US Vote Proves Canada’s Electoral System is Better

It will be days, maybe weeks or even months before the final results of the US election are known.

But I believe there are unavoidable facts and truths that are already self evident: Canada’s electoral system is better.

We may occasionally have to board up our storefronts before a hockey final, some sort of massive protest or New Year’s Eve celebrations … but NEVER an election! And even though we have a wide variety of federal political parties and ideologies that win seats in the the Commons … from Conservatives to Liberals to New Democrats to Greens and even sovereigntist Bloc Quebecois …. none of them are supported by armed wackos armed to the teeth who threaten violence if their side loses.

Canada’s registered political parties don’t put out phony ballot boxes to intercept advance votes; no incumbent or aspiring Canadian leader suggests all counting, including advance or mail in votes already received, should cease at Midnight; and, there is no Canadian non-elected “college” of political appointees who decide and can even be instructed by a province or can decide on their own to overrule voters’ decisions.

And that’s only some of the American election weaknesses.

“Since 2008, states across the country have passed measures to make it harder for Americans—particularly black people, the elderly, students, and people with disabilities—to exercise their fundamental right to cast a ballot. These measures include cuts to early voting, voter ID laws, and purges of voter rolls,” the American Civil Liberties Union has pointed out.

These vote obstructing and vote-suppressing actions … are carried out not by hackers or foreign powers or by organized crime, but by American governments and public officials themselves, sworn to protect and defend the US Constitution, further offending democracy.

And, in too many cases, politicized Courts deliver rulings that allow them to get away with it!

It’s all part of irrefutable evidence that the American election system, as President Trump said, is indeed “rigged”. Or at least has been corrupted enough in so many states over the years in a concerted, and successful effort to suppress millions of citizens’ democratic right to vote.

The closeness of the results in the latest US race shows how critical … and damaging … those acts to prevent, deny and dismiss the ability of millions of Americans to vote has been to the US electoral system.

In Canada, Elections Canada … our highly independent and non-partisan body that reports directly to Parliament … supervises and controls the nation’s federal voting mechanisms, including polling station locations, provision of ballot boxes and ensuring that voting is not only explained and promoted (in several languages) across the land but also is fairly carried out and accessible, encouraged and assisted.

Elections Canada goes to such extraordinary lengths to make sure that all happens, even in remote areas, I believe Canadians universally respect the role, the efforts and the record of Elections Canada in our democracy.

True, some Canadians would prefer a proportional representation form of elections, but they don’t have that in the US either.

In the vote we just witnessed in the US, states individually established the laws/controls/restrictions that governed the federal vote … and in far too many states, the obstructionism has been even worse than ever … and DOZENS of lawsuits already launched in US Courts against alleged voter suppression testified to that.

This is how bad some of it was:

Texas and Ohio restricted to one ballot box per county (some counties so large they have millions of voters) where absentee ballots could be dropped off. One ballot box for an entire county! Other states bar mail-in voting …except in exceptional circumstances.

Others selectively purged voter rolls, dropping some unsuspecting voters who did not realize they had to re-register this year to vote; or introduced new voter I.D. rules particularly difficult for poor, inner city minorities to meet; or required mail-in ballots to have their outer envelopes signed by a witness (who knew?) or they would be thrown out; or even prescribed that an official notary had to stamp/sign the mail-in ballot envelope to be valid.

Under state control of federal voting, electors in some urban areas (reportedly especially those with large numbers of black/inner city voters) had to wait up to 12 hours in line (not so in the suburbs) to exercise their franchise.

Many voters (many very poor and not owning their own vehicles) in remote American First Nations communities were disenfranchised by rules that forbade ballot-harvesting: ie. allowing others on their reserves to gather up ballots and deliver them to polling stations often many miles away.

In Florida, voters in 2018 approved a referendum with 65% support, restoring voting rights to 1.4 million former felons … in a state Trump had won in 2016 by only 100,000 votes. The Republican Governor/State House overruled the voters’ decision, and when that was challenged in Florida Supreme Court, five judges appointed by Trump formed the the majority on the bench to support the state’s decision to deny former felons the vote.

And all this is without even getting into all the gerrymandering of voting boundaries that politically twists, trims, plumps and manipulates the vote in many, many US states (Makes 1978 Gracie’s Finger in BC in look like child’s play! 🙂 )

No doubt Canada had its own history of boundary manipulations … but nothing today comes even close to the levels of we still see so prevalent in the US.

Nor do we celebrate deliberate attempts (and successes) that prevent and suppress fellow citizens … millions of them … from voting.

