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Shaw Community Stations Closing: CRTC Puts Profits ONCE MORE Ahead of Public Interest

July 31st, 2017 · 22 Comments

Saturday I watched a really terrific baseball game on television!  And, No, it did not feature the Toronto Blue Jays, New York Yankees or San Francisco Giants.

The Vancouver Canadians went up against the Tri-City Dust Devils from Washington state … and WE won 5-4 in a real nail-biter … that was broadcast LIVE on Vancouver Shaw Cable 4.

The Vancouver Canadians’ season is far from over … but Shaw will not broadcast any games after Aug 12 … because the Canadian Radio, Television and Telecommunications Commission in Ottawa/Gatineau is allowing Shaw to SHUT DOWN their community stations in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary.

The public will lose a lot more than just baseball broadcasts.

For example,  in Vancouver  Shaw Cable 4 has regularly broadcast municipal council meetings, but now it will be MUCH easier for municipal politicians to officials in Vancouver and other municipalities to work literally out of sight,  in the shadows rather than under tv lights that allow citizens to WATCH and KNOW much more that goes on … including decisions on many, many issues not covered in the “major” media.

Gone too will be all the community discussion programs; full length interviews with movers and shakers on municipal, regional, provincial issues; public access television; coverage of the arts; and all kinds of other high-tech, local cultural and sporting events (hockey too!)  and detailed coverage of festivals, parades and a whole myriad of  activities for shut-ins and others unable to get out and attend personally.

You can read the WHOLE Shaw Cable 4 program list here:

What will replace it?

The CRTC … in its wisdom, actually its stupidity … bought into pitch by Corus Entertainment (the latest owners of Shaw Media)  that it wanted to reduce “duplication of coverage”.

What a crock!  Duplication?

Corus’ Global TV in Vancouver has NEVER come even close to mirroring the extent of local events, culture, community issues or municipal or regional political issues or activities now given a voice on Shaw Cable 4.

“Last year, the CRTC’s review of local and community TV gave television providers like Shaw the flexibility to shift their required contribution to local programming in large markets from community channels to local news stations. As a result, Global News — owned by media company Corus Entertainment, which acquired Shaw’s portfolio of conventional and specialty television stations in 2016 — will receive $10 million annually in funds redirected from the Shaw TV operations. The funds will be used to bolster local coverage and enable more reporting of grassroots, community-focused stories, said Global News spokesperson Rishma Govani,” The Vancouver Sun reported when Shaw announced it would kill Vancouver Shaw Cable 4.

Please don’t laugh.

Anyone who has listened to what Corus did to another media property it acquired, CKNW, won’t be expecting much from Global’s enhanced local coverage: who do they even have in their reporting roster these days who can even research, investigate, report, chase political stories, deep issues, the arts and high tech … unless there’s a firetruck, ambulance, charity race, pet animal or press conference involved?

Wouldn’t surprise me at all if Corus corporate programming,  management officials, accountants and even legal officials were already trying to find ways to take much of that $10 million and divert it to finance/support other operations … or just keep it in the bank, boosting their bottom line.

I really hope I am wrong … and that local MEANINGFUL coverage will be boosted this Fall … to the FULL $10 Million worth …  but I worry Corus is just playing the CRTC … and will do little to keep their promises.

But let’s keep it real: the CRTC is fooling itself and/or taking Canadians for fools if they think the regular channels will do anything CLOSE to what Shaw community cable stations have done in granting expression and coverage of local events, discussion and sports.

And this latest deterioration of Canadian television occurs at a time when  reports that show ANNUALLY,  while Shaw is still losing subscribers (wonder why!) its revenues have been UP double digit … and PROFITS  are still STRONG:

“The Calgary-based company said it earned $147 million in its latest quarter as revenue grew 13 per cent compared with a year ago, boosted by its Freedom Mobile wireless business,” reported News 1130 in April.

“The profit amounted to 30 cents per share for the quarter ended Feb. 28 compared with a profit of $164 million or 32 cents per share in the same quarter last year.

“Shaw, which sold its Shaw Media subsidiary in April 2016, said its profit from continuing operations totalled $147 million in what was its second quarter, up from $116 million a year ago. Revenue increased to $1.30 billion, compared with $1.15 billion in the same quarter last year,” the story said.

