Silence of the LEFT on China, Russia, Venezuela Trashing of Human Rights is DEAFENING

Where are they now … when they are needed most?

You know … the leftist activists, students, unions, intellectuals, media, pundits and politicians who are so loud so often to expose, protest, demonstrate, denounce and demand action against decisions, indecisions of Canada, the United States, Britain, the European Union and, of course, Israel … and any or all of these countries’ institutions … public and private … on a whole variety of issues.

The supposed social “consciences” of the world (Canada, Western Europe, the UK) have stayed silent … or barely spoken … against the GROWING suppression of human rights, dignity and even right to life in China, Russia and Venezuela.

They are stunning in their failures recently over the multiple and massive transgressions and aggressions by some of the world’s most evil and oppressive dictatorships.

The subjugated citizens of China, Russia, Venezuela … political opponents, community activists, womens’ rights advocates, gays, union leaders, journalists, artists and even Blog writers … suffer not just discrimination and banning, but arrest, torture, imprisonment and even murder … unparalleled in any Western nations.

Yet the social activists on the LEFT do/say little or nothing.


It’s not as if they do not know.

Many media outlets and social media sites (including this one) have reported the litany of aggressive, bullying actions taken by China against Canada in recent months.

But those pale in the light of human rights violations and cruelty inflicted actions by the Chinese government against its own people … and it’s getting worse, not better.

Read what Human Rights Watch found:

Where are the protests, demands for action, resolutions of condemnation or calls for boycotts against China by our “concerned” students, unions, political “leaders” of the Left???

And take a look at the Human Rights Watch Report on Russian violations of human rights: … where political opponents are assassinated, gays are beaten and tortured with impunity, journalists are framed, intimidated … or otherwise silenced.

Or how about Venezuela: … where the Maduro government’s abuse, corruption, shooting of protestors and mounting oppression of not just opponents, but anyone who complains or even speaks out have already forced more than 3 million to flee … leaving almost everything they owned, their families behind.

Where are the LEADERS and ACTIVISTS on the LEFT .. who seem to be so selectively sensitive and outraged???

Where is NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh … the man who wants to be our Prime Minister … on the whole litany of disgraceful, despicable aggressions taken by China recently against Canada … including the kidnapping and imprisonment of two of our citizens and the sentencing to death of another?

Not to mention China’s own mistreatment, brutality and persecution of its own people … especially the 100,000 Muslim Uighurs who have been imprisoned in “re-education” centres … and whose children, as young as two years old, have been forcibly separated from their families to be housed/raised/educated in Mandarin-language residential schools, surrounded by walls and barbed wire.

And just recently, the World witnessed China’s attempts to subjugate the people of Hong Kong and violate the agreement signed, sealed and delivered to the UK and the World in 1996, pledging Hong Kong would remain autonomous until 2047.

Wake up Jagmeet! Are you there? Say something!!!

Interesting how many on the LEFT have criticized BOTH Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s actions/inactions on China (as I have too) and Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s calls for stepped up inspections and actions against Chinese goods destined for Canada, but have said NOTHING about Singh and the NDP’s relative silence … or could we even say complicity … on the subject.

Where is the NDP and its Leader as China spits on human rights, increases its arrests of dissidents and even lawyers representing them, steps up its controls and bans over the Internet and wantonly mistreats its Muslim population and bulldozes churches as well?

And what about all those student activists, demonstrating protestors and Canada’s LEFT leaning “socially conscious” Unions? Where are they???

The 300,000-member “media” and forest sector union, Unifor, and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and the Canadian Federation of Students all somehow found it in their purview to publicly denounce Israel and support the BDS boycott movement.

But somehow, I can’t find a Resolution passed by ANY of them … at any executive or plenary meeting … condemning China’s oppressions. Or for that matter, the latest brutal suppressions of human rights and freedoms in Russia or Venezuela.


Where are all the campus activists and phony revolutionaries who proudly wear buttons and patches and often carry placards and organize rallies condemning Western countries, values, policies … but have organized NOTHING to speak up on behalf of the poor souls suffering under the dictatorships of China, Russia, Venezuela?

Their comparative silence and inaction are both disgraceful and disgusting … and shows what hypocrites they really are.

And I don’t think there’s a political dissident, social activist, gay or trans-gendered individual, writer or Blogger in China, Russia, Venezuela who wouldn’t feel safer and more free in ANY of the Western countries that Left wing activists so frequently and loudly denounce.

Maybe it’s time the media and anyone who TRULY opposes oppression, discrimination and violence against “the people” should start asking LEFT-leaning politicians and activist leaders … Why so silent on China, Russia, Venezuela’s REAL crimes against humanity?

Their victims are crying out for voices to be raised … and actions to be taken.

Harv Oberfeld

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48 Responses to Silence of the LEFT on China, Russia, Venezuela Trashing of Human Rights is DEAFENING

  1. Gene The Bean says:

    I agree Harvey but lets keep it real, everyone has been far too silent on the issues you raise. We know the Cons would welcome the kind of regimes you mentioned here in Canada because it would just make what they do, and what they stand for, easier.

    The bumbling masses that support them will continue to do so as long as they think they can make one more dollar and the brown hordes are kept at the border.

    The NDP is no longer a real voice. They used to be, but no longer. The Greens are making them irrelevant and I predict will usurp their position. Probably not a bad thing.

    If it wasn’t for the daily tonnage of nonsense from the Excited States of Trumpistan this issue would be getting much more play.

    The questions you asked and the points you raised are timely and valid. What each of us do about it is what matters. You have done your part. I will do my part as will most on this blog that have any morality or conscious.

    I see the Con movement is gaining political strength in the EU and non-affiliated countries by banging the drum of racism. They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. That will make the issues you raised even worse for those affected.

    Racism is such a horrible stain on mankind but it unfortunately is an effective political tool. Half the population is disgusted by it and the other half embraces it as a means to an end. I really don’t know how some people sleep at night.

    I hope more people will stand up against oppressive regimes and dictators by voicing their opinions and also at the ballot box. We got rid of Herr Harper, we sure don’t need another one.

    (Response: I agree “everyone has been far too silent”. Democracies …and those of us privileged to live in them ..have a duty to stand up for our values and human rights. I don’t mind when groups or activists or protestors stand up and oppose actions or policies of any government or group … and let’s keep it real … those on the Left do so much more often than Conservatives or Liberals. My problem is the one-sidedness: how they so often look the other way, ignore or even lamely try to defend human rights Leftist regimes, violators, even dictatorships and sometimes even UN-declared terrorist groups, that trample over their own people in brutal ways. What’s the problem with condemning Russia, China, Venezuela! Why not rally against the oppression they inflict … daily … on millions of people! MY thoughts and concerns are with the PEOPLE who suffer under their yoke. It’s time for those Leftist students, activists, etc … who will rise up against the US, the EU, the Uk, Israel at the drop of a leaflet … to stand up and protest against China, Russia and Venezuela too …who are MUCH WORSE in every regard, when it comes to dissidents of any kind. h.o)

  2. Don says:

    It simple Harvey. The left don’t like “free speech” and they demand the right to lock up or censor anyone who doesn’t support or agree with their ideals. (Any environmentalists come to mind?) So why would they protest any country that practices what they want to do themselves?

    (Response: Very good point. I’ve noticed that as well … the very people on the Left (some with extreme radical views) who take advantage of and enjoy the benefits of our free speech and democratic rights are also too often the very people who try to shut down, ban, even violently intervene to stop those on the right who hold different views … even moderate views. It’s bad enough in society generally ..but when it happens on university campuses …where open discussion of disparate ideas should be welcomed … I find it quite sad …and pathetic. h.o)

  3. 13 says:

    Harvey your response to Don made me think of the left (edited..h.o) on your blog that scream and cry to stifle those with conservative view points.

    “CONS or THE STAIN” or what ever childish label you apply are sweeping the globe. People have seen the mistake they made with Obama and Trudeau and the rest of the social engineers and want sanity to return.

  4. D.M. Johnston says:

    It is the silence of everyone on all sorts of sordid subjects that is truly worrisome.

    One has only look south of the boarder to see the trashing of human rights, but I digress.

    It is called “Globalism” and as we have shipped a lot of our abilities overseas where it is cheaper and in some places, dead cheap to have things made, repaired and/or constructed. We no longer have the means to sustain our economic and those who are abusing the rights of others know this and play the part.

