The “People’s Party of Canada” Will Be the “Bernier Party of Canada”

I have always been highly doubtful of politicians … let alone entire countries …. that claim to be “of the people” or “for the people” or “by the people”.

Which people?

Anyone who reads this blog will quickly realize that, as soon as you get more than ONE person involved in the conversation, there is pretty soon disagreement on the sources of  any problems, the best ways to solve them and even how to implement any agreed upon solution …  if that can even miraculously reached after much discussion and compromise.

So the idea of the “people” …  the majority of our 37 million population … all being represented by one party’s policy ideas, one party’s solutions, one philosophy … in other words, a “people’s” party …  is simply impossible, unworkable and seems to me more like a snake-oil salesman’s “fix all” promised magic elixir than a mature new political movemement .

Nevertheless, Maxime Bernier apparently thinks HE can be all things to ALL people … and announced HIS new political party would be called “People’s Party of Canada”.

But which people will be Bernier’s people?

How in the world will Bernier’s “People’s Party” be able to equally represent, reflect and cater to the interests of ALL the “people’s” … individuals, communities and groups we have in our nation: business groups; environmentalists; nationalists; separatists; capitalists; socialists; every cultural and ethnic community; and … the biggest challenge … both Maple Leaf fans and Canadiens fans ???? (Forget the Canucks … being from BC, with its mere 42 seats in the next Parliament, compared to 121 for Ontario and 78 for Quebec, the “people” here still won’t likely count for much in Bernier’s new “people’s” state.)

So which people will Bernier cater to if elected?

Bernier gave his opening remarks FIRST in French … although francophones represent only 25% of Canada’s population; anglophones and others the much larger 75%.  So will francophone “people” have Priority Status over the majority in Bernier’s new “people’s” society?  See the problem? Voyez-vous le problem?

When it comes to, say awarding ship-building contracts, which “people” will get preferential treatment and which “people” will be stonewalled?

And speaking of “People’s” states … run by “People’s” parties … it’s actually kind of scary!

Here’s a list from Wikipedia of “People’s” regimes:

Historically , the world has witnessed …

People’s Republic of Albania (1946–1976) and Socialist People’s Republic of Albania (1976–1992)
People’s Republic of Angola (1975–1992)
People’s Republic of Benin (1975–1990)
People’s Republic of Bulgaria (1946–1990)
People’s Republic of the Congo (1969–1992)
People’s Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (1987–1991)
Hungarian People’s Republic (1949–1989)
People’s Republic of Kampuchea (1979–1989)
People’s Republic of Korea (1945–1946)
Mongolian People’s Republic (1924–1992)
People’s Republic of Mozambique (1975–1990)
Polish People’s Republic (1952–1989)
Romanian People’s Republic (1947–1965)
Tuvan People’s Republic (1921–1944)
People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen (1967–1990)
Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia (1945–1963)
Khorezm People’s Soviet Republic (1920–1925)
Bukharan People’s Soviet Republic (1920–1925)
Ukrainian People’s Republic of Soviets (191

Still in use …

People’s Republic of China (founded 1949)
Lao People’s Democratic Republic (founded 1975)
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (founded 1948).

NONE of those give me much comfort with Bernier’s choice of a party name.

In fact, what all these other “people’s”governments do have in common is that the leaders, their families and their closest friends and supporters lived the high life on the “people’s’ labour, stole much of the public purses and often had retirement plans in Switzerland, Panama and the Cayman Islands … doing much better than the “people”.

Somebody should ask Bernier the tough question  (do the national media still do that?):  WHICH of these other “people’s” parties and/or states gave him the inspiration for his own “people’s” party?

Canadians have a right to know NOW … in case the Bernier “people’s party takes power WHICH group of “people” the Dear Leader and his apparatchiks will be benefitting and rewarding most.

Likely neither I … nor you … though we are “of the people” … will be the ones really cashing in.

Harv Oberfeld

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31 Responses to The “People’s Party of Canada” Will Be the “Bernier Party of Canada”

  1. Gene The Bean says:

    Nationalism has always just been a cover for racism.

    US good. THEM bad.

    Nationalism, like conservatism, doesn’t work unless you make people afraid of something.

    Not that I have really ever agreed with Stockwell Day but he nailed it on Friday with an article on CBC about how Bernier will “have a hard time keeping the racists and anti-immigration crowd (same thing) out of his new party.”
    (link wouldn’t post)

    (Response: Disagree on conservatism… I would say, despite not being perfect, it did work well for the Canadian economy under Mulroney (NAFTA) and even the first years of Harper, until he became an isolated, miserable dictator-like curmudgeon. E-mail me the link ..I’ll try to add it in… h.o)

  2. D. M. Johnston says:

    A People’s Party mean only one thing; All people are equal, except some people are more equal to others.

    Apologies to George Orwell.

    People Parties, tend to reflect the views of a select few, with the unselect few paying the tab.

    I love it when politicians claim they are doing the peoples business, when they have about 40% or less of the public’s support, like the crack head’s brother in Ontario.

    (He is getting even with the City of Toronto for some insipid reason; maybe not electing him as mayor)

    People’s Parties are nothing more than one step to dictatorship.

