Restaurants Should REQUIRE Vaccination Proof for Inside Dining.

They’re back! Restaurants and bars in BC can re-open to inside dining/drinking.

But for how long? Science has shown Covid from a single infected individual can spread through the air, quite far, in inside spaces … even to tables/customers 15 to 20 feet away.

Read this: and this: and this:

So why is BC opening up all indoor dining to all customers, regardless of ventilation, air circulation, quality or whether any or all of the customers have had at least one dose of a Covid vaccine?

I get it: Dr. Bonnie Henry, Health Minister Adrian Dix and Premier John Horgan have been under a lot of pressure from the hospitality industry …and the public too.

But as a result, they may have just set BC up for failure, another Covid spread …and another shutdown.

The government should have opened up inside dining to people who can produce their proof of vaccination (at least one dose) paper.

That’s how Israel re-opened so successfully; why not do it that way here?

And relegate those who have not yet been vaccinated (for whatever reason) to outside dining, patios and/or takeouts.

With restaurants/bars shut down to indoor dining/drinking, BC’s Covid numbers fell dramatically. It worked!

The last thing restaurateurs/bar owners … and all their workers and customers need now … is another lockdown.

But that could be exactly where BC is heading … again.

Horgan and Henry both claimed the new new four-step plan would be returning BC to normal slowly and carefully.

You can see all the steps/scheduling here:

But when the government, in its very FIRST step, immediately allows unvaccinated people to sit, perhaps even at several tables, INSIDE near and around those who have been jabbed, they are giving Covid a chance to rebound.

People who have taken the time, put in the effort to be vaccinated, deserve protection from those who have refused or have simply not yet had their chance.

At this point in the Covid fight, INDOOR dining should be a reward … not a risk.

So if the government wouldn’t take the steps to ensure success of the current re-opening, by protecting diners and staff, the restaurant managers/owners should .

Establishments that post signs saying they REQUIRE proof of vaccination for indoor seating would be my choice!

And a notice that ALL the staff are also vaccinated would be even better!

Covid is NOT yet over in BC … by any measure: and it’s up to us to STILL protect ourselves, our families and our friends at restaurants/bars … if the government won’t.

Harv Oberfeld

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18 Responses to Restaurants Should REQUIRE Vaccination Proof for Inside Dining.

  1. D. M. Johnston says:

    As my dad’s captain bellowed to those on the bridge, of his Frigate in the North Atlantic in the Winter of 44/45, after a major screw (of many) ups in Halifax, “When you have idiots in charge, do not be surprised at the results.”

    Hogan seems unaware and Henry is the bureaucrat that has to suffer from ill conceived politcal agenda’s.

    The public, of course, has other idea’s and is growing more and more tired of the NDP’s ineptness. The fluid boarder where covid rich Albertan s can visit BC at will, while those in metro Vancouver are treated as some sort of Typhoid Mary. Anybody, it seems can fly in, and BS their way through the protocols. In BC we have one law for one set of people and no laws for other people.

    No wonder we have gangsters shooting up the place, the government is incompetent. Horgan and the afternoon crowd have become very tiresome.

  2. e.a.f. says:

    In my opinion, if restaurants are going to operate all staff needs to be vaccinated or they ought not to be working.
    Proof of vaccinations for indoor dinning ought to be a must. However, that proof needs to be more than a small piece of paper. It ought to be something like a driver’s license or B.C. med card.

    The use of proof of vaccination is something the government ought to look into because, we will need more vaccines over the years. Might as well get with an agenda of sorts now.

    Restaurants want to stay in business, so yes they have lobbying, but a lot of us want to stay alive. Me, I won’t be going to any restaurants, fast food outlets, coffee bars, etc. until this disease is much more under control. Look no further than Manitoba COVID is alive and well and out of control. sure open restaurants, have a few people in from Manitoba and lets see where it leaves us.

    the news reported Ontario turned back people from Manitoba trying to get to their Ontario cottages. However, what is B.C. doing to keep people from Manitoba out of B.C. They come for a vacation, go to a restaurant and viola, new cases of covid. As you pointed out, one person can infect a lot of people. Don’t think people from Manitoba are here right now? Driving from Yaletown to Richmond today, what passed me, a vehicle from Manitoba.

    for some the risk maybe worth it, me, not so much. I will continue to go out only for necessary things, such as medical appointments and grocery shopping, masked. Restaurants are nice, but not worth dying for.

    (Response: It could even prove to be a CUSTOMER ATTRACTION! I would much prefer to go to a restaurant where their operational plan REQUIRES proof of vaccination for ALL inside dining customers and staff! h.o)

  3. 13 says:

    Harv, you caught it right before the end of the essay. Everyone that works in a restaurant should be checked to ensure vaccination. Penalties should be sever for anyone caught cheating.
    As for customers it only makes sense for indoor diners to be vxccinated. Sadly the NDP have dropped the ball over and over again and this looks like another serious error.

