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Trudeau Avoids Talons of America’s Eagle

February 16th, 2017 · 83 Comments

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau landed right in the center of America’s eagles nest  this week … and despite the often wild, aggressive nature of the current Washington Alpha eagle …  Trudeau and Canada emerged fairly unscathed.

At least for now.

President Donald Trump went out of his way to praise the special, long relationship of co-operation and … this IS important … acknowledged the benefits of the high integration of the US and Canadian economies …. and although he wants NAFTA reviewed and changed …  he made clear his real focus/concerns will be directed at Mexico.

Trudeau stood on guard for Canada and not only its industries and cross-border trade but also its values, its liberal values and its willingness to welcome refugees, including 37,000 from Syria.

Perhaps it was Trudeau’s refusal, when asked by a reporter to react to the US rejection of refugees, but Trump stood there and took the Prime Minister’s reiteration of Canada’s clearly different views …. and remarkably restrained his penchant for reacting rapidly and roughly when disagreed with or challenged.

And the US President said what many Canadians hoped he would: that his administration will work to EXPAND and SPEED UP northern border crossings  by goods, commerce … and people.

“ We understand that both of our countries are stronger when we join forces in matters of international commerce. Having more jobs and trade right here in North America is better for both the United States and is also much better for Canada. We should co-ordinate closely and we will co-ordinate closely to protect jobs in our hemisphere and keep wealth on our continent and to keep everyone safe,” Trump stated.

“I pledge to work with you in pursuit of our many shared interests. This includes a stronger trading relationship between the United States and Canada. It includes safe, efficient and responsible cross-border travel and migration,” the US President added.

And just in case Trump is unaware, Trudeau pointed out 35 U.S. states list Canada as their largest export market and our economies benefit from the over $2 billion in two-way trade that takes place every single day.

Knowing what we do about Trump, after watching their public exchanges, I did come away with the feeling Canadians can breathe easier and sleep better … at least somewhat … as Trump turns his trade tirades on others.

There’s no doubt American protectionism, nationalism, tax reductions, regulatory and and environmental reductions will pose some problems for Canadian businesses and industries … but not likely insurmountable ones.

The coming negotiations on softwood lumber , interestingly, will test that theory.

Harv Oberfeld

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  • 1 DBW // Feb 16, 2017 at 9:13 am

    It is impossible to know what was said behind closed doors, but I thought Trudeau was excellent during the joint press conference and Trump – frankly – looked weak, unprepared.

    He has difficulty reading from prepared speeches and when asked questions veers off to topics he is comfortable with.

    eg. when asked about the strength of the northern border considering all the refugees we take in, he rambled about how the US would get rid of illegal gang members (presumably Mexican).

    eg. when asked about the rise about anti-Semitism since his election in his joint meeting with Netanyahu, he bragged about his electoral college victory and then basically said “some of my best relatives are Jewish”.

    eg. for a guy who claimed to be able to solve the quagmire that is the middle east, he essentially said ” I’m down with whatever the two sides come up with”.

    I know you have criticized Trudeau in the past for looking weak on the world stage, but compared to Trump, he looked Churchillian.

    (Response: Agree… he handled it all… and Trump … quite well. However, being Churchillian next to Trump would not be difficult: even any of the Marx Brothers (how appropriate) also from that period would do quite well. h.o.)

  • 2 The Other Wayne In Victoria // Feb 16, 2017 at 9:40 am

    Not even faint praise for JT?

    Is he ready now? Could Ambrose accomplish such a result?

    Of the other World leaders to meet the Orange Oaf, JT stood out head and shoulders and didn’t give an inch of Canada’s sovereignty.

    I wonder if the people of the UK feel the same about their Prime Minister after putting the Queen between a rock and hard place to come.

    It was a proud day for Canada and showed everyone else how it should be done.

    Thank you JT

    (Response: Hmmm! I thought people would accuse me … because of the positive tone of my piece …of too much praise for how Trudeau handled Trump! The blogosphere never ceases to amaze! h.o_)

  • 3 Diverdarren // Feb 16, 2017 at 10:01 am

    Harvey, it’s tough to figure out what direction Trump wants to take the USA on the trade front.

    I doubt there is anyone who would argue that Trump’s comments are less written in stone and more written in soup.

    But, Trump’s theme seems to be bringing back jobs that have been lost due to trade deals. In a speech on trade from the campaign trail June 2016 Trump said, “Her career and her husband[Hillary and Bill Clinton] have signed so many disasters and never, ever forget NAFTA. Just never ever forget it, because you know what it’s done and I know what it’s done. And in touring, I’ve seen the devastation that it’s left behind.”

    Yes, never ever has there been more eloquent words said. Never ever has a president seen with such specific clarity the trade issue! Sad.

    Most of what the President is on record for saying regarding trade with Canada needs to be measured against the fact that Trump said it, and a Trump speach or meeting doesn’t hold the same policy weight as past administrations.

    It’s tough to say how trade will play out with the US, but I take comfort in that even with these mixed messages the markets, which generally don’t like instability seems to be strong.

    (Response; I have no doubt that …as soon as Trudeau/Canada take a path or stance … Trump will go off on a tirade or worse. I listened to today to his entire 90 minute press conference in Washington … his ramblings, hos over the top rants … and really thought at times he really IS mentally unstable. that is scary when you think of the powers he does have. Which just adds to my impression that, all things considered, Trudeau did pretty well. h.o)

  • 4 G. Barry Stewart // Feb 16, 2017 at 11:00 am

    “I pledge to work with you in pursuit of our many shared interests. This includes a stronger trading relationship between the United States and Canada. It includes safe, efficient and responsible cross-border travel and migration,” the US President added.

    If you say Trump said that, I’ll believe you. I’ve never heard him use such a string of big words. It’s strongly suspected he couldn’t read such things off a teleprompter or note pad, so perhaps he’s actually accepting some coaching.

    Meanwhile, yes, “Joe” Trudeau did do well for us — and was able to counter the Trumptastic handshake.

    It pays to come prepared.

    (Response: Of course, with Trump, the slightest perceived criticism or disagreement down the road could set him off…calling Trudeau/Canada the worst, the most evil, a total disgrace etc. etc. :) h.o.)

  • 5 e.a.f. // Feb 16, 2017 at 11:38 am

    watched it all on T.V. In my opinion Trudeau did well. It was funny. Trudeau sitting back, relaxed in the yellow chair. Trump leaning forward, not so comfortable. Trump had his script and stuck to it, which was good. Trudeau didn’t fall for any traps as you noted.

    Many wanted to Trudeau to comment on the Muslim ban, etc. but why? It would not have done any good. Trump isn’t going to listen. He and his spoke persons are clear on that.

    There may come a time when Trudeau does have to say something loud and clear but this was not the time or place. A number of cabinet ministers had been in the U.S.A prior to the meeting and did their jobs also.

    There is no real way to deal with Trump. Mostly it looks like he is off his meds. Trudeau did a good job. Trump likes to be in control. Trump likes to up stage others. He seems to be in the habit of wanting the last word. Trudeau avoided all the land mines. What is clear to me, is Trump is very much out of his league in these types of interviews.

    Everyone knows now, that there are 35 states who rely on Canada for jobs. Mission accomplished.

  • 6 D. M. Johnston // Feb 16, 2017 at 2:05 pm

    I think had more problems to worry about than Trudeau the Younger and he badly needed positive photo-ops.

    I think the “House of Trump” will implode in the next 100 days and either he will resign or be impeached.

    The real puppeteer is Pence and Pence is the epitome of pure evil.

    (Response: Judging by the lemming and chameleon-like willingness of most Republican Congress members to go along and defend with Trump ..even his maddest moments/pronouncements/actions … the bar for impeachment will be extremely high. h.o.)

  • 7 ISLAND LOOKOUT // Feb 16, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    PRESIDENT TRUMP’S NATIONAL POPULARITY is now at 55 per cent ansd climbing.

    But that won’t silence the critics, who’re making a protest industry out of the Trump presidency. That’s because they have no lives. Essentially very stupid people.

    I am hoping that our PM doesn’t think for a moment that these ongoing left-wing-driven demos will somehow temper the president’s program of Making America Great Again.

    Forget about it!

    Just today, after Trump ripped the guts out of the White House Press Corps in a 90 minute newser.

    Later, he signed an order rescinding regulations governing coal mining across the US. He just saved 70-thouand jobs in the process. This’ll get the environmentalists into yet another tizzy but who cares?

    The Trump Machine just keeps getting bigger and bolder and stronger by the day.

    The attempted Obama-driven shadow Government coup, on Monday, has failed.

    As Trump said today, he has decided to let loose the FBI and the Department of Justice onto those Obama-sympathetic intelligence community leakers who have been feeding the news media with what Trump says is true information.

    He asked the media if they will publish secure information conceerning North Korea and the Middle East, for instance. No answer from the shell-shocked media.

    What the president was actually saying is that journalists will be in deep trouble if they publish any more secret stuff that could compromise national security.

    So, charges and convictions and prison terms to come for those who were dumb enough to leak. Reporters next?

    As for how Canada will be affected by this massive shake-up happening south of the line?

    Way, way more than we can even imagine is whast I think.

    Once Trump’s trade reps are in cabinet, shortly, it’ll be a whole new ball game, and we may get a big squished here and there.

    Especially on taxes. Our PM should be watching for opportunities to lower our tax rates as this year goes on.

  • 8 ellbee // Feb 16, 2017 at 4:02 pm

    #5- Well it looks like we have a breitbart troll now. There’s a news flash for you. All those coal jobs? They ain’t coming back. Who should care should be those that are supporting this fool and whose children and grandchildren will be left cleaning up the mess. “The attempted Obama-driven shadow Government coup, on Monday, has failed.” You apparently are serious, so it’s best you just get back to your padded room and continue talking to all those voices.

  • 9 Lew // Feb 16, 2017 at 4:31 pm

    @Island Lookout,

    Well done. Had me going there for a minute. For a while there I thought you were serious, and wondered how anyone could come away from watching that press conference and not be worried that man is President of the United States. Even Fox News called him out on it, and GOP representatives are ducking for cover, with one saying Trump should have done that with his therapist, not on live TV. His lies and glaring divorce from reality will live in infamy and be quoted for years.

    You’re good.

  • 10 The Other Wayne In Victoria // Feb 16, 2017 at 4:47 pm


    Or it could mean more coal trains through Whiterock !

  • 11 The Other Wayne In Victoria // Feb 16, 2017 at 4:57 pm

    @ H.O.

    OK you were fairly neutral in focusing your story on the environment of the meeting.

