The Best Rx for Re-opening BC

Dr. Bonnie Henry, Health Minister Adrian Dix and Premier John Horgan clearly need some help.

They’ve done their best confronting, addressing, taking on and hopefully, eventually getting us out of the worst, most frightening health crisis of our lifetime.

But MANY British Columbians are not happy: they feel the NDP government and Dr. Bonnie Henry have played favorites; that some people, part of the NDP’s voting base, have been unfairly pushed to the front of the line for vaccines, while front-line workers, much more deserving, had to wait far too long; that the worst Health Order violators, activists, partiers and whole communities holding large gatherings have been allowed to get away with ignoring the rules; while law-obeying citizens, businesses, workers have been forced to bear unfair extra burdens and hardships; and, BC residents have even had their Civil Liberties abused by the NDP government, imposing roadblocks, restrictions and heavy fines on BC residents while Albertans, from the per-capita worst-infected province in the country, can come and go at their leisure, facing no roadblocks as they tow boats and campers into the province, heading for BC’s lakes and campgrounds.

And MANY of the BC government’s Health Orders, instructions, rules, suggestions, appeals have been criticized for mixed messaging and being confusing.

The government needs help. Well, here I am. And hopefully, so are you.

The current set of shut-down Orders are currently scheduled to expire May 25.

Should they? All of them? Or some? And what about the long-term? What will work? What won’t? And what would be fair?

First, the highway blockades have got to go! They were a costly blunder, a waste of both police resources and public funds. Get rid of them!

Although they no doubt kept law-abiding citizens from travelling, a simple appeal from Dr. Henry to do so would have accomplished much the same. And let’s keep it real: even with police checks/blockades, the Covidiots, scofflaws and rule evaders probably just lied and travelled right through.

Second, Public Health Orders MUST be enforced EQUALLY: the organizers of EVERY public rally, protest, gathering, beach party, road and bridge blockades must be CHARGED … and so should as many of the actual perpetrators as reasonably possible.

Police WILL act … if they feel they have the support and backing of the City and Provincial politicians … who have been FAR TOO WEAK and even catered to the scofflaws in the past.

The government cannot and should not expect law-abiding citizens to follow the rules … if others get FREE PASSES.

THIRDLY, indoor dining, bars and gyms should ONLY be allowed to resume where Health Officials certify sanitary protocols are being assiduously followed and air flow/circulation is adequate. If not: keep those failing to meet the REQUIRED standards CLOSED.

In the longer term, restaurants, bars and gyms should be ALLOWED to require full vaccination of all staff against Covid. And if they post PROOF of Vaccination Certificates at their entrance, it could even prove to be a customer draw.

Workplaces, theatres, stadiums and schools should be able to ban non-vaccinated staff, customers, students and visitors from their premises as well.

It’s their right to keep themselves and their customers safe.

A Government-issued Proof of Vaccination Pass or Q-Code should be issued to all who have completed the full Covid vaccination process … not only useful for those places mentioned above, but also as a required document to board a commercial aircraft, domestically or internationally … or even cross the Canada-US road border once that re-opens.

Which brings me to the anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers.

I respect their rights and I would NOT support any attempts by government to force vaccination. If someone does not believe Covid is a threat or does not want to vaccinate, that is their right.

BUT they do NOT have any right to expose, infect, render sick or kill the rest of us!

The civil rights of non-vaxxers may guarantee them access to government buildings/services (exactly how much is still to be legally tested) but I would submit they are NOT guaranteed access to privately owned facilities that are required to respect/obey the human rights provisions of Canada’s Charter of Rights (race, colour, ethnicity, sexual orientation etc.). Being required to serve non-maskers or non-vaccinated is not a provision under the Canadian Charter.

All this would be a good start to the Summer.

Dr. Henry has had the support of most British Columbians for most of her Health Orders most of the time.

But criticism has been growing. And rightfully so.

Dr. Henry and the government are going to have to ensure any new rules/restrictions imposed from now on are directed at the REAL sources of the problems … not just the easiest targets … and they must be enforced EQUALLY …. taking on those who have been ignoring most of them until now.

Harv Oberfeld

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37 Responses to The Best Rx for Re-opening BC

  1. D. M. Johnston says:

    As hind sight is 20/20 and the future is still a mystery, one item that the NDP completely over looked and still ignore is youth and youth sports.

    Talking to a school vice principal yesterday, who is a neighbour of an old friend I was helping to move (he cannot afford to live in the lower mainland any more), he told me that the covid 19 lock down has all but destroyed school sports. He feels that school port will be forever changed as students do not now have a continuation for school teams and even more disturbing, many teachers now will not help coach school teams.

    The NDP do not care.

    Amateur youth sport is also in jeopardy as many children will just not participate.

    Oh, the sports which act as talent pools for big money sports will continue, such as football, soccer and basket ball, but these are for the elites.

    Unless the government takes action or even demonstrates any plan, this will be a disaster a few years down the road.

    School sport is far more important to youth than many people realize, especially the fringe or niche sports that do not have the lure of a big ticket payoff in the future.

    Horgan and company have shown a complete disregard for BC residents as they shovel taxpayer’s monies to their politcal friends and insiders and their anti youth stance is all the more appalling, given their political bent.

    I have lost faith with the NDP and their ability to manage Covid, as I have with the Liberals, (the Conservatives have proven worse) who do what Canada does in an emergency, shovel money off the back of a truck, with no plan but higher taxes and user fees in the future.

    Them problem with this is that politcal cronies and insiders are generally the ones who benefit from proliferate spending and that, I think is the plan.

    (Response: Whether it is sports, protests, beach parties, bars, restaurants or picnics in the park, the principle remains the same: proximity spreads Covid among unvaccinated people. I get that and do my best to stay in my very limited bubble … and I believe most British Columbians get that too. BUT what we don’t want to see is Dr Henry and the government directing their Orders and enforcements at only SOME of us, giving others a free pass … because they’re in a particular ethnic, cultural or more-prone-to-violence activist group. That just encourages normally law-abiding people to say “If they can do it, so can we”. h.o)

  2. 13 says:

    Harvey, a well thought out and pretty thourough set of guidlines. You explained it in a manner that most of us will understand. Perhaps not sure will find some problems with your plan but then he is a highly educated educator. Stud will likely tread softly on this one as you havent incited a riot all though your plan to punish leaders of protests and the participants will not sit well with sure and stud. To achieve this the NDP would need to enforce laws and penalties and punish offenders rather than ticket law abiding citizens that might try to get to a cottage up country to make sure its safe after the winter shut down. Likely would not even notice the odd BC Plated car mixed into the sea of ford lariate, gmc sierra, and dodge ram tough pick ups bearing Alberta plates
    All in all a plan that in the hands of any government other than a Horgan/ Trudeau mix would prove successful.

