TVA Leaders’ Debate: the FIX is IN … and it STINKS!

The stench from the French-language TVA Network Leaders’ Debate, to be held Wednesday, is already wafting across Canada.

The Quebec network has refused to allow Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and Peoples’ Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier … both NATIONAL party leaders …to take part.

Which again makes me question the ethics, principles and integrity of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh … who will go along with this discriminatory, divisive and simply UNFAIR format.

Of course, Bloc Quebec Leader Yves-François Blanchet is all IN!

He’ll be there … no doubt in fine Quebec nationalist form … I believe purposefully aided and abetted by TVA to score points against Trudeau, the only other fully bilingual opponent.

Had Bernier ..who is also from Quebec and Francophone … been allowed to take part, the debate would be MUCH MORE active, interesting and challenging … especially for the separatist sympathetic Bloc.

And it would be great to see his vision of Canada come up against Trudeau and Scheer en francais au Quebec!

So why the “fixed” setup for the TVA debate?

I believe TVA wants a mano-a-mono slugfest between Trudeau and Blanchet: the others are just window dressing.

And another factor might also concern something the CBC recently reported:

“TVA is run by Quebecor, which also manages the Journal de Montréal and the Journal de Québec, and is headed by Pierre-Karl Péladeau — who was briefly leader of the Parti Québécois and who attended a Bloc Québécois campaign-launch event last month.”

Mon dieu!

Does the selective, exclusionary banning of a Canadian nationalist leader … but the welcoming of a Quebec separatist-supporting leader, pass the SMELL test for you?

Pas pour moi! Not for me!

And why is May being excluded? She IS the leader of a NATIONAL party … and she CAN speak French.

Do Quebec voters not care about the environment ? Do Francophone voters not deserve an EQUAL chance to hear May along with the other NATIONAL leaders?

Apparently NOT on TVA!

It stinks!

Or as we say en francais: Ca pue!

Harv Oberfeld

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27 Responses to TVA Leaders’ Debate: the FIX is IN … and it STINKS!

  1. Leila Paul says:

    This is actually quite funny, but is also a logical step in the progression of a fully sovereign Quebec in a globalized world.
    This latest event in the inexorable crawl toward “Quebec sovereignty” should not surprise us. We’ve been given lots of notice of the intention to institute separatism, or independce, for  Quebec from the very beginning.

    Many questions should be on our minds: Will Quebec compensate the feds for all the federally-owned properties in Quebec and other federal investments in that future sovereign nation? Unlikely. So we’re on the hook – again – for more wasted money on a self-indulgent tantrum by Quebec. But this time, they’ve got a better chance of success.

    Quebeckers still speak out of both sides of the bilingual, political forked tongue:

    Wikipedia’s French version describing Blanchet  “… est un homme politique québécois….”
    The English version: “…is a Canadian politician…”
    Let’s drop the indignation. This is one more step towards the goal of a fully independent country of Quebec with the national right to deport its “undesirable” residents, i.e., non-French descendants. How will they determine who is a true Frenchman or woman? Will they do DNA tests which won’t reveal anything unique about Francophones?

    Or maybe Quebec will demand an “Oath of Loyalty” to Quebec. That oath may include denouncing federal Canada. Perhaps that will suffice as a standard.

    This latest event in the inexorable crawl toward “Quebec sovereignty” should not surprise us. We’ve been given lots of notice of the intention to separate Quebec from the very beginning.

    “Vive le Québec libre!”
    Does anyone truly think Charles deGaulle’s inflammatory declaration from the balcony of Montreal’s city hall has really been buried and forgotten?

    (Edited …off topic … the debate/election.)

    Since I left Quebec in 1971 and then sold my condo in 1995 out of fear for the 1995 Referendum’s outcome, I’ve long considered myself a socioeconomic refugee from Quebec. Vive Québec! But that province will no longer suffer punitive isolation if it separates.

    Quebec is taking, step by step, the political developments to be a fully sovereign nation. Stephen Harper helped a lot with his self-serving recognition of Quebec as a nation in 2006. Once again, short-sighted, self-serving politicians betray their duties to those they represent.

