UN Rewrites History/Archeology: Declares Jerusalem’s Temple Mount SOLELY a Muslim Site

Just in time for Hannukah and Christmas, the United Nations General Assembly has been at it again: spitting on history; ignoring archeological artifacts dating back thousands of years; insulting Jews and Christians; and disgracing itself to pander to Muslims … once again.

With so many in the world suffering from poverty, with more refugees than ever struggling to find a safe place to live, with whole communities on every continent withering under the worst droughts, flooding or storm conditions ever, and, thousands across the globe dying of starvation … the very well fed and pampered Ambassadors of the UN’s 193-member nations have been hard at work.

Last week, they voted 129 to 11 to disavow Jewish and Christian links to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem (Israel’s capital) and recognize it only and refer to it only henceforth by its Muslim name, al-Haram al-Sharif.

Never mind that “Jerusalem” is cited, praised and prayed to 669 times in the Tanakh (Hebrew Old Testament Bible); forget about the 149 references, ties, events and references to “Jerusalem” in the Christian New Testament; and overlook the truth … that the Islamic Koran doesn’t mention “Jerusalem” at all …. not even ONCE!!

“Well before Muhammad was born, Christians actively prayed and worshiped on the Temple Mount. In the early 6th Century, a Byzantine basilica was built where the Al-Aqsa Mosque is situated today. This is documented not only by Christian historians, but also by modern archeologists,” Christian researcher Lela Gilbert wrote in 2014.

Of course, the proof of Jewish historic ties to the Temple Mount, dating back 5,000 years, is the Western Wall of the Second Temple, visited, prayed at and sometimes literally cried over … a truly holy site for millions of Jewish (and Christian) faithful and tourists … and every world leader who visits Israel.

“In the New TestamentHerod’s Temple was the site of several events in the life of Jesus, and Christian loyalty to the site as a focal point remained long after his death.” says Wikipedia.

“The Temple Mount holds significance for Christians as the place where Jesus issued his challenge against the Temple authorities, an act which can be seen as leading directly to his arrest and crucifixion,” explains the Go Jerusalem guidebook.

Certainly seems to be a real and an important Christian and Jewish historic and religiously significant site to me.

But not to 129 UN member-states.

Because the Palestinians want it ALL .

The resolution passed by the General Assembly was a Palestinian Authority initiative.

” The text, referred to as the “Jerusalem resolution,” is part of a push by the Palestinian Authority and the Arab states across the UN system to rebrand Judaism’s most holy site as an exclusively Islamic one,’ according to the Jerusalem Post.

By the way, the countries voting AGAINST the latest Palestinian motion of hate: Canada, Czech Republic, Guatemala, Hungary, Israel, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, United States.

You can see the full vote here: https://www.jpost.com/international/129-nations-ignore-jewish-ties-to-temple-mount-call-it-solely-muslim-687592 .

(Fascinating too to see which “civilized” Western nations abstained. Abstained … when a Palestinian/Muslim bloc .. just before Christmas … tries to deny Christian/Jewish links to the site where Christ walked, where Christ preached, where Christ challenged the leaders/money changers in the Temple??? Abstained??? COWARDS!! SHAME!!)

Every nation knows it’s all part of a Palestinian-led FALSE effort to claim sole Muslim historic/religious rights to the Temple Mount … and, of course, denigrate Israel.

In fact, last Friday alone, the UN General assembly passed SIX Resolutions condemning Israel: it’s almost a regularly scheduled UN event, pushed by the Palestinians, Iraq, Iran … well, I’m sure you understand the objective.

You can read the UN’s version of what happened here: https://www.un.org/press/en/2021/ga12390.doc.htm. Note how one-sided the perspective is and how, already, Temple Mount is no longer included in the UN terminology.

What a waste of time, effort and focus that, in the real world, leads to nothing more than more division, more conflict and more hate.

The UN continues to disgrace itself … kneeling before the Arab bloc, its 56 Muslim states and other nations bought by oil money.

As I’ve written before, the Palestinian top “leadership” … too many of them corrupt promulgators of ignorance and hate or just plain and simple violent criminal terrorists … are their own worst enemies.

