Why I Will NOT Take the Astra-Zeneca Covid Vaccine

Canada’s politicians know they are looking bad. Very bad!

Our country is now reportedly 57th in the world when it comes to percentages of population vaccinated against Covid.

It’s embarrassing … given all the announcements they made about how many millions of vaccines/doses Canada had ordered …more than any other country in the world. But apparently no one arranged early delivery dates for Canada: maybe that’s why they are refusing to make public any of the contracts they signed.

What the government hasn’t been able to hide is how almost every day, Canada has been moving lower and lower on the world’s vaccination scale.

57th now!!

With only two companies’ vaccines having received approval until now from Health Canada: Pfizer and Moderna.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government clearly bungled the vaccine deliveries and for weeks have desperately been calling, appealing, begging pharmaceutical companies and other countries to come to our aid.

Friday Health Canada came to the government’s rescue: announcing approval for the UK’s Astra-Zeneca’s dual-dose Covid vaccine after months of study/evaluation.

Within minutes, Trudeau, Health Minister Patti Hajdu and Procurement Minister Anita Anand were LIVE on television to announce 22 million doses of Astra-Zeneca’s vaccine will be on their way to Canada … starting near the end of March.

Just when seniors in BC 70 to 80 are scheduled to start getting vaccinated in BC.

I will NOT take it … if it’s Astra Zeneca.

It is not that I am a vaccine opponent: to the contrary, I have waited with great anticipation to get my Covid jab.

But, Health Canada said Friday the efficacy rate of the Astra Zeneca vaccine OVERALL is only 62.1 per cent … well below Pfizer and Moderna’s efficacy ratings above 90 per cent.

And according to Health Canada, only 9.7 per cent of the 8,800 people tested with the Astra Zeneca vaccine were over 65 years old. Health Canada officials said they have no data on what the specific efficacy rate was for seniors.

However, what is undeniable, that’s a very small group of seniors testing …and a comparatively lower efficacy rate than Pfizer and Moderna.

Astra Zeneca officials have since contended followups with millions of Scots who took their vaccine showed a much higher efficacy rate … over 90%.

Nevertheless, Ontario Premier Doug Ford said Friday his province will only administer the AZ vaccine to those under 65.

In fact, according to media reports, several European countries already limit the AZ vaccines to people UNDER 65 and some even UNDER 55.

But In BC, Premier John Horgan waffled when asked: refusing to rule it out for seniors.

As a senior, with a number of health conditions, I will make my own decision: I will REFUSE the AZ vaccine.

The BC government should not push it on seniors … just to boost its dismal vaccination numbers.

I will wait as long as it takes to get a vaccine with the best efficacy for my age/health group.

It’s time for the BC government to act, not just deliver rhetoric about how they value seniors, and ensure those over 65 get the vaccine they need and deserve.

For younger or healthy adults, who statistically suffer fewer serious illness and hospitalizations from Covid than seniors, the AZ vaccine could allow authorities to speed up the numbers of those getting inoculated.

Perhaps ideal for front-line workers: truckers; teachers; grocery clerks; transit workers; hotel workers etc.

The good news: no one in the test groups who took that AZ vaccine, and still developed Covid, died or needed to be hospitalized. So it does offer protection, but many seniors trust Pfizer and Moderna.

The BC government should not try to FORCE the AZ vaccine on seniors, especially those with pre-conditions.

If Horgan/Henry try to push the AZ vaccine on those who don’t want it, the rate of those who refuse to get vaccinated will shoot up, increase the mistrust … and delay BC’s recovery, healthwise and economically, even longer.

Harv Oberfeld.

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28 Responses to Why I Will NOT Take the Astra-Zeneca Covid Vaccine

  1. D. M. Johnston says:

    Unpopular fact #1 – Canada means diddlysquat with other countries, especially with the USA. Trudeau and the Liberals have been drinking this “Canada is the world friend” bathwater for far too long.

    Trudeau and the Liberals have place their faith in a Neo-Liberal world and that world takes care of its own and to hell with everyone else.

    Unpopular fact #2 – Premier Horgan doesn’t really care, never has. Oh, like Mayor Dithers in Vancouver, Horgan has become Premier Dithers or Premier Photo-op the 2nd.

    Unpopular fact #3 – Covid-19 will wax and wane throughout 2021 and persist into 2022.

    Astra-Zeneca should be given to students, especially secondary and post secondary, as they are the one most likely to spread the disease. Also, I believe it is essential, to get amateur sports and school sports going and those playing should be immunized first! I firmly believe this must be done now, for the sake of the children.

    This leads to unpopular fact #4 – The NDP do not care about children, except if they are Metis or First nations (This comes from a letter from the then Minister of Education that stated that only First nation and Metis Children will have the government’s attention!) and the rest they just don’t care about.

    The NDP threw the 2020 grade 12 grad class under the bus and they are about the same with the 2021’s!

