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Voters May Have Signalled the Result in Latest Polls!

May 3rd, 2017 · 54 Comments

I know polls are no longer regarded as the greatest, most reliable indicators of the final results in any pending election.

But there is one figure in the latest Global News/Ipsos that I have no doubt had ALL the party leaders and strategists paying great attention to … with great anticipation, celebration, nervousness or even fear.

According to the poll, done at the end of April, the Liberals, with 43% support, had a two-point lead over the NDP, at 41%.   That is basically a tie, taking into account normal margin of error. The Greens were at 14%.

But there are TWO alarm bells in the Global results for the Liberals.

Only 29% of respondents believe the current Liberal government has done “a good job” …and that, in NO way, is much of a vote of confidence.

And there’s another figure in the poll that is even worse for the Liberals.

More than half of those asked … 51% … felt it was “time for another provincial party to take over”.

Add to that a new Insights West poll just done for CTV.

Asked which party leader is honest and trustworthy: Horgan came out on top with 34%; Weaver placed second at 31%; and Clark scored a dismal 19%.

Not even the best Liberal spin-doctors could put a positive spin on these three figures … especially the last one!

Clearly there IS a mood for change; clearly the public are not happy with the government; and, Liberals have failed to excite.

But it is not yet game over.

In the Global poll, asked which leader would make the best premier,  Clark took the lead at 29%; and Horgan scored 26%; Weaver 15%. And a large number, 30%, were undecided.

However, in CTV’s latest survey, asked which leader has the right temperament to be premier: Clark scored highest at 53%; followed by Horgan at 40%; and, Weaver with 27%.

No doubt, the campaign ads, promises and pressures will be intensified with only days to go … and voters will be bombarded everywhere they turn.

But remember, 51% said they feel it’s time for another party to take over.

Harv Oberfeld

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  • 1 SG // May 3, 2017 at 9:46 am

    I’d be very surprised if the Liberals won yet again, in 2013 everyone was sick of Christy and her government, but because the economy for the entire province was doing well the liberals won another majority despite Christy being very unpopular. Now in 2017 BC has the best economy in Canada, but that’s only because of the red-hot housing market in the lower mainland and to some extent the Okanagam, the entire northern half of the province is barely hanging on, some regions up north have unemployment rates of nearly 13%. People in Ft Nelson can’t give their houses away, many people have simply walked away from their homes. For the last decade Victoria used northern BC as an ATM machine, now that times are tough Victoria is ignoring that region, folks I’ve talked to up there are not happy with the government right now, a change in government won’t make things any worse for them.

    (Response: Very little usually surprises me when it comes to final voting: many people are not in groups widely asked their opinions; others don’t answer polls; and some are even deceptive in their replies, for a variety of reasons. Nevertheless I was surprised last time …an amazing result in view of the many public polling done. This time, the LARGE number wanting change is fascinating … but have to admit among people I talk to, even those who have criticised Clark and Libs MANY times are now expressing fears the NDP would destroy the economy and cater mostly to those who don’t work, or pay taxes, but want, want, want. Sounds familiar! h.o)

  • 2 G. Barry Stewart // May 3, 2017 at 12:01 pm

    Having seen what happened in 2013, when an NDP shoe-in had even the corporate donors handing bags of cash to the NDP, to hedge their bets, I’ll wait and see.

    Mind you: I prefer a close poll, as it motivates voters to get off their duffs and truly indicate their preferences. A mandate out of a strong voter turn-out is easier to accept, whichever way it falls.

  • 3 ISLAND LOOKOUT // May 3, 2017 at 1:19 pm


    H.O. this is one interesting post of your’s.

    While leaders rail against each other, scrapping over the various money issues and promises, the really big issue here is demographics.

    To wit: today’s Canada census findings show more Canadians are aged 65 years and older than there are children aged less than 12 years age.

    This is a first in Canadian recent history, at the very least.

    The NDP and Greens should be laughing all the way to election night and while the Liberals should be very worried.


    Because the youngest and oldest cohorts, added to the in-the-middle Millennials are all very financially insecure and believe government is there to solve all of their various problems.

    They ignore where all the “money” comes from to pay for all of that. Their answer is generally,: “the government, and large corporations.”

    I have heard those canards for way too many decades.

    All that has resulted is eventual defeat of said left-wing governments and their replacements by right wing governments.

    This issue should have been factored in by the Liberals, unless it already has and the party has a bunch of hats populated by large numbers of rabbits.

  • 4 D. M. Johnston // May 3, 2017 at 2:17 pm

    A very unscientific observation.

    In my riding there is a definite lack of lawn signs and with our Liberal candidate being a farmer, I have noticed the “independent candidate” election sign on farm land!


    What might garner voters ire is that our long past “best by” date mayor is in the local rag glad handing the premier. This may work against the Liberals as a lot of voters have long memories of the former Liberal candidates disastrous reign, which lead to a historic two term independent.

    Delta council is seen as a lack lustre pre school for Liberal provincial politics and the art of “pay to play” and it rubs a lot of people raw, even good Liberals.

    The Liberal candidate and sitting council member slept through the Ladner fiasco, where Delta’s inept Engineering Dept. ripped up streets and left them for months and a lot of merchants were hurt and their customers enraged.

    Who will win, I will tell you with a 100% clarity on the 10th of May.

    (Response: I can also predict, with 100% clarity, that whoever wins …. I will be blogging within six months on what they have inflicted upon us, but did NOT tell us they were going to do during the campaign. h.o.)

  • 5 Gene The Bean // May 3, 2017 at 3:13 pm

    Usually I’d try to be witty with something like “polls are for dancers” but these days I do not believe ANYTHING I read or see as the truth.

    Unless it is peer reviewed, fact checked and comes from a very reliable source – like National Geographic – it does not resonate with me until I personally check it out.

    Unfortunately the Rabid Right has hijacked truth and morality from us (on a global scale) and I don’t know if we’ll ever get it back. When deceit and deception become the norms, we have all lost.

    But that’s OK though if you are making tons of money and keeping others ‘down’ ….. right … ??

    May 9 is a watershed moment for BC.

    Fingers crossed for an appropriate outcome so some healing can begin…..

  • 6 rainclouds // May 3, 2017 at 3:57 pm

    Just voted 3 hours ago.

    NDP and their progressive agenda scares me.
    Libs and the corruption disgust me
    Greens, nope

    Watched the all candidates meeting for Van False Creek and B.C. First Leader impressed me.

  • 7 nonconfidencevote // May 3, 2017 at 4:54 pm

    The latest polls dont give me a warm fuzzy feeling.
    God help me if I have to suffer through 4 MORE year of the Cheshire Cat grin and the inane babbling BS…….

  • 8 e.a.f. // May 3, 2017 at 5:12 pm

    people want a change, that much has been establish. however, more than a few believe there is no one to vote for. therefore, do they go out and vote or do they stay home? It may depend upon the weather. If its sunny, there will be more voters, in my opinion. that could signal change.

    More young people came out to vote in the federal election but I don’t think that is any indicator of how things will go provincially because the federal election takes in very different areas of the country with very different mind sets. B.C. is B.C. and there is mind set here and its different from other parts of the country so we don’t have the variations that there are in a federal election. In B.C. its rural or urban. How has the current government in office impacted you. if you live in rural areas, the impact of the high cost of housing has had less impact and if the other issues don’t effect you or you don’t care, well you might stay with the devil you know. if you’re in an area with out decent healthcare you may go with the devil you don’t know because it can’t get much worse.

    My opinion, we still haven’t seen the back end of Christy Clark. if she has enough for a minority government and Weaver has a few seats, he’ll ensure she remains in office. He hasn’t’ done anything to date which leads me to believe he is that interested in social issues i.e. dead kids in care, lack of health care, etc. there has been no real indicators he truly cares about the pay to play conditions of B.C. He has campaigned on a platform of getting big money out of politics, but he has been a tad silent during all the revulations regarding all the money floating round the B.C. Liebrerals and Christy clark’s skim of $300K.

    My money says, Weaver will stay the course with the b.c. lieberals until his “young charges” see the light and fire his ass or don’t vote with him on an important issue.

    Richmond will most likely stay with its current b.c. lieberal mlas. not much the government does effects them, they’re well to do

    Now in surrey, those b.c. lieberal mlas, might want to dust off their resumes. big shortage of schools.

    Vancouver, who knows. some may still be pissed about the government taking over the school board, but if they are pissed enough to take that to the polls, don’t thinks so, its yesterday’s news. I’d suggest it might come down to how long they have to wait at walk in clinics. That may also extend to Victoria because there is nothing I’ve seen from the Greens that they have said much during all of the problems. if you’re the parent of young children and you’re waiting in a walk in clinic for 3 hours, I know they won’t be voting for Christy and the cabal. if you’re older and want that hip replacement sooner than later and don’t have the resources to have it done privately or go to Europe, you might not vote for Christy or weaver.