    (Response: Others may have good suggestions too: let’s hear them. I’m sure the government is monitoring. h.o)

  3. 13 says:

    OK I will submit one suggestion where Horgan could do better. Currently he does squat so better should be easy. Seniors beared the brunt of the covid disaster. From every level of government.
    Seniors should recieve care that is at least comparable to that given to prisoners or homeless drug addicts
    Free medical/ dental/ perscription drugs/ free public transit not means tested
    Free housing and meals ( some sort of means test).

    (Response: Very good point! So many seniors are struggling with those very things (especially dental care), but they aren’t poor enough to receive welfare services, that they often go without. h.o)

  4. Heliworld says:

    Harvey this paragraph shows the hypocrisy in what you have blogged today and in other blogs.

    “The civil rights of non-vaxxers may guarantee them access to government buildings/services (exactly how much is still to be legally tested) but I would submit they are NOT guaranteed access to privately owned facilities that are required to respect/obey the human rights provisions of Canada’s Charter of Rights (race, colour, ethnicity, sexual orientation etc.). Being required to serve non-maskers or non-vaccinated is not a provision under the Canadian Charter.”

    Take for example Stanley Park and the lane shutdowns “the tyrants” and “the Green
    Ayatollah’s” All for changing something that wasn’t liked. An elected board, elected by Vancouver residents are now Ayatollahas? Yet if a Canadian citizen chooses not to go with the vaccines their civil rights should be removed?

    In this post you blast Albertan’s for coming to BC and how every think should be treated equally. Yet in the paragraph above you don’t want equal treatment for those that choose not to be a guinea pig for a vaccine that has and will have detrimental effects on a person. Granted it may not be all those affected but the ever changing procedures with the rollout, might make one with a thinking mind have doubts about taking it.

    So what you are saying is you believe in human/constitutional rights but if you don’t believe in the likes of Dr. Fauci, Dr. Tam and the WHO in general you should not have any? A person should be able to decide what goes into their body, period.

    Trust is what is needed, for me at least, and I do not have it, as many of the changes in the procedures have been altered for political reasons which caused the shortage of the vaxes. The changes to the first and second dose recommended time and all the other changes, AZ good/no good/good, Phizer deaths, failure to report all these issues etc. etc.

    So the old, “If you don’t take the vaccine you will be spreading it to others”. Well if you
    have the disease you might spread it but if you don’t? So if you take the vaccine are you still worried about catching it? If you had both doses are you still worried about catching it? If you are then I would spend some time thinking about why you took it and then think about removing civil rights from someone for not taking it.

    I don’t think that anyone should lose their rights over a personal and medical opinion about not taking a vaccine. There are lots of literature out there to read and as I have been immobilized for the last 4 years from surgeries I got to read a lot. Yes there are some items out there that don’t make sense but a lot that does and a thinking person needs to make up their own mind.

    You know, make up their own mind, just like Joe Biden the new president that beat out that bad Orange guy. ?

    (Response: No one should lose their “RIGHTS” because they refuse to wear a mask or vaccinate …that’s why I believe they should still have access to government services, buildings ..and yes, Stanley Park … BUT it is not a universal RIGHT to enter someone else’s private premises and place their lives in danger. If the owner of any private property (stores, restaurants, bars, offices hotels, theatres, cruise ships etc) wants to bar anti-maskers or unvaccinated potentially fatal disease carrying people from THEIR premises … that IS their RIGHT to do so …and I hope they will, to at least try to to keep the rest of us safe. h.o)

  5. D. M. Johnston says:

    Orwell said it best and the NDP’s modus Operandi: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

    So cutting through the radicalize, colonialized, socialized rhetoric by the NDP and its bureaucrats, to desperately try to save votes for the federal NDP next election, that the current hypocritical and anti-democratic (one can say thuggery) of the current anti travel restrictions on BC citizens will continue (Albertans, as always will be allowed to travel in BC) to hide the fact that they have mismanaged the Covid outbreak, the NDP will do little.

    Tail-gunner John and Fatuous Farnsworth will bubble and froth like any good politician and completely screw up any attempt to normalize BC.

    News flash – There aint no normal anymore, but spend a few billion here and a few billion there and the great unwashed will just follow their masochistic politcal ways.

    In BC we have a social system now based on race, age, sex, and income and the NDP will spend every cent in this province to maintain their new normal.

    A year from now after the next NDP mess Horgan and is cabal will claim “Hindsight is 20/20”.

  6. Stu de Baker says:

    I am sure, but I am not not sure.
    However, I am not sure, why I am bothering to comment, as 13 seems to have grown at least one crystal ball and believes s/he knows what goes on in my head.

    On the one hand, I believe this is a decent and logical plan and the second sentence is a warm fuzzy departure from weeks of rabble. On the other hand, I believe the proper authorities have already drafted a similar plan and I am sure HO and this group of self-appointed epidemiologists will take credit for it. When announced, Harvey will claim the hated HDH Trio were pressured and shamed into it, by Keeping it Real.

    Where I for once agree with the KIR Pandemic Princes is on the issue of dysfunctional crowd control.

    VPD Marine Units and RCMP helicopters, used to disperse beach bums, while a Palestinian parade gets no Police presence; where were the good old fashioned, Mayor Tom Terrific fire hoses? Push them into the ocean, the lot of them.

    I can’t take the ferry to the mainland to see my grandkids, yet on Sunday, Alberta Hells Angels in full colors, rolled into Sidney. Now, we can be sure, THEY are not part of the BC NDP voting base.

    In fact, I am almost sure, this past weekend of partiers just may have proven a point that the collective “we” cannot be trusted to play nicely and the current restrictions were wise. “Let’s extend it until after Canada Day.”

    To say “a simple appeal from Dr. Henry to do so would have accomplished much the same” is also at odds with past rhetoric and public flogging of DBH and her policies. But hypocrisy inhabits all of us. Of that I am sure.

    So there. I agree on the Government talking points, leaked and presented here. Good scoop Harvey.

