Trudeau’s Travel Troubles Reveal SERIOUS Flaw

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s may have thought … or hoped … the  Christmas/NewYear break would put enough time and distance behind him to make his vacation travel troubles go away.

They SHOULD not.

Canada’s federal Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson in December found Trudeau GUILTY of SEVERAL violations of the Conflict of Interest Act when he and his family vacationed on the billionaire Ismaili leader Aga Khan’s private Caribbean island TWICE: in Christmas 2016 and in March 2016.

The Prime Minister not only enjoyed free accommodation, but also free use of a private helicopter … and even invited other federal officials to join him there to soak up the fun in the sun.

As Dawson noted, Trudeau’s actions violated rules that prohibit ministers or any of their family from accepting gifts or any advantage that could reasonably be seen as possibly influencing government decisions.

Trudeau’s explanation that he saw the Agha Khan as a family “friend” did not hold water because the “friend” wasn’t even on the island when Trudeau “visited” and they had rarely even spent any time together  …even worse, the Aga Khan’s endowment fund had received a $15 Million federal grant only months after Trudeau’s March vacation on his island.

One of the best summations of what the Ethics Commission found and how Trudeau broke the rules was in The Toronto Star: you can read the details here:

It’s not only sad and very revealing, but it shows, in my view, how flawed Trudeau’s NATURAL ethical compass is: swinging wildly towards photo ops and milking his celebrity status, but repelling from such obvious ethical standards that most high school kids would even be able to discern, identify and understand.

Trudeau should have known how wrong it was to do what he did … without the country’s top ethics commissioner having to tell him so.

Any executive working for a reputable company in private industry … and accepting such HIGH-VALUED “freebies” from an individual or company his firm was handing contracts (money) to would be FIRED.  Unless, of course, their affairs involved dealings with a banana republic or dictatorship where such corruption was the norm … and I like to think Canada has not reached that level.

I hope …and I actually have NO doubt …the Opposition will have MANY questions to raise on this issue when the House of Commons returns in late January.

But how could Trudeau even think what he did was okay?

I believe it exemplifies his silver-spoon background, of privilege, of connections, of largesse  … and, more troubling, an apparent attitudinal flaw that separates HIM from lowly ordinary citizens (including the strict rules/demands he laid out for his own cabinet ministers etc).

Reminds me of Leona Helmsley’s attitude to those BELOW her!

Watch out Canadians … if the Prime Minister starts carrying around a little dog everywhere he goes.

Harv Oberfeld

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47 Responses to Trudeau’s Travel Troubles Reveal SERIOUS Flaw

  1. Gary T says:

    Disappointing to say the least. As a Liberal voter last election, there have been a few disappointments. Abandoning electoral reforms, all but inviting illegals to walk across the border, and of course this issue leaves me with a sense of having been fooled. Unfortunately, last election, and possibly the next one doesn’t leave much choice for us.

    (Response: You are not alone: remember I blogged …after considerable thought …that Trudeau would be a better choice than dictator, remote Harper (and his horrible xenophobic campaign) in the last election … but I didn’t think we’d end up with a privileged, entitled King instead ! h.o.)

  2. Beenie says:

    Good work Harvey. Now let’s get Snoor or whatever his name is elected.

    (Response: Don’t know if I’d go that far …yet. h.o)

  3. Gene The Bean says:

    Agree completely. Not enough to tarnish him forever but does show a serious lack of judgement.

    I did hear one counter argument though ….. don’t really agree but did make me think. He was born a person of privilege and grew up with those of a similar background. Does becoming the PM mean you cannot accept an invitation from an old family friend for dinner ….?? (or to pump it up a few levels, a vacation on his island?) Is Horgan tarnished by accepting an invite to a local lacrosse game? It becomes a little grey for me, but it still stinks in my world.

    That last paragraph is a keeper! Very funny – have you been holding onto that one … ?

    (Response: Last line just came to me as I recalled Helmsley. As for accepting an
    invitation from an old family friend for dinner” …. there’s a big difference between diner and using someone’s private island, accommodation and helicopter for you and your family and even some others you invite to join you. It boggles the mind that anyone with ANY degree of principles would not be able to discern the impropriety … esp after giving the guy’s org $15 million of his employers’ bucks. h.o.)

  4. 13 says:

    Harvey you’ve got some nerve. Justin is entitled to his entitlements.
    The only thing he screwed up was to even belittle himself by allowing the press to question his lineage.
    Next time I would hope he just looks toward the heavens and says ….let them eat cake….
    Nothing wrong with a small canine

  5. Diverdarren says:

    Harvey, I think we are all unable to see the “forest through the trees”. Is the scandal that Trudeau is unethical, or is it that at a time where Canadian are being asked to shoulder record deficit spending, that what the Trudeau Liberals are spending our taxes on is the Aga Khan Foundation.

    And it’s not just the Aga Khan, it’s millions of dollars going out the door to corporations

    Who knows how much tax dollars is given to NGOs. Some organizations as questionable as the Khan’s foundation.

    And that’s just the culture awards. It’s hard to find a full picture of grant money. It’s mostly buried in individual ministries.

    Where is the party that wants to cut the garbage spending the government is involved with and pass the savings onto our tax bill?

    Was Trudeau unethical? Yes, the person who makes that decision said so.
    First time that the Commissioner’s Officer has ever found a PM guilty

    Was Trudeau dismissive of that report. Yes, on one hand he says he fully accepts the finding of the report, then followed up saying that the Commissioner’s finding that Khan was not a friend is wrong. He ignores the fact that the only time prior to being the Liberal leader that the two men spent together was at Daddy Trudeau’s funeral.