    I’m as confused as everyone else and haven’t seen any “inside” polls, so now we wait and see. i’m sure we will all have a lot to say on 10 May

    (Response: Lots of people who are not partisan or already decided are indeed confused …so as a PUBLIC SERVICE (LOL!) I will tell everyone FRIDAY in my next blog HOW TO VOTE!!! h.o)

  • 9 ISLAND LOOKOUT // May 3, 2017 at 6:07 pm

    #8 e.a.f.

    Yikes, man, you sound confused. Have a cup of tea and a biscuit, listen to some C&W music or Swan Lake, something.

    Reminder to everyone here.

    There is NOT a government between here and the outer solar system which can solve all of your problems.

    In some cases you may have to use something known as common sense or self-reliance to see you through some of your problems.

    Those are not to suggest self-surgery including heart transplants, appendectomies, minor brain surgeries or self-administered spinal taps.

    Some of those procedures may require help from a reliable friend, one who is experiencing some degree of sobriety.

    Look e.a.f. get a grip.

    Government members are not gods, saints and know-it-alls. Former Premier Vander Zalm definitely had some issues regarding know-it-all-itis, and he had to quit.

    Enjoy the show, meanwhile.

  • 10 Hawgwash // May 3, 2017 at 6:35 pm

    Well e.a.f. here you go;

    And Horgan’s “anger” is one glaring neon red herring.

  • 11 SB // May 3, 2017 at 6:36 pm

    Interesting right now i know where i live ndp seem solid the possibility of a lib green supported coalition is dangerous for Weaver if he truly wants voters to believe he is independent and wanting to implement change he very well would risk destroying any goodwill the Greens have developed in supporting the same old game.

  • 12 BMCQ // May 3, 2017 at 7:29 pm

    Polling is highly unreliable at best.

    As we have all heard before, ask Premier Adrian Dix, President Hillary Rhodam Clinton, Prime Minister Michael Ignatieff, The “Brexit Stay” Crowd, The Wild Rose Party of Alberta and so many more.

    The Methodology used for most Polling today just does not seem to work in far too many cases to make me take notice.

    It is however a great way for different Media to get Viewership, Readers, or Listeners so they do their best to get as many Polls as they can out before their Audience and that does make sense.

    As previously mentioned, the B.C. Liberals Pollster had it correct through the last Election and I am quite sure he has it nailed down again.

    His Mehodology and the Sampling is different and as one man once said, “He does it the Old Fashioned Way”.

    Harvey and one or two other “Fact Checkers” here may be able to bring more clarity to this.

    Let us also keep in mind that it was shown that President “O” polled at 58% Approval 2 Months before the Oct. Election.

    Yet over the previous 2nyears the Dems had lost over 1200 Legislators.

    President “O” also had strong Majority’s in the House and Senate which he lost in a disastrous last 2 years of his Presidency.

    At one time He, the Dems had 35 of 50 Governorships, when he left the Republicsns now hold 32 of 50 Governorships.

    Someone please explain to me how “O” was so high in the Polls?

    Even the Great Singing Group “The Blind Boys of Alabama” could see that President Barack was not quite as popular as his Fawning Media Projected!

    Remember Hillary was favored to become President by 80% in the Polls.

    And just how well did that work out?

    I just do not have any confidence in the Polling of today.

    e.a.f. – 8

    SURREY Schools –

    Demographics change, there are over 70,000 Fewer Students in the Public School System now as opposed to 10 years ago.

    During that same 10 years there are over 7,000 fewer Students Registered in the Vancouver School District.

    Where did ALL of those Students go, did they Vanish like the Salmon?

    People move and people come and go.

    I believe Surrey (unless it is now the newer GTA) is the largest Municipal Area in Canada, each and every many new Families move to SURREY and that population is now growing even faster than anticipated. People have left Vancouver and say Burnaby and they move to Surrey. New Canadians have moved to Surrey and most of those families have Children.

    Schools cannot be built overnight and trust me the Portables are not the Tower of London they are fine for a while.

    My 27 year old son played various Sports and many of those Events were in Surrey and the Schools there are almost ALL newer than most other Municipalitues have and they are well equipped. I cannot remember the names but they were very very nice.

    Before you begin on Hospitals I can tell you not to bother, there have been many new Hospitals built in B.C. Over the past 10 years and they are ALL World Class.

    Keep in mind that B.C. Attracts the highest percentage of Immigrants to Canada.

    It only makes sense that we have more demand for Hospitals and Dr/Nurses.

    Perhaps your PMJustin should come across with some of his Federal Infrastructure Funding to assist.

  • 13 13 // May 3, 2017 at 9:47 pm

    I have not always supported the BC Liberals. From age 19 till my early thirties I voted NDP. The NDP started to lose their luster when they stood silently by and watched private sector workers get trampled by deregulation.
    At any rate enough history. I suppose the point Im trying to make is like it or not Ive supported the BC Liberals for many years. Im not a lone wolf . The Liberals dont keep getting elected by some sort of evil magic. Many people are a lot like me. They do not buy into the NDP ideology. They are so opposed to that ideology that in the face of BCR HST ripping up contracts and the rest of the errors we will still vote against the NDP. Dont count us out.

  • 14 e.a.f. // May 3, 2017 at 10:38 pm

    BMCQ, there maybe 70k fewer kids in school but if your kid is in a portable in Surrey, you’re not happy, trust me. I know young families out there and its not making their grandparents happy either. So yes there maybe fewer kids in some schools, but lets not forget a lot of kids were placed in private schools as money was withdrawn from the public system.

    As to your son, he is 27 yrs old. he hasn’t been in K-12 for over 10 years. some of the crowded areas weren’t even there 5 years ago. one area in particular is only 3 years old, full of families and kids and a 3 yr old school, with 7 portables. those parent’s aren’t happy. they know it will be years before there are enough schools and in a few years all those kids will hit a high school which isn’t there. there are already schools in surrey operating in shifts. parents aren’t happy.

    as to portables being fine, not so much. you obviously have not had a kid in a portable having to leave the building to go to the bathroom each time, having to walk outside to the next class room, and eventually mold coming to a portable near you. Yes, for those who can afford it private school is great and hundreds of millions have been poured into them. on the other hand the great unwashed can send their child to a portable in a field some where.

    given you gave me the opening, on hospitals, lets go. first class, yes the buildings are, the new ones, but the service not so much. just how world class do you think the parents of the little girl think the hospital their child died in is. then of course there is the son whose mother died because of the same hospital, and then there was the doctor who died in the Kamloops hospital, here doc. have an aspirin and a seat and wait. he died right there. if you’re one of the 20 or 30 in the hall way for days these hospitals are not world class. If you go into a hospital and you have to have a family member clean your area before you can get into the bed, that is not first class. It is not world class if the bath room in your room has been fouled but it won’t be cleaned until the next day because that is what the contract says. we don’t gave enough O.R nurses or doctors. that is not world class. Christ I don’t know what we would do if it weren’t for Jimmy Paterson building new hospitals or the retired doctor in Richmond putting up $25M for a new tower.

    Island look out I’m only confused as to who will get elected. I don’t get confused about much else in life. I’m too old. If its confusion at my stage in life, its dementia and my doctor assures me I don’t have it. I can figure out the new remote and can still read an act of parliament and know what it says.

    Of course no government can fix people’s problems they have to do that themselves, but a lot of people out there need help and that isn’t forth coming. we have one in five children living in poverty and that isn’t a good thing, but the premier “forgave” the electrical bill to a mine owner who gave her 1/2 million in donations and built a $885M transmission line to 3 of a companies’ operations=check Norm Farrell’s for full details.

    fifteen years ago I could find a doctor, I could find a camping spot, the government wasn’t $150billion in debt, we weren’t building bridges lots could afford to take, I could take a ferry without using a couple of hundred dollar bills, etc.

    I don’t personally need the government’s help. have pension can travel to Europe for health care if necessary. My concern is all the children in this province who aren’t getting the education they deserve or the food and shelter they need along with health care and medicine. After all the money the b.c. lieberals spent we are no longer getting the services we once did, but the financial donators to Christy are doing fine.

    My view on some of this is, some people will continue to vote b.c. lieberal because they haven’t been negatively impacted by Christy and or they believe in the b.c. lieberals. I never have, nor did I believe in the Socreds.

    What I do find interesting is how many of my Socred/B.C. Lieberal voting friends are now switching to the NDP because they can’t stand the corruption and debt the province is struggling under. Not one of them depends upon the government for much of any thing beyond the basic services such as roads, etc.

  • 15 Crankypants // May 4, 2017 at 12:55 am

    I wouldn’t put much stock in anything that gets reported by the polling companies. There is no way in hell that a sample of up to a couple of thousand respondents versus the will/intentions of approximately 1.8 million participating voters can be considered reflective of the outcome.

    There is a reason that they always couch their findings with the statement that the result is accurate 19 times out of 20. It’s called butt covering.

  • 16 G. Barry Stewart // May 4, 2017 at 9:06 am

    e.a.f. @ 14. Such a great piece of writing; many BC Lib blemishes exposed.