    And, so there again, I am still sure, I am not not sure and I am certainly sure, I am not 13’s Stud

    (Response: You are simply wrong when you write: “To say “a simple appeal from Dr. Henry to do so would have accomplished much the same” is also at odds with past rhetoric and public flogging of DBH and her policies”. Yes, several of Dr Henry’s and the NDP government’s policies on handling/fighting Covid HAVE been wrong and deserved/received a good deal of public criticism, not just from me but from the public, business groups, civil liberties organizations, unions, etc. etc. However, that does not now … and never has … meant the public, business groups, civil liberties organizations, unions nor I disobeyed or ignored her Orders, no matter how ill-conceived or unfair they were. So it’s simply wrong to suggest the two concepts are “at odds”. One does not necessarily contradict the other. And since the government …every government spends a great deal of time and money monitoring social media these days, and hopefully DO listen and respond, Yes, all of us on KIR will be able to justifiably claim credit when Dr Henry and the NDP DO respond to our suggestions … and demands. h.o)

  7. RIsaak says:

    There’s not much common in common sense anymore.

    This post above contains far too much of it for the elected & bureaucrats to comprehend!

    Would have zero issues if 100% of this was implemented immediately.

    (Response: Thanks. They DO monitor social media, including KIR, and I’m sure the politicians and the bureaucrats are coming to the realization that, although the majority of citizens want to help eradicate Covid, selective enforcements and unfair rule impositions are NOT flying with most voters … and they had better improve their enforcement actions and record, or more and more people will just start to ignore announcements whenever and wherever possible, making things even worse. h.o)

  8. nonconfidencevote says:

    Sorry Harvey.
    While I agree with your list of suggestion…..
    I think you’re off Bonnie and Horgans Christmas Card list this year…..

    Oh well.
    drown your sorrows in another MaiTai in Cuba when the airlines fly again.

    (Response: Hmmm! How did you know I was wearing my CUBA T-shirt Sunday? h.o)

  9. BMCQ says:

    I tend to agree with almost everything H.O. points out in the essay above, who could not agree, all of the points made are simply just basic common sense, common sense makes to almost everyone regardless of their political ideology except of course those “Whacked Out” Ideologues that never ever let facts interfere with their own opinions .

    I am not sure but some seem contributors here to have the following mind set baked into their Psyche .

    “Whatever you do, Please DO NOT confuse Me with the Facts, I have already made up My mind” !!
    NONE of THIS should be about politics, everything that various levels of governments do concerning the C Virus should be about the Health of Canadians, the people of B.C. etc., the Rule of Law, and above all Fairness and Equal Treatment of AL right across Canada, regardless of skin tone, ethnicity, religion, or ideology, Equality, NOT Equity as is far too often the case .

    Equality tells us that everyone and everyone is treated Equally, Equity simply tells us that SOME Canadians are a Little MORE Equal than others and that is dangerous and that is a path we should never venture down .

    The Horgan B.C. Provincial Government and the Canadian Federal Government of PM Justin “Play Identity Politics” and they both consider some Canadians more important than others and that needs to stop .

    Yes Covid has been more than difficult and contrary what some might want to believe Covid – 19 has been deadly while at the same time Covid – 19 has crippled, maimed, and destroyed the lives of a high percentage of the population and Covid has crippled and in fact ruined the economies of many countries and Covid has ruined the futures of good hard working people, it is literally life changing or in fact death for a very high percentage of Canadians and their families .

    Health, Common sense, Science when it is known and equal treatment for all should be the order of the day, Politics SHOULD NEVER play into any of this .

    Again, media should read the above essay and some of the comments on this blog as the next few days go on, it might give them a clue as to what questions they should be asking .

    Citizens need to know that thee are laws and protocols in place and as is stated very well up the page, people of ALL ethnicities, skin tones, religion, and political persuasions need to support one another and hey will get through this .

    No one needs to lose their rights, they just simply need to follow protoc0ls, rules and regulations and care about their fellow people kind, how difficult might that be ? ,

    Frankly I am getting tired of cape crusader Mike Farnworth and Police promising and talking about taking action when no action is taken regardless of the miss step or crime . NO WONDER the Great Unwashed pay no attention !

    There are absolutely NO Deterrents in society today, No One pays attention to any edict handed down or legislated by any elected body . How is that working out for us ?

    Imagine being able to fly to Canada from India, or any other given place, imagine being able to fly into airports by private aircraft or cross the Canadian Border by Limo without quarantine and yet one cannot drive from YVR to Hope, WTF !!

    Yes the private aircraft can only land where CBS is open but then what about the rst of the other protocols ? Then thee is more good news, in about a week Turkish Airlines will begin to fly people kind into Canada from who knows where, how lovely !! Someone had better ask Top Mensa Member and Canadian PM about that so he can then in his wisdom “Pause” the startup of Turkish Airlines .

    We must also NEVER forget that if we had a PM and Federal Government that did their jobs and secured/procured/acquired Vaccines in a timely manner we would have saved perhaps thousands of lives and we may have saved people from contracting life altering damage from Covid, and we may have saved business’s and the economy .

  10. Not Sure says:

    Dare I?

    Everybody wants this over. So anything that gets us back to some sense of normalcy is worth considering.

    But for me the key isn’t what we do but when we do it.

    You have mentioned four main ideas. Proof of vaccination is down the road and nobody wants to see flagrant rule breakers flouting the law so I won’t comment on them.

    Opening up restaurants under the conditions you list is fine. Those rules have already been in place when they have been open.

    The travel restrictions are more complicated but nobody wants to see them continue indefinitely so we have to look at moving away from them.

    And those last two (restaurants and travel) are not the only things to look at. DMJ mentioned sports. What about churches and increasing bubble size and any other number of things we want changed so we can feel normal again.

    So how do we determine when to start opening up? Number of people vaccinated? Number of cases?

    Right now BC has vaccinated almost 50% of the total population. But only 3% of the population is fully vaccinated although Dr. Henry indicated yesterday that we may get our second dose sooner than the 16 weeks.

    Cases have been trending downward. Hospitalizations and people in ICU are also heading down. But the numbers are still high enough to be concerning. Do low case communities want people from hot spots visiting right now.

    If we open up restaurants and gyms in communities that have low case numbers how do we stop people from hot spots crossing a bridge or heading a few miles down the road for a workout or a nice meal?

