TWO Park Board Commissioners Oppose BAN on Cars in Stanley Park

Many did not like or questioned my view that the blocking of parking lots and closure of Stanley Park to ALL cars was the product of an extreme-left tyrannical mindset now gripping the Vancouver Park Board.

Turns out … I was right..

The barring of ALL cars from Stanley Park April 8, for 24 hours a day, seven days a week … NO COMPROMISES OR ACCOMMODATION even for the disabled and the handicapped … I believe reflected an extreme dictatorial nastiness that never used to permeate Vancouver’s Park Board.

Just another move in an ever-expanding hate-on for cars that has increasingly permeated both the Park Board and Vancouver City Hall in recent years.

The barricades went up (not just at Stanley Park but at almost all Park Board parking lots) after being approved by a seven-member Park Board that included three Greens, two COPE … ie the extreme left majority being in control … trumping two NPA Commissioners.

On May 6, I wrote ALL the Commissioners inquiring for the rationale behind the TOTAL ban on cars from Park Board lots/Stanley Park 24.7.

 “The public health office continues to advise us to stay in our own neighbourhoods. The decision by staff to close destination parking lots was done with that advice in mind. As the situation improves some of these advisories will relax,” replied Commissioner Stuart McKinnon (Green).

To me, that was largely “spin”.

Bolstering my belief …. We are now in Phase Two … reopening … yet the barricades remain in Stanley Park.


In fact, here’s what BC Public Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said at her briefing Monday about containing the spread of Covid-19: ” It’s a less risky environment when people are in cars.”

Exactly!!! Thank you Dr. Henry!

This was about much more than just Covid.

Another Vancouver Park Board Commissioner has now responded to my inquiry of May 6:

” I completely agree with you, and I along with Commissioner Coupar have been raising these concerns,” wrote Commissioner Tricia Barker.

Both she and Coupar are NPA board members.

” In my day job I’m a personal trainer for seniors and people with terminal illnesses. Many of my clients love to visit Stanley Park and now with the restrictions they have been banned,” Barker explained.

Think about the pain and sadness the Green/COPE -dominated Park Board inflicted on those innocent people … denying people who have so little easy/simple access Stanley Park.

“If you’re older it can bring back so many memories of our younger days,” Barker added.

Now, perhaps those who criticized/questioned my blogging about the issue will better understand.

” I often feel Stanley Park holds a little bit of the heart of everyone that grew up in Vancouver,” Barker said in her e-mail.

Stanley Park is therapeutic … and MUST be made accessible for everyone.

The Park Board must take those barriers down NOW!

Again, I have NEVER advocated disrespecting the walkers, joggers, cyclists the way the Park Board had disrespected the rights of those who need cars to get around … including the severely handicapped and frail, who may even need motorized chairs/transporters … and even those psychologically frail for whom visits through the park helped greatly.

Don’t tell them to hop on a city bus around the park as a suitable alternative.

Shame on the extremists on the Board for shutting those people out!

What would be wrong, I argued, with SHARING??? Allowing bikes, joggers etc morning use of the roadway, then vehicle access after, say, Noon, or even having car-free days a couple of days a week.

But tyrants don’t work that way: so the Green/COPE majority barred ALL cars … 24/7. Period!

No tolerance/accommodation for others’ views or needs. An abuse of power.

It has to stop!

And I believe it will … because the public, as the famous line goes, is getting “mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore.”

Not mention … but let’s … the looming possibility of lawsuits against the Board from restaurants and others with contracts to provide services within the park, if the barricades remain … now that BC has moved into Phase Two Covid re-opening.

Plus, there’s this from Commissioner Barker:

” I will continue to work towards getting the park open. Your ongoing input is extremely helpful and I thank you for championing this issue!”

You’re welcome.

Stand by folks … I have no doubt everyone will soon be able to once more access Stanley Park!

While the Green/COPE forces at the Park Board and their allies at City Hall plot their next attack on the car … and those who drive them.

