Trudeau Too Soft on China

It was a silent move that spoke loudly of Canada’s anger over China’s latest aggressive acts against Canada: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave China President Xi the cold should … literally … at the G-20 roundtable in Osaka.

Although the two leaders were seated next to each other, by virtue of our countries’ alphabetical positions, Trudeau ignored Xi … didn’t look at him, didn’t talk to him … not even a “Hello”, as the two sat down.

Canadians should not under-estimate the significance of such a slight in Chinese culture … a snub to the leader-for-life of a major world power, with the world watching.

Xi knew he was being “dissed” … losing face in public … and could not help glancing … I thought forlornly … at Trudeau, or more accurately, Trudeau’s side and part of his back.

But Trudeau/Canada must do a LOT more than that to let Xi/China know its bullying tactics directed against Canada not only WON’T work, there will also be a PRICE TO PAY for China and Chinese businesses exporting to Canada.

In its snit over Canada’s lawful arrest in Vancouver of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou, on an extradition warrant issued by the US, China has so far: arrested two Canadian businessmen working in China; upped the court sentence of another Canadian convicted of drug smuggling from 15 years in prison to the death penalty; banned the import of canola seeds, then added pork and later beef as well from Canada … severely hurting many Canadian businesses/exports; and, last week had two fighter jets buzz two Canadian navy ships sailing in international waters.

Trudeau turning his back on Xi is not enough.

Dictators and bullies … like Xi, Putin, Kim Jung Un, Trump … do not respond to talk: the ONLY time ANY of them have ever pulled back from their intimidation or aggression is after THEIR countries have also felt enough of the same type of pain/damage they’ve inflicted on others.

Even that can take time … a long time. But to do nothing … except chide them, ask others to intervene, or turn our backs on them at conferences … will accomplish nothing.

There IS a better way.

” China sold almost $70 billion worth of goods to Canada in 2017, mostly consumer items, more than three times what Canada sold to China, mostly raw materials. China makes more money off us than we do off it,” reported Maclean’s Magazine a few days ago.

Think about that: “China makes more money off us than we do off it.”

Canadian consumers and Canadian companies are GREAT customers for China.

I could certainly understand that, only months before the federal election, Trudeau would not want to impose tariffs on cell phones, electronics, computers etc. from China: many consumers would not be happy.

However, we also import from China BILLIONS of dollars worth of clothing, toys, games, furniture and even agricultural products … ALL of them easily replaceable by similar goods from other countries, friendlier to Canada and anxious to expand their exports to us.

Surely, Canadian inspectors could EASILY find flaws in their quality or paperwork … just as China’s inspectors have done with ours.

Or how about China’s steel and iron? Their quality or dumping policies are both certainly easily questionable … and cutting back on those imports would actually help Canadian producers!

ACTION is needed to make Xi/China take notice that, Yes, Canada is a smaller power, but as others have found out, very capable of dishing it out against foes/aggressors who try to harm or bully us.

All it takes is a Prime Minister and a government with the backbone to act.

And what better time to announce ACTION than this coming week. … after our July 1 celebrations.

Happy Canada Day!

Harv Oberfeld

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34 Responses to Trudeau Too Soft on China

  1. r says:

    And October will be here sooner then you think!

    If I am not for myself, who will be for me?
    If I am not for others, what am I?
    And if not now, when?


  2. John J says:

    Let’s put ALL Chinese goods under the microscope now, including food stuffs, and ban those that don’t meet Canadian standards for quality and safety. We should have done that decades ago. And that’s not even mentioning the fentanyl crisis. We can be so stupid at times!!

    (Response: You’re absolutely right. China banned ALL Canadian beef and ALL Canadian pork after a single incident of some faked agricultural certificates on a shipment that may not have actually come rom Canada. Can you imagine if Canada banned ALL Chinese products in any given category if just ONE shipment arrived with sub-standard quality or faked certificates! Just about ALL Chinese food, toys and medicinal imports would be banned! h.o)

  3. Gene The Bean says:

    Harvey, if Trudeau met with him everyone would be howling for his head. If he applies tariffs, same thing.

    The Chinese play the long game. So we should do the same. Create a ‘fake’ issue, just like they did and really slow down the imports of something very important to them. Really ramp up the illegal drug issue and have it on the front page every day. work with others to try and get from under the grip of their economic policies and maybe bring jobs back. Work in the shadows, just don’t make anything a photo -op.

    Trudeau should meet with him privately, no cameras, and be firm and strong and tell him that what he is doing wont work and we wont be intimidated. China needs to know that a money grubbing morally bankrupt person is no longer running this country and we will stick to our principles and morality and cant be bought off.

    Xi just like Putin is hoping for a Con government again in Canada. Hope they don’t get it.

    (Response: I think a Conservative government would be bad news for Xi and Putin … not good (although not sure that’s enough reason to vote that way just on this issue). But I agree with you “Create a ‘fake’ issue, just like they did and really slow down the imports of something very important to them.” That’s what China has done; that’s what Trump did … it’s PRESSURE and I believe it works better and faster than just waiting things out or,even worse, asking other countries to appeal on our behalf. How belittling is that! h.o)

  4. Barry says:

    It’s time the world started to demand China start playing by the rules everyone else does or be treated like the crooks that they are.

    I once worked for a local high tech company. To “save money” we had a new product made in China.

