Trudeau’s Fate Tied to Success/Failure of Covid Vaccine Rollout

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau must regret not calling a Federal election in the Fall.

He would have won. … as did the three Premiers who did go to the polls despite the Covid pandemic.

In fact, the latest Ipsos poll, done for Global News Nov 20-23, shows Trudeau’s popularity is STILL fairly high: 60%.

Not even the huge projected deficit of $380 BILLION (still rising), nor the steadily increasing Covid case/deaths numbers have turned the voters off the PM.

In fact, if a federal election were held today, the November poll shows the Liberals would win 36% popular support; five points more than the Conservatives at 31%; the NDP 17%; the Bloc Quebecois 8%; and the Greens 7%.

You can read the full details of the Ipsos/Global poll here:

As I wrote on this blog June 1 (, there were several signs Trudeau/Liberals were preparing for an early vote, but they backed off, perhaps doubting holding a vote six months into a pandemic and hoping for better Covid times to come.

Instead, Covid cases have gotten worse … MUCH worse. There are now more than 370,000 confirmed cases of the virus in Canada and more than 12,000 deaths.

Provincial totals include: Quebec 141,050; Ontario 114,775; Alberta 56,475; BC 31,000.

Just imagine what the numbers will be following the coming Holiday season!

And as Canadians await and expect vaccines to save us; no doubt so are Trudeau and the Liberal government.

But the numbers surrounding the projected vaccine rollout are not looking so good right now for either the people or the government.

Sure, if approvals come in mid-December, millions of doses of the various vaccines will start to flow: but understandably, FIRST in the countries where they have been developed.

Canada has reportedly signed contracts for 414 million vaccine doses — more than sufficient to inoculate our 38 million citizens. If we get shipments!

Perhaps everything will go perfectly soon after the vaccines become available: a winning situation for Trudeau/the government.

The Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs Dominic Leblanc says Canada is “certainly in the top five” on the list of countries that will receive doses of the vaccine.

The chairman of Moderna Pharmaceuticals tried to offer reassurances last week “Canada is not far behind other countries” on their list of countries to supply. Who is ahead???

But the evidence is mounting that Canada won’t initially receive SUBSTANTIAL quantities … because other nations signed contracts with the various pharmaceutical firms before we did.

In fact, Trudeau and his Ministers themselves have already suggested Canadians should expect only six million doses before the end of March (enough to inoculate three million people) and it will September before even half our population will get access to the vaccine. And that’s their OPTIMISTIC projection.

It will really hurt the government if Canadians see millions of ordinary people elsewhere being immunized, while Canadians wait or, even worse, only a relatively privileged few here start getting vaccinated.

The Opposition parties couldn’t hope for a better political scenario!

Canadians seeing every night on the news millions of other people around the word in other countries getting vaccinated …while Canada muddles through supply problems, distribution chaos and/or inequities … provincial, regional and perhaps even political.

By then Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole will be much better known to the voters, have a regular platform in the Commons and be able to daily critique, question and condemn Trudeau/government’s handling … or mishandling … of the vaccine rollout.

A political minefield for Trudeau and the Liberal government.

Not even a Spring Budget with lots of spending, gifts and promises may be enough to keep their polling numbers high if Canadians, unable to get vaccinated, continue to suffer and die in high numbers.

Harv Oberfeld

Special Note: Vancouver City Council will hold a Hearing on it’s Budget for 2021: at 9:30 a.m. TUESDAY DEC 1 … here’s the link to watch or make submissions: .

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36 Responses to Trudeau’s Fate Tied to Success/Failure of Covid Vaccine Rollout

  1. D. M. Johnston says:

    I am not a Liberal or Conservative and the current NDP leave me as cold as ice.

    Yes the Covid vaccine distribution will give great problems with Trudeau and the Liberals.

    What the public have seen are nothing more than press releases and the pharmaceutical corporations rushing to get their brand to market.

    The big question is, will it work as advertised.

    The answer is; “we don’t know!”

    At best it will be February before mass vaccinations begin and they will go
    all spring and into the summer.

    Now if the pharmaceutical companies pull a stinker and not deliver to Canada, the Liberal will play it up as international cartels and then the proverbial S*** will hit the fan.

    The Liberals have engaged the military to assist in logistics of distribution, which is a positive step.

    The Conservatives must also be cautious, because they are tainted by Kenny and Ford and their mishandling of the Covid pandemic, they also have to be careful of not being associated with the anti-mask Libertarians/Trumpsters that are being more than a nuisance.

    The Conservatives have shown they are still the old evangelical/American wannabees, like Harper before and with the gong show in Trumplandia a sour taste may prevail north of the 49th.

    The NDP will be toast as their current leader is not a leader but a figure head of one of the many factions tearing that party apart.

    The Greens, ditto, not a chance.

    As for Quebec, who knows. Will the PQ rise from the ashes and Quebec voters not elected either Liberal or Conservative and hold the balance of power?

    As it stands, I think Trudeau may eek out a slim majority or be in a minority government, unless something really damaging happens.

    But for Erin O’Toole, sorry no dice, I do not trust him or the Conservatives and I think many think on the same lines, voting form the devil they know than the devil they don’t know.

    (Response: YOU may not trust O’Toole now …but give it four or five months, if chaos reigns in Canada’s acquiring and distributing the vaccines, if some provinces are getting preferential treatment, and if O’Toole and the Tories hammer at all this every day, you may change your mind. And if you won’t, millions of other Canadians might! h.o)

  2. Gilbert says:

    Watch PM Trudeau talk to a prankster who pretends to be Greta. He tries hard to seem intelligent and really tries to impress a teenage girl. (She’s really a grown woman) Would the PM have won a majority in an early election? Maybe, but a lot can change over the course of an election campaign.

  3. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Ouch! Those COVID death totals have certainly accelerated while I wasn’t watching — and it’s likely to get worse before the vaccines arrive.

    The U.S. population is about 8.9 x Canada’s and the only consolation is that we’re doing a better job of containing the spread than they are. 8.9 x 12,000= 106,800 deaths, if the USA were on par with our efforts. As of today, they are at 274,120… or 2.5 x our COVID deaths per capita.

    It’s a matter of ifs: IF the USA rolls out effective vaccines AND the population rolls up their sleeves before we get our doses, then yes, Trudeau’s Liberals will look weak.

