Iran, Syria … and the UN … Help Hesbollah Prepare for Next Attack on Israel

The next major Mid East war is not far away: Israel will be attacked on its northern border by Hesbollah, now re-armed to the teeth with more and better missiles and rockets than it ever had before. 

And the culprits responsible for the destruction that will once more rock the  region are clearly identifiable: Iran, Syria … and the United Nations.

The Times of London reported recently that Syria has established a huge scud missile compound just inside its border with Lebanon and is actively training Hesbollah how to program and operate them. Scud missiles have a range of up to 700 km…and could easily reach major Israeli cities like Tel Aviv,  Haifa and Ashdod.

The weapons apparently have been shipped in from Iran via Lebanon’s Mediterranean ports or flown into Damascus, then trucked to the arms depot at Adra in Syria and on to Hesbollah in Lebanon.

There are also a  growing number of reports from other sources outlining Hesbollah’s huge arms and missile  buildup.

“Western intelligence sources said the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad has overseen the accumulation of a huge missile arsenal along the Syrian border with Lebanon,” said another report.

“The sources said the Syrian military has been training the Iranian-sponsored Hezbollah to operate the Scuds. They said some of the Scud missile infrastructure has been transferred to Lebanon’s eastern Bekaa Valley.

“If the Syrians want to, they could transport and fire Scud launchers from Lebanon within hours,” the source said. Western intelligence agencies have assessed that Syria deployed about 1,000 Scud C and D missiles near the Bekaa Valley.”

In addition, the London Time’s Foreign Editor Richard Beeston reported that Hesbollah  “has managed to replenish its military stocks and the group is thought to have amassed more than 40,000 rockets” right INSIDE Lebanon, along Israel’s northern border.

Wait a minute!  Under the terms of UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which ended the terrible 2006 war between Hesbollah and Israel, Hesbollah was BANNED from re-arming with major weapons.  And the UN has been there ever since supposedly enforcing that resolution.


The UN has once more adopted its “see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil” when it comes to the terrorist groups of Hesbollah and Hamas. It has said nothing, done nothing to expose the Hesbollah violations … let alone stop them.

 And thousands of people, on both sides of the Israel-Lebanon border will die as a result soon as Hesbollah, and its allies Iran and Syria, decide “it’s time”!

So where is the world?  Where is the UN? Where is the media? Where is the BBC World?  (ok ..stop laughing!)

Make no mistake about it … Iran, Syria and Hesbollah are preparing to attack Israel again. With rockets and missiles that may even come at it from all sides and do horrible damage to Israel’s major cities.

How do think the Israelis will react when they are attacked?  How should they react?

It is almost too frightening to imagine … but I would not blame them if they obliterated southern Lebanon and Syria … and even Iran … with WHATEVER weapons they have if they are attacked with full fury.

And the blame should fall where it really belongs: on the UN and the world that is doing NOTHING to stop …or even expose … that the terrorist army, Hesbollah is ratcheting up once more for war.

Harv Oberfeld

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22 Responses to Iran, Syria … and the UN … Help Hesbollah Prepare for Next Attack on Israel

  1. AJ says:

    Another great blog. I wonder when Iran is going to get tagged for all the IEDs in Afghanistan.

    (Response: What amazes me is how blind so many are to the real evil that Ahmadinejad and his cohorts are funding and fomenting in several locales of the world. h.o)

  2. Frank says:

    What else is new with the UN? Can you say League of Nations. Let the hand wringing begin.

    (Response: The Security Council is the only body worth respecting at all .. but even it is weakened by countries that too often act overwhelmingly in their own self interest (esp economic) and not real world peace or stability. h.o.)

  3. Genuine says:

    there are three sides to every story theirs, ours,and,finally the truth we are all evil and are using any means to see it our way two wrongs don’t make a right so this struggle will never end,whats the solution here ,I just wish we would stop pointing fingers ,did you see the Hugo Chavez interview?Made the reporter look like a fool,I didn’t respect that man at first but,I must say he did make some valid points that just shut that reporter up,I was brought in by a hurricane,the people put me here I had no intention of becoming the president,never in my wildest dreams,I am the son of the revolution,wow,almost to warn us of corruption of the highest level going on, in our so called democracy,he put it bluntly you either take the side of the people or take the side of corporations and history proves that the later will take full advantage of the population,time and time again so do we believe our side, their side or the truth it’s so hard to decide because of all this yellow journalism happening today .

