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Qatar’s Two-faced Hypocrisy Finally Called Out!

June 6th, 2017 · 14 Comments

Since 2003, the US has maintained …. according to CNN … “its largest contingent of military personnel in the Middle East at Qatar’s Al Udeid Air Base.”

The huge complex,  staging point for a fleet of B-52 bombers, F-16 fighters and several advanced surveillance aircraft,  is a control centre for carrying out US military strategy over 20 different countries in the Middle East and beyond … including, of course,  helping to defend Qatar. And Qatar has spent more than $1 Billion on helping build the base, which houses 11,000 military personnel.

So you might think Qatar is an ally, a friend, a partner to be counted on.


Qatar is a dictatorship, an ABSOLUTE monarchy, where Sharia law rules supreme, and where in family court, for example “a female’s testimony is worth half a man’s and in some cases a female witness is not accepted at all” (Wikipedia).

Trying to convert from Islam is punishable by death; adultery or homosexuality can bring lashings …or death; and, stoning is also legal as punishment for various “crimes”.


But funny, you don’t hear exposés about this on Al Jazeera, which spends a tremendous amount of time and resources pointing out shortcomings and problems elsewhere in the world. I have long regarded Al Jazeera as a very sophisticated … but clearly detectable …  propaganda world-wide “news”  arm of Qatar’s pro-terrorist, anti-human rights regime, at least for their own region.

Anyone who has watched Al Jazeera critically, could have detected for years now, a clear strong bias, favoring and sympathetic to: the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (even as Christians were being targeted/killed) ; Hamas … which receives MILLIONS in FUNDING from Qatar and whose leaders live in Qatar;  as well as support for West Bank militant groups; and “funding for rebels strongly favored Islamic and Salafist forces in both Libya and Syria” (Wikipedia).

Some ally!

Qatar’s duplicity has been going on for years … known to MANY … but largely ignored, for strategic reasons: oil, natural gas and that huge US military base.

But now, several Arab nations have called out Qatar’s hypocrisy … breaking relations with it, ordering their ambassadors out and cutting off economic ties. These nations …so far … include Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United  Arab Emirates, Bahrain and the Maldives.

Let’s keep it real:  these nations themselves are not known as great defenders of democracy or human rights themselves. But maybe, just maybe … following US President Donald Trump’s recent visit and pledges of  new American involvement and support  … we are seeing change, or the beginning of change.

If these states feel emboldened NOW to call out Qatar’s duplicity and hypocrisy and take action against it … something IS happening.


It’s about time those Arab regimes that smile to us one day and fund those who want to kill or overthrow us the next are exposed and acted against. Beginning with Qatar.

And have to admit, I am enjoying watching Al Jazeera’s “coverage” of the growing revulsion over Qatar’s actions and hypocrisy. I find it quite comical watching the terrible one-sided efforts by their anchors, reporters and especially their regular “analysts” trying to defend/explain/excuse Qatar’s despicable pro-terrorist actions.

Maybe that $110 Billion US arms sale to the Saudis will pay off, after all!

Harv Oberfeld

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  • 1 Gene The Bean // Jun 6, 2017 at 8:44 am

    I knew the Excited States of America had a base there but had no idea of its size, its role in ‘protecting’ Qatar and the obvious economic advantage it gives to that country.

    Excuse me why I look up the word ‘complicity’ in the dictionary……

    (PS: Does anyone remember which U.S. president said “Yes he is a dictator but he is OUR dictator”…?)

  • 2 Diverdarren // Jun 6, 2017 at 8:45 am

    Harvey, I wonder who’ll blink first in this little spat. My guess it’ll be Qatar.

    Emir al-Thandi has a very embarrassing decision ahead of him. His openness towards Iran will cost him dearly. He can stand firm and have an angry Gulf Cooperation Council and USA breathing down their neck. Or, the Emir can loose face and denounce the Muslim Brotherhood and their new besty Iran.

    I’m hoping he stands firm.

    The potential fallout could be spectacular. Time for a US led “regime change”?

    (Response: I’m not so sure Qatar will fold ..unless the pressure becomes even greater.. The Qataris are not fans of the Saud family and, although they depend a lot on it for commerce, food imports etc., would find it hard to fall in line and be subservient to the kingdom. Plus, the Qataris compete with the Saudis with their own religious jihadi agenda… manifested in hosting and financially backing Hamas and several other militant groups that other Arab countries reject….think it would be hard to give that up and still save face. h.o.)

    I think I’ll buy some oil futures.

  • 3 E. Johnson // Jun 6, 2017 at 9:36 am

    Disputes between Saudi Arabia a nd Quatar have gone on for many years. This is the latest version. How long it will last is anybody’s guess. Quatar is one of the lowest producers of petroleum in OPEC. They do however export huge amounts of liquefied natural gas. Apparently Quatar also has a sizable investment I natural gas assets in SK, AB and B.C. as well as the US. The Quatar have substantial business investments in properties and businesses in the UK and Europe. At present they appear to be rolling in wealth. Whether these sanctions will deter them from financing terrorism remains to be seen. Al Jazeera has functioned as a very effective propaganda tool for them.

