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We Should All Mourn Mashal Khan

April 17th, 2017 · 18 Comments

You don’t know who Mashal Khan is?  I’m not surprised, but we should all now know … and mourn him.

Mashal was murdered Thursday by a mob of several dozen barbarians who marched on the university where he was a student. They tracked him to his dorm room, where Khan, a journalism student, was stripped, beaten, shot, and thrown out the second floor window. There he was beaten even more, stabbed and shot. And his lifeless body was then abused even more.

Incredibly, much of it was videotaped.

The police didn’t stop it; seven university employees and a local town councillor have since been accused of taking part in the disgraceful and disgusting brutality; and yet, the story has drawn  VERY LITTLE or NO attention from the BIG “world” news organizations: CBC National; CTV National; BBC World; CNN; or, Al Jazeera.


Perhaps because Khan was slaughtered by a rampaging mob of militant Islamic radicals.  In Pakistan.  No story there?

His “crime” ?    Khan, born a Muslim himself,  was accused of … wait for it …”blasphemy” :  he described himself as a “Humanist” on his Facebook page; his dorm room had pictures of Karl Marx and “Che” Guevera on the walls; he had criticised university officials; and,  he was accused of expressing ideas contrary to Islamic Sharia beliefs.

For that, he was targeted for murder in a very loud and organized frenzy … that included a march to the university, a tumultuous entry into the student residences area, the tracking down of Mashal … and his terrorization and death.


So where are the BIG continuing or in-depth stories … or even much of a mention …. by  CBC National; CTV National; BBC World; CNN; or, Al Jazeera?

Just imagine, though, had it been a mob of Americans doing the same thing to a student in the US.  Or in Canada, Britain, Europe.

And a Muslim student to boot!

HUGE story then?  You betcha!   Day after day! Newscast after newscast! The story would have SUBSTANTIALLY reported; the pundits would have gone after it for days; the politicians would have been expressing their outrage before any and every camera they could spot.

In fact,  I have no doubt the United Nations General Assembly and the UN Human Rights Council would even have interrupted the drafting of their next resolution condemning Israel, just to denounce the US and/or the West for failing to protect a Muslim journalism student’s right to express himself and live in a peace in any of those countries.  But in this case … silence.

It is particularly poignant for me … and for all us … as we, in BC and on this blog, at this time carry on a vigorous but hopefully civilized debate on our own society, our own beliefs, our own future.

When a mob of radicals, in any nation,  rampage and kill a journalism student in his dorm room … for just expressing his own ideas … it IS a big deal.

Fortunately several Asian, mid-East and even Australian media drew attention to this travesty.  And so did the Huffington Post. Several suspects have now been rounded up.

And, by the way, according to investigating officials, “no evidence has been found of Mashal being involved in blasphemy in the initial investigation.”

Let us mourn … for Mashal … and for the shameful major “World” media’s failure to FULLY cover the  story … or in many cases, even mention it.

Because it was a Muslim mob doing the killing?

Harv Oberfeld

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  • 1 nonconfidencevote // Apr 17, 2017 at 9:08 am

    How typical of the cowardice and complicity of the Pakistani officials ……and the world wide media.
    The only other “crime” worse than declaring his “atheism” would have been to convert to Christianity. A blasphemy in the eyes of the Muslim religion, punishable by death.
    I’m surprised he wasnt beheaded as well. Another time honoured tradition in a religion seem increasingly in the eyes of the rest of humanity as barbaric and backward.
    Archaic islamic “laws” that have no place in a free and modern society…..
    But we are talking about Pakistan. Hardly “free” or “modern” in its outlook.
    A military dictatorship that dabbles in democracy every so often until the next elected leader is assassinated by another suicidal fool determined to reach “nirvana” full of the pleasures denied on Earth.
    Pakistan. A country with Nukes and the delivery system to make them a real worldwide threat. Especially when they sell their technology to North Korea….

    This university student’s only “crime” was his naivity. It’s not like mobs havent killed outspoken people voicing unpopular viewpoints in Pakistan before.
    The Western media’s silence is typical and with new laws such as C-16 enforcing ridiculous Orwellian genderspeak….
    We will, unfortunately, experience this media self censorship far more often.

