Weaver/BC Greens Disavow Federal Greens Policy of Hate

BC Greens Leader Andrew Weaver and the BC Greens party have slammed their federal Green counterparts for the one-sided anti-Israel resolution …  Boycott, Divest, Sanction policy … passed at their federal policy convention.

“BDS is a politically motivated movement that damages any attempt at peace in the Middle East by assigning blame to one party. It risks increasing tension and does not represent a responsible or thoughtful approach to a difficult international issue,” BC Greens Leader Andrew Weaver has said in a statement.

A spokesman for Weaver also pointed out the BC leader is NOT a member if the federal Green party.

Weaver said  the passage of the BDS policy  represented “a significant step away from the values that define the BC Green Party.”

“This is not a policy that I nor the B.C. Green Party support. I think the Green Party of Canada needs to take a careful look at their policy process and ask themselves how a policy that goes against Green Party values could have been allowed on the floor of a convention.”

“There are no shortcuts when it comes to standing up for human rights. Any policy that creates division and assigns blame rather than bringing people together is not one that the B.C. Green Party can support. No matter how hard it is, we must strive to find real solutions that build acceptance and tolerance for all people,”  Weaver added.

Kudos to Weaver and the BC Greens for disassociating themselves from this hateful, discriminatory move by the extreme radicalized federal Greens,  but I believe the damage has already been done and BC Greens will “wear” the results.

After all, many BC Green members are also federal Green members?

I have not seen any mass move by BC Green members themselves to disassociate from their increasingly extreme federal party. How many of them supported the hate-filled resolution at the convention …or failed to point out the MUCH WORSE (but IGNORED by the federal Greens) policies on human rights/occupation/bombing, chemical use, torture, summary executions by several other countries … Russia, China, Syria, Iran, North Korea etc.?

Strange how the federal Greens seem to really like dictatorships!

And where were the BC Green members who are also federal Green members when the convention called on Ottawa to cancel charitable status for the Jewish National Fund of Canada, which helps fund projects in Israel?  Did many … or any …  BC Green delegates speak out boldly against it? Did any of them point out the DOZENS of other ethnic Canadian charities (Indian, Muslim, Christian, Ukrainian, Italian, etc. etc. etc.) send money to help projects in those countries … and ask WHY was only the Jewish charity singled out?

Disgraceful! Shameful!

BC Green Party members …. especially those who are also federal Green members … have to do MORE to stand up for fairness in and by their federal party.

Silence in the face of hate and discrimination is complicity … and deserves repudiation by the voters.

Harv Oberfeld

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10 Responses to Weaver/BC Greens Disavow Federal Greens Policy of Hate

  1. 13 says:

    The greens are indeed a one seat wonder. The spin off from any voter anger over their idiotic stand on the Middle East might benefit the NDP.

    Mr Weaver has said the right things, and not belonging to the Federal Greens should help not hurt him.

  2. DonGar says:

    And were does the Vancouver Green Party stand? Seems Ms Carr and the rest have been very silent.

    (Response: Good point …because the days when Vancouver City Council and politiciansetc. could claim it stays away from non-municipal issues are long gone. h.o.)

  3. Gene The Bean says:

    “Silence in the face of hate and discrimination is complicity … and deserves repudiation by the voters.”

    That old saying the pen is mightier than the sword holds true when you look at words like this.

    (Response: I’d bet MANY Greens …local, provincial and federal …are reeling from the repudiation that has come from so many Canadians … not just Jewish people and other strong supporters of Israel, but even from some critical of the country, but who see the absolute injustice/hate in singling out only one side in a very complicated conflict and only one country for condemnation in a very violent world, where many other countries are doing much more horrible things….even as you are reading this h.o.)

  4. Diverdarren says:

    Harvey, Are you sure Weaver’s BC Greens are committed to this position against the Federal Green BDS policy?

    Weaver’s statement dates back to Aug 9, 2016. If you do a search for his condemnation of the Party you can find a Google result that links to a deleted webpage on the Green website.


    Maybe the internet is just too full to have room for Weaver’s comments… or maybe Weaver (or the BC party) is trying to walkaway from the tough-talk about their federal cousins.

    You can find the statement on other sites, but not on the Green site anymore.

    Weaver’s been quoted in regard to the BDS; “That is not a policy, that singles a single participant in a very complex situation and frankly it had no business being discussed or debated,” CHEK News, August 21, 2016.

    NO business being discussed or debated. ???

    With an attitude towards censorship like that, maybe he is the type of politician that deletes web entries.

    (Response: Received an e-mail from BC Greens this past week informing me of Weaver’s/BC Greens position on BDS …so I trust it is valid. Perhaps she …and other party members …should make it very clear again that they disavow …because I suspect every Green association …local and provincial …will “wear” the radical far left extremist image/reputation their federal members now display/deserve. h.o.)