Harv Oberfeld

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20 Responses to TWO Park Board Commissioners Oppose BAN on Cars in Stanley Park

  1. 13 says:

    Harvey, you have invested a lot of time and effort on this issue. Victory is within your grasp. May I suggest when the car and its occupants are no longer considered verboten in Stanley Park you look at your calendar. Pick a Saturday or a Sunday . Pick an hour. Pick a spot in Stanley Park . Find a folding lawn chair. Head down to said location and Im sure some of your blog followers might choose to join you.

    (Response: LOL! What if thousands showed up??? That would no doubt create a crowding infraction the Park Board would use to condemn me and close the road again! Unless, of course, we were all smoking marijuana. h.o)

  2. nvg says:

    Movie: 1976, Network, “mad as hell……”

    (Response: Yes… and I believe more and more people are fed up here and now with the Park Board stalling on Stanley Park …except, of course, those enjoying/benefitting from the exclusion/discrimination against others. h.o)

  3. DBW says:

    Harvey before you take your “victory lap”, I want to again clarify that my questioning of you was not because I disagreed with your raising of the issue. I was seeking clarity on your position. In your last post, I said that our main disagreement was whether or not a temporary ban should have occurred in the first place. You don’t think it should have. I and I believe many others thought it was the right thing to do. That is a legitimate differences of opinion that does not warrant the suggestion that people who support a temporary ban are uncaring toward seniors and people with mobility issues.

    In the first video above John Coupar on May 1 is interviewed about some of the reopenings that took place on that day. He is also asked about a permanent banning of cars which he says is unrealistic but he also said that the temporary banning was meant to keep people safe and that it has worked very well and “under the circumstances of covid it was a GOOD DECISION”.

    The second link has an interview with the bike advocate as well as John Coupar. The bike advocate is not suggesting a permanent ban. In fact both are suggesting various improvements that will make access to the park better for everybody.

    As for Tricia Barker. I would vote for her just on her twitter feed. Dozens of lovely photos showing off Vancouver parks and gardens. And interestingly enough on the day the temporary ban was put in place, she asked her followers to stay away from destination parks and to explore the many parks in their own neighbourhood.

    This is not an us vs them issue. You are right that the ban will be lifted but it not because people are mad as hell. It is because people have been “all in” about following Dr. Henry’s advice and BC seems to be through the worst.

    (Response: I don’t like ANY policies at any level of government that can be used and abused by politicians in power and their bureaucrats to create a privileged class, an elite … while excluding and discriminating against others. Of course, they NEVER say that’s their intent. If there’s anything long-term that comes out of this it should be a question of why Vancouver has an ELECTED park board anymore? So few people vote in municipal elections, I really doubt many of them have even heard of those running for park board, let alone their policies or promises. They just vote by party labels … and the low turnout distorts the power of the activist types …who in this case, were clearly highly successful in promoting what I see as their anti-car agenda. The park board should be replaced by a committee … of City Council members, augmented perhaps by designated reps of community, business organizations etc. in the city involved in areas that are touched on by park.
    activities. h.o)

  4. BMCQ says:


    I am sure many here including yourself are quite happy I have not posted over the past several days but I have been otherwise occupied .

    I strongly believe that Harvey, BMCQ (boy that puts HO in Bad Company) 13, and several others are correct on this and no matter how one wishes to “Spin” the disgusting action by the “Car Hating” Vancouver Parks Board along with the endorsement of the “Car Hating” Vancouver City Council, this whole action is about nothing less than the “War On the Car” .

    The Mayor of Vancouver, most of the Councillors, most of the Parks Board Commissioners have never really accomplished much in their lives and in fact getting to elected office is and will be the most amount that any of them will ever achieve .

    You can “Slice and Dice” and analyze this as much and as long as you like but the action is reflective of the PC WJW Leftist Activist Ideologues “Hate for the Car” .

