Time to Sanction India, China and Others Aiding/Abetting Russia’s Murderous Rampage!

The scenes have been horrific! Russian brutality for the whole world to see. Dead bodies of old men and women littering the streets of Ukraine … murdered as they cycled down their residential street or emerged from their basements to seek food, water. Many with their hands tied, mutilated and even burned (alive?), total destruction of villages, towns, and cities … even hospitals and kindergartens.

Thousands of casualties.

Mass graves.

Russia has become a barbaric criminal state under Vladimir Putin … and yet, when the United Nations General assembly considered a simple, symbolic motion to remove Russia from its Human Rights Council, 24 nations voted AGAINST and 58 abstained.

The NAYS were no surprise: a plethora of autocratic regimes and outright dictatorships, including North Korea, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Iran, Syria, Cuba and China.

But I found the ABSTENTIONS more disappointing … and disgusting in view of the carnage and suffering Russia has inflicted on a totally innocent country and population, who had not fired a single shot into Russia.

Biggest disgrace: India … the world’s most populated”democracy”.

India not only voted “Abstain” on the UN vote; the country has NEVER said a word condemning Russia’s invasion OR even its murderous savagery; NEVER joined/imposed ANY sanctions the rest of the free world imposed on Russia; and, has not taken ANY actions against ANY Russian oligarchs, funding and profiting from Putin’s “Mafioso” rule, thievery … and now bloody aggression.

India said it wanted to remain “neutral” … but In fact, India has actually INCREASED its business with Russia since Putin’s invasion began … taking advantage of Russia’s reduced-to-clear lower gas/oil prices … and, in return, providing Putin with much needed billions in hard currency to fund his carnage!

Learn more here: https://www.reuters.com/business/energy/some-indian-refiners-set-cut-may-saudi-oil-snap-up-russian-barrels-2022-04-06/.

How disgusting! Profiteering while the corpses pile up.

China, Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey (NATO’s enemy within?) were also among the world’s nations that remained “neutral”.

China is particularly hypocritical: how often have we seen/heard China/Chinese officials denounce foreign “interference” by one country in another???? But I guess outright invasion, bombing and murdering innocent civilians is okay!

Think of the suffering, the grief, the despair this brutal attack by Russia has inflicted on Ukrainian families, seniors, children!

How can any civilized state/people remain “neutral”?

And make no mistake about it: these collaborating countries are not just impeding the impact of sanctions, they are prolonging the war and the anguish.

It’s time for the 93 countries that DID vote against Russia at the UN; the democracies that have CONDEMNED Russia’s invasive aggression; and, all the nations/peoples who have come forward TO STAND with and AID Ukraine, provide it weapons, medical supplies and refugee support to ACT against those aiding and abetting Putin’s barbarism!

It’s time for the free world to SANCTION Russia’s enablers, SUSPEND Foreign Aid to Putin’s accomplices and CUT OFF those who facilitate Putin’s depravity!

And, it’s time for the Canadian government to set aside domestic political considerations and SANCTION and SUSPEND Foreign Aid to both India and China in particular … to show our disgust for their self-serving greed … and hypocrisy!!!

Harv Oberfeld

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13 Responses to Time to Sanction India, China and Others Aiding/Abetting Russia’s Murderous Rampage!

  1. nonconfidencevote says:

    It’s a shame Russians have to bear the brunt of the sanctions .
    Putin deserves a plutonium laced cup of tea like some of his critics have been served.

    A for India.
    Prime Minister Modi is a legend in his own mind.
    Almost as bad as Putin with the new Sedition and Liable Laws.
    What ever is good for Modi….the rest of the world be damned.

    (Response: Actually, I have seen a couple of news report recently that most Indians approve the country’s “neutral” stance. It boggles the mind that the government and the people of ANY country … especially a “democracy” … can be neutral in view of the horrific destruction THEY HAVE SEEN inflicted on Ukraine, where more than 36 hospitals have been bombed, even a theatre where hundreds were seeking shelter and when there are widespread reports of Russian soldiers wantonly burning people’s homes, raping, pillaging, executing and even burning civilians. Makes me proud that MY value system …and that of millions of others across the world … goes beyond securing cheap gas! Canada and the rest of the civilized world should SANCTION India … and CUT foreign aid to that country … and others helping Putin and Russia’s aggression! h.o)

  2. D. M. Johnston says:

    It is time for Canada to take off its kid gloves and start twisting arms of countries to support the sanctions or face loss of Canadian business.

