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Trudeau/Liberals’ Laxity Encouraging Lawless Immigration

August 3rd, 2017 · 38 Comments

We should have expected it: when Canada put out our Welcome mat for legitimate refugees, thousands of others would rush our doors as well.

Economic migrants … NOT legitimate refugees fleeing violence … are now flooding into Canada because word has gotten around since last winter that if you get here,  you will be welcomed here. Even if you are NOT a legitimate refugee.

And with our lax enforcement system, these illegals are confident they will likely be able to stay …  by playing out the clock: after brief detention  each arrival will soon be released,  with housing assistance and federal money to live on; are able to find work as their cases meander through the “process”; taking years to be heard, appealed, re-heard, re-appealed; while they make sure they have kids born here, so eventually …. even when finally ruled to be here illegally … they can offer tear-filled pleas (CBC The National alert!!!) to be able to stay since their kids are Canadian and the whole family now has roots here.  How could we then send them back!

While LEGAL applicants … who actually respect our immigration rules … take YEARS to apply, be assessed, go through interviews and quotas and waiting periods before being allowed in.

The numbers of illegal migrants … mostly from Haiti and Central and South America … have jumped to 150 a day now ….  more than 1,100 entering Quebec last month alone …on top of  the 6,500 who arrived between Jan 1 and June 30 … and the hundreds more who entered illegally through Manitoba and BC  …. all of whom were welcomed with sympathy by Canadians and local/federal officials.

How could we not be moved!

Who could not feel sympathy seeing those poor people, clutching their few belongings, often wading through the snow … many clearly underdressed for winter …  crossing from Trump’s US into Trudeau’s Canada.

(And I have NO doubt that the CBC’s The National propagandists will soon go to work, doing LOTS of sympathetic “stories” about the sad plight of these people, their photogenic little kids and their families … while glossing over, or ignoring,  that they are NOT refugees, they have ignored and  broken our immigration LAWs, just pushing ahead of  LEGAL immigrant applicants, etc.)

But Canada has to keep it real.

Remember, we are NOT talking about legitimate refugees … trying to save their families’ lives from death and mayhem in warring countries … and who Canada has a both legal and moral obligation to receive and protect.

What we are seeing now are people from poor countries … most of them without much education or any meaningful job skills … just coming here … totally ignoring OUR  laws,  demanding to be taken care of,  fed, clothed,  settled in and then just being allowed to stay  … any Canadian immigration rules be damned.

A country cannot simply operate that way …  opening these floodgates … without inviting TERRIBLE demographical, economic and social consequences.

Just ask Europe!

What began there as compassionate welcoming of legitimate refugees soon denigrated into the wholesale arrival of illegal migrants …thousands a week from non-refugee countries from not only the Middle East, but Asia and Africa … MILLIONS now, with little education and no job skills,  clogging severally already economically-depressed European communities, adding to severe social pressures as well.

Canadians were a bit smug …knowing those those from the Mid East, Asia,  Africa etc. couldn’t just arrive in HUGE numbers in rickety boats. And we did compassionately welcome thousands of REAL refugees. But we never thought that we could face the same predicament …this time with thousands upon thousands of illegal migrants flooding Canada from Haiti, Central and Southern America.

Canada MUST stem the flow … by sending a firm message: illegals WILL be sent home!

If we do NOT enforce Canada’s immigration rules and laws …  and that word goes forward … we’d better prepare for many THOUSANDS more illegal economic migrants.

While those who apply legitimately and legally … continue to wait … and maybe even get pushed aside because our annual absorption quotas get usurped by those who just came here … to hell with our rules..

Harv Oberfeld

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  • 1 13 // Aug 3, 2017 at 11:46 am

    BMCQ has been banginger that drum for a long time.
    No boarders. No country. Look at the EU to see your future.
    For these reasons Canadians should be ready to boot Trudeau ass out of Ottawa.

  • 2 BMCQ // Aug 3, 2017 at 11:57 am

    Please feel free to correct me if I am mistaken but just how much have we heard about this SOON TO BE Catastrophic Tsunami of Migrants about to enter Canada on The CBC?
    Over six months ago I predicted the Migrant Population entering Canada would SOAR to over 100,000 and perhaps up over 1 Million sometime between a year and 24 months.
    And just which of the MSM Media Outlets do you think will cover this honestly?
    I am betting that they will down play this every inch of the way so they can protect PM Justin and his Minions from any kind of Backlash.
    By the time two years is up it will be FAR too late.
    The Trump Administration has begun to Deport Criminal Felons and Groups like MS-13 and others are not going to wait to go to prison or their home Countries of El Salvador, Mexico, Honduras, France, the Middle East or any Country they will “Take The Line of Least Resistance and they will march north to Canada where they have a welcoming PM Justin, the Federal Liberals, Mayors like Mumbles Robertson and they are well aware that we are Soft on Crime, Soft on Drugs, Soft on Violent Crime, Provide Any and ALL Services they require including Food and Shelter, and as PM Justin says, “We are Inclusive because we are Canadian”!!
    Read em and weep!!

  • 3 DonGar // Aug 3, 2017 at 12:47 pm

    Wonder if this part of the new NAFTA trade deal? We get 58,000 Haitians, plus all the illegal gangsters and US gets all our businesses, doctors and other professionals etc as we raise our taxes and cost of living while the US moves to lower taxes and red tape. And add in the proposed new US immigration policy giving skilled professionals priority all in all should make for great exchange.

  • 4 e.a.f. // Aug 3, 2017 at 4:09 pm

    how do you suggest Canada keep out the “illegal migrants”? Canada doesn’t have the person power to “defend” the border nor are Canadians willing to pay for the necessary staff.

    Canada does not have the staff or room to hold “illegal migrants”, or process them through the legal system we have in place. All people who enter the country have the right to due process which is laid out in law. The IRB is already way behind on their case load because there was insufficient staff and political appointees to make the appropriate determinations. Harper wanted to keep taxes low and the number of federal employees low. Now everyone wants to “piss” on Trudeau. Well the problem has been around for decades, ever since the conservatives back in the day changed how refugees were processed. They started using political appointees and no longer used federal government employees. Had the Cons stayed with the old system it would have remained efficient and cost effective.

    If Trudeau/federal Liberals ramped up the IRB now all we will have is a lot of political appointees and then we have to wait for them to hire the federal workers as case presenting officers and clerical staff. wonder how that is done? wonder how much that will cost? Yupp yu don’t want to pay for that.

    Wanting to send people back to Haiti is not a good thing. Haiti is almost impossible to live in. It reminds me of, we made it into the country and now we want to pull the draw bridge up.

    Are we objecting to those coming from Haiti and Central and south ameerican on the basis of their colour? Would we be less “enthusiastic” about deporting white “illegal refugees”. If you are rich you can pay Quebec $850K and gain entrance to Canada whether you speak English, are willing to adhere to our laws, etc. but hey you’ve got money, you’re in.

    Yes these people may be economic refugees and may not have great job skills but in a generation, they’ll be up and running as Canadians.

    I can remember what people said back in the 1960/70s about people coming from India and worked on farms and mills. Its not much different from what is now being said about “illegal immigrants”. Fifty years later: lawyers, doctors, press people, politicians., etc.