    As has already been mentioned, the fact that less than say 35% of the residents of Vancouver actually turn out to vote is the biggest problem but they have no one to blame but themselves .

    We must also keep in mind that the “Centre Right” vote for Mayor was split as there were two Candidates challenging the self confessed and self labelled Criminal Contempt Kennedy Stewart was able to sneak up the middle and become Vancouver Mayor thus “Tipping the Balance” on City Council toward the “Looney Left” .

    And now that same Mayor with the “Criminal Contempt” Record demands Harvey, 13. and the rest of the “Great Unwashed’ obey the Rule of Law ?? WTF ?

    Again, no matter how anyone chooses to “Spin” this action by the Vancouver Parks Board, Mayor and Council it is clear that the actions taken were to penalize people that own automobiles or any other motorized form of transportation .

    In fact those same Looney Left politicians are now going about their business convincing poor Restaurant and Retail groups that by closing off streets to automobile traffic all over the city it will help consumers get to their restaurants easier so they can eat on the sidewalks and where cars normally park . Guess what, it will not work and the proof is in the pudding .

    Let’s not forget that former Mayor Art Phillips (who was a very nice man) closed off much of Vancouvers Granville St. to traffic way back when “Jesus was still a Corporal” and it has been a disaster ever since, in fact much of Granville St. today has sunken into a “Cesspool of Broken Humanity” and I is filled with Drug Addled Criminals who do nothing but cost $ Millions and do great harm to business’s while consumes stay away .

    When Granville St. had cars and trucks travelling up and down, parking so the drivers and their families could visit restaurants, theatres, and retail Granville St. was alive and Granville St. was prosperous, so was each and every group that owned those store fronts .

    Vancouver Parks Board, the Mayor, and each and every one of the PC SJW Activist Leftist Minions are so twisted and their “Hate for the car” runs so deep they care nothing about the Oldsters, Physically Challenged, Young Families that need transportation, and anyone else that might like to get to Stanley Park, Robson St., Commercial dr., or any other location that the “Able Bodied” can navigate to, those Ideologues care nothing about those that need assistance .

    Each and every one of those Leftists mentioned would even sell out their own old Grandmother, Grandfather, Handicapped Relatives, or young families that need auto transportation than allow the “Big Bad Car” to navigate Parks and Streets in Vancouver at their leisure, they simple do not care about anything but their need to destroy the car .

    (Response: I think it’s important that I say, for me, my observations and conclusions are not a condemnation of center left or center right politics/points of view/policies. I have said before I have voted Green; NDP; Liberal; PC; Independent over the course of my life. But something has changed on the left … with the growth of extremism and intolerance for accommodating others and I see that in the Greens and COPE … not for the better, in my opinion. Extremists are rearing their heads, their intolerances, their unwillingness to compromise and on the federal level, even their anti-Semitism … as their more moderate members/leaders try to play wack-a-mole to keep the extremists down…. or at least quiet until elected. I believe what we have witnessed at the Park Board is a microcosm and warning of what we would suffer under if the Greens/COPE types ever took over City Hall or the provincial government. As the old saying goes: Beware of what you wish for: because you might just get it! h.o?)

  5. e.a.f. says:

    Two you say. its a start.
    I’m pro environment, left, etc. However, I’m very opposed to banning cars from our city parks. All citizens of the province have the right to access parks and banning vehicles is just not on or fair, or even environmental. People, as in human beings, are part of the environment. Keeping the human animal well includes being able to wander in our “habitat” and that includes Stanley Park and Vancouver Beaches. Going to the ocean is very therapeutic for a lot of people.

    This in my opinion isn’t about COVID. This is about using the pandemic as an excuse to further a political agenda which has nothing to do with the environment, COVID, etc.

    Many us who comment here don’t live in Vancouver any more, but we grew up there or lived there in our youth, middle age, what ever. We’re aging baby boomers and sometimes its nice to go back to places like the beaches along Marine Dr. and Stanley park, hey we can now legally smoke a joint……..o.k. just not in public in the park, but you know…………just once more with feeling.

