Trudeau Blackface: Political Reactions More Hypocritical than His Actions

No doubt about it … Trudeau did a stupid thing; in fact, three stupid things … and who knows, there may be more!

And the revelations that the man who would be our Prime Minister again wore blackface 18 years ago (and more) could hurt Trudeau/Liberals in the 2019 federal election.

Certainly a consequence all the more understandable, given Trudeau’s own carefully cultivated current image as a defender of diversity, worshipper of multi-culturalism and champion of political correctness.

But let’s keep it real.

I remember what our society was actually like 20 years ago, and more … and Trudeau’s actions back then … even though inappropriate now … should be examined in the true context of the times.

Have we forgotten Peter Sellers’ hilarious movie The Party, in which the white actor played a bumbling Indian doctor, complete with accent. That film is still considered a comedic classic … but likely could not be made today.

Blackface? What about Al Jolson … in his time one of the most popular singing stars.

“According to music historians Bruce Crowther and Mike Pinfold: “During his time he was the best known and most popular all-around entertainer America (and probably the world) has ever known, captivating audiences in the theatre and becoming an attraction on records, radio, and in films. He opened the ears of white audiences to the existence of musical forms alien to their previous understanding and experience… and helped prepare the way for others who would bring a more realistic and sympathetic touch to black musical traditions,” says Wikipedia.

More recently, Angelina Jolie, who is white, played Mariane Pearl, a black woman, in A Might Heart (2016) and Joseph Fiennes played Michael Jackson (2007).

In fact, The Huffington Post two years ago, published an article entitled “25 Times White Actors Played People Color and No One Really Gave a S**t”. In fact, you will likely see some of your favorite stars:

White actors playing blacks, Chinese, other Asians, Arabs, First Nations … and not just as serious personages, but comical characters as well.

Did you … or any of us … object? Condemn them? Demand they apologize?

No. Instead, hundreds of millions of people flocked to those films … and most loved them.

Trudeau … a drama teacher almost 20 years ago, portraying Aladdin in an Arabian Nights skit … darkening his complexion, should not be so shocking.

The other two incidents may indeed be more troubling … but I doubt most Canadians will see it as Tory Leader Andrew Scheer proffered, that it all makes Trudeau “not fit to govern the country”.

I personally have always been much more troubled … not by skits 20 years ago by juvenile nitwits …. but by Canada’s actual historical ACTIONS for many decades: the terrible treatment of our Japanese citizens and theft of their properties by “respected” officials, including elected politicians; the barring from Canada of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany, sending them back … to their deaths; the exploitation, abuse and racial tax targeting of Chinese workers and immigrants; our neglect or abuse of First Nations peoples; and, the decades of discrimination against racial, ethnic and religious minorities in college/university admissions, employment hiring, promotions, housing sales, social clubs, golf courses and even marriage/adoption rights.

The good news? We ARE making progress and Canada is becoming a better place. But there is still much more to accomplish.

So what bothers me now is watching politicians trying to personally capitalize and profit from Trudeau’s silliness when he was in his 20s, but still not speaking out LOUDLY themselves against the open racism and religious discrimination taking place in Quebec TODAY, the growth of hate crimes against people of colour across the country, and the rise in acts of anti-Semitism taking place right NOW!

And I still want to know why Scheer, who wants to Prime Minister of ALL Canadians, did not walk or take part in ANY Gay Pride activities across the country … not in 2001 … but in 2019?

Harv Oberfeld

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59 Responses to Trudeau Blackface: Political Reactions More Hypocritical than His Actions

  1. Marge says:

    Wow. Just wow. Your comments are so far over the top it is laughable. Four years ago I said I was voting for Harper as better the devil we know than the one coming in. Unfortunately I was right and look what we got. A very immature gentleman who only when caught confesses to the crime. I can’t see his dad or Diefenbaker behaving this way. I also said I would be back in October to see you nominate the Liberal candidate in your riding as your choice for government. I am a tad early but the truth is still the same.
    Some people in the Main Stream Media (MSM) in Canada have known about these events along with the pictures and video when Justin Trudeau was running in his first federal election.
    If it wasn’t for Time magazine we would have never known. I am not so sure had you yourself known about this behavior when you were a journalist, that you would have made this public either given your fawning over the boy king.
    Instead of saying this is a very sad day for our country, you act like Telford or Butts. You’ve bought the package through and through.
    First of all, having taught in the early 2000’s there was no way in hell that anyone would show up dressed as Trudeau was in any public school or private school do for sure. Justin was almost 30 years old, for goodness sake not a baby when this happened. He should have known better. And given his background and family, surely he should have been better prepared.
    There are questions I would love to have answered about all of this:
    (1) What kind of crazy school would allow Trudeau to come to a party dressed like that and then drape his hands suggestively around that of a young female? Aren’t there standards in private schools?
    (2) Why was Trudeau 29 at his first teaching gig? What was he doing before that? Living on the trust fund? Going to classes once a year?
    (3) Why did he leave at spring break? Most contracts are until the end of June. What did he do to have to leave so quickly?
    (4) Why did Justin never return to teaching after that spring break?
    (5) Why did Justin become a ski bum as his next career choice?

    And Harvey what do you make of his arms wrapped around the bare chest of that young lady? Was she staff or student? Would this make any difference to you?
    Your comment about Scheer is equally disturbing. The gentleman is a practicing Catholic for goodness sake, you know actually living his faith. Perhaps you could read up on it while you are on your high horse condemning him. Trudeau went on the attack against Scheer right from the start with all kinds of crazy accusations. Did you say that was wrong repeating stuff made years and years ago? Don’t think so. Yet now when it’s your prized candidate, everything is different and so you have to attack the Conservative leader as your final last straw.
    The fact that Trudeau hasn’t resigned shows that he is still dining out on his privilege. Any other person would be turfed or would’ve had the humility to resign. If this were Scheer, you’d be salivating at the bit to disown his behavior. Because it is Trudeau, it can’t be all bad, can it?

    Please don’t complain (as you always do) about the high taxes you pay and how no one looks after your concerns. You got what you voted for. Learn to live with it. Increased carbon taxes, income taxes and anything he can thing of taxes Trudeau will happily add to your life. Enjoy. Don’t say you weren’t warned .

    (Response: Your Comment reflects a terrible partisan bias: because you disagree with this ONE opinion I express, you totally ignore ALL the past criticisms of Trudeau I have written and conclude I’m “fawning” and have “bought the package through and through”. How silly! I said what he did was stupid …act of a nitwit …but let’s keep it real: Canadians will vote based on values, actions, policies TODAY …not 20 years ago. And by the way, today Scheer was in Quebec …where TENS OF THOUSANDS OF CANADIANS are now banned from applying for jobs in schools, hospitals, government etc if they wear turbans, skullcaps or hijabs … and he should have been SCREAMING about that …but did not. THAT bothers and worries me more than Trudeau acting stupidly 20 years ago. h.o)

  2. Leila Paul says:

    Once again, Harvey, you’ve put criticism of Justin Trudeau in perspective. I have never believed JT should have been a party leader, less yet PM.

    However, the context of when something is done is equally as important as the action itself.

    Also, the motivation for doing something even within the context of the social thinking of the times. Was it malevolent in intent? Most unlikely.

    I don’t know all the facts around each event, but JT was not darkening his skin to ridicule anyone or any ethnic group. It was an aspect of a costume or a festive event not intended to demean anyone.

    I repeat, we may know more later but, at present, it’s inappropriate to judge an action in the past by today’s overly sensitive standards. It harmed no one and the past cannot be changed.

    It’s an anachronism being exploited while many of today’s more important, and potentially devastating events, that CAN be changed are being ignored.

    (Response: Thankfully, times have changed. So much of what people practiced, accepted, applauded and even rewarded not that long ago would be unthinkable today. And not just blackface. I remember one of the most popular programs on television was Amos n Andy … horrible stereotypes; in Quebec we watched The Plouffe family … also degrading by today’s standards; and there was Tonto, the Indian, whose ability to speak English was impaired … all shows that would be protested off the air today. BUT, as I said, what was much worse was the REAL LIFE discrimination faced by blacks, Jews, Chinese, Muslims who could not buy homes in some neighbourhoods, faced quotas in getting into many universities or wouldn’t be hired by some very large firms. Dressing up in blackface … like Trudeau did … for a skit or Halloween or whatever … was NOTHING compared to the REAL hurt minorities suffered and that’s what I care about today … to combat the REAL racism and discrimination that still exists … and wish ALL party leaders would do more of that … and speak out LOUDLY especially in Quebec …where it is still running rampant. h.o.)

  3. Harry lawson says:


    Another post that will get some lively discussions.

    My issue with mr Trudeau is not so much s action taken in the context of time. The issue for me is consistent misleading the public ,and the totality of his lack of judgement.

    You ask why Sheer won’t march in a pride parade? My understanding has to do with the bans of the law enforcement community. Thus the boycott

    I must say I have been very impressed with mr Singhs response to the black face.

    Just a side note very difficult to post from cell phone with the blogs ne captcha system .

    I had a twitch and dropped my laptop lol so using phone or library until I get a new laptop ???

    (Response: Perhaps I’ve been watching/experiencing politicians far too long: they ALL lie and mislead the public … before they get elected and after they get elected. The decision we face is which will do those things least! And actually implement policies/programs etc we will like. In that context, what any of them said/did 20 years ago is not irrelevant, but becomes less important than today’s programmed hysteria portrays. h.o.)

  4. Leila Paul says:

    The other thing I find amusing is that the story of Aladdin was not part of the original translation by Sir Burton of the “Arabian Nights” or “A Thousand Nights and a Night”.

    Suggestions include that Aladdin was written by Hanna Diab from what is modern Aleppo in Syria although the character may have been from regions around southeastern Turkey or areas north of Persian where people were Aryan.

    Nearly all those ethnic groups are relatively light skinned with some being very fair and some with blue eyes.

    The same mistake is made with Othello. Moor is the old Spanish adaptation of Morisco, meaning from Morocco and those people, as are many north of the Sahara, were also fairly light in skin color, much like the nearby Berbers. Yet actors playing Othello are always played with blackened skin.

    Britannica offers an interesting description:

    The Moriscos, however, did not prove to be assimilable. Though they were racially indistinguishable from their Old Christian neighbours (Christians who had retained their faith under Muslim rule), they continued to speak, write, and dress like Muslims. The Old Christians suspected the Moriscos of abetting the Algerians and the Turks, both enemies of Spain….

