RBC Plays “Chicken” With Harper Government

Let’s face it: Canadian companies shipping Canadian jobs serving Canadian customers to cheaper Asian labour markets overseas is nothing new.

Who hasn’t called a bank, credit card, computer help, airline baggage,  or a whole host of other service or warranty departments to find themselves talking to someone in India, the Philippines or Bangladesh!

But the Royal Bank of Canada has, according to several CBC National news reports, gone further than any and added insult to injury: not only telling 45 Toronto-based Information Technology workers they are losing their jobs; but instructing them to TRAIN, over the next two years, the teams of IT specialists from India who will be taking away their Canadian jobs.

RBC says it is just trying “to improve our operational processes and service, and re-invest in initiatives that enhance the client experience.”

I wanted to throw up when I read that.

I am no automatic foe of some degree of “globalization”: I can understand that, when it comes to mass production of consumer products, textiles, housewares etc., Canadian companies must manufacture and  import many such goods from overseas in order to remain competitive.

I will also concede that keeping prices down that way helps MANY Canadian families to afford a better lifestyle or even some necessities they could otherwise not afford.

And I can even understand that it benefits the third world … especially the labourers who earn their livings in those overseas factories .. by spreading around our global spending to a greater extent.  (Yes, the wages/conditions still may not be up to our  standards and we should push/demand improvements … but just imagine what life would be like there for millions without such jobs.)

But farming out jobs that Canadians CAN do quite efficiently and productively … and frankly, from my experience, better than foreigners overseas … is nothing but EXCESSIVE CORPORATE GREED by companies that fail to understand THEIR client base, their profits, their very success is owed right HERE …. to Canadians, to Canadian depositors, to Canadian borrowers and to Canadian investors … not foreigners in the third world.

And for RBC to IMPORT into Canada, for two years, foreign workers to be trained by the Canadians whose jobs they will steal and take back to India, is the ultimate in “chutzpah” … nerve.  And an insult to all Canadians … wherever they bank and whatever their economic ideology or politics.

So why would RBC do this so blatantly, so arrogantly and so confident it can get away with it?

Because, I believe, RBC believes it has a “friend” in the corporate-friendly Conservative federal government.

After all, this is the same federal government that allowed a China-owned mining company to IMPORT 200 CHEAPER miners from China …rather than hiring from the pool of available and enthusiastic Canadian miners … getting around the local workers by requiring Mandarin as a prerequisite for its BC MINING OPERATION!

It was a total farce and infuriated many Canadians , and Ottawa’s own reporting agency questioned the “genuineness” of the company search … BUT the feds reportedly still found the company “met or exceeded all requirements”.

THAT’S the problem!  Under Harper and his government’s relaxed laws, regulations and policies … Canadians can be tossed aside INSIDE Canada for imported cheaper labour, even when there are Canadians ready, willing and anxious to do the work … but insist on a “living” wage and Canadian working conditions.

But there is hope.

Ottawa has now been publicly embarrassed by the CBC reports about the RBC snub at Canada and Canadian workers  and the backlash of anger and resentment and, finally, the beginnings of a  “we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore”  reaction coast to coast.

And Harper and his Tories ARE starting to feel the pressure from news reports, blogs like this and an increasingly aware and concerned Canadian population about: federal cutbacks to public services, slashing of environmental standards, staffing and regulations, cuts in information accessibility and the muzzling of public officials and scientists.

At the same time that the federal Liberals are showing new life, new leadership, new popularity in the polls.

If Harper and the Tories allow RBC and other Canadian banks and companies to not only circumvent Canadian workers seeking Canadian jobs right here in Canada … but even allow those companies to IMPORT foreign workers and force their employees here to train them, so they can take  our jobs overseas,  the Tory polls will continue to fall.

And maybe many of  compliant federal Tory MPs and Cabinet ministers will sooner-than-they-think  be unemployed themselves  … and able to travel overseas to apply for jobs in India …. working for RBC.

Harv Oberfeld

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33 Responses to RBC Plays “Chicken” With Harper Government

  1. Larry Bennett says:

    I think it is a little ingenuous to suggest that this would never happen under a Chretien government of any government. If (yes, banks) and others, like SkyTrain and other Crowns were to bring the wages of their employees down to what we have in the public sector, this might not be so likely to occur. When a bunch of central Americans were hired and brought to B.C. as labourers to dig tunnels for SkyTrain (or with their approval) the unions were all excited about signing them up as union brothers, instead of insisting that labourers (union or non) be hired locally. I mean, how much training is needed for most labour jobs? It only takes the ability to do as you’re told. I’ll say one thing for the foreign workers, they weren’t afraid to work (though I’d like to know how many of them are still here working illegally).