    (Response: It really should not be a question of left/right … but of respect, tolerance, accommodation and sharing. In many, many other cities, parks were either closed to ALL, or open to ALL … not to just those who fit into a favored elite category that banned/barred/barricaded anyone who could only get there in a car! Ridiculous! Discriminatory! I get it: to help people self-distance, providing extra space for cyclists, hikers and runners could help. Fine! BUT with a seawall, a sidewalk along the drive and, let’s say, one lane of road, surely they could have left ONE lane …yes, just ONE lane, open for those who must drive to get around!!! But NO … NO accommodation, NO sharing, NO compromise! That’s why I see the COPE/Green Vancouver Park Board administration as fascist in style. Shame on them ..and anyone who does not condemn their bigotry/discrimination … especially how it adversely hurt the handicapped and the elderly. h.o)

  6. BMCQ says:

    Harvey – Response to BMCQ

    I am not speaking for you but I can guarantee that you would have exactly the same opinion of the NPA or the Conservatives if they were behaving in the same way that the Leftist over the top “Hall Monitors” on Parks Board and Council should they be in power .

    It is and always has been the Conservative Thinkers that want smaller government, less out of control control and “LESS” cost to the over taxed Tax Payer .

    When was the last time a politician of the left ever came to you and said, “We believe in smaller government, we will decrease taxes of all kinds, and we will do away with the burden of over regulation and control in your every day life” ?
    Going back to the days when “Jesus was still a Corporal” the Left has always stood for more government, more regulations, more taxation, and more interference in the life of the Tax Paying citizens of Canada, B.C., and any city in B.C. .

    Over Regulation, Government Red Tape and Bureaucratic Bungling, Government Bloat, Government Waste, Government Creep, and increased Taxation have always been the “Hallmark” of Leftist and over the top PC SJW Higher Purpose Leftist Activist Politicians and it still haunts us today .

    The sad and disgusting thing about those same as described over the top politicians is the fact that they actually believe that they know how to direct you to live your life better than you actually know yourself .

    Gee, one might wonder and ask this question, “If they know so much about what and how I should live my life why is it than I am much more successful than any of those same “Higher Purpose People” ?

    Hey, wait a minute, perhaps the Voter is as stupid as those Leftist Politicians think they are, otherwise why would the public keep voting them in ?

    Bottom line here Harvey, it is IN FACT the difference between the so called Right and Left, tell me when it was you last saw a Conservative Government behave like any of those Leftist Activist Politicians mentioned .

    Again, I call for Defined Term Limits for any and all Politicians where they serve NO LONGER than TWO TERMS, some of them have very long snouts and they always seem to end up at the bottom of the very deep public trough .

    (Response: Alas, I have found that both left AND right of center politicians deceive, deflect, delay and deny policies/changes/promises they make before gaining power. Power does seem to corrupt. If only the Opposition, who are always so caring, generous etc. could govern!! Unfortunately, though, it’s always those who win and give up Opposition to become government who get to make decisions/policies. LOL! But I will say this: anywhere in the world, centrist left or right governments usually at least show some consideration for others in introducing rules, programs, policies: it’s those on the EXTREME … left or right … who, like tyrannical dictators, say “To hell with the rest: WE are in power and it’s our way until they get rid of us”. h.o.)

  7. D. M. Johnston says:

    Good for you, you took on the favoured ones and won!

  8. DBW says:

    BMCQ, I am not all that familiar with Vancouver politics but I thought Shauna Sylvester was a member of Vision Vancouver. “I’m not denying my Vision background. I have not been involved with Vision for a number of years, but there are certainly things that Vision has done that I respect.”

    I might be wrong but Kennedy’s win might have been even greater had her votes been split between Kennedy and Sim.

