Scheer “Red-faced” Over Citizenship

Maybe Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives shouldn’t have made so much fuss about Justin Trudeau’s “blackface” shenanigans.

The Tory leader himself has been quite “red-faced” recently over revelations that, since birth, he has held DUAL Canada/US citizenship: holding BOTH Canadian AND American passports!

Scheer was born in Canada, as was his mother, but his father was an American citizen, qualifying the Tory leader for the dual status.

Scheer now admits he signed up for any potential “draft” into the US military, should Congress ever have decided Uncle Sam needed him.

And he has also filed US tax returns … as a US citizen is required to do.

Now, let’s keep it real: there is nothing that unusual about Canadians holding dual citizenships: more than a million actually do.

The HYPOCRISY, though, is what should embarrass Scheer and the Conservatives.

In 2005, when Michaelle Jean was being considered for Canada’s Governor General, Scheer raised the question: ““Does it bother you that she is a dual citizen (France and Canada)? Would it bother you if instead of French citizenship, she held U.S. citizenship?”

Friday, though, newly-exposed dual citizen Scheer had a different take on the issue: ““It’s not a big deal for a Canadian to have dual citizenship”.

So then WHY did he raise the issue when the Liberals were considering Jean as GG ? (By the way, she won the job and served as GG for five years?

And she was not the only “dual” Canadian who faced the Tories’ wrath.

Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper chastised NDP leader Thomas Mulcair over his dual Canadian/French citizenship in 2012 and the Tories also belittled Liberal leader Stephane Dion’s dual Canada/French citizenship.

“In my case, as I say, I’m very clear,” Harper said at the time. “I’m a Canadian and only a Canadian,” reported Global News.

Apparently, it DID matter to the Tories back then!

It was only after news reports surfaced that Scheer acknowledged his own dual citizenship … noting he had applied to renounce his American status … after he became Tory leader. The matter is in process.

The Conservative leader said he never mentioned his own personal dual situation … because no one had ever asked.

“There are millions of Canadians who have had one parent born in another country,” Scheer said Friday.

See … no big deal.

Then why do Tories keep bringing it up, questioning them, chastising them … when it applies to others?

Harv Oberfeld

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33 Responses to Scheer “Red-faced” Over Citizenship

  1. hawgwash says:

    Ah yes, the old “no one ever asked.”
    What else will he not give up because no one asked?
    I guess we need to be very wary about what is not said.
    Nice man.
    It will also be interesting to see how will his Keeping it Real fan club rationalize, defend, justify and excuse it.
    TicK Tock, indeed!

    (Response: Can’t decide which is more appalling: the hypocrisy of some (not all) Tories on this topic … for years! Or the pathetic attempt … a la Trumpites … to explain, defend even disgraceful, pot-calling-the-kettle-black (oops…can I say that these days?) discriminatory behaviour. h.o)

  2. Marge says:

    Still grasping at straws as ever Harvey! I did a google search and found many, many negative stories written by you attacking conservatives. So why I am surprised about this one? Just read one nasty piece by you in the Tyee. Surprisingly NONE of your fears ever came to fruition.
    Surprisingly I never found a negative one about the left. Am I missing something or am I correct in assuming your political bent is far from the right?
    I don’t care about Scheer’s citizenship and I doubt you do really, except as an excuse to attack him. My daughter is married to an American. Do you think her kids know they are dual citizens? My guess is they and the rest of the world won’t care unless they are running for office and it comes to the attention of “left leaning” reporters who don’t want a single negative story told about their boy Trudeau.
    At least Scheer did the right thing and filled out the papers in the SUMMER and not just now to renounce his American citizenship. Did Ms. Jean? Don’t think so. Did Mulcair? And what about Bill Morneau who owns a prime piece of real estate in France?
    What is more important surely to God should be the political platforms of the parties rather this National Enquirer silly “CBC” expose of course. What about the debt that we are going to be in for centuries to come? Feel good paying all that carbon tax while blunder boy flitters about in not one, but two planes. Why didn’t you or the CBC reveal that little item? Would make your boy look less green???
    I don’t care about Scheer’s citizenship and I doubt you do really, except as an excuse to attack him. My daughter is married to an American. Do you think her kids know they are dual citizens? My guess is they and the rest of the world won’t care unless they are running for office and it comes to the attention of “left leaning” reporters who don’t want a single negative story told about their boy Trudeau.
    I notice in your last five articles that all the topics are about party leaders other than Trudeau. When are you going to write one about Trudeau and what little he stands for? Where’s your article about his fake “eco warrior” persona. Where’s your article about his “teaching” job – that got him leaving mid term. As a teacher myself something has to go seriously wrong for that to happen and especially weird given it was an all girls’ school. Where’s your article about his juvenile behavior most of his life? What about now fighting in court against First Nations who endured the residential school system?

