Public Inquiry Will Benefit Governments, Lawyers, Realtors, Casinos, Investors, Bureaucrats, Money Launderers and Their Friends … But NOT You.

The NDP government’s announcement of a full Public Inquiry into money-laundering is GREAT news … for all those who have been benefitting from the problem for years.

Just think of the billions of dollars all those entities listed above have cashed in on and PROFITTED over the past decade (or more) from gambling at BC casinos or through money laundering fueling real estate land sales, amalgamations, rezonings, construction contracts, permit fees, inspections, subsequent rising housing prices, mortgage financing charges, higher property values and taxes.

Not to mention … but let’s … all the political kickbacks (donations) to their favorite …or even not so favorite … political parties that many of those who profited have shelled out to … as a cost of doing “business” in BC … or even appreciation.

What will the public inquiry do?

Makes sure there will be NO real substantive action to change anything for many YEARS!

After all, the line you will often hear, is that “We must wait for the inquiry to hold its hearings, report back, make recommendations that will then have to be considered by the government, weighed in Cabinet, reacted to by the public, commented on by interest groups …. yada, yada, yada”!

Imagine how much more money will flow through BC casinos in the interim or what the price of housing will be by that time the inquiry is over … how many more millions the aforementioned profiteers will have stuffed into their pockets before whatever government is in power at the time even introduce “proposed” changes.

And THEY know it!

Don’t be fooled by all the references to the Charbonneau Commission in Quebec and the monies that province is now trying to recover from corrupt companies and individuals as a result of that inquiry.

Most of the guilty were easily identified as local Montreal or Quebec dishonest companies, hoods or officials.

Good luck to BC … or the RCMP …or Revenue Canada … just trying to not only identify but locate and going after overseas Chinese or Russian corrupt well-connected financial moguls, money launderers, and their overseas financial and political connections and protectors.

And even proving not just knowledge but deliberately illegal actions by any BC or Canadian individuals or companies …with solid enough evidence to stand up to the very strict demands of our CRIMINAL COURT system will no doubt prove more than daunting … and take even years more.

And many believe the whole process will not reveal much more than those in power and in real estate and in finance already know.

If there are charges that can and should be laid under existing laws, surely our system, our police, our prosecutors are already capable of doing so … if the will were there.

Let’s keep it real: the BETTER action by the government would be … not to waste more years and millions looking back … but to move forward NOW to STOP further abuses and profiteering … and delay any major actions for several more years under the excuse that an inquiry is under way.

But of course ACTION now would cost the criminals, the profiteers, the governments … and our political parties … too much.

So an inquiry serves THEIR interests better … to make it LOOK like something is being done … without interrupting revenue flows and profiteering.

Harv Oberfeld

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25 Responses to Public Inquiry Will Benefit Governments, Lawyers, Realtors, Casinos, Investors, Bureaucrats, Money Launderers and Their Friends … But NOT You.

  1. Gene The Bean says:

    Hi Harvey, welcome back and hope you had an enjoyable vacation.

    I agree that the perpetrators, the offshore gangsters, government toadies and shady corporate bagmen will never be caught and penalized.

    However there were many people here, in government, at BCLC and in the realty field that were just as guilty. Trump committed the crime but Cohen is in prison. There are still some fish to fry.

    I would be interested to see how much the BC Liberal Party has spent on document shredding in the last 24 hours. I would also pay big money to witness an under oath examination of that bastion of honesty and respectability, Rich Coleman.

    I have no problem with spending the money and exposing the slimeballs that assisted in this. Your point that “it is over, who cares about what happened, just enact steps so it wont happen again” is shortsighted and is exactly what the corporate pillagers and conservative manipulators in our society want to hear as they move onto their next scam. I hear what you are saying, but I sure don’t feel what you are saying.

    Time to start punishing those of money and influence that prey on our society for their own morally bankrupt selfishness.