    Anyway, that is my question. At what point is it safe to start opening up? I believe Saskatchewan has made some noise about opening up based on vaccine numbers, On the other hand, Manitoba and Nova Scotia are two provinces who have been hit hard lately for no discernible reason except covid hits fast and spreads quickly. Some jurisdictions have been criticized for opening up too soon causing new surges to occur.

    Anyway, that’s all I have to offer and I am sorry I don’t have an easy answer.

    (Response: I agree with Dr Henry’s explanation …and yours … that things should open up in stages. For example, I could see restaurants, bars, churches and gyms re-opening for indoor activities for those who have had at least ONE dose of vaccine (I’ll leave it Dr Henry exactly when it is safe to do that) , and reopening stadiums, concerts, the US road border ONLY to those who have been fully vaccinated, ie had TWO doses or Pfizer, Moderna or AZ (one in the case of Johnson and Johnson) and have certificates to prove it. This may actually help convince some those who are now resisting getting the shot …not because of some great principles, but just because they can’t be bothered. As for those who refuse to get vaccinated or wear masks, that’s okay … but let them stay amongst themselves, infecting each other and their friends and families … but once vaccines are readily available to all, they should not be allowed to expose the rest of us to the risk serious illness or death just to cater to their obstinacy. Period! h.o)

  11. HARRY LAWSON says:


    A well thought out post.

    Covid has been hard on seniors and the disadvantaged.

    Kudos to the N D P for raising provincial social assistance rates.

    We must address the fact that many frontline outreach centres are either closed or changed their method of operations so that many services are not being provided anymore .

    How about the restaurants that are using covid as a excuse to close washrooms.

    Covid is not to be used as a excuse for totalitarism.

    (Response: If a restaurant is open, so should its washrooms be … for customers at least. And if they have to clean and sanitize more often, so be it: sure beats staying closed. And I share your concern that government (any government) can try to use Covid or any other public crisis to avoid democratic responsibilities …instead issuing arbitrary “emergency” Orders, delaying or avoiding calling the legislature into session, limiting committee work and scrutiny …and, as we see now under the NDP, doing away completely with actual REAL press conferences (SHAME ON THEM!) where reporters can really grill them (instead of very restrictive “briefings” where only a few very tame media get chosen and there is no real give and take allowed). h.o)

  12. NVG says:

    ‘a few very tame media get chosen’ Could you offer the names of these reporter so that I can ignore their reporting in the future.

    (Response: The Henry/Dix briefings last about an hour … and after they each deliver their own presentations, sometimes in Dix’s case, heavily laden with statistics that could easily be handed out on a printed sheet, there is time left for only five or six questioners…. not always exactly the same people, but pretty much limited, considering the hundreds of BC media reporters there are. Tune in someday on BC1 Chanel 21 or CHEK TV, Channel 215 in the Lower Mainland, usually Mondays and Thursdays at 3 p.m. …and you’ll see what I mean. Maybe they should let Bloggers join in!!! h.o)

  13. Stu de Baker says:

    This is where I have a problem; social media, Facebook speak.

    ““Whacked Out” Ideologues that never ever let facts interfere with their own opinions .”
    ““Whatever you do, Please DO NOT confuse Me with the Facts, I have already made up My mind” !!”

    Then disregards that bit with these statements which are NOT supported by facts: “Imagine being able to fly to Canada from India, or cross the Canadian Border by Limo without quarantine and yet one cannot drive from YVR to Hope, WTF !!”

    Government of Canada suspends flights from India and Pakistan

    Have your ArriveCAN receipt, test results, and quarantine plans ready for assessment by a Border Services Officer

    Lower Mainland to be treated as one health authority region under B.C.’s travel restriction.

    This completely diminishes the credibility and reasonableness of the KIR piece. Yet there are others, who will believe it.

    India flights and land borders, in one package:

  14. BMCQ says:

    Let me begin by making a basic simple statement .

    “Decaf Stu, Decaf” !

    It is obvious that direct flights from India have been paused but no matter how one might wish to “Spin” the most important facts the Canadian Gov and PM paused those flights ONLY a few days ago and only because of pointed questions . Let’s be honest and fully transparent . To my knowledge the PM and his Minions have announced anything about a pause on the launch of flights from Turkey into Canada by Turkish Air Lines, or do you possess knowledge on that file .

    Anyone who pays attention can confirm many many people travelling to Canada also came in through borders via Limo or other and a high percentage of those did not quarantine . As eaf also pointed out many people flew into Canada on private aircraft and it appears that the Feds did not follow up with quarantine in many instances .

    Again, this should not be about politics and the enforcement and in fact regulations should not be designed to be enforced by only a certain sector of the Canadian and B.C. Population based on religion, skin tone, ethnicity or any other given identity, the rules, regulations, laws, and protocols should be enforced evenly, fairly, and without prejudice or special status .

    Who was it that said “Facts do matter” ?

    One can choose to play small ball and maneuver by mincing words and getting technical with dates etcetera but it is obvious that anyone familiar with the truth that the B.C. Gov and the Canadian PM are playing politics and it is for most people paying attention very transparent and indeed cheap tawdry politics .

  15. Gilbert says:

    The government needs to let the medical experts manage the pandemic. Our politicians should treat everyone equally and not punish those who are tesponsible.

  16. 13 says:

    If I had a kinship to the NDP party which I shamedly admit that in the early 70s I voted for Barrett I would be in awe of the support that Horgan gets on this blog. It didnt take long for me to realize the NDP were the party of the people as long the people were government and public sector workers. So I never made that mistake a second time.
    Stu d admits he lives on Van Isle a bastion of government workers (active and retired) eaf GBS not sure and many more that look the other way whenever Horgan calls an election to solidify his hold onto power with zero regard for seniors dying in poorly run resthomes across the province.
    For that reason and that reason alone he put his political carreer ahead of vulnerable peoples lives. To justify that is to candone that Look at Ford. Look at Kenny. Look at othe Premiers who have had problems. BS Ill look at the one that call the shots where I live. The one who passes rules for law abiding people while protestors get barely a glance. Horgan / Farnsworth are poor quality leaders and his blind support for Justin Trudeau does little to enhance my opinion of him

  17. nonconfidencevote says:

    “The Henry/Dix briefings last about an hour … and after they each deliver their own presentations, sometimes in Dix’s case, heavily laden with statistics that could easily be handed out on a printed sheet, there is time left for only five or six questioners…. ”


    That’s a Bingo!
    The daily repetition of the stats is mind numbing but useful.
    It gets the public off asking questions since most people I talk to, change the channel….
    Perhaps thats the point?

