Western Alienation: CBC Fails its National Mandate

If it wasn’t so pathetic, it would have been quite laughable: watching the CBC descend on Alberta after the election … “national” reporters landing like astronauts on a foreign planet, reporting back to Central Canada on the sudden discovery of strange new world.

A world populated by aliens who call themselves “Westerners” … living in a society featuring empty stores, closed companies, rising unemployment, declining construction, sagging house sales, increasing demand on food banks, and, extraordinary numbers of the population mourning the suicides of their own relatives, friends and neighbours.

Much of it fomented by burgeoning federal corporate taxes, increased environmental requirements and developmental regulations, the shut down of northern pipeline projects, a coastal tanker shipping ban, BC’s political obstructionism and costly Court challenges, anti-development activism and First Nations’ roadblocks.

How could anyone … especially Canada’s “national” PUBLICLY-funded news network … be surprised that the locals, after YEARS of this, are now showing signs of malignant ALIENATION: spouting anger; spewing out frustration; distrustful of outsiders; struggling with economic stresses; and many stricken with poverty!

A strange festering world, mostly unseen and largely under-reported on by the CBC … our supposed official “national” public network.

Even though these “Westerners” have been right there, within sight of Central Canada, trying to draw attention to their growing ills for a decade.

Why were they so ignored?

Under Canada’s Broadcasting Act, the FIRST mandate of the CBC is “reflect Canada and its regions to national and regional audiences, while serving the special needs of those regions.”

I submit that, vis a vis, Western Canada, the CBC has FAILED that mandate.

The mandate also requires the CBC “to contribute to shared national consciousness and identity”.

I submit that, vis-à-vis, Western Canada, the CBC has also FAILED that mandate.

Here’s how …

The CBC’s prime reflector and reporter of “national” news is, appropriately, called The National.

But have you watched it lately?

I have … and here’s what I’ve seen:

A nightly “NATIONAL” broadcast that has three major components: the first segment, Canadian and world news, all of it from what I would describe as a left-of-center biased point of view; the final section, human interest features/promotions/discussions … often quite interesting, but most often composed of panels and panelists offering a definite Toronto/Ottawa/Montreal perspective and bias … Western, British Columbian and Maritime views are few and far between.

But it’s what comes BETWEEN those two segments that is most dangerous and, I believe, consistently violates CBC’s mandate … and contributes regularly to Western alienation.

These are the “advocacy” journal-type features (I’d call them propaganda pieces) … often exploring social contemporary issues … but pushing what I would again describe as a distinctly left-of-center agenda on: the environment, climate change, anti-pipeline views, refugees, immigration, women’s issues, LGBTQ rights, and First Nations’ problems, complaints, demands and protests.

How did we get to this?

The CBC’s own Journalistic Mission and Principles states “We are committed to reflecting accurately the range of experiences and points of view of all citizens.”

I dare say that, amongst a population of 37 million Canadians, there MUST be opinions on every one of these important subjects, reflecting conservative and right-of-center points of view on these same issues.

After all, 6,115,000 Canadians voted Conservative … including sweeping 71 seats in Alberta, Saskatchewan and most of Manitoba!

Have YOU seen their views on the issues EQUALLY reported on by the CBC?

I have not.

I believe conservative and right-of-center views … just like whatever else happens in the West … doesn’t receive equal coverage from the CBC. In fact, little or none, unless it involves one of the CBC’s favorite categories outlined above … and can fit their left-of-center coverage bias.

That’s why, in my view, it’s MUCH easier for anti-pipeline campaigners, climate change advocates, First Nations activists, and other minority issue voices to get air time than pro-life, pro-business, pro-pipeline, pro-development, pro-conservative family values types.

That’s how Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba’s massive economic decline, social distresses, poverty and growing number of suicides (unless they happen among First Nations or other vulnerable minority ) have gone unreported or severely under-reported by Canada’s “national” broadcaster.

Is it any wonder that people and politicians in Ontario and further East had little or no idea of the width and breadth of the Western alienation that has been festering and spreading throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba for years!

Until the votes were counted.

Out of sight on Canada’s “national” broadcaster leads to out of mind in Ottawa and the rest of the country.

Seriously tackling Western alienation requires real action … so the rest of Canada can come to understand the West’s feelings/problems/complaints … just as as it does those of Quebec.

And a good place to start would be with the CBC … and having it live up to its own “national” mandate.

Harv Oberfeld

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38 Responses to Western Alienation: CBC Fails its National Mandate

  1. BMCQ says:

    An incredibly good Analysis of the situation with the out of touch elitist CBC, almost all Eastern Media Mafia in General and their Treatment of Western Canada, they have no shame and they simply do not care about the plight of any Western Province .

    The only time Ottawa, the CBC, and the rest of Media thinks about the West including B.C. is when they get their Equalization Funds and even then I wonder .

    I really cannot add much to the Analysis and Essay Harvey other than to say I wholeheartedly agree and I hope your piece is reprinted in every News Paper right across the Country of Canada . This piece also deserves full discussion on News Programs, Talk Shows, and Social Media right across this Country of Canada .

    Unfortunately the plight of the West e3specially Alberta has now created a situation where the very survival of Hard Working Tax Payers is at risk . The poor economic situation and the reversal of fortune in the Oil and Gas Industry thanks to poor policy making and dithering by PM Justin and his Minions will take a terrible toll on Families, Workers, Children, and anyone else affected by the poor economy as a result of Federal inaction, indecision, and dithering .

    How many Families will break up because of economic pressures brought about by this repulsive situation ? How many foreclosures of homes, industrial commercial properties, business failures, government cut backs will result as a by product of Federal Government and Media failures .

    The CBC and all of the rest are supposed to investigate and report what Government is and is not doing, it is their job to get out into Canadian communities and get to the bottom of what is asking place and causing problems as described, where are they where have they been ?

    (Edited… no place here for personal disrespect.)

    Going back a week or two ago I asked the following question .

    “Is Canada just too big Geographically to still remain as one country” ?

    Are there too many Regions with the Pacific, the West/Prairies, Ontario, Quebec, the Maritimes, are we all that different, have we as a country begin to unravel because of those regional differences, the different culture of Quebec, the west, the Maritimes, Ontario, and the rest ?

    To most thinking people that participate on this Blog it appears that somehow Canada along help of the CBC, other Media, and Politicians is somehow missing to connect with it’s own Soul and to me that is a very serious “Tragedy in the Making ” .

    I agree, this must be addressed very soon or we may have a Catastrophic Implosion on our hands .

    I said it last week, “What have we done to the Good People of Alberta” ?

    Imagine a G – 7 Nation with more Natural Resources than dozens of countries combined, , Oceans, Mountains, Lakes, Fresh Water, an Educated Population (other than what one here might say) Freedoms, Health Care, Education, having this kind of trouble to the point that our very existence as a country is under threat .

    Ask yourself, just who/what do we have to thank for this very dangerous situation we find ourselves in ?

    Where will the Equalization Payment Contributions come from if Alberta, Saskatchewan, or perhaps B.C. are stretched and crippled to the point they are no longer “HAVE” Provinces ? it will not take much more now to see exactly that .