    It’s odd that we have long had the tendency to inaccurately portray anyone of an unfamiliar ethnicity to be of darker skin.

  5. Gilbert says:

    I have a simple question. If Stephen Harper or Andrew Scheer had worn blackface in photos, what would have been the reaction? I suspect the media would have called for their immediate resignation.

    Is there a character in Aladdin who looks African? I can’t recall any. But that is not what most offends me. It seems that Justin Trudeau has his right hand on the chest of one of the girls. Is that appropriate? We’ve also learned that in one photo, he had black makeup on his arms and legs, put an object inside his pants, and mimicked an ape. I think we can all agree this is inappropriate. It seems clear that he’s very immature.

    He also lied when he said there was only one more incident (in high school) when he dressed in blackface. He now says he doesn’t know how many times it happened. Politicians aren’t known for their honesty, but the number of lies he’s told Canadians should concern voters.

    Regarding Andrew Scheer, why does he have to march in the Pride Parade? He’s a devout Catholic, and I don’t expect him to attend a pro-choice rally, either. We all know he’s a social conservative, and surely that’s not a crime.

    The Liberals should have replaced our corrupt, immature and dishonest prime minister with Chrystia Freeland or Marc Garneau when they had the chance. Now it’s probably too late.

    (Response: It’s not up to the media to call for any politician’s resignation: it’s the media’s role to REPORT if someone in a public position does call for a politician’s resignation. As for Scheer, I can tell you I have not yet decided how I’ll vote, but right now it’s down to three: Libs, Tories or Judy Raybould Wilson … so Scheer’s refusal to celebrate Pride is not a deal breaker … but I mention it because, to me, it’s important to have a PM who does NOT push his particular religion in public office and respects EVERYONE. Pride was not a religious event, as far as I know: Scheer is not a Sikh, but has attended Diwali events; he’s not Jewish, but has attended Jewish events’ he’s not Budhist, but has attended Buddhist celebrations … get my point? And I have to say, to me, accepting ALL Canadians the same way is more important than doing a juvenile stupid thing 20 years ago. h.o)

  6. BMCQ says:


    The whole idea of “Pride” once the “Gay Pride Parade” is about celebrating inclusiveness .

    When “Pride” here and other cities banned various Groups like Police, Van Library and UBC in this City they are Hypocrites and contradicting what they preach about that inclusiveness .

    Just where would LGBT Movements in any City be without support the Police ? I think we know that answer

    I have thought a lot about the Whole PM Justin and “Black/Brown Face Gate” and I am still very puzzled .

    PM Justin seems to like to Dress Up in Costumes, it is obvious he relishes any opportunity to “Act Out” and I honestly think there is much more to this behavior of his but that] question/riddle will not be solved before Election Day .

    Four Years ago on this Blog When you and others on this Blog were so very critical of Harper I stated that PM Justin was nothing more than Actor playing a roll saying and doing anything he can to succeed in his Election efforts . Even his silly juvenile “Rolled Up Sleeves Lets Get to Work” facade that he stole from another Politician who was just as Fake, Barack Obama .

    I said he was shallow, insincere, manipulative, inept, intellectually challenged, and he has now fully lived up to what I expected of him and he has done great harm to Canada .

    Now we also know he is deceitful and he is a liar .

    Almost everything he attempts to convince the Canadian Public he is are absolutely not true . He is not a Feminist, he cares nothing about anyone but his own agenda and his political survival . His whole life is a sham and he is so arrogant and he has such an ego he thinks he can easily manipulate the Canadian Voter .

    He means nothing when he does his little apology news conference, he is just attempting to convince voters he is not who he has proven to be time and time again .

    How much evidence do you need, he is a selfish narcissist who will say anything to survive as PM .

    It is more than obvious he has nothing of substance and he is “Fake”, nothing about him is real, and he has no redeeming qualities . I do not need to list all of his failings you are well aware of them .

    How much will it take for Liberal Supporters to finally figure it out ?


    Welcome back .

    I think you might have been a little hard on our good Host but I do agree with a lot of what you say concerning PM Justin etc.


    You and I are in agreement, what would Liberals, NDP or Greens say if the People Kind in Brown/Black Face was Andrew Scheer ?

    Don’t worry Gilbert, none of them on this Blog or anywhere else will step up and answer that question .

    For sure Media would be “Demanding the Head” of Scheer, Harper, or Max if any of them were playing “Mr. Dress Up” .

    Hypocrites, each and every one of them .

    How many examples of very poor judgement, lying, misleading, hypocrisy, bullying, and manipulation does the Canadian Voter need to see and experience before they finally get the message that PM Justin should not be our Prime Minister ?

    (Response: That’s the Tory spin on Scheer’s failure to attend Pride events all across the country … because the official parade banned various groups “like Police, Van Library and UBC”. Did he march in ANY last year ..or the year before that ..or the year before that …BEFORE coming up with this year’s excuse???? NO! Has he EVER participated in ANY celebrations/events calling for equality or basic rights for gays? There have been MANY other Pride events … not just during Pride week but throughout the year …. totally nothing to do with the Vancouver parade or any ban: PLEASE list those he attended or took part in ANYWHERE in the country ANYTIME over the past five years. That’s HIS and YOUR hypocrisy showing: using ONE parade action as an excuse to never take part in any Pride event anywhere. I just believe that’s shameful for someone who wants to Prime Minister in 2019 Canada. Even though a “devout Catholic” (his spin says) he sure has attended MANY Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist Chinese, Sikh … and I’d bet even Protestant (Egad!) and Orthodox events and celebrations … anywhere there are potential votes. Can anyone imagine the reaction if Scheer said he would not attend any of those events I cited …because he is after all “a devout Catholic”! So I don’t buy the feeble excuses why Scheer shuns the Gay community … and that’s NOT ACCEPTABLE in 2019 …or even before that … for me… and I suspect many others. h.o)

  7. 13 says:

    It would save us all so much time if we could just click on a category of Justins screw ups
    Lying, Bullying, Coercion, ….. its a long list with many sub categories.
    So in order to save time lets list what he hasnt done or hasnt been caught doing.(yet)
    Murder, kidnapping, extortion
    Why anyone would vote for him once was hard to understand
    Why anyone would vote for him a second time is beyond comprehension.
    Peter Sellers character in the party was Hrundi V Bakshi.

  8. Jason says:

    Watching The National on CBC this evening, I saw an interesting report from the local newsroom that made the national news. The reporter, Tanya Fletcher I believe, tracked down several people who were at the 2001 school party. One of the Sikh men that Justin Trudeau was pictured with said he wasn’t offended by the costume or the dark makeup and didn’t believe Trudeau had set out to be offensive or insulting of any particular culture or person. Another parent of a former student also stated that at least half of the student body were visible minorities and the Arabian Themed evening had been organized by the school itself, which he described as very politically correct in its structure and ethos.

    There seems to be an odd trend that has sprung up out of nowhere in the last 5 years or so coming out of a certain section of the political left. The basic argument is that any co-opting of any cultural tradition by an outsider is automatically racist by definition. Example: wearing a sombrero and a phoney Viva Zapata moustache at a Cinco de Mayo party is racist if the person wearing them isn’t of Mexican origin. A google search will confirm this trend popping up on University campuses and spreading out into the broader society.

    I think most fair minded people of whatever political persuasion would say that the idea of a wearing a costume at a party is an act of rabid racial discrimination is absurd to say the least.

    There are many reasons to vote out the current government but I would say this tempest in a teapot isn’t one of them. The first week of the campaign has seemed to me to be nothing more than political operatives digging through the internet to find dirt on opposition candidates or staged photo opportunities consisting of nothing more than gimmicks or half thought out policy initiatives. And this is a disservice to the electorate as a whole.

    (Response: I believe MOST Canadians see it exactly as you outline. The partisan leaders/candidates/supporters of other parties are trying their best to convince Canadians that the choice of government for the next four years should be based on Trudeau’s personal antics 20 years ago … which were either stupid and silly …or just reflective of acceptable humour at that time, depending on one’s point of view. And yet, those same partisan/leaders/supporters dismiss complaints about Andrew Scheer’s own homophobic speech right inside Parliament before he became leader, the racist and homophobic past remarks by three CURRENT Tory candidates or the defacing/pasting of Boycott Israel labels on food products in Quebec grocery stores … a possible criminal act … by a CURRENT Quebec NDP candidate … ALL of whom are still being allowed to run…because their leaders say they apologized …and that is sufficient. The hypocrisy is astounding. I … and I’d bet most Canadians …are much more concerned about these leaders’ and candidates’ actions that are much more RECENT … than anyone’s 20 years ago before they entered politics. h.o)

  9. Gene The Bean says:

    Harvey, for the most part, I agree with the context of your post. This is the most important part of what you said,

    “The good news? We ARE making progress and Canada is becoming a better place. But there is still much more to accomplish.”

    That is why we cannot allow the dysfunctional 1/3 of our country to bring us back to the 1950’s.

  10. BMCQ says:


    interest commentary .

    Let me ask you this, what do you think those same people interviewed by the CBC would say if the “People Kind” in Black/Brown Face was Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer or PPC Max Bernier ?

    Of course you cannot speak for them but I find it odd no one seems to be willing to answer that question .

    Even odder is the fact that the CBC Reporter you speak of and so many more in Media do not ask the same question of those they interview that seem to have no concern with PM Justin doing Dress Up .

    My, he sure does like to Dress Up doesn’t he, I bet there is much more to that story .

    Why is it so bloody hard for Media to do their job and ask the simple questions that so many Citizens and Voters in this Country want answer to ?

    PM Justin will not and cannot quit .

    He has been totally disgraced, he has no credibility, he proves each and every day he is a liar and lacks integrity and character .

    H cannot quit because there will now be NO Book Deal, NO UN Posting, NO Corporate or Law Firm Job as he has NO Education, and contrary to what you might believe he IS NOT Wealthy ,He inherited barely $ 1 Million Dollars from his Father and that barely affords a 1 Bed Condo in Burnaby .

    He is no so discredited he is not desired on the Rubber Chicken Circuit and he is basically all of a sudden “Kryptonite” , he is “Untouchable” .

    Harvey makes a few good points in his response to you .

