Wonderful Chance for YOU to Send Trump a Real Message!

Trump is a bully … we’ve all known that for some time … so no one should be surprised that the US president is trying to bully Canada (and others) to cry “Uncle Sam” by imposing unfair, unjustifiable tariffs.

We have to now make sure the US pays at least the same price it inflicts on us … and hopefully even more.

The Canadian government HAS responded with anti-US tariffs of our own ….valued at $16.6 Billion, effective Canada Day, July 1!

Here is the complete list of US industries/products to be affected: https://www.fin.gc.ca/activty/consult/cacsap-cmpcaa-eng.asp.

I’m glad to see it is quite extensive and targeted: not just steel and aluminum; but all kinds of foods, grocery, confectionery and household manufactured products (many from strong Trump-base states) … but also for which Canadian consumers can easily find domestic or imported alternatives.

A good start.

But YOU can do more!

Trump’s declaration of a trade war against Canada gives anyone who has long despised and repudiated him and what he represents a UNIQUE opportunity to hit back … where it hurts.


Let’s keep it real: I don’t expect Canadians who have already planned US vacations/cruises/resort stays to cancel. And let’s not forget many Americans are still our friends and are just as opposed to Trump’s actions as we are.

BUT We must NOT sit still and be kicked around …by the likes of Trump.

Time for Canadians to stand up for our own dignity and fair trade.

Do you REALLY have to grocery shop south of the border? Why not CUT that out … for your country? Or limit casual crossings to gas and a few essentials?

There can be no victory if WE are not prepared to stand up …and even pay a bit of a price.

And here at home, YOU can start looking at the labels on EVERY product next time you grocery shop: do you really need to buy the US product? Are there other alternatives that would let YOU send a message to Trump? Take it!

The big US product exporters to Canada will feel the larger impact over time … but YOU now a rare chance to make an impact much closer to home.

If American communities that cater to Canadians start feeling Canadians’ ire in their cash registers and employment figures, the stupidity of Trump’s bullying attack on Canada will come home to roost … and hopefully wipe the smiles off the faces of Trump’s base.


Harv Oberfeld


(PS. Now Macleans has taken up the cause with some great tips on US products easy to avoid:  https://www.msn.com/en-ca/money/topstories/a-patriot’s-guide-to-shopping-during-a-canada-us-trade-war/ar-AAyypqM?li=AAggNb9&ocid=mailsignout )

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49 Responses to Wonderful Chance for YOU to Send Trump a Real Message!

  1. Gene The Bean says:

    Almost everyone I know is so disgusted by the ‘ole U. S of A that they are already boycotting. I hope I never have to set foot in that country again.

    This is what I posted just after the election – “Congrats America – welcome to the 1960’s”.

    People ask “How could this have happened?”

    Here is my take.

    After eight years of a BLACK man in the WHITE house, conservatives and especially conservative Christians felt threatened. Remember, conservatism only works when they make you afraid and fearful. Works even better when you can identify an ‘enemy’ that has a different skin tone.

    Those groups are terrified that their ‘white privilege’ and their ‘white heritage’ is going the way of the dodo bird. They see it every day, more dark skinned people in town, more Asians on TV, “OMG look, someone is wearing a headscarf!” Most immigrants are people of colour. Everywhere they go they are seeing what is coming and they are afraid. Perfect breeding ground for the racist, lying bully they call President.

    The people that invented MORAL BANKRUPTCY, conservative Christians have led the way. They would rather blow the whole thing up than rationalize and accept that the world is browning and white privilege is on its way out. They wont go without a fight. Morally bankrupt conservatives only care about themselves and the pursuit of wealth and power. They are not true Christians at all. Those kind of people exist in our country too. Some may have even posted comments here.

    I had the misfortune of living in the southern USA in the early 1960’s. I saw, first hand what these people are like. How they treated black and brown people. I saw the hatred and disgust. I witnessed the abject bigotry and loathing of young black children by white teachers in school.