    One thing for sure there is no time to waste, the people of the West, the Prairie Provinces deserve better from their Political Masters, let us hope something is done before it is too late, the time to do something is now, there is no time to Dither .

    No Campaigning here, just a list of what I believe are logical questions and points of observations as I currently see it unfolding .

    This situation is serious enough that it threatens the very existence of Our Canada .

    Is anyone in Ottawa, The CBC, or the rest of Media listening .

    How did that go ?

    “Nero Fiddled while Rome Burned” ?

    Of course we all know Nero did not play he Violin but he did “Fiddle” .

    Sound familiar ?

    (Response: I have no objection to anyone passing along my blog (link) to others as information or for discussion or reprint. And of course, I welcome Comments from those who disagree with my observations. h.o)

  2. 13 says:

    I wonder if someone from the CBC will read this blog post and respond telling Harvey how wrong he is? Because if Harvy is not wrong than the 600 million on top of the regular gov funding has paid great dividends for the center of the universe and the Trudeau Liberals (please note that I have refrained from calling them libtards to try and set an example).
    Back to the CBC. It is incumbent on someone from the mother corp to post on this blog and defend the CBC from the accusations and innuendo that the author has leveled.
    Silence from the CBC is and should be an admission of guilty as charged.
    PS as scathing a report as this is it is still being kind to that left wing institution.

    (Response: I would be happy to hear from the CBC or any politician or CRTC member to publish their view(s) and/or discuss/debate my impressions/conclusions. And I invite readers to watch The National for a few nights and see if they notice any or all of the same slant(s) that I do … or none … and let us know. h.o)

  3. Gene The Bean says:

    Harvey I get what you are trying to say and agree completely that CBC should live up to its own mandate but…..

    The role, as I understand it, is not to represent peoples “views” as you stated but to report and discuss ‘the news’, politics and world affairs.

    You say “After all, 6,115,000 Canadians voted Conservative … including sweeping 71 seats in Alberta, Saskatchewan and most of Manitoba! Have YOU seen their views on the issues EQUALLY reported on by the CBC?”

    (Edited… no place on my blog for such crud.)

    I think conservative voters are much better served by the CBC reporting facts, truths and science – whether Cons disagree with it or not. They should all have a little more truth in their lives anyways.

    There are plenty of outlets that spew conservative nonsense (Rebel, Breitbart, Faux News) disguised as truth and fact. The ‘base’ slurps it up. The fact that 1/3 of our citizens are doing that still amazes me.

    Is the CBC centre-left – sure it is. But they shouldn’t lower their journalistic standards, report half-truths and conspiracies and blatantly lie and manipulate to appease conservatives.

    (Response: The duty of any reporter and any news agency covering any issue is to report BOTH major sides and then let the public decide. Not just push ONE side that the reporter or news agency wants to promote. h.o)

  4. 13 says:

    BMCQ asks “is Canada to big……… are their too many regions…….. are their two many cultures…….Quebec”
    Canada is not to big a country, it has obviously got two coasts , the prairies, and the Maritimes and the two population centers Ontario and Quebec.
    Canada has multiculturalism enshrined in our charter . Because of Quebec being given distinct status on top of multiculturalism and First Nations we have a lot of moving parts that dont always mesh. OBSTACLES or STRENGTHS?
    Not if our National Broadcaster spent time and effort bringing the many areas, regions and cultures together. If our tax dollars were spent on a broadcaster that was blind to the different regions blind to the different cultures and not in the pocket of any political master it could be a model for the rest of the world to study as a way to unite people from different regions different cultures, with a common goal. A country that is strong enough to withstand all of the obvious obstacles and prosper and grow in every region. The CBC could and should make this country stronger. If it doesnt benefit every region we are wasting our money.

  5. e.a.f. says:

    I wish the CBC would report the news and leave it at that. these panels bring nothing of great interest to the conversation. the panelists get paid a great deal of money to flap their gums but are just giving their opinion. Just the facts would be so much better. Put the rest of the money into documentaries and/or regional news and Canadian content, real Canadian content, not some American show filmed in Canada.

    Right now the CBC has Murdoch Mysteries and the Frankie Drake series, but they ought to be doing more and paying the political commentators less.

    The Still Standing comedy show on CBC tells us a lot about Canada, and how small towns are coping. that show actually gives us more information than the news does about small towns This hr has 22 minutes does better political commentary than the panelists do and makes it more enjoyable.

    The news casters live in the east and B.C. there doesn’t seem to be anything in between. Katie Simpson, a CBC reporter, was in Edmonton and then suddenly she was moved to some where else in the country. yes, she’s a good reporters, but why move her. She could be doing good regional reporting out of Alberta.

    Not terribly keen on the new format the CBC went to, when Mansbridge retired, but I’m sure the new fab 4 are getting a lot more money and we’re getting a lot less news. Like what happened to Wendy Measley, she seems stuck in a once a week corner. Same goes for Mark……………who was moved over to documentaries, no longer doing news.

    The CBC seems to have forgotten Winnipeg is the center of the country, yet many would not know it existed if they watched CBC until there are 4 shootings on a weekend. There is a segment on HuffPost today about a young man who started a “joke like” meme about Edmonton and other places in Canada. He is funny. On the other hand what he is doing is pointing out, we know little about our country. CBC ought to be filling that vacumn.

    I’m very happy we have the CBC. I like the CBC. I watch the CBC and have since a child. However, the CBC can and ought to do better. Harvey you’ve pointed out a number of issues which I hope the CBC addresses.

  6. nonconfidencevote says:

    Harvey I agree 100%

    I cancelled my cable tv about 4 years ago.
    I couldnt handle the Global “pro business” pro Liberal agenda (propaganda) hammered home on the 6pm “News” every single night sandwiched between Liberal govt ads and ReMax ads “Buy now or be left out forever”.
    And I was expected to pay $80/month for tv constantly interrupted by advertisements??????
    Got a $50 antennae from a tv store and began watching the ……
    CBC……..left of center…..pro Gay rights, pro immigration, pro NDP, pro anti pipeline, pro everything not considered…….conservative.
    A biased, Left Left Left wing agenda.
    If your head is shaved, you have tattoos on your face and are unemployed….you are worthy of an interview and your 15 seconds of fame opinion.

    I smile and remind myself…..it’s free…….

    (Response: seems to me they’ve gone well beyond “15 seconds” … whole segments, features and full interviews … especially if you’re radical left or even radical right. And of course, ANY kind of minority is especially doted upon … rather than just being treated EQUALLY … which should be our ultimate goal. Almost anything goes … except, of course, middle of the road, socially or fiscally conservative, development-friendly, pipe-line supporting people who are actually WORKING or OWN a businesses … in Alberta or Saskatchewan! LOL! h/o)

  7. Marge says:

    Let’s face it. The CBC is the propaganda machine of the Liberals. Harper was going to pull the plug before 2015. In come the Liberals with millions of dollars of cash to the “strapped” media and bob’s your uncle. The CBC becomes the Pravda of Canada.
    Watching it during the elections was akin to watching Putin preach to the faithful. All positive about Trudeau for the most part. Anything negative was quickly removed. Yet they went on ad nauseum about topics such as “conversion therapy” for gays so as to paint this “therapy” as being accepted by the Conservative party.