    I guess the Aga Khan just doesn’t care much about a high school drama teacher, but he sure cares about showering a PM addicted to selfies with lavish vacations.

    Will the opposition actually make political hay out of any of the Liberal’s failing? Whether it be the ethics of the PM or the Finance Minister, or the broken promise of electoral reform, or the ballooning deficit?
    Probably not. Scheer is weak and ineffectual, and will keep the Conservatives in opposition for a long time.

    (Response: Most can multi-task … reacting to and being concerned over Trudeau’s travel/freebie ethics AND how Ottawa spends our money. No doubt we will be hearing a lot about MANY topics involving the PM, the government etc. … but all of that is just the normal course of politics/finances etc. The PM’s lack of ability to discern propriety in accepting VERY expensive freebies is worthy of SPECIAL attention and concern … esp when the “donor” was someone whose org is getting millions of dollars from taxpayers. h.o.)

  6. BMCQ says:

    PM Justin is Elite, Entitled, Spoiled, Pampered, Infantile, Arrogant, Egotistical, and an Empty Suit devoid of any Substance.

    He has almost never been subjected to any serious questioning by ANY Member of the Liberal Media Establishment over the “Aga Khan Payola Scandal” and even with the very pathetically poor performance when finally asked a somewhat probing question the matter was very quickly dropped as if he said to Media, “Move along folks, nothing to see here”!

    Before someone points out that PM Justin is Wealthy I would ask you to consider that PET was worth only about $ 3.5 Million when he passed away and he had 3 Sons (I believe) and a Wife Which would logically leave each of them only a little over a $ 1 Million which will not purchase you a Condo inYale Town today.

    No People, PM Justin is not Wealthy, he is really only a Self Important Pompous Prancer and he is really a Legend in His Own Basement.

    For those of you that found Harper so distasteful I have only one thing to say, I am embarrassed for you!

    Harper Xenophobic? Really? Small Potatoes, Harper gave us good Government and the only reason PM Panty Waist was Elected is because of a huge assist from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    Very soon after his Re-Election you will realize PM Justin put Canada and the Canadian People so deep in Defecit and Long Term Debt he will be forced to increase Capital Gaons Tax, Corporate Tax, Government Services Fees, Licences and finally he will Impliment a “Death Duty” or Inheritence Tax On your Estate to take Hard earned Assets from you after you pass away.

    Then of course you will also watch him much like the Disengaged and Failed Barack Obama ignore Canada’s Borders and allow somewhere 100,000 to !,000,o0o 1 Million Illegal Undocumented Migrants many of them with Criminal Felon Convictions Enter our Country. And you think our HealthCare, Education, Criminal Justice System, Housing, Welfare, and other Ministries are under pressure now! Come back here and tell me about in two years.

    Perhaps by then one or two of you that were afraid of Stephen Harper might begin to realize that The Harper Government were not so bad after all.

    PM Justin is playing the “Great Unwashed” of this Country as an ATM Machine for his own Gratification and the Liberal Media Mafia are doing much of his “Dirty Work” for him!

    PM Justin barely knows the Aga Khan, he is also a Bold Face Liar!

    One more thing PM Justin, most of his Minions and the Liberal National Media have in common.

    They ARE ALL “Morally Bankrupt”!

    (Response: Quite a rant! Must have hit a nerve! 🙂 If only Harper was, by his last term, the way you portray him! I recall a dictatorial cold impersonal autocrat, who silenced public officials, made public access to public info very difficult and costly, and disdained questions …even during the election campaign. What Harper became in his last years in office were the main reason the Tories were tossed. The Tory CAMPAIGN was certainly xenophobic: surely we have not already forgotten about the cultural practices barbarism hotline, the appeals to fears about foreigners, refugees etc? If people are unhappy with Trudeau/Libs …they can, to some extent, blame Harper for pushing them over to him. h.o)

  7. Bill says:

    BMCQ – Your memory of Harper differs from most Canadians. I had to hold my nose while I read that little ditty about Trudeau and mounting deficits. Your hero ran quite a few as well.I am truly embarrased for you.

    That being said, indeed it showed poor judgement to visit the Aga Khan on his dime. I voted for the Harper crew ONCE and the bad taste never left my mouth. This little escapade leaves the flavour of lawn chocolates in my mouth as well.
    Vote foe Scheer ? NO. He proved himself while being a “neutral” (or neutered) speaker in the Harper years.

    As a sidenote – look up what the Aga Khan Foundation does. I have quite a few Ismaili friends and they’re generally very kind, caring and warm human beings. There’s no hate on for me and my Jewish heritage as there shouldn’t be. We all bleed red.

  8. D. M. Johnston says:

    Not surprised about Trudeau the Younger, as he shows the crass entitlement that is assumed by the Liberal Party.

    The “small potato” and Herr Harper both showed that the old axiom that “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

    This is politics today in the so called democratic west, where democracy only favours the wealthy. The poor, as always, bear the burden of government.

    If Trudeau had a modicum of morality, he would resign.

    Not going to happen.

    But compared to the utter train wreck south of the 49th Trudeau still looks good free rides and all.

    Apologies to George Orwell: All Canadians are equal except some Canadians are more equal than others.

    Trudeau, Harper, and the lot believe themselves more equal than the great unwashed.

