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The “Secret” Plan to Woo Ethnic Voters!

March 1st, 2013 · 29 Comments

I’m shocked! The Liberals had an outreach plan specifically designed to win ethnic votes in the May election .. and using both party and government spending to do it!

I AM shocked … not by the plan … but by all the indignant “harrumphing” coming from political and media sources.

Let’s keep it real!

For as long as I can remember, EVERY political party in BC and Canada has wooed ethnic voters and, yes, directed all kinds of public spending at various communities to curry (oops! maybe not the best word?) public favour.

In fact, all of us would be hard-pressed to name ANY mayor, or councillor, or municipal council, or provincial premier, or MLA, or legislature, or federal MP, or Prime Minister, or government that has not “reached out” to various ethnic nationalities with public vows, speeches,  resolutions, laws and, yes, spending to impress and WIN political support.

How many of these same political leaders have YOU seen wearing all kinds of little hats, pieces of cloth, headscarves, , taking their shoes off, putting  ethnic clothing on, marching in parades,attending festivals, visiting all kinds of religious  institutions,  eating all kinds of ethnic foods before the cameras, always pronouncing how GOOD it is (but never asking for the recipe!) ?

In fact, try to find a Chinese, East Indian, Filipino, Greek or other ethnic dinner or celebration where is NOT a politician trying hard to win backing and/or handing out a cheque.

It may all be fun …but believe me, when a politician does it, they’re not just doing it for amusement. It’s about winning support … in the form of bodies at the ballot box.

And, yes, when in power, they ALL shovel public bucks towards ethnic events,  community centres and social programs.

They may justify it (and often I would even agree) as righting an old wrong, family reunification, cultural outreach, special educational needs etc. etc. … but the aim goes well beyond the stated goals.

Sometimes it goes too far.

In my view, the Liberal announcement of $9.5 MILLION in PUBLIC funds for the Times of India Film Awards to be held here in April is an outrageous waste of public money …designed PRIMARILY to win the ethnic East Indian vote.

The government says the event will generate $15 million in spending here (that’s spending, not tax revenues) and lots of publicity that will be good for our economy  (still waiting for the thousands of permanent post-Olympic jobs thanks to all the publicity).

It’s a crock!  A bribe to the ethnic community in an effort to win votes.

The feds are even worse: the Liberals and the Tories have shelled out HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars on programs/projects directed specifically at winning ethnic votes.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper has even attended Richmond events where ONLY ASIAN media were called on by his staff to ask questions …… and one of his ministers was exposed holding an ASIAN ONLY INVITED media event … no “white” media being informed of the happening.


But it works … that’s the REAL problem: BC and Canada would be better for it if the leaders and members of these communities REJECTED such overt payoff  practices instead of encouraging and asking for them.

It’s all very titillating that the Liberals got caught in a leaked “secret” memo linking the party and the government to an effort to co-ordinate the latest ethnic bribery effort.

But the real shock is that anyone is surprised at all!

Harv Oberfeld

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  • 1 Loofasuitsu // Mar 1, 2013 at 11:27 am

    The issue is clearly NOT that the “Liberals” have a strategy to appeal to voters of various ethnic backgrounds!! It is that, for the THIRD time, taxpayer-funded supposedly NON-PARTISAN bureaucrats are engaging in partisan politics. Sheesh! Between you and Fazil Milar you’d think nothing’s wrong with this. As a regular reader I’m disappointed.

    (Response: You are correct: it IS an issue when bureaucrats are engaged/used in ther process. It IS wrong. But my point is that there is a very thin line between government programs and spending aimed at ethnic vote buying. All parties on all levels do it … but I can’t recall ANY bureacrat who has stood up and say “no”, when their minister, armed with a cabinet order or legisaltive authority, will say this is too partisan and refuse to carry out his or her orders to fulfill the progrma. The problem is US ..because WE have created/allowed the current system. h.o)

  • 2 Persey // Mar 1, 2013 at 12:16 pm

    The real shocker, Harvey, is that the “mainstream media” have jumped all over this story.