    Personally, after all the right wing criticism of JT’s ability; I thought it was ironic you didn’t point out how “Statesman” our Prime Minister has turned out to be.

    Even his departure for Europe and the CETA talks showed him walk confidently to his plane with purpose, to represent the best country in the world.

    Then again, compared to some of his counter parts, maybe that bar isn’t very high and I’m just on a JT crush…….lol

    (Response: I didn’t point out JT is a statesman because he is NOT. Trudeau looked good/calm next to Trump (doesn’t take much!). He and Canada did well…. not especially because of anything Trudeau personally did …. but because the occasion at last gave us a chance to see more details of how Trump sees us…. and we seem to have less to worry about than some other countries. THAT one incident/occasion does not make Trudeau a statesman …. not by my standards. h.o)

  • 12 ellbee // Feb 16, 2017 at 5:01 pm

    Sorry Harv. I meant #7 not #5. To #5 I humbly apologize.

  • 13 OldIslander // Feb 16, 2017 at 5:16 pm

    D. M. Johnston #6

    “The real puppeteer is Pence and Pence is the epitome of pure evil.”

    Not sure that’s true. Pence is opportunistic, but from the info we’ve received over the past six months, he seems like a level headed, decent sort of guy who knows how the system works. Throughout the campaign, he definitely drank the cool-aid, and spewed all the many Trumpisms like a trained parrot. Many folks believed that Pence would evolve into a de facto President, taking care of many the day-to-day chores that a President would normally do, but that Trump will soon grow bored with.

    The debacle with General Flynn suggests that Pence is somewhat out of the loop. It seems that many people in Trump’s inner circle knew about Flynn’s communications with the Russian ambassador – but not Pence, who stood up on national TV and said that it didn’t happen.

    Deep in some hidden recess of Pence’s mind, he knows that the odds of Trump lasting the full four years are less than possibly any other president in history. And if Trump is impeached, guess who takes over, with a sparkling opportunity to run for Prez in 2020.

    In the meantime, everyday we’ll hear an imbalanced Trump, ranting about all the fake news being published about him. Possibly this is because the press is trying to report on a fake President.

  • 14 Jay Jones // Feb 16, 2017 at 7:55 pm

    Combine the two and there would stand the perfect political leader.

  • 15 dani // Feb 16, 2017 at 7:58 pm

    Excellent post Harvey and once again some very interesting comments from your readers. I’m looking forward to reading more.
    I too believe Trudeau did very well, considering the person he was dealing with. Prior to this I was starting to have my doubts, so he managed to score a few points towards some redemption in my books.
    I was also impressed that so many representatives were sent days prior to the meeting to meet with U S representatives to grease the wheels. I believe the meeting which he set up with Ivanka Trump, Canadian business women and other delegates to discuss women’s issues was a stroke of genius. It brought attention to a timely issue, while also putting a positive spin on Trump’s image in a round about way. (not that he deserves it)
    I too watched the press conference today. The way he treated some members of the press is appalling.
    This guy is just scary. To think he is supposed to be the leader of the free world. Yikes!

    (Response: For a while I thought his attacks on the media were crafted and purposeful, not something he really believed but only designed to rouse the rabble…like many other demagogues in history … and it worked. But now I see something more sinister …signs of real paranoia and intolerance towards dissent … even disagreement …all wrapped around a base of ignorance and inexperience. It’s a dangerous combination …especially when MOST of those around him are afraid to speak up …or stand up against him. h.o.)

  • 16 13 // Feb 16, 2017 at 8:31 pm

    Its remarkable that most that post are willing to roast Trudeaus host. (shades of Larry Bennett).
    Trump is not a statesman and I doubt that the genius that penned all of those Obama oratories will work for DJT.
    I like the fact that DJT is right wing. I like the fact that he is not afraid to say what many other think. I like the fact that he is so far removed from the PC crowd that he is a breath of fresh air.
    (have fun with that one).

    Other wayne in victoria
    Coal trains will roll into Fraser Surrey Docks and they will glide under the new bridge and this was planned long before DJT ever decided to spit in the eye of the environmental crowd. Our government has greenlighted the dirty American coal that was refused at every sea port on the West coast of the USA.
    Maybe Trudeau will stand up to the port.

  • 17 13 // Feb 16, 2017 at 8:36 pm

    Now that I think about that coal , maybe President Trump will change the minds of those West Coast ports and the coal will ship out of the USA

    Then we can twin the tunnel , scrap the ports bridge and save tax payers a lot of money. GO TRUMP

  • 18 ellbee // Feb 16, 2017 at 9:41 pm

    #10. Well, here’s another news flash for you re more coal trains through White Rock. The stars and bars doesn’t fly here. Happy to burst your bubble.

  • 19 Rocker Rich // Feb 17, 2017 at 4:34 am

    Re: Thursday’s rambling press conference. The one positive–Trump mentioned Canada favourably regarding the female-empowerment conference hatched by Ivanka and the Trudeau PMO. I also give Trump credit for handling questions from a variety of reporters and not just the right wing friendlies of recent outings. Whereas former president Obama used to run out the clock giving interminably cerebral answers, The Donald kept his responses reasonably short thus allowing more questions. He still hasn’t adequately answered questions about the increase in anti-Semitic activities since his entry into politics.
    In its entirety, Thursday’s presser basically centred on Trump’s mantra that mainstream news is “fake” news. Given Trump’s ego and thin skin, it’s plain to me that he conflates fake news with negative news involving himself. What’s scary is that many of his followers and media blockheads like Hannity believe the fake-news accusation.

    Also of concern is the so-far under reported accreditation of ultra-conservative and even alt-right fringe journalists by the Trump administration. Jerome Corsi (of Swiftboat and Birther notoriety) has entered the press corp representing Infowars. That’s run by the No. 1 conspiracy nut Alex Jones who until recently promoted the notion that the Sandy Hook school massacre was a false-flag hoax involving actors to play the “dead” children and the “grieving” parents. Trump loved Jones during the primaries and the election campaign. And now Infowars is being elevated to legitimate media by a grateful administration. Goebbels would be envious.

  • 20 D. M. Johnston // Feb 17, 2017 at 7:35 am


    Pence believes that electroshock therapy can cure “gayness”. I knew a person who had electroshock therapy and it ain’t pretty.

    I think Pence is running the show behind the showman Trump and he is presenting a moderate alternative for the upcoming coup (Trump will not last the term and either will be impeached or forced to resign).

    Pence is evil, no doubt about that.

  • 21 BMCQ // Feb 17, 2017 at 7:49 am

    It is obviously far too early to begin to clap our hands with glee but I am pleased to say that in my opinion PM JT handled his Washington Adventure very well.

    His Handlers planned ahead, sent in some Ground Troops to strategize with their U.S. Counterparts and he struck a very good tone (from all reports) when meeting with POTUS DJT.

    Up to this point at least and contrary to what most here would say it appears that The new U.S. Administration is willing to be open minded and interactive with their long term Trading Partners like Japan, Canada, Taipei, and others.

    At this point things appear to be going quite well between the U.S. and Canada but please keep in mind that we have a new Softwood Lumber Treaty that must be negotiated and there are many many other impediments that could at any time begin to affect various other Trade Agreements between the U.S. and Canada.

    Contrary to what most Mensa Members here seem to think the Trump White House is moving at a very rapid pace on almost all files and before we know it we could be deep into an upcoming negotiation period for a new NAFTA Agreement.

    Canada should be prepared because the U.S. Negotiators will be much different than the Clinton, Bush, and Obama Bureaucrat PC types that play “Soft Ball”.

    The DJT Negotiators are World Class and we will need to be better prepared than at any other time in our Negotiating History!

    Canada must be at our best and we need to send our brightest to any Negotiations or we could lose our Shirts.

    If we end up with a simple 5% across the Board for goods coming and going across the Border both ways we will see the CAD reflect that by at least the 5% and more than likely more so that will not hurt Canadian Exporters other than those purchasing Raw Materials based on the LME or other USD priced Commodities.

    It would however affect those of us that like to Holiday in Disneyland or purchase imported Flat screen TV’s, Veggies, or other goods priced in USD.


    PM Justin is NO Statesman!!

    Trudeau is nothing more than a poorly trained Actor literally “Playing a Part” in the Spring Break Play at the Kerrisdale Community Centre.

    He does everything he can to appeal to World MSM and other observers that find him attractive and appealing simply because he is not
    a hard nose stiff Business type and boring.

    Trudeau studies other World Leaders daily and he plans every move he makes and those moves are all orchestrated to have the maximum affect for the Fawning Media here in Canada, Liberal Elite Media in other locales, and his Liberal Base here at home.

    Those of you that are retired and have some time on your hands might want to go back on You Tube and watch another even better known Actor former POTUS Obama making his Photo Op Rounds with his Sleeves Rolled Up ready for action/work.

    Do you really believe that PM Justin thought up the “Rolled Up Sleeves” Fashion Statement on his own?

    PM Justin is still a pretend Prime Minister but again, we must give him credit, his visit to Washington was a success and very well acted out.

    I have a “Dog in this Race”, my Company Exports approximately 50% of it’s Union Made, B.C. Manufactured, Non-Ferrous Metal Products to the U.S..

    25 Jobs in YVR and another 25 or more Jobs in the U.S. depend on the ability of our Company to export successfully and at the same time profitable into the U.S.

    There are literally Millions of Canadians depending on the PM, his Government, and his Trade Team to ensure that Canada secures fair trade deals, NAFTA or otherwise.

    PM Trudeau must not overplay his Juvenile and Naïve “Canada Welcomes the Worlds Migrants” Theme or he run afoul of the Trump Administration. The U.S. President and MOST U.S. Citizens have seen what has happened to ALL of the EU and they understand that a Country that has NO Control of it’s Borders and does not control it’s Migration simply ceases to be a Country!!

    We need to learn that lesson very quickly and before it is too late, for us in Canada

    Keep in mind that no Country would look kindly upon a neighbour Canada it that neighbour was to allow not very well vetted Economic Refugees into their country only to see many of them cross through a Border that is very porous.

    Canada must do everything we can to ensure that we take Migration very seriously, we have a responsibility to both Canadians and our Neighbour to the south.

    In the meantime our PM and his Minions are not even close to being prepared for the Tsunami of Economic and Convicted Felons about to come across our own Borders from the U.S. now that the Trump Admin is beginning to deport Criminal Felons.

    Violent Prolific Repeat Convicted Felons that are about to soon be deported from the U.S. will not easily go back to their Home Country of say Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, Brazil, France, or others in the Middle East.

