Weir and Moore Demonstrate Singh/NDP Stunning Hypocrisy

So much for the federal NDP’s pretense of being the party of fairness, equality and even reconciliation.

The differences between leader Jagmeet Singh’s and the federal party’s internal handling of two “inappropriate conduct” cases involving two NDP MPs recently are staggering … and horribly hypocritical.

Saskatchewan MP Erin Weir was elected for the NDP in the 2015 election … but, as reported by Global News “was suspended from the caucus in February after fellow New Democrat Christine Moore sent an email to her caucus colleagues saying she had heard numerous complaints about Weir allegedly harassing staffers.”

NO ONE had directly filed a complaint against Weir, but news reports at the time said he made women in the workplace uncomfortable by standing too close, talked too long to some,  and had, according to Singh  “failed to read non-verbal cues in social situations” that his advances were unwelcome.

Weir was IMMEDIATELY suspended from the NDP caucus while a third-party investigation took place: it supported “one claim of harassment and three claims of sexual harassment”.

“The report states that when he realized that his advances were unwanted, he stopped.” Singh admitted.

Weir said he never intended to embarrass or harass anyone and underwent counselling,  but Singh would not budge and last week, the MP was EXPELLED from the NDP caucus.

“Singh’s letter to Weir, however, says he still hasn’t taken “responsibility publicly” for “attacking” former caucus colleagues. It also says the president of the NDP’s staff union warned him that Weir’s reinstatement would violate workers’ right to a harassment-free work environment.,” according to The Toronto Star.

Singh and the NDP being VERY TOUGH on sexual harassment or impropriety in the workplace! Bravo! Very principled!

But remember Christine Moore?   She’s the NDP MP who reportedly had first brought Weir’s actions to the attention of Singh.

Well, she also got into hot water with the NDP   … when two months after the Weir situation,  it was revealed a seriously wounded Canadian Afghan War veteran and witness before a Parliamentary committee in 2013,  accused Moore herself of “inappropriate sexual behaviour”.

Retired Corporal Glen Kirkland alleged the NDP MP had invited him back to her office, served him drinks, visited him in his hotel where they had sex, later sent him explicit messages and even showed up unannounced at his home in Manitoba, where he rebuffed her.

“Moore strongly denied the relationship with Glen Kirkland was anything but fully mutual and consensual” the CBC later reported.

But still ….

An MP getting involved in a sexual relationship with a witness at a Parliamentary committee sure seems WORSE to me … a LOT worse … than standing too close to others at work or “not heeding non-verbal signals”.

But apparently, NOT to Singh and the NDP.

Sure, they again ordered a third-party investigation … but the handling of that one, right from the start, and the outcome was QUITE different from what Weir had faced.

Moore was relieved on her duties, but she was NOT immediately suspended from caucus … as Weir had been … pending the investigation. Why not????

Kirkland later complained he wasn’t even interviewed as part of the investigation; and, in July, the investigation cleared Moore of any harassment and abuse of authority allegations; she was welcomed back to full duties within the NDP caucus.

So it certainly seems that, for the federal NDP, MPs having relationships/sex with witnesses appearing before their Parliamentary committees is quite ok  … or at least forgivable,  but standing close to people while talking and  protesting one’s innocence, even while undergoing behaviour counseling … is not.


Again, from my personal point of view … having spent 38 years covering politicians at local, regional, provincial and even the federal level (including 8 years right there on Parliament Hill) … Moore’s admitted actions are FAR more troubling than Weir’s.

And yet, Singh has rejected Weir’s attempts at rehabilitation and reconciliation … and refused to accept him back in the NDP caucus or let him run for the party in the next federal election.

While Moore is embraced once more , the injured Canadian war vet Cpl. Kirkland ‘s complaint remains unresolved.

Looks to me like a federal NDP double standard: Weir (MP for Regina-Lewvan) is a male, from Saskatchewan (14 seats); Moore (MP for Abitibi-Temiscamingue) is a female, from Quebec   (75 seats).

I think it stinks.

Harv Oberfeld

(Also want to wish a very Happy New Year … l’Shana Tova 5779 … to all my Jewish readers.)

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51 Responses to Weir and Moore Demonstrate Singh/NDP Stunning Hypocrisy

  1. D. M. Johnston says:

    The NDP under Singh – toast.

    When he loses the upcoming by-election, the NDP will panic and install another leader who will be unqualified.

    I have been told by NDP insiders that the party is hemorrhaging members under Singh and that there is a small clique of “higher purpose” persons that refuse to address the problem.

    Watch the NDP collapse in the next general election and watch Trudeau the Apologist win a resounding majority, with the great help of greatly unhappy former NDP voters.

    (Response: I wonder if there’s any way they would convince Mulcair to run again? His ego is so big, the idea of having even a (remote) chance of becoming PM …or even Opposition Leader again and enjoying the limelight could be appealing to hum. h.o.)

  2. Gene The Bean says:

    Harvey, when that Moore story first broke it all seemed a little far fetched to me. My gut at first believed her. But…..

    An investigation without talking to the alleged victim? Did that really happen? That makes no sense to me. Even if the fix is in and they determined ahead of time to clear her, you still talk to the guy and just continue the façade. See where I am going here….

    If Kirkland is to be believed, Singh and the rest are Trumponian stupid. Without a law enforcement investigation or some third party involvement, I guess we will never know for sure. But boy, it sure does stink.

    (Response: Can you imagine what the NDP would say if any other party had a investigation into allegations of sexual impropriety or harassment against a female victim … but the investigator did NOT interview the victim and then ruled there was no harassment??? Incredible!! h.o)

  3. Gary T says:

    Something is not right with this at all. I believe that the federal NDP is toast under Singh also. As far as I am concerned, the man is a joke ( worse than Trudeau playing dress up in India ). The people made it clear with Mulcair that they weren’t impressed, he was just a Harper mini me, and brought nothing new to the table. Had Jack Layton not died, I think he would have been PM right now.

    (Response: I just don’t see how what Weir did can be seen as worse than what Moore did! From the way these two incidents were handled, I get the feeling that in today’s NDP, it’s just much easier to be judgemental and condemnatory when the target is an anglophone male from the West, rather than a female francophone from Quebec. Maybe Weir would have had a better chance of being forgiven, declared rehabilitated and welcomed back in an act of reconciliation by the NDP party brass had he been of Asian background, First Nations, gay, transgender, immigrant or a refugee? h.o)

  4. Gary T says:

    Response #3.

    ” Maybe Weir would have had a better chance of being forgiven, declared rehabilitated and welcomed back in an act of reconciliation by the NDP party brass had he been of Asian background, First Nations, gay, transgender, immigrant or a refugee? ”

    I totally agree with that impression Harvey. The way I read the different accounts was that Weir did everything right, maybe a little more than he needed to in fact. No remorse or even an indication from Moore that what she did was even remotely wrong. The NDP is seriously broken.

    (Response: It’s actually very sad to see what the federal NDP have become … and in my view, the double standard of how differently and unfairly they treated Weir compared to Moore … at the beginning and once all the facts were known … is a perfect example. Way back to my days living in Saskatchewan, I voted NDP when it was first and foremost a working people’s party that stood for highly principled equality, justice and fairness … but find today it’s very calculating, governed primarily by artificial political correctness, prejudices and pandering to those who offer more seats … instead of standing up for equality, fairness and justice….regardless of the cost.

    By the way, here’s the latest: outrage is sweeping Saskatchewan over Singh’s handling of the issue ….


  5. Hawgwash says:

    Since first reading this piece Sunday morning and coming back to it several times, I couldn’t find the words to fit the thoughts. Until I read your reply to Gary T at post 2.