    And BMCQ, why is Social Justice Warrior such a pejorative to you. Harvey is definitely fighting for social justice for seniors and people with mobility issues. And he is doing so like a fierce warrior. He is passionate and unrepentant. While I don’t disagree with his intent I have suggested some of his comments are hyperbolic. How is he any different from the SJWs you seem to loathe. In fact how is your comments any different from those same SJWs except coming from an opposing point of view.

    And Harvey, the 35% turnout at civic elections always disappoints me. But, don’t think the low turnout negates the result. In the 2017 provincial election, in the nine ridings of Vancouver, 60% of a much larger turnout voted for the NDP or Greens.

    Maybe it’s the pristine drinking water.

    I know I am viewing this from faraway but I did spend the first 23 years of my life with a father who loved Vancouver and Stanley Park like you wouldn’t believe. (He actually got a job working in the Parks Board office after he quit the job he hated once my brother and I had left home. By then he and mom had moved to the West End and he walked each day to work. The happiest five years of his working life.) If he were still alive, I am pretty sure he would be opposed to the banning of cars from Stanley Park. But I am also just as sure that he would have understood why it was closed at this time.

    I get where you guys are coming from. You don’t like the democratically elected governments that have run Vancouver recently. You don’t trust them. You don’t want to see cars banned from Stanley Park. According to the article I linked in your other topic

    (here it is again

    it would be a horrible idea economically besides making it difficult for people to get to the park to enjoy.

    But nothing I have read in any of the articles I have linked or in the two videos above indicate anything other than Board members, business people, bike advocates looking for ways to accommodate everybody.

    I don’t care if you hate the Parks Board or City Council, but it is frustrating to be implicated as uncaring because I happen to support a temporary decision during a pandemic. Maybe I am not standing up for seniors as much as you would like at this time. Maybe, I am more concerned about protecting people, including seniors from covid. You can disagree but I am not alone either in thinking that way. I know I don’t get to vote, but you don’t want to turn off people like me (a moderate progressive if there is such a term) if a permanent ban on cars ever arose.

    And now I am done.

  9. BMCQ says:


    I am all in for anyone of any political brand that is pragmatic and once elected works for all of the voters and tax payers, I will offer the following to perhaps illustrate what I believe might be the difference between the centre left and the PC SJW Looney Left that might be acceptable and make more sense to you .

    I might not always agree with John Horgan, Adrian Dix, Carole James, or say an Ed Broadbent but from what I believe I see from them they are very capable of governing as Mayor, Councillor, or Parks Board Commissioner by considering the Big Picture and the over all good for ALL the Residents of any given city, not just concentrating on a silly symbolic “War on the Car” .

    I may be entirely mistaken but I do not see a huge difference between those just mentioned and a Centre Right Majority Council and Parks Board, they are more or less centrist .

    What is now taking place on Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, whether it be closing down parks and streets to auto traffic or turning the streets into Cesspools of Broken Opioid Addicted people who are over dosing by the thousands is the work of the Poverty Pimps like Mumbles Robertson, Kwan, Kennedy, Vision, Green, Cope, Parks Board and Parks Commissioners is not Centrist Left or Right, those currently in power in those cities mentioned and others do not care about you, Harvey, eaf, 13, Harry, Helena, or any one else that contributes in any small or large way to our society which is supposed to care for all regardless of income or social standing, they only care about their “Special Causes” .

    Oldsters, Physically Challenged, Young Families, trying to get to Stanley Park or navigate to Crab Park, Commercial Dr., or say Spanish Banks do not matter a Fig to those who have a “War on the Car” tops on their own agenda .

    You and I are not really so different .

  10. HARRY LAWSON says:


    i do not believe there is a victory lap where the defeat of tyranny is concerned .Where were these people from day one .they were quiet until there was political push back victory no, pandering yes

  11. nvg says:


    For a city that has a population of 440,946 …. 175,606 turned out to vote (39.36%) in the municipal election. Maybe next time Vancouverites will take a greater interest and ask more ‘what if’ questions like ‘In the case of the next pandemic wave will you bar cars from Stanley Park again?’ and again?

