The Disgusting Silence, Inactivity of Arab Leaders/Governments

I know, I know … there’s a federal election on.  But I can duo-task (multi tasking is a challenge!) and I can’t help but express my admiration and wonder at all those brave citizens in the Arab world standing up to the dictators and corrupt regimes that have so oppressed them for decades and denied them even the most basic rights.

Like free and honest elections.

Who among us would be brave enough to stand up to the intimidation, guns, torture and murder of not just us ourselves, but our entire families for just speaking out and expressing our yearning for just basic freedoms.  And just think what awaits them if they fail!

I just can’t help but publicly express my respect and admiration for those who care enough to dare to stand up for freedom.

In Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya and even Syria tens of thousands have  taken up protest signs, marched and refused to back down …even in the face of police violence, slaughter, shooting, shelling and bombing.  Bombing! What kind of leaders bomb their own citizens …who only ask for free elections and an end to corruption?  Disgusting dictators.

But what really makes it all the worse is the overwhelming silence and inaction of the other, richest Arab leaders/governments.

While Canadians, Americans, and Europeans are over there (once again) saving Arab citizens from being slaughtered by their maniacal psycopathic leaders,  most Arab states capable of doing something to stop it, have done nothing substantial … or even mediocre … to contribute to restoring peace and protecting the lives and security of their own ethnic brothers and sisters who only want the freedom to speak up without facing torture or death.

Sure, the Arab League (probably after MUCH Western arm-twisting)  passed a resolution supporting a “no fly zone”  over Libya …. and only AFTER Gadhafi had already bombed and strafed his own citizens for many, many days; but the same Arab “leaders”  then failed to provide jet fighters or any other  forces to actually do anything, and they even had the “chutzpah” to express concerns after Western nations did the heavy hauling for them, as usual (remember Iraq’s invasion,slaughter in Kuwait and the military attack on Saudi Arabia?) , and went into action, striking at Gadhafi’s advancing murderous forces.

What disgusting nothings these Arab leaders are!  Shame on them. And more people and world leaders should call them out on it.

Finally, tiny Qatar contributed two aircraft and the United Arab Emirates added six to enforce the non-fly zone… but none of them have so far fired a single bullet!  Not much help to the civilians still be shelled by Gadhafi tank units, mortars and being strafed by machine gun fire.

And where is Saudi Arabia?  Even Egypt?  Jordan? Turkey?  … all of them armed to the teeth with highly sophisticated aircraft that could help save Arab lives???  And just think what their oil billions upon billions could do to raise the standard of living for other Arab citizens (and foreign workers in their lands)  … instead of  just surrounding their own wealthy with disgraceful and gross over-indulgences.

The truth is most Arab leaders and governments couldn’t care less about their fellow Arab neighbours and citizens.  Almost all are dictators themselves,  ruling feudal societies without providing or allowing even basic human or political rights for their citizens.

Surely this is not the way Mohammad, peace be upon him, would like things to be?

Now, on to our own free, democratic election … something  we love so much, it’s our fourth in seven years.

Harv Oberfeld

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12 Responses to The Disgusting Silence, Inactivity of Arab Leaders/Governments

  1. Gloria says:

    There have been wars, in the Arab countries since time began. Wars made worse now, because of oil. It’s the innocent, that suffer the worst, even used as human shields by their own country’s.

    Our Constitution in ignored. Our Civil Rights and Liberties, have been taken away from us. Democracy and Freedom, have been obliterated. We are dictated to. Campbell, Hansen and Harper, “FORCED” the HST onto the people. We people knew the HST would kill this province and the people in it, and it has. The HST was designed for big business and big businesses only. Only they have benefited from the HST. Harper gives the wealthiest corporations in the world, billions of our tax dollars, plus they got our HST. They get huge tax reductions. Harper just gave them, another tax reduction, which will come of of, Canadians paychecks. Harper thieves from the Canadian people, to give to the wealthy.

    Where are the jobs Campbell and Hansen promised? BC has lost over 40,000 jobs in the last three months. Where is the money, Campbell and Hansen said we would save? Our cost of living has gone through the roof. Just more of Campbell and Hansen’s dirty tactics, lies, deceit and cheating to win.

    Canada is a huge morass of corruption. Harper wants it to stay that way. All the better, for an excuse for his Global Governance plot for Canada.

  2. Norm Farrell says:

    Consider the connections to our own world. Clark’s transition advisor Gwyn Morgan wants us to support the ancient despots even at the expense of that quaint concept ‘democracy’. I wrote this at Northern Insights last week about Morgan:

    “Financial benefits are probably Morgan’s real interest in government. He is not likely motivated by a sense of public service since he may not even believe in democracy. I wrote last week about Morgan’s worry that aging Arab despots will be abandoned and left to the mercy of Middle East reform movements. He warned they must be supported ‘even if it means compromising democratic ideology with the reality of preventing global economic meltdown.’ ”

    I see little qualitative difference between street unrest in the Middle East and the mobs of armed forces used against unarmed citizens in Ontario last year. Democracy and human rights were suspended in Canada for a week.