    In rugby vernacular; “They got us by the short and curlies.

    Here is the problem.

    With few exceptions, many people have to work longer and harder to make ends meet and there is no time to debate human rights. It is a massive case of “I’m alright jack” only “jack” isn’t alright!

    We have given away, without nary a whimper, our ability to actually elect real politicians and hold them accountable. We don’t care what is happening elsewhere when at home corruption runs wild at all levels of government.

    The West has created the oligarchs running Russia; the west has anointed Winnie the Pooh, running China; the West’s insatiable quest for oil has created chaos in Venezuela, Saudi Arabia Nigeria, and almost every other oil state in the world.

    Yellow journalism has tainted everything.

    Any news prefixed by “Liberal News” or Conservative News” is pure propaganda. Either it is news, or propaganda and today, what passes for news is nicely wrapped, paid for propaganda.

    The silence of Canada, of Canadians on so many important issues is deafening; we have become a country of no-nothings, who will follow any leader that bangs the drum of ignorance.

    Question: how many use Snopes or other fact checking web sites to check the veracity of controversial claims made by many people?

    As for the Universities, they are no longer those “Ivy covered walls of learning, but have become new age degree mills.

    We have created this, we have created the current mess and now we must learn to live with it.

    (Response: Lots of food for thought! The one power we (and other Western democracies) have over China is our PURCHASING power. We buy BILLIONS of dollars worth of their manufactured goods, textiles, toys, kitchen gear, housewares, furnishings etc. etc ..ALL of which could easily be sourced in other cheap labour countries. However, China NEEDS our resources, our HUGE rich consumer markets , our massive spending power … which cannot be so easily replaced by the developing nations ..such as India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia. So if we stood united and truly demanded China meet at least a basic level of human rights or we will stop doing business with them .. I’d bet they’d fold like a cheap suit made in Shanghai! h.o)

  5. BMCQ says:

    It would be very difficult for anyone to disagree with your Essay above .

    It is rather unfortunate that the rest of us do not write as well as you do .

    Even when you are incorrect and disagree with my POV you at least write it well .

    Far too often the Left that masquerade as Pure of Thought ignore any atrocity or mistreatment unless it fits their Politics .

    Let’s be honest, the perpetrators also come from the Far Right and anywhere in between . Hate really can exist in any group .

    Stalin killed what, 20 Million of his own people under the Communist Banner ?

    For anyone to be so silly as to attempt to paint the Left Righteous and everything Pure they should spend a few minutes and see what the Leftist Liberal EU Leadership are allowing to take place all over the EU regarding the each and every day Assaults and Anti Semitic Attacks on Jewish People .

    We hear nothing about it here in North America because the Liberal Media here as in the EU are complicit .

    Yes, there are far right groups that also carry out these attacks and murders but it is also so called Liberal and Leftist Groups involved in this .

    Why Leftist Politicians in the west like Mr. Singh, PM Justin and others do not stand up and speak out is beyond me .

    Let’s also not forget that the very popular After Dinner Speaker and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May has refused to speak out against mistreatment and Anti Semitism . Why?

    I also find it incredible how in Canada and other Western Nations the Left and Women’s Groups attempt to blame White Men for attacks on all Women when in fact in North America and especially the EU the vast majority of Criminal Assaults and Attacks on Female Spouse is carried out by someone from their same Ethnic Group .

    That ios fact and that is an injustice against the Western Male . How the Hell can Media allow Special Interest Women’s Groups get away with that ?

    Why is there no Investigative Reporting on that ?

    I mentioned the Chinese Attacks and Imprisonment on the Uighrs on the last Blog Topic and once again Western Media, EU Leaders, PM Justin, May, Singh, and so many more are much like the Three Wise Monkeys, ridiculous and in fact cowardice .

    Why is it hard for so many dishonest, hateful, angry, hateful Leftists on this Blog to acknowledge that Andrew Scheeer has in fact called China out on this while your own Darlings May, PM Justin, and the Invisible Man Singh are ALL Hiding Under their Recyclable Desks on this one ? Do you realize how silly, dishonest, and hypocritical you are ?

    Then of course there is he EU where Labour Leader Corbyn has finally been unmasked as not only Anti Semitic, he is in fact a “Hate Preacher” and the Media for the most part give him a pass .

    Have any of you seen any honest reporting about Herr Corbyn and his so called “Shadow Cabinet of Anti Semitic Hate Merchants that Masquerade as Brokers of Peace and Compromise ?

    Probably not so I will show you .

    Even the BBC is finally doing some reporting on Herr Corbyn .

    It is common knowledge that the Left is as anti Semitic as any other Political Group anywhere .

    Herr Corbyn has more than proven that act .

    Anyone that attempts to say it is not true is simply nothing less than a Liar .

    Please DO not let anyone tell you that the Left are Virtuous, they are either liars or poorly informed and not very bright .

    Again, where are the EU and North American Left and Leftist Women’s Groups when it comes to calling out Human Rights Abuses ?

    Talk about “A Stain on People Kind” !!!

    The reason the Conservative Movement is winning popularity in the EU, North America and everywhere else in the World is simply because he Left are Dishonest, Cheat, Fake, Entitled, Unfair to the Masses, and in fact Racist and Bigoted .

    Hard Working, Tax Paying, Law abiding, Democratic Citizens of any Nation simply want Control of Migration, Hard Borders, and Equality for all regardless of their origin and ethnicity ..

    Those same people Do NOT no want Reverse Discrimination, Quotas, Entitlements, and Manipulation of their Constitutions and Legal System .

    That is exactly WHY the Leftist Labour Ideologues like Corbyn, Merkel, Obama, Juncker, Tusk, Renzi, Corbyn, Chinese Leadership, Venezuela, and the rest are being rejected World Wide .

    We will hear much more from Andrew Scheer when he comes out with more criticism of China, Venezuela and the rest .

    In the meantime the “Three Wise Monkeys” of PM Justin, May, and Singh, will simply do what Monkeys do .

    Yespeople, the “Conservative Stain” is Spreading World Wide .

    Tick Tock !!

    (Response: I agree with a lot of what you say …but disagree on Elizabeth May. It took a while but she DID stand up against what I see as the anti-Semitic radicals in her party and their BDS motion …even threatened to quit … and that one-sided prejudiced motion was eventually overturned. You can read about her here: As for Europe, anti_Semitism …by both the extreme right and extreme left and Muslim bigots is on the rise. It will always be there … but at least now, most political leaders and clergy speak out against it … and chastise those who foment it. h.o)

  6. Art Smith says:

    Hi Harvey, (Edited topic.)
    Funny thing is, I did notice most, if not all of the countries you mention would be regarded as left wing by most thinking people, maybe not those with a singular point of view, that must not be argued with, but most people. I think that is the reason you do not hear many protests from the left wing agitators who only hate everything about Canada and want people locked up if they have an opposing opinion.

    (Response: That’s the point: I believe there is a hypocritical double standard by Leftist activists, students, unions and politicians… they turn a blind eye to politically “left” countries ..seeing no evil or at least saying no evil about them …even though THEIR abuses of their own people and their ignoring of worldwide human rights standards are more disgraceful than anything any of those they protest against so often so loudly. Shame on them. h.o)

  7. Gene The Bean says:

    Art #4 – lets keep it real. Here are some facts.

    Both China and Russia are Alt-Right dictatorships. Russia does like to cross dress as a democracy but doesn’t really pull it off. China even has “elections” wink wink.
    Israel is also far, far to the right of centre.

    The only country Harvey mentioned that “would be regarded as left wing by most thinking people” as you say is Venezuela which has been totally broken by a failed left wing dictatorship. Another shining example of American meddling and imperialism in central/south America.

    I think everyone can agree that voices should be raised about all issues when basic human rights standards are violated. Like the de-funding of the BC School system for 16 years, like the years of abuse to our First Nations and like the multitudes of daily abuses in Russia, China and around the world. They all need to be heard, maybe the ones closer to home just get “heard” more often……

    (Response: Exactly .. “voices should be raised about all issues when basic human rights standards are violated.” We’re having a very good discussion about this topic on here, from a variety of perspectives … and in just doing that, we are exercising a freedom denied so many people in so many countries around the globe. And yet, we have yet to hear …and probably won’t …. from any of those protesting Left-wing activists, union leaders, political types to explain WHY they are so silent and inactive in confronting some of the current worst REAL villains of the world when it comes to BASIC human rights … China, Russia and Venezuela. h.o)

  8. Harry lawson says:


    Kudos and about time to discuss the hypocrisy.