  5. RIGHT ON H.O.

    I fully support your comments on this urgent matter.

    It’s always passing strange, but not surprising, how especially left-wing groups, whether in Parliament, provincial legislatures or municipal councils and school boards, just can’t keep their dirty hands off “crucial social issues”.

    Specifically these elected officials, supping at the public trough, pursue dubious activities, as activists of course, in their quest for Socialist Utopia, all at taxpayer expense.

    These nit-wits have been doing this for years.

    Remember the “Pencils for Cuba” campaign by some members of the Vancouver School Board about 40 years ago?

    There are other examples, especially by the BC Teachers Union, a obnoxious left-wing group, that has touted all kinds of causes. They have even enlisted students to do their bidding at contract time. The utter bloody nerve! Child abuse!

    The lines between those whose livings are paid for by us burnt-out tax payers, and their extracurricular activites beyond what they’re actually paid to do, are blurred and should be termed unconstitutional.

    Any lawyers out there who can answer that one?

    Conflicts of interest is what’s at play here.

    And the national Green Party is just another group of whackjobs and losers who can’t keep their mitts off some special interest issue, in this case excoriating Israel for whatever reason.

    They join a long line of other human refuse including various committees of the United Nations. Remember that Durban South Africa anti-Israeli resolution of a few years back?

    Don’t certain Quebec separatistes also harbour disgusting anti-Semitic wrath?

    As Israeli military folks often say, their enemies can lose many times, Israel can only lose ONCE.

    Never in the history of that perpetually-at-war state, has Israel been in more danger of utter annihilation than it is right now.

    Iran, a powerful Shiite state, along with its allies Hezbollah, and other Shiite factions, are gobbling up Mideast turf as it seeks to forge a new empire in what used to be called the Levant.

    Look up the Sykes/Picot treaty of 1919, I believe. That was the deal where victorious Western powers divied up the remnants of the Ottoman empire post-WW1 with the horrific results extant today that includes the advent of ISIS.

    The national Green Party has not studied its history. Nor will it ever. For shame damn you.

    The only upside, of course, is the collateral damage some environmental groups must be suffering from now, especially in the donation department.

    Disclosure: I have a very dim view of ALL Canadian environmental groups because of their general sucking up to their wealthy American benefactors who want us to bottle up our hydrocarbons for future American use. They use Canadian “useful idiots” to do the leg work, which they happily do all the time. Seditious is what that behaviour is.

    (Response: As I’ve stated before, I have NO objection to anyone criticising Israel …or Canada, or the US, or Britain or France etc. BUT what I cannot understand is how those on the left …who are so happy to condemn, chastise and regularly organize protests against any/all of these nations and are PROUD of being “do-gooders: and “liberal” and “fighters for justice, women, gays, minorities, unions, workers etc.” (and BRAVO for that!) at the same time are so SILENT and BLIND and INACTIVE when it comes to the WORST of the WORST …Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, most ARAB states …. you know, countries that regularly TRAMPLE HUMAN RIGHTS, KILL OPPOSITION LEADERS, MURDER JOURNALISTS, SEIZE NEIGHBOURING COUNTRIES’LANDS PERMANENTLY, and EXECUTE THOUSANDS? THAT’S the disgrace of the radical far left parties, radical union activists, etc.! And it’s the hypocrisy I find so repugnant. h.o)

  6. Hello Harv, thank you for your thoughtful post. FYI the BC Green party is quite separate from the GPC, just like the BC Liberals are quite separate from the Federal Liberals.

    Our members provincially come from a diversity of federal parties. In fact, many, if not most of them, are Federal Liberal supporters.

    I have received scores of emails from BC Green members thanking me and supporting the BCGP for our statement. I also know of a number of GPC members who resigned their membership of the GPC but at the same time commended us for our principled position.

    As I mentioned in our statement, the GPC resolution to support BDS is entirely inconsistent with the values of the BC Green Party.

    Once again, thank you for your thoughtful commentary. You may not publicly hear from BC Green members. That will be because they support the formal position taken by our party.

    With best wishes Andrew.

    (Response: Thanks, Andrew. And thank you for NOT remaining silent in light of the one-sidedness of the federal Green Party’s disgraceful motion. I particularly agree with your statement “BDS is a politically motivated movement that damages any attempt at peace in the Middle East by assigning blame to one party. It risks increasing tension and does not represent a responsible or thoughtful approach to a difficult international issue.” All those who truly want a lasting peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians no doubt realize BOTH sides have responsibility for achieving it … and condemning and trying to strangle only one side will NEVER achieve the long term goal of two states, living side by side in peace. h.o)

  7. DBW says:

    Just to keep the record straight.