    As an aside a good friend phoned me in tears because her son in secondary school is having major problems and they are going to pass him anyways with a too bad, too sad slap across the face. He is being sent, with absolutely no support into a world that he is not prepared for. I guess he will be an overdose victim in 2022.

    Astra Zeneca is a vote saving gesture by Trudeau; with Horgan, he will administer Astra Zeneca with glee, if Trudeau’s liberals fund his $2 billion+ politcal promise to build SkyTrain to Langley.

    Quote: “As a senior, with a number of health conditions, I will make my own decision: I will REFUSE the AZ vaccine.”

    Damn right, I am in the same category, but with the duds in power I just do not think that they care, it is all about photo-ops and 10 second sound bites.

  2. 13 says:

    Our premier , your premier if you voted NDP is proving to be less than stellar. Hes not my premier anymore that Trudeau is my PM. Those two buffoons’ are an embarrassment
    and if you add Mayor Stewart to the mix you now have 3 stooges.
    If I was allowed to partake of a covid vaccine I would be in the phizer line up right behind Harvey. The phizer is a flexible vaccine that can be double or single dose. It requires special refrigeration or maybe it doesnt. With all of the lies the BC Gov has told to help cover up Trudeaus bungling baboonery you can almost bet that somehow the Astra vaccine will be offered to the majority of seniors and the younger crowd will get the phizer.
    If all of this vaccine foul ups are driving you to drink the City of Vancouver will soon designate a DTES park as a “safe consumption site for booze”. Makes me feel safe and sound

  3. nonconfidencevote says:

    We’ll the various levels of govt have been doing a great job of …talking….for the past year.
    Lets see what a debacle the vaccination roll out turns into.
    If unaccountable govt. bureaucrats and finger pointing politicians are any indication.
    It should be a sh!t show.

  4. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Harvey says: “The good news: no one in the test groups who took that AZ vaccine, and still developed Covid, died or needed to be hospitalized.” Those points should not be diminished. Maybe(?) there were more people who still caught COVID and suffered mild symptoms, than with the first-to-be-approved vaccines… but hospitalizations and death were the reasons we shut the world down for the past year.

    There’s other good news, regarding Astra-Zeneca: it’s cheaper per-dose and (despite what 13 posted): it can be stored in standard fridges, at 2-8º Celsius. The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine needs to be stored at -70 Celsius and Moderna’s needs to be at -20 Celsius. The simple refrigeration is a great advantage, in getting the Astra-Zeneca vaccine to pharmacies, doctor’s offices and the hinterland.

    Sign me up for whatever I can get — sooner than later.

    (Response: As I pointed out in the Blog, there is no doubt a roll for the AZ vaccine. But with so many millions of Canadians to be vaccinated, it should be given in BC to those least likely to suffer extremely/die from Covid … ie younger people, those without compromised health conditions … that’s what Ontario, France, South Korea and other places are doing … while the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines should be given to seniors, especially those with serious health pre-conditions. h.o)

  5. Not Sure says:

    Harvey, are you up to date. In your response to G Barry Stewart you claimed that South Korea and France were not using astrazeneca on people over 65.

    Dated Feb 15 Korea decides not to use astrazeneca on people over 65 UNTIL THERE is MORE DATA.

    Well it seems more data may be available

    Dated Feb 25 France and other EU countries are now opening the door to using astrazeneca on the elderly.

    And as a northerner, astrazeneca which doesn’t require the freezing levels of the other vaccines can be easily transported into isolated communities and I am not just talking about remote villages. I am talking about Nelson and Dawson Creek and Terrace. Some of us won’t have the privilege of having a choice.

    I don’t understand this need to look at everything negatively, that somehow the health authorities have no clue what’s going on. If the health experts say it is safe to take then I will take it.

    (Response: The countries I referred to were mentioned in MSM reports Friday. If you’d like a FULL list of current countries that have restrictions of AZ, here’s a terrific site: https://www.un.org/en/member-states/. Just ask each of them each day and you’ll be right up to date. h.o)

  6. Marge says:

    And just read this in the Sun:

    In B.C., 252,373 people have received the vaccine or about five per cent of the population. In Washington state, 2.2 million have been vaccinated or about 28 per cent of the population.

    We laugh at the Yanks but what a debacle this vaccination process has been. And it all rides on the jokers we have in government. Doesn’t matter which choice of vaccine if none or very little is available does it?

    (Response: It’s not only the numbers that should raise questions and concerns here: but also who has actually gotten them. Someone I know familiar with the downtown eastside told me the vaccine was offered/administered a few weeks ago to all kinds of local residents in their 20s, 30s etc … not just street people, homeless or drug users … while elsewhere, British Columbians in their 80s and 90s, many with serious health issues, are still waiting. It looks very political to me. h.o)

  7. nonconfidencevote says:

    Just watching the Saturday 6pm News.
    It appears the “quarantine” process at various Canadian airport and cities is a debacle.
    No meals for 24 hours.
    No one at the airport could answer questions.
    Airport Covid tests gone missing.