    IF we don’t want people coming into our country illegally we might want to do something about the conditions in their home countries.

    (Response; It’s great that we are able to give foreign aid … and we do. BUT it’s not up to us “to do something about the conditions in their home countries” when we can’t even take care of the poverty, inadequate help for handicapped, seniors, special education kids, those who need drug and mentally ill care here. I am often amazed and saddened when I travel and see the LUXURY that the leaders, corporate owners and others in the “ruling” class reserve for themselves in so many places… failing to pay decent wages and some of it, no doubt, even stolen from foreign aids programs. It will never solve the problems elsewhere by just taking in thousands or hundreds of thousands from there who just show up and demand we take them in. Yes, the process can take too long: THAT must be sped up … by increasing resources, limiting the endless appeal processes … and by remaining firm when ILLEGALS are ordered out ..despite all the wailing from the CBC National. h.o)

  • 5 nonconfidencevote // Aug 3, 2017 at 4:54 pm

    I watched that last night on CBC’….the RCMP “high fiving” with little kids after these poor downtrodden, desperate “refugees” piled out of Vermont taxi’s , unloaded all their matching luggage and arrogantly sauntered across the border…….while smiling and waving for the compliant CBC cameras…….

    I’d have a bit more sympathy if they had been rescued from a lifeboat in the mid Atlantic or something. But when they’re laughing and joking with the police and reporters……jail them all until they’re deported for line jumping.
    Thank Trump for getting hard core with these economic migrants……..because the US is fed up too.

    PS. Only the CBC seemed to report this….all other news channels were busy with the fires.

    (Response: Stand by. I’m sure the “producers” at the CBC are already planning as whole series of tearful sympathetic stories on many families and marginalized individuals: I predict without pressing them on what right do they think they have to ignore our laws, ignore our immigration process; ignore those already waiting patiently to come legally … just show up …demanding we take them in and give them all the shelter and resources they need till they get on their feet .. . just enough so they can then start appeals for their brothers, sisters, parents etc to all join them … so they won’t be so “all alone:. h.o.)

  • 6 Gene The Bean // Aug 3, 2017 at 5:39 pm

    I’ve always said a country without borders really isn’t a country – but we don’t have to militarize it. That being said, hundreds of people just walking across a field and then putting their hand out doesn’t work for me. There needs to be a plan, with enforcement and real common sense solutions. I’d like to see new laws passed to deal with this exact issue.

    What is happening in the EU is a mistake. We cant let that happen here.

    1) enforce the rules.
    2) get people out immediately when ruled inadmissible – right from the hearing to the airport.
    3) put economic migrants in the same category as the Asian-buy-your-way-in program …. that way we have a mix – instead of just having the super rich who contribute basically nothing to Canada from their ill-gotten gains, economic migrants will eventually open restaurants, work in retail, be mechanics etc.
    4) we need immigrants, and a lot of them, to keep growing economically and socially and yes for all you conservatives – most of them wont be white as that isn’t how the REAL world is. Get over it.
    5) lets hope the federal Libs do the right thing here – it wont be easy, doing things the right way never is ….

    (Response: Canada should always be open and accepting as much as possible to REAL refugees. But we can’t let happen here what happened in Europe … where compassion was taken advantage of by MILLIONS of NON-REFUGEES who just crashed Europe’s gates and then used BBC World and Al Jazeera etc as propaganda tools forcing weak politicians to back down and let them stay. Now anyone who visits Europe/UK can see the terrible results … crowded tenements, don’t go areas, lots of homeless, vagabonds harassing tourists at EVERY tourist spot you can imagine, increasing crime and vandalism, and bringing lots of hateful attitudes, religious intolerance they should have left far behind. h.o.)

  • 7 13 // Aug 3, 2017 at 5:43 pm

    Piss on Trudeau?. I suppose that might help. When J T follows a Trump statement that all illegals will be deported the last thing we need is a leader that stands up and says all are welcome in Canada. We have due process and that is the way we should proceed. We should not need to deal with an influx of people fleeing the USA

  • 8 E. Johnson // Aug 3, 2017 at 6:54 pm

    Perhaps our laws should be changed. Any person crossing our border “illegally” should not be welcomed and handed the keys to the cupboard of goods and services. They should be detained and arrangements made to return them to their country of origin where they can begin their applications for the proper immigration process. As Harvey points out, these folks are migrants trying to jump the queu not refugees. If Canada wants to be seen doing the right things there are plenty of legitimate refugees sitting in camps around the world who can be helped. They are properly vetted and ready to move to any country that can provide a home.

    (Response: I think we are going to have to do that: ship home people who are just economic migrants jumping the line and are not refugees and face no persecution where they come from. But we MUST speed up the process to make sure they are NOT refugees and then send them home FAST, before they convince local activists, churches etc and the CBC to launch tear-filled campaigns oh their behalf so they can thwart our laws and stay. h.o.)

  • 9 Island Lookout // Aug 3, 2017 at 7:19 pm


    No wonder President Trump gets cheers when he announces how many bad guys he’s having expelled from his country by the cops.

    That’s because his administration is actually doing something to reclaim the “good ol’ USA” — free enterprise for all, and opportunities for immigrants who pass muster.

    Now not all border-hopping illegals are bad. Many are probably fine. But illegal is still illegal and that is wrong. And the US is currently embroiled in a heated back and forth on illegal immigration. Outcome is uncertain.

    But two things, meanwhile, in Canada:

    1) the truly bad guys, MS13 specifically, drug importers and people traffickers have to be expelled from Canada with prejudice and banned from ever returning. Do our border security people throw out these animals if they’re discovered sneaking in? If not then why?

    2) our federal government needs to broadcast to the world that those who are not Canadian citizens DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT to come to Canada to live. It is a PRIVILEGE. They must be INVITED after they are at first vetted.


    What’s with Quebec anyway, letting all these Haitians in?

    Is it because they all speak French?

    Does the Quebec government think it is a surrogate for past and current French colonialism?

    Is Quebec on a foolish politically correct power trip that actually makes it look pretty damned self-damaging?

    What do the “pure laine” folks think? Not happy I’d bet.

    Once more with feeling: Foreigners do not have a RIGHT to plunk themselves here uninvited unless they are escaping persecution as defined by internaional law.

    Canadian citizenship is always a privilege that prospective immigrants must be advised of before they arrive here.

    As for those who are trying to escape the Trumpsters?

    Send them back immediately to the USA.

    They are not in danger unless they are suspected criminals or worse.

  • 10 e.a.f. // Aug 3, 2017 at 7:22 pm

    quite agree there is massive theft in some of the very poor and not so poor countries. It is one of the reasons I wish foreign aid was more closely monitored by the donating countries. Actually Haiti is a good e.g. The world poured billions into the country but not much has improved

    When I suggest we do something about the countries the people are fleeing, I don’t mean necessarily mean aid but dealing with political leaders and make it clear to them aid from the west is tied to conditions which include them not taking the money or stealing as much within the country.