    To say that the MSM has been “Liberal friendly” over the past dozen years is to give a new meaning to the word “understatement”.

    What changed?

    (Response: Good to see them going after this: I’m enjoying it quite a lot. Very refreshing. I would have had a lot of fun with this one … not only chasing Clark down the corridor (if we could find her!), but going after ALL sides…. asking not only Libs but NDP and Conservative poltciians if they’ve ever wooed ethnics, including pushing public bucks their way to win support. The whole issue deserves exposure. h.o)

  • 3 chuckstraight // Mar 1, 2013 at 2:42 pm

    As you say -keep it real. They all do this- but not on my nickel please. Never in my 60 years in BC have I seen such a corrupt gov`t.
    We in Canada both Federally need proportional representation, no political donations from corporations or unions, and on the federal side- get rid of the undemocratic Senate.

    (Response: Well, having been raised and “educated” in Quebec, I’ve seen/experienced a lot worse! LOL! I agree the libs record in BC over recent years has been dismal in so many ways, but there were times when cabinet members went to prison …so not sure if this is the WORST! Sure makes it all interesting, though! : ) h.o.

  • 4 kootcoot // Mar 1, 2013 at 3:11 pm

    Harv, are you plagiarizing Fazil Milar, or is he plagiarizing you? Obviously I’m not defaming either you or Fazil, because apparently plagiarism is acceptable these days, if you don’t believe me, just read the columnists in the Globe and Mail!

    (Response: I don’t know what he said: haven’t read anything of his for months. But it wouldn’t surprise me if others familiar with how politics in BC and Canada REALLY work agree with my view on this one. Just lookat the record of politicans from EVERY paryy and EVERY government at EVERY level in Canada: it really is NOTHING new to pander/woo/spend public money to win ethnic support, as terrible as it may seem. But As I wrote in response to Scotty…I’m still mulling over the roles of some of those senior “public servants” involved … just not sure yet of my conclusion regarding them. h.o)

  • 5 Scotty on Denman // Mar 1, 2013 at 4:34 pm

    I agree, all politicians curry favour with ethnic groups. The issue really is about inappropriately using pubic funds for partisan purposes. The condemnable poor taste in insincerely, cynically bargaining the suffering of others –apology for votes– merely underscores the main point. The only shocking thing is how the BC Liberals were so stupid to get caught so redhanded at this critical point in their decline. Now every time they don some ethnic attire at a cultural event, people will at least be reminded of it, maybe even disapprove. I think most people are taking their cue on this one from the ethnic communities who have been truly insulted by the triteness of BC Liberal “vote buying.” Ethnic communities are rightly sensitive because it incorrectly insinuates they only engage politically for favours, that they can be bought. They know such fallacies are thoughtlessly incorporated into underlying prejudices. It also suggests homogeneously characterized ethnicity, you know, “all so and so’s are such and such” because the quid pro quo is supposed to involve the whole ethnicity complicitly in the
    vote-buying when, plainly, different ethnic groups patronize and are represented in every party.

    (Response: I may not be done with this topic yet.I’ve been enjoying the discussions taking place …esp Vaughn Palmer and Keith Baldrey with Michael Smith on NW (so much better than Good on stuff like this!). I doubt Clark will or even should go because of this situation: as I said: nothing new to see politicians wooing etnhic vote. BUT I’m trying to find out MORE about those high profile “public servants” like Pamela Martin, Lorne Mayencourt and their roles in all this …what I’m seeing I don’t like. h.o)

  • 6 tf // Mar 1, 2013 at 5:27 pm

    To me there’s a difference between “multicultural” and “ethnic”. In my opinion, one implies many, the other implies division; one leads to understanding, the other to bigotry and racism.

    (Response: They’re all voters and the politicians/parties cater to them all. h.o)

  • 7 Ed Seedhouse // Mar 1, 2013 at 8:25 pm

    The point is that there is a clear line in the sand set out by provincial law and that the Liberals have admitted that they crossed it. Not just this once but twice before. And yet no one has been held responsible for these transgressions.

