Stanley Park: See What Life is Like Under the GREENS!

Every British Columbian even THINKING of voting GREEN in the next civic, provincial or federal should drive through Stanley Park.

Because I firmly believe, THIS is what the GREENS would do to the entire road system in Vancouver or other city or provincial or federal roadways and bridges … if ever given the power to do it!

Imagine full lanes shut down for bikes only on the Granville or Cambie Bridges (already done on Burrard); plus full traffic lanes in both directions for bikes only on Highway 99, including the Massey Tunnel; the same on Barnet Highway; and, YES, full traffic lanes in both directions on Highway 1, for bikes only, right to Abbotsford … maybe even Chilliwack … or????

And to hell with the backups, dangers, disruptions that would all cause for motorists, truckers … their lives and/or the economy.

Not possible? Take a look at the Vancouver Park Board, where GREENS/COPE control five of the seven elected seats.

Their governance style reminds me of the Ayatollahs: driven by ideology; fueled by fanaticism; and, oblivious to the pleas, positions and petitions of the public.

And Stanley Park shows exactly what life is like when GREENS get control.

I predicted it before …and I now believe it more than ever: the fix was “in” at a public meeting last Thursday to discuss the full opening of Stanley Park’s roadways, after thousands signed a petition and hundreds spoke out in support of that request.

They pointed to the harm the closure has done to the handicapped, the elderly, families, tourism, businesses and employed staff in the park and some even questioned the road closure’s legality.

No matter.

The Ayatollahs went ahead with THEIR plan for only a “partial” re-opening … and, adding to the farce they made of “public consultation”, the installation of thousands of road dividers to implement THEIR plan began soon after the meeting ended.

Now we can see the results of what the GREENS, with their COPE allies, have wrought on Stanley Park.

Ugly! Unwelcoming! Depressing! Dangerous! Nasty!

What the GREENS haver done is an insult to Mother Nature and the beauty that used to be Vancouver’s heritage gem: it looks more like a huge construction site or terrible accident scene… with NOTHING green or pleasant about it.

I drove through the park Tuesday morning: navigating the orange-coned obstacle course; concentrating hard on the many lane-shifting maneuvers needed and the several still-blocked roads and parking areas; trying to read/observe the complex and sometimes ludicrous (see below) traffic signs placed along the way; worried about traffic backing up behind me; all the while watching out for pedestrians at crosswalks, who seemed less intimidated by the cars … that stopped for them … but fearful of speeding cyclists, who did not!

Moving the cyclists from the seawall to the road has definitely made it much more dangerous for pedestrians trying to cross the road from the parking lots on the left, to the seawall and viewpoints on the right.

And not even the cyclists are served well by the Ayatollah’s opening up of a full cycling traffic lane around the park … while banning them from the seawall..

Did the Board forget there’s that huge 7% uphill grade on the road from Lumberman’s Arch to Prospect Point: the entire right lane is reserved for cyclists, but I only saw ONE cyclist even trying to do the very steep grind; others were walking their bikes up (resting on the way); or had turned away before the climb; or, maybe, shhh … reverted to the flat seawall, despite the Ayatollahs banning them from there.

And yet, halfway up the very steep hill, where most cyclists were struggling with walking, not riding … was that ludicrous Park Board road sign: “Slower Cyclists Keep Right”.

LOL! Who said bureaucrats have no sense of humour!

But what is still no joke is the remaining exclusionary/discriminatory treatment of those who use a vehicle to get around … the handicapped, the elderly, tourists, families.

The Park Board has still BLOCKED all vehicles from a truly iconic location in Stanley Park … Brockton Point: vehicles a forced to turn away at the cutoff before the point; CYCLISTS ONLY are given access to the Harry Jerome statue, the Nine O-Clock Gun, the Brockton Point Lighthouse and magnificent Burrard Inlet/North Vancouver/Burnaby viewpoints.


Once more, this is life under the GREEN Ayatollahs!

And that’s not all: also blocked … even though they enter and exit on the left, with NO impact on the cycling lane, are access/egress points to/from the North Shore. No reason I could see for that, other than nastiness.

The only way to exit is also through Georgia Street eastbound: all other vehicle exits are blocked.

Also still blocked … incredibly …are almost all the parking/access to Prospect Point viewpoint, the Cafe, the Teahouse.

How can they possibly operate/survive with so much of their parking eliminated? All that is missing is a green-shirted storm trooper standing in front … shooing away anyone who dares to try to enter/dine there!

This really is ideology gone mad! And the GREENS are responsible for it.

And there’s absolutely NO need for any of it. For 100 years, cars, bicyclists, unicyclists, pedestrians, hikers, joggers, skateboarders, tour buses, even horse-drawn trolleys have all shared the park … thanks to the seawall, the sidewalk and the roads all around and through it …. without a serious accident problem or injuries or disturbances.

Covid-19 is NOT a justifiable reason for what the Park Board is now inflicting on and dividing our citizens: it’s just the excuse to pursue their car-hating campaign.

This truly was a disturbing “visit” through Vancouver’s most famous icon.

I actually felt relieved when I got out, and then realized it had been such an unpleasant, dangerous driving experience, I had not actually noticed … let alone enjoyed … the actual park, its setting, the scenery!

But EVERY British Columbian should brave it … and take the drive if it’s within access.

The Stanley Park road mess is the first experience Vancouver, BC and Canada have of what life is like under actual GREEN government.

And it’s certainly not something I believe most would ever want to see expanded elsewhere.

Harv Oberfeld

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42 Responses to Stanley Park: See What Life is Like Under the GREENS!

  1. Gilbert says:

    I agree. The Green Party is a disaster and doesn’t belong in government. They’re even worse than the federal Liberals.

    (Response: Watching how dictatorial, one-sided, unrelenting, ideological and unresponsive the GREENS have been to even reasonable requests from the driving public and businesses, despite petitions, delegations, public appeals, it makes me wonder how/why I actually voted Green in the past: not anymore!! h.o)

  2. Harry lawson says:


    this will all end up before the courts,

    consultation is not like minded people saying all right, consultation must be meaningful w,must be with all stakeholders, police ,fire ,ambulances. (response times will be affected ) there are volumes of case law that defines consultation. the lawyers will get rich and the taxpayer will get shafted by paying the cost of judgements..

    i am sure some group will go to court to get a injunction to open the park up ,just think the corporate entities that we thought were destroying our parks ,may actually save them .

