Where Was the World?

Where was the world when Hamas and Islamic Jihad fired 174 rockets into Israel … not this week, but LAST YEAR, in 2020 … when there was supposed to be a cease-fire in effect? Where was the world? 

Where was the United Nations when a HUNDRED rockets were shot from Gaza into Israel in ONE DAY, February 24, 2020?  Where were they?

Where was the European Union when hundreds of balloon-borne explosives and incendiary devices were propelled into Israel from Gaza, day after day, week after week, starting widespread fires and causing property destruction? Where were they?

Where were all those the Palestinians supporters after Israel gave in to their pleadings, opened its border crossings to allow steel and construction materials into Gaza to rebuild its infrastructure … and then Hamas and Jihad diverted much of it to build 13,000 more rockets and dozens of concrete-lined tunnels back into Israel to carry out more terrorist attacks? Where were they?

Just try to imagine how many rockets and what other lethal weaponry Hamas and Jihad would have imported from Iran into Gaza if Israel had caved to world pressure and allowed the Palestinians total control of port imports!

Where was the media when all this was going on … while the world said nothing, did nothing, to stop ANY of it??? Where were the stories revealing what was REALLY going on? What Hamas and Jihad were REALLY up to since the last war in 2014? Where was the media?


Until the Israelis had enough of the air raid sirens, enough of the terror, enough of the rockets hitting their homes, smashing holes in their schools, demolishing their cars, destroying their workplaces and enough of the their children trembling in their homes, their bomb shelters, too afraid to go to school, too frightened to go out to play … many of them so impacted, they needed psychological trauma counselling.

No story there!

UNTIL Israel finally struck back HARD (the only way to deal with Hamas/Jihad) after rockets by the hundreds began targeting their people and their kids every day … again, while the world did NOTHING!

But when Israel fired back, then the world’s TV media moved in, most of them unpacking their cliché-riddled one-sided, anti-Israel reporting formula we’ve seen before:

It starts with the studio announcer saying something like “Israel continued to bomb … ” or “Israel continued to attack…” or “Israel inflicted more destruction….”. (Although it has been very clear Hamas/Jihad fired first and continued to escalate almost every night… launching hundreds of rockets!)

Despite that, the story ALWAYS begins with horrific video of destroyed Gaza buildings, pictures of bodies, especially children, complete with identifying names, even professions of who these poor people are, revealed through interviews with their grieving relatives.

Powerfully sad.

Then local residents proclaim there were only civilians in those buildings, no Hamas terrorists no arms, weapons … only a bakery, or auto mechanic shop etc.

Only then are there very brief pictures and mention that hundreds or even a thousand rockets were fired by Hamas/Jihad into Israel … but Israeli casualties are not named, not even the dead children, and only rarely are we given ANY details of who the Israeli victims were, fathers, mothers, grandmothers, grandfathers, their professions and there are no grieving interviews with their families.

It’s quite repugnant, frankly, to see how often the TV media take great pains to put faces, names and personalities on the Gazan victims of the terrible conflict, but leave Israeli victims unidentified/anonymous … as if they don’t count as much.

Yes, as the song says, “We Are the World”, but for most media, only and consistently in standing with the Palestinians … even their terrorist groups … but never with the Israelis.

Beware of that: it’s today’s formula media bias …designed to manipulate/evoke viewer sympathy favouring one side … the Palestinians and even their terrorist proxies!

Pay attention also to the TV coverage, ” interviews” with analysts …. heavily weighted to favour far left, Palestinians supporters/activists declaring how brutal Israel has been, how much damage Israel has done, how the world must stop Israel … but very few noting the rockets/damage/deaths and injuries Israel endured before it struck back or that the Israelis at least try to target very specific objectives, while Hamas and Jihad fire rockets DELIBERATLY aimed at killing civilians.

And no questions, of course, about why so many Hamas commanders and top brass are now being reported dead if all the targets hit by Israel were filled with only “civilians” … or how did Hamas and Jihad get enough materials to build 13,000 rockets and so many underground concrete tunnels while under “blockade” ?

I don’t know of any nation that has the historical or ethical qualifications to question, let alone condemn, Israel for trying to protect it’s population: Jews, Arabs, Christians and the many foreign workers in the country too.

How many rockets would it take, fired into an American city, a British borough, a French canton, a Russian oblast or Chinese village before those countries would pummel the offending neighbour into oblivion?

And I doubt ANY other nation, attacked the way Israel has been, would still phone ahead … warning Gaza civilians, apartment dwellers or office workers in buildings where terrorists are holed up or have stored their armaments … to get out because the building would soon be targeted!

Make no mistake: Israel is in a existential fight for its survival!

Hamas and Jihad can lose MANY times … and live to rebuild, re-arm and renew their terrorist attacks.

If Israel loses ONCE, the outcome would be too catastrophic to even contemplate.

Stand up for Israel; speak up for Israel; pass this blog around to friends and family to let them know what has REALLY been going on in and around the Holy Land … instead of leaving it up to the terrorists and their co-opted media allies to push the Hamas/Jihad narrative.

And just in case BBC, CNN, CBC, CTV, Global TV and Al Jazeera missed it, the five year old Israeli child killed last week by Hamas has a name: Ido Avigal.

Harv Oberfeld

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22 Responses to Where Was the World?