    (Response: I have no doubt there are a lot of people and companies and institutions and politicians and bureaucrats who should be forced to account for their actions and inactions over the past decade (more?) in regards to gambling and real estate money laundering and kickbacks. I do believe however we already have enough police and fiscal forensic auditors investigative methods/powers to go after anyone inside Canada who acted illegally. As for perpetrators overseas … tracking them down, extraditing them or holding absentee trials or seizing offshore or even domestic assets will be almost impossible: the best option is to STOP them from hurting us any more …and the inquiry will DELAY any of this for YEARS more. Not a good move for ordinary people …squeezed out of the housing market because of the money laundering inflationary pressures. h.o)

  2. e.a.f says:

    Welcome back! Missed the blog. Hope you had a great time.

    Now, I don’t agree with this post. You are suggesting the NDP will do much as the B.C. LIEBEERCONS. I expect more from Eby and I don’t think we will be disappointed. If we do not learn from our past, we will repeat it. It isn’t just about trials, convictions, etc. its about the people of this province knowing what happened, how it happened so laws can be changed to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

    At one time I was opposed to an inquiry, but as time went by and more things came to light, I changed my mind. Even if none of the off shore persons can be brought to trial, we need to clearly understand, how it happened and who it happen. You do have to question the morality of some of the B.C. players, if they knew what was going on and did nothing to ensure they continued to make money at the expense of their province, country, fellow citizens.

    I have found it amusing that the Vancouver Sun didn’t start reporting on money laundering via our real estate until the B.C. Lieberals were out of office. When reviewing the articles there was almost no reference to the B.C. Lieberals or any one in the party. the reference was , “the government”. My take on it was, this was a method of setting up the NDP to take the fall on it, because they were the current government.

    Given some of the things involving
    “big rich” we really need to have a good look at things. there still is that trial in Nanaimo which the MSM wasn’t reporting on How he changed laws which benefitted the company his brother worked for. The purchase of Timber West by pension funds in B.C. and Ottawa., etc.

    I’d like to know why nothing was done by previous governments. they truly could not have been so stupid as to have not know.

    Crime in B.C. has changed and it started to change in the 1980s. The inquiry won’t go back that far, but its good to have a look at how this all came about. It will be good to know why the RCMP just never could do its job, when they have been able to do their job in other provinces.

    Laws will have to be changed at a national level to ensure our country is not turned in to full time money exchange and whore house–use the term loosely.

    We know not much came of the Pickton inquiry or the b.c. rail trial, but third time lucky, I hope. I do plan on living long enough to see the end of the inquiry and see some results.

    (Response: The government is playing for time…. kicking the problems down the road. The inquiry will take YEARS to complete its work … I doubt result in any SUBSTANTIAL recovery of monies/profits/kickbacks etc and in the meantime the rip off of the BC taxpayers, young families trying to buy homes, inflation of the economy in general will continue … while all those profiteering will continue to prosper for at least another two or three years before MUCH needed changes/legislation happens. h.o)

  3. Gordie says:

    Here’s a question for you Harvey. There’s been a a lot of articles and reports written on money laundering. Why don’t the police investigate? Are they waiting for somebody to make a formal complaint? If so, why? If the police found a dead body with a knife in their back, they’d be investigating that without a formal complaint….

    (Response: The police have investigated; they know a lot about what has been going on … for years … but getting successful convictions in our Courts against overseas culprits and even their accomplices here are no easy matter. And I doubt the inquiry will change much in that regard … except for maybe a few minor players. Better to enact legislation to STOP the abuses and profiteering …but admittedly that’s no easy feat in a democratic free-enterprise economy … and not likely the government will even try to do anything substantial in that regard until it gets the report and recommendations … years from now. And the government, lawyers, realtors etc will continue to cash in/prosper from rising prices/actions until then … good for them … bad for middle class prospective home buyers. h.o.)

