Take Heart, Laila, and Other Bloggers!

One of the best BC blogs, in my opinion, is done by Laila Yuile … “I’m Laila Yuile and This Is How I See It”  … http://www.lailayuile.com . She has broken real news, taken on the powers that be, and opened up some great discussions on many, many topics of interest and importance to British Columbians.

And her recent response to some nasty insults and name-calling in comments she witnessed on my blog prompted me to think about what blogging is really all about.

Here’s Laila’s note:

“Harv, I don’t know about you, but I have increasingly found that readers have expectations of what we should, or should not write. As you mentioned above, ( paraphrasing) when we hit the mark of their choosing, we are hero’s, when we use the same tools and viewpoint applied to their baby, we become the enemy.
I called one long time reader on it about a few weeks ago, when I said Harry Lali deserves a big fail for coming out and welcoming middle aged white men back to the NDP.

Wow. One comment in particular surprised me when it was stated they expected much more of me than that, that it was not at all on the level of my other work.

I asked the reader if I had done the exact same report on a Liberal candidate, if they would have approved, and they admitted yes, they would, but they loved Harry and felt it wasn’t fair.

After seeing both parties fail us on many issues for the last couple of years, I consider it my duty as a resident of BC, to question anyone and everyone looking to lead this provincial government, NDP , Liberal or otherwise. I don’t care if someone chooses to vote NDP or not, but I do think after being lied and deceived for so long, that no one should be taking any candidate at face value,regardless of polical bent.

Keep on, keeping on Harv. I for one, value your opinion and views, whether we  agree or not. You have been a very welcome addition to the blogosphere.”

Thanks, Laila.

I decided to blog a response, instead of just writing a comment response, because I think it’s well worth considering who the bloggers really serve and why we do it.

As many of my readers have already noticed, I have no ads on my blog; I get no revenue … in fact, it actually costs me dough, because I pay for use of the server/company where it is all handled/stored. I also allow other select sites to republish my blog without paying any compensation.

Why do I do it?  Well, ever since i was 11 years old and had my first comments published in the Montreal Gazette ..I’ve always had a lot to say.  🙂

First there were student articles on a newspaper’s kids page, then letters to the editor, then I became a real reporter at my university newspaper, a corporate newsletter and finally the BIG time…thr Saskatoon Star Phoenix.  From there, I’ve never looked back, telling stories and yapping for four decades.  And I’m not going to let a little thing like retirement stop me now. (Actually the blog was my friend Chris’s idea .. to give me an outlet for my writing and views, and maybe also to  shut me up a little on politics etc when we take our long walks.)

And it’s fun! Gives me some continued presence in media world: enough to make the Top 10 on Vision’s alleged Hit List of journalists …four years after I retired! (I was flattered.)  And I really like to think I still have some interesting ideas/observations to impart, even if people may disagree with my views.

That’s what makes blogging really great… it gives bloggers a medium to express themselves and it allows instant response/discussion of issues and ideas that the MSM simply cannot instantly offer on air, in their newspapers or news programs.

We do …and it works.  What better proof of that than the fact bloggers are blocked, harrassed, arrested in all the dictatorships that still permeate the world.

But bloggers, even here, do pay a price: if they simply disagree with you,  there are those who respond with all kinds of insults and name-calling; derision; bullying tactics; and filthy language.  And they also try to name call and insult other commenters on the blog as well. (I  won’t publish a lot of that.)

Which brings me back to Laila’s note.

Forget about them, Laila.  People who respond like that are nobodies, low-level intellects and who would likely never talk to us that way in person, but probably hurl invective and  insults at well at anyone they deal with anonymously:  telephone operators; service providers; phone retail clerks/complaint handlers … and bloggers.

The only thing that really worries me about such people is that I fear they may also treat their spouses, children and family members like that as well. That’s troublesome.