    Social justice is social justice period, we have to call all behaviour to account ,wether it is a dictatorship or the way Canada treats its indeginous community , I consider myself a social activist . I stand on my record , I am fortunate enough to be in a position use my real name on all post or comments on the Internet. And yes I have paid a price lol. When it comes to true social justice there is no room for political pandering.

    (Response: Kudos! We need many more to take a stand like that. Although I feel I accomplished a great deal during my career both journalistically and personally, I have often paid a price for standing up for what I believe … when I could have stayed silent, been a good boy, and would have been even more generously rewarded and recognized. But I have to look at myself in the mirror every morning … and have NEVER regretted standing up for those and for what I believe is right … on all sides of any issue/question!

  9. BMCQ says:

    H.O. – 5 -Response

    I may be mistaken but I believe May only made the threat to resign to make herself and the party eventually look better than she/they are .

    I am not able to post anything on this now but will hopefully have something tomorrow .

    I suppose that once again Canadians are left to discuss this amongst themselves or on your Blog and perhaps one or two others as Media for the most part have/are once again “Failing to ask the Questions” of all Federal Party Leaders and their Minions .

    With a Federal E,ection on the horizon it is now more important than ever for Voters to hear the questions and answers on this subject at hand .

    At least Scheer is doing his part, I hope he continues his tough stance and I hope Media report what he and his Party have in their Plarform regarding Human Rights etc. in countries like Venezuela, China, NOKO, Iran, and so many more .


    There are more people with more rights than ever before in the U.S., all one needs to do is open their eyes and see the wide variety of different people elected to Office at ant Level in the U.S.

    I defy anyone to show me any other World Nation that has more Diversity of Elected Officials at every Level than the United States .

    Freedom of Movement, Religion, Human Rights, along with Culture, Gay, Straight, or somewhere in between is more abodant in the U.S. than anywhere else .

    Ask yourself two questions .

    1. Why are so many Millions seeking to settle in the U.S., willing to risk everything to get there ?

    2. When was the last time you saw 100 people rush down to the Beach in Miami, cobble together a Raft out of Old Cigar Boxes and row off to Cuba, Venezuela, Honduras, orbEl Dalvador ?

    I wait your replies .

    ‘Trashing of Human Rights in the U.S.” ?

    How Juvenile .

    I suggest you direct your criticism against Human Rights Violators like Cuba, China, NOKO, Venezuela, ALL Middle Eastern Countries other than Israel, and many African Nations that oppress and kill Minority Christians and Jewish People as well as Gays, Lesbians, And all LGBTQ.

    (Response: I have no doubt serious challenges to full human rights for everyone remain in Canada, the US and all other nations. And I support attempts to expose, improve and hopefully eliminate ALL of them … and demonstrations, protests and even boycotts can all be effective tools to pressure for change. My problem is when those voiced or exercised concerns are pretty well restricted to some but ignored in others; and how ridiculous and unacceptable it is to me … and should be to all …when by far the WORST human rights offenders are the ones given those precious free passes. I wish the media would do their jobs on behalf of their readers listeners and viewers and both QUESTION and CHALLENGE those one-sided “activist” groups, unions and politicians. Would make for fascinating stories and great journalism in the public interest. h.o)

  10. Harry Lawson says:


    The left is silent because they are as guilty as the right.

    Social justice of convienance is the same as being a Christian of convienance.

    You ask where are the social activists? They are lost not knowing what social justice truly is.

    Our Prime Minister turns his chair to the head of China, really? That’s not effective or social justice . We have native reserves that are as bad or worst than third world countries, our government won’t resolve. We have the downtown east side, with hundreds of millions being shovelled every year to continue the poverty cycle. Only the so called social justice warriors playing politics and creating jobs for themselfs. And of course we have programs such as the methadone program that is supposed to be short term not long term . The patients get sicker and poorer , and the Warriors get richer.

    And yet we expect them to criticize others ? Ahhh glass houses

  11. BMCQ says:

    Up the page I stated that Elizabeth May was also another of the “Self Righteous” that was not speaking out against Injustice and Anti Semitism .

    May is no different than MOST other Politicians of the so called “Virtuous Left”, she is just like the Feckless PM Justin and the Silly Clueless NDP Leader Mr. Singh, she is about nothing more than a creepy, dishonest, and hypocritical Symbolism that she believes the “Great Unwashed” will fall for Hook Line and Sinker .

    Unfortunately she is getting away with it .

    (Edited …off topic)

    While they are at it ALL Federal Parties must discuss the Humans Rights Issues of Leftist Communist Dictatorships in Countries like China, NOKO, Venezuela, Middle East Nations other than Israel and any similar Nation .

    Time for Canadian Politicians to show Leadership on Human Rights, we can start by asking our Warrior king PM Justin to Demand china release the “Two Michaels” .

  12. G. Barry Stewart says:

    I’ll take good news where I can take it, such as the hard-won removal of the extradition bill in Hong Kong.

    If China had been successful in extending the length of their legal reach, we’d see even more human rights violations in the future. (Of course, president-for-life Xi will not be happy and I’m sure the story is not over…)

    The impressive push-back by the people of Hong Kong is the story here. They showed the world what can be done when people gather in strong numbers to change the course of a government action.

    Vancouver residents lent their hand in this (mostly peaceful) protest, as reported in the July 1 edition of the BC Catholic.

    A group of about 550 Catholics and other Christians gathered in front of the Chinese consulate on June 20 to protest the extradition bill.

    I don’t know if they can be called left or right: they were simply gathered to let Mainland China know that they have a high regard for human rights and don’t want to see them taken away.

    (Response: The heroes of Hong Kong … including hundreds of thousands of young people …can teach BC and Canada’s “activists” a lot. They have stood up, marched, fought and faced arrest for just their basic human rights, freedom and democracy over the simple right to be tried, if charged, in their own community … not carted off to a dictatorship and its corrupt, fixed Courts. Their struggle is REAL … they haven’t tried to block Hong Kong or China’s economic development; they haven’t tried to shake down authorities for their own financial benefit; they haven’t called for any boycotts; they haven’t tried to silence/ban others’ points of view; and when they’re not fighting for their rights, I’d bet virtually all of them work full time or attend school or university … they don’t just sit on their rears, searching for something else to oppose/protest, while asking the rest of the people of Hong Kong to support them. h.o)

  13. e.a.f. says:

    some time I believe there is a lack of protest against the dictators listed because they don’t resonate with the majority of people. They don’t know who the leaders are. We know who the west’s leaders are and their email addresses are almost every where. Try to find an email address, etc. for the others, not so much.

    Some of it may stem from, we know the leaders of the west, Israel, etc. but the others not so much. they aren’t part of our “view’ on a daily basis or it could be people just don’t care. its easier to attack those who you know than those you don’t. Its more comfortable frequently to attack those you know, who won’t fight back that much.

    Some times I think its, we can be upset about the U.S.A., Canadian leaders, but the rest of the people don’t know who they are. They don’t even know what is going on. I’m sure if you went to a large union convention and brought forward a resolution condemning some of those leaders people would not know who you were talking about and in the case of Xi/China people think its useless because they know they can’t change Xi’s mind on much of anything so leave it alone.

    My take on things is, most just will take up the battle with those they know. Not everyone spends as much time on international events as some of us on this blog. Most people don’t know about bloggers in other countries or that some of them are murdered, jailed, etc. there are sometimes newsletters telling some of us about these issues, but how many in Canada receive Amnesty International’s news letter. Some times I’ll receive a newsletter from an organization regarding a person, but there has been nothing on the MSM. How would many people even know. Certainly not local news. they’ll report on ants crossing the street before they’ll ever even run an item they can pick up on a news agency tape or if they do run something from some where else, it will be mindless drivel.

    (Response: The sad truth is many of those who consider themselves “progressive” are bigots … who react like Pavlovian puppies at anything involving the US, Israel, corporations, global trade, resource development, etc. And, to push their own agendas, they infiltrate student organizations, labour unions, left-leaning political parties and either seize control or take advantage of the naivety, disengagement of most of the other membership. It’s time for union members at Unifor and the Canadian Union of Postal workers and Canadian Union of Students or other campus organizations or political parties to push back against the bigots and their prejudiced actions among them , who discredit their whole organization. h.o)

  14. Gilbert says:

    It is sad that Nicolas Maduro remains in power in Venezuela. He’s an absolute disgrace, and Russia and China should be ashamed of themselves for continuing to support him.