    (Response: As I drove around, I kept thinking of MANY stories I could have done: just stand at the Brockton Point blockade and ask diverted drivers how they feel about being barred from Brockton point and the lighthouse parking spots there by the GREENS/COPE; or spend an hour half way up the hill interviewing upset, panting cyclists who have been barred by the GREENS/COPE from the seawall so now must walk all the way up the two kilometer steep road to Prospect Point; another story just at the Prospect point Cafe showing the ridiculous, confusing road configuration and parking ban/barricades imposed under the Ayatollahs … and also showing the economic impact on the likely almost empty restaurant; cyclists totally speeding on some of the downhills, not wearing helmets, ignoring crosswalking pedestrians near the totems or Aquarium areas; and, how to even get out of the park in a vehicle … only via Georgia Street …since ALL the street exits along Beach, Nelson Alberni etc …have been blocked off. Totally ridiculous …LOTS of potential stories … and I believe more dangerous than restoring the road to the way it was, without serious problems, for 100 years. ho)

  3. BMCQ says:

    Well stated Harvey !

    The arrogance, the warped sense of values and fairness, the uncaring display of vengeance, and the cruel actions taken by the Vancouver Parks Board and their accomplice the Drunk with Power Moronic Mayor of Vancouver and City Council is nothing less than one might have seen in England under King John .

    Of course people were not tortured and “Heads Did Not Roll” but the despicable power mad Marxists that are the “Greens and their allies COPE have very quickly without any sightings of democracy or consideration of seniors, the disabled, young families, restaurants, retailers, tourists, tourist escorts, and so many more have proven that “Power Corrupts “ .

    I know TOO many here think this whole assault on Democracy carried out by the Criminals at Parks Board, the Mayor and Council is a “Nothing Burger” but the action taken here illustrates to anyone willing to understand, observe, and digest the methods and strategy employed during the power grab that some people in our society are truly no different than the Mullahs and Marxist whom we were warned about and always taught to fear .

    You have done a lot to expose this heinous attack on Democracy Harvey and I hope all of your hard work is remembered by the good residents of Vancouver next Election Day .

    Thank you .

    (Response: You’re welcome. I am very proud that I was pretty well the first, on this “hobby” blog, to start sounding the alarm May 3 and protesting the terrible discrimination and exclusionary Park Board policies that hurt so many handicapped and frail elderly: TOTALLY blocking vehicle access to Stanley Park and removing parking from the city’s waterfront parks and beach areas. It took four weeks and four more blogs on the topic before the media and the public and the pundits caught onto it … and since then, the coverage has ben HUGE! Even if, so far, only PARTLY effective: more work to do!! h.o)

  4. R says:

    When is the next election ?

    (Response: Next municipal election Oct. 2022. That’s a long enough time for the Park Board and Council to make things a lot better for the majority of the citizens … or a lot worse. h.o)

  5. nvg says:

    H.O.: “I actually felt relieved when I got out, and then realized it had been such an unpleasant, dangerous driving experience……”

    You mean you drove all the way around the Park, and didn’t park your car to take in the scenery?

    (Response: This was a “working” research visit … just for my blog/readers. Hope you appreciate the efforts I go to so I can educate you. h.o)

  6. BMCQ says:


    Great post, the Tea House, the Prospect Point and any other business (the Aquarium) under legitimate threat of closure should do a “Crowd Funding” to gather funds to put together a court challenge directed at the Parks Board .

    At he same time I believe it would be advisable that the Downtown Business Association form an alliance with the Stanley Park businesses, others like the Commercial Drive business, the NPA, any other interested groups against the “War on the Car”, to share strategies, legal representation, and cash from the Go Fund collections to fight the undemocratic decisions and actions by the Vancouver Parks Board, Mayor, and Council .

    That same Go Fund Me Page should provide a place where a Petition against the actions by the Parks Board and Council can be signed, this would ensure that many thousands opposed can show their displeasure by signing .

    Some of those Funds could also be used to fund Pro Democracy Free Enterprise Politicians wishing to run for Parks, Mayor, or Council .

    This is not just about Vancouver and Vancouver residents it is about all Canadians and every single tourist that travels to Vancouver to visit it’s Crown Jewel, Stanley Park .

    (Edited… off topic)

  7. 13 says:

    I cant remember when I fist started hating the “Greens”.
    Was it Point Grey RD
    Was it the insanity of the Burrard Bridge Granville and Cambie bridges.
    Perhaps it was the network of bike lanes downtown.
    Without a doubt the removal of parking spots by the eye clinic on 10th ave at Willow to accommodate two wheelers
    Piss on people that cant see. Let them walk blocks to get to the clinic. The spandex crowd is capable of parking their Cannondale and watching people with limited or no vision attempt to walk a block or two.
    The erection of that IDIOTC windmill on Grouse mountain.
    Now they have taken over 50% of the pavement at Stanley Park. It made my blood boil when I saw some moron on his/her Bianchi rocketing past little kids on the seawall.The roadways at Stanley Park were perfect for sharing. Cars were limited to 30 kph the idiots racing on the seawall could easily maneuver around the slow law abiding automobiles.
    BTW I owned a Cannondale and a Bianchi and rode them 14 klms every day for years to get to work. Always on the Lougheed Hwy or other roads in and around POCO.
    Odd I never felt the need for a bike lane.
    The fact that a party that has 3 seats has made hypocrites of the NDP makes me sick.
    The once proud NDP party of the Teamsters CAW IBEW and so many othe hard working people that rely on construction to earn money to buy homes raise families and support other business. Now with the Greens holding the strings Horgan does an idiot tight rope act. The only unions the NDP care about are BCGEU Cupe etc.
    Its hard to pick one event that highlites the Green destruction of BCs economy.
    Good Luck to Wally Opal.

    (Response: Well, I have never “hated” them: as I said I have voted Green and support some of their environmental goals/principles. But I NEVER believed they would be so dictatorial, such car-haters to the point of ridiculousness (Brockton Pont, NO access to/from the North Shore, barricading/blocking access to restaurants, only ONE exit from the entite park, onto Georgia Street etc.) and so dismissive of public opinions/petitions/delegations … just like dictators, Ayatollahs, fascists! h.o)

  8. D. M. Johnston says:

    The Green Party is just appeasing its base, which includes HUB, the anarchy cycle types.

    In my book, the Greens have committed political hari-kari, with their many daft decisions and as a party, they are now radio active.

    The cycle zealots sold out to Vision Vancouver and the the current mayor and the Greens are the rump of that party and will not last the next election.

    As my dad said during his stint in the North Atlantic in 44-45; when you have idiots in charge, do not be surprised at the results.

    But Stanley park isn’t what it used to be and what was a Gem of Vancouver, has become rather Ho-Hum, a tourist trap and no longer a desirable place to visit.

    Time to find other places of beauty in the region and enjoy fresh venues, as Stanley park has become a cliche of once was and never more.