    As you know I am an N.D.P. partisan. I would be shocked and dismayed if my party were not reaching out to ALL identifiable voter groups. It would just be incompetence.

    I know for example that the NDP has been doing a very planned and deliberate outreach to the business community. An outreach that has NOT been without results. How is that any different from reaching out to so-called “ethnic” groups? I can’t see any.

    I see nothing at all wrong with this.

    But should the NDP assume government, and should it be found that they are using public funds for this purpose I would certainly be demanding the resignation of any minister in charge.

    Of course that’s easy to claim before the fact, and often hard to live up to after them. All I can say is that, when it became publicly known that Glen Clark was under police investigation I called publicly for him to step down, which he subsequently, and correctly, did. Of course I can’t prove this since I am so unimportant that my point of view was not noticed by the press, and shouldn’t have been.

    Turned out that deal was a dirty frame up, but that only became clear in retrospect. And Clark’s stepping down was still absolutely necessary nevertheless.

  • 8 Wholyman // Mar 1, 2013 at 10:15 pm

    You can see the situation breaks into two seperate issues.One is that staff clearly contemplated doing things that weren’t just wrong but were offensive and inappropriate and potentially illegal .

  • 9 harry lawson // Mar 1, 2013 at 10:21 pm

    pandering to ethnic group is a form of racism plain and simple.
    everybody in this great country deseves and should be treated the same

  • 10 13 // Mar 2, 2013 at 8:55 am

    As far as I can see this just highlites another reason that multicultural charter rights are a joke. Every politician across this country salivates at the thought of some community leader delivering the ethnic vote. Block voting. No need to understand policy just vote as your neighbour votes. Pathetic and ignorant.

    Take a drive on 76 Ave in Surrey just off of Scott Rd. In giant silver letters across the side of an apartment building is a sign. It reads “komo gatu maru never forget”. I wonder who paid to erect this idiotic bit of advertising. Funny that its in English.

    (Response: Our ethnic communities have a lot of room for improvement too. Too many people will just vote for “one of their own” rather than fairly assess ALL the candidates fairly and equally. It is nothing short of discrimination and even racism. Hopefully this will change as second and third younger generations assimilate more into the general community … but right now, it IS the reality and the parties and politicians pander to that reality all the time. h.o.)

  • 11 Lee // Mar 2, 2013 at 9:37 am

    Sorry Harv but I am not with you on this viewpoint.
    In this instance, the Liberals used their personal email accounts to avoid being caught. A sure-fire signal of malicious intent and an action they knew, a priori, to be just plain wrong. The memo also conspired as to how they would use the BC Civil Service to get these votes and, importantly, the public purse to advance their partisan purposes (which they already did with the bollywood fiasco).
    So, this is very much newsworthy and Kim Haakstad is gone. Is that Christy Clark Chief of Staff Number 4?
    This is a government without a moral compass.

    (Response: We don’t necessarily disagree on the personnel matter. My blog was about the practice of ALL politicians and parties going after the ethnic vote…often with public funds … which should shock no one. But I’ve been watching details emerge of HOW some high profile staff members … on the public payroll … have handled the matter and HOW Clark has acted and I am not impressed. Expect to do more on this Monday. h.o)

  • 12 Wholyman // Mar 2, 2013 at 9:51 am

    By the way , my previous comment made at 10.15 pm last night is of course a direct quote made by Minister of Social Development , Moira Stilwell yesterday . I purposely left it unattributed overnight to make a point . This is what a liberal caucus member believes . Personally , I am not the least bit surprised by greasy behind the scene manoeuvers . Cheap , cheesy and insulting ? yes !

  • 13 GeeBee // Mar 2, 2013 at 10:16 am

    We are only 20 years behind the Muslim-ication going on in Europe. The lowland countries will be completely controlled by Muslims by 2045 and thats by their current governments own admission.

    Thats what happens when you allow immigrants to come to your country and not require them to become assimilated into the culture. We need immigrants but we dont need our country ‘taken over’.