    A few months later, management was shocked that a Chinese company took our product, cloned it, slapped its on label on it and started competing with us. The similarities ran right down to the manual which was identical in every way save for where you could see where their name and logo were pasted over ours.

    Needless to say we had a hard time selling our product given how much they undercut us in price.

    I know lawyers were consulted, and the answer was pretty much “don’t bother, China does what it will and there is no way to hold them accountable.”

    If we had done that to someone else, say in the states, I could hear the yelling from the US government now…

    (Response: Just a few weeks ago, I wrote how China’s activities and bullying show exactly why the West must NOT allow any Chinese firms like Huawei any critical role in our development of the 5-G network: Since then, they’ve gone after Canada even more ..inflicting costly damage on some of our key industries … agriculture, pork and beef exports. If Trudeau/Liberals do NOTHING but ask nicely for them to stop, China will make minced meat out of MORE of our economy/inductees whenever it suits them. Canada MUST retaliate to hit them where it hurts too … cutting back on the some of the $70 BILLION in imports we accept each year: tit for tat is the only thing that would make them back off. h.o)

  5. e.a.f. says:

    We don’t need to create a “fake”
    issue, there are enough real ones. There are products they produce which don’t meet standards and their use of forced labour ought to do it. Find any product made by forced labour and simply ban it on the basis it violates U.N. and Canadian policy. they need our natural resources, well they can pay more or we can “tarrif” it in reverse.

    We can decide their freighters don’t meet our environmental standards and send them back into international waters. The noise on older freighters upset the marine life and humans too. If you see some of the freighters waiting off of Ladysmith and hear the noise, some of the birds don’t even come around.

    Canada has long supported human rights, well we could have a human rights trade code. A million Muslims in detention in china is a violation of human rights,

    most of what China sell us, can be purchased elsewhere, however the most important people in sending a message to China are Canadians, DON’T BUY MADE IN CHINA. Its as easy as when you’re in Home Depot. Same item, one made in Taiwan, another in China. I always purchase the one from Taiwan. I maybe only one person, but if there are several thousand of us, it sends a message.

    We might also want to send China a message via those visa’s harper created for them. As I recall, Harper permitted citizens of China to have 10 yr visas and go back and forth. Well cancel them, right now. Make them go the same route other countries have to go. Its not like they’re friends. they are holding Canadian citizens captive for political reasons, so their citizens really ought not to be given any “privledges”. The Conservatives keep harping that Trudeau ought to do more but really want do they think we can actually do? start a war. Scheer wouldn’t even know how to pickup chop sticks. Trudeau can start by implementing the new visa system for Chinese citizens and be very clear about it, it won’t change until we get back our citizens.

    Start banning Chinese citizens who are caught laundering money because that must have Chinese government approval. Two can play this game and it may make Trudeau look good in time for the election. (Harper never was that tough on China, he’s the one who pushed the free trade agreement.) Conservatives like to talk tough, but they don’t do anything. They simply bend over and smile.

    (Response: When it comes to cheap labour manufacturing, China has LOTS of competition: India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand. Canada could easily resource many of China’s products. But first, Trudeau has to realize, in view of the SEVERAL aggressive actions taken by China against us, Canada MUST retaliate or they will see us as soft and submissive. Trudeau should realize if he does nothing, and the anti-Canadian aggression continues, that will hurt him badly in the election. h.o.)

  6. Gilbert says:

    It’s ironic that the father of Prime Minister Trudeau, Pierre Trudeau, was not only very popular with the Chinese government but very fond of not only China but many other socialist regimes. On the other hand, the current prime minister is so unpopular that it’s not even clear that China wants to see him re-elected!

    It’s probably the case that Prime Minister Trudeau and President Xi don’t like each other, but one must be professional and use every opportunity to advance the national interest. Prime Minister Trudeau needed to engage President Xi, to be polite and to be professional. His refusal to do so will complicate the tense relationship between our two countries.

    I wonder if China has tired of Prime Minister Trudeau. Maybe China hopes there will be a new leader in October!

    (Response: today under Xi … now President for life (such seizures of power never end well for the population) China has changed … and not for the better: there is more oppression, not less; there is more surveillance, not less; there are more crackdowns, not less … and that just internally! In foreign relations, China has become much more aggressive, much more confrontational with several of its neighbours and much more bullying … even extortionist .. with countries that fell under their influence or financial clout. That’s why we must NEVER allow any Chinese (or Russian or Iranian etc) firms ANY access/controls of ANY of our communications or security-related infrastructure. NEVER! h.o)

  7. Beenie says:

    America has put Canada in a very difficult situation that only America can resolve. Canada is in a bind and has NO flexibility. America is using Wahway as a pawn in their trade deal with China and Canada has the trump card. Canada is following democratic rules that forces Canada to hold the woman. The only possible solution for Canada at this point would be to tell America that it does not want to be part of their trade negotiating scheme and release the woman. Canada has nothing to gain and only to loose. SO SAD.

    (Response: No doubt Canada is caught between China and the US. However, China has TOTALLY OVER-REACTED in the case of one person arres5ted on an extradition warrant. TOTALLY OVER-REACTED. And it is the DUTY of a Canadian Prime Minister to do more than just ask them to let up: Trudeau must retaliate …or the message he will send to all the bullies, dictators, aggressors in the world is he, and Canada, are weak and can be victimized …. without paying any real cost in return. h.o)

  8. max avelli says:

    At this point, isn’t it obvious that China poses a threat to every civilized country on earth.