    This is me: “…Way back to my days…I voted NDP when it was first and foremost a working people’s party that stood for highly principled equality, justice and fairness…”

    That’s it. They lost themselves and many of us old stalwart supporters who argued for them at union meetings, were not afraid to admit our support to the neighbours and take the business hits for being a leftie.

    By today’s standards I think any of the first four; Douglas, Lewis, Broadbent and McLaughlin, would far outweigh the current lot, as far as honest political leadership is concerned.

    Since those four, the NDP has stood for little, with conviction and slowly just blended in with the other opportunists.

    If Mr. Singh’s parachute fails in Burnaby South, and I think it will, the NDP will have mistaken their appeal and support again. It will be the beginning of the end.

    Mr. Singh, I think, has followed the modern NDP habit of miscalculation and will pay for it.

    The NDP federally, from the volunteers up, have made themselves irrelevant.

    (Response: For me, the greatest epiphany … and disappointment … occurred when BC was fighting for a FAIR number of seats in the House of Commons in light of our huge growth in population. It was incredible to me that the federal NDP … including BC’s lickspittle NDP MPs … would support more seats for BC IF QUEBEC, even if it LOST population, would also get MORE seats to offset any BC gains and thus retain Quebec’s lopsided proportional representation and power. Disgraceful!!! I wrote about it then: and again: So the double standard shown in the handling of Weir is NOT new … and I think ALL Westerners have to let them know WE are not fools and WE demand to be treated by the federal NDP with the same respect and fairness they keep showing in pandering over and over again to the provinces with more seats. And they can start by fully reinstating Saskatchewan’s Weir, as they did Quebec’s Moore (who I contend did much WORSE than Weir), NOW! h.o.)

  6. e. a. f. says:

    My money bets they have some one else in mind for Weir’s seat. In my opinion this has nothing to do with sexual harassment, etc. but everything to do with who gets the nomination within the party next year. Bet it is some one they have had in mind for some time.

    Ms. Moore may even have set up Mr. Weir, for this little escapade, also have been more supportive of the current leader. If people don’t think this type of thing can’t happen, you’re living in lotus land
    Remember folks, its politics and regardless of party, internal politics is the same in all parties. In my experience there is nothing as “entertaining” as “internal politics” and “dirty tricks” are just power for the course.\

    Now as to how the next leader will be, well the party may have to start from the beginning again. In my opinion the party ought to have elected Barrett leader instead of McLaughlin. who ever had the brain fart that Broadbent ought to retire should have been sent to sit with the Conservatives and Liberals for a few years.

    What ever people thought of Jack Layton, and I wasn’t a supporter, he did raise the profile of the party. the hiring of Mulcair was a good move and they ought to have let him do his thing during the election, but alas some campaign designer thought other wise.

    Singh was good at getting delegates for this leadership run. what he hasn’t been equally good at is connecting with the public and N.D.P. members. Now there may well be an element of racism there, amongst some, but I do believe if he had made a better leader, it would have gone better. Perhaps Ujjal Dosanjh can be convinced its time to come back. hey its a start.

    The NDP profile isn’t that high at this time and what the party needs is some one who can really, really get the public’s attention, not just with great ideas, but be a great speaker. Ah, as I remember listening while Tommy Douglas stood on a box speaking on Mayne Island back in the day. Yes, I’m that old!

    (Response: I agree with you about how much fun it can be to watch any party’s internal politics (if you personally are not backing any of them) … and I certainly observed and reported on a lot of it, involving BC politicians, policies, pressures and then about Trudeau, Mulroney, John Turner, Jean Chretien, Kim Campbell, Paul Martin, Ed Broadbent etc in Ottawa. Singh has a few BIG problems: Weir (and now all of Saskatchewan) is just the latest; he’s not going over well in Quebec (imagine if he had treated Moore the way he treated Weir); he’s failing to inspire …or even interest most Canadians; and, donations are running well behind…. and now he has Keeping it Real (LOL!) giving him hell … and rightfully so. And with Scheer also failing to excite many, it’s a perfect setup for Trudeau to call an EARLY election … on a NEW NAFTA deal! h.o.)

  7. Gene The Bean says:

    The politics of divisiveness have now crept through the system. No party is immune, no ideology is safe due to human frailties.

    I hate to say it but some of those that have ‘given up’ and say “it doesn’t matter, they are all the same” may be closer to truth than I realized.

    Still hoping and believing that today’s conservatism will shock enough of the ‘undecided’ and those with morality and conscious to put some skin in the game.

    Just reading some of Fords latest blubberings…. wow. I guess when you have political platforms built upon divisiveness and hate – anything can happen.

    (Response: Indeed, no party is immune. I still remember Sen Keith Davie, Liberal campaign strategist, being quoted as saying “Screw the West; we’ll take the rest.” Pretty well summed it up for decades! It’s all about seats … and sentiments. No leader would say this but there’s n doubt in my mind that Quebec and Ontario are treated DIFFERENTLY than the West or the Maritimes: ie MPs and candidates from the two biggies get away with much more than do those from provinces with fewer seats, fewer voters and less power. h.o.)

  8. BMCQ says:

    At the risk of offending Aghast, Helena, and a few Unhappy, Angry, Old Men, I must comment here.

    Not to be concerned though, simply follow Harvey’s Instructions and by-pass my Post altogether, it will then not cause any of you undue stress, I would hate to force a few of you to “Seek Out a Safe Space” after reading what I have to say here.

    Great advice Harvey.

    Hawg – 5

    I know it makes you very uneasy and frustrated when I Rate/Comment on individual Posts but I must comment on yours.

    A Great Post by You!

    One of the best I have seen on this Blog by any Poster since I began here since August 2014 and by far the best from YOU!!

    A very good Analysis !!

    An insightful and thought provoking Post !

    Take a Bow!

    Your Post and the In Fact the Response from Harvey are both Excellent!!

    I believe anyone that has not been in a Deep Coma for the past 30 years will absolutely appreciate your wise words on and for the Federal NDP. That includes Participants and Readers to this Blog of any Political Brand.

    The NDP Have In Fact Lost their Moral Compass!!

    OMG, could they be turning into Monsters much like the Conservatives or B.C. Liberals? Are the NDP actually beginning to take on a slight Hue of Orange?

    As some of you might know and many point it out each and every time I Post on this Blog I am a Greedy, Morally Bankrupt, Blood Sucking, Conservative Neo Con, but EVEN I can see the value and insight to your very thought provoking Post.

    I am certainly not a supporter of the NDP but I want a better Canada and I hope the NDP are Reading Your very important Post!

    The NDP Have Abdicated their Responsibility to Canada and Canadians. Former Past NDP Politicians and Leaders should be very disturbed with Singh and His Band of Deplorables!

    Mr. Singh has quickly proven he is much like PM Justin, “An Empty Suit” !

    Let’s be very frank here, PM Justin and Singh would find it impossible to Find Girls at High Hefner’s House, and that is hard to miss.

    Singh is indeed a Divider in Chief for the NDP and he may very well soon cause the end of the Federal NDP.

    Yes, the Indo Canadian Community right across the Country will support and vote for Singh but a much higher percentage of the NDP Support may just stay home.

    Only six months ago I was 100% certain that Canadian Selfie King, SJW, and Champion of everything PC PM Justin was guaranteed a second, third and perhaps fourth Term as Our Canadian Savior and PM.

    Unbelievably since then he has managed to do almost everything wrong and he is actually now in danger of Losing the Oct. 2019 Federal Election. Each and every move he makes he steps deeply into a Political Land Mine created by his own Stupidity. I must admit however that I did like PM Justin’s outfit while visiting India!!

