Trudeau Embarrassing Himself … and Canada

It’s one thing to respect and appreciate foreign culture and practices … but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been making a fool of himself OVERDOING the photo op costuming, caricaturing and carrying on.

How embarrassing that most of the “coverage” of Canada’s Chief Executive Officer to India has surrounded comic antics, deplorable gaffes and a string of excuses, apologies and alibis … not exactly an international triumph for Canada.

You can read about Trudeau’s disastrous trip to India here:

Atwal fiasco dogs Trudeau; PM pledges a ‘conversation’ with MP responsible

And here:

Even the US late night TV host Trevor Noah has gotten into the act … making Trudeau and Canada a laughing stock across the US.

Almost lost by all the Trudeau antics was the signing of $1 Billion in trade deals … something well worth noting, but sidelined and stymied by Trudeau’s immature antics:

Hard to believe I wrote about this very same problem regarding Trudeau a year ago!

Now the world is starting to see what I … and other Canadians … were quite concerned about back then.

If Canada’s Prime Minister wants to be taken seriously … he should start acing seriously,  especially when on an international  business trip.

Enough with the photo-bombing; time to put away his costume ball wardrobe; restrict his childish behaviour to when he’s plying with his kids; and, start learning how there’s a time to impress … not just embarrass.

Harv Oberfeld

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49 Responses to Trudeau Embarrassing Himself … and Canada

  1. Keith says:

    I’m still glad I voted for anyone but a conservative in the last federal election, but 2 years in we are witnessing most of the negatives about J.T. coming to pass or already have. I was appalled when he backtracked on the promise to change the voting system and left 2 rookie ministers twisting in the wind. This latest national embarrassment proves the old saying, “ deep down he’s a very shallow person”

    Didn’t think that he would knock trump out of the spotlight to give the rest of the world something else from North America to laugh at but he’s managed that. Another first for Canada.

    (Response: Seems we often vote and then are disappointed. The real question is Who will be the alternative next time round? Better or worse? h.o)

  2. e.a.f. says:

    the trip is a tad odd, that much I will say. there doesn’t seem to be much talk about the trade deals he has inked. The costumes are a bit much I’d agree. Perhaps he feels it will attract more votes, back here, but its just hard to figure out. His wife looked fabulous in her sari, but she looks great all the time. The kids, I don’t know why they had to wear the outfits. its all beyond me and hey I like the guy. Perhaps we ought to have sent Freeland.

    The worst of the trip is the “terrorist” type who received an invitation to one of the functions. The same guy who had received one to one of Christy Clark’s budget openings. What is it with this guy? He tried to kill an Indian Cabinet Minister back in the day. Put Ujjal Dosajh in the hospital while he was a lawyer, back in the day and he is still welcome at events by the Liberals. OmG what has this guy got going for him, that his violent criminal record got him invited to events such as these. The guy is a terrorist and he still gets invited to Liberal events. Canada needs to be clear, terrorists are not welcome at social events which involve our politicians, here or abroad. I’m sure India wasn’t too keen on him being at the event. You don’t invite terrorists like him to events in India. Sends the wrong message.

    (Response: I believe the full story of that “invitation” to a convicted criminal (attempted murder) is yet to unfold. Apart from the idiot MP who put his name on the guest list, doesn’t the RCMP check out those who will be so close to the PM/ family???? How did this guy get clearance??? Without a single question being raised BEFORE the trip/event? The media should be pursuing the RCMP …not just the politicians. h.o)

  3. 13 says:

    Trudeau is an embarrassment. He has hog tied himself with PC stupidity. He is an elitist. He has no idea what the middle class
    He has embraced one to many diversities.
    My only question/concern are his advisers??????????
    Are they idiots or does the PM choose his own path.

    (Response; Maybe his haberdasher advisers were the same ones who said there was nothing wrong with taking a freebie vacation on the Aga Khan’s private Caribbean island? h.o)

  4. 13 says:

    Harvey, Im just watching the TV news. Your blog scooped them by a few hours. PM JT looks like a complete imbecile.

    (Response: Maybe they were reading it! 🙂 h.o)

  5. Rocker Rich says:

    A tad early for Andrew Scheer’s wife to start measuring drapes for Sussex Drive. But she might want to begin looking at some colour swatches.

    For once, The National’s At Issue panel seemed positively energized Thursday night when discussing Justin’s ill-starred tour of India.

    Among the observations:

    ** Why only cringeworthy costume-adorned photo ops at predictable tourist traps like the Taj Mahal? Why not ribbon cuttings, in civilian duds, at some joint Canada-India commercial project?

    ** While the trip was supposed to show Canada’s support for a united India, is there a covert attempt to prevent Sikh voters from moving to the Singh-led NDP and thus harming Grit fortunes in the next election? If so, then the presence of convicted Sikh-Canadian terrorist Atwal may not be due to a lack of due diligence by the Liberals.

    Trump continues to suck up most of the political oxygen in Canada. Because the charmingly photogenic Justin stands as the anti Trump, his re-election prospects seem pretty good. But these screwups are multiplying. Sooner or later, enough likely voters are going to wonder if Trudeau is the best leader on offer to properly represent the nation.

    (Response: Next election is still long way away… but despite his folly, I’d say …right now …. Trudeau’s biggest re-election assets are still Andrew Sheer and Jagmeet Singh. h.o)

  6. Harry lawson says:


    The liberal brand under Justin Trudeau is tarnished. It is tarnished regarding ethics ,small business taxes.. Yet even more troubling for the liberal brand is the damage to the Indo Canadian liberal community.. If the Conservative and Ndp get their act together. The next election could be interesting

  7. Art Smith says:

    Well Harvey I asked you about a year ago if you had buyers remorse and you said no, I am guessing the answer might be different now. If not, you might as well just admit you are just a Liberal come Hell or high water.
    This buffoon is the most idiotic excuse for a PM that has ever been in office, even worse than his father, which I wouldn’t have thought possible.
    Now they think the Canadian public is as stupid as he is, trying to trot out some cockamamie bs about the Indian gov’t setting him up with the thug who tried to assassinate some Indian minister and beating Dosangh (spelling) within an inch of his life with a crowbar. Give me a break!
    Well at least he isn’t like Harper and being mean to reporters.
    P.S. The billion dollar deal was $250,000,000 from Indian business to Canada and $750,000,000 from Canada to India, a net loss of $500,000,000.

