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Trudeau Puts Canadian Troops at Risk in Push for Security Council Seat

June 25th, 2018 · 19 Comments

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau desperately craves a United Nations Security Council seat.

Not so much in my view to enhance Canada’s role and prestige … but his own. Perhaps his biggest photo-op ever: sitting there under the lights and cameras at the Security Council table with the five MAJOR powers, televised worldwide,  as they deal (or fail to deal) with critical issues or conflicts.

Great pictures for his Facebook page!

And apparently so desired by Trudeau that he has volunteered 250 Canadian troops, three Chinook helicopters and five armed Griffon helicopters for the UN’s “peacekeeping” mission in Mali.

Mali? Peacekeeping?  Mali … where 168 UN “peacekeepers” have already been killed … and 300 more injured … since the UN mission was launched in 2013.

Mali is a mess … beset for decades by internal conflicts,  civil war, a coup and Islamic terrorists controlling an area larger than France. Not in any way ready for “peace”!

Why would … or should … Canada get involved militarily in Mali?  Why should Mali be the latest venture for the Canadian military … so recently after Afghanistan … where 158 Canadian armed service members lost their lives?

The media haven’t yet realized … or are too Trudeau-supportive to criticize and explain or ask why Trudeau is bending backwards to impress the UN … especially its Muslim-dominated  51 nation states and their subservient lacky proxy states bought by oil billions,  at the General Assembly, where the rotating Security Council members are chosen.

Remember Trudeau’s embarrassing, fawning address to the Assembly last September?

“Trudeau didn’t even mention the worst crises and conflicts facing the world and the UN …. let alone propose ANY meaningful Canadian PROPOSALS to even assist, let alone solve them,”  I wrote on this blog at the time.

You can read more about that appearance here:

Why such a weak performance ?

Because Trudeau, who has no problem chastising us or other civilized Western-style democracies … knows criticizing the WORST violators of human rights in the world … the dictators, murderers, torturers,  human rights violators who hold sway at the UN, in the General Assembly and on its various UN agencies and commissions … would mean NO Security Council seat for Canada.

That’s why Trudeau delivered such a pathetic look-the-other-way address to the General Assembly.

And that’s why Canada has also been so mild in comments about the outrageous UN Human Rights Council … ruled over by a disgraced collection of dictatorial states who have almost jokingly  been charged with judging and pontificating about the state of human rights in other countries worldwide … while back home arresting journalists, imprisoning artists, beating civil rights advocates, jailing opposition leaders, shooting their supporters , torturing their critics, and wantonly bombing civilians, both inside their own countries and neighbours.  (Current member states include Egypt, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, China, Iraq and Qatar … countries where human rights are given only lip service or totally ignored!)

And yet, there was Canada (ie Trudeau) ABSTAINING rather than voting against in May when the UN HRC passed another of its TOTALLY one-sided infamous motions condemning Israel actions on its Gaza border without mentioning ANY of the dozen Hamas/Jihadi rocket attacks that proceeded the latest conflict,  hitting a nearby town, the incendiary devices floated into Israel causing major damage to nearby farms and a wildlife land reserve or the bombs placed by later-admitted Hamas “martyrs” along the border fence.

Totally one-sided … and yet there Canada, NOT voting against even such one-sidedness at the UN HRC … more of Trudeau’s fawning for Arab states in a bid for that Security Council seat … and photo op.

Canada should have followed the US in withdrawing from the disgraced and disgraceful body … but clearly Trudeau believes turning Canada’s eyes away is a better strategy to gain that Security Council seat! Even if it turns our back on Canada’s moral duty to speak out against REAL human rights violators.

And now Mali … putting Canadian armed force members’ lives at SEVERE risk … as part of Trudeau’s attempt to impress enough tyrants, dictators and Muslim states to vote him that Security Council seat.

Harv Oberfeld

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  • 1 Harry lawson // Jun 25, 2018 at 9:04 am


    Another thought provoking post.

    You raise some great points in today’s post .