  4. Gary T. says:

    Harvey, response to #2. This inquiry has to finish up, and produce a report before the next election. It will do some good if it prevents the Liberals from getting back into power.

    (Response: Inquiries are famous for needing more time … and more millions … to finish. And if the work is rushed or incomplete just to fit with an election schedule … that’s even worse. h.o.)

  5. max avelli says:

    Hi Harvey,

    A couple of thoughts:

    A) You seem to suggest that government’s have turned a blind eye to money laundering because the operators of the laundromats were giving the parties political donations. Is that really what you think??!! That would be some pretty serious corruption.

    B) Therre is nothing preventing the government from passing new laws while we wait for the Commission to finish its business. No more suitcases of cash to buy chips at the casinos. That is a no brainer. No more briefcases of cash to buy luxury cars. Period. The poor Lamborghini and Ferrari dealers will be forced to be ethical. No more duffel bags of cash to buy condos or other properties for cash. Not allowed. Those would be pretty simple and sensible laws to pass. There is nothing preventing doing things that are so straightforward. The government has the power. They can use it. They don’t need to wait 2+ years for the commission to report.

    3) Leaving the above aside, the refunds being provided to “straw buyers”, while grey market and possibly used to launder cash, do not really “cost” the government anything more than the exemption that applies to all goods purchased for resale — including goods purchased for resale to persons outside of the province. While there is, no doubt, something shady going on here, it does help our economy when dealers of luxury cars (and even some that aren’t so luxury) can make sales. Income tax still gets paid on the revenue from those sales. Just saying (not to excuse the behaviour of some ethically compromised dealers who accept the briefcases of cash, no questions asked).

    (Response: It’s not that the government ” turned a blind eye to money laundering BECAUSE the operators of the laundromats were giving the parties political donations”… but political parties DID PROFIT from it: take a look at DONATIONS to the various parties from casino companies, realtors, developers who have been cashing in to the tune of extra MILLIONS thanks to money laundering impacts on housing development/construction/pricing. Sure looks to me like a kickback system!h.o.)

  6. nonconfidencevote says:

    Welcome back Mr Oberfeld.
    It was a dismal May until today ! 🙂

    I agree that this is PR “Smoke and Mirrors” but the inquiry will hopefully be televised as was the Charbonneau Commission .
    I would only hope that the person heading the commission would be from eastern Canada or elsewhere with ZERO ties to the politics and corporate world of BC.
    And for the love of God , I pray it isnt Wally “Obtuse” Oppal.
    And hopefully it will garner the very same high ratings with endless bombshells lobbed left and right .
    If anything comes out of this, hopefully the Real Estate sales/info monopoly will be revealed for the ridiculous shell game it is.

    I’m sure the Liberals will be squirming in their seats as this thing grinds on into the next election.

    interesting times.

    (Response: The head of the commission will be B.C. Supreme Court Justice Austin F. Cullen…appointed in 2011. Don’t know much about him …but he’s not my concern: it’s the fact the whole process will allow the ripoff and kickbacks inherent in the current system to continue for years more … when immediate action is needed. h.o.)

  7. Harry Lawson says:


    Welcome back .

    This enquiry has more to do with the politics of a NDP re election campaign then the the truth. Think about it the enquiry begins the NDP gets a little bruised then comes the 11 years of the liberal record with the gaming industry . In the mean time you have all the liberals lawyering up . What is the public to think . The NDP re election campaign being financed under the enquiries act . Just brilliant.

    Years ago I had to testify at a labour adjudication I was called by both Union and management on the same issue.. The union lawyer told me we will be bruised they will be slaughtered. .this is what the NDP are doing to the liberals.

    (Response: No doubt there is politics involved in the decision to hold the inquiry … but that wouldn’t bother me (if elected or appointed officials were corrupt or incompetent, it should be exposed/pursued). But I seriously doubt the inquiry will yield much more or even anything more than officials, political leaders and police already know … and yet, the process will take years … and the ripoff of taxpayers/home buyers will continue. h.o.)