    Things are quite terrible in some Central American countries but at some level aren’t we in other countries to blame. for decades we and the americans were so focused on “communists” having influence any dictator who said they weren’t communist was supported regardless of how evil they were. Things never got better in these countries and then people realized the money which could be made off of drugs. with a power vacumn in these countries and corruption no wonder people want to leave.

    the news reported approx. 1/4 of the Haitian refugees, economic or whatever are children. do you want to send the kids back to that country? Yes and I agree we need to do more in this country for those who need it. perhaps it is time for a 1/2% increase in income tax for high income earners and very profitable corporations or simply cutting loop holes. O.K. sorry about the suggestion of the tax increase there BMCQ, but this ought have some people writing.

    I know we can’t take in the world, but I can’t send those kids back either to all that poverty and misery.

  • 11 DonGar // Aug 3, 2017 at 8:18 pm

    eaf #4 “Are we objecting to those coming from Haiti and Central and south ameerican on the basis of their colour?

    Sorry I think we are objecting because they are not persecuted immigrants but rather economic immigrants AND we can’t even find the resources to house, feed and look after our own elderly (who have lived and worked their entire lives here) nor the mentally ill, handicapped etc etc. We send billions to help people around the world So how about stopping this bogus economic drain on our limited resources and start looking after Canadians regardless off color, political persuasion or gender identification.

    (Response> Right. This has nothing to do with anyone’s colour or faith etc … it’s really about our compassion and openness to REAL refugees and REAL immigrants being taken advantage of by economic migrants who know they would not likely make it as regular applicants, can’t be bothered to even apply or just believe they can play us for patsies, gambling that once here, Trudeau/Liberals wouldn’t have the guts to send them away. h.o.)

  • 12 Jay Jones // Aug 4, 2017 at 5:04 am

    “We can’t figure out a way to be of value to the great people already here, however, we can leverage the power of Canada’s greatness to play hero for foreigners”


    Toddlers making decisions for the household and just nowhere near good enough for the great people of Canada.

  • 13 d. M. Johnston // Aug 4, 2017 at 6:02 am

    This flood of refugees in Quebec comes as no surprise and why Quebec?

    Well the official language in Haiti is French, so it is natural that they go to Quebec.

    As the rise in Fascism, racism, and xenophobia in the ‘excited sates’, refugees must come to Canada or be shipped back to whence they came.

    This is where I draw the line, are they “political” refugees or “economic” refugees because there is a big difference.

    Pretty boy, Trudeau the Younger and better take notice of this, because if he doesn’t, the Liberal Party may once again find themselves in the opposition benches; but then, does it matter, it seems the Liberal party hasn’t learned a thing.

    This sort of nonsense, gives rise to a very dangerous political came, just like the ones being played out in the UK and the USA.

    In Canada, the right-wing, socio-religious nutters are again gaining power in the Conservative Party and will do great damage to the country, as being done in the USA.

    It is time our pretty boy/photo bomber PM to take notice and protect our boarders; but in the great Liberal tradition, he won’t and poor Canadians and the taxpayer will suffer from the Liberal’s hubris.

    (Response: Yes, the draw for the Haitians is Quebec right now in terms of language. Too bad they don’t know the history of that province: a few decades ago the Que government actively sought out Haitian immigrants as a way of bolstering the province’s French population in the face of a declining birthrate. The idea was noble, but the Haitians” reception in Quebec was not. They were not well accepted by their fellow Francophones, esp in Montreal. Maybe with younger Quebeckers better educated now, the reception will be friendlier … but that does not change the fact many are just ILLEGAL economic migrants who have no right to just push ahead of legitimate immigration applicants. h.o.)

  • 14 Harry lawson // Aug 4, 2017 at 7:46 am


    As you have so astutely made references to the E.U. Could the political right extremism that is happening in Europe happen in Canada? Yes it could and will if we don’t get our heads out of the sand and start enforcing existing laws. Tweet the immigration act, hire more staff . Do we need a U.S. Style border patrol? Many people I talk to are frustrated that in their perception that the cue jumpers are getting first crack at housing , medical care, and other social programs while they have family and friends on wait list or ineligibile . The issue is not the genuine refugee. The real issue is the way Canada enforces and administers its borders and immigration policies.

    (Response: Absolutely! Canadians … like many, many Europeans today …are compassionate people who extended our hospitality to true refugees. When that gets taken advantage of by illegal economic migrants who just arrive at your doorstep, demanding to be let in without having any education. skills or way of supporting themselves, that can eventually create a backlash, that does favor the right. And remember, in terms of Canada’s population size, compared to Europe, it would take a lot less than millions to start to see/experience those problems, both economically and socially. h.o.)

  • 15 BMCQ // Aug 4, 2017 at 9:21 am

    I do not think there are many Canadians that would see this as a Race thing.

    I am quite sure that Canadians are compassionate, caring, and they want to do what they can to help Refugees or other Displaced Persons regardless of Ethnicity, Skin Colour or Religion.

    As I mentioned up the page, Migrants could be from the Middle East, Central America, Mexico, France, the Middle East or anywhere else.

    The Migrants we now see and will see in the future crossing into Canada from the U.S. will originally be from many different Countries and of many different ethnic backgrounds.

    But I am also sure that the vast majority of Canadians are against anyone of any background from anywhere coming into Canada as an Illegal Migrant.

    Both of my Parents Families were Immigrants to Canada and eventually had 9 and 10 Children in each Family respectively.

    Both of those Families were Legal Immigrants and they came in through proper channels.

    The Migrants that are currently crossing into Canada from the U.S. and the others soon to come in even bigger numbers are Illegal Migrants and we must take immediate action to stop the flow before word gets out that Canada is an “Easy Mark”.

    Word does get out and evidence of that is the fact that since the U.S. Government has cracked down and is deporting Illegal Felons the crossings from Mexico into the U.S. are down about 30%, just because many feel it is not worth the risk and cost if they will soon be deported.

    The Canadian Government needs to take immediate steps to create a deterrent and they need to be serious about it.

    The Canadian PM must also Roll up His Sleeves and make a Speech at the U.N. Demanding that WEALTHY Oil Rich Arab Middle Eastern Nations like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Quatar, Iran, and the rest not only take in more Displaced People from War torn areas but they should also contribute Funds, Medical Expertise, and the rest of essentials to Countries like Jordan that are doing the Heavy Lifting and creating Safe Haven for Refugges that have been displaced due to a Disengaged Barack Obama and the EU Leadership that allowed ISIS to grow and force innocent Residents of Syria and Iraq to march to the EU beause the Arab Nations would not selcome them.

    This is all by design and we cannot be like the EU, we must recognize it for what it is before it is too late.

    It is obvious from Polls that only about 50% of the Citizens of the EU actually understand that it has taken Barack Obama, Merkel, Lofven, Cameron, Juncker, and the rest less than 15 years to destroy a whole Continent of scores of Culture Rich Countries that were once the envy of the rest of the World. All of their Cultures and Economies and way of life are at great risk and perhaps they have been ruined forever.

    Canadians must not allow PM Justin and his Liberal Party along with the assistance of the NDP and mayors like Mayor Gregor to do the same to Canada.

    WE must imediately contact each and every Politician that represents us and we must let them know in uncertain terms that we do not want to canada to go down the same path as The EU!