    So now that the inevitable is unfolding, Quebec is not likely to suffer in a world that is “post-national” (as I believe Baby Trudeau described it).

    In a globalized world, an independent Quebec will not be viewed harshly. It will be labelled “self-determination”.

  2. Leila Paul says:

    Harvey, this is almost like a “yes” or “no” question. You raise a topic that needs an explanation on how Quebec residents would accept this.

    The first questions are: how can this be happening and how is it that Quebec’s residents and its government allow it?

    How does the commission governing federal elections allow it? It is, after all, a debate about a federal election.

    To stay only on the topic means that one either says, yes, the participants are hypocritical and seek an advantage. If they’re not hypocritical and this is acceptable to those affected by it, then that requires an explanation.

    I’d guess not many people would argue Singh is hypocritical. As for Blanchet, he likely played a large role in enforcing the limited number of debaters.

    So I’d ask you: what precedents occurred or preceded this event that would allow it to arise? Very few things happen overnight. There are milestones that the people of Quebec lived through that make them receptive or accepting, or apathetic.

    And, IMO, Quebeckers are not apathetic.

    I’d also ask – if this is tolerated, even accepted, what follows next?

    But, first, what happened to make Quebeckers accepting or even supportive of this? Sure, there will be newspapers criticizing this, but what about the people – Quebeckers?

    In this, as in other instances, historical events make today’s seemingly bizarre outcomes relevant. What are they? If they are a step leading to this outcome, then they are relevant.

    (Response: You ask how it is Quebeckers …ie the viewers … “would accept this”. It’s not as if they have a choice or say or any vote on who to invite …just whether to watch or not to watch. Certainly they don’t vote on which leaders will be invited. That’s the production end…and quite clearly susceptible to manipulation, discrimination and propagandization. And THAT is exactly what’s happening. h.o)

  3. Leila Paul says:

    Is TVA licensed by the CRTC? I would imagine it is required to be licensed and is subject to the regulations/requirements of the Broadcast Act.

    If so, those excluded, such as Bernier and Elizabeth May may be entitled to challenge their exclusion:

    Relevant policy objectives of the Broadcasting Act

    During an election period, broadcasters and TV service providers are guided by the following policy objectives set out in the Broadcasting Act (the Act).

    The Act states that the programming provided by the Canadian broadcasting system should, among other objectives:

    be varied and comprehensive, providing a balance of information, enlightenment and entertainment for men, women and children of all ages, interests and tastes [section 3(1)(i)(i)];
    provide a reasonable opportunity for the public to be exposed to the expression of differing views on matters of public concern [section 3(1)(i)(iv)].

    Allocation of time for political broadcasts

    Broadcasters must allocate time on an equitable basis for political broadcasts.

    This requirement can be found in section 6 of the Radio Regulations, 1986 and section 8 of the Television Broadcasting Regulations, 1987:

    During an election period, a licensee shall allocate time for the broadcasting of programs, advertisements or announcements of a partisan political character on an equitable basis to all accredited political parties and rival candidates represented in the election or referendum.

    A similar requirement can be found in section 6(1) of the Discretionary Services Regulations:

    If, during an election period, a licensee provides time on its programming service for the broadcast of programs, advertisements or announcements of a partisan political character, the licensee shall allocate the time on an equitable basis to all accredited political parties and rival candidates represented in the election or referendum.

    This is off topic, I know! 🙂

    I will be unable to post comments for a while in future. I’ll be away for Canadian and U.S. Thanksgiving. Then the holiday season continues into January.

    For your Jewish readers, Harv, I’d like to wish them a Shana Tova.

    (Response: I don’t think the CRTC has the backbone to take on TVA or any other Quebec TV or radio station over fairness or living up the CRTC regulations you cite. Meanwhile, have a good trip …and yes, L’shana Tova (Happy New Year) Monday to all my Jewish readers … and even those who aren’t! 🙂 h.o)

  4. D. M. Johnston says:

    Not surprised at all.

    Quebec has been given the nod by both the Liberals and the Conservatives that they can do as they please with no repercussions.

    What this tells me that Trudeau, Scheer and Singh have absolutely no moral compass. Zero – zilch.