    Canadians need more Transparency and more accountability from ALL Politicians and Governments from ALL Three Levels right across this country .

    It is long past time for Media to begin to do what Reporters had done for decades in Canada, the Tax Payer and Voter deserve much more from Media .

    I find it quote Humours and Juvenile how some on this Blog find it so easy to name call and criticize other Canadians just because those others may have differing opinions .

    Trust me there is well over 70% of the Canadian Electorate that want to discuss Migration, Immigration, Borders, Black/Brown Face, Taxes, Carbon Tax, Crime and Punishment, Education Health Care, and so much more in a very Public Forum .

    Politicians like PM and so many more that hide behind platitudes and pandering to the “Great Unwashed” masquerading as caring, concerned, SJW need to answer as to why they are so Hypocritical .

    Once again, can the tax Payer and Voter depend upon Media to ask those questions ?

    If Media do not do their job it is almost possible for the Canadian People to become informed .

    If the Liberals lose the Election and PM Justin retains his Seat he will serve in Opposition .

  11. 13 says:

    The endless debate on Justins dress up seems to hinge on the time frame of today vs then. Its a valid argument for movies ie Party, Jolson and the halloween costumes from days gone by.
    But the argument doesnt hold water when it comes to the persona that Justin has tried and failed to sell to Canadian voters.
    He wants us to believe that he embraces all people. Yet he is apologizing for dressing up in the past. He then cant remember if he had other instances of pretending to be another race.
    He wants us to believe he supports womens rights Yet he forgot about groping in the past
    He wants us to believe hes fighting for first nations yet he fired the AG when she would not join him in subverting the law

    He wants us to believe that he is open and transparent yet he avoids debates
    He wants us to believe that he is a statesman worthy of a place on the worlds stage. Yet he has only managed to be the butt of jokes on late night TV
    As BMCQ pointed out he wanted to imitate Obama with his sleeves rolled up well he could have done the black face with sleeves rolled up.
    Failure after failure . If hes not apologizing on behalf of Canadians he is apologizing to Canadians. Maybe thats the only thing he is good at.(and lying)

  12. Leila Paul says:

    I feel homesick.

    I miss the Canada I used to live in where things made sense and public dialogue was intelligent and focused on substantive issues.

    Where is the Canada I once knew and felt so proud to live in?

    Is it really the fault of the vanities of politicians? Or is it the fault of the electorate and how they were educated? How does one become a good practitioner of democracy?

    We now have an inventory of facts that new Canadians must regurgitate as a test for citizenship. Is that how one learns to be engaged with democracy responsibly? The very word democracy is so vague and can mean almost anything.

    But there is a spirit of what a democratic nation embodies. It is not merely memorizing a list of dates, names of provinces and appointed roles and functions of government.

    Democracy is absorbed through living it. It is taught to us as children and we then incorporate it into our psyche and we view things through a mind wherein we’ve already absorbed the meaning of our own accountability, duties and responsibilities.

    Instead, have we been tricked by those with utopian illusions to look at a person like JT – a person who does not really engage in consequential reasoning and logical deductions – and think his track record provided indications he’d be a responsible PM?

    The concept of one’s track record used to be a gauge or predictor of future performance in any role. Now, our country (as have others) has fallen victim or been mesmerized by what the shallow MSM tells us are our choices. How well educated and informed are the participants in the MSM? We rely on them to be our eyes and ears.

    Have we accepted too many shallow thinkers in the MSM?

    Usually, when people know they have lost their way, they stop and reassess. They look back to try to see where they may have taken the wrong road.

    I wonder if we’re too far gone down the wrong path.

    I’m not optimistic. I do not see good candidates, either as party leaders to become PM, nor do I see good candidates as MPs.

    So, I’m homesick. I could complain I feel as though someone forced me onto a means of transport that sent me to an alien place.

    In truth, to borrow an idea from the famous bard. The fault is not in our stars. The fault is in ourselves.

  13. BMCQ says:

    PM Justin may have been a Great Cult Leader if there is such a thing .

    PM Justin definitely has a “Messiah Complex”, he sees himself as almost God Like, Mystic, ajestic, All Knowing, Wise, and in charge of his ever Devoted Flock .

    He has a Huge Ego, He is Narcissistic, He has that Soft Voice, He is a Pathological Liar, He posses False Charm, He has that Vacant Cosmic Stare when he addresses his Flock .

    His followers adore him, believe he can do no wrong, believe anything he says and they are obedient .

    He reminds me of the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh who with his Followers took over a small town in Oregon called Antelope .

    My Wife and I actually drove through Antelope Oregon, then called Rajneeshpuram on our Honey Moon .

    We actually stood right beside the Bhagwan outside the General store in the town .

    I am no eaf but it was very Creepy and we left town immediately .

    Interestingly enough PM Justin looked JUST LIKE the Bhagwan when the PM was dressed in “Brown Face” while at West Point Grey Academy .

    Anyone else other than Bhgwan Justin, Oops Sorry, I mean PM Justin would have quit in embarrassment by now but “When You Are the chosen One” you are Never Embarrassed No Matter What .

    There is a lot more truth to this than what one might think .

  14. Leila Paul says:

    So Scheer is Catholic. That’s a fine personal belief even if the Catholic church has been somewhat discredited by some of its priesthood. Others within the Church remain moral and ethical and sincere in their faith.

    However, Scheer is not running to be Pope. Scheer wants to be PM.

    If Scheer intends to respect all the legal residents of the country that he hopes to lead, then he must show that he will not allow his personal beliefs and faith to interfere with his role as leader of all the legitimate residents of this country.

    Scheer’s duty as PM would be uphold all the laws enacted. That includes the right of gays to practice their lifestyle. Scheer need not like the lifestyle, just as he undoubtedly dislikes some of the culural practices of the ethnic groups whose temples or other places of worship he’s visited.

    By looking at Scheer, right or wrong, I make unconscious deductions. Scheer is clean shaven and has short hair. I’m sure Scheer would feel uncomfortable wearing a turban and never cutting his or shaving (or even trimming) his beard if he had one.

    But that has not stopped Scheer from going to Sikh temples or Hindu places of worship or mosques. There is not much about Jews that is different from us except some observant men will wear a kippah, but that is not a very obtrusive object, unlike a huge, brightly colored turban.

    So, does Scheer have an obligation to offer a symbolic acceptance of gays and their lifestyle? Yes – if he wants to be PM and gay culture or festive events are legal.

    If we’re going to condemn JT’s juvenile idiocy, even though it might then have been socially acceptable at the time, then we should also judge Scheer’s apparent rejection – or failure to show respect and acceptance – of gay Canadians.

    One does not get a bowl of cherries when he’s asked for it as a sign of favour and trust, and then pick through it and reject the ones he doesn’t appear to like.

  15. Leila Paul says:


    I’m a little confused by this statement in the comment you made on this page:

    He wants us to believe hes fighting for first nations yet he fired the AG when she would not join him in subverting the law

    13, Are you suggesting that JT fired her because she was aboriginal? Or, alternatively, are you suggesting that if he wanted to fire her, JT should not have done so because she is aboriginal? In either case, you’re suggesting an aboriginal deserves preferential/differential treatment.

    Is it not a dictum of a democracy that all citizens are treated equally, or abused equally?

    Further, I should have asked not of you perhaps but of other conservative commenters: On the issue of Scheer being a Catholic as an excuse for him not to attend Gay Parades –

    If Scheer is placing his personal religious belief ahead of his obligation to respect all Canadians equally, then does that not undermine another primal and cherished pinnacle of our democracy – the separation of Church and State?

    Although the concept comes to us through the U.S. Constitution and it came to them through the European/British Englightenment – we also have a firm understanding that unity and equality is only possible if we firmly separate church from state decisions and state conduct.

    Yet, here we see Scheer catering to his conservative religious voter base who’d be angry with him if he attended a Gay Parade.

    If Scheer wants to be taken seriously, then he must apologize for failing to have attended Gay Parades in the past and promise to treat them with respect and equality in all things in future, including the most visible symbol of accepting and respecting them.

    The most important feature, IMO, of a PM candidate is respect for equality and to uphold the law – including in symbolic events.

  16. Gilbert says:

    Please name a world leader other than Justin Trudeau who attends pride events. Everyone knows that Justin Trudeau is extremely liberal. Now that marijuana is legal, does Andrew Scheer have to smoke it? Of course not. There is no need for social conservatives to attend pride events. For them to do so would be purely hypocritical.

    (Response: Happy to oblige. Among world leaders who have participated in Pride celebrations have been Austrian Presdient Alexander van der Bella, Serbian PM Ana Brnabic, Danish PM Lars Rasmussen AND also Princess Marie of Denmark, Irish PM Leo Varadkar, US Presidents Barack Obama AND Bill Clinton .. and, of course in Canada NDP LEADER Jagmeet Singh, Green LEADER Elizabeth May and Liberal LEADER Justin Trudeau. But to be fair (as I always am) there were leaders of some countries who PUBLICLY opposed Gay Pride recognition in any way: Brazil, Spain, Turkey and Uganda. Personally I prefer having as Canada’s leader someone who would rather be identified with the first list, rather than the second. h.o)

  17. keith says:

    Thanks for providing the context Harvey ;

    Trudeau … a drama teacher almost 20 years ago, portraying Aladdin in an Arabian Nights skit … darkening his complexion, should not be so shocking.

    and to Jason September 19, 2019 at 11:33 pm for pretty much summing it up.

    He was a drama teacher, this is what people in theater do, go all in on being someone they are not.

    We are now in a time where any thought or action can be offensive to someone somewhere, amplified by someone sitting at a keyboard hitting submit a bit too quickly, or others with a vested interest in manufactured outrage for a multitude of reasons, just have to watch the usual suspect talking heads.

    However what goes around comes around. We can collectively bet our bottom dollars that there is a treasure trove of dirt in each parties possession waiting for the right time to be used. Will the critics of Trudeau be as enthusiastic when it’s their politico in the spotlight. Didn’t hear to much outrage from the tory faithful when it was Tony Clements turn.

    I have many reasons why I won’t be voting Liberal but this issue isn’t one of them.