You can read that full report here:

Yet, Shaw Cable 4 in Vancouver …. that has as its motto “Your local Voice” will go off air mid-August.

And notice, NONE of the federal political parties … or YOUR MP … are doing ANYTHING … or even raised loud voices about this!  Too afraid of alienating the corporate media?

Shaw cable stations in smaller markets … including Victoria, Kelowna, Saskatoon and Winnipeg will continue to operate … for now.

But with such a weak CRTC that clearly never watch what passes for local “news” now on Shaw/Corus stations … radio and TV … I’m not hopeful we’ve seen the last of the slaughtering local community news and programming on the butcher block to protect and increase profits. .

Harv Oberfeld

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  • 1 Gene The Bean // Jul 31, 2017 at 8:24 am

    The Corporatists and the radical right have proven over the last 25 years that if you “control the message” you can make even the utterly ridiculous palatable to the weak minded and morally bankrupt in our society.

    (Response: There is NO doubt in my mind that many of the “alternative” viewpoints that had access to the airwaves on Shaw Community Channel 4 will be pretty well silenced now. Where are our MPS? Where are our MLAs? Where is the NDP ..both here and in Ottawa? h.o)

  • 2 G. Barry Stewart // Jul 31, 2017 at 9:24 am

    This is similar to what happened to small community radio, about 20 years ago. I’ll use Hope for an example, as CKGO was an integral part of the community where we once lived.

    In the 70s, 80s and 90s, there were probably four or five staff employed at the station.

    There were daily talk shows, local musicians performing live, organizers pumping their community event, students from the local high school talking about school events.

    A school principal, George Tough, owned a wall full of LP records and would spin tunes on Saturdays and talk about the performers… sort of like Randy Bachman does on CBC Radio. He did this for free.

    The community tuned in… then cable TV arrived (later taken over by Shaw) and things started to go downhill for local radio.

    Early in the 2000s, the doors were closed and radio was piped in from Chilliwack.

    To their credit, Shaw came in with a community-broadcast mandate and they broadcast the council meetings, other community events and a community calendar.

    Once Telus and satellite TV became options, though, they didn’t have the monopoly of focus. If you weren’t a Shaw subscriber (as we aren’t now, in Chilliwack), you couldn’t see the community news feeds.

    I don’t know what Shaw now offers in small communities, much less Vancouver. Perhaps they (and the CRTC) need some feedback from viewers, if they feel the community coverage is important.

    Or maybe, like small-town radio: it’s too late.

  • 3 RIsaak // Jul 31, 2017 at 11:01 am

    I cannot help but wonder if this is connected to the plea for media funding recently voiced towards Trudeau & co. We already have a subsidized cheerleader squad in the CBC, why cannot the legacy media improve, become less beholden to Politicians in office and get back to asking the tough questions which did keep many of us watching/reading their news?

    My community rag is not much but municipal govt. ads and congratulatory puff ball pieces. Shaw is not on my Telus channel list. I’ve cancelled the Postmedia bird cage liners & stopped watching the news which I used to (Harv’s former haunt).

    Yet I can almost guarantee the executive remuneration has increased while the business has contracted. Executive privilege does require examination whenever hands are outstretched to govt. for funding of any description. Reference the recent changes in the executive ranks at Bombardier for clarity.

    With the new outlets and options coming on stream lately, the legacy media model will no doubt require much change, all just to maintain a fraction of their former relevance, it’s called progress and evolution!

    (Response: The most troubling aspect of this decision, from my point of view, is it allows cable companies to just pull BILLIONS out of the country’s airwaves by broadcasting mostly US programming … while putting less and less back into the communities where they broadcast. And anyone who has watched local news …with its increasing penchant for whatever is provided it on a platter (fires, shootings, traffic, marches, pets, festivals, press conferences and weather) has the right to be skeptical that they will now give city, suburban, regional and community issues, events etc. anything close to what is being taken away. h.o.)

  • 4 Howard // Jul 31, 2017 at 11:14 am

    We can wonder “Where are our MPs, Where are our MLA’s”, but in places like the banana republic of Coquitlam, I’m thinking the local council may be salivating over the prospect of leading the strike force of intrepid reporters from Global to “news” items (the mayor guards the road salt pile!, the mayor wears one suit for a whole year!, the mayor as avid cyclist confronts a bad pedestrian!, etc.) via postings to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

    It will probably be explained from city hall, that
    the in-house presentations of council meetings over the internet are more than sufficient, so who needs the Shaw coverage anyway?