    (Response: I’ve thought about the implications of a “democratic” Mid East. Yes, the people there could choose Islamic militancy, for example. But first and foremost, it’s their right to choose …annd then bear the results, responsbility, hardships and/or benefits. BUT people have a right to choose …not just be kept in place by brutal dictators and thieves, even if they promise us “no problems”. h.o.

  3. spartikus says:

    Saudi troops are involved. In Bahrain. That would be in Bahrain helping an autocrat put down a popular uprising.

    Good lord, why would these autocracies “help” a popular movement? They need their armed forces close by to keep their own people in line. Why are you surprised by this?

    Speaking of Bahrain, where’s the no-fly zone there? Protesters – who took to the streets for greater democracy – are being shot. And where is the no-fly zone for the Ivory Coast, which is suffering? And so on. I’m sure it would be very rude of me to suggest Ivory Coast has no oil, and hence no Western interest.

    Why does Canada sell Saudi Arabia arms? They’re are third best customer.

    (Response: Good point on the Saudis. Actually if it was just about the oil…. the Allies could have just done nothing or supported Gadhafi, who after all, has renounced terrorism … but apparently only outside his country. I’m not surprised by the autocratic dictators, but felt I had to call them out …since so many who are so quick to denounce the US, the West etc … stay so silent when the villains are Arab dictators or other tramplers of freedom within their own borders, like Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela etc. h.o)

  4. I agree with you Harvey…the Arab countries are completely silent on the atrocities being imposed on their fellow Arabs who are reaching for freedom. Of course, they are simply scare spit-less that they will also lose their privileged way of life.

    I normally write travel journals to my JoeTourist (R) blog, but once the Libyan rebellion started, I have used it to publish my analysis of the rebellion.

    Harvey, I would like to call your attention to the March 24th article in particular, titled “Arab rebellions in a press photographer’s own words” – a chilling tale told by an experienced war photographer who embedded himself in the rebellions of Egypt, Bahrain and Libya.

    Thanks for the diversion from our comical election…I appreciate it.

    (Response: Intteresting post and video ..esp the little girl holding up the sign saying Silence Is a War Crime. Made me feel really happy I blogged this piece. In a way, the brave people standing up against the much better armed dictators should make us all appreciate the freedom we have to hold democratic elections. Which also makes me wonder why we always lately seem to end up with such lacklustre “leaders” to choose from! h.o)

  5. diverdarren says:

    You answered your own question. Why aren’t Arab nations helping with the stopping of the Libyan dictatorship assault on the people?

    The Arab nations are all dictatorships themselves.

    The rulers of those nations have no interest in seeing a public uprising demanding democracy. Simply put, it’s in the Wests best interest to have a stable Middle East. And that even means stability through tyranny. It’s all fine and dandy watching democracy (I hope, it could just as easily be religious autocracy) breaking out, but the West needs sweet light crude produced cheaply by nearly slave labour. Of course the West also needs cheap goods produced by Chinese near slave labour.

    We in the West are pretty happy to support the rebels in Libya because Gadhafi is small potatoes in oil game, but I doubt the West would be so willing to get involved in supporting democracy in Saudi Arabia or the other big oil producers. We’re not stupid enough to cut our pipeline to cheap oil.

    (Response: Someone once told me 20 years ago the real hatred of Israel by Arab leaders was not that it was Jewish or displaced Palestinians (they could have absorbed all of those who fled rather than stay with oil revenues’ petty cash) but because it was a democracy. in the tiny distances of the Mid East, people living in Arab states could now watch foreign TV signals, showing people voting, unions and strikes, women driving and occupying leadership roles etc. Just as Russians used to watch Western movies even if they didn’t speak a word of English…to see the homes, cars, shops in the movies …sights denied them in Communist programming. Many Arabs would see the same on Israeli TV signals …and get all kinds of crazy ideas like democracy and rights…. boosted also by their own intellects’ increasing world travel … and finally able to organize privately and relatively secretly thanks to today’s social media? h..o)

  6. 13 says:

    If you can figure out what needs to be done to bring peace to that part of our planet then you have a gift from a higher power.

    Rest assured though all of that chaos will end up on our shores soon enough.We have allowed imigration to the point where they now have a foothold in our governments. Their problems in the Middle East and North Africa will be our problems.
    USS COLE World Trade Centers
    Pan Am over Lockerbie. Subways in Britain Bombers in Toronto. With Canada taking the lead in the NATO action in Libya we will likely see some sort of retaliation from some unhappy group of imigrants in our country.

