress from the north … Quebec or any other province… would give the Democrats a big edge in elections …something the Republicans will NEVER allow. h.o)

  5. 13 says:

    Harvey, your steps 1 to 5 have been in play for some time. The good people of Quebec have “been there done that” for quite some time. Racists yes. Dedicated to the brakup of Canada, yes.
    Insuferanle and tiresome yes. BUT they voted them back into power. If we could oust them or treat them as terrorists we could deal with them but we cant . They hurt the rest of the country by adding an elemnet of fear for investors.

    (Response: Well, actually under Charest and the Liberals, the language laws were eased and the agitation designed to raise sentiments against Ottawa was substantially decreased. It will NOW be ramped up again. h.o)

  6. e.a.f. says:

    what Morist does now might be nothing. she doesn’t have a clear majority. She will most likely give the students what they want so they’ll clear out the streets &* then she will have to figure things out. Unfortunately the P.Q. of today is not the P.q. of Levesque time. they don’t have the intellectual base.

    Yes they may try to get rid of the anglos & allphones & they may go if they can find jobs in other parts of Canada. Some may think they can just sit tight for 4/5 yrs & wait for the government to change again.

    I don’t believe Harper really cares about Quebec one way or aznother. He got his majority without them. What Mulcair has to do is be very careful not to be drawn into the mess if he is ever to become P.M. If he is smart he will keep his mouth shut & head down while Morist & stevie slime duke it out.

    If Morist tries to implement her “ethnic cleansing” she may find that those she has targetted may not take it laying down. She may have more protests than she wants.

    If anyone thinks the U.S.A. will want Quebec, not so much. They might build another wall but that would be about it.

    Those republicans aren’t that fond of their latino citizens so they certainly aren’t going to want more ‘foreigners”. Quebec would bring a large french speaking population into the country.

    Of course there might not be much to seperate if the First Nations choose not to go with quebec & stay as part of Canada. It would also most likely give us clear passage through to the Maritines.

    If nothing else, its going to be entertaining.

  7. DonGar says:

    On the first day of legislature the Liberals and CAQ should put forward a motion to hold a referendum ASAP. They have the seats. This would force the issue before the PQ have anytime to prepare. Get it over and done with and stop the whining before it starts.

    (ResponseL: The Libs, as federalists, would never do that..it would betray their supporters. She’s in no rush… she has to set things up to favour the outcome she wants…and a BIG fight with Ottawa over some manufactured insult to Quebec could even win her support from some CAQ party members …I suspect most of them are soft separatists already. h.o)

  8. deeby says:

    All that with a minority govt? Really…?

    Can they govern like Harper did?

    (Response: The minority government will slow them down …but believe me, they will work very hard to create a huge conflict with Ottawa to bring the nationalists and soft separatists in the CAQ on side (how could they possibly take Ottawa’s side in a dispute aimed at getting Quebec more powers?). It will all unfold within the next year to 18 months. h.o)

    I’m skeptical.

  9. Crankypants says:

    I guess a lot of the results of this election depend on whether the voters were voting to support separation or whether the Charest led Liberals lost the confidence of the electorate. All governments become stale at some point, except in Alberta, and the electorate looks for other options.

    The way I see it is that the Liberals got their hands slapped but did not suffer the fate of being able to hold a caucus meeting in a phone booth, or should I say a Smart Car now that phone booths are a passe concept.

    Then there is the fact that Marois was only able to win a minority and thus will be constrained by how the other parties are willing to comply with her objectives. The PQ only achieved about one-third of the popular vote, some of which may have been made in protest of the status quo rather than an endorsement of a separatist agenda, which makes me think that she will not near enough clout to pursue separation.

    There is no doubt that she will give it her best shot but she seems to be spitting against the wind.

    At least that’s the way I see it.

  10. Gloria says:

    If BC had separated, would we still have the Enbridge pipeline forced on us? Is the panel doing the study on the Enbridge pipeline, the same as the BC HST panel?

    Campbell began, grand larceny BC. Everything of value in BC has been thieved and sold.

    All we have left of BC is the beauty, our woodland wildlife, and our wonderful marine creatures. People from all over the world, come to Bear watch and Whale watch in BC. Everyone wants to see the Spirit Bears. They want to see the Bears fish for Salmon, which are also being killed off. Everyone is excited when, a new baby Orca is discovered in the pod. This we will fight to the last ditch to keep.

    The BC citizens aren’t that stupid. They know the tar tankers from China, won’t be the only dirty tar tankers, coming into Kitimat Port. We all know Harper better than that.