    As for being a broadcaster that dotes on the East, guess where most of the Liberal voters come from? Why would the CBC care about the “unwashed uneducated” conservative voters (as only Gene would call them) west of the Ontario border?
    Ask a bunch of Canadians what they watch of Canadian television. Just for fun I asked my students today what they watched on the CBC. Hockey and Coronation Street seemed to be the favorites and the only shows they could connect to the CBC.
    Most of the shows on CBC are poorly written and scripted (Why should they care when the cash flows in anyway?). Murdoch Mysteries used to be cute but now it’s so far out in left field (watch one of their Hallowe’en shows for confirmation of this) that it’s stupid. Also most of the scripts tend to be “politically correct” and do not reflect what actually went on during the time eg. Frankie Drake. They are teaching a Canadian history that is so incredibly wrong that it makes anyone with a sense of time rather ill. Instead of telling how we evolved, their shows seem to take the notion that we always were politically and socially progressive. So why do they do this? To indoctrinate the few viewers they have? To appease the liberal point of view? I would love to know their philosophy.

    The CBC thinks of itself as the CNN of the north. Too bad they don’t know or don’t care probably that they are paid by all of us tax payers, including non liberals.

    (Response: I can understand why politicians are reluctant to take on the CBC, because those on the left are no doubt quite happy with their current advocacy journalism and those on the right are aware the vast majority of Canadians rightfully would find political interference in any “information” source as quite abhorrent. But there’s no reason Parliament itself, through its governing committees, can’t INSIST that the CBC Board live up to its Broadcast Act mandate, especially the points in it I’ve outlined above…. and rectify their second rate treatment/coverage of Western perspectives, problems and proposals. After all, they sure seem to try very hard to carry out other parts of that same mandate … like providing services in both Official languages. h.o)

  8. DBW says:

    I am not going to argue with you Harvey, except to point out that it is difficult to judge bias when, as much as we try not to be, all of us have our biases.

    When I watch CNN, as an anti-Trumper, I am totally aware of the anti-Trump slant that most of their hosts have. Some are worse than others. And of course Fox is worse in the other direction. And yes I realize that I just showed my bias.

    But when I watch or read CBC I am not nearly as aware of the bias. I searched the internet for some unbiased reporting on the CBC and could only find that they were highly rated as factual reporters with a view that slants to the left. Again, I have nothing to prove that wrong, but the article didn’t give any evidence to support that opinion either.

    So I went to the CBC website where one of their top stories was a straight forward report on, interestingly enough, Alberta and some bills they were debating. It was completely factual with comments from the minister and the NDP critic. In the opinion section there was a scathing Neil Macdonald commentary on Justin Trudeau and his ability to get away with the non answer. He felt that Trudeau should have lost and only did so because Liberals were too easy to forgive all his failings. Hardly a plug for the left.

    As for you thinking that the CBC were surprised at the alienation of Alberta after the election, you must have missed the Crosscurrents radio program (I listen via podcast) where three Albertans were interviewed a couple of days before the election about the alienation and lack of understanding for Alberta during the campaign. They were very articulate in their frustration at the anti pipeline sentiment and made a strong case for the possibility of pipelines and a clean environment. The interviewer realized that the story was about Albertan frustrations so she hardly pushed back and allowed them to make their case.

    I realize that these are anecdotal and filtered through my biased lens. Maybe I should watch the National more often and pay closer attention. I get most of my news off a variety of sites on the internet.

    (Response: Sometimes it’s very easy to spot the bias … other times very difficult. What you have to look at is not just WHAT they report but what they DO NOT report. For example, how often have we seen First Nations stories about lousy conditions on remote reserves: poverty, massive unemployment, poor water, depression, suicides. Yet, apart from reporting those sad realities, I have NEVER seen TOUGH questions asked (like real journalism is SUPPOSED to be about) like: If there is no work in the area, WHY are they staying there? How MUCH has Ottawa spent on that community in the past five or ten years? Where did the money go? What are the salaries of the top brass … and their friends/relations? Is this a community that has opposed, obstructed, fought ALL proposed mining, resource extraction in their region? If so, why? What’s the alternative they envision? When Ottawa builds/supplies housing or clean water treatment plants, why are so many not properly maintained/repaired by the band members/residents once installed? There are indeed serious problems that deserve exposure and correction … but when reporting is done ONLY from a pandering, fawning left-wing advocacy point of view … and no HARD questions are posed, both journalism and the community (especially those there who know/care abut the waste, nepotism, other problems) pay the price. h.o.)

  9. nonconfidencevote says:

    “But there’s no reason Parliament itself, through its governing committees, can’t INSIST that the CBC Board live up to its Broadcast Act mandate, especially the points in it I’ve outlined above”
    The CBC Board….and therein lies the problem.
    Peter Mansbridge retires and everyone awaits the announcement for his replacement.
    The milquetoast “Board” of decision makers comes down with the most nauseating , politically correct decision it could make.
    Replace white, anglo, male with two women and two men of color ( all bilingual or trilingual or of course) on a rotating basis…..
    Hurray !
    Everyone is happy! Everyone is represented! ( except, of course, white, anglo, males)
    What did “promoting” 4 people to the National Anchor Desk cost the taxpayer.
    This country is spending itself into politically correct bankruptcy.
    And if the Western provinces are any indication…
    The CBC may not have a coast to coast country to broadcast to in 25 years but I’m sure the majority of people that worked at the CBC will make sure their govt employee guaranteed pensions are well protected.

    (Response: I wish some intrepid journalist covering the Entertainment or Broadcast sector (do they still exist?) took the time/effort to examine The National’s ratings now, compared to before they began their left-wing advocacy journalism (propaganda) segment. I’m retired … lol … but seems to me the new format has been a disaster … not just in terms of ratings, but also confusing (like the “Who’s on first” comedy routine sometimes) with inconsistent standards of experience, journalistic talents and on-air performances. h.o.)

  10. nonconfidencevote says:

    “I’m retired … lol … but seems to me the new format has been a disaster ”
    Geez you’re retired and up at 6am?????

    Total agreement about CBC ratings or lack of ratings.
    I’m sure those numbers are kept very close to the chest.
    It amazes me that the CBC would go “full inner city Liberal Left” when the majority of their viewers are probably Blue Haired retirees stuck out in the country with no access to cable or $100/month extra cash to spend on cable.
    Myopic, navel gazing , self important, govt employed left wing lick spittles.
    But when you’re a Govt employee…who really cares whether you are popular or not.
    Nope. The CBC is just a job for most of the pc hacks that infest every level of the CBC now.
    I do still enjoy the interviews with foreign journalists working ( subcontractors?) for the CBC. They seem to actually have brains and knowledge.
    The odd idiotic question from a Canadian CBC anchor does seem to throw them for a loop, but a pay cheque is a pay cheque when you have a massive bar tab in Damascus….