  2. Coral says:

    When I heard of this story, my first thought was, “Is this part of Canada’s Economic Action Plan, and if so, how is it working for Canadians?”.

  3. morry says:

    Time for all Canadians to throw Harper out come next election. YOUR job is next if you don’t!

  4. D. M. Johnston says:

    Boycott RBC!

    Canadians must learn to use their economic clout to punish banks for their punitive ways.

    Treat RBC as a traitor or Quisling; treat the senior management as traitors, anti Canadian. Again, Canadians must learn to use their money as an economic club, just like what those in BC did to reverse the HST.

    If you have an account with RBC, pull it out and put it in a Credit Union or a more responsive financial institution.

    In common terms – knacker them!

  5. Kreditanstalt says:

    “Canadians can be tossed aside INSIDE Canada for imported cheaper labour, even when there are Canadians ready, willing and anxious to do the work … but insist on a “living” wage and Canadian working conditions.”

    And that’s the problem…

    The real competition faced by Canadian is, ultimately, OVERSEAS. There is always some company and there are always employees willing to do similar-quality work more efficiently and more cheaply.

    Perhaps it is “Canadian salaries” and “Canadian working conditions” that are out of line. The rest of the world cannot afford them.

    Either Canada has to go full socialist and close the borders, set up tariff walls, prohibit imports, impose capital controls, try to ban outsourcing, and keep out nearly all immigrants OR join the real world and COMPETE…

    (Response: Hard to compete with companies that pay staffs $1 to $10 a 10-hour day…. and their “human resources” policy to deal with fatigue, depression and illness is just to put up “suicide nets” between factory/dorm buildings. Unless our landlords too will acccept $10 a month rent; bread will sell for 4 cents …and, chickens for 12 cents a pound…. unplucked. h.o)

  6. workforfun says:

    How much of the $7.2 billion is still in Canada and not overseas in some tax haven like British Virgin Isles ?

    Sorry, but I have absolutely no sympathy for the corporate greed exhibited by the RBC – even though other companies do the same. In this instance it is very deliberate and most likely illegal and most certainly unethical.

    RBC can rationalize all they want but it is very evident that the company doesn’t give a damn about Canada or Canadians. All they want is profit, more money, and they will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. Yet they have the name “Royal Bank of Canada” and use it to make obscene profits !!

    Too bad, I had several hundred shares with RBC but as of 8.30 this morning, they were all sold and the money went to another company that actually values being Canadian and supports the Canaians by keeping profits inside Canada.

    How bright do you have to be, to be absolutely dumb ?

    RBC will have work very hard to recover from this self inflicted wound. You can be rest asured, they will never ever see another penny of mine.

    (Response: It will be interesting to watch their share sales …but remember, for every successful seller, there’s always a buyer. Massive pulling of deposits out could have an impact, but I wouldn’t be surprised if most other banks probably also have offshore IT or service centres. Only the RBC was dumb enough to bring them here to train for a year and a half, at the same time as they told their own staff they’ll lose their jobs. h.o)

  7. RAINCLOUDS says:

    If you are a telus customer same deal, but has been going on MUCH longer. Directory Assistance in Manila, Techs responsible for design activation of facilities is in India and YES the outgoing techs had to train or be fired.

    BTW Telus Sr Mgmt expects it to be spelt TELUS

    CEO Entwhistle made a paltry 11 mil last year AND HAS A PENSION although he shut down the one for MGMT employees.

    They all sit on each other boards this isn’t new behaviour I can assure you

  8. Barry says:

    On CBC TV today was a follow up story.

    Apparently all the banks are doing this, it’s just that RBC got caught.

    All you who vote for SlimyStevie and the ConJobs, shame on you. Direct action now!

  9. Keith E. says:

    Yep, it seems from the reports on the various news stations the banks are nearly all doing it, or at least those mentioned. Add this to the list of other instances of overseas workers which we are all aware of. The feds. are damn sure of what is taking place with the strategy involved, the numbers are just that big.

    Any surprise that this is taking place from any government minister when a cameras is in front of them is total bollocks.! Vote for a right wing party and your job is next.

  10. marco polo says:

    Nice article!

    Harvey: “I am no automatic foe of some degree of “globalization”: I can understand that, when it comes to mass production of consumer products, textiles, housewares etc., Canadian companies must manufacture and import many such goods from overseas in order to remain competitive.”