Even the one aspect of the US system I used to like … direct election by the voters of the President … has been corrupted by an additional manipulatable layer, the Electoral College.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton received THREE MILLION MORE direct votes than Trump …but was denied the Presidency through the Electoral College … whose “members” do NOT have to vote the way their state’s voters do!!!

“Electors are “pledged” to a presidential ticket based on the results of the popular vote in each state or district. In most cases, all of a state’s electors go to the candidate who gets the most votes in the state; Maine and Nebraska also use the results at the district level to allocate a share of their votes,” a National Post article explained last Friday.

“But, yet, it’s not that straightforward. “Faithless electors” can still cast their vote against the candidate that they are pledged to vote for. Seven such “faithless electors” actually voted in 2016 for someone other than the candidate to whom they were pledged: two in Trump’s column and five in Clinton’s.”


You can read that entire article here:

And there were indications just last week in the US it could happen again this election:

Whatever the final outcome, the integrity of what Trump calls America’s “rigged” voting will once more be besmirched.

While Canadians can feel prouder than ever of how much fairer and better OUR country handles voting.

Even if we might not always like the outcome.

Harv Oberfeld

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22 Responses to US Vote Proves Canada’s Electoral System is Better

  1. Steve Cooley says:

    Why do the other democracies in the world not call for election observers of the US elections? One ballot box per county, even if it includes Dallas! We can hardly complain about the Electoral college using a first past the post rule for almost all the states. It’s existence is rooted in the past, and the constitution. It should stay in the past and be the subject of another amendment.

    (Response: First past the post is not the problem. Even a proportional rep system wouldn’t stop unethical politicians, parties, governments from finding ways to make it difficult for some voters to register, cast ballots etc. h.o)

  2. G. Barry Stewart says:

    If Trump does the unimaginable and pulls off another victory — at least the world can rest easy that his second term will be his last. Or will he try and pull a Putin?

    The greatest line I heard last night, on the CTV panel at about 8 p.m. was, “What in actual Hell is going on here?”

    (Response: It boggles the mind how so many people can set aside their own ethics, morality, self-respect … and 235,000 Covid deaths, to give Trump a vote of confidence. But then again, I’m not one to just vote based on party, party, party so I, like millions of others, have the freedom to throw out someone we KNOW to be repulsive as Trump. h.o)

  3. Graham Elder says:

    Bang on with both points Harvey. The republicans are willfully ignoring the fact that absentee and mail in ballots are legal and safe, have been for decades. Fortunately the judges in the counties, cities and states have rebuffed the attempts by the republicans to
    force them to stop counting ballots . They are flooding all legal avenues. Even though they are not successful they are spreading lies and mistrust in the system where they are the main cause. From robocalls to fake ballot boxes to unattainable ID rules to the prospect of intimidation at the polls to sowing misinformation, to gerrymandering. The republicans know they only usually win when they cheat. In case all that doesn’t work they now have a stacked Supreme Court they can count on should it get that far. Unfortunately, I think it will.
    The US would do well to adopt many of our procedures as well as the country wide impartial elections committee. For the supposed greatest democracy they have fallen so far as to make that claim laughable.

    (Response: I know a lot of people look at Trump as an example of the worst America has to offer….but let’s keep it real: he did have/highlight legitimate concerns/issues/achievements with trade, NATO funding, China, the mid East. Yes, I find him personally disgusting and repugnant …and he has always been a narcissist, self-serving. I think the WORST are people like Lindsay Graham … such a disgusting low-life hypocrite and ass-kisser in my view …and yet, he was re-elected! That’s what’s so shameful about America these days. h.o.)

  4. Cora says:

    Isn’t it amazing that they have the nerve to run around the world telling people how they should govern or hold elections.

    (Response: Good point. It saddens me how the US has fallen into such a morass that politicians (not just Trump but LOTS of Congress members and Senators) can be so disgusting, such liars, so devoid of ethics and any moral standard … beyond ANYTHING our own “challenged” politicians even come close to …. and yet, get elected. h.o)

  5. Mark Jan Vrem says:

    Might I suggest a recent article in Rolling Stone by a UBC professor that lays out the problems facing the USA. It is a nation divided.

    (Response: Thanks Mark. Good reading! h.o)

  6. harry lawson says:


    what a great display of democracy (sarcasm intended) my understandimg in the USA each state sets its on rules on federal elections ,no set standard nation wide.

    Many canadians do not realize that a county goes from tens to thousands of square miles.

    The sad reality is no matter who is declared the victor the country is and will be divided. such a shame.