    If you want to come here, become a Canadian.

    Our politicians are perpetuating this cycle of ‘take over’ by treating Asians and South Asians like a block of mindless voting cattle – which is mostly true. “we” allow immigrants to take over neighbourhoods and only deal “with their own kind” for everything they do – huge mistake.

    Hopefully the new generation of CANADIANS of asian or south asian heritage (ie: born here) will break this cycle and save all of us – if not – our political system and country are doomed.

    (Response: Newcomers from every country and culture have always tended to group together, partially because of common language, culture, foods and familiarity ..and, in the past,often because the others didn’t accept them, were quite nasty to them. Assimilation in two or three generations into a common society, in my view, is best: but what has many concerned in Europe is that many Muslims are not assimilating, but even in second or third generations, retaining “old country” beliefs, traditions, politics and hatreds. And also face discrimination in jobs etc. making things even worse. Let’s hope that does not happen here. h.o)

  • 14 giraffegirl // Mar 2, 2013 at 12:09 pm

    From my perspective it’s less about the fact that this relates to ethnic/multicultural groups and more that these were public servants explicitly working on party activities rather than government business. I can’t see how the party could dump CC though this close to an election.

    (Response: I agree …the abuse seems to have gone beyond the “normal” mix of politics and government policies aimed at ceretain groups. As for Christy, don’t rule anything out in politics. h.o)

  • 15 chuckstraight // Mar 2, 2013 at 2:03 pm

    -maybe what you saw in Quebec may be possible?

    (Response: BC politics would make a great REALITY tv series! And the revenues from advertsiing could pay down the debt! h.o)

  • 16 pete // Mar 2, 2013 at 2:22 pm

    The Libs are grumpy not because they’ve been caught but because their strategy is exposed and now any and all of their government business will be viewed as tainted. Can any “good news” news release now or previously be considered anything other than partisan political? Bad timing for them as now all the government’s work will “smell”.

    (Response: There’s nothnig worse for a politician than to have a “secret” plan exposed for all to see. 🙂 h.o.

  • 17 Kranky // Mar 2, 2013 at 4:39 pm

    Re your comments on Bill Good. Back in the day Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin were frequent contributors to his program: all chummy, all soft ball, all the time! His longtime talking head partner( another Pamela, for crying out loud) now up to her fluttering eye-lids in this fiasco. What are the odds,Harv, that this threesome will appear on Good’s program to explain themselves?

    (Response: I doubt it…usually people in politics feeling the heat avoid the spotlight of any kind. If they ever decide they have to answer more questions, it won’t likely be for BC media, but if they do, I’d bet they would do so for Good, not Michael Smyth. h.o)

  • 18 Miffed // Mar 2, 2013 at 9:39 pm

    Wow, swing and a miss Harv. Sure, there is a bit of game playing when you hire your friends into key positions in government. But once you enter public service you swear an oath and are bound by the rules governing your employment. The rules clearly state that government business and party business must be kept separate. What occured here clearly violates the rules. And obviously the players involved knew that, otherwise why use private emails to circumvent FOI rules.

    (Response: I agree …and I’m not done with the topic yet. Of course, let’s keep it real: there IS a difference between civil servants and poltical order-in-council appointees in the premier’s or cabinet offices. But the more i hear,read,see about this latest debacle, the more it worries me …esp the un-elected, acting premier’s handling of the matter. More Monday. h.o)

  • 19 Gini // Mar 2, 2013 at 11:50 pm

    I’d given up listening to the Bill Good show long ago, and simply forgot that sometimes it’s worth tuning in, especially when Michael Smyth is sitting in. Must get back on their website and find those interviews with Vaughn Palmer and Keith Baldrey.

    I think the real issue here is not so much the ethnic vote-buying, but all the skullduggery that has been transpiring in Christy Clark’s office over the past couple of years. There seems to be a revolving door at that office, staff being hired and fired at break-neck speed. What exactly is going on there? These shenanigans hardly inspire confidence in our so-called Premier’s competence. The Premier’s office seems more like an old ‘Golden Girls’ set. Only I can’t quite make out whether Christy is playing the part of Blanche or Rose.