    Welcome to the 1960’s folks. That is all back now. Maybe it never went away……

    All those people and the ‘weekend racists’ have now been emboldened by a lying cheating racist sociopathic narcissist. It is going to get much worse before it gets better.

    Trump is the best thing that has ever happened to the progressive movement. He, and the racist hater conservatives that voted for him, have mobilized the centre and the left. Tens of millions of Americans turn 18 this year. Most of them, for the first time ever, will vote. Every single demographic other than white Christian conservative will increase their voting numbers substantially. Those that were “too busy to vote” or those that say, “It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t affect me” will get out and vote.

    The mid-terms are going to be a slaughter. 2020 will be even worse. Conservatives, conservatism and the haters are going to be given an ass-kicking of monumental proportions. I cant wait.

    It wont be pretty though. When you have a gun culture country of angry, ‘refuse to be educated’ racist haters that are about to lose their position of power …. well, lets just hope for the best.

    Imagine living in a country where you have to worry about your kids getting murdered at school….

    Anyways, tick tock, the reckoning is coming. Conservatives and conservatism will soon be clinging to the edge of the bowl as the water swirls higher and higher and finally takes them down the drain and to their rightful place. I will wave goodbye with a smile.

    Sorry for going full on BQMC on you with a long post but hey, at least I didn’t talk about myself or use random capitalization!

    Buckle up folks, it is going to be a bumpy ride.

  2. Diverdarren says:

    This is what Canadian, Mexican and to a lesser extent the EU gets when we (and the others) dither on the trade file with the US.

    When back in March the US postponed these tariffs with their legacy trading partners we knew that June 1 was the deadline. Where’s our Trudeau/ Morneau led top-notch negotiation team? The US (ie: Trump’s people) are not going to sit on their hands hoping for a reworked NAFTA, while we try and wait out the clock for a mid-term change in government.

    It’s a US pressure tactic, simple as that. And they have more pressure than us.

    Harvey, not sure about how a Canadian boycott will achieve the goals you want. If you really want to go toe-to-toe with the largest economy and trading partner we have you should call on Canadians to write our fearless leader demanding a full blown trade war with the US.

    Ya, we’ll show them Yanks who’s in the driver seat. LOL.

    “Other countries know a trade agreement is the right approach. Canada and Japan are already seeking agreements with China, and so far, China has cooperated.” CNBC May 31, 2018.

    Did we think the US would let their “allies” Go and make deals with US competitors? Did we think the US wouldn’t say anything about China trying to use Canada as a backdoor for dumping steel on the US?

    We need to come to the negotiation table knowing our place on the pecking order. Canada will do much better being a preferred trading partner with the US than trying to sell our stuff on the competitive world market.

    (Response: There will be no wide trade war: most American business interests and Republican officials know THEY will suffer greatly from it. But in this current salvo fired by Trump, Canadians have an advantage to send a message back south: the truth is WE are much more plugged in to what’s happening between our countries than are most Americans … who couldn’t even name two provinces or our capital and really couldn’t care less about trade. But WE understand it; WE care: and that EMPOWERS us to individually and quietly TAKE ACTIONS personally that will IMPACT US businesses and jobs and their bottom line …which is what counts most to them. CHECK the labels!!! Take a stand for CANADA! h.o)

  3. Eldon says:

    Whether you agree with JT or not, you have to admit he is exhibiting bold leadership. This week may well define his term.

  4. Gilbert says:

    Personal relationships are very important in politics. Clearly President Trump has a low opinion of Prime Minister Trudeau. The prime minister’s refusal to go to Washington was a big mistake.

    (Response: Trump has a low opinion of everyone….except himself. h.o)

  5. 13 says:

    I dont think Ill get to excited at the prospect of Justin Trufeau going toe to toe with POTUS DJT.
    It is not a fair fight. Not on any level. Not in anyones wildest dreams does our PM measure up.
    Justin has proven time and time again that he does not have the ability to make a decision. Justin could not manage to make a minority government in his own country follow our own rules. Justin ran scared when an oil company gave him a deadline.
    Justin vs Donald . Not a fair match up.

