Vancouver Parks/Beaches Exclude the Handicapped

There is something very special about shoreline parks and beaches in any city, town, village or rural community during Springtime.

The glistening sunshine reflecting off the water, the rich hues of newborn green budding forth from the variety of trees and shrubs … of differing shapes and sizes; the burst of bold colours blanketing the artfully arranged flower beds … all of this framed and bordered by the soft pale sands of the beaches nearby.

True beauty to behold … for those who get to see it.

But this season, in Vancouver, there’s an ugly omission from this pretty picture.

Excluded from Vancouver’s parks and beaches this Spring are those with cerebral palsy who need motorized mobility equipment to get there; excluded are those with muscular dystrophy in wheelchairs; excluded are those with multiple sclerosis, on their canes or in wheelchairs; excluded are those with cystic fibrosis, brought there by their family; excluded are people with severe rheumatoid arthritis, driven there by friends to enjoy, admire the scenes; excluded are those with Parkinson’s Disease or those who have suffered strokes and can’t walk very far; excluded are the amputees, wheeling up to the water’s edge in their chairs on special mats; and, gone are the frail elderly, on canes, in chairs or using walkers … once permitted to admire the sights, smells, sounds of springtime in Vancouver’s prime waterfront “public” areas.

Gone in Spring 2020.

I paid a visit to several waterfront parks/beaches Sunday and noticed lots of “the favored” people enjoying themselves: those fit enough to walk, jog, bike, exercise … many, many frolicking in the sand and sunshine.

A beautiful sight.

But something was missing.

And then it hit me: It all reminded me of those scenes from German newsreels in the mid-1930s, showing fit, lean, physically “superior” types also exercising and frolicking in the sunshine … smiling for the cameras as they enjoyed their parks and beaches.

While others, including the handicapped (“behindert”) were absent, excluded: “Unerwunscht”

Sunday, in Vancouver, I didn’t spot a single handicapped or mobility challenged person or anyone on a walker enjoying our waterfront parks or beaches.

There are 600,000 disabled in BC … I suspect about a third of them probably live in the Vancouver area … maybe more. Yet … I didn’t see ONE on any of the waterfront beaches or adjoining parklands.

Well, of course not. How could they get there???

As I wrote recently, Stanley Park was closed to ALL vehicles 24-hours a day, seven days a week … making it impossible for any frail elderly or physically challenged to drive themselves or have families/friends drive them around/through the Vancouver’s top gem.

You can review that piece here:

Now, with the warm, sunny weather beckoning … the situation in Vancouver has become even worse … because of the fascist-like, exclusionary reality created by Vancouver Park Board decisions/actions.

Keeping the disabled away from even more sites are barriers, barricades and even large logs across the entrances to all the Vancouver Parks Board waterside parks and beach parking lots, blocking access/use by anyone … but especially hurting the frail elderly and handicapped, whose families and friends used to be able to drive them to these scenic sites so they could enjoy them too.

Keep out! Verboten!

And aiding and abetting the Parks Board’s fascist-style exclusionary decisions/policies are their allies at Vancouver City Hall: also making sure no physically-challenged types even try to get near or around their de-facto ban.

After Vancouver declared that during the Covid-19 crisis, it would stop enforcing meter, residential parking, even rush hour traffic restrictions, it soon reversed itself in some areas: the West End, Kits Point, Point Grey … strict enforcement was re-introduced in ALL areas adjoining and abutting the waterfront parks and beaches!

They don’t, of course, legally name/designate the physically-impaired as banned, but let’s keep it real: the blocking of parking lots and blockading all the streets nearby makes access virtually impossible.

Except for those physically fit enough to literally go to GREAT lengths to get there.

The result?

Kits Beach, to Spanish Banks, to Jericho, to Locarno, to First, Second, Third and Sunset Beaches, and, of course, Stanley Park are now all “Physically-Challenged-Free Zones”. (Except for maybe the very lucky who happen to live right nearby!)

All that are missing are signs saying “Behindert Unerwunscht!” (Handicapped Unwelcome!)

Today’s fascists are much more sophisticated: instead, electronic traffic signs along nearby roadways and wooden street barricades warn “Local Traffic Only” is “Strictly Enforced” …. should those with even a substantial degree of physical difficulty dare think of trying to make it to the parks or beaches.


And don’t buy the propaganda that it’s only because of Covid-19 … to keep people safe.

In other cities fighting Covid-19, parks and beaches are either closed to ALL …. or open to ALL … with social distancing.

That’s treating everyone with equality and fairness and being inclusive: instead of pushing the discriminatory, exclusionary mindset now governing at the Vancouver Park Board and City Hall.

Vancouver’s physically-challenged residents and families and friends are just as capable as everyone else of practicing safe-distancing !!!!

They should not be EXCLUDED by physical barriers from getting anywhere that is open to other citizens … but WELCOMED.

Like everyone else!

One day, Vancouver will be liberated from the fascist thinking that believes it’s alright to adopt/implement actions that bestow special privileges on the favored and impose exclusionary restrictions that in effect bar others.

And putting up wood/steel/concrete barriers and restricting access to nearby streets constitutes clear discrimination and exclusion.

One day, I hope thinking and caring Vancouver residents (and historians) will ask how did this happen in 2020: that the disabled could be summarily blocked/excluded from Vancouver parks and beaches … yet no one spoke up or did anything?

Well, almost no one.

At least now, people won’t be able to say “We did not know!” … “Wir wussten es nicht”.

Harv Oberfeld

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40 Responses to Vancouver Parks/Beaches Exclude the Handicapped

  1. Gilbert says:


    Who would have thought that today’s fascists are on the left? Mind you, I can’t say that about Sweden. There they don’t treat adults like children.

    Ich bin neugierig. Mit Nachnamen Oberfeld, kannst Du deutsch?

    (Response: The EXTREME left ARE the new fascists: bullying, intolerant, unaccommodating of minority rights. And despite the name …Nein, ich bin nisht Deutsch …. Russisch und ukrainisch. Aber Ich habe auf meinen Reisen ein wenig Deutsch gelernt. h.o)

  2. D. M. Johnston says:

    Yes, the “higher purpose persons” strike again.

