Victoria Mayor’s Ignorance and Disrespect for Our History

Victoria’s new mayor Lisa Helps doesn’t get it:  in a civil society, respect for history and tradition and institutions is JUST AS IMPORTANT as change and modernization and redressing issues.

Helps refused to swear allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen at her inauguration as the city’s new mayor….saying she was doing so out of respect for the First Nations.  Huh?

Big deal!   As if Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors will lose any sleep over this tidbit of insolence from one of her subjects in a far-flung part of her realm.

But I am not amused.

Sure, have a mayor who may be more comfortable in runners, rides a bike, has chickens in her backyard and dug up her front yard to grow vegetables instead.  If that’s what “the people” want, go for it.  (Please, though, no guillotine for recalcitrant bloggers on the City Hall front lawn, if Helps hasn’t turned it into a pumpkin patch by now?)

It may also be very popular … even politically correct … in today’s society to “diss” tradition, disrespect heritage links to our past and only pay attention to those parts of our history where we can flagellate ourselves for mistakes or mistreatments or failures of our forbearers.

But why stop with refusing to swear allegiance to Her Majesty?

What about all those other archaic nuisances we, the people, can do away with under Mayor Helps.

In fact, why call her “mayor”?  That’s a REALLY old fashioned moniker that traces itself back to REALLY old English, then REALLY old French and even REALLY, REALLY old Latin. Down with the rights-trampling EMPIRES …. even those a thousand years ago!!!

Surely, Helps might prefer something more local and historically appropriate … like Chief.

And, of course, no Chief would allow a Royal Mace in the Council Chamber!  Or ever wear any Chain of Office that owes its existence to historical BRITISH links dating to the 1400s.  Out they go too!

And that city name, VICTORIA also has to go!!

What kind of a chicken-raising Chief wants her city … I mean, traditional territory … named after a foreign imperialist????

How about Place of the Running Tongues?  A tribute to the Great House (new name) on the Inner Harbour where all British (Oops..does that have to go too?) Columbia MLAs …sorry, tribal leaders … gather to say much, but do little … a perfect reflection of many other tribal gatherings held regularly throughout the province or country.

And among her first acts, I expect Chief Helps will ban Afternoon Tea at The Empress (another name that HAS to go!) …. because Afternoon Tea is a true throwback to Imperialist ENGLISH traditions and the exploitation of overseas INDIAN agricultural workers.

And of course, those red double-decker buses will also have to go … far too clear examples of in-your-face imperialism sent here from London.

But don’t worry, after Helps gets finished with forsaking Victoria’s royal history,  links to the Crown, traditions and historical realities … all  those busses won’t be needed for tourists anyway.

They’ll all be gone …replaced, no doubt,  by mostly empty bike lanes.

Harv Oberfeld




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31 Responses to Victoria Mayor’s Ignorance and Disrespect for Our History

  1. Harvey O isadinosaur says:

    You are a tired old pigman Harvey Overfed, fuck the queen, fuck the king, and fuck you racist bastard pigman.
    One useless old slob, thank goodness you are soon dead and buried

  2. AndyO says:


    Excellent read, thank you. I would wonder that, if any royal British dignitary were to visit Victoria, Cheif Helps would be right up front with a big smile on her face for a photo-op. Glad I live in Langford.

    (Response: That’s the irony: I guess she should refuse ANY invites to Government House; and not attend any legislative openings or take part in welcoming of any Royal visitors … if they still come! For her to show up …invited not because of any personal accomplishment but ONLY because she is mayor … and then to smile, dine sumptuously at the Royal table, and be photographed with them to display on her den wall would be the ultimate in hypocrisy. h.o.)

  3. D. M. Johnston says:

    Another self righteous politician who is both ignorant of history and of tradition.

    A one term wonder if I ever saw one, unfortunately the electorate can’t rectify a mistake until 4 years.

    God save us from these lunatics.