    I just learned yesterday that of all the children living below the poverty line: 23% of them live in the two (currently BC Lib-controlled) Chilliwack ridings.

    Like Surrey, Chilliwack has a huge problem with school portables.

    The BC Libs can only hope and pay (for newspaper wraps and campaign staff) that the ticked off Chilliwack voters don’t mobilize against them.

  • 17 BMCQ // May 4, 2017 at 9:08 am

    e.a.f. – 14

    You and I may not agree on much at all but I must admit I admire your Competitve Spirit and respect greatly your Will to stand up for your beliefs.

    More People should have your strength of Character.

    The reason I mention my Sons age when I mention him is it allows someone like you to relate to the era. My Son actually did spend K and Grade 1 in a Portable and we all managed to survive.

    A Major reason there are fewer Students Registered in the Public School System is because more and more Parents are choosing to send their Children to Private, Traditional, Religious, Institutions for their Education. I wonder why?

    By the way, when was the Last Time you saw a group of 100 Parents or more Camped Out in front of a Public School for 4 days in June so they could secure their Child a Space in that School? Just thought I would ask.

    I could be 100% incorrect but I am guessing that the vast majority of Parents understand that it does in fact take several years to plan and actually commence the building of a School. Design, Permits and Plannig alone take up to 2 or 3 years, who could argue that fact?

    Schools are being built all over the Province with more being planned. Surrey is a growing area with People arriving from the rest of B.C., The YVR, Canada, and the rest of the World, I am just about 100% sure that the vast majority of those Parents understand that Schools are coming and they will be satisfied in the fact that they know Schools are on the way.

    You are very well aware that our Birth Rate inCanada is low and we are inviting Families to come to Canada from many different Countries to start a new life. I m also quite sure that the vast majority of those Families will be very happy with our Portables, especially when they understand New Schools are on the way.

    Perhaps Inam totally out of touch but I feel we need to understand that we cannot expect Government to do everything for us.

    Surely we must take some responsibility for our own decisions and poor life style choices.

    Must we blame Government for everything that is not perfect? Would an NDP Government be held to the same account?

    Just the other day I saw a U.S. PBS report praising a Government Program in Oakland California that provided a Cleaning Company that visited Private Residences and cleaned Interior Windows of Mold, Vacuumed Carpets, Wiped and washed behind Appliances and under Sinks, and did a general clean up of Kitchens for Low Income People who seem to suffer a disproportionate number of Asthma Cases in that Community.

    The Government contends that by doing this over the long term the number of cases of Asthma will decrease.

    So please understand that they are telling us AND the POOR SOULS they are providing the service for are not capable of doing those things for themselves.

    How would that encourage anyone to provide or care for themselves or seek employment?

    How would the Children in those Households become motivated to get an Education and Improve their Life?

    Is this what we in B.C. want to become?

    I do not know about you but that gives me the Creeps!

    God help us as a Society if we choose to go down that “Rabbit Hole”!

  • 18 psosp // May 4, 2017 at 10:36 am

    Maybe the NDP would be more “accepted” under a new name? Even calling themselves the Democratic party, nothing more? It’s worked for other parties, including this current lieberal cabal.

    (Response: If they don’t win this time, the NDP …and many others who don’t like the Liberals or the Greens… will have to look at a LOT more than just a name change. h.o)

  • 19 e.a.f. // May 4, 2017 at 11:42 am

    did you know BMCQ that a lot of people who are economically deprived don’t own vacumn cleaners. they don’t buy cleaning products because they are too expensive. they spend their money on paying the rent, keeping the electricity on, buying food. What might have made more sense was having community centres run courses on how to clean with home made less costly products but governments are loath to put money into these types of programs. that company most likely was a financial contributor of a political party.

    being poor is very stressful and energy sapping. you and I approach poverty as a person with a middle class mind set. Having viewed people of different back grounds in poverty, people who come form a middle class background frequently do know how to do things and make a buck stretch, but if you’ve never had that as part of your growing up you just don’t know. anxiety, which a lot of people have if they’re at the bottom of the economic barrel, leads to depressions which leads to people not being able to carry out the basic functions of life.

    of course if you’ve come from a country with no or little education provided, portables look good. However, the areas where we have portables don’t have a lot of refugees. what we have is people paying $500K and up for a townhouse and having gone to schools themselves in B.C. where there weren’t portables. Portables are not an acceptable classroom unless its an emergency. if governments are planning communities than they need to plan for schools and community centres at the same time. Its not that hard.

    schools could be built much more quickly if the governments simply allocated the necessary monies for them and built them on land the government had not previously sold off to developers. IF you want a building to be built twice as fast you doubt the work crew. Yes, I was part of a group that did that, doubled the work crew, built townhouses twice as fast because in the building stage our interest rate was 19%, back in the early 1980s. once it was occupied, it would be a fraction of that.

    this province is short over 1000 O.R nurses. everyone knew nurses would be retiring but it would appear no one planned for it and trained more nurses and speciality nurses. that wasn’t a biggie to plan for but hey we have 2 bridges which people won’t take and run up huge deficits each year that is not good planning or running a business efficiently.
    what is boils down to for me is this province is at least $150billion in debt including b.c hydro, etc. but we don’t have much to show for it which benefits the children of this province or the disabled. those are two groups we have a responsibility to look after as a society and this government has failed miserably. $150 billion in debt and 8 dead kids in care, 4 dead from death by hospital a couple of months ago and a suicide of a health researcher who was part of a group of researchers fired by the b.c. lieberals. their grand inquisitor got a promotion. if I didn’t know different I’d rank our premier as a serial killer because all of these deaths could have been avoided if things had been done properly, but if just raising money for an election war chest, which seems to have occupied the mind of the premier and her cabal. every time a kid died in care turmel lafond wrote a report and eventually out would come cadeiux with her line of “we will do better” and then another kid would die. at no time did the premier actually sit down and say we need to stop this and make sure it happened. she didn’t; replace the minister who obviously didn’t have a clue about what was going on. like you pay a contractor $8K month and he puts the kid in a hotelroom where the kid didn’t have adequate clothing, food, mental health care and throws himself out of a window. that is not good value for money. now it may only be a small thing but really, to me that is a kid who should have lived. a kid who could have had a good life. my god we were paying some guy $8K a month to look after him and all he did was put the kid in a hotel. hell the ministry still can’t get it right. they/ve been using hotels as far back as the 1980s and weaver hasn’t said a thing about any of it either. he is so environmental, but he doesn’t seen to take kids into consideration. if the greens put as much thought into kids as they do the environment, who knows, lives of kids might improve. we might want to remember with an ever dwindling supply of kids our future as seniors may be in jeoparody. think of looking after kids as an investment in your personal well being. (ya I don’t have any kids)

    What it boils down to is the province is in debt to the tune of $150billion and we don’t; have much to show for it which benefits the average citizens in this province and please don’t start on the Richmond skating oval. you need money to get in there and lots of people don’t have it. time to go check if the swimming pool is warm enough to take a dip or use the hot tub…………….

  • 20 Gene The Bean // May 4, 2017 at 2:27 pm

    E.A.F. – good points as usual but please don’t waste your energy trying to convince Neo-Cons of what is really happening. They live in a fantasy land.

    The $150BILLION dollar debt should quiet them – but it doesn’t.

    As for the poor, disadvantaged, the couples working two jobs each and trying to raise a kid …. the Neo-Cons couldn’t care less.

    Their standard rallying cry is that “I made it so you should too. I worked hard all my life, I had to take a part time job at my parents country club while I was going to St Georges. I earned my role at my daddy’s firm and the fact that I got a Corvette for graduating was due to the fact I am a hard worker, you cant hold that against me.”

    The Neo-Cons like Christy and her cabal and a few posters here really, truly don’t care about anything outside their own world.

    Right wing Neo-Con governments have put the world on a path of destruction. They actively and unashamedly only work to promote fear, racial tension and lead the “Corporatist” agenda that is intended to keep us all “in our place”.

    It has to stop.

    That bumbling clown that now dirties the White House may be the best thing that ever happened to the progressive movement. For as long as he is there, the closet door will be open for all to see what ‘current conservatism’ is all about.

    To all the regular readers/posters here – if you are not actively rallying your friends, acquaintances and loved ones to vote for change on May 9th – then you are a hypocrite.

    (Response: Unle3ss, of course, they believe the other parties would be even worse. h.o)

  • 21 ISLAND LOOKOUT // May 4, 2017 at 2:39 pm


    Carole James, incumbent NDP MLA for Victoria-Beacon Hill got a little more than she may have bargained for this morning during a pre-election debate on C-FAX radio.

    Nipping at her well-established political insider heels were five other wannabes only two of whom deserve coverage here:
    Liberal Karen Bill and Green Kalen Harris.

    Both have been burning up the shoe leather going door to door and campaigning very hard. It showed.