    I was disappointed he did not stop off in Hawaii on the way home, I believe he would look great in the State Costume of a Hula Skirt!!\

    PM Justin has Shot Himself in the Foot so many times he is uh, is in danger of eh, losing the Election even though Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is Hiding in the Witness Protection Program and doing everything he can to assist PM Justin.

    Who would have thought, PM Justin losing to the Man that is Unknown to most Canadian Voters !!!!!

    Then all of a sudden the NDP appoint a Leader like Mr. Singh.


    Are the NDP so PC that they Elected Singh Leader because he is simply Indo Canadian? Ask yourself, what did Singh really have to offer Hard Working tax Paying Canadians?

    In fact both the Federal Liberals and NDP are both now more the Parties of “Special Interests, First Nations, Anti Anything Groups, Educators, Government Workers at all Levels, and those others that basically live off of Government Largess.

    I honestly believe that MOST Hard Working Tax Paying Canadians have more in common with the Federal Conservative Party than either the NDP or Libs.

    IMHO I believe that If PM Justin continues to falter and if Singh is able to Split the Vote we could very well see an Anonymous Scheer Conservative Government.

    If that does happen expect the NDP to merge with the Federal Liberals and that Party would be called “The Liberal Democratic Party of Canada”.

    Of course that New Party would be required to Appoint a Shiny New Leader.

    Then of course as thee would be NO Split in the 2023 Election that new Party could be Elected.

    Then again, Singh could lose in Burnaby and the NDP could appoint a new Leader that gets better support from NDP Voters and they could also Split the Vote and the Cons get Elected.

    Then again, the NDP could be in such disarray the New Leader and His/Her Party could be Decimated in the Election and they may then again be forced to merge with the Liberals.

    Either way both the NDP and Federal Liberals have two Hopeless Inept, Inept, Impotent Leaders and they should be in trouble.

    Of course if the Pipeline was to go through quickly enough and if NAFTA was to be signed and be a Fair and Good Deal for Canada, the U.S. and Mexico PM Justin could be in a good position to be re-elected.

    One thing for sure the next 12 months will be very interesting for all Canadians !

    I am about to have some very nice Red Baseball Hats made up, they will read something like this.

    “Make Trudeau a Drama Teacher Again”

    In the meantime we have just had a Conservative Government Elected in Ontario, the NDP are about to be Decimated and replaced with a Conservative Government in Alberta, and that will leave Canada with just how many NDP Provincial Governments in Total?

    Does any one care to tell us how many?

    There is a very good chance that the NDP will have NO Elected Governments anywhere in Canada other than in B.C. and they actually really did not win in B.C. did they?

    Tick Tock !!!!!!

    I wonder if Mr. Singh’s Parachute will open?

    Anyone still reading?

    (Response: Welcome back. Good to hear your views. I think you have correctly zeroed in on some of the NDP’s current weaknesses and problems … and Singh’s recent handling of Weir will make it worse. But I wouldn’t sell Trudeau so short: Although I have written critically of him, I still believe more Canadians relate to him than Scheer … and if he moves up the election to the Spring, he and the Liberals will defeat the Tories, especially if he nails a NAFTA deal OR does a good job in waving the Maple leaf and explaining why he could not .. and blames Trump. h.o.)

  9. e. a. f. says:

    BMCQ, hello there! glad to read your post again. We don’t agree on much, well about twice a year.

    Hula skirt or shirt, the camera loves that boy. Has a gorgeous wife, he won’t loose.

    Could the NDP have lost their moral compass? Yes, after Audrey Mc. left the party it was all down hill but she wasn’t the candidate they ought to have selected. It ought to have been Barrett. But party politics is party politics regardless of the party. Been there, done that.

    Ah, how I remember that line from Keith D. lovely reminder. Made me laugh.

    It is my belief any of the 4 parties can survive being decimated and left with a few seats. We saw it in B.C. when it was just MacPhail and Quang.

    The NDP has drifted from its base. It used to be the party of the workers and had strong affiliations to the labour movement. It was a mistake to move from that line to the center. The federal Liberals have already staked that out.

    As to Scheer becoming P.M. not likely and he and his are just too racist for many Canadians. His hiring of good old Hamish, from The Rebel, says it all. His picture with the leader of the La Meute will be trotted out during election time. Paul-Hus demanding Trudeau apologize for calling La Meute members bozos, will not play well in other parts of Canada especially amongst people of colour.

    Mr. Singh is a Canadian of Indian descent. Not Indo Canadian. the new P.C. term. Its not German Canadian, but rather Canadian of German descent, etc.

    Doug Ford is also at play in this up coming federal election. His decision to use the “not with standing clause” and Harper’s loss in court to that nice Toronto lawyer, 8 times, on Constitution grounds, good ads for the Liberals and the NDP. Expect a lot of negative ads this time round.

    The federal Conservatives are not part of Canadian values, but rather the home of the racists, sexist, etc. Now that was different when it was the Progressive Conservative Party. If the Conservatives are to remain relevant, they need a new leader, just like the NDP. If not, the federal Liberals will become once again the “natural ruling party” of Canada, Wynne will be appointed to the Senate, and then the Cabinet.

    The racist attitude of Cons, will not play well in various parts of the country. It may get some traction in Quebec under the guise of nationalism, but Quebec has a large First Nations population and people of colour. The routine may play better with the older than younger crowd and that younger crowd, if it comes out to vote……

    So how will the NPD do in the next election, well first we have to see if Mr. Singh is elected in Burnaby. if he does and performs well in Parliament it will be a whole new ball game. That is the unknown. if he is a combo of Mulcair/Layton, they have a winner, if not, well its back to the drawing board.

    Will the NDP be decimated in Alberta, who knows for sure. We don’t know what that election will look like and what social media will do to Jason Kenny. I’ve seen some of it on Montreal Simon. That blog actually has a lot of information regarding Scheer and the racists. If any of what is said there is played out in the upcoming Alberta election and the federal election, who knows Ms. Notley may be re elected. As one rancher said to me, Notley had done a fairly good job given the hand she had been dealt to begin with. (yes I was shocked). People who want that pipeline may figure out that Notley has a better working relationship with Trudeau than Kenny ever will. Kenny does come across in some old material as a rather odd religious duck.

    So now its a waiting game. Some one get the B.C. vodka and white whiskey a steak and salmon and lets watch. Harvey I don’t know what your doctor has to say about the diet, but we could get you a nice salad, no dressing.

    (Response: The only way I enjoy “a nice salad, no dressing” is if it comes as a side dish to pizza, Chinese, Indian, deli, burger or fish n chips. As for Singh, I clearly disagree with his actions, but see him or other politicians personally only as Canadians…period: no hyphens … unless something they do relates to something else. h.o.)

  10. Jason says:

    Interesting article on the general hypocrisy of the NDP leadership Mr. Oberfeld.

    Another example of this was the Leadership race last year for the Provincial NDP in Manitoba.

    Jagmeet Singh endorsed Wab Kinew, a candidate who had been charged with assaulting an ex-girlfriend (the charges were later stayed by the Crown but his former partner maintained she had been assaulted). Kinew also had convictions for impaired driving and assaulting a taxi driver. These are fairly seriously criminal matters, far more serious than anything Moore was accused of.

    How Singh could endorse Kinew and then not allow Weir back into caucus is beyond me. All the new NDP leader has done is to alienate the old prairie populist wing of the NDP, still a fairly important bloc in the party. The NDP rank and file may come to regret their choice methinks.

    (Response: Thanks. I was not at all familiar with Kinew, now an NDP MLA and party leader in Manitoba, but Wikipedia does contain an article on his background so I would say if Singh endorsed/approved his candidacy, he sure seems to have been in a forgiving/forgetting state of mind in his case! It reinforces the point I made in an earlier Comment when I suggested too bad Weir wasn’t a member of a minority group … including First Nations, which Kinew just happened to be. I support second chances and new beginnings ..for EVERYONE. But again, the NDP, I believe, quite apparently does not these days and has a terrible double standard … and Weir is a victim of it. h.o)

  11. e.a.f. says:

    It wasn’t the “old rank and file” prairie people who elected Singh but rather those who he newly signed up and those who adhere to the PC agenda.