  1. 13 says:

    pcsjw/woke/ narrative/indoctrination/ open boarders/
    The left wing activist movement is growing. The media caters to the left. The left is a culture of victims. Eveyone is a victim. Isreal strikes me as a country that doesnt tolerate that culture. Why the media have moved (or why owners have demanded that the media move) is a puzzle to me. Perhaps the people that control the media see some sort of advantage in creating a culture of victims. Universities have moved from left center to far left. Banning speakers that dont support their narrative. Public education has mover further left.
    Isreal is swiming against the tide.

    (Response: I think the Palestinians have been MUCH better at managing the news media … and I suspect intimidating them too. I see all kinds of journalists inside Israel, even from Al Jazeera, giving Israeli politicians, government spokespersons a tough time, asking very hard questions, showing lots of protests against those in power etc. but I suspect doing that in Gaza could prove dangerous, even fatal, for not only the journalist who dares to ask too many tough questions but also for anyone they interview who gives honest answers. h.o.)

  2. RIsaak says:

    Sadly, our media & a few political parties can’t focus on much other than their BDS policy. This policy is ingrained in our federal NDP & Green party in Canada.

    Thanks for going where many are afraid Harvey.

    (Response: Just this morning, Al Jazeera began EXACTLY as I described in my blog. portraying Israel as the aggressor and then ran a produced piece about how many children in Gaza have been traumatized for years. No mention of Israeli children traumatized too; no blame on Hamas for creating the suffering conditions the poor people of Gaza have to endure. There was also word that UN trucks carrying humanitarian aid bound for Gaza through Israel was delayed because the one border crossing kept open for such purposes was shelled from Gaza!!! How pathetic is that! h.o)

  3. 13 says:

    Isreal, was in a safer , stronger, postion with DJT as president.

    (Response: Trump’s policy to the Mid East in general was the one thing I agreed with … and it did bring positive results. In fact, if it had continued, I’d bet Abbas and the PLO would have realized they had to return to the bargaining table: too bad Biden restored PLO funding without demanding that. h.o)

  4. MJV says:

    Hi Harvey – here’s an article that speaks to today’s discussion on your blog. Guaranteed to ’set your hair on fire’ ….


    (Response: Why am I not surprised! So much of the media has lost its way: sacrificing truth and/or giving both (or several) sides to their stories to instead push their own, usually far left, “activist” agendas. Sad. And they lose their credibility in doing so. h.o)

  5. Rainclouds says:

    10 million Israelis, 2 million of them are Arabs. 20% of the population, Israel is not the problem. Hamas on the other hand is hell bent on Israel’s complete destruction.

    (Response: The Palestinians deserve, and could have, their own state within a year if they sent Hamas and Islamic Jihad packing. Planned elections … the first in 14 years … were canceled recently by the PLO because it looked like they would lose to Hamas, the terrorist group! The Palestinians are their own worst enemy! Imagine the prosperity peace could bring: even economic co-operation, investment and tourism (Gaza has terrific beaches). Instead the Palestinian people are held captive on the West Bank by their own corrupt, incompetent leaders who place obstacle after obstacle on any road to negotiation and in Gaza, vyviolent, even murderous terrorists who tolerate no opposition or ANY talk of peace. And the co-opted far left media blame Israel? h.o)

  6. Stu de Baker says:

    I read the headline and wondered, as I always do when those words are used here, in relation to many other not-so-hot-button issues (remember the two Michaels, Trumps bad acts, China’s human rights, Israel x 4 annualy?); what is “the World?”

    World bodies, like the UN? World leaders? Journalists? Greta Thunberg?

    If it means the world as a whole, then I think it’s safe to say “the world” just doesn’t care.

    I suggest a very high percentage of “the world” doesn’t know Burma changed its name, much less, place it on a map, or know what is happening, right there, right now.

    ‘The world” is riddled with conflict; four wars in the Middle East alone. Five, if you count both the Rojava-Islamist conflict and the Civil War in Syria.

    The reality is, most of these conflixcts have been going on for so long, they are just a part of life on earth and “the World” is just too busy, trying to survive as individuals and buy more stuff.

    Current, ongoing conflicts:

    Go ahead 13, find the retired bureaucrat, living on the island in this analogy.
    Am I nitpicking, BMCQ?

  7. nonconfidencevote says:

    My only consolation is…. fewer and fewer people watch, listen, and read the “news” shovelled out by the politically correct advertising dollar truckload…..

    One could only imagine the utter carnage if Palestinians had the military and high tech weapons that Israel has.
    The complete obliteration of Israel has been their mission since day one.

    I’m curious to know what the media in France has to say after the multiple Muslim instigated bombings, shootings and beheadings in their country…

    Or are they just “sitting this one out”?