    (Response: I know that Al Jazeera America closed down: too few viewers and too few advertisers. It no doubt IS effective elsewhere, especially Europe, Africa and Asia… because it is a very sophisticated propaganda tool. They do many first class reports and some terrific documentaries on what is going on in those regions, and also South America. But to understand how they work, you have to draw concentric circles on a world map, with Qatar at the centre. The FURTHER away from Qatar, the fairer I view their reporting and coverage; but as stories are done closer to Qatar ..and its interests … starting around Europe, the propaganda begins and increases in direct proportion to proximity to Doha. That’s why I would decribe almost everything they do in the Mid East as horribly biased: before I even understood who was behind what, I could easily see how they were falling all over themselves backing the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. I find their “news reports” and their regular “analysts” an insult to journalism. Today their MAJOR coverage of the diplomatic break carried SEVERAL interviews/clips/quotes from officials/commentators from Qatar, Washington, Kuwait and London …NOT A SINGLE one (while I was watching for two hours) … with ANY rep or analyst or commentator from ANY of the six countries that have now ditched them. AJA is a joke …but no one who sees through them is laughing … or seem to be buying ads! h.o)

  • 4 Island Lookout // Jun 6, 2017 at 10:19 am


    It was a kidnapping that caused the GCC “dispute” according to a report published in London’s Financial Times and reprinted in Zero Hedge’s website.

    Apparently in April some members of Qatar’s royal family went hunting in Iraq and were kidnapped by some Shia no-good-niks, backed by al-Qaeda.

    Qatar offered up a $1 billion ransom and the family members were apparently released.

    Some of the loot went to Shia Iranians (Qatar is 90 per cent Sunni), about $300-million to a number of Shia-backed bandits based in Syria.

    Apparently that transaction has caused the GCC rift, break-up or however one may describe such a situation.

    If this doesn’t patch up soon, just imagine if Qatar offers wharfage to Iranian warships right next door to that big US military base?

    Embarrassing and potentionally troublesome in this delicate area of diplomacy, dictatorship and so on.

    They’re all a bunch of bandits.

    Hoping American military personnel don’t get harmed in this dust-up.

    Lying down with dogs, getting up with fleas.

    (Response: I’m no fan of Trump, but I believe behind closed doors he called out Qatar for its duplicitous actions/policies and probably let the Saudis know that if approves hundreds of billion of dollars in military sales and other business deals …he wants them to act. And the other boycotting states went along with their strategic ally and economic benefactor Saudi Arabia. h.o)

  • 5 BMCQ // Jun 6, 2017 at 11:39 am

    Good Analysis of this Harvey!

    Even if Punters here do not always agree with you I very much respect the fact that you lay it all out there and you are not afraid to voice an opinion and analysis.

    WE should all respect that.

    It is very easy for the rest of us here to study and review on any topic you post before we comment and put our own Neck in the Noose but you are always the first one to step up.

    More from me on this later but in the meantime.

    By the way, I personally believe that if the OPEC Oil Reduction Agreement comes apart I believe that at least for a while some Countries will ramp up Production for many different reasons mostly political and Oil could continue to head toward $ 40.00 U.S.

    While you are watching please watch the CAD $ eventually work it’s way to under $ .70 USD.

    AS time goes on here many of the actions and political moves the much Vilified and Hated Donald J. Trump invokes the better off the West will become.

    It will not all be Wine and Roses but things will be much more secure than what was taking place in the whole World under President “O” and the EU Leadership.

    If he would only dispense with the Tweeting.

  • 6 BMCQ // Jun 6, 2017 at 11:44 am

    Oh and by the way.

    Do not be surprised to see POTUS DJT soon call out ALL OPEC Nations sometime soon for colluding and actually reducing the production of Oil so they can promote/force the Price in an upward direction.

    I am quite sure he will remind them that it is the U.S. and it’s Allies that keep the Strait of Hormuz.

    Each and every one of those Oil Rich Sheikdoms should cut a Cheque to the U.S. Allies for keeping them number one in power and number two making Billions of Dollars from SAFE the transportation of their Oil.

    Many more Shoes to drop on this.

  • 7 Rocker Rich // Jun 6, 2017 at 1:05 pm

    Other than a two minute brief on Monday’s Situation Room, the US cable news I watched totally ignored this developing story. Instead, talking heads were breathlessly and endlessly wondering what ex-FBI director Comey may say about Trump on Thursday.

    Sometimes the topic that doesn’t get covered is the one that should be! Thanks for doing your part to shine some light on this one, Harv.

