US Has a Moral Duty to Share Covid Vaccines with Canada

Canada should not even have to ask.

US President Joe Biden and his Administration should already have been on the phone to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offering Canada Covid vaccine doses.

With their embassy in Ottawa and seven consulates across Canada, the Americans know Canadians have been very seriously impacted by short-term shortfalls in Covid vaccine deliveries from BOTH Pfizer and Moderna suppliers overseas.

American plants are turning out vaccines by the multi-millions … but the US is sharing with no one!

Yes, their country … with 27 million Covid cases and more than 436,000 deaths … is in much worse shape than Canada, or any other country.

But to date, more than 39 Million Americans have already been vaccinated (11.8 per 100 population): in Canada, only 1.04 million have been able to get the jab (2.8 per 100).

Whatever happened to that North America children of a common mother family relationship our political leaders praise so often; our common cultural community bonds celebrated with festivals on both sides of the border, our supposed unity in the face of adversity, so often pointed out to the rest of the world?

Our federal government has promised (they wouldn’t lie to you, would they?) millions of doses of vaccine will arrive before the end of March … but in the meantime, Canada is suffering from a life-threatening vaccine shortage.

The Americans should realize at a time like this, we are in the same continent-sized lifeboat.

Vital supplies, in this case vaccine, should be shared, not equally, but at least to some extent across the border … to benefit BOTH countries.

The Canada/US 5,000 mile common border is shut tight … communities and businesses on both sides of the line are suffering personally and economically every day.

But I put it to you, US border towns/cities are hurting more.

Hundreds more AMERICAN towns and cities along the 49th parallel than Canadian towns and cities depend on and are being negatively impacted by the loss of cross-border Canadian shoppers, diners, visitors.

Just ask the Chambers of Commerce in Bellingham, Wa., Plattsburg, NY, Minot, ND, Buffalo, NY, Burlington VT, and Point Roberts, Wa.

Biden should realize it is in AMERICA’S best interests to get that border open … and it will NOT happen until the vast majority of residents on BOTH sides have been vaccinated.

And providing Canada with a share of US-produced vaccines NOW … rather than wait until our millions of doses arrive LATER would be a wise investment!

Not to mention … but let’s … it would be nice to see a little concrete appreciation for the sacrifices Canadians have made so many times over and over again to come to the aid of our American neighbours … WITHOUT BEING ASKED!!!

Has the US forgotten how Canadian diplomats put their own lives at risk to rescue and hide US diplomats in Tehran when Iranian revolutionaries overran the US Embassy? And then helped them escape that country!

Have Americans already dismissed the sacrifice/heavy price paid by Canada, standing by US-led military efforts in Afghanistan … suffering 2,071 casualties, 159 deaths?

How the US forgotten that, when the tragedy of 911 hit them, Canadians responded immediately, providing safe haven coast to coast to many THOUSANDS of Americans … not just the 6,595 airline passengers and crew taken into their homes by the people of Gander, Nfld.?

How many Americans are even aware that, right now, two Canadians have been sitting in a Chinese prison for TWO YEARS, taken as HOSTAGES by the Chinese regime while on business trips there, in retaliation for Canada detaining Huawei executive Meng Wan Zhou on a US extradition warrant?

Canadian/US relations in the past have long been based on more … MUCH more … than just trade and economics.

We have long been part of a North American “family” … historically, culturally and in many, many cases even literally.

It looks like Americans today see the Canada US friendship and sacrifice as a one way street.

In times of great need, family members should never have to ask for help … or say we know you could use some help, but we are not going to share.

When the United States was in dire straits, Canadians didn’t say … “Sorry, we have to look after only our own interests”.

Canada is now in dire straits, denied Covid vaccines from contracted European suppliers.

The US should ship at least SOME of their precious vaccine doses north … on loan for a couple of months until our millions of doses arrive … to help save the most critically endangered Canadians.

That’s what WE would do for our American neighbors.

Without being asked.

Harv Oberfeld

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44 Responses to US Has a Moral Duty to Share Covid Vaccines with Canada

  1. D. M. Johnston says:

    The entire Canadian ego is based on how the USA likes us. We get American news stories like they are next door and our media kow-tow to American ideals.

    Wake up folks, Americans do not give a damn about Canadians and most think we a re “Cheese-heads” from socialist country up north.

    Canadian’s are too wrapped up in their cross boarder cheap gas, fam trips to Vegas, and wintering in sunnier climes in California Florida and Arizona, to give thought to this Canadian narcissism of wintering abraded.

    (As an aside note, I have chatted with several friends (phone) about cross boarder travel and i think a $25 departure tax per car on land and $25 per person on plane is warranted for travel to the USA. to my surprise there was general agreement. Oh pity those American boarder towns and their economies if it were to happen)

    News Flash. Americans do not give a damn about us, do not care in the least about us and are giving us the one finger salute.

    If Trudeau had any moral sense of the matter and if he asked for vaccine from the USA and was rebuffed, he should go on national television and state in plain terms the reality of the American attitude citing all of the above.

    No Canadian leader has the jam to do this, political cowards, “tail gunner joes” as always.

    A lil grumpy this morning a good friend is seriously ill with covid, and he has kept to a far stricter isolating regimen than myself! The medical types are baffled.

    (Response: Hope all goes well with your friend: most of us try to stay safe … but just going out for groceries, to shop,buy gas or just have the occasional lunch/dinner out within our bubble seems to carry risk. Looking forward to the vaccine … hoping when doses arrive, the government will start doing what they said they would do …but have not: give seniors priority. Meanwhile, the US should be as responsive to our special need right NOW…as Canadians have been to theirs in the past. h.o)

  2. 13 says:

    DMJ Even if your anti American rant were accurate and true why do you feel the need to punish people on either side of the boarder. Many people quite enjoy the proximity of a safe warm vacation spot located next door ( so to speak) and very accessible.
    If the US were asked by our fearless federal leader to help fix his screw up on vaccines and declined help then fearless leader might have to find a way to exert some pressure.
    BTW the only holiday ive ever taken in US was a Disney trip in 1995 when kids were younger. But I have spent a lot of time trucking in Washington and everyone I ever interacted with was a class act.