    (Response: The days seem long gone when politicians caught in a serious breach of ethics will resign. Look at Duffy …beat the rap in Court, but I doubt most Canadians feel he acted ethically … and he not only did not resign, but cashed in! h.o)

  9. BMCQ says:

    Bill – 7

    I am currently in transit so for now I will just say this.

    We had a NYE at our house with over 60 People in attendance. Some people that attended were from Korea, China, Philippines, Thailand, Bath, Bordeaux, Tanzania, Uganda, Tipperary, the U.S. and Canada, four of that group just happened to be Ismai’li. One of my Ismai’li friends told me something of great interest. Paraphrasing here, “ our Aga Khan told Pierre Trudeau that if he was kind and allowed The Ismai’li People to settle in Canada they would never commit a crime, they would never be a burden on the state, and they would live as Canadians and be proud to be Canadians. I for one believe every word he said!

    FYI I also just returned from overseas where I visited several countries and people, I happened to spend two days in TLV and one day in Jerusalem, I visited the very neighborhood where MY Jewish God Father was Born!

    I have nothing against the Nationality or Ethnic Origin of the Aga Khan, the AK himself, YOU, my own 28 year old Pacific Islander Son who happens to be adopted whose Birth Mother happens to be from the South Pacific or PM Justin who happens to be Partly French Canadian much like my Wife whose Maiden Name is Trembly, I simply have a problem with the PM of MY Country being Duped and taken advantage of by the Aga Khan,

    Now why would you attempt to turn the facts into some sort of a pathetic little Race thing?

    You remind me of so many in the Liberal Media that when frustrated turn everything into a Racist or Sexist Class War.

    Oh and by the way Bill, I have actually Matched in the Aga Khan Foundation “World Partnership Walk” three times, perhaps not as many times as you might have so far Humped Your Ass around the Park but I can guarantee you I have donated more Money to the Foundation than you could ever Dream Of!

    You are picking the wrong fight here Bill, my commentary had/has nothing to do with anything more than our inept, impotent, disengaged, IQ challenged, preening, PM Justin being taken advantage of by a “BRIBE” and then once caught in the Lie having the Arrogance and Ego to attempt to dismiss the whole Tawdry Affair as if he would never be required to be held Accountable.

    I would call that somewhat Entitled wouldn’t you Bill?

    Funny how you think we all Bleed Red when Your Boy Hero PM Justin believes HE BLEEDS BLUE

    I suppose I should be asking the question, who should really be embarrassed for who here.

  10. Max Avelli says:

    If the Aga Khan is a billionaire, why can’t he fund his own frigging foundation, rather than begging us for a measly $15 million?

    (Response: Good question. If any religious leader has enough money to own a Caribbean island, luxurious homes around the world, a private helicopter … couldn’t he fund his own good works without appealing for taxpayer support. Must admit, though, I’ve pondered this too when touring the Vatican … which also owns thousands of buildings …yes, thousands … in Rome alone.. h.o)

  11. R says:

    2017-little potato?
    2018-election small fry?

  12. BMCQ says:

    Bill – 7

    Please see Max – 10 and Harvey – 7 – Response

    Then seeing as We Are All Still Here

    Who Needs Fact when One has Ideology!

    Correct Bill?

    “And Moving Forward”? YIKES!

  13. BMCQ says:

    Some eh, on this eh, Blog might eh, even find this eh, little clip even More eh, Revealing!

    Now Who Are We Embarrassed For?

  14. “For my fans, who are defending my actions: please don’t. They do not deserve to be defended.”

    When faced with repercussions from a serious lack of judgement, YouTube sensation Logan Paul — in my view — struck the right tone and message, in his revised apology.

    Mr Paul added: “I don’t expect to be forgiven, I am just here to apologise. I am ashamed of myself. I am disappointed in myself and I promise to be better.”

    That would be gutsy for any politician to say publicly; refreshing, though.

  15. Gene The Bean says:

    I thought I’d missed this blog – right back to multiple posts of self righteous BS.

    Maybe time for a change……..

    (Response; Would love to see more people take part in the discussions. Tell your friends to write in too! The pols and strategists … and thousands of voters … do read what is said on here. h.o.)

  16. D. M. Johnston says:

    @ G. B. Stewart #14

    Simply yes.

    As the train wreck down south, in the land that forbids scientific terms, quickens, BC is also in a slow moving train wreck.

    I would love the NDP to say; we understand why we only garnered two seats in 2001 and for damn sure we are not going to go the same route again.

    Sadly, the NDP fail to read and understand history, as they blunder ahead with the good old boys and girls driving the party and ignoring the lessons of old.

    Like Trudeau the Younger, people wanted change with Horgan yet the the “song remains the same.”

    Like the BC NDP, the federal Conservatives, also lack in reading history and are going about doing the same thing again, hoping for different results. Both will lead to Liberal victories at the polls.

    Arrogance and lack of credibility will make sure both parties earn second prize.

    Personally, I think Trudeau will have a free ride, with faux pas excused because the voter will look down south and probably vote for the “Little Potato” for fear of electing a half baked spud.

  17. Marge says:

    If anyone goes as far back as I do, they might recall the famous arrogance of Pierre Trudeau. The younger Trudeau seems to be following in daddy’s footsteps.

    From what we were told the Aga Khan wasn’t even on the island when Trudeau was there so listening to the You Tube episode draws only one conclusion. The trip appears to be a “gift” (wink, wink) for money given to his foundation and nothing else. The fact that Trudeau’s wife and kids went there again is just astounding. He seems to believe that he can do whatever he please with no consequences.