    Ans one wonders why I will spoil my ballot this election, there is absolutely no one to vote for.

    Ethics is a word quickly leaving the Canadian lexicon.

    (Response: I think many, many Canadians are feeling the same … except for those who are really partisan:”there is absolutely no one to vote for”. Not a statesman amongst the front-runners! They ALL are making hugely expansive and expensive promises …. that frankly seem to impress or are really believed by anyone. But if ONE displayed the moral compass, ethics and principle of standing up for truth, fairness and integrity … even at their own peril … I believe THAT would impress millions and make him/her stand above the rest. h.o)

  5. 13 says:

    I havent had time to read Leilas essays , I will read them but for now……
    This is just another reason that not one person , not one region , and definitely not any province should have one iota more status than any other person, region or province in Canada.
    Perhaps these debates should be held in any language the leaders care to speak in. After all Trudeaus daddy enshrined multiculturalism in our charter. Go ahead Jagmeet answer the French in Punjabi or English or any language you choose. Its good enough for UNIFOR

  6. BMCQ says:

    An excellent analysis on this, I honestly cannot understand what is taking place with this Canadian Election Cycle, the Political Leaders, the Party Brass of each Party, the Debate Structure, Media, and so many Voters themselves that seem almost Disengaged.

    I intentionally have not as yet read the first several replies because I want to read the analysis once or twice more .

    There is much to be alarmed with for Canadian Voters during this Election Cycle and all of it should be discussed in Town Halls, Debates, Media Interviews, and any other format possible, this Election is more than likely the most important in Canadian History .

    I agree, the Stench makes me sick, the aroma of Mercaptan wafts around almost every aspect of this Campaign, especially the TVA Decision here and there is a lot of blame to go around .

    Of course the Leaders rejected from the TVA Debate should be included, what on earth would make TVA believe that the decision to exclude May and Max would be acceptable, how can they get away with this most ridiculous decision ?

    Again as a Conservative supporter I have serious concerns with Max splitting the Conservative Vote and I find the “Straw Woman” May just as much a hypocrite as the rest of the Enviro Phonies but they should be included .

    May needs to be exposed for what and who she is and TVA should ensure she takes part and they need to hold her feet to the fire rather than their extremely poor attempt to manipulate this TVA Debate for their own political purposes .

    May needs to be there to explain her juvenile assertion that SNC Lavalin be held to account by performing a very odd Public Service Penalty and she needs to explain how like so many other Enviro Whackos she and her group came up with “Straw Gate” Photo Shop, who does she think she is, Clooney, Prince Charles, Harry and his Wife, Di CAPRIO, the Pope, or any other Enviro Hypocrite ?

    I agree the other Federal Leaders expected to take part should voice concern for the Democratic Process at least and threaten to withdraw as a group if there is not a reversal . Partisan Politics be damned, sometimes Politicians need to show Leadership .

    This whole Election seems more like something that might take place in Russia, Venezuela, Turkey, or any other similar Corrupt Nation .

    I am becoming very frustrated with Media during this Election Cycle, why are they not asking the tough questions on this action by TVA, the Media have the Bully Pulpit, why are they not calling for reasons for this decision by TVA, perhaps they as we always suspect condone the action . Media should shine a light on this most unfair decision .

    Don’t hold your breath . .

    I must agree that a big part of the problem here is what the CBC reported regarding the very questionable Make up of the Movers and Shakers who run TVA . It almost sounds like Old Time Politics Quebec was known for back in the day, corruption was the order of the day . It would not surprise me if Money changed hands .

    When will Canadians get to hear some real answers to real questions from Leaders of all Parties in a Democratic Forum seen right across the country ?

    Canada can’t seem to accomplish anything of consequence any more, we cannot convict criminals, build pipelines, we cannot Control Migration, secure borders, we cannot get accountability from politicians, we cannot successfully hold Debates that includes all Leaders, we cannot get clear concise commitments from Leaders and their Parties in this Election Cycle, and we cannot depend upon Media to act like Media that once asked probing questions that allowed the ”Great Unwashed” to cast informed ballots .