    My question is: How can the CRTC be so dense that they allow things like this to happen – that they would allow a public that is already estranged and alienated from local politics, to lose the advantage of local coverage, and have it transferred to an entity like Global that is failing miserably with the “news” mandate that it already can’t handle?

    Slip sliding away.

    (Response: My impression is the CRTC keeps buying into the BOO-HOO pleas of the corporate giants … apparently oblivious to: the fact that most of them bear responsibility for at least part of their Canadian content viewership decline by what they put on air ; the shareholders’ reports that still show PROFITS in the hundreds of millions of dollars; and, the fact that the cable networks have a DUTY to serve the public interest in the communities Canadians have licensed them to operate …not just milk them for their shareholders’ benefit. h.o)

  • 5 Island Lookout // Jul 31, 2017 at 2:57 pm


    Canada’s media corporations look like giants when compared to one another in our population-tiny country.

    But stacked up against their American/other countries counterparts, they are practically invisible, financially and in just about every other way, corporately-speaking, of course.

    Shareholders of those Canadian companies, therefore, may get less pleased as time goes by. Some may seek other “greener” investment fields.

    And don’t forget; all of you who get CPP/OAS monthlies are “shareholders” as well, like it or lump it.

    Therefore corporate cost-cutting becomes the “answer” when these companies have run out of new subscribers and corporate takeovers are seen as no alternative.

    Caught in the crunch is a bunch of low-paid media serfs, who’ve spent years providing excellent local coverage of salient events. They get turfed.

    Nothing new here.

    I feel sorry for the folks who will lose their jobs. Time to get something else going.

  • 6 e.a.f. // Jul 31, 2017 at 4:19 pm

    That is absolutely ridiculous. Eliminating the community channels is terrible. they enable people to watch their local councils. these community channels are great. I’m sure if they get away with closing the ones they have now, more will follow. we really all ought to complain to the CRTC, our M.P.s and the P.M.

    Lets hope some one gets on and starts a petition so people can register their dissatisfaction with this. Corus is doing it so it can make more money. News won’t get any better, ever. the community channels also provide some terrific information for people regarding a wide range of subjects. Corus’s actions stink on ice. very bad corporate citizens.

    (Response; It really IS outrageous. And I can understand why municipal politicians might be delighted the public wont be able to watch them “at work” on tv … but I wish someone could tell me where our MPs … from every party …have been on this??? Disgraceful inaction and silence. h.o)

  • 7 Dave // Jul 31, 2017 at 8:18 pm


    As someone that donated their time and efforts to community TV back in the 80’s and 90’s, I can’t say I am all that shocked. The local cable channels (Burnaby, Richmond etc..) began to disappear in the late 80’s which led to the corporate dreck (Urban Rush and other SHAW pushing ventures) overwhelming “REAL” community TV such as amateur sports, local government and community affairs.

    In reality, community TV hasn’t been all that communal in over two decades…..

    So much for the CRTC mandate….

    (Response: Ahhh! The CRTC mandate…. here’s what it says:
    “We ensure that Canada’s broadcasting system provides content that meets the needs and interests of Canadians by:
    Engaging in public processes that generate policies. We address a wide range of issues by engaging in public consultations that generate policies to ensure Canadian values are reflected in our broadcasting system.
    Supporting public affairs programming through CPAC. We ensure that public affairs programming is available to Canadians through the Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC).
    Ensuring access to high-quality local news. We ensure Canadians have access to local programming that reflects their needs and interests and inform them of important current issues.”
    Encouraging linguistic duality. We help ensure that the linguistic policies of the Broadcasting Act are followed.
    Supporting Aboriginal peoples. We support Aboriginal peoples through our Native Broadcasting Policy and by licensing the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN).
    Supporting Canadian talent. We encourage the recognition and development of Canadian talent through the creation of content made by Canadians.
    Supporting Gender Equality. We will host an event on women in production, emphasizing the importance of having more women in leadership positions.
    Licensing the CBC. Through our licensing responsibilities, we ensure that the programming of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) meets the requirements of the Broadcasting Policy for Canada.”