    (Response: I wonder if her move will compromise the city getting any Royal visitors???? They not only add pomp and ceremony…but brings in LOTS of bucks from visitors who come to see, stay at hotels, eat in restaurants, drink at bars and take all kinds of tours. The media should pursue the Chamber of Commerce on this …and even the Gov General in Ottawa … to see what effect this may have on official royal visits and the impact on the city economically. h.o.)

  4. 13 says:

    If ever there was a place away from London, where the Queen of England would feel at home it would be Victoria. Ms Helps had better prove to be a stellar mayor cuz the loyal royal people of Victoria likely wouldnt have voted for her if they had been warned.

    (Response; Very good point. I wish politicians WOULD tell us BEFORE they elected what they plan to do … instead of dissing so many this way right afterwards. Seems to me she’s already broken her oath, if it requires her to be HONEST with city residents. h.o)

  5. DBW says:

    How many cities include a pledge of allegiance to the queen when taking the oath of office? Our mayor doesn’t have to decline because it isn’t included in our oath of office in the first place.

    Many more important issues to worry about than this one.

    (Response: Like I said ..No big deal … in reality. BUT Victoria has a very large British historical and population base …. and ACTIVELY plays up its British links to make money …so her action is hypocritical as well as being disrespectful to so many and the city’s past. h.o.)

  6. Murph says:

    How do people like this get elected? Unbelievable.

    (Response: She won by 89 votes ..but maybe in other ways, she’ll be a great mayor …or chief …or whatever she wants to call herself, outside any “colonial’ vestige. Although denying …even rejecting …the city’s history and tradition is not a good start. h.o)

  7. Hawgwash says:

    An impressive piece Harvey.

    I don’t have much feeling one way or the other about the Monarchy but there are some traditions which I cling to and am angered by their erosion. So, I can very much relate to anyone, especially in Victoria taking offence, not so much at the sentiment here, but the action. I know people in Victoria who feel a little betrayed and who would have voted differently had they known “Her Worships” intentions. Not that it would have been a huge election issue but she withheld a piece of critical information about her character. On the other hand, if she just came up with the idea at the last minute, without much thought, that’s even worse.

    I won’t lose any sleep over the whole thing but it is just another example of self centred politicians. Is narcissist a good word?

    (Response: I’m not much into pomp and ceremony ….even hate wearing a tie and suit now that I’m retired. BUT I do like to honour Canada’s history …and our ties to Britain and the monarchy ARE important and have given us the essence of our civilized society. The Queen has no power in reality, so the oath …like the mace and the chain of office etc. are just reminders of our past …and should be respected …esp in a place like Victoria, that makes MILLIONS every year from playing up those ties. h.o)

  8. Noneck says:

    Am I right to assume that she will not use legal tender (as the Queen’s face is on it) nor will she stand during the National Anthem (after all, it is some vestige that surely offends worse than an oath) or “God Save our Queen”?

    C’mon Helps! These are reminders of our culture and heritage. Live up to role and show respect!

    (Response: I have NO doubt that any money with Her Majesty’s photo will not be turned down by the City. And don’t forget, our link to the Queen/Commonwealth also gives Canadians with travel problems overseas (passport loss etc.) a link to BRITISH consulates and embassies, which are far more prevalent than Canadian consulates …so Helps should NEVER dare to seek assistance there in future travels (including after she leaves office) or if any of her minor Helps run into troubles. h.o)

  9. D. M. Johnston says:

    Ms. Mayor, with both my families coming from Victoria, I can tell you the last remittance men died off a generation ago.

    Victoria, never really was a “little England”, but the hub of BC’s most snobbish people and of course this was exacerbated with the parliament buildings being located there. Too many self important politicians hob-nobbling with too many self important locals.

    Being called a little piece of England was nothing but a very clever bit of marketing for gullible Americans to venture on a boat to visit and spend money.

    My last visit to Victoria a few years back, left me with the impression of urban sprawl and a seedy downtown, with a few dreary tourist traps, not like many English towns and Canadian towns too. My grandmothers and great grandmothers would be spinning in their graves to see what Victoria is today and the people they elect.