    Without well defined Defended Borders and without control of Migration/Immigration and we have NO Country!

    Next time any phoney Politician or other World or Local Leader speaks out about Welcoming and Inclusiveness, simply ask the Pope, any EU Leader, any Leader anywhere else in the World or PM Justin why they ALL have Walls and Security Guards armed better than most small Countries surrounding them why we “The Great Unwashed” should not expect the same.

    Don’t you think we also deserve to be safe and secure?

    The U.S. Government are getting serious with the deportation of Illegal Criminal Felons and many will be coming to Canada.

    We have not time to waste we must demand more from our Elected Officials before we are over run with a million or more of Migrants many of who will be Criminals.

    Many Gang Members, even many relatively innocent carry Drugs with them when they cross Borders, that is how some finance their Trip and get a nest egg to become established in a new jurisdiction.

    You are ALL aware of the Fentanyl Crisis, where do you think a lot of the Fentanyl comes from? How do you think it is transported into the U. S.?

    Through the Pourous Southern Border with Mexico!!

    No wonder they want a Wall!!

    For those of you that question that opinion you might find this attached piece from NBC of interest.

    Of course not all Migrants that come to this Country are Radical Islamists or MS-13 but we must just the same stop the Illegal Migration of anyone to Canada.

    Any individual that wishes to come to Canada should come in through proper channels and that applies for anyone whether they be from Syria, Sweden, or New Zealand.

    As 13 mentioned up the page, if want Canadians want to see their Future look to see what has happened to The EU!

    e.a.f. – This is NOT about Race.

    (Response: Exactly! Boggles my mind how, regarding the MILLIONS of migrants …not refugees … flooding Europe, the BBC, Al Jazeera and CBC National did what sure looked to me as terrible one-sided jobs PUSHING for Europe/UK to just taking more and more …totally oblivious to the havoc …economically and socially …these illegals were wreaking on local cities and countries. And also doing almost nothing to expose how the richest Arab and Muslim countries were keeping their brothers and sisters in Islam out of their own countries, while demanding Europe keep taking more. h.o.)

  • 16 13 // Aug 4, 2017 at 9:31 am

    I beg to differ that Canadians reach out to help true refugees because of compassion. I dont know why but Canadians sit back and watch “our” governments piss millions of dollars away on feel good causes. We send aid to countries that are rich beyond our imagination. We send aid to countries that do not believe in any of “our” values. We seem to not realize that all of this largess is funded out of our tax dollars. The same tax dollars that dont go far enough to support our health care or our education or our crumbling infrastructure.
    We should take care of the people that have worked their entire lives in this country. They have paid taxes all of their life to support all of these pie in the sky causes. They worked in the private sector and likely dont have anything that remotely resembles a public sector pension plan. They likely live in a three story walk up somewhere in Burnaby near metrotown. Their rent is called ‘ affordable”. (Edited..h.o) By the time they pay their rent and buy groceries and decide if they can afford their prescriptions, stuff like cable and ICBC to insure a worn out car that needs work makes the term affordable an insult.
    Do we get upset when the Mayors of Burnaby and Vancouver allow these people to be displaced due to development that will increase their tax base? No we dont. We ignore our aging population and look at an idiot like Tudeau that stands infront of a camera and proclaims that Canada welcomes the people that our democratic neighbor to the South has decided dont deserve to live in the USA. We must be nuts.

    (Response: You may not have the compassion to reach out to refugees, but clearly many, many Canadians do … as volunteers, as community organizations and sponsors, at hundreds of churches, synagogues, mosques, temples across the country etc. … and in raising millions of dollars in cash, clothing and furnishings to assist. I have no objection to that fact have given personally .. to help LEGITIMATE refugees. But that’s different from economic migrants who understandably want better lives but think they can just comer here illegally to demand/get it. h.o.)

  • 17 Gene The Bean // Aug 4, 2017 at 10:10 am

    #13 – “In Canada, the right-wing, socio-religious nutters are again gaining power in the Conservative Party and will do great damage to the country, as being done in the USA.”

    Agree completely.

    The modern conservative knows nothing about compassion.

    Canada is and has always been a compassionate country and those that lack it wouldn’t be missed if they left.

    We all need immigrants to maintain our standard of living but they need to be processed appropriately. Period.

  • 18 Ron // Aug 4, 2017 at 11:19 am

    Re: Foreign Aid: I believe that a small % of aid gets to where it is supposed to and where the taxpayers prefer. My take is it is siphoned off into the schemers’ pockets. Just look at the Clinton Foundation-how much of the billions that they collected went to helping Haitians. I read just one house was built in all this time after the earthquake and just before the US election, they moved the billions into Swiss banks accounts, never to be used for the intended purpose, instead to enrich the Clintons. How can we ensure that any monies donated go to what they were originally intended. Maybe the Haitians wouldn’t be economic refugees if this was addressed, namely the corruption in these charities. Every time I go to pay for my groceries (Superstore mostly-Safeway rarely) I’m hit up with the donation spiel, but when I ask for the manager to get the % that goes to the people that need it and not to “overhead” all I get is crickets.
    Charities are mostly scams as evidenced by CBC’s Marketplace show on charities.
    Most charities would not give numbers to prove where most of the money goes with The RC Superstore at the top of the list. Superstore doesn’t even have the balls to ask personally, just an add-on at the end of the payment procedure in their fast-teller-less lanes. If they didn’t have the best prices I would never go there, but being on a pension that has gone up less than $100/month in almost 20 years, it’s the only option (includes No Frills, but at least they don’t hound you).
    Very enlightening and what a great show in exposing the thievery by most charities. Food banks excepted (which is the only charity I give to). Some charities were found giving only 5% of the donations to the intended. This included the Red Cross, who pay their upper echelon millions in wages.
    Next time you’re in those stores asking for donations, ask them for paperwork on the %’s and your eyes will be opened when they don’t produce.

  • 19 e.a.f. // Aug 4, 2017 at 12:03 pm

    #14, hire more staff, good idea but the government isn’t going to do that. previous governments laid off more and more immigration officers/staff as the years went by back in the 1990 and things haven’t improved in terms of hiring sufficient people and we have only to look at the IRB who determines who remains and who goes. the IRB needs to no longer be a place to put political appointees. It needs to be staffed by federal government workers who don’t have big offices and are required to produce a specific number of cases.

    The IRB is not going to solve the problems of dealing with refugees, highly paid government appointees. right now we have all the Harper appointees.

    If the government starts to hire more staff or border patrol staff, expect to hear the howls of those who don’t want to pay taxes.

    As to holding people in detention until their case is heard, first we don’t have the facilities to hold that many people==even our prisons are already over crowded and two, the law in our country will not permit people to be held in detention indefinitely if they are not a risk to the communities they would be released into.

    news reports advised, last year approx. 50% Haitians were rejected by the IRB as refugees.

    as to people arriving with matching luggage, if you need luggage, the best deals are usually for set. the kids smiling and high fiving, well they want to be accepted so of course they are going to smile and the RCMP, in an effort to be pleasant, especially with children are going to be pleasant and one of the ways is to give high 5s. /do you really want the RCMP officers to be harsh and rude with people crossing the border? good manners do not go out of fashion just because we the public don’t like the people coming across the border.

    we do need rules as to who comes and goes into our country, but we will also require sufficient government workers, changes in law and procedure and get ridding of political appointees at the IRB. IRB appointees do not report to IRB office managers nor are thy required to produce a specific volume of work as the government workers are.