    How can any Canadian form an informed opinion on which Party and Candidate to vote for when so many questions remain unanswered and incomplete .

    Once again, Canadians deserve so much more than what they are getting from Politicians and Media, just what exactly has happened to change things so much, it did not seem all that long ago that legitimate questions were asked and answers were more or less forth coming, today it seems to be nothing but smoke and mirrors all around .

    (Response: May’s exclusion is all the more bizarre when you note that in a recent Leger poll, the Greens in Quebec scored 10 per cent support, higher than the NDP’s 7 per cent. So how she could be banned is beyond me … and any pretense at the TV debate being fair. I believe it’s all about PUSHING and PUMPING UP the Bloc Quebecois … not really discussing big issues, like the environment. And I suspect Maxime was kept out because he can, in Quebecois francais, propose an alternative to the Libs and Tories … other than the BQ and he opposes the endless Equalization Payment scheme that has allowed Quebec to suck BILLIONS from Ottawa for generations, when it is actually a fairly well off province. h.o)

  7. BMCQ says:

    Harvey Response to BMCQ

    Reading your response made me think a few things I often wonder about .

    The way things are tracking with several Provinces struggling economically especially Alberta I ask just who will be left to contribute to Equalization ?

    Other Provinces especially Quebec are willing to literally Suck Oil Profits directly from Alberta to finance Quebec but then they will not assist Alberta get the Oil to Market .

    How do we spell Hypocrisy ? Why is that not discussed in TVA Debate ?

    If Alberta suffers because they have non PL to get Oil to World Markets Canada will be crippled with out Equalization Payments from Canada’s very important Province .

    Ontario will now begin to re group and become a contributor but in the meantime only B.C. and perhaps Sask will contribute . All of this needs to be discussed by Leaders in Debates but we sweat the ridiculous Climate Change BS .

    Keep in mind that Canada contributes barely 1% of World Carbon, Politicians can take their Photo Shop Straws and ….

    Even if TVA does not make changes to include May, Max, and whomever questions need answering .

    Personally I would like to see one of the Leaders announce in their opening statement that it is most disappointing that two legitimate Leaders are left out but that will not happen . I can guarantee you that a statement like that would be a vote getter .

    The discussion of Equalization probably means more during TVA than the other one but both Debates need to get answers on EP .

    The other thing I wondered about while reading your response is whether Canada as it now stands with so many Provinces, Territories, and vast Geography might be just too big to work going forward but that is a question for another day .

    Some may seem to be willing to stoke Quebec Independence but I believe there are dissatisfied Canadians from Coast to ?Coast to uh Coast and we need answers .

  8. Harry Lawson says:


    I wish I could say that I am surprised

    Our democracy is under attack in one of the most malipulated elections in recent memory .

    I also wonder what role the concentration of media ownership as well as the government funding of the media has had with the decisions as to wich party leaders may debate.

    (Response: Maybe I messed it (sorrowfully believe probably not) but WHERE are the NATIONAL and QUEBEC media??? They should be grilling TVA offiicals about why May and Bernier are being excluded from the debate, even though MANY Quebeckers DO care about the environment, and the Greens are AHEAD of the NDP in the polls … plus Bernier is a Quebecker, speaks French and leads a national party running close to a full slate rights across the country! It’s a disgrace …the FIX is in, I believe to boost the Bloc Quebecois …and no one is making an issue of it. Of course, I can understand how sleazy politicians who stand to gain from the exclusions of the Greens and PPC will remain silent and not stand up for fairness and true democratic principles …but the media???????? h.o)

  9. Gilbert says:

    Gerald Butts and debate moderator and Hufington Post journalist Althia Rah met before the debate. This gives the appeaarance of bias. It is reported that Gerald Butts said, “If we lose, we have to get rid of Trudeau.” It seems Gerald Butts is nervous.