    As some of you may already be aware there will be thousands perhaps even a Million of them come across our IMPOSSIBLE to defend Southern Border over the next year or two.

    Our Federal Government, Our Provincial Governments, and our Municipal Governments and our Citizens are NOT ready!

    Ask yourself what a Million or so Migrants, some of them Convicted Felons might do to our Health Care, Education, Wages/Salaries, Benefits, Pensions, over a short period of time?

    Lew believes I am alarmist and it will not be “Biblical Proportions but I now feel very strongly that our PM and his Band of Mensa Members had better put on their Thinking Hats, the next 4 years of his Term will be almost impossible to navigate successfully and I do not think he has the Chops!!

    Every Single One of you should talk to everyone you know and beg them to contact their federal MP’s the Prime Minister, every Provincial MLA and every Mayor and Council Member right across Canada and demand that they immediately address the very real threat to our Canadian way of Life that could very soon see our Canada change forever!!!

    Yes, PM Justin did well on his first foray into Washington but he has much left to do over the remainder of his term as PM!

    I hope he has his “Sleeves Rolled Up” and is uh, Ready, eh, for, uh, Action!!

  • 22 Gene the Bean // Feb 17, 2017 at 7:58 am

    I was shocked how professional, courteous, and believable Trudeau was. I think he showed the world what a real leader is supposed to act like. Made all of Canada look good.

    As for Trump and all his followers, well …. I’m sure everything will be A-O-KKK in their version of reality.

  • 23 The Other Wayne In Victoria // Feb 17, 2017 at 9:25 am

    @ ellbee

    Read 13 above you and try to keep up dear!

    Better still try Google…..Coal Trains & White Rock

  • 24 BMCQ // Feb 17, 2017 at 12:02 pm

    D. M. J. – 20 – and the rest that feel DJT will
    not fulfill his 4 year term.

    On just what evidence do you base your commentary that Trump will not complete his 4 year Term?

    Do you have any idea how the”Impeachment Process” works?

    Perhaps you could ask Democratic Titan, Media Favourite, and Champion of Young Female Interns Bubba Clinton just how the Mechanics of the Impeachment Process can be set in motion.

    I wonder how Trump would have been treated if he told the American People “Yeah, sure you can keep your Doctor”!!

    or this

    Did not here much from MSM in Canada or the U.S.A., or Democratic Supporters on this Blog about the preceding did we?

    Where was the outcry then?

    Hypocrites, All of them and most of You!!

  • 25 Gene the Bean // Feb 17, 2017 at 1:01 pm

    Harvey, your response to #15 explains it perfectly.

    Does the alternate universe exist…. well, just look at some of these comments… some really believe Trump is going to help the middle class and bring millions of jobs “back” …. oh man, my sides hurt just thinking about that….

    Only in an alternate universe can you campaign against “the system” and Wall Street…. and then staff your cabinet with people that made billion$ building ‘the system’ and those that ran Wall Street….. and the ‘righty tighty whiteys’ say nothing … oh man, so many of us are going to have huge ‘laugh lines’ before this clown is impeached.

    (Response: Today, I watched him at the Boeing plant in South Carolina … and wished I was there WORKING! The employees cheered as he delivered his isolationist lines about Buying American and Hiring American yada, yada, yada. But NOT A SINGLE REPORTER asked any of the workers in the coverage afterwards…Where would they sell so many of their planes if other countries, esp in Europe vowed the same and decided to BUY only Airbus …and no America’s Boeings??? And If Trump ramps up his isolationism, that COULD come to pass … and not just on airplanes! h.o)

  • 26 The Other Wayne In Victoria // Feb 17, 2017 at 1:51 pm

    @ BMCQ

    The price in the Donald’s head is climbing faster than his ratings are dropping.

    He doesn’t have the backing of the security services, in fact they are purposely working against his administration by leaking embarrassing facts.

    He put Israel on the spot over the settlement lands, he is provoking North Korea who felt nothing over assassinating a family member. Not to mention the counties listed on his travel ban.

    The world is in disarray while he struggles to fill his cabinet. There will be a straw that breaks this particular camels back.

    My money is on MI5/6 :-)

  • 27 ellbee // Feb 17, 2017 at 2:39 pm

    #23- I did as you suggested and did that search. The most recent link shows that the route through WR may no longer be a starter. Thanks for agreeing with me hon.

  • 28 e.a.f. // Feb 17, 2017 at 2:49 pm

    #7, got a good laugh about Trump’s 55%. Yes, they ran that figure and then the other figure which some say is the real fact, which is less than the 55%. Hey but if 55% makes the fake news people feel good, fine. have at it.

    Pence is pure evil, not willing to go that far. He has a different agenda that is for sure. Falls in the category of religious nut bars.

    Trump, some are taking bets as to how long he will last and how he will exit. My money, have a heart attack and go into seclusion, which his daughter will arrange, when he looses it completely. How long, depends upon how long they keep him at the White House. Yesterday and today’s outings will bring him some psychological relief. However, any real difficulties, in the next 6 months and he’s gone.

    Yesterday’s press conference said it all. Next to him Trudeau looks fabulous. How he does in Europe may be more telling.

    Trump will of course turn on Canada/Trudeau in a heart beat if it is to his advantage.. Dealing with Trump will sort of be like herding a bunch of poisonous snakes in pain with only a small stick.

    Don’t under estimate Trudeau. He did get in the ring with Brazeau and go the distance. Never thought he’d make it. Once he had, my opinion changed. It takes more than good looks to take punches and keep going. Taking a shot to the head or the ribs can hurt, trust me.

    Trumps carries on about undocumented workers, is just that, a lot of carry on. It fuels his base. It is reported there are approx. 8 million undocumented workers in the U.S.A. Removing them would be a problem for the labour market. The Trumpers may have their report regarding the use of 100K national guards people to round up the “undocumented” but they haven’t activated and I suspect why. They’ll round up the “low hanging fruit”, like the Dreamers who are on lists and forget about the rest.

    WHat Canada may see is millions coming north to avoid deportation. When the Americans refer to Felons, it doesn’t take much to become one there. Many people plead guilty to a felony to avoid more jail time. Using an illegal document to obtain work is a felony. The real criminals won’t be rounded up and deported. Most of them are too smart to be caught. What we will see is ICE picking up people at their homes and work places. Real gangsters/criminals manage to avoid those types of events because the arrival of ICE is done with fan fare, big vehicles, ete.

    How we deal with that will be a challenge. To date Canada has taken in 35K Syrian refugees and it looks like its going pretty well. It is doubtful Trudeau’s statement regarding refugees will upset Trump because it is doubtful those refugees will make a run for the U.S.A.

    As long as Trudeau doesn’t listen to the NDP & Kwan (omg I said that) about reverting the U.S.A.’s status as a safe country, things will be fine. Canada can simply not say anything and accept people coming on a temporary basis.

    The Wall on the Mexican border is rather funny. But it does keep Trump’s base focused on things while other more serious things aren’t deal with or are done which will have more serious impacts, like the repeal of Dodd/Frank, not requiring financial advisors to do what is best for the client, repealing environmental laws, etc.

    If Trump gets to the end of his term the U.S.A. will not be safer, there won’t be better paying jobs, the environment will be dirtier, big business will be making more money with bigger tax breaks, crime may even increase due to the fact undocumented people will no longer report crimes. They could be deported.

    At the end of Trudeau’s term I expect Canada to be just fine and he will be re-elected.

  • 29 Marge // Feb 17, 2017 at 3:19 pm

    @BCMQ Best comments here. At least Trump keeps his word on what he says he is going to do- our wonderkid doesn’t…. just a pretty face with backroom boys calling the shots. The only legislation he may keep his word on is the weed one – just so deadbeats can vote him back into office.

    If you folks actually believe that Trudeau can’t be controlled by Trump, you’ve all got another “think” coming. I suspect Trump felt sorry for our former drama teacher and let him off easy. In the days to come when negotiations actually take place, it will be Trump in control and baby faced Trudeau on the run. All Trump did was invite the lamb into the lion enclosure. Trudeau played safe but will this help Canada in the end? Doubt it.

    When you compare the qualifications of Trump vs Trudeau, it is positively funny. Trump must have laughed like crazy reading the boy’s resume – a short term as a drama teacher at a private girls’ school, then on to the oh so prestigious job as ski instructor…. Trudeau wouldn’t be hired as bus boy at one of Trump’s establishments. And now he leads us… boy are we lucky! Trump will wipe the floor with him in days and months to come. Sorry to burst your bubble Harvey but Trudeau is nothing but a do do bird (or should I say do nothing bird) compared to the eagle.

  • 30 OldIslander // Feb 17, 2017 at 4:46 pm

    @ D.M. Johnson #30

    “Pence believes that electroshock therapy can cure ‘gayness.”

    Sorry DMJ, but that specific sentence is fake news.

    I forgot to say in my post above (so my remarks were ‘off topic’) that as a guy who voted for JT, but have become extremely disillusioned with him over the past year, I was pleasantly surprised at how well his Washington trip went. Harvey’s remarks were spot on.

  • 31 The Other Wayne In Victoria // Feb 17, 2017 at 4:51 pm

    @ BMCQ & Marge

    Fake News is alive and well here

    time to readjust your tin foil hats

    @ellbee –

    Associated Press and

    The Bellingham Herald

    BILLINGS, Mont.

    A company with coal mines in Wyoming and Montana said Thursday, Oct. 13 that it’s begun exporting fuel to Asia through a Canadian port –pulling out of a planned export terminal in Oregon and potentially sending more coal trains through Whatcom County.

    Read more here:

  • 32 BMCQ // Feb 17, 2017 at 5:13 pm

    Wayne – 26

    Interesting, for the past 3 months CNN, Dems, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, and other Dem and HRC supporters were claiming that Securuty Services were doing damage to the Clinton Campaign to assist in the Election of DJT!

    You cannot have it both ways!

    Talk to me about approval ratings in 3 months!

    Also keep in mind that FAILED DEM POTUS Obama had a high approval Rating of about 60% yet Dems lost over 1200 Legislators, lost the House and Senate, and ended up with 18!out of 50 Governorships down from 32 Governors of their own only a few years ago!

    Also remember that Polls told you that HRC had an 80% chance of becoming POTUS because of the Obama Coat Tail Effect!

    Now tell me about the accuracy of Polls!

    The Leaks will soon cease and the 4 years of DJT will soon enough reverse the failings of POTUS Obama and believe it or not things will begin to stabilize.