    No you would sooner concentrate on destroying the “opposition”. Way to go Harvey.

    (Response: You should get your computer checked out: clearly it has been hacked by Russia and is blocking anything I write that is critical of those on the left!!! 🙂 Otherwise you would have seen …like everyone else here has … the following blog pieces: ; OR OR OR OR etc. etc . So there definitely IS something awry with your computer … or you are GUILTY of purposefully just writing FAKE NEWS! h.o)

  3. Gilbert says:

    I was surprised to learn that Andrew Scheer had dual citizenship. But I still think that it is minor compared to interference in our judiciary, flying to the Aga Khan’s private island and then giving him a cheque, irresponsible overspending, lack of control of our borders and calling the Prime Minister of Japan the Prime Minister of China twice!

    I’m sure the Conservatives will fight fire with fire, and we’re going to hear more about our prime minister. I’ve heard rumours about Justin Trudeau and his past at West Point Grey Academy. I don’t want to post them here because right now they’re just rumours, but let me simply say that if they’re true and they come out before election day I’m confident he’s finished.

    I have a suggestion. Let’s pass a law that any Canadian who wants to be prime minister can only hold Canadian citizenship. Then nobody will question his or her loyalty to our country.

    (Response: I agree it’s a minor issue. Shouldn’t even be an issue …except that it’s Scheer and other Tories who have used it, exploited and chastised people over it for years!! And although dual citizenship shouldn’t be an issue … HYPOCRISY should be. h.o)

  4. e.a.f. says:

    Scheer was a dual citizen when he was Speaker of Parliament and he didn’t think it was a big deal? To me it sure is.

    Its politics and smearing the other person is always where they want to be. Had the Conservatives not made such a big deal of it, regarding other people it would have been semi o.k. What goes around comes around. Looks good on him.

    It doesn’t matter if politicians own land some where else. Corporations own land all over the world and many people have vacation property or investment property. That is fine, but when it comes to citizenship and running for politics, they need to be CANADIAN. No other interests, its not like they’re playing hockey, they’re helping to run our country and the only loyalty which ought to be there is to CANADA.

    (Response: You summed it up perfectly: “Had the Conservatives not made such a big deal of it, regarding other people it would have been semi o.k. What goes around comes around.” Exactly! h.o)

  5. BMCQ says:

    Thanks for the Essay and Blog Subject Harvey but as you say yourself point out this is a minor issue and perhaps the best way to describe this “Hail Mary” by Media, and other Liberals on the Left it could be called “A Nothing Burger” .

    I have not read any responses as yet but I can only imagine those responses already posted fall along typical political lines and the desperation will show through .

    Each and every contributor and lurker on this Blog knows someone or has a relative who has dual citizenship or dual passports with a multitude of countries, hey wait a minute I might even be one of those, might I be a Boogey Man in the closet ?

    Jesus Christ people, Liberal PM John Turner held Dual U.S. and Canadian Citizenship while he was PM. Mulcair and the most befuddled Politician ever Elected to Office in Canada Stephane Dione Hold Dual Citizenship shall we burn them all at the Cross ?