  11. Edgar says:

    I happen to have spent the summer in Quebec and found the Quebec election refreshing, a bit of fresh air compared to what I have seen in BC. The turnout rate at over 70% reflects the engagement of the electorate, compared to the 51% who voted in the 2009 BC general election.
    Yes there were contentious issues and as the outcome points out a lack of consensus but at least people had opinions and were willing to voice them, and had politicians who were not afraid to speak up about issues. Perhaps people were reluctant to speak with media and pollsters but in private among coworkers, friends and family you heard discussion.
    Many issues discussed are issues that residents of BC should be discussing and parallel BC concerns, Le Plan Nord, how large should a mega city become and should there be moratoriums on development north and south of Montréal, what is fair taxation rates for business given they have not invested their vast amounts of cash, and yes the one no one wants to discuss – how far does one take accommodation and the so called secular society. At least In Quebec the discussion is in the open and not held behind closed doors with trusted friends.
    The PQ does present a challenge to Canadian unity but Ms. Marois is not a hardliner on the referendum and given her minority status I would hazard a guess that the PQ will focus on good government in the their first term. Quebec like all provinces will face major economic challenges in the coming two years and this should keep the PQ busy.
    The greater danger to Canadian unity is the Harper coalition (suburban Toronto, the prairies, and the BC lower mainland) and its inability to articulate a vision of Canada beyond economics.

    (Response: Yes we can admire that turnout and the passion. But Quebec’s REAL problems are economic … not language or culture. There is so much corruption, contracts to favoured friends, government waste, it’s no wonder the place is a mess and under the PQ it will get WORSE: the marginal tax rate on those earning over $250,000 will reportedly go from 48% to 55%; the capital gains tax will rocket from 50% to 75% …and then there will be new repressive language laws etc. No Canadian, American or European businesses in their right mind, with a choice of going to Ontario … either in Toronto area or Ottawa or Cornwall, just across the border, will invest there now. And of course the PQ will blame the English for every decline.

  12. I personally hope they succeed in causing a huge conflict with Ottawa because I sense that most Canadians, like myself, are ready for a fight, and in fact, would like to see Quebec leave, w/o Rupert’s Land! C’mon, let’s get it on! They didn’t frighten Trudeau, and they sure as hell won’t scare Harper. The time is right, the fat is in the fire, let the games begin!

    (Response: Their real fight may not be with Ottawa or the rest of Canada, but with their Aboriginals …who may have legal grounds to refuse to join in. h.o)

  13. harry lawson says:

    harvey you are quite right.
    what we need to recognize is that the separatist have a long term plan.

    it is like a long term business plan each step is a chess move . action vs reaction.
    what we are witnessing is govermental genocide . yes harsh words but true.

    if canada was parent in family therapy and quebec was the child , canada would be told to grow up and be a responsible parent.
    we are one country and the consitution should be enforced period.

    the ball is truly in mr harpers court .

    you will never appease theese people so man up and enforce the laws of the land mr harper.

    (Response: Exactly. Maybe it’s time for tough love and to say ENOUGH! h.o)

  14. Barry says:

    I wonder how quickly Quebec would sign the constitution and quit whining if there were a referendum in the ROC on whether or not to kick Quebec out? What’s sauce for the goose…

    (Response: I’m starting to hear a lot of that from people … but it could never legally happen. And frankly I don’t believe most Canadians would really vote in favour of that…I sure hope not. But I do think the feelings across the country would support Harper being tough with the separatists…no more coddling and giving in to blackmail. h.o)

  15. kootcoot says:

    It is difficult to deny that Quebec is a major reason that Canada is actually as different from the failing nation to our south as we are. Of course we currently have a P.M. who would like to be more like the U.S., and the loss of Quebec would only help with that.

  16. Mo says:

    Canadians will never vote to kick out any province. First of all because it’s constitutionally illegal.

    And to voice such sentiments is extremely childish.

    The focus should be on sternly dealing with any province that thinks it should receive “special” status or treatment.

    Every family knows that to spoil one child is to harm all the others, and there fore nip that in the bud right quickly with HARSH LOVE .

    Its now time …

  17. Richard Scrapneck says:

    I agree with Harv Oberfeld’s understanding of the Parti Quebecois. I agree with the comments that it is high time that the spoiled brat of Canada be shown who is boss. Why, as Canadians, do we think we always have to roll over and play dead? Send the tanks into Quebec City and restore that Canadian flag on top of the Quebec Provincial Legislature! Why have federal governments ALLOWED them to call it the “national” assembly for decades and decades? I agree with the others! It’s time to nip this separatist nonsense in the bud and treat it as TREASON!

  18. Richard S says:

    As a Manitoban and a Canadian, I was relieved to read an article written by someone who is not afraid to “tell it like it is!” It is evident that you have a clear sense of Quebec politics, especially concerning the Parti Quebecois’s agenda. It was refreshing to learn that I am not the only one who predicts dire consequences unless the federal government MANS UP, as so eloquently stated by another responder to your article.
    I am not a redneck. I am a retired elementary school teacher who taught French among many other subjects. I, like many Canadians, am infuriated as much by the past federal governments as by the separatists themselves. I really don’t understand the hesitancy of federal governments to declare the PARTI QUEBECOIS and any separatist leanings to be illegal. If Pauline Marois attempted any of her tricks in Russia or China, she would be hanged in the town square. The CANADIAN government, in contrast, declares this rebellious province to be a NATION, giving in to a spoiled brat that will forever slap us in the face with successive humiliations.
    Thank you for writing your article “PQ’s Next Step: Ethnic Cleansing”. I hope that you will continue to educate the Canadian public about the reality in Quebec. As you correctly stated, no one else seems to be willing or able to do it.

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