    (Response: I doubt Bernier is thinking in terms of becoming a dictator … but you are certainly correct: historically virtually all these “people’s” regimes have ben just that ..or close to it. I suspect he’s thinking more in terms of the “populist” parties … also right wing…that have taken on new life in Europe, fueled by huge migrant nd refugee numbers and social impacts. But those conditions just don’t exist here in Canada … maybe except for a bit of stirring back East over illegals walking into the country … not enough …yet…to support any attempt to make it look like a national crisis (something Scheer should be careful about too.). h.o)

  3. BMCQ says:

    For anyone with any amount of Intellect at all to connect Conservatism to Racism is simply Juvenile.

    And BTW, it IS NOT Racist to be Anti Immigration, last time I looked Canada was a Free Country and Citizens were allowed their own opinions.

    Why should any Canadian be Vilified because they may not be Pro Immigration or they may only want Legal Immigration?

    Having said that I am both a Conservative and Pro Immigration as long as it is on our terms.

    Most of all like the highest percentage of Canadians I feel that Immigration to Canada should be Legal. No One has the right to Jump the Cue. My Unionized Company has several Immigrants working in it and they all came to Canada Legally.

    I also believe that without Control of Migration/Refugees/Immigration and without Defined Borders and the Ability to Defend those same Borders One Has No Country.

    Simply as the Good People of the EU about that, they will confirm what I say.

    I also do not believe it is a wise thing to allow any people to have Permanent R4esidency into Canada that believes their Religion Supersedes “Canadian Rule of Law”!

    If that is Racist in some peoples eyes so be it.

    Please understand that both of my Parents are Legal Immigrants to Canada as are my In Laws and My Son who happens to be Adopted and a Pacific Islander is only here because the Birth Mother Immigrated to Canada Legally

    Isn’t it a shame we need to qualify all of this so we just might escape being called Racist by some very angry unhappy individuals who Weaponize the Term Racism to suit their purpose?

    Having said ALL of that, I am a Conservative and I believe Bernier is a Fool for much of what he believes in and I believe between his Split of the Conservative Party and the Inept Impotent Leadership of the NDP’s Singh they have handed given PM Justin his Second Term as Canadian PM On a Platter

    It is rather sad as much of Birnier’s People Party Platform makes sense, would be correct for Canada , is practical and would be supported of a very high percentage of Hard Working Tax Paying Canadians from all Parties and all walks of Life.

    I totally agree that the name of the Party makes no sense and appears to be ridiculous.

    In fact it sounds like Max drew the whole thing up on the back of a Napkin one night in a Restaurant after after too much Scotch and Soda.

    Absolutely amazing, quite sickening, and really unbelievably quite gut wrenching how one misguided individual and a few of his Cronies can change the course of a Great country like Canada in a few days.

    (Response: The real winner as a result of Bernier’s new party will, of course, be the Liberals. He will no doubt pull away some Conservatives ..but I suspect not that any…because they know he won’t win, and that a vote for Bernier is,in effect, a vote for Trudeau. h.o)

  4. Gilbert says:

    I agree that immigration to Canada should be legal. It’s time to prevent the widespread abuses in our illegal immigration system. Justin Trudeau is a tax and spend liberal who doesn’t know the meaning of the word “budget”. As for the name People’s Party, I say it’s fine. It means that the party is for Canadians and not just for politicians and donors. I know many are worried that this party will harm the Conservatives and give our disastrous PM another victory, but I say it’s still too early to know. Hopefully the NDP will replace Mr. Singh with a competent leader before the next election and Mr. Bernier will take seats away from the Liberals in Quebec. The country desperately needs a change of government.

    (Response: I’m not sure Bernier would take away many seats .. maybe a few … from the Liberals in Quebec: Bernier opposes the dairy/poultry marketing management system, which helps many small Quebec farms remain viable; and although his stance might win some votes in urban areas from consumers, the Libs usually do very well in those ridings. But he could make it interesting … esp if he capitalizes on growing concerns/resentment there about illegal migrants etc. h.o)

  5. e.a.f. says:

    OMG, I laughed my way through most of the article. It is meant to make us think, but the questions, with then the possible answers, OMG.

    When he announced his new party name, it left me wondering. Its wasn’t the brightest move. But then he was the Cabinet Minister who left his documents at his girl friend’s home, the ex girl friend of a biker. Given Max’s past, your questions, in my opinion the thing I question most is his judgement.

    Loved the list of “people’s parties”. Yikes it does make one think. You simply can not be all things to all people. It can’t work. Then of course there is the other line, ” you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people, all of the time”. If Max wants to try, go for it, but at least we’ll have a new reality show to watch in Canada.

    Bernier maybe using the name, to invoke a sense of Canadianism. However, he will also attract “racists” as did the Reform party in its early day and as has the Conservative Party of Ontario.