    But you and I still pay $160 for a pair of Nike that cost $5 to make… So where is OUR benefit in this?

    UNLESS you are a share holder… then where is the benefit to you and me?

    (Response: Good point. I know that a LOT of what we pay for goods go towards their HUGE advertising costs on tv and radio and newspapers all over the world but I still feel we are ripped off. The only thing is that at least those who get five bucks to make them are getting something for work …which they wouldn’t if we did it all at home. h.o)

  11. 13 says:

    Harvey , every time I end up talking to a call center I ask where the voice on the other end is located. If its not on Canadian soil I end the call.
    Now I have to ask where the call taker was born.

    On the Simi Sara show today she was taking calls from people that have been screwed by apprentise schemes where you work for free with the hope of a job at the end of the line. One man explained that his daughter got on at an animal hospital. They worked her 12 hours a day seven days a week. She was eventualy hired and worked for pay. Minimum wage 6 hours a day three days a week. Sad story but this is where Ms Simi showed her true colors. She told the caller that at least the girl got a job. What a pathetic response to a case of obvious abuse of a government program. Ms Sara should have been outraged at the abuse but she seemed to condone it. I wonder why?

    (Response: Empathy is a characteristic some people feel and others don’t … until they end up in others’ shoes. h.o)

  12. Paul says:

    You just have to see this to believe it.

    It’s the CBC news video of Zabeen Hirji, Chief Human Resources Officer for RBC responding to allegations that dozens of Royal Bank employees are losing their jobs and being replaced by temporary workers from overseas.

    It’s interesting to note that she is also the current director of the Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance and Co-Chair of the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council.

    This is RBC’s best and brightest for an official public response?


    Watch her squirm and try to weasel out of the CBC interviewer’s excellent questions.


    And straight from ‘it’s not what you know it’s who you know’

    (from Wikipedia)
    RBC CEO Gord Nixon is a grandson of a former director of Royal Bank of Canada

    And this one really pisses me off.

    In 2010, RBC CEO Gord Nixon was appointed a Member of the Order of Canada.


    Exporting good Canadian jobs to foreign jurisdictions simply to save money makes him a lousy Canadian in my books and he is appointed a Member of the Order of Canada?

    He Gives away good Canadian jobs to foreign workers who pay no taxes here and contribute nothing to our Canadian economy and he’s a Member of the Order of Canada?

    And guess who was the Prime Minister in 2010 everyone.

    (Response: Thanks! Absolutely hilarious…I hope everyone watches that. Clearly we all owe an apology to RBC: their workers aren’t losing their jobs…the work is just being “transitioned” to others; and these are all “changes and enhancements” that are aimed at helping the RBC workers reach their own “aspirations”. Including those who are “voluntarily retiring”. And the best….RBC is “working with the government” on this! Take that, Stephen! With friends like RBC, the PM and his Tory government don’t need enemies! Hilarious stuff … if it wasn’t all so sad …and pathetic. h.o)

  13. Barry says:

    The strategy to defend this is now starting to come out: “We didn’t bring in workers to take over Canadian jobs, we decided to go to a new service model which is run outside the country.”

    Considering how much protection Canadian banks have in law, we should expect something back in return. If I were the PM, I’d call the bank heads in and let them know that either they clean up their act or it will be cleaned up for them.

    The best idea I’ve heard is tax any business based on the amount of people they have employed in Canada vs the number they contract to other countries–the more they employ here, the lower the taxes they pay.

    This is the raw face of corporatism–do everything to make the corporation happy, increase profits and give the 1% all the benefits and to hell with everyone else. And like so many other “isms” it is decidedly anti-person and needs to be defeated.

    (Response: Maybe Canada should outsource our banks! END the protectionism we’ve given our banks since Confederation. Open the doors to the foreign financial institutions …from India, Europe, the U.S. etc. We’d not only have much more competition and lower rates… but just think of all the toasters, microwaves and other “gifts” (all made overseas) we could end up with as WE “transition away” from RBC. h.o)

  14. samantha says:

    do you know if harper has put in a clause in the federal budget that if banks fail, depositors’ accounts will be grabbed, a la cyprus, to prop up that particular failing bank? I boycott anything made in china which is just my protest to what chairman harper is doing to us. there are some goods made in canada, a few yes, but I refuse to put a penny into tainted, pesticide laden chinese goods. http://www.theepochtimes.com/n2/t/tainted-products-from-china/

  15. Larry Bennett says:

    Well, that does it, I’m selling my BRIC shares first time I can find a sucker to buy ’em! As for credit unions, you don’t really think they’re much better do you? Seems to me that Surrey Metro or some of their employees, along with some teachers were involved in some kind of a scam with a university in California. I tried to get some info on it, as I deal with two credit unions, Metro being one. No one ever got back to me on it. And the papers seem to have lost interest because it was never mentioned again. In the end though, it is our own fault, we are failing to have children, and we want everything dirt cheap, and the baby boom is upon us, and because of demographics we either have to either import workers or export work.