    But the rest of the PC “talking heads” on the CBC sure do look good in a suit ……

    (Response: Old habits die hard: never been a late sleeper. Especially when my mind keeps racing about things, issues and possibly great stories .. if only someone would do them! h.o)

  11. DBW says:

    As you suggested, I watched the National last night and even took notes.

    wildfires in California
    Hamilton school board dealing with bullying that resulted in a student’s death
    Doug Ford’s unity call
    Jason Kenney’s demands from Ottawa
    filling cabinet without an MP in Alberta and Saskatchewan
    Baghdadi’s death
    tickets for Hamilton the musical
    one of the Humboldt players going for surgery overseas
    Bre-X guy dies
    climate protesters banned from Parliament Hill
    layoffs at Ford
    longer report on the problems with contractors rebuilding Fort Mac
    continued school bully report this time on LGBTQ
    a parent dies during a gender reveal
    bus in sinkhole
    more on school bullying this time in a First Nations community
    a 12 year old has his children’s book on democracy published

    Every one of these stories was fact based with hardly any commentary. I didn’t think some of the stories were all that interesting but that is my bias. I am not sure if there were any intentional bias eg what stories were not told or what questions should have been asked, but nothing stood out that alarmed me about the CBC.

    I watched the first 20 minutes at CTV and they covered most of the same stories – wildfires, Baghdadi, Brexit, climate protesters, both Fords, but they also had a story on Scheer’s future including a short clip of an interview with Mulroney who criticized the Liberals inaction on China

    Again, that was one night seen through the eyes of whatever biases I have. What did you think of the show. Does anybody what to do something similar with tonight’s show?

    (Response: Actually the show reflected exactly what I wrote about at the beginning of my piece: how AFTER the election, the CBC has suddenly “discovered” Alberta! LOL! Thus, stories on Jason Kenney AND even how they will fill Alberta/Sask Cabinet seats. And of course, yet ANOTHER story on climate protestors! Again it’s often what is NOT reported/covered that is most telling. If only the struggling workers and companies and all the growing numbers of unemployed in Alberta got the same amount of coverage as climate protestors! Almost EVERY broadcast! Because, in my view, people who can’t pay their rent, feed and clothe their kids or lose their businesses and life savings are more newsworthy than protestors who somehow have the bucks to make it to Ottawa to protest on Parliament Hill …and then go partying. h.o)

  12. e.a.f. says:

    Marge, the two t.v. shows we both mentioned. I’m watching them to be entertained. Not educated. the Murdoch Mysteries Halloween show was fun! Some of us know our history, so its simply fun to watch t.v. to be entertained. it certainly is more “entertaining” than what passes for “entertainment” on most of the American stations. If it weren’t for the “trump shit show” it is doubtful there would be much to watch on American television beyond what they carry on PBS.

  13. Gene The Bean says:

    Harvey, I stopped watching “the news” years ago and are much better for it. The frustrations that are evident in your comments are felt by everyone. There is no longer “the news”. It is “the news” for me, or for you, or somebody on the other end of the spectrum.

    The world has changed. People have changed. The moneyed demographic that is sought after has changed. That is why ‘the news’ has changed. CBC is fulfilling a mandate that it has been given.

    Everything is now seen through a lens and the moneyed elite through massive corporatization have limited the amount of ‘lenses’ there are. We are ‘assigned’ our ‘place’ and are expected to be good boys and girls and just stay in our lane. We are now the commodity. We are just pawns.

    George Orwell was a visionary.

    (Response: I am amazed, since writing my piece, how many people tell me they USED to almost religiously watch The National but don’t anymore. Surely someone is noticing that at the CBC??? Perhaps their goal is to just cater to one group …the left … and to hell with their mandate under the Broadcasting Act. h.o)

  14. D. M. Johnston says:

    The CBC is crap, it wasn’t at one time, but today it is.

    I do not watch it I do not believe in the news it reports.

    A story.

    As everyone knows I tend to talk about transit and i do write for a transit blog.

    Back in the early 90’s, I was contacted by a reporter from CBC Television about our “SkyTrain” system and would I appear for some comments for a national show

    After, what was supposed to be a short interview, but later several hours long at the old “Press Club” on Granville, I was interviewed twice more.

    The CBC type with camera man interviewed me for a very long time and she kept me appraised of the progress and the many people, that were interviewed.

    From what she told me it was a damning report, with much political intrigue in BC, Ontario and in Ottawa with all sorts of unseemly dirt. She uncovered a hornet’s nest of dubious dealings, by senior politicians and their “gofers” many with serious legal ramifications.

    Two weeks before the program was to air, she phoned me and told me that the program has been pulled on direct orders of Prime Minister’s office, the offending tape was “reduced to produce” and she was reassigned somewhere in the hinterlands.

    Since then, I have treated the CBC as some poor cousin of “Pravda” and I do not watch.

    In the Orwellian sense, CBC News is un-news.

    (Response: What makes me really sad is that I believe things have gotten even worse at the CBC from what you observed it to be in the 90s! And the reaction my Blog piece is getting should lead members of the CBC Board, various Commons and Senate Committees to take a HARD look at what has been …and is …going on there. Certainly violating its mandate as I outlined in my piece! BUT don’t expect much: after all, it’s very unlikely NDP, Green and Liberal MPs would even want anything to change! As things are now, I believe the CBC National, for example, actually ASSISTS the government in selling its agenda: carbon taxes; anti-northern pipeline and coastal shipping bans; First Nations shellouts; and, environmental activism … regardless of the impact on Western jobs, economy and even lives. h.o)

  15. 13 says:

    Harvey, Im a bit ashamed of myself. In my reply to BMCQ I decided to be as positive as possible about the role the CBC could play in making Canada stronger and more cohesive. The more I think about that post the more ashamed I am of my gullibility. The CBC is now and always has been nothing more than a left wing propaganda (pravda style) arm of the Federal Liberal Government. In power or in opposition or in a minority situation as we now have. The only fix that will ever work has SMITHRITE written all over it. If you really want to torture yourself tune into CBC radio . Chances are they will have an expert on climate change that also is an expert on aliens from Jupiter and is also an artist and a playwright.

    (Response: I won’t condemn CBC completely. I do believe in using public funds to support it: I recognize and welcome some of the coverage they give to northern and remote issues the private networks don’t want to spend the money to cover; and I do sometimes listen to CBC radio when out in my car (As it Happens, Michael Enright, weekend humour among my favorites). But something has gone terribly wrong with its “national” reporting … no longer, in my view, even coming close to meeting its duties under the Broadcasting Act mandate that is supposed to govern it. And maybe, just maybe, the CRISIS of Western alienation and the CBC’s dismal job in seeing it coming or reporting the impacts suffered for years now by Alberta and Saskatchewan and Manitoba (beyond First Nations communities) will lead to changes …and improvements. h.o)

  16. Art Smith says:

    Hi Harvey, although I myself have never been a big CBC fan, I think back in the day, and I mean way back, they did an acceptable job of being impartial, always Toronto centric of course, but acceptable. I did enjoy Wayne and Shuster when I was young (10-12), but by the time they got to the Ed Sullivan Show, their schtick had become tired and predictable, unfortunately the rest of the CBC was also that way and still hasn’t changed. Even the so-called comedy they present, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, for example, still thinks they are back in the days of W&S with the silly wigs and all, and virtually nothing funny, however they think they are hilarious. They mock a lot of conservatives, but have never, ever seen them mock those on the left and heaven knows that would be a fertile field to plow.
    CBC News acts like they are still the only game in town and the condescension fairly drips from some of their reporters as they try to act as the all-wise to us bumpkins. They also seem to have the same old pundits for all their political shows, spouting the same old thing, same talking points, same ideas, laud the left, criticize the right, pretend to argue points, which is hard when they are all on the same page, collect the money, never break a sweat.
    You are right about the news not just being what is reported, but also what is not reported, the CBC is great at reporting feel good stories for the Libs and covering up those not so complimentary, the “Groping” story for instance, until other media reported on it and they had to say something, just for as short a time as possible, whereas they kept the Duffy story alive as long as they could.
    With all the resources available to them, why no investigation into the Admiral Norman story, why no story about Brison and Irving Shipyards, no incentive, would be my guess. Many, many other stories to be told, but it is left up to independent blogs to gather them, as a lot of the MSM are too busy transcribing the government’s storyline.