    So, what I would like to read now is a tell-all book by Kim Haakstad…….right after I read an expose by Dave Basi and Bobby Virk. (I’ve always been a ‘glass half full’ kind of gal!)

    (Response: For the latest Smyth, Palmer, Baldrey discussion, go to … look for audio vault and tune in 10 a.m. Friday March 1 …. very good or maybe un-Good(if you’ll forgive the pun). h.o)

  • 20 D. M. Johnston // Mar 3, 2013 at 9:06 am

    What is shocking is that the MSM are bothered with this at all, unless their puppet strings are being pulled by Liberals who want to rid themselves of Clark.

    There are bigger stories that the MSM ignore completely like the Broadway subway, which Roberston and Toope want a SkyTrain subway based on pure flim flam. But of course rapid transit is for the public good and never, never ask any embarrassing questions.

    If the R&T roadshow was to do their song and dance in Europe, they would have been shredded by the media.

    All this “shock and horror” by the media and several pundits is mere window dressing, for a MSM that are lazy and only write what they are told to write. The real stories are out there, if anyone in the MSM cared.

  • 21 Paul // Mar 3, 2013 at 11:43 am

    Harvey, why go to the CKNW website and make their sponsors happy?

    Here’s the direct podcast of Friday’s March 1 ‘Cutting Edge of the Ledge’ with Michael smith, Vaughn Palmer, and Keith Baldrey.

    *** Commercial and news free ***

    The podcast is only only 34 minutes and 42 seconds with all of the commercials and news stripped out.

    (MP3 format)

    Click the link to play

    To download and save a copy:

    Windows users right-click on the link and “Save Target As…”

    Mac users right/control click on the link and choose “Download Linked File As…”

    (Response: Thanks. There’s clearly a generational gap in my knowledge/expertise in the high-tech world …in fact, even the medium-tech one. 🙂 h.o.

  • 22 horsewithnoname // Mar 3, 2013 at 3:01 pm

    Afternoon, Harvey:

    It now appears that the fallout over this scandal isn’t going away anytime soon for Christy Clark…

    To be honest, I will be very glad if the BC Liberals get their asses kicked in the next 2013 provincial election ! The problem is, when the NDP last took power, they were also scandal ridden, as well, and racked up a huge amount of debt that we are still paying for…Therefore, I may not vote, period, in the next election, since the NDP is (in my opinion) not a really suitable alternative choice for governing this province….

    Unfortunately, I cannot recommend anyone else at this time !

    Regarding the wooing of ethnic voters by politicians. Your article gives the false impression that all visible minorities in this Province are somehow dictated to or influenced by government kickbacks or graft.

    I don’t agree with that assumption, actually.

    As a so-called “ethnic Canadian myself” (my actual ancestry is irrelevant), I just want to say that there are TWO DISTINCT TYPES of Canadian ethnic groups, out there…

    One is the group that you (and Alex Tsakumis, previously) have stereotypically described… The other is the younger, well educated, media-wise Asian Canadian, who symbolizes REAL CHANGE with balanced thinking…

    What I mean by “balanced” is that their life philosophy is not solely shaped by the old (Asian) country that their parents came from, but also, by the current Canadian mosiac and unique cultural identity to which they also belong..

    Two local examples come to mind… Colin Basran and Mohini Singh are two council-members who were elected to KELOWNA CITY HALL in 2011 and both of them, (in my view) represent the model of the so-called “new” Asian-Canadian politician, who:

    a) is careful and thoughtful in their decision-making, when it comes to voting on local issues.

    b) are not subject to BRIBES, or graft, from lobbyists or developers. But then, at the municipal level, there’s not much CASH to go around !

    c) Don’t shoot their mouths off, or make foolish, or grandois statements, just to get media attention.