    If we as Canadians are not going to stand up to the tyrannous members of the UN . , We do not deserve a seat at the security council

    Mali isn’t ready for the peace keeping that Canada is capable of providing. Mali is not secure enough .

    We have fantastic members of the military who for decades have worked with cut backs , poor and outdated equipment, base closures last but not least no proper support for those who cone back maimed.

    Just shameful hypocrisy from our government.

    (Response: Trudeau won’t stand up to the REAL human rights violators, killers and murderers and terrorist funders … because there are a LOT of them and they ALL have VOTES in the General Assembly. If Canada still had the values we USED TO show the world … beyond cheap photo ops … we would have already QUIT the farcical UN Human Right Council…setting the example before the US did . h.o.)

  • 2 DBW // Jun 25, 2018 at 9:49 am

    I am not as psychic as you are Harvey, so I can’t pretend to read Trudeau’s mind. However, Canada is at an all time low in sending troops to UN peacekeeping missions.

    Right now, 44 countries (12,600 troops)are represented in the UN force in Mali – big guys like the US, China, the UK, Germany, France Italy but also Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Togo, Bangladesh, Bosnia etc.

    I don’t like it that Canada has to put any of its armed forces at risk in any country, but I believe it is a worthwhile role for a country like Canada to take.

    So my problem with your post is that you are conflating two stories: your impression of Trudeau and what you think are his motivations behind the deployment of troops to Mali and the actual story of the deployment of troops.

    So let’s forget Trudeau for a moment. Does Canada have a role to play in UN peacekeeping missions? Is joining 43 other countries in Mali one of those roles?

    (Response: You don’t have to read his mind …just observe his actions. This year alone the UN has reported 16 million NEW refugees … bringing the world total to 62 million ….most of them from Arab/Muslim lands, where conflicts, turmoil, human rights violations on MASSIVE scales reign supreme. Trudeau has been great at posing for pics with those who make it here …. and he has been quite loud in mouthing off against Israel (Jerusalem, Gaza) …. but he has been SOOOOO tepid and weak and silent in denouncing the real WORST human rights violators in the world … Why? Because they are Arab/Muslim dictatorships and who have a grip on the UN General Assembly … and decide who gets on the Security Council’s revolving seats. It’s all a total pandering to evil … for personal aggrandisement … and a violation of Canada’s once proud fairness standard. h.o.)

  • 3 E. Johnson // Jun 25, 2018 at 11:06 am

    Why is it that the media fails to ask key questions about this mission such as is there an actual peace agreement to keep in Mali? What has been accomplished by the other nations peacekeeping forces thus far? The death rate seems high for a peacekeeping mission. Are the people of Mali better off because UN peacekeepers are present? Good article Harvey! I agree that this is pretty much a Trudeau/Liberal vanity project.

  • 4 E. Johnson // Jun 25, 2018 at 11:20 am

    Why is it that the media never ask the key questions like is there an actual signed peace agreement to enforce in Mali. What successes have been achieved by other nations’ peacekeepers thus far? Are the people of Mali better off because UN peacekeepers Are present? Good article Harvey. I agree that Trudeau is he’ll bent on putting out military in harm’s way to serve his political needs.

    (Response: It is becoming embarrassing for Canada to see Trudeau’s cumulative statements … one-sided positions, one-sided statements that have followed his fawning speech to the General Assembly … ALL of these ignoring and giving a pass to the REAL bad actors …those leaders who imprison or kill opponents and journalists, who torture and arrest people by the thousands for just protesting or even speaking about freedoms. THAT’S what I want to see our Prime Minister do …not smile and pander to these tyrants…. so they know the suffering they are inflicting on their own people IS being noticed and there are demands for them to stop!! h.o)

  • 5 Gene the Bean // Jun 25, 2018 at 11:28 am

    Harvey, you may be right but I wouldn’t want to see the “peacekeeper” mission be maligned or vilified in any way.

    Any conflict is never ‘over’ or safe in most of the world – hence the term peacekeeper.