    I suspect we’d have a lot better response to voluntary vaccination than the USA — if given the chance by springtime at the latest.

    (Response: Just FYI, Dr Henry reported today: Fri 750 more cases; Sat 731; and, Sun 596. As for vaccine distribution, I believe Canadians will understand that the US, UK and wherever else the vaccines are developed will get the first distributions. Where the trouble for Trudeau/Liberals will come is if/when the news starts covering millions of people being inoculated in other countries in Europe, South America, Australia, Asia ..while Canadians sit locked up at home or in teir tiny bubbles, as more and more get sick and/or die. h.o)

  4. e.a.f. says:

    If the roll out on vaccine’s is a failure, yes it may cause a problem. However, the Conservatives aren’t doing themselves much of a favour by tying up Parliament on changes to the Right to Die legislation which has to meet court imposed deadlines right now. This could spill over into an election. They are running out the clock when they speak. For many that legislation is important and during COVID, it might become really important to many people, who become long haulers. The Court has mandated changes to the Act but once again we see the Conservatives thumbing their noses at the Supreme Court of Canada (remember harper).

    Trudeau was smart to assign the vaccine distribution to the military. They have the people and the organization. it won’t interfere with regular medical practises when they start the vaccines.

    Now as to Canada might not be the first in line to receive the vaccines, we won’t be the only country. it might turn out to be a “good thing” though, if those vaccines aren’t all they are cracked up to be. they’re being rushed through. With all vaccines there are side effects. We don’t know what these vaccines will do to some people. Having another country take the first step might be a “good thing”.

    The U.S.A. had over 4 million new cases of COVID in Nov. (Rachel Maddox show last night). Rhode Island has run out of hospital beds and one state has highway signs up asking drivers to “buckle up”, they need the beds for COVID. Unemployment is much higher than reported because states are too busy to report and funding is running out for families at the end of this month.

    We’ve heard a lot from the Conservatives critizing Trudeau, but really did they have any other plans? Just look at Alberta. A few weeks ago their increase in COVID cases was more in a week than Quebec’s and Quebec has approx. 15M people and Alberta 5M and change. The news reported the “arguments” Kenny is having with their Chief Medical Officer. A good political strategist can tie all of it up nicely and use it in attack ads against the Conservatives.

    We may be in the middle of a pandemic, but on the whole the country still looks like some thing we recognize. All I expect from the Conservatives come election time is an assault on the Liberals for the deficit all the other parties will have to do is point out that is how families stayed afloat. Small business is adapting and it was surprising to hear how many new ones are opening during the pandemic. (CHEK news out of Victoria is doing a great job showcasing small business in the area).

    when all is said and done, I think Trudeau and the federal Liberals will be re elected and the Cons with their new leader will go the way of the last “new” leader. If there are “fxxk ups” along the way with the roll out of the vaccines, it will be the military’s fault. The General tasked with the roll out looks youngish and photogenic.

    The spread of COVID is the responsibility of the general population in this country. The various level’s of government can impose all the rules they want but if people don’t adhere to them, …………….All the vaccines in the world won’t help if people won’t take them and we will have lots who won’t, just look at the “minister” who was “preaching” in Stenbach. They want to go to church…………yikes, those same ones won’t want vaccines either.

    Oh, well on the upside, Trudeau has said the borders won’t be opening anytime soon. perhaps we might want to implement the Twain protocols. its working there.

    (Response: You mention we’ve “heard a lot from the Conservatives criticizing Trudeau, but really did they have any other plans?” Well, of course it is the job, even duty, of the Opposition to criticize: that supposedly strengthens our democracy. And both the Tories and the NDP have come up with alternative ideas/proposals, so I think the system is working. But a lot of that is “Ottawa” theatre: the average voter pays little attention to what is said there: what REALLY counts is ACTION, how it affects people, compared to what they see others experiencing, around them and elsewhere. That’s why I believe the rollout … good or bad … will be critical for the next election and not even baskets of election promises and goodies will supersede that. h.o)

  5. r says:

    And the CDN military warned Canada in january

  6. frozentundra says:

    Trudeau could run a whole group of monkeys out there and they would be elected. They have mistake after mistake, violation after violation of law, and the pollsters confidently show that they are 7-8 points ahead of any other party. In addition, How many of his cabinet ministers have any say in anything the party produces. Only Trudeau and Freeland really speak, the “National Governing Party of Canada” is being run by the PMO.

    I think that they could have a national disaster with the vaccine and Ont/PQ , metro Vancouver and the Maritimes will vote the Liberals back in. The NDP is a virtue signaling joke with no working policies, the Conservatives are smeared by people comparing them to Kenney and Ford, plus the Liberal propoganda organ at the CBC, and the Greens are a one dimensional party. All this leads to Liberal victory if an election is called in my opinion

    (Response: I also feel the NDP doesn’t have a hope at all right now, with Singh as leader … Quebec, Ontario and Alberta will never support him in any meaningful way; also the Greens are just not catching on; so that leaves the Tories …and I think O’Toole could gain some traction, if a really lousy vaccine rollout occurs. However, what could hurt him are the Covid problems and the appearance of putting money/economy ahead of lives that is filling the news every night from Alberta and Ontario, which also have Conservative governments. People are watching …and Trudeau/Libs know one of the top reasons for their own success in the polls is the BILLIONS they’ve handed out to people, companies, communities … regardless of what that is doing to our deficit and debt. h.o)

  7. nonconfidencevote says:

    As distasteful as I find the current Frat House and Sorority kids running the country I think they may earn a majority govt.
    The Conservatives have elected “Leader” after “Leader” with the charisma of turnips in a root cellar.
    Until they dump the religious right and actually get out and talk to people…….not a chance in Hell they will be elected.

    I think Trudeau has earned a majority as the economy spirals down, the dollar tanks and the deficit crushes all his expensive, politically correct, gender inclusive, promises over the next few years.

    Angry, unemployed mobs in 2022 tossing vegetables at his private train as it passes through Salmon Arm?