    But not so much for Ms. James. She only who forked out all of the usual well-polished (worn-out?) NDP rhetorical pablum which can be summed up in four words: More Spending; Higher Taxes.

    I’ve seen this nonsense for decades now and Ms. James should have upped her game but she didn’t.

    Perhaps she thought it would be a cake walk; nope.

    Kalen Harris went after her over a number of policy issues including the NDP’s promises on environmental protection.

    Karen Bill charged out of the gate to question the logic of NDP economic policies and how much they could actually wind up costing the rest of us.

    Ms. James’ response to Bill’s questioning was to “run out the clock”.

    That is an old tried and true NDP scam.

    It is used when the back and forth debate is limited to 3 minutes, in this case, or some other “amount” of time on the clock imposed by the debate moderator.

    Running out the clock is generally used by NDP candidates who are scared of being beaten by their opponents.

    Nevertheless Ms. Bill kept punching very aggressively and got her points across anyway.

    Mr. Harris found himself hornswoggled when Ms. James tried to extend his points of view on policy and various constitutional issues to outrageous degrees.

    It got to the point where she questioned whether Mr. Haris was in favour of winding back individual civil rights on a number of issues including medical, and other various well-established entitlements.

    Of course he wasn’t and Ms. James’ line of questioning looked plainly insulting.
    Mr. Harris bounced back from this and scored more points against NDP promises mentioned later on in the debate.

    Anyway the liberal and Green candidates both Millennials, are smart, dedicated, hard-working and huge threats to the NDP electoral machine in these parts.

    Callers mainly supported Ms. James; of course they did, planted calls.

    But two other callers plunked for Ms. Bill saying new electoral blood is needed in the riding. Time for change.

    I think the Liberal could surprise on election night. The Green should do pretty well, too.

    I’m not predicting the outcome.

    If this was a naval engagement the good ship James would have taken a couple of direct torpedo hits, with internal damage but not enough to sink her. Her ego is in drydock now getting patched up.

    She didn’t score any direct hits in response. All mainly very wide misses, both torpedoes and deck guns.

    The Changing of the Guard in Victoria-Beacon Hill is well and truly underway.

  • 22 BMCQ // May 4, 2017 at 2:43 pm

    e.a.f. – 19

    As the Monkey said immediately after he backed up too quickly into the Running Lawn Mower.


  • 23 Harry Lawson // May 4, 2017 at 3:33 pm

    BCMQ, E.A.F

    Great discussion yet you both have a common goal that is the betterment of our society. The question is how do we get there ?

    There are certain ministries that no matter who is in power is going to have issues. The record of bothe the NDP and the Liberals while in power has been atrocious.

    I just hope who ever gets elected truly works with all parties to try to improve our governance

  • 24 e.a.f. // May 4, 2017 at 3:58 pm

    ah, if you’re thinking of voting Green go have a read of RossK at The Pacific Gazetteer. Interesting position our friend Weaver takes, well Christy’s friend, not mine.

    Harry Lawson, if BMCQ and I ever go for drinks you get to sit between us. It is agreed some ministries have not been adequately dealt with by both parties. Its just the b.c. lieberals don’t seem to be even trying this time around.

    Christy had all that money ($140M) for foreign corporations to create jobs here and it works out to about a few hundred jobs. Just think if the money had been put somewhere else, like health care or more social workers or start up money for small local business young people wanted to establish, but NO our tax dollars went to foreign corporations. RossK at The Gazetteeer has the New York Times article which outs the photo op queen on the waste of our $140MILLION tax dollars. the woman just isn’t a business person. You don’t pay foreign companies almost $500K per job to create jobs. hell you can just give grants to Canadian young people and ask them to start their own company. that would actually have some very interesting results.

  • 25 Crankypants // May 4, 2017 at 4:10 pm

    Harry Lawson #23

    The only way there will ever be governance that works for the common good of everyone is if the concept of the political party join the Edsel in the scrap heap. Political parties have a take-all mentality that is only satiated when they can impose their will whether it is good policy or not.

  • 26 Gene The Bean // May 4, 2017 at 4:22 pm

    Reply to #20

    Harvey, I KNEW you were going to say that! Laughed when I read it.

    Yes, of course, you are correct….. we all know you cant ‘sling it’ as our host and moderator …. but I bet you want to some times….?

    (Response: THIS election is a real dilemma for many. I have voted in the Advance Poll … and am already doubting my choice!!!!! Egad! h.o)

  • 27 Harry Lawson // May 4, 2017 at 4:28 pm


    I will by the first round and bring a referee shirt lol

  • 28 nonconfidencevote // May 4, 2017 at 4:44 pm

    @#24 e.a.f.
    “Harry Lawson, if BMCQ and I ever go for drinks you get to sit between us….”

    can I buy the drinks?


  • 29 BMCQ // May 4, 2017 at 5:09 pm


    Coming from you I consider that a compliment?

    Some people see the Glass as Half Full and if we are capable, we work hard, pay taxes, we can ultimately improve things for those less fortunate, those that need a helping hand.

    Others in Society see the Glass as Half Empty and become so bitter they consider those that are successful as the Enemy.

    I cannot explain why some of us are so bitter but I do understand that those same bitter individuals would rather see our system fail than see others become successful. Go figure.

    Harry – 23

    The Budget Health Care which is about 45% and Education which is about 15% (thanks DBW) are contrary to NDP Propaganda increased each and every year.

    We could in fact increase both of those Budgets by 5% each year and within 4 years they would equal about 100% of the 2017 Budget.

    Do you or anyone else here believe we can afford that kind of growth?

    Unfortunately the vast majority of those Budgets are attributable to unsustainable Salaries, Wages, benefits and Pensions.

    Thus same problem exists in both the Federal and Municipal Public Sector.

    Honestly I have no dispute with the actual wages and Sakaries, my problem comes from the Benefit and Pension side of the equation. They are far too costly and as a Society we cannot afford the Burden.

    Many people mumble about our B.C. debt without understanding the majority of our long term debt is for Infrastructure such as Olympics, Legacies from the Olympics like Canada Line, Hwy 1 and Port Mann, Sea to Sky, Evergreen Line, yes e.a.f. The Richmond Oval.

    As You may or MAY NOT be aware many of those were the idea of former NDP Cabinets which included the Joy McPhail and Glen Clark Olympics, along with much of the Sky Train expansion, along with the Convention Centre.

    Yes, many of those were originally the Brain Child of the NDP. Change anyone’s Mind?

    The difference between the B.C. Debt and the Debt of so many other Provinces which might include That Governing Genius Premier Wynne of Ontario which just happens to be the Worlds Largest Sub-Sovereign Debtor is the fact tha those other Provinces Debt is for Larger Government where the B.C. Debt is for Infrastructure, an Investment in the Future of your .children and Grand Children.

    Some here will mumble about the .debt left to our GC etc. but keep in mind that Politicians keep telling us about the coming 2 Million more people coming to B.C. So do you not think we might need that Infrastructure?

    Why not ask anyone that enjoys the Olympic Legacies like Richmond Oval, Cypress, B.C. Place, Convention Centre, with their Children how they like having an opportunity to take in Famiky Events how they view those Investments?

    Ask those if us that commute to and from work, School,or Games on Sky Train how much more convenient that commute really is.

    Ask those that commute over Port Mann, Golden Eagkes, the new Massey Bridge how they appreciate the quicker and safer commute to work and back home to their families how they like that Investment in infrastructure?


    Then ask them about all of the THOUSANDS of Jobs provided thanks to those Projects, the upcoming Site C, Pipelines, and other Infrastructure Projects that will provide Employment and make life better for those that live in B.C.

    Then ask those less fortunate that are provided a very good standard of living from Government Assistance from the Tax Dollars generated from that Employment how they benefit,

    Then ask them all who they will Vote for May 9!

    Only one Mans opinion Harry, but hey, you can’t blame a Neo-Con for trying.

  • 30 Marge // May 4, 2017 at 5:10 pm

    Here’s the actual article e.a.f. is referring to:

    And to that guy (who I think is a troll and will disappear after the election) hate to bust your balloon but if you actually read Harvey’s blog you’d have found that I was supporting the CONSERVATIVES federally. Wow huh? Can’t as person of conscience support Christy Clark whatsoever. She deserves to go and we can only hope that the good people of Kelowna feel fit to burst her balloon and let her loose.

  • 31 BMCQ // May 4, 2017 at 5:17 pm


    Later this month I am meeting e.a.f. For Drinks and Dinner at The Deep Cove Chalet in her Hood.

    We will be discussing the Election result during that Dinner.

    I want you sitting between us when she commences with the “Food Fight”!

  • 32 Harry Lawson // May 4, 2017 at 6:59 pm

    BCMQ #30

    It wouldn’t be the first or the last time I would have egg on my face

  • 33 ISLAND LOOKOUT // May 4, 2017 at 9:36 pm

    Marge #30

    Well, Marge, I’m glad you voted Tory in a past election(s). Good on you.