    (Response: As I explained before, I …and apparently millions of other Canadians … had NO buyers remorse at the time or even now: Harper and the Tories deserved the boot … they did themselves in with arrogance, a horrible record of destroying Canada’s democratic rights/institutions, a terrible campaign and a cold isolated leader, who disdained answering questions …from both the media and the real public. The question now is … how will Trudeau, despite many flaws and criticisms, measure up against the alternatives next election??? h.o)

  8. Marge says:

    Trudeau is either the dumbest sack of hammers or has the worst advisers in the universe. Or a little of each? Who told him and the missus to dress like Bollywood actors? What government leader goes to another country and gets into costume? Was he trying to imitate Christie Clark in outlandish attire? What next – lederhosen when he visits Switzerland? What an embarrassment he is to our country? Maybe he should have gone to the Olympics instead of India – he could have worn a different costume each and every day! Glad I didn’t vote for the buffoon of all buffoons.

    (Response; there are rare times when leaders don ceremonial garb of the host country… like at the official photo of G-7 meetings. But they don’t go overboard and make fools of themselves repeatedly during a single visit. h.o)

  9. 13 says:

    Harvey, you might want to blog about the deterioration of politicians on both sides of the boarder. I admit that I supported Harper, and preferred Trump to HRC. Now were adding Sheer and Singh into the mix. I can not remember a time when the pickens were this slim. (slime)
    As much as I hate the NDP and I fear where tax and spend Horgan is headed, he seems to at least come across as capable. To bad that we dont really know how bad (or good) Horgan is. Hes got an albatross hanging from his rear end named Weaver.

    (Response; The truth in politics is that you don’t have to be a “10” to get elected …a “7” will do if everyone else is a “6” or lower. Of course, today many people feel our leaders start at “5” … and go downhill from there …making us likely to be dissatisfied with whoever wins. h.o)

  10. mike says:

    That goof has been embarrassing us since the first day he took office. Tell me Harvey, what has he done to make Canada a better place? He does nothing except virtue snivel about feminism and diversity. Meanwhile Trump is kicking butt on the economy. I don’t care if you don’t like Trump, a lot of Americans are better off than they were this time last year. And who do Canadians have as a leader? A teenage girl in a man’s body. PATHETIC!

  11. irv taylor says:

    After the”peoplekind” comment an Australian journalist said this of Trudeau. The Kim Kardashian of political leaders, an all style, no substance himbo with all the depth of a puddle.

  12. elle says:

    Yes, that was a great $1 billion trade deal, with Canada taking a $500,000,000 loss. Sure makes it worthwhile. Funny how the media calls it a $1 billion trade deal when all it is is a few dollars being traded back and forth and we taking the hit. I also noticed that after all the comments going on in Canada regarding the Mr. Dressup who governs us, he went back quickly to his suit. Don’t want any more bad press do we? He is looking more stupid every day.

    (Response: Assisting third world countries with aid to buy our own goods is quite common by many first world countries: it helps the recipient nations AND the donor too by providing/funding jobs and production at home and boosting tax revenues from the Canadian companies that benefit. h.o)

  13. NVG says:

    nit picking here Harvey over a minor spelling error with a missing ‘t’, but it does highlight the fact that our Prime Minister should be serious about his responsibilities to Canadians and Canada instead of acting, playing bit roles for his handlers.

    “he should start acing seriously”

    (Response; Hmmm…maybe he SHOULD start “acing” … instead of playing the Joker. h.o)

  14. Island Lookout says:


    …because he is so out of his depth. He doesn’t know how to be the boss, how to win.

    I’m sure he’s a very agreeable sort but is hobbled in his efforts somewhat by strictly following the dictats of the American feminist movement and political correctness (think Mao’s Little Red Book) in general.

    Such reprehensible so-called philosophies do not equip a political leader of a major middle power for office or for much of anything else.

    And that would include conducting unscheduled and unexpected fashion shows in foreign lands, mystical, mythical or otherwise.

    I wonder if he still lives under his mighty father’s shadow. That is one hell of an issue to overcome should that be true. But I don’t have any idea.

    So, our prime minister needs to hit the books and learn how to do the job, perhaps a little late in the day considering the next elecion is about 18 months away.

    What gives him hope is the woeful marginal abilities of his two main political rivals in the House whose names elude me from time to time depending on my level of fatigue. It is considerable right now.

    As part of his book cracking Trudeau the Younger needs to do the following: stop sucking up to former terrorists, captives of terrorists, and wealthy businessmen who own chunks of sun-slashed rocks in the Atlantic Ocean.

    Also hang out with the regular folks, you know the Deplorables. Go and shop at a grocery store and see what’s shakin’.

    Maybe he could check out the price of a good loaf of sourdough bread with embedded flax seeds (about 6 bucks in this town). Really good!

    In sum, he needs to become his own man, not someone else’s. And that can be tough.

    Meanwhile back at the office, soon I hope, he will be getting busy as President Trump works up his own version of a NAFTA “deal” and makes Trudeau an offer “he simply cannot and will not refuse.”

    There will be no fashion shows, but perhaps sack cloth and ashes will be evident as he views his trade alternatives with a resurgent US Empire, or tasting of some tepid thin gruel. Will be interesting to watch.

    Anyway his billion dollar deal with India is a good thing.

    Well done there, young man.

    Keep on keeping on.

  15. BMCQ says:

    PM Peacock is more interested in Posing, Preening, Prancing, taking Selfies, and seeking attention to himself than he is in Leading a G-7 Nation That is in the middle of a possible NAFTA Collapse, a challenge to his Countries Undefended Borders by possibly a Million Illegal Migrants from many troubled Nations coming north from the U.S. many being Convicted Felons, an ever growing Government Deficit and Debt, a Housing Crisis, a Disintegrating Health Care System, a soon to be Pension Crisis, runaway Tax Increases, the loss of Canadian Sovereignty in the Northern Regions, a very real danger of losing much of our Private Property including Farms to Chinese and other Off Shore Investors, and many many more I will not mention.

    PM Justin is nothing more than an Empty Suit who is not qualified, not prepared, disengaged at best, impotent, and frankly not intelligent enough to be Canadian Prime Minister.

    It is one thing for him to embarrass Canada with his Juvenile, Narcissistic, and Self Absorbed Antics
    But he is a “Clear and Present Danger” to Canada, it’s People and the very future of our Great Country.

    Reversing Conservative Legislation that revoked Citizenship of Terrorists? Really?