    I see today that the Trump Hating Washington Post turned on one of their own Adam Schaffer’s today and awarded him 4 (count em) 4 Pinocchio’s for his fabricated Story on the Ukraine “Nothing Burger” Story, too bad they do not cover Canadian Politics because this ridiculous story deserves the same rating .

    If truth matters we should be also concerned about current PM Justin and his unreported Dual Citizenship with Canada and the “Land of Oz” . Now that is something that should be investigated .

    Any comments regarding John Turner, Mulcair, and Dione ?

    By the way, there are literally Dozens of MP’s from all Parties that claim Dual Citizenship with Canada and any number of Countries, let’s out them all tonight .

    I even had dinner tonight with some Canadians and Americans in the Far Off Land of Olivenhain and Horror of Horrors there was a Dual Canadian U.S. Citizenship Holder at my table ! Even some of the Horses have Moms and Dads from countries like Canada, the U.S. , Mexico, Saudi Arabia, various EU Nations and the UK . Yikes !

    Desperate People do Desperate Things, People under Threat Grasp at Straws and this mean nothing Story shows the Electorate just how desperate the Leftist Liberal Media and their very desperate Politicians and other Leftist Followers have stooped in an attempt to stop the Free Fall of the Federal Liberals and the Federal NDP .

    Some here may charge Hypocrisy but I then ask this question, just how does that compare to How your Feminist PM treated Philpott and JWR, the Groper Label, Aga Khan, Climate Change Hypocrisy, SNC Lavalin, the Budget will Balance Itself, the absolutely Cluster F**K Pipelines Fiasco, Suspension of First Nations Accountability, Khadr, the inability to convict criminals and Deport Illegal Convicted Violent Offenders, No Border Controls, and so many other out right lies and abuse and waste of Canadian Tax Dollars ?

    Yes, sure that Andrew Scheer must walk the earth with Cloven Hooves hidden inside his Beatle Boots, let’s do everything we can to bring him down .

    The good news about all of this is the fact that the vast majority of Hard Working Over Taxed Canadians don’t give a good God Dam about this Small Ball Stuff .

    I believe that it is now going to be very difficult to save the job of PM Justin but I suppose desperate people will continue to do what they can to they can to save his sorry butt but they will do what they can for the next couple of weeks . Good Luck !

    (Response: It’s a bit disingenuous to try to blame the media for Scheer’s red-faced blunder. It wasn’t the media who questioned the Governor General’s dual citizenship …it was Scheer; it wasn’t the media who mocked Mulcair’s dual citizenship …it was the Tories; it wasn’t the media who raised Stephane Dion’s dual status …it was the Tories. You’re right …it should have been a nothing burger ..except it was the TORIES who repeatedly dragged the topic out publicly several tines ….over several years. And frankly, I believe it’s WORSE to question loudly and publicly someone’s loyalty and citizenship ..especially when they offer themselves for public service … than someone acting stupidly in a skit wearing blackface 20 years ago. h.o)

  6. BMCQ says:

    Harvey – Response to BMCQ

    First of all I should clarify, it was a blunder by Scheer, he should have addressed this situation long ago when he made plans for Leadership of his party, facts are facts .

    No doubt it is most difficult to defend ones self when you have accused others of something similar . Sometimes one must just admit to a mistake but that mistake will not be fatal, the momentum is far too much in favour of Scheer st this time .

    I find it difficult to argue with your response other than to say without fact checking I believe Media are/will be doing their best to Spin this minor blunder into a Major Event which should influence an Election .

    As to the PM Justin Brown/Black Face ? PM Justin is/was no racist .

    I agree, it would be a “Nothing Burger” except for the fact that PM Justin is such a “Fake” and people now laugh in the face of his hypocrisy, even his own supporters and that is where his Vote Count is collapsing “Bigly” .

    The Emperor has no Clothes .

    (Response: I agree with much of what you say … except I don’t think the media has blown this out of proportion anymore than they blew the blackface stupidity 20 years ago out of proportion. It has been a boring campaign …with no leaders exuding much charisma or enthusiasm-generating ideas … so the media have a lot more time to cover the “nothing burgers”. h.o.)