    (Response: I disagree that we are all evil. Every country works in its own interests…but there’s a big difference between say, Canada, and evil incarnate countries that fund and supply IEDs, mines, suicide belt explosives, rockets to terrorist groups or any country or group that openly says its goal is to destroy its neighbour. And peace WILL come, when people and nations are brave enough to take on the terrorist groups, who rule through fear and violence, and establish peace with each other .. which I believe the vast majority in all countries truly want. h.o)

  4. MariaS says:

    Refreshing, very refreshing…. can’t believe your blog is on the hard-Left aggregate.
    You are keeping it real for sure while your fellow travellers on the same aggregate where I found you, are coddling with Hezbollah and Hamas and never ever say anything that goes even a grain against the UN.

    (Response: I make the far left angry; the far right don’t like me either. Must be doing something right! 🙂 h.o.

  5. Frank says:

    Sheesh! I believe it is folks like Maria S. that allow the nasties of the world to do the most vile acts that depravity can bring to this world. If I have read the comment correctly it is how the fascists and communist took over at the beginning of the last century. History repeats itself with the Islamic fundamentalists where people are MURDERED for their beliefs on both sides of the equation. Pacifists and fellow travellers only build on the problem and never help with the solutions.

    (Response: I think you totally misread her remarks. Seemed to me she was agreeing with me! h.o)

  6. Lynn says:

    You did misread Maria’s post.
    No attacking either. Share your opinion or what you feel, but don’t attack. Otherwise the UN will step in and muck things up.
    Glad you took the time to share. I hope to read more posts from you.

  7. Joshua says:

    Interesting indeed.Something ive known for some time now also.Im pretty sure Israel is well aware and ready.After all when your dumb ass enemy announces what he intends ..well straight minded folk tend to take notice.
    The day reckoning for Hezbollah ,Hamas,Syria and Iran is coming real fast.Were ready.

    (Response: I still want to know why the UN, placed on the Israel/Lebanese border to ensure Hesbollah has not rearmed has not sounded any kind of alarm or demanded it disarm in accord with the truce it signed? The UN has taken sides in the Mid East..boughty and paid for by Arab money and growing Islamic influence and my prediction is that tens of thousands more people will die becauise of this UN failing. h.o)

  8. Kam Lee says:

    Harv… good article, but… history has some teeth.

    The jews have many questions to answer also.

  9. arctic_front says:

    Israel lives in a very unforgiving neighborhood. The second day of it’s existence, it was attacked by it’s Arab neighbors. The very next day! It was further attacked in 1967, and again in 1973. Just what is ANY country supposed to do when it is attacked by rockets, suicide-bombers and constant threats by terrorist-funding countries like Iran and Syria?

    I supposes they should just move back to Europe? Israel will stand and fight because there is no other choice. Anybody that thinks they will tolerate another co-ordinated attack is sorely mistaken. Nukes all around will be the response this time. I for one can say I agree with that. It’s time the Moslem bullies are quelled once and for-all.

    Israel has as much right to that real estate as anybody else. They have lived there continuously for over 4000 yrs. That is a long time before the religion of Islam was even thought of.

    (Response: I agree and I find it frustrating and a bit pathetic that so many in the radical left and the media have so little knowledge of these facts or deliberately ignore them to defend the terrorists … who kill and intimidate their own people more than they do to the Israelis. h.o.)

  10. Great post my friend…

    But more garbage, as per usual, from the Kam Lee’s of the world.

    Get it through your think skull Cam. Israel is under attack and has been for decades–thanks to apologists for Islamofascism like you.

    What you cite as history is revisionist horse shit.

    But that’s about your speed.