    Let us not confuse this charade with the fact that the crown is still the head of state and is represented by the Governor General in Ottawa and the Lieutenant General in Victoria.

    Basically he insulted the Lieutenant General, not the queen or crown.

  10. Hawgwash says:

    I have seen nothing about her position on the oath when she was sworn in as a first time councilor in 2011.

    As for any future visits and ceremonies, they should NOT be shelved in any way. The traditions should continue and she should either not be invited or everyone should rise above her, carry on and include her. Either way, let the occasion and the Mayor herself show the hypocrisy.

    On the other hand, what happens if the culture she chose to “respect” over her own throws a potlatch and invites her? What if tradition requires that she put a big wooden beak on her head and dance to ancient spirits?

    On her very first day in office she gave the raspberry to a community that showed her tremendous respect and trusted her to act on their behalf not on her own whims. The more I think about it, the more I conclude her actions were not very well thought out and that alone makes her questionable for the position.

    The following link is to an interview with the Mayor on CFAX the day after the inauguration. In it she explains her reasons and makes a perfunctory Gregor like apology (“I’m sorry IF…”). Take away from it what you will but as articulate as that interview may be, it does not negate that she failed to advise the voters beforehand.

    (Response: Thanks for the link. I would agree the mayor’s disrespect should not stop any Royal visits etc…but I suspect to prevent sensitive issues like not inviting the mayor to an event, they would choose other places where the welcome is less controversial …so Victoria businesses will pay a price for the insult. h.o)

  11. R says:

    Now we have to wait every 4 years not 3 for next election

    89 votes ?Recount please!asap

  12. Zelda says:

    We no longer allow Britain to use our troops as cannon fodder in Imperial wars. We have replaced the Union Jack and the Red Ensign with the Maple Leaf. It’s time to cast off the vestiges of class distinctions and the feudal system.

    (Response; That is just silly rhetoric. Canada has long been an independent nation …if anything, it’s the US influence we must guard against…not Britain. The truth is it was Britain gave us …not a feudal system …but great democratic principles and rights and Parliament, while the rest of the world was still mired in dictators and racism and the feudal systems you mention. In fact, it is only as we have moved further away from Britain that our own democracy has fallen short. So NO NATION should ever forget its proud history or traditions: the Bolsheviks tried that …and look how they ended up! h.o)

  13. Larry K says:

    Good for her .

    Tradition and ceremony are the baggage of the dead .

    Monarchies are irrelevant , and way past their time .

    Really ?…People born into power ?…(Edited..h.o) on that and the mindless sheep that follow those in-bred dinosaurs .

  14. whatever says:

    I normlly agree with your views but not this time. The Royals are all social parasites. They deserve no respect whatsoever. I am personally very pleased that a Politician has the courage to take on the mindless sheep out there. The Monarchy has always survived on patronage and deceit. They tried to control the entire word in the 19th century and failed . Napole0n Bonaparte had it right— Off with their heads. Too bad his ideas of equality , never spread to the UK. the royals represent everything that is wrong in society.

    (Response: Your wrong. The republicans argue the MYTH that the Royals are parasites ..but the truth is, as archaic as it all may be, they draw BILLIONS of tourist dollars..or pounds…to London, and all of Britain. I’ve been in London many times and the first place the crowds go is not the British Museum, but Buckingham Palace. The changing of the guard draws thousands each day … all of whom spend money all around the area; the Trooping the Colour in June (quite boring) still draws many, many thousands just to watch the parade down the mall. The Royals do pay their way … in the HUGE tourist bucks they generate (hotel rooms, tours, bus transport, restaurants, pubs, clubs and theatre etc) for London and Windsor and Edinburgh (Holyrood House) and Balmoral and throughout Britain. h.o.