    There is always a double standard for people we want gone. Singh’s refusal to re admit Weir to the caucus has more to do with internal politics I would suggest, than anything he did. Just watch who contests his seat for the federal election.

    As to the new leader whose former girl friend accused him of striking her, he won’t make it far and the party will most likely replace him shortly. People who are prone to domestic violence usually let slip with it on other occasions also. I’m sure the new leader is an adherent of Mr. Singh.

    (Response: Singh shows no sign of backing down: and, almost as if to prove my point the politically correct activist NDP of today is not the brotherly and sisterly solidarity NDP of yesterday, there was this: So much for brotherly and sisterly forgiveness, rehabilitation and reconciliation! h.o.)

  12. Gilbert says:

    If mr. Singh doesn’t win his by-election, I think the NDP will find a new leader. Mr. Scheer isn’t too visible right now, but he doesn’t need to be. I believe it was Napoleon who said you never interrupt your opponent when he’s making a mistake.

    (Response: I disagree. One of Scheer’s biggest problems is that MOST Canadians, who don’t follow politics much, couldn’t even name him …even if shown his picture. But many of those people DO vote. Scheer should be speaking up louder, more often and offering not just criticisms but alternatives to Trudeau/Liberal domestic policies/actions/failings … except NAFTA, where Canadians must all stand together against the bully Trump. What if Trudeau decides not to wait till next October and calls an election in May? Singh will fall flat; and Scheer will too, as things are now. h.o.)

  13. 13 says:

    BMCQ , welcome back. Im sure you enjoyed your summer hiatus. Good , honest, intelligent, conservative values are hard to find and Ive always found that the HO blog has plenty of left wingers . Enough that we could trade a GTB and an eaf for a BMCQ and still be swamped with enough pc sjws to fill pages of blogosphere.
    The NDP has the ability to self destruct enshrined in their constitution . Gender and sexual orientation are more important than ability and past performance. In the real world the world outside of the public sector people get hired and promoted based on ability and merit. That is why private sector ventures turn investments into profits while the public sector turns investments (tax revenue) into better benefit plans for lazy government workers and creates little or no tangible benefits for the rest of us.

  14. e.a.f. says:

    Of course he isn’t going to back down, but it most likely has more to do with internal politics than what Weir actually did. Weir, according, to the article, has support, but Singh isn’t interested. Its a power struggle to see who runs what. A more democratic position would have been to accept input from the caucus and the constituency he represents.

    If Singh isn’t elected in Burnaby, the game is over. The party has lost its way and when it comes to style over substance, well I think style has gone along way for Mr. Singh. He is trying to out Trudeau, Trudeau and Trudeau has a bigger base and is more charming.

  15. Gene The Bean says:

    13 – ” Good , honest, intelligent, conservative values are hard to find” – thanks once again, for making my point.

    I’ll be brief as I think I damaged a tendon scrolling through the new comments but as usual, looking forward to good discourse as Ford dismantles Ontario, Scheer and Mad Max fight to lead the bottom feeders and The Big Orange Clown is Mueller Timed.

    Agree with the others, if Singh loses, he is gonesville.

  16. BMCQ says:

    I find it very interesting and at the samewhat disturbing that Leftist NDP Supporters on this Blog and elsewhere have serious concerns about recent and current NDP Leadership and the direction that Leadership has taken the Party.

    It appears that much like the Dems in the U.S. is a split in the Party and there is an internal struggle for control of the NDP by those two different factions.

    We have the traditional working class values long supported by Blue Collar Workers and others that traditionally fought for equality and rights for all and you have the SJW, Activist, over the top PC anything goes Looney Left On the other side. The Party cannot survive a Battle like that. True Socialists do not care about balance and in fact they do not care about a Balance of any kind, they simply want to Tax the Rich to give to those that really do not contribute much themselves. In the case of most SJW types rhe Rich they speak of are those in society that work 40 hours a week and pay taxes regardless of income of say $ 4o K or $ 500 K. It appears that many that support a J. Singh NDP just want Free Stuff from Productive People in Society regardless of their income. Too many like Singh pander to that group that treat working successful people of any income as the enemy and Leadership like Singh prostitute themselves for that Vote.

    Whatever happened to the DAVE Barret NDP types that were in Politics for the betterment of all working class Canadians.

    I truly believe that in Canada as well as the U.S. and the UK there are many commonalities between so called Liberals/NDP and Conservatives. Most want Employment, Healthcare, Education, a Social Safety Net, Infrastructure, Control of Government Size and spending, Accountability, the Rule of Law, a Border, the ability to defend that Border, Control of Migration, protection for ALL Residents, Rule of Law, and Freedom of Choice.

    For some reason Leadership on the Left including the Federal Liberals have lost themselves in SJW PC BS that creates a Huge Burden on the Tax Payer and our ability to provide all of those for those truly deserving is compromised.

    It is long past time for Canadians of all Political Brands to realize that no matter how we wish otherwise Canada is a Resource Based Economy and we must Mine, Fish, Harvest Forests, Pump and Ship Oil and Gas and all of the rest or we have absolutely none of the Social Benifits we covet.

    Yes we need checks and balances and open discussions but Leftist Politicians like Singh and PM Justin create an environment in a Great Country like Canada that Stiffles Growth Greatly and Harms Society in many ways.

    Who in his or her right mind would Appoint a Cabinet based on Gender Equity, can they be serious?

    What if the Top 18 qualified out of Say Cabinet Members were Women? Would you as PM toss aside 8 highly qualified Women to appoint 10 less talented and qualified Men so you could achieve Gender Equity?

    How could anyone with any ability to think, pride or intellect Vote for a Singh or PM Justin that Advocates that?

    Come on, surely Canada and Canadians deserve better than that! Don’t we?

    e.a.f. – 9

    I want a healthy, thoughtful, aggressive NDP in opposition to a Conservative Government, historically the NDP has been the conscience of Canada, I just do not want the Liberals and NDP in charge of the Bank Account.

    I do not want the silly Activist PC Gender Balance BS, Women of today are more than capable standing up for themselves, just look at who graduates from Law School in Universities today. My own Daughter n Law will soon Graduate from Sander as a CPA, I would hire her over a Man, not because she is a Woman but because she is an Incredible Talented Individual.

    J. Singh, PM Justin and their Parties need to start putting Canada and Canadians First, enough of their petty, silly, juvenile, pandering to Special Interests.

    Canadians already have some of the highest rents, biggest mortgages, cost of living, and cost of Government than anywhere in the World, we deserve much more from Politicians than what we are getting.

  17. RIsaak says:

    @EAF re. 14

    Singh will be beat down by Trudeau mainly due to Trudeau being far more experienced at being ummmm Trudeau.

    I interact with three Indian folks almost daily, 2 reside in Burnaby, according to them, they will not be voting for Singh. They seem stuck on many of his supporting cast being for them less than desirable, both reference Jenny Kwan a fair bit.

    (Response: Candidates should always be assessed on the basis of their character, their record and policies … but I’m afraid there are many voters who do vote on the basis of ethnicity … both pro and con. h.o.)

  18. Diverdarren says:

    Harvey, I wonder how much of these inter-party fights spilling out into the public eye is a backlash by junior parliamentarians to party discipline.

    Kennedy Steward (soon to be former NDP MP for Burnaby South and current candidate for Vancouver mayor) writes about this battle between “democracy and party discipline.”