  11. bobbybee says:

    On Sunday, Israel announced that it will ease restrictions on what goods can reach the Gaza Strip, a small sign of progress after weeks of international calls for the state to end its Gaza blockade. All goods except those on a list of specifically banned items will be able to reach Gaza, a policy in accordance with its vow to funnel more “civilian goods,” such as food and household items, into the region. The Israeli government has yet to specify what items are banned nor has it addressed the timeline for lifting the restrictions, though in a statement it said it would publish the ban list “as quickly as possible.” Questions still remain on how Israel will deal with “dual-use” goods, items like construction materials or cement that can also be used for military purposes.
    Read it at Los Angeles Times,0,3758650.story

    (Response: Someone should sell lottery tickets on how long it will be before (Iranian) weapons are discovered hidden inside children’s toys. h.o)

  12. AJ says:

    Iran killed another Canadian Solider today.

    (Response: Well, it was in Afghanistan … another roadside bomb. But you’re right… there has been past evidence that such devices come in from Iran, that also supplies rockets and missiles to Hamas and Hesbollah. But there are no matches against that … just more names added to our list of casualties. h.o)

  13. Kam Lee says:

    Big Al, thanks for replying to my post. It seems that you only look at one side of any issue. (As per your love for the x-mayor, the x-party in power) It seems to me, as well as many, that there were two factions back then. They both killed, blew up, as well as scaring the world of ours. Back off, relax, go smoke your fat ass cigars. Maybe too much booze perhaps? One can only speculate. Thanks again Harv, I am not in total agreement with you, but at least with you there can be a different opinion, not like Bluto.

  14. J.S. says:

    A day late and a dollar short, here.

    What’s happening in the Mideast is a potential nightmare of epic proportions. Iran is the obvious Mideast superpower, and gun runner, run by a crowd of smart guys in robes and fronted by a guy who looks, and acts, like a clown. He is no clown. He’s damn well scary.

    I still cannot wrap my brains around the possible end game, here, especially when talk of nuclear power development for “peaceful purposes” is trotted out by the Iranian leaders. In response to recent further sanctions, the mullahs have simply decided to prevent IAEA inspectors from inspecting their facilities! Smart…

    Appeasement is the West’s rolling response. It is being hook-winked on an ongoing basis, by Iran, because it is letting itself do so. It knows that to do any serious heavy lifting, physically restraining Iran’s nuclear ambitions, could unleash a whole lot of bad things. It is like one confronting the local bully and finally doing some rather than continue to appease. There will be damage.

    The West’s political masters can appease themselves very well, have done so for years; Chamberlain being a prime example which helped to ignite WW2.

    In the end, the West has no control of what’s going on in that perfectly dreadful desert-neighbourhood of honor killings, religious massacres, human rights abuses, and threats to oil supply delivery.

    Many Westerners, who don’t like Israel, and who wouldn’t mind its disappearance, may want to reflect on their foolish thoughts.

    Sure the Jewish State is a staging ground for American military might if need be. But a Mideast with no Israel will be an even more wicked place and the West will suffer in a thousand ways more than it can ever imagine. Possibly $4 gas at the pump?

    The media in the West do continal disservice to this long-running story. Context seems to have disappeared in favour of “Breaking News”. This is folly of the first order. And all networks should be ashamed.

    These Interesting Times in which we live are a little TOO interesting for my tastes. However, the anxiety can be ameliorated somewhat by the news biz, if more balanced reporting and background reports are issued more regularly. This is NOT a boring story.

    History is ALSO not boring. You’d be surprised at the crap you’ll bump into, during your life, if you fail to study history. It’s like failing to take a sea navigation course if your planning a round the world boat cruise and you’re the freakin’ skipper!

    (Response: Appeasement is no solution…as you note history has already shown. It’s a horrible dilemma ..take out thousands in a limited Mid East war that would break out if the U.S. strikes Iran’s nuclear sites … or millions once Iran gets the bomb and in some Islamic Jihad Blessed by Allah scenario actually uses it on Israel and that country then retaliates. The radiation alone will kill thousands upon thousands outside those two countries. But people like those in power in Iran, who are willing to shoot, beat, torture their own students and hang their own dissidents, doesn’t care about “collateral” damage in their fight to Islamize the entire Mid East, for starters. Apparently the Saudis have already quietly given Israel the green light to overfly their terrain on the way to Iran. But the attack should come from the U.S. …if Obama has the gonads to do more than talk. And the longer he serves, the more I have my doubts. Scary times. h.o.)