    Right from the start of this explanation … I give them a FAIL. Works better if substitute the words “Broadcast Corporations” wherever it reads “public” or “Canadians”. h.o)

  • 8 BMCQ // Jul 31, 2017 at 8:32 pm

    I must say that for the most part I agree with the sentiment from the first few Posts.

    I have never watched Community very much but like to think I value and appreciate the contribution that the Channels and the hard work staffers put in to accomplish a Community Service.

    Once again the Regulator does not care, is oblivious to the importance of Community TV, and they are not accountable to anyone.

    I also agree that our Elected MP’s, MLA’s, and Municipal,Politicians should also demand some accountability on this.

    I am familiar with the PBS Model in the U.S. but not so sure about Community TV.

    I do not normally endorse more Government, needless regulations, or unecessary oversight but I believe Community TV contributes greatly to our Society right across Canada and we need the Government to have the CRTC review this.

    The trouble with getting the CRTC to review this it will more than cost the Canadian Tax Payer a $ Billion or more.

    It would mean holding meetings in several Cities right across the Country.

    Five Star Hotels, First Class Air Travel right across the Country, $ 15.0o Orange Juice, and the rest.

    If only the solution to this was easy but I fear not.

    At one time I was not a supporter of Petitions but I have changed my mind/evolved on this way of “The Great Unwashed” making themselves heard.

    e.a.f may have a valid idea.

  • 9 nonconfidencevote // Jul 31, 2017 at 10:27 pm

    The CRTC.
    The dumping ground for political hacks and stooges willing to sell their souls for a few shekels.
    Another govt organization proving its irrellevance with each absurd, navel gazing announcement.
    I weep not for cable tv. Offering “basic” tv subscriptions for $75-100 per month to shovel the same inane pablum to an ever shrinking and aging audience. No more. I cancelled my tv over a year ago and bought a digital antennae. I pull in a few free news channels for local propaganda and thats it. No more fee.
    Telus, Shaw, Rogers.
    They can all be damned to bankruptcy as far as I’m concerned.
    And hopefully when they’re all banished to the internet “tweets” the last CRTC employee will be shown the door with a reduced pension.

  • 10 JOhn // Aug 1, 2017 at 10:13 am

    As per usual with most of these organizations headquartered in Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal, they have no idea what happens west of the Manitoba border. Some may not know there is Canada west of that border.

    (Response: Part of the problem is there is no one THERE from HERE campaigning for US! ALL THREE parties and ALL BC MPS have said/done nothing …unless I missed something in my search. Do anyone believe ANY of the parties or ANY Quebec or Ontario MPs would say/do nothing if this was happening in those provinces! h.o)

  • 11 e.a.f. // Aug 1, 2017 at 5:23 pm

    Harvey’s response to #10, you do have a point there Harvey. Where are our M.P.s on this. Have they d0ne anything to advocate on our behalf? Not so much I’m sure. Would suggest we all write our M.P.s and instruct them as our M.P.s to work on our behalf . They did all promise us all sorts of stuff, so now we would like them to go down the hall and speak to the CRTC. when the CRTC made these decisions which impact on us out here did they even hold hearings or consult with anyone out side of corus/shaw? If they’d spoken to anyone who comments on this blog we could have told them, don’t mess with our local community channels. we need them. It enables a lot of people to watch their council meetings and its especially useful for those who are disabled or seniors. Oh here is an idea, we file complaints with the H.R. Commission that the CRTC discriminated against us on the basis of age and disability. we are less able to engage in our cities’ community political process. An able bodied.younger person could travel to watch the council meetings in person but seniors and the disabled, its more difficult so things are no longer on a level playing field. O.K. works for me. Now does the CRTC want human rights complaints or does it want to make corus happy?

    (Response: The media sure wouldn’t carry a story about any MP challenging the media. Maybe that’s the answer why ALL our BC MPs have said and done nothing. h.o)

  • 12 Dave // Aug 1, 2017 at 9:11 pm

    Many good points bought up.

    Where are our “representatives”? Federal, Provincial, Local? You know the ones that talk community during elections but seem to forget about that during the interregnum of actually governing…

    Death by one thousand cuts. Who cares if the local access station goes off the air, it was nothing but local culture, communal access and a view into local politics.