    There are loads of countries that we can buy loads of cheap crap from.

    We may need to rethink how we deal with electronics.

    But surely most of the G-20 (minus China) should be able to find common cause in putting China in its place, because they have gotten way too big for their britches.

    If we do not put up a common front now then we will get steamrollered. Bomb the crap out of all those man-made artificial islands/atolls in the South China Sea for starters. They are a threat to all of the world. Totally illegal.

    (Response: There is a positive side to watching the current despicable aggression of China to Canada: so much for their phoney smiles and toasts to long standing friendship and appreciation for how Canada accepted and opened up to the Communist regime well before the US did. As I wrote in a previous comment, China today under Xi is not the China Canada and Canadians befriended earlier: it is even more dictatorial, more oppressive, more bullying, more dangerous than ever before. And even after the Meng Wanzhou situation resolves, whatever government we end up with in the Fall MUST realize that China ..and Chinese companies … must NEVER be allowed ANY critical role in our high-tech or security infrastructures. h.o.)

  9. hawgwash says:

    Then there is the issue of logical thinking people objecting to China sponsoring the UBCM annual drunk, oops, convention and the likes of Mayor Helps defending it with; “it’s the way we’ve always done it.”

    (Response: There is NO WAY the UBCM should accept this sponsorship at any time from a foreign government …and certainly NO WAY any BC politician should attend it and scoff up the vittles and slurp up the booze at this year’s event. h.o)

  10. e.a.f. says:

    Gilbert at #6, Canada was very popular with China back in the day because of Dr. Bethune. His work in China had not been forgotten. Mao even wrote an essay about him.

    In the 1960’s one of China’s first trade expos was done at the P.N.E. If I’m not mistaken it was one of the first ever under taken and Canada was chosen because of the Bethune connection and Canada’s relationship with China.

    back in the 1960s China was trying to pull their country into the current century. They were trying to turn their economy into a manufacturing center, not only for export but for their own citizens.

    Many may not have remembered the China prior to the 1960s, but it was a very different country.

    Back in the day not many went to China, but those Canadians who did were well treated, because they remembered Dr. Bethune.

    today’s leaders in China don’t remember the past, they are simply trying to acquire as much power and money for themselves as possible. Xi is part of a new style of Chinese politician who does not wish to remember China’s struggle or its former place in the world. Xi is a bully and there isn’t much Canada can do about it. Being nice to Xi won’t work, just as being nice to any bully doesn’t work. About the only thing which works with a bully is embarrassing them or beating them. Trudeau’s actions at the G-20 was the smart thing to do.

    Canada can take action against China, economically, very carefully. Ignorning Xi at international events works. Whether you like Trudeau or not, he is a name on the world stage, if only his Father’s name, but it does open doors. Right now Xi is simply trying to show the world he is top dog, not Trump.

    I am sure China is hoping for a new leader after our election and I expect meddling in our election by them also. they know they can push Scheer around. The conservatives like to talk a good game, but they’ve never outlined what their game is. They want tougher positions, but they never say what those positions would be and how they’d achieve them. its fine to say the federal Liberals need to be tougher on China and they the Conservatives would be tougher, but they never have said how. do they want to go to war? stupid. ban them from Canada? not a hope in hell–it was Harper who opened the doors to them buying into our oil patch, the free trade agreement with them and the 10 yr visas for Chinese nationals, along with permitting them to start buying Canadian real estate hand over fist.

    Harvey has out lined a good course of action, but it will be up to Canadian citizens to support any actions the federal Liberals take. That includes Scheer/the Conservatives supporting him instead of standing around saying, he needs to be tougher, but never saying what form of action that would take. It is doubtful Scheer even understands the Chinese culture. Right now, in my opinion Scheer is playing in to Communist China’s hands.

    Remember Xi is the leader of the largest population in the world. He didn’t get there by being nice. He’s been around and sees the world globally. Scheer, he thought he’d reached the “big time” when he was made Speaker of the House, where he did a very bad job. Scheer just isn’t ready for prime time or the international stage. Trudeau on the other hand grew up on the international stage.

    (Response: Scheer did call for some specific action by Canada, as reported in ChannelNewsAsia “Scheer said Trudeau should retaliate against China by bringing a case before the World Trade Organization over its import bans, increasing inspection on Chinese imports into Canada and reviewing “all investments coming from China.”
    It’s not much …but I’d bet our investigators could find a lot wrong with shipments … and ban them too! h.o)

  11. Harry Lawson says:


    Great post, snubbing the president of China by seating arrangements is more of a passive aggressive reaction. What is needed is firm action tariffs ,sending back consular staff. And what is with the military intimidation from China ? Could the reason why no tariffs be because Montreal is the headquarters for Dollarama? Tariffs is a tax on the citizens of the country that implements the tariffs.

    (Response: I don’t think it’s Dollorama: maybe it’s because Trudeau still has that dream of a seat on the UN Security Council I wrote about last year. But I do think he WILL do something soon … if China does not back off its aggression: after all, there IS a federal election coming up…and Trudeau knows the Tories will make a big deal of it if he does nothing. h.o)

  12. Gene The Bean says:

    Hawg, #9

    I have been to about a dozen UBCM’s over the years and let me tell you, it is like a training ground for how to become a thieving bought-off politician. The hair on my neck still stands up when I remember some of the atrociously inappropriate and overt “sell jobs” that “invited guests” would “offer” some of these drunken louts. Funny though how they always targeted the right wingers knowing they could easily corrupt them.