    (Response: The European Union has adopted a resolution …. but not unanimously …calling for a ceasefire by both sides … but coupled that with a pledge of substantial assistance for only the Palestinians, not Israelis, according to Reuters: https://www.reuters.com/world/middle-east/divisions-curb-eu-peacemaking-role-israel-gaza-violence-2021-05-18/.
    ” At least eight smaller EU states, led by Luxembourg and including Belgium, Ireland, Malta and Finland, are vocal defenders of the Palestinians. Several Belgian lawmakers called this week for EU travel bans and asset freezes on Israeli politicians over the violence,” Reuters explained.
    “Others, including Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria, Greece, Cyprus and Poland, are more ready to speak out in Israel’s favour. Austria flew an Israeli flag over the federal chancellery in Vienna on Friday. And in Hungary’s nationalist prime minister, Viktor Orban, Netanyahu has found an ally prepared to block statements or actions critical of Israel,” it added. h.o)

  8. e.a.f. says:

    ITS not left or right. Its not capitalist or communist. Its not black or white. Its just plain old anti Jewish sentiment. Its not about Zionism. Its not about the State of Israel. Its about plain old anti Jewish sentiment. Not much has changed since the days of when Jews were not permitted to own land, join professions, or even live in the British Properties.

    as I cruise through the news I see plenty of pictures of what is going on in Gaza, with destroyed buildings, people wailing, funerals, etc. Haven’t seen any of destroyed Israeli buildings or dead Israelis.

    As our Mother’s Father was the only member of his family who was not sent to the concentration camps, hence my Mother and her family survived. Our Grandfather was the only surviving member of his family. Mom warned us, “It can always happen again”. These days its just a tad more sophisticated, but it really isn’t that different from the days of 1942.

    What we see on the news these days regarding the “conflict” is no different from the rallies Hitler held. Although I would say the film of the rallies Hitler held are better film that what we see on t.v. today. Nothing has changed and nothing will change. the design is still the same, anti Jew. Now there are those who will argue, this isn’t about Judism/Jews but about the State of Israeli. (yes even within our family there is argument). I still see it as an attempt to wipe the State of Israel off the map because it is the “Jewish” state.

    One can wonder why Hamas and its allies have decided to start things up again now, but mostly I suspect a change in American government and they want to test which way the wind is going to blow. I suspect they are also seeing how much support they will gain from Americans and the American nationalists groups such as those involved in 6 Jan.

    Now it may be claimed this is about the eviction of Palestinians from a small plot of land, but really, lets get a grip. With all the money Hamas and its supporters have, they could buy a lot of land in the area but they never have. Its all about buying military equipment. By now any group ought to know Israel does not take violence against their country lying down. That will not be changing any time soon. Perhaps the leadership of the various Palestinian groups just want a bit of attention and news coverage to justify their existence.

    (Response: I have wondered about the timing of Hamas’s major escalation of not only the numbers of rockets fired into Israel but also the size and distances they sent them. The Jerusalem land dispute was a red herring: it has been before the courts for years, not really worth a war; and then, militant Palestinian imams spent the whole month of Ramadan inciting mobs to protect the Al Aksa mosque … leading dozens of troublemakers to show up to “worship” carrying bags of bottles and buckets of rocks … not prayer books. I think for Hamas it all had something to do with the PLO cancelling elections that were scheduled for May 22 (haven’t had any for 14 years now!) and which Hamas expected it would win. By a major escalation of the rocket attacks on its arch nemesis Israel, and inflicting damage, death, injuries and unleashing the worst internal strife seen in Israel in decades, Hamas believes it will emerge the “winner”, hero and champion among Palestinians, despite the terrible price they paid. I get it … and from their relative silence or low key reactions, I think most of the Arab countries also understand exactly what has been going on, but I am appalled at how many supposedly educated people in the West and so many naïve members of the media have let a well-documented terrorist organization co-opt them to help them execute their plan to dump the PLO and achieve total power among the Palestinians. h.o)

  9. Stu de Baker says:

    e.a.f. says” Its about plain old anti Jewish sentiment. Not much has changed since the days of when Jews were not permitted to own land, join professions, or even live in the British Properties.”

    It makes me wonder why we carry the torch for causes 10,000km across the globe and ignore the same issues 10 blocks from our homes.

    Is it because it’s easier to be a long distance, vocal critic, than a local active one?

    Yes, e.a.f. not much has changed.

    (Response: I get particularly concerned when I sense Canadian media are supporting, even promoting, any kind of bias and prejudice instead of telling/referring to both sides equally. And blog readers know I have often been dismayed/critical of CBC’s The National for the biased one-sided way it reports on Israel. Recently, Honest Reporting Canada, a media monitoring organization, has also pointed out SEVERAL instances of what they see as this kind of anti-Israel bias at CBC.
    In one early instance in the current Gaza conflict, it says CBC reporter Sasa Petricic portrayed Israel as “the aggressor which targeted civilian Palestinian infrastructure necessitating Hamas to retaliate – “return” fire in self-defense”. Geez! Not even Al Jazeera portrayed it that way!
    Honest Reporting Canada also pointed to Petrocic referring to the thousands of Israelis celebrating Jerusalem Day as “extremists”. Nationalists, yes … but “extremists”? It’s not the way CBC portrays Irish nationalists, Scottish nationalists or Quebec nationalists celebrating their various independence/liberation day celebrations.
    And lately, there has been a lot more very questionable “reporting” on the CBC, which is supposed to be NEUTRAL and OBJECTIVE:
    But Irris Makler, a CBC News freelance journalist referred to Gaza on air as “an open-air prison” ; CBC As It Happens host Carol Off on May 12 suggested Palestinian protestors threw rocks at Israeli police/soldiers only AFTER they were shot at. “if you’re being shot at, is it not a natural response to resist and throw rocks back?” Off asked an Israeli radio guest. Absolutely the opposite from every story I saw: Associated Press showed the “protestors” arrived bearing buckets of rocks, pieces of concrete and several TV stories showed they also brought empty bottles and even molotov cocktails to their “protest” and began immediately hurling them towards the police/soldiers. NOT the other way round, as the CBC portrayed it.
    I believe this kind of one-sidedness, inaccuracy, bias now being noticed by others, calls into question the publicly funded broadcaster’s journalistic ethics/credentials. And it’s getting WORSE! It MUST be addressed by the CBC Board of Governors, the CRTC, and, if they won’t, then by the federal government! h.o)

  10. BMCQ says:

    last evening when my wife and I were skimming through the earlier recorded 6 PM Global News and I was trying to get my head around the fact that Global News Anchors are NOW referring to Pregnant and Breast Feeding Women to “Pregnant and Breast Feeding Canadians” my wife said this out loud, “Right On” !!