    They …. have….had…a….YEAR to set this up.

    The politicians , bureaucrats, and planners in Canada ….are an utter embarrassment of incompetence.

    Bring on an election.
    Unleash the fury of the voters.

    Anyone but Trudeau.

    (Response: I saw that too. Incredible!! Total incompetency by the feds. Hard to imagine Trudeau is even thinking of a Spring election! h.o)

  8. John's Aghast says:

    I’ve been in isolation for 50 weeks now, another month or two makes no never mind to me! And I’m quite a bit older than you Harv. But I’m not compromised, I don’t live in a Condo and I’m afraid I might have adjusted to this life! Sorry economy, but you might have to get along without me.
    Yes. I was in the ‘end of February’ group, but you can’t trust government any more. Look at Site C for instance!

    (Response: The statistics/studies/evaluations are irrefutable: OLDER people do much more poorly if they get Covid. The AZ tests showed no one died or needed hospitalization with their lower efficacy vaccine, BUT some DID still get Covid!!! And as I and many health officials have noted, only 9.7% of the AZ test groups were over 65, so I believe it’s a no brainer: the AZ should be restricted to those under 65 … and those of us older should get Pfizer or Moderna. I just fear to pump up their so-far dismal vaccination numbers, the BC government (and other provinces too) will push the AZ on seniors for political reasons ..and that could have serious health consequences for many. As I said I personally would REFUSE the AZ … walk away, and I suspect MANY other seniors would too … prepared to go back again and again until they have Pfizer or Moderna on hand. h.o)

  9. Not Sure says:

    LOL Thanks for the link to all the countries of the world. Nice diversion.

    Question: Are we talking about whether or not astrazeneca should be used on people over 65 or are we into another complaint session about how Trudeau/Horgan suck?

    Question: Do we want to follow facts and science or hunches?

    Question: Who do we want to compare ourselves to?

    Australia? They approved astrazeneca with no upper limit restrictions.

    The UK? The UK has been one of the model countries of the rollout and they have been using only astrazeneca from the outset. Here is a month old article disputing the criticisms leveled at the drug.

    Germany? Germany could soon authorise the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine for seniors after the head of the country’s vaccination committee said his body’s advice to give the Oxford-developed vaccine only to those under 65 had “somehow gone wrong”.

    France? Had to look up shambolic. Means chaotic. Sound familiar?

    Korea? They have just started their rollout and are not using astrazeneca on 65+ but “Jung says the decision risks the safety of people who are most vulnerable to COVID-19 when the country will be chiefly dependent on locally produced Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines during the early part of its vaccination campaign”

    Not saying you are wrong Harvey. And if you are lucky enough to live in the Lower Mainland maybe you will have a choice. But I am struggling with your point of view.

    (Response: I think you’re just trolling again when you write “Germany could soon authorise the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine for seniors”. Could? Sure… and I COULD win the 649 too! Rather than your pimping for AZ, I prefer this from Reuters just days ago, noting that Switzerland is considering CANCELING its order for AZ because of lower efficacy and that Germany AND Belgium AND France have authorized the AZ for 18-64 ONLY: https://www.reuters.com/article/health-coronavirus-swiss-astrazeneca/swiss-could-re-examine-astrazeneca-covid-19-vaccine-contract-nzz-am-sonntag-idUSL1N2KR04M. h.o)

  10. RIsaak says:

    The entire government response to Covid and vaccination is just smoke & mirrors to cover up the biggest mistake they made a year ago. The opportunity to build a Canadian production facility for these vaccines should have been taken very early on. Many other nations responded by preparing for this reality, Canada missed the chance, was naive enough to believe other nations would help us and many other small distractions took priority over building a suitable production facility. We have a federal infrastructure investment plan but can’t build a vaccine facility? No one in our federal cabinet has any experience leading a business that thought rationally. No one in our cabal of state employees could foresee the need for such a facility?

    The mistakes are many, the missed opportunities are many, the diversions were seized, the press was appeased, and far to many Canadians are now diseased!

    Cue up the many “peoplekind” excuses, Trump, Cerb, We charity, USMCEh, Trudeau & his minions had ample opportunity to invest in a production facility, the law of supply & demand has seldom been ignored so blatantly!

    I now reside in the sticks, so I can afford to wait to see what the
    Outcomes of vaccine-fest are before I get mine ( whenever my turn may come).