    Reversing Conservative Legislationship that made public Finances of First Nations Leadership. Legislation that forced Transparency and Accountability on First Nations Leadership so their People and the Canadian Public could see where Money was allocated. Really?

    Reversing Conservative Legislation that Guaranteed Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Certain Violent Crimes Which took the ability for Liberal Judges to take Justice Away from the Justice System? Teally?

    I find it absolutely unbelievable how any Federal Liberal could not have Voters Remorse!

    PM Peacock makes my skin crawl.

  16. r says:

    small fry?
    the selfies will take care of themselves?
    all about the votes?

  17. Eldon says:

    Cringe-worthy and painful for serious political watchers. The problem? It works. I’m curious to see how this whole trip played with Canadian Sikhs. Did he outflank Singh on his turf? If so, it doesn’t matter what middle aged white guys like me think.

  18. I’m not saying JT looked appropriately dressed… but female politicians — such as our last premier — seemed to leap at the opportunity to don a sari and didn’t get such blowback.

    I would wonder how many (if any) advisors JT had working for him on this trip. “Learning as you go” should be for low-budget politicians, not our PM.

    Others may have heard the Indian woman quoted on CBC Radio, Thursday. She seemed impressed — but unfortunately said he was “kind and simple.” I’m sure she meant unencumbered by flanks of security but ‘simple’ was what she came up with, though.

    I doubt she’ll be quoted in JT’s re-election advertising.

    (Response: I think if he did it ONCE…maybe at a luncheon or dinner…it would not have drawn as much scorn. But it was too much …too often …and having his wife and kids all decked out too made them look like they were out for Halloween …seeking candies not contracts. h.o)

  19. BMCQ says:

    Seeing as We are ALL still here.

    I have a very simple question for ALL of you that Participate or Lurk on this Blog and those that actually Voted for Prime Minister Peacock that still have no “Voters Remorse”.

    If through some form of Osmosis and you became Prime Minister of Canada would you choose Justin Trudeau to be in your Cabinet?

    That is of course other than to put him in charge of “Tea Parties” of less than 6 individuals of eh, uh, People Kind where you ALL uh had to make your own Party Hats?

    I am serious, I would really like a few answers to that question. If the answer is in the affirmative I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that if you say yes it says a lot more about you than him.

    Where are the Adults in the Federal Liberal Party? Where are his Handlers? Hell, WHO are his Handlers?

    Have they perhaps been sampling a little too much of PM Justins soon to be Legal Marijuana? For sure people are either sleep walking in a trance, stupid or simply do not care.

    None fo those reasons do Canada much good.

    Where is Paul Martin? Paul Martin was one of the Best PM’s Canada has had, do they not seek out his advice?

    WE talk about Foreign Buyers here in B.C. and Toronto, in fact the Foreign Buyers of Real Estate is a Federal issue and PM Peacock is simply ignoring the whole thing. He is in fact “Hiding Under His Desk” and hoping the whole coming Real Estate Catastrophe pass him by.

    He is in fact “Ragging the Puck” hoping nothing Implodes before he limps through the next Federal Election.

    In the meantime Poor Saps like Horgan, Meggs, and their Minions along with Ontario PM Wynne will be left to use Band Aid Treatments to save their own Asses so they do not look as unprepared, ill informed, and stupid as they are.

    The whole Real Estate thing will not have a good ending.

    Chinese Buyers are buying up as much Farm land as they can and You and I will pay for sure but the real tragedy on this file is the fact that your Children and Grand Children may even lose the ability to live anywhere near a Major City in all of Canada.

    I have been looking at Acreage in the Langley area for a year now and Chinese Shell Companies have forced the prices through the roof.

    Take a half hour, do some research and see what has happened just over the past 24 months.

    Some of you anywhere in B.C. even if you are “Morally Bankrupt’ may find the attached of interest. is a great resource to use if you own or want to own Real Estate.

    Simply use the Link and then the prompts fo find out what your neighbours Real Estate is selling for. Remember they are asking prices only.

    The Feds could have under Harper and as of late under PM Justin made significant changes to save the People of Canada from what will one way or another become a very serious turn of events. This is a very distressing situation and our Country may never recover.

    Where are media on this File?

    Why are Media not asking PM Justin why he has not instructed CRA to bring out the Big Guns and do Forensic Audits on every Shell Company owned by Foreign Investors, Corporations, or Canadian investors right across the Country that have Purchased and Slipped Properties and Audit every single one of them?

    Media need to force the Feds to get to the bottom of the Major Scandal at CRA and force them to first come clean on why they did not go after literally $ Billions of Dollars of Profit from those Real Estate Flippers and force them to pay Capital Gains, Penalties, and Interest!!

    Are you aware how much Senior Public Housing we could erect right across this Country with that one investigation alone?

    I suggest you all contact your MP regardless of Political Brand on this.

    I also suggest that we all contact the Major Television Networks, Print Media, and even CKNDP and demand they Hold the Federal Government Accountable while at the same time demanding meaningful Legislation on Foreign Buyers of Real Estate and anything else for that matter.

    You talk about the next Election 2 years from now.

    Unfortunately as a Conservative it appears the New Federal Conservative Leader seems to be in “The Witness Protection Program”, it could be the fault of Media but who knows.

    As to Singh? He is really not better than PM Justin, hopefully they can manage to somehow Split the Vote.

    Unfortunately PM Peacock is much like an Actor Playing a Part, he Preens and Prances orchestrating each and every move so he appeals to his Base and he cares nothing of content of substance.

    Even right down to the Juvenile “Rolled Up” Sleeve thing he took from his Mentor and idol POTUS Obama.

    Just go back and watch the Dithering, Impotent, and also Disengaged, Barack Obama at any of his Town Hall type Gatherings where he immediately went to the “Rolled Up Sleeves”.

    Ridiculous and even Comical if I was not so sad.

    OK, that is it for now, I can hardly wait to read how many of you would have Justin Trudeau in your Cabinet if you became Prime Minister of Canada.

  20. 13 says:

    Regarding Justins advisers. The newscast I watched yesterday (CTV I think ) had a talking head giving his analysis of the debacle in India. He brought up the poor advice Justin is getting. He claimed that the advisers that JT has surrounded himself with are all young and inexperienced. This would explain why JT stumbles along looking like an idiot. The expert went on to say that the PMO is looking to upgrade the advisory team.
    They should be firing the person (s) responsible for the selection of the current crop of nincompoops.
    You have to wonder exactly who these people are that have made our leader look so inept.