    I am not surprised because this is the new society, the Millennial society and it is not pretty.

    The “Boomers” were called the “Me” generation. The Millennial’s on the other hand are the “Me , me, me, F*** You, me, me, me” generation. The Stanley Park outrage is not unexpected.

    Those who are mobility, physically, or intellectually impaired are not welcome; well they are paid lip service, but the reality is, many would wish them to go away.

    As my time on this mortal coil is far beyond the point of no return, I am dismayed how crude our elected officials are about those with motor or intellectual ills (oh they are great at election time on the platform) and how society tends to ignore the simpler pleasures denied to so many because of arrogant attitudes.

    The Millennial generation a creation of family wealth, easy education, and lack of self discipline, has become a cancerous monster, who can only see what they want to see.

    The Millennial’s leave me cold as a corpse, as they lack a social conscience, something we boomers have!

    I recently wrote a letter to the Minister of Education about my concerns of the 2020 grade 12 graduating class being thrown under a bus by the NDP (my youngest is affected) and now tomorrow, I will write a letter to the appropriate Minister how the City of Vancouver have thrown the mobility, physically and intellectually impaired under a bus because it doesn’t suit the wealthy Millennial condo dwellers living in the West End in their condo towers, as they are feeling uncomfortable being seen with “lesser” people.

    (Response: I wonder too where are all the organizations that supposedly fight for those with various handicapping ailments? Why are they not screaming like hell?? And where is Vancouver’s own Persons with Disabilities Advisory Committee? Asleep? Compromised because they need funding? Intimidated? h.o)

  3. Steve Cooley says:

    Bizarre. Our normal entertainment facilities are closed because we have a new infectious virus in our environment. This is justifiable. Most facilities are measured in square feet and are made to keep people together. Even some of the seating in our large arenas is closed off during events that draw small crowds to encourage those attending to be sociable.

    The obvious place for people to go when commercial entertainment facilities are closed are our parks. Our small parks are measured in acres and our large parks are measured in square miles. But, in our wisdom we closed or restricted our parks. True most parks have small developed areas, however they are big enough to allow strangers to stay separate. Some people collected in bunches, rather than hiring some of the newly unemployed to move people along, those with power closed our parks. All or nothing rules are easy to apply. All or nothing rules are simple and the product of simple minded office bound bureaurocrats.

    Stanley park, Goldstream park and several others close to our densely populated areas needed staff, not closure. Our remote parks, like Cape St James, need visitors, not closed signs. Most unemployed people would rather have employment than a handout from Big Brother, unless the pay offered was less than the emergency funds offered.

    (Response: I agree. Getting outdoors, as long as people self-distance, is terrific …not just for physical exercise, but as psychological therapy. Surely they could limit crowding by reducing the number of parking spots etc. and emphasizing physical distancing, but when they down all the parking lots completely, and chase people away from parking even nearby, they really discriminate and exclude the physically challenged. Shame on the Parks Board. h.o)

  4. 13 says:

    Well Harvey you have painted Vancouver politicians in a very unfavorable light. Personally Vancouver and its parks are being run (destroyed) by a group of imbeciles
    Its almost an insult to the Nazis (they had a plan) to compare the two groups. Truly by declaring and winning the war on the car. By trying to be the greenest city on earth by attempting to end homelessness they are attacking far more than the disabled. Everyone in te city is under attack . Perhaps the super rich and the offshore property owners dont care but the rest of Vancouvers population including the disabled are being run over by a group of politicians that call themselves “Vision”. Much like Trudeau I ask myself who votes for these idiots. Yes maybe its fair to compare them to Nazis but why are they in power?

    (Response: All that is necessary for tyranny to take over is for the majority to not vote! h.o)

  5. DBW says:

    Harvey. Is this hyperbole or do you actually believe that Vancouver is ruled by a group of Nazis that don’t care for people with disabilities and would be happy if they all disappeared.

    I understand you want the best for people with disabilities and I support that 100%

    But if your post and comments are not hyperbole then the people of Vancouver are in way more trouble than I ever imagined. And if it is hyperbole then I worry that what may be a legitimate concern will be ignored as just over blown venting against a parks board you don’t like.

    (Response: Take another look at my post: I NEVER used the word Nazi. Not once. But there are all kinds of fascists in power … left and right .. in the world and I do believe the Vancouver Parks Board and Vancouver City Hall ARE being governed by extremists who totally disrespect, dismiss and fail miserably at accommodating any alternative points of view: true fascists. And the similarities between what they are doing now and what happened in Germany in the early/mid 1930s … de-facto weeding out and away from ALL high-profile areas those who are not so athletic, fit and mobile: in Vancouver, waterfront parks, beaches and Stanley Park …is very disturbing. Anyone who truly believes in equality and human rights MUST not remain silent. h.o)

  6. BMCQ says:

    I basically agree with everything you have said while criticizing the wanna be Left Wing SPC SJW “Power Grabbers” you have described . It seems to be the nature and want of far too many leftist ideologues, they want power, they want control, they want to show everyone the error of their ways, and thy want to lead the uneducated, moronic, imbecilic, “Peasant Class” to the “Holy Land”, whether YOU and I want to go or not !!

    Contrary to what some attempt to point out the action by the Vancouver Parks Board or the City of Vancouver in the past present or future it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the appeasement, advancement, of the serving serving the “Wealthy” people of Vancouver !!

    Please understand most of the ideologues on Vancouver Counsel or the Parks Board hate absolutely everything about successful wealthy people, the very last thing those politicians that stand under the Green, Vision, Banners want to do is make things better for the wealthy .

    The only thing that Green, the Visionite”, and other politicians similar to them hate more than the wealthy is the “AUTOMOBILE” and it is the CAR that is their target when they chose to close Stanley Park, the whole idea of the exclusion of cars to Stanley Park is to attack the car and those same politicians do not care if families, oldsters, special needs, or anyone else suffers because they can only reach the peripheries of the park by access from Denman, or Beach Ave. . Those older fplks, special needs people and families are simply collateral damage in their assault and attack on the car and those politicians believe they are doing “God’s Work” and they do not care who suffers or who goes without .