    (Response: you’re absolutely right. Trudeau/Libs absolutely should have been pro-active, like other leaders/governments, and moved to get Covid vaccine production and licensing INSIDE Canada last year! There ARE plants inside Canada that already manufacture vaccines; others offered to get into the production business …but instead Trudeau and his Cabinet ministers shooed them away and kept just announcing more and more contracts with foreign companies elsewhere. And got out-snookered by other countries in arranging for early deliveries. No amount of spin will erase the FACT that Canada was recently 57th in the list of nations in vaccination rates. A shameful record for a country as supposedly advanced as Canada. h.o)

  11. Baker says:

    Well, the AstraZeneca debate may just become irrelevant, now that The FDA has made it official; the agency allows undiluted vials only of Pfizer Covid vaccine to be stored above subzero temperatures (-13°F to 5°F) in classic pharmaceutical freezer, for up to two weeks, since the vaccine is more stable than originally believed.

    Revised FDA’s agreement should greatly simplify delivery of the vaccine.

    2 days ago FDA said it would update its fact sheet for health care providers accordingly. Here it is :
    https://www.fda.gov/media/144413/download (Revised 25 February 2021).

    The FDA’s decision came after Pfizer recently submitted a request based on its research on the vaccine’s stability under the warmer temperature:
    February 19, 2021 — Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE today announced the submission of new data to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) demonstrating the stability of their COVID-19 vaccine when stored at -25°C to -15°C (-13°F to 5°F), temperatures more commonly found in pharmaceutical freezers and refrigerators. The data have been submitted to the FDA to support a proposed update to the U.S. Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Prescribing Information, which would allow for vaccine vials to be stored at these temperatures for a total of two weeks as an alternative or complement to storage in an ultra-low temperature freezer.

    For the record: After defrosting, the vaccine is mixed with a saline diluent and can be refrigerated for up to five days, at standard refrigerator temperatures between 36?F and 46?F then it’s administered to patients at room temperature.

    So, since the “off topic button is out for repair:
    A question: “Do we want to follow facts and science or hunches?
    An answer: HO response to Marge; “Someone I know…told me…” Modern journalism, because it’s 2021.

    Another question: “Are we talking about whether or not astrazeneca should be used on people over 65 or are we into another complaint session about how Trudeau/Horgan suck?”
    Answered with another question: Backwashing through the previous posts, which have included BC’s education system, Ontario, France, South Korea, elections, airports and site C, is there a rational system for vetting posts, or does it come down to keeping the party line? We “minions and the great unwashed” will never know if we can’t see them.

    Lastly, since there seems to be more latitude to strays herein, I’m with Mr. Aghast, when it comes to adjusting to 11 months isolation. No problem. I would like to see my grandkids, just a ferry ride away though.

    (Response: My source WITNESSED social workers or health workers going door to door in the downtown eastside inviting people …even those in their 20s, 30s, to come and get the vaccine. I know there are legitimate concerns for the homeless, those crowded together or on the street or the druggies … but to offer the vaccine to people who just happen to live in that area, while those in their 80s and 90s elsewhere are still waiting, betrays the NDP government’s public statements that vaccinations will go by age groups and seems very political to me. h.o)

  12. Not Sure says:

    Harvey I am beyond lost. I linked you an article dated Feb 27 whose headline says “Germany set to give AstraZeneca jab to older people” and another one dated the same day whose headline reads “Germany and France ‘WILL give AstraZeneca jab to over-65s’ in major U-turn” and a third article where the South Korean government is being criticized for putting their seniors at risk by not using astrazeneca.

    To you that is trolling and accuse me of pimping for astrazeneca and instead say you prefer an article from Feb 21 because it repeats the original position of France and Germany. So yeh I am confused.

    On top of that the final decision hasn’t even been made yet.

    From a weekend article which I will summarize.

    The complaint with Astrazeneca was not enough data. It’s use in countries, especially the UK. has given us real world data. The National Advisory Committee on Immunization will consider that real world data and make recommendations.

    Maybe the NACI will recommend exactly as you wish. And I will be fine with that. And maybe they say use on seniors when other options (transporting pfizer is tough) are not available. Or maybe they will advise something else. And I will be fine with that as well.

    Besides just in this morning “Experts caution against the temptation to comparison shop covid vaccines.

    Sorry if you think this is trolling. It is not meant to be.

    (Response: I’ll make it very simple: countries are run by politicians; I prefer to trust science. The science quoted by Health Canada Friday VERY CLEARLY indicated the AZ vaccine has a substantially lower efficacy rate than Pfizer and Moderna; PLUS they noted only 9.7% of AZ’s test groups were over 65. (WHY … when we know Covid hits seniors HARDEST????) Most politicians want to be able to boast about HOW MANY people “they” are getting vaccinated; however, I admire those who aren’t pushing their older people, especially those with compromised health conditions, to get the jab from AZ and pump up their numbers of those vaccinated. There have been many, many stories in the news of how sick people get/suffer from Covid … even if they don’t die, going on for months in some cases. You are free to take the AZ, you are free to push the AZ: I won’t take it! Period! I will keep going back until I can get Pfizer or Moderna. And I’m hoping the BC government realizes there are MANY seniors like me …who deserve the higher efficacy shots and will NOT accept the AZ vaccine, even if it pumps up the government’s vaccination stats. h.o)

  13. nonconfidencevote says:

    “…. but to offer the vaccine to people who just happen to live in that area, while those in their 80s and 90s elsewhere are still waiting, betrays the NDP government’s public statements that vaccinations will go by age groups and seems very political to me….”