  7. Crankypants says:

    I do think that this revelation is pertinent. Our largest trading partner is the USA. We have ongoing disputes with our neighbour to the south. The optics of having a Prime Minister holding citizenship to both countries is unacceptable.

    Were the delegates that chose him as the leader of the Conservative Party informed that he had this dual citizenship? I suspect the answer is a big no. Should they have been? Hell yes.

    His response of not being asked is probably the worst response one could give. What else has not been asked of him?

    Each passing day shows me that we have a leadership problem of both major parties and less than inspiring ones of the rest trying to curry my vote.

    (Response: Clearly, Scheer himself realizes it’s a problem. Why else did he act in August … just before the election … to renounce his US citizenship? And someone should ask …if he loses, and leaves politics will he rescind that request? Very valid question …especially since Scheer and the Tories have made such a big deal about it when it pertained to others. h.o)

  8. Harry Lawson says:


    The question for the average voter Is who will make my life better , our country better . So are we voting for the least hypocritical ?

    Every day that the narrative is changed ,wether it is blackface,Mr Singh being told to take off his turban , or Sheets citizenship . Is one less day of the media actually discussing issues and policies.

    The choice may not be the best for the country, nor the best for my family no it may come down to who is the least least hypocritical.

    (Response: The question you pose: “The question for the average voter Is who will make my life better , our country better” sums up how people SHOULD vote … and how many independents decide, but many people still vote like Pavlovian pooches …responding to the “bell” rung by “THEIR” party … even if they know deep down their “leader” isn’t much of leader, their policies are weak or overboard and their local candidate doesn’t deserve to be elected to anything. As for what is BEST for Canada …. ask 100 people and you could get as many as 100 answers. h.o)

  9. DBW says:

    I think this issue is actually bigger than just Scheer’s dual citizenship or Trudeau’s blackface or some minor candidate’s stupid comment from years ago. It’s like the only thing that matters is finding something that trips up a person rather than dealing with actual issues that matter today.

    But the politicians continue to fall for it. Scheer’s dual citizenship wouldn’t be an issue at all if he hadn’t raised the issue of Michelle Jean’s dual citizenship. Trudeau’s blackface wouldn’t bother me near the same if he hadn’t been so rigid about other people’s failings around diversity.

    If politicians want to play the “gotcha game” then they better be prepared if it comes back at kicks them in the butt. People in glass houses…

    (Response: Exactly! h.o)

  10. hawgwash says:

    I knew the moment I read this blog, (well, to keep it real, I didn’t really, really know, but assuming normal 2019 human behavior and this crowd) you created one of the best pieces of this election. An entertaining best seller; a Monty Python dead parrot, if ever there was one.

    Not the blog itself, but the surely predictable responses. My sides are hurting, with only five comments so far.

    Coffee found its way to my keyboard when I read “Sheets” by Harry Lawson. If it was intentional, it was brilliant; unintentional, a gold medal Freudian slip.

    Firstly though, so as to not get accused of being a completely biased Sheer basher, each and every time I see a Liberal sign on private property, I think that person is comfortable with disregarding the independence of the MOJ, AG, PPS and most frighteningly, the rule of law. I consider those personal beliefs to be of a higher disregard than “well, no one asked about MY citizenship.”

    Right out of the gate; Marge shoots the messenger, then BMCQ blames the media and “every contributor and lurker on this Blog.”

    With spittle flying, emphasized with the inclusion of JC hiself, the “F” word and a dinner companion in some name dropped country, I’ve never heard of, could it possibly get any better?.

    The willingness, to be blind, to overlook the content of this topic, by dogged support and deflection is classic.

    I truly believe, given little time I could find some degree of hypocrisy in everyone, but when it comes from people who want to be leaders, people who want us to believe they are of better character than others and those who rabidly support such chicanery, it epitomizes the old saying “you get what you deserve.”

    I can’t wait for more comments and hopefully my lower urinary tract is up for the challenge.