    (Response: People should not assume I will be voting Liberal either. Anyone who reads this blog knows how I have criticized Trudeau for his disgraceful treatment of Jody Wilson Raybould, his fawning over and at the United Nations and just two weeks ago, in a blog entitled Trudeau Gives English Canada the Finger I denounced his decision to take part in TWO French language debates but only ONE English debate. But I try to keep it real and the blackface incidents 20 years ago ..while despicable … fall short of disqualifying him from office today … no matter how much the hypocrites trying to depose him try …while ignoring incidents and condemnable actions in their own camps. h.o)

  18. Art Smith says:

    Hi Harvey, I must say I am very surprised at your take on this matter. Yes it is true a lot of the criticism is hypocritical, however for someone like you to gloss over the heart of this story seems unbelievable. In my opinion, the biggest part of the story is the unmitigated hypocrisy of our PM. This is the man who goes all over the country telling everyone who will listen, how sorry for one thing or another, ad nauseam, he is on behalf of the Canadian people for whatever we supposedly did decades ago. This man cannot bring himself to simply apologize, admit he was wrong, and resign. You know, just like he would make his minions do, or if it was an opposition MP he would be screaming for blood. But no, he makes a feeble non apology, and blames his privilege, and tries to bring us into his excuse saying WE should learn from this, WE have to work on racism, WE have to do better. Not him, US. He is pathetic!

    (Response: I think YOUR bias is showing. I have seen/heard Trudeau apologize SEVERAL times; I have heard/seen him admit SEVERAL times he was wrong. Have you missed all those? As for resigning, you’re dreaming if you think ANY world leader would resign over something like this. If you truly have concerns for ethics and principles, you should demand Scheer get rid of the THREE candidates who have publicly expressed terrible racist and homophobic slurs ..not 20 years ago …but MUCH more recently; or that Singh get rid of the bigoted anti-Israel candidate in Quebec who had the gall to go into a grocery store and start plastering her own labels Israeli goods … actually defacing food products. Those to me … and I’d bet many Canadians … are much more RECENT real idiotic incidents, deserving real action. But notice I did NOT call for Scheer to resign for the homophobic position HE publicly expressed in the House of Commons WHILE IN POLITICS in 2005 … much more recently than Trudeau’s stupid, distasteful antics 20 years ago …and more. h.o)

  19. Leila Paul says:

    Gilbert, How is it hypocritical for a conservative to attend pride events? It is only hypocritical if they publicly condemn gays and then go to a pride event asking for votes.

    Has Scheer said he would reject votes from gays? No. Scheer would undoubtedly gladly accept votes from gay Canadians. Whether or not he has personally appealed to gay Canadians to vote for him – he has done so implicitly.

    Why should it even a consideration for Canadian voters whether leaders of other countries have attended Pride events? Are we dependent on global approval before we are true to what we claim about our pride in our national diversity?

    Pride parades have become community events and are not uniquely intended for gays. It can be reasonably concluded that Scheer just does not want to lose the votes of those who remain contemptuous of gays.

    So Scheer is catering to bigots.

    But what issue is unduly continuing to grab attention? JT’s juvenile antics of yesteryear. Meanwhile, the adult Scheer ignores today’s social acceptance of LGBTQ people.

    Denunciations of JT verge on hysteria – especially the opportunism of politicians – calling JT’s conduct “racist” and hypocritical and not merely stupid and juvenile.

    I find it bewildering because the hypocrisy that should garner focus is Scheer’s disregard of a huge bunch of votes that would undoubtedly make Scheer gleeful if he got those votes. But it’s not just their votes.

    It’s a matter of a politician who wants to be PM of all the people of a highly diverse nation that is implicitly blacking out one large group which has diversity within it – the LGBTQ.

    Now that’s the blackout that should get more attention rather than the blackface. Instead people make excuses for Scheer and act as though he’s more honorable because he’s not being hypocritical.

    Well, if Scheer accepted the reality of TRUE HUMAN DIVERSITY – including homosexuality – then it would not be hypocritical to go to pride events.

    Being conservative is not equivalent with being homophobic. Is that stated in any acceptable contemporary conservative platform? Is it a condition of membership in Scheer’s Conservative Party?

    Scheer needs to act and act quickly if he’s going to continue to claim the high ground without becoming a laughable absurdity himself. He needs to state whether or not he wants gays to vote for him. If he does not, then he should tell them – do not vote for me.

    If Scheer wants to represent all Canadians, including gays, he’d better make a statement showing he respects them and apologize for failing to attend pride events when he’s gone to so many other events of groups that were formerly treated with disdain and contempt.

    Raise your voice Scheer. There are a lot of conservatives who are gay or who have gay family members and friends and want them equally respected by all leaders.

    I have lived the full political continuum from extreme left to conservative and now just see myself as a potential voter of someone I can respect – if I can find an honest person with good motives.

    My arguments are not because I am gay. However, when I was a teenager living in Mexico, my family attended a reunion in Saltillo. The twin boys of the family were absent because they were in Mexico City. One of the twins was having gender reassignment surgery and his twin brother was with him. So I had early exposure to the realities of human variations in self identity.

    What is surprising to me, now in retrospect, is that it was mentioned at the dinner table without any embarrassment or shame. And we are from Bethlehem where, had we still been there, the twin transgender would probably have been killed; perhaps even both twins would have been. But even though this was long ago, there was no disapproval among my relatives. Perhaps I was lucky to have early exposure to what so many decades later became a controversial reality.

    And here we are with some conservatives still defending Andrew Scheer for what can only be justifiably called homophobia.

    It is now up to Scheer to awaken the Conservative Party and make reality part of the Party’s platform. Humanity, in all its diversity, is too complex to be divided into left, right segments or liberal, conservative simplicity.

    Even if the majority live heterosexual lives, Scheer must take the steps to also acknowledge that sexuality is also a continuum. And every group within that continuum who is a law-abiding citizen deserves equal recognition.

    When courting all the other segments of society so publicly – it’s time for Scheer to also court the LGBTQ citizens.

  20. Harry Lawson says:

    Wow I must be a egnima, I consider myself a social conservative, I have been called a social justice warrior, I attend and support many pride events . Yet because I am ga social conservative Gilbert thinks all conservatives are all hypocrites . Lol

    (Response: People don’t even have to endorse others’ religion or lifestyle etc to support their RIGHTS to believe it, to live it and, most importantly, be treated EQUALLY. THAT’s the issue for me that bothers me about Scheer: a Prime Minister should respect and treat ALL law-abiding Canadians EQUALLY … regardless of his own religious belief or creed etc. h.o)

  21. keith says:

    Apologies for a second kick at the cat.

    This issue has been carried all over the world by many major newspapers and networks.

    In your response to Art Smith you mentioned the apologies Trudeau has made. The presser he did on the plane when the first blackface hit was carried all over and in depth on CNN Don Lemon show. A couple of pundits were weighing in with differing views, but what they all agreed on was the speed and completeness of the apology coming from a world leader not trying to duck the problem but deal with it. They were somewhat shocked in contrast to what they experience on a daily basis and gave him a lot of credit for doing so.

    So yea, it may not be ticking everyone’s boxes but it’s a long way from his sleazy handling of SNC Lavalin. Maybe that was the lesson he learned from that shambles.

    (Response: His handling of SNC …and Jody Wilson Raybould … bother me much more and could affect my vote more than his blackface antics. ho.)

  22. BMCQ says:


    Interesting .

    I am Conservative and have friends and family from all different political leanings, straight, LBTQ .

    I do not think Scheer or any Leader really need to court any specific group, those Leaders and their Party need to be genuine, guarantee equal treatment to all ?Canadians regardless of any leanings, religions, ethnicities, Sexual orientation etc.

    I like how Scheer made it clear that the Abortion Issue would not be reopened, that is good enough .

    I am fine with Pride but if I was a Leader I would announce publicly I would not attend as long as Pride which is supposed to be inclusive for obvious reasons has now excluded UBC, Van Public Library, and VPD . Hypocrisy at it’s worst .

    After digesting the whole PM Justin Black/Brown Face Fiasco following news reports, this Blog, and various other commentary from many different quarters I am now of the personal opinion that PM Justin is probably not a Racist .

    Having said that he IS however still and forever all of the other things I have labeled him and he is unfit to be Canadian PM. He possesses the Judgement and Maturity of an eleven year old . How many times do Canadians need to see that before they figure out he is a Man Child with a very complex psyche .

    I would be very interested to see a qualified professional unpack PM Justin’s Messiah Complex, it would be quite the story .

    I still have not seen or heard one Liberal, Green, or NDP person explain how they would feel if the person pictured in Black/Brown Face was Scheer or Max .

    Let’s be honest here, if that was the Case there would be Demands for Resignation from Politicians, Activists, and Media right around Canada and the rest of the World .

    Someone mentioned Don Lemon, a Hypocrite, Despicable, Dishonest, Hater if there ever was one .

  23. Leila Paul says:

    Maybe JT would handle the SNC Lavalin issue differently today. It may be wishful thinking, but I felt I was watching a man emerge from the pampered person of his easy life. Being PM he’s been exposed to a lot of pain other people experienced. It may not have registered until this public blackface humiliation.

    What if Justin is growing morally and spiritually? Maybe the blackface experience has taught him the humility life never before dealt him.

    JT acknowledges he’s had an easy life and had no empathy with those who’ve suffered. I sensed he was sincere in the videos I watched.

    I’m now willing to consider JT should not be written-off just yet.

    However, I’m still waiting for Andrew Scheer to show that as an adult, he must act like a human who recognizes and empathizes with others who are not like him.

    And then there’s Max. I eagerly await the debate with Max. The one with Bernier, Scheer and JT will be spell-binding for me.

    I just hope Singh is not overcome by the intense attention that will be directed at JT, Scheer and Bernier.

    Suddenly, the election is becoming far more interesting. Thanks for this blog’s dialogue, Harvey. You’ve given me an opportunity to review and revise some of my own too hasty prior conclusions.