    You can be non racist and want there to be legal immigration and legal refugee status. However, most of the time, its people who use another vehicle to get around being labelled racist. (no not you, BMCQ)

    People may not be keen to have “unannounced” refugees show up, but really, its the western powers who started this mess back in the 1800s or earlier, so now the chickens have come home to roost. Bernier’s party will most likely attract some votes in Quebec, because the major parties are not delivering. and the separatist parties aren’t going anywhere. As to the rest of Canada, there are a lot of people who came from that list of countries Harvey has up and they don’t ever want anything that even slightly reminds them of it. Poor choice for Bernier. He most likely didn’t ask any one in advertising. Again, its poor judgement and that is one thing we don’t need in a leader for Canada. He may wind up being the male version of Elizabeth May, alone representing their party to the best of their ability with no one to keep them company on the back benches. Its not that I don’t think he ought not to try. Its another party which may have other parties have a look at how they operate and think about how they can improve.

    (Response: You mention he chose the name “to invoke a sense of Canadianism”. No doubt there’s a “nationalism” target behind it; it remains to been how much Bernier’s party will emulate the nationalist parties of Europe. Hopefully, not to the extent of stirring up xenophobia! h.o.)

  6. 13 says:

    I managed to delete my post and Im tired so here is the short version.
    Mad Max is irrelevant as neither he nor Scheer can beat Justin.
    After all Justin is charming and his wife is gorgeous he cant lose. Sadly as superficial as that sounds in this situation it might be dead on

  7. harry lawson says:


    Another thought provoking post.

    A dilemma I always have is how is there a silent majority if they are silent? How do we know its a majority?

    The peoples party is already ripe for hijacking and other political craziness.
    Mr Trudeau must feel like he won the the lottery.

    If Mr Singh loses the byelection , and if the people’s party are fighting the conservatives . I believe we will have a snap election.

    (Response: Even if Singh wins the by-election ..because he has no major declared opponent, that will mean little when the BIG test comes in the actual federal election. I assume at that time EVERY party will claim to be the “people’s” party: funny thing though … or maybe not so funny … whichever gets in, most of us who see ourselves as “the people” only get crumbs, if anything, and certainly don’t seem to be the MAJOR focus of their policies, spending and benefits. h.o.)

  8. Diverdarren says:

    Harvey, it’s with respect, but your takeaway from Bernier building a new party that has the potential to tear apart the right and practically ensure Liberal rule for decades, is the name choice?

    I agree that when I heard the party’s new name, I thought, it could be better. When I hear People’s anything it tends to allude back to Communism. However, if you go to their official French language web page the name is Parti populaire du Canada. The French translation for people’s is les gens. Populaire, in French references the “working class part of town”. From that perspective, it seems like this is a lost in translation situation.

    Of course, I openly admit I’m no French language speaker, but I know you are Harvey, so please correct if I’m off base.

    After looking at the current party platform, I’d say that Bernier is trying to build a party for the working class of Canada. Not working class from the Marxist point of view, but working class from they are the backbone of Canada.

    I think the real debate is the platform and the party’s constitution. That’s where the rubber hits the road. There’s not much negative in the platform. Sure, it’s not for the Statist-progressives who write responses here. The new party isn’t built to ensure producers of the nation have to support the taker class of society.

    As for the party’s constitution, we’ll have to wait to see after the members convention what they adopt. They may even change the name. My take is that it will ensure that the party belongs to the people, and not the elite. That dictatorial control by party bosses is more suited for leftist parties. The leftist responders here seem to dread the idea of success being awarded on individual exceptionalism. Instead they are more comfortable with success being doled out by the state.

    (Response: No, no, no. My musings about the name relate to the phoniness of any party being a party for “the people”. Impossible! People are not a unified, single thinking force: they all have differing views on various issues, so it’s is silly for a politician or a party to claim to be the “people’s” voice. And the examples I cited where that has been tried proves it 1005. It have nothing to do with the fact that, whatever inroads he makes and votes Bernier captures, will come from conservative ranks, and not likely the Greens, NDP or even Liberals. And the ONLY party I see as a serious challenger to Trudeau’s second term right now is the Conservative Party … so loss of ANY votes to Bernier could be the difference in a close race, boosting Trudeau into another term. h.o)

  9. e.a.f. says:

    Harry Lawson does have a good question regarding, “the silent majority”. I’ve always thought of it as a phrase some one created to appeal to all those non voters who later complained. You’re not part of the “silent majority” if you vote. You’ve made your voice heard. Now it maybe that some use the phrase because it covers politicians who don’t do their job and get the message their voters want out, but its just really a phrase which lets politicians claim a majority they don’t have. the only majority which counts is the one a party “gets” on voting day.

    No one has to be part of the “silent majority”. They choose to be that ?/we will see Bernier perhaps use the phrase in an attempt to connect with disenchanted voters from other parties.

  10. BMCQ says:

    The NDP are not now nor will they be a factor in the Federal Election.

    In fact the NDP under Singh or his possible replacement will lose votes to both rhe Greens and Liberals. I truly that after the next Election we will see the Liberals take on the Rump of what is left of the NDP and as I stated earlier a merger will take place.

    I believe Bernier will take enough Conservative Seats to ensure the Liberals and PM Justin a Victory.