    (Response: It’s too bad our own Opposition parties are too cowardly and politically correct to question WHERE has the CBC National been on this and other similar stories??? In my view, the National has become so far left wing that it’s bias is more and more reflected in not only HOW it covers stories but WHAT it covers as well … especially internationally …on the negative impacts of refugees, the entire Mid-East … especially the continuing murderous brutality of Hamas (publicly executed three more Palestinians last week …bringing the total to 25) and Hesbollah (now murdering Syrians at an alarming rate), the actions or inactions of Muslim states in helping their own refugee brothers and sisters, violent Muslim mob actions and even barbaric laws etc ….very, very limited or completely ignoring a lot of it. h.o)

  • 2 Gene The Bean // Apr 17, 2017 at 9:25 am

    I did see this story, but cant remember where.

    By bringing something like this to the ‘front page’ you make us all question ourselves. Did we notice? Do we care? Have the inane ramblings of Trump and Christy supporters made us immune to reality in the world?

    Unfortunately, I imagine this ‘situation’ happens a dozen times a day in the Middle East and Asia. Radical Islam has no grey, it is black …. or black.

    Most are probably committed by the families of those ‘involved’. Doesn’t make it any less horrific.

    It deserves media attention to start the conversation and raise awareness …. but in a world where people like Christy and Trump rule …. and people are less educated and have ‘gnat’ like attention spans – it isn’t gonna happen….

    (Response: It does deserve greater world attention. BUT where are the Western media …the CBC, BBC World etc know, the BIG news organizations who pay such GREAT attention to injustices … real or perceived … by Western nations, but shine the light so little on the barbarism and brutality by Muslim mobs and states … not only against Christians, Hindus, Bahai etc, but even against their own Muslim moderates and intellects. Again, just think about the news coverage we would be enduring if it had ben an American, European or Israeli mob that had tracked down and slaughtered this poor guy …whose only infraction was to peacefully express his beliefs. h.o)

  • 3 13 // Apr 17, 2017 at 9:40 am

    WOW, YIKES, This topic should elicit some very strong opinion. As our current federal government would have us embrace and welcome peoples with values that are not far removed from the values of the people that slaughtered Mr Khan.

    The reason that this news story has not made headlines is the Left Wing governments currently allowing Muslim immigration across the planet have little to gain by allowing their peoples to see where they might end up.

    European countries are aware of gang rapes. Even in our country we have seen honor killings. Our social engineering political leaders what us to believe that all is okay.

    So , I guess that being a journalist in Canada is much safer and rewarding than in Muslin countries. For the time being.

    (Response: I support Canada taking in legitimate refugees … but they MUST accept and adopt Canadian values and culture …and leave their bigotries behind. And one way to ensure this would be for Canadian “national” media to start telling the WHOLE STORY of what it is like in the Muslim world: just noticed on the Web today that in Indonesia, two gay men were beaten by a mob and now face 100 lashes by the AUTHORITIES for having sex. Barbarians!!!! Where is the CBC?? CTV? BBC World? The Canadian government????? h.o)

  • 4 ISLAND LOOKOUT // Apr 17, 2017 at 9:45 am


    …the death of Western civilization if we keep on tippy-toeing around awful crimes commited by Islamist nutbars and, instead, do not get down to studying the underlying reasons for Islamic-spawned violence.

    Mashal Khan, a muslim himself, was a victim of a segment of Islamic intolerance that has been allowed to propagate because the Rest of Us have chosen to turn the other way.

    From 9/11 to various other terrible attacks by Islamists since should have been wakeup calls.

    But no, apparently. Instead we just suck-up to those who would wish us dead.

    We merrily pronounce nonsense that Islam is all about peace and that it is backed up by the Koran that does not preach violence.


    As I’ve noted on this blog before Islam is a religion of submission: submission to the Prophet and, finally, to Allah.

    This submission business then goes right down the human food chain to the Jews, Christians and other apostates at the bottom of the Islamic religious barrrel.

    Study Islam and tell me is does not proscribe violence again apostates and infidels.

    The core of Islam is spreading the word. Another word for that is Jihad that is liberally used in that religion.

    Not all muslims are terrorists and not all terrorists are muslim.

    But we in the Liberal and democratic West have a right to protect ourselves from outsiders who would do us harm.

    If we let down our defences then we have no future at all. No help on the way.

    Witness the innocent Mr. Kahn.

    (Response: I think we should be careful not to condemn the Muslim faith itself. Sure there are questionable verses etc in the Koran …but ever read the Bible! Especially the Old Testament? Pretty bloody too. The problem is EXTREMISM ..and our penchant, as you point out, for our politicians, our social activists and our media to condemn our own failings and shortcomings ..BUT downplaying or even ignoring EXTREME Muslim intolerance, brutality and barbarism. THAT’S what MUST be called out and denounced …by ALL of us …regardless of faith etc. h.o)

  • 5 ISLAND LOOKOUT // Apr 17, 2017 at 12:18 pm


    …to the world’s most ungovernable country. At least that was the picture about a decade ago. Don’t know the current situation.