    (Response: Ahh …but Trump has now TWEETED about it …slamming Qatar … so I suspect the “national” news orgs will now be on to it. h.o)

  • 8 Island Lookout // Jun 6, 2017 at 3:55 pm

    #1-#6 All responses are right on. It shows how complex this whole issue really is.


    Plots within plots, wheels within wheels.

    This issue has led to substantial increases in gold prices, and decreases in oil and natty gas.

    But nothing is forever in the murky casbahs of the Middle East and in the end the combatant countries will hurt one another a lot and the rest of us a little and we’ll get over it.

    President Trump’s push for energy self-sufficiency is the way to go. Canada needs to follow that lead.

    The OPEC production cut deal is dead in the water. So prices will continue to drift lower. That will hurt Alberta a lot. But that is another story.

    Meanwhile Russia will have to SOMETHING to maintain its producer position in the world.

    I expect one plan will be to keep things going in Syria in the hopes that Qatar, et al, will finally abandon their proposed natural gas pipeline to downtown Europe which would end Russia’s supply dominance there.

    Oh to be a fly on the wall in Qatar.

    (Response: Economic blockade, food blockade, all kinds of goods cut off …. I see that Qatar now wants to talk/mediate. I’d bet the ones REALLY worrying now are Hamas ..whose top leadership now live/work in the comfort of Doha and who are kept in power as dictators (no elections anymore in Gaza) by Qatar and Iran’s millions every month. Will Qatar’s rulers and people be willing to suffer long term just to prop them up? I doubt it! h.o)

  • 9 !? // Jun 6, 2017 at 6:24 pm

    Meh. Looks like a head fake* to keep folks from looking at the House of Saud which has a long and well documented history of funding fundies – as long as they play outside of Saudi Arabia – and just happened to very recently buy $100,000,000,000+ in US arms.

    Trump has said he could walk down 5th Avenue and shoot people and nobody would arrest him – probably true (even in liberal NYC). But Trump dealing arms to terrorists without Ollie North as a fall guy? I think even rednecks have their limits as to how deep the 5h!t their willing to be buried in.


  • 10 e.a.f. // Jun 6, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    I would suggest the only reasons the other countries are taking a different view of Qatar is because Qatar is taking a different view of them, Qatar has been on a shopping spree for a decade at least purchasing sports teams, Harrods, other enterprises and all of it with the blessing of the west. hey they were making money. The average “income” of citizens in Qatar is approx. $100K complements of the government. Qatar has so much money they can buy what they want or start a revolution within these other countries and that is what I do believe has caused these other countries to wake up and pay attention. The other countries had no problem with Qatar funding “terrorism” but now that that “terrorism” may be aimed at them, they have a bad case of the willies.

    Saudi Arabia has the same system as Qatar, they stone, beat, cut off heads. Really there is no difference between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, its just now Qatar wouldn’t mind taking over Saudi Arabia and those who run Saudi Arabia don’t want to give up their good life or their yearly trips to London.

    it is doubtful the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia had anything to do with it. The U.S.A. has always known what goes on in Qatar. They just didn’t care, they needed them for the base. If the U.S.A. were truly not amused by Qatar they would move their bases out of there. Not happening. Now it may be entertaining to watch Qatar and the Saudis duke it out. Just think of all the money the Americans could make selling even more arms and lets not forget Canada who sells Arms to the Saudis also.

    About the only thing Trump is concerned about is how many arms sales he can make for his friends and how many hotels he can open.

    My suggestion, if Qatar and Saudi Arabia decide to go at it, make sure the west stays out of it and doesn’t make any comments or send any tweets. of course we all ought to be thankful Obama worked on that nuclear deal with Iran.

    Hey, if two “thug” sponsoring countries want to duke it out and kill each other who are we to slow it down. if they’re killing each other they’ll hve much less time to murder in London, Manchester and Paris. Works for me.

    (Response: Hmm! If Qatar is doing so well and cares so much about its Arab brothers and sisters, why do they take in so few refugees???? Instead, its propaganda arm Al Jazeera almost incessantly does sad stories on their plight and exerting, what sure seems to me, like ongoing pressure on Europe to take in more and more, despite the millions they have already received. I believe that the Islamification of Europe is actually part of their unstated foreign policy … knowing that a large increase in citizenship and a higher birthrate than the rest will eventually become a powerful Muslim political force in Europe. h.o)

  • 11 13 // Jun 6, 2017 at 9:29 pm

    I find it difficult to add to the conversation. My opinion of the Arab countries is stereotypical. If it were not for oil surely these countries would be little more than desert lands.Treachery, duplicity,
    someone up the page described wheels in wheels.
    I suppose the real experts on Arab countries reside in Israel.