    (Response: Certainly when politicians and their bureaucrats issue facts and figures, it’s reasonable to expect they’ll be gfiving you what they WANT you to see/know …and holding back other details they’d prefer be left private. h.o)

  18. Keith says:

    Good one Harvey.

    Overall I think the province did a good job initially when no-one was quite sure what was what and the goalposts were moved by a virus with it’s own agenda.

    Scrambling for basic PPE and relying on vaccines distributed by the feds. whose supply was reliant on other countries was not their fault. But that reliance cannot be allowed to continue, India being a prime example.
    Making as much of our own vital and necessary supplies is the obvious answer ensuring that we don’t have a situation where the public interest is not compromised by money grubbing politicians and the lobbyists that chase them with donations to the cause, as in the case of Connaught Labs.

    Although Mulroney got rid of the lab, successive politicians did nothing for a national response to a public health emergency, leaving it to the private sector. Business and national interests aren’t usually the same, as we found out.

    There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of bail out money in various forms to keep the ball rolling so I see no reason why investments in our own basic health security should be too much of a problem. There isn’t anything we can’t do in Canada that we would have to be reliant on other parts of the world. Just have to look beyond the lowest common denominator.

    With the leak of the map that showed in detail where the case counts were in B.C. which just confirmed what many were sure of, it brought into focus the shading of where the problems were. It didn’t make the Prov. govt. look good and I can’t see what the point was of keeping that info. from us. If we know where the hotspots and high case numbers are we don’t go to those areas, thus when the advice of no unnecessary travel comes down we know why. Isn’t that the point,? also the people that live in those areas are aware of the problem, not having to guess or kid themselves. And what difference would it make by having that available?, it becomes another thing to read that saves a lot of grief. Be more transparent and don’t pander.

    The enforcement of the relevant regs. has been appalling as you clearly laid out, even this past weekend, English bay had another rave with a D.J. and again nothing was done, listening to Kennedy Stewart on that was a waste of electricity. Other provinces, E.G. The Maritimes have done a much better job of enforcing their regs. with substantially higher fines. Also they did a very good job of stopping people entering their respective provinces with the Atlantic Bubble. If they could do it. why couldn’t we? it’s not as if each province operates in a vacuum from each other or from the Feds.

    The organised no-mask protests etc. and support for Indian Farmers were and are super-spreaders nationwide. Trudeau was not happy with the gathering at English bay a year ago, so are there enforcements the Feds. should be looking at as part of future National Public Health policies.? On one hand taking some responsibility away from the provinces, but on the other giving them cover for what is necessary to protect the majority from a less responsible minority, in B.C. and other provinces was and is quite apparent. If the feds. are backstopping much of the practical and financial assistance, should the provinces be obligated to enforce a minimum of federally mandated public health regs. in response to the issues that have arisen by this pandemic, E.G. using the honour system to minimize the effects of a killer virus of this nature.?

    In regard to the question should the May 25th orders be extended or changed,? It’s a bit early to go too big as I don’t think enough people have yet been vaccinated, ease the restrictions slowly if the numbers of vaccinations continue to rise as they seem to be, coupled with a sustained province wide downward trend .

    (Response: When the history of BC’s handling of the pandemic is written … hopefully by scientists and public health experts and analysts (not the BC media) … I believe it will become clear how the NDP government caused problems with the way it politicized the vaccine rollouts, its confusing Public Health Orders, its selective and inconsistent enforcement of rules and how it withheld information as you state that could have actually helped people know where to go and where not to go. h.o)

  19. Jack Bueller says:

    Harvey, the Canada/U.S. border closure was just extended until June 21, 2021. Do you still see a re-opening anytime soon and allowing fully vaccinated Americans to travel to Canada? I’m a fully vaccinated American living in a border city and I’ve been waiting to see my family for 1 year and 3 months of border closure now.

    (Response: As I replied to you before, I still believe the Canada/US road border WILL reopen before the end of the summer, barring any new Covid disasters. h.o)

  20. BMCQ says:


    In FACT it is NOW Canada that iss the fly in the ointment !

    It is Canada that is SO FAR behind in getting the Jabs in Arms that it is Canadians that will not be allowed into the USA who are far ahead of Canada .

    Sure the Canadian PM his Minions, and some here and in media will attempt to spin with some sort of mumbo jumbo that that Canada is “Getting Millions and Millions” of doses and the rest but none the less it is Canadians that are not allowed to travel to many other countries while those from the UK and the U.S. are welcome to many places .

    Very soon you will see Cruise Ships with Fully Vaccinated Staff and Tourists with Vqax Passports loading up by the tens of thousands in Seattle after landing at WEATAC Airport then cruising off to Alaska by passing Vancouver and Victoria at a cost of close to $ 3 Billion Dollars to Canadian Business and a huge number of Tax Dollars generated from income tax, sales tax, liquor tax and so much more not going to Vancouver, Victoria, B.C. and federal Bank Accounts .

    The change to the docking of U.S. based vessels stopping in Victoria and Vancouver will very possibly become permanent and our Federal Government and Canadian Governments will spin that as some sort of Environmental Victory .

    ALL of this because of the ineptitude, imbecilic, incapable, incompetence of the “Failed” Canadian Prime Minister Justin .

    If Canada had vaccines in arms we would not be in such a precarious position .

    Not to worry though Canadian PM Justin will be on Office for another uh generation .

    Yes, chances are the U.S. Canadian Border may be open sometime this fall but the main reason is the fact that U.S. Border towns and cities require the commerce/spending of Canadians who frequent those cities and towns for goods and services .

    Not sure (god i should probably not use that term) about the opening before the end of the summer but that is a good guess and close to when I believe the border will re open in October . But then what do I know .

    (Response: Watch for Canada to soon allow the “technical stops” for cruise ships as I suggested in my blog on the topic earlier this year. h.o)

  21. Not Sure says:

    Is the guy who said this

    “Sure the Canadian PM his Minions, and some here and in media will attempt to spin with some sort of mumbo jumbo that Canada is “Getting Millions and Millions” of doses ….”

    the same guy who pointed his finger at others by saying this

    “I am not sure but some contributors here seem to have the following mind set baked into their Psyche . Whatever you do, Please DO NOT confuse Me with the Facts, I have already made up My mind !!”