    As I watch these party squabbles play out I have to ask, where are the party insiders that have no other purpose but to keep these smoldering issues from turning into wild-fires?

    The Liberals are swimming in public failures. trade failures, deficit spending exploding, pipeline idiocy, their leader looks like a public fool, but I’ll say one thing, their party isn’t airing their dirty laundry in the newspapers. Their members are lockstep with their sari wearing clown as he fumbles around on his apology tour. Not a word of dissent from the Liberals… that’s party discipline.

    The conservatives under Scheer, seeing a path to governance, decide to pick a fight and expel a senior Quebec!!! MP over supply sided management. Genius, guys!

    The NDP… On the eve of a tight by-election the leader decides to display for all to see, the true nature of how the NDP really feels about fairness and due process inside their party. Singh has to know that, 1. If he looses Burnaby-South his leadership is over. 2. If Weir’s new resurgence of the CCF (which has a special affinity with the Prairie folk) causes further loss of NDP seats, his leadership is over.

    Keep the eye on the prize guys. splitting your parties a year out from the election isn’t a smart move. Where are the party faithful putting this mess back together.

    Scheer and Singh are lucky these aren’t the old days. hardcore Liberal leaders like Chretien or Trudeau (Senior) smelling weakness would call a snap election, and put those two idiots to bed.

    (Response: A couple of things, the Tories did not expel Bernier: he qit …quite loudly and publicly on TV … I watched him do it. And let’s keep it real … he was getting ready for that, maybe even TRYING to set it up, for quite some time before. As for the NDP internal squabbles, the real angst and anger in Saskatchewan is that Weir was one of three NDP MPs elected last election … after about a dozen years in the ZERO MPs column: quite appalling for a party born in that province and once an NDP federal stronghold. And ow I wouldn’t bet they’ll even get three MPs there next Fall. As for their other problems, I think a lot of the unhappiness is coming from MPs, party members and strategists who just don’t believe Singh will get very far with voters in many provinces that are heavy hitters when it comes to seats. h.o.)

  19. Hawgwash says:

    There is a segment of Canadian society that is so desperate to been seen as really, really nice people, they toss logic and instead thrust the Singhs and Sullivans out onto the world stage, in a show of gentle kindness, compassion and inclusion.

    Routinely, those who would be so embraced, embarrass themselves, those who chose and the rest of us.

  20. e.a.f. says:

    #13, hello its e.a.f. love the comments. Please, if there are so many private sector initiatives which are so profitable, why do some many corporations want tax breaks, royalty breaks, etc. Its called corporate welfare. Why do so many go bankrupt.

    Now as to your comments regarding government workers, I’m sure you know that nurses, paramedics, fire fighters, doctors, police officers, are all public service sector workers. Loved the sweeping charge that public sector workers are lazy. Please a few e.g.s of those lazy government workers, you know lazy customers officers, lazy immigration officers, lazy social workers–who usually carry work loads way over the limit; lazy parole officers, lazy prison guards, lazy coast guard staff–you know the types who go out in dangerous weather to rescue boaters; The list could go on, but you get my drift. Have a lovely private sector day.
    One might want to remember those benefits those lazy government workers have, were all freely negotiated with governments, you know even those right wing governments.
    Now I’m going out to spend my pension which seniors receive in Canada, processed by some lazy government work.
    In case you didn’t know these days 80% of our tax dollars come from individuals and the rest from corporations. Back in the 1960s, it was 80% from corporations and 20% from individuals. So when it comes to a free ride in this country I’d suggest its all those big corporations who pay little to no tax, those individuals who keep their money off shore to avoid paying taxes. Its all those lazy government workers whose income is taxed as source who help keep this country afloat, tax wise. Then there are all those lazy government workers who volunteer in their communities after hours. How many corporate execs do that. I know, I know, they sent contributions which are tax deductible.

    Hi Harvey, I did go on a tad, but you know I’m so left……….I almost can come up behind a right winger and …..

  21. Jay Jones says:

    Oh joy, a New Daycare Place for adults.


  22. Gene The Bean says:

    EAF #20 – thanks for reminding us what conservatism has done over the last fifty years in shifting the tax responsibilities from corporations and high income earners to the working class. Too many people conveniently forget that. Or maybe it is fake news?

    ( topic. h.o)

  23. e.a.f. says:

    Jay Jones, some of us are so old we’re coming around for our second childhood and of course one could say we aren’t old, we’re recycled teenagers. When you’re young, having a career, doing all the things “adults” are required to do, you miss so much. Some of us in retirement enjoy the “adult day care”. Look at the bright side if we seniors were not posting on Harvey’s blog we might be out mugging young people.

    (Edited…off topic. h.o)

  24. 13 says:

    Eaf @20. Thanks for the list. May I add.
    Double dipping transit police. Top heavy management at bc ferries and icbc. Icbc losing 3.5 million per day. Stress leave through out the system. Yes many work hard at difficult jobs but they are genorously rewarded with excelent wages and benefits. Far greater than comparable private sector workers. Even you have to admit the NDP which used to champion causes for ALL workers has abandoned the private sector

  25. John's Aghast says:

    Sayonara Harvey. I’ve enjoyed the past few months of bliss without mindless verbosity but I guess its become ‘that season’ again. I’ll miss some, but not all of the chatter. Trump keeps me busy theses days.
    I wish you and your commenters, even Mr. Verbosity, a very exciting season ahead and perhaps I’ll drop back in the Spring to see how things went.
    No offense taken.

    (Response: When I read a newspaper or watch tv or listen to radio, I skip over writers/topics I don’t like, but I hope I never stop reading, watching, listening….or writing. 🙂 h.o)

  26. e.a.f. says:

    Not only do they double dip, they’re the highest paid in the province and never do appear to be on the platform when you really need one. Agreed, that is a terrible loss at B.C. Ferries and IBCB, but all of this started under the B.C. Lieberals, those great bastions of private enterprise. They told us they knew how to make money…….do business.

    If those who post here had formed the B. of D. at either B.C. Ferries & ICBC we could have done a better job. Of course Harvey would hve had to be President.

    As to the excellent wages, they’re not bad. However, they still won’t enable people, to purchase a house in Greater Vancouver. Its not only what you make, its how much things cost.

    (Response: I’m retired. And what does this have to do with Weir/Singh. h.o)

  27. Harry lawson says:


    Great post , the hypocrisy shown by the leader of the NDP shows that he is truly in over his head. how many of the NDP are going to hold their noses and vote green or liberal , especially in Saskatchewan ? I am just gob smacked by the lack of substance on any issue by any of the parties.

    trying to find the conservative leader is akin to finding waldo, the NDP is still eating their young, the Greens are wearing brown shirts with their anti Jewish stances , then we have Bernier who quit the conservatives reminds me of how the reform party started . last but not least we have PM Trudeau who as long as the rest of the parties keep doing what they are doing can just put on his Alfred E Newman face and will truly has nothing to worry about. such a sad state of affairs .

    (Response: Almost hate to say it … but despite his photo-op penchant and fawning over the UN, Trudeau and the Libs federally ARE standing up publicly for what they believe in whether people agree with them or not: eg Kinder Morgan, NAFTA, carbon taxes and even Saudi Arabia’s brutality. h.o.)

  28. Art Smith says:

    Harvey, for heaven’s sake, “Keep It Real”, standing up for what they believe, give me a break, every one of those files is one they have screwed up with their utter incompetence. Everyone should realize they sat on their hands with KM and NAFTA which probably could have been done with by now, had they not been stalling and now we will probably be on the outside looking in, carbon taxes, good luck with them and Saudi Arabia completely screwed up by a minister with no control of her department and evidently no clue about negotiating (appearing on a show skewering Trump), in the middle of the trade talks.