    We know that Russia is not a true democracy. If anyone doubts this, look at Alexei Navalny, a charimatic politican who was not allowed to run in the last election.

    China is another country that is well-known for human rights abuses. The people of Hong Kong don’t want to be part of China, but their struggle is difficult.

    Another country that should be mentioned is the Philippines, a country that has distanced itself from the west and moved closer to China. President Duterte appreciates that China doesn’t criticize his brutal war on drugs, but he has accepted high-interest loans from China and even pre-conditions such as the use of Chinese labour on infrastructure projects. Just like the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, he’s overspending and leaving the Philippines with a huge debt.

    In the garbage dispute with Canada, the Philippine government boasted that it had won. Well, perhaps this is true in the short term, but not in the long term. Financial aid from Canada will not increase, co-operation will not improve, and the opportunity to replace Chinese goods with the goods of other countries (Thailand, Cambodia, India, etc.) also certainly will not include the Philippines. The Philippine president is undoubtedly unqualified, but because he has convinced the poor that he is one of them, he remains popular.

    We have human rights abuses and crimes committed by both the left and the right, but it’s absolutely true that activists on the left are often silent when those abuses and crimes are committed by the left. They should condemn injustices committed by those on both sides of the political spectrum.

    (Response: Agree completely that injustices everywhere by any state should be equally condemned. The strangest part of the hypocrisy of the biased silent leftists is that the countries they most often condemn have the best protections for people like them to protest/complain/campaign; while those they stay silent about or even support are the ones who would be much more likely to forbid their protests, arrest them if they held them without “permits”, send them to jail and even deal with them in a brutal fashion. Curious that the Left give those so many “passes” … and thereby condemn to even more suffering those fighting for basic rights and change. h.o.)

  15. 13 says:

    Comment #1 has a few stated “facts” probably better we call them opinions that might need to be challenged
    “Cons would welcome……..” Opinion based on a bias
    “The bumbling masses” Calling aprox 50% of the voters bumbling is a bit pompous
    “The brown hoards” unfortunate turn of phrase that says alot about the author
    “the daily tonnage of nonsense from the excites states of trumpistan” Hard to say what this is based on other than Trump derangement syndrome
    (edited topic)

  16. BMCQ says:

    13 – 15

    Some very valid points .

    I find it rather odd myself that some Leftists on this Blog attempt to attach Scheer and the Conservative Party to Dictators – Despots .

    Surely they must realize that those attempts are futile as 90% of the rest of the prticipants on this Blog are Critical Thinkers .

    As you suggest are those that drone on about Brown People etc. that want Borders or control of Migration say 50% of Canadians or Americans Racist and Bigots ?

    People have different opinions and I do not believe the vast majority here are willing to label those that disagree with them Haters .

    It is of course totally legitimate to accuse Leftist Feet to the Fire because they Fail to stand up against Oppression, Human Rights Abuse, Religious Persecution, crimes against LGBTQ etc, and other abuses .

    Even worse in some people’s eyes those same Countries abuse Women and politicians like Singh, PM Justin, May, Activist Leftist Women’s Groups are ALL Hiding Under Their Collective Desks !

    I wonder, where are Media on this?

    Once again Media should be asking the Tough Questions but they are sitting on their Collective Hands .

    Why are Media not doing their job in this and many other files ?

    For the most part the “Great Unwashed” only see/hear news fed to them by the spoonful, they do not necessarily search for news . When Media choose not to do their job most people are not aware of abuses as those pointed out by Harvey .

    I would find it very interesting to watch/listen to a panel of say retired Media Types discuss the difference between what was Traditional media coverage with Investigation etc., coverage of topics like this one and others and how media more or less “Mails it In” today and in my opinion do the Citizens a great disservice .

    The only way most of us become aware of what Harvey has posted here is because he has taken this subject on .

    Where the hell is the rest of Media ?

    Politicians like those mentioned need to be called out and they must speak out at EU Meetings, the UN, Trade Forums, and any other similar venue .

    We might then see where Consumers Boycott Goods from Countries like China that export Consumer Goods .

    At the same time we can all speak out by Boycotting Travel to China and other similar Countries that show no respect for the Rights and Freedoms of their own People .

    Time for Media to Lead on this and time for the rest of to take a stand .

    (Response: The media … and politicians as well as community leaders … have done a very poor job of challenging and confronting the ideas and promoters extreme militancy, for what I believe are several reasons: it’s easier and faster to just go along and regurgitate the official press releases, results/outcome, rather than question and point out the unfairness or bigotry that is being promulgated; some media support the radical points of view and positions and happy to publicise the positions of those they agree with; and others who know better … in positions of power, or moral leadership or education or unionism … are simply afraid to stand up for certain people who regularly get targeted … this has been sadly true throughout history, over and over, and as we can see … still goes on today. h.o)

  17. Don says:

    Your response to eaf @ 13 has to be one if not the best I have seen you write.

    (Response: Thanks. I wish the “working” media would expose/confront this issue … instead of just superficially publishing the press releases that result. Time to wake up the majority of party and union members and supporters in every sector or organization where the forces of bigotry and radicalism have wormed their way in and taken advantage of the complacency of most to take over. h.o)

  18. Horace B. says:

    I no longer see Russia and China as our natural enemies. The enemy is as I see is a certain religion that is very aggressive politically and also very violent. So violent we are afraid to confront them or even draw political cartoon. They have already damaged our freedom of speech.

    Let Trudeau take them on (ha ha)

    (Response: Unfortunately, there are threats from radicals in ALL of them, that would impact our civilization and way of life if they could. But it’s not fair to call any country or religion “violent: rather it is a small minority within each that we must guard against …and whenever they act to carry out their agendas, to attack or conquer us, we MUST strike, retaliate and defeat them. h.o)

  19. Art Smith says:

    Just a quick observation, I see our former ambassador to China is telling China they should let the hostages go or they may have to deal with the Conservatives. Just another example of our strong leadership from the Liberals, threaten China with Conservatives.
    Do these fools even listen to themselves?

  20. BMCQ says:

    Horace – 19

    We all agree that Xi, his Government and those of Privelege in China along with much of the Putin Gov, Iran, and so many other Rogue Nations such as NOKO are “Not Our Friends’ and to varying degrees enemies to one degree or another depending on just how far they go with abuses within their Borders, Proxies in other Nations, we must hold them all to account but Radical Islam can strike out anywhere at any time and all Democracies along with even Totaliarian Government Nations are under threat every day .

    H.O. Calls out those on the Left such as PM Justin, Singh, Uniion Leadership, and many others such as UK Labour Leader Corbyn and his Minions have been added to the list for not calling out Anti Semitism but we must also hold So called Moderate Islam and ask them why they do not speak out enough against Terrorist Acts carried out against Free Citizens by Islamic Yerrorists in Nations in the EU, the UK, Canada, the U.S. and so many others .

    Yes, Islamic Clerics and Islamic Leadership risk retribution but it is their duty to speak against Radical Islamic Giolence in any Democracy .

    When Islamic Clerics, Elders, Media and other Leaders speak out against violent terrorist attacks it resonates with younger people and it may fight back against Radicalization of Muslim youth .

    Once again in Canada we see PM Justin and other Liberal and NDP Leaders somehow stoop to calling Radical Terrorist Attacks and Murders of Innocent civilians a case of “Mental Illness” and once again Media goes into its “Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil” Routine yet the “Great Unwashed actually know the truth . Just how stupid do they think the public are ?

    Why is it so hard for Politicians on the Left to call a “Spade Bloody Shovel” ?

    Again, why don’t Media challenge Politicians on the same thing, how can Media allow PM Justin and others to go to their fall back point of Mental Illness when Whire Mass Killers in New Zealand the U.S. as an example are labeled “White Supremist” Terrorists before the Smoke clears ?

    Art – 20

    Bingo ! That very point should be the Lead News Story and Front Page News right across the country and Media will ignore it . I speculate PM Justin will never asked for comment .

    I wonder if H.O. Would have shouted the question out when he was in Ottawa . I think so .