    (Response: Frankly I don’t think Trudeau should have to ask. Did Canadians from coast to coast need to be asked to take care of Americans here after 911? And although that certainly was a tragedy … more Canadians have died from Covid. Biden’s officials know Canada hasn’t been able to get any vaccines for weeks: he or his Administration should have already come forward and at least made a gesture of assistance until our own flow resumes. h.o)

  3. Tim W says:

    I will cut our neighbours a little slack from the horror show they’ve been through coddling a viscous man-child bully who just about brought the country to the brink of democratic, economic and health ruin. Although keep in mind that Biden is very much “America First” which means we’re little more than an afterthought. It will take more than 3 weeks in power to get the relationship back on track- which for four years was little more than trump dumping on all of its allies. By spring though Harvey, there should be no question that the US is helping us out with our seemingly endless debacle with CoVid vaccine doses. Don’t get me started on Ontario today, I’ll save that for another day with the stupid “re-opening”plan coming down the pike with dangerous variants ready to explode.

    (Response: It has been weeks since Canada’s vaccine supply crisis became known … and the US administration has known about it very well. But nothing!! Not a word, not a gesture, nothing! Canadians responded INSTANTLY when Americans needed help … several times. What kind of “family” relationship does Canada have with the US? We should all think about this. h.o)

  4. Not Sure says:

    This is why I am Not Sure much of the time reading this blog. In your headline you have used “moral duty”.

    Two weeks ago, you were outraged at putting Indigenous people over 65 ahead of non-Indigenous people of the same age, claiming that it was just woke pandering by no-nothing do-gooders. Even racist. Some here felt the opposite, that there may have been a moral duty to a small group of vulnerable people of an age group where historical racism placed them in that health situation.

    I am not going to re-argue that old debate but see the problem of subjectively using the word moral duty.

    Does the US have a moral duty to all the EU countries that also supported them in Afghanistan? Can they ignore Canada and France who didn’t support them in Iraq. Does the UK have a moral duty to help Canada for our sacrifice during WWll?
    Does the US have a moral duty to help all the countries they have bombed over the past century?

    Do rich countries have a moral duty to all the countries of the world to ensure that everybody gets vaccinated in as timely a manner as possible even if some of their population gets vaccinated later?

    Given your feelings in your last post does the US have a moral duty to bail out a country who was stupid enough to elect an incompetent buffoon who has failed miserably?

    Does the US who have lost an average of 3150 people in each of the last 7 days or the UK who have lost an average of 900 people over the last 7 days have a moral duty to their own citizens over a country whose death rate over the last 7 days is 105. For comparison purposes, the US is 9x the size of Canada with over 30x the deaths. The UK is not even twice Canada but has 9x the deaths.

    Morality is complicated. I have no idea what the right answer is to any of the questions I have posed. I have my opinion but it likely means squat.

    (Response: When Americans needed our help after 911, when Americans needed our help in Iran … Canadians did not look at who our neighbours had voted for. They needed help … and we were there! Too bad they have not responded to Canada’s dilemma right now. h.o.)

  5. Gilbert says:

    On his first day in office, Joe Biden cancelled the Keystone Pipeline project. The urgency with which he cancelled the project showed no respect for Canada.

    Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau should get along much better than Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau. But I fear the new American administration will be even more protectionist. The Buy American policy is bad for Canada.

    Joe Biden is supposed to be more of a globalist, but he hasn’t shared any vaccines. Does he want our prime minister to beg? It seems Justin Trudeau’s charm works much better with Canadian women than with American presidents.

    (Response: Back in September I pointed out that the Democrats have traditionally been much more protectionist than the Republicans. And the Keystone instant cancellation and Biden’s immediate introduction of a Buy American program does not bode well for trade relations. BUT apart from economic questions, the US owes Canada a HUGE debt on humanitarian grounds … and shipping a few hundred thousand Covid vaccine doses north would be a very nice, welcome acknowledgement of that! h.o)

  6. NVG says:

    I reread this line several times: “We have long been part of a North American “family” … historically, culturally and in many, many cases even literally.”

    I had to check with NAFTA to see if Mexico IS part of North America. It is. As far as ‘North American family’ goes Mexicans remain the largest group of immigrants in the United States, therefore, the push to share the ‘extra’ vaccine would probably go south rather than north.

    (Response: Clearly you have not been paying attention when American Presidents, American Ambassadors and American Cabinet Secretaries … for half a century … have paid tribute to the special UNIQUE relationship and friendship that has linked the US and Canada … “children of a common mother”. I don’t think Mexico meets that special criteria … yet. And President Biden’s FIRST phone all to another leader after taking office was to Canada’s Prime Minister … not Mexico’s … returning to a historical practice that US Presidents have practiced for many decades to pay tribute to the US/Canada Special Relationship, not Mexico’s … so once again, your attempt to introduce alternative facts fails. h.o)

  7. B A Ker says:

    Response to Not Sure: ‘When Americans needed our help after 911, when Americans needed our help in Iran … Canadians did not look at who our neighbours had voted for. They needed help … and we were there! Too bad they have not responded to Canada’s dilemma right now.”

    You cannot compare the two scenarios, at all.

    Canada helped at 911 and in Iran for fear of retaliation. The US has nothing to fear from Canada…except the high pitched whining.

  8. Marge says:

    A good article to read on your subject:


    It appears that Trudeau may have asked for vaccine help but was shot down by the new administration, according to the above article. Trudeau is a nothing in the eyes of both Trump and Biden. Biden despite his liberal leanings and Trudeau
    fawning over him is just as much a protectionist as Trump was – probably even worse. America first always. I have never heard of the US helping Canadians out ever and I have been going south for many years. We don’t matter and they do.