    Neither of us are fans of the near useless UN but in whatever way it operates Canada is better served by a leadership role than a back room roll. If the PM can make that happen, that is a good thing. If the motivation is selfish from the PM but still achieves that, I don’t care.

    Maybe someone should tell tRump that there are Mexicans and other darkies at the UN and maybe he’ll kick them out of New York. As you astutely pointed out in previous posts, if the UN were in Nunavut or Greenland, maybe some actual business would get done as opposed to fancy dinners and Broadway shows.

    (Response: That’s the problem … Canada under Trudeau is NOT taking a leadership role at the UN …. like we did under Lester Pearson. When you fawn and stay silent against the worst oppressors … and won’t even vote against a TOTALLY one-sided motion that only mentions and condemns ONE side in ANY conflict … that is not leadership. You become a pawn of the dictators and evil doers who know how badly you want a Security Council seat … and Trudeau would be beholding to them if they grant him his wish. h.o)

  • 6 D. M. Johnston // Jun 25, 2018 at 4:55 pm

    Trudeau the Younger wants to once again entertain the Liberal myth that Canadians are “Peacekeepers” and not warriors.

    This rather naive view of things fits with the Liberal meme about Canada.

    Well Trudeau the apologist is in a big surprise, Peace Keeping is passe and the UN is treating the lightweight PM as a sucker.

    What is happening today in Africa is tribal and religious warfare and anything but a scorched earth policy will ens in failure. Trudeau the Younger hasn’t the stomach for it and in the end the mission will fail.

    As for Trudeau, the man himself, well he is nothing but a 2, in a field of 1’s and being a 2 means he may well be suited for arcane politcal politics, but totally unsuited for the international stage.

    Canadians deserve better, much better, but the political puppet masters of all major parties firmly believe Canadians come straight from the rhubarb patch and thus provide the party leader they think best suited to rile the rubes.

    Myth and political hubris, means Canada will always pretend to be the peacekeeper, until the body bag count makes the mission politically untenable.

  • 7 DBW // Jun 26, 2018 at 7:45 am

    This is your premise. Trudeau is so desperate to get Canada on the Security Council that he will do absolutely anything – even putting our troops at risk – to secure a seat. (which is quite inflammatory)

    You then claim that Trudeau would see this as a great photo op for his facebook page as he sits at the table with all the other world leaders when it is the ambassadors that meet at the table.

    As further proof you claim that Canada abstained in May when the UN Human Rights Council condemned Israel for the Gaza violence when Canada isn’t even on the Human Rights Council. Here’s the vote.

    This is what Chrysta Freeland said in parliament about the Human Rights Council’s decision

    “However, in keeping with our government’s policy of not supporting resolutions that unfairly single out Israel, we did not support a clearly biased resolution at the UN Human Rights Council.”

    Here’s Trudeau’s statement. Notice that no group is singled out but that incitement (referring to Hamas) is included.

    “Reported use of excessive force and live ammunition is inexcusable. It is imperative we establish the facts of what is happening in Gaza. Canada calls for an immediate independent investigation to thoroughly examine the facts on the ground — including any incitement, violence, and the excessive use of force,”

    I am just not sure what to make of your contention in this specific post so I will go back to my question at post two.

    Should Canada play a role in UN peacekeeping missions? Right now I believe Canada does have a role even in Mali, but I am prepared to be convinced otherwise.

    (Response: Actually, at the annual meeting of world leaders at the UN …the LEADERS themselves take the Security Council seat for their nations. An don’t forget the behind the scenes hob-nobbing they do in meetings and the Security Council’s private lounge. I would have no objection to Canada being on the SC …. IF we got there for our bold honesty in standing up for freedoms and denouncing the tyrants who are killing and robbing their people …. not by fawning, pandering and ignoring the victims of these regimes. h.o.)

  • 8 Diverdarren // Jun 26, 2018 at 9:15 am

    Harvey, the list of failings by the UN is long and I won’t waste time repeating the arguments that have been so ably laid out over your previous postings and comments.