  8. e.a.f says:

    Harvey the process doesn’t need to take years. if the judge keeps things on track and sets a time table. make those working for the inquiry “earn their salaries”. Some judges know how to move things along. lets hope this judge does.

    People who don’t want to incriminate themselves do not have to. However to have some testify, the judge could offer them immunity from prosecution.

    many in this province don’t know much beyond there was money laundering and it may have increased the cost of their homes. That is not enough. We all have the right to know how this happened, why, etc.
    Lets be optimistic about this. in my opinion public pressure got us the inquiry. public pressure can make it work.

    (Response: Optimistic? That anyone will actually PAY for misdeeds? Dealing with scandals in BC/Canadian politics? Sorry …. I’m not. h.o.)

  9. hawgwash says:

    Gary T; you are only kinda right. No public enquiry ever ends on time. It will go (far) beyond the next election.

    Horgan and Eby know it and that is why there will be a preliminary report in 18 months.

  10. 13 says:

    Welcome home Harvey.
    I am in the awkward position of agreeing with SOME of what GTB has said. BUT from my point of view I hope the public inquiry exposes the failure of

    The wheel does not require a reinvention. The laws are on the books. They need to be enforced and we need real leadership in Ottawa not that moron PM that is proving to be more than a disaster. We need strong leadership . We need a PM and a party that will demand accountability .We need Herr Harper.
    So if heads start to roll at the aforementioned government agencies then the inquiry will be a success. Fired RCMP. Fired CRA. Fired BCLC . Any that acted in a criminal manner , jailed. Everyone fired loses their gold plated indexed pension and benefits.
    I am not going to hold my breath.

    (Response: Yes..don’t hold your breath. It will take years …and I doubt anyone with real power will end up being charged …or in the odd case they are ..convicted. WE will probably end up giving them ap;ologies … and millions in settlement or retirement. h.o.)

  11. SB says:

    I am glad to see something begin this has far deeper reasons lots of that cash came from opiods imported that killed and costs society billions more, the RCMP wanted more resources were denied more budget by BC GOV if this inquiry can show the corruption that has occurred and even be a beggining that opens eyes publicly resulting in changes new laws and creates systems to fight such crime it will be well worth having regardless of timeline someone needed to step up and get started .
    I hope other provinces look into such issues as well as Ottawa providing more help better laws with consequences that make Canada a difficult place to conduct such crimes.
    Expecting one inquiry to fix all is unlikely but it opens the process and this needs to happen.

  12. Chuckstraight says:

    It would at the least be nice to see someone go to jail.
    Then again, we live in a world where guys like Conrad Black get pardoned.

  13. RIsaak says:

    Pandora’s box of shenanigans requires a federal opening of never before seen scope.

    Yes it’s nice that Horgan/Eby are trying to stick their proverbial fingers into the massive leak which has been tolerated by Provincial, Municipal & especially the federal government! This does not change the fact that this scourge has been plaguing us for well over a decade. This does not address the many federal political operatives who have dined, fund raised and liaised with some of the perpetrators of these laundries.

    Fintrac is neutered, mostly due to the leadership who have achieved nothing of serious effect for far too long, change all the leadership there. RCMP must be charged by our elected officials to actually invest some time and resources investigating these many issues, maybe time for a change on how the people’s police are directed, a tad less direction from the elected and some form of heightened direction from the law to be delivered in a manner free of political direction.

    Charbonneau was too little, far too late, did not effectively reign in some of Quebec’s worst offenders (SNC) and in the interim we’ve witnessed a concerted effort to sway elected officials from allowing the law to effectively pursue the full weight of the law upon this flagrant, persistently sketchy business. Would we even hear a peep from the Quebec and federal government if SNC was not partially funded by the governments and government employee pensions? Why zero calling to task of the pension fund investment officers who invested heavily in a known corrupt entity and really are the root cause of much of the government knee jerking stupidity seen recently?