  16. Crankypants says:

    I think that we all owe the whistleblower that is losing his job at RBC a huge pat on the back for outing this story. The temporary foreign worker program has been exposed as anything but a vehicle where corporations seem to be able to bypass proper immigration policies to feather their nests.

    RBC states that outsourcing their IT sector to iGATE is within the laws of Canada. On the surface it seems plausible as long as iGATE supplies people that are legally allowed to work in Canada. The fact that they are bringing in people that have not been able to enter Canada through the front door, through our immigration policies, suggests that our immigration department is either incompetent or being run by less than honourable people.

    I also question the legality of companies such as Telus being able to outsource call centres to other countries. Before the age of the cellphones a person had only one choice if they wanted to have a telephone in their house. They had to get one from BC Telephone, now Telus, and whatever information they were required to give them is now available to who knows who and who knows where. How much of our private information is now in the hands and on the servers of foreign soil? Did BC Tel get authorization from its customers to allow their personal information to be distributed to anyone no matter where in the world they might be.

    Many of us offer up information about ourselves to solicited or unsolicited requests without much thought. The important thing is that we do so voluntarily. It is a choice that we made and must live with any consequences that may come about with this decision. If someone else makes the choice for us, who is responsible for any negative results?

  17. Much2say says:

    I have had enough of this kind of douche-bag capitalism. I am all for free enterprise but not this bitter, mean spirited flavor of it.
    I have decided to end my 3 decades long relationship with RBC. We will be going to a credit union that respects its community and we will be taking our larger than average account balance with us.
    I encourage others to do the same.
    RBC hired iGate specifically for the purpose of offshoring jobs away from Canadians.

  18. RS says:

    Somewhat different, but this unctuous maneuver reminds me of when Paul Martin’s Canadian Steamship operated vessels under flags of convenience to avoid paying taxes in Canada.

  19. workforfun says:

    Somewhat different, but this unctuous maneuver reminds me of when Paul Martin’s Canadian Steamship operated vessels under flags of convenience to avoid paying taxes in Canada.

    And they still do !!!

  20. Larry Bennett says:

    Gee – great minds really do think alike!

  21. “to improve our operational processes and service, and re-invest in initiatives that enhance(s) the client experience.”

    I absolutely love this turn of phrase on this quotation, it means literally nothing and pretty much tosses the finger at prospective Canadian applicants and their own employees. This is really something we would expect from Victorian times where the employer was lord and master and the rest of us were, well, just rabble to be used and tossed aside like so much garbage.

    What this is truly about is the difference between economies, in India for example from what I can see wages run between $2. to $3. per hour while Canadian workers in the IT fields routinely earn 10 or more times that amount.

    So which is the fair rate, well that all depends on where you live. In Canada, we have a considerably higher cost of living and we actually pay our taxes. In India apparently the major financial sport is hiding income and/or not reporting full income, this despite all of the high end vehicles, fashion goods etc that are routinely purchased there.

    This situation is all part of globalization and certainly if we could compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges, in other words comparable economies then globalization would work to all our advantage but as long as there are huge inequalities between first world and third world economies it becomes more about dragging first world workers down to the level of third world workers. This was not supposed to be the scenario we were lead to believe would happen.

    The problem is that we are dealing with an intangible item, the cost of labour, as it relates to specific markets, products or services. Quite frankly western society is not dealing with it effectively. On manufactured goods, we have options however those options usually end up penalizing our consumers. On intangible services such at IT there are no effective mechanisms currently to control situations such as RBC is currently embarking on.

    While we can regulate and control what happens within our country, we have no control or regulations that can effectively level a playing field globally. Currently what we have is globalization without regulations to prevent material damage to our economy or the economies of what we can now loosely refer to as first world western economies.