If only they spent as much time coming up with realistic proposals for peace, efforts at reducing poverty, ignorance and conflict as they do on organizing, promoting and pushing anti-Israel hate wherever they can … especially the UN.

No wonder it is almost 16 years now since the Palestinian people were allowed to vote in a national election.

Happily, a growing number of Arab nations have openly recognized and joined hands, in some cases quite warmly, with Israel, while other former Arab/Muslim enemy nations … more than many realize … are quietly welcoming, co-operating and strengthening ties with the Jewish state.

And turning away from the ever-whining, intransigent and corrupted Palestinians.

Today, as I post this topic, Israeli Prime Minister is being welcomed by a Guard of Honour in Abu Dahbi, United Arab Emirates. The walk to peace, mutual respect and co-operation IS progressing.

Except at the UN … where Muslim hate now regularly insults, assaults and besmirches Jewish and Christian beliefs, rights and now, historic sights.

While beseeching us to increase our aid to clean up messes they have largely created.

Let them get it from the Muslim/Palestinian anti-Christian, anti-Jewish bloc at the UN.

Merry Christmas!

I hope my Jewish readers had a wonderful Hannukah … especially in Jerusalem and at the Temple Mount, where Christian believers will also continue to pray and celebrate … despite what the UN says

At the Temple Mount … where King David reigned, and Jesus delivered his message.

Harv Oberfeld

(Pass it on! Send a link of this Blog to others, so they too can know what has been going on at the UN … but somehow downplayed or missed completely by the CBC, the BBC and Al Jazeera!)

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7 Responses to UN Rewrites History/Archeology: Declares Jerusalem’s Temple Mount SOLELY a Muslim Site

  1. nonconfidencevote says:

    Global Warming, China’s militarism, Putin’s War games….
    The UN …sinking deeper into irrelevance , just when the world needs it most.
    Squabbling over a name that only the rich Arab benefactors deem worthy.

    Reminds me of Canada and the “Woke” propaganda.
    Smash the statues, tear down the names of buildings, rename towns and cities, demand ALL the land (money) back.

    So that they can do the exact same thing with it…….

    Does everyone feel much better now?

  2. Steve Cooley says:

    My evaluation of the United Nations:
    “You were running a good race. Who cut in on you to keep you from obeying the truth?” (Galations 5-7)

  3. D. M. Johnston says:

    “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

    George Orwell 1984

    It is pure Orwellian, as the Palestinians are desperately trying to control the past so they can control the future.

    I try to stay out of middle East politics (Something the Greens have learned the hard way – or have they?) as it is a lose, lose situation.

    The Palestinians and all others who voted for this are about 2,000 years out of date as Islam only came into being in the mid 600’s AD and the Temple mount was spoken of at least 2,000 years earlier.

    If on reads history, prophets were a dime or a shekel a dozen back then and there were lots of them, with most erased from history by so called Christians who were sticking to the Jesus story. The Kings James heavily edited version of the Bible, left out lots, lest it some changed the narrative.

    Look at today, where Evangelical Christians in the Excited States observe Christmas and the season of peace and goodwill to all by packin heavy heat, including assault rifles and other assorted pieces of ordnance.

    I digress. What we see is the United nations, controlled by the “mob” trying to rewrite history to suit the politcal aspirations of Putin’s and the Emperor of China’s international chess game of intrigue and domination, using the useful idiots at the UN as pawns.

    (Response: At some point, world leaders are going to have to start paying attention to archeology! Thousands of digs in Israel (and yes, the west Bank too) have turned up PROOF that the ancient land has DEEP (literally) ties to Jewish and Christian roots. The ancient lands of the people now called Palestinians are in what is known today as Jordan (an artificially created family/clan historically recent dictatorship) and parts of Syria. The Palestinians moved into Jewish sites after the Crusades and subsequent forced expulsion. Anyone who supports Canadian indigenous claims should also support Jewish and Christian Israel roots … not the artificially created Palestinian propaganda!! Unless they are total hypocrites. The Palestinian and their allies know that historic truth and … with their friends in the pro Palestinian media … have been working for decades to change history and the narrative. And of course, the despicably biased UN of today is only too happy to go along … and help! h.o)

  4. e.a.f. says:

    There are a few other issues/problems in the world right now which might need attention, rather than this issue. Just another reason we ought to simply fold this mess in N.Y. up and send all those over paid politicians back to their home countries. At least it might help solve some of N.Y.’s parking problems.