    I was shocked when I heard China is bankrolling an event there. Usually it was developers and those companies that provide services to muni’s who were seeking a Mayor or CAO that would agree to ‘using’ their condo in Hawaii, for free, for their next vacation. No strings attached – wink wink.

    China adds a whole new level. Wow. How that was permitted to happen in the first place shocks me. Anyone have any ideas how long this has been going on? I know from personal experience that the organizational staff structure of UBCM was previously populated by BC Liberal castoffs and friends who “needed a job” and we know what kind of morality those people would have. The executives though are all regionally elected officials… Hmmm…

    Something is rotten here …. sure wish you were still working Harvey, there is a great story to be exposed here ….

  13. e.a.f. says:

    now Harvey gets too do it on his blog! it may not be t.v., but he can say what he wants!
    its sometimes very interesting how many people come to a blog to read but don’t comment. some blogs have readerships as large as news papers, but few comment.

    It would be fun though to see Harvey asking questions of some of these idiots on the 6 p.m. news today . I do remember a time when he had those cute cheeks, yes that pic. with Mulroney brings back memories, and asked all sorts of questions.

    Harvey has worked hard for his retirement, but really, just one more time in a scrum, for old times sake would be so fun!

    (Response: I’m retired ..but must admit, sometimes when I see the puff ball questions of politicians by some reporters, often missing the obvious hypocrisy/lies/distortions they are hearing in return and yet, letting them off the hook WITHOUT ANY PRESSING of the issue, I wish I could have been there …to show them how it should be done. h.o)

  14. Art Smith says:

    Hi Harvey, funny how two people can look at a picture or a tv clip and have diametrically opposite views of what is being shown. Where you saw Trudeau being strong, I saw somebody who looked like a whipped puppy who was afraid to look at his master.
    One thing that we do agree on is Trudeau has to do something, and soon. As far as I can tell, he is twiddling his thumbs, while two Canadians languish in Chinese custody. He has to start applying pressure to the Chinese in any way possible and stop looking to the Americans to save his bacon, which I am sure they will not be in any hurry to do. Another one of those chickens coming home to roost after he and Freeland made it clear they would have preferred Hilary.

    e.a.f. #10

    Pretty hard for Scheer to support a government that doesn’t appear to be doing anything other than going around trying beg other countries to say “China bad!”

    GTB #12

    You mean all those corrupt right-wingers like
    Chretien: Adscam
    Paul Martin: Finance minister exempts his shipping
    company from taxes
    Trudeau Jr.: Bronfmans shift millions to avoid taxes

    (Response: Yes, interesting how two people can see things differently; and a third viewer may have even a different interpretation. I based my conclusion on my impression of the diplomatic protocols involved: China and Xi, like the US and Trump, are no doubt the MAJOR powers and normally, you will see leaders of less powerful countries approaching them, smiling (no matter how much they may personally despise them), offering deferential pleasantries … all designed to socially impress/ingratiate. When a smaller country leader turns his or her back on the leader of a huge power, and ignores them …no deferential smile/greeting etc … that is an affront. And I say Bravo to Trudeau for doing that ..refusing to kowtow … and I think the furtive glance from Xi showed he noticed … and clearly knew HE was slighted. Great! Now Trudeau MUST follow up with ACTION to make China’s businesses …not just Canada’s … pay a price for China’s aggressive escalation of the dispute. h.o)

  15. D.M. Johnston says:

    China is reverting back to the days of when it thought itself the Leading empire of the world, with the Emperor ruling all his lesser emperors.

    That it has not been the case for the past 300 years, the empire is recreating itself as the grand empire.

    Canada to the Chinese mandarins is nothing more than a US vassal state, especially with the likes of the old school Liberals who act more like latter day Quislings.

    Today, while two Canadians are being held hostage by the criminal Chinese government, our glorious Mary Ng, Canada’s minister of small business and export promotion and Peter Harder, former president of the Canada China Business Council, appointed to lead Trudeau’s transition team in 2015, cavorting today in Beijing. Who the hell takes Trudeau seriously?

    Scheer, the NDP chap and may would do no better.

    We live in a very dangerous world and Trudeau little slap on the wrist, demonstrates he is way out of his league.

    Mind you, with the rogue Trump down South, Canada is in a very dicey situation, sadly I still do not think not one of our politcal leaders as the jam or moral courage to deal with China, no not one.

    It is time to play hardball.

    (Response: I believe you’re right on when you write “Canada to the Chinese mandarins is nothing more than a US vassal state”. It’s a shame because Canada recognized China and started building bridges to China well before the US and many other courtiers We USED to have good, solid relations with China and Xi’s bullying tactics have done substantial damage to that. Xi/China are dreaming in technicolour if they think Canada, Canadians, or any other countries will forget or overlook the “new” China’s despicable behaviour and aggressive bullying attempts under Xi when Canada is just following its legal obligations under a treaty. We will continue to have commercial dealings …but we (or any other nation) should NEVER forget how they are acting these days or trust them very far. h.o)

  16. Gilbert says:

    In my opinion, PM Trudeau looked very uncomfortable while sitting next to President Xi. Perhaps he’s surprised that China doesn’t respect him, unlike with his father. I think the PM has discovered that politics is difficult and serious business. It’s so much more than spending money, making speeches, promoting diversity and taking pictures!