    Come to think of it if Media did a better job Politicians might be held to account and they might do a better job because a Microscope would shine a light on their Transgressions and failure to do the job they were elected to do .

    Yes McCallum, Bean and e.a.f., lets get Scheer and the Conservatives after China and Xi, Scheer and Soon to be PM of a Free UK BoJo would be Good Wing People Kind for POTUS Trump in His fight against China, Iran, Venezuela and other World Rogue Nations .

    (Response: None of my points in this current blog are to suggest there is no wrongdoing by democratic centrist or even right of center governments/states. However, anyone who watches how “activists” express themselves in our society could not help but notice the one-sidedness of their protests, actions: quick to respond, repudiate and rally against policies or actions of those centrist or right of center governments/states; but then silent or even supportive of the dictatorial regimes I’ve cited …and also their terrorist proxies. THAT’s the problem … and where/how they discredit themselves, their followers, their roles in our society. And yes, you are correct, I would (and have) called them on it, questioned them on it and pointed out their hypocrisy … right to their faces and on air in my stories. And I’m dismayed that today’s media (and politicians) DAIL to do that today … out of fear, fake political correctness … or incompetence. h.o)

  21. BMCQ says:

    don – 17 – 18

    Sorry missed your posts .

    Excellent stuff !

    This is NUTSO !

    Let’s ask PM Justin, his Minions, and his supporters on this Blog what they think of Top Mensa Member John McCallum’s comments !

    As NonCon might say, “You can’t make this stuff up “ !!! YIKES

  22. JImbo says:

    at the risk of being brief –
    Lack of response on the “left”, how I hate the term, is because they are busy fighting the “right” here at home. Kenny in Alberta -Ford in Ontario. Tax cutters and corporate shills.

    (Response: Nothing wrong with that … but TRUE “progressives” surely should have the time, the energy … and the integrity … to fight the undemocratic oppressors and even murderers on the left as well. In fact, I dare say ALL Canadians … left and right … would choose to live under Kenny, Ford etc rather than be “liberated” by Xi, Putin or Maduro. h.o)

  23. BMCQ says:

    Jumbo – 23

    So let me get this straight Jimbo, you are telling us that SJW, PC, Politicians like Singh, Corbyn, PM Justin, Leftist Media, Unions, University Faculties, Studen Unions, Righteous Women’s Groups, and so many more on the Left are FAR too busy fighting Evil Conservative Groups, Small Business, Corporations and Conservative Governments to Speak Out against Chinese Human Rights Abuses, oppression of Women, Minority Religions, LGBTQ, in SO many countries, the literal Starvation of People in Venezuela by a Totalitarian Government where those same people were once part of a wealthy democracy now reduced to eating Animals in the Zoos ?

    Sure Jimbo those Leftist Groups mentioned and others like the Pathetic 25 or so Dem Candidates in the U.S. are too busy fighting to increase taxes and playing “Identity Politics”, controlling the distribution of Straws, ensuring that silly juvenile quotas are met and other PC BS to Speak Out on important things like Human Rights .

    Yes Jimbo They must be so busy .

    In case you have not noticed the Left is literally Collapsing in the soon to be free UK, the EU, Canadian Provinces, Uh Canada, the U.S., Australia, and so many other World Democracies and even just the other day Greece . Yes Greece, I was just there and the Good People of Greece could not wait for the Election .

    Employed, Hard Working, Over Taxed, Citizens forced to pay High Rents, High Mortgages, ridiculously high Property Taxes, ever growing cost of Services, Fees, of those nations and other costs too numerous to mention are sick and tired of Leftist Socialst, PC, SJW, Identity Politics, Sexist, Race Baiting, Politicians causing Government Bloat, Government Waste, Open Borders, runaway Migration, and Inreases in Income Taxes and Carbon Taxes along with much more .

    Just today Jimbo news breaks that Vancouver May be required to increase PT at least 10% due to policies of the New Looney Left Mayor and Council .

    Yes Jimbo you are correct all of those great and wonderful SJW PC Leftist Politicians are far too busy Attacking Democracy, Employed Tax Paying Citizens, Small and Large Business to Speak Out against Rights Abuses in Criminal Nations like China, Venezuela, Cuba, and the rest .

    If it were left up to your Political Hero’s on the Left the “Great Unwashed” like you and me will soon be getting our Nutrition from “Soylent Green’, prepared and packaged in China, and of course that Can will contain everything we need from all Food Groups .

    Yes Jimbo the Righteous Left are doing just fine !

    Tick Tock Jimbo Tick Tock !

  24. Gene The Bean says:

    Harvey, re your response to #23

    You seem to see more differences than similarities between people like Kenney / Ford and Xi / Putin.

    Peel a layer or two and you’ll see they are essentially the same.

    What normal Canadian would ever think that a Canadian leader would bend, hide, dismiss, ignore and refute scientific facts for personal and corporate gain? Kenney, Ford and Harper all did that. It is also right out of Xi and Putin’s playbook.

    When the left has sooo much to fight against here at home, is it really any shock to anyone that what is going on in Venezuela, Congo or Yemen isn’t being heard? It is a shame but it is no surprise so maybe like you have written about before, we should solve our own problems before trying to solve other peoples problems.

    “At the risk of being brief” – man, that was funny.

    (Response: I disagree. Yes, our politicians … right and left … can easily be criticized for hiding facts, even outright lying and ignoring facts. However, let’s keep it real: NONE of that even comes close to dictators who have critics, opponents, protestors, journalists, artists, rounded up, imprisoned … or simply murdered. h.o)

  25. DBW says:

    Harvey, sometimes we agree and sometimes we disagree, but with this post I was confused about where I stood.

    I kind of agreed with you. But there was something that didn’t feel quite right. And then Jimbo at #23 nailed it for me when he said he hated the term “left” and I am assuming that he feels the same about the term “right” when identifying people.

    I don’t know how others identify themselves politically, but if forced I would say I am on the left mainly because I believe that governments have a role to play especially in regards to social safety nets, public education, environmental regulations, etc. On social issues I am pro-choice, support LGBTQ rights, liberal drug laws etc.

    But I don’t think any of that makes me a whole lot different from many who may identify with the right. I just did a couple of online surveys to determine where I stood on the political spectrum. And while I was lined up with the NDP, Greens, and Liberals in the 80-90% range, I was still aligned with the Conservatives at 60%. That’s a lot of overlap.

    So I think my problem with your blog is the lack of specificity in determining where I should express my outrage.

    As a “leftist” I get angry at protesters who won’t allow conservative pundits to speak at universities. I cringe at lazy debaters who toss out Nazi or racist when they can’t argue effectively. I am frustrated when people fear bringing up controversial topics because they may offend certain groups or worse get shamed because they did so. (I won’t bother critiquing my complaints with the right.)

    But should I be outraged at unions who have a policy on one issue but not another. Do I want to spend my time going through every union policy book to see where they stand (if at all) on international situations. As organizations they have the right to do as they please. But they don’t necessarily represent me nor the left just as white supremacists carrying tiki torches don’t represent my friends who identify with the right side of the political spectrum.

    Keep calling out the specific people who you feel are doing wrong. No problem with that. But perhaps it is time we stopped lumping ourselves into a left and right paradigm. Reread posts #24 and #25 and you will see what I mean.

    (Response: I agree it’s not ideal to label people left or right…since most of us can fit to varying degrees on both sides of the spectrum, depending on the issue. I’m fairly liberal on social issues of personal/political rights …but lean a bit right, for example, when it comes to people who are not refugees but just enter a country without applying, through a fence or a river crossing… and then say “I’m staying” … esp when there are 11 million of them (in the US now) … with thousands more arriving every month. Fiscally I’m a bit conservative …but do believe we have a responsibility to care of our citizens unable to fend for themselves… but not those who could, but won’t. Unfortunately, though, there ARE also many, on the left and right, who just take positions blindly on any and all issues based on political or ethnic bias … and I feel sad for them. h.o.)

  26. DBW says:


    I had to laugh at your comment at #23 would you asked if you would rather live under Kenney/Ford or Xi/Putin.

    In one of the online surveys I did to see where I stood on the political spectrum one questions was

    Where would you rather live?

    a. Nazi Germany
    b. the Soviet Union
    c. the Wild West
    d. Trump’s America

    As much as I loved all the westerns on TV when growing up, I still selected d.

    This was an American quiz and it turns out I am libertarian. Go figure.