    Your post here on the Canadian contribution to Mali and our motives for Canada’s newest UN mission are pretty much spot on.

    All I can add is that, yes, Trudeau is gambling with Canadian Troops lives for clout with the UN, but he’s also gambling his political future on this mission. If Canadians start coming home in body bags from a place most people couldn’t point to on a map with no names, the anger and blame will be placed right on the doorstep of the PM. And rightly so.

    Truly, the voice I would like to hear from regarding this mission is former Senator Dallaire. If there’s another Canadian with more experience regarding questionable UN “peacekeeping” in Africa, I can’t think of them.

    This mission stinks like Rwanda, but with the leading contributors of troops being from Burkina Faso and Chad, what could possibly go wrong?

    (Response: The one-sidedness of the UN’s General Assembly and UN Human Rights Council and UN Relief and Works Agency have been very well documented. They are a disgrace … yet, where has Trudeau been in denouncing those Arab/Muslim UN member states who have destroyed the ideals that once governed the deliberations and actions of those organizations??? The latest disgusting revelation: Algeria has been exposed (video and recounted stories) of bussing 30,000 refugees …including pregnant women, kids, old men … into the Sahara Desert and then DUMPING them out and forcing them to walk towards Niger …15 km away …in soaring desert heat! What kind of barbarians do that!!! Many have died … now let’s watch what Trudeau says/does and the UN orgs say/do. Likely little or nothing. h.o.)

  • 9 BMCQ // Jun 26, 2018 at 10:35 am


    Of course I will be criticized by some here for stating the obvious but I have read your analysis 3 times now and I must say I am very impressed.

    Your Piece should get re-printed in Major and Local Publications in Print right and On-Line right across Canada.

    The Content is thought Provoking, Informative, and Educational, You should also be Paid for this stuff!

    I would say that even if I did not agree with 90% of it but I do also happen to believe your content on the Canadian UN Mission should be read by every Canadian Politician and Senate Member.

    Then every Canadian Citizen should read your piece and contact those same Politicians and tell Elected Offficials how the Population feels about this Gamble with Young Canadian Lives.

    The Mali Peace Keeping is not a World War where Canada is at threat sp we must think about our Young Military Members first.

    Do not get me wrong, I am really an Interventionist at Heart and I am sickened about what Innocent Children, Women, and Men, are exposed to in the Middle East and Africa but I believe when it comes to a Peace Keeping Mission we need more guarantees.

    Perhaps our Fearless Leader PM Justin thought it was a

    “Bee Keeping Mission”!!

    I am not stating that for Comic Affect, I am attempting to point out the Absurdity of PM Justin and his Liberal Government.

    I have absolutely NO Confidence for the UN or PM Justin.

    PM Justin is doing nothing less than “Playing a Part” no different than being in a Play or Movie.

    Everything he does is for Photo Ops whether it be in Small Town Canada, Major City Canada, or on the World Stage and it sickens me.

    PM Justin and the UN are doing nothing less than putting Good Patriotic Canadians “In the Line of Fire” and in fact he is putting our Brave Young Military Personnel “In Harms Way”!

    AS Harry stated up the page, “Mali Is Not Ready”!

    I can’t do anywhere near as well as Harvey when he pointed out that the UN Security and HRC are nothing but a Group of Thugs Masquerading as States People Kind!!

    How does anyone expect Hard Working Citizens of any Country to take them seriously?

    Countries like ALL in the Middle East other than Israel, and most of Africa that Oppress, Abuse, Torture, and Kill Women, and Girls, Gays, Religious Minorities, Ethnic Minorities, and the rest.

    The whole of the UN needs Re-structuring and it needs doing NOW!

    Thank God that the U.S. out of all the Free Nations in the World is standing up to the UN and various Dictatorships in Africa and the Middle East.

    It is Only the Blind that Participates or Lurks on this Page that does not begin to see some changes with those Rogue Nations.