    It was naive to think that President Trump would intervene on Canada’s behalf. PM Trudeau needs to take decisive action now. There are two Canadians in China who need a competent, diplomatic and strong prime minister. Will he surface before the election?

    (Response: Seemed naïve to me too …expecting Trump, in a very limited bilateral availability with Xi, to raise the dispute on Canada’s behalf … but news reports today say it has been confirmed that Trump DID. Pleasantly surprises me. However, from a Canadian point of view … ACTION is needed … or Trudeau will look weak, easily bullied in this case. h.o)

  17. e.a.f. says:

    still wonder what people really expect Trudeau to do. We can cut off trade, but really, we need corporate cooperation with that and that isn’t going to happen.

    China is pissed because we arrested one of the princesses of the royal family. Arresting Meng was like another country arresting perhaps one of Prince Andrew’s daughters or Prince Michael of Kent’s children. The Chinese have in turn arrested 2 Canadians and are holding them hostage and sentenced to death some Canadians. China thinks we will bend because we like our humans. China doesn’t care about their average citizens. they have close to 2 billion of them.

    If Canada were going to play that game, warn all Canadians to get out of China and then arrest the most important person China has in Canada. they’ve already withdrawn their Ambassador, so try for no. 2 or some princeling from the corporate world. The other way to go, might be to attach some of the Chinese government’s assets. They’ve attached valuable Canadian assets, our citizens, so lets take some of their’s. As I’ve previously mentioned simply end their 10 yr visa’s and let them apply continually. it will send a message to their business community.

    We could have the families of those arrested, file suit against China and ask the Canadian government to seize Chinese assets until they get their family members back. We have enough Chinese assets in this country. All sorts of senior politicians, corporate types own land in Canada, own corporations, are large share holders. If China will only understand power, then we will have to get as ugly as they.

    As to asking other countries to intervene on our behalf, its not unusual for countries to do that sort of things. Some countries which do not have diplomatic relations with other countries, will have a third country take care of their business. Asking Trump to “inquiry” is fine by me. We did after all get some of their citizens out of Tehran when the Iranian Revolutionary Guard took the embassy and staff hostage. We took in approx. 6K of their citizens on 911.

    We ought not to forget China usually has approx. 9 Japanese citizens under arrest in China, just to try to keep Japan in line. The important thing to remember is China doesn’t care about its citizens except their “royals”. In Canada, we do care about our citizens. Perhaps, its time to tell China we don’t pay for hostages. We know Trudeau has done it before, perhaps its time to do it again. Canadians won’t be happy, but some times messages have to be sent and some times Canadians need to suck it up and learn China is not our friend and we need to kick them out of our country. Now I can hear the howls about that comment.

    as to having Canadian politicians in China to drum up business, that is what the business community wants and they don’t care about 2 two Canadian under arrest or those under death sentences. Citizens whose business interests are at stake don’t much care about the Canadians in China.

  18. Gene The Bean says:

    Art #14 – do you really want me to list all the transgressions of the Cons !!! It would give me hand cramps to type that much.
    Congrats on getting three from the centre left though….

    (Response: Getting off topic. h.o)

  19. BMCQ says:

    A Great Blog Topic and a very good Analysis, it Is long past time for all Free World Nations to stand up to China on so many issues .

    The truth is Poor Feckless PM Justin is simply not capable of standing up to China on his own and as with SNC Lav, JWR, Philpott, Butts, Pipelines, Peoplekind, Costume Gate, the Two Michaels in a Chinese Prison, V Admiral Norman, runaway Migration with Open Borders, and many more he is simply uh “Hiding Under His Desk” hoping they uh all Go Away !

    For him unfortunately none of them and so much more will not go away until about 10 PM Ottawa time the evening of the next Canadian Election in October. That is when Canadians will have finally realized they made a catastrophic mistake when they elected him and his Minions in 2015 and he is voted out . At the same time Canadians will finally realize that a ridiculous NDP and their pathetic Leader Mr. Singh are an absolutely discredited group themselves and they too will be sent off into the wilderness never to be seen again .

    Tick Tock !!

    PM Justin hs never stood for anything nor has he stood up to anyone .

    He displayed absolutely NO Strength of Character at any time during the G 20 and as a matter of fact he did not look like he even wanted to be anywhere the Conference and other World Leaders, Disengaged at best .

    For many decades No World Leader has stood up to China on Human Rights, Freedom of Movement, Religion, or any other basic freedoms we in the Free World consider basic in our countries .

    No World Leader up until now has challenged China on Trade, Theft of IP, Patents, Counterfeits, Currency Manipulation, and so many other Transgressions until the Trump Admin .

    Canada, the UK, EU, Japan, Australia, SOKO, and all other Natikns must now join together and support the U.S. in its confrontation with China on all of those as well as the aggressive behavior of China Militarily in the South China Sea, the aggressive take over of China regarding Resources in Africa, South America , and the Chinese plan to purchase property on so many Free World Nations .

    As I stated on this Blog several years ago and some have mentioned on this Blog Topic “China is in this For the Long Game”, China wants to not only Dominate , China plans to Rule the World .

    It is not only Canadaian Citizens thst are currently “In Chains” In China, Innocent People from many World Nations are currently Imprisoned in Chinese Gulags, it is time for World Leaders to Act and we can start by supporting Donald Trump on the Trade File .