    (Response: Thanks for this. The Toronto Sun isn’t exactly a Trudeau fan …but it makes my point very strongly: the US COULD help Canada without almost any impact on their own vaccination program, but has not. In particular Brian Lilley wrote ” Already there have been 59 million doses of both Pfizer and Moderna distributed across the United States and some 42 million doses have gone into Americans arms. The U.S. is producing vaccines faster than they can use them; we could take the next six million doses to roll off the line and the American vaccine effort wouldn’t even slow down”. There we go! Canada and Canadians should never forget that, when our people were in need, the US has NOT stepped up. h.o)

  9. G. Barry Stewart says:

    On Sunday, former USFDA commissioner (and Pfizer board member) Dr. Scott Gottlieb, looked toward March and April and said: “We’re going to run out of demand.”

    There are many Americans still dead set against — or at least reluctant to get — the vaccine. Gottlieb said the USA is pumping out 2 million units per day. At some point, in the next few months, the production will far outstrip the demand.

    So yes: they could afford to send some units our way NOW — and Trudeau and his staff should be working those angles AND telling us about their efforts.

    Biden is on-pace to meet his “100 million shots in the first 100 days” goal. Of course, it’s not just a goal for good PR — it’s a serious disease he’s fighting, so blowing past that goal is even better.

    One solace we can take is that whatever the USA does, in beating back the COVID flames in their country: that will have dividends on this side of the border as well. Sort of like, “We won’t send you any water bombers… but we’ll make damned sure that none of our fires cross your border.”

  10. BMCQ says:

    God I hate stating this but after reading Harvey’s initial essay and analysis, the 9 posts up to now and the responses by HO I am “Not Sure” about where I stand .

    (edited …off topic, which is vaccines.)

    I need to ask the following question, if Canada had the technology for the vaccines and we had the manufacturing facility capable of producing a vaccine would Canada distribute millions of doses to the USA before your Mum, Dad, Grandparents or other vulnerable people received it ?

    Again, would we do what Harvey is demanding of the Biden/Trump Admin ? Please answer, I would like to know and I am “Not Sure”, I await your answer .

    Are we 100% certain that our PM has even approached the Biden or Trump Admin about acquiring say 25 million doses of vaccine any time soon ? Who knows Trump
    may have offered to assist and Biden might not, will we e3ver know ? Hell, Canadians DO NOT even know anything about the contracts with Pfizer and Moderna set up by the Mensa Members in the Canadian Government, what took place, what were the agreements that were arranged, DO YOU not hve the right to know ? I believe I do .

    The USA contrary to hopes of most on this blog were/are doing a far superior job of getting the vax into arms, most vulnerable will receive their first jab soon or perhaps even two, I would like to think that if asked Biden might come forward with an arrangement that might work as a stop gap but unless the discussion is transparent we will never know .

    Once again I find the Anti USA/American sentiment and vitriol on this blog very puzzling and in fact concerning, the USA is the best neighbour any one country could have, we export oper 70% of our Canadian products to the USA and we purchae much from them, why the hate toward our brothers and sisters . It seems ok for you to travel to Disneyland, Florida, California, or any other given place yet you hate America and Americans, why ?

    (Edited…off topic)

    Yes, we should ask for assistance but I do not we should demand it or expect that assistance .

    BTW – there also many in the rest of the world that feel the UK is the most important ally of the USA, I personally believe it is Canada but we must admit that others think differently .

    Harvey mentioned 9/11, I can recall like it was yesterday that we looked out over the YVR from our home at the foot of Balsam St. in Vancouver and saw about 50 Jets destined for U.S. Airports lined up on the runways that evening, they needed and found safe haven and they got it, it was sad but wonderful to see the support given all at the same time .

    Putting myself in the position of POTUS Biden I would like to think I would assist Canada but that is me and I am not POTUS .

    As to the “Moral Obligation” ?

    I am “Not Sure”, let me think about that a bit .

    I do however have one question for those that are USA and American “Haters” .

    Would you provide the Vaccine for the USA and it’s residents if YOU were asked ?

    I look forward to your Honest Answer .

    (Response: I have no doubt that, if the circumstances were reversed, Canada would OFFER Americans vaccines and would certainly not BAN exports of vaccines to the US. h.o0

  11. Keith says:

    The U.S. may have a moral duty but don’t expect vaccines anytime soon. Biden wants to up the shots from 100 million in the first 100 days to 150 million.

    And I would hope that Canadians won’t be rushing across the border when it opens to make up for lost time to spend spend spend, after our respective Govts. have been dropping money left and right to keep many of us and our businesses afloat.

    To quote Henry Kissinger.

    “America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests”

    (Response: I suspect that once the border re-opens and Canadians feel safe heading south, they won’t hesitate to go … for the cheap gas, groceries, travel etc. Meanwhile Canada has reportedly now dropped to 38th place among countries vaccinating: but according to Trudeau today, Canada will start getting shipments again this week. h.o)

  12. BMCQ says:

    The attached may be of interest, it is about vaccines .

    Again, will someone/anyone answer the question .

    If Canada had the ability to produce any vaccine would YOU authorize shipments of that Vaccine to the USA or anywhere else before your old parents, grandparents, or other Canadians were jabbed themselves ?

    I am waiting patiently for those answers . Perhaps you can be the first to reply Not Sure, DMJ, Tim W.

    (Response: Believe it or not, a GREAT nation like the US (or Canada) can multi-task. They could both do both if an urgent situation required it. And most Americans are good, caring people: I think if the US President … while rolling out millions of doses each week … said their great friend and neighbour Canada had a temporary emergency situation and the US would ship a few hundred thousand doses north, to be repaid later, not too many would raise hell …although the seditionist Trumpsters might. h.o)

  13. Rainclouds says:


    Until the US gets a handle on pile of dung the Grifter left behind with 500k dead I don’t blame them. Death rate proportionately higher than Canukistan. Superspreader Super Bowl shows they still have a long way to go. Americans are generous people and I’m sure once they get their own house in order we will be able to access surplus vaccine from Michigan. If we were in the same situation I would expect my government to look after Canadians first.