    CNN is still attempting to fight the last election instead of Reporting the News.

    e.a.f. – 28

    Tell me how incorrect I am about Dangerous Violent Convicted Felons coming to Canada one year from now when we have been over run by a Tsunami of Migrants of all kinds that come to Canada to escape Deportation to their Home Countries!

    In the meantime Camp Councillor PM Justin can continue to welcome hundreds of thousands of them like they are Paying Guests at. A Las Vegas All Day Buffet.

    By then it will be far too late to “Bitch About It”!

    If you do not believe me simply ask the Poor SOB’s of THE EU!

  • 33 Marge // Feb 17, 2017 at 8:49 pm

    @The Other Wayne When the medical system and the educational system are overwhelmed with all the deportees from the US and the immigrants your boy Trudeau wants in for vote garnering only (exactly what his old man did), look forward to see you with your “tin hat” trying to protect yourself from the onslaught. There is none so blind as them who will not see…. speaks volumes at your statements.

  • 34 e.a.f. // Feb 17, 2017 at 9:03 pm

    Poor SOBs of the E.U.? ah, you’re referring to the relatives who spend a lot of time here in N.A. along with their motor home. Not so poor. they’re doing well. Now it is suprising how right wing the relatives have gotten. They must have forgotten their fathers were “guest” of Herr Hitler, in work camps.

    the Netherlands first mistake was educating the children who spoke in Arabic in Arabic. They finally stopped that a couple of year ago. England was just as happy to have people settle in “estates” which became rather one dimensional. The French, well they’re French and they aren’t as “open” as they’d like every one to believe. Just have a look in the burbs. Not all is Paris.

    Germany has done a better job of integrating new comers and that is the answer to any influx of people from outside a country, integrating them.

    Yes, criminals also arrive, but for every 100K people you always get criminals. It can’t be avoided. Best to get with the agenda and have a plan in place and not weaken when people yell racist. On the other hand don’t treat new comers in a racist manner.

    if we don’t welcome people, they will still come. You can’t keep them out. They are coming because of why we all came, a better life. What needs to be “taught” is that better life is the Canadian life, American, Germany, French, Dutch, etc. Not their old way. I do not believe it is racist to tell people we do not welcome those who wish to re create their former country here. Now of course if the First Nations had dealt with us in that manner things might have been different.

    From the looks of our relatives, Europe is doing just fine. they bitch and complain about outsiders but they are fine.

    was watching PBS after the news. Interesting panel discussion about how the new U.S.A. cabinet ministers haven’t been able to attract talent for their 1st, 2nd. and third tier positions. They’re all turning down the jobs.

    Trump runs on chaos. Trudeau doesn’t. If the two have to negotiate, expect Trump to scream and yell and threaten. Trudeau will simply sit there and continue talking. Now as they have always said it will be difficult to negotiate with the U.S.A. BECAUSE it is so much larger than Canada. Our Canadian Cabinet Ministers have been doing their home work by meeting with American Govenors who benefit, rely on business with Canada.

    Next year the Republican senators and congress people may take another view of Trump once some of them have to face their voters. IF Trump’s base remains at approx. 35%, republican politicians can expect to loose some of their seats giving the Dems the majority. That may be enough to push Trump over the edge.

    Only time will tell. I hope Harvey will keep this and post it in a year from now or at least give us a refresher on what we wrote.

  • 35 G. Barry Stewart // Feb 17, 2017 at 11:30 pm

    This site is well known — and respected — for how it attracts a wide range of responses from all over the political spectrum.

    But: how anyone can view Trump’s Thursday presser and not say “#$@*” is beyond me. No matter what his party label, the guy is unstable.

    (Responses: Amazes me that some supporters are so afraid or so biased they are incapable of admitting he’s unstable …very unstable. I have no doubt that if any CEO or school principal or athletic coach ranted in public like Trump did at his “news” conference, he or she would be out of the office and sent to counseling before the day is out. h.o)

  • 36 D. M. Johnston // Feb 18, 2017 at 7:11 am

    @ OldIslander

    What is fake news today? News that the other party doesn’t like. Pence is evil, get over it.

    @ BMCQ

    Actually, with treason in the air, I think Trump’s time in office will be short.

    American politics is completely different than Canadian politics, though the likes of our premier would like to make it a model. American politics is based on pure corruption (money), racism, militarism, religious fervor and gerrymandering.

    Those who see the USA as their idol are soon to get a very rude awakening.

    As for Trudeau the Younger, you don’t have to be a 10 to look good, with trump, one needs to be only a 1.

  • 37 13 // Feb 18, 2017 at 8:02 am

    It seems that the leaders in Europe would welcome your support for their immigration policies. Trudeau would be a perfect fit in the European theater.
    You can stop people from entering a country if you choose to
    Once you allow them in you can not control how they choose to live. If their behavior is not acceptable its much harder to deal with.
    The crimes in Europe committed by migrants are purposely under reported so as not to fuel discontent and cause violent reprisals.
    Trudeau has bought into the European model of open boarders and it will fail here as it has failed elsewhere. Unlike some failed government policies (taxes, laws ) changing a failed immigration policy is next to impossible.
    Your wish that Harveys blog will be a reminder for us all as to whos right and who is wrong is not going to change the outcome of Trudeaus errors.
    To see how wrong we can be go back to Keeping it Real postings prior to the last BC election or the last US presidential election

  • 38 DBW // Feb 18, 2017 at 9:06 am

    Beyond the bluster, the rhetoric, the hyperbole, the lies, this is what I imagine most Trump supporters hear.

    I will strengthen our borders so that the people who do come into our country are not going to harm us.

    I will improve trade agreements so that there are more high paying jobs for the middle class.

    I will improve the Affordable Care Act so everybody has the medical coverage they need at a price they can afford.

    On their own there is nothing particularly controversial. The controversy lies in how he plans to get there and whether he can deliver.

    But I agree with G. Barry Stewart and Harvey’s response @35, there is way too much to question here about Trump’s ability to navigate his position.

    Forget about ties with Russia, racist undertones, etc., his logic, his factual information (lies) have to be questioned by even the most loyal of supporters.

    Yesterday he tweeted this

    “The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @CNN, @NBCNews and many more) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American people. SICK!

    Yes there is media bias (both ways) but the enemy of the American people? Seriously?

    The guy that made his political reputation questioning Obama’s birth certificate whining about FAKE NEWS is rich in irony.

    And as minor as this may seem to some, there was one exchange at the news conference that I found troubling.

    When Trump rambled once again and falsely claimed his electoral victory as “the greatest since Reagan”, he was challenged by a reporter who asked why he should be trusted by the American public when he continues to give out false information. Trump’s response

    “I was given that information, I don’t know,” Trump interrupted. “I was just given that information.”

    What other information is President Bannon feeding him?

    (Response: I see Bannon’s hand …and mouth… in a lot of Trump’s actions/speeches. But the incoherent paranoid egotistical ranting is all Trump. h.o)

  • 39 RIsaak // Feb 18, 2017 at 9:16 am

    As I said to many during the recent US campaign, “watch the VP candidates very closely, as one of them may have a very good chance to become POTUS”. Between the age issue and the sketchy ideas of both, once coupled with the controversies they’ve cultivated I will not be surprised if we have the next Ford/Johnson.
    Coal exports through Canadian ports is a big reason for the bridge and has already been through much of the approval processes. Surrey Fraser is a new coal export vehicle, albeit one that may never materialize as it was Obama who championed the effort to stop such down south, maybe DJT will build his own export facility. Interestingly enough he has all but expedited Dakota Access already.
    Not a Trudeau fan whatsoever, but hey the kid did a better than expected job on his DC visit, I’ll reserve full judgement until the negotiations are over on trade issues. I’m still very leery (not O’Leary) that our best interests are being represented by savvy enough, teflon coated negotiators. Interesting times indeed.

  • 40 Gene the Bean // Feb 18, 2017 at 10:35 am

    Comment 35 – yet there are a half dozen commenters here that support Trump and attempt to come across as normal …. I’m sure that they all think they are O KKK though …..

  • 41 nonconfidencevote // Feb 18, 2017 at 11:04 am

    @#7 Island lookout
    “Especially on taxes. Our PM should be watching for opportunities to lower our tax rates as this year goes on.”

    Sorry to inform you but apparently the Trudeau govt needs to recoup some of the 18 billion dollar deficit they spent last year . And the 28 billion defict they are burning up this year.
    Taxes are going up immediately after the next budget.
    Capital gains rules on housing are one of the biggest bites as well as higher taxes on investments.
    Viva la revolucion! as the say in bankrupt Venezuela

  • 42 Lew // Feb 18, 2017 at 11:39 am

    Trudeau is doing just fine on the international stage. Hopefully he’ll keep his word there better than he keeps it at home. Speaking of which, I listened to his mother being interviewed the other day and realized that she has the same speech pattern as her son. Apparently his is either hereditary or learned behaviour. In any case, it’s what he says that’s important, not how he says it, and those who continually think it’s wise to mock him for it are only exposing their own juvenile shortcomings.

    As for Trump, and those who adore him because “he tells it like it is”, I can only say that he actually tells it like it isn’t most of the time, and on the odd occasion when he isn’t delusional or flat out lying, his accuracy reveals something that should scare people who aren’t delusional. That whole press conference the other day is a prime example.

    The treatment of the Jewish reporter who tried to ask a fair question at that press conference is absolutely despicable. To Trump’s supporters I say watch it and defend it.

    Couple that with his shocking answer to the one or two-state solution regarding Israel and Palestine at the presser with Netanyahu and you have a glimpse into how deeply he’s thought or been briefed about the issue.

    Unfortunately that applies to just about any issue facing him, including his promises to build a wall, five times more expensive than a fence, and make the Mexicans pay for it. The Secure Fence Act was stalled due to funding even the relatively modest fence proposal. And the Democrats saw it as a trade-off to protect existing undocumented immigrants. If he had promised to find funding to get that proposal back on track, he would probably have received much wider support. Instead, in true Trump fashion, he promised something wildly unrealistic because he knew it was red meat for his base. It isn’t hypocritical at all for those who opposed his scheme to smile while he now eats that red meat. Raw.

  • 43 BMCQ // Feb 18, 2017 at 1:30 pm

    First of all I was not a DJT Supporter, I was a say Kasich/Rice or Kaisich/Rubio Ticket guy, but as I mentioned earlier the U.S. and the rest of the Western World could not go through another 8 years of Obama, Merkel, Hollande, Lofven, Cameron Uber Liberal Policies under HRC so I am quite comfortable with DJT/Pence and their Cabinet.