    (Response: Well, we won’t likely have an election until next Spring or, I believe, maybe even the Fall…unless the Opposition starts feeling Trudeau/Liberals are doing so badly, a defeat of his minority government wuld give them a real chance to take over. h.o)

  8. BMCQ says:

    Uh, not to worry, PM Justin may not get You your uh deserved dose of vaccine until uh sometime between uh late Sept. uh 2020 and February. 2021 but it will uh be worth the Uh wait as along with the egg and yeast proteins, gelatine, taste improvement additives, antibiotics, eh and other uh additives there will be a uh “Liberal Joy Juice” emulsifier which will guarantee the 85% of the uh Canadian “People uh Kind” that get the vaccine will ALL vote for uh PM Justin and his uh minions for another two uh generations, we will all be “Woke” whether we want to be or not and uh there will be no uh more worries about uh anything .

    I can see the lines forming now ! Well, not quite now, thanks to Top Mensa Member PM Justin and his “Stand On Guard For Thee” Canadian Government Canada and Canadians are far far back in line and will not receive any of the Pfizer, Moderna, or other vaccines of any brand until Many months after “Never Developing” Nations, and by then Canadians may have seen so many of their country “People Kind” parish from Covid the may not be quite so smug in their judgements of other nations who had so many more Travellers enter their Countries from China during the winter months of 2019 and 2020 when tourism to Canada is virtually non existent as opposed to NYC, London, Paris, Rome, and others . Please keep in mind that when the “Bad Orange Man” banned travel from China he himself was branded “Racist and Xenophobic“ by “Sock Puppet” and Now POTUS In Waiting Joe Biden . If Covid was the type of virus that struck in the spring/summer when we in Canada/B.C. We’re at our crest of Cruise and Tourist Season WE would have been the Epicentre of the Covid Disaster, we were not so smart, just lucky . “Canadian Superiority Complex”, let us see how smug we are over the next 6 months . Please get back to me on that, inquiring minds want to know .

    Having said that if somehow through a “Miracle of Miracles” there are enough Canadians left alive after say several months and the Vaccine is not tainted with “Liberal Joy Juice” there may be a chance that Canadians may finally realize that PM Justin is Not their Friend and he Is In fact a Clear and Present Danger to Canadians no matter what their brand of politics . Btw, just when will uh PM Justin and his Minions receive their injections ? Any uh guesses ?

    Of course Canadians will need to uh somehow see through the uh “Smoke and Mirrors” of PM Justin, his senior cabinet, the Eastern Media Mafia, the 85% of “Woke” Educators from K through University Graduation, and Leftist Activist Politicians at the Civic Level that feed out of the Stinking polluted trough provided And kept topped by the PM Justin Propaganda Machine and the ever growing deficit and debt the Canadian Tax Payer will be held accountable for the next 100 years .

    It is only my opinion but I honestly think that Canadians have one more chance and that chance will come next year when PM Justin feels Canadians may be satisfied and have bought off with a certain amount of vaccine When things look to be improving and he sees a possible window of victory, if Canadians vote him out then they have a chance . If Canadians re elect him one more time it will be over and the NDP will see they are really only a “Rump of a Party” and they will then sometime in 2022 join with the Liberals to form the “Liberal Democratic Party of Canada” and they will rule longer than the Roman Empire . Of course Mr. Singh would be rewarded with the New Cabinet Post of Minister of Equality for All, (except pudgy white males) Gender Equity, and Reparations, how fitting . At that point not even e.a.f. and DBW together could manage to save the NDP .

    Without the “Left Split” there will be no hope for the Conservatives or Canada .

    I hope that by some miracle I am close to being on topic with this .

    (Response: Yes, a “miracle”: you are … mostly … on topic! Like you, I can’t imagine Trudeau NOT going to the polls next year…but maybe not until Fall. The next scheduled federal election doesn’t have to take place until Oct 16, 2023, so he has lots of leeway, even as a minority government, unless the other parties feels strong enough to pull the plug. h.o)

  9. Gilbert says:

    China views our prime minister as an absolute joke. Instead of negotiating with western countries for a vaccine, our leader put his faith in the Chinese who are upset with him because of Meng Wanzhou. The truth, though, is that our PM is very weak because he allows her to continue under house arrest when she should be in a prison. He’s truly an amateur who thinks he belongs with the professionals.

    The Conservatives will remind voters that our prime minister is uh, extremely corrupt and uh, that he’s uh, not in office to serve Canadians. He’s just a vain politician who is not as advertised. The only thing that saves him is the absolutely hopeless NDP and his advisors.

    (Response: How Canada (or whatever institution was behind the decision) could make such a dumb decision to link our vaccine research/trust to China should be the subject of a major investigation. China has shown itself to be more than a competitor: it is our ENEMY … and should be treated as such…. never trusted in any area where they can do damage or exert any controls over our country. h.o)

  10. 13 says:

    Its been difficult to read some of the KIR topics and some of the posts responding to the topics but it seems a voice of reason has returned.
    I watched a news clip last week where Trudeau was so excited about vaccines that he giggled. He desperately looks at the camera and try as he might Steve Fonyo has more gravitas.
    A week ago I was chatting with someone and I told them that I feared for Canada. Both Trudeau and Horgan are not capable leaders. I was ready to toss in the towel and resign my remaining time to living in a wasteland of legalized drugs, illegal immigration , runaway inflation. Trudeau and Horgan owe their current employment to China and its release of covid.
    The other party assured me that the pendulum was swinging and we would see the US and Canada come to their senses like Brittan EU, Ont Alberta etc.
    My money is on vaccine by March for healthcare workers and rest homes. The great unwashed will be lucky to get a needle before Sept.

    (Response: Ho hum! T’is always thus with biased partisans: Trudeau and Horgan can do nothing well for those on the right; Clark and Harper did nothing well for those on the left. Fortunately, elections in most democracies are decided by those in the middle … the great washed AND unwashed … who have a REAL ability to honestly assess politicians, parties and actions … and THAT’S what has made Canada so great, whether governments have been Liberal, Conservative or NDP. h.o)

  11. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Harvey: “Yes, a ‘miracle’: you are … mostly … on topic!”

    That was good for a laugh! 🙂

    Welcome back, Bob!

  12. SG says:

    Mexico is evidently higher up the list to obtain the vaccines than Canada, Mexico ready to start Covid vaccinations before the end of December. This isn’t going to do the Trudeau government any favours..