    As for Harvey’s comment about the Catholic church not sure if they accept money from the federal government or not? Does anyone know? Don’t think so but could be wrong. As an aside I have travelled extensively to some of the poorest countries in the world and it always astounded me that there were massive Catholic churches in many of these countries laden with gold. I always felt the money could have been better spent.

    (Response: No “church” (or temple or call it what you will) gets direct cash from government … unless you count tax-free properties and deductible donations. But many get “funding” for social programs they carry out …some of them very beneficial I’m sure. It does make you wonder, however, if maybe they wouldn’t need so much taxpayer assistance if so many of their mid range and to leaders didn’t surround themselves with luxurious digs, servants and other aspects of the “good” life. h.o)

  18. E. Johnson says:

    It seems to be a classic case of the “The rules apply to you but not to me”. It was surprising to me that Rosemary Barton’s questions caught him without a slick, scripted response in his back pocket.

  19. Harry lawson says:


    I am surprised how many people just don’t care, if Trudeau can limit the amount of scandal he can easily ride this one into the sunset.

    As it stands he has no real opposition from either opposition party or from within the liberal party itself.

    I am very disappointed with the opposition parties,they should be acting like the campaign is on now.

    (Response: The Commons is still on break. Hopefully the Opposition will stir once the House returns end of January. h.o)

  20. Island Lookout says:

    #13 BMCQ…Great to watch!

    Holy Smoke Batman. This young lad HAS NO COMPASS!

    Canada’s Selfie-In-Chief is the guy who’ll be steering us through what will soon come to be known as Canada’s Post-NAFTA Age. that means Trump will can NAFTA and Canada will cut a deal with the US that will have us solidly economically screwed from Hell to Breakfast.

    The president says he likes Justin. No wonder. With a feminist door-mat like him for an ally, Trump can load the young lad’s brain-case with any old US-friendly economic policy thang and, voila (!) it’s all good, providing a selfie’s included.

    Justin’s not fit to hold high office; never should have been nominated, elected, or selected leader of the Divine Right to Rule Party.

    But he was and is and Bob’s yer uncle.

    His government is on a Hell-bound train raising taxes, going deeper into debt for unannounced infrastructure projects, and cutting a trade deal with China, a really big deal here for sure.

    Then there’s TPP, a terrible deal for Canada’s wage slave class, according to comments by various economics experts.

    And then there’s the ongoing slippery, slidy translucence of various expected rules of behavior for political leaders, rules he hasn’t figured out yet because he doesn’t have to do so because of whom he is!

    That is a minor issue alongside the bigger macro issues.

    Then there’s the energy file. What is Justin and Co doing to help export our oilsands resources so that we can get world prices for the stuff?

    This oil is land-locked which means that it is selling for about two-thirds of the $61.00 per barrel US WTI price and the nearly $70.00 US North Sea Brent price.

    That means billions of dollars are NOT coming into Canada’s money coffers.

    That’s bad because this loot that would be used to fund our endlessly expensive social programs.

    So what does Justin do instead?

    He BORROWS the money and risks Canada’s prime credit rating!

    What gives? For shame.

    Meanwhile, the NDP leader is no alternative.

    In a recent interview he said he doesn’t care about fiscal responsibility. He just will borrow whatever it takes to give every snowflake (young voters) free university educations, free medical for all, free this, free that. Everything looks like it’ll be free!

    Where will the money come from, he was asked?

    Why, large corporations of course and the “government.”

    Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is a better bet but he is just too damned ‘nice.”

    He needs more “armour” going into the 2019 roundelay.

  21. James says:

    What I find most troubling is the optics of a PM that in his first two years in office made trips to countries that are listed as offshore bank havens. Not saying that he did anything wrong but in his position he should see how bad it appears.

  22. Art Smith says:

    Harvey, is it any wonder Harper didn’t want to answer questions from a press corps that went after him on any and everything. No, no bias in the press who are quite content to forgive Trudeau, Morneau and company almost anything: Khadr, 10 mil, and some others 30 mil; 15 mil to the Aga Khan, ho hum, nothing to see here move along, but Duffy claiming 90 thou in expenses and Harper getting him to pay it back was a major story for weeks on end as they tried and tried for their gotcha moment.
    Harper silenced some scientists and they had a hissy fit, still haven’t heard from any of them since the shackles came off, but nary a word about the 275 or so civil servants who had to sign non-disclose pacts for life about the new jets we are to get, or not.
    Let’s not forget that this pampered trust fund baby is the spawn of another trust fund baby, who screwed the west with the NEB, and screwed all of us when he set up Petro Can by purchasing Petrofina at an inflated price, just coincidentally the family happened to have quite a few shares of that co. in their portfolio. So having no ethics seems to have been an inherited trait.