    Again, The EU Countries abandoned their Borders and they gave up control of Immigration and the results show ALL of the EU in a “Death Spiral”, no matter how anyone here would like to “Spin”!

    Look at the facts, Brexit, Hollande, Renzi, soon to be Merkel, and others all being thrown out on their A**! I ask you. what do you think the reason is for tax Payer and Voter revolt?

    Why do Millions of NMigrants all march to Germany, the UK, and Sweden? Do you think they are marching to Sweden (my mothers Homeland) because they heard the “Meat Balls are especially Tasty? No, they are marching to Sweden, the UK, and Germany because they offer the most generous Welfare of ALL EU Nations!!

    Now Merkel is finally beginning to see the light and she is actually offering Cash to any and all that will leave and go back to their home Country.

    I challenge e.a.f., Wayne, and DBW to be open and honest and venture a guess as to why Merkel is wanting to rid Germany of migrants.

    One should not be Bound by a Straightjacket of Ideology!

    Far too many Migrants that have gone into the EU believe their own Religious Codes super cede the Laws of their Host Democratic Country.

    Merkel, Cameron, hollande, Lofven, Renzi, and the rest will all soon be gone but they will each retire to a life of Luxury on Huge Government Pensions living in secure Buildings with Walls and Security Staff better armed than most small nations. They will be fine thank you!

    In the meantime the Citizens of the Countries that they have ruined with their Social Engineering EU Migration and Border policies will spend each day going to work, school lunch, dinner of the theatre watching over their should never quite knowing when a Terrorist Attack is about to take place!!

    Are you aware of the literally thousands of Sex Crimes and other Violent Crimes carried out by Migrants?

    Do you want this in Canada?

    And just how many Migrant Refugees do we think Russia, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, and the rest of the OPEC Arab nations take in any given year?

    PM Trudeau and President Trump should partner together and pledge to take in any Minority Jews from the EU, Middle East, and Northern Africa.

    Jews are persecuted and killed every day in those areas and they would be a natural fit for our Canadian and American Cultures, and they come with no Baggage!

    And while they are at it they can also pledge to bring in minority Christians from the Middle East and North African States, a great fit in my eyes.

    DJT will follow through on the Republican plan to Deport Undocumented Criminal Felons and he will be doing the correct thing.

    Now what will your PM Justin do about that when up to 1 Million come to Canada?

    Again what about Health Care, Wait Times for Treatment, Education, Wages/Salaries, Benefits, Pensions? Come on people!

    Any commentary?

    PM Justin has forecast up to 250 Billion Dollars in debt for Canadians over the next several years.

    How will that be covered?

    Increased Personal Income tax, Capital Gains, Inheritance Tax, Business Corporate Tax, and many others but he will still not be able to control Government spending and waste.

    Before you know it we will be contacted by the IMF and by then it will be too late.

    Tax Payers and Voters need to demand more from PM Justin now and we need to address the soon to come Migration Catastrophe before it is too late.

    Your EU Relatives and Friends are not “Right Wing” e.a.f., they are just very Angry and really quite Frightened for their lives and their once thriving Cultures and way of life!!

    Very Sadly for them it is far too late.

    I apologize for attaching a few informative pieces here but I believe each and every one of them should be viewed before you totally disregard what I have pointed out.

  • 44 13 // Feb 18, 2017 at 4:23 pm

    Your concern for Justins speech impediment is heart warming. I have made fun of it and dont feel especially guilty for doing so. I have said it before that we should respect our fellow bloggers but the politicians are fair game. And when I read the utter contempt that many on this blog hold towards Clark, Harper, and especially Trump I have to ask why its okay to slam them but leave Maggies boy alone.
    Your response to eaf and others and the attachments should at least make people understand the absolute folly of Justins open invitation to refugees from the USA . Why would people want to flee from the US unless they fit the criteria for being deported. Why would Canada want people that have fled from a free democracy to come to another free democracy.
    I for one am amazed that GTB makes fun of us as being “O KKK”. I wonder if GTB has ever needed to see an eye specialist.
    How many ESL teachers are needed. How about every other social program that are already operating on stretched budgets.
    Its easy to sit back as a politician or a government employee and spew the rhetoric that were a big country with plenty to share. Maybe if you had to depend on the CPP and didnt have a defined pension plan you wouldnt feel as generous.
    Finally ask yourself. Am I so intelligent because I oppose DJT? Maybe just maybe the American voters wanted change and were willing to risk DJT to avoid more of the same.
    Listening to the tone of some that post here you would think that DJT overthrew an democraric government by force.

  • 45 Marge // Feb 18, 2017 at 4:42 pm

    @Comment 41 Your KKK comment is absolutely repugnant and Harvey should be a bit ashamed to have allowed it to pass. Maybe we should call you ISIS lite or Taliban Boy or Boko Haram – would you feel good with that? Yet you make incredibly racist statements and feel oh so proud of yourself. Why did you print that Harvey?? Again none so blind as those who will not see…

    (Response: I considered it…and didn’t agree with it, but, if that’s his view, didn’t feel it was bad enough to censor it out. h.o)

  • 46 Lew // Feb 18, 2017 at 5:27 pm


    If making fun of an impediment makes you feel better, go for it.

    As for fleeing to avoid deportation, it might be more understandable when you consider the main deportation criterion is whether you are or are not Muslim.

  • 47 13 // Feb 18, 2017 at 5:38 pm

    @Lew thank you for permission to make fun of the hairdos other impediments.
    As for your assertion that the criteria is Muslim , I dont believe that you would stoop that low as to make up fake news to try to make your point

  • 48 BMCQ // Feb 18, 2017 at 6:14 pm

    Lew – 42

    I received a call from a very good friend of mine from Indian Wells that visits us here in Vancouver this aft that follows the Harvey Blog and quite enjoys it.

    He seems to get a laugh out of you doing everything you can to discredit virtually everything I post yet you totally ignore racist rants by Bean, say nothing about those that call DJT unforgiveable names,, have totally ignored those that vilified former Canadian PM Stephen Harper some even calling him Herr Harper.

    I told him that you sometimes might just simply not read some of those posts he described.

    So now I am “Juvenile”?

    Now, I must point out that I have heard much worse than that from others here and for some reason you never brought it to their attention.

    As to your attachment about the Jewish Reporter?

    The best way to defend DJT is to allow the Reporter himself to chime in.

    I notice you, Mensa Member Bean, DBW, e.a.f., or others that love to vilify DJT here have not even touched my commentary and posted attachments regarding what could be a very big mistake by Canadian PM Justin opening our Border to anyone who cares to arrive in Canada unannounced like it is “Kryptonite”!!

    In fact the main criteria for being a Candidate for Deportation is not being a Muslim, in fact the Criteria for those eligible for immediate Deportation is having a Felony CONVICTION and UNDOCUMENTED regardless of one’s Ethnic Background, Religion, or Country of Origin.

    Are you attempting to tell us that you actually agree with the Border, Immigration, and Migrant policy of The EU Countries and what your PM Justin has in mind for us in Canada?
    Really? Yikes!

    As you are well aware I always do my best to answer your queries, would you please correct or clarify those few questions for me?

    No different than the NYT reporting that Security Agencies were withholding Security info from the POTUS, when asked directly every one of the Security Agencies denied holding any important Security Information from the President. Strange that did not get covered on CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, BBC, CBC, or any other Liberal Elite News outlet!!

    Innuendo and “We are Told’, “We Understand”, “It was Mentioned”, regarding criticism of the Trump Admin seem just too easy from MSM these days.

    Also interesting how all of a sudden MSM is being critical about Security Detail Costs for the Trump Family when nothing was ever mentioned about security for the “O”s or Clintons.

    As stated I was not a DJT Supporter but I feel he is much better than the Democratic alternative HRC.

    I honestly believe the World will be better off with DJT, he will have a successful 3 years and he will then announce he will not seek a second Term, stepping aside for Mike Pence and possibly Marco Rubio.

    Trump will be about 74 and he will have had enough and he will go back to NY to enjoy his remaining years with his Family.

    Almost all of you hate CJT but he is a Warrior and there is no one even half his age that could go Toe to Toe with him, you will never see anyone like him again in your life time.

    Robert De Niro says he wants to “punch Trump in the Nose”, well to do that he would need to be standing on TWO New York Telephone Books!!

    De Niro is much like many here and the Wizard of Oz, they are only Touch Guys in the Movies, Behind the Curtain, or hiding behind the anonymity of the Key Board living in their Mothers Basement!!

    With Rubio on the Ticket Pence will gain much more support from Cuban Americans, Mexican Americans, Blacks, and others that really are natural Republicans because of their Religions, Marriage, and Family values.

    Pence and Rubio could exceed 340 Electoral College Votes as the Dems will anoint Left Wing Bomb Thrower like Booker.

    13 – 44

    Careful, you might be attacked by Bean for using too much logic making too much sense.

    Marge – 45

    Thanks for pointing that out!
    I wonder about the outcry from some of the Punters here if you made n outlandish hateful statement like that?

  • 49 e.a.f. // Feb 18, 2017 at 8:09 pm

    It won’t be just Muslim people who flee the U.S.A. It will be anyone who is concerned they may face deportation to their “home” country. If you flee one country and then find there may be problems in that country some people can see the handwriting on the wall and flee again. For some its like German Jews who fled to Holland only to have the Nazis roll in there. Some decided to flee once again. if you understand history and how things play out, yes, you flee again and again. Some people want to stay alive. Have a look at those leaving the U.S.A. for Canada. Some of them are children. Those short human beings who don’t fend for themselves so well. You see them with their parents. Don’t tell me they’re terrorists or bad people.

    We can expect any number of undocumented workers from the U.S.A to start coming to Canada especially if the U.S.A. starts using the National Guards to “round up” people.

    Our taxes are low here in Canada. So if we need to increase them to meet social program costs, then the taxes will have to go up or wait, we could just close a whole bunch of loop holes and collect the ones which are due, o.k. off topic……

    So back to the topic, with each comment Trudeau appears to be more competent to deal with Trump than visa versa. Its not just Trudeau who will deal with all of these challenges but his Cabinet. Now if we as citizens put some effort into it all, who knows we might do just fine and that includes if we get an additional million or so people who have no where else to really go. Of course those arriving need to co operate also.

  • 50 Gene the Bean // Feb 18, 2017 at 9:04 pm

    Marge -cutting a little close to the bone?
    To no ones surprise, Trump supporters are very nervous about people that don’t have the same colour skin as they do …. does this make you nervous, afraid … ? I have zero tolerance for closet racists. In my experience, most right wingers are the tightly whitey types … look at the numbers baby…. the world is browning …. get over it.