    (Response: An interesting issue in the global economy is: if wages are so low overseas, why do we still pay ski high prices for the goods (Nike etc.) when they sell here? Yes, the advertising/marketing costs are quite high …but I believe there is still a huge ripoff of the consumer taking place rather than, as you say, fulfilling our initial supposed goal of raising the quality of lives overseas. And call-centres are a total other matter…there is NO manufactured product … just cheaper service. And in my experience, the service is WORSE, not as the companies say “to better serve you”. They certainly are polite and very apologetic ( Reading off a script that says”Sorry you are having a problem, Sir.” or “I apologize, Sir, for the inconvenience” several times in one call …but they clearly often haven’t got a clue about understanding the problems (“I am sorry, Sir, you are having this problem”) or how to solve it … if they really understand what you are saying and you can really understand their reply. This is the improved level of service??? Sigh! h.o)

  22. Kranky says:

    The policy is working exactly as designed. The corporations availing themselves of this can pervert the objectives of the policy BECAUSE THEY CAN! We have a federal and provincial govt. that believe Atlas Shrugged is non- fiction. Really Harv, we need deep analysis on this topic? TO THE BARRICADES!

  23. I wonder how many of these RBC IT people are also either RBC customers (likely) and if any are RBC Investors.

  24. e.a.f. says:

    The Royal Bank is simply doing what other corporations are doing, enhancing their profits. Last year the Harper Cons made it even more attractive for companies to bring in “temp. foreign workers” by passing legislation which provides for paying these workers up to 15% less than Canadian workers. It isn’t fair to the foreign or Canadian workers.

    The federal Conservatives receive large donations from corporations. They aren’t donating for nothing. Canadian corporations have long been given large “incentives” via the tax system. How do they reward us, the citizens, who wind up paying the short fall in the federal budget? They fire us and ship the jobs overseas.

    The only differance this time is the RBC got caught and the C.B.C. reported on it. The federal government, for far too long has provided “corporate welfare” for their supporters. As a result, there is less money to manage the country. Hence the huge deficeits.

    Shaw brought back the jobs to Canada and hired 1500 people for their call centre. Its a joy to deal with them. Telus, not so much. The workers are overseas and although they speak excellent english there is a huge communication gap. The CEO of Telus made $11 Million last year. The price of shares of Telus stock continues to increase.

    What we are seeing is the movement of monetary assets, from the general population in Canada, to the large corporations, the 1%ers. The 1%ers then move their money off shore to avoid paying income tax. No wonder the federal deficeit continues to grow. The Harper Cons say they are making changes and signing argeements with European countries to reduce banking secrecy. What they aren’t telling us is, the legislation is not retroactive. The rich get to keep their money in foreign banks. The working class is fined if their tax returns are a day late.

    Canadian corporations which have the advantage of being able to operate in a stable, democratic country with a good infrastructure and make huge profits should be required to keep the jobs in Canada. If they send them overseas, up their income tax rate, based on their gross income.

    Welcome to the new reality.

    The Conservatives have led us to this point. We can continue to allow them to play their games, which benefit only the monetary elite or we can vote them out of office. In the meantime we can do business with companies which keep as much work in Canada as possible. Dump Telus in favour of Shaw. Dump the banks in favour of your local credit union. All your money in your local credit union is insured. The banks only insure up to 100K.

    We lost 50K jobs in Canada last month. Now we know why. Unemployed workers no longer can afford to purchase anything but the necessities. Unfortunately the federal Conservatives still haven’t figured that out.

  25. judi sommer says:

    Hi Harv.
    I think the RBC debacle has awakened a sleeping giant in the Canadian electorate who have a keen sense of fair play.When Kathy Tomlison and her small crew interviewed the whistle-blower who had been laid off-a very brave and intelligent man, the CBC website was flooded by at least 5,500 comments and counting.Others in the IT sector-a sector that the Tories had been touting in their jobs and growth action plan-found they were not alone in how they had been dumped-also having to train their foreign worker replacements who did not have their training and background.Kelly Leach (sp) has had the thankless job of not only shoring up thehapless Peter P who hopes to regain his seat in Labrador, but also to support this policy of bringing in replacement workers. Her bleating is not convincing.Then we get the tto-cute-by-half comments by the RBC CEO.HE is not laying off these workers, he is simply following what Ottawa allows-all legal and above board- contracting another company to do the dirty work as the replacement workers will be hirired by them to work in Canada for a few years-not the bank.Then we discover that the questioaire this company is required to fill in has so many holes it looks like swiss cheese,If the Tories drag their feet on this or try to bury it in red tape, I hope they will be toast in 2015.Voters are waking up to why we have a shrinking middle class in Canada-it is mostly in India.Perhaps they will now have some sense of what gave birth to the Occupy Movement who were well ahead of the curve!