    Ninety million people live in that ramshackle place featuring stunning poverty, a lot of wealth and enough ready-to-go nukes to give neighbouring India, Afghanistan, Iran and Persian Gulf states the complete willies.

    This poor man, Mr. Kahn, who was essentially butchered by fellow muslims is one of many such victims killed by their brothers. This is happening a lot all over the world.

    Christianity, as H.O. has pointed out, has much violence mentioned, if not recommended, in the Old Testament.

    But that religion had an eye-opening experience that brought about the end of the European Dark Ages; the Reformation.

    Islam hasn’t.

    So when will it?

    Doesn’t look like it for a time at least.

    I don’t know what will diminish violence within Islam but reformation MAY be one factor.

    Another factor would be for MORE secular Western citizens to join or rejoin Christianity, and its various permutations, or Judaeism.

    Numbers count in this religious “contest” for potential converts. The exception here is that Jews do not generally proselytise. At least that is my understanding.

    Right now Islam seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. In Europe, for example, Christian churches are being torn down and mosques are being built.
    Christian birthrates are declining while Islamic birthrates skyrocket.

    At this time Christians are probably the most persecuted religious sect.

    Sure you can blame some Christian forebears for this, those who promulgated the Crusades. Those were staged in response, however, to persecution of Christians by muslims in the Middle East, back then.

    How many wars have been started in the name of religoin down through the ages?

    Too many.

  • 6 Psuperdave // Apr 17, 2017 at 4:46 pm

    Hi Island Lookout,

    Religious violence wasn’t stopped by the Reformation, it fanned the fires in the form of the Counter-Reformation and the 30 Years War. Some would argue that the Irish Famine was a product of Protestant dominance of a Catholic population that killed millions (same fears of population growth applied then and there as well). If we’ve learned anything, we’ve learned it slowly and some might argue poorly.

    HO is correct that extremism of any religion is something to be kept aware of – and downright feared, and it’s not restricted to Islam. The Air India bombing was a product of such intolerance.

  • 7 Harry lawson // Apr 17, 2017 at 5:37 pm


    This sad yet not surprising it happened and not surprising it has been barley mentioned.

    Yet this this past week we honoured mala yousafzi with honorary Canadian citizenship. After she was shot for going to school in Pakistan . A perfect Segway to show not much has changed yet our media missed the opportunity.

    (Response: Malala and her family possessed a bravery above the level most of us could even have in our thoughts. If we TRULY want things to get better in these barbaric backwaters, our “leaders” must stop pandering to their leaders and welcoming them with hugs and start calling them out for what they are. And our “national” media should be applying pressure in this regard by doing MUCH more to expose and repeatedly denounce these barbaric societies with the same gusto they consistently and doggedly go after the failings in OUR society and other Western nations …which in reality rate MUCH less on the “horrible” scale than some of those others our media constantly ignore or minimize. h.o)

  • 8 D. M. Johnston // Apr 17, 2017 at 10:07 pm

    The combination of unchecked primitive ignorance combined with fanatical religious beliefs leads to anarchy.

    But we need not look at Pakistan, it is happening in the USA, where is some states, women are jailed for having a miscarriage.

    Religious inspired evil is universal and though the media has remained blind to the murder of Mashal Khan’s murder, it has also remained blind to blatant religious, ethnic evil happening just a few km. below the 49th.

    it just confirms my belief that religions are cults and some cults are far more dangerous than others.

    Primitive ignorance, combined with religious nonsense is a recipe for inhuman acts and atrocities.

    (Response: I would somewhat disagree. Yes, there are many failings and ridiculous extreme positions, laws, restrict5ions in the US (Canada, Britain, Europe too). BUT the media DO cover those …cable news nets …left and right ..are filled with items… esp those that support/push their own points of view and ideologies. But for some reason, these same media …esp those that consider themselves international experts ignore or gloss over much more outrageous assaults and murders and even laws targeting women, gays, dissenters, journalists, opposition parties etc in Muslim countries… ironically while many of them support and advocate on behalf of Muslims demanding greater accommodation of their “special” needs/demands separate rules in the West. Ever watch BBC World? There is hardly a newscast on any day that does not include at least one sympathetic pro-Muslim story on refugees, Islamic themes, cultural demands, needs, …while pretty well ignoring the failures of many very rich Muslim states to take in ANY of their own brothers and sisters in need … and also ignoring fairly large problems in MANY places of radical Muslim barbaric rules regarding women, gays, Christians, Jews, racism, including growing numbers of anti-Semitic taunting/acts, growing crime stats, and huge reluctance and refusal in some areas to adapt to British, French or European values/ways. h.o)

  • 9 e.a.f. // Apr 17, 2017 at 11:22 pm

    The story may not have much traction because it was a Muslim mob, but I think also, many didn’t care because the victim was Muslim.