    (Response: A perfect question to write in “None of the above”. h.o)

  27. Gene The Bean says:

    Response to #25 – I agree, that’s why I mentioned just to peel a few layers.

    Xi and Putin are no doubt cold blooded killers and abusers of thousands.

    If Harper could have gotten away with silencing the media like he did with scientists, would he have done that? Of course he would.
    Ford doesn’t even want people to ‘hear’ the questions asked, that’s where the ‘clap out’ came from.

    All that I am saying is that we are no where near the abusive regimes you mention, but keeping it real, with wanna-be dictators and corporatist shills like Scheer, Kenney and Ford, we are unfortunately on that same road.

  28. max avelli says:

    Why is it the responsibility of only “leftists” to speak up against basically fascist regimes? China and Russia are not leftist. Trump aspires to be like them.

    You need to rethink the entire premise of the blog post.

    (Response: No one said it is only those on the left who should speak up. Lots of people right of center … politicians, governments, media commentators, are seen regularly exposing, condemning, imposing or calling for sanctions on China, Russia and Venezuela… and even right wing human rights pariahs like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Philippines, etc. What distinguishes those on the left is that THEY are much more active in organizing political campaigns, campus protests, union convention resolutions … directed at Western democracies, politicians and companies .. but are soooo silent in organizing and protesting and calling for boycotts of those MUCH worse regimes I cited .. that have no hesitation to arrest, imprison or kill anyone who stands up to them or against them. Strange ..and about time those with a sense of fairness call the left “activists” out on their bias and even bigotry. h.o)

  29. BMCQ says:

    DBW – 26

    That is an interesting cake you have just baked .

    I believe I get most of what you have said and I think you have made some valid points .

    Yes I suppose I am guilty about pidgeon holing/categorizing Leftists as a one size fits all but most activists on both the left and right leave no room for wriggle .

    I like your points and Harvey’s where most of us have various traits from the left and right that make up the whole of ones belief system .

    I would like to think most Canadians and Americans fall much along the lines of how Harvey slots himself and that makes a lot of sense .

    Having said all of that I agree so much with Harvey on his criticism and calling out of Leftist Activist Politicians, Media, Unions, Special Interest Groups, Teachers (sorry) in many cases, University Proffessors, and many more .

    Interestingly enough and I could be wrong far to often those groups mentioned and others DO NOT full represent their members and it is far too often the Hard Left Activists that Control the Decision Making and a huge percentage that might disagree have no voice .

    I spend time in Israel and have very close ties there and it bothers me greatly that so many Activist Groups in North America and the EU unjustly call out for BDS against Israel yet as Bean and Jimbo pathetically attempt to point those very same Groups are far too busy fighting “The Right” in their own jurisdictions to call out Human Rights Abuses in Countries like China . Go figure .

    I hope I am still on bounds here but I can see how we (NATO) and other Free World Democracies could say call out Putin and Russia for their Transgressions but then partner in policing say Iran .

    It was not all that long ago when Churchill, Roosevelt/Truman partnered with one Dictator Stalin and perhaps the SecondvWorst Human ever to challenge the Most Evil Man ever Hitler and his War Machine .

    Immediately after the end of the War the Allies treated Stalin with contempt and hated him for what he did to his own population and other populations in Europe .

    It is a complicated world .

    Machiavelli – 29

    I would kindly suggest you re-read the opening Essay/Blog Topic at the top of the page, there was absolutely nothing in that piece or any response that reflects what you are attempting to put acro


  30. 13 says:

    In post #15 I veered off topic because I stopped directly referencing the content of post number one. Please allow me to correct that.
    The second to last paragraph clearly states that racism “is a horrible stain on mankind”. Then the breakdown is 50% of the population abhor racism and 50 % of the population embrace racism as a means to an end.
    How can such a grandiose, sweeping, generalization be allowed to stand? What can that statement be based on other than pure prejudice and bias .

  31. SB says:

    mainstream media quit being the 5th estate it has worked wonders kids want an Xbox and BMW they don’t know anything else , mainstream media became a tool to big money it’s worked wonders.

  32. hawgwash says:

    This is the latest on the UBCM and PRC cash for access. No conscience whatsoever.
    Being a non-twitterer, I hope the link works.

  33. DBW says:

    Harvey, your response to Max at #29 is just more finger pointing at some amorphous “LEFT”.

    I have no problem with people criticizing a stance a union or students or whomever take on a particular issue. If you want to criticize CUPW for its stance on BDS fine.

    But unless you know every single position an organization has taken, it becomes impossible to criticize them for being “silent” on something.

    Case in point. Somebody (following your broad stroke criticism of the LEFT) tossed out teachers. The BCTF have been vocal critics of the BC and federal government for a variety of reasons and people can oppose their positions if they want. (But not here as it would be off topic.)

    But did you know that there is a policy statement in the BCTF manual that reads

    “that the BCTF support the demand for a free Tibet, and ask the Canadian government to condemn the Chinese government’s brutal suppression of Tibetan freedom fighters.

    Don’t ask me why that particular policy is there. It has been on the books for a dozen or so years, but it is there. I can’t vouch for every policy statement on foreign affairs because I was skimming but there weren’t many and seemed pretty benign eg “encourage the Canadian government to promote a peace settlement in the middle east that will advance the sovereignty of Palestinians while protecting the people of Israel and Palestine from further violence”. Certainly nothing controversial along the lines of BDS.

    So why have they singled out China and not Russia or Venezuela. Who knows? Maybe another union has a policy on Venezuela. And CUPE actually does. Spoiler alert. You won’t like it. Feel free to criticize it if you want because that policy actually exists.

    But, rather than criticize organizations (that we don’t even belong to) for not doing something that we would like to see done, maybe we should follow the lead of this guy and do it ourselves.

    (Response: Interesting ..but I find it strange … apparently it’s not fair to lump/condemn all those left of center with radical or bigoted ideas expressed by a few … and I would agree with that ..EXCEPT I notice many, many times …on this blog and elsewhere in the news, among discussions I hear, how apparently it’s very okay to lump/condemn all those who hold conservative views because of radical or bigoted ideas expressed by a few on that side. How is that defensible? But frankly, although I personally lean a bit left, I hear/observe that much more often … esp in the media. As for the BCTF and Tibet, I have known teachers who really do NOT like to see the BCTF spending time … and members’ money …on supporting a whole range of issues like that …rather than do what they were set up to do … work on improving teachers’ conditions, wages, benefits and also educational standards and class sizes etc. Again, it’s a union whose leaders some teachers believe has been too militant on extraneous issues that the membership never asked them to take on … but most just go along and say nothing internally, for fear of having “problems” on the job. h.o)

  34. Gene The Bean says:

    DBW #34 – good comment and Harvey, good response.

    I personally don’t take offense when I am ‘lumped in’ but you have to put it into context.

    If someone votes for someone who is a racist and a bigot they indeed ‘may not’ be a racist or bigot themselves. But that doesn’t matter. If you support a racist – you are a racist. No amount of weasel words, icing or spin can make a difference. Your vote means you buy in. Your vote means you have that candidates back. Your vote means you support the candidates policies and moralities.

    So as a left of centre person if someone for some strange reason thinks I am anti-Israel because of that – they are mistaken. But if I vote for a candidate that is anti-Israel I am no better than him or her.

    Just being ‘in a group of like minded people’ has no affiliations except that but a vote is like a blood oath. That is why I smirk here when I read a comment from someone that supports and votes for a candidate that is anti-woman, anti-immigrant, anti-science and then says they are different. They are not (and they know it). They just don’t like it pointed out.

  35. BMCQ says:

    yes, there many Media, Politicians, Union Leadership, and others on the Left VERY Silent on China, maduro, and the rest but at least there is ONE Canadian Media Person who seems to get it .

    Terry Glavin of the National Post seems seems to have it figured out .

    For some amazing reason Glavin is not Bogged Down and FAR TOO Busy “Fighting the Right”
    to write about and speak out about China and many fo the rest who are allowed to do whatever they choose without any push back from the likes of PM Justin, Obama, The EU, Merkel, dtc.

    None of us are required to agree with all of what Glavin puts out but for sure he understands what is taking place in Oppressive Governments and how they attempt and DO influence free World Nations .
    (Edited…off topic)

    Perhaps there is an opportunity for change now that the U.S. finally has an Administration that is providing a Leadership, Backbone and Direction to Free Nations, will we follow that lead ?
    Somehow I feel the rest will leave the U.S. to lead the way on this .