  21. Gene the Bean says:

    You are right Harvey.

    Far more PC these days to have a dictator like Putin or a bumbling racist man-child like tRump to show the world what your country stands for.

    Maybe we should go back to Harper. You know, the guy that rarely went anywhere because you actually have to have a personality to get things done. That plus the fact the stick up his a$$ wouldnt fit on the airplane.

    It’s not the best show but look around kiddies, look at the alternatives.


    Some of the geezers here just sound jealous……

  22. Diverdarren says:

    Harvey, its not easy for the PM. When you try to be everything to everyone, you end up being nothing to no one.

    The Liberals and JT pander to the Sikh community here in Canada. A community with a strong undercurrent of support for an independent Khalstan. Here in Canada politicians aren’t too critical of the separatist movement for fear of alienating a voting block, but in India the separatists are considered terrorists.

    So JT steps in it. How do you satisfy your Sikh voters who are watching their PM on the world stage, expecting their PM to show support for a sperate Sikh state, while all the while on a state visit where a show of support for what India considers terrorists would be a big international miss step.

    So JT did what he does best. Stand for nothing and take selfies with the family on the tax payers dime.

    (Response: Politicians pander to EVERY ethnic group …by wearing garb, attending festivals and services, posing for pics wiuth community leaders, and eating all kinds of “national”foods … and let’s keep it real: IT WORKS! But there has to be limit …or at least some restraint: I just hope we don’t see Trudeau visiting Japan and dressing up as a Samurai when he meets their PM or visiting Israel and dressing up as a Hassidic with full black garb, fedora, fake beard and sidelocks … thinking that will impress. h.o)

  23. 13 says:

    Gene your out on a limb on this one and sawing away between yourself and the tree trunk. Not to often the liberal left leaning media from the CBC to CKNDP and almost all of Harveys contributors agree on anything. Even your best defense is” look how much worse it could be”.
    The only debate left is not that JT is an embarrassment, but how much worse can it get

  24. D. M. Johnston says:

    Excuse me, CKNDP????

    You must be joking, Dead-Dog 98 has been a shill for the corrupted BC Liberal Party for 16 years! They even got rid of Rafe Mair, lest he air the many skeletons in then Premier Campbell’s closet.

    We are being “Trumped” by a phony left/right fake news.

    Back to Trudeau the Younger: idiot, that is all I can say. The Prince of Photo Bombing, has turned into the “frog” of politics, but compared to the chap with the Orange Turban leaiding the NDP and Herr Admiral Scheer, leading Harper’s gang of fundamentalist hypocrites.

    Like many Canadians I dream of real political leaders, who will tackle the real issues and I just do not see any.

    We have a political vacuum in Canada, where Canadian’s just got sick an tired of Harper’s mean spirited rule and voted for Harper Lite, the Prince of photo-bombing.

    It looks I will park my vote with the Greens next election unless they run a “Screaming Lord Sutch” type of character in my riding.

  25. 13 says:

    DM Johnston RE CKNDP perhaps you havent listened to the Jon Mcomb show. His relentless attacks on everything BC Liberal boarder on an obsession. His dislike for Christie Clark was so obvious that a regular listener would wonder what happened between the two of them when she worked at NW
    Next we have Simi Sara. She might as well be on the NDP payroll. Her endless droning of NDP good BC Liberal very very bad is enough to make a BCL supporter puke.
    Lynda Steele somewhat balanced. Palmer Baldrey and Smyth 3 excellent political pundits.
    Drex a very uninformed SJW definitely not a free enterprise supported. Adler is a oportunist that acts like a trained seal, which brings us to the seal trainer. Larry Gifford the boss. He thinks HRC won the election and Trump overthrew a legitimate government.
    If NW was in the tank with the BC Libs it was long before Christie Clark started to refuse to speak to her exe employer. You would thin if your take on NW was even close to accurate that the leader of the party would be on air every day. Much like Weaver and Horgan currently are.

  26. 13 says:

    Oh yeah, DMJ, Justin Trudeau is not Harper lite. I wish he were that smart. JT spires to be Bozo the Clown lite.

  27. B.D.W. says:

    JT the twerp makes his father look good, a feat that I thought would never be possible. Please, oh please, can we have a politician worth voting for. The mud puddle is getting more shallow by the day!!

    (Response: Wish everyone could refrain from name calling/descriptions: there’s sure enough to criticise in his ACTIONS! h.o)

  28. BMCQ says:

    D. M.J. – 24

    I have already asked if those that Originally voted Federal Liberal/Justin if they would now even consider having Justin in their Cabinet and it appears you did not vote for his Party.

    Those that did Vote Federal Liberal are all hiding under their desks and they will not come out against him now but they will not support him either. Their silence and lack of support is very telling.

    Let me then ask you this, you did/do not like Trudeau’s or Harper just who do you think would be a good PM?

    You say you will support Green? Let me ask this then.

    What if “Hell Froze Over” and that Amazing after Dinner Speaker E. May and her Party were elected and she became PM and she did away with Mining, Logging Fishing, Oil, Gas, and the Rest just where would Canada derive Income, Taxes, Royalties, and the rest required to Fund Health Care, Education, Pensions, Infrastructure, Defense, Welfare, etc.?

    Please do not forget with all of those Banned by Greens there would be NO Corporations to pay Tax or Royalties, Taxes of various kinds, we would have Huge Trade Deficits, and we could not Fund Police, Fire, Ambulance, Teachers, Nurses, and so on.

    As a very Wise Woman once said, “Socialism Works Great Until You Run Out of Other People’s Money!

    Just ask Venezuela where they have Socialism and the Worlds Largest Oil and Gas Reserves, Socialism is not working all that well there.

    The average Venezuelan List 25Lbs last year and the starving people have eaten ALL of the already starving Animals in the Zoos and almost all of their neighbours livestock.

    A Human Tragedy if there ever was one.

    I would also suggest you read the Post of

    13 – 25

    He has quite matter of factly pointed out how the “Dead Dog” NW morphed into CKNDP and are in fact The Farm Team for the NDP.

    Excellent analysis 13!

    In closing I can only hope that PM Justin does not have a stop off scheduled to see Dignitaries in Hawaii On his way back to Canada, one can only guess what sort of Silly Costume he might wear there.


  29. Gilbert says:

    Justin Trudeau is incompetent. He really doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing. When the New York Times and Washington Post are criticizing him, you know he’s struggling. I didn’t like his father, but there’s no question that the son is even worse.