    To believe there is some sort of a plot, agreement, or cooperation between the Parks Board or Van Council so the wealthy can be sheltered from the “Peasant Class” is absolutely Absurd in Spades !! Talk about promoting “Class Warfare” !!

    (Edited…off topic.)

    The real tragedy and miscarriage of justice is the fact that the Parks Board/Council are actually getting away with what they are doing and there is absolutely no push back from community groups or media, WTF !

    They got away with it on Point Grey Road, they will get away with it in Stanley Park and the end of Covid 19 will not be the end because those Power Mad politicians now have a “Wedge” and they will still restrict automobiles and buses on various days and times going forward .

    This will then enable Parks Board and City council to do the same everywhere else in Vancouver, this will spread wider and quicker than the Covid 19 itself, the Leftist Politicians will not be able to control their hunger to control YOU ! The action at Stanley Park is just a little more of the “Drip Drip” that the Left Wing Ideologues have in mind for the Peasant Class, you will yield .

    Very soon the city will use Covid 19 as an excuse to close down roadways and parking anywhere thee are restaurants so they can create so called “Patios” for the “Great Unwashed” to enjoy drinks, dinner, and lunch, they people will be convinced and they will love the idea until customers have more and more difficulty accessing restaurants because oldsters, physically challenged, and families cannot park too far away . Neve mind though the “Visionites” are going to get their way .

    And to think that it was only last October that the Free Enterprise NPA Mayoral Candidate and an Independent Conservative Mayor Candidate split the vote and allowed the most ridiculous imbecilic, inept, impotent Mayoral Candidate Kennedy Stewart to sneak up the middle and win the Mayoral Election because the vote was split .

    Then to top it off Van Mayor Stewart (Mumbles Robertson) and many more SJW Mayors in the USA and Canada are using Covid 19 as an excuse and a crutch to appeal to the Fede4ral Government for Covid 19 Funds to Bail Out the city for their Mismanagement, when in fact those cities have been literally bankrupt for several years . Disgusting to say the least . Will media challenge that ? I doubt it .

    You are correct to to take this on Harvey, someone needs to stand up to the Bastards .

    BTW – Please do not tell Gavin Newsom or Eric Garcetti but as soon as I finish this I am going to sneak out to he Beach, take in two hours of surfing and then go for a two mile run down the beach .

    (Response: They get away with it because no one from the seniors’ or handicapped groups scream like hell (where are they as thousands of the people they are supposed to represent get pushed aside or kept out like this???). And they get away with it because there is no sense of outrage over injustice in the local media anymore. The OLD BCTV would have gone to seniors’ groups and handicapped organizations and Rick Hansen the day after the road around Stanley Park was barricaded for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And we would have then gone back to the Board members and raked them over the coals for such a fascist move … barring thousands of frail seniors and seriously handicapped from driving or being driven around the park with/by family and friends … especially the severely challenged, incapable of mounting the periodic (sham?) bus they provided?? And I would have been all over the Park Board for their exclusionary actions at ALL the city’s waterfront parks and beaches when, instead of just enforcing physical distancing, they blocked access to all the parking lots with logs, concrete and steel gates … keeping out and away the city’s physically challenged ??? And what about City Hall’s fascists … who joined in the assault on seniors and the handicapped with “Strict Enforcement” of parking restrictions in the surrounding areas as well??? And of course, I’d include physically challenged victims in EVFERY story as well! The Park Board and City Hall fascists are no doubt delighted I’m retired … and no one else seems to care! h.o)

  7. HARRY LAWSON says:


    Where to start?

    you are right the behavior of the parks board and the city of Vancouver is not only fascist, i believe that it is discriminatory under the human rights act i understand they are allowing other groups access to the park roads and parking . with all those vacant parking spots they are unable or unwilling to accommodate vehicles with disabled parking placards

    i used to be on 2 canes and a walker for years ,didn’t use the walker much however the Dr kept mentioning a scooter and or wheel chair. , when i was in assisted living a highlight for many to load the bus and go to stanley park , if the able bodied are frustrated try being on the disability spectrum .

    you mentioned about the advocacy groups , why bite the hands that feed you lol

    (Response: It certainly was nastiness compounded when the Park Board’s accomplices at Vancouver City Hall … despite allowing free parking at meters, discontinuing rush-hour zones, and even allowing parking in residential zones everywhere else in the city … suddenly brought it back with a vengeance in the West End … right up to Burrard and Kits Point!!! But letting those who live nearby or who are fit enough to jog or walk or bike great distances and can get beyond the barricades enjoy full access. That’s how fascists work: divide and diminish the rights and services for whole segments of the population … while catering to and rewarding others. This is governance devoid of any compassion, accommodation or any pretending to be equal and inclusive. The KEEP OUT of driving in Stanley Park and now also the West End, Kits Point and Point Grey absolutely makes it hugely difficult for those with serious mobility problems … whether by disease, frailty, age, to realistically even get to Stanley Park, let alone venture to the Totems or Brockton Point and/or First, Second, Third and Sunset beaches. This MUST be stopped! h.o)

  8. e.a.f. says:

    Perhaps it is time for a few thousand people to file Human Rights Complaints. They are being discriminated against. If they want to ensure there is social distancing for bikes and walkers/runners, they can simply time them as they go in. Line up, let them through one at a time.

    I suspect there are those who want vehicles out of Stanley Park. Well too bad, there are those of us who can’t get around. Many have the diseases described in Harvey’s post.

    Most of the idiots involved in these decisions are actually Generation X and Y who came after the baby boomers who were finished by 1963

    Stanley Park was created for all the people, not just the able bodied.