  • 20 SB // Aug 4, 2017 at 12:34 pm

    I do believe we should be protective of our border and who we allow in but the reasons should be based on can that person be productive in our society do they want to fit into and work to make our country a better place criminals not allowed weather poor rich or in between no leeway.
    I know some legitimate refugees may have circumstances that differ due to political issues in home countries that would be different but any evidenceof gang drug or violence or any organized crime keep them out.
    As far as economic reasons i believe most of us or our families immigrated to Canada for better opportunities the exodus out of Europe 100 to 150 years ago was not so different and Canada as far as its size could take in millions of people if infrastructure is developed and productive immigrants are brought in to help achieve that .
    Canada does need more people but we should be strict vigilant and it should be clear they live within Canadian rules and laws no exceptions.
    Expecting government to come up with common sense approaches is at best a wish.

    (Response: Nothing wrong with immigration … as long as they arrive legally, after applying and qualifying. Economic migrants are a totally different category: they say We’re what are you going to do about bit. I say feed them, care for them briefly to ensure they are not true refugees…and then, if not,send them home. h.o.)

  • 21 Harry lawson // Aug 4, 2017 at 1:31 pm


    Enjoying the various points of view, a friend who I showed the post and responses to told me the following.

    Until the average Canadian start being involved in our political process like many of the ethnic groups do nothing will change. Politictions react to voters not necessarily issues..

    (Response: Then more of us SHOULD speak up: here’s how to reach the Prime Minister: )

  • 22 Psuperdave // Aug 4, 2017 at 2:35 pm

    Two of the most irate people I know of concerning the illegal immigration fiasco are my father-in-law and a co-worker (one of my best friends), both immigrants to Canada who applied through the proper channels, waited years, and spent thousands to get a better life for their children. To them, these people are flaunting the rules and laws the two of them had to respect and obey to get into this country.

    Their words are in Cantonese and Tagalog, but the outrage is pretty much the same.

    (Response: Legal immigration strengthens our country; and legitimate refugees fleeing war torn countries should be given safety. BUT the government MUST remain steadfast on illegals …regardless of the pressure put on it by any politicians, community activists or media propagandists who will say these “illegals” should be allowed to stay on compassionate grounds. Ask the Italians and Greeks how that worked out for them. h.o.)

  • 23 Marge // Aug 5, 2017 at 10:16 am

    And it’s even worse. Read this article and choke:

  • 24 SB // Aug 5, 2017 at 11:49 am

    On your reply Harvey i agree and my post says willing to be productive contributing to our society being broke is one thing qorking to earn your place should be a requirement of citizenship regardless of circumstances.

  • 25 e.a.f. // Aug 5, 2017 at 1:56 pm

    CBC has an article up regarding the inflow of refugees from the U.S.A. It advises the minister had briefing documents regarding the matter for some time. It was determined by the government the policies in place were adequate and as far as it goes I agree..

    Unfortunately the level of staffing isn’t.

    Given the IRB has a back log of thousands of claims already, the recent arrivals will have to wait for years. Had the IRB been staffed with government workers instead of political appointees, they could have moved staff to Montreal and started adjudicating the arrivals as they came and then either admitted them or sent them back to the U.SA. with in 48 hours. Those who would have been entitled to appeals could have been sent to other areas.

    Part of the problem is people frequently come without documents, either having destroyed them or not ever having them. We need regulations regarding that, but where do you send people who have no documents to say where they come from? In this case it could be the U.S.A. other countries, not so much because we don’t people back to some of those countries. Then there is the question of verifying people’s claims. Sometime waiting for documents can take years.

    we do need to do something, but what that is, we will have to decide on and how much money we spend on it will have to be decided upon. In Canada we release people. In other countries they set up refugee accommodation and that is where they stay or must return each night. But that does cost money.

    In the current case, Canada ought to have had federal government workers empowered to hear the cases, not wait for political appointees who report to almost no one to do the work. Arrivals could have had their cases heard within 48 hours and then either sent back to the U.S.A. or sent to accommodation for appeals, etc. With highly paid political apppointees no real work is going to get done, just look back at the back log accumulated during the Harper years because he refused to spend money on staff to deal with refugees. This problem didn’t start with trudeau.

    (Response: Our officials have to stop being played for patsies. When people tear up their documents and just walk in … how do we know they are not criminals or worse? They should be KEPT in custody at a jail, not a motel etc, for as long as it takes to process them … and if found to be NOT real refugees, ship them home. I’d bet that once word gets around that you do NOT get released if you have no documents, the practice would stop. h.o.)

  • 26 e.a.f. // Aug 5, 2017 at 9:00 pm

    Harvey if people could be kept in custody that would be fine, but and here is the big but, would Canadians be willing to pay for the buildings required to hold people and staff them? do we keep adults in these “prisons” along with their children or do we separate the children from their parents?

    There is also the no small problem of once people are in Canada, however, they got here, they have all the rights of being in Canada, under our laws. That includes not being kept in jail indefintly. Under Canadian law they could apply for bail and if they can demonstrate they will show up for the hearing they will be released. It is why Australia keeps refugee claimants on an island which is not owned by Australia. Australian law does not apply to them. of course the suicide rate is considerable on that island and it isn’t a pleasant place to be. people are sometimes there for years but people still keep coming. For some a camp will be better than what they came from.

    it would be nice if the U.N. actually did its job and stopped spending so much money on all that junk and tried to deal with issues in the countries which create the refugees. (I know off topic)

    In the case of refugee’s landing in Canada, Canadian law applies to them. If we start to change things, where does it end.

    People who tear up their documents then can not be sent back to any country. The country the plane departed from will say, that person is not ours. Many make their way to Europe with valid papers or forged, then get on a plane and viola land in Canada and their papers are in the toilet on the plane.

    The arrival of a group of people always attracts media attention, but in the grand scheme of things it isn’t that many compared with those who land by plane. Do we ask one of the French islands off our coast in the east to hold potential refugees?

    All of this is a very messy problem. Can Canada accommodate the 50K Haitians who may find themselves no longer welcome in the U.S.A. in Jan thanks to Trump? Of course we can. However, how many will follow and what is to be done for the First Nations whose education, health care and housing is not that different from the areas some refugees fled from.

    here is an idea which will most likely keep most “sudden arrivals” away. welcome to Canada. You will be resettled in a new town we have created specifically for refugees such as you. Its 500 miles north of the 60th par. Yes, its a tad cold but hey welcome to Canada. We can hire those living in the North to provide the services. We could also lease empty camps from oil companies. many won’t want to stay there in the cold. You would certainly sort out who really didn’t want to go back and those who were looking for an easy entry to Canada.