But Laila, THEY are not the ones we blog for or try to challenge.  In fact, most of those who read our blogs never write in or comment. However, they read because they like to be informed, sometimes entertained, but almost always, made to think … even if they disagree. And just by reading blogs, they are also participating in the great democratic process, even if they don’t realize it. (Ask those in China, Iran, North Korea,  denied access to the political  blogosphere,  what I mean.)

Of course, the real GOLD are the blog readers who respond, write in and add new information.  Even if they disagree with everything I have written, I value them tremendously because they do make me think, help educate me and substantially improve the debate. Substantially!

And the detailed arguments some lay out, taking a good deal of time and effort, are my favorites:  I take them as a compliment to the improtance of what wew are all doing here …even if they take an opposite position. (Wrong as they are! 🙂

Those on the fringe, Laila, will always be there; just as in society in general. And by shouting and insults … like the madman walking down the street, shouting wildlyand hurling his wrath skyward,  everyone notices … and they draw more attention than they should.But no one is really impressed.

But they  ust never be allowed by the majority to take over the dialogue, bully the debaters, or sully the overall richness of the blogoshere.

Blog on!

Harv Oberfeld

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33 Responses to Take Heart, Laila, and Other Bloggers!

  1. keith says:

    Ayup Harvey,

    copied & pasted this from Laila which sums it up.

    “Keep on, keeping on Harv. I for one, value your opinion and views, whether we agree or not.”

    As I see it the manner in which disagreement is expressed is a direct reflection of the quality of the person that is expressing that disagreement.

    Similar to talking to someone from another land that doesn’t understand you, just shout louder.

    (Response: And it’s not just me. Many bloggers fulfill an important role. And our society is better for them. h.o)

  2. The blog is the new ‘News’ media like it or not and bloggist should retain a modicum of decorum.

    We need the bloggist and the likes of Laila, Farrel, BC Mary, etc. … and Grant! to give an even edge and we need not waste time attacking ourselves, rather report or editorialize what is important to us.

    It is amazing how many quality blogs there are out thee in the blogosphere and this must give pause to the mainstream media.

    The blog I research for, Rail for the Valley, has certainly got the SkyTrain boys and girls in a tizzy by taking on the establishment and has a dedicated daily following.

    I believe we are on the cusp of a new media age and we must at least try to leave a mark that future generations can only but admire!

  3. ron wilton says:

    Well said Harv. You guys (Laila, Mary, Norm, Rafe, Kim, Alex and others) have certainly wakened me from my long Rip Van Winkle repose, and I now feel compelled to make up for lost time. I do that by bombarding my circle of friends with all your blogs, and press them to do the same. I think the ripple affect is much more effective than the ‘trickle down’ affect.
    Luckily, persistent and tenacious bloggers like Mary and Laila have sensors that click in in real time and when we finally catch up to them, we find them ahead again on even more intriguing pursuits.
    If we all had their perspicacity(is that the right word?), a good deal of the political and corporate and judicial chicanery we are currently deluged with in our province would be far less onerous.
    I believe you guys (including the bi-polar ones) will succeed in changing the face of BC for the better in very short order now.
    As Laila said, “Keep on keeping on!” The end is near.

    (Response: Thanks. After I wrote the piece, I thought about the invaluable role bloggers have played in the HST referendum story. It sure wasn’t the MSM that publicized their campaign!In fact, in many blogs, I derided them for laughing off Vander ZXalm and the movement ..and maybe impressed them to give it a fairer look. h.o)

  4. fan of Hunter says:

    Hilarious everything is groovy unless it is not.
    So certain commentors who disagrees are extremists or wife beater or the likes.
    I expect this sort of manipulation from Fox news, better to know than not know I guess.

    True colours and all that, have a nice day.

    (Response: Thanks. You’re a perfect example of one who reads but does not see. Where did I say that “certain commentors who disagree” are extremists. To the contrary, I welcomed those who disagree. Believe it or not, in a civilized society, people can actually disagree without name calling, hurling names and insults. Too bad you don’t seem to know the difference. h.o)

  5. fan of Hunter says:

    A close review of your screeds and our exchanges yesterday and today speak for themselves. Manipulating that makes you look weak at best.