    As to finally receiving a reply to your letters to the Commissioners on Banning Cars there has been a considerable amount of days transpired between your writing on May 6th to receiving replies on the 25th. Did the two out of seven Commissioners offer a reason as to what took them so long to reply?

    (Response: No. But the more interesting question should be: Why haven’t Green members Demers and Dumont (Chairman!!!); or the two COPE members Giesbrecht and Irwin even replied at all to a resident’s, voter’s and taxpayer’s inquiry? h.o)

  12. Nvg says:

    Maybe they were sworn to secrecy via Robert Rules of Order OR the rest of Commission hasn’t voted on it at an In-Camera meeting.

  13. Nvg says:

    Or the other reason, and more logical, the Commissioners still see you as the intrepid journalist wanting to get the newsworthy scoop on the rest of the media to pass onto the public.

  14. nonconfidencevote says:

    It will be interesting how long the politically correct “show” at Van city Clowncil lasts.

    I mean, these fiscally inept buffoons were squealing for a Federal Govt handout TWO WEEKS after the pandemic shut down everything.
    After DECADES of a boomimg economy…..
    Its a shame Gregor still isnt the Mayor…..
    Burnaby, on the other hand, has over 1 BILLION dollars invested in an emergency fund.

    Pompous posturing parks board and clowncil idiots that have run Vancouver for years….. one wonders when the taxpayer/voter backlash will relegate these morons to the fringes for a decade or more..

    (Response: This is what you get when only 39% of voters turn out in a municipal election: the majority of taxpayers (owners and renters) are too busy, too tired, too apathetic to vote … often believing City Hall never does anything for them; BUT the social activists, the highly politically motivated and those who are benefitting from the current spending/policies/programs make sure they show up … and get to control the agenda, spending on their pet projects and where any cuts will take place as the City’s infrastructure, services, appearance deteriorates. h.o)

  15. nonconfidencevote says:

    6pm Global News may 27
    Van City Clowncil lays off staff, cuts garbage collection, Police services…..but hires( during a hiring freeze) a new $95,000.00/per year “social promotions’ staffer….

    These people are so wrapped in their own arrogance they have no idea how bad the optics of hiring a “pr” hack looks to ‘Joe Taxpayer”

    Which begs the question, ” Did the Band that played on the Titanic realize there were no more Life Jackets”

    (Response: That was a very good story on Global’s Newshour by Jordan Armstrong: maybe they should have him Full Time at Vancouver City Hall? I’d bet he’d come up with all kinds of riveting tales/revelations/outrages! Especially once viewers/taxpayers started sending him news tips. Readers will recall I have repeatedly referred to the current Council as “allies” of the extreme-left-controlled Vancouver Park Board. Turns out on Council are: Mayor Stewart (a former NDP MP): 4 NPA Councillors; three Greens; one COPE and one councillor representing One City …fairly new party founded by two former COPE activists. So I am not surprised that there’s is majority support for increasing “information” activities, bike lanes, homeless spending, road calming, street closures … but reductions in budgeted amounts for sanitation, street cleaning, general staffing and policing. While taxes keep going up, and up and up …well beyond ANY inflationary figures. Clearly City Hall and the Park Board could use some old-style BCTV coverage on behalf of the taxpayers about where all the money is going … and where it is not!!! h.o)

  16. DBW says:

    Good morning Harvey,

    I thought I was done but I listened to a podcast yesterday and reading some of the follow up comments, I am apparently not done.

    The podcast was about the left and right not being able to find that middle ground, that each are stuck in their own bubble and find various ways to ignore or vilify the other side. It was American so Trump and the Democrats were the examples but what they were saying applies to this discussion as well.

    I have been one of the people who have questioned your opinion and if I was listening attentively to the podcast, it would appear that I was right to do so. And before I go on, this doesn’t negate anything you wrote. You may be absolutely right. I am just pointing out how difficult it was for people to find common ground so a fair discussion can take place.