    Just to make it clear, I have never met Ms. Singh or Mr Basran, but since both of them were former television reporters for Global Okanagan, of course, I have seen their news reports and they seemed both fair and balanced in their reporting.

    They certainly have heard of me (and my own reports) and I am willing to work with either of them, in future, should the need arise…

    (Response: Perhaps you missed my response to anoter writer that once new Canadians integrate into the greater society, especially the younger generation, the problem eases…esp as people are better educated, assimilated into Canadian culture. Ceertainly the BEST world is the one you cite: where canidates are successful for their qualifications, history, reputation …nothing else. That’s the way I have always voted … and, as I think back, for a whole variety of ethnicities, and religions. But there are sadly MANY examples in voting results, municipally, provincially, federally where race, language and even religion still determine far too many people’s votes. It’s horrible but the politicians and parties know that still exists …more than you might like to believe …and they act accordingly in nomibations, policies and,yes, spending of tax dollars too. h.o)

  • 23 horsewithnoname // Mar 3, 2013 at 6:40 pm

    “once new Canadians integrate into the greater society, especially the younger generation, the problem eases…esp as people are better educated, assimilated into Canadian culture.”

    Hey Harv:

    I’m glad to hear (from you) that newer Canadians are much better educated than the one’s “off the boat” of perhaps 20 or more years ago…LOL

    My own parents and older brother were actually immigrants to this country, by boat; (they were actually pioneers of immigration in the Province of Quebec, in 1956, from their country), so perhaps I am “allowed” to say we were the “original” boat people…

    They not only spoke the Queen’s English, but were well educated (they attended British boarding schools). But here’s the irony. The French in Montrea; didn’t like us because we spoke English and also, because we were not “white” ?

    Meanwhile, thanks to Jason Kenney’s stepped-up immigration policies, your average immigrant is actually far better educated (and, less homosexual ?) than your average Canadian of the same age ! LOL

    These ruling governments not only want to buy us ethnics, off, but they also want the most well-educated, politically-correct, ethnic people to come here and support their right-winged values.

    That is wrong !

    As far as new Canadians adapting to Canadian values, Jason Kenney is also wrong. You can’t shove Canadian values down the throats of new immigrants with different values, be it cultural or religious.

    Well, you can, but then you are accused of ethnic cleansing, a direct violation of the United Nations rules on human rights !

    Why can’t people of different nationalities and backgrounds just get along and screw the politicians !

    (Response: Not sure why, but you’re totally misquoting me. I did NOT say “newer Canadians are much better educated than the one’s “off the boat”of perhaps 20 or more years ago” …. Read the quote again…you should apologize. I stand by what i said …not what you twisted it into. h.o.)

  • 24 Gilbert // Mar 4, 2013 at 1:16 am

    Let me make it clear that I’m no supporter of the NDP. However, I truly feel that Premier Clark may be the most incompetent premier in the history of BC. Is there anyone worse?

  • 25 Larry Bennett // Mar 4, 2013 at 8:51 am

    Horsesasswithnoname – I was in my favourite coffee shop in Surrey, where I once lived. There was an East Indian, guy in there, complaining about all these new arrivals from “the old country” complaining about racism and mistreatment and etc.. He said when he came to Canada he was called a rag head (even though he didn’t where a turban) a carpet-rider, and all the other racial epithets that were used at the time (I’ve forgotten them all) and he said he was teased and picked on and in fights after school and etc., because he was one of the earlier waves of immigrants from the sub-continent. He said, they don’t know how easy they’ve got it now – and then, almost sotto voce (but not quite) I heard him say “There’s getting to be too many of them anyway!” I laughed out loud, and went over and slapped him on the back, and called him a genuine Canadian! It has gotta be tough to go through what he did, but he came out of it, a true Canadian.

  • 26 horsewithnoname // Mar 4, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    Larry Bennett:

    So, you admit that you’re from SURREY, the RACIST capital of British Columbia ! Congratulations, sir. Does your opinion even matter, then…

    Mr. Surrey, why do you think that racism is somehow funny. I don’t think it’s funny. Also, why do you assume that I am East-Indian.