    (Response: Beyond the stereotypes, in some cases, the reality is even worse! The sad state of human rights in Arab and other Muslim countries has been documented and condemned many times by several monitoring organizations like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International (except, of course, the UN Human Rights Council). SEVERAL of these states still have laws and prescribed prohibitions and punishments that would most of us shake our heads in disgust or heave up our last meal if seen in practice. Stonings, lashings, beheadings … no more civilized than ISIL! In Saudi Arabia, 14 were sentenced to death for holding a PROTEST! Just THIS month, two men in Indonesia have been sentenced to canings for having gay sex; and just TODAY, two young Bahrainis were sentenced to death for taking part in an anti-regime protest. These are barbaric societies … and it is our DUTY to call them out on it! h.o)

  • 12 John Jensen // Jun 6, 2017 at 10:54 pm

    Look, don’t you think it is time for the U.S. and Canada to totally get out of the Middle East? Their oil is not needed anymore. And let’s call a spade a spade — like the greatest terrorist state is Saudi Arabia next to Iran. My God! — Saudis don’t allow women to drive? How can any Western, democratic, equal opportunity nation support such crap? Don’t forget, even terrorists are saying that one of the main reasons for their terror is the foreign intervention in their Middle East business. Don’t get me started on Israel!

    (Response: I disagree. The mid-East is really important strategically … not for the spread of democracy, but FIRST as a staging place for Western military forces to be based as a front line monitoring, containing and defending against our real foes: Iran, Russia and a whole variety of Islamic terrorist groups there who just as soon kill us all if they could; and SECOND because of the economic trade between the regions … BILLIONS of dollars of goods flow between the Mid East and Europe, the UK and North America…. tens of thousands of jobs are dependent on those links. h.o)

  • 13 e.a.f. // Jun 6, 2017 at 11:38 pm

    Harvey, Qatar is doing well. However, I did not intend to convey the idea that Qatar cared for its neighbours or anyone else. The majority of middle eastern countries are tribal and the attitudes of tribal society remains firmly entrenched. The really wealth middle eastern countries don’t give a rat’s ass for any body. The only country which has done a lot of work in accepting refugees is Jordon. It is amazing the amount of refugees they have taken and I certainly haven’t seen the oil kingdoms spend a cent in helping Jordon with all the refugees. Don’t expect to either.

    Don’t think I can agree regarding the islamification of Europe. It would be no different than saying the government of communist China was attempting to do the same thing in Canada and Africa. As populations grow, they move and they move to where things are going to get better. The problem with people moving to new countries is, they sometimes want to re create their old country in the new one. Frequently the countries receiving the immigrants don’t care because at some level it works for them. then 30/40 years done the road, Houston we have a problem. G.B. and some European countries did little to nothing to integrate new comers, whether it was for a lack of caring or an over abundance of political correctness, it doesn’t matter. What happened was a failure to integrate new comers.

    Your response to 13 is bang on. However, western countries continued to accept what these countries did because they wanted their oil at prices which benefited them, they wanted to sell them products, arms, etc. Instead of taking a principled stand, they went along with the “bad behaviour”. Having Saudi Arabia as the head of the Human Right Committee at the U.N. is ridiculous.

    You’re right they are barbaric societies, but it is doubtful any other country will be calling them out on any of the bad behaviour. Billionaires all know each other and they run the world. they have no desire to “offend” their friends and business associates. Some times I happy I won’t be alive to see how it all turns out and then there is a part of me, who really wants to be a fly on the wall to see how it all turns out. don’t think I’ll get a choice on any of it. time to go watch more on the trump show.

    (Response: There’s a REALLY big difference between Chinese LEGALLY immigrating to Canada, mostly educated, financially stable, taking care of themselves or taken care of by families here … versus the millions of uneducated, poverty-plagued migrants … many of them NOT real refugees … just showing up on European shores and demanding to be taken in, given housing and support. And I have not seen single news report anywhere detailing Chinese government media pushing almost daily for Canada (or Europe) to take in undocumented millions who just arrive and demand we let them in. h.o.)

  • 14 nonconfidencevote // Jun 7, 2017 at 5:14 am

    Qatar and Saudia Arabia
    Potayto, Potahto.

    And I see on this mornings news that ISIS has attacked Iranian targets….. who woulda thunk it?

    Their religion is right out of the stone age….violent, mysogynistic, bigotted, and unyeilding. Blindly following a book that was written 500 years ago doesnt foster “progress” in any society….
    Lots of luck to them … would the last one to own a tv please turn out the lights.

    (Response: Something is clearly changing: now Mauritania, Yemen have also broken ties with Qatar and Jordan has both “downgraded” its diplomatic relations AND ordered the Al Jazeera bureau shut down. More fun this morning watching the AJA “new”s squirming around all this with their biased newscasts…. one anchor even suggesting Israel could be behind this … actions by countries that won’t even acknowledge Israel’s right to exist. LOL!