    I’m not going to joust with you anymore about Christy Clark. Quelle Pointe?

    As for me being a troll. Not true.

    I write to this blog on an infrequent basis whenever I have some time.

    Harvey and I are old acquaintances from the Nooze Bizz way too many decades go.

    I don’t always support his POV.

    Why should I?

    But I respect this blog because its intellectual content eclipses that of many others.

    And it’s Canadian to boot.

    So, Marge. Have a nice day.

  • 34 e.a.f. // May 4, 2017 at 9:56 pm

    No that restaurant will not do. Its too far up the highway of life and later this month I’ll be back on the Island, the big one, as in Vancouver Island, across the Salish Sea. We are not going for dinner, only drinks and it has to work for Harry Lawson, as mediator. We have to consult him. If Non confidence wants to join, we have to check with him. there are a couple of bars we could check out, but no food fights, they are simply forbidden. No playing with your food, no elbows on the table, etc.

    Now you are either not up to the cost of living or you are yanking my chain, it is not a good living and certainly not a very good living on social assistance. Lets keep it real. People on disability receive $908, plus $21 and a bus pass. That is more than 50% below the poverty line. Even a room in a communal house will cost $650 a month and that is not a fun way to live. A decent apartment will run you approx. a grand a month.

    Welfare rates have not risen in 8 years or so. that is not keeping people in rent and food. If we go back a tad you will recall Christy was taking nickel for nickel the child support money children received from their non custodial parent if the other parent was on disability. That meant an adult and child were living on $1250 per month. After a lot of embarrassing publicity she finally changed her mind and let the kids keep their money. Those children and their parent were living 50% below the poverty level. The children whose parents are on welfare are still living at that awful rate of 50% below the poverty level and this province doesn’t even have a poverty reduction plan.

    Not every idea from the NDP has been perfect and no political party is perfect. I just believe that the B.C. Lieberals aren’t doing this province any good. There has just been too many scandals, too many dead children, and not enough time spent on governing, as in doing the business of the government. There is more to governing than building things such as roads, bridges, dams, etc.. In my opinion the B.C. Lieberals missed that point. The B.C. Lieberals couldn’t even get it together to open the Leg. and have MLAs work there, you know ask and answer questions, debate, etc. The B.C.. lieberals did not conduct the business of a democracy. They did however, keep that $12K a year housing allowance for which no receipts are required. all MLAs ought to be embarrassed about that.

    Site C is going to cost as a min. $8 BILLION, we don’t need it and its an environmental disaster waiting to happen. just check Laila yuille’s blog or Rafe Mair’s. Use that $8 BILLIONN for other things and you will still have jobs, jobs, jobs. We could build those schools, affordable housing, hospitals, train doctors and nurses, etc. that dam isn’t going to generate money. We are using less electricity than we did a few years ago–check Norm Farrell. blog for details. Right now B.C. Hydro has contracts for 25 to 35 years for run of river projects where B.C Hydro buys electricity from IPPs for 10 cent and sells it for 3 cents. that is not what I would call a good business plan. even socialists know you have to buy low and sell higher to make money.

    I’ve expressed my opinion long enough, time to check the garden.

  • 35 BMCQ // May 5, 2017 at 6:38 am

    Interestingly enough the Deep Cove Chalet is on Chalet Road in North Saanich.

    You mention NonCon, one of the most difficult things for me to get my Head Around is the fact that Mortal Enemies Marge and NonCon have joined Forces to Defeat the Dreaded B.C. Liberal Party.

    Let me see, e.a.f., Gene the Bean, Marge, NonCon, and Hawg, that in my opinion is quite the FIVE HEADED Monster!!!

    Quick, Hide Your Children and Do Not Go Out Into The Dark!!

    I am 100% certain that a Movie Series with that Monster as the Hero would have at least a 6 or 7 Sequel Run!!

    As to your comment about the Legislature.

    I believe it is long past time for former British Colonies to review their British Parliamentary Governing System.

    It is an outdated and archaic system that is really nothing less than a Dictatorship if any one Party has the Majority of Seats.

    You are correct no Governing Party is perfect and that is certainly the case of the B.C. Liberals.

    The key factor with the current Election to me as Harvey and others have pointed out is who can we live with, who represents what we want best, who is the lesser of the two evils, who will not let growth of Government overcome what the Tax Payer can afford?

    Those ae basically our choices.

    As to the NDP, in my opinion a hard working and intelligent makes a sitting Government better. Have the NDP been a good Opposition?

    Many NDP Supporters on this Bog have been very critical of John Horgan, but then those same NDP Supporters were very critical of Adrian Dix and before him Carole James.

    Well then, what or who does it take?

    Can anyone answer that question?

    Seems to me that most NDP Supporters on this Blog are critical of Mr. Horgan, because they actually sense a B.C. Liberal Victory May 9 and they are letting their emotions get the best of them.

    As to Government Spending, increasing Welfare Rates, and others on your wish list.

    What we really need to do is challenge Poverty Pimps like Mumbles Robertson, his Visionite Minions and others to immediately “Cease and Desist” their absurd and sickening waste of Hard Working Tax Payers Money by providing Free Housing, Welfare, and other Largesse to Drug Addled Criminal Felons that come from right across Canada to take advantage of his Hospitality.

    ALL of that Housing could be used for Seniors, Single Moms with Children attempting to escape a Bad Marriage and get a second chance, those that are legitimately in need and require our assistance.

    If John Horgan would jump up on his Hind Legs and demand something like that in our Legislature or on the Campaign Trail and if the B.C. Libs did not at least match that promise Horgan would get my Vote.

    Will any Political Party show courage and fight back against Activist Mayors and other Poverty Pimps like the hopeless useless Mayor in Victoria? Probably not!

    But there is your answer e.a.f. and the rest, ALL IT TAKES is a little Courage and the Political Will!!!

    Who the Hell could be against that?

    I can guarantee you that if either one of the two B.C. Major Parties included that in their Platform they would soon be Government!

    Island Lookout

    In my humble opinion (which is not worth much here) I think you are a great addition to this Blog and I believe your point of view even if some do not agree with you on all points gives each and every one of us reason to think and I believe that is why most of us are here.

    In fact as anyone knows that follows this Blog there are not too many “Free Enterprises” like you on the Blog so I sincerely believe your contributions are important.

    Again, I think it is gratifying that Harvey WELCOMES People like you, 13, BMCQ and a few other “Free Enterprises” on this Blog we are not welcome anywhere else.

    That says a lot about Harvey, and in fact it says a lot about Contributors like e.a.f., Lew, DBW, Harry Lawson, and others Left of Centre I have not mentioned when they actually enjoy the Argument, Discussion, and Debate with us.

    I firmly believe we all learn something from the “Give and Take” on this Blog and how can there be any Bad in that?

    Wait a minute, before we confirm that we should ask Bean, I am quite sure he could find much wrong with those of us on the Blog that actually believe in a Healthy Exchange of Ideas!

    Please stay around we ALL need you.

    And I am quite sure you are not a Troll!!

  • 36 Hawgwash // May 5, 2017 at 7:10 am

    Well, I’m just about burned out now so, I’ll just ease off and wait for the bad or really bad news. Glad I voted early and went with my original choice instead of succumbing to a twisted temptation.

    Goodness, I hope THAT surgery went well.

    Anyway, I have particularly enjoyed your posts this week especially when you talk about the unfortunate ones trying to stay afloat.

    I know huge numbers of seniors who are financially half a rung above those on assistance. CCP, OAC and GIC of approximately $1500/mo. Rent at $900.

    They buy Michelina’s by the case when it is on sale, quit buying coffee because of price increase and volume decrease. They are insulted by people who declare old people want the Government to pay for everything. Not so. Many ask for nothing and suffer in silence.

    It’s painful to see an Island town hire a Gardener at $90,000 plus big benefits and defend it because the salary has not gone up in a few years.

    I know retired professional people who have not seen a raise in 15 years whose food costs have doubled in 5 years.

    I am nervous about what may happen on Tuesday and fail to grasp the numbers of uninformed voters. They are almost a bigger threat than those who don’t vote.

    My last kick at this thing is to urge folks to do some weekend reading of materials produced by;

    Or, at the very least, ponder these;

  • 37 BMCQ // May 5, 2017 at 3:22 pm

    Arrived back to Canada and the Rain Storm (or Typhoon as it was described) the Century which did not materialize.

    Then the second thing I hear is the Metro Genius Mayor of North Van telling the Great Unwashed we will be on Water Restrictions May 15, and then he tells us “Because of Concerns of our Water Supply we are considering of making Watering Restrictions effective April 1 beginning 2018!

    What the Hell is wrong with B.C. Politically Correct Politicians? You cannot make this stuff up!

    And then I hear the BS about the Teachers pretending to be concerned about the Mothers Day thing.