    Yes the U.S. did the correct thing in Withdrawing from the HRC Council, I hope others follow suit.

    By the Way, I wonder if PM Justin Plans to Guarantee Full Gender Equity within the Ranks of the Good Canadian Military Personnel that take part in the Mali Peace Keeping Mission?

    Any Guesses?


    One last thing here Hafvey

    I am Once Again going to Go Out on a Limb and suggest that this Most Important Blog Post gets very minimal participation.

    The Reason?

    Simply because you have shown Respect and given credit to the only Democratic State in the Middle East, the State of Israel!

    Israel is the only State in ALL of the Middle East where Gays are not Persecuted, Tortured, or Killed in the whole Region.

    I was recently in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and they have a very vibrant Gay Community of many different Ethnic Origins and they are Safe and they are Respected.


    You are correct PM Justin is Fawning, Pandering, and all of the rest.

    I am embarrassed for him.

    I am going to purchase BillBoard Ads right across Canada with Photos of Stephen Harper on all of them.

    The Caption at the Bottom will read something like this.

    “MISS ME YET” ?

    (Response: The problem is today’s shallow or one-sided media fail to look at Trudeau’s OVERALL performance and statements regarding the UN. So they cover his appearance before the General Assembly, his mild, tepid response to the UN HRC, his ridiculous one-sided statements on Gaza, his look the other way lack of actions in dealing with murderous Arab dictators, and his sacrificial action in Mali …. ALL as individual or isolated news stories. The biggest concern of the CBC National seems to be the low number of women sent on the Mali mission … NOT even questioning that Canadian service personnel have been placed in danger as part of a Security Council seat-seeking ego trip by the PM. These actions by Trudeau regarding the UN since he was elected are NOT isolated, in my view. They are all part of a jig-saw puzzle ….the OVERALL picture/message he has been sending to Arab/Muslim states …including Iran and terrorist orgs like Hamas and Hesbollah ….is that HE’S not going to call them fully to account or impose sanctions on them …no matter how much they oppress their own people or bomb/kill neighbouring states … he’s THEIR ally, so please, please, please give him a Security Council seat. h.o)

  • 10 BMCQ // Jun 26, 2018 at 10:42 am

    Something else to consider.

    And then there is this.

  • 11 e.a.f. // Jun 26, 2018 at 7:54 pm

    Yes Mali is dangerous, however peace keepers are necessary. IF not us, who then or do we shirk out duty?

    Some places will not have peace in any foreseeable future, however, what will happen if there are no peacekeepers? More and more deaths. Is it reasonable to send Canadians to this theatre? depends upon how you see our country the world and our role in it.

    It is my belief Canada has a role as peacekeepers in Mali. I do want however, that we send enough to keep each other as safe as can be expected in a war zone, and have the very best equipment available. Yes, I’m willing to pay taxes for that.

    WE need to beef up our military big time and not just for peace keeping purposes but because NATO can no longer count on the u.s.a. FOR anything. So yes, buy new equipment (not from the Americans. we could produce our own or purchase from E.U) Sending troops to Mali will give the military a good chance to strengthen is troops so they can fight a real war if and when it comes. We can not count on the U.S.A. We need our own fleet of subs, new armaments, etc. and that includes nukes.

    I don’t know what motivated Trudeau to “volunteer” Canada for this, but not in agreement with your opinion

    Totally in agreement with your comments regarding the H.R. committee though. its a joke.

    (Response: Military defence is hugely expensive … and even if we spent MANY billions more, we still wouldn’t be much of a match for Russia if they turned their aggression towards our north. Fortunately, that’s where the Americans would come in …. they MUST defend us, not because they care about us at all, but to keep the Russian bear at bay. There is NO WAY they would ever let the Russians get control of one inch of Canadian territory. So let them pay to defend Canada …. take that, Trump. And I’d much rather see us use any extra BILLIONS to improve our health and social programs, affordable housing and improved urban transportation. h.o.)