    (Response: Perhaps you missed the part where I wrote “whether people agree with them or not”. At least Trudeau/Libs have taken definite stands on some tough issues … something rare these days of waffling, mumbling politicians who deliver shallow rhetoric, politically correct mumbo jumbo, but fail to take hard positions on many topics … or, even worse, say one thing in BC and the West and another in Quebec or Ontario. As for NAFTA, Yes, he could have already had a deal ..IF Canada had just caved in to Trump’s bullying: there WILL be a deal: but I’m glad Trudeau/Libs are standing up … so far … for Canada’s farmers, protecting our cultural industries from US takeovers; and an INDEPENDENT dispute settlement setup, not just an American court. h.o)

  29. Gene The Bean says:

    John #25.
    You can always just scroll past Mr. Wonderful, most of us already do. It is somewhat time consuming but better than being assaulted by 125 paragraphs of occasionally on topic randomly capitalized opinions. We don’t always agree but I enjoy hearing your point of view.

    You might want to sneak back just after the midterm elections in Trumpistan – that should be fun! I’m sure Harvey will be blogging on that as well as the many important gubernatorial races.

    Like Harvey says, never stop reading, listening, watching and learning – but in fairness, it is much harder these days. I looked at a Fox News panel discussion online yesterday and literally gagged at the hypocrisy. I wasn’t born in 1939 but I am pretty sure that’s how things went down back then.

    Harvey, with your journalistic career, you must have some strong feelings about how journalism and reporting has ‘evolved’. I know you have spoken a bit about it previously but I would be really interested (I’m sure many others would be too) in an in depth piece. It is always informative to hear from people that have really lived it. Food for thought….

    (Response: Thanks. Like most British Columbians, I don’t sit down and watch local news shows through anymore: I record Global and CTV and then speed through them later, stopping if there’s something that looks interesting. Sadly, have noticed the time it takes me to speed/review/watch has been getting shorter and shorter. Will probably write about it all when something in particular riles me up. h.o.)

  30. e.a.f. says:

    You’re never retired. Your a journalist.

    What this has to do with Weir/Singh? Absolutely nothing. However, when 13 went off topic, so did I, in response to his comment. Usually I’m better at linking being off topic to the topic. So here we will attempt that. Singh is a politician before anything else and thus deals with Weir in that manner, which is no different from how other political parties deal with other agendas, such as Crown Corporations. One could say, they’re all politicians and you simply can’t expect too much from them.

    Singh’s handling of the Weir case is a political decision, and in my opinion not an ethical decision. Same as all those other party leaders, including of course the B.C. Lieberals and federal Conservatives.

  31. Art Smith says:

    Harvey, we must have a different definition of standing up for our country, all I see is them standing on their tip toes and floundering in situations over their heads and wishing and hoping everything turns out right for the Liberal party, not for Canada.
    Protecting Canada’s farmers is a bit of a stretch, if those dairy farmers were from Ab or Sk and not from Qc they would already have tire tracks on their backs.
    Then there is KM, both Trudeau and Notley paid no attention to this issue until was too late, both of them actually anti-pipeliners until it became politically expedient to pretend to care and we ended up with a pipeline that could and should have been built privately and may not even get built now.
    But I guess if I had voted for Trudeau and co., I would be looking for any glimmer of hope that they aren’t completely self-serving and useless.

  32. 13 says:

    eaf please dont blame me for your lack of focus.
    The only reason I even care one iota about this topic is purely selfish and totally morally bankrupt. Normally watching the NDP self destruct is predicable and laughable.
    The current buffoon in Ottawa needs to lose an election. In order for this to occur a few things need to happen.

    Current PM needs to show the world he is in way over his head and not a capable leader. CHECK

    Current leader of the NDP needs to get himself elected and show everyone that he is at least as capable as the current PM thus splitting the vote for the inept left . PENDING.

    Current opposition leader needs to come out of hiding and show everyone that he does exist. PENDING

    At this point in time the last two conditions have not been met. The NDP leader stands to LOSE a byelection in a safe NDP riding. The other guy named scheer needs to become animated and someone needs to hold a mirror under his nose just to make sure hes alive.

  33. 13 says:

    @sayonara Harvey.

    It seems to be a ploy used over and over by people with a left leaning agenda. FREE SPEECH!!!!!!!!!!!!! as long as its the lefties that are making the speeches. The minute they are faced with any push back they start screaming for sanctions. They scream racism. They scream anything to stop the debate.
    Personally I do not like and or agree with many that post on Harveys Blog (Random use of caps not withstanding) But Ill be damned if I would ever have the audacity to say goodbye Harvey I cant stand (fill in the blank). Just exactly what do you want Harvey to do? exclude anyone who has an opinion you dont agree with. For Petes sakes go back and read some of Harveys stuff a few years back. Little or no concern over “OFF TOPIC” and 150 posts. Those were the days. You could spend hours or days debating with Laura and Larry and the many others that do not follow this blog any more. Trust me without the variety of opinions especially the ones we disagree with this whole exercise would be pure boredom.
    So aghast if you cant share the sand box to bad so sad.

  34. Crankypants says:

    Either we are not getting all the pertinent information or Mr. Singh has a personal vendetta against Mr. Weir.

    I predict that Mr. Singh will not be leading the NDP into the election next year. I don’t even think he will ever get to sit in Parliament as an elected MP.

    (Response: I don’t think it’s personal: I think it’s just part of the political correctness run amok we see so often from the extreme left these days…. and that I believe has seen the federal NDP lose its former identity as upholders of justice for ALL. There are now sacred cows that seem to get free passes … no criticisms or condemnations uttered, no matter what wrongs or even criminal acts they commit: women, First Nations, refugees, Muslims, Asians, leftist dictatorships (Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela) , the UN, protest anarchists, Quebec radical nationalists and even racists, and increasingly outspoken anti-Semitic anti-Israel union activists, who are curiously blind and silent to terrorist/brutal acts of Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Sudan etc. And yet, on the other hand, there are those whom the extreme left seem to be pre-disposed to view as automatically guilty or objectionable: white Anglo-Saxon or European males; anyone holding conservative views, big business or corporations, Americans, religious Christians, any EU leader/nation that dares to express concern about the social/economic impact of millions of Arab/African refugees/illegal migrants flooding that continent, and, of course, Israel on ANY issue. No, it’s not personal against Weir: it’s all part of the double standard value system that political correctness that is now consuming the federal NDP. h.o.)

  35. Marge says:

    I used to look forward to all the different viewpoints expressed here. Some I agreed with, some I totally disagreed with. All were quite interesting for awhile. Unfortunately it has now turned into so much nastiness towards others of opposing views. Allowing others to have their opinion I thought was a democratic right. It doesn’t seem to be in the thought processes of many here. So much name calling, so much outright hatred. How awful to see what this website is becoming!

    (Response: I try to edit out name-calling and personal insults … but some try to find a way around that. I agree it represents a nastiness that is not needed … and would even add it shows intellectual immaturity and low class … but the challenge for me is that I don’t want to censor comments to the point of having so many (edited..h.o) in them. So help me folks … express YOUR opinions, but keep it real … and adult. h.o.)

  36. BMCQ says:

    Cranky – 34

    Interesting points, I believe Singh is finished if he fails in Burnaby South. How could they go forward with him after a loss there.

    Interesting that Kennedy only won by a few hundred votes last time out and I believe he jumped ship to Vancouver because he sensed his time was up in Burnaby.

    I have a Business and Property in Burnaby and I travel to work there every day, Burnaby has changed a lot and the Demographic is changing very quickly there. I could be wrong but I believe Singh could have difficulty getting out the vote.

    if Singh loses in Bby the NDP would be in mass confusion and they would need to reboot but I do not believe a new Leader would be able to resonate unless they were able to get Oprah to take the job.