    DO NOT believe a Word they say, BCTF are doing everything they can to do away with everything from Mothers/Fathers Day to CHRISTMAS, Easter, HALLOWEEN, Sports in the School Yard, Parents in the School and any number of things,

    Perhaps maybe another reason to Vote B.C. Liberal if you want to preserve some Traditions in Canada,

    I do not blame Christy Clark for floating the “Ban U.S. Coal” thing, not something I would have done but she is trying to Win an .election and John Horgan would have done the same thing but I am absolutely FURIOUS that your Folish PM Justin injected himself into the B.C. election today by giving the Libs a ringing endorsement by (Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink) announcing only a few days before the Election he would consider the proposal.

    In my view The PM is guilty of cheap tawdry Politics and Mr. Horgan should call him out!


    Then I hear that Mensa Member Mayor Greg Moore announce that he is concerned with several decisions made by the B.C. Libs and telling us he Voted against his own COQUITLAM Budget.

    Local Media (especially CKNDP) have not figured this out as yet but what that Gutter Snype Moore was actually doing was “Throwing His Hat into the Ring” for the soon upcoming Provincial NDP Leadership Race after his Good Friend John Horgan is Defeated May 9.

    You would think that Moore would at least wait until the Dust Had Settled before he did something like that. No class at all!

    Watching PM Justin and Mayor Greg Moore at work today reminded me of “Why Some Species Eat Their Young”!

    Low Life’s, both of them!

    It is not too often I have a strong opinion about anything but today I just could not resist.

    (Response: Welcome back: flattered that even while you (and others) are away, you take time to check in to Keeping it Real. I tooo was incredulous when I saw the report that … even though the snow pack is 130% of normal and even though in April, the Lower Mainland experienced rain on 23 of the 31 days … water restrictions would begin mid-May! Talk about Big Brother!!! Actually thought about blogging about it, but the election has been my focus and I thought maybe the “experts” have reading the Farmers’ Almanac, some tea leaves or have a GIANT (it is government, after all) Crystal Ball at Metro Vancouver HQ that says a drought is coming in July/August??? Did not affect my provincial election vote…and conserving resources is never a bad idea..but it did seem a bit extreme for me. And I doubt any bureaucracy making the same announcement …. under similar circumstances … in Montreal, Toronto, New York or London would have been met with such quiet acceptance by the people or media! LOL! h.o)

  • 38 e.a.f. // May 5, 2017 at 5:36 pm

    OMG don’t tell me they want to restrict water when we’re almost drowning in it………..lets at least get a chance to have some good weather and wash the boats, vehicles, driveways, house, etc. If we’re headed to a water shortage or a heat wave, fine, but this ever lengthening of no water season is driving me nuts. Don’t these politicians know little kids like to run through the sprinkler.

    I have seen this water restriction routine one summer when it didn’t stop raining. people where I lived were less than amused but politicians didn’t change their minds. My thoughts on it is to “train citizens” to automatically restrict their water useage once summer/spring arrives. The developers can build more housing. In some areas of the province, they can’t develop things much further without finding another source of water or putting in more water mains. That cost money, but if they could get people to stop using it, well the developers can keep building. In one town I lived in, the only reason we needed water restrictions is because of the number of new homes being built. Up to then things had been fine.

    as to mayor moonbeam he really needs to find another line of work but most importantly, Megs has to go. Without him Robertson might return to sanity. Unfortunately the NPA hasn’t had a decent candidate and they do scare some in Vancouver given they might well privitize garbage collection and a whole host of other things. Until the npa GIVES up on those things they will continue to languish in the weeds or Lost Lagoon.
    I know it is off topic, but lets try to make a link, if the provincial government in office did their job when it comes to social issues, then cities wouldn’t have to take on that role If the b.c. lieberals had built adequate social housing with support and affordable housing for working families we might not be in this mess . If the b.c. lieberals had supplied more rehab then the cities might not have had to go into their shelter mode. shelters are not a good thing. decent supportive housing is a good thing but the provincial government simply hasn’t shown leadership in this area, just check in Maple Ridge, where a lot of homeless have been pushed. How far out the Lougheed do you think they can push people. You know once you get to Chilliwack it goes get a lot colder in the winter.

    (Response: Thanks for trying to link it! 🙂 It does say something about how over-governed we are these days …Big Brother not only knows what’s best but is very intolerant of any dissension or minority rights. Often wasteful and incompetent too! Hmm…when is the civic election in Vancouver? LOL. h.o)

  • 39 Ron // May 5, 2017 at 7:26 pm

    The reason they’re restricting water is because it cuts into the private water producers take of our water. And who are the ones giving the most money to those Lieberals-Nestle…..

  • 40 BMCQ // May 5, 2017 at 9:34 pm


    Unfortunately it appears to me that we have arrived at a time in our History where Most Younger People especially Millennials and even Younger Students have been conditioned and indoctrinated into accepting/believing much of the Voodoo Mumbo Jumbo taught to them in Schools on Social Media and other Media Outlets that has them accepting almost without question put forward by Social Engineering Activists and Educators.

    As someone once said in a Manifesto written about 80 years ago and I translate loosely.

    “Once you have the Minds of the Children you have won because have the whole of the next Generation”!

    Before you know it there will be literally no questioning or push back of Teachings by those same conditioned under Thirty Somethings!

    The saddest thing about all of this is the fact that the Sellers and Promoters of all of this type Social Engineering and Enviro Hypocrites consist of people like David Suzuki, Prince Charles, Leo di Caprio, Al Gore, Mumbles Robertson, Sting, Clooney, and a Host of others that Live Large in Luxury and Multiple Residences, Fly Private Aircraft, Own Huge Yachts, Islands, and an assortment of other Toys and excesses.

    No I would not expect any push back from the “Great Unwashed” even when our Metro Mayors restrict us to one Shower a week for twelve months a year.

    WHAT A sad Commentary on what we have become.

    Ron – 39

    Looks like you have got it all figured out.

    Thanks for explaining that Ron

  • 41 BMCQ // May 6, 2017 at 4:17 am


    It is long past time for Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Politicians to get serious about doing more for Seniors on Fixed Incomes.

    It seems that we in B.C. Have Far Too Many Social Engineering Poverty Pimps willing to Advocate for Homeless Dryg Addled Criminal Felons and take Tax Payers Money to provide Housing for those same People that Migrate to B.C. From the rest of Canada but they do not do what they could or should do for Seniors that built this Country and Province.

    Why is it the Mayor Robertsons and his Minions are so willing to take Tax Payers Money to do so much for those Younger and not willing to help themselves yet Robertson and his Visionite Minions do so very little for Seniors.

    The Money is there, it is simply allocated to the wrong areas.

    Over the past 20 years Federal and Provincial Tax Dollars has provided Shelter for 20,000 Homeless Types from the rest of Canada that should be capable of supporting themselves but not enough in Pensions, Health Care, and other Services required for Seniors.

    It is obviously a little late for this Provincial Election but from what I have seen from afar this has not been discussed enough in the Campaign.

    I am only guessing but there seems to be so many more Social Engineering Activists, Politicians, and Poverty Pimps willing to Advocate for Dryg Addled .criminal Felons but not many that would speak for Seniors.

    I can actually think of a few on this Blog that would make great Advocates for Seniors.

    It is a shame that this problem does not get enough Traction at any time, Seniors DO deserve more.

    Somehow Someone needs to create a Forun where the Plight of Seniors gets more attention and sooner than later ACTION.

    The situation of many Seniors as is described should not be acceptable to any of us.

    It is not right or just.

  • 42 13 // May 6, 2017 at 7:14 am

    Only 2 days left until we find out if we will stay the course with the BC Libs or empower the social engineers. Its been said over and over that the incumbent government has a record that is flawed. BUT
    The NDP are not my choice because they follow the path of political correctness, bigger (much much) bigger government. A BCTF that wants to eliminate any ties to Canadian history and heritage. More money poured down the bottomless pit of mayor moonbeams whacked out dream of some green utopia. So many of these local mayors that want to control every aspect of our daily lives. How much water we use. How when and where we can drive our cars. What kind of car we can own.
    We need to some how change this movement where we allow government to control every aspect of our existence. The NDP are not the answer.

  • 43 e.a.f. // May 6, 2017 at 3:58 pm

    Over at Gangsters Out Blog, Dennis Watson, reminds us of Chuck Cadman, his integrity, and independence. then he goes on to deal with the subject of Fassbender and the b.c. lieberals. OMG how different ………….

    How sad we do not have more politicians like the late Chuck Cadman. For many voting would be so much easier. Vickie Huntington also preformed a great service to her community by standing as an Independent.

    IF people do not like how the election goes on 9 May you all have four years to get your act together and start working as an independent if you don’t like the two majors. If you work hard for 4 years you most likely will make it in 2021. For those who think that is a long time, well you will get there any how so you might as well do something you thought you’d never do, stand as an independent. A tad more independence might just be what the political gods ordered for B.C.

    I must say I like the French practise of 24 hours of “silence” prior to an election and voting on Sunday. I some times wonder if more people would go out and vote if voting day were a Sunday and a national or provincial holiday with all shops closed, sort of like Christmas Day.