    Now that some have been able to see who will vote how, they can move forward on other “plans” they have. I’m waiting for the U.N. to sanction and isolate the U.S.A. and Israel and a few other countries they don’t like.

    The U.N. is supposed to be a place where countries can discuss how to keep the peace in the world. That isn’t happening. Countries usually now negotiate between themselves without involvement from the U.N.

    Given all the refugees in the world right now and their precarious situation, you’d think some of these over fed U.N. delegates might want to discuss that and find some sort of solution. So the U.N. found time to decide this, how about some of those people spend some time look at the lack of human rights for women in Afganistan.

    We have sabre rattling going on with China wanting to invade Taiwan and Russia massing their military on Ukraine’s border. Now those are issues the U.N. is supposed to be dealing with, not who “owns” a specific religious site. On some level this did make me laugh though. How stupid are these people at the U.N. Anyone who can read knows Islam came about after Judism and Christianity.

    Many of us are of the opinion its time for the U.N. to either be slimmed down or done away with. N.Y. can always use the building to house their homeless or refugees. Right now that building is a big waste of space and money.

    (Response: The General Assembly has become a total farce…literally passing anti-Israel resolutions by the dozen … while the Palestinian people suffer and are oppressed by their own “leaders”. And the media does little to tell the real story of what is going on there. Meanwhile Israel and the UAE, who only recognized each other last Fall have signed $700 million in bilateral trade between companies in the two nations. As i said, the Palestinians are their own worst enemies … divided, violent and corrupt. While the UN … during Hannukah celebrations and days before Christmas … insults and denies Jewish and Christian ties to Jerusalem’s holiest place! And the media remains mostly silent. h.o)

  5. HARRY Lawson says:


    The United Nations has truly lost it’s way.

    When it was formed in 1945 replacing the league of nation’s it had a simple mandate .

    Maintain world peace.

    Develop friendly relations with other nations.

    discuss and problem solving amongst nations

    Promote human rights and social justice issues .

    The United nations does not follow its own founding charter.

    I look at how the United nations is being hijacked a allI see is a world war comming.

    Israel has a right to exist. Jewish people have a right to live in peace.

    I defenetly hear the drums of war

    (Response: If there’s war in the region soon..it will more likely be between Palestinian factions. While the UN is playing games, Fatah and Hamas supporters have been fighting in the streets … killing each other… this week! https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/12/12/several-killed-at-palestinian-camp-in-lebanon-hamas-official. No wonder there are no elections. h.o)

  6. Gilbert says:

    I’m not surprised that nations with Muslim majorities want to rewrite history, but what happened to the Christian world? Maybe it has become so secular that it no longer cares. People can rewrite history, but they are not entitled to their own facts.

    (Response: You raise an interesting point ….and real dilemma that much of the Western world and especially the media are too afraid to raise/talk about: horrible double standards when it comes to tolerance in and by the Islamic “world”. For years, it has been Muslim states at the UN that have been behind or VERY tolerant of DOZENS of hate-filled one-sided resolutions and hate campaigns both at the UN and at HOME targeting Jews and Christians … including in some countries TERRIBL# laws …even violence. And yet, they implore the West to accept millions of Muslim refugees, tolerate Muslim practices, guarantee Muslims rights …which we do (and so we should!) …while they organize, carry out despicable hate campaigns and institute brutal laws against the expression or practice of Christianity (or Judaism) in their midst!!! And where are the IMAMS who live right here, in the West, and enjoy the great liberties of our societies??? Why aren’t they chastising, condemning and organizing against all the anti Jewish and anti Christian hate at the UN and in so many Muslim countries??? What we get from them is SILENCE …shame on them! h.o)

  7. Not Sure says:

    OK, I agree with DMJ when he said, “I try to stay out of Middle East politics as it is a lose lose situation.” And it is made worse because it is not just political but religious in scope, another lose lose situation. But interesting topics pique my curiosity so I did some research.