  10. nonconfidencevote says:

    Its refreshing to know that it isnt just the anglo MSM thats biased…………

    Hopefully Trudeau loses a few more seat in Quebec after the “debate”…

  11. 13 says:

    Harvey , your response to DMJ “if even one……….”. So we havent got one politician worthy of a vote except for JWR as she fits your “if even one” description to a tee. On a much smaller scale I could name one city councilor in Chilliwack that fits your “if even one” label. I still think you will vote for JWR because shes all youve got in this stinking mess. The other constant complaint from yourself and many that post on keeping it real is “where is the media?” “feet to the fire”. How about a list of possible media names. I can think of a couple on our local scene but none zippo zero nationally.
    Im not holding my breath for any last minute heroics from anyone at any debate.

    (Response: I must say I find ALL the “choices” for leader in this federal election particularly disheartening. None of them have inspired me with a “message” and none of them have impressed me with their ethics or principles. I will still vote … and am carefully watching the CBC’s one on one voter interviews with the leaders, being aired this week. Also am giving a lot of attention to the platforms as they unfold … even though I don’t have much faith that any of them will follow through with most of what they promise … until they just start, a mere months before the next election. h.o.)

  12. Gene The Bean says:

    Harvey, your response to 13.

    The leaders are just one person. We have become infatuated with the 30 second sound bite, the photo op and the ‘trying to appear normal’ smiley face of “leaders”.

    Government is bigger, and better, than just one person.

    My vote will go to a party that can form government and has the ideals and expectations for me and the society in which I live in that are morally acceptable.

    (Response: True…the leaders are only individuals. However, in our Parliamentary system (unlike that of the UK) the leader is almost a dictator, and there are severe penalties for defying the leader. That’s why although very, very few of us get to vote directly for a leader … in effect, we DO when we vote for his/her local candidate. h.o)

  13. e.a.f. says:

    Many of us complained there would be only one debate in English but two in French. They must have heard us because now with the exclusion of some we could call this one and a half debates.

    In my opinion this tv station is acting in an undemocratic manner. What if the English debate excluded Bernier and the Bloq.

  14. Megan says:

    And it gets worse. Looks like Trudeau will be fed all of the questions so he doesn’t look as “unintelligent” as he really is. Sad if this is the case. Just makes you sick of all the politicians doesn’t it?

  15. Gilbert says:

    It’s clear that Justin Trudeau is the most unqualified prime minister in Canadian history. If Althia Raj is a woman of honour, she will not moderate the English language debate.

    Here are a few questions I’d love to ask the prime minister:

    1) Did Gerald Butts return the severance he was given when he returned to serve the prime minister?

    2) Why did Justin Trudeau leave West Point Grey Academy before the end of his term?

    3) Is it true that Justin Trudeau never taught math at West Point Grey Academy?

    4) Does Justin Trudeau believe in the importance of controlling spending and reducing debt?

    5) When does the prime minister believe the budget will balance itself?

    6) Is the slogan “Choose Forward” a reference to former Communist slogans?” Here are a few examples: “The Great Leap Forward”, “Socialism the way forward”, “Move fast forward” and “Forward to socialist revolution.”

  16. DBW says:

    I kind of admire your passion Harvey. You actually take this whole vote thing seriously and study and puzzle over it all “even though I don’t have much faith that any of them will follow through with most of what they promise”.

    That is dedication.

    But even us oldies are becoming more and more cynical about the process. I used to argue with my son over the importance of voting but no longer. In his words “it’s all theatre”.

    Look at some of the comments here. The TVA debate format is some kind of anti-democratic plot to further Quebec separation. Trudeau is being fed the questions. Climate change is just BS. There is nobody to vote for. The media isn’t doing its job.

    No wonder we get articles like this.

    But there are people to vote for. Gene is absolutely right about our infatuation with leaders. I have never voted because I liked the leader of a party although I have liked some leaders even ones I didn’t vote for. I vote for the party that most aligns with my philosophy and/or the local candidate who I feel will best represent the riding and my philosophy. There are good people on all sides of the political fence running to represent us at the local level. We have a chance to actually talk to them if we want. We can push them on policy if we want. We can go to town halls if we want. We don’t need the media to do any of that . IF WE WANT.

    To be clear. I am no saint. I don’t do all that much in the way of going after my local candidates and quizzing them on policy. But if we really want democracy to work that is what we need to do rather than sitting back and hoping the media or the debates or typing at each other here will somehow do it for us.