    In your criticism of the Greens you talk about the singling out of the JNF.

    However, it appears that the Greens did exactly as you wanted by making an amendment.

    “At the party convention, the resolution was only passed after the explicit reference to the JNF was removed. The updated version called on the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to strip the status of any charitable organisation found to be in violation of Canadian or international law.”


    As far as the BDS motion goes, I don’t see the supporters the same way you do, but I do oppose BDS for the simple reason that it is not going to work. The Canadian government condemns the BDS movement. And that’s the Canadian government. Imagine the Americans. If that is what you are up against (whether your cause is just or not) a change in strategy is probably a good way to go.

    They – I am talking the movement – are probably trying but educating the public about the issue is key. I cringe to think what the average person on the street thinks of BDS (an internet slang expression? a medical condition?)

    If they want to boycott, they should specify groups that are benefiting from the occupation and show how that contravenes international law. That would be a much easier sell than the blanketing of the entire of nation of Israel.

    And rather than dividing, it would be nice to see more co-operation between Palestinian and Israeli groups.

    I’m not smart enough to know what the right answer may be. But I would rather see a discussion about what kind of pressure (if any) should be placed on one or the other or both sides in the Middle East.

    Of course, yelling at the Greens is much easier.

    (Response: Really? Do you expect us to believe …. after the Jewish charity was the only one singled out in the original motion, and was denounced by MANY Green bigots in the subsequent “debate” … that this was really a resolution calling on the government to move against “ANY” charitable organization acting illegally? That was just a terrible feeble attempt to cover up the explicit racism behind the original Green motion. And why do we need ANY political resolutions calling on government NOT to allow violations of ANY EXISTING Canadian laws??? Duh! With that logic, we could fill months of political conventions passing motions calling on the government to enforce thousands of other Canadian laws as well. The radical extremist Greens were caught “red-handed” … and their biased hateful one-sidedness was exposed. h.o.)

  8. nonconfidencevote says:

    Unfortunately most Canadians couldnt find Israel on a map let alone Gaza or the West Bank.

    As for the Green party “uproar”……unless you seriously consider the “Greens” a viable political alternative to the three main parties ( and judging by the fact that they have ONE seat in Parliament most voters feel the same way) and wasted a vote on them in the last election….

    This is nothing more than a political “tempest in a tea cup” by a group of political neophites looking for attention…..
    Send the brats to bed without dinner or kick them out of the Party. Either way I dont care. And judging by their standing in Parliament ….It wont make one bit of difference to 99.999% of the voters out there either.

    (Response: I disagree. I believe when ANY political party … esp one that does have a seat in Parliament or the legislature … adopts official resolution(s) that would isolate an discriminate against ANY one country or ANY group (not only Jews, but Muslims, Christians, blacks, Asians) we have a DUTY to expose and repudiate them publicly. h.o.)

  9. nonconfidencevote says:

    @Harvey response #8
    Fair enough.
    Unfortunately the average voter seems to care more about their next pay cheque than political grandstanding by a few radical members of a Party that barely earned one seat in the last election.
    As for a “higher , nobler cause” than rascist, bigotted, populist pandering politicians jumping on a lightening rod issue to get elected…..just look at the rise of xenophobic, nationalist political parties all over the world(Europe, Asia) including the election south of our border.
    Deep down…people care about themselves, their families, their friends…..in that order.
    All the other PC stuff goes out the window in a hurry when layoff slips are being handed out.
    All Trudeau has to do is wave his hand during the next federal election to maybe, possibly do “something” green to steal their thunder(and their votes) and they will be banished to the electorial hinterlands for another 4 years….

    Until the Greens have more seats than the Bloc….and we are suffering through another minority govt……….they’re irrelevant.

  10. Jay Jones says:

    I won’t be sending loonies to that party anytime soon. Way too far out there for my taste.

    What an eye-opener and blessing in disguise for me. Just when I was thinking the state of political affairs in Canada couldn’t possibly get any worse, the national Green party reminded me of just how much worse things could be.

    Canada’s main 3 parties and BC’s main 2 parties may not be perfect, but at least they know the game is played inside the ballpark, not way out there in the parking lot!

    (Response: One of the big challenges for a political party is to ensure it is not taken over and/or stolen away by “newcomers” or radicals. It happened to the BC Liberal party decades ago, when the discredited Socred remnants took over the old BC Liberal party and turned it into a right/center party; it happened to the US Republican Party, when Trumpites took it over and turned it into something Reagan, Bush or even Eisenhower would recognize ; and, it has now happened to the federal Greens here. And once “turned”, parties find it VERY HARD to go back … esp in the eyes of the former public who no longer trust them. h.o)

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