  4. 13 says:

    Sober second thought. Harvey Horgan / Dix/ Henry must know something we dont know. To be rushing head first into a reopenning and to overlook this glaring ommision would fly in the face of common sense. I cant imagine that for the second time ( election)during this pandemic Horgan would put jis political carrerr ahead of the health and safety of ALL British Columbians. Truly we need to hear from Horgans lips the rational behind what seems to be a very careless opening of indoor dining.

    (Response: Not Horgan’s lips: he’s a politician, with proven credibility “challenges”. We need to hear from Dr Henry …WHY didn’t she REQUIRE restaurants/bars to have customers show proof of vaccination for INSIDE seating? That would not only protect customers; it would also provide an important incentive for the rest to get vaccinated! h.o)

  5. RIsaak says:

    I’m curious what the figures are in regards to first jab vs. second?

    I’m also wondering if contact tracing has shown any spread in the interior from the many Alberta plated vehicles seen up here in the Okanagan? I get that visitors cannot book campsites etc., but folks who own vacation property (not staying in campsites, hotels etc), but what are the figures?

    So many bits of information missing in regards to the spread of COVID, politicians & bureaucrats know, time to let the masses know.

  6. John Jensen says:

    There were only 289 new cases listed Tuesday afternoon on the B.C. CDC site and only 3,789 active cases in B.C and 96 plus per cent have recovered overall. This looks very encouraging, indeed. BUT, there were only 5,022 tests done in the period that produced the 289 new cases. This is nearly half of the nearly 10,000 tests usually being done daily. It looks to me that B.C. is fudging the numbers and I feel very uneasy about this quick reopeing of nearly everything. Continue to follow all the protocols and keep your fingers crossed.

    (Response: Once more, the BC media cheerleaders bought the NDP government’s “spin” …that it’s a slow, staged re-opening. It is, to some some extent, BUT where it counts MOST, for INSIDE dining and bars, it’s INSTANT, IMMEDIATE … still limited numbers, but without any need to show proof of vaccination. There’s the Achilles heel …which may cost us ALL heavily down the road. h.o)

  7. nonconfidencevote says:

    “The last thing restaurateurs/bar owners … and all their workers and customers need now … is another lockdown.
    But that could be exactly where BC is heading … again.”


    Total agreement.
    The pressure from industry, unions, etc may be forcing them to open before we reach a level of herd immunity.
    And if this goes sideways….how many people who have been following the rules will feel about the anti-vaxx’ers and their demonstrations….

    Dont have a vaxx and get Covid?
    Go to the back of the line for treatment.

  8. BMCQ says:

    I honestly do not see how anyone could argue with the points made in Harveys essay above .

    I am 100 % certain the public have been misinformed, mislead, given false information,
    health edicts that turned out to be wrong, mistaken, and moronic but we have nothing to go by at this point other than to follow protocols set out with the use of information sciene has learned over the past two years .

    The W.H.O, Fauci, Dr. Who/Tam in Ottawa, the Canadian PM, all other world leades have dropped the ball in one way or another and it has cost lives, millions of lives and it has also caused serious illness in innocent people some who have be forced to life life long with the results of Covid, it is a disaster .

    (Edited topic, which is Vancouver RESTAURANTS/BARS reopening)

    Having said all of that I have been calling for a “Vaccine Passport” for months now and anyone that wishes to travel, eat in restaurants, and partake many more activities we once did without thinking needs to prove that they ae Vaccinated, no ifs ands or buts . It is only common sense, no discussion needed .

    ( topic)

    Yes we need Vaccine Passports and they need to become part of our every day life just like a drivers lic or passport .

    The Vaccine Passports need to be done well enough so they are secure and they must not be copied of fake Vaccine Passports, we now have the technology to do that and as
    13 suggested the penalties for producing or using a fake Vaccine passport should be severe .

    It matters not if the science is fool proof or complete, we must demand Vaccine passports for the Greater Good, simple as that .

    The Anti Vaxxers and Anti Maskers can spend the rest of their days in their Mommies basements for all I care, we have no time for Whack Jobs to cause problems, they need to be dealt with in a serious manner .

    What our hosts suggests above is simple common sense, nothing less .

  9. D. M. Johnston says:

    Hate to post again but “game changer”.

    As reported on Dead Dog, the Americans are going to unilaterally open the boarder on June 22.

    Now what will Trudeau do?

    What will Horgan do?

    The USA, despite the hype and hoopla of the media is nowhere clear of Covid and there is now talk of a fourth and more virulent wave of this vial bug.