    I thought she had lost her mind or had she somehow come down with a case of Hallucinogenic Astra Zeneca, how would she agree with Intrepid News Guy Gailus when he referred to pregnant and breastfeeding women as pregnant and breastfeeding Canadians, had she lost her mind ?

    Then she added this, “You need to read Harvey Oberfeld’s latest on Israel and how Israel is being treated unfairly, he is Right On” !

    Then she said this, “Harvey is so fair, so balanced, and well informed unless Donald J. Trump comes into the discussion, Doesn’t Harvey realize that the reason Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, China, soon to be NOKO, ISIS, were only behaving themselves because of the Policing Efforts of the “Bad Orange Man” ?

    She then said, he World was safer, more secure, and much better of with DJT in the White House” . “Let’s be honest” she said, “Countries like China, Iran, Terrorist Groups that attack Israel, slaughter Jews and Christians in Africa, the Middle Easter, and all the rest arfe only carrying out those crimes against Humanity because Trump is out of the White House and Poor Joe Biden and Kamala and their Minions now control the White House, Terrorist Nations and their Proxies are waging war and terrorism because they ALL are aware that Biden will do absolutely nothing” >

    “Other than not recognizing that”, she said, “I agree with everything Harvey said in his Blog Post Topic” !!

    She then said, Terrorist Nations and their Proxies Smell Blood and they know that POTUS Biden will not react one little bit as a very weak and pathetic Joe Biden is now controlled by his own Democratic Group of Terrorist Sympathizers” .

    As I have said many times before on this Blog, Israel CANNOT afford to lose One Battle as it will be their last !

    During the to wars long ago Israel drove the invaders back and retained some of the strategic territory seized for the defense of Israel, Israel IN FACT stopped and held their ground when Israel Leadership at the time could have destroyed ALL of their Middle Eastern Attackers and then killed everyone of the invaders and their families in their home countries . Israel showed MERCY when it could have finished them off .

    DO ANY OF YOU think the Invaders of Israel would have held back and backed off if the Israeli Armed forces were unable to hold back and defeat the Invaders ?

    I travel to Israel, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for two or three days mid September, I did not get there in 2020 and more than likely will not get there this year .

    The Israeli people of all ethnicities, skin tones, and religions are a “Great People”, they live in peace and harmony other than terrorist influenced radical groups, most people just simply want to live in harmony, house and feed their families and most of all they want to be safe .

    Let’s not forget that when Iran Terrorist Group Proxies send Missiles into Israel Neighbours those missiles are also killing NON JEWISH PEOPLE !

    Does Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, or any other Terrorist Organization are about that fact ?

    Let’s also keep in mind that families of sworn enemies that might reside in Syria actually cross into Israel for medical treatment at hospitals set up by the Israeli Government and charities at a risk to their own lives, those seeking medical attention cannot even let their own families know they wee treated by Jewish Doctors as they would be killed by their friends and relatives .



    Media, the UN, many countries in the EU, and so many more should be ashamed of themselves for showing actual Anti Israel/Jewish bias, they should hang their collective heads in shame .

    It sickens me how even local news broadcasts like CK** lead their stories trying to make Israel appear as the aggressor and murders of innocent people .

    Do not worry though POTUS Biden will “Sand Tall” and make sure everything works out well ! That is of course once he is able to find his mask and then the way out of his basement .

    Yes, I am absolutely positive that Israel is well comforted now that “JOE” is in the White House” . Israel and it’s people of ALL skin tones, religions, and ethnicities will also be even more pleased and comforted that within a year or so Kamala will be the Leader of the Free World !

    In he meantime the World for the most part, the UN, Canada, the EU, World News Orgs, and so many more will continue to ignore the Terrorist Attacks on Israel and they will ignore the fact that Iran and other similar nations ae sponsoring those attacks . Oh yes, the Media will also continue to do their best to vilify Israel and it’s people, we can count on that .

    A good friend of mine that lives in Tel Aviv said this to me a couple of years ago .

    ” Well Bobby each and every evening when my family and I go to sleep I never ever know if we will wake up the next morning” !

    I am sure that some of you here will not be sure about what to think about that statement but if at all possible please put your self in my friends position, have a good long hard look into your families eyes before you go to bed tonight, then get back to me .

    Thanks for this piece Harvey, as I always say when you make fair and balanced comments about Israel and the people of Israel many of your regular punters will dive for cover under their desks and not offer up one single word of comment .

    Just watch and see, the silence and lack of comments will be deafening .