    Bah, we don’t need that, as long as well have a top down media run by corporate oligarchs all is well…The only problem is that folks such as Raif, Harvey and Norm seem to be gaining traction….

    (Response: The CRTC should have held FULL PUBLIC HEARINGS about this .. HERE … inviting all kinds of community groups before them, not just corporate executives, accountants and lawyers to talk about the implications of this horrendous move. But THAT might have gotten in the way. h.o)

  • 13 nonconfidencevote // Aug 1, 2017 at 9:36 pm

    Speaking of the media.
    I find the CBC’s announcement about The National a somewhat predictable politically correct “whitewash” ( if i may be so crass).
    How 2000 and 17.
    When we replace one old white guy (Peter Mansbridge) with the as nauseum pc correct ” 2 men of color” and “2 women’

    While I have enjoyed ALL of these CBC reporters’ work over the past 10, 20 and 30 years…..
    I find the spineless, politically correct decision making process of the upper echelons of the CBC beaurocracy almost as pathetic as the CRTC.
    ANY of these people could have replaced Mr Mansbridge……but all FOUR? Give me a break!

    ( Sorry Harvey but when I realized my rant was “off topic” I had to bring bring it back to the topic at hand)

    (Response: It does harken back to my blog piece just weeks ago about how The National has lost its way: less news, more one-sided advocacy propaganda. Don’t know yet the final product…but my guess is it will make The National as a “news” program even worse… more “in depth” coverage of ISSUES …not just FAIRLY cover events in the news … and I predict those ISSUES will be right out of the very far left activists’ ideas/manuals: anti_Tory; anti US; anti UK; anti Israel; anti Christian/family values; anti-resource/pipelines development … but FULL of platitudes/propaganda pieces favoring: environmental activists’ points of view; pushing Canada and the EU to take more and Muslim refugees … but never cover the social problems they have wrought on Europe or ask why Arab countries aren’t doing/taking more; pushing women’s and transgender issues; being the mouthpiece for any/all First Nations demands (again without asking ANY tough questions); and ignoring any IN DEPTH looks at human rights abuses in Arab states/Russia/China/Venezuela socialist states… in other words, MUCH like now… except worse. And of course, neither our politicians nor the CRTC will say/do anything to curb them. h.o)

  • 14 13 // Aug 2, 2017 at 8:11 am

    So its the fault of the CRTC. Thats like wondering when the UN will come up with a Mid East peaceplan or sort out North Korea. CRTC is likely closer to IOC model. Over paid and useless. Maybe the Canadian Senate can come to the rescue. I guess Im in a bad mood but as much as I will miss Shaw community TV as I do watch quite often Im sick and tired of over paid ruling bodies that dont do a lick of spit care about the people they should look after.
    I use Shaw for my home TV and internet only because when you add their go wifi its hard to find a suitable replacement
    Harvey is right , when you look at what Shaw/Corus has done to CKNW you almost want to cry.

  • 15 G. Barry Stewart // Aug 2, 2017 at 9:13 am

    Harvey at 13: I see even the blogmaster can get steered off-topic, LOL!

    (Response: Yes. Was toying with doing a separate blog piece on the new CBC National, but had decided to wait until the new version goes on air. However, since it does harken to the sad state of left-wing propaganda broadcasting now pervasive at the CBC The National and total inaction by the CRTC, CBC brass and federal government … decided would let this one expand a bit. BUT if anyone starts going from that to BC Rail, Donald Trump or forest fires … DEFINITELY off topic! 🙂 h.o)

  • 16 Island Lookout // Aug 2, 2017 at 1:46 pm


    Every left-wing activist snowflake will feel plenty of “warmth” from the Corp starting this autumn.

    That’s when over-burdened, over-indebted, over-taxed Canadians will be assaulted with yet more insults to their individual and collective intellectual capacities, as they peruse the offerings from the know-it-all network of bad re-engineering intentions, the CBC.


    Apparently this selection of CBC news “stars” satisfies all the latest PC specifications in accordance with the latest insane dictat of the American Feminist Union.

    The CBC likely found their answer in polling the Raging Grannies and other assorted activitist tribes in their pursuit of “truth in broadcasting.”