    It is indeed sad when a journalism student is murdered in such a manner It is this continued attack on journalist around the world which is worrisome. Without journalists how will we ever know what is going on in the world, when politicians, corporations, etc are up to no good.

    The governor of Alabama was empeached last week. why? because a journalist blogger (Roger Schuler) did a lot of digging and finally the MSM took an interest in the story. Mr. Schuler while working on the story was also arrested, beaten and thrown in jail for 5 months.

    In the case of Mr. Khan, you wonder how the whole thing started, but I can bet it has put a chill on the whole moderate group of journalists in Pakistan and you can bet a lot of them will change professions or get out of the country. Pakistan is a mess and has been for years. This type of activity has been able to continue because the country’s leaders condon it and Pakistan’s governments continue to be propte up by a lot of western countries also over the years. Let us not forget there are terrorists running in and out of Pakistan to other countries.

    Journalists are the canaries of our society. It would appear Parkistan failed once again.

    (Response: I agree …because it was a Muslim mob. It’s as if that is to be expected … another terrible double standard by our politicians and media. By far, most Muslims are peace-loving, hard-working people like the rest of us: I’m sure they abhor the actions of the radicals and violent extremists. But our politicians and our media have a DUTY to speak up and expose and pressure whenever the radicals run amok and act like barbarians ..whether it is a mob, authorities or a state itself …and we are failing miserably in that regard. h.o.)

  • 10 D. M. Johnston // Apr 18, 2017 at 12:50 pm

    Further, the American media has ignored religious oppression in the USA, for fear of the Evangelical Right.

    What is now happening in the the USA is a revisionist, ultra right wing political/religious/racist movement in the USA and under Trump, is turning the USA back into a primitive society.

    The ‘Muslim’ question is of the West’s making, by kow-towing to the Wahhabinist faction in Saudi Arabia for oil.

    It is the Wahhabi export of primitive religious hate, that is driving a lot of this, but who is going to topple the “House of Saud”?

    We have turned, for many, an alien religion, into a focal point of mid eastern dissent. The illegal war in Iraq, sealed the deal for Isis and the old biblical proverb remains true; “as ye sows, so shall ye reap”.

    All fundamentalist based religion is dangerous and certainly the Christians do not have clean hands in this mater.

    As stated before, Pakistan is a basket case, made up scores of different religious factions all vying for control. The country is basically a primitive society run by strongmen and this poor chap was murdered for defying the primitive masses.

    In the US, up to the 1930’s, just the accusation of “rape” would see black men lynched, tortured and hung, innocent or not.

    In the USA today there are hundred’s if not thousands of black men and women incarcerated for crimes they did not do because the police and courts deemed them guilty before a trial or threatened torture in jail if they did not plead guilty.

    In the 20’s and 30’s, the British simply machined and bombed desert Muslim tribes into submission; today, those same tribes have fire power almost equal to the mainstream armies and they have long memories.

    So what are we to do?

    On a historical note: The Americans, Russians and the British knew since the beginning 1942, of the NAZI genocide of Europe’s Jewish population, yet they did nothing. In fact there is evidence that factions in the USA and the UK governments welcomed this!

    Should the allies atone for this grievous acceptance of religious genocide?

  • 11 BMCQ // Apr 18, 2017 at 1:10 pm

    Your analysis and commentary are correct.

    I am no expert on Media and their Reporting but it seems that year after year MSM, Cable, On-Line, and other Media do. much more manipulation,omission, selective reporting of news depending on the point of view of Management or the ideology of that outlet.

    When Baby Boomers were younger MSM more or less reported news and did not influence or present what they thought fit their narrative to the “Great Unwashed”.

    A good example is when we see many of those you mentioned such as CBC, BBC, the majority of Media all over the EU vilify Israel, it’s Government Leaders, and it’s people every chance they get.

    I often wonder why they dislike Israel so much and how they find it so easy to paint Israel and it’s Leadership as villainous.

    In the EU we see glaring omissions by Media when reporting or even worse not reporting violent hate crimes by Muslim Zealots.

    I have seen where EU Leadership and Governments have been shown to discourage Media from Reporting Crimes by Muslim Migrants against Women and Children be they be Girls or Boys Muslim or not. Can you imagine?