    The phrase “poverty pimps” comes to mind.

  14. Steve Faz says:

    Relating to his statement in this article, “The BC government should not try to FORCE the AZ vaccine on seniors, especially those with pre-conditions.”:

    I would point out that any government (or other entity) trying to mandate vaccinations is in violation of the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights.

    “Required” vaccination would be a human rights violation.

    “Article 6 – Consent:
    1. Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice.

    3. In appropriate cases of research carried out on a group of persons or a community, additional agreement of the legal representatives of the group or community concerned may be sought. In no case should a collective community agreement or the consent of a community leader or other authority substitute for an individual’s informed consent.”

    “Article 5 – Autonomy and individual responsibility:
    The autonomy of persons to make decisions, while taking responsibility for those decisions and respecting the autonomy of others, is to be respected.”

    Trying to force people to take a vaccine would be begging for a class-action lawsuit.

    (Response: Appreciate your info. I don’t expect the government would use physical or legislative “force” to require anyone to take any vaccine. What I worry could happen, though, is that they won’t say which vaccine is being used until people actually arrive for their vaccine … and maybe not even then: just jabbing them with AZ without giving them a choice. And even if they reveal which dose they are about to use, people may feel coerced, if not physically forced, to go along because it took so long to arrange and then get a vaccine appointment. The BC government is making an announcement Monday …and they should use the AZ on younger, healthier people and save the Pfizer, Moderna product for seniors and those with seriously compromised health conditions. h.o)

  15. 13 says:

    Watching the PM ( unpleasant visuals) he did NOT rule out creating a vaccine certificate.
    So when Harvey refuses the Astra vax and doesnt get his diploma does that mean no more travel to Florida. Will I require an special exempt certificate as my physician has told me on 3 occasions I can NOT get the covid jab/stab or shot.
    Rest assured that if Trudeau can create a new branch of government where billions will be spent to achieve absolutely zippo it will happen. They can award that contract to the same corp that gave us the phoenix pay system or even better they can leave it up to every municiplaity to create their own certificate of vaccination /firearm license.

    (Response: I will happily get vaccinated; I believe it’s a good thing. BUT I believe seniors and others with serious health issues deserve the vaccines that offer better than 62% effectiveness. h.o)

  16. e.a.f. says:

    I’m about the same place as John Aghast, not in public for a year. Haven’t been shopping for anything but groceries for a year. Saved a mint. Some times the groceries were delivered when COVID first started, but since last summer figured out which grocery store to go to and when.

    I’ll take the first shot which comes along. 60% effective is better than not effective. Yes, I’m over 70. Don’t expect my “new life style” will change a lot even after I have the vaccine. Do not expect this to be over and expect variants to keep coming, so given I’ve lived without shopping for a year, I’m sure I’ll survive without it.

    My concern regarding the vaccines is, what are the long term effects. Given we didn’t have time to stop and really look at that, I’ll just roll the dice and go for it.

    Of course being on Vancouver island does make things easier.

    (Response: I hope it will come down to choice. Those willing to take AZ should be able to do so. But I believe it would be best for the government to reserve AZ for those under 65, and save Pfizer/Moderna for those above or with compromised health conditions. People …especially seniors …should at least have a choice: but my fear is that they will just make boosting the numbers for political reasons their only priority and won’t tell you which vaccine they have for you or let you choose when you make an appointment or show up. So those who don’t want AZ will have to be strong and speak up and be prepared to reschedule. h.o)

  17. Gilbert says:

    It’s important to understand that the results obtained from clinical trials don’t always match those in the real world. I doubt that our pharmaceutical companies want volunteers who are in poor health. For this reason, I’m a little skeptical when I read that Astra-Zeneca is over 90% effective. It’s also interesting that German Chancellor Angela Merkel doesn’t wish to take it.

    Canada is a G-7 nation, but with respect to obtaining vaccines, it doesn’t look like one. At the very least, this should make it clear to voters that it’s really important to choose a person who is qualified to lead the nation.

  18. BMCQ says:

    I read Harvey’s above essay early Saturday morning and at the time I was very impressed and as I have sated on other occasions with other KIR Blog Post Topic Essays I felt it should be re printed and or re broadcast right across Canada .

    Even if one might not agree with all of it and even if as I have concluded the “FACTS” will change because the W.H.O., World Governments, World countries Health Officials and IMHO the Parma companies such as Pfizer, Moderna, J & J, AZ, and the rest really do not know the final on things like efficacy, efficacy for who, and efficacy when, there are just too many variables and contributing factors and let us be honest the vacccines of any brand were rushed to development and tests no matter how one would like to spin it are/were not really even close to what and where they might end up like .