    (Response: I really am serious when I say EVERY voter even thinking of voting GREEN should take a look at the disgrace, chaos, ugliness, ideological extremism they have wrought on Stanley Park. Just imagine what they would do to YOUR community, your provincial roads/highways if they were in power to do so!!! Forget about their shallow, meaningless promises during election campaigns to work with communities and the public … they are just like the Ayatollahs: once they get power, they act like extremist dictators. And clearly, petitions signed by thousands, delegations, appeals for consultation does not divert them from their ideological fascist style of governing… very dangerous and damaging. h.o)

  9. nvg says:

    Funny you should mention “Brockton Point: vehicles are forced to turn away.” & “For 100 years, cars, bicyclists, …/b> ”

    because back ….. 101 years ago
    The first recorded traffic jam is on July 1st when 500 cars pass through Brockton Point every 8 minutes

    (Response: Brockton Point truly is a key attraction in the park … and should be accessible by EVERYONE … yes, even handicapped and elderly who can only get there by vehicle…. complete with parking spots for them to stop, sit and enjoy the sights, even if they can’t get out of their vehicles. To reserve it for ONLY cyclists and the VERY fit (those able to run/hike there) is disgraceful and should have no place in our society ..especially a supposedly GREEN one! h.o)

  10. DBW says:

    Is Doctor Henry a Mullah wannabe when she said this last week.

    She called the current restriction on cars to allow room for walking and cycling “a really good thing” that has given people a way to get outside and be active during the pandemic.

    “I personally would be in favour of keeping it that way and reducing the number of cars on our roads and making our cities more amenable to active transport,” Henry said.

    (Response: Dr Henry is of course entitled to her personal view: that I felt were spoken like a true elitist athletically able runner. However I was disappointed with how ignorant BC’s top health official was and dismissive and exclusionary she was of the realties of people with REAL disabilities and frailties … amputees, mobility challenged, frail elderly, families etc.: suggesting they take a special bus to get around Stanley Park is dumb, cold and cruel … and goes against everything so many have fought for for decades …accepting, welcoming and accommodating EVERYONE in our society, including those who need vehicles to get them around. h.o)

  11. BMCQ says:

    Dr. Henry, Fauci, and the deceitful Dr. Tam, the W.H.O. and their Modelling has been wrong every step of the way .

    Taking that into account Covid 19 and the spread of the Pandemic is not an exact science but none the less Henry and Dix have done a very good job with their almost daily reporting . I am more than impressed how Dix who is so very uncomfortable in his own akin and an introvert has stepped right up and led, he deserves great credit .

    Having said that, IMHO Henry over stepped when she commented about the future of the Stanley Park Roadways, she POLITICIZED her position and in my opinion she lost credibility with many .

    Would she feel the same way if elderly, physically disabled, or other affected family or friends could not access Brockton Point or the Tea House ?

    We do not know the answer to that question but I for one am disappointed in Henry, she should know better .

    I am only guessing but I believe she spoke “Off the cuff” and it she could she would like a “Do Over” .

    Contrary to comments up the page, Stanley Park and everything I has to offer is STILL
    the “Crown Jewel” of a City that is because of the Vancouver Parks Board, the imbecilic Mayor, and Council quickly descending into a “Tail Spin” of “Chaos” and Neglect .

    Vancouver is quickly becoming a “Cesspool of Broken Humanity” and there are “NO Adults” in charge . The very sad part of all of this is the fact that it will only get worse .

    Stanley Park is perhaps the second most significantly important Municipal Park in North America next to Central Park in New York, no matter one attempts to “Spin it”, Stanley Park is still Stanley Park, no ifs, no ands, and no buts about it .

    To claim otherwise is just silly and juvenile, facts are facts no matter how one might wish to change them .

  12. helena handcart says:

    I guess the “Ayatollahs” have infiltrated NYC

    From a news report dated 27 June 2018;

    “At last, Central Park is permanently car-free”

    It’s official: As of this morning, much of Central Park is car-free below 72nd Street. To celebrate, city officials, along with members of Transportation Alternatives—which has pushed for a vehicle-less park since the 1970s—hosted a bike ride last night that followed behind the last car to drive through the park.

    “For more than a century, we had turned parts of the world’s most iconic park into a highway—and starting tonight, we have officially taken it back for good,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement. “We are prioritizing the safety and the health of the millions of people who flock to Central Park.”

    The change applies only to the West, Center, East, and Terrace drives in the park below 72nd Street, with the transverse roads at 66th and 79th streets unaffected. Previously, the De Blasio administration banned cars north of 72nd Street, with the transverse roads at 86th and 96th streets still open to cars and buses.

    “Our city is full of cars. They clog up the streets, they line practically every block. Central Park was meant to be a different kind of place—a place for people,” TransAlt’s Paul Steely White said in a statement. “We’ve worked for years gathering signatures, holding rallies and winning supporters, never knowing for sure if this day would ever come, so we’re elated to usher in a new car-free era for Central Park.”

    (Response: Total red herring. I am very familiar with Central Park: have explored, enjoyed it many, many times since I was 15 years old and stayed in NYC with family. VERY different from Stanley Park in many, many ways. First of all, TOTALLY surrounded right up to and on all its sides by roads, condos, office towers, museums, shopping, restaurants … not water; also traversed by SEVERAL roads that go right through east/west; and, thanks to its long narrow layout, with roads on all sides, every area/attraction of the park is much more easily accessible from the sides or top or bottom than, say, the totems, Brockton Point, Prospect point etc. Any Council or Park Authority in NYC that, through its actions, de facto BARRED and/or DENIED ACCESS to any handicapped or elderly persons would be forced to back down, retract even resign from office within a week…. or less. h.o)

  13. BMCQ says:

    The Central Park claim is absolutely ridiculous .

    Have you ever been to New York ? Have you seen with your own eyes how Central Park is surrounded by residential, commercial, towers, retail stores, restaurants, and Parking where access is easy and available at any time ?

    Have you seen where families with young children, oldsters, physically disabled in wheel chairs or other wise can access the park at any given area surrounding the whole park ?

    On top of all that we must remember that Stanley Park is basically a peninsula almost like a sore thumb sticking off the end of the Vancouver Downtown West End and he access is very limited even with all traffic lanes open to vehicular traffic .

    At best a very weak and anemic argument . One might even venture a guess that the argument presented could be somewhat disingenuous .

    By any chance might you be a “Green or Cope” Vancouver Parks Board Commissioner, a Vancouver City Council Member, or perhaps even the Mayor of Vancouver ?

  14. BMCQ says:


    I just received a phone call by someone important to me that suggested my last two paragraphs in my response to you were uncalled for and “Snarky” .

    I agree with that opinion, I see the error and I would like to apologize . I do not believe you meant anything disingenuous .

    I always enjoy your contributions and would not want to any way discourage you from posting by uncalled for criticism of something you post .