    The fact our preening dilettante PM completely screwed up the acquisition of vaccine, didn’t attempt to get labs here involved. Nope, 30% elected that idiot and now we have to live with the consequences. Blame our government not the Americans. We are 49th in vaccinations , many other countries (48) seem to have been able to handle this situation. We have an inept government and leader. Our problem.

    (Response: Seems so long ago, last November when I wrote that Trudeau’s fate could depend on the success/failure of the vaccine rollout: He sure is not looking good right now …BUT readers will recall I have also contended that very often, in elections, people make up their minds in the two or three weeks before they vote. So it’s not game over yet for Trudeau …. he could still pull it out if vaccine doses flow by the millions by Spring, or he doesn’t trigger the vote until Fall. h.o)

  14. Not Sure says:

    BMCQ, NOT SURE why you are asking me if Canada would help the US if the shoe were on the other foot. Check my name.

    I will say this. If it is a “moral duty” (and that is debatable) then it is a moral duty regardless of how somebody else would react. Morality shouldn’t be transactional.

    But that’s the problem with this topic. Should the US be helping a friend? Maybe. Is it a moral duty. Leaning no.

    I have another question though. People are keeping score like Canada is 38th or whatever. I found one site that had Canada in the 40s except it included Scotland Wales Northern Ireland, England, Gibralter, Jersey, Guernsey, and the Isle of Man as well as the UK. What’s with that? Anyway, my question is where do we think Canada should be?

    You would think we should be ahead of Slovenia but the EU is distributing vaccines where “all Member States will have access to COVID-19 vaccines at the same time on the basis of the size of their population.”

    27 members of the EU, the US, the UK, means …30th at best? Those are the countries where the vaccines are being produced. Then we have Israel, UAE, and Bahrain and a few other small countries that for various reasons are doing better than we would expect. On the other hand South Africa has stopped its vaccination program because of concerns over the variant.

    On top of that from the same article posted above about the EU, in early January, they figured that

    “By March 2021, at least 80% of people over the age of 80, and 80% of health and social care professionals in every Member State, should be vaccinated.

    By summer 2021, Member States should have vaccinated 70% of the entire adult population.”

    Isn’t that more or less what Canada’s expectations were/are. I know it is frustrating and it is painful to watch us spinning our wheels, but unless the government is totally lying about something that will be obvious in a couple of weeks, we are expected to see doses arriving soon.

    Let’s see where we are at the end of March and then at the end of September to see if those targets are being met. In the meantime, I guess we can vent.

    (Response: The difference is, despite all the newscasts (Canadian and International I watch), I did not see THEIR Prime Ministers or Presidents on TV almost every day boasting about having signed so many contracts for so much vaccine that THEY were leading the world …. many times over. When Trudeau holds his outdoor morning press conferences, that isn’t a shadow you may see on his face …it’s egg. h.o.)

  15. Arrrr Baker says:

    Funny how there have been so many posts in this and previous blogs assailing the government for making a mess of the roll out and now indignantly EXPECTING the US to bail us out.

    Is it any wonder the US and China are so dismissive of Canada’s incessant spineless whines?

    And to keep it real, there is a difference between “moral duty” (HO) and “moral obligation” (BMCQ). At any rate both are laughable.

    And how do you feel about the lack of moral something or other by Canada reneging on its commitment to lesser countries?

    “There we go! Canada and Canadians should never forget that, when our people were in need, the US has NOT stepped up.” Hollow words, like the forceful order a year or so ago for Canadians to stop buying US goods. Fingers must look like madrone roots, with all the wringing going on.

    (Response: Hard to share with lesser countries when you have ZERO doses yourself! The US has doses …enough to already have vaccinated 40 million people … and they are producing millions more each day. They COULD have made a gesture to Canada … without significantly impacting their own rollout, but making a huge difference here, in return for the great friendship that supposedly unites us. Sad that they did not. h.o)

  16. HARRY LAWSON says:


    A very thought provoking post, i am all over the map on your points.

    the united states has no moral obligation to help us. they already have , with the development of the vaccine. my understanding is we have the capacity to produce the vaccine however the liberals chose not to.

    the united states is looking after their population first, is that any different then us not sending shots to third world countries . it cant me both ways where is Canada’s moral obligation ?. i really think you are out in left field on this one.

    (Response: Let’s say our two families were in a lifeboat, and mine had food … not a lot … but yours had nothing: and we both were aware that a ship was on the way, but a few days away. I can tell you, we would share with you … and you would not even have to ask, because it would be our moral duty. h.o)

  17. BMCQ says:

    I am almost always a hard liner on most issues and I support the rule of law and have no sympathy for those that fall on hard times because of poor choices, some of that attitude comes from the fact that I had a sister who led a bad life took advantage of almost every bad/poor choice that came her way, caused my parents much heartache and eventually died from an over dose .

    On this current and the last Blog topic of Harvey I find myself very torn on which way to go, I have been conflicted and “Not Sure” . That might be a good thing . Morally ? I am not sure, the government must act for the best interests for all Canadians, for me I am strong, healthy, and willing to forego the vaccine so others could be safe and remain healthy . I am leaning in the direction that the USA Government must look after Americans first as I would also lean that Canada should look after Canadians if we held the vaccine rights and the manufacturing of that vaccine was exclusively Canadas .

    I may be incorrect and I still may evolve .

    (Edited…off topic, which is whether the US should have helped Canada out.)

    I am now of the opinion that Canadians are not being served well by their government and I believe it is long past time for Conservative MP Pierre Pollievre to question Canadian PM in Question Period, Canadians are being misled and Canadians are passing away at a record pace .