    In other words there is much more to learn and much more testing to be done over perhaps several months for each and every fax to determine which is best and for who.
    Gilberft it very wise to point out that paboratory results do not always match real life results, everyone should read Gilberts post again and pay close attention, there is room for a lot of movement when it comes to efficacy and when doses should be administered, we have up to a year to wait before we have definitive results .
    Thank YOU China !

    Considering the “Warp Speed” of the development of all the vaccines currently available we cannot fault any of the Pharma Groups for not having detailed testing date but we must all thank them for what they have achieved, millions will have their lives only because of “Warp Speed”, we can only imagine what could have happened if the Canadian PM and the Canadian Health Authorities were in charge .

    Even the Moronic Anchor of NBC Chuck Todd made the Canadian PM look like the Dunce he is, absolutely pathetically hilarious if it was not for the vey sad fact that Canadians are dying while the Canadian PM Prances and Preens while promising Canadians “Millions of Doses”, sickening .

    Again, there will be months of testing ahead before the Vaccine Makers and Health Authorities ahead know and understand Covid – 19 and the vaccines, there are many more parts to this story, I can only hope and pray that by some miracle Canadians older, those compromised, and those front line workers including retail workers get their jab, I am one hundred percent 100 % on board with Harvey when he suggests that those of a certain age say 65 and older should now avoid the AZ, it only makes sense until much more information from accurate testing is made available .

    Yes more information could come out today or tomorrow but Harvey has laid out a very good argument and everyone of a certain age should pay attention . I am sure Harvey would agree with me when I say his suggestion is really only based on common sense, something the Federal Government of Canada and too many in Health Care knows nothing about .

    I also agree that Politics plays a big part in this, what a tragedy that a PM and his Political Minions would rather get anything into the arms of seniors just to look like they are in charge, sickening, immoral, and really dangerous .

    Thanks Harvey !

    I will not be partaking in the “Gotchya” game here, we need the argument, the discussion, the debate, and the exchange of ideas but we need to build on all of those
    so we can all benefit one another with the gie and take, we must embrace what Harvey is providing us .


    As stated, there are many more studies and tests to come, we will see many changes, I hope Canada Health Authorities are paying close attention .

    In closing I must say that as a Canadian I am vey thankful and greatful that India has been kind enough to provide a Nation like Canada and our Prime Minister with many doses of vaccine, what a wonderful gesture .

  19. BMCQ says:

    Seeing that We Are Still Here .

    Please keep in mind that just because the Canadian PM and Canadian Health Authorities
    Federally or i n any given province tell you that “ALL IS WELL, WE Now have Millions of Doses of Vaccines coming” do not be fooled, they say “YOU will be swimming in doses
    of vaccines, Not to Worry” !!

    Do not believe it until you feel that “Cold Blue Steel” in your uh Arm !!

  20. Not Sure says:

    At the risk of being accused of pimping for astazeneca I suggest a read of this from Feb 5 when the decision to restrict the vaccine was implemented.

    The authors are researchers from Oxford so likely biased but still.


    They are saying it was an ethical not a scientific decision. It is not that it wasn’t effective in over 65 but that there wasn’t enough data to make that determination conclusively and science likes to be exact. I found there hypothetical example interesting.

    In December, before the UK rollout, there were 14633 covid related deaths in the UK. Only 1351 were under 65. Over 13000 were over 65. Had the vaccine been available in November, should the UK have delayed the rollout to over 65s to wait for more data? How many lives would have been saved even at a miniscule efficacy rate?

    So in January they took that ethical risk for us. And so far the data says that they made the right decision. The science is showing us that the vaccine is working in that age group and countries in Europe who were reluctant are now re-evaluating that decision.

    Again Harvey, I am not pimping for astrazeneca. I am looking at what is the best approach. In a month Canada will be getting astrazeneca vaccines on top of the pfizer and moderna vaccines. What if on April 1, there is not enough of the moderna and pfizer to vaccinate everybody over 65. Should we wait – a week? a month? until September? before enough pfizer vaccines are available? This is a 8 month process. How long do we want our most vulnerable to be at risk?

    And again, I am not pimping for astrazeneca. But transporting vaccines is not easy in a country the size of Canada. And all the vaccines have different transport and storage recommendations. Will people in Quesnel or Prince Rupert even be allowed a choice without waiting extra weeks or months? Lucky Lower Mainland, I guess.

    Lastly, and I am not pimping for astrazeneca, but these decisions are not as simple as some people make them out to be.

    BMCQ is correct. We have to use the data we have. And when the data changes we have to change with it. I am not saying you are wrong. And we will see in an hour what Dr. Henry will suggest, but given the data we have and the risk to us oldies if we delay, to me it is not a clear cut decision. And while you are saying right now that you will never take astrazeneca, more information may be available in April for Dr. Henry, you me to change our minds.