    Of course if there is more to the Defection of Liberal Allislev to the Conservative side there could be something afoot. Can the Invisible Man Scheer capitalize on that defection and turn it into more?

    If the Cons were to come out against Illegal Migration, Cut back on Taxes, Crime and Pinishment Bills, First Nations Accountability, Tax Reform for Pensioners, Legislation to Speed Up and Streamline Pipelines and other National Infrastructure Projects, promise Accountability, the Collection of Capital Gain Taxes, Interest, and Penalties for Illegal Real Estate Flips, and Reform for Vets Care they could get support from Hard Working Employed Tax Payers that are frustrated with the Progressive Agendas of the Greens, NDP, and the Libs, frankly I do not think they have anything to lose. Time to Roll the Dice and attempt to appeal to those that are tired of paying for those that contribute nothing.

    I found it very interesting how many Asian Canadians came out in support of the Shen Family during the Court Appearance of the Murderer, it was telling.
    It is obvious that even recent LEGAL Immigrants value Canadawhat they have here and they do not want Illegal Migrants coming here under any circumstances.

    Scheer and the Conservatives should take advantage of that and they should use the defection of Allislev to keep the story front and center.

    No time to waste, action must be taken before Max turns his PPC into a movement that takes momentum away and splits the vote.

    I honestly do not know if Canada can survive another Two Terms of The Man in the Empty Suit.

    (Response: Now there’s a plan! If the Tories did come out with a platform outlining those things you highlight in your fourth paragraph, I could vote for them again … IF they also added improved protection for the environment, esp surrounding resource development and infrastructure projects and IF they included more help for those unable to work. Now let’s see what they do with these ideas and free advice. h.o.)

  11. harry lawson says:

    BCMQ #11

    I truly hope that Mr Scheer reads your response. Mr Scheer needs to be going after the Liberals as if the election is tomorrow. When Trudeau talks a issue release your policy . debate the liberals aggressively in public . remember Trudeau can call a election anytime.

  12. e.a.f. says:

    what those legal immigrants don’t seem to value about our Canadian values is, innocent until proven guilty. Those “legal immigrants” or Chinese-Canadians, out protesting the arrival of legal refugees, don’t seem to get the picture. Canada has always accepted refugees. I can remember that as far back as the Hungarian revolution and their forestry faculty walking out of Hungary and all immigrating to U.B.C.

    I found it rather amusing, those from China wanting those from Syria stopped from entering because one had committed a murder. Gee, how about we stop accepting Chinese immigrants because some of them committee crimes. Its all ridiculous. This is Canada, and those from China might want to get with the agenda. This is not China. this is Canada. We accept legal immigrants and legal refugees. You don’t go out and protest against another group for one person of that group having committed a crime. That smacks of racism, plan and simple. Perhaps that is what Bernier and Scheer would like.

    My take on the Chinese immigrants and Chinese Canadians that there was more at play here. It was more about politics than the murder of a child. The protestors didn’t even seem to care that other Syrians came to hold a vigil for child.

  13. BMCQ says:

    Harry – 12

    e.a.f. made some very interesting comments on the last Blog Post Topic

    e.a.f. – 49

    Pointing out how various Parties “Borrowed” Ideas from one Party or another for their own Platform.

    And yes, it does appear that many of those “Better Ideas” came from Parties more or less Left of Centre.

    For the most part Canadian that Produce, Pay Taxes, currently or in the past if they are now retired want a good return for their Tax Dollars.

    Those same canadians want to ensure that those Less Fortunate are looked after, they want the Social Safety Net, and they want Rule of Law.

    What they DO NOT want is abuse of the System through Government Waste and Mismanagement.

    Canadians also want Rule of Law, and all of the rest previously mentioned and for the most part those same Canadians would not care which Elected Party carries that out.

    To me that is the conservative Party, warts and all.

    Harvey has pointed out on several occasions that he has voted for different Parties at different times because of what they have offered in their Platform or because another Party has disappointed him. I must admit that makes sense allthough I am personally guilty of supporting only Conservative type Parties.

    So having said all of that if Singh, PM Justin or Scheer ran with Platforms based on what I pointed out they should be worthy of my vote.

    Somehow I do not see Singh or PM Justin adopting any of those for their Election Platform.

    Also keep in mind that PM Justin reversed the First Nations Accountability Act and the Harper ACt that revoked Citizenship of Naturalized Canadians convicted of Terrorist Crimes within only days of his Election Victory.

    Some Victory for Canadians!!

    Perhaps if Singh adopted a few of those Planks for his Platform he may not end up on the Scrap Heap.

    Here is another idea that Singh or the other two Parties could adopt for their Platform.

    Whoever is in Power or whoever wants to become PM should immediately announce that the current KM Pipeline will be repaired and upgraded where required.

    There will be NO additional Sailings of B itumen out of YVR, the number of shipments will remain as is.

    The Feds will then commence to Build a New Pipeline from Alberta along the Northern Route ending in the Prince Rupert area. It is much easier for the Pipeline to arrive at an Agreement with First Nations in the North, they will welcome the Jobs and the Percentage of Profit Sharing which would be offered. At the same time First Nations People would get Employment out of the Pipeline Project.