  30. BMCQ says:

    Gilbert – 29

    Incompetent says a lot but it still does not fully describe what and who Canada now has for a PM.

    You are 100% correct when World Liberal Media like NYT, WaPo, and the rest Sneer, Criticize, and Mock PM Peacock who happens to represent everything they want to see in a Social Justice Warrior King you know he is Second Rate at best!, perhaps even third or fourth.

    Further to the meeting with Convicted Terrorist Atwal.

    It turns out that Canada RCMP CSIS allowed India to Clear and Vet Guests/Participants. Really? How could that be?

    Please keep in mind that several World Leaders including Anwar Sadat have been killed by their own Security let alone already Convicted Terrorists.

    Now it appears that their is a Cover Up and Spin being put on this attempting to signal that Atwal was some kind of Double Agent. YIKES.

    If that is the case I would then suggest that the Canadian Security Authorities and PM Justin retain the Services of Super Agent Maxwell Smart to get to the bottom of this “Fellini Movie”.

    Then of course can I remind you.

    Keep in mind “People Kind” this Empty Suit is YOUR Prime Minister!

    one last thing here.

    People on this Blog call former PM Harper Herr, Nazi, Hate Monger, Anti First Nations, and many other names without rebuke.

    Conservative and B.C. Liberal Haters that also hate Christy Clark such as Bean call any Politician or Blogger like myself Morally Bankrupt, Scum, Nazi, tRump, Degenerate, Racist, Sexist, Sex Offender, and many others.

    Why is there a difference? I do not quite get it.

    Will someone please explain?

    Honestly I do not really mind a little name calling, I believe it adds to the Debate, but I want an even playing field.

    Is that not how we were all brought up?

  31. Island Lookout says:

    BMCQ #30

    You’ve taken a bit of a pounding this week, so let me have a go.


    …to our “gifted” betters whom they thought would turn out to be Pierre le Deuxieme.

    Unfortunately there is no digit that can be affixed after the youngster’s last name, a man way out of his depth and facing economic Armageddon soon.

    It is becoming increasingly evident where the world’s economic future lies.

    It is in the thrall of a resurgent American Empire. It is being refuelled by lower taxes, an expanding military industrial complex, tightened immigration rules, and upcoming infrastructure projects.

    Leaving the rest of us in the dust comes to mind.

    President Trump promised to Make America Great Again. He wasn’t kidding.
    He’s just doing it on our backsides is all. Ouch.

    It’s dumb to write in to excoriate Trump. He doesn’t care! He’s the energizer bunny of America.

    He knows “the folks” are on his side. Those folks are also armed to the teeth with firearms of all sorts, hundreds of millions of them. And you think for a Hollywood minute that the Second Amendment will be repealed by a future Democrat-controlled Congress?

    Revolution first, then the rest of it will be the outcome. But it won’t get to that.


    Our PM has to have a chat with his NAFTA negotiators who so far have been miserable failures. After more than a year of “negotiations” they’ve got NOTHING!!

    Trump has EVERYTHING. And he knows it. So does Ottawa.

    This guy has been around the business block for longer than Trudeau the Second has been alive.

    I’m worried about our economic future several months from now.

    What will Trump do (to us)? And, yes, it really does matter.

    Meanwhile tomorrow the feds release our next budget?

    Oh joy.

    More classs warfare on the way.

    But that strategy will solve our problems.


  32. Rocker Rich says:

    BMCQ, who seldom suffers from brevity, does make a point about online civility…or lack thereof. But lack of same is hardly limited to left-of-centre commenters.

    Check out postson another British Columbia broadcaster-issue site. I won’t mention the site’s name, except to say it isn’t RadioWest.

    Suffice to say, absolutely any general interest topic—such as Deejay legend Red Robinson’s 2017 retirement show—can incite right-wing readers to commenting excess.

    BMCQ is one of that site’s tamer commenters. Moderates or progressives who take time to post, often find their musings removed by site gatekeepers. Still, even those rightish tirades pale to those in the US.

    Check out Mediaite which is operated by former ABC/MSNBC bigwig Dan Abrams. It should be an intellectual playground for analysis of how media covers big stories. Sadly, Mediaite is an anything- goes Gong Show of profane vitriol. To my eyes, Alt-Righters fall furthest into the mire of homophobic and scatalogical abuse. But Progressives, including myself, are no church marms either.

    Needless to say, Mediate doesn’t follow Keeping It Real’s format of moderating comments. Pity.

  33. D. M. Johnston says:

    @ BMCQ & 13

    Being from an old Liberal family, I sort of understand the workings of the ‘old’ party.

    Trudeau the Younger is not a stitch or the mettle of his father. Both the Liberals and Conservatives have morphed into an elitist party; a party of the 1%, with Trudeau the Younger being chosen as a ‘figurehead’ leader, while the party backroom boys and girls run the show.

    His ill-fated journey into darkness, in India, was nothing more than a fam-trip, to garner Indian support in Canada and it failed badly.


    The Liberal brass are afraid of the new Sikh chap, leading the NDP, will suck Indian support from the Liberals in strategic riding’s.

    Sadly, the NDP are going soon to realize, politically correct leaders do not attract votes, but that is another story.

    The Conservatives, always arrogant and demeaning, are now a combination of American Evangelical/GOP, desperately trying to be righteous enough, to have god personally lead them.

    What or who’s god is open to debate, but after the Harper interlude, the Conservatives have left a bad taste in many mouths.

    The only party to vote for is the “Greens” and why not, as they can’t be any worse than the current lot in Parliament.

    I have a pet theory why politics on the whole, has devolved into an idiots delight of dazed and confused leaders and that is, “big money”; corporate money that funds and oils the various political machines, only want the dumbest, most imbecilic people to run, because they are easy to control.

    Our photo bombing Prime Minister is testament that the best brains do not rise to the top in Canada.

    As for CKNDP, get a grip info-wars types, if CKNW is left leaning, then I an a raving Fascist.

    I find it sad that American left/right or righteous right and commie left has now infected our political views. This sewer of politic, only demeans the system and prevents real and much needed debate on a host of important subjects in Canada.

    Adios Trudeau the Younger, your night of the long knives is soon awaiting you, lest any more disastrous international trips happen

  34. 13 says:

    Trudeau took the day off today. I wonder why? I also wonder how the PCs and the NDP will make out in question period. I wonder how Brian Mulroney would treat the youngster. I watched his daughter on TV being interviewed (grilled) . She showed a lot of poise and answered all questions to the hosts satisfaction. Instead of running for the job in Ontario I wish she would aim for leader of the Federal conservatives. Imagine a Trudeau vs Mulroney showdown.