    So the pressure is on Horgan to “open up” and all the NDP cheerleaders and the mainstream media will sing hosanna’s that Covid is over, but…..

    Covid mutates and mutates very quickly and what may have been a vaccine for today’s Covid,, what about tomorrow’s Covid.

    To cure Covid, we must isolate it and having immunization passports to go to public areas is a must.

    If Trudeau opens the boarder, Horgan’s restaurant folly will look like small potatoes indeed!

    Postscript. Three of my acquaintances operated cafe/restaurants and two have closed their doors permanently and a third is hanging on. The governments help both provincially and federally was more of a joke according to them and maybe this is a the real reason for Horgan’s actions, the collapse of the entire restaurant business in BC. But, that damn boarder…………

    (Response: I hear that the US has denied that ‘NW report re June 22. But no doubt, we are approaching a time when the road border will re-open without the need to quarantine … and I’m still predicting before the end of Summer. I just hope that they REQUIRE proof of vaccination. That would not only provide a layer of safety for the rest of us but also act as an incentive to those who are not enthusiastic about getting the shot. h.o)

  10. DonG says:

    Think this sums it up and why history keeps repeating.

    And certainly follows all the hard work (report I sent you via email) and reluctance of WHO and others who have now quietly updated their websites but no press releases saying they were wrong.

    (Response: Fascinating report! But I find it shameful that it took an “international” review …not something by BC’s cheerleading media …to expose that BC was dilly-dallying over EVIDENCE about Covid as an airborne transmitted virus!!! A friend tells ( did not hear it myself) that a doctor interviewed on CBC radio this morning also suggested, as I have, that INDOOR restaurant dining should be restricted to vaccinated customers. And in Chicago, some restaurants are actually creating vaccinated-only sections: . Also some restaurants in Rochester, NY : That’s great! Those are the kind of establishments I would go to: I love indoor dining …but just won’t go very often as long as there’s a DANGER there could be several people at the very next table, loudly talking, laughing … all unvaccinated. Dr Henry should have REQUIRED vaccinations for INDOOR dining … at least for now! h.o)

  11. e.a.f. says:

    D.M. Johnston, the Americans can say their border is open, but Canada is not required to accept Americans at the border. You just turn them back, its that easy. As a later commenter posted, the Americans aren’t going to open their border unilaterally.

    In my opinion, opening the borders would be a great big mistake. International travelers coming into Canada ditto. Far too many countries do not have covid under control, lack vaccines or fool proof vaccine passports.

    Variants are going to happen and we need to be careful of those. They will most likely be more dangerous than the current varieties.

    As long as other provinces continue to have problems such as Manitoba, we need to be very careful. Even Alberta isn’t out of the woods yet.

  12. Scrottie says:

    Hi Harvey. Help me out with this. If a person accepts the vaccine and it confers on that person protection from the virus both indoors and outside what danger does a Whack Job living in his or her mother’s basement pose if they are not vaccinated and go into a restaurant just chock a block with folks that are vaxed? You would suspend any and all civil rights because in your view anybody that will not take the vaccine poses a grave and mortal risk to your health and wellbeing and should be denied any social contact except with fellow lepers? Is the injection of a compound into your body that has not been properly vetted and is being administered under an emergency use authorization with manufactures being given immunity from any and all damages that may occur the only way forward? HCQ and Ivermectin have been shown to be another alternative treatment but the financial incentive just isn’t there. What happened to “my body my choice”? How about the states that stayed open for business with out the explosion of cases. Neandrathals?

    (Response: People who are vaccinated can still get Covid …but statistics are showing in MUCH fewer numbers: people with compromised health conditions, especially elderly, who are vaccinated can still die from Covid ….but in MUCH fewer numbers; people who do not want to get vaccinated have the civil right to refuse …and I support that. BUT people who refuse to get vaccinated and are a MUCH greater risk of getting Covid, do NOT have ANY civil right to make others sick or kill others … customers, servers, cooking staff … by exposing them to the Covid virus. They should/could have their own restaurants/bars owned, managed, staffed by people who share their views. Period! h.o)

  13. 13 says:

    Harvey, it seems to me that a motivated business man could easily cash in on this.
    All staff vaccinated and all customers must be vaccinated. Just like some in the states.
    The establishment would be very busy.
    Tonight the July 1 mask removal date has many businesses concerned. The NDP suggest still wearing a mask but it will no longer be manditory. ( no wonder the NDP wont enforce vax legislation for indoor dining. ) The NDP have put business owners in the middle. You can almost hear the name calling between masked vs un masked shoppers.
    The moniker that NDP stands for “No Damned Plan” has never been more appropriate
    Will restaurants that experience outbreaks of covid be closed. going forward?