    I know I am ranting, but here’s an example of my thinking process. Andrew Scheer announced today that his government would cut foreign aid by 25%. I have no problem with the idea of tweaking foreign aid so that the most needy get help. But why cut. Canada already gives a smaller percentage of its GDP than most of the developed world and we want to cut more? If some countries don’t need our help fair enough. Just shift the money to the more needy. Even increase money to help those most in need.

    If I were mulling about voting Conservative that would be a game changer for me. That policy doesn’t align with my view of the world or what I expect from our government.

    And before someone tells me how wrong I am and that we should be cutting foreign aid, I get where you are coming from. That’s why we have elections.

    (Response: First, to your son …and everyone else … voting CAN change things! Canadians tossed out Harper after getting tired of his cold, dictatorial style that got worse the longer he stayed in office: refusing to hold press conferences, severely limiting and restricting or answering questions on the fly or even during election campaigns, silencing bureaucrats from providing public information and voters also rejected what many saw as a fear and loathing campaign against minority cultures etc. And look at BC … voters tossed out the Liberals after getting fed up with them too …and certainly the NDP policies differ greatly from their predecessors, so the voters DID effect change. MY problem is, in my experience, they ALL however do lie, obfuscate, deceive and misinform … but that doesn’t mean we don’t have choices that effect change.
    As for foreign aid question …watch for my next blog. h.o)

  17. BMCQ says:

    Harvey makes the statement

    ‘’The fix is in and it Stinks”

    How very true but just since he authored this Blog Topic so much more truth has come out regarding what a sham this whole election process has become due to dereliction of duty by media, the coziness of so many in the media and the Liberals, the arrogance of PM Justin and the ?Liberals bringing Butts back, the arrogance and disrespect shown Canadians of all Parties by the PM unwilling to appear in Debates to provide answers for so many questions such as the ones asked by Gilbert and others here, while all other Candidates are at least willing to face the Canadian Public .

    Of course all of the Leaders and their Parties may have Policies any of us may disagree with, some Leaders may be People we may disagree with on a personal level and in some cases find them hypocritical but at least Singh, and Scheer do not seem to be arrogant, entitled, condescending, all knowing, and Messiah like .

    May is somewhat all knowing, hypocritical, and arrogant but nowhere near to the degree of PM Justin .

    As the Conservatives point out PM Justin is just not the Leader he pretends he is, he is a complete Fraud Masquerading as a Statesman and it is obvious that he has been misleading the Canadian Public and Tax Payer all along .

    Now that Singh has somewhat recovered and PM Justin has literally exposed himself as “Fake” , a Fraud, Devious, Dishonest, Sexist, and the rest I believe both the ‘Greens and the NDP will take many votes from the Liberals .

    Those Votes will not translate into too many seats for the ‘Greens who will improve their Seat count by a few and the NDP will still lose many Seats but the spread of those votes lost by the Liberals to the NDP and Greens will have a dramatic affect on the Liberals Seat count .

    In spite of the fact that most of Canadian Media are Liberal and they have abandoned their duty to the Canadian People and the fact that PM Justin has shown himself to be a Fraud by his arrogance including not attending Debates or answering questions required of him the Liberal Brand may be seriously damaged and they may soon find themselves on the outside looking in .

    Tick Tock ! Tick Tock !


    I like your last line, it is well put .

  18. BMCQ says:

    Leila and others that observe a belated

    L’ Shana Tova

  19. Gene The Bean says:

    Some say ‘leaders’ and ‘point in time’ issues may affect a political parties “brand” making them more electable or less electable.

    A ‘brand’ is a concocted and specific strategy for a one-off election. Just like a ‘leader’. Just like a debate. If anyone is naïve enough to go ‘all in’ on what is bloviated pre-election, well, just keep buying those essential oils.

    Political parties stand for something. They have backbone and longevity. Sure the costume changes slightly to fit which ever way the wind is blowing but there are morals and fundamentals that are unwavering. But you’d have to have morals and fundamentals to understand that and that is exactly what is wrong with modern conservatism. The change over the last thirty years is astounding and so disappointing.