    Please keep in mind that there is NO TIME to waste as the Canadian PM, his government, Dr. W.H.O./Tam and other Health Officials are talking about the new more aggressive and rapid spreading two variants from the UK, South Africa, and soon to be other origins, action needs to be taken immediately .

    What the Hell did Canadians do to deserve any of this ?

    (Edited…off topic.)

    The Canadian People are literally “Sitting Ducks” !!

    Canadians deserve so much better, regardless of what their politics might happen to be .

  18. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Does Trudeau have a moral duty to look into the Sputnik V vaccine — or do we all say “Nyet”?

    How desperate would we need to be, before we’d accept a tow rope from Hitler’s staff car — if we were stuck in a ditch?

    I must admit, I’m hesitant… like I am when I’m offered a sip of someone else’s drink. The fact that South Korea — among the others in the story below — has said “Dah” to Putin’s vaccine has me interested.

    (Response: If more than one independent and respected medical evaluation bodies give ANY vaccine a thumb’s up, I think when fighting a pandemic that is claiming thousands of lives a day around the world, we should use it. h.o)

  19. 13 says:

    Its hard to find an upside to this story, but here goes.
    Biden could have done the right thing and lived up to words on the Peace Arch. He could have spun it that his new government was so efficient that 100 days 150 million doses was possible even while helping the country to the North save Canadian lives.
    To this point he hasnt done that, and by not bailing Trudeau out he has not helped Trudeau dodge his blunder and therefore not helped Trudeaus chances of getting reelected.
    For that useless gesture we owe Biden some thanks

    (Response: Clearly Biden and Trudeau are NOT off to a good start: Keystone, Buy America and now “you’re on your own” with vaccines. I’ll have more on this next blog. h.o)

  20. Horace B. says:

    Interesting read on a major US Economics Blog on our plight.
    In the comments section there was not much thought of moral obligation, partly because we closed our borders so firmly. A couple of commenters quipped that a trade-off of vaccines for sovereignty over British Columbia would be fair.
    One of the posters made a great case for loosening the apron strings: “Canada is caught in the cross-fire of the increasingly protectionist economic unions/nation-states (U.S., China, and EU). The pandemic makes the case for CANZUK much stronger”.
    I await your next column with eager anticipation.

    (Response: Thanks. Hard to believe, Trudeau was on TV again TODAY still boasting about how Canada has signed more contracts with more companies “than almost any other country”. He should have added “with almost the slowest delivery schedule than any other developed country”. h.o)

  21. Baker says:

    I just can’t get my head around the buzz words “moral duty” and its arrogant usage here.

    Sure it would be nice if we all lived in the Oprah Eden of Love and Sharing, but even Ms. Winfrey is a fraud on that score.

    But what is moral duty and when should it be in play?

    A moral US would have been honest with their own people about Vietnam, WMDs, Desert Storm and Afghanistan to name a few of many instances.

    A moral US would not have tried to skewer Canada and Mexico at every turn under NAFTA.

    A moral Canada would have looked after its poisoned northern indigenous peoples.

    A moral Canada would not have turned the vaccine rollout into political point chasing.

    Yes, it might be a nice gesture for the US to be a Good Samaritan maybe, but a moral duty? Smoke another one.

    We did this to ourselves and can’t be so high and mighty as to demand someone else fix it.

  22. e.a.f. says:

    Moral duty/U.S.A. Did you watch the Senate trial today? I would suggest Morality and the U.S.A. are two words which are not going to work in the same sentence or in a situation. My suggestion, the next time the Americans need to land a whole lot of jets in Canada tell them to go elsewhere. Its about all they understand. That country is morally bankrupt. Not all people who live there are morally bankrupt, but have a look at what goes on.

    There will be no sharing of vaccines with Canada. No American politician is prepared to loose their job over that. We aren’t worth it to them. They’ll make deals with Canada if there is money to be made, but not much else. O.K. if we offer them $50 a shot, they may go for it under the heading, its good business. anything less isn’t going to happen.

    (Response; In a critical situation, I don’t think Canada would or should refuse permission “the next time the Americans need to land a whole lot of jets in Canada.” That’s not us. BUT I do believe there will be other opportunities when the US could use Canada’s support … and should not be surprised if we remain silent and do nothing. h.o)

  23. Richard Skelly says:

    The cancellation of Keystone XL without meaningful consultation with Canada plus quite possible harm to our country via Buy-American policies also indicate problems ahead in Canada-U.S. relations with Biden in the White House. If so, this could enhance prospects for the O’Toole Conservatives to sell themselves as better defenders of Canadian interests than the Trudeau Liberals.

    (Response: The relationship certainly is off to a rocky start. And I believe it’s going to get worse: see my next blog. h.o)

  24. BMCQ says:

    More “Hate of America and Americans” on this blog, Canadians are such respectful people, how IS YOUR “Canadian Superiority” working out for YOU ?

    Imagine, it was only a short time ago too many on this Blog were critical of the USA for their Vaccine Roll Out, how does Canada look now ?

    Not to worry though Pfizer, the Canadian PM, Canadian Health Officials and a very compliant media have already figured a way to increase the numbers of doss of vaccine without even shipping additional quantities, they will just increase the number of doses in each vial, absolutely amazing, perhaps they should announce that we can get even more doses out of each vial, that would push up the numbers even more dramatically . .

    Can we actually believe what we are being told, or are we being sold ?

    Approximately 150 Million doses of vaccine have been given to citizens in the U.S.,
    In Canada there have been about enough doses injected into Canadians to cover about a third of the West End of Vancouver, that is not so good .

    I am not agreeing that the U.S. has any “Moral Obligation” to provide vaccines to Canada but I am suggesting Canada should ask POTUS Biden in a very public way to
    loan, sell, provide a healthy amount of vaccines to Canada .

    I would not underestimate the Biden Administration they might just come through for their neighbour to the north .

