Travelling Again … Great to be Vaccinated! :)

Glad to be able to travel again …

The Blog will return Nov. 15.

Stay safe and healthy … get the Covid booster when you can!


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  1. HARRY LAWSON says:


    Another post that will generate a healthy discussion.

    I must bring to your attention the problem with the justice system,the courts a,and the judges to back decades.

    When I was young you had OKalla prison farm, you had the BC pen and for youth you had Brandon lake .

    I noticed a change around 1967-8 the social workers got involved in corrections.

    In the early 70’s I would watch the courts and shame my head multiple charges and breach of probation charges were met with more probation like really.

    What we see today is the unintended consequences of the above.

    Today we have added to the mix the seriously mentally ill , the consequences of closing Riverview and tranquil and the last of mental health and addictions support. Today’s drugs are stronger and more readily available then the drugs of the 70’s.

    You can thank non profits like DERA, Portland Hotel Society ect for enabling and further disabiling the addicts

    I am really looking forward to this discussion.

    (Response: Summed up very well: the well-intentioned but naive “do-gooders” have done very badly … for the mentally ill, the drug afflicted, their theft and mugging victims, those they violently assault, the communities they are destroying … all without consequences. And I don’t blame the thieves, the muggers, the druggies … I blame their enablers: the JUDGES who give out Free Passes by the dozens! And FAIL to do their DUTY to protect the public. h.o)

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