    It is 1939 all over again but this time, the Ukrainians are far better prepared and are fighting for their collective life.

    As for Canadian politicians, they do not want to upset the ethnic vote, as it has become so important to Canadian elections.

    Trudeau knows this and is playing a game of making people believe he is doing something, while he is doing very little. If i were Trudeau I would keep my eyes Northward because Putin will try for the North after it has digested the Ukraine.

    It seems those who have nuclear weapons firmly believe they can do as they please.

    I mention this because we have a madman in Russia and a madman has no qualms using nukes.

    Is Canada prepared?

    (Response: Amazingly, I had no idea when I wrote my piece, but Narendra Modi is visiting Germany today …and, despite all the gruesome evidence, data and finally growing pressure from other democracies, has stood firm on India’s support for Russia. I know they want you to believe they are being neutral …but NO!! When a country not only refuses to condemn atrocities, but INCREASES its purchases of resources, goods and services from a murderous regime …that’s NOT being neutral!! Read this: https://www.deccanherald.com/national/india-believes-there-will-be-no-winner-in-russia-ukraine-conflict-pm-modi-in-berlin-1105854.html. Disgraceful! CANADA and the other democracies MUST act … and impose SANCTIONS on India and all the other collaborators helping Putin/Russia’s aggression. h.o)

    • D. M. Johnston says:

      Modi is probably secretly corresponding with Putin about a refund for his tanks that “brew” so easily. India buys a lot of Russian weaponry and from recent accounts, a lot of this weaponry is stale dated by modern anti tank/anti shipping/anti aircraft weapons.

      Modi is just another 21st century strongman with dreams of military conquest, by all accounts and is in bed with Putin.

      Of course Canada should impose sanctions against India and more, but that would lose him seats in Surrey and surrounds, thus Canada will become, as it always has been since the 1960’s, a Liberal wet noodle, lacking any sort of moral fortitude.

      As of today, Russian is threatening a nuclear exchange, with the UK as target. This should send alarm bells with Canada, but no, nothing from Trudeau the younger, except for today’s apology and money give-a-way. Canadians should take note, that all is not what it seems, but no, it interferes with fun in the sun in Mexico or Hawaii.

      As I said before, it is 1939 all over again, “Peace in our time” and all that.

  3. Ken Murray says:

    I recommend you and your followers look up on YouTube a program called Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris.
    They have interviews and pictures with reporters inside Ukraine.

    • D. M. Johnston says:

      I watched redacted and it is a clever piece of propaganda. The dead give away is referring the Ukrainians as Nazi’s.

      Well, er, sorry no. It seems that a reporter I have never heard of, commenting on a Russia/Soviet invasion of a sovereign country is somehow justified.

      Of course the Ukrainians have their own propaganda sources but independent, but the following facts seem evident.

      – Russia invaded the Ukraine.
      – Russian military is poorly lead.
      – The Russian invasion did not go to plan.
      – The Russian brutality of civilians remain unchanged since 1941.
      – Russian armor does not stand up well to modern anti armor weaponry.
      – The Ukrainians are fighting a bitter war, with better leaders and intelligent use of modern weaponry.
      – There is now a standoff, reminiscent of 1914, when both sides have exhausted their reserves and weapons, wait for a new round of battles.

      Cutting through the “fog of war”, it seems the Ukraine has thwarted the Russian aggression with heavy casualties for now and world awaits if Putin dares nuclear war or is assassinated.

      From my viewpoint, with a lot of information gathered from respected sources, Russian is fighting a 1950’s war, based on their invasions of Hungary and Czechoslovakia (oh yes remember those) and the Ukrainians are fighting a 21st centruy war, using 21st centruy weaponry.

      The NAZI moniker is just for 10 second sound bites, sadly though, the term NAZI, does not have the shock and awe as it did in my dad’s day.