  6. kootcoot says:

    Harv, sorry to break it to you but you did refer to Grant as an extremist who spewed bombast etc. And then either you or one of your commenters just had to proceed consider whether one who commented in such a manner also beat their wife etc. – sorry to point it out!

    It’s all in the previous post and comment thread. I do give you credit for publishing pretty well any comment as long as it isn’t absolutely obscene or libelous. I think that is why your blog generates such interesting discussion. You let your readers engage each other and when you choose re-engage as well, and as my Aunt Martha Stewart would say “That’s a good thing!”

    (Response: I have reviewed all 31 responses to my previous post, and frenakly I did not find myself specifcally calling Grant an extremist. I did say “his penchant to denigrate with name calling and insults when people disagree. That is, in my view, symptomatic of an extremist who spits out bombast…” I stand by that…he does repeatedly show those symptoms, in my opinion. But frankly, I haven’t read his writings closely enough or spent the time analysing them to see if i would put him into the category, even in my personal view.. But I do believe his vulgarity is symptomatic and does lead me to think he could be a candidate! h.o)

  7. George says:

    I have followed this site closely since the post in question came out.
    I grew up during the sixties race riots in Detroit, so as you can well imagine the words being tossed around these past few days took on a very different meaning for me.
    What I must say is I find you to be a man of great integrity, I have always been a fan….sorry this has happened to you, but I admire you for taking the high road….
    Thank you for all you do, and to you and Laila for being the voice of reason….

    (Response: Thanks We must not forget that most of those who read or comment do so in a reasonable, civilized way …whether they agree or disagree. But I sense since the sixties/seventies we have seen a new phenomenen exhibited by some …a complete lack of respect foir those who take a differing view … leading to name calling,invective and insluts that have absolutely nothing to do with the ideas being discussed. In the “old days” these nasties never made it onto the Letters to the Editor pages … and even talk radio had the seven-second switch to prevent them from making air. But with the internet, the crude and the crass have found a new forum where they get a bigger voice than they ever had before. I don’t publish the worst…edit out others … but I have posted some because I want to Keep it Real as much as I can and these people are part of our modern day reality, even if we pity them being so unable to express themselves with civility. h.o)

  8. Grant G says:

    Self pity…Self promotion…Who get`s paid Harvey?

    Now your complaining about others re-running your stories without paying for them, try writing something worth reading(more often)…Your last post failed badly, poorly written, going sideways , no research, nothing but drivel!

    You have written quality in the past, you can write quality in the future…

    You deserved to be called out on your last racist incoherent rant…an 11 year old could have written a better story…Are my stories all winners, certainly not…Some of mine suck(as your last post did)

    Sometimes Bloggers need to be called out…

    For example…AGT has a post up claiming Baldrey is a Straight Shooter!!!!!

    Baldrey is a bias BC Liberal stooge and anyone who denies that fact are lying to themselves and or they have another motive!…

    I like you Harvey…..But I don`t like to see poorly written stories..Like your defense of Enbridge and total lack of knowledge on oil spills, tanker spills, marine liability, shipping act, Liberian registered vessel insurance…

    So you endorse Farnworth, Tieleman endorses Adrian Dix….I endorse Horgan…

    The only difference…..I didn`t slag everyone else to push my horse forward…You Did..

    And in a very unpolished amateurish way.

    (REsponse: There he goes again. 🙂 h.o

  9. A Dave says:

    Good points, Harvey. You ever see the Jon Stewart show? After 8 years of mocking the Bush regime, I recall that just after Obama took over he did a piece mocking the Democrats for some ridiculous policy or other. Well, the audience booed him! Stewart shook his head, disgusted, and said something like, “What the f*ck? My jokes aren’t so funny when it’s your guy in the hot seat, eh?”