    (Response: Yes, the states can set rules, restrictions and polling places and numbers for FEDERAL elections. It’s crazy!!! And some of them know no shame: Governors and State Legislatures manipulate the rules, the boundaries, the determination of who votes sometimes so blatantly to keep minorities or opponents from voting. Some democracy! h.o)

  7. NVG says:

    Comparing the efficiency of Canada’s federal voting mechanism to that of the United States of America, is a tad misleading to your readers.

    When ‘we’ go to the polls its to vote for the candidate who will become our Member of Parliament. Our ballot fits on a slip of paper, and then we leave it up to the majority of MP’s (The Party) in Ottawa to select who will be the Prime Minister of Canada.

    In the US, the ballot is FOUR PAGES long. eg. even the dog-catcher (almost) has to be selected.

    Washington State Sample – August 4th, 2020 Primary Election

    Philadelphians Sample

    (Response: Yes there are differences, but that’s my whole point. OUR system is better …more independently supervised and carried out, more honestly set up to ensure MAXIMUM number of voters, not minimums and no Premier or provincial legislature would DARE suggest that votes received before the votes closed NOT be counted! h.o)

  8. e.a.f. says:

    Good article. You are very correct.
    Texas has been a leader in voter suppression. It is in Texas where there is one spot to drop off ballots, and it has 4.5 million people living in that county. The State of Washington is much better. Their King County, with 2.5 Million people had 78 (I think) drop boxes.

    The U.S.A. isn’t the U.S.A. we once knew. Its a second world country, quickly becoming a “shit hole”.

    Saw a quick line in the news about Friedland saying Canada would be helping Canadians in the U.S.A. returning to Canada. Its like some country having a civil war. But then who knows what will happen.

    have been watching C.B.C. and they’re doing a good job. Vachy Kapela had a former Ambassador to Canada on, (think it was from the Obama administration). He talked about how difficult Obama found it when he took over (financial meltdown) but he advised Biden would have even a more difficult time given all that has gone wrong.

    Interesting interview by CBC with the former Florida Republican lawyer who over saw all voting challenges, etc. for the Republicans for 14 years, at all levels of government. He wasn’t amused with Trump and what he was saying about voting. The lawyer was clear, fraud hadn’t been an issue in the U.S.A. He wasn’t happy Trump was talking about it. In response to a CBC question he said if Trump were re elected Canada could expect a lot of Americans to come knocking at our door. CBC responded, the door is closed right now. former Republican: yes I know I’ve been looking into getting my B.C. Law license. On some American blogs people are leaving for Portugal, Spain, Ireland. Like they’re already gone.

    One CBC interviewer asked an American (political anaylist or something along that line) what their take was on the potential for violence. He responded, he didn’t expect any from Biden supporters but Trump supporters, yes, there would be violence if Trump wasn’t elected.

    Gun sales were up in the U.S.A. prior to the election. I can’t not imagine what it will be like in the U.S.A. if they start shooting there. It will cause a great many problems in Canada. If Trump is re elected, in my opinion, we can expect to see a great many Americans applying for political refugee status. Germany managed to deal with a million people who walked in. Can we do the same if we had to? People may not think it can happen, but look at Venezuela and look at the former Yukoslavia when it went into Civil War. Never say that coming. One year they’re having the O’s and a few years later a massive civil war. American talking heads, politicians, etc. were saying there is a divide in their country and its huge.

    Yes, we are lucky to live in Canada. We have hockey riots but riots about an election, not so much. As you write, Elections Canada does a good job running our elections. Regardless of whether I liked a P.M., in my opinion, they all behaved appropriately.

    Agree with Cora and the next American election may have to have foreign observers. Its scary because we sit right on the border. Given the time, effort, energy, money it is going to take to get the U.S.A. back on track, other countries who have always relied on the U.S.A. for various things, including military back up, had better get their act together and be prepared to go it alone. The U.S.A. has a lot of work to do, if Biden is elected and if Trump is elected, its a write off.

  9. DBW says:

    Stephen Harper appointed 7 judges to the Supreme Court. Did anybody notice? Trudeau has already appointed 3. Anybody notice?

    I did a quick google search and it seem that the US is the only democracy that politicizes its Supreme Court.

    On top of that Canadian judges must retire at the reasonable age of 75 ensuring regular turnover while American judges stay on for life. Poor RBG died in office because she was trying to outlive Trump’s presidency.

    And another thing I find strange is the adoration for their founding fathers as if everything they said is irrefutable 250 years later. We argue about John A and how much good he did for Canada or how flawed he may have been in some ways, but nobody and I mean nobody in Canada would ever say “Well Macdonald or Brown or Cartier believed/said/wrote this so we should continue that way.”

    And state rights? 50 states 50 different ways to organize a FEDERAL election.