    The real estate industry (I worked as a builder for years) has been allowed to play fast and lose with oversight (the current model of self oversight is a failure for any interested party except the realtors themselves) and have feasted on the regulatory vacuum seen today. I did turn down a home sale which was put to me as including “a suitcase full of cash to pay for the home being sold” as put forward by the buyers real estate agent. I’ve also heard of such from some of my contacts in the building industry.

    International currency is the realm of the federal government, yet zero efforts from the Trudeau gang (which has many wealthy offshore contributors), zero focus from any of the past 6 AG’s and they all appear to be quite content with the status quo, why?

    This inquiry will be too little, happen too late and inevitably should have began years ago and come from the federal government who has much more jurisdictional responsibility on these international monetary issues.

    (Response: I’m sure the inquiry will yield interesting info, surprises and will be a gift to the media by providing them “daily” copy on a platter …filling pages and newscasts without them having to do much hard work. But from the taxpayers’ … and prospective home buyers point of view … it will only waste time and millions of dollars. And should they identify crime culprits overseas … good luck in trying to go after or extradite them to Canada to face “justice” … no matter how feeble and delayed it will be. h.o.)

  14. D. M. Johnston says:

    Sadly, I think you are right, it is all about show boating.

    This province is riddled with corruption at all levels of government that this inquiry will be nothing more than a mild tantrum, that will enrich the legal profession.

    The government can’t stop money laundering because our entire economy is based on criminal money laundering.

    The NDP are as dishonest as the Liberals, most bought and paid for by special interest groups and civic politics is a cornucopia of greed, payoffs, secret deals and gouging the taxpayer.

    Plecas almost said as much, in a speech to civic politicians and was grilled for it.

    The criminal classes are running the show now and soon, honesty in any form will become a very scarce commodity.

  15. e.a.f says:

    to 13, to what you call that moron in Ottawa, they are so much further ahead than the alternative. Would suggest Trudeau is anything but a moron. You may not agree with his politics, but moron, get real.

    Some laws are on the books, however, they may not do an effective job. On the other hand, if laws are changed to fit just one or two things we may wind up with laws which don’t benefit anyone and can be used for things not intended.

    The Conservatives have not been good at keeping on the lawful side of the law. just pick up an old copy of, “on the take, the Mulroney years”. Then we have the Harper years, when the P.M. had his political party pass 8 pieces of Leg. which violated the Constitution. He had been advised of such and still proceeded. One can hardly consider the federal conservatives a law and order party.

    Some times there simply are no laws to cover everything and we simply, as a society, need an inquiry to look at it all, to come to a consensus about how to move forward.

    There are laws which can be implemented, but we do need to be careful and firing anyone and everyone, doesn’t always work. rights need to be protected, because if they aren’t protected, you could loose yours next.

    The casinos/money laundering have violated a lot of our rights as a society. What we may want to do is decide what takes priority? We once did not have casinos. Lottery tickets were about it. We know casinos make money for governments, casino corporations, and criminals. The question we might want to ask is: do they make our society a better place to live. To they contribute to the overall betterment of our lives, our government, our health and education system. If the answer is no, then perhaps we need a really good look at casinos.

    Admit to being raised in a family were gambling was not considered a “good thing”. That it could lead to the destruction of families, health, etc. Perhaps some one could do a cost/benefit analysis of it all. There are cities, states/provinces, countries which do not have casinos. How are they faring. How are we faring decades after we went down the gambling road. Has it had the desired effect or are we as a society worse off. We never thought B/C would be used as a laundry for off shore criminals, but we have become that. Can it be stopped or do we stop casinos. Money has been laundered via our real estate market. How do we stop that or do we want to. Many in B.C. have benefited and may like it. Others haven’t benefitted and may want to stop it.