    (Response: I love Jon Stewart’s show. His exposure of Fox News and the Nazi controversy Monday was one of the best ever. h.o)

  10. Laila says:

    Speechless Harv, you are too kind. Your post is timely – I just received an email via the contact page calling me ” an un-informed,stupid turncoat b**ch ” for siding with ” that stupid old f***er whose past his expiry date”…

    I had to laugh -what else can I do? Seriously though, there is a very small line between criticism and verbal abuse – some people cross it far too often and it takes away from any message they are tryin to send.
    I take my work and site seriously – my name and reputation are front and centre at the top, as are yours. With thanks, Harv.

    (Response: You’re terrific! Keep it up! h.o.)

  11. 13 says:

    OUCH . I cant believe the venom. I wonder if Craigs list might be a better venue to spew name calling.

    This is educational , inspiring but mostly its fun. Blogging gives me an outlet for my opinion on issues that I am interested in.
    So thanks Harvey and if your a racist then so are most of the people that I see every day. Every race that inhabits BC has its share of whackos cheats crooks etc . so if we cant mention their screw ups or admit to our own, whats the point.

    Paint the world beige and smile.

    (REsponse: I’m no racist ..but I do believe in telling it llke it is …and NO group is immune from critcicism. Why should they be. It’s about equality isn’t it. But as soon as some people don’t like the message, they react with calls of racism. But the truth is I’m just treatting them like I would anyone else …and THAT’s a problem for some used to being catered to by the politically correct. That’s their problem, not mine. h.o)

  12. Norm Farrell says:

    I was saving the insane, profane, unpublished comments for a book but, after a while, they seem less funny. Instead, they are sad evidence of disconnected people trying without success to find value in their own lives.

    Nice applause to Laila, a selfless person who demonstrates love for a better British Columbia always. What a difference from the self-important influence peddlars who view their own enrichment as more important than the future of this province.

    (Response: Good point. Many people who felt so disconnected before do have a huge wider audience now, thanks to the blogosphere. But they have to learn still that with rights come responsbilities …and some forget that last part. h.o)

  13. Kim says:

    “In the “old days” these nasties never made it onto the Letters to the Editor pages …”
    Sadly, they hardly ever printed my letters either and I generally don’t swear or personally attack anyone. That’s why I blog. Plus, it’s cheaper than a therapist!

    (Response: Never thoght of it that way…but it sure makes it easier on my friends, who no longer have to listen to me rant as much about media issues and politicians. h.o)

  14. friendof grant says:

    I think our friend needs a rest and some medication.He started the year with some great blogs.I rest my case .Thanks for putting up with him Harvey.

    (Response: Sometimes he makes good points. I just dont know why he feels the need to hulr names and insults when people here disagree with him. I’ve been told this isn’t the only blog where he shows such behaviour…but i don’t know. His ideas, however, are always welcome here, without the vitriol that only decreases his credibility. h.o. )

  15. George says:

    I think as a gesture of kindness an intervention with car 87 might be appropriate for this man’s own safety… I say this in all seriousness for his own protection, and the protection of society as a whole.
    There is a serious issue going on here and it is escalating.

    (Response; I think it’s ok. There are many people who are so partisan, so emotional ..they lose their cool and hurl insults and venom when people not only write something they disagree with but don’t repent when they demand they do …but I believe that’s their emotional safety valve. I don’t believe those people, who identify themselves and give their real email addresses and regularly write or boycott or write after boycotting are actually physically dangerous. It’s something they should talk to a professional about….but car 87 might be a bit of an over-reaction. h.o)

  16. Gloria says:

    As a politically challenged person. I rely very heavily on all, of you bloggers. I do have to say though, I have noticed some testiness. But you know, many people are cranky these days. I heard it at the Doctors office. I have heard people’s anger, in the grocery stores. I feel very irritable too. I swear, if Campbell came to my town, I would throw my shoes at him. Campbell and the BC Liberals have, lied, deceived, thieved, and went so low, as to cheat to win.