    The PM would basically being Paying Off First Nations but so be it, it is Business and Alberta and Canadians need to get the World Price for Oil, not the discounted price we now get from the U.S.

    At the same time Prince Rupert would become one of the largest Ocean Ports in North America.

    A Rail Line could connect from Prince Rupert to the rest of canada and the U.S. and PR could compete for both Out Going and Incoming Shipments for everything from Sulphur, Metals, Lumber, Consumer Goods and the rest.

    In turn Prince Rupert would become a Major City with Affordable Housing, Employment, A Northern University, Elementary and High Schools, Malls, Hotels, Commerce of all types and everything else a Major Cith has to offer a Healthy Educated High Income Earning Population.

    A “Win Win” for Canada and everyoine that lives here.

    I also have the solution for the UBC Transportation problem that would do away with any need for a Tunnel or even Transit to UBC which Singh or any other of the Federal Leaders could adopt for their latform but Harvey might think I am over stepping.

    My Plan would save the Tax Payer Billions and it would create jobs and it would ensure that Pensioners, those with Mental and Physical Chalenges would benefit and have Security and Comfort for their entire life.

    My Plan would also connect ALL of the Lower Mainland to all of those things listed and our whole population would benefit greatly from the Cultural Benefits that come with that Plan.

    Canada requires Leadership and we need it now.

    We cannot sit back and watch a PM like Justin Prance, Preen, Pose, and Procrastonate when he could be doing tghe Work FOR the People.

    We in Canada especially YVR have some of the Highestg Rents and Cost of Real Estate along with some of the Highest Cost of Living anywhere in North America, we need to control Government Spending and Government Waste now.

    Why won’t someone run on that? Why is it NOT discussed? Where is Media on this?

    If he will not do it Scheer, or Singh had better step up.

    Bernier has many ideas but he will do nothing but Split the Vote.

    Elizabeth May is good for one thing only, she should limit herself to being an “After Dinner Speaker”.

  14. e.a.f. says:

    Scheer is not going to be able to “debate” Trudeau, he isn’t smart or fast enough. Remember when he was speaker of Parliament? Not a great performance. Age didn’t make him better.

    Bernier may be able to hold his own with Trudeau in French, in English, not so much.

    the Cons will promise anything, but in the end not deliver very much. Those crime and punishment changes, some wish for, they might want to spend more money on children so there are fewer criminals. the U.S.A. spends billions and billions on crime and punishment and where has it gotten them, mass school shooting, a mass shooting per day and 2 million in jail. it won’t work.

    Steam rolling and stream lining things so things work better for corporations, nice idea, but when is some one going to stream line and steam roll things for kids? Not many are advocating anything here besides what might “benefit” the 1″%ers and the 10%ers.

    The Conservatives have not been that interested in social programs since the Red Tories disappeared. When Harper came to office, the first thing he did was defund women’s groups in Canada. That sent a big message. Women were not valued, but big corporations, oh, ya, people who hide their profits off shore, they got a deal when they were discovered. No there isn’t much the Cons can offer us and right now the federal Liberals do offer a much better deal for families, with their child benefits each month. All the Cons offer is a tax credit, which benefits those in higher incomes but doesn’t feed a single kid. Remember one in five children in this country is hungry.

    Now who wants to suggest corporations are more important than hungry kids?

  15. Gene The Bean says:

    EAF #15 – very good post, thanks.

    You ask some very important questions about what is more important and which party supports what (kids or corporations). You are either FOR things, or AGAINST things. Just re-read some posts here. It is so bloody evident where peoples moral centre is.

    Corporations or kids? Who do we expect out of those choices to be ‘looked after’ by our elected officials? Whose lives should be made easier – kids or corporations? Is it really that simple? Yes it is folks.

    Hope you really aren’t expecting an answer from the “law and order” posters here…….

  16. 13 says:

    Kids or corporations
    Kids or public sector wages
    Kids or public sector benefits
    Kids or public sector pensions.

    Like it or not just ask Micheal Campbell how much money the tax payers need to come up with to fund these public sector workers. 3 levels across the country.

    That money could easily be redirected from the public sectors to food banks and aid organizations and all the usual programs to help people that need help feeding children.

    Call your public sector union and demand that your wages and benefits and pensions be trimmed by 25%. BCGEU CUPE etc and demand that the kids come ahead of these workers.

    Its just not as simple as Kids or Corps.
    It doesnt even make a very good campaign slogan.

    Not anywhere near as catchy as ” Remember there is only one taxpayer”

  17. e.a.f. says:

    13, we could but then all we would have is more poverty. Regardless of what you may think, public sector employees don’t make as much money as you think they do. Their pensions, well, they pay into them and at a considerable rate. For the 1970s when I worked for the federal government the federal government took 7% of my salary for my pension plan. they then loaned it out to provinces at 3% interest, while the market was providing much more than that, more like well over 10%.

    Defunding and reducing public sector worker to poverty isn’t the answer. we might want to start with our tax system and review the royalty breaks large profitable corporations receive. Do you know how much wealthy individuals and corporations keep in other countries so they don’t have to pay taxes?

