Time to go somewhere warm ….

I’ve paid my dues.

No, I’m not referring to my 38 years as a journalist … listening and reporting the remarks/ideas/lies of politicians … reason enough to deserve a break!

I’m talking about the 10 days we just endured in Vancouver … a city paralysed, its residents snowed in, most of them abandoned by city crews for days , making us risk accidents and injuries trying to navigate unplowed streets (10,000 calls to ICBC from Vancouver drivers) , or horribly hazardous for those just needing to walk/cross a street, even downtown, slip sliding away … under the worst conditions I’ve ever seen in Vancouver and , by far, below acceptable standards in any of the other five cities I’ve lived in across the country … despite this city’s HUGE high-end tax base, all the hot air from the Green/COPE/NDP-dominated City Hall … and our ever-escalating record-high residential property taxes.

I’ve paid my dues … or at least my advance tax bill!

So I’m travelling … heading off to warmer climes.

The politicians can rest easy … for a few weeks. The blog will be down till mid-February … and, due to very limited internet access, so will the Comments.

Stay warm … and dry … and motivated to help make things better.


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7 Responses to Time to go somewhere warm ….

  1. DBW says:

    I am sure you deserve your holidays for a wide variety of reasons but I just LOL whenever I hear Vancouverites whining about the “horrors” of a few inches of snow or a cold snap. And it is hardly the fault of the Green/Cope/NDP. I grew up in Vancouver. In the early 70s, with Tom Campbell as mayor, I had to walk from Alma Street (as far as the UBC bus could manage) to my home near Broadway and Nanaimo because none of the buses were moving. Similarly, around New Year’s 1997 I came to Vancouver for a day to see my father who was sick. I had to walk from my parents apartment off Denman to VGH because Gordon Campbell couldn’t get the buses moving. And I am guessing better Vancouver than Newfoundland this or any year.

    Anyway Harvey, have fun wherever you are off to.

    (Response: Think about how the city’s tax base and residential/commercial values have grown since the 70s …and the property taxes …. and yet, they can’t even get Burrard Street cleared by morning rush hour???? Absolutely treacherous for not only vehicles but pedestrians too. Horrible. But they had MILLIONS to close point Grey Road to satisfy the really rich, MILLIONS more for bike lanes, and who knows how much yet (MILLIONS for sure) to build a park right on Granville Bridge, amidst the noise, the stink and all the vibrations … (Trust me…Brooklyn Bridge it is NOT!) and, how’s this: $4.8 MILLION for a spinning CHANDELIER to hang underneath the bridge….paid for by a developer, BUT as part of the CITY’s public art program. Irresponsible! Crazeeee! And yup, to me this is NDP/GREEN/COPE spending. h.o)

  2. D. M. Johnston says:

    Have a good one.

    I live in Delta and I do a lot of complaining but the crews did a bang-on job on keeping the streets cleared. I do wish though, people stop believing they can travel 90 kph/100kph on snowy and icy roads, because they have snow tires on. I saw 2 cars wipe out in the past week, all winterized (I stopped to help) but the drivers were belting down the road like a spring afternoon.

    Keep warm have fun as all I can afford is Harrison in Feb. as my achy breaky bones are feeling the cold!

    (Response: Try Village Pizza …one block off the beach. Very good. h.o)

  3. BMCQ says:

    Well said Harvey, the Politicians need to hear directly from all the citizens of especially Vancouver on the absolute abandonment of the Tax Payer .

    Last week I heard one Moronic Broadcaster attempting to convince the Listener that the city street crews did their best but the snow was overwhelming, a Snow Catasttophe like no other . How stupid does she think we are ?

    I called in and told her that up until recently I had lived in Vancouver Proper My entire life the last 20 years right across from Maple Grove Park and there were literally decades where we had more snow, colder temps, more snow falls, and prolonged periods of all of it and the streets were clean and Transit both Sky Train and Buses worked, there was never 10mor 15 Buses parked at Granville, Oak, or Cambie and Broadway, Buses moved .

    What did I get from her ? Dead Air Space .

    That very night Global reported that up that day the Snow Fall level was less than average .

    Move again, Government NOT Doing it’s Job and Media not asking the tough questions .

    I won’t even talk about HWY .

    Travel Safe Harvey, enjoy the Sea Air and thanks for your efforts and hard work .

  4. DonGar says:

    Come on Harvey the city is too busy dealing with a climate emergency to deal with snow storms. And if you think this years tax increase was high wait to see what they have planned for next year.

    Enjoy the sun hopefully you are travelling by horse drawn carriage or electric bus.

  5. Leila Paul says:

    Harv, enjoy your well-deserved rest. I marvel at your ability to read through all the comments posted, edit out the irrelevant, and keep us all on track – or try.

    Your patience and commitment are unusual, even rare.

    So please stay safe and enjoy your time away from all the load you’ve been carrying for those “lesser journalists” who should be doing what you’re doing – at your own expense.

    God bless!

  6. 13 says:

    B on voyage Harvey
    Be thankful that you did not need to drive hwy one last week to cruise

  7. e.a.f. says:

    DMW oh, I remember that snow storm in the mid 70s and it took 4 hrs for a bus to get one city block. A lot of people walked home from work. My brother in law of the time walked from the east side of Vancouver to his house in Richmond. One of my collegues walked from W. Broadway and Macdonald to Coquitlam, in his shoes, no boots.

    Harvey have a wonderful vacation! Enjoy the retirement you so richly deserve.

    while we’re talking about money and the city of Vancouver, CBC radio had a City of Vancouver representative on advising, the plans for the Granville St. bridge have been whittled down to a few and comments will be taking place later. City council will then voting on it. COST $25 MILLION TO $40 MILLION. My suggestion don’t do it. Save the money or retro fit whatever we need retro fitted for future earthquakes. Makes way more sense or replace a few more miles of water mains. a garden on the Granville St. bridge between the beaches of Kits and Stanley park, give it a rest. Of course it might be nice for the drug dealers to move from Oppenheimer park to the bridge.

    Again Harvey, I’ll miss you, the writing and those who comment here. HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME!

    I’m happy with the work the city of Nanaimo did during the snow fall. They had all 10 pieces of equipment working around the clock. Of course there were those who felt the City of Nanaimo hadn’t done enough, but those people need to understand, the city could do more, if they raised the taxes. People also need to learn to drive in the snow and equip their vehicles with winter tires.

    (Response: So the NDP/GREEN/COPE dominated Vancouver Council will spend up to $40 MILLION on putting a bridge atop a noisy, fuel-smelling, vibrating bridge … but doesn’t have money to adequately clear a relatively moderate (in Canadian winter terms) snowfall. And WHO will hurt the most to pay for that $40 MILLION boondoggle? Not the rich executives, professionals or overseas investors … who can more easily afford every tax increase. No, the ones who will FEEL it most are the working people of Vancouver … young families, couples, singles … owners and renters ….struggling to just stay/live/work in the City … those the NDP/GREENS/COPE pretend to really care about. How ironic for those among them who either supported those parties … or couldn’t be bothered to vote. h.o)

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