    Talk about irony or projection.

    Not to confuse anybody with mumbo jumbo I found this article of interest.

    Canada is closing in on the US in % of population with a first dose. The article is a few days old so right now the US has vaccinated 48% of its population. Canada has vaccinated 47%. The article said that Canada could catch the US by Thursday. Tune in tomorrow.

    OK, Canada is well behind the US when it comes to being fully vaccinated. But as the article pointed out first dose is important not just for the protection it provides but for an indication of how many people will likely get fully vaccinated. The demand for vaccines in Canada is still high. In the US where supply is not a problem demand is slowing.

    The article said that Canada could reach 75% first dose vaccinated by mid June and 75% fully vaccinated by mid August based on current modeling. It will be interesting to see if that comes about and how many Americans are fully vaccinated by then.

    In another article that I am too lazy to look for, Trudeau talked about 75% vaccinated for opening the border.

    I am not trying to mumbo jumbo anybody. But if these numbers are accurate, our borders and some semblance of normalcy may be sooner than expected. Fingers crossed.

    (Response: Just to be clear, your reference “Is this the guy ..” in the first 2 lines does NOT refer to something I said …but to BCMQ. The rest is fair comment for discussion. h.o)

  22. BMCQ says:

    Let’s cut to the chase here .

    Can YOU “Not Sure” actually claim to tell the rest of us within reading distance of your comments that the Canadian PM did an acceptable job of “Getting the Vax Out” ?

    Did PM Justin acquire/procure vaccines in a timely manner for the Canadian People ?

    Do YOU in all honestly believe that the Canadian PM Did Not “Fumble the Ball” ?

    On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best where do you feel PM Justin should stand when it comes to the acquisition and roll out of vaccines ?

    I correctly stated that you would attempt to defend Canadian PM Justin, I wonder how many Canadians that lost loved ones to C – 19 because those same poor souls did not get jabs in arms because of PM Justin’s dithering, incompetence and failure to manage the procurement of vaccines ?

    Would YOU like to answer for them ?

    The Border will be open when the U.S. decides, not when the PM of Canada says so .

    In the meantime do not be surprised that Seattle based Cruise ships, crews, and tourists continue to cruise on by Victoria and Vancouver permanently .

    Please do not come back at me and “Mumble” something about the Canadian PM banning SEA based cruise ships from Canadian waters until you know and understand that B.C. Ferries navigate their way through U.S. waters on their way from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay hundreds of times each and every week, the trade off would be another disaster for the Canadian PM, B.C. Victoria, Vancouver, and B.C. Ferries and millions of people connected to any of this .

    There are two morals to this story .

    1 . You are trying to defend the failed procurement and roll out of vaccines by a failed Canadian PM .

    2 . In the case of a Prime Minister, Never ever send a “Boy People Kind” to do the job of a “Man People Kind”, it will bite you in the ass every time .

    Just to be clear and fully honest .

    If the Prime Minister of this country still happened to be Stephen Harper I would be angry, in fact even more angry because I would expect far more from Stephen Harper and his Gov than what we get from PM Justin and his Band of Failed Hypocrites .

  23. e.a.f. says:

    When Dr. Henry told people not to travel at Christmas, the Inland Highway, which our home over looks, was empty. You’d think all cars and trucks had left town. It was deader than 2 a.m. on a week night without the trucks. People listened.

    The current “road blocks” don’t make sense to me because Albertans are free to wander all over the province, except the Lower Mainland. but as Isaaks writes Albertans can come and go but his kids can’t come to visit him. I came on an 8:15 p.m. ferry from Duke Point to Tswassen, think it was Mother’s Day and trust me those weren’t all for essential travel. We weren’t all going to doctor’s appointments on the mainland.

    If we were going to do anything we ought to have stopped Albertans on vacation coming into the province. As to the truckers it would have been easy to vaccinate them as some American states are now vaccinating Canadian truckers.

    13, if you’re wondering what my location is, well the books and art are stored in Nanaimo. Since COVID I’ve stored myself there also and not left the house except to do grocery shopping every 3 weeks and pickup the mail. O.K. I went to Purdy’s 3 times since COVID started, doubled masked though observing all safety standards and that includes using hand sanitizer and washing my hands constantly. So what do you have against retired government workers? We’re human.

    The reason the seniors in care homes were dying hand over fist is the majority of them are privately owned by profit making corporations. Money came first. They were insufficiently staffed, not kept clean enough, staff were sent from one care home to another, thus spreading the virus. Have a read of the report on the Ontario care home disaster during covid. I’m sure some of the same issues can be found in B.C. For 16 years the B.C Lieberals didnt’ pay all that much attention to these for profit care homes, some owned by foreign governments. Since the NDP has come into office, they actually took over the running of some of them they were in such bad shape.
    If the citizens of this province were really concerned about seniors they would insist these places were inspected regularly and if they didn’t comply, have them taken over by the government. In Ontario, they inspected them, issued them “tickets” but didn’t do much about enforcing change.

    if the seniors in care homes would have been horses, dogs, cats, etc. the SPCA would have been all over their living conditions, but these were only old people in corporate run housing and profits needed to be made.

    As to keeping bathrooms closed in resturants, etc. Its about money. If an establishment is to keep the bathrooms clean, to a covid standard, they would have to have them cleaned after each person used them. they are not going to do that. keeping them closed will also keep the clients from hanging around too long so there is a greater turn over of the tables. Usually the most germ laden thing in a public bathroom are the taps. After washing your hands always turn the taps off with paper, not your clean hands because when you turned on those taps, you had germ laden hands.

  24. BMCQ says:

    Yes, we discuss “The best Rx for re opening B.C.” and there are many good suggestions but WHY are our Political Masters, their Minions, their Health Officials NOT informing and coming forward with recommendations on Covid and Surfaces ?

    Are Politicians and Health Authorities, doing their best to keep this Most Important News and information a secret ? if so, WHY ?Let’s be transparent and honest here, we all know how much public buildings and business enterprises are spending on the cleaning of surfaces, the cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces is costing literally $ Billions, we need a more up to date protocol for this and no one seems to be paying attention . Yes some media have covered this but we hear not very much in the way of official updates from government, puzzling .

    For YOU fact checkers, I am not saying we should disregard cleaning of surfaces, I am simply saying we the Great Unwashed need to hear more from Health Authorities on this, an honest science based relaxation of the cleaning/disinfecting of some surfaces some times makes sense and it will save business enterprises a lot of money .