    One last thing here, is Pfizer now charging for that extra dose in each vial ? Will Pfizer now conclude that the new count for each vial be taken off of their commitment to Canada for total doses promised ?

    Did Canada and it’s PM, Procurement Minister, Health Officials fall into a trap set by Pfizer, were they taken advantage of, will Pfizer now be able to avoid sending more doses because of the agreement Canada and Pfizer made regarding the 6 FOR 5 ?

    Canadians need to know and media once again need to ask .

    I for one am concerned, this latest situation concerning the Canadian Roll Out of Vaccine seems to have a Bad Odour .

    (Response: You make it sound like the Pfizer sixth dose is a Pfizer/Canadian government conspiracy: “Pfizer, the Canadian PM, Canadian Health Officials and a very compliant media have already figured a way to increase the numbers of doses of vaccine without even shipping additional quantities, they will just increase the number of doses in each vial.” WRONG!! Actually it’s a world wide issue with Pfizer, not just Canada’s: h.o)

  25. e.a.f. says:

    Harvey you’re right, its not us, but it may become us, as you allude to in your last sentence. The Americans have alignated not just their enemies but their friends or as much as countries can be friends. A shift has taken place in that country and as a result, it may cause Canada to shift also, in regards to them.

    911, and then we took at those jets and then they lumped us in “terrorists” and demanded passports, searches, etc. like we were the enemy. Some senior politicians couldn’t even get their notes straight blaming Canada for having the terrorists come in through our country. Have not been to the U.S.A. since and don’t expect I ever will. I wonder how much the AMericans would have paid to land each of their jets in Canada?

    About all I’ would be willing to entertain is admitting Americans as political refugees, had things really gone off the rails 6 Jan. They could have landed those jets elswhere, but Canada was safe and easy. NFLD did an amazing job. Its an interesting read of how they did it. I guess that is part of what makes us Canadian.

  26. Art Smith says:

    Hi Harvey, good discussion! I too struggle with the Moral Duty, not so sure many politicians have morals. I think this whole quagmire could have been forestalled if Canada and its people and politicians would stop with the idea that we are a branch office of the U.S. and start taking responsibility for our own country and looking after ourselves. As much as many Canadians look down on the Americans, we look to them to protect us, buy our products and finance a lot of our industry. And also to provide us with a warm and generally friendly place to holiday. Let’s face it, we need to grow up.
    Our PM is now phoning everyone he can think of to try and get someone to bail him out after he spent the past year hiding in his cottage, doing heaven knows what, and pretending he knows what is going on with his daily puffball session with all the turd-polishers. I think if anyone has a Moral Duty, it would be Trudeau, and that would be to resign.

    (Response: Getting a good discussion going, reflecting several sides of an issue, is a really good contribution blogs/social media make to democracy. It seldom changes any of the contributors’ minds, but I do believe it does provide valuable information/opinion for the thousands of readers, who hopefully are more independent/open to various ideas. As for Trudeau resigning: no way … at least so far. ho)

  27. 13 says:

    Im learning from this blog topic.
    There is no honor among our two countries at this time in history. Probably because we have two leaders that by most measures are weak. Trudeau doesnt even require an explanation. Biden might have won the election but the country is deeply divided and hes hasnt had as much time in office to bungle , lie, and screw up on a level to be equal to Trudeau. I disagree whole heartedly with those that bash our American cousins. Just like on the blog , politicians are fair game but people should get respect.
    On CBC radio this am I heard that the vaccines that are to arrive are not a sure thing.
    If Trudeau has dropped the ball AGAIN it should spell the end of his “career”.

    (Response: Trudeau was on TV this morning (Friday) and again said the latest news is that Pfizer WILL supply Canada 4 million doses by the end of March, as contracted and will even provide its following shipment EARLIER than scheduled. And Canada has bought more Moderna shots: He’d better deliver ..literally … if he is planning an election in 2021! h.o)

  28. BMCQ says:

    Art Smith

    First of all I must say I agree with much of what you posted but I must congratulate and thank you for the Technical Term used to describe many/most in media that attend the Liberal “Propaganda Worship and Appreciation” Announcements in front of the “Frog Cottage”, the “Turd Polishers” description fits them absolutely superbly . I laughed out loud !

    I have never allowed myself to be alarmist, become panicked or have any great amount of anxiety over most things life throws at me and at times we have faced significant challenges in business and with problems family and friends have faced but I am beginning to feel the whole Covid – 19 CF has been mishandled by everything from the Lies of our Chinese Masters, Incompetent and Impotent Governments, Health Authorities, and a very complicit and compliant Media, I am worried .

    I feel very strongly that Canada needs to plead it’s case with the U.S., India, the eU, the now free UK, and any other nation that might help our country secure vaccine, peoples lives and long term health depend on the availability and acquisition of a Vax for Canadians .

    ( topic.)

    POTUS Biden might now come through but the Canadian PM, the Foreign Affairs Minister, and the Canadian Procurement Minister must appeal to any and all countries we can to number one hope they can assist and number two, we most hope that some or any of those countries feel a “Moral Obligation” to assist Canada and Canadians, Canada has done much for various world nations, especially countries in Eururope that were liberated by young Canadian Military thousands of who died to sve those EU Nations .

    If the Canadian PM and the rest of the Top Mensa Members he has beside him in Ottawa simply appealed for on average say 2 million doses of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine from six or eight countries it would provide close up to 20 Million Doses which would carry us through until we can secure a more dependable volume of supply . The first nations we should appeal to after the U.S.A., the UK,, and India is the Netherlands, the people of Holland have a great love for Canada and Canadians,
    I travel to Amsterdam every November and I can testify to the fact that the people of Holland respect and appreciate Canada and Canadians .

    Again, an appeal to say 8 countries for 2 Million Doses or 330,000 vials from each would provide Canada with enough vaccine to vaccinate millions of Canadians and save perhaps millions of lives .