    There are many discussions we as a society may need to have. do a few gamblers in this province determine how the rest of us live or do we close casinos or reduce the limits to what they once were. Now that is something the government could do in the next sessions: lower the limits immediately. End of money laundering in casinos. yes, I know no one is going to want it. not the politicians and not the community groups who receive the money from time to time. In one way or another, almost everyone in this province has benefited, either from their school, group, fire department receiving money. Perhaps its just time to tax at an adequate rate and be done with all this money laundering.

  16. e.a.f says:

    SB you are so correct. this can be the beginning.

  17. Marge says:

    Just as silly as the government wanting to investigate high gas prices. What do you think they are going to come up? As if we didn’t know the answers to all of this anyway….taxes and gauging but hey someone has to get paid to find out and retell (spin) it for us. The same will be true here. We will hear all about the problem but there will be no solution whatsoever.

    Politicians all in it for themselves, no matter what party.

  18. Kreditanstalt says:

    The REAL cause of “high” house prices is government’s cheap money policy…and I think every thinking person knows that.

    “Money-laundering”? Aside from it being none of our business how investors acquire or allocate their funds, this entire “anti-money laundering”campaign appeared out of nowhere, suddenly being flogged, promoted and pushed by the government…it seems to have somehow morphed from a superficial dislike of casino gambling into an imagined, massive billions-of-dollars depriving Canadians of a “right”(!) to housing.

    But it sure seems to appeal to the hoi polloi’s latent anti-orientalism and hatred of anyone “rich” conspicuously consuming. And I think THAT is the real reason for this…

  19. BMCQ says:

    Welcome back, I hope your repositioning went well .

    I was away from Canada a bit myself but I was still managed to follow news here in B.C. as well as the Vote Count in Alberta. And just how many NDP Provincial Governments do we have left to count in Canada at this time ? Tick Tock !

    It appears that the uh “Conservative Stain” is uh soaking its eh way right across Canada from uh Coast to uh Coast !

    I am very torn on this Blog Post Topic.

    I hate to agree with you when you say the Inquiry will not benefit anyone but I want to see Offenders held Accountable and I want Fraud, Tax Evasion, and all Criminal Acts regarding Real Estate Transactions, Drugs, Money Laundering, and other Illegal Activities exposed and the offenders prosecuted wherever possible.

    There is a lot of blame to go around and the Tax Payer and Citizens must be shown that somehow Canada can actually Convict Offenders and make them pay for their sins .

    Over the past several years I have sold four properties to Off Shore Investors and each and every time there was a problem, for the most part they each had some sort of snag with one thing or another .

    Horgan was forced into this Inquiry by the scruff of his neck and wanted no part of it, it was public pressure that forced his hand . I do not trust Eby at all, at best he still has Anarchist Roots and it is all about the politics for him, he cares only about pandering to his supporters.

    I can only hope the Commission can provide Transparency and Answers, the Tax Payer is bring assaulted by increases in Property Tax, Rents Commercial Industrial and Tesidential, Gas Tax, Employment Health, High Mortgages, along with many other fees and service costs, how much can they take ? The last thing we need is for Gov. to fail to collect Cap Gain Taxes, and the rest on Property flips etc.

    Politicians mumble about it being difficult, problematic, complicated, frustrating, unclear, and the rest but CRA has the solution and the ability to collect Cap Gains, Interest, and Penalties On up to a $ Trillion Dollars in Real Estate Transactions right across Canada with records going back 20 years right at their finger tips. They have the power and ability to do it all and Media appear to be ignoring this fact.

    Off shore Investors Convicted of any Fraud or Tax Evasion that are not Citizens should be Deported back to their Home Country of Sweden, Borneo, or China and their Families should be sent with them, we must at once create a deterrent and we must ensure anyone willing to cheat is held accountable.

    It seems very difficult to build anything in Canada and it seems very difficult to acquire convictions in this country, what has become of us ? We should and can be better .

    It is long past time to make several amendments to our Constitution, Canadians can’t afford to risk losing it all but it appears that our Politicians at all Levels are doing their best to betray Canadians and Media is keeping it all a Dark Secret .