    As Joe Biden might be heard to say, “Come On Man” !!

    Attached below is another piece on Surfaces published in one of my local neighbourhood newspapers . Hmmm I guess that should read neighborhood .

  25. Not Sure says:

    Harvey, I debated whether to make a long response to BMCQ with lots of facts etc but I don’t think it would be worthwhile. Just let me say that Horgan and Trudeau have not been perfect, but they also have not been abysmal failures by whatever measure we want to use. When I challenge BCMQ on his assertion that Horgan or Trudeau suck, I am doing it more for the people who are working hard behind the scenes to advise the politicians.

    Here are some more interesting numbers as a follow-up to my last post. Canada and the US are now tied at 48% of people with at least one dose. And yes I am well aware of Canada’s miniscule 4% fully vaccinated.

    I have been following this site for about a month now. Israel, at the top of the list with 60% vaccinated, 56% fully, have been stuck on those numbers for a few days. I hope they haven’t maxxed out at 60%

    I read another article similar to the one I linked from Maclean’s. Unfortunately it is behind a paywall so I can’t link it but they looked at individual US states. Some states mostly in the north have well over 60% of their population with at least one dose. Others mostly in the southeast are languishing in the low 30s. No definitive reason was given for this disparity but I am glad the border states are the ones with the high numbers. As an aside I checked for the provincial numbers and our much smaller range is 44% (Nova Scotia) to 52% for Quebec. And all of our provinces are continuing to vaccinate at a high rate (demand is still there) which is good news.

    If people want to take these facts as a defense of Trudeau then so be it, but they are just facts to be interpreted however you want. I am taking them as a defense of Canadians who are taking vaccinations seriously.

    (Response: I absolutely agree “have not been abysmal failures by whatever measure we want to use” … and I’ve said that. However, I see it as every journalist’s duty to press them, push them and point out where they HAVE made mistakes, fallen short or just been too political in exercising their powers and their policies. And sadly, that’s where too many of the media have fallen down …becoming messengers and cheerleaders for the government and Dr Henry … and that is NOT their job! So I like to do their jobs for them … as limited as I can, since, remember, I am retired. h.o)

  26. Keith says:

    Looking again at

    “ The current set of shut-down Orders are currently scheduled to expire May 25”

    After a long weekend that is when cases have risen almost like clockwork. Would the more prudent approach be or have been;

    To review the existing orders a couple of weeks after a long weekend to see where the case counts are, with a better understanding of compliance, and effectiveness of the vaccines on periods of time shown to have an increase in cases, based on previous data over more than one long weekend.?

    I can’t see this would be an issue with most folks as Dr. Henry has a very good way of putting important information across.

    (Response: It can take up to three weeks for the impact of mass gatherings to be fully understood … and I don’t think the government believes people will wait that long, into June “just in case”. So later today, I expect they’ll announce a slow partial reopening for next week (indoor dining, limited churchs etc.?) … and then hope for the best later, from the long weekend results, shutting things back down if they go badly. h.o.)

  27. BMCQ says:

    Not sure

    I want you to understand that IMHO Politics has played far too big a part in all of the Covid – 19 story from the beginning and that angers me . Just think of the Long Term care Facilities and what could have been if Canada had Vaccines and much more we do not need to re hash .

    Yes, Politics may have/could have/might have come into play with a Federal Conservative Government under the same circumstances and in the case of B.C. a B.C. Liberal Government but we will never know .

    One last thing, when we talk about MacLeans or any other publication that was the beneficiary of Federal Liberal Government Funding the already very murky waters of Independent Unbiased Reporting can become somewhat Muddy .

    That move by the Federal Government should and will haunt Independent Media forever .


    Very insightful, thank you .

    Harvey – response to Keith

    Well thought out and reasonable, I tend to agree .

  28. Gilbert says:

    Premier Horgan and Prime Minister Trudeau have not been abysmal failures. Well, Premier Horgan broke his agreement with the Green Party to call an election during the pandemic, failed to enforce his rules fairly and was not very transparent with the public about the coronavirus. That gets a low grade in my book.

    Prime Minister Trudeau negotiated with the Chinese to get a vaccine, sent masks to China and Canada later didn’t have enough, invented the ridiculous term “one-dose summer” and took vaccines from the COVAX supply. That also earns a low grade in my book.

  29. Steve White says:

    Right on the money again Harv! I live in the Kelowna area and it’s full of tourist from all parts but especially Alberta. It’s sad reading local Facebook groups of local people sharing ideas on how to avoid inter-provincial road blocks, it’s like we locked every door inside the house and left the backdoor to Alberta wide open! There is a real uprising about the amount of Alberta license plates in town, drivers of these vehicles have every excuse as to why they have Alberta plates, the best I read was ” my husband works in Alberta but we have a home here and our kids go to school here” – So should you not have BC insurance? On a positive note my buddy that works in insurance has noticed a huge increase in people moving insurance from Alberta to BC. This should be an interesting long weekend. Take care and enjoy some time off. Cheers!

    (Response: Thanks. According to the latest news reports, the internal BC travel ban will be removed Tuesday and restaurants, bars will be able to return to inside dining under reduced capacity. I really sympathize with the “people” who suffer under these closures and have suffered under the unfair, uneven … and even partisan … decisions, enforcement, application of Health Orders and vaccination rules under the NDP government’s handling of Covid so far. Let’s hope going forward they treat everyone EQUALLY and are more fair and focus on the REAL problems, the REAL culprits … not just the easiest to pick on. h.o)

  30. BMCQ says:


    Yes !

    Facts DO and SHOULD matter .


    It is more than obvious, at least to me that the Vaccination rate of Israel has stalled simply because the Israeli Government have had their hands full with other concerns for the past little while .

  31. e.a.f. says:

    Steve White, you did make me laugh about with the line about leaving the back door open. Yes, the back doors are all open until you hit closer to the lower mainland. Now I don’t know why the people of the lower mainland are more “protected” from Albertans than the rest of B.C or it co
    uld be that they don’t want us, of the lower mainland anywhere else in BC. but that of course leaves the question of why do those from Alberta get to go around the province when we in B.C. can’t. At least some one ought to have give us an explanation.

    Last year when tourists descended on Port Renfrew on the west coast of Vancouver Island the businesses took care of keeping tourists out. they simply would not serve them and in Tofino, the citizens blocked the road before the RCMP paid them a visit.

