Travelling … at Last!

Time to start travelling again… Fully vaccinated, hoping to stay safe, trying to get back to doing what I enjoy best in retirement! ?

Starting with a small one…

Back blogging Oct 11.

Harv O

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3 Responses to Travelling … at Last!

  1. NVG says:

    Vancouver Sun

    Editorial Cartoonist Harrop

    “What if I told you that We’d renamed the Ship ‘Sanitizer of the Seas…”

    Have fun Harvey

    (Response: Thanks. No cruising yet …but getting interested again. h.o)

  2. e.a.f. says:

    Have a good time and take care of yourself We’ll be waiting for your return.

    (Response: Thanks!)

  3. John's Aghast says:

    happy Thanksgiving, and October 11th!

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