  • 51 13 // Feb 18, 2017 at 9:10 pm

    BTW I to listened to Justins mother on NW and as I am not a registered speech therapist I didnt draw any conclusions. But I decided to see if JTs speech is truly as per your diagnosis an impediment.

    According to speech experts that studied JTs speeches and debates he has speech disfluency which is not considered an impediment. Its a simple delaying tactic that he uses to make up for a lack of understanding, lack of being prepared, for non scripted dialogue.
    In a debate Harper averaged 2 ums per minute Mulcair was zero and JT was 11.
    Obama uses ums as well when not reading prepared text.
    So if these experts are correct JT is just giving himself a little extra time to think about what hes going to say. Um case closed

  • 52 13 // Feb 18, 2017 at 9:36 pm

    Thanks for the attachment that clears up the misunderstanding re the Jewish reporter. Its sad that the left wingers spend as much time as they do vilifying anything that doesnt fit their narrow view of things.

    The day before the election in the US , Trump said that if didnt win the election the effort would have the greatest waste of time and money he had ever been involved with.
    I wonder how history will treat the two leaders from North America.

  • 53 Gilbert // Feb 18, 2017 at 11:12 pm

    I thought PM Trudeau was fine with President Trump, but in my opinion, his performance was nothing special. It’s just that expectations were low, so the media was quick to praise. The PM took too long to meet President Trump. Before his meeting, he phoned PM May and President Hollande for advice on how to engage President Trump, so he was probably very nervous about the meeting and prepared well.

    I love that President Trump says what other politicans don’t dare to say. For example, he was absolutely right when he said that some Palestinians have too much hatred towards Israel.

    Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax, tax and spend policies, and lack of business expertise will hurt Canada. I expect the Canadian dollar will remain weak and investors will look elsewhere because of his misguided policies. More and more Canadians now realize that he has little more to offer than charisma and a famous name.

    (Response: At a first meeting, they basically set out general principles and open contact: there isn’t much negotiation etc. so the good news for Canada was not that Trudeau did anything special …more that Trudeau came away without Trump doing a major dump on us (as he has already done on others) and Trudeau avoided open conflict on issues we clearly disagree. (although wouldn’t it be interesting to know what he REALLY thought of Trump afterwards!). h.o)

  • 54 hawgwash // Feb 18, 2017 at 11:25 pm

    Shame on you Lew, for “doing everything you can” and falling short.

    Interesting, Indian Wells likes to read and comment but is too shy to post his own material, choosing instead, to hide behind another.

    Pity because I think a Californian of any leaning could add considerably to this discussion.

    Sigh, unless it’s just an imaginary friend.

    As to HO saying it “Amazes me that some supporters are so afraid or so biased they are incapable of admitting he’s unstable,” there is a large segment of the population (not just in the US either) which thrives on the unstable and the bizarre. People, whose consideration of consequences, is shorter than a penguin’s flight.

    These are the shallow people who do stupid thoughtless things, post them online and whine when they get busted. People who will do anything, in order to display their intelligence with “woot, woot.” Add to them, rednecks, simpletons, uninformed, misogynists and those who support Trump simply because they can and you have a very large crowd.

    It’s going to a while before it is over.

  • 55 Lew // Feb 18, 2017 at 11:40 pm


    Pity your friend from Indian Wells doesn’t enjoy Harvey’s blog enough to offer us a U.S. perspective once in a while. Might be a valuable addition to yours. In any case, because he follows along I won’t have to ask you to pass on a message, which is that I’ll accept his whining on your behalf and stop responding to your posts. After this one.

    You might recall using the term “juvenile” with great abandon when you first started posting here, and our discussions about that and your use of other pejoratives toward those you felt were using petty insults to further their arguments. Interesting you now self-identify and take umbrage at a little sauce for the gander.

    Keeping the Trump/Turx exchange in mind, it is clear who displayed the better character, and it sure wasn’t your man.

    If your question about immigration policy refers to my response to @13 saying, “Why would people want to flee from the US unless they fit the criteria for being deported. Why would Canada want people that have fled from a free democracy to come to another free democracy.” I’ll say it again. It might be more understandable when you consider the main deportation criterion is whether you are or are not Muslim. Have a look at the pictures and descriptors in this article. Any chance they’re mostly Muslim, and the Muslim ban by Mr. Trump might have spooked them a tad? It isn’t necessary to stoop to reach that conclusion.

    I support the current immigration and refugee policies of Canada. I believe they are adequate to handle our obligation as a humanitarian country, while sorting out any not deserving our help among the possible influx from the south, and I don’t believe your estimate of a million seeking refuge.

    You give the “Liberal Elite News outlets” like CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, BBC, and CBC too much credit by believing all those competing organizations would be capable of quickly colluding to come up with exactly the same information about Mr. Trump’s foibles at the same time.

    I’m shocked to hear that none of the security agencies immediately confessed to withholding information from the president when asked. After all, it’s something they’d readily and willingly admit, isn’t it?

  • 56 Lew // Feb 18, 2017 at 11:47 pm

    @13- #47

    You’re welcome. I’m sure you’ll use it wisely.

    No need to stoop. Just open my eyes. Could you identify your source for the information the refugees coming across our southern border lately aren’t Muslim and that they haven’t been spooked by Mr. Trump’s Muslim ban?

  • 57 13 // Feb 19, 2017 at 8:23 am

    Your right I am ashamed of myself for buying into your diagnosis of JTs flawed speech. Im glad that he doesnt have a speech defect that he inherited from a family member. He just needs time to understand the dialogue.

    As for Muslims fleeing the US because they dont understand the travel ban doesnt affect them. I suppose that the Americans could do a better job of intercepting them on the way to the 49th. They could explain that they have nothing to fear unless of course they have committed a crime. Or they can look the other way and allow them to leave.

    (Edited…off topic. h.o.)

  • 58 hawgwash // Feb 19, 2017 at 8:59 am

    What’s missing in the photos linked by Lew at 55 is US authority on the other side of the ditch; see that pole in the background with all the decorations on it?

    If a grasshopper was northbound and nearing 0 Avenue or the Columbia Valley out back of Cultus, the US border and Homeland folks would be all over it. RCMP LMD Air 1 & 2 would lift off, all sorts of high techie gadgets would be triggered and highly specialized animals let loose.

    The border at Hemmingford is similarly remote and what we have is a blue wall of welcome. If those folks had been wearing different headgear or skin more closely matching QC or Vermont winter pale, I suspect we would see heavy artillery on both sides.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if those “illegals” were all provided maps and water each with the words “made in the great again USA.” Or would that be maid and grate?

  • 59 BMCQ // Feb 19, 2017 at 9:01 am

    Lew – 55

    I travel quite a bit for Business, primarily U.S. Coastal Cities along with The UK, Greece, The Netherlands, Asia, and Australia 70% of that is Marine related.

    I have been very fortunate to build some very good personal relationships with people I have known since the late 80′s some also being in the PSP area where I play Golf at Indian Wells.

    Due to circumstances several of them follow this Blog, I cannot help that because my posting here came up in conversation and although I have encouraged them to offer a post I cannot force them to post.

    I do however recall you taking me to task early on and I believe I apologized about something and in fact I even changed my mind on one or two opinions as your reasoning/facts helped me evolve on that issue.

    I think you will agree I have no concern about admitting a mistake and standing corrected. How many others here can you say that about?

    I also readily admit that I referred to Justin, “Navigating the Choppy Waters Life with his Mother’s Brain, not his Fathers”. DBW correctly took me to task and I immediately apologized. I have no problem admitting a mistake.

    13 is correct when he points out that “O” and PM Justin as perhaps even me use the eh, uh, etc. as an opportunity to gather ones thoughts before completing or finishing off a statement..

    Funny how not many here have criticized other Posters when they call Donald Trump every name under the Sun! Don’t you think?

    You are correct that many Undocumented People that do not understand what is taking place with Migration in the U.S. may panic and come north to Canada. I accept that reasoning.

    I have great sympathy for them but personally I want to put Canada, Canadians, our Culture and our security ahead of anything else.

    If I am criticized for that so be it.

    I have already mentioned several times on this Blog that my 27 year old Son who is a very visible minority, happens to be adopted is only here because Canada allowed his Birth Mother to come here from the South Pacific.

    Again, I am very Pro-immigration, but those Immigrants must enter Canada, enter legally, must not have Criminal Felon Convictions and they must not jump the line and interfere with settlement of people that file the Proper Documentation.

    Also keep in mind that with Family unification those that enter here that are say in their 40′s with 4 Children almost always bring their poor old wobbly parents that may have not received any proper health or Dental are in their whole life. What does/will that do to our system.

    Let’s be honest, many of you here are retired and you know “Wobbly Bits’ need Medical Treatment and that costs money and it will have a drastic affect on our Health Care System.

    JC People am I that far out of touch with Canadians?

    However, there are still literally Millions of Undocumented Convicted Felons that have committed serious violent Crimes that will not accept Deportation back to their home Country and many of those will be coming to Canada.

    Again, we have a PM that has been very public about his naïve “Open Arms” Policies on Migration and Immigration.

    We also have other Activist politicians like Mayor Robertson in Vancouver that for some reason seem intent on taking the Tax Dollars from hard working Canadians and building Housing and providing other support for anyone that cares to come to Vancouver.

    Those politicians just mentioned and other activist type politicians are soft on crime, soft on Drugs, and they will very soon see the results from the fruits of their labour.

    It is the Tax Payer, Innocent Canadians who become Victims of Crime, and our Canadian Culture that will eventually pay the heavy heavy price of Politicans like Mayor Gregor and PM Justin and before most that are currently not paying attention realize what has transpired it will be too late.

    Can’t we look to the EU and see what is/has taken place there?

    Surely Lew you can see what I am talking about can’t you?

    I have known literally thousands of people in my life and I defy anyone to show me any kind of evidence that shows that simply because an individual happens to be a Conservative thinker she or he are a Racist or White Supremacist.

    Perhaps Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Omarossa,
    Ted Cruz, Condoleeza Rice, Collin Powell (who did not support DJT) LL Cool J, Larry Elder, and a few others could explain their support of the Republican Party.

    It appears to me that we cannot call almost half of the Voting population of the U.S. or Canada that support Conservative politicians Racist.

    Canada will take in many Refugees/Immigrants over the next many years.

    Can we allow PM Justin to allow another what anywhere between 100,000 or perhaps even up to over 1 Million Undocumented Migrants some of them convicted Felons from the U.S. as well?