    (Response: Your Comment should be circulated and read by EVERY CBC Board member and EVERY member of the Parliamentary committee(s) that have supervisory roles over the Mother Corp. The National used to be my “go to” source for Canadian and world news … but something changed about five years back…and not for the good. As a blog reader, you know I tend to lean a bit left myself on social issues, BUT as a journalist and an news addict, I don’t want to be propagandized …even if I am sympathetic to the “cause”! I want to see BOTH sides of EVERY major issue given fair and equal treatment ..and I don’t believe that takes place now at the CBC ..not just on Canadian topics, but the EU, Brexit, refugees etc. etc … and don’t get me started on what I see as their appalling EXTREME pro-Palestinian anti Israel bias! But for now, just a change in their one-sided handling of the Canadian issues/topics outlined in my blog piece would be a good lace to start! h.o.)

  17. Barry says:

    How about the weekly “At Issue” panel? At least two people who represent Toronto/Ontario, one representative from Quebec and if we’re lucky a representative of “The West”

    BC has it’s own unique history and set of problems, different from the Prairie provenances. We have a long coastline, two major ports, a large airport and an economy different from Alberta’s et all. I’m insulted that we out here get so little attention on a “National Panel.”

    (Response: I agree. It is something I’ve noticed as well. How can a regular panel on a “national” broadcast regularly OMIT anyone based in BC, the Prairies or the Maritimes??? I see it as another violation of the CBC’s mandate. h.o)

  18. Gilbert says:

    I believe the media has a very important role to play in society and can really influence voters. The CBC is our state broadcaster and should be neutral. However, did anyone believe that news coverage by the CBC was neutral during our last election campaign? Did Justin Trudeau appear at any debate with conservative moderators?

    Imagine if the CBC had questioned Justin Trudeau (Edited… unproven personal innuendo) about the Mark Norman trial, about any connection between SNC-Lavalin and the Trudeau Foundation or if there were plans to offer SNC-Lavalin a deferred prosecution agreement if he won re-election. Instead of asking Andrew Scheer if there were plans to replace him as leader after the election, how about asking Justin Trudeau if there were plans to replace him if he lost his majority? It’s clear the CBC is not neutral.

  19. BMCQ says:

    It appears that Alberta Premier Kenney has set the Ground Rules for the demands of Alberta and probably at least Saskatchewan when it comes to the Equalization Payments Slberta has more than faithfully sent to Ottawa for decades, the Premier is prepared to play hardball .

    I believe the people of Alberta will back him and his Government will back the Kenney challenge to the Section 36 Equalization Payment Clause .

    It will be very interesting to see how the CBC cover this story which could play out over the next year or two, something tells me the CBC will favour the Federal Liberals and in turn that same CBC will only report news favoring the Feds .

    Then on top of that when the Liberals actually invoke the “Not Withstanding” Clause the CBC will champion the move by the Feds . Very sad considering the Federal Government should and should have invoked that same “Not Withstanding” Clause to implement the expansion and construction of the various Pipelines so important to the Life Blood of Canada and all Canadians whether they are in favour of them or not . That move could save Canada and Canadians $ Billions by the time the Pipeline Tragedy plays out a decade or more from now .

    A year or two I stated here that I really knew anything about the CBC other than the Hockey and Coronation Street which my wife’s Mother watched, the CBC always seemed like a bad fit for me as I felt the Real World I lived in was not relating very well to the Sugar Plum Pablum the Mother Corp was putting out, and then it even got worse and I was not even paying attention . It seemed that all of the so called Panels were populated by beings one might expect to see in a Lounge Bar Scene from Star Trek Deep Space Nine so I stayed away . I then called for the end of the CBC on this Blog but it was pointed out that far off places in other parts of Canada depended on the CBC for News and a connection to almost everything important to them . How can the CBC be fixed ?
    Can it be improved to the point of simply reporting and educating without being biased and manipulative ? Probably not, what do we do ?

    I suppose there is “Rot” from to; to bottom at the CBC and it is beyond fixing, perhaps Mulroney orvHarper should have Defunded the CBC and at least attempted to make the CBC into a pure News Corp with Educational Content but instead the CBC seems more biased and PC than ever .

    You say there are a multitude of anchors and they are of course Perfect PC SJW, what do they get paid ? How much do they work? What is their background ? What do they do with their spare time ? Honestly this structure seems crazy, why are there no questions from Media ? I suppose there are no questions from Media because the Media is very happy with the Status Quo at the CBC, how stupid of me to ask .

    One of the most offensive things about the CBC and of course the BBC is the fact that they are both so Anti Israel and Pro Palestinian and on top of that Pro anything else Anti Israel’s including attacks by Terrorist Groups against the Jewish ?State and Jewish People . How can the UK or Canadian Governments allow that to take place on their National Broadcasters in two countries that hold themselves up as Beacons of Light when it comes to Human Rights ? Gut Wrenching .

    I suppose the saddest thing of all is the fact that the CBC itself and their thousands of Employees actually think they are doing Gods Work . How frightening .

    BTW, Might I one day be able to get Tucker Carlson on the CBC ?

    Now that might get my attention .

  20. 13 says:

    Every time one of these giant quasi government run money losing corporations comes under scrutiny the flaws are so obvious and so ingrained that the fix is either shut the doors or be prepared to pay the millions (billions) in severance packages.
    Sadly the tax payer is the real loser. Then the cry goes out what about the jobs. The jobs will be transferred to the private sector where the employees will not enjoy benefits and pensions that cost tax payers millions of dollars.. They will still get pension plans and benefit plans that are more inline with what average Canadians get It doesnt take much research to see that CBC employees are ahead of their private sector competitors. And if you can stand the pain you can read that the CBC is being investigated by the Canadian Senate. The tax payers can rejoice knowing that those two organizations have our best interests at heart. Of course the CBC is losing money because they lost the rights to NHL broadcasts. Stick an (I) infront of CBC and you get another crown corp that is currently losing 2.6 million PER DAY.
    Tax payers deserve better. The CBC has not met its obligations according to its mandate. Why allow it to exist?