    After all, I am always talking about how it is the argument, the discussion, and the debate that make the H.O. blog so very enjoyable so if some of us are a little over the top it would not be fair .

  15. helena handcart says:

    Bob, I don’t remember claiming anything about anything. I merely reported a published article. You are the one conflating every comment that I make.
    These days, KIR is like being trapped on a long flight, between two aggressive drunks. There is an excuse for your hyperbolic ramblings, but as a former professional writer, Harvey knows the power of his words and might want to consider using them more prudently. I wonder what has happened to the commenters on here? Have you no joy in your lives? The remarks about the respected Dr Henry are beyond the pale. Try to see life in a more positive way. Be kind.

  16. DBW says:

    Harvey I was surprised at your comment about Dr.Henry.

    I used her quotation on the Stanley Park issue to call attention to your constant hyperbolic name calling of the people who have a difference of opinion. Right now she is the most respected person in the province. I thought by drawing attention to her opinion you would realize since she wasn’t a fascist Mullah then perhaps neither are any of the other people who might have a differing opinion from you. Instead you doubled down and called her elitist and how “dismissive and exclusionary she was of the realities of people with REAL disabilities” Really??

    Let’s be clear. She has been consistent that we go slow in reopening, that we remain vigilant, that we don’t lose sight of what is important. That the pandemic is not behind us. Everybody – EVERYBODY – thought that closing the roads around Stanley Park was a good thing. We are now in the reopening stage.

    Go slow. One lane is probably fine on a temporary basis. Re-evaluate as things improve. And by using this opportunity to see how reduced traffic affects the park they can make a more informed decision later.

    The park is open to traffic. Give it a chance. I honestly don’t understand the continued outrage.

    (Response: Who did I name call? As a blogger, I … and many who comment on here … do sometimes use strong adjectives and adverbs to describe actions and positions, but do not engage in name calling. As for Dr Henry’s statement, she was NOT asked about or was defending the previous go-slow policies, but on what was in store for Stanley Park access in the future. And I was very disappointed, even surprised, at her apparent ignorance of the implications and impact and, frankly, even selfishness her preference would have on people who can only access the park in a car (not on a bus!) The park should be open and conveniently open to ALL …not just the physically elite. h.o)

  17. helena handcart says:

    Speaking of “Snarky”… that’s what happens when our comments cross in the middle.
    Happy trails.

  18. nonconfidencevote says:

    Well the only thing more hypocritical than the Greens in Van City Clowncil is Hizzoner Kennedy Stewart.
    It takes a special person for me to actually pine for Gregor Moonbeam with his “deer in the headlights” stare………
    Banning Police Checks as the Fentynal crisis ramps up once again.
    Politically Correct posturing as record numbers of people OD.
    Vote pandering Politicians….. a pox on them all.

  19. D. M. Johnston says:

    As I have said, the Green party has become “radioactive”. Arrogance, spiced with utter stupidity has made the Greens undetectable.

    I am puzzled by Mr. B’s tirade about Fausi, Tam and others, really has nothing to do about the current park problem.

    The cycle lobby, through the Greens on the parks board, made a traffic lane bike only, but this was to be expected, Covid 19 was the instrument to do this.

    What must be done is to ensure the Greens are never elected again and convey that to every “Green” candidate running in the next election. Other than that, our political system has devolved into the strong man democracy, where the majority rules via an iron fist, as perfected by Gordon Campbell and Harper and now practiced by a certain Trump.

    Stanley park has become stale and no longer holds any charm and it is time to find other BC Gems.

    One feels like Don Quixote, dueling with windmills when dealing with politics in BC.

    (Response: I’m not sure we should even have an elected Park Board. Do people really study who they’re voting for or even detailed party policies in regards to parks? Maybe an appointed committee of city councilors and widely based community groups would be better? The way it works now, with low voter turnouts, it’s much too easy for activist and radical groups to gain seats, and as we’ve seen, power. h.o)

  20. Harry lawson says:

    To all

    with respect, i enjoy every everybodies comments we may agree to disagree, so lets not make personal comments

    we are some what mature

  21. DBW says:

    My apologies Harvey. Name calling was the wrong term. I should have used this instead.

    ad hominem

    1: appealing to feelings or prejudices rather than intellect

    2: marked by or being an attack on an opponent’s character rather than by an answer to the contentions made

    Fascists. Mullahs. Comparisons to Nazi Germany and the master race etc etc.

    None of that addresses the issue of opening the park.

    A month ago, even you said you would be OK with sharing the road. And here we are:
    the road is now open and being shared.

    In the US we are seeing spikes in covid -19 – in record numbers in some cases – so I still don’t understand the continued outrage at this policy of a shared roadway as we cautiously try to get back some normalcy.

    Does that make me a fascist car-hating Mullah who is selfish and elitist and uncaring of seniors and people with disabilities.?

    (Response: Yes, I still have no problem with sharing … yes, SHARING … the road during the pandemic period long as it is done fairly. But that is NOT what the fascist style governance by the GREENS/COPE has achieved. I believe their fanatical ideological hate on for cars/drivers is still highly visible: in the blockage of vehicle entries/exits to/from the North shore … even though they are BOTH on the side AWAY from the bike lane; the barring of all vehicles from Brockton Point/Lighthouse viewpoint is ridiculous, nasty; their removal of an entire parking lot and almost all the road parking at Prospect Point is not sharing, it’s vicious and seems to target/keep away anyone in a vehicle who would like to stop and visit or eat there; and the barricading of any vehicles from exiting on Beach Ave, Nelson and/or Alberni just seems to me as totally unnecessary … and in my opinion absolutely NOTHING to do with Covid … just hate for cars and those who want/need them…. the cumulative message being: not sharing, but those in vehicles stay away … or we’ll make your life/access/attempts to enjoy the park or visit sites/businesses there as miserable as we can. h.o)

  22. nvg says:

    @Harvey Lawson ” lets not make personal comments”

    examples like:

    BMCQ Drunk with Power Moronic Mayor of Vancouver and City Council

    nonconfidencevote Clowncil is Hizzoner Kennedy Stewart.

    nonconfidencevote Gregor Moonbeam

    (Response: Let’s keep it real! Or are you just trolling? DBW had referred to MOI … as follows: “your constant hyperbolic name calling of the people who have a difference of opinion”. I pointed out I may use opinionated descriptive adjectives or adverbs referring to various proponents or their positions but I don’t name-call… and, to his credit, DBW has since apologized. As for others, yes, some do ….that’s their responsibility, not mine: at the same time realizing that people in the public eye or in power sometimes have to endure nicknames etc., but I do try to stem personal references/remarks directed at anyone on here a contributor disagrees with on any issue. h.o)

  23. helena handcart says:

    Speaking of red herrings… the war on the automobile has nothing to do with the Greens. It has been going on for decades. ALL parties have tried to criminalize car ownership and force us into public transit. (almost a joke in BC). It is time that us old geezers got the message. The car is going the way of the dinosaurs. Many young people do not drive and have no intention of getting a license. Remember when you could not wait until you were 16 and could get in the family car? Those days are gone. Gas tax, parking tax, “just because we can” tax. All designed to get you off the road.
    Look at the EU. They are using their Galileo GPS system to track all vehicles ( a Galileo chip is mandatory in all cars) so that they can impose a road pricing system. How long do you think that it will be before that is implemented here.
    Vote for whoever you want. It won’t make a bit of difference.