    Your original premise was the Parks Board decision to close Stanley Park was wrong. Excellent topic. How much of a lockdown is necessary during a pandemic and how much negative impact is required before we realize that we have gone too far. In your time as a journalist you would have been right to question that decision. And too push especially now that we are moving into phase two why the park is still closed.

    But here is the problem. You narrowed the debate. “This is an attack on seniors!” you claimed. But for many (and I might even guess most) it was actually meant to protect seniors. If the decision was meant to halt the spread, then seniors would not get the disease that kills them in disproportionate numbers. And I am not suggesting that they would get the disease from driving in their car; I am suggesting that they could get it from somebody who was unable to practise physical distancing in an overcrowded park. (And yes, Harvey, in hindsight that may not apply, but at the time, at the earliest stages that’s how people were thinking.)

    But you went even further than making people defending the decision into people who were somehow uncaring about seniors. You vilified the people making the decision as tyrannical fascists who hate cars and don’t care about seniors and people with mobility issues. Maybe you’re right. but I thought we were talking about a decision to temporarily close Stanley Park to traffic. Now somebody defending that decision is lumped with a bunch of tyrannical fascists. And if you don’t believe me read BMCQ’s this is all about a war on cars response. Absolutely nothing to do with the single topic of temporarily closing the park.

    And then your current article. On the podcast, the speakers pointed out that we sometimes are confirmed in our point of view by having someone – anyone – agree with us. You used a letter from Tricia Barker to prove that you were right. Apparently support from 13, Harry and BMCQ wasn’t enough. But her response still begs the question: about what were you right?

    that the Parks Board is run by a bunch of fascists?
    that the original decision was wrong? (Coupar as I pointed out said it was a good decision)
    or that it is time to reopen the park and she is working on that?

    The letter from McKinnon said pretty much the same thing. But you considered that spin. Why not accept that at face value?

    Anyway Harvey. Fascinating topic. I hope the park is safely open soon because it should be for as many people as possible. On that we can agree.

    (Response: Your last paragraph sums it up perfectly. There is no reason they staff and the Park Board could not have found a way to SHARE access for all to Stanley Park and the other parks as well. I had (and have) no objection to, say, dividing the road with one lane for cars and one for extra cyclists, joggers, etc. or even reserving the entire road for cyclists/joggers in the mornings on maybe odd-numbered dates and opening it up to vehicles in the afternoon or on even-numbered dates. But THIS current board is dominated by, in my my view, extreme leftists whose Big Brother mentality sacrificed sharing and compromise for fascist style dictatorial governing. Sad. h.o)

  17. BMCQ says:

    Yes, when Mayor “Mumbles” Robertson became Mayor of Vancouver there were “TWO” Communications Staff and now there are about FOURTY on staff, do you not notice how much better City Hall Communications are as of late ?

    Until not too long ago my family and I lived right across the street from Maple Grove Park and we were able to experience the Property Tax climb steadily from about $ 5 K all the way up to about $ 30 K, each and every year City services got cut, streets fell into disrepair, parks and other public areas were not cut, DES got worse each and every year, Kwan, Townsend, and the rest like Mayor “Mumbles” profited in so many ways, pensioners did without, the Drug Addled Criminal Set took over the streets, thee is more property crime than ever and so many other once enjoyable things about Vancouver disappeared into the “Cesspool of Broken Humanity” .

    Parks are gradually being taken over by Anarchist types and we will soon see more Tent Cities now that summer is almost upon us . No need to worry about the Homeless
    Tent Set finding their way deep into Stanley Park like Siwash Rock, Lumbermans Arch, of the Tea House, as Leftist Mensa Member Parks Board Officials will provide transportation wherever those new residents wish to set up .

    I am not exactly sure of how many and I am sue it would make no difference in Vancouver but most major cities have NO Parks Board, it is now time to get rid of the Vancouver Parks Board .