    Then with the NDP Rudderless and PM Justin having a soon to be new NAFTA Deal and the Cons operating with Scheer in the Witness Protection Program the Libs would certainly win the next Federal Election.

    As Harvey suggests PM JT may not even wait for Fixed Election Date of October 2019, could we blame him.

    If that all takes place get ready for a PM Justin “Death Duty” of somewhere between 5 – 10%.

    Of course after a Liberal Victory we will soon see a merge of the Libs and NDP creating “The Liberal Democratic Party of Canada”. Then of course there will be no split and that Party will hold power until PM Justins Son or Daughter are up for their turn as PM.

    Hopefully by that time I will be living in Indian Wells. None the less I would certainly be “Aghast” if that was to take place!!

    By then we should be Taxed to the point there is NO disposable Income to be seen anywhere in Canada.

    In only a few months with the Weir Decision and his other PC SJW Tango J. Singh has very quickly managed to destroy the NDP and any chance it has to survive long term.

    Soon enough the Alberta NDP will fall to the Cons and then B.C. Tick Tock!!

    Harvey – Response – 34

    I really believe you put your finger on it with that response. Our Society in the West including the EU is very quickly destroying itself. We now stand for nothing but “Safe Spaces, PC, SJW, Anti White Male Symbolic Baffle Gab.

    It will not be long before 40 year old and up White Males will be Good for Nothing

    We in the West are very quickly giving away everything Churchill and the rest fought for back in WW II. We are in fact “Circling the drain” and before our Politicians and PC Culture realize it we will have lost it all.

    13 – 33

    I travel a lot and read a lot when I am away and far too often I end up in places I do not like all that much so I do even more reading.

    Almost every day while away I go back on the Harvey Blog and enjoy the Blog Topics where 40, 40, 100, and 140 Comments are posted. They are a great source of Insight, Educational, and Entertainment for me. You are correct, the back and forth is wonderful and it is good for the Brain. Thanks Harvey.

    Marge – 35

    You and I agree on some things and do not on others but Ia know Bloggers can depend on you for insightful thought provoking commentary.

    In fact there are only two bitter, angry self absorbed Posters on this Blog and no one cares what they say because they offer nothing of substance.

    You represent the best of this Blog because you see both sides of any argument.

  37. Gene The Bean says:

    C’mom Marge…. it is always you and 13 and BQMC that complain about others expressing their views.
    Because they are different than yours.

    If you have a problem with me calling Singh a hypocrite for his ridiculous stance – then present your side.
    If you have a problem with me calling out the hypocrisy and the pandering to nationalists and racists by todays conservatives – then present your side to refute my statement. You never do. Why? Because what I say is true.

    Lets keep it real. The gutter-level discourse that is commonly used today is purposeful. It is a planned strategy to engage and enrage a certain sides “base”. If you give it – you’ll get it back. If you don’t like the current climate – then change it. Stop voting for conservatism until it cleans up its act and returns to what it was forty years ago.

    (Response: Let’s ALL try to improve the blog: I don’t mind contributors criticizing the people who are the subjects I’ve written about in the blog because they are in the public eye … or criticizing the ideas/views of moi or those who write in, but no need to criticize personally those who write in to comment, as you have above. Clearly from now on, I’m going to have to waste my time censoring more…or just start trashing such comments and let them edit their own and resubmit Now back to the TOPIC… please! h.o.)

  38. BMCQ says:

    I do not believe the attached is off topic as it ties into Harvey’s Response – 34

    This is important and IMHO the discussion with Peterson should be taken very seriously.

    Peterson a Canadian is in Big Trouble with Canadian PC Police but in the end he and the Canadian People will win.

  39. Jay Jones says:

    e.a.f., recycled teenagers rock!

    My comment was directed at the fed ndp.

    They’re currently coming across to me like a VERY low quality daycare centre at best. There’s just no way I would vote for this group to govern the world’s greatest country. In fact, I wouldn’t even hire them to babysit a small group of toddlers.

  40. Hawgwash says:

    Keep your eye on this little beauty;
    Jenny Wai Ching Kwan.
    Whatever goes down, she will have a finger or knife in it.

  41. e.a.f. says:

    13 at #32, that was great! Loved the lines, especially the Pending line. You do have a point on some of those points.

    Have to agree the best part of this blog are the articles by Harvey and the second best is the comments I don’t agree with. If we’re all singing from the same song sheet there isn’t any progress in the world. Even if you don’t agree, usually there is something you begin to recognize which you can agree on, even if it isn’t your belief. Its how we keep a civilized society, and paying taxes of course.

    BMCQ, I’d have to agree with your first para. and don’t worry about taxes being too high to not have disposable income. the European relatives complain about high taxes over there, but still manage to travel the world, keep R.V.s in other countries, etc.

    I have faith in this country. We will do well.

    Jay Jones, toddlers are the most difficult group to baby sit, they’re adorable and can talk. Its a bad combo. Its sort of how some people think about Trudeau, good looking but not a great politicians. Same for Singh, good looking, but not a great politicians. Scheer, smary and not good looking. Elizabeth May, attractive, and nice. Various Quebec leaders, well, my French is so bad, I can just look at them……

    Hawgwash, that is brilliant, something I totally forgot about. She and the knives are very, very sharp.

  42. 13 says:

    Jenny (Quange) Kwan is the epitome of political sleaze. Thankfully she is an NDPer and she should make every last NDP supporter feel just a bit queasy, and a bit embarrassed. Think about Jenny and Justin and Singh and the endless list of low quality individuals we are forced to choose from.
    Next time one of them trots out the old ” we have to pay top dollar to attract the best talent” try not to laugh .

  43. 13 says:

    PS I just realized that BMCQ has referenced the Harvey response at 34 a couple of times. So I reread it and may I add to BMCQs kudos. That response pretty much sums up most of whats wrong with our current crop of democratic governments around the globe. I will be going back to that post and Harveys response many more times to remind myself why things are so screwed up

  44. Hawgwash says:

    This has morphed a bit from NDP hypocrisy to leadership and has generated a fairly consistent consensus.

    Not mentioned is the Green factor and possible motives.

    Ms May claims to be taking the high road in keeping with “a long tradition” of not challenging a party leader seeking a seat.

    Is that graciousness or good politics?

    In spite of what she says, does she perhaps think, like the rest of us, Mr. Singh is going to lose and she would prefer not to be made a vote splitting scapegoat?

    The Greens would not win Burnaby South so; it would be to their advantage to be able to say they were not spoilers, keeping their hands clean for a more worthwhile fight.

    (Response: Frankly, I wonder what their fi9nancial situation is too: no doubt the Greens are thinking ahead to having to do it all over again next Fall…or possibly even next Spring! h.o)

  45. BMCQ says:

    Saw Singh, Kwan, and a few other NDP types at Bby Cand Roll Out On Global News.

    They ALL including Singh looked about as enthusiastic as a Herd of Turkeys being gathered together just a few days before Thanksgiving.

    Singhs’s performance was very Robotic and he appeared to be simply going through the motions.

    Do Singh and his NDP Minions have the same Open Borders stance as PM Justin?

    Does Singh agree that PM Justin was correct in reversing Harper Legislation that revoked Naturalized Canadians that are Convicted of Terrorist Acts? PM Justin reversed that Legislation within weeks of his Election.

    Does Singh plan on bringing back First Nations Accountability by reversing Liberal Abolishment of Harper Cons FN Leadership Accountability Act?

    Does Singh or PM Justin Favour Harsher Penalties for Drug Dealers Distributing Drugs laced with Fentanyl? Does either promise to put more pressure on the Judiciary for more realistic sentences these same Killers?