    My son said, it’s January, everyone is more cranky in January. I said, when it comes to Campbell and the BC Liberals, I am cranky about them, every dammed day, and will be until we run them out of our province. I don’t care what the political stripe is, of any of the bloggers. They are allowed their points of view too. That’s the only way someone like me learns about, the insane world of politics. I can’t even imagine, the amount of hours of research you bloggers must rack up. I am just happy, you do it for the BC people.

    (Response: Wonderfully put. And you’re not as politically challenged as you suggest. Hope you’ll contribute more often to the discussions. By all taking part in blogs, we do reach hundreds of thousands with our ideas …and there is people power in that. Pass it on. h.o)

  17. Mike says:

    WOW Harvey…what a mouth-full of a post! You have definitely found a great way to start conversation (even if it does allow the lowest common denominator to post as well) and further discussion. And isn’t that really one of the big purposes to news and information media?

    To you Harvey, I say: Blog on good sir….blog on!

    PS….same goes for you too Laila, and even Francis Bula (even though she isn’t mentioned here)….blog on!

    (Response: Many thanks. I’m sure all who blog will be heartened by your remarks. By the way, as for the lowest common denominator, you should see the ones I do not post! LOL! h.o.)

  18. George Orr says:

    It is a cold lonely world for a lot of folks. It is all to easy to feel small and insignificant, and that you have no power, anywhere… at all.
    Road rage is not just confined to the highway, but is rampant on the info-highway too.
    Which means that the large majority are thoughtful and civil, even when they disagree. The very few who bristle are just trying to feel like they count, even if that count stings…
    Unfortunately, they cloud the discourse… but look on the bright side. they’re not out there on the real highway looking freesponse:or somebody to wham into.

    (Response: Maybe we can coin a new phrase on here: Blog-Rage or Net-Rage. h.o)

  19. Patrick Bell (Not the MLA) says:

    I guess we all just develop a thicker skin. Mainstream media has become so polished and politically correct. The internet has sort brought back the “wild west” side of society. I welcome that. Having the abusive types on here goes with the territory I guess. If they think that low blows will actually gain them credibility with the rest of the readers, then they have been pent up way too long in the trailer down by the river.

    Thanks for blogging Harv!

  20. I admit it, I have been guilty a time or two of putting my replies in motion before engaging my brain. It usually happens after negative feelings surface about my perceived perpetration of falsehoods promoting something the BC Liberal Party has done. The last ten years has clearly been an example of the selling out of our province just as one generally finds has been done within IMF-sponsored governments of South and Central America. The last ten years have seen huge transfers of public weath into private hands, and we have little infrastructure of true value to show for it. It makes my blood boil when I think of it, and I have a hard time not believing that most of the posters that support the BC Liberals are either on the take or sanction the (tea party) myth that they will be one of the ever-declining few who is able to rise to the top.

    I am guilty of being rude to another poster a time or ten; but it is not because I want to be a rude person – ever. I feel shame if I return to one of my postings that was rude, and I normally apologize. In further defense of rude “flamers” on blogs, I have to say that the majority of us did not cut Jimmy Olsen-like teeth on which we learned the art of emotionless reporting in order to secure next week’s employment. Most of us have not had to follow an editorial policy – nor even had an editor. Many of us do not like the propaganda being published by the corporate MSM – it pisses us off, and we may flame while the fire is hot.

    (Response: Very interesting perspective. I think it’s good that people care enough to get involved and even emotional. It’s much worse when no one cares …makes it easier for scoundrels to get away with even more. And I dare say many British Columbians share your view of the Liberal government. BUT in a democracy…and in blogging … I believe we have to respect the right of those who don’t see “the light” to express their views without fear or intimidation. That’s what separates us from those dictatorships most of us abhor…. and that would silence us all on here real fast. h.o.)

  21. Alexander says:

    speaking of B.C. rail , how come no comment on the just released Documents concerning Christy Clarks involvment in the sale, by blogger Alex Tsakumis??