    (Response: I will disagree with your wife …forgive me! … on one point: China, Russia, Iran, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al Shebab etc were NOT “Behaving themselves” under Trump. He did not stop them from carrying out their terrorism, aggression, attacks. They’ve been going on for years all over the Mid-East, Asia and Africa. Yes, Trump was a MUCH STRONGER supporter/backer of Israel … in the West Bank, the Golan, in moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, where it SHPULD BE, in Israel’s capital city .. and helped three Arab countries openly come to accept and recognize Israel. Terrific. And I do believe that if Trump was still President, Hamas would probably have NOT started the latest war … because they know the US would have not called on Israel so fast, as it has under Biden, to stop their efforts to destroy Hamas’ military capabilities.. and take out their leaders/infrastructure/tunnels. h.o)

  11. BMCQ says:

    (Edited..getting way off topic, which is Israel/Hamas)

    ISIS was literally decapitated, their caliphate was destroyed under Trump after growing and thriving under Obama Biden . Obama, Biden, and the EU allowed ISIS to push close to 10,000 displaced people many Radical Islamists into the EU which has resulted in the collapse of the EU Cultures and now Economies . Without control of migration./immigration, without defined borders, and the ability to defend those borders one has no country . Yes ISIS is still committing Terrorist acts but nowhee near the same as under Obama/Biden .

    My friends and business associates i Israel were safe under DJT, they are now unsafe and in danger of Genocide now that Joe Biden is in the White House .

    Thankyou for mentioning the Abraham Treaties, not many in media acknowledge that fact .


    (Edited..off topic)

    Look, I do not like Trump as a person, he is rude, egotistical, dishonest, boorish, and quite often a moron and even “Orange” but so many of his policies benefitted the world and kept the lid on terrorism in so many places, just ISIS alone should resonate with everyone . I believe Trump was wholly responsible for the 2020 Republican Election loss and I believe he should be away, but again, the policies and strength prove that Trump was correct about much .

    (Edited..off topic)

    Imagine how much better off the EU, Israel, and the Jewish people would be without ISIS destroying much of the Middle East and then pushing literally millions of dangerous people into the E and the now free UK . Ask yourself why BREXIT and then a BREXIT Conservative party won a majority in Labour Strongholds during the last UK election ?

    Again, Canada, Australia, the U.S. New Zealand and a few other select Nations should be welcoming for re settlement Jewish people from the EU, the Middle East, and Africa along with Minority Christians from the Middle East and Africa where they are being persecuted, assaulted, attacked, maimed, and killed literally every day .

    The bad Orange Man was responsible for controlling the U.S. Mexico Border, 8under Biden it is NOW open Borders .

  12. Beenie says:

    Will Jewish people be attacked because of the conflict as Chinese people have because of Covid??
    I’m very concerned. The lack of understanding of the complete situation, circumstances and support from democratic countries will only aid the Iranian government. Shame on those who are allowing this to happen.

    (Response: It’s already happening: anti-Semitic incidents are UP in Europe and Canada too ..but again a lot of the media, most politicians and human rights activists are ignoring it! https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/19/world/middleeast/israel-palestinians-anti-semitism-europe.html AND https://globalnews.ca/news/7877691/montreal-jewish-community-anti-semitism/ AND

  13. TaxHaven says:

    The fact remains that the illegal zionist religious entity sits on and occupies other people’s land. You never mentioned that.

    (Response: Perhaps you didn’t notice this blog is called Keeping it Real …not “Returning to How it was 75 Years Ago” …and if you DO want to play the history timeline game, may I remind you that before the Palestinians, there land belonged to the British and the Ottoman Empire and the Romans ..and way, way back …the HEBREWS … Israelites. In fact, people should note Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, is mentioned more than 600 times in the Jewish and Christian Bible … but NOT ONCE in the Koran. Now that’s REAL history!! h.o)

  14. e.a.f. says:

    BMCQ, I’m not going to agree or disagree with your spousal unit, Mrs. BMCQ. I do know when to shut up.

    Just went back to read up on the 6 day War, Year I graduated high school and a time of great angst for our parents. Yes the other countries had massed and were going to have a go at it and yes Israel decided to do a preemptive strike and whiped out most of the Egyptian air force, while it was still on the ground. Yes, the Israel’s wanted a particular piece of land from which some Arab countries were bombing Israel. Makes sense to me. A lot of famous battles in WW I and II were fought over “hills”. Its good military strategy.

    While I was looking this up, what popped up on my computer, without me asking? An ad asking for donation, with a picture of a 40 something Arab woman, hands raised to the sky, as if pleding to god, with bombed out buildings behind her. First question, who is behind the ad and what will they use the money for? Nothing about that on the ad,

    If all these Arab countries have been at war with Israel since the get go and loosing, you’d think they might get the message. Don’t’ do it, you’ll loose. Even as far back as the 6 day war Israel lost under a thousand military and Egypt about 11K. Stupidity, is doing the same thing over and over, and getting the same results.

    I’m not keen on Benni. In my opinion he’s a thug. I’m not keen when “Israel settlers” take land which has belonged to Arabs for hundreds of years. However, I’ve always supported the Israeli military. They do what they have to.

    BMCQ makes a good point about his friend. Its the truth. That is how people in war zones go to bed at night. I remember our parents talking about it with other adults when we were young.–O.K. I eaves dropped. There is one funny story though how our father’s mother moved an antique family piece from house to house, with in their family afraid it might get destroyed in the bombing. Yes, it made it through the war and it was sent with my parents to Canada. BMCQ’s friend is a tad less materialistic.