    Are those the only type of
    stereotypes that you *ssholes in Surrey can identify with !

    Having been to your city on more than a few times, it seems like a very different planet to me?

    People there seem to hold these very weird, negative, racist idealogies and stereotypes that are unfortunately passed along to your children and grandchildren.

    Even the gang-activity in Surrey falls along racial lines…

    Are you aware of that, Mr. Surrey..

    Meanwhile, to answer Harvey’s questions on why there are partisan politics and why people vote along lines of race, well, it seems the whole system is CORRUPT and many of the people who run for the leader of the party, today, are looking for a “well-paid” job, and not really a leadership position… However, the main reason is that they are NOT fit to be leaders, at all !

    I was watching the CPAC parliamentary channel last night, and I saw all of the candidates for the leader of the federal Liberal party, paraded before the tv camera like water buffalos…and then took questions from reporters reading from pre-prepared scripts.

    The CPAC coverage was just horrible. There were no on-screen liners, telling the viewer who the speaker or candidate was.

    I could only recognize three of the speakers by face…anyhow…

    It seemed like the front-runner, Mr. Trudeau, answered only two brief questions from just one reporter. then literally ran away from the camera and podium before the other reporters could get at him !

    You even could Trudeau’s footsteps. “boom. boom, boom..”as he walked down the steps from the gallows-like podium……

    It seemed like a hastily-made wooden podium, much like the wooden platform where the late Saddam Hussein eventually hung by the neck… LOL

    Meanwhile, all of the Liberal leadership candidates were predictably “white” but so were the media covering them…

    (But then, all of the news directors and general managers in the lower mainland, also happen to be “white…”?)

    (except in SURREY !) LOL

    The rest of the Liberal candidates, well, I had never heard of, before, except for Martin Cauchon and Mark Garneau..and of course, Martha Hall Findlay.

    That friggin’ woman has run in every Liberal leadership race since Lester Pearson…LOL and it smacked of desperation…actually, to see her…

    At the last Kelowna civic election in 2011, there were some 30 or 40 candidates… vying for the half-dozen or so council seats, plus the mayor’s chair.

    In this region of high unemployment, many of the candidates actually run for office because of the income it provides…

    It’s very sad, actually…

    Some of these Kelowna candidates had never worked in the community before, in any capacity, and yet they were running for public office.

    A woman like Christy Clark was never fit to be leader of this province in the first place. She should have held an election apon being voted at Liberal leader.

    As Harv points out, she never did..

    The reason she can’t make a good premier, is she simply doesn’t have it “upstairs” to be Premier…

    Meanwhile, because the rewards of public office are so few and the risks are also very high, including character assasination by the media and also, the blogs, who the hell would want to run for public office, at all ?

    I think many of the best and brightest candidates avoid politics, period, and that includes people of all races and backgrounds.

  • 27 Larry Bennett // Mar 5, 2013 at 12:37 am

    Well I will say something about the people of Surrey, you would never catch them watching CPAC, but then, you won’t find me watching that crap either! And I don’t know how you figure I assumed you to be East Indian???? I just assumed you to be a horse’s ass, and you seem to have proven it. They come in all nationalities and sects and colours. And, being as I never learned the difference between “where” and “wear”, I could say that I have yet to learn the Queen’s English either.

  • 28 horsewithnoname // Mar 6, 2013 at 1:01 am

    Larry ( name calling pls…not on my blog. h.o.)

    I think that you are correct about your lack of the Queen’s English. I think it is very unfortunate that you and others on this forum fail to grasp that racism continues to exist in this Province and that you think it’s humerous to pass value judgements onto newer Canadians.

    Just remember this…I am not a NEW Canadian, or a probationary Canadian, but just as Canadian as your Surrey “white” ass…

  • 29 horsewithnoname // Mar 10, 2013 at 5:41 pm

    My apologies, Harv. I will officially withdraw the derogatory remark about Larry Bennett.

    (Response: Thanks. I enjoy your thoughtful contributions to the discussions. h.o)