  • 12 BMCQ // Jun 26, 2018 at 10:06 pm

    e.a.f. – 11

    Mali is far TOO Dangerous for Peace Keeping at this point.

    If Canada has a real Minister of Defence instead of discredited, untruthful, and unqualified Sajjan.

    Who the Hell advises the Canadian PM?

    As to NATO?

    You are entitled to your Own Opinion but not your Own Set of Facts.

    Each and every NATO Member Nation IS Pledged to spend just over 2% of its GDP on Defence.

    Canada and most other NATO Nations were investing much less than that commitment and in fact those Nations were Riding on the Coatails of ?The U.S. who have for decades carried the Bulk of the Load and Commitment to NATO.

    POTUS Trump simply and rightfully called out those NATO Nations and ALL other than Canad have increased their commitment to NATO.

    Of it was not for the U.S. Commitment to NATO the Organization would have failed 20 years ago.

    You can choose to “Spin” this any way you might choose but Facts are Facts and informed people who know the truth will not be fooled.

  • 13 Gilbert // Jun 26, 2018 at 10:26 pm

    PM Trudeau is overspending, is far too friendly with nations that don’t share our values, and like his father, wants to turn Canada into the United Nations. He’s also so predictable- he loves to talk about climate change, gender equality and diversity, but he does little to improve the lives of ordinary Canadians.

  • 14 e.a.f. // Jun 28, 2018 at 12:18 pm

    Given the current situation in the u.s.a. I truly believe no one ought to count on them. As long as tump is in office it is all a crap shoot. Don’t have any confidence the u.s.a. would come to our aid if Russia ventured into our territory. The u.s.a. doesn’t have to do anything regardless of history, etc.

    It is my belief, if trump thought it would be to his advantage, he would carve up Canada with Russia in a heart beat. We can no longer rely on the u.s.a. Our best countries to rely on are in Europe.

    Just look back at how long the u.s.a. sat back and watched the wars in Europe prior to getting involved. they benefitted from selling arms, etc, .

    the u.s.a. is no longer the country we even thought it was at one time and it wasn’t even that.

    yes it will cost tens of billions if not hundrds of billions but it would be foolish to rely on the u.s.a. in case of a war or even an incrusion of russian military into our territory. those days are gone. we need to remember what happened at the g 7 .

    It will be interesting to see what happens at the nato meetings. my expectation is trump will dump all over nato and then go meet his good friend putin, report out to him and then you can expect Russia to start moving beyond its borders again, one way or another. these people are not our friends and they don’t care about Canada. Trump would like nothing better than to put the squeeze on Canada to get what he wants from us. the man has no morals, no ethics, etc, in my opinion

  • 15 Jimbo // Jun 28, 2018 at 2:55 pm

    Gilbert 13. Would you please provide your definition of an “ordinary Canadian.

  • 16 Gilbert // Jun 28, 2018 at 5:03 pm

    An ordinary Canadian is not a member of the elite or associated with a special interest group.

  • 17 13 // Jun 28, 2018 at 8:49 pm

    Ive never disliked any politician as much as Justin Trudeau. He seems phony, shallow, he is not a great example of peoplekind.
    He desperately wants a seat at the adult table but is barely qualified to eat with the small children.
    Peacekeepers ? In this situation our soldiers will be peacemakers. If Trudeau is willing to sacrifice Canadians to achieve his goal then he is a sad pathetic individual. No Canadian lives should be wasted on Trudeaus hopeless ambition.

  • 18 e.a.f. // Jun 29, 2018 at 12:14 am

    Canadians are elite. Our country, compared to others, is in the top 10% of the world’s population when it comes to what we have, where we live, etc.
    As to what is an ordinary Canadian, perhaps the term, average might be better, but some decades ago politicians found people didn’t like the word average, so it became, ordinary. Ordinary as in every day Canadians.

    What constitutes an elite is silly. It usually means people with a lot of money, but really, that doesn’t make them elite. It could just mean jerks with money. Guys like Trump has taken the word elite and re defined it. Elite used to mean the best and the brightest, the fastest, etc. Now not so much. Its almost used as a derogatory terms.