    Since the 1970s there has been welfare for corporations, people not so much. In the 1960s corporations paid 80% of the taxes in Canada, then by the 1980s that had been reversed, with the average taxpayers doing the 80%. of course Michael Campbell is going to express the ideas he does. He is the paid pawn of the Fraser Institute and the 5%ers. What he spews out is not much more than one can pick up in any Financial paper. He is not what I’d call a great economist. of course he wants taxes reduced. Its what his brother did in this province and there by defunded social programs. that in turn helped along a generation of kids to lack of assistance in schools and with mental health issues.

    You are quite correct about there is only one tax payer. its you and its me and most of the others who post here. Now if you want to check what the oil companies are paying, what the banks are paying, take away the tax “incentives/breaks” corporations get, tax money made abroad or kept out of the country, well who knows what we could do.

    Everyone likes to talk about how great Norway is and how great their social programs are and how well their corporations do. its because they are regulated from here to the end of time and taxes are very high, for everyone.

    One might also want to remember, the salaries which are paid by government employees, a lot of it goes right back to the government in form of taxes to pay for those things like education, roads, etc.

    it would appear you aren’t too fond of CUPE or the BCGEU. its the workers who belong to those unions which aren’t the best paid in the province or federal work places.

    Remember, it isn’t what people make, its what they have to pay to put a roof over their heads. Those BCGEU/CUPE workers, they can’t live in the greater Vancouver municipalities they work in. For that matter neither can the fire fighters in Greater Vancouver. They’re living all over the place, including Nanaimo, Hope, etc.

    With the increased housing costs, the food bank, on day’s news reported that their clients are not only the working poor, but are starting to include the middle class.

    One in 5 children live in poverty and that is because their parents don’t make enough money. Don’t blame it on the Unions, blame it on money wasted on projects which went no where and an inequitable tax system

    What it all comes down to is that neither Scheer nor Berneir are going to do much of anything for the average working Canadian, (middle/working class) when it comes to taxes. there will be tax breaks for corporations. Tax Credits always sound so lovely, and Scheer has talked about them and so will Mad Max, but the problem is, tax credits only work for those who have that much taxable money.

    Bernier might have been better off naming the party the fair tax party. that would have caught everyone’s eye, even mine.

  18. Richard Skelly says:

    Bang on in your listing of the dubious use of ‘people’ in naming nations and, now, Mad Max’s spanking new political party of (so far) one.

    Anyway, it jogs my memory of mid-1960s Grade 5 and 6 Social Studies projects I undertook on the USSR and People’s Republic Of China.

    A budding ‘useful idiot’, I wanted to be thorough and have plenty of photos to complement my overly fawning handwritten text. The Vancouver destination for glossy state-published magazines from the two ‘workers paradises’ was the People’s Co-op Bookstore near the downtown Eastside.

    Only years later did news break that the RCMP had the bookstore under surveillance. As I recall, the Mounties rented an apartment right across the street to keep tabs on possible Communist subversives during the Cold War.

    No doubt, stuffed deep in boxes at an RCMP storage facility, are grainy photos of my approximately 12-year old self…emerging on a few Saturday afternoons with a bundle of pinko mags under my arm.

    (Response: Stand by …the RCMP sometimes moves VERY slowly …and apparently their “draft report” of your activities in the 1960s when you were 12 is almost complete! The reason for the delay? They’re probably still looking at me because when I was studying political science in the 1960s, I had a “free” subscription to two of those oversized high quality glossy magazines the Soviet embassy put out …highlighting “their” glorious over-achieving modern farms, factories and cultural centers … all filled with warm, friendly-looking smiling comrades. h.o)

  19. e.a.f. says:

    OMG, I am shocked, just shocked.

  20. 13 says:

    Ok Harvey , time for an opinion or two. Had Mad Max been selected leader of the cons do you think he would have a better chance to beat JT than Scheer?
    In that vein I heard Andrew Wilkinson on with John McComb last week. He did not sound like a capable leader he sounded like an angry old white guy.(sort of like Bean thinks all cons must sound like). Same question , during the entire interview I could not stop wondering just how much better the interview would have gone had Diane Watts been doing the interview. She in my opinion would be far more electable than Wilkinson right across all spectrum’s. Ethnics, rural vs urban etc.
    Why do political parties seem to choose leaders that are so unappealing.
    The Fed Liberals chose style over substance and it seems to be paying off for them. Although both Max and Diane are substance and style.

    (Response: Yes, I’m not a fan, but think Bernier would have been better choice for Tories: likely do better in Quebec overall than Scheer (although his opposition to dairy supply mgmt. would have lost some votes in rural areas) and even in Ont and West , his forcefulness in speaking (despite Eng pronunciation), his nationalism and stronger anti illegal migrant stance would have played well with the base. I detect no passion when Scheer speaks. h.o)

  21. BMCQ says:

    Only time will tell but at this point it appears Singh was elected NDP Leader for two reasons.

    The NDP really had no other individual that had anything to offer and Singh seemed to fit the Politically Correct SJW Mold that plays well with the Mood of Media, Educators, Leftist Activists, and Progressives that despise anything that closely resembles Traditional Conservative Values.