    Then there is this.

    My apologies if I ruffled any Feathers.

    Come on Lew, I know deep down you really like me!

  • 60 BMCQ // Feb 19, 2017 at 9:22 am

    Lew – 55

    I hope PM Justin is reading some of the MSM Reports on Migration.

    Some of you that read this may also like to take note of the number of Undocumented People Deported under President Obama.

    Don’t you think it seems odd that there was no Protest over the Obama Deportation Actions? Strange!

    The next 3 years for PM Justin, Canada, Canadians, and our Canadian Culture should prove to be very interesting.

  • 61 Jay Jones // Feb 19, 2017 at 10:01 am

    Telling me that Trump and Trudeau are losers doesn’t make me think more highly of those that lost to them.

    Winner of this debate is Team Marge-13-BMCQ.

    Congratulations to you, and good luck to everyone at the next debate!

  • 62 Marge // Feb 19, 2017 at 11:29 am

    @Jay Jones And the “racist” award for this debate goes to our leftie Gene who doesn’t realize that he is the biggest racist here – anyone who read his last two comments can see it for sure. His anti white, anti right attacks reveal him for the racist intolerant person that he is. Gene forgot a lesson at this site – respect and courtesy. I don’t think he will get it. He also forgot that if you point a finger at someone there are four fingers pointing back at you. Maybe you need to go to a nearby kindergarten and get re-educated Gene.

  • 63 Lew // Feb 19, 2017 at 12:59 pm


    Thanks for your research. Not sure if you saw this article or one like it, but it informs us that as you say, speech disfluency is subconscious and actually indicates the speaker is giving some thought to what is being said.

    “It is not the best indicator of intelligence, or the lack thereof.”

    “But it is indeed to the advantage of Trudeau opponents to keep pointing out his “uhs” — which is probably why they do it.”

    “If you don’t like ‘uhs’ or ‘ums,’ go live in an autocratic society.”

    I stand by my original statement which was, “Apparently his is either hereditary or learned behaviour. In any case, it’s what he says that’s important, not how he says it, and those who continually think it’s wise to mock him for it are only exposing their own juvenile shortcomings.”

    I will however accept your criticism for my part in the question of whether disfluency is an impediment or not, and await your mocking of Mr. Trump’s speech disfluency that was outlined as equivalent to Trudeau’s in the article.

    BTW, there was no misunderstanding regarding Trump calling Mr. Turx a liar from his bully pulpit on a nationally televised stage, telling him to sit down, and then going on to self-aggrandize without answering the legitimate question Mr. Turx was trying to frame. Trump was a boor in advancing his cause, and Mr. Turx was gracious in continued hopes of advancing his. They both showed their true character in that exchange and subsequent interviews of Mr. Turx (including on the dreaded left wing elite media outlets) and Mr. Trump did not look good.

  • 64 John's Aghast // Feb 19, 2017 at 2:33 pm

    Sadly Harvey I’m leaving your blog as it has been usurped by some rather long winded commentators. I will check in occasionally to see if the situation has improved.

    (Response: Of course you can always just ignore those you find too long. I do like your input … even when you don’t see the fantastic wisdom of my own pontifications. ;) h.o)

  • 65 Gene the Bean // Feb 19, 2017 at 3:11 pm

    Couldn’t have said it better myself …..

    Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman says people confronting too much information use mental shortcuts to process it. People seek to fault others for problems because to hold ourselves accountable is too painful. Denying responsibility generally entails stretching the truth and minimizing personal accountability. In a world of information overload and short attention spans – the simplistic narrative sticks.

    I now can better see how a clown like Trump could be elected and how some here stick to such nonsensical arguments with seemingly a straight face.

    He is essentially saying they are simpletons, but he says it so well……

  • 66 Trev16 // Feb 19, 2017 at 5:35 pm


    I sure enjoyed your blog post and loved the comments even more. For any one who doesn’t believe how effective propaganda is you just have to read the many comments on how TRUMP is either that or this….essentially just repeating what ever they were told by MSM.

    MSM or better put their corporate owners are terrified that the global elites new world order is coming to an end due to TRUMP.

    Today I am reading non stop articles about Trumps comments on Sweden trying to mock him. Of course they don’t want to talk about the out of control rape situation going on in Sweden and that is exactly what Trump is referring to.

    Thank goodness for the Internet as we are able to get information other than the corporate MSM spin of the day.

    I wonder if they will report in the next few weeks all the arrests that will be happening as the child trafficking and pedos are charged? I am sure many Liberals will be fighting for the rights of the pedos as Salon has written articles supporting the pedo lifestyle.

    I really hope Trump can end the global elites plan as well as take care of Soros who is funding all this fake outrage in the states.

    Time will tell and I hope Trump keeps paying for his extra security detail to protect him from the deep state who for sure has plans to assassinate him as they believe they are the real power.

    (Response: Thanks. Good to read another diverse opinion! I quite enjoy ranting my own opinions/concerns on my blog … and I particularly like the great discussions we get going on here after each. True democratic debate in action. Even if getting folks to stick to the topic IS sometimes a bit like trying to herd cats! h.o)

  • 67 13 // Feb 19, 2017 at 10:43 pm


    I accept your unqualified apology. Just kidding.
    When it comes right down to the nitty gritty I dont care for Justin because of his policy , his disregard for our economic future and his lineage.
    I probably dislike the elder every bit as much as you dislike Trump.
    So if Justins speech patterns are important to anyone so be it. Your right, its not how he speaks its what he says. When he says that Canada welcomes the refugees fleeing from the United States I strongly disagree with his grandstanding.
    I certainly hope that I am wrong and that Justin knows what hes doing. His freefall into debt doesnt make me think Im wrong. The disaster in Europe because of Muslim immigration also doesnt make me think Im wrong.
    Once again I hope your right and Im wrong.

  • 68 nonconfidencevote // Feb 20, 2017 at 6:38 am

    @#62 Marge
    “the racist intolerant person that he is. Gene forgot a lesson at this site – respect and courtesy”

    Ironic doesnt even begin to describe your comments Marge as you constanly ridicule, name call, bully and denigrate any one elses statements opposing your view.

    Perhaps its you that should take a “look in the mirror”……… it’s long overdue.

  • 69 Gene the Bean // Feb 20, 2017 at 7:07 am

    Just do what I do, scroll down and ignore it (trust me not worth reading self aggrandizing nonsense with no end in site). That being said, I have worn a few layers of skin off my finger and I think my iPad might be wearing thin lately, really how many words do you have to use to, sort of, make a point.

    I read most others, some have become tiresome as their prejudices have been exposed.

    All the others are a great read, some really well written comments and Harvey’s come-backs are always top notch.

    I encourage you to stay – just ignore the bloviations of a couple of attention seekers and it’ll be fine. I would miss your commentary if you left.

  • 70 Marge // Feb 20, 2017 at 8:44 am

    @Noncon I don’t call anyone names here at the site just politicians like your nemesis Christy Clark and your favorite Trudeau. When have I called you a name or your buddies Gene and John? Lefties like yourself and Gene are great at calling people who disagree with them names, righties not so much. I dislike most politicians but feel at least Trump is thinking of his country first, our guy not so much. Please show me a quote where I called you a name personally. Then look at Gene’s comments and tell me how awful they really are.

  • 71 BMCQ // Feb 20, 2017 at 9:13 am

    Jay – 61

    I think the arguments put forward by both sides gave all that participate here a good analysis of PM Justin, President DJT, Canadian and U.S. Immigration, Migrant, and Refugee Policies and the many possible pitfalls that await Canadian PM, his Cabinet, Opposition Members, Provincial and Municipal Politicians, Canada, Canadians and our Culture going forward for the remainder of the Trudeau Term and for what I see his second Term.

    In my case I only pray that I am 100% incorrect on every single point I made.

    Most that Post here make great worthwhile contributions, even if we disagree with each other. Whether it be NonCon, Marge, DBW, e.a.f., 13, Gilbert, Islander, and several others that I did not go back and look up offer an interesting point of view each and every time they post on any one topic. Always lots to learn from those Posters and others that I did not mention.

    Then of course thee are two or three that never have anything worth while to offer at all, Unfortunately their day seems to only be complete if they get a chance for their pathetic little “Drive By” criticisms of others. Must be a very lonely and bitter existence.

    Sort of like a Rabid Little Tea Cup Dog nipping at your heels.

    PM Justin needs to take control of our Borders, Migration, control Government Waste, Spending, Deficits and Debt, he needs to cut back on Taxation, foster an environment that allows Private Sector Companies opportunities to create Jobs, and he needs to encourage Canadians to work hard and become contributing Members of Canadian Society paying Income Tax and Corporate Taxes.

    Canada and Canadians must be equipped to provide Funding through Income and Corporate Taxes for Health Care, Education, Infrastructure and all other worthwhile Government Programs that make the Engine of the Canadian Economy thrive.

    He needs to roll his sleeves down, put his Cuff Links in place, put on his Blazer and Big boy Pants and he needs to forget the Photo Ops and he needs to act like the PM so many here think he is.

    Lew – 55

    As is often the case I went back and re-read a post or two of yours.

    You will hear no more Juvenile Commentary from me on PM Justins Speech Pattern.

    I suppose he could be critical of me for one or two things so I will try to keep that in mind.

    I will also offer you this.

    At times POTUS Trump can be boorish, remember I have posted here several times that I was not a Trump supporter.

    Having said that I must once again point out that the West, The EU, and other Free World Democracies could not continue to be led by Obama and EU type Leaders including HRC that have virtually guaranteed the Destruction of at least the EU and perhaps more nations.

    A Boorish DJT is much better than 8 more Years of President “O” under HRC.

    Keep in mind that I did mention DJT will announce his intention of not seeking a second Term after 3 years in the Oval Office.

    You also may recall that quite some time back I stated that in my uneducated opinion I believe DJT has his own impediment and possible Neurological Disorder he navigates through his own life with each and every day.

    I believe he like many highly intelligent over achievers has a form of Tourettes that has a very direct and sometimes negative affect on how his Cognitive Thought process and his ability to understand works.

    This disorder can very adversely affect ones ability to vocalize their thoughts and make points clear to others they are communicating with.

    I believe much of the time he process things different than you or say Harvey.

    No please understand I am not qualified to voice anything other than my own opinion on this.

    I do however find it rather odd that someone anyone at CNN the Clinton News Network, or others have not ventured down the Tourettes Road.

    Having said that please do not run off and suggest that POTUS DJT be committed, I did say a MILD Form.