    (Response: Exactly! How did we reach this point …where inclusion is bad and exclusion is now acceptable? The fascists are now even declaring (surprised?) the elimination from Stanley Park of cars (and of course, the people who need them to get around/through the park) … a great “success”. I’m sure it is ..from the point of view of the “elite” who can now have it to themselves, without having to deal with …even see … physically disabled or frail older folks. Again I ask: Where are all the organizations that supposedly speak for the handicapped, paraplegics, seniors??? They should be screaming like hell …through the media and, yes, challenging the segregationist rules/policies in court and before every human rights body that BC and Canada have. h.o)

  9. 13 says:

    It appears that there are two current venues to use
    Seniors advocate
    I filled out a concern form at option one the Carp site seems focused on covid
    Im still up fot a seniors (disabled) blockade.
    Let me know when and where

    (Response: I hope some “working” reporter will go after members of the Vancouver Park Board and rake them over the coals on this. And by the way, I have received info on just how many disabled there are in BC and the Vancouver area:
    “For Vancouver, there were 194,400 individuals in 2016 who reported that they always, sometime or often faced limitations including

    – 63,010 individuals who reported that they always faced limitations;
    – 27,270 individuals who reported that they often faced limitations; and,
    – 104,125 individuals who reported that they sometimes faced limitations

    Of course, this will very by age and type of disability but this is a general benchmark for your consideration. In terms of the general breakdown of the 194,400 individuals reporting a health an activity limitation it would mean:

    – 34.4% of all individuals are likely to have some type of health or activity limitation (always, often or sometimes)
    – 17.7% of all individuals were likely to report that they typically experienced some limitations (always or often).

    For Metro Vancouver, there were 734,130 individuals in 2016 who reported that they always, sometime or often faced limitations including

    – 253,720 individuals who reported that they always faced limitations;
    – 103,565 individuals who reported that they often faced limitations; and,
    – 376,845 individuals who reported that they sometimes faced limitations”

    Surely, SOME Human Rights and Disabled Orgs groups should be speaking up on their exclusion from so many beaches and park areas!!! h.o)

  10. nonconfidencevote says:

    And the Politically correct municipal govts wonder why they are broke 2 weeks into an economic shutdown.
    The first thing they will do with the Federal aid money?

    More pink T shirts and retouch those faded rainbow crosswalks….

    Personal observation over the past decade.
    Why is it the biggest bullies at work are the first ones to put on a Pink T shirt…?

    I cant wait to see what gets cut first at City Hall when the economy continues to swirl the toilet in the Fall.
    Middle management? Upper Management? More Union plebes?

    Nothing like a brutal recession/depression to focus a politician’s priorities.

  11. e.a.f. says:

    I suspect the “closure” of Stanley Park may have more to do with money and tourism than the environment. Getting rid of “cripples” is the first step. They don’t appeal to the tourists they are attempting to draw. My take on it is they want Stanley Park to be a draw for tourists and that is it. it would financially benefit hotels in the downtown area to have the use of the park almost all to themselves. Same with the beaches.

    Vancouver is the city of the entitled, the well to do. its a tourist town. Its not for those of us who lived there, worked there, paid taxes there. Its for the tourists and those who make money off of them. The whole housing thing in Vancouver is set up for the well to do/wealthy and a few homeless–keeps it edgie and makes the politicians look good. You’ll note they don’t do much for the working class, working poor, working almost middle class.

    We have seen the increase in real estate values in the city and having a nice big park for those who check into AIR B & s and hotels would be wonderful for business Can you imagine the ads for real estate in the west end: Your own private park, enjoy relaxing runs and bike rides with no cars and no intrustions from people living in other parts of Greater Vancouver.

    Although some think the real estate market will crash. I am doubtful An estate in the Hamptons just sold for over $50M. the tools of the developers, namely the parks board are too stupid to see what is happening.

    If the parks board keeps this up, perhaps while we’re still in COVID mode, the province could declare the need for the Park to be open to all. Its not like Horgan owes the Mayor of Vancouver anything. I suspect he is a big pain in the arse to the NDP.

    What this reminds me of is, back in the day, like the 1950s the residents of Manaco were not permitted to enter the magnificent, for its time, casino. that is what Stanley Park and our beaches will become, not for the residents. the next election may be fought on who gets to use the park and beaches. having moved to Vancouver island I see all the beaches I need, but it would be nice to be able to drive through it a few more times before I’m dead.

    (Response: If people care enough to stand up for EQUAL ACCESS for the handicapped and frail elderly in our society, they should contact The Park Board: and those organizations representing those with disabilities: just Google ANY ailment and you’ll no doubt find one! h.o)

  12. BMCQ says:


    Thank you for your compelling post, just as always you have shed bright light on some of the struggles those somewhat less fortunate are forced to endure and deal with .

    Each and every SOB on any city council but especially Vancouver Parks Board and City Council should read and appreciate what you have stated in just one post, it might help them grasp the enormity of the problem of shutting some in our society out of what so many of us could and do enjoy .

    If one wished we could look back at sporting events, theatre, shopping malls, hotels, and so many other activities that the physically challenged and the aged were once shut out of because there was no handicapped access, all of that not too long ago but thanks to Terry Fox, Rick Hansen and some politicians that actually had real VISION not the Leftist PC, SJW B.S. “Fake Visionites” kind of vision of today but then society made changes, changes for the better . It is more than obvious the “Fake Visionites” of today believe in nothing like that .

    Not sure if Hanson or say a Sam Sullivan or Spokes People kind for Seniors or other Special Needs has spoken out but it is time they did, yes I know Hanson is not political but this assault on our most vulnerable is not political it is about humanity .


    Contrarto what far too many think OUR MOST VULNERABLE are not really the Oppenheimer Park Crowd and other Criminal Drug Addled Felons, the true Vulnerable in our society are the children of those same Drug Addled Despots, the unwanted and disrespected Seniors, the physically Challenged, and the young families that just want an opportunity to enjoy a few hours in a few parks that all seem so far away .

    Good Job on this Harvey, I know this subject might be small popcorn to some hee but you have shed a light on this very important assault and in fact on those vulnerable groups and I am quite sure they appreciate you leading the charge, too bad and so very sad that media today seem to all be hiding under their desk o this one .

    Far too many today only care about their own situation, they do not understand that we should all support each other regardless of our politics, our comfortable place in life or any other circumstances, one never knows when they might need and welcome support when they find themselves in difficult circumstances .


    A great post, thank you .

  13. BMCQ says:

    (Edited…off topic)

    You seem to want to blame successful people for everything that goes wrong in the world, please understand this is no longer the world of Jerry Rubin or Dr.Tim .