    The silence fom the Arab leaders is due to the fact that they condone treating people in the manner that all dictators use to rule. Fear and intimidation. The sooner we stop trying to make people live life by our standards the better off we will be. By the same token when people imigrate to our country they should have to accept our standards

  7. Creaker Dave says:

    A couple of thoughts….

    Firstly Harv, your response to Joe in Victoria re: the young Bahraini girl holding the sign. Why is the sign written in English? I am skeptical that the young girl would write the sign in English. Could the photographer have written it for her to hold so the western media and its viewers could read it? I do not believe true protesters in these Middle Eastern countries would write in English. These English signs are aimed at westerners.

    Secondly, 13… Who is this “we” you refer to when you speak of “our” standards? We are all immigrants, unless we are first nations, and “our standards” have been altering and changing as wave upon wave of immigrants have come to this country.

    Lastly to Gloria… Your rhetoric around the HST is simply poorly informed and inflammatory. I am NOT a supporter of the Campbell government but how can the HST “kill” this province? Seriously. I don’t like it any more than most people, but the fact is that almost everything that has 12% HST on it already had 7% PST and 5% GST on it. In my math 7% + 5% = 12% .. really no difference. True, some items like safety supplies and reading material and children’s clothing (those items that were previously PST exempt) are affected, but to suggest the result will “kill” the province is bordering on hysteria.

    (Response: Re that English sign ..I’m sure she did NOT write it… but doubt the reporter/photographer did either. Many many young people in ther Arab, Asian and African world now speak English, and are media savvy …and know that the world is watching, that people care… and most of who will step in to save them speak or understand English. Not likely a sign in Russian or Chinese or Arabic would be of much use. You see English signs almost everywhere in the world where there are protests … and even if the person who hold it didn’t write it, what they want if for the message to get out. h.o)

  8. Norm Farrell says:

    @Creaker Dave

    You are not paying attention. No difference under HST? A small one. Businesses pay $2 billion a year less to the province in taxation. Consumer, like you and me, pay $2 billion more.

    The detail of how that happens is less important than the fact it does.

    Perhaps you subscribe to the theory that business will pass savings along to consumers. Did you notice a price reduction when you bought your last ship load of coal or trainload of copper concentrate?

    I noticed instead that when I tried to buy a new 8 GB MP3 player, it was $59.95 at Future Shop but the same one was $36.99 US at Just compare retail pricing in the USA to the pricing of the same items in Canada. 30-50% premium in Canada is not unusual for consumer items. Why?

  9. Creaker Dave says:

    Sorry, Norm, but I don’t quite follow how HST affects the pre tax retail pricing of an item. That has nothing to do with HST, more to do with manufacturers gouging. I work retail and do understand how that sometimes works. It SOMETIMES (not always) has to do with pricing contracts signed before CAD/USD exchange changes.

  10. Keith says:

    Ayup Harvey,

    “The truth is most Arab leaders and governments couldn’t care less about their fellow Arab neighbours and citizens. Almost all are dictators themselves, ruling feudal societies without providing or allowing even basic human or political rights for their citizens. ”

    There it is Harvey, you’ve captured it in one paragraph. And once again the west is doing their dirty work for them.

    This is another example of the western powers picking winners and losers, with no consistency in who lives and who dies, except if their are $s attached.
    Sure the west has the moral high ground in this instance, but where were they in Rwanda, Haiti
    (U.S. marines were under orders to do nothing while watching people being killed, but at least corporations now pay no taxes), Somalia, the list goes on.

    So while our youngsters risking life and limb again, are destroying another inept arab “army” that is pretty good at killing their own but not much else, let us not forget who are supporters for these same useless arab leaders, and through greed and national interest created Ghaddiffi and the other extremist regimes in the area.

    A good book to read to see how we come to this state of affairs if anyone gets the chance is ” the severn sisters” by Anthony Sampson. Big oil and politics.

    Hopefully the potential bombers in their training camps will remember who stepped in and saved their fellow arabs next time they are strapping on explosives or pressing the button to set off a car bomb.

    (Response: Probably not…because the bomber/suicide types also have no respect or understanding of those who are demanding fredom. All thoase in the training camps want to do is replace one form of dictatorship with another. h.o)

  11. Mr.Mint says:

    Yet how many are propped up and/or USA puppets? Why does the west still deal with these countries? The west are hypocrites…

    (Response: I agree we are hypocritical on many fronts. The only thing that’s worse then the way the West deals with the despots is the way Russia and China powers deal with them. At least we take stands sometimes and put pressure on the dictators for improved conditions. Russia and China couldnt care less … as long as they get the resources they want. h.o)

  12. Eslam says:

    Guys, this isn’t really about Israel. The US has supeprtod and enabled dictators in the Middle East, in Latin America, in sub-Saharan Africa all in the name of “national security”. I am thrilled to see that just maybe, it’s not going to work for much longer.

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