    (Response: The key seems to be the first line in the article you cite: ” Regulators in Europe are at odds over whether the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine should be given to the elderly.” As I’ve said before, it’s a matter of choice … and I will NOT accept AZ. Since there will very soon be MILLIONS of doses to go around (politicians wouldn’t lie to us, would they?), the government should use AZ for younger people, healthy people, front line workers, teachers, sales, servers etc and use vaccines with a higher efficacy for older people and those with compromised health conditions. h.o)

  21. BMCQ says:

    The attached gives us an idea of what they are able to accomplish in the UK, our Government and Officials should pay close attention .


    Yes the UK is getting more vaccine due to AZ etc. but the numbers of vaccinations getting into arms is beginning to be staggering, as time goes they are talking about up to 3 Million a day, unbelievable .

    In the meantime Canada has not managed to get even one dose of vaccines into the arms that would cover the residents of the Downtown West End of Vancouver .

    The Canadian Government needs to provide such information especially in graph form so Canadians know exactly where we are when it comes to cases, the variants, and the actual numbers of “Doses in Arms” in each and every Province and the Country.

    Transparency” is a MUST !!

    It is hard to believe but the roll out of vaccine in Canada could get even worse .


    “Read em and Weep” !!


    We cannot allow Politicians and compliant complicit Health Officials to push the Astra Zenica on Seniors until we have more clear concise date, Politics should not be part of the vaccine roll out for the Country of Canada .

    I agree, wee cannot afford to risk the lives of Seniors by allowing politicians at any level to push the AZ on an unsuspecting public just to build up the count of vaccines in arms .

  22. BMCQ says:

    Not Sure – Harvey – Response

    Just saw the above post .

    Great post by “Not Sure” and a great response by Harvey, we can all learn from both, let’s hope many on this blog and elsewhere see some of the comments here and let’s hope the general public get more engaged .

    It appears that not enough in media are asking the questions so it may be left up to others like those on this blog .

  23. John's Aghast says:

    Don’t get your knickers in a knot Harvey! You may not even get a shot, never mind a choice.
    My `Phase 2` position (late February) has drifted into March (or April… May….be). I was advised to register by Telephone or Online 2 to 4 weeks ahead of my scheduled jab. Of course, that window is no longer available and my position has been usurped by two new age classifications: those aged 90+ and those aged 85+. AND, the interval between jabs has been increased to 4 MONTHS, to ensure everyone gets a chance!
    Ain`t technology, and spin, grand!

    (Response: You’re right ..the schedule is being pushed back in BC and yet the complacent, compliant medias tonight (Monday) were regurgitating the government’s line that vaccinations are being accelerated. Quebec has already started vaccinating seniors in their 80s and people over 70 are already being allowed to register: https://globalnews.ca/news/7669024/quebec-covid-19-vaccination-seniors/ In BC they are now scheduled STARTING March 29 for those over 80! Barring of course any further delays. h.o_)

  24. 13 says:

    The one theme that Harvey has seized upon is an example of taking charge of your own health and doing what is best for yourself. Yes we all need to listen to the scientists, the medical professionals, the drug manufacturers. (PAY VERY LITTLE OR NO attention to the politicians esp Trudeau et al). Its called personal responsibility . Right now given the current evidence Harvey is on the right track.

  25. BMCQ says:

    It appears to me that almost everything to do with Covid – 19 protocols, treatments, vaccine efficacy, the time between two vaccines, and the manufacturing of vaccines is very fluid .

    Here is hoping MOST of the decisions are made based on science rather than politics which might include an upcoming election run .

    Thousands of studies, peer reviewed studies, scientific studies which will show us that everything is fluid and everything has/will change are going to take place over the next year or two and nothing will be settled, nothing will be agreed upon, and most of the scientific results and any consensus will all be filtered through a Tea Strainer of Politics, especially in Canada .

    What a tragedy .

    Has/had Canada discussed the attached ?


    Why was Canada not pro active, why did Canada not approach manufactures of vaccines with the idea of investing in any given manufacture which would eentually allow a Canadian Manufacturer to be developed and backed by the Government which would have ensured a timely supply of vaccines .

    That same plan would ensure that Canadians would already have a legitimate manufacture of vaccines and other pharmaceuticals in place so we would not be reliant of foreign manufactures and governments like China . It was only a year or so ago the populations of Canada, the U.S. and other Free World Nations were taken aback and disgusted when it was pointed out that almost ALL Pharmaceuticals came from China or somewhere else . How long does it take before Canadian Politicians and Voters learn a very important lesson ?

    Why do citizens of Canada have such short memories ?

    Let’s be honest, there is a very good chance that we could and will be faced with another Covid Virus sometime within the next few years, just like the Boys Scouts we need to “Be Prepared” .