    ALL Countries must get vaccine into the arms of waiting citizens before the variants change enough to make the current vaccines redundant and of no use to anyone . Think about that possibility for just one minute and then think about your PM and his inabilities to do anything correct on any file that means anything . Time is of the essence .

    This is NO time for Canadian Politicians to put pride before our need, the PM and hs Minions need to act now . I believe we have a “Hell Storm” coming with the Variants and we have no time to waste .

    I honestly do not have any confidence in the Canadian PM and his promise of the “Ramping Up” of deliveries of the Pfizer Vaccine or any other vaccine, honestly I do not believe he is telling the truth and I believe just like you the PM is only hoping, wishing, and praying that shipments of Pfizer or any vaccine magically appears sometime within the next month or so .

    Having said that at this time I have absolutely NO confidence in Federal Governments, Provincial Governments, Municipal Governments Health Officials, Science, and the Media who are basically MIA on the soon to be Apoplectic Covid – 19
    Pandemic .

    In the case of Canada We are up the creek without a paddle and I do not see help coming any time soon, or at least until sometime perhaps mid summer and by then how many more will die unnecessarily and how many that survive will be ravaged and damaged by the damage C – 19 has put upon them for the rest of their life .

    Then there is this, are Pfizer attempting to play fast and loose here ? Are Canadian PM, and Health Officials being “Hoodwinked” ?

    I am very suspicious that something is not quite right with this recent revelation that
    their are now SIX Doses of Vax in each FIVE Dose Vial, WTF ?

    Will the so called extra doses in each vial count as part of our past total of vax delivered ? Our future totals ? Will e be back charged ? We will we now be charged for 6 doses in each vial ?

    Media need to ask the questions, we cannot leave everything up to Harvey and those on this Blog .

    Why do we not hear more of this ?

    Again, it is long past time for employed, salaried, and hopefully working media to step up and demand answers .

  29. BMCQ says:

    Does any of the attached below “BOOST” your confidence in the number of Doses Canada and Canadians will be receiving anytime in the future ?

    Perhaps Pfizer and Canada can manage to squeeze SEVEN Doses of Vax out of each vial, that would work would it not ?

    YIKES !!

    (Response: As you’ll recall, I wrote many months ago that Trudeau/Liberals’ re-election chances hinge on the vaccine rollout: looks increasingly like that indeed will be the case. BUT despite the disastrous start, he/they still have a lot of time (till May, at least) to actually pull it off. h.o)

  30. Eliades Pastor says:

    We’re pan-handling in India for vaccine – come on America we could use a hand here!

    (Response: It is embarrassing, isn’t it! But apparently, the US will soon come through (must be because of my blog!). Canada’s Minister of Procurement Anita Anand said on CBC Friday that both Trudeau and her had talked to “US officials” and Canada WILL be getting doses of the Astra Zeneca vaccine FROM THE US … not have to rely on their plant in India. She didn’t however, say WHEN …which is the all important issue, but if they come soon … well before the US has vaccinated all their 350 million population (their original reason to ban exports), I believe it will indicate US Embassy and Consular officials in Canada (and a the state department in Washington) have indeed reported home about how bad they are looking and being talked about here! There may be another BIG reason too …read my blog Monday! 🙂 h.o)

  31. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Nova Scotia has done brilliantly in the COVID battle, thanks in large part to their geography (though Newfoundland is doing worse) — and now the Feds are diverting parts of the vaccine shipments from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, to help northern communities.

    Doesn’t seem to be much complaint from those two provinces, as they are doing well without it. Good neighbours, thinking of the greater good.

    (Response: Meanwhile, CTV has reported Canada has slipped to 47th in the world … lowest among the G-7 in vaccinations per capita. Perhaps Trudeau and his cabinet ministers should not have boasted so loudly about how Canada was leading the world in contracts! h.o)

  32. BMCQ says:

    I have attached some headlines that we in Canada should pay very close attention to .

    The UK has NOW managed to get at least 15 million doses into arms of UK residents, that is a major accomplishment .

    Canada is far closer to one thousand five h hundred than 15 Million !!

    The accomplishments of the UK, the USA, and so many other of the close to FIFTY Nations that are far ahead of Canada on any scale you wish to measure by not onoy ensures a safer more healthy society the fact that so many are getting the jab ensures that many MILLIONS will not become serious ill and may actually survive C – 19 .

    Think about family, friends, other loved ones, and the population in general when you think about what Canada HAS NOT accomplished with the C – 19 Roll Out, Hell, Canada really has not managed to begin a roll out have we Mr. PM ?

    Then you can think about the next most important fact that the UK and other say 50 or so nations that are ahead of Canada will also accomplish, ALL of those nations and more will very soon begin to see Economies OPEN UP, families will be healthy, employed, services will re open, schools, stores, restaurants, travel, and mall sectors of any economy will soon breath life back into all countries that are actually getting the job done and getting vaccines in the arms of their population .

    How many Seniors and other health compromised people of any of those countries doing their job will LIVE and Survive because of the record of vaccine roll out in any of those countries that have done their job ? Please answer that question Mr. PM, how about YOU Media, care to ask the PM or the Procurement Minister about that ?

    I have also attached something else to digest, it is todays headline from the Vancouver Sun . I honestly want to doubt the claim that they point about the numbers of deaths mostly only happen in the past few months but I suppose they have access to the information so I will not question their claim .

    Having said that the headline took me aback, I then asked myself, “Just how many lives could/would have been saved if Canada was like the other FIFTY or so nations that managed to have a Roll Out of Vaccine that actually worked for the PEOPLE ?

    If these numbers are true the Federal government and every one of their Liberal Members should pay by losing their jobs . Please DO NOT tell me that the Liberal Minions did not know what was taking place and the mistakes made by the PM and his Senior Staff, no one will believe you .

    This is ‘Gut Wrenching”, just think how Seniors, those health compromised and their loved ones including friends feel when they know that if Canada would have managed to provide vaccines to those dead Canadians ?