    Other than being against any and all Pipelines Singh literally walks hand in hand with PM Justin and there is really no difference between the two parties.

    Keep in mind that with all Canadian Federal Parties the Leader of those Parties must sign the Nomination Papers for any Individual hoping to contest a Seat anywhere in Canada. Therefore it is most unreasonable for any of us to expect pushback by any NDP hopeful for a Federal NDP Seat to challenge Singh on his hypocrisy regarding Weir and Moore.

    If memory serves me correctly PET once refused to sign Nomination Papers for two Sitting Alberta MP’s, and we call ourselves a Democracy.

    I have called for this before on this Blog and I will mention it again.

    Singh or Scheer should Adopt to their Platform a Policy that Demands to Legislate “Two Term Limits” for Canadian Politicians at ALL Three Levels of Government.

    We need fresh ideas, new blood, and we need to rid Canadian Politics of Cronyism.

    We also must demand that all Canadian Federal Parties have a Panel Committee of three that decides important matters like the claims discussed here.

    No one Leader like Singh, Scheer, or PM Justin should be allowed to decide the future of an MP or hopeful Candidate, there are too many unknowns and possible prejudices to give anyone that kind of power.

    Domocracy and Transparency are most important, trust no one.

    (Response: I have no problem with ANY party havi9ng its own ideology, policies and agenda …as long as it is applied equally and fairly across the country. The truth is policies are principles are applied instead on the basis of “sensitivities” … such as where individuals or groups rank on the political correctness scale, ethnic vote power, and most off, where are the most seats in the House of Commons. Monday’s blog will look at that in a NEW situation that has now emerged in Canada. h.o.)

  46. e.a.f. says:

    Have no difficulty with a party not wishing a particular candidate to run under the party banner. Its a democracy and they can always run as an independent. Parties do have to be careful of who runs under their banner. Now it could be agreed not all candidates are not suitable, some times its just internal politics, which I still think is the case in Weir vs. Singh.

    As to the question for Singh and Trudeau, tougher penalties for drugs laced with fent. The law is already there, it is attempted murder or murder/manslaughter, depending upon the situation. The Edmonton police have actually charged drug dealers with manslaughter for dealing fent. when the customer died.

    We usually don’t need more laws, we just need to enforce the ones we have, but that again is a political decision. Longer sentences mean more people in jail, which costs more money, and then we have to raise taxes. As it is many of Canada’s jails need replacing.

    There is also the small matter of are those selling drugs, really “dealers” or are they mentally ill people trying to support themselves so they can purchase their “medicine”.

    No government has ever spent enough money on children and providing them the services they ought to, when they’re children. Just think, if we screened all children for attention deficient disorder in grade 3. Now its only done, if “necessary” going into high school. But if it were done in grade 3, yes the cost would be there, but just think of all the children and families it would help and most likely reduce the cost of future prisons, criminals, justice system, etc. We can barely get politicians to build enough schools, let alone a better mental health care system for children. I may be wrong, but the last I heard there were about a dozen beds at Childrens Hospital for mental health.

    Criminals aren’t born. They are created. Go into a hospital and look at a room full of babies. Can you pick out the potential criminal? No you can’t. so how did they get to be criminals? Usually a politician not doing their job and that includes most politicians.

    Many people who deal are simply trying to support their habits. The big time importers go free. The major distributors, go free. What is the point in tossing small time dealers in jail for being sick. Any how there isn’t a government around which is going to pay for more prisons or more hospitals.

    (Response: You are certainly correct any party has the right to approve or disapprove of any candidate. What bothers mje in this case is it sure seems to me from everything I’ve read and seen that Moore’s actions were a LOT more offensive than Weir’s. I just can’t help feeling she was given a pass by the NDP because she is a francophone female from Quebec and Weir is an anglophone male from Saskatchewan. Singh should leave it up to the voters to accept or reject his actions and follow up contrition … after all, it is supposed to be the New DEMOCRATIC Party! Doesn’t look that way to me. h.o)

  47. 13 says:

    eaf @46. The first 3 paragraphs are rational comment that someone on either side of the political spectrum would sign off on.
    The rest of the paragraphs are very left leaning and the content could be challenged on many different levels.
    The NDP federally enjoyed a very brief period of significance. It has passed and they have by their own design doomed themselves to a political wilderness . As pointed out in post 45 they are a carbon copy of the Liberals. Both parties have painted themselves into political corners. PC gender, anti white males, etc. Harvey has pointed out the problem but he hasnt offered a solution to the NDP problem. Probably no solution exists and when Jagmeet loses the by election maybe Mad Max can show them how to create a contender in less than a year. Hell if Jagmeet loses JT would have to be as dumb as a bag of hammers not to call an election the day after the loss.

  48. BMCQ says:

    Ah yes, the Greens, interesting.

    To me that then begs the question.

    If Singh’s Hypocrisy results in dissatisfaction within the NDP Federally could he chase some votes/support toward the Greens?

    Add to that the new M. Bernie’s Breakaway Party taking a certain amount of Voting Support Away from the Cons the next six months to a year could be very interesting on the Federal Election scene.

    Unfortunately I just do not see how Life Long Productive Tax Paying Canadians get any benefit from another Four Years or more of the Uh Federal Uh, Liberals Rule of Canada.

    Even if Singh happens to win the Burnaby South byelection I just do not see him getting any traction in the General.

    Who knows, as they say, “Anything can happen in Politics”.

    Hey, it only took one week for PM Justin to get over his “Me As Well” Moment !

    Must be very nice to know the Media is on Your side, correct Justin?

  49. e.a.f. says:

    Its actually the federal Liberals who have a history of stealing ideas from the NDP. where do you think CPP and OAP and our medical system came from? When the federal medical system came into play I do remember my Mother saying, well there is another idea they stole.

    For most of the NDP’s years it has been in the “political wilderness” and I don’t think its a bad thing, as long as the federal Liberals “steal” some of their ideas which will make life better for Canadians. I don’t think the founders of the CCF, really cared, as long as things got done. It wasn’t about coming to power and running the government back in those days. The government/power thing is from more modern times. Yes, I’m that old, I do know about the CCF and then becoming the NDP.

    If Trudeau “stole” every idea the NDP came up with and implemented them, I’m good with that. Don’t think Mr. Singh would be, but that is his problem. Its just an e.g. of why he keeps Weir out of caucus, its more about politics than improving the lives of Canadian. You don’t have to be the government in office to effect change. It some times helps, but its necessary.

  50. BMCQ says:

    e.a.f. – 49

    Interesting !

    Your commentary makes one think !

    And that is a Good Thing !

  51. Richard Skelly says:

    I want Erin Weir to run and win as an Independent. Although, it’s possible that Elizabeth May (who’s herself faced snowflakes’ accusation of a bullying communication style) could persuade her Green Party executive to offer Weir a new home.

    Virtually no chance of Justin Trudeau extending a Grit welcome mat. Several months before the last election, he turfed Liberal MPs Scott Andrews and Massimo Pacetti for upsetting two unnamed female NDP MPs they’d enjoyed sexual relations with.

    All quite murky as to whether these were one-time trysts and exactly what the men did to cause the women belated distress.

    In that case, Trudeau didn’t even give heads up to Andrews and Pacetti that they were about to be thrown under a political bus.

    Meanwhile, the editor of the New York Review Of Books was just ousted after commissioning Jian Ghomeshi to pen an essay on how a deeply flawed (but criminally acquitted) public figure proceeds in the #MeToo age.

    Interesting times we exist in.

    (Response: Brilliant idea …. and I have a feeling Weir could WIN if he ran as an independent. That would send a message to Singh, the NDP and the one-sided politically correct activists. Hopefully he’s looking at the idea. h.o)

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