    (Response: If a politician “doesn’t want to answer questions” he or she should NEVER run for office …let alone Prime Minister in any democracy. Perhaps Russia, Iran or Venezuela would be a better fit. h.o)

  23. 13.. says:

    Mr Peabody and Sherman let me use the wayback machine and I went back in time to Keeping it Real prior to the last Federal election. Many of us were correct in the assumption that Justin was a light weight.
    Please reread posting #6 as that will save me a lot of time outlining Justins many flaws and shortcomings.
    Many of us wondered how he would make out because of his then perceived and now confirmed lack of ability to be a prime minister. We assured one another that we need not worry as his “advisers” would make sure he didnt stray to far out of his playpen. So that begs the question.
    Did his advisers not tell Justin not to take that trip?
    Did Justin upon hearing that advice choose to ignore them?
    Are his advisers just not that smart and didnt see a problem?
    Obviously Justin wasnt smart enough to see the issues.
    After the conflict commissioner convicted Justin on all counts what happened?
    Did his advisers not prep him for the questions he was surely going to be asked?
    Did Justin choose to ignore their advice and decide that looking like a complete idiot was his best choice.
    So the questions about how smart Justin is or isnt have been answered.
    BUT what about his advisers. Thats the frightening question. Are they just not to bright? Is their a coup being organized to get rid of their leader? You can see that maybe the advisers were taken by surprise when Justin took the bribes. BUT they MUST have tried to coach Justin on how to do the perp walk and say IM SORRY.

    (Response: Very good questions! Surely SOMEONE in his office would have realized the impropriety of his “vacation plans” …both in terms of breaching conflict rules AND also the optics and morality of accepting such largesse from someone whose org does BUSINESS with the federal government. Did they tell him? Did HE ignore their admonitions? If so, WHY? Is he that dumb …or that arrogant?? This story is not yet told in it entirety and I hope the Opposition will seek the whole truth… or at least TRY to get it. Should be interesting to see if Trudeau reveals exactly how this unfolded or just does another mea culpa, hangs his head sheepishly in front of the cameras and then thinks that he can get away with just that. h.o.)

  24. Rocker Rich says:

    My politically savvy wife and similarly wise cousin-in-law laugh when I predict Justin will be a one-and-done PM. And I de facto voted for him by strategically casting a ballot for Elizabeth May.

    Yeah, the Grits are winning by elections in hostile territory. Yeah, our boy JT is still polling close to 50 percent.

    But…Trump has been Trudeau’s great decoy, distracting most low-information Canadians from noticing Justin’s serial blunders.

    For instance, it looks like Trudeau recently met with the formerly-imprisoned Canadian Muslim now charged with alleged assaults, confinements etc. If so, it’ll get a bit of coverage. But expect Canadian media to quickly turn to Trump’s latest outrage against decency.

    Sooner or later, though, the Trump Show will wane. The Orange One will resign, expire from junk food, or simply lose his ability to soak up all the oxygen. Then Canadians will notice that their federal government is a rickety operation.

    Might be early for Andrew Scheer’s wife to be measuring drapes. But maybe she should start browsing through colour swatches.

    (Response: Actually, THEY could be right. The next lection is still a long way off …and have you had a CLOSE look and listen to Andrew Sheer of the Tories? (The NDP, Greens, Bloc may be spoilers in the next election, but don’t have any hope of winning power.) So don’t write Trudeau off as “one and done” …yet. h.o)

  25. Oldislander says:

    Trudeau has been ‘almost’ Trumpian in his efforts to deny and distract from this sad affair.

    Rex Murphy recently took exception too, and eviscerated Jr. T as follows:

  26. elle says:

    I am amazed that so little attention has been paid to the real serious part of this all and that is that he didn’t see fit to recuse himself from the vote on giving the Aga Khan the millions in grant money. That is where the conflict really was and where it affected the Canadian people, but I guess being morally bankrupt is “who we arrrr”.

    (Response: I’m fairly certain we have NOT heard the end of this topic … esp in view of the attention it is still getting in the media and here in the blogosphere. Wonder if Trudeau will show up in the Commons to hear/answer to it. h.o.)

  27. BMCQ says:

    There have been some really good Posts on this topic.

    All very thought provoking and insightful.

    I find it rather interesting that all of a sudden that it seems there is Not ONE Voter in Canada that cast a Vote for our Prancing, Preening, and Intellectually Challenged Empty Suit of a PM Justin!

    I tend to agree that PM JT may actually get re-elected in 2020, Facebook and Twitter are very powerful and the JT Handlers know how to use them both very effectively, we obviously saw that in the last Federal Election.

    Alas it seems to matter not that PM JT is dishonest, a fraud, morally bankrupt, and navigating the choppy waters of every day life with low IQ and nothing but a false smile, he could very well win again.

    Honestly I believe our PM Justin would be better Cast as an Arch Villain in the next Batman or Bond Movie!!

    After all PM Justin is not such a good judge character himself.

    Does he really care what Canadians think?

    Can there be a change at 24 Sussex? Perhaps not but………..

    That is of course the Shiny New Penny who now leads the Federal NDP can manage to improve on the dismal showing of poor old Thom, god even Steve Fonyo would have won more Votes than Mulchair!!

    Mr. Singh is going to go further with the Legalization/Decriminalization of ALL Drugs and he feels that is the way to the Hearts of many Canadian Voters. How sad is that?

    I find it horrifying that between the Federal NDP and the NDP they feel that the way to the Canadian Voters Heart is by Legalizing Drugs!!

    What kind of a Society do they want?

    Does either one of them want any of their Children to become regular users of ANY Drug once they reach the Legal Age of consent?

    Has any Mensa Member of the Media actually posed the question to either of them?

    If not, WHY NOT!! Would love to see the look on the face of either one of them if that question popped up one day in a Media Scrum.

    If that is the case we just might see a split in the Vote with the Conservatives coming up the middle to win.

    The Biggest problem with that scenario is IMHO the Conservatives are led by Mr. Scheer who to me appears to be Living in “The Witness Protection Program”!! Who the Hell is this Guy?