  35. BMCQ says:

    Lookout – 31

    Hey, and here I thought everyone on the Harvey Blog loved me!

    I am somewhat superstitious and do not want to Jinx things but I have a Dog in the NAFTA Mess and it encompasses 25 Jobs in Canada, the U.S. and more in Australia and the UK.

    My Company is an oddity, a Unionized B.C. Manufacturing Firm that exports World Wide with about 35% of those Exports going Stateside including Alaska and Hawaii.

    I agree with what DJT is doing on many fronts especially with the Border, Migration, and Tax Reform.

    Of course he has his Warts but the past eight years of Damage done by the Dithering PC President “O” must be repaired and he will be doing the heavy lifting.

    I sincerely hope that a reasonable NAFTA Deal beneficial to Canada, the U.S., and Mexico can be arrived at sooner than later and I hope Canada is wise enough to include Softwood in that Deal.

    I truly hope Trump and his Negotiators understand that China is a much better threat to the U.S. and the West than Mexico or Canada are to the U.S..

    I have absolutely NO Faith or confidence in PM Justin’s NAFTA Negotiators. I believe Trump will see reason in the end.

    If we/Canada are hit with Say a 5% Duty I believe the CAD will retract by at least that and perhaps up to 8%. Thst will assist Canadian Exporters but it will affect Vacations to Disneyland and the price of Imported Goods.

    Rocker – 32

    Thank you for calling me “Tamer”, I think.
    That is better than what most others here call me.

    “Bang a Gong” (Get it on)

    D.M.J. – 33

    Keep in mind that the Top 10% Income Earners
    Pay about 80% or so of the Income Tax, That Same Group also pay more Taxes like Sales Tax because that Group Spends more.

    Personally I will pay almost double (proportionately) the amount of Property Tax this year as opposed to only 7 years ago.

    Those Property Taxes are the main reason Rents increase for Renters Residential or Commercial/Industrial.

    Successful People do have their Good Points.

    CKNDP is indeed a Leftist SJW Media Outlet, no matter what you might wish to think. If you do not want to acknowledge that I am OK with that.

    Please re read the Post of

    13 – 25

    He has it described perfectly.

    I dearly hope you are correct and the Knives do come out but I DO NOT see anyone other than Justin Trudeau Leading the Liberals into the 202o Federal Election.

    He may very well show up at the Big Debate Sporting one of Napoleons Old Uniforms but just the same I think it will be him Leading the Liberals in that Election.

    Again, why are the Libs and PM Justin not getting advice from Paul Martin?

  36. 13 says:

    Ive puzzled over HOs response at #27 asking us to refrain from name calling and descriptions. Ive always tried to limit my name calling to the public figures, celebrities, politicians, even pro athletes . By nature they are placing themselves in the public eye and should be open for comments that arent vulgar or profane.
    To those that post on Keeping it Real, it seems that almost everyone treats everyone else with respect.
    As far as Justin Trudeau, he defies description. Everything about him cries out for criticism.

    (Response: You’ll notice I give MUCH more leeway for “descriptive” editorializing when it comes to public figures. However, although adjectives describing their actions or abilities or public pronouncements may deserve some descriptive comment… I don’t think it’s fair or necessary to use terms like “twerp” etc to criticize personal factors for which no one should be criticized. h.o.)

  37. nonconfidencevote says:

    The next 6 -12 months will be interesting.
    Cant wait to see how the Trudeau media machine tries to spin it.

    NAFTA crushed.
    Interest rates rising.
    Real estate prices plunging.
    Falling Canuck Buck?

    Not to worry.
    We’ll have leagalized pot……..
    Dont worry be happy.
    Dr Seuss couldnt make this up

    (Response: Well, let’s keep it real. Real estate prices aren’t exactly “plunging” … ask any young family trying to get into the market; and the Canadian dollar is much higher than when Harper was in power. No doubt lots to criticize… without faking it. h.o.)

  38. Island Lookout says:

    #35 BMCQ

    (Robert Lighthizer US Trade Representative on NAFTA)

    If you want to lose your lunch about Canada’s prospects for a great Canada-centric NAFTA deal then dial up the FOX Cable network and watch the Laura Ingraham show this evening.

    Robert Lighthizer is a major player in the US trade universe.

    He represents his country in the current NAFTA talks and is aided by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, each a billionaire and each working hard for their country.

    Lighthizer was disappointed with the “setback” at the NATFA talks in Mexico today (Tuesday).

    Trump and the Mexican president ended a phone chat abruptly over who would or should pay for “the Wall.”

    His “lane” is really about trying to get new deals,” he said, adding that the wall is out of his lane and to “try and reverse a very bad trend that we’ve had for a long, long time.”

    When he talks to Trump, he said, who “ran on this…it’s workers, ranchers, farmers. That’s it. It’s wages and it’s jobs.”

    If the US can renegotiate that deal with Mexico, “and hopefully with Canada IF THAT’S POSSIBLE, we’re going to find more jobs.”


    The interviewer noted that 77 per cent of Mexican-built autos find their way to the US because of the way Mexico has defined its trading relationship with the US under NAFTA.

    Asked about how that trade “imbalance” can be changed, Lighthizer said, “It’s part of the problem between the two countries, “the kind of thing we’re looking at is to have a better balance, a higher regional content but also a US content and a way to organize to keep track of which is which.”

    The president’s objective, he added, is to get more jobs back to America, “reduce the deficit and put up wages and wage rates.”

    He balked at the current meme of the business press that major economies have shucked a lot of manufacturing jobs and offshored them to the Third World to do other things.

    The United States, China, Germany, and Japan “are the greatest economies in the world. Who says Germany and Japan don’t have basically a lot of manufacturing?” he asked.

    As a percentage it’s shrinking perhaps, “but there’s still great jobs, very important jobs and they spin off wealth” to millions of other people, he said.

    “It’s complete nonsense to say we don’t need manufacturing,” he added.

    As for Trump’s involvement in all of this here is what he said: “..the president is beyond engaged. He cares about jobs and wages…wages and jobs.”


    How will Canada do in this trade cauldron?

    The interview did not eventually reveal.

    SO, why haven’t our NAFTA “heavyweght” negotiators, as they’ve been called by our business publications, produced anything so far?

    This is not looking good for us, I guess.