    To DBW’s point about voting apathy. There are so many geezers that have drunk the Metamucil of fear and hate in my riding I can never see it going anything but Con until these people age out. It wont happen in my lifetime but I still vote. Harvey is right, it DOES and can make a difference.

  20. BMCQ says:


    Even though our Election Process appears to be somewhat compromised we are still a Democratic Country and there are many Good People in far too many Countries that are denied the Right to Vote, tell your Son he should spend a few minutes investigating what goes on in Countries where Citizens have NO Vote and then suggest he reconsider .

    As to your “Climate Change” comment perhaps directed to me ?

    Did not say Climate Change is BS, I believe that when Canada barely contributes 1% of World Carbon whatever the cause it is just simply silly to expect over taxed Canadians with big mortgages, high rents, sales tax, gas tax, hydro tax, Carbon Tax, high cost to food and so many other consumer goods and cost of living it is unfair and a sham when China and so many others that contribute so much more do nothing for 30 years or more .

    We need a Federal Leader that speaks out on this and we need a PM that speaks at the UN calling out PrinceCharles, that Moron Harry and his Wife, the Pope, Clooney, Di Caprio, Obama, EU Leadership, China, and many more for their Hypocrisy .

    Canada should immediately withdraw from the Paris CC Accord today and this needs to discussed at the next Debates .

    Why does TVA and other Debate Orgs not ask for input from the General Public so questions you might want to have answers for discussed ?

    I was just in Halifax where commuters do not travel great distances and Gas is
    $ 1.10, how does that compare to what you pay thanks to the B.C. Gov . Extrapolate that out over a year ,

    The whole Climate Change discussion is a distraction in a Canadian Election and it is indeed a B.S. issue .

    Tell me how we can cut down on Violent crime, House Seniors, make Seniors Benefits Tax Free, Baby Bonus Cheques, streamline University Diploma Degrees so the cost of Post Secondary is reduced and turn those Four Degrees into Three Year Degrees , apprehension of Drug Addled Criminals and provide Detox and Rehab making those individuals contributing citizens, accountability for First Nations Leaders as Harper Legislated so their Tribes and Tax Payers have Accountability, provide control of Migration, Immigration, and control over Borders just to name a few that are so much more important than CC for Canadians at this time .

    Then just as important we need the Auditor General to dissect the Canadian Bureaucracies at all Three Levels of Government to bring Efficiencies and Cost Savings tithe Over burdened Tax Payer, we need Accountability and we need a Rescue Plan before it is too late .

    We have had enough of juvenile mean Nothing Symbolism, it is long past time to save Canada .

    Please tellme, just exactly where are the “States People Kind” ?

    I am away from Canada now but I will do my best to find a feed of the TVA but I am not expecting much if do manage to find a source for the Debate .

  21. BMCQ says:


    So you now include so called Geezers in with the considerably less educated, considerably less compassionate, and considerably less life experienced “Rural Folk”.

    Imagine how long your list of Kool Aid Drinking Conservative Voters your list is getting to be, should you not be worried ?

    Time to be concerned my friend, time to be concerned .

    You just can’t make this stuff up !

    Tick Tock !

  22. hawgwash says:

    HO in response to 13…
    “None of them have inspired me”

    None of them care if they inspire you, me, or the gate post. Nor do they feel it necessary to even pander to any of us.
    They will all inspire and pander to only the big fish and walk on the minnows to get there.

    No matter which of the two main guys gets the win, they will be pandering to the same power brokers with only a slight tweaking of the business model.

    DBW, well said, you and I are from the same old days and have much the same approach.

    BMCQ, it’s nice that you wished Leila L’ Shana Tova and if she wanted to be nice to you and us, she would invite you along. I have reached the point here, where any posts longer than War and Peace, I skip straight to HO’s reply.
    Pity, because I know I am likely to miss a nugget or two.