    The Cons made a huge mistake by ruling out Rona Ambrose because she was Interim Con Leader. That might prove to be a Fatal Mistake.

    I honestly believe that Sing and JT will be required to make a lot of mistakes if there is any hope of a change of Federal Government.

    What kind of a Government anywhere in the World appoints Cabinet Members by their Gender?

    What if the top 16 contenders for 20 Cabinet Positions happened to be Women? Would that mean that PM Justin would appoint 10 Males as Ministers because of their Gender? Really?

    PM Justin is not only a poor judge of character he is not capable of running a Corporation of Seven People.

    13 – 23

    Great Post, well thought out!
    Perhaps Harvey could promote you as a Candidate to serve on the Federal Ethics Commission.

    I am quite sure you would not rip off the Tax Payer by Padding your Expense Account and I am guessing you do not Drink Champagne or eat Caviar!!

    Bean – 15

    I believe Harvey owes anyone a rebuttal/counter to your post. After all YOU were Off topic when you posted so it is only fair.

    Everyone that reads and posts on this Blog is well aware that you despise anything remotely right of Karl Marx.

    You are entitled to your love for Karl, as a matter of fact I have always had a fondness for ALL of the Marx Brothers myself, Hell I even was fond of Zeppo and Harpo even though I did not quite get the Horn thing!!

    But you seem so bitter and hateful of those of us here that have had any success, why?

    Keep in mind that it is about the top 10% pay about 70% of the income Taxes, How BAD can we be?

    You will complain about Corporate Taxes but you should also understand that EVERY Single Pension Private or Public Pension is invested in Evil Corporations and if they do not succeed “The Great Unwashed” suffer.

    I have been here since August 2014 and in ALL of that time you have only offered one worthwhile Post and I happily admit it was one of the Best (in the top 5) Posts I have ever read on this Blog.

    Why not make an effort to do that again?

    Challenge people like me, make us accountable, hold our feet to the fire!!!

    You can be so much better!

    My Apologies Bean I did not Proof Read this.

  28. Rocker Rich says:

    Oh yes, I’ve looked at Andrew Scheer. What I see is a smarmy and likely mean-spirited social conservative. Unlike his former leader, Andrew will do his darndest to “get by just upon a smile.” (Sorry Cat Stevens for lifting the lyric.)

    Meanwhile, once the Trump Effect wanes, and Canadians assess just who they have as a lightweight, out of touch PM…enough of them will turn to the NDP or Greens, or just stay home on Election Day 2019. Advantage Scheer.

    A lot can change before then: Trudeau can smarten up or be forced out by a scandal. Ministers Freeland and McKenna—the only apparent bright lights in the Grits’ lacklustre cabinet—could each be viable, electable alternatives.

    Or things simply become moot when Trump brings on endtimes (at least for North America) by acting on spite, ignorance or unbridled rage to push the “very big button” on his desk.

  29. Bill says:

    BMCQ – Could you please point out where I called you a bigot? Doesn’t exist except in your mind.

    Here’s some of Lord Harper’s misguided attempts:

    Michael Sona
    Dean Del Mastro
    The lies about Irwin Cottler
    Peter Peneshue
    PM’s office meddling”

    Sauce for the goose isn”t sauce for the gander – what was he afraid of?

    In and out anyonde?

    Let’s lie about the troops!

    let’s make it the Harper government, not the Canadian Government! We’ll even put it on government cheques!

    83 % of infrastructure spending went to tory ridings!

    up to the trough anyone?

    Good old Vic Teows calling anyone who didn’t agree with as in step with child pornographers!

    Let’s audit charities!

    The way veterans were treated.

    There’s a lot more, but if that’s what you call a good government, and not blind ideology then I’m Elmer Fudd. Do I support the Liberals? I’d compare it to picking out the best in a turd tasting contest.

  30. Cora says:

    I have never voted for someone just because they belonged to one party or another. I have, at one time or another, voted for all three parties, although I usually go for either Liberal or Conservative.

    I did vote liberal in the last federal election, for me there was no other choice at the time. I am so disappointed in all our politicians once they are elected. I believe that most of them go into politics wanting to do their best for the country and most of them work very hard.

    The representatives in New Westminster, even when not in government are very helpful to people needing assistance.

    I find question period so embarrassing. I hate to say I voted for any of them.

    (Response: I believe you represent the bulk of non-partisan unaffiliated Canadian voters…and ALL parties should pay close attention to what you say. Not just from the point of view of their own interests, but because of the danger of having even lower voter “why bother” turnouts in the future. h.o.)

  31. BMCQ says:

    Bill – 20

    Please re read your last line in post 7 what else would anyone conclude?

    As stated, my comment was not critical of the AK Ethnicity, Religion or anything else, my criticism was of Your PM allowing himself to be duped, played for an unsophisticated intellectually challenged Chump devoid of substance and having the judgement of a 9 year old offered a new video game by someone like the Aga Khan who absolutely was aware he was taking advantage of PM Justin who as we all know by this time could not even find Girls at Hugh Hefner’s House. And that my friend is very hard to miss.

    Poor Justin is a Fool and he proves that fact on a regular basis but I believe the Aga Khan looks very bad as well. Talk about questionable judgement.

    Taking advantage of someone as simple as PMJustin does not look good for anyone let alone the Religious Leader of a whole People.

    Then of course there are the rest about PM Justin already pointed out up the page.