    Nevermind poor old Mexico (Lighthizer is also dealing with China, but that’s another story).

    Suffice to say, BMCQ, keep your powder dry and protect whatever else you can think of.


  39. BMCQ says:

    NonCon – 37

    Nice to have you back!

    Sometimes all we have are our opinions.

    I believe NAFTA will survive although somewhat modified. As mentioned I have a Dog in this Race and I am more than concerned.

    I stand by my comments that the “Beaver Buck” will retract because of the changes to NAFTA so you are correct there.

    Not too sure about the Real Estate retracting an awful lot, we may see a mild correction but we have seen that in other times.

    In fact if we were to see a retraction in RE Prices by more than 5% or so we could see a Momentum Build and we could very quickly see thousands of Families in B.C. Under Water on their Mortgages.

    Then we could be in very serious trouble and ALL Bets are Off.

    Something very Important (at least to me)

    Government Provincial and Federal should keep in mind that Chinese and other Purchasers of Real Estate and anything else come with USD and that means everything here in Canada is already DISCOUNTED. Canadians are competing against that! Who the Hell informs Government Genius’s that we are already Discounting Property in that way?

    Again the Real Estate Problem Always Was and IS a Federal concern and the Feds have been Hiding Under their Desks.

    Now the Mensa Members of the Provincial NDP by Designating certain new areas as Taxable will simply steer Chinese and other Investors further afield which will increase Prices there. Genius!

    The NDP should have included the whole Province and the Feds need to Legislate Foreign Buyers Regulations for the whole country this week! While they are at it PM Justin and his Minions need to immediately address the “Fake” Residency Program now in force for Chinese and other Investor Immigrants.

    That Program is simply a “Back Door” for the use of Chinese and others to get Landed Status in Quebec then move to other locations in Canada and it is contributing greatly to our Real Estate and Money Laundering Problem.

    Where are the Feds on this?

    Where the Hell are Media on this?

    This should be discussed in Media each and every day, along with several other points from Posters on this Blog.


    Could be if NAFTA Implodes but there are many other factors that would need to be in place to see a Recession if NAFTA survives with only Minor Changes. We shall see.

    I find it very frustrating that there are better questions, opinions, and solutions Posted on this Blog than what we hear from Media or Politicians. Ridiculous.

    The Legalized Pot will no doubt bring Tax Dollars into the Three Levels of Government but the cost to Health Care, the affect on those that Fall Down the Rabbit Hole of Drug addiction, and the cost to Welfare and Housing for the Drug Addicted will Far outweigh the Income of various Taxes.

    A Big Mistake and ten years from now we will regret it. By then it will be too late.

    As a Country we are “Taking On Water Fast” and I am very much afraid that our Courageous Admiral Justin is not capable of “Righting the Ship”

    I can however guarantee you that Admiral Justin he will be Sporting the Correct Uniform and Saluting quite properly as we “Go Down”!

    Is that not reassuring?

  40. e.a.f. says:

    #37, real estate plunging, not so much. even if real estate prices fell by 50% in the Lower Mainland, the majority of people still couldn’t afford to purchase in Greater Vancouver.

    NAFTA crushed won’t be the end of our economic world. It may even be a good thing. The U.S.A. is a country in decline, not on the way up. Why tie ourselves to that. Its starting to look like a 3rd world dictatorship and that isn’t a good thing. The latest American Supreme Court decisions regarding undocumented people in the U.S.A. is starting to remind me a lot like Pre WW II Germany. The rounding up of people, the deportations to countries like El Salvador with its gang wars. The average El Salvadorian living in the U.S.A. as an undocumented person is making $50K. Over 250K of them are American born children. Let that leave the economy, we may not want to be tied to the U.S.A. Add in the million DACA and yes even naturalized Latino Americans having their citizenship revoked will mean a huge exodus. If that all continues, their economy is going to go for “shit”. Ours will look good. We have a social safety net which will keep most Canadians afloat, not well, but we will continue. the Americans without that safety net is going to be in big trouble. If those educated, well employed Latinos come to Canada, we will have a boast to our economy.

    With the possibility of a national drug program, we could save $2B a year. That rolling around the economy isnt’ going to hurt.

    A falling Canadian dollar will hurt imports, on the other hand we’ll be purchasing Canadian made goods and that will create some jobs. It will increase our exports. It may increase trade with some European countries. We may stop purchasing cheap disposable crap and that would be very good for the environment.

    The Communist Government of China now owns a whole group of senior care homes in B.C. That may be the most interesting part of our economy, if they suddenly sell them off as real estate and build housing.

    The stock market, they’re several of them in the world today, its not all about the American one or the one in Toronto.

    We haven’t heard all of what went on in India, so lets wait and see before any one thinks they can bury Trudeau because in the end, all those families who receive that cheque each month want to continue receiving it for their children. The best the Conservatives have come up with is another tax credit scheme, which Harper had. Well tax credits are great if you have a taxable income, but if you’re working and trying to make ends meet like so many Canadians, because of high rents and home prices, that cheque each money is just like a lovely kiss.

  41. nonconfidencevote says:

    Interesting comments.
    Well lets just see what the next 6-12 months bring to Vancouver real estate prices.

    As for the legalized Pot July 1st……
    Even though I dont smoke.
    I think I’ll be avoiding US Customs questioning for a while after that.
    Cant wait for the “slammed at the border” stories.

  42. Gilbert says:

    To those who say they couldn’t vote for the Conservatives, I truly believe the NDP was better than the government we have now. I say this as a person who has never voted for and never will vote for the NDP. The Canadian prime minister is all style and no substance.

  43. BMCQ says:

    Lookout – 38


    One thing for sure the U.S. Negotiation Heavyweights are indeed the “Real Deal”!!

    Ours? Not so much!

    One thing for sure though our “Pie In the Sky” PM Justin will ensure our Negotiators will all be dressed appropriately even if they are much like him, Empty Suits and Lightweights!!

    Keeping my Fingers Crossed.

  44. Canadian Avalanche says:

    Wow that BMCQ is with “Spot on” with his opinions of our Dynamic Prime Minister!!!

    I get nauseous looking at All those photographs of him with his Sleeves rolled up and his Tie loosened showing us just how hard he is working giving all our hard earned tax dollars to unworthy causes!!

    A real, “Chip Off The Old Block”!!!

  45. nonconfidencevote says:

    Vancouver Housing sales stats for Feb.
    Condo prices have skewed the stats somewhat but Single Family dwellings?…..
    Not a good time to buy.