    (Response: I can’t comment on everything everyone else writes about/comments on on their blogs. In fact, I often try to take on stuff others ignore or just don’t notice. I think that’s more valuable. In fact, see my next blog. h.o)

  22. ron wilton says:

    I think ‘sharing is good’ speaks for a large number of us who are frustrated, perplexed, outraged and defeated by our failure, and seeming inability, to be able to stop the harm being done to our province by the present, and to some extent, past administrations.
    The blogosphere enables (to misquote Thoreau) “the mass of men who lead lives of quiet desperation”, to be not quite so quiet.

    (Rersponse: I think the success of the anti-HST movement showed the public is not as unable to effect cxhange as you may feel. However, in our system, once a government is elected they do have a right to govern and bring in all kinds of laws/taxes/programs that frustrate those who supported the other side and now want to “stop the harm beong done to our province”. That’s a subjective conclusion, of courses, and Liberals said the same thing when the NDP was in power. But somehow the province survives! Despite the flaws, I don’t know a better system. Do you? h.o)

  23. ron wilton says:

    No. However, I do think we could work on some of the flaws.

    (Response: I agree and hope people will do that … by fighting within parties for more integrity, joining active groups, taking part in gthe blogosphere …. all kinds of democratic processes. h.o)

  24. fan of Hunter says:

    My comments are here for all to read. I have provided Harvey with my real email address and name. If I am being lumped in with the criticisms above, then read my coments again and read the exchanges and then judge them both as at least a couple of the readers did.

    By the way did anyone notice that the bloggers (whom I follow daily and support) somewhat similar to the msm I may add made a few very generalised and unworthy comments on the commentors themselves it reminds me of the way the msm does the same thing, mind there were no sitting in your underwear comments but they were close to that kind of insulting vitriol.

    Anyway, I’ll own my s*&t how about the rest of you posters and bloggers?

    Makes me think about something I heard the other day. “Everyone is full of sh*t”.

    Sorry if profanity upsets you, suck it up!

  25. morry says:

    Harvey. There is the right to govern within ” platforms” that got them elected. You cannot campaign to NOT SELL BC RAIL, and then after elected, begin to “maliciously” do just that.
    That is not governing! That is sticking it to voters and Citizens of the Province.

    Once a party Lies and “governs” against the interests of Citizens, then we need to speak up, and push back.

    In fact we Citizens should be bale to mount a Class Action against those in government that would so act… i.e. who unlawfully did act against the public good.
    I’m not talking about parties, politics or ideology …. but Robber Barons. ..

    (Response: I agree with you on ALMOST everything you say. Anyone who saw my stories or reads blog knows how I have railed (forgive the pun) against Campbell and the government over a number of deceitful actions…tearing up contracts, the way thewy’ve dealt with ambulance contract, the way the HST was brought in, BC Rail deal (we MUST have an inquiry to determine, among other things, why did they pay the legal fees of convicted criminals?) etc. etc. BUT when you say the have the right to govern within platforms … what law are you quoting? There is none that REQUIRES that. The revenge of the ballot box next time around … a time honoured tradition under our system. Unless, of course, enogh people go for recall or if there’s a minority government in power…. then they can be held to account. h.o)

  26. morry says:

    yes i agree and i do applaud your stance on these issues.

    By Platform; I meant that when a Party puts forth their platform on which they promise to govern and receiev the majority of votes based on _that_ platform then they should be expected to more or less govern along those guidelines. To go COMPLETELY against that platform is not only deceitful but also malicious.

    And yes we have the revenge of the next tim… in the meantime the damage… Sale of BC Rail is DONE COOKED AND FINITO.

  27. Keith says:

    Ayup Harvey,

    apologies for responding again on the same subject, however the B.C. rail/Christy Clark involvment by Alex Tsakumis shown on global last night, is a perfect example of why blogosphere participation should be without the unnecessary vitriol.

    An issue not flattering to a liberal leadership candidate was taken seriously on a station that many believe is a liberal friendly.