      • nonconfidencevote says:

        Putin’s propaganda machine has worked its magic quite effectively over the past 20 plus years.
        The gullible Russian rubes have swallowed the latest “Nazi” drivel hook, line and sinker.
        Lets see how enthusiastic they are when he declares the “Special Operation” is a “War” and starts mobilizing every 18 year old to send off to die.
        Most experts feel he will use May 9th ( Victory in Europe or Patriots Day) for his grand war announcement.
        On a side note:
        Not all Russians are idiots.
        One Russian playwright was arrested when he asked if Tolstoy’s epic novel should be called “Special Operation and Peace”

  4. Keith says:

    In agreement with cutting off foreign aid to those countries that are remaining neutral or abstained from the vote.

    “China is particularly hypocritical: how often have we seen/heard China/Chinese officials denounce foreign “interference” by one country in another????”
    Unless it’s Tibet, (an independent country under illegal occupation), then China doesn’t have any qualms using the same rationale that Russia is using to invade Ukraine.

    Very much agree the biggest disgrace is India, however, under Modi there isn’t much that India says or does that can be taken at face value, a disgrace, yes, a surprise? not in the slightest.

    Turkey remains very much an enigma. A NATO member (The enemy within?) since 1952, although remained neutral, has been sending very effective drones to Ukraine which have been extremely effective. Which on the face of it is odd due to the close relationship with Russia. This is well worth the read.


    In 2015 a Turkish fighter shot down a Russian fighter that had strayed into Turkish airspace from Syria, at the time NATO supported Turkey’s actions, the response from the Russians was to stop Russian tourism to Turkey.


    Whilst at the same time was under heavy suspicion of buying oil from ISIS and filtering isis fighters into the region via Turkey, all with a joint Turkish U.S. airbase at Incirlik.

    Also today, questions are being asked when Canada is making a high level diplomatic show of support Trudeau?, for Ukraine, as other countries have. That’s the least canada can do, nearly everyone else has.

    (Response: It’s not unusual for countries to play on both sides of the fence. Turkey, Hungary, Mexico, Brazil .. like India and China … are all doing it during the massacres in Ukraine. Canada and other supporters of Ukraine should act to let them know how unacceptable their support/co-operation with Russia is at this time. THEY are helping prolonging the suffering. h.o)

    • D. M. Johnston says:

      Let us not forget that turkey has closed the Dardanelles Straight to military traffic, meaning Russia cannot easily replace damaged or sunk ships like the Moskva.

  5. e.a.f. says:

    None of the voting is of a surprise to me.

    India, Modi is a Hindu nationalist. When he recently extended citizenship to non citizens who had been living in India, all faiths except Muslims were accepted. His record while in government regarding the treatment of women leaves a great deal to be desired. He’s just fine with Russia and isn’t keen on opposing the actions of Putin/Russia in Ukraine because he might be the next target of sanctions. No Canadian funds out to be going to the government of India.

    as to the comment above regarding votes in Surrey, I’d suggest the majority of Indian descent people in Surrey and elsewhere in B.C. are Sikhs and they have little fondness for Hindu nationalists.

    China, well their record on human rights and such has never been good. We have only to go back to their one child policy up to their anti Muslim campaign and the incarceration of Muslims. Why the Canadian government has permitted China to purchase companies in Canada is beyond me. We ought to keep them out and to ensure they make fewer inroads into our political arena. China has continued to harass its former citizens living in other countries. They won’t vote against Russia, they’re both murdering bastards.

    For some countries, they have less than democratic governments and some are extremely corrupt, so voting with Russia or abstaining makes sense. They want to ensure their type of government continues and will depend upon russia for support should things go side ways for the dictators.

    Some countries may have voted with Russia or abstained because they don’t like the west, i.e. U.S.A., Canada, E.U., etc. Europe’s history of colonialism in other parts of the world, may have been a factor in how they vote.

    Mexico is flooded with American guns yet the U.S.A. does little to nothing to stop it. Hence the high rate of murder in Mexico. Other countries in South America have had American “influence” derail how they ran their countries simply so American corporations could make more money. In Central America the american government or its branches supported those who killed their opposition regularly. They included women, children, those not involved, members of the opposition, clergy. They have no love for the americans and so they don’t want to be involved in any of this. They don’t see it as their “fight”. they have had enough murder in their own countries and no one came to help them.