    (Response: As blog readers know, I vote in Judy Raybould Wilson’s riding and although I have blogged about my own concerns about her … I must say Trudeau’s SNC deceit and firing her for being ethical is still weighing heavily on me (more than his blackface foolishness) and I admire JRW’s integrity in standing up to him. Still not decided though; definitely not NDP or Green this time … and I do like some of Scheer’s platform, but feeling him more and more to be a bit phoney and too “religious” for me to be P.M. h.o)

  24. 13 says:

    @leila, JT handling of JWR and the SNC scandal does not jive with his photo ops from when he posed with her after appointing her as AG He killed two PCSJW birds with one indigenous woman. Trudeau should not have fired her because she did nothing wrong.
    But to fire her was hard on his fake persona. I guess Justin puts corrupt Quebec based companies ahead of women, indigenous or otherwise.
    If Justin attended a gay pride event , or any event whatsoever we should be suspect of his motives. As they say in the ads Justin Trudeau is not as advertised. How do we know when Justin is at a pride event if he is playing the role or if he actually cares about gay rights. HE CLAIMED TO SUPPORT MINORITIES. HE CLAIMED TO SUPPORT WOMENS RIGHTS. HE SWORE WITH HONOR THAT HE ACCORDING TO THE LAWS SHALL FAITHFULLY…………
    He lied about all those claims and oaths. What makes anyone believe he cares about gay rights. If his actions speak louder than his words then he doesnt care one iota.

    (Response: Your comment “If Justin attended a gay pride event , or any event whatsoever we should be suspect of his motives” is one of the silliest lines I’ve ever seen on this blog. Couldn’t that be said of ANYONE attending ANY event? Especially a politician … ANY politician … attending ANY event??? Surely you can’t be that naive … or biased! h.o)

  25. 13 says:

    Sorry Harvey, but I suspect that Justin has been acting in bad faith long before he was elected as PM. His actions over the past 4 years with the spotlight on him have been disastrous. He is rehearsed and has trouble with his delivery. Unrehearsed in the case of what his family does re plastic was a great example of his inability to deliver a coherent answer to a simple question.
    Yes your correct we (I) could be suspect of anyones motives anytime. In the case of Justin Trudeau , with his dismal track record you would indeed have to be naive not to suspect his motives

  26. 13 says:

    BTW, Thanks for giving me the choice between naivete or biased.
    Ill admit to biased when it comes to Justin Trudeau. I regard him with contempt bordering on loathing.

  27. SB says:

    Almost laughable in the political use of Trudeus costume for an event give me some real issues that matter to ponder.
    Sheer hanging out with Goldy is every bit as bad maybe worse that truly links to a viewpoint that is very scary, great choices our political system has given us .

  28. Leila Paul says:

    13, I agree that we should be suspicious of the motives of JT but I’ve always believed that those who seek power and leadership positions are usually the ones least worthy.

    The problem is those who are likely to be the best leaders in any context are usually too modest, or cherish their privacy too much. They consider the public political arena a ludicrous circus and don’t want to be humiliated when things are blown out of proportion or the substantive issues are too complex to discuss.

    Remember when Kim Campbell said an election is not the right time to discuss serious issues, or some words to that effect? So those are the politicians who might believe behind-the-scenes actions are the place to make decisions, in the dark shadows where evil lurks – to paraphrase a line from something I do not recall.

    There’s also the issue of the kinds of questions the media tend to ask candidates and the presumptuousness of some reporters who are not well-informed on the complexities of issues and ask the silliest questions. They often have to be coached through earpieces and that’s been the subject of a few comedies.

    We also cannot discount the role of consultants and strategists who advise not only politicians but news media outlets on how to increase their numbers – ratings or votes. Those behind-the-scenes forces are the ones I blame for starting the deterioration that’s brought us the strange verbal dance between politicos and reporters on their trail.

    I’ve always believed that a good reporter needs to have studied more than just politics in the academic, theoretical sense, but also basic economics theories (even voodoo economics); philosophy; history going back to as much pre-history as is available. The roots of today’s problems run much deeper than simply a few years ago, the last election or even a few decades.

    They must also be well versed on the current state of global rivalries and know that any lobby group is always presenting its best “talking points” and its most appealing “sock puppet”.

    Instead, as long as they can hold a small tape recorder and microphone and elbow their way into a scrum – that’s it, they’re the public Don Quijote or the well-trained performer.

    In the end, democracy suffers and so do the people.

    So one could use the old phrase “voting for the lesser evil” or the “least worst” when deciding how to vote.

    The other option is not voting at all. It’s a terrible dilemma. And it is we, the public, who let it happen.

  29. Gene The Bean says:

    This is really starting to make me giggle.

    I know modern conservatism only works in a bubble of fear and hate but the abject hate for Trudeau is becoming laughable. Ya, he is a bozo sometimes. Put anyone of us under the microscope and it wouldn’t be pretty either.

    It isn’t like he is purposefully doing horrible, hurtful or harmful things – only Cons do that.

  30. BMCQ says:

    Although I have always found Conrad Black to be Arrogant, and Egotistical, I tend to agree with him most of the time on anything political, i also find him to be an incredibly good columnist .

    Some of you here may find the attached of interest .

    As I have earlier stated I find it very odd, puzzling, and telling that PM Justin has always had the need to Prance and parade around in so many different costumes over his life .

    I wonder, did ne stop off in the Hawaiian Islands on his return from India and Asia ? Would love to see him in a Grass Skirt and Lei . Aloha !

    As to Bias

    I have made a point of asking many friends and business associates in and out of Canada their take on PM Justins “Costume Gate” and I have heard many different answers on that .

    Seems that many feel he is more than likely not racist but most offered description I get is PM Justin is a “Moron” .

    I have even had 2 Liberal Voters say he is certainly not who they want as PM but they will vote Liberal anyway .

    Having said that if scheer had been in Black/Brown face 20 years ago and had now become an adult i would still vote Scheer .

    The difference here is that PM Justin has done this at least 3 times and that does not include more that will undoubtedly come and all of the others including Costume Gate India .

    I repeat, we need to get more answers on PM Justins “Messiah Complex” .

    When one concludes that a People Kind is a Moron, a Liar, Egotistical, Deceptive, Devious, Manipulative, A sexist Groper, a Hypocrite, based on irrefutable fact and hard evidence that opinion is not based on bias, it is based on the reality of the situation .

    Again, how many of you on this Blog admit that PM Justin is all of those things and more yet you will still vote for him .

    I am sure JWR will be impressed with your logic .

  31. Harry Lawson says:

    As I follow the various news reports ,watch and listen to the apologies, I realize we may be watching a Phoenix rising out of the ashes. Trudeau has actually gotten in front of this blackface scandal. Once again Trudeau is showing that he is a hell of a campaigner . A benefit is we are having a mature political discussion on multiculturalism. Only a month to go ,a eternity in politics.

    (Response: Amazing how short a “shelf life” these things have these days. I’m still fascinated by the story and the interesting political attempts by Trudeau’s opponents and their supporters to keep it alive ..while pretending they really care about persons of colour sensitivities … although NONE of them are on record as ever objecting before to all the shows, skits and entertainers in “the good old days” who drew millions of fans as they laughingly portrayed various people of colour. However as the CBC went “in depth” again last night on the issue, a friend of mine who is non-political, non-journalistic sighed, changed the channel and blamed “the media” for going on and on about it. That’s a lesson I Think Scheer/Singh and their strategists should take very seriously: Trudeau has a lot more CURRENT weaknesses and flaws that could be exploited … not to mention his opponents also wasting precious news coverage minutes where they could be impressing voters with THEIR own plans, promises, programs and personalities. Maybe instead they’re playing into Trudeau’s hands! h.o.)

  32. e.a.f. says:

    (Edited …off topic.)

    So we have Trudeau wearing “brown/black” face and really does it mater in the over all picture? He did it almost 20 years ago. It was in poor taste, but how many reading this, in the past twenty years went out on Halloween and did something similar. How many wore Indian head dresses? Cultural appropriation is not a good thing.

    Are you gong to worry about this in 19 years? What will impact our society in 19 years? What Trudeau did 19 years ago or what he is currently doing? Its all great political theatre. I’m sure the Conservatives have been sitting on this for a very long time, looking for the “right time” to release it. Releasing it now creates much more political damage than if it had been released 5 months ago or a year ago or even in the last election. Some parties have done a lot of research, because they need to do as much damage to Trudeau as they can to win an election. The kids marching today may ask: what will he do in terms of climate change, pollution, saving our wild life? What will be important to those kids marching today; wearing “black/brown face” or taking a stronger position on pollution in our environment.

    while many are carrying on about Trudeau and his “make up” lets not forget that Scheer’s campaign manager comes to him from The Rebel. Not exactly a bastion of equality. For those who don’t know much about The Rebel and its creator, Ezra Levant, just google it and have a good think. Lets not forget Scheer and many of his M.P.s were part of a government which decided to pay less for the education and health of Indigenous children, while in government. So what is worse, the Conservatives paying less for Indigenous children’s well being than all other Canadian children or Trudeau wearing inappropriate make up 19 years ago. (The Canadian Human Rights did find the government of that time guilty of discrimination)

    As Stephen Corbett said on his show the other night, Canada was in the news with Trudeau for all the wrong reasons. Then as he said some thing to the effect, it wasn’t their leader this time and doing almost a happy dance. It did make me laugh. His next line was, take that Canada.

    Scheer may be having a “righteous” time with all of this right now and other parties may take this subject up and have a go at each other, but lets not get distracted from the here and now. For me the here and now are those cheques the Liberal government send out each month to families living around the poverty line. I don’t think too many parents in receipt of that money really care what Trudeau was wearing at a party 19 years ago. They just want to feed their kids and keep a roof over their heads.

    Scheer may not have worn “black/brown” face, but what has he done for children of colour in this country? I do know he stood for pictures during that little demo in Ottawa with some people who weren’t that keen on people of colour. I know he wants to give some people a tax rebate for $800 a year, but the kid who went to 3 parties wearing “brown/black” face sends out cheques each and every month to feed kids.

    Neither of these two politicians have done all that much for the environment, beyond make promises.

    Singh has a right to be insulted, the other political party leaders, not so much. One of the wonders of being old is, there isn’t much around in pictures of what we did in our younger days. So while people are running around setting their hair on fire, how many of us said or did culturally inappropriate things, when we were young. Of course, it can be said, we aren’t running for public office. However, we might want to ask ourselves how did we turn out and what was our over all contribution to the world around us.

    We can move on or we can mud sling. My take on it, it won’t have much of an impact on the election. A well played media strategy can over come this.

  33. Gilbert says:

    The Catholic church believes that Pride events promote and encourage a culture and activities that are contrary to the faith and morals of the Catholic church. Those on the left love to preach tolerance, but it seems they don’t really tolerate Catholic views. I have an uncle who is guy. Though I love him, there are things we disagree about. But we both agree that marriage is betwwen a man and woman, and that it shouldn’t be redefined.