    Bloggers have been viewed and described by some of the local media in less than flattering terms.

    To me this was a breakthrough in the local blogosphere as Alex was given serious consideration for the issues he had raised, and without the folks posting and contributing to the various blogs, this wouldn’t have seen the light of day.

    Next time it could be Laila, you Harvey, who knows.? This is why it’s important to keep the discussions civil and not to descend to the bottom of the barrel. If we do then it only gives ammunition to bloggers critics that we are a bunch of nutters behind keyboards not to be taken seriously.

    Lets not lose this opportunity to not only “Keep it real” but keep them honest.

  28. I missed this post but agree Laila has done some very good work. Although, she kowtows to a half dozen rather insane bloggers who ultimately bring down the level of credibility at a rapid rate.

    Grant, whose name is really Brian G (edited..h.o), is no longer permitted on my blog since he is either aching for a lawsuit or simply in need of a greater dosage. Recently, he referred to me and others as “criminals.” He suggested I was “snubbed” by the Premier (which in and of itself is an INSANE if not untrue allegation) and that I am a patsy for the BC Liberals when I am on record as stating that the two best candidates of any leadership battle in this province are Farnworth and Horgan. And while kootcoot, is still hiding in the hinterland, he can make some very lucid and useful remarks on any number of blogs, though the depth of his foolhardiness in taking on people’s families and personal lives is just beyond the pale. Of the far left in the American underground socialist movement, his ideas are are idiotic as they are dangerous and implausible.He, Brian, Gary E, all of them will not listen to reason are admit to being wrong when they are. It’s shameful. If there was an internet police they’d be serving concurrent life sentences. Even BC Mary who has done some very good work of the BC Rail scandal, continues to allow blowhard Robin Matthews to spin yarns about the motivation of everyone else because he has made himself the caricature he will remain. It’s disheartening that anyone would take such people seriously or without a whole shaker of salt.

    I won’t tolerate epithets of “racist” or “criminal” unless there is incontrovertible proof of same. These clowns throw them around like punchlines and, sadly, are supported by Yuile, who as a result of her warm embrace of their absurd and often meaningless efforts becomes their court jester for not condemning them all for it. Laila has a great deal of learning and growing up to do if she thinks sitting in an echo chamber with these idiots will amount to anything productive for a woman who deserves a bigger platform. She’s her own worst enemy in this regard. I tried to help her by even putting her on my blog roll, but she removed me from hers because she cowered to their complaints and never had the decency to return calls and emails about, instead choosing to hide behind being “busy.” Great work, many time nullified by pathetic excuse-making and fakery.

    There are two main bloggers whom I really admire because of their balance and credibility: YOU and Norman Farrell. The others are all hit and miss and more often than not the quintessential epitomes of Morley Safer’s quip that the internet is the bastion of every nut with a keyboard.

    Koot recently did a great post about the absurd censorship of Dire Straits song, the meaning of which was misinterpreted by the politically correct thought police, and then shot out a piece about intellectual property that can only be described as the lowest-brow crud.

    Nevertheless, I wish you continued success and thanks for the kind words the other day about the documents I will continue to reveal about the BC Rail scandal. Take care and enjoy the sun, pal.

    (Response: Thanks Alex. Since I am retired, my blog … a hobby… focusses more on comment and analysis than LOTS of deep research and interviews I used to do at Global/Vancouver Sun etc to get info (that would be work! 🙂 But I really believe blogs like yours, Norman’s and Laila’s are fulfilling a valuable function by breaking NEWS and forcing the MSM to respect bloggers more than they ever did before and expands the availability of news and information …which is good for ouyr society. And although sometimes the bitter and/or the extremes draw attention, a lot of those who comment provide terrific info to hundreds of thousands of people. Blog on!!! h.o)

  29. Genuine says:

    Some people need a ladder,to get off their horse?