    (Response: Restaurants/bars/shops are privately owned. As such, I believe they have the right to protect the safety of their staffs and clientele by requiring vaccinations and/or masks. They may not LIKE to, but if many British Columbians are like me, they may HAVE to, because we just won’t feel comfortable or will believe we’ll risking our lives (or indirectly their parents/grandparents’) by dining INSIDE where non-vaxxed are welcome …and there are more of us than there are of non-vaxxers. We just won’t feel safe sitting at a table where non-vaxxers could be sitting, laughing, carrying on close by … spreading their bubbles, especially in not-so-well ventilated smaller establishments. No way! Not for some time! Regardless of any schedule Dr Henry has handed out… or how much the media ignore this reality. h.o)

  14. SG says:

    I totally agree that people should show proof of having been jabbed for Covid before being allowed to partake in inside dining. However having to provide some sort of official government document such as a drivers license type card, or Covid passport, or showing proof on a phone app etc might prove to be somewhat difficult for a fairly large number of Canadians that got both their jabs in the U.S or Mexico or wherever during the last several months because those vaccinations won’t be found on any Canadian data base. Those people will need to be told when, how and to who to provide that data too, to get their official Canadian proof of being vaccinated certificate or Covid passport. It might be even more difficult for those of us that got fully vaccinated in Mexico since our proof of vaccination is in Spanish. Also, what about all the Canadians that have had both vaccinations in foreign countries, but their vaccinations were either Sputnik or the Chinese vaccine, or the single shot JJ vaccine, none of which are recognized by the Canadian government at this time. You should only need to show proof of being vaccinated for Covid with whatever documentation you have on hand, being forced to show proof with some sort of official Canadian document could prove to be a really long drawn out nightmare, forcing those fully vaccinated to be treated as though they haven’t been vaccinated.

    (Response: Going into a restaurant/bar isn’t as complicated as crossing a border. I agree …all you should need to show is the piece of paper or card you get when you get your shot, along with your photo I.D. if they want to be particularly careful. But frankly, I don’t think that really needed. As for those vaccinated in the US or elsewhere, I’m sure they were given proof of vaccination there too. And I’d bet many restaurant patrons would feel a lot more at ease with inside dining knowing everyone around them has been vaccinated. Those who refuse to get vaccinated should not be forced to …and those who do get the jab shouldn’t be forced to expose themselves to the dangers posed those who aren’t. h.o)

  15. 13 says:

    I dont know about my fellow KIR followers but has anyone else noticed a huge shift in tone and opinion from our leaders. The greatest shift has to be Jason Kenny in Alberta. A week ago he was on the news projecting an attitude somewhere between doom and gloom and complete failure
    Fast forward less than a week and he welcoming crowds to the Calagary Stampede. Same for Horgan and Ford.
    They still dont have a guaranteed supply of vaccines never mind second doses. Variants are starting to appear. BC is making mask wearing a suggestion.
    Seems like chaos to me

  16. nonconfidencevote says:

    “They still dont have a guaranteed supply of vaccines never mind second doses. Variants are starting to appear. BC is making mask wearing a suggestion.”


    The announcements, rescinded announcements, 4 month vaccine wait periods changed to 2 months.
    Open the borders, close the borders. Lock down the Lower Mainland. Open all of BC to Albertans.
    Wuhan man made virus is not the cause to ….it may be THE cause.
    The Astra Zenica vaccine stumble and dump,
    On and on and on and they STILL expect us to “trust” them after 75 weeks of conflicting messages.
    A pox on them all…….

  17. dani says:

    Always excellent topics with tons of useful information thanks to you and your bloggers.
    Nonconfidence you summed up beautifully pretty well what I was thinking of submitting. It really hit home when they changed the vaccine expiry date yesterday. Good lord, it looks like all this stuff changes to support the position of the day.
    I voted NDP in the last election mostly because of the $400.00 rental assistance promised because as a senior every little bit helps when you are on a fixed income. So far, nothing. Then when I saw Horgan a little while back and his announcement on the travel restrictions for us in BC and the Alberta fiasco I seriously started questioning his competence as a premiere. Looks like the Peter principle in action.
    It will be cold day in hell when I vote that way again.

    (Response: Politically, Horgan made a very smart move in going to the polls last Fall. It is still three years away from the next vote and he can lie, make many mistakes, reversals, “clarifications” etc. and then make a whole new set of promises, vows and announcements before most voters will even think about how they’ll vote next time. h.o.)

  18. nonconfidencevote says:

    “Politically, Horgan made a very smart move in going to the polls last Fall. ”


    I’m thinking Trudeau is still kicking himself for not taking the plunge last Fall.

    Hopefully, in the next election, he will still be in a minority govt and the Shakespearian knives will come out to rid us of “Caesar”

    (Response: I agree Trudeau may be regretting going at the time also. Looks like June is out too … probably late September. h.o)

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