    (Response: It’s not whether Canadians would want to pay for needed facilities: it’s that the government MUST do whatever is required to stop Canada being flooded with totally bogus “refugees” who say To hell with our laws, they’ll just come and settle here! And now we’re learning there are NOT just economic migrants from our own expanded backyards arriving: On TV last night, saw a Nigerian family who had flown to the US …so if real refugees, they were now clearly safe…BUT worried they would not qualify as refugees, headed north to take advantage of our compassion. Just imagine the flood of poor economic migrants from Africa, the mid East and Afghans we will see if this Nigerian family are found to be not real refugees but are allowed to stay on compassionate grounds (shoving ahead of all those who have applied to immigrate legally)! h.o)

  • 27 BMCQ // Aug 6, 2017 at 3:44 am

    I am quite disappointed that there are not more Posts on this most important topic.

    It seems to me that some that may be somewhat Left of Centre do not like to appear to be insensitive to the plight of Illegal Migrants that are currently entering Canada by various means.

    I am very pleased to see Gene the Bean speak out on this and at least point out and stress that Borders are what really define a Country.

    Over the past 150 years or so Canada and Canadians have over come and accomplished much, including two World Wars, various other crisis including the Quebec Separatist issue, and National Health Care, just to name a few.

    IMHO what Canada and Canadians currently face and will face over the next Generation with the Migration/Refugee and Border Security problem could be the most important challenge ever over the past 150 years and going forward.

    How We and our Political Leadership at ALL three Levels may and I am quite sure determine our future and our survival was a Western Democracy.

    As has been mentioned up the page, Canadians and our Leadership MUST ensure that Migration does not get out of control and we must take action now.

    I am sickened when I hear and watch “Selfie King” and PM JT drone on about how “Canada is prepared and we will do everything required of us”.

    Well I for one would like to know exactly what he means by that. I would also like to know why someone/anyone in the Media does not press him to come forward and announce a National Strategy as to what liberal Leadership will do about defending and securing our Borders against what could be up and even over 1 Million Illegal Migrants entering our Country from our Southern Border and any other access point.

    Again, why can we not look to the EU and see that the whole EU is literally in mid collapse and their leadership over the past Generation along with a disengaged, inept, and impotent POTUS Barack Obama has literally caused the end of their Civilization as we know it.

    Of course ALL Countries must control Migration/Immigration, the Borders, but Elected Leaders those same Democratic Countries must ensure that Migrants/Refugees/Immigrants that enter and settle in any given Country DO NOT believe that their Religion takes precedence over the “Rule of law” in any of those given Countries.

    Unfortunately Canadian PM Justin and far too many other Leaders either do not understand and see what is happening in the EU or they do not care and they have an Agenda that will very soon cause Canada to follow into the same trap that the EU finds itself in and Canada will very soon like the EU has learned will find out it is too late to do anything about the problem.

    By POTUS Obama, Canada, other Free Democracies, Russia, China, and EU Leadership ignoring the rise of ISIS only 5 years ago when there was only about 3000 of them crossing Syria and into Cities in Iraq the inaction allowed ISIS to grow and in turn displace literally Millions of Refugees/Migrants into the EU.

    ISIS could have been destroyed the first day they spread their Army of 3,000 across the Desert on their march into Eastern Syria and Iraq and that would have been the end of it.

    ISIS was lined up over several miles and they had no shelter, no mountains to retreat to, no Tree cover, and they were exposed from every angel.

    An attack from the air would have risked NO Foot Soldiers and it would have wiped out ISIS and there would have been no reason for other young Muslims to travel to Syria and Iraq from North America or the EU to fight with ISIS because they would have known by then that travel to Iraq surely meant Death. Early action would have been a deterrent.

    Instead nothing was done and ISIS grew and took over much of the countries but more importantly due to circumstance people were forced into EU.

    Of course since Russia began attacking ISIS and POTUS was begrudgingly forced into stepping up attacks on ISIS and now the Trump Admin is taking up the challenge ISIS is now faced with defeat.

    IMO if Arab nations and World Democracies would have challenged ISIS immediately we would have been able to ensure that Migrants did not march to the EU.

    Western nations and others could have secured Safe haven for those Iraq and Syrian Citizens within the Middle East and they could have received Food, Shelter, Medical, Education, and other needs in Refugee Camps IN the Middle East UNTIL it was Safe to travel back to their Homes.

    Instead we have seen what, over 10 Million of the Migrants/Refugees March to the EU and other Countries like Mexico and eventually into the U.S. and now Canada.

    For some reason the word Assimilate has now become some kind of Code Word for Racism.

    Canadians cannot allow that to happen and we must standup and ensure that New Comers no matter where they come from enter Canada independent but also we want them to work within Canadian Laws and Responsibility and become contributing members of society.

    Of course Social Engineers and poverty Pimps will attempt to convince you that ALL Migrants are great contributors to any Society and they actually work and contribute more than so-called Natives but that is not always true.

    Now I must also say that in the Unionized Company I own 70% of the Employees were once Immigrants to Canada and they ALL own Residences of one kind or another and I have never met or known better people!!

    But again, as did my Parents and I am sure most others that came to Canada over the past 150 years the people I work with came to Canada to Assimilate and Contribute to Canada and they have taught their Children the same work ethic.

    Unless we DEMAND Canadian PM Justin, other Federal Politicians, Provincial Premiers and Politicians, along with Mayors and other Elected Officials that WE the People DO NOT want to become like what we see taking place in The EU we are DOOMED to the same fate!!

    WE cannot allow PM Justin and others like him to speak in platitudes about being ready and being inclusive and being welcoming, we must demand that they take this Migration/Refugee matter seriously and they must ACT NOW.

    As I have mentioned on other Blog Topics Canada should be inviting Minority Jews in the EU, the Middle East except for Israel, and Africa to come to Canada and take up residence.

    Jewish People are persecuted, attacked, and killed EVERY Single Day in those places just mentioned even the EU and they deserve Safe haven!

    At the same time we should be offering Safe Haven to Minority Christians from the Middle East and Africa.

    Both Groups listed above would Assimilate and contribute greatly to Canadian Culture and our Economy.

    By offering Safe haven to these two Groups we could tell any other Country or Special Interests that Canada has done it’s part for Refugees and immigrants and we stand Proud!

    ANY individual that enters Canada illegally must be deported immediately.

    We cannot afford the time to put people through the unreasonable, cumbersome, bureaucratic and unmanageable review process as it now stands.

    The Federal Government needs to recall Parliament immediately and they need to hold meaningful and transparent discussions on how to deal with this potential Catastrophic Disaster that is about to take place and if means an Amendment of the Canadian Constitution then LET’S GET ON WITH IT!

    WE need more from the MSM on this, the Politicians must have their Feet Held to the Fire and Canadian Citizens need to be assured that this problem of Migration will be dealt with in very short order.

    Again, we need to look at the EU which is in Mid Collapse and we must learn from their mistakes.

    Our very future depends up on it!

  • 28 nonconfidencevote // Aug 6, 2017 at 7:35 am

    “When people tear up their documents and just walk in … how do we know they are not criminals or worse?”

    I’m just curious Harvey. Whats worse than a criminal?
    A politically correct politician in power?