  30. Grouchy says:

    Hi Harvey. I finally found you doing something that you’re good at. I have missed seeing you on the news. I believe that we need you Bloggers because MSM will not do what it takes to put the truth out there for us any more. We get biased reporting depending on who is in favor or not on a given day. Sled dogs ( a sad thing ) versus Dying children , a horrific thing. I hope that you, Laila, and Alex keep up the good work. Thanks guys.

    (Response: Thanks. I’m enjoying doing the blog as a hobby…can express personal opinions as never before, offer my own perspective on issues that move me, and give others a forum to put forward their own ideas (even if they’re wrong. LOL!) h.o

  31. Skookum1 says:

    AGT: allow blowhard Robin Matthews to spin yarns about the motivation of everyone else because he has made himself the caricature he will remain.

    Yeah LOL geez Alex, you really ARE a piece of work aren’t you? It’s YOU who’s widely viewed as a a blowhard and a ” caricature you will remain”. Complimenting Laila on the one hand while slagging and acting patronizingly towards her, and others, with the other …. it’s just so, so, so …. YOU. And calling all the people who’ve been talking about BC Rail a LONG time before you jumped on the bandwagon and in front of the cameras “insane bloggers” is just so much more negative grandstanding. You’re not God’s gift to the blogosphere, you’re more like a giant wart, one of those ranters and pompous bastards who make the people with the REAL INFORMATION look bad.

    Oh yeah, sure, like you said in Facebook you’re just gonna say I’m “not in your league” – but you still didn’t answer there what it was the RCMP came to your place looking for, nor did you explain how you had hard copy of the Bornmann depositions like you said you did, and you still didn’t account for why the RCMP would tell YOU what went on at Villa del Lupo when no one else – certainly no other blogger or reporter – has had access to such information.

    I don’t think you’re the RCMP’s bumboy and mouthpiece: rather I think you’re a blowhard just making (edited..h.o.) up so’s you can sound important. That you’re a blowhard is already evident from the way you talk down to Laila – who’s WAY smarter and more articulate than you are – and from your general snotty, condescending attitude.

    I guess the makeup from your appearance on Global still hasn’t washed off yet. Must have been nice to get some camera-time for an egotist like you…..

    Harvey, please don’t not post this – Alex’s attitude towards Laila and other bloggers stinks and he needs to have his shit called on him. He says I’m “out of his league” – he doesn’t even really know what the game is. He’s just in the audience going “look at me, look at me, I’m Alex Tsakumis, Rebel-With-A-Cause!!!!” What cause Alex, other than your own self-glorification?

    (Response: I think you’re being very hard on Alex. I like his blog: he has come with some very good, powerful stuff and has contributed well to the blogosphere. Sure, his style is different from mine (LOL!) but he digs and gets a lot of terrific info and is worth reading …and apparently, commenting about! h.o)

  32. Skookum1 says:

    PS that that story about Villa Del Lupo exonerated Gary Collins (and OmniTRAX) while damning Dave Basi doesn’t need any comments about your motives in this; it says all it needs to say. And it’s something that, if true, the RCMP would have said themselves a LONG time ago.

    You’re making an awful lot of claims about what you know, Alex, that nobody else does. And those claims don’t add up, and they raise more questions about what your own motives are, and what agenda you represent. How did you get original copies of the Bornmann depositions anyway? Or is that, like your source of the alleged “Basi memos”, something you’re not prepared to reveal?

    Why, again, did the RCMP come to see you? “To see what else you might have”? Indeed, and why would they think that? And what were they looking for? Because surely it wasn’t, as Bill Berardino would put it, a “fishing expedition”.

    It’s you that’s out of my league, kiddo.

    And the game is no longer poker, Alex. It’s Truth or Consequences……

  33. SharingIsGood says:

    Thank’s, Skookum1. I’ve been wanting to say something all week about AGT’s post, but I found it so offensive that everytime I thought about it my blood began to boil. That said, Skookum1, I wouldn’t have been nearly as eloquent as you. It is always my pleasure to read your stuff. It is always fact-based, to the point and just fun to read.

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