    (Response: Thanks. You provided my Laugh of the Day! LOL! I knew it would generate some fun reactions … but Marge did surprise even moi! There is none so blind … etc. As for the Parrot … he is NOT dead …just sleeping. h.o)

  11. D. M. Johnston says:

    As I said in another post, which greatly annoyed the conservatives, that “Those in glass houses should not throw stones”.

    If you are to run for prime minister, you should not have duel citizenship.

    If the “Blackface rated 7 on the stupid scale, Scheer’s duel citizenship fiasco rates 8 and was probably the main reason for the Conservatives to fire Burnaby North-Seymour candidate Heather Leung, who rates a 10 on the stupid scale.

    Again, not one of the leaders and not one of the candidates I know, deserves to be elected, all are spineless shills for special interests. I am so disheartened by it all.

    Not one candidate has Canada in their heart, none, as this election is all about electing the least unelectable person for Prime Minister. and that is a tongueful!

    (Response: You comments about the leaders/candidates I believe are shared by many non-partisan voters: not much to impress or inspire. Which is actually helping me decide: I’m in Jody Wilson Raybould’s riding … and although I do have some concerns about her … she is looking better in comparison to the others as the campaign drones on … and, unlike most, she DID stand up against power and privilege and pressure for what she believed … even though it cost her personally. Kind of reminds me of me in my pre-retirement years at BCTV! 🙂 h.o)

  12. BMCQ says:


    Let’s try and Keep It Real

    We have always had trade issues with the U.S. and USA/Canada Dual Citizen PM John Turner did not offer up and sacrifice Canadian Children to the USA Super Gods .

    (Edited…getting way off topic. Cranky wrote about Scheer’s DUAL CITIZENSHIP and implications for trade negots … not about the pros/cons of free trade US/worldwide.)

    For anyone to suggest that SndrewbScheer is some sort of a U.S. Super Soy or Stooge planted so he can become PM and turn Canada over to the “Evil Orange Monster” south of us dpent fsr too much time hanging out with Dr. Timmothy Leary and Chechen and Chong back in the day .

    Once again it is sheer desperation and grasping at straws to suggest Scheers Dual Citizenship is a Danger to Canada .

    The Biggest and most Dangerous threat to Canada. Canadians and our standard of living, culture, and way of live is to re-elect poor pathetic imbecilic, intellectually challenged, lying, hypocritical, sexist, confused, PM Justin to another four term .

    How could Canadians be fooled into doing that to themselves and the coming generations who will really be the ones that pay for it all with open borders, out of control Illegal Migration, Budget Deficits, Criminal Justice System Collapse, No Pipelines, and the continued appeasement to Quebec, First Nations, and so many PC SJW and other Special Interest Groups .

    No Cranky many in Media, Politicians, Special Interest Groups, and the rest mentioned may want the Scheer Dual Citizenship Which is bring renounced as we speak to be a factor but will not resonate with Canadians that are about Canada .

    As a Conservative I voted for a John Turner who had Dual Citizenship for several reasons, I would now like to ask you Cranky and others how they feel/felt about Turner, Mulcair, Dion, and literally DOZENS of current MP’s across Canada having Dual Citizenship, did that frighten you, give you cause for concern ?

    I await the replies with bated breath but once again I expect nothing but Crickets .

    Sunny Ways, Sunny Ways !

  13. 13 says:

    Harry Marge Bmcq , I would like to add my voice to the crowd that Scheer not divulging his dual citizenship is a story. Is it a story worth the press that it has received? Not a chance. Was Trudeaus play acting as story worthy of the press and the accusations of racism ? Also not a chance. Has the media absolutely failed in its duty to hold politicians accountable? Have they given Trudeau a pass on his record of 4 years of failure. Please see Gilberts post for a partial list of Trudeaus mistakes, blunders, lies, lack of ethics, possible criminal activity.
    When ever a media voice actually asks Trudeau a tough question ( rare occurrence) he answers with a rehearsed Butts approved line of baffle gab. Then they move on without ever forcing Trudeau to answer the question. Why does Justin avoid debates ? His fellow debaters will not accept the baffle gab and might expose trudeau for the lying, inept, idiotic , buffoon that he is

  14. Keith says:

    Folks holding dual citizenship in Canada are a dime a dozen and if we could take a look at every M.P. we would probably find a lot more.