    I must commend Minister Freeland for her Push Back against the ridiculous, moronic, and imbecilic, Statements and Musings by Leftist Liberal John McCallum, but did she puish back because she disagreed or because she did want want her Party and PM Justin to look the Fools they are ?

    What is the answer to that question ?

    Oh, and then there is this .

    It looks to me like Conservative Leader Andrew IS NOT Far too busy “Fighting the Right” to speak out on China . Imagine that !


    You will not see much of this on Global, BC, or the rest of Canadian Liberal Media Outlets .

  36. 13 says:

    50%. 1/2. of the people that cast votes in N America are racists. So sayeth the bean. Weve all taken a blood oath. We all need wiggle words to explain why we support
    Hard to argue with that rock solid logic.
    I think the majority of people that vote for conservatives are every bit as kind (wiggle) every bit as compassionate (wiggle) every bit a morally good as anyone else regardless of their blood oath. Wiggle

  37. DBW says:

    Sorry BMCQ continues to insist that union leaders, politicians and the media and others on the left are silent on China.

    Google search: Unifor on China human rights violations and this pops up.

    It’s their submission to Global Affairs expressing their concerns regarding a free trade agreement between Canada and China. Again, I skimmed but human rights were definitely part of the report.

    “China’s dismal human rights record is well documented and must be taken into critical
    consideration as exploratory FTA talks continue to unfold.”

    Google search oh I don’t know but let’s try “chinese human rights violations al jazeera” and this pops up.

    How about “the EU and Chinese human rights violations” and we get this.

    And the activists may get their wish of a stronger stance should Ursula von der leyen – a close ally of Angela Merkel – replace Jean Claude Juncker.

    And let me emphasize again, people have every right to criticize the left and people and groups on the left for the positions and actions they take on certain issues. I am not absolving Unifor and Al Jazeera and the EU of criticism.

    My whole point has been that you can’t fairly criticize someone for being silent and then equate that silence as proof of complicity or bigotry, especially when we aren’t even sure if they have been silent.

    And we really need to stop hunkering down into our left and right bunkers and stop lobbing insults at one another. Just debate the issues.

    (Response: You’re attempt to make it look Unifor stands up against human rights violations in China … falls short of the mark. What you refer to was a small part in self-serving attempt, two years ago, by Unifor to keep Chinese competition out of Canada in a brief submitted to the government opposing a possible free trade agreement with China. That’s a LOT different from singling out a nation at a convention Unifor did to Israel ..and lambasting and discriminating and trying to isolate an entire country in a bigoted, one-sided resolution that I would describe as anti-Semitism in its modern disguise. h.o)

  38. 13 says:

    I have been a union member since 1974. The past 15 years have been with UNIFOR. Trust me when I say they have never asked for my input on any global issues. They are hard to pin down to discuss direct local issues. The only time they even show a pulse is when they are between contracts and other unions want to raid their members

  39. Gene The Bean says:

    DBW #38
    “And we really need to stop hunkering down into our left and right bunkers and stop lobbing insults at one another.”

    Totally fair and hard to argue with. But when some people equate anonymous postings on a blog with a doctoral thesis – that message isn’t going to resonate.

  40. BMCQ says:

    DBW = 38

    I would not attempt to paint all unions or union members as not taking a stand against China or any other nation on Human Rights and the rest, that would not be fair .

    It is however obvious as we have seen far too many Left of Centre Groups including much of Union Leadership, Politicians, Women’s Groups and others DO NOT speak out against China and other Offenders the way they speak out the U.S., Israel, and others .

    Again, where are so many of them ?

    Then of course there is the UK Labour Party .

    Quite possibly the best example is the absolutely disgusting UK Labour Party and their Leader Corbyn and their Anti-Semitic behavior toward Israel, their blatant Anti Israel and Jewish Bias is so very transparent as you can see in my attachments in post 5 .

    I believe almost 50% of the Labour Party MP’s have either quit or threatened to leave the Labour Shadow Cabinet .

    No doubt there is also a very high number of Canadian Union Members that are very concerned with their Union taking Union Dues and funneling that money into very questionable
    organizations and causes .

    No doubt you must hve had questions and concerns with some of what the BCTF has done with Union Dues .

    Over the years I have heard many friends of mine complain a lot about the unacceptable allocation of their Union Dues to questionable groups or causes .

    I must admit before I finished reading your post I was of the same opinion as Harvey that far too often Unions attempt to look concerned about Human /Rights when in fact their real concern is cheap labour and cheap imports into this country .

    Please do not get me wrong about Unions being concerned about cheap labour and imports I feel exactly the same way .I find it rather interesting that Unions and POTUS Trump are on the same page .

    I must commend you on your opinion that “We must stop hunkering” etc., I wish more of us were as thoughtful as you .

    I include myself in that, I confess that too often I am a right against left guy .

    As someone that runs two Unionized Export YVR based Companies that employees people in the U.S., Australia, and the UK that compete with Chinese Import Product coming into this country I am very sympathetic with Canadian and U.S. Unions .

    I still however believe agree with most of the original premise of Harvey’s opening essay .

    Regarding your second last paragraph .

    I feel Leftist Groups and much of Union Leadership should speak out on what I call real issues and they insist on speaking out on “Flavour of the moment” SJW, PC issues that are really nothing more than pandering to some sort of base they think they have .

    To me it is obviously not a Base that maintains their convictions because if it was we would all be Hailing Prime Minister Singh !!

    Thank God once most Adults evolve once they start seeing their Hard Earned Tax Dollars wasted/squandered by Politicians .

    Having a family, a mortgage and other responsibilities has a dramatic affect on most of us as we mature in age .

  41. BMCQ says:

    Von der Leyen

    May well prove to be something Juncker, Tusk, Macron, Lofven, and the rest of EU Leadership are not and she may indeed make changes and speak out against China and other nations discussed, their Human Rights abuses and other Transgressions

    That would be a much needed and refreshing change from the Tea Sipping, Champaign Chugging, Caviar eating Elites of the EU and it’s Member nations.

    The biggest concern I might have is the fact that she might hold some or many of the same values and political leanings of Merkel . Merkel is really only Centre right when she is compared to the very left of EU Leaders .

    Yes the EU and every single Member Nation should speak out against China and the rest but it still appears to me that unless they make big changes almost immediately the EU is Doomed to Fail quite quickly, several more nations will soon push for more control of Borders and Migration or they are out .

    The EU Member Nations or Brussels itself are either in denial or stupid but no matter what they do it is far far too late, the Die has been Cast .

    It is just about ALL Over for most EU Nations, it may only take one generation more, perhaps two .

    In the meantime Von der Leyen, other EU Leaders, and EU Member Nation Leaders can be encouraged to speak out against Anti-Semitism in those same EU Nations, Jewish people are oppressed, persecuted, attacked, and killed all over the EU each and every day and it is virtually ignored by Leadership like Merkel, Lofven, Macron, and the rest . It Diagusts me .

    If PM Justin really wanted to do the right thing, make a name for himself, and curry favour with the UN he would Speak Out against that EU Anti-Semitism and offer Save Haven to Jewish People from thecEU, Northern Africa, and the Middle East, hevwould be saving thousands of lives and he would Enrich Canada .

    I would also encourage the Conservative Party and Andrew Scheer to consider the same, Canada can save lives and improve our Country all at the same time, let us not allow this opportunity to slip through our fingers .

    Disengenuous, non thinking, pandering Politicians keep telling us we in Canada need to immediately increase our population through Immigration, we have an opportunity to do just that by offering that Dage Haven to Minority Jews, let’s contact our Political MPs and strongly suggest they act now .

    Let us not miss this opportunity .

    All Canadian Political Leaders can begin to make a change immediately/today by speaking out on what we have discussed on this Blog Topic first thing Monday morning .

    Let’s see what Canadian Politicians and their Parties are made of .

    (Response: European countries do not have a great record of ever standing up for principles over self-interest: Russia has been brutally involved in taking over neighboring territories (Osetia, Crimea, part of Moldova) by force, shooting down a passenger aircraft and sending its troops into Ukraine; and yet, the EU is still buying LOTS of its natural gas from Russia, when alternatives are available; the EU vowed and promised Israel that if Iran EVER exceeds enrichment levels allowed under the nuclear treaty, the EU would suspend the treaty IMMIDIATELY … Iran exceeded its allowable limit last week and the EU did … nothing. China, Russia .. and now Iran know that apart from the UK, most of the EU will do nothing that requires them to sacrifice anything on principles. h.o.)