    Ask any one who was a child during the blitz in London what it was like or some of their descendants. Yet no one in the MSM here seems to care about the Israeli’s and their children with bombs coming into their houses. Every war has two sides at least and every one of those people living in the area have children. If you don’t care about the adults, at least care about the children. They didn’t start it, they just want to get out of it alive.

    As to what Biden will do, The Americans can’t afford to let Israel be defeated in a war with the Arabs and they do need at least one country they can rely on. They do have nukes. In my opinion, they will stay out of it until it looks like Israel will go under. I don’t expect the French to be any help to the Israeli’s. time to go out, be back later to see what others have written on this topic, which is a good one.

    (Response: A ceasefire has now been declared. Great! But within six months, Islamic Jihad will fire a rocket or two into Israel to make sure peace NEVER comes. Hamas and Islamic Jihad do NOT want peace; they say quite openly they want Israel obliterated and will NEVER accept it… it’s still in the Hamas Charter. The Palestinians must get rid of Hamas and Jihad themselves and then agree to get back to the negotiating table … without setting up obstacles such as pre-conditions as they have done time and time again BEFORE they’ll even start talks. Palestine could be a fully recognized state within a year … if they really wanted peace and if they stopped making ridiculous demands that would again place terrorists and rocket launchers immediately across the road from Israel (like Boundary Road in Vancouver). Israel MUST NOT EVER let that happen again … and has repeatedly agreed to land swaps to exchange lands that would secure both sides …but it’s the Palestinians who have said NO each time. h.o)

  15. Gilbert says:

    I agree that Israel is not treated fairly. Surely we can all agree it has the right to defend itself. Who can negotiate with people who don’t believe in your right to exist?

    Joe Biden doesn’t seem too sure of himself. He know that some Democrats are very strong supporters of Palestine. He must also know that Iran is helping Hamas, but refuses to criticize the Iranian regime. In my opinion, Iran is a dangerous country and not one to be trusted.

    (Response: Absolutely no doubt that Iran is heavily funding and “advising” Hamas in Gaza and Hesbollah in Lebanon … and interestingly, BOTH areas are basket cases where violence, corruption and even assassination of political opponents are very well documented. And yet, I have seen several reports that said, if Abbas had allowed elections in the West Bank, his PLO would have been defeated by Hamas!! Unbelievable! That’s why I say the Palestinians are their own worst enemies … and bring on a lot of their own suffering and destruction. As for Israel, I know of no other country that drops leaflets, makes phone calls and even sends down small warning charges on buildings housing terrorist operations, weapons, rockets/ammunition and entrances to terrorist tunnels, so civilians can get out before they destroy the structure. And how many rockets would any other country allow to be fired at it’s people before they went in and wiped out those firing at them?? h.o)

  16. BMCQ says:

    I am “Not sure”, did we see or hear about any of this on the CBC, Global, CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NBC, BBC, WaPo, NY Times, CKNW, or many other well known Media Outlets we might come across on any given day ?

    Innocent hard working law abiding Jewish people, their families, and their business enterprises are being attacked every day but the assaults and attacks are much worse since the Hamas begin their rocket attack of innocent people in Israel .

    The attacks, assaults, murders, and destruction of Jewish owned business’s are going on each and every day but it is now worse than it has been since the late 1930’s in Germany and other European Nations .

    Even in NY City, there is no safe haven for Jewish people, not even while they ae in their own homes, places of business, or trying to enjoy a meal with their families . How disgusting and repugnant Yes, WHERE ARE the World ?


    I certainly have heard Global’s Redmond Shannon, at 5:00 AM this morning and many other similar reporters who APPEAR to do their best to convince the Great Unwashed that it was Israel that wee the true aggressor and guilty of attacking innocent women and children in Gaza.

    Media do not spend a lot of time on this either, that is of course the stories are buried, and even then Media do everything they can to put the blame on White Supremacy, and they expect us to believe that ! Unfortunately we in Canada, the eU, and the U.S. are basically “Importing Our Own Problems”, we need to study very closely to what has aken place in MOST of the remaining 27 EU Nations, they are in chaos, mid collapse, they are lawless, people are being killed and Jewish People along with many millions of Christians and other innocent hard working tax paying citizens are in danger of losing their lives at the hands of Jihadi Radical Murders . Unfortunately this is just the beginning, contact your PM Justin and your MP to voice your concern .

    Believe it or not Good Old Redmond and MANY of his colleagues did somehow neglect to report and mention that when Hamas and their allies fire off about 4,000 Iranian Missiles directly into residential neighbours in any given Israel neighbourhood many of those targeted indiscriminately happen to be Palestinian People . I wonder how the real Palestinian people feel about that

    Perhaps Global ‘s RS can manage to get an interview with some of those Palestinian People of Israel . I certainly look forward to RS next report for Global .

    Yes, many in media are unfair, dishonest, and very biased but it seems to me that the few groups that suffer the most at the hands of a very Biased and Dishonest Manipulative Media are Jewish people, Israel, those that tend to Vote or think Conservative, and those that closely follow their Religion .

    Yes, “Where is the World” ?


    Please do not allow youself to beliee that it is not just Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and a few more that attack Israel and Jewish people with Missiles from Gaza, there are many millions of other Jihadi types living in the EU doing everything they can to rape and pillage Jewish women, girls and other innocents, it is all part of the attack and attempts to destroy the Jewish State and Jewish People . Oh yes, please do not forget, not one innocent person you know is immune to the attacks, tortures, rapes, or murders carried out by Radical jihadis Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, or any other Proxies.