    China needs to be taken to task right now and everyone from G 20 Nations to The UN, and the rest need to become active right now .

    All of those Nations can begin right now by purchasing any Consumer Goods possible from each other and Freeze China Out of any trade possible.

    The Chinese People are very restless and they want and support change, we must do anything we can to destabilize Chinese Leaders and their Oppressive Government, we cannot afford to pass up the chance to support the U.S. on this .

    Time is running out very quickly .

    (Response: Trudeau’s dependence on other countries to fight Canada’s battle is embarrassing and will support Xi and China’s belief that Canada is weak and can easily be bullied. On this one, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is more on the ball: calling now for Canada to step up inspections of Chinese goods (no doubt would VERY easy to find problems with many) and also to impose tariffs on goods where Canadian importers could find alternatives… Remember, we IMPORT much more from China than they take from us … so they could/should pay a price OUR producers/exporters are doing. By the way, looks to me like Scheer’s strategists have been reading/monitoring this blog! h.o)

  20. BMCQ says:


    I was just reminded that China has imprisoned and oppressed thousands of Muslims in Re Education Camps and worse .

    All Muslim Majority Nations should also support Confrontation with China .

    If the rest of the World was to Stand Together against China we could very soon see Major Change .

    I am quite certain that Opposition to Chinese Government Policies from within the Chinese Borders would gain great momentum if Free World Nations stood together with the U.S. .

  21. e.a.f. says:

    Suggesting all major Muslim countries stand together is the same as suggesting all Christian countries stand together. They are not a monolithic group. The Muslim faith like the Christian faith is divided into denominations and they don’t get along. Look no further than the Sunni and Suia. Within the Suia we also have denominations such Ismaili Muslims. Saudi Arabia adhere to the Wahhabisi denomination.

    If you think back to the 1950s/60s our society was quite divided along religious groupings . Some of us will remember what family “conferences” occurred when a Catholic and Protestant decided to marry or Christian and Jew. Its not different today within the Islamic community.

    To suggest all those Muslim nations stand against China as a group, good luck with that.

    You may think Trudeau isn’t doing an adequate job, but don’t count on Scheer to any better. All Xi will do is ignore Scheer. Having one world leader ask another to do something is called networking. It does work. All the Conservatives will do is stamp their feet and screek and the world will ignore Scheer. He will become the joke Ford is and Kenny is becoming. Those boys all roll together. It surprising you seem to endorse Scheer. Have a look at his record where is he seen rolling along with well know racists in this country.

    China needs to be dealt with, but they have the largest population in the world and thus, will win the long game. If we were to take them on, now we first need to restrict their ability to travel in and out of our country, ensure they bring only the amount of money they are entitled to out of their country into ours as stipulated by Chinese laws–$50K. Then start opening all the doors on all their containers. Of course when you do that, expect to hear from every business in the country, along with all Canadians addicted to their products and most of all the howls of Canadian tax payers when the federal government starts hiring more Customs officers. Canada can play the inspection game, they just don’t have enough staff and equipment. Why? because taxpayers don’t want to pay for it.

    the question is: what do you want to pay or give up to keep control of your own country? Control of our ports went out the window the day some previous federal government decided to do away with the Port Police.

    (Response: Your comment “you seem to endorse Scheer” demonstrates exactly what is wrong in this country: just because someone agrees with any party leader or position on ONE issue must mean they are thus completely “endorsing” that leader or party. That is a ridiculous conclusion. Election choices are …or at least should be ..a complex decision based on positions, statements and past records on a whole variety of issues. (Except for blind partisans who follow any given leader/party like sheep). I very clearly wrote ” On this one” in referring to and supporting Scheer’s call for Trudeau to DO something in view of the SEVERAL attacks by China against Canadians personally and Canadian businesses. At least Scheer is speaking out for ACTION ..unlike the NDP’s Jagmeet Singh who is nowhere to be seen or heard in defence of Canada or Canadians… on this one. More on that Monday. h.o)

  22. BMCQ says:

    Muslim Nations and various Sects have stood together against Oppressors many times throughout History .

    “The Enemy of My Enemy”

    For any one to suggest that ALL Muslims and ALL Muslim Nations do not consider Chinas oppression, abuse, and Genocide against Muslim Groups within China an affront of ALL of Islam is simply delusional .

    As to Scheer ?

    Exactly how do you know what the new and upcoming Scheer Government will handle China ?

    Please clarify and explain how you come to your conclusion .

    One thing for sure, we have more than enough evidence of how PM Justin Uh performs as we have watched him FAIL on literally each and every File he has touched .

    Perhaps we could ask the $ 10 Million Dollar Man Omar Khadr how the inept, impotent, and dithering PM Justin uh performs on anything other than Hosting a Tea Party .

    In today’s Modern Technological Age the Chinese Population has NO relevance whatsoever .

    That is of course unless the Chinese are facing off against the likes of PM Justin, Singh, Juncker, Tusk, Obama, and so many other Uber, PC, SJW Liberal Leaders .

    Thank God their Time has Come and Gone !

    ALL Free World Nations along with some not so free Nations must atonce stand together and confront China on Trade, Borders, Human Rights, Freedom of Movement and Religion, South China Sea, Intellectual Property Theft, Counterfeits, Fentynal, Drugs, and the rest before it is too late .