    And the electoral college? And voter suppression?

    Yeh pretty happy to vote in Canada.

    (Response: In Canada, Supreme Court Justices are appointed by the Gov General (ie the government) BUT on the advice of the entire Privy Council … made up of present and past members of all governing parties and even civilians …who study, interview and evaluate potential Justices. And both linguistic and regional considerations are taken into account. I almost cringe when I look South and see the likes of Clarence Thomas, Brent Kavanagh and the latest member, the highly political, Amy Barrett…. none of whom I view as personally or judicially suitable for such an important top supposedly independent judicial post. h.o)

  10. D. M. Johnston says:

    There is no comparison between Canadian elections and American elections. In Canada, we have continued with the British parliamentary system a quaint 18th century governance which has matured and evolved over time.

    American governance is a mix mash of anti parliamentary government, with a vague basis on French Republicanism. Today, American government is so construed to keep the wealthy wealthy and to keep the blacks down. American government is a “pork barrel” delight of lobbyists with bale full of plain brown manila envelopes unregulated political spending and massive corruption at all levels of government.

    This wasn’t always so.

    Up to Dec.7 1941, the USA was an apartheid state, a Jim-Crow, corn pone, xenophobic republic which only wanted to be left alone.

    With the rise of movie theatres, history was repurposed for the silver screen and became the medium of American exceptionalism. WW 2 brought massive works, with good paying jobs and was the rise of the American middle class and the combination of both was massive, a consumer society.

    All through the late 40’s, 50’s 609′ and into the 70’s, the rise of the middle class brought wealth and industry and even the poorest were taken care of. Education was the hallmark of the middle class, real education, not mindless sums and dates in history.

    Vietnam changed everything because the middle class did not want to fight in a foreign war to keep corrupt politicians in Vietnam. The slaughter seemed pointless, then Kent State, where America showed its true colours to the world.

    The American right was slapped across the face by Vietnam and with President Ronald Reagan, sought to eradicate the power of the middle class, by cutting back on taxes, education, and more. The American right also wanted to put the blacks back into their place in American society. Of course tokenism survives to keep up appearances internationally, but as we have seen just in the past 2 years, blacks are deemed expendable.

    During the 80’s and 90’s the USA devolved into the great divide, exacerbated by 9-11, which brought the police state and President Obama, which started the great American coup, now spearheaded by Trump and his monkeys like McConnell and many republicans.

    The America Supreme court, which is now a political court, is now packed and will vote on Republican lines; American politics is swiftly reaching its nadir and I am afraid very bad things are soon to happen if a Biden election win is overturned by the Supreme Court.

    No, Canadian politics cannot be at all compared to American politics.

    As an aside: Back in the early 60’s a relative who worked in the forest industry was sent down to one of the Southern States to look at purchasing plywood mills.

    Being naive to the social mores of the south he got into trouble by talking to black workers and listening to them about mill operations. So incensed, were the white workers and the white management, his life was threatened, his hotel room was suddenly unavailable, and no cab would take him to the airport.

    This is alien in Canada, yet I have been told by acquaintances who have has similar experiences, that the same mindset still exists in the deep south today.

    (Response: Thanks for this: quite interesting. I know the College of Electors dates back to the days of slavery, as a way of giving Southern states a bigger say in choosing the President than their white population (blacks of course had no vote back then in the South) would otherwise enjoy, compared to numbers in the North. But clearly, it has been corrupted by modern day politics and chicanery and some states where local politicians have powers that can manipulate the national results. I’ll trust Elections Canada over their College system …and I believe we can be proud up here that, in this regard OUR system is much better. h.o)

  11. DBW says:

    May I just add that while I prefer our system to the American one, ours is not without flaws are theirs does have some positive qualities.

    I am a strong advocate of proportional reputation. Despite being an NDP voter, I was upset that the NDP called an election with a workable minority so they could gain a majority with only 44% of the popular vote in an election that despite mail-in ballots and longer advance polls still had the smallest turnout in almost a century.

    The Americans do use first past the post, but every two years there is a vote for the entire House of Representatives and a third of the Senate to ensure there are checks and balances on presidential power.

    (Response: I agree … our system is not perfect and although I am no longer a fan of proportional representation (too much blackmail power in the hands of tiny parties) the Americans can teach us a lot about voter involvement and turnout. However, looking at the overall operation of ELECTIONS ..and how they are organized, carried out and supervised by Elections Canada, I believe we are way ahead of the corrupted system n play south of the border. h.o)

  12. D. M. Johnston says:

    When I nearly succumbed to a nasty disease 9 years ago, my year long rehab and today still continues, I watched a lot of news channels such as CNN, MSNBC, etc.