    Then think about the fact that Canadians still DO NOT know WHAT IS or WHAT IS NOT coming in the way of vaccine and the Government and the PM are more or less SILENT, again, where are media .

    In the meantime the Canadian PM and the very compliant Media do their best to distract and deflect by promising more transit routes and some shiny new cars across the country beginning in SIX YEARS, Hell, we all know what SIX YEARS means in Canada, it means at least fifteen years . Never miind though media have bought into the deflection and unfortunately so have some Canadians .

    Right now Canada needs to beg, borrow, or steal quantities of vaccine from countries that have had a successful roll out, even if it is only say 8 countries and a million doses of vaccine from each, that would make the difference.

    Honestly I am quite confident 8 or 10 countries would grant the wish of a country like Canada, we have absolutely NO time to waste .

    This unfortunately is the DF or ALL DF and we have no one to blame but the PM, his minions, and of course China who have LIED every step of the way !!

  33. Baker says:

    Oh how I hate being chased off to the dictionary, urban or Webster to dig for acronyms.
    What the hell is this? “This unfortunately is the DF or ALL DF .”

  34. BMCQ says:

    My sincerest apologies, should be “CF” .

    I could not think of a better way to describe the Federal Governments handling of the Vax Roll Out, I should have proof read .

    I am well aware that some here may feel I am over the top on this but I cannot help but think about the tragic results of C – 19 and the fact that not enough Canadians are being vaccinated due to the major mis handling of acquiring, securing and the roll out and now the availability of the vaccines while the new variants become a real threat .

  35. Not Sure says:

    Not Sure, but when someone suggests that we beg borrow or STEAL vaccines, it is definitely time for a new topic.

    Can we at least keep our fingers crossed that these stories are true.

    Also, those woke, pandering racist no-nothing do-gooders in the Conservative government of Ontario have placed

    “Indigenous adults in northern remote and higher-risk communities, including on reserves and in URBAN communities” in the immediate priority category for vaccines

    and “ALL Indigenous adults in the “next prioriy” category”

    Of course they need vaccines to do that but BC seems to be lagging behind Manitoba and now Ontario if BC only targeted Indigenous people 65+.

    And BMCQ, thanks for the clarification but CF will always mean cystic fibrosis to most of us or perhaps centre field for those of us who score at home or confer for people who read the footnotes of academic journals. There are 206 meanings of CF including “cluster foulup” which they say is the polite form of a military term.

    Happy Family Day or HFD as some us like to say.

  36. BMCQ says:

    Not Sure – I cannot help but ask .

    Should we in Canada still be accepting and believing promises made by anyone regarding the availability and actual of ANY vaccine by any corporation or the Canadian Federal Government and the PM ?

    CF can also mean Charlie Foxtrot but I was attempting to paint the FAILED Roll Out of vaccine by the PM and the Federal Government as “Chaotic” but I wanted to use a term
    That was more colourful, something that would describe how bad and how disgustingly repulsive and tragic the roll out actually is, people are dying and if the variants turn out to be what they could be in quick time we are in big trouble .

    I am sorry the CF term I used seemed to confuse some .

  37. BMCQ says:

    If we can believe reports it appears that Canada has about 11 or 12 doses of one vaccine or another on order for every Canadian that would need to be dosed .

    Those numbers just seem ridiculous, it leads me to once again question the management of the vaccine roll out and the handling of the whole pandemic in this country, each and every move the Federal Government make should cause concern, this government is lost and Canadians are in grave danger .

    Canadians need to know every single detail of the contracts with all subject manufacturers, including delivery dates, cost per dose, opt out if applicable, and efficacy of each manufacturers vaccine .

    Again, media need to step up right now and ask the tough questions .

  38. 13 says:

    As of 02/17/21 Washington State is vaccinating all essential workers over 50. Except if your working in an environment ( food processing plant) then ALL will be vaccinated.
    Why Justin Trudeau still has a job is beyond me. John Horgan as well due to his blind support of the idiot makes the obvious point. John Horgan calls an election during a pandemic John Horgan has the back of a PM that has failed the Canadian people. John Horgan only cares about John Horgan

    (Response: He still has his job because neither the Tories or the NDP are ready politically or financially for an election … and fear that even if they forced one, Trudeau/Liberals would still be seen by enough Canadians as better than what the opposition parties have to offer. h.o)

  39. 13 says:

    2/19/21 and now the second dose can wait for ever. Now our spin Dr experts say one dose might be all it takes. Now vaccines are coming but just not soon. In the UK second dose comes 90 days later. In BC 80 and over will require fewer doses as vaccine delay will allow more 80 plus to die thereby freeing up imaginary vaccine for others.
    Trudeau is a super hero and Horgan is his side kick .

  40. 13 says:

    So it looks like the Great Canadian Casino executive and his wife will get the last laugh.
    After jumping the cue / lying through his teeth/ losing his job / the public was told ” Well hes going to have to wait for his turn to get the second dose” Jokes on us , there is no need for the second dose.

    How much phizer vaccine was poured down the toilet because the minus 94 deg c could not be maintained. Truly a phizer miracle from changing from 5 to 6 doses per vial. Reducing dosage from 2 to one inoculation. Reducing storage requirements from a super freezer to a cooler bag. Pretty soon we will find out that we can buy the vaccine at the dollar store. We will need a complete accounting of how many lives were lost due to the phizer drug company not understanding how to store / administer/ their own product. For every one that received the un needed second shot someone else could have been saved from covid
    The drug manufacturer is almost as screwed up as Trudeau

  41. BMCQ says:


    Agreed, good points !

    Now here is something else we in Canada can think of .

    How many Canadian lives would be saved if we had a proper Vaccine Roll Out ?

    Again, will media hold this Daily Mail piece up and ask the Canadian PM the appropriate questions ?

    Will they demand the PM explain himself and will he explain the “Inaction” of his Libeal Government ?

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