    Scheer didn’t think dual citizenship was a problem until he thought it might be and got out in front of it, a political calculation which every politico engages in on the grand scale, now he has to live with the fallout that comes in this era of instant outrage in which many tory supporters have been only to willing to enthusiastically slam away at the keyboard with blinkers on when the shoe is on another’s foot.

    And true to form as you noted in the first comment from Hawg;

    (Response: Can’t decide which is more appalling: the hypocrisy of some (not all) Tories on this topic … for years! Or the pathetic attempt … a la Trumpites … to explain, defend even disgraceful, pot-calling-the-kettle-black (oops…can I say that these days?) discriminatory behaviour. h.o)

    They are now already twisting themselves in knots saying it ain’t so; or yea but. Just accept the fact that anyone in the political eye will eventually be caught in lies and hypocrisy or even legal exposure including their choice to walk on water.

    Remember the Mike Duffy expenses case.? Lies, hypocrisy, legal exposure.

    Just waiting for “ public servants wages are too high”

    (Response: The more I think about it … the more it occurs to me: How stupid was Scheer … holding dual citizenship himself …to question Michaelle Jean’s DUAL citizenship. After all … surely he should have realized that, IF it was of any concern to anyone, it would and should be MORE of a concern pertaining to a PRIME Minister’s powers and position … even an MP’s or possible Cabinet Minister’s post … than a ceremonial Governor General’s post! h.o)

  15. Gene The Bean says:

    I have found people that hold dual citizenship are just playing both sides.

    What’s in it for ME?

    They are selfishly juggling two balls for their own advantage. Selfishness is a classic conservative trait. Maybe when he loses the election he can go work on Team Trump.

    Not playing your card for Canada and ONLY Canada should disqualify anyone from being an MP.

  16. nonconfidencevote says:

    @D.M. Johnston
    ” the main reason for the Conservatives to fire Burnaby North-Seymour candidate Heather Leung, who rates a 10 on the stupid scale….”


    She’s been fired by the Cons?

    She’s also neck and neck with the Liberal incumbent with NDP Svend as the vote spoiler…..

    (Response: What’s interesting about the Leung case is she wasn’t fired until AFTER the media revealed her offensive remarks and AFTER it was too late to remove her name from the ballot. What kind of vetting process did the Tories have? h.o)

  17. e.a.f. says:

    perhaps Gene The Bean is on to something there, to be an MP you need to be ONLY a Canadian citizen, no other citizenships. Its not good if an MP has dual citizenship. Who owns their loyalty? IF they say Canada, then why have another citizen ship? Might be time to look at that.

  18. BMCQ says:

    I am on the move so I have not fact checked this but I am told that other than Scheer there may be only one other Conservative MP that has Dual Citizenship .

    I do not have the count but I am also told there are up to 10 times more Liberals and NDP MP’s that hold Dual Citizenship !!

    Hmmmmm, if that is factual then how would one eventually Square that Giant Circle ?

    If I am incorrect I can assume a fact checker will provide the actual numbers .

    If the info I was provided proves to be correct As usual I expect to hear Crickets .

    A Conservative Trait YOU Say ?

    Yup, that must be it .

  19. Harry Lawson says:


    I must apologize that at about 3 am my auto correct on my cell phone auto corrected Scheer to sheets. Not brilliant just up with crippling pain. I only sleep maybe 2or 3 hours at a time.

    (Response: No problem long as Elections Canada isn’t using the same auto-correct program to print the ballots in Scheer’s riding! h.o.)

  20. max avelli says:

    HO asks:

    Then why do Tories keep bringing it up, questioning them, chastising them … when it applies to others?

    Answer: Because those claiming to be conservatives are all a bunch of hypocrites. On just about everything.