    You can choose to “Spin” this as much as you like but with the coming “Race to the Bottom” between PM Justin and Singh Legalizing Drugs, Deficits, Billions in Debt, Cap Gain Increases, Death/Estate Duties, Increased Income Taxes, Increased Corporate Taxes driving Business away, an undefended Border Which will within 2 years allow a flood of up to 1 Million Undocumented Migrants many like MS 13 with Serious Criminal Convictions into Canada destroying our Security, the Justice System, Education, Health Care, Social Public Housing, Welfare, other Social Safety Nets, and Flooding our Streets and young People with Drugs you might have a different opinion of what kind of Government the Conservatives provided.

    Deficits under Harper were well strategized and Canada proved to come out of the 2008 Economic Recession better than any other Nation. The Harper ?Government left Canadians with A Financial Picture better than anyone could have hoped for, look it up.

    All Governments have warts and Harper did not act quickly enough with his Vets Minister who was a POS but that was rectified.

    You like many others were Duped into Voting for Poor Justin by the Liberal Media Mafia who along with Facebook and Twitter convinced Canadians to vote for JT.

    I am afraid it could happen again and Canada and Canadians will pay dearly.

    I cannot change that but I am taking steps to do the best I can to make sure my business, employees, my family, and others I care about are protected.

    If we have another JT Government we will all be in trouble.

    Think about it he has only been sitting in the “Big Chsir” for Two Years, just what has he accomplished to date?

  32. Eldon says:

    What frustrates me is that I voted Liberal this time hoping to return Chretien/Martin philosophies to power. Unfortunately we got all the entitlement of that government and none of the fiscal responsibility.

    I’m simply not angry enough to topple the Liberals yet. Maybe more scandals will pile up and I will look elsewhere in 2019. I’m simply not there yet.

    (Response: Apart from their partisan opponents, most new democratically elected governments begin with the good wishes and hopes of the citizenry … and then go downhill from there … by abandoning promises, introducing things they never revealed before being elected … and by human failings and abuses. And in Trudeau’s case, apparent arrogance and/or stupidity as well. h.o)

  33. Eldon says:

    I suppose if we always voted for the most intelligent candidate, Michael Ignatieff would be PM right now.

    I will be listening to Scheer and Singh carefully over the course of the next year.

  34. BMCQ says:

    Eldon – 32

    As with most Governments of any Brand PM Martin and his Minions had their Warts but you make a great observation, for the most part PM Martin gave us better than adequate Government with More or less Conservative Economic Policies.

    PAUL Martin was a true Leader who attempted to do the best for Canada and Canadians Coast to Coast regardless of Party Affiliation, Province, Ethnicity, Gender, or Age.

    Yes the Martin Government made their mistakes and yes they reconstructed Health Care On the back of the Provinces but he managed to improve things for all Canadians.

    PAUL Martin must be looking at 24 Sussex Drive and the current occupant of the Estate ans shaking his Head in Alarm.

    Martin far more than most is very well aware of what PM Justin is about to do to Canada and Canadians and he must be sick about it.

    Justin Trudeau is simply not equipped to carry Paul Martins Cup Protector!


  35. e.a.f. says:

    so Trudeau went on a vacation. Big deal. he says it was a family friend’s place. fine. Lets move it along. if the ethics person said he wasn’t a personal friend, fine. She may not know enough about him and his family.

    What would people like? go back to harper and his cuts to Veterans, i.e. more died at their own hands at home than died over seas in the fighting?

    want Scheer? another religious fanatic, like Harper. Mr. smilie, isn’t exactly what I would want as P.M. a tad to close with those who don’t like people who are “different” you know Jews, Muslims, people of colour, LGBT, etc. He kicked Beyak out of the Senate caucus because she refused to take down her racist comments. He didn’t kick her out for the racist comments just that she “disobeyed” him.

    We don’t now what the new leader of the NDP is going to be like. Haven’t seen or heard much of him since he was elected. Nathan Cullen isn’t cutting it in Ottawa and I’m one of the party faithful.

    the December job figures are good. lowest unemployment rate since 1976. Checks go out to families with kids who live at the poverty line. I’m still good with Trudeau. It would be best if he didn’t take the vacation a second time, but hey, his family does have a lot of very rich friends there are bigger things to worry about in this country than the P.M.’s vacations.

    (Response: Don’t denigrate ethics and integrity morality and rules by suggesting Trudeau just “went on a vacation. Big deal” . That kind of soft peddling of dishonesty and even possible corruption only makes it easier for sleaze to become acceptable. h.o.)

  36. e.a.f. says:

    Bill at 29, p.s. thank you for listing harper’s “achievements” so I didn’t have to do it.

  37. elle says:

    eaf at 35

    Leaders can have rich friends, but when those friends come looking for handouts from the Canadian government and the leader of that government sits in on meetings that decide that he should get that money, that is the problem. That is conflict of interest and our leader did not know enough or care enough to worry about it. It shows a worrisome lack of character.

  38. 13.. says:

    Justin judgement. This might soon be a way of telling someone that they have poor judgement.
    Josh Boyle and Justin hanging together for another of our PMs photo ops.
    Did Justin know he was hanging with a criminal?
    Did his advisers fail him again?
    Do the RCMP like to prank our junior achiever PM?
    If the 10 million to Omar wasnt bad enough now we have to see his relatives hanging with Justin.
    Yes its just good old Justin judgement.

  39. 13.. says:

    Maybe now that JT has been found guilty he is going to get rid of the goody two shoes persona and develop the Im a bad ass character by hanging out with tough guys. Well tough guys that beat up on women.