    Of course not being a Media Professional I could be mistaken but I believe most of the “Great Unwashed” regardless of their Political Brand would love to see more investigate reporting from Jordan, one or two others at Vancouver and other City Halls in B.C. it is long over due . It is most important that the Charlatans at Vancouver City Hall and Parks be exposed for the “Carpet baggers” they really are . Of course the same goes for all major B.C. Cities .

    BTW – Is the B.C. Auditor General not supposed to be working on keeping cities clean and honest ?

    One last thing here, a big part of the reason the Voter Turnout in Vancouver is so low is the fact that a huge number of Vancouver Voters DO NOT live anywhere near Vancouver, they own houses and have family in school and on the B.C. Medical System
    but the only Tax of any kind they pay is Property Tax .

    How Bloody convenient is that ?

    What the Hell is wrong with us ?

    Better yet, what the Hell is wrong with our uh Political uh Masters ?

    (Response: Perhaps there was a time when an elected Park Board was a good idea: when residents/voters were more fully engaged in the city’s governance process and issues. Today, as I stated earlier, the turnout is so low and the interest so little that the way has been opened for activist extremists to take over, get access to power and millions of dollars, and totally change the focus, development and, as we’ve seen, even access to parks/beaches/facilities to FAVOUR their own followers/constituency/ideology. I think the “elected” Board should be abolished … and replaced by a City Hall-run committee of Councillors, residents, community groups and business representatives. That would take control away from the extremists … and no doubt save taxpayers MILLIONS of dollars as well. h.o)

  18. BMCQ says:


    Your suggestion that the Vancouver Parks Board be “Abolished” and replaced with a
    balanced committee of Councillors, residents, and other various community people makes a lo of sense .

    Surely the potential savings of $ Millions of Dollars, doing away with extremists, transparency, accountability, and other measures of over sight should appeal to Tax Payers and Residents of any political brand .

    (Response: The problem is it’s not likely Park Board members would ever recommend their own demise, and neither would their allies at City Hall: this will require a move by a whole new Council, to be elected in 2022. Might be a good point in any party’s platform for a whole new direction in city government, priorities and spending. h.o)

  19. 13 says:

    Harvey and dbw. If you close your eyes and ears and refuse to see that Vancouver has declared war on the car then Harveys essay would be nonsensical.
    The facts are that Vancouver has created an impressive network of bike lanes. Most of them have been built and most have taken pavement that was designed for cars to travel on. They have taken pavement that was designed for cars to park on. Bridges that were built to get cars back and forth over False Creek have ALL been cannibalized to accommodate bikes. At Kits beach grass and parkland has been taken away to accommodate cyclists that did not want to ride on the bike paths already in place a few feet away.
    Stanley Park has studied walkers, skateboards, cycles , to death. Ive always marveled at some jerk on his $3000 dollar bike wearing his spandex racing gear using the bike side of the seawall at 50kph to fly by families walking on the pedestrian side. Move to the road where cars are limited to a crawl at 30 kph.
    So I suppose if you close your eyes real tight you can buy into closing the park was done purely to protect seniors and others from covid. The only way covid can travel is in a car. It is not allowed on a bus. It is banned from traveling on a bike. And covid has never arrived on foot. I guess wheelchairs, canes, walkers are excellent methods of spreading covid.
    Further evidence of the war on car is that even when the Park should have been reopened as per Henerys guidlines the Vancouver Parks Board decided that cars could stay away . Keep your eyes closed real tight and it will all be okay

  20. 13 says:

    So its May 30 and the Vancouver Parks Board is still concerned for the well being of seniors and disabled persons. Stanley Park is a breeding ground for diseases. Never mind c19 it now hosts the asian murder hornet, a mild outbreak of ebola, malaria, mad cow, hoof and mouth and to many more to list. Only those in perfect health and can demonstrate a high level of physical fitness will be allowed to enter this disease ridden cesspool. As a senior I thank the VPB for their concern over my well being

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