  21. max avelli says:

    I am surprised HO did not call out a couple of people above for getting it wrong on John Turner. He did not have Canadian-US Citizenship. He was born in Britain.

    I couldn’t give a fig if someone has dual citizenship. Getting rid of it can be very difficult — and expensive (I think it costs something like $1,000+ to renounce US citizenship). Nonetheless, why Scheer would want to put up with having to go through the effort of filing NIL Income Tax returns for 30 years is beyond me.

    But it is his complete hypocrisy that is the issue. That was the whole point of HO’s post. Some of you missed it.

    And I am very surprised to hear that BMCQ voted for John Turner is 1984 (likely meaning the Liberal candidate in his riding), rather than for Brian Mulroney (or the Conservative candidate in his riding. more properly).

    (Response: No big plot in omitting Turner: just didn’t think of him when I wrote my original post. But you are quite correct on the whole point of the post … which I think the vast majority of Canadians understand … and agree. h.o)

  22. BMCQ says:

    I whole heartedly agree, anyone that is elected to any
    Public Office at any Three Levels in Canada must renounce their Citizenship to any other Country when they file their Nomination Papers .

    It is only common sense .

    Who could argue with that ?

    (Response: Sounds reasonable. As to “Who could argue with that?” it depends: as we’ve seen, it’s sad but true that some think it’s terrible when political opponents do it; but no problem when someone they support does it. That of course is ridiculous, but it does reveal the depths of blind partisanship some are afflicted with … to the detriment of reasonable discussion. h.o.)

  23. DBW says:

    Somebody asked to be fact checked about the number of MPs with dual citizenship. Her’s the best I can do.

    First an article from 2006 when Dion was being criticized for having dual citizenship.

    Scheer is not on this list. Reading the article it sounds like the reporter was asking around. Maybe she forgot to ask the Speaker’s office.

    Another article was written in 2017 when Australia was ridding its parliament of dual citizen MPs.

    Again, Scheer is not listed. Perhaps the reporter forgot to ask the leader of the Opposition.

    It actually sounds though that the reporters in both articles were more interested in those MPs who were born in other countries and retained their citizenship as opposed to someone like Scheer who gained his dual citizenship by being the child of an American father and a Canadian mother.

    It does look like the Liberals have far more dual citizens than the other parties but that might speak to their diversity over the Conservatives and the size of their caucus compared to the NDP.

    Without being partisan in any way, we can have a legitimate discussion on whether a person can become an MP holding dual citizenship.

    And I wish some people on here would realize that Scheer’s “sin” is not his dual citizenship but the fact that he criticized others about their dual citizenship without being honest about his own. Anyway this story will quickly fade especially with all the other gotcha stories out there.

    Like this one.

    Will this guy’s apology be enough to help him win a fairly safe Liberal seat?

    (Response: Thanks! I think most people DO realize “Scheer’s “sin” is not his dual citizenship but the fact that he criticized others about their dual citizenship without being honest about his own”. Those frothing at the mouth over the mere exposure/mention of his hypocrisy are just too blindly partisan in an unhealthy way OR are purposefully lying/obfuscating in an attempt to deflect/deceive … not even realizing that turns off, rather than impresses, many undecided. h.o)

  24. nonconfidencevote says:

    Interesting poll “numbers” out on this am after Heather Leung’s “firing”

    Yesterday she was neck and neck with the libs.
    Today “poof” . Gonzo.
    And the poll numbers immediately reflect a Liberal surge?
    There’s no way a polling company can get updated numbers that fast.

    Methinks the numbers may be skewed?
    Will she run as an independent?
    I also wonder what will happen to all those ballots printed for the Advanced polls due to open in 5 days?

    Interesting times.

  25. BMCQ says:

    Correct about John Turner, a simple omissionI .

    I lived in Van Quadra up until recently and voted for John Turner as I expected he would be a PM for all of Canada . I do not regret voting for him but if I could have had a re-do I may have done just that .

    There is no sin to the Scheer DS, but the hypocrisy of Scheer as HO points out is puzzling but sometimes mistakes are made .