    Of course we are all aware that the Liberals chose Justin as Leader because they thought he could win an election, they did not care if he was an Empty Suit, had No No Substance, had Room Temperature IQ, and the fact that for some reason would not be challenged or face any kind of scrutiny from the Media. How odd, but they obviously knew what they were doing as it worked.

    Amazingly enough the Con Harper Gov. gave Canadians a stable Gov. through a World Economic Crisis, in fact gave Canada a strong Economy, protected Health Care, Education, a strong and supportive Military doing Canada’s part in World Hot Spots.

    Canada was in fact everything any World Nation would hope to be.

    So thanks to Canadian Media and others who managed to vilify Harper we now have PM Justin and Canada is faltering and as Phil Collins once said, “We are in a State of Confusion”!

    We are more than likely to be facing several $ 30 Billion Dollar Deficits when Harper had Balanced Budgets.

    A Pipeline Fiasco, Trade Crisis, a growing Migration Crisis the Media is ignoring, Terrorist Acts that Kill Innocent Canadians being explained away by PM Justin and Media as Acts of Mental Illness with absolutely no push back from any opposition Party, failing Health Care, Education, growing Taxation for Employed Canadians, runaway Gov Spending Waste, and Silly Juvenile Gender Equity one might expect from a Community College in Berkeley California.

    Canadians deserve much much better.

    So what does the Conservative Party do? They elect “The Invisible Man” Andrew Acheer as it;s Savior and Leader. A Leader Fighting for Power from the anonymity of “The Witness Protection Program”.

    Then to top it off MP Bernie’s decides to destroy the Con Party by taking his Ball and start his own Party thst will Win a few Seats in Que at best.

    Bernie’s could never in any way shape or form be identified as a Canadian Patriot.

    The Conservative Party, Canada, and ALL Canadians would have been much better if Stephen Harper remained Leader.

    At least then we would have an “Adult in the Room”!

    So now we can sit back and watch as Singh and rhe NDP literally Implode, Scheer is kept busy trying to find any kind of identity while media pay him no attention, and then watch PM Justin take credit for a soon to be new Trade Deal with the U.S. and Mexico, an eventual Promise of a Pipeline Deal That May take 5 or more years to start and then Next year celebrate another Election Victory.

    On a scale of 1 to 10 PM Justin is uh, only eh ah 5 but when Singh is a 2, Bernier a 3 and a Scheer a 4 That all ads up to one thing.

    “Ladies and Germs”,

    “Meet your Winner and Still Prime Minister for at least two more Terms PM Justin” !!

    Of course PM Justin will then be very quick to thank Mr. Singh, Bernier, Scheer, the Media, and of course Canadians that are literally “Sleep Walking “ through the Destruction of the Greatest Nation On Earth!

    It is hard to believe that most of us participating and lurking on this Blog will be alive to witness what is about to happen to our Great Country.

    Who ever would have thought it would/could happen in only two or three Terms of PM Justin?

  22. BMCQ says:

    BTW in keeping with Harvey’s Thems

    “The People’s Republic of Stupidity”

  23. 13 says:

    BMCQ, post 22 is an accurate synopsis of what went wrong , and why we are on the edge of a cliff .
    I doubt that anyone that supports conservative values feels any better about our future than you do. Harper (even with his dictatorial style) is looking better and better every time JT makes another bad choice or another pathetic apology
    You are far to generous giving JT a 5. Unless the scale tops out at 100 instead of 10 .

  24. Gene The Bean says:

    The NDP will never be elected federally because of people’s fear of money management. Some people view the Liberals in the same vein whilst thinking(?) the aptly named Cons would be the best money managers. They are naturally wrong.

    Under Harpers ‘reign of error’, Canada’s debt increased by $150 BILLION dollars. The Cons stopped being money mangers about forty years ago.

    I can see peoples aversion to the NDP from an economic perspective. These continual mis-steps take a back seat to that. Singh wont become a player and neither will the NDP at a federal level.

    So our shoices are Trudeau, or either of the creepy uncle’s, Scheer or Bernier.

    The Cons will continue to try and make us afraid – thats all they have. Fear. Just look at the comments here – it is in plain sight. They offer nothing of substance, professionally or personally.

  25. e.a.f. says:

    Still would rate Trudeau 7 out of 10. He has the interest of the population. Scheer, is still unknown to many and thus, the Conservatives are going to run a $2M campaign to once again “introduce” him to the Canadian public.

    Singh is the leader of the NDP for the same reason others are leaders of parties, they got the most people signed up for the election of the leader. that doesn’t work so well sometimes. People within a party will vote for what they want for their party and sometimes that is out of touch with the rest of the voters. This may leave Elizabeth May and the Greens as the official opposition.

    Now it may give Max a leg up because Ford is becoming more unpopular in Ontario as the days pass. Conservatives who won’t vote for Scheer because of Ford may in fact vote for Bernier.