  26. Rick Lebitschnig says:

    Bill Good had a guest on this morning (Tuesday, Apr. 9) who said something like … if there are no Canadian workers to fill jobs, employers should be required to pay more than the prevailing wage here to the imported workers…

    That would be an incentive to train local workers and a disincentive to those looking to abuse foreign workers while making sure that businesses that actually need specialized workers from elsewhere are able to continue their business.

    (Response: Interesting idea. And I could see an NDP or Green federal government doing that…but NEVER the Tories or Liberals. h.o)

  27. Crankypants says:

    It seems that this temporary worker program is being abused by many companies.

    On Global TV’s late news tonight they reported on a company called Whitewater who is building the Trump Tower downtown. They interviewed a carpenter that was laid off from the project while temporary workers from Ireland and Spain were still on the job. According to Whitewater they have laid off some of the temporary workers that specialize in carpentry but still have crane operators on the site that were hired through the temporary program.

    It would be interesting to find out what happens to these temporary workers when they are laid off. Are they sent back to their home country immediately or allowed to remain in Canada for a period of time? Do the Federal or Provincial track their employment status? How many people enter Canada under this program and never leave?

  28. Source: http://www.payscale.com

    Here are some interesting numbers from the above source:

    IGATE Salary Range in India for IT Staff in CAD 4250 to 21600 per year
    Median Canadian IT Salaries: CAD 41,818 to 109,000 per year

    At the lower end we are seeing a 10 x difference and at the higher end a 5 x difference. These figures exclude any benefits that may be offered to employees.

    The major problem for Canada is that by allowing this type of outsourcing essentially RBC, Telus and others are denying Canadians jobs at fair and reasonable wages for the work done. They are in actuality hurting the Canadian economy and tax base in a country where the cost of living is similar to most western nations quite high in relationship to countries that are essentially third world economies.

    Additionally, government revenues do take a hit on two levels, firstly the Canadians not doing this work will no longer be contributing taxes based on our living standards and secondly they will have to rely on existing, greatly reduced income support programs provided through a potentially diminishing supply of tax dollars.

    In the case of the RBC employees, I am sure that most of them have virtually all of the banking business, mortgages and financial services at somewhat discounted terns with their employer. Once they are terminated, this arrangement ends and they will either have to accept higher costs or move their financial arrangements elsewhere.

    Now we can make all kinds of assumptions but the big one is that these folks, their families (immediate and extended), businesses they do business with personally and professionally, friends are all going to be impacted in one way or another. Family and friends are likely not going to want to do business with RBC in support. The overall immediate loss to RBC while not huge in comparison to their overall revenues could over time have a negative impact on how their customers view them.

    Corporations and even various provincial, federal and municipal governments and crown corporations need to take a step back to carefully consider the impact of outsourcing and temporary worker programs on the overall economy of Canada. Outsourcing and TPWs’ contribute very little to either our tax base or to our overall society.

    IGATE found a hole in our legislation, now it is up to our legislators to close that hole and certainly ensure that we pursue a policy of Canada First at both the corporate and legislative levels.

    (Response: I’m not sure how, in a democratic country, government can or should stop a company from outsourcing goods and services. Seems to me that’s more of a consumers’ job… companies that do the work HERE should advertise that and let us choose them over those who send their work overseas. Importing workers is a whole different matter: the government should/could stop or minimize it through legislation. My next blog will be on this. h.o)

  29. Doug Robinson says:


    Until we get it figured out in this country that the left must unite (Liberals and NDP) if we want to depose Mr. Harper and his policies of globalization.
    Until then, the Tories simply enjoy watching their potential opposition campaigning to keep wider divisions between each other. Think about it!

  30. kootcoot says:

    It may take awhile, but this trend to outsource and offshore so much to low wage slave labor halfway around the world is not going to persist much longer. This whole scam has only been possible because of relatively cheap energy to be hauling raw materials and finished products halfway around the world and back. Already steel making is returning to the Rust Belt in the USA because steel is just too heavy to ship already and if the price of oil gets into triple figures again………the only Chinese working will be those working here.

    The suburbs will become ghettos of stranded poor folks and economies will become more and more localized as fuel demand rises and with the demand so will the price.

    I gotta go now, to the free oil giveaway down in Arkansas! Bring your own Brawny paper towel and wring ’em out when you get home!

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