    Again I call for 3 Four Year Term Limits for Politicians at all Three Levels of Government in Canada, we need to “Drain the Swamp” every few years and we cannot allow Life Long Career Politicians to continue to have their Heads Shoulder Deep into the Tax Payers Trough only to enrich themselves and build a pension .

    Harvey and others are quite correct, it is doubtful anything will come of the Inquiry but we must stop the deveststing results of what has taken place to continue.

    Also keep in mind that when so called families settle in B.C. and the so called husband returns to his home country he decalsres NO Income in Canada yet hisso called family immediately qualifies for all Public Services including Health Care and Education just to mention two.

    Then of course that same non Tax Paying Family bring in two sets of Wobbly 7o year old parents that require Knees, HIPS, Heart Work, and the rest and NOT One of them Paid a Nickel into the System . Think about it .

    We can only hope that just one of the Federal Parties might make some of this part of their Oct Election Platform .

    Somehow I doubt we will hear any of this in the Policy Platform of the NDP or the uh Liberal Party .

    Don’t you think we deserve better ?

    Btw – just wait until you finally hear just how much Large Tracts of Agricultural Farm Land has been purchased by Off Shore Investors right across Canada over the past decade or so .

    How can Politicians from all Parties in Canada from Coast to Coast to Coast be so Arrogant, so Confident, and so very Mediocre all at the same time ?

    We are in the midst of a Catastrophe in Canada and our Elected Officials can’t speak, can’t hear, and can’t see !

    (Response: I agree with you and many others that people should be held accountable for their actions, their decisions, their failures and any crimes they were guilty of through commission or omission. However I do not believe this could not be done without first holding an inquiry and delaying any action for years more. If there are NO existing tools to go after illegal activities on such a huge scale, then our democracy is in real trouble: I believe there ARE laws and mechanisms to hold people accountable ..without an inquiry. The government should ACT …not kick the whole thing down the road …while they and others continue to make millions from the rotten system. h.o)

  20. Hawgwash says:

    We can only hope there is a long line of knowing people like Ross Alderson, with credible, factual testimony and can name names.

    And who feeds the media the horse manure that money laundering cause a 5% increase in the cost of housing?

    The little island town I live in had a stagnant market fro 2008 until spring 2018. In 8 months home prices doubled, I kid you not.

    That was a direct result of people cashing in in Vancouver and bringing their money over here in droves. They cashed as a result of money laundering; directly or indirectly.

    RIsaak; a good piece.

  21. 13 says:

    Kudos to BMCQ. We are under assault by all 3 levels of government. Add to this the quasi gov orgs, BC Ferries, Translink, Teachers and ALL public sector unions across Canada. They all dont care one iota about the tax payer. They care about pensions, massages, stress leave, seniority above qualification, double dipping (translink police), endless duplication of services, creating new government run ministries to investigate old ministries, the Senate,expense accounts, fraud theft . Harper wanted to make First Nations leaders accountable. The moron Trudeau scarped that and instead offered apologies and cash.
    As long as we have a Federal Liberal govenment the inquiry will be a giant waste or tax payers dollars. If any politician is ever found guilty look to Basi/Virk for how that plays out. Criminals fraudsters, liars and cheats that dont get elected in Canada can simply look to the CRA or the BCLC as willing accomplices to aid and abet their illegal activities.

  22. Hawgwash says:

    I had difficulty, coming up with any substantive information on Austin Cullen; even Wikipedia hadn’t heard of him.

    Then Charlie Smith put together this little bio which doesn’t help quell the skepticism.

    I really do want to wait and see, but geeze, I don’t know.

  23. BMCQ says:

    I just read the Charlie Smith Straight piece and although not surprised with the information outlined by Smith regarding Cullen I was shocked that the appointment of Cullen by the B.C. NDP Gov could now raise more questions than answers when a full report is handed down. “Error by Omission” one might say.