    The storm in Ontario and Quebec didn’t do much to help the Conservatives either. While Ford was partying with Fordnation, the Quebec politicians managed to get to the scene before the 11 p.m. news. Now it may be said what a provincial politician does doesn’t reflect on the national party, there is the no small matter of how many from the former federal Conservative government are working for Ford. Having Faith Goldy singing Ford’s praises isn’t going to help Scheer with people of colour. For some Scheer, has his own problems in that area.

    If this continues, we could have Trudeau as P.M. and Bernier or May as the official opposition. Hey, stranger things have happened. If that is the case, good luck to both of them. It might be time for a change. The NDP and Conservatives may then decide to do a deep, deep reflection on what their parties once stood for and why people actually voted for them.

  26. 13 says:

    Whenever the left protests that Harper ran up a deficit they always, always , always conveniently
    omit, forget,overlook, lie, fake news, the economic events that occurred globally on or about 2008.
    Leaving that little economic hicup out of the picture is an easy mistake for a person not interested in the truth.
    But lets play imagine what if shall we ?
    Imagine what if we had the less than stellar nincompoop JT at the helm during that tiny teeny economic crisis. Your right he probably would have only given Omar 5 million dollars due to the economic pressure of a global downturn. Professionally and personally and substantive and unlike the Harper deficit in plain sight.

  27. Barry says:

    How about a certain country that has as it’s founding document “We the People?”

    (Response: Yes…and look at it now. Far from living up to the original ideal. h.o.)

  28. BMCQ says:

    I do not see Bernier being anything more than a spoiler in Que, splitting enough of the vote to take seats away from the Conservatives allowing the Libs to come up the middle and forging Victory ensuring more of PM Justin and his Insane Juvenike PC SJW Uh, Gender Balanced Destruction of Canada. Add to that more Taxes, Bigger Bloated Wasteful Government and you have a once great nation in uncontrollable Deficit and Debt.

    Elizabeth May as Opposition?

    It is more than obvious to me that some folks have a far much stronger Medicinal Marijuana prescription than they should be prescribed. Yikes!

    Canadian Debt Increased under Harper because of the World Financial Crisis Which saw many Countries Collapse with People losing Homes, Jobs, Families, Health Care, and everything else.

    Canada and Canadians did very well thank you!

    The Canadian Banking System Which is the World’s Best under either Liberals or Conservatives, the Banks Governor and his Leadership and Guidance and the Sober Steady Leadership of Stephen Harper and the Conservative Government did a World Class Job of Navigating Canada through Treacherous Seas of that World Economic Collapse. I hasten to add that a PAUL Martin Liberal Government would have accomplished the same!

    “Yes, you are entitled to your own opinions but you ARE NOT entitled to Your Own Set of Facts”.

    With apologies to Daniel Moynihan and Hawgwash.

    Barry – 28

    I suggest you spend a few minutes and research tha fact that w012 the Disengaged, Inept, Impotent, Self Serving POTUS Obama and his Dems held the House, the Senate, and held 36 of 50 Governorships in the U.S.

    By the 2016 “O” and His Minions had lost the House, the Senate, and had only 14 State Governorships to the Republicans who held 35 with one Independent.

    On top of that “O” lost a TOTAL of 1200 Legislative Seats right across 5o States during his last few years of Office.

    Now just how popular was President “O” Barry

    Yes Barry “We the People” !

    Facts Matter BARRY, and YES, Elections DO Have Consequences.

    Without Control of Migration, without Defined Borders, and without the ability to Defend those Borders ozone has No Country. Simply ask the people of Britain and Brexit that question and then as the People of the EU about that same thing.

    The People of the U.S. now understand what that means and you will see that reflected in the Mid Terms.

    That is what Bernier is thinking about but he should have remained in the Conservative Party and continue to fight PM Justin and His Open Border Policy.

    PM Justin along with a Fawning Media are hoping YOU and other Canadians are not paying attention.

    Well I have a question for you Barry.

    Are you paying Attention!

    Tick Tock!

    It is courting Disaster for ANY Country to allow Migrants to enter that Country that believe their Religion Supersedes That Countries “Rule of Law”!

    Are You Willing to let The Drama Teacher to Steal Tour Country from YOU Barry?

    Yes Barry, “We the People”!

  29. Gene The Bean says:


  30. e.a.f. says:

    never under estimate people such as Elizabeth May and Bernier. Back in the day not many gave May, or Preston Manning or the CFF founders any credit either. People/politicians do it at their own peril. You don’t need some thing stronger than weed or even weed or booze. You just need to study history as it repeats itself. Not much changes except the dates and names.

    So far I haven’t seen much evidence of “migrants” entering Canada who believe their religions supersedes the laws of our country. I’m interested in what is going on in Canada. To date, we’ve had a lot of people entering Canada, who seem on the most part law biding. Using terms like “migrants” sends so many messages, which aren’t positive. Like waves of migrants, How about people just trying to find a better life. People fleeing economic terrorism, just plain old terrorism. when we in first world countries treat 2 and 3rd world countries like its our septic tank, yes, people who can, leave. Much of the world’s problems which have resulted in people fleeing their home countries, was the result of actions/inactions of first world countries.

    We can blame all sorts of politicians but its usually greed and massive corporations which are the root cause.

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