    Harvey, regarding the treatment of refugees by Algeria, sort of like the U.S.A. both Algeria and the u.s.a. are sending refugees to their deaths.

    It is agreed by most of the U.N. needs a great big house cleaning but I think that has been covered in another post by Harvey earlier this year.

  • 19 BMCQ // Jun 29, 2018 at 6:35 am

    As I suggested in my Post 12 I expected most Participants on this Blog to ignore this most important subject simply because Harvey spoke favourably of Israel.

    Once again I am not in the least surprised that too many that participate and lurk on this Blog are “Hiding Under Their desks”!

    Some of you that vilify Israel and it’s People might want to consider the following

    Please keep in mind that most other Western Media the BBC is Anti Israel.

    When was the last time you heard of Kuwait, UAE, Iran, or any other Islamic Loving Nation take in any Wounded Syrian, let alone any Refugees?

    Sadly the it is even more disappointing because the Analysis by Harvey above is one of his best and it is most important for Canadians to understand what is taking place between Canadian PM Justin and his Pathetically Transparent Courting and overtures to the just as disingenuous, lazy, dishonourable Fat Cats that control the UN and it’s very Councils.

    It makes me sick.

    Then of course some here as usual attempt to blame the U.S. and of course now POTUS Donald J Trump for everything bad in the world, giving the U.S. credit for nothing at all.

    If nothing else you might want to ask the people of Europe, Asia, and even Japan and Germany just how much respect and thanks they have for the U.S. during and after WW II.

    Who is it ANY Country Calls First when their is a Disaster or other Catastrophic Event?

    Who is it that responds without question any time they are asked?

    Do Nations count on China? Russia? Venezuela? Cuba? NOKO? Saudi?

    No they do not, it is almost exclusively that Nations or Groups in trouble turn to the U.S. and the U.S. responds without question.

    Who Finances the Bulk of the Cost for the Admin of U.N.?

    Facts tell us that the U.S. Funds almost 25% of the cost of the U.N.

    Then of course there is the fact that NY City, the FBI, and other Security Sections of the U.S. Government pick up almost ALL of the Policing and other Security Responsibilities of the U.N.

    Then there is NATO and the silly claim that the U.S. and DJT want to do away with NATO.

    Facts tell us that DJT wants toe 28 or so NATO Members to pull their weight and contribute in a meaningful manner as was initially agreed to in the original agreement signed by 28 Nations just after WWII.

    AS they say, “Figures don’t Lie but Liars can Sure Figure”.

    The Facts speak for themselves.

    Without the U.S. the U.N. and NATO would not have a “Hope in Hell” of surviving through the upcoming Canadian Canada Day Long Weekend.

    And BTRW

    For those that take any chance they can to vilify and criticize the U.S. you might want consider the following.

    When was the last time you saw 100 or so U.S. Citizens of any Race, Religion or Ethnic background run down to the Beach in Miami, cobble together a Raft out of Old Cigar Boxes and Row off to Cuba, Venezuela, NOKO, Libya, Nigeria, China, or any other Haven of Socialism?

    When was the last time any of those Valhalla’s of Socialism stepped up and offered assistance to ANY Country Victimized by a Natural Disaster or any other Catastrophic Event?

    Is the Canadian Military there?

    The Dutch, Sweden, Cuba, Venezuela, China, or any other Nation that criticizes the U.S. until they are in need of anything American?

    The U.N. is only PRETENDINING to be the World’s Major Play of Problem Solving and Protector of Innocents Citizens of Nations in need.

    Hey, perhaps Canadian PM Justin is a good fit for the U.N. because he is simply just a PRETENDER Himself.

    Both PM Justin and the U.N. are nothing less than an Embarrassment to Good People everywhere, Justin and the U.N. deserve each other.

    Gilbert – 16

    That definition works for me and I am sure it also works for Hard Working Tax Paying Ordinary Canadians of any Income Level!