    Yes Indeed, “Where Was the World” ? !!

    Fact Check that !

    Better than that, please stand up and tell everyone on this Blog how you feel about the attacks on Israel, then stand up and tell us where YOU believe that Israel has the “Right to Exist” .

    Or ae YOU Not Sure ?

    (Response: The next big fight will be between Hamas, which controls Gaza, and the PLO (Fatah), which controls the West Bank … and who remain two bitter enemies, despite occasional declarations of solidarity and unity. The PLO, on paper, recognizes Israel’s right to exist and has entered into negotiations in the past; while Hamas steadfastly refuses to recognize Israel even has a right to exist, advocates violent struggle, and has threatened to kill any Palestinian leaders who sign a peace deal. There can/will be NO peace and NO Palestinian state until Hamas/Jihad change their positions … or are wiped out by the PLO or other Arab nations. h.o)

  17. BMCQ says:

    I am going to ask a question make a statement or two here but I am not claiming I am correct, I am only thinking out loud and would welcome any other opinions .

    I travel to Israel and was scheduled to be in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for two o three days last September 2020 and now September 2021 which may not happen .

    I am/was of the opinion that with the last U.S. Admin brokering the Abraham Peace Deals the Embassy Move, the strengthening of Western Democracies with various Arab states and the controls against Iran peace broke out all over the Middle East . Yes there are and always will be Terrorist Acts but for the most part they were not organized .

    I believe that until the 2020 U.S. Elections there were going to be more Peace Accords between Israel and others with Saudi Arabia being very much front and centre . I strongly hope that Biden attempts to broker a few of those Israel Peace Deals, it could mean a Formal Peace thru out much of the Middle East and it would even isolate Iran even further which may eventually lead to changes in Iran, perhaps not regime change initially but changes which can lead to more freedom and then……….. ?

    Iran will do everything they can to prevent more Abraham Accords between Israel and others like Saudi Arabia . I believe that is part of what was behind the Hamas attacks and I believe we will see more next year if Iran is allowed to provide more funding and armaments to Hamas and other Terrorist Organizations .

    Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and other Middle East Nations are frightened and literally enemies of Iran and they want to see nothing more than a strong Israel with partnerships between the U.S., the EU, and other nations who consider Iran a Terrorist country who will do anything to defeat Israel and many other Middle eastern Nations .

    Iran wants/wanted to destabilize Israel and other Middle Eastern Nations and they will fund anyTterorist Group they can to accomplish just that .

    In a clumsy round about way I am putting forward a theory that with the various past, recent, and possible future Peace Accords Iran is more isolated and Hamas and Hezbollah are more isolated and less relevant .

    Out of that I also strongly believe that because of the efforts of the U.S. and other Middle Eastern Arab nations over the past four years the Palestinian People in Gaza and other locations were more or less abandoned by MOST Arab states including Saudi Arabia and more .

    Until the recent attacks by Hamas/Iran on Israel, Palestinian People in Israel, along with the Jewish Majority the Palestinian People of Gaza etc. were becoming a forgotten, abandoned, irrelevant group .

    I believe there is a lot more to play out on this file .

    Let’s us hope that the Biden Admin does not fall into the trap of the /Radical Left Anti Israel Democratic Party Members of Congress .

    We could all learn from people like the parents of e.a.f. and that generation, reading history books is one thing but learning and understanding from people that lived through some of the horrors we discuss would make a much more lasting impression .

    “We must Never forget” !

    (Response: I agree with you when you write “Iran is more isolated and Hamas and Hezbollah are more isolated and less relevant”. But I feel that also makes them more dangerous: needing to go more radical, more violent, more a threat to peace anywhere and everywhere to get attention. In fact, I would add also the Palestinians too to that list: both the PLO and Hamas know very well how significant it was that the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco OPENLY and PUBLICLY established relations with Israel .. in addition to a growing number of other Arab countries that now have silent contact and even co-operation with Israel. Their relative SILENCE in the recent war spoke LOUDLY of how tired they have become of the Palestinians’ incompetent or terrorist leadership, the corruption, their refusal to negotiate, their outrageous, unrealistic demands and their deliberate agitation and responsibility for much of the violence taking place on their borders and even within Israel itself. h.o)

  18. Not Sure says:


    Unlike French (tu/vous), English uses “you” for both singular and plural. So when I am reading BMCQ’s post and see “do not allow yourself to believe… (which is singular) I assume he is talking to all of us individually.

    But he follows that with

    Better than that, please stand up and tell everyone on this Blog how you feel about the attacks on Israel… (which I suppose could be taken collectively but is starting to sound singular)

    And then ends with this “tell us where YOU believe that Israel has the Right to Exist Or are YOU Not Sure ?”

    Capitalizing YOU and using my username sure makes it sound singular now.

    Very weird. Was this post directed at moi.

    Why? What are the implications of those questions. That I don’t care about rising cases of antisemitism? That I don’t care about Israeli citizens? That I don’t believe Israel has the right to exist?

    It is bad enough to have assumptions (eg. shill) made about me when I present a counter point of view, but to toss out innuendo before I have said anything at all is just … well … let’s leave it at weird.