    (Response: I believe Brazil will also be ahead of Canada for the Astra Zeneca vaccine. But a new Leger poll says most Canadians aren’t worried about not being first … almost looks like we prefer others being the guinea pigs: I believe most Canadians think it ridiculous …even just political … for any party to expect/push/demand that Canadians get the vaccine first, even if it was developed in the US or UK etc. with government funding there. The Tories huffing and puffing about that too much is starting to look insincere/phony and could actually them, help raise sympathy for Trudeau/Liberals. h.o)

  13. Harry Lawson says:


    Trudeau will call the election around May if the covid calms down .

    BCMQ is spot on about the demise of the NDP.

    Nice to have BCMQ back participing in our discussions

    (Response: Possible …if the vaccine rollout goes well. Especially after a goody-filled Feb Budget, which the Tories will condemn, saying spending is too much (deficit, debt) and/or not enough (for families, businesses) and the NDP will demand more/more/more (for everyone) … giving Trudeau a perfect chance to “let the people decide”. BUT if the rollout goes badly, then he’ll try to wait until Fall …unless the Opposition feels ready to defeat his minority government. h.o)

  14. BMCQ says:

    Harry, Barry, 13

    Thanks for the kind words, ( topic)

    My first statement should have read “Sept. 2021 and Feb. 22” .

    Let me begin by posting a FP piece that should make us ALL wonder .
    Where is our PM and Federal Government on ALL of THIS ?

    Honestly if I ran my business this way I would be forced to resign in embarrassment,
    I could not live with myself if I had betrayed the Canadian People Kind like this, this is
    dereliction of duty, Hell, this is “Treason” !!

    Why are media, opposition MP’s, Tax Payers, and Pensioners not taking to the streets,
    why is this attracting such little attention ?

    Harvey states “If the roll out goes badly” . WELL we have our answer, the fact that more than likely 19 out of 20 G – 20 World Industrialized nations will have a “Roll Out” before the “True North Strong and Once Free” should “Chill our Blood”, hey wait, that might be a good thing .

    How can anyone in media, politics, private life, or otherwise allow the Canadian PM
    to “Look to the Finish Line” which may be at least a year away while Canadians fall over backwards and DIE without at least a “Whimper ofr Protest” ?

    This whole thing is simply “BAT SH*T CRAZY” !!

    e.a.f. states, “If the roll out of the vaccine is a failure it may be a problem” . You think so ??? !!!! Really ?

    Yes it will be a problem there may be bodies stacking up like Cord Wood while the UK, the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Botswana, Chad, Sweden, Brazil, and scores of other nations feel the love of the Pfizer, Moderna, or Zstra Zenica Vaccines .

    Where will YOUR “Canadian Superiority” Complex be then ?

    I hate to repeat myself but the “Roll Out” is already going poorly, very poorly .

    Let’s not keep it a secret, let us be vocal and demand better of our so called “Ruling Class”, it might be one or more of your loved ones that could be next .

    It should not matter which Political Brand we happen to be part of on this life and death matter, we all need to stand together as uh Canadians before it is uh too late .

    I do not understand it but IMHO PM Justins fate should have already been decided, but then we have not heard the final word from Global, CBC, CKNW, BCTV, the Globe, and the rest of the Liberal Media Mafia .

    “Build the Wall” out there in Chilliwack 13 and Barry, you need to do what you can to keep the rest of the Canadian loons out of your beautiful part of the world !

    Do not forget Canadians it is really the “Finish Line” we are uh concentrating on, that is all that uh matters .

    (Response: Your condemnation of the Liberals already screwing up the vaccine distribution is predictable, but pre-mature (just approved in the UK TODAY!). The Leger poll showed most Canadians don’t worry about not getting the vaccines a little later than the countries where they were developed: I suspect they’re still a bit afraid of it …and would prefer others get (test) it out first… and see what happens. BUT if it works …and months from now, we are still waiting or only a relatively few Canadians can get it … THEN you’re on to something! h.o)

  15. Keith says:

    With the U.K. approving a vaccine for use starting asap, the clock has started to tick for the libs.

    Pretty much agree with all that has been said about the conservatives looking to gain some traction, the ndp won’t get any and the greens by osmosis will further fade into obscurity, with the advantage of the libs mostly having the media to themselves with frequent pressers with steady as she goes ministers and doctors, house of commons reduced to a skeleton crew, the We charity and SNC issues fading away, mainstream media focused on covid.

    The incurred debt and deficit is an issue for mostly opposition when it’s not their debt and deficit, pundits and political junkies, for most of the population not a problem until the bills come due.

    The provinces won’t want to rock the boat whilst the feds are handing out money, Alberta needs the feds more than vice versa, Rob Ford has become a fan, so an election would be a matter of aiming for the sweet spot of covid numbers going down, vaccines up and running for the general population and money still being pumped out. Mid – late summer.?

    And if Canada has to wait a bit for the vaccine there is some value in someone else being first to see how the vaccine and supply chains work out.

    (Response: Trudeau may be getting the last laugh over the Tories by the end of this week. Heard another interview today of yet another Tory condemning the Liberals because Canada is not FIRST on getting the vaccines. I think most Canadians know that is just political pap: surely NO ONE expected that a vaccine developed in another country would go to Canadians first. Just imagine the press conference in which UK Prime Minister Boris Johnston or President Donald Trump announced a vaccine had been developed/approved in their countries, BUT Canadians would get it first. Unless they wanted to TEST it on us!! How stupid do the Tories think Canadians are??? The Leger poll says a lot … too bad the Tories are ignoring it: But, IF several other countries start getting it in early 2021, and we are still waiting … THEN would be the time for the Opposition to hit the Libs hard. h.o)

  16. harry lawson says:

    the reality is the vaccine its not proven yet , and yet many more coming on stream . lets not be to hard on Trudeau and his government about a vaccine procurement yet. many more issues to deal with such as our deficit increasing ,no budget in 2 years this discussion reminds me of the old joke who is on first.