    It only took me a short while to realize I was woefully ignorant of American politics and the political system, I decided to follow 6 bloggers, 3 Democrat and 3 Republican, soon shortlisted to 2 on 2 and finally 1 on 1 and after almost a decade, I am getting a handle on the American politic.

    The two I follow now are both college professors, with one retired who’s specialty was politics.

    These people live in two completely different worlds.

    The Republican world is one of hate and profound ignorance. One just cannot believe the ignorance from a supposedly educated person, especially the drivel this person is posting on Facebook as I type this.

    In Canada, it would be actionable, but in the excited states, it seems to be the norm.

    Communists are still the big bogeyman, yet the right wing really haven’t a clue what a Communist is, but if you disagree with them, you are a Communist.

    The lefty, the retire political scientist is more worldly and I now have a good foundation of the American political system and its Ills. It is not good news.

    The states themselves control the federal election process and here is where the fun begins, some states stop counting if a candidate reaches a majority after about 75% of the votes are counted. Illegal actions abound at polling stations and, as you pointed out, voting can be an absolute shambles, especially in black and/or poor neighbourhoods.

    The American courts are either Democratic courts or Republican courts and each have a different interpretation of the law and now with the Supreme Court packed with Republicans, if the election goes to court, the decision has already been decided and in favour of Trump.

    It is a mess and it is getting worse. And if Biden loses in the courts because hold your breathe, it could be the match the lights the second American Civil War.

    No, Canadian politics and political system is nowhere near the American one.

    Never again should one question the German voters in 1933, voting for the little bastard with the funny mustache, because we are seeing it all played out again, 87 years later. Only this time is is far too close to home.

    (Response: Scary stuff. I know it’s abhorrent to many to even consider the popularity of Trump to being similar that of Hitler in the 1930s. But I think it’s quite relevant to wonder/question HOW in the world can so many millions of people vote FOR anyone like Trump …such a disgusting liar and even today, spewing out very dangerous rhetoric, claiming he has WON the el3ection (as votes are still being counted and interim results so far indicating he he BEHIND) plus openly alleging “massive fraud” has taken place in the US vote. Words like that can result in innocent people’s deaths … if wacko gun toting nuts feel moved to act. How irresponsible can a politician be …especially a sitting US PRESIDENT!!! Incredible. We are so lucky here in Canada. h.o)

  13. frozentundra says:

    The US is open to so much fraud…no national voting lists, all the gerrymandering to create conditions for fraud to occur. We should never take our rights for granted. But we should not be so arrogant. Our PM has many of the personality types of the US presidential candidates. Like Trump, everything is about him and he will throw people like Morneau and Wilson Raybould under the bus . And like Biden, he is ruled from people behind him (Butts, Telford) and he is just the face of the franchise.

    My big worry from watching south of the border elections is how polarizing it is. The other side whether the Democrats or the Republicans, are the enemy and anything they say is inherently wrong. There is no compromise in this system. If you are a Republican, you are a racist backwoods hillbilly that dates a relative. If you are a Democrat, you are a virtue signalling person living in the city who is one step from being a Communist. If the US doesnt figure out how to tone this rhetoric down, they may face a second Civil War.

    (Response: I think even those who would have preferred Trump/Republicans to win should be very, very careful before getting on Trump’s bandwagon and agreeing with him that so much of their election was a fraud. Because if the US election has been as fraudulent as Trump claims, then American democracy is now dead. And the US now leaves behind Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Australia etc. and joins the ranks of Belarus, Turkey, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Russia and the Congo and other corrupt nations where elections are a fake. This is VERY serious … goes beyond ANY internal party candidate selection interference we’ve seen here in Canada or other Western democracies. Frankly, I don’t believe Trump: he’s a proven liar who has long and often made outrageous and even irrational claims and statements that in the end are refuted and unproven. If he is doing more of the same now … he is becoming quite dangerous, when you consider how extremists might react. h.o)

  14. Gilbert says:

    How could anyone vote for President Trump? It’s simple. There are people who don’t like Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris is a woman who accused Joe Biden of racism and said she believed the women who accused him of sexual misconduct. But she changed her views when he picked her to be his running mate.

    Now let’s talk about Joe Biden. He’s had strokes and clearly doesn’t want to take a cognitive test. He’s a career politician who many consider corrupt. I also think it’s fair to say that many doubt he’d last a full term in office.

    He spent much of the campaign in his basement. Most people would agree that he didn’t conduct a very impressive campaign. If people want a healthy, mentally and physically fit, brave and hard-working president, it’s doubtful he will match that description.