    (Response: I disagree. I don’t want to see the CBC privatized or even substantially cut back It sometimes does and could do an even better job of showing usually ignored parts of the country to each other. The CBC could play a positive role in Canada …if it kept to its mandate … and most of all, became more fair …dropping its left wing one-sided advocacy propaganda stances on so many issues (like I’ve outlined in my piece) that have two, three or many sides. h.o)

  21. 13 says:

    @BMCQ. The CBC will only divulge the total amount paid to certain groups. They site privacy concerns when asked what individuals make. The senate is or was investigating the CBC. That is like Jamie Bacon investigating drug dealers.

  22. D. M. Johnston says:

    Too add further my absolute disgust of the CBC.

    My son plays rugby and his school team has been privileged to play at the annual “provincials” high school rugby tournament.

    Now this is not “beer league” rugby but showcasing some of the finest athletes in this province, who play the hardest team sport that can be played. These boys practice hard and forgo many other school events , especially in graduation year, to play the sport.

    There is absolutely no media attention of this event.

    So I emailed Global, CTV, and CBC and I was politely ignored. Not to be gainsaid I phoned the CBC and after being put on hold, switched here and there I actually got to talk to a real person who said “No, it’s not in the public interest as a whole”.

    So, by CBC’s standards, showing repeats of Coronation Street is in the public interest and showcasing top Canadian youth Sport is not.

    The media will continue to ignore this event.

    Adios CBC, you have lost your way, completely.

    In Japan (I know this because we had a Japanese home stay student who excelled in Rugby) all school games are played on a Saturday and are televised nationally.

    (Response: This may have been YOUR fault. You probably mentioned the positive side of sports, that it was a BC tournament, featuring as you say “some of the finest athletes in this province, who play the hardest team sport that can be played”. Wrong tactic! Too bad you did not find ..or at least mention … some UNUSUAL traits about the participants … like being part of a physical, psychological or sexual minority, or facing other as-yet-undiagnosed challenges, or that they were … or even had once met … a First Nations or Inuit youth, or had been a refugee from somewhere, anywhere (even the US!) or had visited or knew someone who had visited Quebec. With the “proper” qualifications, who knows, you could have been the subject of an entire CBC segment! h.o)

  23. Gene The Bean says:

    DM – my towns local twice a week “news”paper dropped high school sports some time ago, which I thought was a huge mistake. Apparently it isn’t as me and a handful of others were probably the only ones that took an interest.

    Did you really expect a national broadcaster to devote time to teenager sports? I bet you half the parents didn’t even show up.

    Ya, I get it, you don’t like CBC but the fact every other broadcaster didn’t pick it up should tell you something.

  24. BMCQ says:


    All School Sports and Athletics go through the same thing, almost no support or coverage from Media .

    My Son is now 30 attended Vancouver College School in Vancouver and they played in Basketball, Football, Golf, Rowing, and others .

    They have won several Provincial Championships and were always involved in those Provincial Championships of any given sport almost every year or more, but as you suggest, no attention from the CBC in my recollection .

    I must point out that up until just a few years ago the Vancouver Province and Howard Tsumura provided excellent coverage especially on Football . Mr. Tsumura was/is very Professional and a dedicated Media person that deserves much credit for his efforts past and present .

    Harvey – Response to DMJ

    Very sad and disappointing but your response “Hit the Nail Right On the Head” !!

    No need to say any more .

  25. 13 says:

    Harveys response to me. “I disagree. I dont want to see the CBC privatized…….” And then you list the good that it “could or should ” do for our country.
    Personally I doubt anything is going to ever change. So all that is left to discuss is how much time are you willing to wait (waste) for the CBC to deliver on its mandate.
    Hell maybe the CBC could turn a profit and the Feds could ape our NDP and take “dividends” out of the profits.

  26. e.a.f. says:

    Harvey your response to D.M. J. did make me laugh and it is partly true. In its efforts to “show case” something P.C. they forget the mainstream. Now when we get to mainstream there is the no small problem of those addicted to Coronation St. given CBC has to pay its way, it needs to sell ads. People watch Coronation St., so companies buy ads and they most likely wouldn’t if it was kids sports. In a manner of speaking its our own faults.

    There is also the matter of a lack of corporate sponsorship. Now which of our “Canadian” corporations would actually spend money to sponsor HIGH School sports. Most likely Japan started broadcasting school sports a very long time go, back in the ice age of T.V. and it stayed with the program. It most likely got corporate sponsors also. There won’t be one major corporation willing to sponsor with ads school sports broadcasting. Those international corporations go to the BCMU to “wiggle” their way in with politicians. the rest of Canada be damned. About the only place they might get sponsorship is in Quebec.

    We might want to have a national conversation about CBC and what we want from it. do we want it to be ad free? Do we want specific things from it, in terms of regional sports? Its interesting because one of the siblings watches tennis. What is interesting in these international tennis matches sometimes a young Canadian suddenly springs upon the stage, but really, they didn’t “spring” up there suddenly. We just didn’t know about them. CBC does not televise regional sports. by the time things get to the national stage, perhaps, but regional, not so much.

    Again the talking heads were at it this morning. Like who cares. I don’t really want their opinions. I’ve got Harvey’s and I’m good with that. I have my own. If I want a tad right, I’ve got BMCQ’s and really he isn’t any worse or better than the talking heads my tax dollars are paying for.

    the news on CBC this morning reported there have been 10 suicide attempts in an Indigenous community in NLFD. it was a quick over view and then on to the California fires, which in my opinion got more air time. Of course I’d suggest the California fires are getting more air time on CBC than they are on CNN, MSNBC and a variety of other American networks.

    they really need to cut out the panels of pundits. Its the same old stuff from the same old crew. About the only one who is any good is Chantelle Hubert. the new power and politics talking head is useless in my opinion. Barton isn’t great in her new job either. When Mansbridge retired I thought we’d get Ian handsome or Wendy Mesley as the main talking head each night. now we have 4 and it just doesn’t work. I want news, not generic/ethnic parity.

    I don’t want CBC gone, I want it fixed so its more reflective of the regions it covers.

    (Response: Another Comment that sums it up perfectly: ” I want it fixed so its more reflective of the regions it covers”. But even if anyone who could do something about this is listening at the CBC … they’re likely the ones who let it get this way … pushing their own perspectives/biases … and probably thinking it’s great! After all, they’re the elite … and ordinary Canadians are just the peons who pay for it all … and must be taught how and what to believe/think. h.o)

  27. e.a.f. says:

    Went back and read some of the comments and had a good laugh. Some felt CBC was too left/liberal/pc. I thought it was too right during the election. the only way to solve this is to report the news and use neutral language. Language can be key in reporting news and events. i.e. when news uses words such as “waves” of immigrants, it creates a picture. why can’t they simply say 10K or 1500 or 75. that is factual. All of us on this blog have opinions and none of us are right or wrong. We all as Canadians have the right to interpret the facts and how they affect us and what we think about them. When the news refers to multiple accusations against a politicians, why don’t they simply give us the number. Multiple to me means 3 or more. To others it might mean hundreds, just give us the numbers CBC. The news will use the term mobs, gangs, throngs, but who and what these “congregations” of people really are, we don’t know but we’ve got a message by the use of words.