    (Response: I think many Canadians would be uncomfortable with a leader whose “deep faith” rules his or actions as Prime Minister. We’re not electing a Pope. I still remember when Quebec had STRONG Catholic influences … and it held back the province …especially the Francophones terribly. Take a look at countries that have overly strong religious influences at the top: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan. Thanks …but no thanks. h.o)

  34. Leila Paul says:

    Racism, like beauty, may be in the eye of the beholder. I do not see Trudeau’s actions as racist, but my son and friends of his generation do.

    My son was in university in the mid to late 1990s and he says at that time he and his friends would have considered darkening their skin to mimic an African would certainly have been racist.

    The only place where such a farcical ridicule of black or brown skinned people might have occurred, my son said, might have been in a drunken party inside a frat house where the intent would have been to denigrate Africans.

    Yet my son said even at their most bawdy and gaudy parties, none of the frat members ever did anything that would require conscious and intentional acts to masquerade as another ethnicity. They knew that would be racist – and not just perceived as racist.

    It’s possible my son is simply more sensitive because, as an all-Canadian academic who participated in many sports, most of my sons closest friends were black athletes.

    His other close friend was a non-observant Sikh who choreographed and directed fashion shows for charities, in which my son also modeled. His Sikh friend was very conscientious to ensure clothing or costumes being modeled could not be mistakenly perceived as ridiculing any ethnic or racial group. And this was in the mid to late 90s.

    So perhaps the sincerity I saw in Trudeau’s eyes was not shame but sincere regret he’d been caught in a lie that did not allow him a way to escape accountability.

    It may be that in the eyes of people of my son’s generation, JT is just an insecure, unaccomplished, attention-seeking clown.

  35. Marge says:

    It seems perfectly clear Harvey that you are behaving exactly as the mainstream MSM. Finding our your hero is an emperor with no clothes you deflect with Scheer’s lack of attendance at gay parades. Sounds very shallow and very CBC or Globalish.

    Either Trudeau is the most clueless lunatic in the history of politics, what kind of idiot dons black face not once, not twice, but three times. Then in the mea culpa interview actively states he doesn’t know how many other times he has done this.

    Again fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    I thought this quote from Andrew Coyne is one of the best I’ve read about all of this nonsense:

    “But the character and credibility of a leader is a much broader matter than one issue. It informs every part of his record, the whole of his platform. The leader we saw dissembling so skillfully this week in Winnipeg is the same one who lied to the public, repeatedly, about the SNC-Lavalin affair; who made solemn and explicit promises on electoral reform and balanced budgets he had no intention of keeping; who ran roughshod over Parliament in exactly the same ways he had most decried in his predecessor.”

    Trudeau is a fraud. Count me in as blatantly against him. (Although I suspect he may be a bit brain damaged from all the drugs his mom Maggie was consuming then!)

    (Response: It’s one thing to disagree …but quite another, and really quite disgraceful that because you don’t like my opinion on this issue you become insulting and personally demeaning. Where were YOU when I wrote the blog “Trudeau Gives the Finger to English Speaking Voters” just two weeks ago? or last month when I blogged “Is Justin Trudeau Too Soft to Govern”?? Readers should pay close attention to your Comments: they are a perfect example, in my opinion, of someone who is not only totally blindly partisan but condemns and even tries to intimidate/demean those with other views. Shameful! You show me what it would be like to live in a Fascist dictatorship … and, frankly, I believe your tactics will do more harm to Scheer/Tories than help them win votes. h.o)

  36. Leila Paul says:


    Do you think Scheer wants the votes of the LGBTQ? If so, do they deserve the same recognition he’s given to other groups who were once victims of discrimination in Canada?

    Also, I’m not sure I think Andrew Coyne is entirely objective although I do highly respect Coyne’s work. His sister ran as a rival to Justin.

    (Edited topic)

    All the power brokers of the party seemed to think Justin’s extroverted personality, pretty boy good looks and last name would be consistently winning features. Once again, as with Ignatieff, they failed to do their research in advance.

    (Edited…off topic … which is TRUDEAU/blackface and the reactions.)

    In any case, I am now wondering about the future of the formerly “natural governing party of Canada”. But is that a good thing for Canadians? I think it is. The Liberal party’s stranglehold has needed to be broken for a long time.

    Now the question is will Scheer come out of his cloistered religious ideology and appear more responsive to all Canadians desite his personal beliefs. I repeat what I’ve said before. If a candidate should respectfully support voters from whom he seeks support. It’s a mutual give and take.

    Personal religious beliefs are not compatible in a democracy with legislative roles of politicians when exercising their duties. That is also true, IMO, for an MP – or PM.

  37. 13 says:

    “It isnt like hes purposefully doing horrible hurtfull harmfull thing ..only cons do that”
    Grabbed or groped a woman
    Aga khan holiday
    lied about black face X3 and counting
    attempted to influence a criminal court action against snc
    attempted to bully his own AG
    Facing possible charges for obstruction of justice
    Lied about voter reform.
    If these arent enough just google Trudeau blunders . Make sure you set aside enough time to get through a long list.
    Okay Harper blah harper blah.

  38. D. M. Johnston says:

    My second attempt as the gods of my computer deleted my post.

    I am not a Liberal, nor will i vote liberal this time around. I am no fan of Trudeau the younger, but, as per the late Rafe Mair’s political axiom #2: you don’t have to be a 10 to win in politics, but you can be a 3 if everyone else is a 2.

    Well Trudeau is still a 3 and Scheer is a 2.

    What happened 20 years ago at a private function; a masquerade (he was a Genii and from my recollection Geniis are a eastern/south Asian invention, which peoples have a rather darker hue).

    What I see is classic elite bad taste, just like his fashion flop in India, again bad taste. But racist, no.

    I also see another class of people, the professionally offended, my god they even give degrees for this, but under a more professional name, but still, it is the professionally offended.

    This election I am far more concerned with Climate change and the ills that it will bring; corruption at all levels of government; international affairs, where China, Russia and the USA, are greatly influencing Canadian politics; and my greatest concern, the demise of democracy in Canada, where we elect potentates for 4 years, who does as he/she wants, with little fear of backlash.

    There is a more but those are the biggies. Brown face comes at about concern #199.

    Racism is a problem in Canada, but it is far more subtle and vile as all ethnic types are racist to a degree, god knows, my wife is Asian and the vile crap thrown at us by Asian and south Asian people would make our caucasian sheet wearers blush.

    So on this score:

    Bad taste 1

    Racist 0.

    The professional offended, their 15 minutes of fame.

    Let us get on with real issues.

    (Response: I think you’ll find the posting I plan to write before the first official debate of interest. h.o)

  39. Leila Paul says:

    Tolerance is not tolerance if the people you respect have the same social and sexual conduct as you do. That does not require anything unusual.

    But if you or your religious faith disapprove of something or a particular way of life and you are a candidate hoping to be their leader – then when you respect them and share their festivities that is tolerance.


    From this I conclude that Andrew Scheer is very common. He is like a coward who hides in the crowd with which he already agrees.

    THAT IS NOT LEADERSHIP. Scheer should join the Catholic priesthood and clean up its corruptions which extends far beyond merely pedophilia.

    What is Max Bernier’s opinion and the PPC policy? From Bernier’s Twitter account:

    Maxime Bernier
    Verified account

    Follow Follow @MaximeBernier
    3/ Let me be very clear on this.

    PPC has several candidates, EDA execs and staff who are gay.

    We welcome them not because we have a gay quota to fill, but because they share our principles and policies.

    Their sexuality, just like their gender or ethnicity, is IRRELEVANT.

    5:32 AM – 9 May 2019

    If I’m going to throw away my vote by not voting at all, I am better off to vote for Max Bernier.

  40. 13 says:

    Somewhere BMCQ attached a link to the Nat Post . An article written by Conrad Black.
    I realize the mention of Blacks name is enough to send some of us running to a river with hair on fire But (or Butts) it is very much worth the few minutes it takes to read it. I believe it is a fair balanced analysis of the current PM.

  41. BMCQ says:


    (Edited topic)

    So you say, “So PM Justin wore Black/Brown Face, does that really matter in the overall picture ”

    Ok then, you tell me, would it matter if the person in the Black/Brown face was Andrew Scheer ?

    (Edited…off topic)


    so PM Justin is a 3 and Andrew is a 2 .

    I would be very much interested into the Math you used to conjure up that conclusion, would you care to share that with us ?

    Sanctimonious, Sociopath, Superiority Complex, all new and more recent descriptions i have heard about PM Justin from various Media types in just the last day, that is all in addition to Hypocrite, Messiah Complex, Devious, Dishonest, Pathological Liar, Groper, and the other dozen or so we have all heard from Media types, amazingly enough so many of those very Media types were once “Trudeauites” and they literally once worshipped the Ground PM Justin Walked on .

    You must have an incredible insight DMJ as it is not all of us that can determine so easily that Scheer is a “2” and PM Justin sits at that lofty perch of being a “3”.

    You have figured this all out so well I have concluded that you should actually get “2” Votes to Cast on Election Day .

  42. Marge says:

    As a young teenager when Trudeau senior was running for election, I was caught up in the energy of the times and spent many hours out campaigning for him, believing all the hype in the media. My mom (a strong NDP supporter) nonetheless took me to a rally for Standfield, leader of the Conservatives at the time. I didn’t even know who he was. Here we had this old staunch dry as toast Nova Scotian (I believe) man who spoke from the heart but he was no match for the charismatic Pierre Trudeau. My mom at the end of Standfield’s speech turned to me and said : “Pick substance over style”. I now will choose Scheer, a rather boring man over the super cool Trudeau. I have learned my mom’s lesson.

    To explain myself further. I know you’ve written lots of articles about Trudeau but you keep coming back to Scheer’s non attendance at gay parades as if that is the sole basis we should judge him. I haven’t seen an article from you yet about what Scheer is offering the country or your opinion regarding his promises.

    (Edited…off topic.)

    The election will NOT be won by attendance at gay parades nor blackface apologies I hope but by which party is believed to be the most honest with the most integrity. Right now the Liberals are not showing any honest intentions. They are fronting a man with so many issues it is frightening. Would you vote for a politician who can’t even answer a question without making a mistake? The drink box thingy showed how low he is in intelligence.