  15. Joe Carr says:

    Both you and the majority of your commentators ignore the fact that the Crown and the Queen are not in any way a figurehead or required legal entity for the City of Victoria. If you bothered to check, you would have found that most municipal councils in British Columbia no longer swear allegiance to the Queen or the Crown.

    Not so for provincial or federal civil servants and politicians, but in those cases the Queen’s representative is part of the governing legal system, so swearing allegiance has some real meaning.

    Mayor Helps and the councillors have lots of important work to do. I’m OK with them not swearing allegiance, providing they get down to it and do their collective jobs effectively.

    (Response: Victoria is NOT just any city. Unlike Vancouver or Fort St John or Kamloops …Victoria has made its links to Britain and Royalty its BUSINESS. Not just in name, but almost every tourist and promotional image and message and commercial image and shopping specialties hat it has conveyed for almost a century have tied it PURPOSEFULLY to its British and Royal connections… the traditional oath being almost more a tourist motto than having any real application. And Victoria has profited handsomely from exploiting that real or even phony relationship. Now along comes a new mayor, elected by 89 votes, and she decides unilaterally and apparently without revealing her intent during the campaign …to cut the tie … and quite unceremoniously, without any council discussion or public consultation. It’s as if a new president of Disney Land (isn’t Victoria similar?) …after being named …killed off any link to Mickey Mouse. Legal, perhaps, but a dumb, disrespectful move …. one that I predict WILL cost the city in terms of royal-related visits, especially of the top echelon. All the tourist dollars those could bring will now be lost … just as dropping Mickey from Disneyland would also hurt … even though, like Royalty today, it’s all just mostly fantasy. h.o)

  16. 13 says:

    Ill bet the Mayor of Prince George swears an oath to the queen.

  17. D. M. Johnston says:

    Note to Zelda – I really you should read some history because you are all wet.

    Canada declared war against Germany on her own, one week after Britain and France and from what I have recently read, Canada was preparing for war far before the Brits were.

    Canadian politicians quite rightly deduced that a war with Germany would entail military action within Canada’s boarders and we were prepared. Canada was embarking on a program of armament when WW 2 started and were able to send fully equipped troops by the end of 1939.

    What Canada planned for was the economics of war, the financing of war. By 1945, Canada had the worlds third largest navy, a large army including all important armored units; and a sizable air-force with 86 squadrons.

    During the war, Canada supplied 40% of the Allies’ total aluminum production. The number for nickel was even higher at 95%. Wheat production was also increased dramatically, along with other civilian products that aided the war effort. All could not happen if not a proper financial foundation was laid in 1938 and 39.

    The class distinction you talk about are home grown not a Brit. import.

  18. DBW says:

    I don’t know Harv.

    You accuse Zelda (#11) of silly rhetoric when all she said was Britain can no longer use our troops in Imperial Wars which is true. In fact, tomorrow is the 83rd anniversary of the Statute of Westminster which allowed us to decide for OURSELVES whether to declare war on Germany in 1939 instead of being forced to enter WWl as a colony of Britain to fight an entirely imperialist, European War for King and country and all that.

    She also mentioned our change from the Red Ensign to the Maple Leaf which is also true and as a 12 year old at the time I can still remember people complaining about the loss of our British heritage. Anybody suggesting we go back to the Red Ensign?

    And she also said we should rid ourselves of the vestiges of the feudal system and class distinction. I am guessing that it was this that elicited your response, but she didn’t say that Britain gave us the feudal system just that the monarchy is symbolic of a past that no longer applies.

    On the other hand, you imply that not pledging allegiance to a foreign monarch (which is not done in all cities during swearing in ceremonies) will lead to some kind of disaster similar to the Bolshevik Revolution. Now that is rhetoric.

    Nobody is suggesting that we forget our history and traditions but times do change. Some on here suggested that they hope that she doesn’t use our money when the 5, 10, 50 and 100 dollar bills have Laurier, Macdonald, King and Borden on them. I am sure she could get by without the 20. And with the proliferation of debit and credit cards, money is becoming even less significant.