    (Response: Terrorists …not normal criminals, those fanatical psychos. h.o)

  • 29 rainclouds // Aug 6, 2017 at 9:53 am

    This on top of the ANNUAL 390,000 10 yr visas in the midst of the worst housing crisis we have ever seen. I am all in favour of immigration but this smells.

  • 30 Jay Jones // Aug 6, 2017 at 1:42 pm

    Two toddlers see a bathtub over-flowing.

    Toddler one screams, “Oh no, we’re all going to drown!”

    Toddler two yells, “Yay! Let’s invite all the neighbourhood kids over for a swimming party!”

    Mommy hears the commotion and hurries to turn the taps off, and a serious amount of damage is prevented.

    Problem solved and Mommy can now focus on all the other things that need to be done for her family.

  • 31 Les H. // Aug 6, 2017 at 3:10 pm

    They are NOT refugees, they besmirch true refugees.

    They are not true economic migrants as based on what’s going on in Europe most DO NOT GAIN EMPLOYMENT! In parts of Europe they have a 85%+ UNEMPLOYMENT RATE! They come for the FREE MONEY & HOUSING and bring the same lousy cultural cr@p they left with them and once their numbers are high enough will be when they whine and fight to force us to accept it.

    Millions of these non-refugees, lying migrants are being flowed into Europe. If they were coming to Europe wearing olive green uniforms the militaries of Europe would be intercepting them and fighting back in a war to stop them… Numbers claim 85-90% of all migrants flowing into Europe are single males between 18-35. The common fighting age of armies.

    They are invading Europe without having to fire a damn shot… Our cuck, virtue signalling doofus PM is trying to do similar with Canada. Playing on many Canadian’s tears of compassion while having these useless to our country’s future invaders rip our nation apart like Europe is going through. Christian and Yazidi TRUE REFUGEES DO NOT GET TO COME IN TO CANADA!

    The USA will NOT put up with a crap hole nation-like experiment in Canada like what the pinko, sjw, Soviet Union 2.0, EU bureaucrats are forcing on much of Europe (led by S disturbers like Soros and those like him). Our relationship with the USA will suffer if we go they way of Sweden, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland and most other western European states on this mass deception of invasion by ‘faux-migrants’ who are UNLIKE US AND OUR WAYS AND VALUES!!! AND WILL NOT ADAPT TO THEM!!! 1400years of history backs me up here.

    (Response: Actually, Canada has brought in Christian and Yazidi refugees as well. But I agree that one of the HUGE problems in Europe is that most of the economic migrants who have arrived have very poor local language abilities, very little education or job skills to offer .. and are really affecting so many countries that are already economically depressed, suffering from heavy unemployment… not to mention the massive extra social and security costs they add. h.o.)

  • 32 e.a.f. // Aug 6, 2017 at 5:37 pm

    Harvey, as to what the government must do to stop “bogus refugees”, is going to cost. Will Canadians be willing to pay for it? Most likely not. The real question is how do we stop people from coming? Like really how do you do that? Stop them at sea? Keep them in the airport? Keep them in jail? do we even have the laws?

    As some have written some people arriving in Europe aren’t going to “fit in” because they have little in the way of skills of any sort including how to live in western society. they aren’t even literate in their own language. But how do we keep people out of Canada?

    The press is reporting in Italy they are going to be using their navy to keep the refugees, being now mostly brought over by cartels for a fee, from entering Italian waters and keeping them in Libya waters. Its a start. Right now in Europe most of those coming are paying criminals to bring them to Europe.

    It is also a huge issue in Central America and Mexico, cartels moving people. they can make more money in some cases moving people than with drugs. there is a train which goes through Mexico called The Beast, full of refugees heading to the U.S. border. From there the cartels are finding their victims to be bought and sold as slaves, etc. there is also some indication child refugees are being used to harvest organs for the illegal organ trade.

    One does have to ask who is responsible for causing this crisis in the middle east and Africa which is bringing so many “refugees” to the west? My answer, the west. We created the problems to begin with a century or more again and kept it going until the pot boiled over and then still did nothing except provided more fighting. We do nothing about our western corporations who exploit and bribe in these countries. We treat the criminals who run these countries as if they were legitimate, etc. To a great extent we are the authors of our own misfortune and now its out of control. What if the west had not supported criminal, corrupt, thieving dictators?

    It is hard to believe most of the people fleeing are willing to risk their lives to come to the west. if things were better where they were, they’d most likely have stayed.

    #29, yes that is all thanks to one Stephen Harper who decided it would be nice to provide citizens of Communist China passports to travel in and out of Canada for 10 years at a go. It has contributed greatly to the unaffordability of housing in Metro Vancouver. We in essence have become economic refugees in our own country. We have had to leave metro Vancouver to find affordable housing. people who grew up in Metro Vancouver can not hope to ever live where they grew up.

    BMCQ #27, here we go: I agree with you regarding calling Parliament back to session to discuss the topic. Our country does need a discussion. We just haven’t wanted to have one because some nasty truths will come out. Some harsh decisions may have to be made. it may change how we look at ourselves. it hard work, but I do agree. We need to debate not only in Parliament but in the provincial legislatures and it would be good if it could all go on at the same time with constituents advising their political representatives how they feel. Hey I remember Chuck Cadman once voted against his party’s legislation because he had consulted with his constituents and they had given him specific direction. I know its a novel idea which came from a novel man, but……

    I would suggest a WEEK long national debate in all Legs. and Parliament. Then the country comes up with a firm plan and legislation and we provide the funding to enforce/implement the new laws.

    Do we roll up the welcome mat and say, you come uninvited we are closed. No 10 year visas. No buying up our residential properties. We won’t be accepting any one else except legitimate pre screened refugees and immigrants until we deal with our own misery and poverty amongst our own citizens. it will be heart wrenching to make the decision and then to enforce it. aRe the majority of Canadians ready to do that?

    (Response: It would be very easy for HONEST governments (and all their friends, families, business partners) in Asia and Africa to STOP the exploitation of their own resources and people …if they bring themselves to stop selling out their own people, taking bribes and stealing so much of the revenues/royalties. And don’t forget the Sunni-Shiite hatreds/killings/wars that have gone on for 700 years…. NOTHING to do with us. These countries are their own people’s problem … and if people want to immigrate, they all know exactly how to do it legally. But most of them know, they have no skills, no education, little to qualify … so they just ignore and abuse the laws. h.o.)

  • 33 13 // Aug 6, 2017 at 6:07 pm

    @31 Les H.
    Great post. Thanks for making the jump from PSR.

  • 34 BMCQ // Aug 6, 2017 at 10:42 pm

    e.a.f. – 32

    I do not believe I am overstating it when I say our very existence is at risk and it will happen very quickly.

    Again, the evidence is there, simply look across the Atlantic and see Cultures, Law and Order, Economies, and a way of Life crumbling right before our eyes in most EU Nations.

    I am certainly not a Constitutional Lawyer but we need to amend the Constitution to make it easier for Can Border Services to Detain and Deport those deemed to be inadmiisble to Canada without them even facing a cumbersome, bureaucratic. Time consuming, and costly Review Process.

    We need to make The Border and all other entry points like Air Ports a sort of “No Man’s Land” where undesirable or inadmissible People can go through a quick Review Process and be Deported literally within hours of apprehension.