    Again, I believe Trump has a mild form of Tourettes or a somewhat similar Neurological Disorder and I believe that he will do just fine as President once his Cabinet is in place and he gets his “Sea Legs”.

  • 72 John's Aghast // Feb 20, 2017 at 10:06 am

    Thanks Gene, and you too Harvey. I came back to see if you’d deleted my post – and you hadn’t!
    With your encouragement and a little tolerance on my part I may reconsider my position. For the most part I do enjoy the blog.

    (Response: Blogging …esp ones like mine that allow for discussion and disagreement is an important part of democratic conversation today….a lot wider than the Letters to the Editor and even local radio talk shows. Just imagine if you were in my position…having to read/scan/edit them ALL …just to keep some sort of decorum … as generous as I try to be… and then come up with responses to many. But I think it’s worth it. ;) h.o)

  • 73 noneck // Feb 20, 2017 at 12:33 pm

    I don’t want to wade into this discussion too deeply, but I do want to acknowledge a comment that BMCQ made in post #59. Here it is:

    “Again, I am very Pro-immigration, but those Immigrants must enter Canada, enter legally, must not have Criminal Felon Convictions and they must not jump the line and interfere with settlement of people that file the Proper Documentation.”

    Although I don’t often agree with the poster, I do want to re-affirm his opinion on this subject. I do understand that refugees fleeing the USA may have their reasons, but there are policies and procedures that Immigration Canada must follow and it would seem unjust that these refugees were given preferential treatment. There is not enough evidence to support any claim of racial harassment they may have been subjected to in the USA. Of course I can’t speak on behalf of all claimants, but I can’t imagine hundreds a day are so traumatized that they need to seek further asylum in Canada.

    There, BMCQ. I do have it in me to see your point of view.

  • 74 Lew // Feb 20, 2017 at 1:35 pm


    Although I do dislike Trump, I fear him and the likely consequences of his presidency more. Here are just a couple of many reasons.

    When he chose his Secretary of Defence I noted he was nicknamed “Mad Dog” and expressed some concern about his temperament. At the same time, Trump’s choice appeared to be based at least somewhat on logic. Why get a golden retriever as a guard dog? That logic however includes the concept that the master can rein in the dog when necessary. In the past weeks it has actually been Mad Dog Mattis that has reined in Trump on several issues. We actually have the dog training the master, and that is scary because of the following example.

    Trump rejected the advice of his Attorney General on his Muslim ban and fired her when she instructed her staff not to defend it. Her duty is to advise the president and uphold the Constitution; not obey his orders. He fired her publicly for it, and couldn’t resist personally insulting her in the process. Very presidential. Her opinion has since been confirmed as accurate by the courts, and Trump is now scrambling to do what he should have done in the first place. What will he do when push comes to shove with advice from his security, and as he labels them, “intelligence” agencies?

    There’s a line in the lyrics of a song called “Pancho and Lefty” written by Townes Van Zandt that reads, “He wore his gun outside his pants for all the honest world to feel.” That’s my view of Trump.

    Apparently he’s now eschewed the State Department for his advice on Sweden and gets it (by his own admission) from Fox News segments. Here’s the result.

  • 75 BMCQ // Feb 20, 2017 at 2:01 pm

    Neck – 73

    You do not post enough!

    You are correct we do not always see things the same way but you always offer an interesting point of view even if we do not agree.

    What really concerns me is the fact that it appears so many here are afraid to be branded intolerant if they actually agree with me, I just don’t get it.

    Most of them that post here are retired and it will not matter much to them when PM Justin drives the Debt up $ 300 Billion and welcomes another 1 Million or more Migrants many of who will be Convicted Felons into our Country with no coping mechanism in place but their Adult Children and Grandchildren will be forced to deal with the Sea Change in every facet of life for their entire lives.

    I just do not get it.

    Great to hear from you!

  • 76 e.a.f. // Feb 20, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    BMCQ: neurological disorder??????? how about just plain bat …. crazy and nasty to top it off. His “press conference” was an exercise in how to be rude and bullying. It was not something you would want a child to see unless you wanted to give them e.g.s of how not to behave in public.

    AS to getting “his sea legs”, its not his legs I’m worried about. Not expecting any improvement.

    John’s Aghast, please don’t leave.

    now really, really on to the next subject.

  • 77 nonconfidencevote // Feb 20, 2017 at 6:07 pm

    @#70 Marge
    “When have I called you a name or your buddies Gene and John? Lefties like yourself and Gene ….”

    Apparently irony escapes you

    (Response: Can we please stick to the topic of the blog. h.o)

  • 78 BMCQ // Feb 21, 2017 at 9:21 am

    My Mother and her Family Immigrated to Canada from Gotheborg Sweden.

    Swedish Officials and many in Swedish MSM do in fact provide Fake News on many issues regarding assaults by Migrants.

    I even had one Relative try to tell me that one particular rampage of Sexual Assaults were not carried out by New Migrants.

    Being somewhat Suspicious I twigged and asked this question.

    “Were they at one time New Migrants”?

    The answer was this, “Why Yes, but most have been here for many years”!

    Really, would this be good enough for you if it was your Wife, Daughter, Son, that was assaulted?

    What about if you were Jewish and you had Relatives in Malmo?

    Is any of this acceptable for Canada?

    Does any of this reflect OUR True Values as Canadians?

    FYI, the following is actually a piece from the CBC, not necessarily a Conservative “Think Tank”.

    In fact there are plenty of examples of Politicians and MSM in The EU working to over up Assaults by Migrants.

    If you choose not to believe the factual reports that is your choice.

    I can only Hope that PM Justin makes himself familiar with the True Facts before he continues to cater to those that will continue to Cross over our Southern Border and many many that come here from The EU and other areas.

    Contrary to what many of you here would like to sell there is “Fake News” out there and it is obvious to me that most that contribute here are either willfully Blind or are like many simply sitting this one out because they do not really want to put their True Thoughts and Suspicions down on this Blog.

    They would not want to appear Intolerant you see.

    I would also suggest you view the following and then take some extra time to read comments below.

  • 79 BMCQ // Feb 22, 2017 at 11:20 am

    I hope I am not too far off Topic here, I will tie PM Trudeau and Immigration to the story.

    This morning I had the distinct pleasure of observing and witnessing 54 People from 19 different Countries take the Oath of Citizenship for Canada.

    The Clerk was wonderful, the Judge could have not been more gracious and welcoming to the New Canadians and it was a very moving ceremony.

    Personally I found the experience quite emotional and it made me proud to be Canadian.

    It must be quite the experience for newly minted Canadian Citizens when a Senior Official like the PM or a Cabinet Minister attend any of the Citizenship Ceremonies across Canada.

    A note of interest, each of the new Canadians are presented with a Free Pass to over 12oo Federal Parks and other Attractions right across the country and it is valid for one year from date of issuance.

    I would recommend the experience to any that Canadians Blog even if you have no connection to an individual taking the Oath itself.

    It is an uplifting experience.

  • 80 Jay Jones // Feb 22, 2017 at 10:12 pm

    Hey BMCQ,

    Yes, for sure all those things should be among Mr. Trudeau’s top priorities.

    What a fascinating upside down world we’re living in. Black is white and no-brainers are brainers!

  • 81 BMCQ // Feb 24, 2017 at 6:47 am

    Jay – 80

    People in The UK, The U.S., and hopefully B.C. in May and 3 Years from now wish for only a few things.

    1. The Rule of Law
    2. Borders
    3. Control of Immigration, Migration, Refugees
    4. Accountability of Government, and Population
    5. Sustainable Government with no waste

    Of course Canadians also deserve Health Care, Education, and other services that make Canada better than almost every other Nation on Earth, that goes without saying.

    Let’s hope the Great Unwashed can somehow come together over the next 3 years and ensure that Hard Working and Tax Paying Canadians get what they deserve, a Government that works for Canadians First!

    The question who will be listening to Canadians, PM Justin or the Conservative Party of Canada?

    (Response: Haven’t seen anyone running in the PC contest who I think would give Trudeau much of a challenger …unless there is some sort of economic or other political disaster down the road. Interesting that under PC rules the best performer …interim leader Rhona Ambrose isn’t aloud to run. h.o.)

  • 82 BMCQ // Feb 24, 2017 at 10:00 am

    Harvey – 81 – response

    I am not saying she would win but the Conservative Party of Canada should change the Rules and Draft Ambrose.

    I did state that I thought PM Trudeau did perform well in Washington and I am hopeful that PM Justin and Trump can work together on NAFTA. I am also hoping that DJT and PM Justin realise that the U.S. and Canada are really and truly the two most important Trading Partners anywhere in the World.

    Politicians of different Countries all say they are best Friends and of utmost importance to one another but in the case of the U.S. and Canada it is fact.

    Having said all of that I would much rather see an Ambrose Led Canadian Conservative Government in charge of our very porous Border, Immigration, Migration, and Refugee Programs.

    Much of what O’Leary would have as his Platform makes sense to me but Ambrose
    is a skilled Debater in Parliament and better equipped to handle the Daily Question Period than O’Leary.

    We must keep in mind that Canadian British Parliamentary System with it’s tough Question Period is much different than the U.S. Republican Style of Government.

    POTUS Trump will be quite successful under the U.S. System with the House, Senate, with the various Debate Forums being handled by Elected Senators and Representatives.

    In that System POTUS Trump will not be exposed to the Riggers of Question Period and that would also be problematic for O’Leary.

    Trump or O’Leary do not have the patience for Question Period.

    I believe Canada is going to lose a great opportunity for a potentially great Leader if Ambrose does not get her chance to Campaign in the next Election as Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

    I know most here feel I am being Alarmist and over the top with my Migration Concern.

    Please take a minute and read the Post by noneck up the page – 73

    I answer with this.

    The EU Leadership not too long ago thought they were doing the correct thing with their Open Borders and Open Arms to any and all that could make their way into any of 27 Countries.

    As it stands now even with his Warts lack of understanding the difficulties soon to face Canada and Canadians concerning Migration and so many other things I sadly see PM Trudeau being re-elected in 2019.

    Sad part is just like the EU before most of “The Great Unwashed” realize what has taken place it will be far far too late.

  • 83 bMCQ // Feb 26, 2017 at 4:55 am

    As discussed back up the page, not only does PM Justin need to contend with securing a good reworked NAFTA with POTUS Trump and Mexico the Liberal Trudeau led Canadian Government have many other challenges going forward for the remainder of their Mandate.

    If this does not wake up Canadian Tax Payers and Voters what will?

    Then again…………..