    As to should Canada cut off foreign aid, yes and no. Cutting off foreign aid to the government yes. Cutting off foreign aid to local NGOs not so much. It only punishes the poor.

    The U.S.A. is in a strange position right now. They are fighting russia and supporting Ukraine, yet at home they are going to turn women into second class citizens who will not have the right to decide what to do with their own bodies. approx. 68K women die each year from illegal abortions in the world. Approx. 24 women die giving birth in the U.S.A. each year out of a 100K live births.

    When I look at stats like this, most governments are guilty of violating human rights and killing people or doing so little they die or die younger.

    What is going on in Ukraine, is a war crime and Russia and its supporters need to be held accountable. The lack of support in the U.N. for Ukraine is not surprising. Just look at all the other genocides we’ve had in the past 120 yrs or more.

    Its not that what is going on in Europe is of any great surprise to some of us. Putin is Putin and he isn;t going to change. there were enough people who warned the world what he was truly like, just look at how he poisoned his critics who lived inside Russia or out side Russia and the world let it slide. did we impose sanctions then? Not so much. Now it maybe too late.

    Canada needs to bolster our armed forces. Yes, I know that will require an increase in taxes, but don’t think for a minute Putin wouldn’t try to come into our North. It was one of my fears while Trump was President. China has also made noises about how they ought to be considered part of the Artic pact countries.

    It is most likely Putin’s intent to bomb Ukraine into the ground, kill most of its citizens and then populate the country with Russians. If we do not offer more support to Ukraine, they will lose. They need a no fly zone and F-35s and Canada might want to buy a whole bunch of them also, or their equivilent. People may be concerned if NATO starts a no fly zone Russia will retaliate. Of course they will, but if they win in Ukraine, they’re going to move on to other countries. So we can take care of business now or later, but later will cause NATO to be in a weaker position. Finland and Sweden say they will apply for NATO membership in June. We ought to give Ukraine membership also. There is that old saying, united we stand, divided we fall or we all hang together or we will all hang seperately.

    (Response: If Putin gets the Donbas, there is no doubt Russia will provide incentives for Russians to move there. But he won’t be done with that: Moldova and Georgia will be next. And then what about those eastern sections of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, which have large ethnic Russian populations: would they need protection from Putin with “special operations”! Just like Hitler/Nazi Germany ..we MUST stop him in Ukraine … or face much worse aggression over the next few years. All of which makes the collusion/support of India, China and the others even more despicable! CUT OFF their Foreign Aid!! h.o)

  6. RIsaak says:

    Great topic, albeit one full of political minefields of the creation of many of our elected.

    The PRC has been on a worldwide influence buying and political meddling tact for decades, this is very evident to anyone with a open mind and eyes. Be it Belt & road 3rd world infrastructure loans, meddling in Canadian elections (Richmond riding in recent election), attempted annexation and militarization of south China sea islands, meddling in political nomination processes (Raymond Chan et al in Richmond), training PRC soldiers with Canadian troops, Hauwei, 2 Michaels, Ugihurs, Tibet, Hong Kong & Taiwan & the scientists from Wuhan we had to expel without sharing any of the reasoning with the people. Almost no average Chinese citizens migrate to Canada, mostly just the wealthy who can afford to leave the repressive homeland (land of opportunity for the chosen few), yet no discernible effort from our subsidized media about this disturbing trend, why?

    One can hardly overlook so many attempts at controlling narratives without asking what is the goal and how far are they willing to go to achieve such goals?
    An ex-employee of mine who hails from India stated a few years ago to me, “Why is Trudeau playing dressup in India while every Indo-Canadian knows that Indian politics are full of sketchy folks”? No mention in our western, subsidized media about the real state of Indian politics, why?

    Globalization is a concept which is failing, this has been proven most obviously in the past 2+ years, the planet may be more accessible and available for consumer products, the issue of supply and demand never has been more troubling than the PPE mess early in the pandemic. No vaccine manufacturing capability in a nation the size of Canada, but lets source way too much from others who may or may not meet delivery schedules, all issues exacerbated by the “Globalization” champions.