    If I was a supporter of poor PM Justin (are there any left) the two “Face things” are just silly and fall within his need and desire to “Dress Up”
    (That is another story I would like to know more about) but it is obvious he is not racist.

    Having said that his actions and performance while PM over the past few years should disqualify him from being elected to any office including on a Strata Council in his Condo Building .

    It does and should not matter why anyone holding has Dual Citizenship, it just makes common sense that for the good of all DS should be given up when running for Public Office .

    I do not know but I believe there could be a chance a naturalized Canadian Running for MP might hold Dual Chinese Canadian Citizenship and that has not seemed to come up.

    I wonder if any other DC Holder will be called to defend their DC, it might be interesting to hear the reasoning as to why, it could be very important for some .

    Of course we do not need to wait for answers to that from Media as they will not ask the questions that need asking of other DC Holders from the Liberals or NDP, just watch Media ignore that whole issue .

  26. BMCQ says:


    Thanks for the attachment .

    I am willing to bet that in this current Federal Election Campaign there are many more Candidates from perhaps all Parties holding Dual Citizenship .

    Again, will Media do the digging on that ?

  27. hawgwash says:

    Harry Lawson, please make no mistake, I was not in any way intending to mock or criticize, your “Sheets” comment. I thought it was likely an unintentional keystroke slip, many of us on here make quite regularly and it made me chuckle; innocently.

    I enjoy your contributions to this blog, am sorry for you struggles and wish you good health.

  28. Lulymay says:

    One thing I always have to smile about is when the Cons get caught telling “tales”, they without fail loudly bluster BUT, BUT, WE’RE NO WORSE THAN ANYONE ELSE!!
    and pray it will all go away rather quickly.

    The thing that bothers me about Scheer is that he went out of his way to purposely denigrate others regarding their dual citizenship while keeping his personal situation a secret. And he did so over a long period of time. Same as his claim regarding his very short career in the private sector (he is a guy who has basically lived quite well off the public his entire adult life). One wonders just what other important things he has kept silent about. For me, it speaks loudly to his character, which is a key personal attribute for me when I am voting. Promises mean absolutely nothing because in reality about 98% of any government budget is already committed and for many years in the future. I’m more interested in policy objectives as they affect all of us far more personally than a few bucks dangling to get my vote.

    (Response: It really boggles the mind: WHY would HE … of all people … open the can of worms and raise the question of Michaelle Jean’s dual citizenship … especially for the Governor General’s ceremonial post … with NO policy power??? Where was HIS judgement? At least Trudeau could explain his stupidity in the blackface debacle occurred 20 years ago … BEFORE he entered politics. But Scheer made his stupid move while IN office … knowing his own vulnerability by raising it! h.o)

  29. hawgwash says:

    Lulymay; “One wonders just what other important things he has kept silent about. For me, it speaks loudly to his character,”
    HO; “Where was HIS judgement?”

    In a nutshell X two.

    This deception is very troubling, to me.

  30. e.a.f. says:

    Harvey, in response to Lulymay, “where was his judgement”, that is the question. My take on it was people like Sheer never think its going to happen to them, when they do it to some one else. its arrogance. The Conservatives ought to have convinced Rona Ambrose to stay. Now she had much better judgement.

  31. BMCQ says:


    I am 100% certain that no one on this Blog would intentionally offend you .

    I for one look forward to each and every Post you put up and I enjoy them all, your comments are always thoughtful, informative, and contain much common sense .

    I must also point out that I make more spelling mistakes in one paragraph than you do in a bad week !

    Keep up the Good Work Harry we need you to continue to put forward ideas and opinions .

  32. BMCQ says:


    Yes, I like you wish that Andrew Scheer showed maturity, good sense, was a feminist, respected women like JWR, lied for SNC Lavalin, and had a great sense of costume and flair just like your PM Justin .

    I can only hope, dream, and pray that one day Andrew Scheer can be just like PM Justin .

  33. 13 says:

    Hi Harry, damned cell phone auto correct. Mine changed Scheer to schmere. Makes me look like a shmuck

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