  40. Bill says:

    MR. BCMQ

    Try this one on and see if it fits..

    “I have donated more Money to the Foundation than you could ever Dream Of!”

    Congratulations on you financial success.


    True acts of charity are best left unspoken.

    As well your assumption that the mistake – yes, it was a large one, somehow make the Harper years all better is absolutely astounding. At the very least, we have a somewhat semblance of democracy and not a dictatorship. ALL politicians are offensive to the nose, just some stink more than others.

  41. BMCQ says:

    Elle – 26 – 37

    Two Great Posts and I hope everyone that visits this Blog reads each of them very carefully.

    Bill – 40

    Are you attempting to tell us that PM Justin and his Economic Policies are responsible for a better Economy in Canada? Lower Unemployment?

    Time for a refresher course in Economics Bill.

    Canada’s Exports to U.S. are up. Canadian Baby Boomers are retiring in Record. Numbers, that has meant a large increase in hiring which obviously lowers Unemployment and increases Employment to name the two most important factors.

    Of course that could all change if NAFTA talks collapse.

    You might also consider that Canadian Exports to other Countries are off somewhat and that concerns me going forward.

    Having said that if NATA was to unravel and Canadian Exporters were forced to pay an Export Duty of Say 5% the CAD would retract by at least 3% more than that and that could be the saving Grace for Canada.

    My Company Isa Canadian Exporter and we have been fortunate to experience significant growth over the past several years.

    In turn that means we have hired over 20% more Staff, I do not credit PM Harper for all of that and I certainly do not credit PM Justin for that either.

    And seeing as we are all still here I should point out that the Canadian Federal Government, many Provincial Governments Nd almost ALL Activist Mayors right across the ountry make it very difficult for Business of any size to succeed.

    Next time you get a chance walk from David St. along Denman then up Robson toBirrard St, there are over 50 Empty Store Fronts that may never open again in any form.

    That is be a use of Huge Incontrolled Growthin Civic Governments like Vancouver Which is unsustainable add to that Mayors like Mumbles Robertson hav Increased Property Tax to ridiculous high levels and Real Estate Owners must increase Triple Net Rents. This will mean Disaster for Cities and Business.

    ( topic. h.o.)

    (Response: I suspect Trudeau will make a lot of noise (announcements, release figures etc) about the economy after the Commons returns to draw attention away from his unethical guilt/infractions. And I agree …the voters will ultimately judge him on the economy, jobs, infrastructure improvements … rather than his personal ethics, arrogance… unless he becomes COMPLETELY personally remote/obnoxious, like Harper became before he was tossed. h.o)

  42. Jay Jones says:

    From creating a world-class city and PROVINCE (pretty much overnight!) back in the 80’s, to bickering about dams and charity contributions like children bickering over the assets of deceased parents.

    Yawn at canada’s current political community. I give it a 1 out of 10.

  43. e.a.f. says:

    if there is no evidence Trudeau influenced the amount of money the Aga Khan’s charities received from the government, then I really don’t see the problem. It might not have good optics, but when it comes to lack of integrity and morals, well just look at what went on here in B.C. with money laundering. If we have a look at Mulroney, omg, that man took money, lied about it and then won a court case on it. We have Chertien, Paul Martin wasn’t exactly a paragon of virtue. Then there was Harper who used his position to push an agenda which was so anti Canadian and authoritiarian and don’t people remember Harper and his gang looking at Veteran’s person medical files for non medical reasons………..

    Taking a vacation with some one you know who has a nice vacation spot, just isn’t in the same league in my opinion. There are much greater horrors in this country. Lets start with the lack of clean drinking water in parts of this country, people freezing to death on the streets, cutting people’s benefits because there is a government ordered increase in salary. Poverty is the real horror and moral corruption in this country.

  44. Harry lawson says:


    Trudeau has to be careful if takes credit for this economic upturn. The low jobless rate is more due to economic cycles and planning from the previous government . It is easy to take credit when the economic cycle is on the upswing, will they take credit when it’s on the downswing.?

    (Response: Politicians of ALL parties are experts at finding ways to take credit for good economic cycles and find excuses ..oops, reasons… why they are not responsible for downturns. And their supporters will always believe them; their opponents never. h.o)

  45. 13.. says:

    @eaf. I for one am glad that you have decided to defend the indefensible. If all it takes to clear a corrupt politician is a trip to an impoverished area in Canada then why were you so hard on the BC Libs. Dont bother to answer that , Im sure I know your answer already.
    Two wrongs in your world must make a right.
    Your hero is not much more than a zero.

  46. BMCQ says:

    e.a.f. – 43


    Very distressing.

    Then perhaps you can explain this away, of course we will not hear much about this on CBC.

    All of a sudden I feel like I am living in a different Country!

  47. elle says:

    After reading more on the ruling that decreed that Trudeau was in conflict, I learned that it is against Canadian law for a politician to accept benefits. The Aga Kahn was not even on the island when the Trudeaus visited three times. It is not like they were visiting their friends. They were taking advantage of an offer from someone who was also asking favors from the Canadian government. I cannot see how anyone can not accept that this is conflict. Perhaps if Trudeau was not so free with handing out our money to anyone that asks, there would be more for the Canadians who need better healthcare, housing, water, or just better living conditions. I am not interested in making Trudeau feel good while he jets around the world hobnobbing with the elite. That is not his job. His job is tending to the country that he was elected to govern.

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