  15. AJ says:

    When will Iran kill the next Canadian soldier in Afghanistan? When will some one do or say something about it?

  16. DanR. says:

    Really an uneducated article….:roll:

  17. Kashful says:

    Dear Sir,
    This article see no logic. The writer is asking where is the UN when questioning the transfer of weapons to Hesbollah. Where was the UN when the US invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. There was no proof that al-qaeda attacked the US. Taliban was asking the proof. Bush could not provide. The world is a joke and the UN has become the biggest joke in the world.

  18. David says:

    (1) Apart from Israel, only five countries designate Hezbollah as a “terrorist organization.” They are: The U.S., Australia, Canada, Britain and the Netherlands whose governmen ts are firmly in the pocket of the pro-Israel lobby.

    (2) Israel violates UN Resolution 1701 virtually every day with over flights – a flagrant violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty.

    (3) Israel illegally and belligerently occupies Lebanon’s Shebaa Farms. Lebanon does not occupy any of Israel’s territory.

    (4) Along with all fellow members of the Arab League as well as non-Arab Iran, the Palelstinian Authority and even Hamas, Lebanon has accepted the 2002 Arab League Beirut Summit Peace Initiative which grants Israel full recognition as a sovereign state, exchange of ambassadors, trade, tourism etc. if Israel complies with international law and its previous commitments. As it has done with several previous peace proposals put forth by the Arabs and the U.S., Israel dismissed the Beirut Initiative. Thankfully, day by day, more and more people around the world are comprehending the fact that Israel is responsible for the ongoing conflict, not the Palestinians or other Arabs.

    (Response: That’s where we differ: I would believe Canada, Britain, the UK before I would accept the world view of Iran, North Korea, Syria and Libya. .hO)

  19. David says:


    There are 197 countries in the UN. Of that total, only 6 (including Israel) have defined Hezbollah as a terroritst organization. The EU has refused to do so. This should tell you something. I respectfully suggest you do some serious research about the Israel-Palestinian/Arab conflict using documented research/histories written by internationally respected accredited historians. You have a lot to learn.

    (Response: The EU? Have you been there lately? Overrun by Arabs/Muslims ..who are a powerful political force, that the “leaders” there are fearful of offending. All supported as well by the unofficial voice of Hamas … BBC World. As for the UN ..what a joke ..the General Assembly is worthless …chock full of Arab/Muslim nations/dictatorships and sell-outs to Arab oil money. Of course the whores that they are, they regularly condemn Israel but do nothnig about the thousand rockets fired into Israel, the Arab terror rule in so many Mid East countries (ask the Christians in Lebanon or all the people living in total fear in Syria or Iran or Gaza. Where is the UN Human Rights Commission on these? Total anti-Israel bias. Very pathetic. h.o)

  20. David says:


    What blather, what BS, poppycock, bafflegab.
    Apart from failing utterly to refute my assertions you have revealed yourself to be an Islamaphobic anti-Arab racist.

    For your much needed edification regarding rocket fire from Gaza

    Attacks by crude homemade rockets from occupied Gaza started in 2001 and took their first Israeli victim in 2004. Since then, there had been 14 Israeli victims prior to “Operation Cast Lead” (Dec. 2008.) Tragic indeed, but hardly comparable to the 1,700 Gaza Strip Palestinians killed by Israel during the same period (2001-08), including many innocent men, women and children.

    In violation of the 17 June 2008 six month cease-fire agreement with Hamas, Israel permitted only 20% of the amount of shipments agreed to into the Gaza Strip. This led to sporadic rocket fire into Israel (causing no casualties) by Islamic Jihad and Fatah’s Al Aqsa Brigades, not Hamas, which attempted to stop the rockets. On November 4 – THE DAY OF THE U.S. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!! – Israel crossed the border and killed six Palestinians. (Israel’s feeble excuse for the incursion and killings is the unproven allegation that the six Palestinians were about to dig a tunnel under the border to kidnap Israeli soldiers.) Hamas responded with rocket fire but also offered to extend the cease-fire (due to expire on 17 December 2008) if Israel abided by its terms and lifted the blockade. Israel refused. Hamas rocket fire resumed and although no Israeli was killed, it was used by Israel as justification for “Operation Cast Lead” that started on December 27/08 and resulted in the deaths of 1,417 Palestinians, including 926 civilians, of whom 313 were children and 121 were women.