    SO, how can FOUR anchors give us “better” news coverage than one, even a broken down old caucasian male-type found on some main US, BBC, French, German and other TV networks?

    Most of the other anchors are generally cute, female, blond, smart.

    So, the feds give the CBC bureacurats another $1 billion a year in grants and they turn right around and wreck the joint.

    This new “formula” will fail and God (oops, at the CBC there is NO God) knows which of those four will survive the newsroom knife fight that is guaranteed to follow. I hope none.

    I watched the CBC pitching this new crew of tired looking news hounds last night and it was some of the worst PR crap I’ve seen from any source in years.

    Got an idea:

    How about a nicely done-up ungenderfied robot for the anchor? Now that’s social engineering for ya.

    Just tune in the language you want “it” to use and you’ve got it made in the shade!

    In reality, every left-leaning special interest whiner is already lining up outside every CBC outlet in the country seeking their “fifteen hours” in the sun, because they “deserve” it, indeed it is their “right”.

    Safe spaces indeed.

    (Response: I believe if they survived Canadians across the country …what MOST would want is a complete unbiased summary of events across the country plus a Canadian news perspective on events around the world …NOT biased propaganda “features” that always seem written by the NDP, Greens, the Suzuki Foundation, First Nations p.r., environmental activists, Muslim refugees spokespersons in Canada and Europe, anti UK ordinary voices, but pro-EU defenders, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. And they wonder why fewer Canadians are watching! STOP the preaching and propaganda! ho.)

  • 17 rainclouds // Aug 3, 2017 at 7:19 am

    Silly non voting shareholders, apparently dont understand. executive compensation is paramount………

    Re the CBC: no doubt they are happy to now have two locations with associated costs. Your tax dollars at work………

  • 18 DBW // Aug 3, 2017 at 7:50 am

    Harvey, you criticize the CBC for bias and perhaps rightly so. Not all of us have the time or inclination or even choice of news suppliers so I am just wondering, what Canadian news sources – print, TV, online – would you (or your readers) recommend that gives us good quality and fair balance.

    For the most part I prefer the CBC over other outlets that are available to me. Maybe it can be improved, but is there anything better out there?

    (Response: Sadly, there are NONE that I trust totally anymore to give me the unadulterated unbiased TRUTH of what’s going on .. municipally, provincially, nationally or internationally. In the era of the NEW news reality, what I do is try to follow several … left and right … doing a lot scanning and skipping through the fluff …. and being aware of their biases. That way, I feel I do get a sense of what is REALLY going on … tossing aside their attempts to propagandize. h.o)

  • 19 BMCQ // Aug 3, 2017 at 10:31 am

    DBW – 18

    An interesting question and dare I say Great Post!

    I believe I know you well enough that you would prefer CBC obviously because they do lay their stories out more to the Left of Centre Audience, only my opinion but I believe you can see that opinion reflected in Harvey and others here.

    As a matter of fact when my Wife saw the appointment announcement of the obviously PC FLEET of new Anchors she mentioned that seeing as she has Cree Blood flowing through her veins she is surprised that she did not get a place on the new TEAM and that way with five they could all get a day on the Air.

    You just may have guessed that I am on the Centre Right side of things and I must admit I have never watched a CBC News. As has been mentioned previously the CBC and BBC in particular have a very noticeable Anti Israel Pro Palestinian Bias and to me that is overtly dishonest, manipulative and Morally Corrupt!!

    Before anyone listens to either the CBC or BBC on Israel/Palestine relations they should learn something about the history.

    We should also take the time to research everything about the Wars when Israel was attacked by various Arab States.

    You do not get any objective or even close to fair coverage concerning Israel on CBC or BBC.

    I do not think the BBC or CBC would highlight this either.

    I am however dismayed that it was only a few months ago that I even heard of Rex Murphy who I now read on a regular basis.

    Harvey is correct and If a person has time they should view, listen, or read as many News Reports as possible on any given subject weigh up the stories as best as one can and form an opinion.

    To me a great example of Media Bias almost throughout the West is the fact that the Media of ALL Types love Canadian Prime Minister Justin.

    They have formed their opinions on nothing but the fact he appears to be charming and he absconded with the phoney ploy of “Rolling Up the Sleeves” for every cheap Selfie first used to POTUS Obama another empty Suit.