    Even our stamps are more likely to have rock stars, hockey players and flora and fauna instead of the queen. And how much are we using stamps now anyway.

    I was also concerned about people mockingly calling her by the name chief that (maybe unintentionally) denigrates that important title among our first nations people. Which kind of makes her point of being more concerned about our first peoples.

    I know I won’t change your mind about any of this but there are people out there who aren’t opposed to what she did and even support it.

  19. Gilbert says:

    I’m sorry, Harvey, but I disagree with you on this. Canada is no longer a British colony and shouldn’t behave as one. I doubt too many mayors in Quebec swear allegiance the queen. It’s not required, and I can think of far more important organizations than the Monarchist League of Canada.

    (Response: Again, as I’ve said to others, Victoria is not Fort St John or Kelowna or Vancouver: it IS a city that has made a BIG DEAL of its “Royal” connections, kind of the UK/Royal Disneyland of Canada,for both tradition and perhaps most importantly ECONOMIC benefits. If a new mayor ..esp one with an 89-vote -margin mandate …wanted to change that, she should have campaigned on it or at least have introduced a motion at Council to do so. Her single, insensitive act could cost the city millions over the next four years if various royals decide not to visit Victoria because of the slight and opt for other places with a friendlier mayor. h.o)

  20. morry says:

    Dear Lisa Helps. You are the New Mayor of Victoria, capital City of British Columbia. Queen Elizabeth is the constitutional monarch of 16 of the 53 member states in the Commonwealth of Nations.
    Somehow that has escaped you. You should seek Help.

  21. Gary Hadfield says:

    Harv, for your own health you should let go of your negative obsession of the recognition of the value of bicycling go. I don’t know why you always have to take a cheap shot at cycling…it’s a big part of our future.
    The bicycle lanes in Victoria are far from empty and need to be expanded even further. There is real value in replacing a significant percentage of vehicle commuting with trips taken on a bicycle. As a hard core car driver you should encourage more cycling to relieve the congestion on your roadways.
    Come on over and check out the bicycle traffic on the morning commute into Victoria every morning, rain or shine, our cycling lanes are far from empty.

    …..and kudos to DBWs (17) comment

    (Response: Bike lanes are great: if they get more people out of cars and out of my way. But they actually serve very few, tax dollar for dollar…and, unlike Europe, it will never be a big part of urban transportation in Canada, where travel distances for most from home to work are much greater. The millions spent on bike lanes would be much better spent on better public transit. h.o)

  22. DBW says:

    Well Harvey, I see now that you are more concerned about the economic consequences than you are about the snub to tradition and history which was the main thrust of your original post.

    So I guess I have to ask, do you actually believe that people will stop visiting Victoria because Lisa Helps did not swear allegiance to the queen when taking her oath of office?

    Ferry rates will have a much more significant impact.

    And on a slightly different, though on topic, controversy, how do you feel about Lebron James putting his arm around Kate Middleton when commoners (“King” James a commoner?) should follow protocol and not touch royalty, even royalty whose royal lineage started four years ago when she married.

    My guess and hope is that Kate and Will don’t care just as I guess and hope that they will understand Lisa Helps’ decision.

    (Response:Please re-read what I said: the mayor’s refusal in itself will not “stop” visitors from visiting Victoria …in many cases, high ferry fares have already done that. And some visitors will always come. BUT I said I expect it could reduce the number of royal-associated visits to the city (why go there when other cities are much more friendly to the Crown?) and THAT loss of tourist attractions (because that’s what they largely are) would indeed cost Victoria thousands of tourist visits and millions of dollars. It certainly can’t help! h.o)

  23. Scotty on Denman says:

    Bullseye, Harvey! Got the grumblers grouching and the grouches grumbling, AND managed to provoke some interesting controversy. Bully for you, what!