    That to me raises another question or two.

    Why has nothing else about Cullen’s background or his “Body of Work” been reported on?

    Why does absolutely everything politicians do need to be so very political with out any sense of balance, fairness, or independent thought ?

    I suppose that is part and parcel of most political systems but especially the British Parliamentary System .

    I see that some are doing their best to play down the Money Laundering while others are attempting to play it up .

    ML has been with us here in B.C. for many years in many forms where “Cash is King” .

    Tanning Parlours, Massage Parlours, Dry Cleaners, Nail Parlours, and many other Business Ventures have long been used to legitimize huge amounts of cash earned from illicit sales of say Marijuana or other Drugs.

    Even if the Tanning or say Massage Parlours are not busy the Manager fills out literally hundreds of false invoices for Tans or Spankings that did not take place and the appropriate amount of cash is dropped into the cash register then deposited into the bank and Gov Tax then paid on much of it and you all of a sudden have legitimate Laundered Money .

    Of course not all of those businesses mentioned are crooked just like all auto or real estate enterprises are crooked but it has been going on for decades. Hells Angels and other Gangs which include various Ethnic Groups have been doing the described for decades.

    Unfortunately in B.C. and much of the rest of Canada we have an “Injustice System” Headed by ambiguous toothless laws ruled over by Liberal Judges which offers absolutely NO Deterrent so the Criminal Behaviour continues and thrives much like it does in any Banana Republic . Doesn’t thst make you proud ? And to think we Canada is actually a G 8 Nation !

    “Rule of Law “ you say PM Justin ? Yeah, sure !

    Our Legal Beagles, Politicians, and the Injustice System cannot even figure out that the PR of China are actually complicit in the manufacture of counterfeit Drugs like Viagra, Steroids, Opiods, Fentanyl Which come to our Country through Ports, the Postsl Service, and the Mexican, U.S., and Canadian Border and is sold to addicted Canadians and Americans .

    The Laundered Money Profits from Illegal Substances that come to us from China is then used to purchase Condominiums, Housing, commercial and Industrial Real Estate and Millions of Acres of Agricultural Farm Land right across Canada and the U.S. and our Politicians simply shrug their shoulders as if it is all taking place through Osmosis or Climate Change .

    At least the current U.S. Government understands what is taking place and soon enough even Media will understand the need for sanctions, criminal prosecutions for money laundering, violence, human trafficking and drug offenses, deportations of convicted criminal felons and a wall .

    Just think about it, Off Shore Criminals are purchasing Canadian and U.S. Real Estate with profits from the sale of Drugs to our addicted Morhers, Fathers, Children, Sisters, Brothers, and the person that lives down the street !

    Kind of makes you wonder does it not ?

    In the meantime our Elected Political Masters do nothing more than “Talk about it” .

    As the unstable, confused, and very odd Speaker of the B.C. Legislature might say,

    “ Doesn’t that make you want to Throw Up “

    (Response; One of the problems with stopping money laundering is that so many benefit from it. From home sellers to realtors to governments and casinos and other businesses , so many get a cut from the action, they are reluctant to stem the flow. One way to appear to be doing something …but not really …is to call and inquiry and spend millions, while allowing many of the laundering influences to continue, so the cashing in continues … for years more. h.o.)

  24. 13 says:

    Harvey your response @24 “one way to appear to be doing something”.

    That line should be the motto underneath the BC NDP and the Federal Liberals logos.

    Horgan and his money laundering is a pathetic attempt to paint the BC Liberals as aiding and abetting. Almost all of the treachery is of a Federal nature. Horgan just launched another probe into high gas prices and he has banned the probe from looking into gas taxes and the NDP stance on pipelines. Thats sleazy enough to get Horgan a seat at the big boys table right next to Gordo.
    God bless the stain.

    (Response: I’m going to write about gas prices next week. h.o)

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