    (Response: I think most Canadians agree: have patience on the vaccine to make sure it’s okay. However, I don’t think very many are paying attention to, and even fewer care/worry about the growing deficit/debt. If ANY political leader or party policy called for people who lost their jobs or are barely getting any hours and are getting federal/provincial assistance or struggling shops/restaurants to be cut off any aid … they’d be badly defeated. h.o)

  17. DBW says:

    Three things, Harvey

    1. I have no complaints with your article and your responses to other people’s comments are even better.

    2. I am trying to figure out the partisanship here. Regardless of what people may think of Trudeau, Horgan, Ford etc., I think they are trying their best to get us through this pandemic. And for the most part, opposition parties have not been hyper-critical. That doesn’t mean governments can’t be criticized and questioned. They have to be, but when dealing with a pandemic, we should all be on the same side. It serves no purpose to politicize the response.

    3. I am not a British historian at all, but I do recall that Winston Churchill, considered one of the greatest Prime Minister’s and who led the UK through the Second World War, was defeated two months after the war ended in July 1945. So I looked it up. According to one article I read, he lost because “a desire for post-war reform was widespread amongst the population and that the man who had led Britain in war was not seen as the man to lead the nation in peace.” This despite his individual, widespread popularity.

    Trudeau and most of the premiers have the advantage of being a wartime Prime Minister and will be seen as having done a good job. But who will be seen as the leaders to move us forward. That is the real challenge. But I think that debate is at least a year or more away.

    (Response: History is often kinder to political leaders than contemporary judgement. Voters can be very fickle: what have you done for me today? Or, as I have written before on this blog, they are often judged by events in just the last few days or weeks before an election. It’s not fair or just … but it’s amazing how a last minute revelation or scandal or even just a misstep or misstatement can doom them to defeat, regardless of the good job they may have done over previous months or years. That’s why timing in politics, as in comedy, is really critical … and why promises, goodies and bold “NEW” proposals are always doled out like shiny trinkets aimed at overcoming any of those “last minute revelation or scandal or even just a misstep or misstatement”. h.o)

  18. BMCQ says:

    We elect politicians to do more than their best, it is their responsibility to put together a Cabinet, a Government, a Civil and Social Service, the Military, and the rest of the apparatus which might and should include Security, Healthcare, our Economy and Livelihood, Education, our Infrastructure, the passing of laws, the Rule of Law”, Secure Borders, control of Migration/Immigration, Agriculture, Education, Defence, Foreign Affairs, and the other many important cogs in what keeps a Democracy like Canada moving forward and successful, it is in fact much more than “Doing their Best” .

    What we have is a Prime Minister and Cabinet along with a gaggle of Ministers that are probably doing their best but we are not a backwater never developing nation, last time I looked we are supposedly a G * Nation, we need to do more than our best, WE in Canada are supposed to be a World Leader .

    Why is it so many countries end up with the most mediocre people elected to office ?
    Yes it happens in other countries as well but WE LIVE HERE, how do we end up with the Kennedy Stewarts, the Swansons, the PM Justins, and so many more, why, how, WTF ?

    My bone to pick is not with PM Justin and his minions but I would also admit to being critical of activist leftist politicians of other brands like Singh, Cons Joe Clark, Scheer who was an absolute “Star” as being mediocre at best and I mean on his best day which made him barely mediocre .

    Where are the Leaders, the States People Kind, the thinkers, the leaders that stood up for all Canadians ?

    I am not so predictable, I drove to work at 4:30 am yesterday morning thinking how nice it would be having Paul Martin as PM, someone that knew about business, a balance sheet, and someone that cared about ALL Canadians . Is that predictable ?

    The fact is the minute Canadian PM announced his “Looking at the finish line, we will have vaccinations by sometime in September” was a really “Bad Roll Out”, and Canadians should be angry, puzzled, disgusted, and question every move that the PM Justin Liberals and their various departments of governments have made since December 2019 when China allowed their Covid 19 Virus to poison the World .

    Canadians deserve a vaccine quickly long before September (and you know that is a good case scenario) Canadians deserve answers, Canadians deserve accountable of our Ruling Class, and Canadians need to get ready to accept the fact that many of their family, friends, other loved ones, co workers, and others we know will not be hereby tne end of 2021 because Canadian PM and his minions were only “Doing their Best” which was/is not quite good enough .

    No, I disagree, BMCQ is not predictable, he just wants better for Canadians, it is in fact PM Justin that is predictable, that is who we should be calling out .

    Canadians deserve better, much much better .

    DBW makes a very wise point when he mentions Winston Churchill who in IMHO was
    perhaps the “Greatest People Kind that Ever Lived” was the Best of the Best during War times but in only a few years he was thrown on the “Junk Heap” .

    Trust me, PM Justin is not even close to a “War Time PM”, that is of course the War the PM is Leading Canadians into comes on a table top, “Call of Duty” comes to mind, I just hope the table top is not too high, our War Time PM is afraid of anything that might be too high .

    I understand that Canada has spent far more of its per capita of its GDP than any other industrialized nation on Covid and other programs associated with the virus, just when do you think we might get an accounting of that ?

    Do you believe that accounting will come before an election or will we just be put off with a Finance Report every six months before the election is finally called .

    Will their be a debate, campaign discussions, or a platform provided to the “Great Unwashed” that will show the Liberal and conservatives position on proposed tax changes and increases on things like Estate Tax, Income Tax, Sales Tax, Corporate Tax, Cap Gains Tx, Gas tax, Carbon Tax, and so many more that they will think of .

    Trust me, there are lots and it will cost and it will all come out of your pocket if you work, did work, saved money, a retirement fund, investments, pensions, it will all be on the table . Wait until they dream up another additional larger tax when you sell a house, increase the Property Purchase Tax when you buy, then of course there is the possibility of an Asset Tax, hold on to your hat .

    Not sure about you but after this and the Covid Roll Out I am convinced Canadians need and deserve better leadership than those just doing their best for you .

    Think about being on an operating going through a heart or other complicated surgery, who would you want on the scalpel or laser, someone doing his/her uh best or
    someone just a little bit better qualified, a leader, someone that is not so fixated on Photo Ops and Fake States People Kind” preening and prancing ?

    Bring back Paul Martin, even though he was a Liberal .