  21. Mike says:

    No, Harvey, the Culprit is Israel.

  22. Sandeep says:

    FROM CAROL HERMANNow, who is the audience? If the a-rab is tilkang to his own phonies everyone knows the game. And, then they go home and beat their wives, so they can come back to holy-roly prayers with something to brag about, while they’re washing and peeing on their feet. (Honest. Their urinals are on the ground. Good for squatters, too.)Anyway, Israel, in the first 48 minutes of air power fighting, took out MOST of the launchers. And, everything they saw from satelites. Since the “long rangers” didn’t fly. Because you just can’t hide the launching trucks for these 20-foot-long suckers. (Okay. Maybe, if you put them at a carnival. Near the cotton candy machines.) Fakers.On the other hand, the smaller rockets, of those they’ve got a lot left. But they degrade. And, weren’t accurate. And, if you read any Israeli site that contains some military analysis; you’d see there was a decision to let those suckers fly. Half landed in Israel-Arab villiages (because the arabs complained that the Jews used air-raid warnings to STOP EVERYTHING on Memorial Days. For the Holocaust. And, for those who died in battle protecting the state. These sirens go on for FIVE MINUTES. People stop in traffic, and, no matter where else they are. And, publicly stand in silence for the duration. So the arabs had no signalling system. I’m scratching my behind now to show you how much I care.The other death toll went to the COW. From the thousands of missiles, 15 Israelis lost their lives. (More died in car accidents. But you’re not asking that question, are you?)So from both North and South, the smaller missiles … which fit through the tunnels … have no accuracy that it would be worth spending BILLIONS on laser technology. And, the IDF is still functioning North and South. With training Liddell-Hart would call CAMOPHLAGE WAR. Hit and run. Destroy infrastructure. Take out their top performers. Especially bomb makers. And, announce, freely, that you have withdrawn. (When it works. The lady doesn’t get pregnant.)Why is Lebanon bragging, now? Because that was its ACE. Oddly enough IF Israel was gonna do something to the nuke installations in iran; those missiles were always a promise “something’s gonna fly in your rear.) And, without knowing what those missiles could do; it was a “pretty good” deterent. BUT IT DIDN’T WORK THIS SUMMER!Now, let’s ask “why?” PERHAPS ASSAD FEELS THREATENED IN HIS PALACE, hmm? So Israeli, of all people, are being given a warning not to return to the fields of battle. And, soitenly not to hurt the giraffe’s neck. Which is there because the REST OF THE CANCER IS WORSE.I’ve heard of surgeons opening people. And, then just shutting the door. (It happened to Einstein. The cancer had spread beyond any ability to do much about it). So the doctor got himself good and sick. And, cancelled all his cases for a month. (Some people are very sensitive.)Here? Olmert and Amir Peretz don’t look sensitive to me. However, they’re great at meetings! These guys are so experienced; I’m reminded of Ronald Reagan’s good card. The one he held when he gave up acting; before he became governor. HE WAS A UNION BOSS. Could sit in a chair bargaining contracts for days. Until everybody else fell asleep. But he only appeared bored. Never was. Greatest actor in a job of consequence. Due to his experiences as a UNION BOSS.Do not underestimate Amir Peretz. (Even though he doesn’t speak in English. So I don’t know if he has an orator’s tongue; to go with the magic of getting hefty slices of core constituents in Israel, behind him. How many? Well, there are 3-million russians. And, a big, huge hunk of Sephardic Jews; who come from the swath that covers Iraq to the Westerly tip of Africa. Don’t discount the people who vote. And, how they choose.Now that Likud’s Central Committee is as dead as a doornail. And, next time out, with new parties, both Olmert and Peretz OWN the list they present to the public. If you think Bibi wins you’re into betting on very lame horses.

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