    Some dislike the American president so much that they claim he’s murdered over 200,000 Americans. Should we say that the Canadian prime minister has murdered over 10,000 Canadians? Let’s consider New York. When Governor Cuomo moved coronavirus patients to nursing homes, was that the president’s fault?

    If we account for the differences in the populations of Canada and the US, the differences in population density, travellers to and from China, the different health care systems, and the rates of heart disease and obesity, we shouldn’t be so surprised by the different results. Let’s also consider that not everyone who dies actually dies directly from the coronavirus. Sweden’s Foreign Minister once stated that in Sweden, every death which occurs while one is infected with the coronavirus is ruled a coronavirus death. The reality, though, is that maybe 20% of the coronavirus deaths there were not directly the result of the coronavirus.

    I certainly agree that Canada’s electoral system is better than that of the US. It would have been nice if there had been a decisive result on one side or the other. Nevertheless, it appears that Joe Biden will become the next president of the US, but Republicans can at least be glad that it appears they will retain control of the senate.

    You criticized Senator Graham. One senator who I really dislike, and who doesn’t need to be in politics is Nancy Pelosi. She once went on TV and showed her very expensive ice freezer valued at over $20,000. I thought it was extremely insensitive. Now many Americans are suffering and she decides to delay the delivery of stimulus checks until after the election. That is truly disgusting.

    The Republicans are supposed to be the party of business and the elites while the Democrats are the party of the ordinary worker. In this election, though, the Democrats raised huge amounts and many of their contributions came from Wall Street and Big Tech. The Democrats are not the party they used to be.

    (Response: Any seasoned politician can be criticized for their actions, their policies, their ignorance, their failings. But in my view, Trump goes well beyond any civil standard of behaviour to the point I believe he may even have dangerous mental disabilities. Today his statements were so outrageous …capable of leading to violence by those who believe him and potentially the injury or death of innocent people …that even Fox News said when he had finished that there was NO EVIDENCE as yet that the accusations he was making were true. Fox News!!! Trump’s rants and lies and the ass-kissing Lindsay Graham’s actions go well beyond any bad taste or political posturing Pelosi has ever displayed…. especially displaying an expensive freezer!! h.o)

  15. e.a.f. says:

    After reading the reports regarding Trump’s “performance” today regarding vote counting, you bet there is a big difference between Canada and the U.S.A. Can not recall having a Canadian politician at any level, least of all at the P.M. level suggesting vote counting stop. No Canadian P.M. has ever behaved during an election as Trump has. On the whole Canadian politicians of all stripes are way ahead of a lot of American politicians.

    Graham, Pelosi is not a Senator. she is a member of the House of Representatives and yes, she is rich. However, lets be clear there are a lot of rich politicians in the U.S.A. In my opinion Pelosi has done an excellent job. Those cheques you were referring to, have another look at the issue and you may find there is a problem with the Republicans in the Senate. Many of these bills have additional clauses, some not even related to the nature of the bill in the hopes it will pass. Some times the opposition just can’t go along with that. Pelosi is the 3rd most powerful elected politician in the U.S.A. The other 2 are a real problem and simply don’t have business being in the offices they are in, Trump and his bible thumping idiot partner you know the one, calls his wife mother and won’t meet with another woman alone…………IF Pelosi were President the U.S.A. would be in much better shape.

    As to “murdering” 200K Americans. There are over 200K dead due to COVID. However, Trump isn’t to blame for all those deaths, but he certainly fell down on doing his job in response to the COVID crisis. The U.S.A. is the worst country in the world when it comes to COVID and its the richest. At the beginning of the crisis he was referring to the Gov. of Washington State as a “snake” because he wanted more assistance from the federal government. He was clear with the V.P. Pence when he came to Washington. Trump didn’t like it. the American federal government has failed in its duty to assist the various levels of government dealing with COVID and because of that more people died than necessary, in my opinion. I think a more appropriate charge would be negligent homicide. there are 2nd and 3rd world countries doing a better job of dealing with COVID than the U.S.A. One of them is Vietnam. Masks were difficult to obtain in the U.S.A. for medical staff. if a state or hospital ordered them from China, federal authorities confiscated them at the airport and then put them up for auction forcing States to bid against each other and in some cases other countries. When the Gov. of California had had enough, he ordered supplies from over seas, had the jet land on a California municipal airport and ringed the plane with California cops so no federal “officials” could confiscate the needed medical supplies.