    (Response; Nothing wrong with encouraging people to forego cars for transit or walking or cycling: it’s great for the environment, health. But what the GREENS ..and, yes, it’s the GREENS … have done in their first elected office control scenario is not encouragement: they(with their even more (in my view) radical lefty allies COPE) imposed nasty, hurtful, fascist-style anti-car governance. BE WARNED BC! If you want to see how awful, dictatorial, elitist and exclusionary life would be under the GREENS take a drive through Stanley Park … and rethink, as I have done, ever voting to actually put them in power at any civic, provincial or federal level. h.o)

  24. 13 says:

    DBW taken at face value your assertion that the Vancouver Parks Board is simply being cautious and is worried about peoples health might have some validity. If there were no track record of road closures, bridge closures , and and endless array of dead end streets, diversions, sky high parking fees, no gas stations in the West end, militant cycling groups like hub. But as I see it Harvey is looking through clear spectacles and seeing what is obvious except to someone walking with a white cane and a guide dog. Ill accept Harveys take on what is going on . A war on the car by a group of people hell bent on ridding the parks of cars and not very cleverly trying to use a pandemic as a smoke screen

  25. BMCQ says:

    Harvey – second to last response to DBW where he said “Harvey I was surprised” etc .

    I believer your original statement about Dr. Henry and the response to DBW was thoughtful, fair, and well reasoned .

    I believe that Dix has done an excellent job with Covid 19, he deserves a congratulations and he gets my respect . Dr. Henry has also done a very good job even though mistakes have been made by W.H.O., Tam, Henry, Fauci, and several others . I believe Dr. Henry is the most credible out of any of the Health Officials .

    Having said that I am as I think you are I am disappointed that Dr. Henry even bothered to comment on the Stanley Park roadway issue . I do not need to add more as you explained your position very very well .

    Personally I really do not care if any politician is called various names, it helps the poster get a point across and it allows that poster to show disdain, look at how most of the posters here refer to Gordon Campbell, Christy Clark, Stephen Harper, and the “Bad Orange Man” Donald Trump, are those just mentioned not called names on a regular basis ? Hell, I believe one regular has always referred to Stephen harper as “Heir Harper” . Can anyone that resides in Delta recall that label ?

    I do not recall anyone calling attention to the criticism and name calling of the Conservative thinkers and politicians I just mentioned . Or did I miss that ?

    I strongly believe that the Vancouver Parks Board, the Mayor of Vancouver and the Vancouver City Council often do behave like Fascists and the rest of the names given them . Facts are facts and I do not believe there is any denying that .


    I am curious, do you not accept any of the concerns and worries that Restaurants, Retail, Tour Operators, and so many groups that represent seniors, physically disabled, and so many others have voiced ?

    With your parents connection to Stanley Park you surely must be familiar with the problems that will arise with the restriction to one lane for vehicular traffic, you are also aware of the dozens of parking stalls taken away from the Tea House, and other venues, you are also aware that it is quite a hike from Denman St. if you can find parking to each and every single venue including the Bowling Green with Parking and a congested roadway .

    Then of course as Harvey points out the fact that the exits and entries have now been restricted and anyone wishing to navigate their way around Stanley Park, enter it, or exit the park , will be inconvenienced beyond reason .

    Do we not now between Covid 19, a faltering economy, a ban on tourism, restaurants bars, night clubs, and other business closing permanently and so much more have enough to contend with ?

    Do we really need to make it more difficult and in some cases impossible for all of those mentioned over the past two weeks or so to access and enjoy Stanley Park ?

    Surely you must have just an inkling of an idea that this whole action taken by the Parks Board, the Mayor, and council is nothing less than a “War on the Car”, nothing less .

    For those of you interested a lot of the influence and mentoring for much of the beliefs and ideology of former Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, his Council, current Mayor Kennedy Stewart, his council and the Vancouver Parks Board as many other similar councils, and politicians world wide comes from the group headed by former Vancouver politician David Cadman . Not sure if Cadman is still the Head of this organization but you might find it of interest .

    Helena – thanks

    One day we will find a good “Safe Space” and I will take you for lunch, we could have a “Food Fight” .

  26. nvg says:

    Harvey, I was so use to your work before you retired, a true professional journalist, where there was no name calling permitted, but perhaps it was edited out by your news corporations. That’s the Harvey Oberfeld I new, I respected.

    To quote you in 2011 in response to Laila Yuile’s praise:

    “But bloggers, even here, do pay a price: if they simply disagree with you, there are those who respond with all kinds of insults and name-calling; derision; bullying tactics; and filthy language. And they also try to name call and insult other commenters on the blog as well. (I won’t publish a lot of that.) ”

    From what you wrote in you post of 2011, your standards have dropped, which might explain why you have only a small group who rejoice in name-calling until they’re pulled up, but not by you.

    (Response: Blogging is different than reporting: personal views are an integral part of the former, should have no place in the latter. I’m now enjoying my retirement with Blogging as my hobby … raising issues, ranting and having lots of fun,(sorry if that bothers you) but notice I accept no ads, no sponsors, no revenue … so I couldn’t care less who reads/writes in. When people see what I put up with, many understand why most blogs don’t even allow comments. But I enjoy them, especially those that contribute new info /ideas and I do know, and I’m flattered, that Keeping it Real is very well monitored at ALL levels of government and the media … and and hopefully all of us on here have at least a teeny bit of impact on many public topics/issues/policies. WE are all active participants in our democracy. Except, maybe, those who offer no new ideas, suggestions, recommendations … but just troll. h.o)

  27. DBW says:

    Am I being masochistic by allowing myself be the punching bag so some of you can clarify your ideas.

    Harvey don’t give me too much credit. My apology was for using the wrong phrase. I am still disappointed at the hyperbolic ad hominem attacks especially about Dr. Henry.

    People can name call all they want. I really don’t care. I have been called a naive, koolaid drinking SJW troll. Problem: doesn’t address whatever opinion I am expressing.