    Every single “Visionite” Green, and NDP Municipal Councillor and Parks Board Commissioner People Kind in Vancouver Hates the Car the whole closure of Stanley Park and anything else is about the Attack on the Car !

    Again, the seniors, physically challenged and young families who can not visit the park are merely collateral damage in the SJW Leftist Politicians effort to cleanse our society of the car, especially the very expensive cars of wealthy people .

    To actually believe the banning of cars from Stanley Park and others is driven by the need to favour the wealthy and the successful is absolutely delusional and absurd .

    Somehow you need to grasp the fact that the Strathcona Set thst now run the city of Vancouver intend to undermine everything the successful and wealthy believe in, how and why are the facts on this so difficult to understand .

    I suppose you are entitled to your opinions but you are not entitled to your own set of facts .

    Silly juvenile 1960’s NDP Talking Points do not work with people that follow this blog, time to start banging on a new drum . But please do not block traffic .

  14. e.a.f. says:

    Harvey, we do have the Human Rights commission. a few thousand complaints which will over whelm them, might cause the provincial government to deal with things. discrimination on the basis of disability, age, etc. there is also the Odbusman for Seniors. where is she in all of this. Its a vast number of seniors who are being kept out of the park. Perhaps its time to inundate her office with complaints also. the office as I understand it doesn’t handle specific complaints but looks at things from a global perspective and how events/ things impact seniors. The time has come.

    (Response: Yes, there is a BC Human Rights Tribunal. Maybe it’s time for disabled individuals or their representative groups to file complaints … or at least hold a press conference (the local media LOVE those!) protesting the exclusionary blockades they are facing. It really is outrageous that no one else has stood for the disabled, even when I have exposed what is going on (anyone can go down and see it themselves … and how the parks and beaches are being enjoyed by thousands (the ambulatory fit, the joggers, the bicyclists … but so devoid of physically handicapped or frail elderly). The barricades that particularly keep them far away are right there! Maybe we really haven’t progressed, as much as we like to believe, from the 1940s when British Columbians stayed silent as our Japanese citizens had their homes and land and boats stolen from them and Jewish refugees were turned away. Parks and beaches should either be closed to ALL … or open to ALL … practicing physical-distancing. Disabled people are NOT imbeciles: they CAN handle that. h.o)

  15. 13 says:

    If seniors and disabled could manage to get to the Stanley Park causeway at the end of Georgia St we could stage a sit in. Its sad but the more I look at advocacy groups that look after seniors and the disabled the more discouraged I get. If a media outlet were to put a crew together and spend a week doing an expose on whats going on in Vancouver. Run away petty crime, homeless, bridges being turned into green spaces, empty stores on Davie Denman and Robson. Stanley Park and the complete lack of accessibility.
    Beach Avenue closed. Point Grey Road Closed. Renovictions. Viaducts slated for destruction . A mayor two weeks into a disaster begging Ottawa for millions. Interview the few remaining businesses about theiir property tax bills. Spend a day touring and totaling the costs of the pet projects bike lanes , bridge reassignment etc.
    Vancouver has transformed itself from one of the nicest places on earth to a place to avoid at all costs.

    (Response: You are absolutely correct about the media: this story has “legs”. The impact on the fully disabled and the physically challenged by the parking lots blockades and those signs barring entries on nearby Kits Point streets and the FULL closure of Stanley Park’s roadways is HUGE! In every other city I’ve seen …in Canada, the US, Europe … parks and beaches are either OPEN to ALL, with physical distancing, or CLOSED to ALL … not segregated as is now in effect in Vancouver. Just think of what wold be going on in Seattle or Portland if the Council/Park Boards there even PROPOSED it … let alone DID it!! And, yes, WHERE are the Vancouver media? The columnists? The talk show hosts? Doing the same cliché Covid stories and questions over and over …while waiting for a press release or press conference on this??? As I mentioned, I could/would have done a different story DAILY on this, grilling the politicians, the human rights groups, the disabled groups and speaking to dozens to disabled themselves about they feel and our being left out. So sad!! h.o)

  16. Peter Gardner says:

    I see that the fascist mayor of Chilliwack has banned innocent children from city playgrounds. Who votes these tyrants in? Maybe you should organize a rally to protest this atrocity.
    Honestly. People are dying in BC and we are foaming at the mouth because we cannot drive around the park.
    Have we lost all sense of proportion?

    (Response: We live in a very advanced society. Surely British Columbians are quite capable of multi-tasking … or at least dual-caring! And our severely disabled in motorized wheelchairs and those non-ambulatory in regular wheelchairs and those on walkers and canes deserve the same access to public places as everyone else. h.o)

  17. SG says:

    I know this is off topic, but we’re near the end of another week, and still nothing for independent seniors living on their own having to spread their pension cheque’s even thinner in these trying times.. Trudeau’s government seems to think that giving money to seniors advocate groups such as the United Way is more be beneficial than directly helping seniors.

    (Response: Apparently lots of seniors have been complaining to the government(s) and the media (KEEP IT UP!!!) and my info now is the PM will be addressing the issue in the next few days. h.o)

  18. hawgwash says:

    DBW and Peter Gardner must have been listening to DR. Bonnie Henry; “stay calm.”
    This is not a City or Park Board issue; it is societal and global.

    Take most local issues which have accelerated angst and hair pulling here on Forgetting to Keep it Real, Google it and substitute any major city anywhere and you will read the same editorializing.

    The only thing inique about it here, is the extremism; Harvey, I agree, you did not use the word Nazi but there is a lot of acreage between the lines.

  19. 13 says:

    P Gardner if your not concerned about people driving to and around a park and you want to focus on the undisputed fact that people are dying , I am a okay with that.
    I have a question for you to answer (or not) .
    How wide ranging is your concern for the people dying. Does it stop with the stupidity of having aid workers going from home to home spreading the virus? Perhaps it also focuses on the PRC and the way they created a deadly virus, hid the creation from the rest of the world, and finally allowed their own citizens to silently spread the virus across the globe disguised as tourists.
    To tell you the truth I feel I have the capacity to be concerned about more than one dilemma at a time. Ill pass your fascist lable along to Popove at first opportunity.