    Its like the old saying one person’s terrorist is another person’s freedom fighter or one person’s freedom fighter is another person’s terrorist. Let us make up our own minds about what that person or group of people are. We aren’t stupid. We can arrive at our own conclusions,

    during the election, pundits waxed on about the various platforms of the parties were. We were getting their interpretation. It might have been more useful if they simply stated what the platform was and how it would impact citizens both bad and good. During the election they talked about Scheer and his $800 tax thingie ,but it came across as a tax thingee. We know Trudeau/Liberals send out child benefit cheques. It would have been more useful to voters to have a report on what and how people would have benefited from Scheer’s plan. Personally I didn’t think much of Scheer’s plan, but it wasn’t really fair for his plan to not be given more of an unbiased review at the CBC. other private broadcasters more than made up for the CBC’s proported left leanings, but again, they’re private although they do have to get a license and they ought to bring some thing unbiased to the table. if I have to watch Craig Oliver one more time I’m going to be sick. Send him to CBC and we’ll be even.

  28. BMCQ says:


    I will not pretend to know what Media in general and the CBC needs to be better balanced, more objective and less PC and Left leaning, but it appears that with the newish format of which you Harvey and others speak of the Federal Government, the CRTC, and the CBC Board, and Programming at the Mother Corp seem to be oblivious to their mismanagement and bias .

    You and I might not agree on every issue yet you recognize that the CBC has “Jumped the Shark” and they are coming nowhere close to fulfilling their mandate .

    I believe it was DBW that convinced me the North and other sort of isolated regions need the CBC and I had to agree with his argument a year or two ago, it is important for all Canadians to be informed and in fact entertained .

    I am going to go out on a limb and suggest the CBC and CRTC might be able take advice from a few of the participants on this Blog when it comes to fair and balanced programming ,

    It is discussions like this that always make me wonder why so many small things are so hard to fix once government becomes involved .

    Government never solves anything easily or inexpensively, far too many empire builders, it is very sad and costly for the Tax Payer .

  29. D. M. Johnston says:

    @ Mr. Gene and Mr. B,

    I get it, but the CBC is supposed to be a Canadian media outlet that should show case Canadian athletics.

    It is not just rugby, but all senior school sports, soccer, football, basketball, volleyball and more. All I ask is one or two hours a week, to show the public that life isn’t all hockey.

    I know, there is no money to be made, no advertising, but the CBC should be showcasing Canada, but it doesn’t.

    This country is being torn apart by unscrupulous politicians, who only care for power and political friends.

    We hear all the B. S. about sport and how important it is, but it starts with youth and if our so called national television company ignores that because there is no money to be made, then you had better close shop and just fade away.

    The CBC, in my book, is alienating just about everyone.

  30. BMCQ says:


    Without giving the subject you have broached for a week or so I think I understand and probably support some of what you are thinking when it comes to amateur and/or School Sport, it is not unreasonable .

    Is it practical and is it workable without costing the Moon ? Perhaps but that is only my opinion after thinking about this subject for a few hours .

    Those that might know more about this than I do might think it is not workable, too expensive, and a very serious non starter .

    Others like you might suggest that it would totally make sense and be very workable for the CBC the People’s Broadcaster to do something on Amateur and School Sport for a few hours each week .

    That very thing is quite common in many different regional markets in the U.S. where Amateur and School Sport are a very important part of the fabric of their society .

    Could the CBC accomplish something like that ?

    Perhaps but it would probably cost a $ Billion and it would more than likely have some kind of a PC SJW Bizarre Spin to it similar to what is taking place in Women’s Cycling and Track and Field Events as we discuss this Blog topic .

    I would not expect anything that makes any sense from the CBC any time soon, why would they start now ?

  31. Richard Skelly says:

    Well put, Harvey, about the questions NOT asked by CBC (and to be fair CTV) reporters and anchors. Especially, as you note, on the First Nations files. Instead, we get regular, repeating tales of woe about failed water-treatment systems, mouldy houses on reserves and the like.

    Maybe I’m naive to think it’s only a matter of time before The National scraps its two tag teams of anchors. With the not-so-fabulous four anchors, ratings have reportedly tanked. Not that ratings were boffo before Peter Mansbridge retired. Even during Peter Mansbridge’s long reign, CTV’s half hour national newscast routinely cleaned The National’s 60-minute clock.

    At the risk of being a curmudgeon misrepresenting the past, The National used to hold its own in offering world class content. Enough foreign correspondents and specialists in arts, science, technology and medicine for it to be more than a parochially Canadian newsmagazine.

    As I recall, Mansbridge became news director in addition to his ‘chief correspondent’ role. Bit by bit, The National then lost its bite. Far too many ‘happy chat’ features. I exaggerate only slightly in saying the ideal segment became (and still is) ‘kind hearted townsfolk build a solar-panelled hut for marmots to stay warm during winters.’

    Long in the tooth during the later days of Mansbridge, the At Issue is now a weekly display of intellectual decrepitude. With two of the panelists—Chantal Hebert and Althea Raj—seemingly in the tank for the Liberals. Based on her performance during the election, Rosemary Barton seemed to be auditioning for a Senate appointment should her National co-anchor gig vanish.

    Early in the campaign, Barton told At Issue panelists and viewers that Canadians didn’t care if the Prime Minister was a no-show at two English language debates. (One of which was then cancelled due to the PMs decision not to attend.) It’s one thing for a panelist to pose such an opinion. It’s quite another for a supposedly even handed panel host and National co-anchor.

    About a week later, Barton presided over a Sunday panel. This time, she took exception to contributor Elamein Abdelmahmoud for questioning PM Trudeau’s understanding of “intersectionalities,” “micro-aggressions” and similar fancy words he used in the brownface-scandal apology. Interjected Barton: “Surely he knows.”

    Not being glued to The National or CBC News Network, I likely missed other crossing-the-lines by Barton or other CBC hosts.

    Safe to say, if Scheer and the Conservatives had formed government, I suspect Barton would have been quickly taken off any political segments and quite possibly her National co-anchorage. Regardless, the days are likely numbered for the unwieldy four-anchor format. Ratings tell the tale.

    Methinks an anointing of Ian Hanomansing as chief correspondent with a relocation of The National to Vancouver might improve prospects. And help ease Western alienation. Add in restoration of foreign correspondents (Adrienne Arsenault’s forte some years back). And a complete revamp of At Issue with one Vancouver and one Prairie panelist joining the new team. Something very watchable might emerge.

    (Response: A lot to unpack here. I find Rosemary Barton and Chantal Hebert quite acceptable as journalist/interviewers.. even though, they certainly both do seem “liberal” (small “l”) to me … but then again I see myself as generally that way too … on MOST but not all issues. The First Nations agenda is very interesting … and I believe telling. There are more than 100 First Nations that not only support the Trans Mountain pipeline project but are even working on BUYING it! And polls show the MAJORITY of British Columbians also support the pipeline. I believe that has been covered far too “lightly” by the CBC …while those who oppose it have seemingly to me much more easy and much more often access to the CBC airwaves. Also, as I’ve mentioned before, LOTS of stories about poverty, poor conditions in First Nations communities … but VERY LITTLE reporting of how much money has gone into them over the past decade or so … where that money has gone, how much are the chiefs and all their relations getting out of it, why is it so difficult for even band members to find out etc. etc. You also mention CTV also not asking the tough questions. I agree neither CTV nor Global are tough enough either ..BUT they are private broadcasters, that answer to shareholders and viewers: CBC is PUBLICLY funded, a PUBLIC corporation and has a mandate actually laid out in the Broadcasting Act …so I believe they should/must be subject to much greater PUBLIC scrutiny. And condemned …and pushed to change …when they fail as miserably at being journalistically fair or reflecting the regions as they are now doing. h.o)

  32. nonconfidencevote says:

    @ Harvey
    ” With the “proper” qualifications, who knows, you could have been the subject of an entire CBC segment! h.o)”


    Truer words never spoken.