    And we can name call public figures as well (and I may be guilty of this too) but again the problem: doesn’t address the issue that is of concern. And double problem, as soon as I see “moonbeam” or “herr harper” or whatever especially repetitively from the same people, I roll my eyes and scroll missing whatever point that person wanted to make.

    BCMQ, if you have been following my comments, I might have been the first person to address the restaurant issue when I posted this article.

    I said it was an excellent argument for not banning cars from the park. It is why I have consistently said that a total ban would not be a good idea. So I am definitely an ally at least to some degree on this issue.

    But when people attack the Greens or claim it is war on cars or whatever, we lose sight of the actual issue which is the best use of the roadways in and around Stanley Park.
    (Attacking the Greens is fine as is defending cars but it serves no purpose at this time.)

    13. You are right. Harvey is more of an expert on this topic than I am. But look at his response to me when he listed all the different concerns he had from his drive. Much more effective argument than “I drove around the park and it was miserable”.

    So if Harvey is correct, what are people going to do. Just scream “Mullah” or do you continue to pester your allies (Coupar and Barker) on the Parks Board to get staff to address those specific concerns.

    Have fun. Stay safe.

  28. BMCQ says:


    I believe (correct me) that most here are more or less on the same page as Harvey other than yourself and maybe Helena but I do think other than nvg we could all sit down around a table and come to a reasonable compromise, and I have one or two ideas in mind .

    I can’t speak for others but in my mind I believe there could be a common sense conclusion to this between the two provincial parties, NDP and B.C. Liberals . That result for this comparison is really irrelevant, I am simply attempting to show that the two major provincial parties could solve this but the Greens and COPE have their own agenda and they care nothing about the residents of Vancouver, YVR, B.C., Canada or visitors from any other world jurisdiction who travel to Vancouver as tourists .

    I find that unacceptable, wrong minded, arrogant, dictatorial, and fascist like .

    I am not requesting you to reply, I am just attempting to firm up my point and provide some clarity . I hope this assists .

  29. E. Johnson says:

    It takes some chutzpah to criticize the professionalism of a blogger whose blog you neither have to read nor pay for if you do. I read Harvey’s blog because I appreciated his professionalism and dogged determination to keep asking politicians and public officials the tough questions during his television days. If only we had more journalists and reporters willing to tackle the tough issues and the persistence to keep them in the public’s mind. I happen to believe you are bang on with your opinions on the Parks Board’s motives and their bullheaded, clumsy handling of access to Stanley Park. Keep on keeping on Harvey.

    (Response: I agree!! Brilliant analysis! LOL! And thanks: I actually am very proud of the WIDE exchange of views we have on here … and if look at the myriad of issues we’ve all tackled … from Stanley Park, to the HST, to proportional representation, to escalating city taxes, to Pharmacy Rx ripoffs, to political campaigns, leaders, policies, promises, gaffes and hypocrisy … I like to think we have had an impact! h.o)

  30. Gilbert says:

    It seems clear to me that the radical left is completely intolerant of those with other views. It is also very hypocritical. Let me use the coronavirus as an example. It’s OK to protest racial injustice and destroy statues, but it’s not OK to open churches. There are even politicians who have said we mustn’t test those who take part in protests.

    The Green Party lives in a fantasy world, one that rejects those with opposing views. Stanley Park should be accessible to all. Any other view is discriminatory. In a true democracy, we must strive to represent everyone. It’s fine to encourage people to use public transportation, but to complete ban cars in a park that has roads is extreme.

    (Response: Well put! And it should be such a simple concept: equal access/treatment for all. Isn’t that what most of us have been fighting for for several decades? And yet, some of those who I’m sure support EVERY protest/demonstration today calling for equality see nothing wrong with actually discriminating against and excluding those who have needs and lifestyle preferences different from those they personally practice or support. And the GREENS, in exercising power on the Vancouver Park Board, have the worst policies/practices I can recall in Vancouver/BC/Canada since the terrible discriminatory days of the Second World War and the religious and racist discrimination of the fifties… except this time the bias is directed against people who simply drive cars. Open ALL parts of Stanley Park to ALL: very manageable …if the will was really there! h.o)

  31. Harry lawson says:


    please allow me,

    to my fellow posters , this blog is read world wide by all levels of goverment. ,some
    may choose to troll or sand bag myself and others . those people are truly doing a disservice to the blog the readers , the posters and to our gracious host Harvey.

    i am fortunate enough to be in a position to use my own name and not hide behind a moniker,many use a moniker for business reasons ,i get that i use my name why wont you lol cowards hiding behind a keyboard.

    (Response: I think we ARE being noticed ..especially by politicians, parties, governments, companies and agencies (public and private): I am now getting press releases and invites to events and offers of interviews on several levels, even on the US political scene. However, I’m retired … and this blog alone is taking up enough of my “free” time. But those in power who ignore views being expressed on here as a barometer of thoughts/ideas/opinions of voters and consumers do so at their own peril. That’s why I urge more of those who read Keeping it Real to add their views to the discussions, even writing in anonymously. h.o)

  32. DBW says:

    I am still willing to play. But I have my boxing headgear on just in case. So here is my problem.

    Gilbert said this: The radical left is completely intolerant. .. The Greens live in a fanstasy world… Stanley Park should be open to all.

    Counter: The radical right is completely intolerant. They arm themselves in protest and take over government building because they want a haircut. The Conservatives live in a nostalgic fanstasy world refusing to accept any kind of change. Stanley Park should continue to have one lane of traffic.

    See how neither of those arguments get us anywhere. Stay focused.

    And yet Harvey says in response to Gilbert. Well put! And it should be such a simple concept: equal access/treatment for all. Isn’t that what most of us have been fighting for for several decades? And yet, some of those who I’m sure support EVERY protest/demonstration today calling for equality see nothing wrong with actually discriminating against and excluding those who have needs and lifestyle,

    OK . Right now even with half a road nobody is being barred from the park.

    So let’s talk about inequality. When you say access for all in this context, you are actually saying access for ALL WHO HAVE ACCESS TO CARS. What about all the low income families, the seniors, the people with mobility issues who live all over the city who for a variety of reasons can’t find their way to Stanley Park or Queen Elizabeth Park or any other park outside their neighbourhood because they don’t have access to a car. If some of the people who don’t like the inconvenience of the one lane, their car still gets them to all sorts of other places. Where is the outrage to this inequality?

    Stay focused. Harvey has pointed out some problems with the roadway. This might just be confirmation bias on his part, but I will accept his analysis. Deal with that. Everything else from the Greens suck to the Mullah analogies to the war on cars (do you want more traffic or less) are all distractions. Stay focused.

    And safe (as I duck).