    Don’t think any government would give it a try given how there would be howls all over the blog, but for me its a nice idea which ought to be tested. Voting is so important it ought to be a national and provincial holiday.

  • 44 e.a.f. // May 6, 2017 at 4:36 pm

    BMCQ, Ron does have a point. there are contracts with water companies which take precedence over local water regulations. i.e they get to take water even if tax payers are on restrictions. It happens all over north America. some of these “contracts” don’t recognize the importance of water or the fact the world population is growing and the supply of drinking water isn’t. And yes it is true those big corporations do make large political contributions How can voters trust a government who awards contracts to industries who first pay them via political donations.

    Personally I’d prefer an election which saw each major political party be given equal amounts of money and told, have at it. At least we would see which party can make a dollar go furthest. Upstart parties would be given enough money to pay for a number of ads, etc. based on the number of candidates they were running so that the elections did not become the preview of only 2 or 3 parties. then politicans wouldn’t have to spend so much time raising money and could actually open the Leg. and do the business of the government.

    o.k., BMCQ, DON’T AGREE with you on the above comment except the NEED FOR GOVERNMENT TO DO MORE FOR SENIORS, and yes that is something her jean queen photo opness just hasn’t done anything about, ensuring seniors get enough money to live with dignity. In Ontario a couple of years ago they had a study which reflected the biggest group filing for bankruptcy was seniors. Their incomes simply could not keep up with rising costs and they had never expected to be in that situation if nothing else affordable housing which cost no more than 30% of income would be a good start. Cities could simply get in on the game by insisting those large high rise condo buildings coughed over a few units for seniors housing. the spokesperson for the Union Gospel Mission has spoken more than once about the lack of affordable housing for seniors.

    Now I know they like to talk about how Big Rich made more housing available for those who needed it but there wasn’t much written about how he sold off government housing to finance it, didn’t get much play in the MSM. Yes, big Rich sold off government housing to non profits so he could use the sale money for other housing. it made no sense because within 10 years those non profits will go out of business, sell the land and go into the profit making business.

    I think housing, health, and education may be the deciding factor on 9 May. Too many have gotten used to the scandals. its all so t.v. series like.

    BMCQ the line I remember is different and it goes like this, “if you give the Catholic church a child for the first 5 years, they have them for life”. didn’t work then and it doesn’t work now. those kids leave school, form other ideas, become involved in other things. if your idea had merit, we’d have had a ndp majority for decades, given what people think of the teacher and the BCTF.

    Hi 13, don’t blame those politicians. blame the voters. they elected them. agree the greening of Vancouver is so dumb, yes I’m driving in Vancouver right now and with a large truck and those empty bike lanes, if I had a smaller car I’d be driving it up those bike lanes, like my old mini of the 1970s and tickets be dammed.

    Mayor Moonbeam was putting in bike lanes prior to the last election, but people still put him and Megs into office and yes the NPAs inability to find the right candidates or a group start a new civic party is just like voting for Megs el al.

    You may not consider the NDP the answer but they are less dangerous to my health and the health of the children of B.C. than the B.C. lieberals. We’ve already seen what the b.c. lieberals did after a decade and a half in office, so I figure giving the NDP 4 years is a gamble I’m willing to take. It all started when el gordo decided to fire 9 thousand women hospital cleaners, largest mass firing of women workers in Canadian history. then we had those 84 people die of el dificile in Bby, general within a couple of years. things haven’t gotten better, the MSM just doesn’t report that well. You can not clean a hospital while trying to make a profit, so either you have a less than clean hospital or your wasting money on profit for some one else.

    I’ve already voted, so now I just wait and see. should have left then and gone off grid until it was all over, but then again I’d miss all this fun.

    (Response: By the way, I keep wondering if Vision’s record and spending in Vancouver will hurt or help the NDP vote in the Lower Mainland? I personally think it will hurt them: Tuesday should be really interesting. h.o)

  • 45 e.a.f. // May 6, 2017 at 7:06 pm

    although Robertson once sat as an NDP, MLA and Megs tried to run as a candidate for the MLA, I would suggest most see Robertson as a wealthy, entitled, elite who is known better as Green. Megs ran for a position as candidate but was unsuccessful. My impression at the time was he just wasn’t wanted by the NDP. He though may have seen it as a step up the political ladder. My sense is neither Robertson or Megs are that close to the NDP AND the NDP aren’t interested in being close to them.

    IF Robertson ever moves ahead with a political career, wouldn’t be surprised if he ran for the leadership of the B.C. Lieberals or something similar. He’s their kind of guy. If the B.C.. Lieberals loose the election and Christy resigned, who would they actually elect??? It would be smart to go outside of the party and go for a Mayor of Vancouver. its worked twice before. he could take Megs as his deputy minister…………. stop laughing Harvey, this is B.C. after all and we’ve seen more than one provincial NDPer move to the federal Liberals, but I don’t see Trudeau wanting Mayor Moonbeam and I don’t think the Minister for Justice is going anywhere. She is oh so many light years ahead of the M & R green guys.

    Megs and Robertson have pushed their “green” agenda ahead of what works for the average taxpaying voter. They are two elitists who don’t care how people get to work. Although Robertson has ensured there is social housing for street people and drug addicts not much has been done in the way of affordable housing for those who work for low wages, seniors or those on disability pensions. In my opinion those two boys aren’t left or socialists, they’re elitists of the worst kind.

    Back in the day Bruce Erikson was left but that was a very long time ago and a very different time. Much of his legacy has been used and abused by those who wish to advance their political careers.

    both Megs and Robertson have been quiet during this election, either because they don’t care who wins. They win either way, they still have their jobs. It is doubtful the NDP wanted the involvement of those two. should the NDP be elected to a majority government I don’t see them getting much cooperation from the R & M visionless twins. Horgan might want city land to build affordable housing. The city might want to trade it to some developer for much less than it is worth.

    What may have an impact on a close election is those 60K empty homes around greater Vancouver, so many fewer voters………… In Richmond, in one old time subdivision rumour has it there are at least 100 empty houses. In one riding, who knows how that will play out. It is a close election.

    Time to walk around the farm and see if there are any coyotes out tonight.

  • 46 13 // May 6, 2017 at 10:04 pm

    Wow, you have to admit that a good provincial election brings out the strong emotional comments.

    Gregor a liberal is kind of absurd.
    Land in Vancouver cant be used to build affordable housing because the land is unaffordable

    Finally (I dont believe that for a minute) on voting day people that have jobs will look at Horgans spending plans and vote Liberal because most working people are afraid of the taxes that Horgan will need to fulfill his promises.

    2 seats. If that wasnt a crystal clear message then you have to wonder what could be clearer. Count them Kwan and Mcfail 2

  • 47 BMCQ // May 6, 2017 at 10:08 pm

    e.a.f. – 44

    Believe it or not I actually do understand a little bit about Water and the very dishonest Game played by Activist Politicians using phones Enviro Regulations to cheat Business, other Consumers out of Hard Earned Money under the Guise of Enviromental Stewardship B.S.!

    My Mother always told me when I was growing up, ” Don,t worry Bobby you are nowhere near as Dumb and Stupid as you look”!

    “One day you will figure it out”!

    As to Water and other Utilities?

    Between Water, Natural Gas, and Electricity I do not mind informing you I pay out over $12,000.00 each and every month, just how much more do you think Business should be on the Hook for after they Pay Triple Net or in my Case a hell of a lot of Property Taxes and other Expenses such as Insurance, WCB, and the rest that all Three Levels of Government require?

    “Sure Let.s unreasonably Tax and Regulate everything Left Wing .activist NDP Civic and Provincial Politicians can think of .business can afford it right”.

    We need Smaller Government, NOT Larger Government, and we will not get Smaller Government from John Horgan and his NDP.

    I will not argue the case here but Ron is kidding himself and we have absolutely No Water Problem here. Of course we should not be wasteful with any resource but even the most ignorant SOB should understand that we are being totally Scammed and taken advantage of by Politicians and Enviro Hypocrites like Mumbles Robertson, Meggs, Suzuki, Mossatto, di Caprio and the rest.

    The reason Robertson and his minions are still in power is because the NPA has abandoned their Base and that Base has in turn abandoned them. Where is Marty Zlotnick when we need him?

    If those two Genius’s Mumbles and Meggs wanted an NDP nomination they could get one, Robertson had one and moved on, Meggs was defeated in Fairview Slopes by Haeyman a while back.

    As to the Empty Homes Story? I can guarantee you the cost to the Tax Payer to Monitor those So- Called Empty Homes would cost more than the Actual Tax Brings in.

    Like everything else a Government of any brand brings it will become a ” Bloated Cesspool of Bureaucracy” with a Legion of Public Sector Workers that will require the Wages, Salaries, Benefits, Pensions, Stress Leave when their Spirit Bear Passes on into the Red Sky, and it will be another Mill Stone around the Tax Payers Neck.