    (Response: You are “convinced Canadians need and deserve better leadership than those just doing their best for you.” The problem is whether Canadians will ALSO feel that any of the Opposition parties are indeed “better” or maybe even worse! And when you look at the Liberals’ ability to so often pull off victories, the Tories and NDP have a lot of work ahead of them. And the success/failure of the vaccine delivery will be the deciding factor for many voters. h.o)

  19. e.a.f. says:

    BMCQ, life at Harvey’s just hasn’t been the same without you. Welcome home! Now as to your comment regarding mine, “do I think so”, well, the roll out may or may not have big impacts from a political point of view. I certainly didn’t mean impacts on the general population in terms of health, safety, etc. Just politics. The vaccine, will be important for health reasons and then of course economic reasons also. Politically it may or may not because the anti vaccers will be out and about, and as one headline advised the anti vaccers may have found a friend in the form of a conservative M.P. A few more of those and what ever goes wrong or the thing doesn’t work as well as they thought it would, the Conservative Party of Canada will wear it. Then there is the no small problem of Alberta and Kenny. Calgary was running out of O2 and they are now having to set up a field hospital to hold 750 people. Its starting to look a lot like Christmas for other parties, if this is how Conservatives run things.

    On the other hand, Ford is doing a decent job. Actually there have been moments I thought he’d switched parties–funding for small business, great move. Now it maybe as simple as Ford knows what he doesn’t know and listens to his Chief Medical officer and Kenny fights with Alberta’s. Knowing what you don’t know is important

    the roll out of COVID vaccines will depend upon the willingness of Canadians to co operate in the process. The spread of COVID is frequently the fault of individuals who won’t listen to Health officers, doctors, etc.

    People in care homes is a whole other story, but then again, it the fault of society in general that care homes have been unwilling to provide the level of care they ought to because corporations were too busy making a profit. At least Ford has plans to change that. I suspect we will see changes in B.C. also. Care of the disabled and seniors ought not to be left to the “market”. It isn’t just people who are old who wind up in care homes. Have a bad stroke, you too could be there and you don’t have to be old to have a bad stroke. Wake up one day to realize two men both younger than yourself had strokes which left them unable to take care of themselves, can’t even manage to use their cell phones……………So lets hope the vaccines start in care homes, and with first responders/medical staff.

    We can sit back now and watch how England does.

  20. BMCQ says:


    Notice Spain is expecting Covid Vaccine later THIS Year .


    I strongly believe that W.H.O., Canadian Health Official Tam, and so many more are compromised by the Chinese CPC, I also believe that through no fault of their own most Covid Health Officials like Dr. Fauci have been mistaken, mis-informed, and victims of poor, flawed, and politized science right from the beginning when confronting the Covid 19 Pandemic .

    Needless to say there will be much to investigate and discuss once the truth is known about the origin of Covid 19 and most importantly there will be science based fact and evidence on the origin and how China and it’s CPC were involved .

    (Response: That’s why I believe Trudeau’s fate is tied to the success/failure of the vaccine rollout. Politicians and pundits can say whatever they want: Canadians will decide for themselves whether they feel the government does a good job or not … and what the Spring polls will reveal about that will determine whether we get a Spring election or not. h.o)

  21. harry lawson says:


    You raised some valid points , you described our governance system flaws and all . however . issues with all kinds of people from all parties . what we are witnessing is the effects of unintended consequence , the effects of dumbing down of our media . the dismantling of many of our civil systems , i could go on

    Harve i have hope for our future , we have to give others a chance to shine .BCMQ, we will get thru this as a country and a democracy and as a society then lets have a discussion on our social change.

    (Response: Already have a topic in mind for next blog, but will keep your suggestion in mind too. h.o)

  22. BMCQ says:


    I hope I was clear in my praise of the Liberal Paul Martin Gov, yes he balanced the budget on the backs of the provinces but none the less he accomplished a lot, controlled and managed the countries finances like a real CEO and encouraged the economy to grow and flourish .

    Honestly I want ALL Canadian Govs and PM’s to be successful, even if I have absolutely no respect for the current PM I am hoping that by some miracle he suddenly over night become an adult, stop preening and prancing, appts. a proper Finance Minister, increases his Celsius Room Temp IQ to a higher level, and actually allows the professionals in the Federal Civil Service to do their job, the job that Canadians should be demanding of them .

    (Edited… off topic. h.o)

    PM Justin could do the same thing but he will not, his ego e his arrested mental development will now allow him to listen to the professionals in the Federal Government, he governs like a 19 year old, he seems to lack the understanding that he is the PM of a G 8 country, a world leader .

    Looking at the H.O. Blog as of late I have continually searched for a way to explain my concerns about the PM Justin Gov and on my way to work at 4:30 am this morning a little bell went off, I think I have it and I sued an example a few sentences back .

    Harvey is more than likely better qualified to answer my charge/question/opinion than any other working or retird journalist in Canada so here goes .

    When I was driving to the office this morning I thought “PROFESSIONAL – PROFESSIONALISM”, THAT IS THE ANSWER” .

    Looking back over the past several PM’s of Canada regardless of their political brand and whether any of us agreed with their decisions or management of Canada they were serious, methodical, measured, and above ALL “Professional” .

    Those PM’s Chretien, Martin, Harper, Mulroney, or any other given PM’s and their governments they first cared about Canada, they were adults, and they were surrounded by talented Cabinet Members, Caucus, and almost most importantly Professional Public Civil Servants that worked for government after government .

    I am only guessing but it is more than likely about 75% of those Senior Civil Servants and their staff were Liberal Supporters but they ran the government for the most part like officers of the court, they were for the most not political animals .

    Then wheneve4r a new government of a different party came into power that same dedicated civil service ran the government just like always, they were not political, they wee loyal to Canada and Canadians .

    I am hoping Harvey will confirm that as I have no real way of knowing .

    Having said that I believe the biggest problem and the biggest threat to Canada and Canadians under the PM Justin is his Messiah Complex, his want to be worshipped, his immaturity, his inability to think critically, his obvious intellectual limitations, his want to politicize everything, his refusal to appoint qualified competent Cabinet Members other than “Yes People Kind”, and finally perhaps his most fatal flaw is his really dumb and juvenile decisions not to allow the Professional Civil Service manage, advise, and guide his Liberal Government .

    Why would he not seek out counsel from a Paul Martin or any other Senior Cabinet Members of the Chretien or Martin Governments ?

    Then of course there is always the dream that the working media would ask the tough questions and hold the PM and his government to account but that hope is only like a dream, not unlike hoping for a Covid Vaccine arriving in Canada before Xmas .