    The Liberals are backing Justin, a man of incredible lack of judgment, accountability and responsibility. The reason I talked about his mom’s drug problems is that he seems to have all the indications of having been a drug baby by the way he has not grown up. This may not be the case. He might just be a spoiled rich kid, given everything with nothing expected of him and when things are revealed about his decisions, he denies until he is proven “guilty”, then he blames everyone around him (society for example in the last go round) except him.

    All we have to do is look at his record. The only promise kept was the legalization of pot. He didn’t balance the budget, didn’t respect bright women, and treated First Nations as if they were beneath any dignity. Then we have to look at his lack of honesty.

    How many times has Trudeau lied to us? SNCLavalin – stood in front of cameras and said the Globe’s article was false. Said Jody wasn’t telling the truth. Said there was only one picture of him in black face. Now saying he doesn’t know many times he did it.

    All of this has shown me that we are in grave danger in supporting a PM with not one but two ethical violations, a PM who can apologize at the drop of the hat but only when caught, a very immature soul with many layers of issues. That is why he is not my choice for leader of the party and the Liberals are not my party of choice for this election.

    (Response: Please tell me where I have EVER suggested, stated or even hinted that Scheer’s attendance at gay parades is “the sole basis we should judge him”. Are you so desperate to push your agenda that you now come up with “alternative facts”? But I do believe he shows a bias against some Canadians that we would NEVER tolerate if it was directed against blacks. Muslims, Jews, Chinese etc …. WHY is it acceptable against gays??? And the reasons given for his homophobia …that he is a very “devout Catholic” raises the spectre that he could/would let religion colour public policy, and after being raised in Quebec and seeing that there, yes, it worries me. As for your complaint “haven’t seen an article from you yet about what Scheer is offering the country or your opinion regarding his promises” … you also haven’t seen any articles yet from me telling readers what Trudeau, Singh or May are “offering the country”. This is a blog … where I rant my opinions on matters usually already made public and then give others an opportunity to respond/do the same. It’s ABOUT the issues, ideas, stories affecting us … not a newspaper or Hansard just publishing promises, platforms or propaganda from politicians. h.o)

  43. Leila Paul says:


    From what I remember Stanfield may have been underappreciated.

    But then you say Scheer is a man of substance. I do not see where Scheer has done or said anything out of what I’d normally expect from the Conservative Party.

    I still worry that if Scheer allows his personal faith to influence his public policy as a candidate and shun a legal festive gay event. Scheer is – at best – out of date, if not cruel in neglecting people who’ve suffered discrimination for so long.

    I’m from a generation where we did not recognize that Trudeau’s blackface is perceived as consciously racist by others of his generation. An animated discussion with my son made me realize that in the mid 90s consciously covering one’s face, arms and legs with black make-up was considered racist even then by Trudeau’s age group.

    And, as my son reminded me, many people at that time did not have cell phones with video capability. So there may have been many other instances where JT did the something similar. I believe even JT admitted as much but said he could not recollect. Perhaps that was a tacit admission of other blackface events but said as a precaution in case more photos emerge.

    I agree no one single issue should justify disqualifying a candidate. But if conscious behavior contradicts agreeable words that come too easily, then we should be more cautious in our electoral choices.

    Whether it’s candidates who mock others with blackface make-up or show open disregard of our gay citizens – we must consider how it informs their legislative decisions as leaders.

  44. e.a.f. says:

    Stanfield, a man who missed his time. He most likely was one of the best people who didn’t make it as P.M. IF the Conservatives could conjure him up from the grave there would be a good chance I’d vote for him. Scheer is no Stanfield.

  45. Art Smith says:

    Hi Harvey, just a short observation on Scheer being vilified and condemned by you and others on your blog for not attending Gay Pride events. Maybe he, like many others including many gay people, are uncomfortable with the nudity, the exhibitionism and narcissism that quite often are prevalent at these events. I know that I would not appreciate some person flopping their junk around in public, or how the police just let it carry on, when if done at any other time, they would be arrested and charged.

    PS: I think you would find that a number of Liberals also voted against gay marriage, 48 I believe.

    (Response: I’m no expert but I have no doubt there are MANY gay events … meetings, conventions, social and charity events .. without nudity. LOL! Scheer is being vilified for HIS OWN STATEMENTS AND ACTIONS … showing 1950’s bigotry towards a significant number of Canadian citizens … not acceptable I feel for someone who wants to be PM in 2019. And it’s a shame , because I’m sure there are many voters who would like a more conservative fiscal approach … but without the bigotries and hatreds and xenophobic positions so often associated with the Conservatives of the past. h.o)

  46. Gilbert says:

    Leaders who are or were religious include Jimmy Carter, Angela Merkel, Felipe Calderon, Lech Walesa and Mahatama Gandhi. Surely there are a few there that people on the left might like. Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin were not religious. It’s a little simplistic to think that all religious leaders are bad and all secular ones are good.

    I thought Justin Trudeau’s t-shirt with the last supper that had emojis all over it was offensive. I also thought it was intolerant to state that only those who supported abortion could apply for grants for summer jobs. For me it shows little respect for Christians.

    Does Andrew Scheer want the votes of gays? I’m sure he does, but I suspect most gays won’t vote for him. I’m sure he’ll also take the votes of marijuana smokers, atheists, agnostics, Quebec separatists and others whose views differ from his own.

    The fact is that the prime minister represents all Canadians. He knows that, and he will receive the votes of many Canadians of diverse backgrounds. It’s time for a change.

    (Response: Since you mentioned Jimmy Carter, I checked: he not only accepted and met with gay people, he APPROVED gay marriage!! You can read it here:
    Kind of funny …you made MY point: in 2019 Western civilization, Scheer is the anomaly … a throwback to the religious bigotry of the 1950s. A few days ago, I revealed my voting decision still hung between Libs/Tories and Independent Jody Wilson Raybould. But seeing Scheer’s homophobia being defended so stridently and even supported is disappointing to me …and I suspect others as well … making us fear a hidden retrograde agenda against gays, women, abortion rights etc if the Scheer/Tories do take office. People should pay close attention to what his “base” says in the blogosphere. Thanks. h.o)

  47. 13 says:

    If Scheer was to become a priest and somehow rid the church of any pedophiles I would be okay with that as long as he became the first Prime Minister that was also an ordained priest. Not saying which is more important riding the church of pedophiles is a noble goal riding Canada of our idiot PM is also a noble goal. As chances are Scheer wont join the priesthood so I wish him God speed getting rid of Trudeau.

  48. Gilbert says:

    I made my point, Harvey. You don’t have a problem with religious leaders as long as they are not too right-wing.

    (Response: Actually I don’t have a problem with conservatives …as long as they’re not too religious ..and want to impose their religion on the rest of Canadians. And yes “too right wing” as you put it is also no good … and nor is “too left wing”! h.o.)

  49. Leila Paul says:

    e.a.f., Flora McDonald – another Conservative whose life may provide good lessons for Scheer.

    Meanwhile, as we debate blackface of our PM Justin, in the U.S. an openly gay candidate for the Democratic party may put Canada to shame.

    If Pete Buttigieg wins the primaries and then the presidency, he and his spouse would be the first openly gay couple in the White House.

    I hope Americans have the good sense to make it so.

  50. BMCQ says:


    Why would anyone vote for a person because of Gender, Age, Religion, Non Religion, Ethnicity, Skin Colour, Height, Weight, or anything else we might think of .

    Just as silly and most disrespectful to each and every Federal Liberal why would PM Justin pick hiscCabinet based on Gender Equity ? IMHO another reason to question his Judgement and level of Maturity . Talk about Pandering to his Base, how stupid does he think Canadians really are ? Please do not answer thst I think I just did ,

    Using 20 as a good number for Federal Cabinet Posts we have say 10 Female and 10 Male Cabinet Ministers .

    What if there were 19 better qualified Female Candidates for those 20 spots, would you expect PM Justin to leave out 9 Female Candidates to appoint 10 Male Cabinet Members so to achieve Gender Equity in Cabinet ?

    I must admit I am not surprised that PM Justin would do something thst juvenile but I would be sickened if Canadians thought that made sense .

    What does this kind of policy say to Canadian Women of all ages ? Don’t worry you are not as qualified but we will ensure you get Equity balance any way .

    I certainly hope that is not the same criteria we apply to choosing candidates for Med School, then again .

    Canada is a G 7 Country, should we not expect and demand better from our Federal Government .

    I cannot remember I watched anything on CBC since the Friendly Giant but I made a point of watching some kind of Political Panel Show today to see what their take was on Black/Brown Face Gate . The Panel chosen checked all of the PC SJW Boxes so it was the typical “White Man Bad “ stuff, all very unhappy miserable people that had nothing positive or constructive to say .

    I did get a laugh out of one of the women that said “PM Justin always was a Diva “ . I really believe we are about to see and hear much more about PM Justin than what we might expect . It seems to me like we are very slowly witnessing the skin of the Onion being peeled back right before our eyes .

    I also found it interesting that one of the Panel was the Host of a Pod Cast called “Safe Spaces” , I am quite disappointed as I was going to choose that very name for my own Pod Cast I want to launch Jan 1 .

    I found it quite telling that all 4 of them were quite critical of PM Justin even calling him “Rich”, I guess them are fightin words .

    Rich, Wow, that must be the Biggest Insult ever .

  51. Leila Paul says:


    You write “Why would anyone vote for a person because of Gender, Age, Religion, Non Religion, Ethnicity, Skin Colour, Height, Weight, or anything else we might think of .”

    Those traits as the basis of electoral choices – or any job choice – are exactly what I’m opposed to. I thought all my multiple posts would have made that clear.

    What I object to is the exclusion of qualified people, both as voters and candidates, based on those superficial traits or personal biases of those who can impose them into an electoral campaign or job search.

    As a woman I would like to comment on the dangers of forcing women and visible minorities into roles just because of a juvenile numbers game of artificial gender and ethnic equality.

    I believe many women and minorities have been given roles for which they were, or are, not qualified. Some have had the necessary past experience and are performing supremely well.

    For fear of once again straying away from the topic of this column I cannot say more. But our nation’s survival depends on rejecting the silliness of frivolous leaders for they are a liability if they mock other ethnic Canadians with blackface performances. Fifty to 100 years ago, we were a white majority continent with no understanding of how damaging to our public interests and personally hurtful prejudice is.