    (Response: You mentioned: “No Canadian P.M. has ever behaved during an election as Trump has.” No American President or challenger has either! It is almost comical to see/hear Trump and his henchman (in true authoritarian style) demand the counting stop where they are ahead, but continue where they are behind. It sounds like SNL skit material! Of course, there will no doubt be some irregularities, even some fraudulent ballots (dead people, double counting etc) found …as there is in EVERY election, in EVERY democracy: NO election I’m aware of has ever been accusation or flaw-free. However, the EVIDENCE has never shown, in either the US of=r Canada …or provincially (even back to Quebec’s bad old corrupt days of Duplessi) that the few cases of fraud alleged or found had ANY material affect on the overall election results. h.o)

  16. Gilbert says:

    I should have said that Nancy Pelosi has an ice cream freezer. She also visited a hair salon that was closed to the public. It’s clear that she feels the rules don’t apply to her.

    Even some Democrats criticized her for not voting to send stimulus checks before the election. I think she should change her name to Nancy Antoinette.

    George W. Bush managed to stop a recount in Florida. It’s clear that the recount wasn’t going well for him.

    If we look at the number of coronavirus cases and deaths, Canada has a higher fatality rate than the US. Maybe Canada needs to test more. If Joe Biden becomes president (it appears likely), I predict the media won’t talk much about coronavirus cases in the US.

    (Response: According to John Hopkins University, Canada’s Covid death rate is 28.15 per 100,000 population; while the Covid death rate in the US is 71.81 per 100,000 population. h.o)

  17. Gilbert says:

    Please let me explain myself. Here is my data based on the latest numbers:

    coronavirus cases 10,058,586 deaths 255,809 deaths in 2.4% of cases

    coronavirus cases 255,809 deaths 10,436 deaths in 4.1% of cases

    (Response: Of course, thankfully, most people who get Covid do not die, so when there are in the US 40 times the number of cases of Covid in Canada (even though the US population is only 10 times ours the PERCENTAGE death rate can easily be lower. That’s why the world standard for measuring illnesses/disease/deaths is not percentages of absolute total numbers, but instead “cases per hundred thousand” … or sometimes cases per million … and on that scale, the US is worse, much worse than Canada. h.o)

  18. nonconfidencevote says:

    I haven’t read any of the responses to your original comment so my comment is unbiased….unlike most media/polticians/etc..

    I loathe Trump and everything he stands for…. a bullying, bragging, arrogant, (lying?) P……O…….S……..

    I disagree to some of your points.
    #1 IS the Canadian Parliamentary system “better”?

    The US system only allows the ruler 2 terms in office…..
    I remember ( Je me Souvien?) Jean Cretien as PM refusing (threatening?) to leave if Paul Martin’s group wouldn’t “back off from trying to push him out ” before he was ready”.
    How many times have we had a “leader” who Canadians loathe ( Lyin’ Brian?) realizes the opposition is in disarray and calls an election?
    And Canadians are stuck with the same “leader for another 4 years? again and again and again?
    Time to bring in a two term limit.
    Its even made ex KGB officer Vladimir Putin dance through hoops to get re-elected…….
    So why doesn’t a “democracy” like Canada bring in a two term limit…?
    God help us if baby Trudeau is STILL Prime Minister in another 10 or 20 years…… ( yes Ladies and Gents….. Justin could be PM year after year after year) we’ll all be taxed to death, have equal rights, and eating porridge…….

    As far as “gerrymandering” …
    Sorry, Canada holds no special place in political purity.
    I remember “Gracies Finger” in a BC election …
    An outrageous Socred attempt at “winning a riding”….fortunately the voters had other ideas.

    Apologies Harvey.
    Canada isnt a pure, political, nirvana.
    We aren’t smarter, better or wiser…
    From coast to coast.
    We have the same , jingoistic, twitter verse, Facebook ,vacuous, uninformed, uninterested, vote-zombies as are in the US of A…………….. and the venal politicians that take advantage of them……….

    (Response: It’s not that our system can’t be improved: would also like a two-term federal limit … might stop a PM from calling an early snap election. But as for gerrymandering, I agree that used to be a political problem, but is now much improved in Canada (unlike the US) under Elections Canada Boundary Commissions: . And don’t underestimate Elections Canada’s superb job and role …compared to the corrupted political system in US states … in supervising voter registrations, balloting and collating of results. Set aside your Canadian humility and see the truth: Canada’s system. although not perfect, IS better … much better …than that of the US. Hoorah!! h.o)

  19. D. M. Johnston says:

    From the Corona Virus dashboard. Valid Saturday morning 2020-11-07

    United States: 242,261 deaths – 730 deaths per million.

    Canada: 10, 492 deaths – 277 deaths per million.