    I laugh when some on this Blog complain about MSM being supporters of the B.C. Libs, have you listened to CKNDP (NW) lately? I have in fact quit listening to CKNDP other than Bruce, Smyth, Palmer, Campbell, and Jill Bennett who I find refreshingly Fair and Balanced. Bennett who is on Air Saturday and Sunday AM should get the weekday 10:00 AM Show, at least that way the Listener would get both sides of most stories.

    I am quite sure that the Program Director, Jon McComb, and Simi Sara are Card Carrying NDP Members.

    Trying to keep this on topic.

    I suppose it is not the job of the CRTC to ensure that Programming of Media Outlets of any kind of Broadcaster is balanced but it sure would be nice if there was a better way of bringing balance.

    Not everyone has the time or the ability to view or listen or read several MSM outlets to come up with an informed opinion.

    Same thing for Blogs, I feel that on this particular Blog there is a fair exchange of ideas and that is what makes this Blog work better than most.

    Personally I learn many different things when on this Blog. As I have mentioned in the past I have even changed my mind or evolved on various issues after I have had an exchange of ideas and debate with DBW and several other contributors.

    Perhaps we should be petitioning our Elected Federal Politicians to be more transparent and open minded when they are choosing Members of the CRTC, we need CRTC Members that have NO agenda and we need them now!

    That might be a good place to start!!

    Canadians should be sick and tired of seeing federal Governments appointing Political Hacks of any Brand to the various Commissions and other Boards of over sight.

    Canadians need more Accountability.

  • 20 Dave // Aug 3, 2017 at 8:30 pm

    It is sad that this rather important issue of community ownership and community participation of the airwaves has been distilled down to a CBC “good” vs CBC “bad” political slopfest. Ugly and sad.

    Take your ideological crowns off for a second – This is about community broadcasting! This is not about who you voted for in the last election nor is it about whether one thinks the CBC is biased or not.

    I suppose it has something to do with the black vs white, up vs down, left vs right (edited..ho) that been foisted through the professional media over the last decade or so. . The easiest way to to continue this trend is to remove community and non- corporate voices from the air waves.

    Remember when average folk ran for City council? Not any more. Once they take away the access to see our elected leaders in action no one other than those spurred by their own avarice will apply

    It is has been a simple if they don’t pay, they don’t play mentality regarding community issues for some time.

    I will miss Soundproof, Nite Dreems, Rockinitis, Losers Advocate and many others. I will particularly miss learning the truth about the 1990 Richmond civic election that saw a 20 year dynasty overturned via community TV.

    That won’t happen now. There is no access to see it.

    (Response: You are correct: community access channels provide time, airspace and access to all kinds of community organizations and topics the major media will NEVER come close to offering …no matter how any millions in breaks the CRTC gives the cable companies and the stations. The loss of Cable 4 in Vancouver and similar stations in other cities SHOULD have drawn a loud enough public outcry that our politicians …at all levels ..would have heard and responded to. But alas, most viewers and citizens are oblivious to the terrible job the CRTC has done … although it’s right there in front of all us on our television sets and on our cable bills. h.o.)

  • 21 rasterman // Aug 4, 2017 at 11:35 am

    Despite what we were promised eons ago it seems “in a 500 channel universe only local would be unique” the shift has gone to tabloid news and it rules.
    What are the Kardashians up to, the Royals, why haven’t we heard from Katie Perry lately or Brtiney Spears?
    Mindless twaddle and twitter have taken over the public mindset and here I am shouting down a well!

    (Response: Makes me appreciate what I can get on local cable all the more! How the CRTC allowed Corus/Shaw to dump it … and believed their promise to spend $10 million instead on improving local content shows what dupes … or co-conspirators …they are. h.o.)

  • 22 212 Degrees // Aug 5, 2017 at 8:11 am

    (And I have NO doubt that the CBC’s The National propagandists will soon go to work, doing LOTS of sympathetic “stories” Along with the Globe and Mail.

    (Response: The welcoming seems so innocent…after all, there are only a few thousand. But when do we start enforcing our laws? After 20,000? Or welcoming 40,000 illegal arrivals? You can bet their lawyers will cite earlier precedents of allowing others to stay. h.o.)