    It further insults us when some explanation from JT appear to use his privilege as an excuse. Some things he’s said even seem to suggest his behavior makes him a victim of his privileges.

    It’s astounding how audacious he presumes to be. Had JT during his first campaign acknowledged past stupid behavior and given a vague description of it and then said he had learned and grown since his juvenile frivolity, then none of this would have arisen as an issue now.

    Scheer must do the same if he is to be taken seriously going forward. Scheer has every right to his personal faith and his personal beliefs. Scheer must take, tangible, visible steps to show us all that he separates his religious ideals from his decision-making as a politician.

    Scheer must instill confidence in us that his private faith, which we all respect regardless of our own faith beliefs or lack therof, that his religious doctrines will not guide his public role.

    Scheer must prove he’s worthy of asking us to make him the most important leader of us all.

    I really must stop posting too often. Harvey is so kind to offer us this blog as a public service. I do not wish to appear to exploit his patience and good will.

  52. Jason says:


    I should clarify a point about the CBC story I mentioned that aired on the 19th. The reporter was interviewing parents of former pupils of the school that Trudeau taught at who had attended the event in question, not random members of the public. I have to think that they probably would have defended any former teacher who was caught out in the way in which Trudeau was. Perhaps Trudeau was a particularly charismatic or inspirational teacher. I don’t know, but I do know most of us have had teachers who were that way at some point in our schooling. And most parents remember the teachers who taught their children fondly, in most cases at least.

    I take your point about Andrew Scheer and Maxime Bernier. If a picture of either of them in ethnic dress or darkened faces emerged, obviously the coverage in the media would have been quite different. Scheer would have been likened to a second coming of a 1930’s dictator and as for Bernier, well, I’ll leave that your imagination. But, as the great Tory politician Enoch Powell (in my mind, the greatest Conservative mind of the last half of the last century) once said, a politician that complains about the roughness of press coverage, is like a sailor complaining about the roughness of the sea.

    In any case, my reaction would have been the same. The act of wearing a costume at a party is not an act of racial discrimination. The act of darkening one’s face, while distasteful by contemporary standards, is also not necessarily an act of unhinged racial bigotry. I sincerely doubt that any candidate for office could rise to lead a national political party if they were an out and out racist. I also doubt that fair minded people would base their vote solely on such a matter. And certainly no one should be barred from standing for office because of a stupid costume or an idiotic social media post from a decade or more ago. We are in the midst of an election campaign and we all have our chance to cast our lot next month. Let the people judge for themselves, I say.

    Does Justin Trudeau like to dress up? He certainly does, I agree. The fiasco in India proved that. I suppose it diminished our standing in the world for a time and damaged our relations with India, though probably not permanently. Then again, plenty of other politicians in Canada cravenly attempt to pander to ethnic voting blocs. Christy Clark pulled a similar stunt at the Golden Temple in Amritsar and I remember some lovely pictures of Gordon Campbell in various types of ethnic attire. Jason Kenney, not exactly a raving leftist, has some quite modish and trendy attitudes to multiculturalism. I think as Mr. Oberfeld once rightly pointed out in a previous post: candidates will show up for events and enjoy the free meals on offer but, when the time to leave comes, how many of them will ask for the recipes?

    I think you are quite right about a number of issues not being given enough attention in this campaign or fairly covered in the press more generally. Immigration and multiculturalism, crime and disorder, the problems in the health system, and the decline in cultural and educational standards are all real problems and also show the real political divisions in the country. The trouble is that while we are all distracted by ancient photos of school parties and talent shows (and the phoney outrage over them), the major political parties can ignore the problems we face. And whichever party can form a majority (if that’s even a likely outcome now), I doubt we will see much in the way of action.

  53. BMCQ says:


    That is a very thoughtful Post .

    I must be honest with you, long time friends of mine own 2 business on that very route and I would have never taken my now 30 year old Son or Daughter if I had one to any similar Event when he was young, that in my opinion would be their own decision when they were of Leal age .

    Needless to say that goes for any Event that involves Nudity, regardless of any of the perhaps five or six Genders we may have in our Cultures today .

    Having said that many people I know and consider friends regardless of Age or their own Gender are adverse of attending any venue that involves any kind of Nudity .

    I believe that is quite a common position in our society.

    Personally if I was a Federal Leader I would attend the gathering at the end of the Parade for Speeches etc. but I would not be Prancing along in the Parade like PM Justin .

    Again, IMHO NO Politician should attend PRIDE as long as they continue to Ban VPD, Van Library, and UBC, that act alone makes PRIDE a most Hypocritical Organization going against the Inclusiveness they are so eager to demand for themselves .

    Not sure

  54. BMCQ says:


    I am impressed with your analysis of this whole situation, I am well aware this is Harvey’s Blog but you need to Post more often .

    I hope you disagree with me from time to time because I believe I can learn from you .

    You are much like my old Friend DBW and that is a good thing .

    (Edited…off topic.)

    As stated on other occasions my 30 year old son is a Pacific Islander, the Birth Mother was welcomed to Canada Legally a few months before he was born . He is 6′ 2″ and 210 lbs .
    I have lived in Vancouver my whole life and up until just recently we lived next to Maple Grove Park and my Son attended Vancouver College and played every sport imaginable with Boys from that area including WPG Academy where PM Justin taught, St. Georges and all of the rest .

    I coached many Sports teams which included Boys from all of those schools and consequently knew Parents from WPG academy, the Parents I knew were not fans of the PM . Different Strokes for different Folks .

    I have several friends that are in the VPD and VFD and someone that just retired as a Senior Civil Servant in Vancouver .

    They have told me that if my Son had applied for any Civic Position but especially VPD or VFD he would have been turned down sight unseen because of his last name which as you might guess is Irish .

    However they said if he happened to walk into City Hall carrying the application and they saw he was a visible Minority with his qualifications and physical stature he would have been hired within a minute or two .

    Disgusting and Unfair to other Applicants, I would never want him to acquire a position because of “Special Circumstance” and he would not accept being hired under a ridiculous quota system . .

    Democracies like Canada cannot be allowed to play the Quota Game, it is unfair to other Citizens who are as well qualified and it is an insult to Democracy .

    Government hiring should all be Merit based, to noto do so is an assault on Citizens that are excluded . Canadians should all, each and everyone of us receive E1qual Treatment .

    (Edited…off topic)

  55. e.a.f. says:

    Leila, Yes, Flora MacDonald was a very good politician and was a role model for women during her years as an M.P. I remember, not liking the fact she was with the P.C. but admired her for the work she did and was able to do. thank you for the reminder.

  56. John's Aghast says:

    Harvey: I cautiously ventured back to see if the player(s) had changed and found they
    pretty much had not.
    Checked the family photo album and found that I had dressed up as a pirate (2), a Native Indian (2), a pumpkin (1) and a clown (several times). Not that I had anything against pumpkins……

    (Response: Uh oh! Better never run for office! h.o)

  57. DBW says:

    I know my comment is late, but here goes and I will try to be brief because it has taken me a week to sort all of this out.

    1. Trudeau did something stupid and racist (the video of him acting like an ape is most problematic for me). But this happened 2o and in some cases 30 years ago so perhaps he can be forgiven if we think that his apology is sincere and he is no longer the ignorant fool that he was back then. I have no problem with that line of thinking.
    2, I do have a problem with the whataboutism. I really don’t think Scheer should be part of this conversation. By dragging other people’s sins into the discussion we are minimizing Trudeau’s behaviour.
    3. That’s not to say that Scheer gets a pass. I just feel that this topic is too important for the distraction. Even in the midst of the Trudeau scandal, the Liberals were trying to score points on which Conservatives had met with Faith Goldy. This faux righteousness by all parties does a real disservice to the political process and the important issues.
    4. Trudeau’s brand has taken the biggest hit of all, not so much by what he did in the past but by how he has responded to others who have showed failings. He hasn’t been a great follower of “he who is without sin…”
    5. Can we still vote for a flawed leader? While I didn’t vote for Trudeau last election (I might have if the local candidate had had a chance) and I am not voting for him this time, I have no problem with people staying with the Liberals. While we make the election about the leaders, we are also voting for the direction our country will take based on party platform.
    6. The last four points have drifted from the race issue. It seems that we can’t have a nuanced conversation about race. I am guessing that most of us here are white so we can chatter at each other from our shared white experience. But even if we want to learn and understand more there is the fear of being called racist or having our own biases exposed. But until we take those risks we are getting nowhere on the race issue.

    (Response: I believe people will vote on two things: their pocketbook interests; and, on personal perceptions about the leaders. The second could hurt Trudeau …but, watching and listening closely, I think that could hurt Scheer as well. Trudeau we know has acted stupidly and juvenile on occasion … especially when he “dresses up” …LOL; but people also tell me there’s something uncomfortable about Scheer … too smarmy…too religious …the great unknown in many ways. This convinces me the debates will be extremely important! h.o)

  58. Art Smith says:

    Hi Harvey, I too, am late with another comment, but this story just broke about Trudeau ditching the Munk debates on Foreign Affairs. And I think it may have more to do with Freeland and her ministry being involved in another cock up. Although it must be tough for him to memorize all of Gerry Butt’s talking points with all that is going on about the Blackface incident.
    It seems they have appointed an “Honorary Ambassador” to Syria who is a great backer of Assad, to the great dismay of many Syrians in Canada who oppose the regime, and all without the knowledge of the Minister. This leading light of the Trudeau cabinet doesn’t seem to have a clue about what is gong on within her ministry and/or her underlings are doing everything they can to embarrass her for whatever reason. One doesn’t have to go too far back to remember the Ukraine criticism, the Saudi affair, and the honouring of the WW11 German soldiers in a photo they put out.
    It is no wonder Trudeau is opting out of attending. Personally I think he would have found he would be busy doing something else that night at any rate. I am almost sure he will show up for at least one of the debates, unless there is a Pride parade, of course.

    (Response: As you may know, I wrote about my disgust at Trudeau taking part in only ONE English debate. Too bad the Munk organization has decided to cancel just because he refused to take part. Scheer, Singh and May were willing … so the Munk debate SHOULD go ahead …with an empty seat. Trudeau’s refusal to take part …and the subsequent cancellation …bothers me MORE than the blackface stupidity 20 years ago. h.o)

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