  42. e.a.f. says:

    why should the “leftists” speak out? they never said they were the good guys. the drill is these days, we’re better than the right and we’re more interested in providing better education and health services. As to “us lefties”, we are considered by many to be the “godless” ones, take it from there. If we are to be considered by some to be the “godless socialists” then why would be care about others. lets leave that for the Christians, who at last look were not any better.

    the countries discussed here really aren’t leftist countries, they’re dictatorships, they’re fascist countries, one could say Russia is a racist thugocracy.

    I’d like to know where all those religious types are.

    Venezuleau in my opinion wasn’t really about left, it was more about control and power. The best way for that to happen was to take a populist position. they never were left, they just talked socialism but never really practised it. it was easier to side with “communist countries” because the U.S.A. was some pissed with them and they did need some international protection.

    Same with Russia and China. china may have been communist, but that was a long time ago. It is now a capitalist dictatorship.

    Russia may once have been a communist country, but once Stalin became dictator all was lost. Since then its been a murderous dictatorship and now its a thugocracy led by Putin, who wants complete control over the U.S.A.

    Your response to me at my comment 13 regarding infiltration, etc. none of that is news to me. All those groups work where they can to attain what they can. Its no different than Communist China paying for a lovely soiree at the B.C. municipal leaders festival of fun and games. How many of those mayors are right and how many are left or centerists?

    As to Harper, lets keep it real. He was a P.M. who forced through Parliament 8 pieces of legislation which he had been advised were contrary to the Constitution and all 8 were over turned by the Supreme Court of Canada. His first act was to defund all women’s organizations. He tried to destroy the land system of the Indigenous people. He paid less for education and health care for Indigenous children. In my opinion Harper was a racist dictator in training. Had he won another term he would have gone the full deal.

    Scheer, have a look at the racists he hangs out with. Ford also. There is an old line about, you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas……Scheer needs to be fumigated…..good Christians don’t hang with racists for political advancement.

    Can’t say for sure who has more racists, the right or the left. might be a subject for some masters or PhD student. it works though for both sides to throw dirt at each other from time to time and makes a great topic for the blog. We have all come through with our usual opinions.

    (Response; Absolutely nothing about speaking out: it is an essential part of any democracy … and we do it on here every day. My problem is WHY are these supposedly equally concerned activists, unionists … so one-sided? Why are they so prolific in condemning almost everything and anything our democracies and allies do … but so reluctant, tepid or just simply ignoring so much of what those terrible LEFTIST regimes (or as you call them dictatorships) do to their own populations and often to their neighbours. I think … thanks to our discussions … I’ve figured it out: they mouth off, organize, protest, pass all kinds of resolutions and take actions against the US, Canada, UK, EU, Israel, Germany, Italy, etc. because they know WE are democracies, where people care, the media cover them and governments stand up and take notice; BUT in China, Russia, Venezuela ..and other disgraceful or murderous states like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Cuba etc. it’s a total waste of time … no one in power or the media there could care less … or will do anything except ignore, arrest, torture or even kill those activists if they could. That’s why the dictators so often get a free pass! h.o)

  43. 13 says:

    Once again I read a comment and become mystified, puzzled, confused. One poster says that people need to stop hunkering down in there left vs right and open themselves up to discourse. Everyone on this blog likely agrees that is an idea that deserves our attention. Then I read that one of the most vociferous anti conservative posters sees value in DBWs thesis.
    I can barely wait to see the earth move and change to occur.

  44. e.a.f. says:

    13, at #44: the earth will only move if there is an earthquake and then we will see inequity at its finest. Do not expect anything to change any time soon. Those with money will helicopter out of the area and leave it behind.

    Just look at what Quebec has done and what dtrump tweeted out over the weekend and this morning.

    Change does not come voluntarily.
    Do not hold “left” wingers to a higher standard than “right” wingers. All people come to the table with their own agendas. The middle/working class wants better health care/education for their kids so they can move up the ladder. they really aren’t interested in those in the poverty class.

    It is only when they see they can get some thing out of change, that things actually change. i.e. it is usually only after it becomes accepted knowledge that paying for specific social programs that governments and financial 1%ers , middle/working class are willing to pay for changes. Until everyone is free to sleep under bridges.

    (Response: Here’s a perfect example of where Canada could and should take steps to rein in China’s unfair trading practices and its treatment of Canada : h.o)

  45. e.a.f. says:

    Thank you for the link. I hope everyone reads it. Saw it on the news and did wonder why Canada didn’t pick a couple of the companies and simply ban their products. They could start by banning canned fruit, which we already have in Canada. We do not need canned peaches, pears, etc from China. its not like we can’t get them here, or the U.S.A., Europe, etc. There would be impact but nothing any one except those trading in it would get upset about. It at least would send China a message. Their trade war with the U.S.A. isn’t helping their economy, it might give Xi pause to re think his relationship with Canada.

    If all of this keeps up, Trump wants a trade war with france it would appear. We could have a world where you aline with the U.S.A. or China or you can go with the independents and amongst those would be Canada

    a little off topic, but in my opinion some of the former eastern block countries, now that they have benefited to the tune of billions from the E.U. may decide to leave and cosy up to Russia/Putin. that will leave western Europe back on its own. At that time it might be to our benefit to be more aligned with them and other slightly more civilized countries, like Japan, S. Korea, Australia, N.Z., Taiwan, etc.

    (Response: China is clearly a country that responds to weakness by becoming even more aggressive. And they have seen that, while Western nations TALK human rights, we basically do NOTHING to back that up … if it will impact any of our businesses. That’s why China has become even bolder … in its latest dispute with Canada … and IT”S TIME FOR TRUDEAU/CANADA to DO SOMETHING!!! That link above shows MANY opportunities to do so … and Trudeau will definitely LOSE my vote if he does NOTHING … and the unjust imprisonment of our Canadians and the unjust banning of several Canadian products goes UNANSWERED! h.o)

  46. BMCQ says:

    Whether it be Tainted Food, remember the Melamine Catastrophe, Counterfeit Machinery and even Airplane Parts, Legal Drugs, Illegal Drugs, Steroids, Fentanyl , Free World Nations like Canada
    must be on guard for suspect Chinese Imports and aain, this subject should be part of the Discussion from the current Election Campaign run .

    We must also recognize that the vast majority of New Canadian Chinese have just much concern as long time Canadians .

    Let’s fact it this could be/is a situation that could be Life Altering or even worse for any of us, especially the young, old, and those with a compromised system .

    “China IS NOT Our Friend”

    Sure a couple of people wee charged, convicted, on a Kangaroo Court and executed but trust me they wee more than likely just the “Fall Guys” , the real culprits did not come anywhere near a Court House . That is the way in China, it is easy to come up with the Sacrificial Lamb to sacrifice for the real Criminals, very easy .

    The saddest thing is the fact that those Sacrificial Lambs do not even attempt to fight back as their is No One willing to investigate and litigate on their behalf .

    They are for sure resigned to their fate, they know they have no chance to fight back against the system .

    I keep warning people on this Blog about “Soylent Green”, trust me I am not far off, in China we could very well already be there !

    God I wish more Media would do more on this !

  47. 13 says:

    @eaf, sometimes I guess I dont make myself clear. Or perhaps you play me like a trout. My earthquake comment was directed at one particular poster that cried out that we must try to refrain from hurling insults at one another while almost every post he makes contains insults of every kind directed at anything remotely connected with anything conservative.
    @Harvey your Nat Post piece outlining the golden opportunities to retaliate against China should open more than a few eyeballs.
    Unions and there fake ideology
    The BCGEU preach anti workplace bullying. Laughable as they really cant do much for any private sector workplace.
    Can someone tell me how the ILWU manages to look past the misdeeds of the endless flotilla of container ships at Vanterm Centerm (Dubai Port), Delta Port, and Fraser Surrey Docks.
    Can someone tell me how the Port Authority manages to look past the same misdeeds as their unionized work force.
    Seems to me if you closed that porthole you would get attention in a hurry especially id the USA was to participate.
    Maybe Justin can put on his big boy pants and give Donald a call?

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