  20. Peter Gardner says:

    You don’t do “irony”, do you?

  21. BMCQ says:

    I have attached below something that we can all expect to see replicated in Vancouver Proper and virtually ALL major North American Cities where they have a Leftist, PC, SJW, Mayor and Council anytime within a year or two . As you are all aware those politicians and mayors as described ALL “Hate the Car” have Declared War on the car”, and they will never rest implementing by laws that do everything they can ti rid our cities of “The Evil Car” .

    I find it rather interesting that each and every one of those cities that have those “Whacked Out” Leftist City Leaders all are crawling with Drug Addled Criminals with criminal records longer than Donald Trumps Tie, Urine flooding the streets, human feces piled up like cord wood, open air drug injection use, smoking of any array of drugs, property crime with cars and homes run amuck, civil disobedience, anarchy, physical assaults, sex assaults, and any other numbers of goings on that only 15 years ago were assaults on our cultures NONE of us would tolerate .

    Now as if the rampant homelessness, drug addiction gone mad, sex assaults, other attacks, street crime, and the rest is not enough they are doing everything they can to ensure that Oldsters, Physically Challenged, Young Families, and other marginalized groups cannot access parks, navigate their way along traditional roadways, take short cuts to friends, and so much more because SJW Morons want to appear as Stewards of Nature . Absolutely crazy, how do we allow it ?

    Then to top it off places like Seattle, Vancouver, Chicago, NY, Detroit, Chicago, are under snow, ice, or torrential rain storms for more than half of the year .

    Up until recently I drove over the Burrard St. Bridge at least once or twice a day for most of my adult life and rarely did I see more than one or two bicycles at any given time between November and end of march, sometimes I saw none .

    On top of that virtually each and every single one of those “Socialist Valhalla” Cities of “Goodness and Grace” the homeless count keeps climbing by thousands each year, and politicians and media do not seem to get it, Kevin Costner was 100% correct when he made this statement “Build It and they Will Come” !! “Who da thunk, how could that be true” ? Mayors like Mumbles Robertson, Kennedy Stewart, Kwan, De Blasio, Garcetti, Breed, Lightfoot, Durkin, Ted Wheeler and other Top Mensa Mayors too many to count have all asked .

    On top of that almost every single cities controlled by those Left Wing “Whack Jobs” are BROKE and have been more or less BROKE for several years . Should we be surprised . Then now there is a good possibility each and every one of those cities will approach state, provincial, and federal governments for handouts because they are BROKE because of Covid 19 when in fact they are BROKE because of “Airy Fairy” SJW Madness . And just WHO do you think will end up paying for that ? I do not need to tll you do I ?

    I know some that participate and read this blog think this is all “Chump Change” and a “Nothing Burger” but mark my words the closing of parks, roadways, restrictions of physically challenged, oldsters, young families so they cannot access those and more is in fact an assault on everything we should hold dear, our rights of freedom and movement .

    This is a much more important subject than what you might think, please consider and think of your fellow citizens in other parts and cities of Canada, we all need to stand together on this or the next person they come for could be you !

    Government Creep, Waste, Bloat, will be our biggest fear going forward and we need to stop these most ridiculous “Novelty Projects” and run all cities like the business they are intended to be .

  22. hawgwash says:

    So, BMCQ, are you saying Doug Ford and John Tory have shifted to being Leftist, PC, SJW?

    When I posted earlier about the same issues being talked about in most other major cities, I was thinking in particular about the “war on cars.”

    I said; “Take most local issues which have accelerated angst and hair pulling…Google it and substitute any major city anywhere and you will read the same editorializing.”

    It took you 667 words to say the same thing and by the way, I read the link you provided about Seattle, to be part of the “stay in your own hood” action, which is being encouraged by all health officials, regardless of political bent.

    I can’t find fault with that.

    Anyway, not just Toronto, but Ontario are purported to be waging a war on the car, so you have either converted Ford and Tory or, as usual, you only deal in data that supports your thinking.

  23. 13 says:

    Im not sure about “irony” but I know back pedal when I see it

  24. BMCQ says:


    First of all, thank you for the kind words, I always look forward to, respect and learn much your contributions .

    The changes in Seattle are permanent, and if anyone believes that all politicians of any given brand are truly behind that I cannot help you . I travel to Seattle at least 8 times a year as we do a lot of export to that once glorious city and if you had actually been to Seattle at least once in the past five years you would not choose to defend what has taken place there, Seattle IS INDEED quickly regressing into what has been decribed by most people kind in business downtown who now need t navigate around piles of human waste and urine and in fact shovel out their store front doorways in many cases each and every day as a “Sh*t Hole” populated by Antifa Anarchists, Drug Addled Repeat Prolific Offenders, and any assortment of the “Never want too and Never Will Work” types .

    I am beginning to think that you more than likely do not want to sit at the same “Social Distancing Keeping It Real” picnic table with me for Harvey’s Picnic deep in Stanley Park this year . I find that rather disappointing as I was fully prepared to bicycle you from the Sylvia Hotel around the Sea Wall on my two seater to the site of Harvey’s picnic at Lumbermans Arch .

    Not to worry Hawg, one day we will agree om something, it is just a matter of time . I think .

  25. Peter Gardner says:

    “I have a question for you to answer (or not) .
    How wide ranging is your concern for the people dying.”
    I have had three relatives who have contracted Covid 19. Two of them died. The third is not expected to recover until about December. That’s how concerned I am.
    Someone blathering on about driving around a Vancouver park does not get much attention from me at this particular juncture. Especially someone from Chilliwack.
    I wonder how many of the current group of foamers actually live in Vancouver and pay city taxes?

  26. e.a.f. says:

    BMCQ, I don’t know what or whom you are referring to when you write, you seem to blame successful people for everything which goes wrong in the world. No one seems to be doing that. then one would have to ask what defines, successful. these days some one who is worth a couple of million really couldn’t be considered all that successful because the money is in their homes. Most people I know are millionaires. why? they bought houses back in the day. some people even own several houses, making them worth $10/$20 million, Most people think that’s is successful, but really not so much, its not fluid cash. Some of them still vote they way they did in the 70s or 80s.