    (Response: Bias is certainly possible when someone …anyone …states an opinion. However, don’t think i’st “bias” when I outline quite visible facts and realities literally “on the ground”: Brockton Point’s main parking lot and almost all of the nearby road parking spots ARE cut off from all vehicles; the North shore entrance and exit ARE closed; and vehicles ARE barred from exiting onto Beach Ave, Nelson and Alberni. FACTS …not opinion … and EVERYONE should condemn those remaining exclusionary and discriminatory measures … ooops, that’s opinion, showing my bias, but a I believe in support of fairness and equality. h.o)

  33. BMCQ says:

    I believe oldsters, physically challenged, those with large young families, and many others including Harvey and others that support all of those and more are concerned or outraged because all of those want equal treatment for all . Equal treatment means easy unencumbered access, exit, and travel through Stanley Park and so many other places that they are now restricted in travelling to and through .

    Yes, some are outraged perhaps including myself but I believe the reason for the outrage is the fact that we might look at the past decisions and actions of the city and parks Board, we envision even more aggressive actions by those same politicians and in fact we may just be the type of “People Kind” that stand up and push back against what I would call tyranny .

    I would also like to stress the point that IMHO most centre left, middle, and centre right politicians would never take that kind of dictatorial action if they were part of Vancouver council or Parks Board . But then again what the hell is my opinion worth on this blog ?

    Therefore I will then point out that my good friend e.a.f. more or less feels the same way as Harvey and several more here that are against the actions of the Vancouver Parks Board, Mayor, and council .


    I would really love to use my given name on this blog and in fact many here already know that name but I own property and business in four different YVR municipalities .

    I can guarantee you that if I used my given name on this blog I would within hours see an invasion of any given number of municipal inspectors wearing bright orange vests arriving in municipal trucks ready to hold me accountable for my sins .

    That invasion would make “D” Day look like a simple ferry crossing .

    (Response: Actually maybe I’ve been too kind to the GREEN-controlled Park Board, chastising them for still keeping away the “handicapped, elderly or families” from priceless Stanley Park gems like Brockton Point or Prospect Point. It has been pointed out to me that it’s very likely MOST even moderately fit or younger singles, couples have neither the time, nor the interest in walking, hiking, jogging r even cycling all the way to enjoy on their own or show visitors Brockton Point or, the remote Prospect point. The whole partial opening up has been done so ludicrously, anyone could be forgiven for believing it’s more about just an ideological determined pursuit of a hate-on for the car by the GREENS or sheer incompetence in managing the park, which some have already started calling “Pylon Park”! Imagine the damage to Vancouver’s image when the tourists, whole families with kids in cars or tour buses filled with visitors start to arrive and take that new name… and their hilarious photos … back home!! I frankly doubt the GREENS and their supporters care, but the damage to Vancouver’s image and reputation as a tourist destination could hurt us for years. h.o)

  34. HARRY LAWSON says:


    I completely understand, you always add insight ,we may agree to disagree at times yet I always learn from you and others .

    My issue is with the trolls . As I said I am either fortunate enough or stupid enough to use my real name on any internet post except for twitter which I used the handle ethical guy

    I have paid a hell of a price for my positions that only proves me right.

  35. BMCQ says:


    Hmmmmm that is strange, I did not think anyone here disagreed with anything I post, I am puzzled .

    Only my opinion but Harvey has been lucky, for the most part contributors are legitimate even though they are often confused and ill informed . Not to worry though we are always here to set things right .


    We were watching the news the other evening when they were covering the restricted meant to obstruct and anger partial re opening of the Stanley Park Roadway and I was picturing six or eight cars with the lead car being driven by Harvey crossing over into the Bike Only Lane causing some consternation and confusion with Parks Board Officials and Top Financial Guru Mayor Kennedy Stewart on hand for the festivities .

    I then pictured Mayor Kennedy ordering Police to pull over Harvey and the other drivers that dated cross the line, take them down, put them in choke holds, take them to jail, impound and sell the cars, sentence them to prison and then ship them off to China where the Chinese Communist Party would harvest the Law Breakers organs and send the left overs off to the Soylent Green Factory for caning and re shipment back to Canada disguised as Ocean Wise Tuna .

    In the meantime the Parks Board and Mayor Kennedy would still be promoting tent cities, allow open consumption and provide safe places of meth, crack, heroin, opioids, furniture polish, anything else of choice and then turn a blind eye to street defecation, car break ins, home break ins and invasions, muggings, and so much more we are aware of in a city and parks that are spinning out of control with a crime rate rising faster than a Phoenix . I believe I actually heard a rather angry “Bad Orange Man” label Vancouver and Stanley Park a SH*T HOLE .

    Not to worry though things were well under control, the Vancouver Parks Board and Mayor Kennedy were able to bring Harvey Oberfeld and his Terrorist Accomplices to Justice and they will never be a threat to the good people of Vancouver again .

    Harvey and his Terrorist Organization, some oldsters, some on walkers, some in wheel chairs, some young families, some horror of horrors Conservatives and B.C. Liberals, and even some supporters like 13 and Gilbert, even e.a.f, all would have gotten what they very much deserved . The strong decisive action taken by the Parks Board and Mayor will teach him and his gang of terrorists to take on the Vancouver Parks Board and the Mayor, Justice has been served and served well .

    Mayor Kennedy and the Genius that is the Parks Board Chair were heard to say “We believe in the Rule of Law and the rule of Law prevailed”, “ “We will not tolerate Anarchy of any kind, it is our duty to protect the most important 7% of the residents of Vancouver and we have won “ .

    Hub, DBW, Helena, nvg, were all able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing Harvey Oberfeld and his Terrorist Organization will never be a threat to the streets of Vancouver and Stanley Park again .

    Only a few days later the Vancouver Parks Board, Mayor Kennedy and the City Council were awarded Canada’s highest honour the order of Canada . During the ceremony for which Adrienne Clarkson was brought of retirement because next to Prince Harry and Idi Amin she has more Medals than anyone else in the World PM Justin made the following statement, “Uh like the Mayor his Council and the Parks uh Board we Stand by the Rule of Law .

    (Response: The only thing missing from your dream is whether Trudeau (backed by Horgan, Scheer, Singh, May) would offer to turn me over to China in exchange for the two Michaels ..and they accept!! Especially after Xi Jin Ping reads my next blog … h.o)

  36. DBW says:

    If I may.

    “An internet troll is someone who makes INTENTIONALLY inflammatory, rude, or upsetting statements online to elicit strong emotional responses in people or to steer the conversation off-topic.”

    Harvey does a pretty good job of balancing a multitude of opinions. Some forums are far too strict and nobody comments, others might be too lax like the huge social media sites where almost anything goes but I honestly don’t see trolls showing up here very often and they certainly don’t hang around.