    We need to send a message that will act as a deterrent and suggest very strongly to Migrants that they are not welcome in Canada and they will be rejected within hours and the time, effort, and cost they put into their effort to Cross into Canada was a waste of those mentioned.

    We need to send that message clearly and we need to send it now.

    We therefore need to Amend the Constitution and it must be done now, we have no time to waste.

    When Canadians understand that our future is at peril they will not mind investing Funds to ensure our Borders are secure and closed to undesirable Aliens.

    In fact I am quite confident that not only would secure Borders be worth the expense in the long run run it may be less expensive to enforce Border Security than allow over 1 million or more Illegal Migrants enter the Country and take advantage of the many Social Programs we are too eager to offer any one that wanders across the Border as of late.

    Personally I would much rather Tax Payer Funding allocated to Social Housing and Programs for Seniors that ctually contributed to building Canada than that same Money going to support Illegal Migrants or Drug Addled Criminals that do nothing nut TAKE from the Canadian Tax Payer.

    The SRO’s in City Centers currently being used to house Young Drug Addled Criminals should instead be offered to those Seniors, this would invigorate neighborhoods, provide shelter to those deserving, make streets safer, and in turn those Seniors would be supporting local Retailers, Restaurants, and other Commercial Ventures, and they would not be Committing Crimes.

    Also you might like to think of the Drain that people like Illegal Migrants are on our Health Care System, our HC Budget is now about 45% of the B.C. Budget, just how much do you think over 1 million Illegal Migrants would affect Health Care right across Canada?

    Look people if we allow PM Justin and his Minions to allow a million or more Migrants to enter Canada and change everything you must remember that there is no going back and there are no re-dos!!

    You have seen the EU, please make an effort to Google Sex Assaults in the EU, Migrant Violence in the EU, the stories are there in black and white.

    Canadians do not stand up for anything and trust me if we do not speak up now your Children and Grandchildren will never forgive you!

    Look people, PM Justin could not find Girls at Hugh Hefner’s House, why one the world would you allow him to Let a Million or more Illegal Migrants into our Country without asking the Tough Questions before it is too late?

    We simply cannot allow The PM and other Elected Officials get away with destroying our way of life, our culture, our security and safety, and everything else we hold dear.

  • 35 Gilbert // Aug 7, 2017 at 6:00 pm

    But, Harvey, I think you’re overlooking a key point. The more refugees and migrants PM Trudeau allows into the country, the more votes he’ll have in the next election.

    (Response: Well, THEY won’t be able to vote … but I guess others already here from those countries and holding Canadian citizenship might be impressed. h.o.)

  • 36 BMCQ // Aug 8, 2017 at 11:09 am

    Gilbert – 35

    It may not be in the very next Election but you make a very valid point.

    I personally know several people that Vote Federal Liberal because of the Policies and Legislation imposed by PET all those years ago.

    The Legislation implemented by PET was quite obviously meant to ensure that those Immigrants would continue to be loyal to the Liberals for years and that attitude and loyalty still exists in the next generations.

    Not sure of ALL of the Details but PET also implemented a Policy of Amnesty.

    PET worked every angle he could, his son is nowhere near as intelligent or Machiavellian but just the same……….

    Then there is the attached also intended to curry favour with many.

    All of this, much more to come, and it will get much worse and we will not hear a Whimper, a ?Grunt, or a hard question from any one in MSM!!

    A great observation Gilbert!

  • 37 BMCQ // Aug 9, 2017 at 10:34 am

    Just how much information and examples of problems with Illegal Migration do Canadian Politicians and Citizens require before our Country is changed forever?

    How long before we realize that we in Canada cannot afford to allow PM Justin to continue to scamper down the same “Rabbit Hole EU Leadership and POTUS Obama took their Nations.

    Just what is it that causes Canadian Federal Liberal Politicians and the NDP at all Levels of Government to put our Culture, Health Care, Pensions, Wages and Salaries, Standard of Living, overall Quality of Life, People and ultimately Country to such “Great Risk”?

    Can someone please explain?

    I just do not get it.

  • 38 BMCQ // Aug 10, 2017 at 9:44 am

    Do not know how many participants are following this far back but I think the two attached News Articles should be digested and thought about long and hard by those that feel we in Canada should be Liberal with our ideas on Immigration/Migration and what we expect of those that come to reside in Canada.

    Granted some of those Criminal Felons that are subjects of the two Articles were born and raised in the UK or the EU EXACTLY like many of the Terrorist Attackers that have KILLED and MAIMED in the UK and the EU.

    The fact that a fairly high percentage of these Disgusting Criminal Felons are Born in the Country where they have committed their Heinous Crimes should be given serious consideration by other Residents/Citizens of those Countries, Politicians, Law Enforcement, and especially those Legislating Immigration/Refugee/Migration Policies for any given Country.

    I am going to suggest that the Epidemic of Sexual Assaults, Rapes, Drugging with the intention of Rapes and the rest are a very serious Cultural problem within the Muslim Community regardless of which Country they reside or whether they are Immigrants/Migrants/Refugees
    in their Country.

    To me than logic should tell us that this very distressing problem could be generational and the Epidemic or Rapes and Sexual Assaults could go on for years and perhaps generations.

    Logic also tells me that Canada should AGAIN learn from mistakes made in the UK and the EU by very Liberal Politicians and we should be very careful about allowing Unmarried Male Migrants
    of Fighting Age into Canada.

    Let’s stick to Single Mothers with Children, Orphans, Jewish People from the Middle East the EU, and Africa along with Minority Christians from the Middle East and Africa.

    A huge part of the problem is the fact that Liberal Leadership in the EU act as actual apologists for the perpetrators of such Heinous Sexual Assaults and Rapes of Women, Little Girls, and young Boys!!

    Ask yourself, is it right for EU Leadership to downplay these Horrific Crimes against Innocent People?

    Would Merkel, Juncker, Lofven, Macron, and the rest feel the same way it it was their loved one assault in such a horrific way?

    It then begs the question, where are Activist Left Wing Feminist Groups on all of this?

    We hear NOTHING from them in the EU, the UK, or North America.

    Yet if someone Blows a Kiss at another Person on the Subway that Offender is treated as an Arch Enemy of the State!!

    Before we get our Knickers in a Knot I am not suggesting that Blowing a Kiss should be welcome, I am simply attempting to offer perspective.

    As I have mentioned previously We must ALL remember that your PM Justin, Merkel, Lofven, Cameron, Blair in the past, Macron, all spend their Day surrounded by Secret Service security Types Armed better than most small Countries, they are driven every day in Armoured Vehicles, they reside in Walled Compounds, and they have the same security for their families.

    Of course it is very easy for them to tell you as Citizens to be Welcoming, Inclusive, Share, be open minded, and the rest.

    That is because those same Phoney Politicians will not be required to do any of those things!

    For the Life of me I cannot see why there is not more of this story in MSM!

    I understand that PM JT ordered the Armed Forces to go to one of the Entry Points for Migrants and build a Welcoming Facility for them so they can be offered Canadian Hospitality.

    How Nice!