    I agree Mayor Helps made a stupid mistake and probably regrets looking so silly—and the more so for trying to excuse such a tiny principle—but I take no offence on grounds of preserving tradition and custom; rather, I object to Ms Helps claiming superior understanding of the Constitution and First Nations in both her canard and her trite attempt to excuse it: surely real historians won’t be very insulted by such a hackneyed citation of credentials as hers—she’s plainly not the Master of History she should be as holder of said university degree. We can, nonetheless, forgive her as novice holder of a third rate government office.

    DBW took exception to your very funny send-up of what the mayor might call herself in which you cleverly spoofed principles as weak as those that prevented her from swearing the oath of office; DBW said the chiding use of the word “chief” is an affront to First Nations when, in fact, that word is not of FN tradition (also said WWI was an entirely European war, to which I can only say Canadian enthusiasm for that war was not entirely for King and country—at least not for the majority of farm boys trying to escape low-horizon drudgery.)

    You’ve touched some kind of nerve a few respondents have got in slagging our sovereign and all things royal, the feudal system and whatever, whatever. Perhaps (although we can’t be sure) Ms Helps could inform Zelda that now is not the time to cast off the feudal system: that was done a number of centuries before feudal lords even knew of the existence of North America, let alone a piece of it that half a millennia after its discovery would become Canada. But for all the anti-monarchist polemic, and lamentations of our assumed subservience, or affront to our independence, or embarrassing short pants those supposed parasites make us wear, or whatever, whatever—we might be a little clearer about the real role of our sovereign and why we avail ourselves of royal lineage. In short, the sovereign holds a Constitutional office that guarantees, without partisan bias, we have a government that can pass legislation at all times; if a government cannot do this, the sovereign first finds out if there’s another group of MPs in the existing parliament who will commit to passing legislation, or, failing that, calls an election. Obviously this job cannot be done perfunctorily. The office is enshrined so it can’t be legislated away by any government of the day; royal descent, in contrast to some other method of selection, ensures non-partisanship (got that, Larry?); the office is held by a competent human being, not an automaton. Doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about monarchy, classism, nationalism, or any other -ism, or whatever, whatever, that’s how it is: a Constitutional fact primarily—a tradition secondarily.

    Joe and Gilbert note not all municipalities pledge allegiance to the Queen, especially not in Quebec. Even though every single public office, be it Prime Minister or county dogcatcher, swears an oath of office in order to formally assume legal responsibility (in case of lawsuits and that sort of thing), municipalities are not sovereign governments, which, I suppose, may absolve them from swearing the oath directly to the sovereign; but you may be sure that sovereign offices do swear to the sovereign, even in Quebec. I submit Victoria is no ordinary city: it’s a capital of a sovereign government; that should be enough to require an oath of office in the name of the Queen, especially since these days it’s named after a female sovereign. In any case, R gets rhetorical first prize: 4 years instead of [ previously until now] 3 years? I must agree: extending the municipal term was uncalled for and probably a bad thing for a number of reasons that might include the current mayor’s term —we’ll have to see if Ms Helps can live this down.

    Meantime, happy hoeing, Lisa, and God Save The Queen!

    (Response: Have to admit, I chortled a bit when writing this one …knew it would draw “a good reaction”. And glad many agree with my points about the mayor in chief overstepping sensitivity and sensibility and before she even spent her first day in office, may have dealt a severe blow to Victoria’s economy if any royals stay away. If I’m right, I wonder if that is a new speed record for a politician doing damage to her community:in Victoria, in BC, in Canada, and maybe even entire North America! LOL! h.o)

  24. Keith E. says:

    Hi Harvey,

    you stirred the pot with this one, and as we wring our hands over the flouting of tradition; if this report,

    and follow -up letter from the Times Colonist are accurate;

    it seems some traditions continue.

    (Response: Great stuff…almost makes me wish I was back reporting…covering City Hall in Victoria. Bet there would be lots of fun covering Helps’ term!! 🙂 h.o)

  25. Gene the Bean says:

    Well done Harvey – love all your responses to the comments. Especially those re bike lanes and the ‘tradition’ of tradition. Right on the mark.