    Pushing back on comments even those of the host is not trolling if the intent is honest conversation. When Harvey throws out fascist and Mullah and accuses Dr. Henry of being elitist, dismissive, and exclusionary because of her opinion on one topic, I could accuse him of trolling his own blog. But that would be stupid. He was expressing his opinion and I was expressing mine when I suggested that those words are hyperbolic ad hominems and a distraction to how the roads around Stanley Park should be used.

    Some of you could accuse me of trolling because I have continued to express my opinion on a topic when I know full well that none of you are going to change your mind. We could accuse BMCQ of trolling when he lists every politician he dislikes regardless of the topic. Or somehow including me in a dream. Intent does matter.

    Bottom line: We are all here because we enjoy contributing to topics and hearing opinions that may be outside our normal bubble.

    Back on topic. Harvey, in your response to me about bias. All of us have bias. There is absolutely no doubt. I was not questioning your facts about what you saw on your drive. What I meant by confirmation bias is our (that means all of us) tendency to see what we want to see. On the first day of a new road pattern, driven by someone who already doesn’t like the idea, the negatives are going to stand out. Somebody else who likes the idea or maybe a senior in the passenger seat of your car is going to see something a whole lot different. That person can take in the view without worrying about cyclists or turns or whatever stresses you were feeling.

    Regardless though, you have mentioned a number of issues that might need addressing. But isn’t that the purpose of the study. Sometimes we don’t know what will work until we try it.

    So keep pushing. I have enjoyed this topic because it is a good example of participatory democracy. I may not feel the same outrage as you, but that’s OK. I do not like people waiting for their five minutes of voting time every four years and figuring that’s good enough. Sometimes four years is too long to wait.

    Maybe some new topics though. Just saying.

  37. John's Aghast says:

    Harvey! Just popped in for a very infrequent visit. I used to live on Beach Avenue in the late 60’s and haven’t had the convenience and pleasure of Stanley Park since. I get a kick out of the back and forth re the traffic but don’t fully appreciate the significance of the problem. Do you perchance have a vested interest in a Stanley Park teahouse?
    We have our own problems up here in the hinterland but it’s refreshing to hear of the problems on the other side of the world.
    (Edited…off topic)

    (Response: The only financial interest I have at all in anything in Stanley Park is as a taxpayer who contributes to funding the entire place, not just segments that the extremists GREEN/COPE have not set aside/reserved for their elite. h.o)

  38. 13 says:

    Harvey may I suggest a dash cam and a you tube video to satisfy DBW Better still an actual news crew driving the single lane and reporting. DBW may I suggest a dash cam and a trip to Stanley Park to compare bias to bias. Aghast did you play little league baseball? We may have been on the same team.

    (Response: I don’t have the technical ability to do that or the upload capacity to show that, and, don’t forget, I’m retired! The “working” media could have a field day with coverage … and no doubt viewer reaction and outrage …if they just put a camera crew at the Brockton Point cutoff and let the people in vehicles say what they think about being denied access. Same applies for Prospect Point too …where the media should act to do a closeup look at that terrific story BEFORE the restaurant owner sues ..and then the Park board car-haters hide behind a “can’t talk because it’s before the Courts” excuse. h.o)

  39. BMCQ says:

    “Sometimes four years is too long to wait”

    That phrase would have been excellent on a Bumper Sticker attached to Harvey’s Mulsanne as he and his gang of terrorists and anarchists cruised Stanley Park .

    You could register that phrase, print thousands off and make available to retailers, restaurants, and others anywhere and everywhere including Stanley Park, then the public would in turn buy thousands .

  40. Concerned Citizen says:

    Finally a leveled article; such does not come out in news. I have to say I pissed off the Vancouver subreddit and actually got banned, that’s right, banned! For saying there needs to be a better system in place and posting a video of bikers exiting their lane into vehicles, going with them. I also saw a vehicle actually driving in the bike lane to show their displeasure I suppose. Anyhow it was the most controversial video on Reddit that day. Everything is a mess.

    It’s all taken over by Lobbyists, bikers etc.. It was when I discovered the posts attacking my video in hoards were actually from cycling fan clubs. A lot of hate, swear words, etc. Only one side wins. I pointed out the economic issues too, the anxious drive. They’re under impression that vehicles are evil and only speed. So beware of r/Vancouver because they are basically the Park Board. And social media in general. That’s it the ball is in their court. The rest of us need to come together

    (Response: It’s amazing how many supposedly educated people THINK they’re tolerant, supportive of equality and minorities and handicapped and the elderly … yet at the drop of a plastic pilon, or a few thousand, will openly support the exclusion and barring of hundreds of thousands of people from several sites, so they can selfishly not have them to themselves. Shameful! And voters should remember it is the GREENS who have done this the very first time they’ve actually held any elected power in Vanco7uver. Glad to call them out on it! h.o)

  41. BMCQ says:

    Concerned ?Citizen

    I am not surprised at all at what you describe, the people of whom you speak are indeed are Fascists and they do not believe in an informed argument, discussion, or debate, they simply want to cancel all others opinions out, there is in their opinion, “No other way” .

    That is why in so many large urban cities today it is “The Dog Wagging the Tail”, it is the hard left activist Anarchist Fascist Mobs that are taking over, elected president in some cases like Seattle unelected .

    We are now at a time where all centre left, centre, and centre right thinking people who comprise about 90% of the population stand together and take back so many cities that have become infected with the spreading disease of hate and authoritarianism brought by the various in some cases Fascist Groups who have no interest in any other ideas or opinions that do not match their narrative .

    The people you describe and those on Vancouver Parks Board and Municipal Governments in so many cities today are no different than the Brown Shirts that started it all 8o years or so ago .

    The Mob and Mob Rule is quickly taking over and if we do not take a stand and push back they will take it all, we cannot wait until the next election we must challenge elected officials now to let them know that “We are mad as Hell and we are not gouge to take it any more” .

    This is not my place to offer but let me encourage you to continue to contribute to this Blog, divergent opinions are always welcome .

  42. 13 says:

    Happy Canada Day. Just watched a patriotic heart warming comercial with various Canadian Celebrities The last frame is none other than Rick Hansen holding a sign that proclaims “Healthy and Inclusive” I hate to besmirch a Cna hero but it would be nice if he arrived at the parks board and spoke out about their unhealthy and exclusive behavior.

    (Response: I wrote the Rick Hansen Foundation to let them know about what was going on under the Vancouver Park Board and Vancouver Council making things so difficult for the disabled. Never got a reply. Perhaps they don’t want to bite the hand that funds them. Even today, the grudging mini-opening to cars excludes and discriminates against handicapped … and yet they say nothing. Disappointing. h.o)

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