    And as the CBC ratings spiral further into the toilet.
    One wonders when even their federal govt funders will deem them irrelevantly expensive…..
    10 years from now?

  33. 13 says:

    Harvey/DMJ or someone that knows enough about CBC please tell me with the National aside does the CBC not
    -Have a daily Local newscast centered on the community
    -Have any special focus shows that showcase local events
    Would that sort of programming be appropriate and useful for amateur/school sports

    (Response: CBC does have local news shows in many markets … in Vancouver, for example, with some pretty good reporters but viewership is very low. The show just seems too boring for most … and although it seems to have a better travel budget than the cheapo private broadcasters, whenever I’ve tuned in, it also seemed to be very CBC “PC” … so I seldom watch. h.o)

  34. nonconfidencevote says:

    Probably 15 years ago I was offered a job at the Vancouver CBC “bunker”.
    I had no intention of working for the management company (SNC lavalin at the time) but I thought, “what the hell, it never hurts to go for an interview AND check the building out” Professional curiosity and all that….

    The predominant language BY FAR in the Vancouver CBC was french. All the staffers in the halls, lunchrooms, offices, etc …seemed to be from Quebec.
    I asked about it and was told that a job for the CBC in Quebec was considered a plum.
    So …since all the jobs were taken in La Belle Province at CBC the best way to get hired was to bid for a bilingual position eleswhere.
    I also noticed a second studio full of brand new equipment sitting empty.
    “Thats the French language news desk for BC”
    Apparently they spent 5 million dollars renovating it for…..at that time ….aprox 5000 french (as a first language) speaking British Columbians.
    Yes, I think the dismal ratings numbers and CBC’s left of left wing biased agenda will be their ultimate undoing.
    In the not too distant future when a conservative politician will hopefully realize taxpayers no longer want to support the CBC and cut their budget to the bone and eventually sell the scraps to the private sector.
    I for one will not weep not will I flock to one of the other biased newscasts.
    And they all wonder why their ratings plummet.

    Reporting the truth with unbiased positions would be a refreshing change but I wont hold my breath.

    (Response: I support providing French language federal services/broadcast across the country …and, by the way, English too …in Quebec. But ther’es no doubt, rom what I’ve seen, staffing levels at CBC ar HIGHER than in private broadcasting. I used to tell a joke whn I was in Ottawa: “Do you know whey there are FIVE CBC cameras at this press conference? Answer … the Sixth is off sick today.” h.o)

  35. Harry Lawson says:


    a great post with some very thoughtful discussion.

    i agree that the CBC has dropped the ball. i remember balanced coverage .shows like reach for the top, front page challenge etc . i still smile thinking about Ma Murray asking hard questions ,

    regretfully it is not just the CBC that has failed us it is all the media. gone are the budgets for stories and people . the media has gone corporate and shareholder driven.

    you can turn on a early morning radio show and have subject talked all day on all shows within that network . like really

    how about the money that Trudeau gave to bailout the media last year?

    its not only the CBC.

    (Response: No “private” media that cares about its independence …or dignity ..should take direct cash money from government. They already get expense and tax writeoffs like other businesss … but I just don’t have confidence that having government (politicians) putting money in your pocket won’t affect WHAT gets covered or doesn’t get covered ..and HOW. h.o)

  36. e.a.f. says:

    Most of us here I think are commenting about the late afternoon, evening “stuff”. I do catch CBC in the early morning and about up to noon and that news does seem to be a lot better, with normal reporting.

    Given we are such a large country, land base, it is important in my opinion to keep the CBC. it part of what makes us Canada, even the complaining about it seems very Canadian–measured and moderate.

    What I like about CBC is when something has gone “off track” either in the U.S.A. or other parts of the world, they do a good job of reporting and brining in some one, not the usual staffers, but some one who really knows what they are talking about and giving a good report on the matter. Some times in these situations, the CBC and whomever they have brought in, explains everything, in fairly neutral terms, in 5 minutes and provides more information that a couple of hours of American stations covering the same issue.

    The Passionate Eye, is excellent documentary style information. PBS carries it also. We have spent some time on this post discussion what is wrong with the CBC, but what about what is right about the CBC? Think back over time and remember all the documentaries they have provided, the news coverage on major events, etc. Would we have gotten it without the CBC?

    the first CBC T.V. series I remember watching as a child was Caribou Country –Paul St. Pierre. Later in life I remember meeting him at a friend’s home. Interesting man. To this day I remember the espisode of Caribou Country, titled, The Education of Phylistian. A little girl, Indigenous, is recruited to attend a “white” school in the Caribou because they need 1o children so the government will pay for a local school. The local school “authority” passes her off as “white”. In those days, Indigenous children were not permitted to attend “white” schools, but could only attend, reservation schools. As I a kid it had a profound effect on me and to this day, its about the only T.V. episoide which I remember. What CBC did was “expose” something most Canadians never knew about. Later as an adult I met Indigenous parents, who did not live on reservations, lived and worked in town, having to fight local school boards to get their Indigenous children into local schools.

    Beach Combers is still being shown some where in the world today. to this day it still brings people to Gibson’s, B.C. and the restaurant still is there. (the CBC ought to have bought the building)

    When I think back over all the major events the CBC has covered, they did a pretty good job of those major events. Better than the Americans.

    (Response. I understand completely and do agree with much of what you say. As I’ve mentioned before, I support the CBC in concept and recognize it covers/serves a lot of areas… geographically and culturally … that private broadcasters are underserving or ignoring. BUT there’s a big difference between entertainment programming and information/news …and I believe the CBC fails miserably in three key areas: on coverage/representation of the West in News: on impartiality in equally presenting differing views on social or even economic issues; and, on reporting fairly on international news. … showing a distinctly far left bias. h.o)

  37. hawgwash says:

    I thought election night summed it up well; during the first two hours before the results started to come in, the CBC talking heads kept referring to the probable significance of the BC vote and that it might be a long night.

    As the ON & QC results quickly came in and a minority was declared, not only BC, but the entire west and some very meaninful western ridings were ignored.

    In a broad sense, this is why I can’t be bothered wasting time on TV news;
    Sensationalism via CTV 2019:
    “Large fire tears through West End apartment building.”
    This involved one suite and was “knocked down” very quickly.” So, hardly a towering inferno.

    Social media style pap via Global:

    I scan multiple headlines online, daily and circle the globe, in the time it would take me to watch an inane news hour, filled with inaccuracies and fake news.

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