    Yes a lot of people work in Alberta and buy and insure their vehicles there because its cheaper but they actually do live in B.C. When oil prices were a lot higher, there were jets full of workers going between the Comox Valley and Fort Mac.

    As to keeping Albertans and others out of the province. It would be difficult, but it could be done. Of course you would hear the howls all the way to Sask. Its easy to block the roads coming from Alberta to BC. Yes, there are back roads, but hiring some security firms would have taken care of that because a lot of those roads run through private land.

    I suppose we might want to know how many people coming into the province are bringing covid with them. might help. In my opinion, the reason for the road blocks being where they are is simply to keep the mainland and the rest of the province seperate.

    In my opinion what ever Horgan and Dr. Henry do, they are bound to make some one unhappy so they might as well do what they think is best. the rest of us can arm chair quarter back, however I’d be happier if people from other countries were kept out of Canada right now.

  32. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Nice to see the BC numbers trending down — and, amazingly, 50% of Canadians having had at least their first vaccination. Meanwhile, the USA has stalled and hasn’t quite gotten 50% to get their first dose — despite having the best supply of vaccines in the world.

    Canadians are more compliant to orders/suggestion and less “mavericky” as Sarah Palin would say, compared to a large percent of the U.S. population.

    I witnessed the pinnacle of COVID compliance today, when I saw a man paddling a kayak on a breezy Harrison Lake… wearing a disposable surgical mask. (Then again, he may have sneaked in from the Interior or Alberta and didn’t want to be identified. 🙂 )

    (Response: The sooner we get maximum numbers vaxxed, the sooner we can return to almost pre-pandemic life. Really look forward to that! h.o)

  33. BMCQ says:

    May 22, 2031

    Fully Vaccination rate – TWO Jabs

    U.S. 45%

    Canada. 5%

    I wish it was Canada that was stalled at almost 50%, just when might you think Canada Vaccine Rates can be stalled at that lofty number ?

    HELLO ??

    Actually it is Media that are in fact more compliant . While you are at it let us also add complacent and complicit to that .

    Who was it that said, “Figures do not lie but…….” ?

  34. BMCQ says:


    You have more than likely seen similar but…..

    Yes, Canada is doing better and we should rejoice but let’s also keep in mind that because of the slow roll out of vaccines by the Canadian government and the PM many Canadians fell seriously ill, some have life long issues to cope with because of C – 19 and some unfortunately died .

    Thee is “No Spin” of any kind to make up for any of that . Facts DO Matter .

    You may be correct when you say Canadians are “More Compliant” but those in my company based in Boston, Palm City Florida, New Orleans, Phoenix, and Washington State have ALL now been vaccinated twice, that includes spouses and significant others .

    But then again, there are some in the U.S. like these who you mention who are not interested in taking a vaccine . Whoda Thunk ??

    As to another Rx for re opening B.C. ?

    I am Not Sure how you feel (there is that Not Sure again) but I tend to agree with the BCTF when they call for vaccines for school students to be administered at schools, it seems like simple logic to me .

    Easier and better to organize, more accountability, simple, easier to surprise, and more assurance of getting the job done .

    I could be convinced to change my mind with facts that show different but I think the BCTF is right on this one .

    I also believe that by administering vaccines in the schools it provides proper stastistical information on the vaccine rate .

    If the vax rates show up poorly and under what officials require there is enough documented evidence to show them what steps then need to be taken .

    If health officials are required to gather vax numbers from Doctors, Clinics, and wherever else the whole thing could turn into a ‘S Show and it would be a year before it is all sorted out .

  35. G. Barry Stewart says:


    I agree that vaccines in schools makes sense — if it’s a BIG school, or even a smaller school in a hot spot. That way, a large, efficient vaccination team can make best use of time and resources.

    Especially since COVID, many schools are virtually locking out the public (even parents) 24/7, so having a shared vaccination clinic for students and the public would be problematic. If a school only needs a half a day for vaccines… what does the team do with the other fraction a day, once set up and knock-down are calculated?

    Efficiency is the key, and from what I’ve seen they have gotten things fine-tuned now. I’ll trust in whatever plan they come up with, for schools.

    In reality, all metro secondary schools are large (other than some non-public schools), so they should be considered for mass vaccinations. Rural schools — and Metro elementary schools with perhaps 30-50 grade 6-7s in the “12 and up” range — need a different plan.

    * * *

    Regarding the fact that Canada has gotten past the USA on 50% of its population having the first jab: I didn’t mean to equate 1 jab with the 45% of Americans who have had their 2 jabs. I DID mean to show that a majority of Canadians are ready and willing to bare their arms. I’d hazard to guess that we could reach 75% before hitting reluctance or laziness.

    Americans had the generous head start of vaccine supplies — and the far-worse death rate and economic hits… and the “get a shot” endorsement from Mr. Trump as motivators — yet they are hitting a wall for new jabees.

    Now some states are offering $100 student bursaries or lottery tickets to entice the stragglers.

    Banks have offered guns for new accounts Maybe they need to offer a free gun?

    “Bare your guns for the vaccine — and we’ll let you bear ours.”

    “Lend us your arms — and we’ll GIVE you ours…”

    I might be onto something. 🙂

  36. BMCQ says:

    I am a person that sees many flaws and mistakes in decisions made by Governments and Health Authorities in many many so called First World Nations and I see dirty tawdry Politucs playing a big part in the sometimes distrust roll outs of vaccines themselves and in the protons and edicts handed down by both Governments and Health Authorities .

    Honest mistakes or misleading directives for political purposes like “No Masks now Masks” need to be part of a world body that can be verified documented, and trusted study and commission into the Source of Covid, the China manipulation and deceit, and all of the other hundreds of decisions and protocol need to be investigated and reported on in an independent transparent way .
    Even with all of my questions and distrust of Health Authorities as a people we need to follow regulations whenever possible, we really have nothing else to put our trust in, we must follow the regulations .

    As a society though we must also question and support those with legitimate questions that make sense to us and we must demand that media ask the tough questions while demanding answers and scientific evidence from Gov and Health Authorities so we can have a trusted safe roll out of vaccines and a hopefully ASAP re opening of our Full Economy with Economic Prosperity and full employment and services to follow .

    That all goes hand in hand of the Rx to a timely recovery of Canadian society and the well being of Canadians .

    We need more and better Leadership ALL Around

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