    Is this how peace envoys talk to one another? Is this how people on KIR should talk to one another?

    PS If you want the answer to your question, try to remember how I answered when you asked a similar question not that long ago. Or use Harvey’s little search bar. If you type in the right word, it shouldn’t take you more than a minute or two.

  19. Keith says:

    Where’s the rest of the world.? Waiting for the U.S. to step in as usual.

    What I can’t understand is the disproportionate amount of Palestinian children killed, last figures I saw in the latest conflict were 12 Israeli adults, 2 children. 235 Palestinian adults, 65 children.

    Do the Palestinians have no safe shelters to go to when the shooting starts.? Hamas seems to be great at raising money for anything that will land in Israel and explode, digging tunnels and everything needed to support that, but not so good at protecting the local population for the inevitable surgical targeted incoming, which in some cases are phoned in to make sure the target is clear of people.

    A calm has been restored for now, hope and optimism will follow. Hamas will receive more funds not to build a much in the way of needed infrastructure but to do the dirty work of others. Israel will be rightly suspicions but not always on the up and up, depending on their internal politics of the time expand their land base, at the moment Netanyahu needs some distractions from his personal and political troubles. Within a few years the cycle will begin again, seen it since 1967. Don’t see much medium to long term hope for optimism.

    (Response: From what I’ve seen, heard, read in various media, there are several reasons for numbers are always higher for civilian/child casualties in Gaza compared to Israel or even the West Bank of Palestine: Hamas/Jihad deliberately place their missiles, their operation centres, their explosive munitions and the entrances to their underground tunnel networks INSIDE apartment buildings, homes, office buildings and even found inside one unused UN school building because they believed Israel would be reluctant to hit them there or causes major casualties and looks really bad when they do, which Hamas believes benefits them on the world stage (remember Hamas are officially declared a terrorist group by several countries); Hamas has deliberately fired rockets and artillery from right beside these same buildings, sometimes from windows … or even from right beside hospitals; and Hamas diverted building materials (concrete, steel) donated/shipped into the territory to repair buildings from the 2014 war to build an underground tunnel network through Gaza and under the Israeli border … not drug-smuggling-type tunnels which you have to crawl through ,but large enough for vehicles and artillery and whole fighter brigades etc to easily navigate. In fact, apparently that’s why much of the billions in reconstruction aid promised them by various countries after 2014 was cut off, because the countries found out their funds were NOT being used for what they were supposed to be. Meanwhile, Israel spends millions building bomb shelters for its people; has the Iron Dome to shoot down up to 90% of Hamas rockets; and has much more powerful missiles so that when it does go after terrorist missile-firing sites, munitions supplies, terrorist personnel targets, they exact greater damage. War is Hell!! No doubt about it. But Hamas actually USES war and casualties to win support for its cause, especially in the Arab/Muslim world and to stir up anger and hate among the anti-Israel crowd in the West. So sad! h.o)

  20. Stu de Baker says:

    Not Sure; touche.
    I have seen and perhaps you have as well; BMCQ is given tremendous latitude and much of what is said, reminds me of omnibus bills or riders. Pump out enough volume and much is overlooked.

    (Edited… off topic.)

    In the previous blog; “Rx for Re-opening BC” I proved him wrong on three points, with linked backup. His response was first to say I was nitpicking, followed by obfuscation and denial, without linked to backup either.

    (Edited…off topic)

  21. Keith says:

    Thanks for the response Harvey, great clarification.

    (Response: One day, there CAN and there WILL be a Palestinian state, living in peace and co-operation with Israel … but first, the Hamas/Jihad terrorists have got to go … and the extreme right wing nuts in Israel have to be sidelined. h.o)

  22. BMCQ says:

    Hamas use innocent children, women and anyone else they can as Props, it is that simple.
    As H.O. points out Iran, Hamas and any other group that attack Israel set up offensive weapons close to hospitals, residential areas, schools and anywhere else using children and any one else as Human Shields and Props to provide opportunity to raise donations and curry favour with the usual suspects including Media like the CBC, Global, BBC, MSNBC, NBC, CNN,and the rest too numerous to mention .

    Hamas actually provide secure and safe travel to media that cover all of this so the world is able to see the death and destruction which in turn draws in sympathy and money for their cause .

    Not Sure

    My caustic and sarcastic comments and questions were not directed at you, I probably should have directly referenced Tax Haven but having not seen TH on this blog previously I did not specify them by name . Did not want to appear to be attacking a new contributor their first time out but still wanted to make some points while attempting to illustrate the impossible position Israel and its people are put in each and every day .

    The use of “Not Sure” was simply a sarcastic jab at Tax Haven attempting to drive home the points and I can see how it bothers you .

    Honestly I have used the phrase “Not Sure”, Not Quite Sure, often over the years just so I do not set myself up for fact checking and ultimately found incorrect if I am not 100% certain of any given statement . I do not mind being somewhat mistaken or inaccurate but I do not want to look dishonest, it is probably my way of not wanting to appear to be misleading .

    I was well aware of your answers regarding the Israel right to exist from months ago and I often ask that question of some after they make certain claims, it is my way of getting firm answers to ones intentions for Israel .

    You and I will disagree on many things but I believe you are very well intentioned, I hope I have explained myself and I hope you accept my explanation, I will be more direct in the future . Yes I may use Not Sure or Not Quite Sure in the future so please …….

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