    There is some sense of warped logic that makes certain authorities want to protect Migrant assailants.

    Hate Crimes against Women, Christians, Children, Gays, and other Minorities go on every day in Countries like Pakistan, India, most Muslim Mid East Countries and we hear very little of those events, many ignored by their local Media and many ignored by Politically Correct Western MSM.

    I often wonder why Feminist Groups and Gay Rights Advocates fall silent on the type of Heinous Hate Crimes that take place in the Muslim Community yet they vilify a Western Government for something that is almost trivial.

    Someone up the page mentioned a Woman can be jailed for in the U.S.. Are you sure about that?

    Media should Report the News, not manipulate it or selectively report that news.

    (Response: The hypocrisy of the various”national” and “international” media easily accessible in Canada (the UK and Europe) is appalling. I suspect they KNOW they are being biased … calling our regularly and forcefully our own nations’ shortcomings …and so they should … BUT at the same time overlooking or failing to push against with the same intensity the even WORSE horrid human rights abuses in so many Muslim countries. And the only thing worse …the SILENCE of our politicians, our parties, our community groups and even our unions … so ready, willing and loud in condemning Canada, the US, UK, Europe, Israel etc …all Western societies. h.o.)

  • 12 BMCQ // Apr 18, 2017 at 1:13 pm

    Sorry, should have said jailed for a Misscarriage.

    That does not make sense to me.

  • 13 D. M. Johnston // Apr 18, 2017 at 7:17 pm


    Re: jailed for a miscarriage, which caused the fetus’s death and was ruled murder.

    Yes it’s true and I believe it is in Alabama, the news article was a some months back.

  • 14 BMCQ // Apr 18, 2017 at 8:45 pm

    DMJ – 13


    I can only hope there were some sort of extenuating circumstances on that very disturbing report.

    I know we in Canada, the U.S., and other Western Nations are not perfect but compared to what innocent people such as Gays, Religious Minorities, Women, Children Boys or Girls, and other Minorities in much of the Middle East and Africa must endure we are a Beacon of Shining Light. When I think of the positive changes in my lifetime and even just the past ten years I feel very good about how far we have come.

    I have personally experienced a certain positive evolution of tolerance on many issues myself over the past 20 years or so.

    Those that are so critical of Israel might consider how out of all of the Middle Eastern Nations Israel is also a “Shining Light” of Democracy and Tolerance.

  • 15 13 // Apr 18, 2017 at 9:19 pm

    Harvey, your response to me at #3 “they must adopt our values.and culture… and leave their bigotries behind”
    If only that was the case. Sadly our multicultural charter of rights spells out the fact that WE must embrace their values ,cultures, bigotries etc. They on the other hand are free to ignore our Canadian values and culture. They can and do create enclaves and neighborhoods that look more like the land that they left than anything even remotely Canadian. They build schools that teach their Canadian born children in the tradition and language they left behind.
    Its a failed experiment that is enshrined in our constitution.

  • 16 BMCQ // Apr 19, 2017 at 9:04 pm

    13 – 15

    Each and every resident of Canada whether their Ancestors have been here for 200 years or if they are Refugees or other Immigrants that have arrived in this Country in the last few months or years should read what you have written very carefully and they should consider just how privileged they are to be in Canada.

    Even more importantly all Canadians, Migrants, Refugees, and Immigrants should contact every one of the Politicians that represent them and demand those Politicians do. everything they can to ensure that our Canadian Culture and Traditions continue without exception.

    Of course we should welcome New Comers from all backgrounds, religions, and ethnic origins but no one should expect more than what is accepted in Canadian Cultural norms.

  • 17 Lew // Apr 20, 2017 at 4:02 pm

    This might be the incident regarding jail time for a miscarriage. First time it has happened, according to the articles. Bit more to the story it seems.

  • 18 BMCQ // Apr 20, 2017 at 8:48 pm

    Lew – 17

    Read those with great interest, thanks.

    I know I am in the minority on this Blog but I believe Canadians far too often rush to judge our American Brothers and Sisters. There just had to be more to the story.

    Even more interesting when you understand the original intention of the Law as it is on the Books.

    I hope you do not mind me saying this but I am quite sure any regular that reads or posts on this Blog appreciates your input and the time you take to point out pertinent facts and bring clarity to any number of topics.

    I honestly feel that there are a handful of people that post on this Blog that would have lots to offer if they chose to run for office.

    Time after time I feel there are better arguments, discussion, and debates on this Blog than what we get from Politicians.

    Again, thank you for your efforts.

    Who knows, we may have more in common than you might think.