    Please Mr. PM, let the Senior Civil Service and their capable staffs do their job, let them run Canada and let them run Canada for uh Canadians .

    Canadians deserve much better .

    (Response: I would not use the word “professional” as the PRIMARY description of Canadian Prime Ministers> I would describer them ALL as being “POLITICAL”: their policies, appointments, statements, decisions, priorities, spending, travels, even interviews granted ALL motivated by POLITICAL considerations. That’s how/why we so often can see decisions made that no unbiased non-partisan critic would describe as having been made on a strictly “professional” basis … but “political”? Almost all of them! h.o)

  23. BMCQ says:


    Thank you for the kind words, I wish I was treated that well at home and at the office, I am sure everyone here is thrilled to have me back for a bit, especially Harvey .

    Harvey does a wonderful job and he seems sort of willing to put up with thee, me, and several others, Harvey is a Great Canadian Patriot, even though he suffers from a slight case of TDS .

  24. 13 says:

    Ho hum , I am a biased partisan. Without a doubt that is an accurate statement. My biased partisan views are very biased against Trudeau. Trudeau has had so many gaffs, bungles, scandals ethical failures that to think his future depends on the vaccine roll out seems to be giving him way more credit than he has earned Would Scheer have been a better leader, based on his level of performance probably not.
    Horgan on the other hand is a leader I would never have voted for do to my Ho hum biased partisan view. But I am more than willing to say that as much as I dislike the NDP he is doing a good job. Un like Trudeau he has placed covid experts on the front line and seems to listen to their advice.
    As Harvey has pointed out Horgan took advantage of his covid management and the opposition party being in a state of chaos.
    The fact that Trudeau could have done the same thing is another glaring example of Trudeaus liberals dropping the ball. Again. Dont expect his vaccine roll out to be any better

  25. John's Aghast says:

    Au revoir Harvey, your blog has been usurped, again! I do enjoy your writings, but not so much the ones that attempt to exceed you.

    (Response: Sorry… I can’t just have people contributing whose views you agree with or who YOU personally may like. As long as people stay on or close to topic, and reasonable length, I welcome divergent points of view. h.o)

  26. DBW says:

    Welcome back BMCQ. There are certainly people with slight and maybe severe cases of TDS, but it isn’t Harvey and the T doesn’t stand for Trump. Just .. uh.. sayin’.

    I want to echo Harry if I am reading him correctly. We have a pandemic problem. We have a mostly unavoidable economic problem as a result. And we have societal problems that have been more than ever revealed by this virus. All three are important but first we have to get through this pandemic by following the guidance of health PROFESSIONALS. Once we are over that hump, we need to address the economic issues but I certainly hope we can do that without forgetting about the inequities that need addressing as well.

  27. BMCQ says:


    Thanks, I have been following your comments along with some others with great interest, I may not always agree with you but your point of view is always well thought and it helps me formulate my own opinions and conclusions, I think that is part of what KIR is trying to accomplish . I especially like your take and insightful comments on what takes place in a smaller city in a northern region, it is of great importance that as a whole we appreciate experiences in other different places as opposed to our own backyard .

    “Guidance of Health Professionals” yes but we must also recognize there have been many flaws and mistakes in that guidance . I believe Health Authorities were much too authoritative early on, changed course many times and there is now some questioning of policy changes .

    I own a Laboratory and have a Biologist in the family So I get it but everyone from W.H.O., Fauci, The UK, the EU, Canada, Dix and Bonnie have had their stumbles, and people being people simply have questions .

    Over all Dix who got Premier Horgan re elected and Dr. Henry have done a great job, we owe them, but they along with our political masters must also recognize this is not an exact science and they have sometimes “Jumped the Shark” so the Great Unwashed May rightly question certain edicts and what seems to be inconsistencies in directives .


    Thank you for the kind words, do not worry, I will always have your back .

  28. Gilbert says:

    Would Andrew Scheer have been a better leader than Prime Minister Trudeau? I believe so, and will explain.

    Andrew Scheer would have been a serious prime minister. He wouldn’t have hurt our industry with the carbon tax, talked about unrealistic climate goals or given the media big bribes.

    Unlike Prime Minister Trudeau, Andrew Scheer would not have treated China as a friend. He wouldn’t have sent masks to China and wouldn’t have wasted his time with Greta Thunberg.

    Andrew Scheer wouldn’t have attacked our resource industries, wouldn’t have wasted so much time and money on getting a seat at the UN, and would have had a better relationship with President Trump.

    He would have chosen more qualified cabinet ministers. He wouldn’t have just chosen yes-men. How many cabinet ministers in this Liberal government can Canadians name?

    To answer 13’s question, it seems clear that despite his imperfections, Andrew Scheer would have been a better leader than our prime minister.

    (Response: On the other hand, for the sake of discussion, MAYBE Scheer would have been like two other “conservative” leaders … in Alberta and Ontario? Look at their Covid numbers … Business and money more important than human lives? Or maybe Scheer would have spent billions less or had no assistance fundings/programs for people who lost their jobs, in danger of losing their homes or apartments etc etc.?? My point…easy to be an armchair pontificator but reality is sometimes different from what was advertised. h.o0

  29. Harry lawson says:


    you got the jest of my message, i had a a old friend always to;d me crap floats and cream rises , we need to see who rises

    Lots of logistics and supply issues to overcome . lets see who floats and rises

  30. helena handcart says:

    I think that a few people will be eating crow if/when the vaccine is rolled out in Canada next month. We have been lucky to have had sensible politicians listening to the best medical advice and keeping most of us safe. There will always be the ant-mask, anti-vaxers, but for the most part Canadians have listened to good advice and taken care of each other. Thank the Lord the PM kept the border closed.

    (Response: It’s unfortunate some have attempted to politicize the fear surrounding Covid and the vaccine rollout. You can bet those who are shouting the loudest wondering why Canada isn’t first (ridiculous as they know that idea is!) will be demanding why we didn’t wait longer than third or fourth if there’s a bad reaction to it somewhere! There are a whole slew of other issues … government waste on unnecessary or useless projects, overspending on projects, sending unemployment funds to prisoners, etc.) that deserve the greatest scrutiny. h.o)

  31. BMCQ says:

    (Edited…the topic is the political ramifications of the VACCINE rollout. h.o)

    I could not help but laugh out loud when I read the comments about keeping the Canadian Border closed, I offer this .