    A mayor should strive to be a leader and leaders must sometimes ‘bite their own lip’ to be a better example. Helps dropped the ball here.

    A quick anecdote – I was once set up and blind-sided at a very public event (with numerous media present) by some very unscrupulous people. They knew I did not support “the proposal” but with camera’s rolling they chose me “to be the first” to sign my name to the huge placard centre stage. I choose not to ruin the event and disrespect all those in attendance (there was a significant First Nations presence) so I graciously made my way to the front and with a flourish, signed the placard before handing the pen over to others to do the same.
    I said nothing to the organizers who all stood grinning at me like a Cheshire cat.
    It was weeks before they even realized my signature read Elvis Presley.

    I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night….

    (Response: I knew it!! ELVIS IS ALIVE …and he has chosen MY BLOG to reveal himself. This should really help my revenues …if only I had any way of collecting them for the site. Thanks Elvis ..I mean “Gene” ..wink, wink …for letting us know you are not only alive and well, but in BC to boot …and the proof is in the signature on that placard! The lesson, of course: Helps should realize that as a leader, sometimes you go along with small, even things you consider silly, rather than ruin an event and make a big deal out of your own disrespect for little things important others. h.o)

  26. DON says:

    I usually agree with you HO. But traditions are not eternal and I am not quite sure what I am missing here. What exactly did she do wrong – I am not in love with the so called royals of today. People are moving on…as they should. All things change and that is something you can count on. Why even bother talking about this…so many other harmful activities taken place out there with our current royal not so liberal party. Let us concentrate on that. Besides doing things the same way and expecting different results is insane is it not. Give the lady a chance and stop the entrenched same old thinking.

  27. morry says:

    First Nations?! Don’t make me laugh!
    A tonne of hogwash. No one cares.

  28. Hawgwash says:

    Following is a funny article from the Times Colonist a few months back. It closely portrays the personality of the population between Swartz Bay and Esquimalt. It is a personality few of us are fully in touch with and why the Mayor Helps issue, is an issue at all.

    As I have said from the outset, I don’t believe this need be a pro or con “Royalty” debate. It is about a politician acting on a whim, without prior consultation, and maybe, just maybe not being in touch with or sensitive to, those who elected her.

    This is the character of the area and maybe we should just let them be.

    Have a chuckle…

  29. e.a.f. says:

    that was so funny! thank you!

    of course she does have one thing “traditional” as a politicians, “rewarding” friends. There was something on the news about an “untendered” contract to a company which “supported” her. Ya, same old shit, in new wrapping.

    People like Helps talk a lot and give the impression, they are all about the people and a new way. My opinion, they just found another way to get elected. She reminds me of Mayor Moombeam.

    Some Victoria counsellors described her “mistakes” as a learning curve. Well Mayor is one of those jobs you ought to have a fairly good idea of what you are doing. She sat on council previously, so its all about “the show”. Just watch her get down to good old politics, just like Christy. They just use different approaches and people fall for it. Just because people wear sandals and keep chickens doesn’t mean they are good, or environmental, or whatever. they might just be cheap and have no sense of fashion.

    (Response: You have to wonder where the rest of the council is. ANY politician who gives out huge untendered contracts should be called on the carpet immediately and the contract cancelled. And when one who was elected by 89 votes does it within hours of taking office should be off to the Tower with her. Maybe Her Majesty will intervene, if we can ever get her to just stop waving! h.o)

  30. Lester says:

    My only real problem with what she did is that her majesty is paying the bills, NOT teh first nations.

  31. nonconfidencevote says:

    Another “one term wonder” that probably won the Mayor’s chair due to the voters disgust with the previous Mayor.
    Election victory by Disgust ….quite a legacy.
    Hopefully this politically correct buffoon will be punted down the road before creating too much damage.
    But then again, I thought Gregor “deer in the headlights” Robertson was a one term wonder as well.
    non voters get what they deserve.

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