    “Following Israel’s capture of the Temple Mount during the 1967 Six Day War, the government handed day-to-day control of the area to the Muslim Waqf religious authorities, overseen by the Jordanian government. Israel retains security control of the area. Fifty years later, this policy, known as the “status quo”, continues to be the policy of the Israeli government.”

    So this “status quo” supported by the Israeli government has Muslims control the day to day (mostly religious) activities while Israel controls the security of this area in Jerusalem that was once the site of both Jewish Temples but is now the site of a mosque built there because Muslims believe that Mohammed ascended to heaven at this spot. (It is also the site where Abraham almost sacrificed Isaac in Jewish tradition or Ismael in Muslim tradition.)

    and it gets more complicated.

    “A few hours after the Temple Mount came under Israeli control during the Six-Day War, a message from the Chief Rabbis of Israel, Isser Yehuda Unterman and Yitzhak Nissim was broadcast, warning that Jews were not permitted to enter the site. This warning was reiterated by the Council of the Chief Rabbinate a few days later, which issued an explanation written by Rabbi Bezalel Jolti (Zolti) that “Since the sanctity of the site has never ended, it is forbidden to enter the Temple Mount until the Temple is built.” The signatures of more than 300 prominent rabbis were later obtained.”

    And of course, if you continue reading that wikipedia paragraph you will see that some rabbis disagreed.

    So for over 50 years there has been this sort of status quo although that hasn’t always been followed. “Defying a decades-long political arrangement, Israeli authorities are enabling an unprecedented rise in Jewish prayer at the Jerusalem holy site.”

    At the same time, while “Non-Muslims (Israelis and tourists) are allowed to visit the Temple Mount at fixed times, but not enter the al-Aqsa Mosque itself, Palestinian radicals have been trying to violate the status quo by preventing Christians and Jews from visiting the Temple Mount. They have attacked visitors, as well as the police, with rocks, fireworks, iron rods and even Molotov cocktails.”

    “And it gets more complicated because “The Temple Institute and the Temple Mount and Eretz Yisrael Faithful Movement each state that its goal is to build the Third Temple on the Temple Mount (Mount Moriah).”

    Imagine trying to build a temple on that site.

    Anyway Harvey, the vote you referred to was to maintain the status quo. The problem is in the wording. As you pointed out, the words Temple Mount are not mentioned just Haram al Sharif. But what you didn’t mention is the change from three years ago. A similar motion was passed in 2018 also with only Haram al Sharif mentioned and Temple Mount excluded. The vote that time had 148 supporters. This time 19 countries like the UK and other European countries shifted from a yes to an abstention stating the exclusion of Temple Mount as the reason.

    So here is the problem. We have an area of land that has had a Mosque on it for well over a thousand years. Previous to that there was a Temple going back at least 2000 years for the second one and over 2500 years for the first. Two groups can lay historical claim to this site.

    So the naming of the site does have significance to both sides. Getting rid of Temple Mount lessens the historical significance of the site for Jews. Including Temple Mount diminishes the current significance of the site for Muslims.

    I have no clue how to solve this seemingly simple problem let alone the whole complexity of the Palestinian situation. Lose Lose.

    (Response: Fascinating info … really appreciate the time and effort you put into this one! But one thing it doesn’t answer … which puzzles, disappoints even angers me … is with so many more important problems, dilemmas even life-critical crises facing the world, why oh why and ow in the world can the UN General Assembly spend so much effort and time and $$$ on issues like what to call the Temple Mount, spurred on by Resolutions/pressures introduced and pushed by Muslim organizations and Muslim nations, insulting Christians just before Christmas … on top of the DOZENS of Resolutions they regularly pass insulting Jewish people and Israel year round, while blissfully ignoring so many Arab nations oppressing, starving, enslaving even murdering their own people by the the thousands upon thousands and creating millions and millions of refugees … that they then expect the historically based Christian-Judeo to take in and welcome! It just boggles the mind … and shows what a mess/disgrace the UN has become. h.o)

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