    (Response: What’s the point of doing scientific trials, under strict control parameters, lasting several months … if politicians and their hired hand officials can just decide to ignore, set aside or overrule the findings, recommendations or even caveats that came out of the formal process!! h.o)

  26. BMCQ says:

    I am with you, why is it that media seem to be promoting and in fact celebrating the now very late news of a Covid Vax Roll Out for what, people over 102 years (that crack is sarcasm) and older .

    ON CKNW this AM they actually referred to the mid March roll out as a “Rapid Response”, REALLY ?

    Was there any pushback from the on air people, the NW News dept., or Richard Zussman ? NO there was not, as a matter of fact they were in celebration mode once again attempting to swell the “Great Unwashed” that the Canadian Federal Gov and the B.C. Provincial Gov are doing “God’s Work” !!

    I am fortunately busy at work but did I miss something regarding the now 121 gap between Jabs ? On whose authority and recommendation ? I was led to believe that Pfizer told Quebec they could not deviate from the 21 days .

    Yes only yesterday I stated that science can change and it may be advisable/allowed to deviate from what was stated only a month ago but the general public need to be in the loop, we need to know, I personally do not want to rely on Dr. Bonnie and others mentioned before I get my first jab then another 4 months later .

    Why would they not ask the Feds, Dr. WHO/Tam, the NDP Gov in B.C., Dr. Bonnie, Dix, the very confused Penny Ballem, and anyone else that mattered if they had discussed the NOW 121 day interval between TWO DOSES if they had authorization, permission, or even a “Head Nod” from Moderna or Pfizer that it was allowed and in fact recommended?

    Again, where is media on this ?

    Please ask some questions, stop being Cheerleaders .

    (Response: The “rapid response” and “accelerated” rollout was part of the government’s Monday spin …and several media repeated it without any pushback ..even though just listening/reading the news they would/should have known that residents of Quebec 80 years old are already getting the vaccines NOW, while those in BC will wait until March 29!! Some accelerated rollout!! h.o)

  27. BMCQ says:

    Have NOT seen anything to confirm but “I am TOLD” that the Vancouver Downtown DES “Injection Site” has been providing In Arm Jabs of Pfizer Vaccine to anyone that walks in regardless or their age, status, or anything else that might identify them since Mid January/January 19 ?

    I wonder, would they provide a Vax Jab for just anyone ? Would they might they “Discriminate” against someone that walked in was wearing an expensive suit or say a pair of expensive shoes ?

    Why would the Province, City, Dix, and Dr. Bonnie want to keep that a secret ? Why would they believe that the “Great Unwashed” should be kept in the dark on this ?

    Apparently those that attend to receive the Jab also get Free Coffee and a Meal, will they do that for Law Abiding Tax Paying Pensioners between 65 and say 102 years old that show up at any given site anywhere else in the Province, should we not know ?

    I am quite sure the same thing is taking place in Victoria and many other cities run by Leftist Activist, Social Justice Warriors .

    Good Luck to the rest of YOU Seniors that have worked, paid taxes, and have never broken any laws, you are just nothing better than grist for the mill and someone that will be basically used in an experiment for the AZ Jab .

    I can almost guarantee you that those “Most Vulnerable” as they are always labelled ARE NOT getting the Astra Zenica Jab, that would not be good enough for them, they deserve the full 94% Jab, good luck to you seniors, let us know that works out over the next four months or so .

    This whole story just keeps getting better and better .

    Why are people not up in arms (no pun intended) over this and all the rest our “Betters and Higher Purpose People” keep throwing at us ?

    Absolutely repugnant, despicable, uncaring, elitist, and abusive, they are all Bastards .

  28. e.a.f. says:

    that “AZ jab” as BMCQ refers to it, is O.K. by me. Now there maybe better vaccines, but if they aren’t around, I’ll take what is. Rationale, if we die, we die. We’re old. Better the young parents in my area live than I. I’ve looked at death as, if you’re dead, you don’t know and if you’re a religious type, you go to heaven where you get to meet your maker, so what is your problem. In my opinion, younger people, with children ought to be the priority. Yes, I understand elderly people die more frequently and that certainly doesn’t look good on the stats, but that too is politics. It never looks good politically when a lot of old people die.

    This is a new disease, which scientist, doctors, researchers and politicians are all trying to work out. Mistakes will be made. When polio shots first came out, they didn’t always work in that some children got a mild case of polio and the doctors sometimes put it down to other things, like tonsils infected.

    There are no guarantees in life besides taxes and death.

    (Response: Everyone is entitled to make certain choices for their own life … including which vaccine to take or not take it at all. But NO ONE has the right to make that choice for someone else … or deny them a medication or vaccine as prescribed by the medical experts who researched, developed, tested it on thousands of volunteers and then drew up expert conclusions on how to administer it. When politicians and their hired help get involved, change how any drug is administered and bump up the numbers in their daily “briefings”, I worry about the consequence. h.o)

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