    If the so called roll out Of the vaccine in countries Like Germany, Brazil, Germany, the EU, the soon to be free UK, Japan, much of the rest of Asia, is as good as advertised and there is no reason to doubt those claims, and the roll out of the vaccines are as delayed and problematic as speculated about for uh Canada it WILL BE ALL of those other First World Nations rejecting travellers from Canada From entering their countries while at the same time blocking their citizens and tourists from travelling to Canada as Canada could be designated an unsafe country .

    Where would your “Canadian Superiority be then ?

    It is only a guess but I believe many countries will eventually demand certificates of vaccination for their own residents as well as the same for travellers crossing their borders and entering from any foreign land, at least for a few years .

    I honestly hope I am wrong about the Canadian Roll Out and the delays but as Fred Williamson once said to me, “I just gotsta know” .

    Again, Canada has spent a higher percentage of it’s GDP on various so called Covid 19 and others than any other Industrialized World First Nation, ALL with no Parliamentary over-site and absolutely NO transparency, what if an election was called ?

    If there was ever a time for a Governor General to make History the time is now !

    The GG although only symbolic and herself a total delusional,lazy, and disrespectful individual should call for an immediate bi partisan “Royal Commission” into the financial affairs and the Covid 19 response of the Federal Government, Canadians deserve to know everything .

    Again the GG is symbolic the position, residence, and expenses should done away with and IMHO Tax Payers should not be Forced to put up with the antics of our current GG but the noise that would be made if the GG spoke out on this would be heard world wide and the Liberal Government would be left with no choice but to act and be fully transparent .

    Yes I know it will not happen but once again hard working Canadians of all income levels and those others most vulnerable in our society deserve much better .

    Where are the States People Kind ?

  32. Keith says:

    In your response to Gilbert you said;

    “(Response: On the other hand, for the sake of discussion, MAYBE Scheer would have been like two other “conservative” leaders … in Alberta and Ontario? Look at their Covid numbers … Business and money more important than human lives?”

    I’m sure “money before people” by these conservatives hasn’t gone unnoticed by much of the population keeping track of covid nationally, with the contrasting containment strategies by other provinces and territories.

    Add to that responses from the federal conservatives, sometimes clueless and dumb, where they could and should have gained some political capital by offering whatever assistance they can if asked by the Govt. for a “team Canada response”. Thus putting a ball in the libs. court.

    When it is election time the libs. have the contrast of “look what we did, and look what they did during covid” with Kenney a glaring example, and to Rob Ford’s credit he is trying almost daily to put the genie back in the bottle, albeit a bit too late.

    From a wider angle, cases that can be made of a general conservative/right wing indifference. Boris Johnson in Britain calling the virus “ a press induced hoax” until he got it, now trying like crazy to get it under control. Bolsanaro in Brazil couldn’t give a toss. The shining example of spineless republicans in the U.S. putting money before lives and scared witless of a tweet from trump.

    Prior to the pandemic hitting it seemed the country was tiring rapidly of Trudeau, he was losing interest in the job once “ it’s 2015”, selfies with the folks had passed and some bumpy roads appeared. No pandemic and let the governing term expire, the libs. could have got back in but with a new leader, time it right they get back in with Trudeau with the vaccine and conservative ineptness to thank for it.

    (Response: Political impressions are a tricky thing to manage. When I first heard/saw Pierre Polievre going after Trudeau ad the Liberals I was quite impressed, enjoyed his pointed, effective questions/attacks re CERB, Covid etc. But since then, he has started coming across as a nasty person … sour personality, not only to Trudeau/Liberals but even reporters who ask him questions. Not sure whether that’s just me, or if other voters share that impression: the answer to that may have to wait until the next election. h.o)

  33. Keith says:

    “Pierre Polievre going after Trudeau ad the Liberals I was quite impressed, enjoyed his pointed, effective questions/attacks re CERB, Covid etc. But since then, he has started coming across as a nasty person … sour personality, not only to Trudeau/Liberals but even reporters who ask him questions.”

    Yes, agreed Harvey, he seems to nearly always come across as very abrasive which must turn off a lot of folks. I saw him being interviewed after deciding not to run for the conservative leadership, he was a completely different, charming thoughtful person.

    In these times I would have thought it for the stage managers kind and thoughtful would be a better strategy for now and hammer the libs. when this has passed.

    (Response: Right. Sourness is not a good trait or a salesman …and really, there IS a lot of “sales” in politics, especially in the visual age. I’m sure Tory strategists know that: maybe he’s too arrogant to listen to them. h.o)

  34. 13 says:

    The debate over Scheer being a better PM is truly whimsical
    Step One : Win the election
    Step two: Lose the election but retain the support and trust of your party
    Step three: resign as leader

  35. Marge says:

    As long as the Tru “dough” keeps being shoveled in boatloads, people will vote the Liberal party back in, availability of vaccine or not. Then when the chickens come home to roost and the piper has to be paid and taxes increase on everything, then the Liberals will be booted out, to be replaced by the Conservatives who will have to further increase taxes when the real truth of our debt is made available and they in turn will be voted out to be replaced by the Liberals who will increase spending and handing out the dough ad nauseum. It’s a vicious circle!

  36. G. Barry Stewart says:

    I was surprised that Canada got the jump on approving the Pfizer vaccine before the USA — but perhaps it was because we allowed/encouraged Health Canada to begin assessing the data before the entire trial was complete:

    “Typically, the vaccine submission review process can usually take up to a year, but because of an emergency order, Health Canada has been able to expedite the authorization process. The agency began its regulatory review of the Pfizer vaccine in October, and has since been assessing rolling information as it comes in from the pharmaceutical company’s studies, rather than having to wait until the end of its work to begin reviewing the findings.”

    Full story:

    (Response: I don’t regard approval of a vaccine as a race, because that contains the danger of making it political. In fact, I personally would not trust the Russian Sputnik Covid vaccine, which was rushed into distribution before full trials were completed. I do trust UK, US and Canadian approvals … doesn’t matter to me which one completed their evaluation and filled out their paperwork, but even then, we should not forget this is something brand new, with no long term data available, so I’m in no rush to be among the first! h.o)

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