    What we have seen in the world is a huge transference of money from working people to the .01%. Even Warren Buffet had a quote the other day along those lines, about money having to flow to the .01% to make the system work, for capitalists.

    You might also want to remember that term, “Cadillac socialists”. the term still applies. If you won’t know what is in some people’s portofolios, don’t think they’re not successful and visa versa. which brings us back to the Parks board. there are as many Greens and the Portland society set who want the cars out of Stanley Park as there are 1%ers. (O.K. 1%er is an incorrect term because if you take the world view any one making more than $24K a yr is a one percenter).

    I think developers do want exclusive use of Stanley Park for their clients and then there are those who’d like to see Stanley Park turned into a camp ground for the “homeless” (or not so homeless but rather criminals who want to guard their stuff”.

    What this boils down to is the park is not open to everyone and that needs to change.
    Have a look at who supports some of these polititicans. Always follow the money.

    As to the Strathcona set. the last time I checked, one of the kids found a “smoking hot deal” on a dump there for $950K. that still in any one’s language, is not chicken feed . in Greater Vancouver perhaps, its not much, but other places its different and then if its in cash its worth a lot more than if its in real estate where you have to liquidate first.

  27. 13 says:

    P Gardener. My condolences for your loss. I hope the other relative recovers completely .
    I imagine that anyone that has 3 relatives stricken with covid and 2 have passed away would be heartbroken. Ive been lucky . I only have one distant relative that had covid and she recovered. If you follow the blog close enough to know I live in Chilliwack than you should also know that I have lost all of my parents, inlaws and grandparents. This greatly reduces my chances of relative dying from covid.
    You also might have read that I was born and raised in the West End. My story of why and how much Stanley Park meant to my family is told in a prior post. My wanting that park to be accessible to everyone in no way diminishes your lossof two relatives
    Once again Im sorry for your loss. I cant imagine how depserate it must have been to see loved ones suffer and die for no reason other than …….

  28. 13 says:

    P Gardner BTW , When you name call your fellow posters it takes away from the serious fact that you have lost love ones. Calling people names (foamers) doesnt add anything to your view that your loss of two relatives means more to you than access to a park. The fact that your family is mourning a loss is makes it clear to others why you feel the way you do

  29. HARRY LAWSON says:

    Peter Gardner

    I cannot imagine your pain and anguish , however i must respectfully take you to task, so sir the issue at hand is not so much a ride thru the park, the issue is blatant discrimination against the disabled spectrum. yes including the invisible disabilities ,

    sorry but Stanley park ,Spanish banks etc is sea shore the fact is a park is for the public whether you live in BC or not we all pay taxes , owner or renter public space is public space no matter where in Canada so with respect i disagree with you the only issue is in my opinion is discrimination ,once again my sympathy for your loss i cannot imagine

  30. DBW says:

    We seem to be drifting into urban decay so could I just ask one more question for clarity on your original topic.

    Is this about, as your headline blares, “Vancouver parks/beaches exclud(ing) the handicapped”? or is this about the temporary (at least for now) banning of cars from Stanley Park during a pandemic.

    Are people with canes and walkers or using wheelchairs and scooters being physically barred from entering the park or ticketed and told to go home. If so then absolutely, something should be done.

    But if this is just about people not being allowed to drive into the park during a pandemic then your headline kind of falls apart.

    People are asking where’s Sam Sullivan or Rick Hansen or the advocacy groups. as if they are being derelict and abandoning their cause. Maybe they see this temporary ban as a necessary inconvenience during these extraordinary times.

    If people with disabilities are being physically prevented from entering the park then by all means keep pounding away, but if this is just about the temporary ban, then maybe you should save the battle for another day.

    Thank you Peter for sharing your story. It is a good reminder that the thousands of deaths are made up of individual tragedies.

    (Response: It’s about BOTH. And no, there is no specific law/rule/decree barring disabled and frail seniors from the waterfront parks and beaches: discrimination and exclusion often works without them. There were also never any written rules barring blacks, Chinese, Muslims and Jews from buying properties in certain areas or getting into universities … but somehow they were excluded … and no one said a word. When what I see is a car-hating extreme left Vancouver Park Board doesn’t close the parks/beaches to ALL as has been done in other cities around the world, but instead just blocks the parking lots (and their car-hating extreme left allies at city hall agree to go along, STRICTLY enforcing parking regulations for many blocks surrounding the area) … AND then they also block ALL cars from Stanley Park 24 hours a day, seven days a week (NO accommodation at all) … this is just an attack on people who use/need vehicles to get around … even a few blocks … and the consequences … are hugely suffered disproportionately by handicapped and frail seniors. Read my next blog … h.o)

  31. Peter Gardner says:

    Thank you, 13.

    I promise to be kinder, in future, in my comments.

    As for the Parks Board and City Hall, I am closer to your opinion than you think. I SMH at the efforts to gouge the car owners in the city. I remember the joys of taking my kids to the beaches in Stanley Park when we lived in PoCo. That was 40 years ago. Those days are gone. I took some friends from UK to Prospect Point last year. By the time I got back from the parking machine, I had a ticket on the car. 2 minutes!!. $100 fine.
    It seems that no matter who we elect to office in the city, the bureaucrats and seat polishers stay the same.

    Having said that; I am willing to cut them some slack during this emergency. Follow the advice of the experts and try to keep safe.

  32. BMCQ says:

    Harvey – response to DBW


    I can guarantee you that once Covid 19 restrictions are eventually cleared for Stanley Park (it will take a while) the Mensa members at the parks Board and Vancouver City Council will for sure pick several days a week/month to declare Stanley Park and perhaps many more CAR FREE ZONES, they are already having signs and placards made up for that eventuality, while at the same time having By Law Officers with Infraction Ticket Books at the ready .

    In the meantime Drug Addled Criminals with be “Sparking UP” Crack, Cocaine, Meth, Fentanyl, Opioids, Shooting Heroin and all those already mentioned on street corners, in tax payer funded hotel rooms, in parks, and everywhere else they congregate without any fear or reprisal from any law enforcement officer, while at the same time a crippled old senior might get tickets and fines for parking close to Stanley Park let alone the actual chance and horror of horrors that same senior was caught attempting to drive through the park or other “NO GO CAR FREE ZONE” ignoring edicts passed down from self important self serving Parks Board Officials .