    Think about .canadians that have Snow Bird .homes in PSP, FLL, HNL or other Winter Get Aways who can Police and Regulate this stuff?

    Come on, mayor Mumbles, Horgan and the NDP are simply Blowing Smoke feeding some in the Ekectorate a Line of B.S. That they think might get them a few Votes. Then in the Mean time another Layer of Bungling Bureaucrats will be Feeding at the Public Teat!

    How Stupid do Horgan, Robertson, Eby, and the Rest of the NDP think the Tax Paying Voters are anyway?

  • 48 13 // May 7, 2017 at 8:32 am

    “The coalition of childhood care advocates” Is paying for an NDP election ad.
    Talk about a bloated cesspool of bureaucracy.
    I wonder how much research is needed to see who is behind this coalition.
    Imagine the need to increase the bylaw officers in Vancouver.
    Lets see
    Home vacant or inhabited
    Home inhabited by owner
    Home inhabited by renter and income level of renter
    # of chickens
    Lawn is green so need to stake out for water use
    Does the owner /renter ride a bike
    Use of bike helmet
    Smoking on the beach
    Check pot shops for proper licensing
    Check pot shops for fines paid/owed
    Check pot shops for age restrictions
    Check pot shops for proper filling of medical info
    Check garbage containers for organic waste
    Check all apartments/hotels being used as per license
    Check that they have a license

    Wanted bylaw enforcement personnel. Must submit criminal record check.
    Awesome benefits great pension and plenty of stress leave if your spirit bear passes on

  • 49 e.a.f. // May 7, 2017 at 12:33 pm

    the city of Calgary has been able to reduce the number of by law enforcement officers by simply having them drive cars with cameras which pick up all the parking violators. They make more money with less bylaw enforcement officer.

    some times a little enforcement saves a lot of money. those empty houses, they get broken into and ‘homesteaders” take over. more police have to patrol the areas then. when one of the homesteaders sets the house of fire the fire dept. is once again is called out or if a “torch” goes to work again the fire dept, has to be called out, all at no small cost to the taxpayers.

    most people comply with water restrictions but if its a problem, just get the camera cars they have in Calgary. they have 6, make a fortune on tickets so they can be used for checking illegal watering.

    if we don’t regulate and enforce by laws what is the reason for having them in the first place. as to enforcing use of a building, well that is a good idea because there are health and safety issues at play here. running a drug operation out of your condo might not be good for your neighbours and that goes for running a gambling est. out of your condo, etc.

    We actually don’t have enough water. I’ll find the name of the book later and send it along Places like the O.K. could be out of water with a couple of years of drought. that lake might be big but not big enough to sustain long term droughts.

    gulf islands don’t; have enough water, trust me, I’ve been through it in the dry times much of it is on wells. at one time Vancouver island was so drought stricken trees could no longer grown. we ought to protect the water we have. you never know when you;ll need it, just check what California went through with their droughts.

    with empty houses and taxes, that isn’t just the only issue. empty houses fall into disrepair, no lawns mowed, papers pile up. if you live in an area where there are lots of empty homes, its not pleasant and it can be unsafe try being just a few houses on a whole block which are occupied. back in the late 1990s there was a very nice area where more and more foreign owners purchased but didn’t live in. it forced the neighbours on a monthly basis to go mow those lawns and pick up the garbage so their neighbourhood didn’t turn into a slum. vacant houses also cause small neighbourhood business to close. no neighbours, no neighbourhood businesses. vacant homes are a blight on the landscape and remove accommodation from the area leaving others with no place to live. the lower mainland will continue to grow and it will need to have rules in place or areas could turn into “black holes” because no one is home. it isn’t pretty when only half the houses on a street have some one living in them. just wait while the squatters move in. guess non of you have ever had to live next to squatters or have to be concerned about your home being taken over by squatters while youre on a 3 week vacation. these things may not have been problems in the past but they will be in the future and with the b.c. lieberals, well they are still in the past. they think we can continue to log the forests and sent the logs off shore well logging creates dirty water it causes deer to leave the area and the cougars follow the, so do the bears, if their habitat is destroyed.

    as we are seeing in Ontario and Quebec a lot of our land/housing is below the water line. that is a big cost to all of us. in Cash Creek they have floods again. they had bad ones a couple of years ago but it doens;t seem the provincial government did much to help the solve some of their problems because they have those floods again. when we look at building communites in previously “wild” areas we might want to have a good look at whether heavy rains can be accommodated once the trees have been removed from slopes.

    the b.c. lieberals have focused on big projects which cost the tax payers a fortune, $150billion. we have yet to see if we are going to get our moneys worth. vanity projects are easy. governing for all citizens is not and that protest about the lack of day care, well good on them. those parents have the best interest of their kids at heart. hey we need those kids. who else is going to pay for Christy’s vanity projects. it is not like these parents could lobby Christy at those $20K soirees. Christy’s responses have not been good and she really ought not to be grinning when she is talking about a dead child which has caused people to march in the streets. that poor woman can’t even keep from smiling while talking about a child which died in day care. yes they’ll be looking at child care. yes Christy looks at a lot of things, its the problem solving she has never been good at, just remember those 8 children in the care of cadieux’s ministry, who are dead. Christy promised to do better and then there were more dead children, so if she is making a ‘PROMISE’ to look at it, count on there being more problems. its like that line, we will take it into consideration. yes they do and then forget about it.

  • 50 BMCQ // May 7, 2017 at 2:46 pm

    I find it rather interesting that MOST of those, shall we say Left of Centre NDP Supporters are of the Opinion that B.C. Liberal Voters are “Knuckle Dragging, Uneducated with Less than Grade 9 Education, Low Information, Racist, Selfish, Wealthy 1%, Morons out to do harm to the Virtuous and Pure on the Left.

    I must then ask how it is then that only 1% of the Voters of B.C, have managed to Elect the Libs for the past 16 years. It is only 1% is it not?

    It just must because I saw a TV Advert by John Horgan telling us that Very thing.

    Hey, Wait, I have it, in fact once again it is The Russians that are helping the Christy Clark Liberals!

    They seem to be everywhere these days!

    Oh, and by the way, the only thing “Below the Water Line” today is the “lack oh honesty” and “Spin” being used by various Politicians and their Supporters that attempt to blame Flooding and other Acts of Mother Nature on “Free Enterprise”!

    Hey, Wait, could it once again be “The Russians?

    Hold it, were we not supposed to be Short of Water and soon to be on Watering Restrictions?


  • 51 BMCQ // May 7, 2017 at 3:15 pm

    My apologies, the last paragraph was insensitive, I am somewhat frustrated at the insults being directed at B.C. Liberal Supporters and I over shot.

    I fully realize that many good people are suffering the sad consequences of Flooding and I should not have used their unfortunate circumstances to make a point.

  • 52 e.a.f. // May 7, 2017 at 8:08 pm

    no one is suggesting b. c. lieberals or those who vote for them are knuckle dragging idiots, etc (o.k. a few are) Neither are those on the left angels, wonderful caring individuals. Some of them can actually be nasty sobs who are in it only for themselves. No one group has the arena to themselves when it come to goodness and light. Just as I’ve meet some very nasty Christians and some wonderful atheitists, so goes it with politics.

    people are going to vote for the party they think will do THEM the most good. that is the nature of the beast. then once the party is elected they will deal with the first order of business for all political parties and that is staying in office. everything is secondary. its what is secondary which becomes critical. no one ever said I was a wonderful human being. some have called me a nasty piece of business. sob, etc. my only redeeming feature/quality is I think society has an obligation to look after kids and those who can’t look after themselves like seniors and the disabled. I also happen to think fairness is important, but then who the hell every promised us justice. regardless of who wins this election, life will march on, one day at a time. of course if the b.c. lieberals are elected and more children die………….

  • 53 G. Barry Stewart // May 8, 2017 at 3:52 pm

    (Harvey might not go off-topic but…) Ron @ 39. We probably lean the same way on most issues — except on the Nestlé plant at Hope. As a long-time (now former) Hope resident, I can attest that site of the water plant is overflowing with water.

    The majority of water that isn’t taken by the water plant flows on top or below the ground to Kawkawa Lake, then on to the Fraser.

    Since the lake hasn’t had water level problems for the past few decades, I’d say the water plant is having minimal effect on the water table. Where zero employees once worked, there are now 70+ gaining wages from a clean, renewable resource.

    That corner stores charge $1.00+ a bottle after paying Nestlé perhaps 15¢, isn’t Nestlé’s problem.

  • 54 BMCQ // May 8, 2017 at 6:46 pm

    Barry – 53

    Careful, you have just brought a Little Common Sense into the Conversation.

    Next thing you know you will be accused of Blasphemy by supporting “Free Enterprise”!

    It is very encouraging to hear/read an opinion that is not Political Spin!

    I am quite sure the Hard Working Individuals at Nestle are very proud of the Pay Cheques they are able to bring home.

    Water a Problem?

    Give me a Break!