    (Response: Thanks. There is no doubt that Covid is rising in Canada …but our record in controlling, fighting it is still FAR BETTER than the US. h.o)

  20. DBW says:

    This is an interesting post Harvey. Several ideas tossed into the mix.

    1. A Republican commentator on CNN yesterday said that the Democrats made no inroads in state legislatures so for the most part Republicans would still control the way boundaries of electoral districts are made. He said that out loud. He defended it by saying Democrats did the same when they were in power. But still…

    2. The discussion of numbers between you and Gilbert is a rehash of Trump’s interview with the Australian reporter. Trump was claiming that the US was the best and passed the guy a graph. “Oh you are comparing deaths to tests. I am talking about deaths per population.” Deaths per population is a far more important stat.

    3. I am so glad that Donald Trump will be gone. And it is his humanity more than his policy (which I mostly disagree with) that makes me say that. But the US is still divided. 70 million people still think he was the better candidate. The Republicans gained ground in the House. The Senate hasn’t flipped although there is still an outside chance. As mentioned there wasn’t any real swings down ballot at the state level.

    4. And that is a real problem for Democrat leadership. If Trump hadn’t failed so miserably in how he handled the pandemic, he would have won. And I am not talking about the numbers when I say he failed. I am talking about his lack of a clear approach. How he made it political. How he downplayed it etc. As bad as the numbers were in many states or in Canadian provinces or in other countries, most people looked at governors, premiers, presidents/prime ministers in a favourable light. Not so with Trump. Final numbers aren’t in but he didn’t need much more than 50,000 people to switch votes and he would still be president. If he were capable of showing any humanity or empathy or compassion or even humility he would have got those votes.

    (Response: You’ll notice this current blog was about comparing the electoral systems between the two countries. The next one will cover the results, which I believe are VERY telling about America. h.o)

  21. DBW says:

    Sorry Harvey, my brain was on topic but my writing wasn’t when I got carried away with Trump. This is what I was driving at but didn’t make clear.

    One of the things the Americans love about their system is the checks and balances between the president and congress. Biden may have beaten Trump but if the Senate remains in Republican control especially with the unco-operative Mitch McConnell, he will have a hard time pushing his agenda. Obama had a hard time after 2010 and Trump had a more difficult time after 2018. Every two years, the people are given an opportunity to judge the president through House elections and a partial Senate election. If congress was in opposition to the president that was supposed to force compromise (a positive of their system) but it seems that in recent years it has resulted in stalemate (a negative). Unlike Obama and Trump, Biden likely won’t have full congressional support starting his presidency. That’s because despite the dislike for Trump (and he still got 70 million votes) it did not result in a gigantic blue wave. A lot of people feared the bogey man communist under the bed more than Trump.

    This is different in Canada. If the Prime Minister gets a majority, we are stuck with that semi-dictatorship for four years. If it is minority,the government lasts as long as they have confidence in the House of Commons.

    In the States they have a clear judgment of their leader. In Canada we don’t. When I vote I generally vote for the party. I give less consideration to the local candidate and the party leader less than that. I know people vote differently. The leader or the local candidate are more important. People in the US can vote for a Biden and then republicans down ballot. We can’t do that.

    I am not trying to defend the American system or say it is better. I am just pointing out what some people might like about it.

  22. Gilbert says:

    The results show that many Americans wanted a new president, but not a house or senate controlled by the radical left. It seems they managed to accomplish that.

    I find it very interesting that many on this blog are blindly partisan. When politicians share their particular ideology, they’re perfectly willing to excuse all questionable conduct on their behalf. Likewise, when politicians don’t share their particular ideology, they can do nothing right.

    Allow me to clarify. When Speaker Nancy Pelosi tore President Trump’s State of the Union speech, it was childish and disgraceful. However, those who aligned themselves with her ideology couldn’t bring themselves to criticize her. However, if a Republican had done that, there would have been no end to the criticism.

    Here is another example. Critics of the president noted that his tweets were offensive and that his tendency to call people names was a distasteful part of his style. I don’t disagree, but who can deny that opponents of the president also called him names? Nancy Pelosi said he was morbidly obese, and some called him orange man. I could give many more examples, but I won’t. Say what you like about President Trump, but he kept many of his promises.

    Let’s look at Joe Biden. Like many senators of both parties, Joe Biden has grown wealthy from a lifetime in public office by aligning himself with special interests. I can’t say he’s a man of strong principles. He was for mass incarceration when Bill Clinton was president and wanted to make the Bush tax cuts permanent. Now he opposes both. To me, that’s a person who will say and do anything to get elected.

    (Response: I still intend to do another Blog on the US election, once the results are finalized. No oner should overlook Trump got more votes this time than in 2016. h.o)

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