    That alone would certainly call for a full cavity search and perhaps jail time like Shelley Luther in Texas ..

    There is of course nothing worse than a crippled 80 year old anarchist being foolish enough to attempt to access Stanley park, how could he/she !!

    Lock those old people up, and let’s do it before they actually attempt to breach the gates at Stanley Park, we must make examples of those that even just think of entering the park, we must protect society, we must set an example .

    We are clearly on the way of going to hell in a hand cart .

  33. HARRY LAWSON says:


    you may have raised a very logical argument , however if Stanley park can accommodate parking for staff and others why can they not accommodate parking for the disabled ? this is so about accessibility , now it has become discriminatory.

    tyranny happens one law at a time

  34. e.a.f. says:

    Hansen has always stayed out of politics and Sullivan only speaks on political issues when he is being paid or is about to run for office, etc. My take on it is Sullivan has been more about himself and what can do for himself.

    Hansen may see this as a political issue, and he seems to have steered clear of all of it for most of his life. It may be the way to go, if he wants to continue to do the work he does.

  35. 13 says:

    Heres an idea . Not only should cars be allowed in Stanley Park if they show a valid handicapped pass they should not have to pay for parking.
    BTW that policy could easily extend to all metered parking esp near a hospital/ rec center etc.
    As long as it doesnt interfere with mayor stewarts endless campaign to make the city safer and more welcoming to criminals and drug addicts

  36. BMCQ says:

    e.a.f. – Really ?

    I find it absolutely unbelievable and fascinating all at the same time that it is ONLY
    Conservative, Republican, B.C. Liberal types or similar Greedy, Selfish, RWNJ that have an exclusivity on being about themselves, only out to gain for themselves, and ignore anyone that may be in need .

    Of course absolutely everything Sam did to win awards from the Terry Fox Foundation, the appointment to the rick Hanson Foundation and the changes he Spear Headed at Vancouver City Hall were all about him, Yes, you are correct, Sam Sullivan and ALL other Conservatives, B.C. Liberals and similar politicians and activists are ALL, each and every one of them “Gutter Snipes” and out for themselves .

    I congratulate you on your analysis and how how you were able to so skillfully point out the differences between those RWNJ just mentioned and the honest, virtuous, Jenny Kwan, Mumbles Robertson, Kennedy Stewart, Townsend, PHS, HRC, Bubba, the Clinton Foundation, and the “God’s Work” they have carried out their whole lives of giving and serving the “Great Unwashed” .

    Then to top it all off the current crop of PC SJW Politicians have managed to really attack the evil of the attempts by oldsters, physically challenged, and young families by stopping their access to the Stanley park Drive, go get em Parks Board and Council, let’s make those mentioned pay for their sins of owning cars .

    Yes, e.a.f, Sammy Sullivan is nothing like the wonderful Kwan, Kennedy, Gregor, Townsend, and the rest, he umlike them is only out for himself .

    I am not sure why we have not heard more from Sullivan on the Stanley Park “Blockade”, but maybe, just maybe someone in media might read this blog and actually take a fw minutes and ask Sullivan his opinion .

    One thing I know fore sure, Sam Sullivan, Rick Hanson, Harvey, Stephen Harper, 13, Harry Lawson, or a few others will never be found seated next to Kwan Townsend, or any of the rest of the leftist activist politicians of their ilk already mentioned at Le Croc or Hy’s feasting on the Tax Payers AMEX Card .

    (edited…off topic)

    Why can we not just admit that the politicians that no matter what brand they might be the power hungry politicians with their hate for the car banned access to Stanley Park, and in turn it is penalizing oldsters, handicapped, young families, that are now on a weekend as lovely as this blocking access to Stanley Park, should that not be enough ? Do we need to blame poor Sam Sullivan ?

    Then to top it off I received a phone call telling me that apparently no other parks in Vancouver are “Blocked Access” parks, what about CRAB Park, what would happen there if Parks Board blocked access to the so called “Peoples Park” ?

    Do I dare speculate that YOU e.a.f. would be in support of the protesters “Banging their Drums” if CRAB was “Blockaded” ?

    ( topic)

  37. HARRY LAWSON says:


    LOL you made me smile on a tough day, you are right ,i have nothink but contempt Jenny Kwan and so many of her contemporaries . around 2007 2008 i was approched to let my name stand as a director the portland hotel society ,i declined with thanks saying i was too honest lol

  38. BMCQ says:


    I think of you and your good wife often, I hope you are doing well and I hope things get a little bit better each and every day, not for me to say as this is Harvey’s Blog but we need you here, we need people just like you that offer logical and common sense opinions and arguments .

    You are correct, YOU are correct, you are too honest to be involved with Kwan and the rest of her ilk .

  39. BMCQ says:


    (Edited…off topic))

    Those on this Blog that are able to acknowledge, criticize, and demand accountability from advantages or privileges taken by those in opposite political parties but then refuse to recognize the warts of those that they support should think twice before they make charges of people like Sam Sullivan .

    Sam Sullivan was/is not perfect for sure but he did not steal from the Tax Payer and he
    did not “Blockade” access to Stanley Park, Robson St., Denman St., Wall St., Dundas St,. and on top of that he ensured to accessibility for the physically challenged was expanded city wide .

    I suppose some feel that he “Was out for himself” because he is in a wheel chair and he improved accessibility city wide for oldsters, those on walkers, in wheel chairs, and other restrictions they might face .

    Under Mayor Sam Sullivan Vancouver gained a world wide reputation as a city that went out of it’s way to accommodate those that did not get around as well as young fit people and he should be saluted for that not ridiculed as a taker because he is a conservative minded B.C. Liberal .

    I am going to send an e mail to Sullivan and ask for comments regarding this whole situation .

  40. HARRY LAWSON says:


    Sam Sullivan was not a bad person nor was he a bad politician , he never to my knowledge a disingenuous politician. he always made time for my concerns. we may disagree with actions of people in different roles whether it is your boss or the head of state . we do not know what they know or dont know.

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