    The pandering to voters of certain origin in Canada is a pathway full of political greed and often causes rash, undesired, outcomes. We either stop pandering to Canadian voters based upon the ancestry of those voters or we carry on without a reason to complain when those foreign focused citizens try to bring their foreign political issues into our nation. Our choice, cater to or distance ourselves from sketchy governed nations, I think the PRC has many operatives firmly in place in Canada, this is far from news to anyone in business in Vancouver in the past 3 decades.

    That said, I have many friends who hail from India & China, they see the realities of Canadian politics far more clearly that any position forwarded by the subsidized media cheerleaders yet their messages seem to be overlooked by the scribes of today.

    The will to end financial integration with the PRC is absent in Ottawa, as it is in Victoria. Decades of foreign policy mistakes in appraising the goals of authoritarian regimes has only further exacerbated the dilemma, we best conjure up a plan going forward which acknowledges the realities of doing business with repressively governed nations, we have nowhere near the defenses required to save ourselves should someone decide to target Canada.

    What are the total PRC holdings in Canadian businesses? This is a relevant query, why does the entire subsidized media seem loathe to ask these tough questions? Let the media sink or swim on it’s own. Subsidizing them is like investing in Blockbuster video in the mid 90’s, tossing good money into an abyss of bad business models does preserve a few jobs, of course with the associated benefits to shareholders of the very compromised “Blockbuster” news media outlets. Progress never dwells on the image in the rear view mirror, why are we looking at the historical news as a current model when common sense dictates the dinosaur has left the planet for good? These are far from the “good old days”, those days are long gone, we best not let our guard down, while we still have a pinky finger to raise without first asking some foreigner for permission!

    (Response: As you may have noticed, I’m an old school reporter/journalist: minefields don’t stop me, although I do exercise care in/around them! 🙂 As for PRC, dealing with them is like dealing with the Mafia …once you succumb to their phoney smiles and toasts to friendship and lures of millions and let them get them involved in your affairs, their demands/pressures/ threats … even kidnapping/blackmail bullying tactics will emerge if you don’t do everything they say. This nicely sums up China’s hypocritical stance on Russia’s interference/invasion of Ukraine: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/4/6/china-media-coverage-ukraine-war. And there was this also on China’s FAILURE to condemn Russia’s aggression: https://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/china/2022-05-02/chinas-ukraine-conundrum. h.o)

    • e.a.f. says:

      Nice post. Hit all the nails on their heads. Good reminder to all. Too bad its not on the front page of newspapers.

  7. DonGar says:

    Couple interesting inteviews and very different positions in supporting Ukraine.

    Amazing Hungary stance give what happened with Soviet Union. Slovakia more supportive and interesting interview on sanctioning Russia and Putin


    (Response: The heroes of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution … who understood profoundly the importance of FREEDOM … must be hanging their heads in shame at the record/actions of Orban’s government today … repeatedly kissing Putin’s ass and refusing to back the EU sanctions/actions to help Ukraine. SHAME on Hungary! Lest we forget:https://abouthungary.hu/blog/remembering-the-heroes-of-the-1956-revolution-and-freedom-fight. h.o)

  8. Gilbert says:

    My dad escaped from Hungary during the revolution of 1956. He’s no longer alive, so I can’t ask him what he thinks of Hungary’s position regarding the war in Ukraine. However, I know that my relatives in Hungary like their prime minister.

    He’s a social conservative and not a big fan of the World Economic Forum and the New World Order. For practical reasons (remember Hungary has a difficult relationship with the EU), it’s like Sweden during WWII- neutral. If there are Hungarian refugees here from 1956, maybe they can tell us what they think.

    (Response: Yes, it would be interesting to know how many Hungarian immigrants from the 1956 era feel about Orban’s cozying up to Russia and opposition to sanctions. I have a friend whose parents came from Hungary following the Revolution: he too likes Orban … mostly because of his anti-refugee policies re Muslims and Africans etc. But I believe Ukraine’s battle to survive Russian aggression is so crucial, EVERY democracy … left or right … should support it… and cut off/sanction Putin/Russia as much as possible. Because if he succeeds in gaining more territory, he will then also invade Moldova, Georgia ..and even try to annex pieces of the Baltic states, where are also Russian ethnics living. h.o)

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