    Hold on to your hats folks.
    This could be the 1980’s all over again.

  46. BMCQ says:

    Avalanche – 44

    One Big Question I now have is where are all of the Voters that supported PM Justin?

    None of HIS Loyal Supporters seem to be stepping forward to point out what a Great PM he is.

    Then of course there are his Cabinet Ministers.

    Imagine a so-called Prime Minister of a G-7 Nation Appointing Cabinet Ministers by Gender and Ethnicity!!!!

    I believe the only Outfit he is/was really suited for is a Camp Councillor Sweat Pants Outfit, we could then give him his very own Whistle.

    PM Justin is a Legend in only two places, His Own Mind and the Basement at 24 Sussex Drive.

    I have attached a couple of things you can read while eating your Frosted Flakes this Morning.

    And here is an interesting little photo spread of
    Canadian PM Walter Mitty.

    All I can say Avalance is I hope he does not show up to Parliament dressed as Kim Kardashian early next week.

    One never really knows about their PM do they?

    NonCon – 45

    Yes, I see that.

    One never really knows for sure what will happen with any market.

    Let’s keep in mind that for the past 8 years or so each and every year Economic Guru’s Forecast a YVR Real Estate Bubble was about to Burst and in fact the Market increased Dramatically and in many cases Residential Housing and Industrial/Commercial Real Estate more than Doubled. I then bought Real Estate.

    Then of course you will recall that about 5 years ago those same Mensa Members Forecast a Spike in Interest Rates. Of course Interest Rates were reduced up to 12 times until only a few months ago.

    Of course then about 3 years ago those same Genius Economists Forecast the CAD was about to “SOAR” and climb to the Dizzying Heights of $ 1.15 USD!!! Of course the CAD immediately began to decend back to $ .69 USD.

    Let’s not rush to believe any Forecast by ANY Economist let alone a Guy like Davidoff at Sauder. He is for sure NO Real Estate Guru, simply ask him how much Real Estate he bought 3,4,5, or more years ago. You just might be surprised with his answer.

    Where were Media on any of these? Why do they not ask so-called Experts about their ridiculous Forecasts and why they were so far off?

    I believe you are correct to point out that NOW might not be the time to purchase Residential Real estate but One Never Knows For Sure.

    I do know this though, if The Prices were to retract more than say 6 or 8% Momentum could build and their could be some panic selling and a very high percentage of those in Real Estate could be underwater. That would be a Catastrophic for ALL Canadians because that would affect the Economy, Employment, Health Care, Education and everything else Canadians Hold Dear.

    Also keep in mind that Chinese and other Foreign Purchasers are coming here with $USD so EVERYTHING in Canada is Already On Sale and at Discount Prices. That is one of the Two Big Reasons you see so many Chinese driving so-called Super Cars. That and the fact that in Asia Taxes on autos almost double the price of Autos in many cases.

    I do not believe we will see the 1980’s all over again.

    Keep in mind that even if you have lots of money in China that country is still a S**t H**e and they still want to get their Money to Canada where it is secure and away from the Whims of a Chinese Government.

    Again this whole Chinese/Foreign Buyers of Real Estate, Farm land, and Business is a Federal problem and it is almost too late for Prime Minister Dressup to begin work on that File.

    He can start by Lopping Off a few Heads at CRA and then order New management to track down Chinese and other Real Estate Flippers and collect past Real Estate and other Capital Gains and charge serious Penalties for those that avoided Tax.

    Then the Feds should immediately seize Property from those Offenders, revoke their Landed Status, and then Deport them never to return.

    Only one mans opinion NonCon but that is the way I feel about this matter.

    This problem is a “REAL and PRESENT DANGER” to Canada and our very Survival and it Sickens Me to see we have a Prime Minister who is more concerned with his Image on Facebook and Instagram than Governing Our Great nation.

  47. nonconfidencevote says:

    @ BMCQ
    While I agree with what you have said.
    Anyone who has bought a single family dwelling in the past 1-2 years … now underwater.
    And I dont think its going to improve any time soon.
    As for the “Asian Investors” in real estate.
    The NDP is dealing with that….one foreign tax at a time

  48. BMCQ says:

    NonCon – 47

    I misstated up the page. I did not purchase Real Estate over the past 3 years. I was waiting and actually hoping the Feds of either two Parties would do something about Off Shore Buyers and I felt it might affect some prices adversely.

    I purchased Real Estate during the time Real Estate Genius’s Forecast a Bubble and a Collapsing Real Estate market between 4 and 8 years ago. I am only talking about YVR here as each Region of B.C., Canada and the U.S. is different.

    Again, most important that we understand the Value of the $CAD and the advantage Off Shore Purchasers have because they come with $USD.

    Something our PM, his Finance Minister, and the rest of the Gender Balanced Cabinet DO NOT pay attention to.

    Again this is really a Federal Issue, along with the Asleep at the Switch CRA.

    The accepted definition of being Underwater is when One Owes more on their Real Estate than what it is actually worth on the Market.

    That is exactly what happened in Canada in the early 2008 – 2009. Of course it was much more serious in the U.S. and some Families lost everything. All started by Policies from Bill Clinton, Jessie Jackson and other Poverty Pimps. Then of course the Professional Crooks became involved and it was the end.

    Yes, some people that purchased in YVR may own Properties worth less than what they paid but it is only slightly at this time.

    I would certainly not be investing in any kind of Residential Real Estate at this time, “All Bets are Off’ on that one.

    As stated Governments now need to be careful to not cause a retraction in prices of say 15-20% or more or we could see people Underwater.

    That is why CMHC tightened up on Mortgages and it was a wise thing to do.

    To tie this back into the topic at hand I would strongly we all contact every one of our Eelcted Officials at any7 Level and ORDER them to keep the size of Government under control and please attention to the Economy, Immigration/Migration the Imagined Refugee Crisis, Our Southern Border, Foreign Investment in Real Estate of any kind, and even Business.

    The Government then AGAIN should immediately instruct New Management at CRA to Collect Capital Gain Taxes and Penalties with Interest on those that Cheated Canadian Laws.

    We need more of that and much less Posturing, Prancing, Preening, and Playing to the Crowds of the Political Correct Social justice Warriors and other assorted Pimps that feed off the Government Teat.

    As you stated up the page, “You Cannot Make this Stuff Up”!!

  49. Eldon says:

    A lot of nonsense here on what started as a pretty good thread.

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