  23. 13 says:

    Bean “anyone bloviatingyada yada naive” etc. Not sure but enough people decided 4 years ago that Justin was going to change the way we vote ” the last first past the post”. That Justin was going to Balance the budget in 5 years. The budget was going to balance itself. Justin said that his gov would be transparent. Justin said thank you to the Aga Kahn (his buddy) for providing the holiday and foreign aid.
    Justin said your welcome to the board of directors at SNC lavalin and didnt send them off to do community service. Justin told us all that he was not a racist yet he apologized and couldnt remember how many times.
    You then go on to proclaim that conservatism isnt what you think it should be. Your right it is what many others say it should be. You say they are uneducated. You say Justin says.
    Justin said that he valued women and they should be treat as equals. Then he drove two of his female MPs to resign . Justin said……….. and Canada took him at his word.
    Fool me once…….fool me twice. Not likely .
    Hawg Ill bet you will peak at the war and piece posts
    19 days and counting

  24. BMCQ says:

    Foreign Aid

    Should be a major part of the TVA .

    As HO has pointed out previously, Scheer is simply asking why are we sending Foreign Aid to India, China, and some other Nations where those Funds are squandered on Vanity Programs like Space Shots while they abuse Women, LGBTQ, Children, and lower caste individuals ?

    I believe that is a most important discussion and perhaps we should send Foreign Aid to Jordan’s King Hussein to shelter, feed, clothe, educate, and provide medical care and more to those displaced by the actions of ISIS, the group that Obama and EU Leaders let flourish in Syria and Iraq .

    Scheer also asks why we in the West are sending Aid to Pakistan and that should also be discussed on TVA .

    Instead TVA will talk about Straws, Safe Spaces, the enabling of Drug Users, more Carbon Tax, supercilious Affirmative Action Agenda, Quebec Special Status, and the vilification of Evil White Males .


    I am in Carlsbad, is that far enough away ? Not to worry, next week I will be further away and perhaps beyond Internet Reception .

    I have a question for you which might be reviewed on the TVA Debate .

    Please (anyone for that matter) list just 6 points that show others that follow this Blog where Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives would provide Inferior Leadership and Government compared to the current PM Justin, Butts, and their Gang of Mensa Members .

    I await your list with great anticipation .

  25. Gilbert says:

    I completely agree with BCMQ regarding climate change. China is a huge polluter, but will not address the issue because its focus is clearly on its economy. It’s just a distraction, and an excuse for our politicians to impose taxes. The prime minister just needs more sources of revenue to make up for his overspending.

    Of course it’s good to have a good environment, but what party doesn’t want that? Greta Thunberg is a girl who has clearly been manipulated by her parents and by the media. Let’s not also forget to add that she has made a lot of money with her campaign. It’s no wonder the parents are so supportive.

    Let’s be honest here. We still need oil and gas, so why attack our oil and gas sectors? It would be nice to have a prime minister who really supported Canadian oil and gas. It makes no sense for Quebec to import oil from Saudi Arabia.

  26. 13 says:

    To answer Gilberts very pointed question “so why attack our oil and gas sectors?” Because its pandering to base. Trudeau knows that Eastern Canada needs gas and oil really doesnt give a damn where it comes from. To hell with Western Canada. Does anyone else not see the hypocrisy of Trudeau bloviating about carbon offsets while investing billions of dollars in a pipeline that was already up and running with private money. How stupid are we?

  27. BMCQ says:


    Most of almost anything when running Government at ant level should andcould be based on practical common sense along with some Social Safety Net component added to the mix .

    The problem much of the time is Leftist Politicians, Special Interests, other Activist Groups and Media convince those that cannot think for themselves to support Politicians that pander to those SJW Politicians and before you know it you have Government Waste, Bloat, and far overreaching Regulations which end up crippling an Economy which has a dramatic affect on the standard of living because Hard Working Tax Payers are continually being forced to play catch up .

    Time to Drain the Canadian Swamp and appears to me that in spite of the TVA and all Swamp Dwellers like the Libs, Greens, and the NDP the Conservatives took a big leap forward last night .

    The coming Election is going to surprise a lot of the Liberal and NDP Politicians, the Media, and all of the PC SJW Activists right across thisCountry of Canada .

    Tick Tock Mr Bean, Tick Tock !

    The Geezers, the Rural Folk, the Uneducated Hard Working Tax Payers, and the Practical Thinking Contributing Folk Folk are coming for your Boys PM Justin and Mr. Singh .

Comments are closed.