    Obama, Trudeau, and the rest mentioned have Dug a Very Deep Hole but we can still manage to put China in its place if we unite to fight them .

    I am quite Scheer will not be perfect but so far I like what I hear from him and unfortunately the current Canadian PM is truly only a Legend in His Own Basement .

    PM Justin and Singh are really only Pretend Leaders, it is long past time for them to be swept aside by Canadian Voters . Silly juvenile pathetic weak symbolic gestures just do not cut in the real world .

  23. Gene The Bean says:

    EAF #21
    I don’t think Xi would ignore Scheer at all. They are cut from the same cloth. Xi would embrace him just like Trump embraces Putin, Kim, Duterte, the Saudi’s and every other dictator.

    The current conservative doctrine fits them all – they are interchangeable. Their followers (like in China) will support them ‘cuz they are getting their piece of the pie. Gimme – gimme – gimme Money, power, influence and screw everything else. A Con here is no different than a regime supporter in China. Well, maybe a little taller.

    When China eventually collapses – and it will – there will be nowhere for anyone to run to.

    Harvey made a good point about Trudeau needing to ‘do something’ before the election. Unfortunately it’ll be done for political expediency but lets just hope it works. Xi would use Scheer like a finger puppet.

    Don’t know who the quote is attributed to but “we need to save the world from ourselves.”

  24. 13 says:

    (Edited…off topic.)
    Trudeau has handled the China file every bit as poorly as every other file he has been allowed to touch.
    Baring a very stunning upset in October sheer should get his chance to do better

  25. Gary.T. says:

    @BMCQ #22. your statement ” Perhaps we could ask the $ 10 Million Dollar Man Omar Khadr how the inept, impotent, and dithering PM Justin uh performs on anything other than Hosting a Tea Party .” is off the mark. That whole dog & pony show was started by the Harper Cons, and it was left to the next government to clean up. As much as I don’t believe that we should have paid Omar Khadr a penny, the courts would probably awarded him far more than 10 million, and the legal bills to fight that would have more than matched the pay out. So, on that file, Trudeau most likely saved us a ton of money.

  26. BMCQ says:

    Gary – 25

    I hope that you are not attempting to tell “The Great Unwashed” something they do not know, PM Justin has used that BS story for about two years now .

    The People know Gary, the People know .

    Sorry but you are simply spewing Liberal Talking Points. it is impossible for you or anyone else to forecast what the Courts would have concluded .

    I have been a Witness in many different Court Cases and Discoveries in the U.S. and Canada on several occasions and several times I have seen it where both sides thought they were sure of the outcome and guess what ? Each and every time one of those sides was WRONG !!

    No One could have predicted the outcome of that Court Case .

    As a Tax Payer I would have gladly been more than happy to watch and witness a Transparent Trial go ahead where ALL Canadians witnessed the facts presented and the eventual outcome .

    (Edited ..Getting WAY OFF the topic of China)

    Before I go any further here I should correct a statement I made earlier .

    I earlier stated that I felt PM Justine Failed on each and every File . I was incorrect in making that statement.

    In fact PM Justin, His Handlers, and Freeland did a fine job of handling and negotiating the new USMCA, they managed to negotiate a new Deal replacing NAFTA that is a much better Agreement for all three countries and finally much more fair to the U.S. .

    I am not sure that PM Justin and Freeland were negotiating or simply “Hiding Under their Desk”, and hoping for the best but none the less as an Exporter of $ Millions of Dollars of B.C. Union Made Non-Ferrous Metal Products I believe that the U.S., Mexico, and Canada came up with a very good Agreement .

    Pleae keep in mind that the U.S. could have been much tougher during negotiations .

    The U.S. Negotiating and DJT let Canada off the Hook on the Supply Management part of the Agreement and for that we should all be thankful !
    Unfortunately no matter how they attempt to support PM Justin Liberals know deep down that PM Justin is flawed, very flawed, he is simply just not equipped to be PM of Canada, he lacks almost everything necessary to be Leader of anything other than a Scout Troop or Drama Club, the proof is in the pudding .

    He cannot even do a decent job of lying about his feeble attempt to save the world from Single Use Plastics .

    He is not even honest to acknowledge and point out that 90 % of the Plastic in the Oceans comes from 7 Rivers in Asia, and 2 Rivers in Africa .

    One angry, hateful, bitter, and lonely Leftist on this Blog keeps attempting to tie Conservatives to Dictators when the facts actually show us that it is Harper, Scheer, that actually speak out against those same Dictators .

    It was Harper and now Scheer that actually stand up for something as opposed to juvenile symbolism that panders to the Liberal SJW Base .
    As I have said on this Blog in the past “You are entitled to YOUR Opinions but You ARE NOT Entitled to YOUR Own Set of Facts” !!

    With thanks to D. Patrick Moynihan !

    AS to PM Justin doing something, anything about the “Two Michaels” Languishing in the China Gulags ?

    No I would uh not expect anything uh very soon as PM Justin is uh otherwise occupied .

    Not to worry though it will only be a few months and PM Justin will be gone and then there will be only ONE Leftist Government anywhere in Canada . Correct Mr. Horgan ?

    The Conservative Stain continues to Spread from uh Coast to uh Coast to uh Coast !!

    Tick Tock, !!

    (Edited …off topic.)

  27. 13 says:

    If Scheer turns out to be just like Trump Canadians (most sane Canadians) will be very thankful. We will have moved away from an indecisive, inept, insipid stumbling dolt to another possibly better politician. I will not Trumpet Scheers ability, or his virtues . I will give him time to prove himself . It is hard to imagine we could elect another Prime Minsiter as pitiful as JT but we will need to wait and see.

  28. Gilbert says:

    The Canadian government should increase trade and co-operation with Taiwan. This will undoubtedly irritate China, but it will show that we support democracy, and that Taiwan is not alone in the world.

    It was Pierre Trudeau who decided to abandon Taiwan and give diplomatic recognition to China, so I’m not entirely sure his son will want to follow my advice.

    If we believe in the principles of socialism and if we admire China, it may be difficult to improve relations with Taiwan, but if Prime Minister has the vision, the determination and the courage to work with Taiwan, he will have my full support. If he fails to do so, perhaps Andrew Scheer will be willing.

    (Response: If Trudeau doesn’t get cracking and DO something … he will play right into Scheer’s hands. I suspect he’s delaying in the hope that the US/China will complete a trade deal …and then the charges against Meng will be dropped …and the US will solve the dilemma for Canada. h.o)

  29. hawgwash says:

    I really do hope people are following this lesser but significant story around the UBCM Chinese “cash for access” issue.

    It tells a lot about the leaders in YOUR community.

    POCO mayor says those who approve are “kissing the arse of the Chinese government” and Whistler mayor Jack Crompton calls west “Trumpian” for saying it.

    Anyone have any idea, which Asian country has the biggest investment in Whistler?

  30. BMCQ says:

    Gilbert – 28

    An excellent Post !

    Somehow I neglected to mention with other Nations in my first Post on this Topic .

    Your points are well taken, Taiwan is very important in all of this, they are very much the flip side of the coin in every way when compared to China .

    I have been to Taiwan twice, it is a very intereting country and capable of much, it is incredible to witness the spirit of the people and the capabilities and competitiveness of so many different industries in so many different fields .

    As you and almost everyone else that follows this Blog is aware Taiwan is always under Great Threat from China .

    For sure the Leadership and Brave People of Taiwan, Japan, SOKO, and all of the rest of the Nations in that Region and the South China Sea are much more secure that they have the support of the U.S. Trump Admin as opposed to the Dithering Barack Obama .

    I must agree with H.O. When he points out that Can PM Justin goes to bed each night hoping Trump will bring China into line before the coming Canadian Federal Election .

    One thing for sure PM Justin will do nothing that challenges Xi and China, that is just not in his Characer .

    PM Justin not too long ago told his he would not rest until the Cowards that be-headed the Canadians in the Philippines are brought to justice.

    Just how well is he doing on that file ?

    I know nothing about the POCO Mayor other than to say he is already a much better than their last Mayor who was really quite despicable and always the first to bury his snout deep into the public trough and take advantage whenever he could but I like West already . I am very happy he took the initiative on the China Funded Hospitality Party .

    China IS NOT our Friend, it is most unfortunate the Canadian PM cannot seem to grasp that fact .

    One thing That is just unbelievable about PM Justin is the fact that somehow very soon he is going to “Grasp Defeat from the Jaws of Victory” !!

    Only PM Justin could accomplish that .

  31. 13 says:

    PoCo mayor Brad West strikes me as someone that is using UBCM penchant for wanting to eat drink and be merry as a launch pad for his political ambitions. He has the high road until you look at the amount of trade that businesses in PoCo do with China. A few large food distribution warehouses importing product from China. On the export side there are many manufacturing plants all over PoCo that send their goods to China. Take a drive down Kingsway, Broadway, Coast Meridian, Kebet Way and you will see many containers being loaded or unloaded (most from or going to China).It would be interesting to see how many of these business owner flinch every time Mr West tells the world that China is not welcome at the UBCM.Belly up to the troughs mayors, enjoy the wine enjoy the food. Troughs only come in standard sizes.
    BTW if we didnt trade with China we could re-purpose Dubai Port facility and GBT port facility to house enough homeless to clean up every city in Canada. Vancouver could become the homeless capital of the world

  32. e.a.f. says:

    don’t know anything about the Mayor of Poco, but he can not be held responsible for who purchases the land in his city, nor can he dictate who they do business with. Given the cost of land closer in, I’m sure many companies have moved to Poco and other cities further east.

    Now as to whether he is “encouraging” business with China, that is a whole other thing. As Mayor it is his job to ensure he has an “industrial” base in his city so they can help pay taxes. If these companies are not Chinese companies, fine. but lets be clear, just because people may be ethnically Chinese, doesn’t mean they are Chinese. they could well be Canadian, British, American, etc.

    We might want some facts.

    BMCQ and I rarely agree on anything, but we do on one thing: china is not our friend.

  33. 13 says:

    eaf if you claim west cant dictate what business owners do and whom they do it with good for you. You have finaly seen the light . Keep government out of our private affairs. If we choose to buy a house and let it rot sitting empty until a super rich under tall chinese investor buys the property than so be it.

  34. e.a.f. says:

    #13, that is not what I wrote but if it is what you wish to interpret it as, have at ‘er .

    As to empty houses sitting rotting, its been going on since the 1980s. Started happening in south surrey about then. it was so bad the neighbours would go once a month to clean up the yards of the unoccupied homes. Not much has changed except Vancouver decided to tax those homes.

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