  6. BMCQ says:

    At the Severe risk of Offending the Spelling, Grammar, Topic, and RANDOM CAPITALIZATION Cop on Duty here I will take a shallow dive into this subject.

    First of all “I have a Dog in this Race”.

    My YVR Based Company Employees about 25 People in Canada, about the same in the U.S. a few in The IK and Australia.

    We Export $ Millions of Dollars into the U.S. and more to other World Countries.

    The Company is Unionized, pays MSP, Extended Health and more, the Company will thanks to Horgan, Meggs, Gunton, Weaver, and their Minions pay Double MSP Equivalent Premiums and Fees next year. We will also pay MUCH More Property Taxes, Workers, Freight because of Gas, and many other Fees and taxes Foisted upon Business by ALL Three Levels of Government.

    The Company also purchases many Tonnes of Unalloyed Aluminum from Rio Tinto which in turn is turned into Manufactured Product for Export World Wide.

    I am very concerned about Trade Wars and I am very concerned that in the case of Canada we have ad a PM and Negotiating Team that has Dragged their Feet, Fiddled, Preened, Pranced, and Toured on the Mr. Dress Up Circuit while NAFTA was basically being ignored by the same Liberal Government.

    In fact Past U.S. Administrations have made Poor Trade Pacts and those poorly structured Trade Agreements have damaged the U.S. Manufacturing base. Any honest person with any understanding of Elementary Economics 101 can source that information.

    DJT recognized the Trade Imbalance at least a decade before he took his place in the White House.

    What the Trump Administration is doing now is simply Negotiating NAFTA and Canada will do well if we stand firm and present the facts on how our Trade Relationship with the U.S. works.

    The Mechanics are basically quite simple and the Stats will present the facts.

    The real Target in this whole Trade Fiasco is China and YES China does have an unfair trade advantage and it Will and Should be Addressed and repaired. China knows this and they will change, contrary to what many Economic Genius’s would like to think China needs The U.S. more than the U.S. needs them. It is totally irrelevant that China holds U.S. Bonds and the rest.

    Keep in mind that China Cheats the whole World is victimized when it comes to Intellectual Property Rights and that is part and parcel of the whole Trade Issue.

    Where do YOU think 90% of the Worlds Fentanyl comes from? Counterfeit Air Craft Engine Parts made from inferior Chinese Steel Alloys? Toxic Food Products come from China, Hell you may as well be eating “Soylent Green”!!

    China must be addressed and Trump is the ONLY World Leader at this time willing to take the challenge.

    Yes, Trump can be somewhat of a Bully, Boorish, Uncouth, Rude, Opinionated, Unpolished, a Poor Speller, he sometimes uses Random Capitalization, he is Too Orange, and eats Cheeseburgers but he is what the World and the U.S. needs at this time.

    The Election of Trump is much the Snells Law of Physics, “Angle of Incidence Equals Angle of Reflection”.

    People had enough of the PC, Inept, Disengaged, Dithering on ISIS, Celebrity Groupie, basically Racist, HRC, Pelosi, Kerry, Harry Reid, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, Barack Obama Administration and they Voted for the Polar Opposite.

    Keep in mind that Obama LOST both the House and the Senate before the Dems lost the White House, Obama was only Popular amongst the Dems and Liberal Elites by the end of his Administration.

    Then to top it all off Americans saw what had taken place in the EU where Almost ALL Countries are in Mid Collapse and they will never recover, they saw “Brexit” with more to follow and they voted accordingly.

    Without Control of Migration/Immigration, Without Defined Borders and without the Ability to Defend those Borders YOU Have No Country, simply ask the Hard Working Tax Paying People of The EU, they will explain all of that to you.

    Diver – 2

    Everyone on this Blog including Harvey, Canadian Politicians, Canadian NAFTA and other Trade Officials should read your Post at least three times and they should read carefully, you have summed it up very very well.

    I hope they are listening to you.



    U.S. Trade Negotiators are Seasoned Professionals and they are Sharks, Canada needs to get back to the table very quickly and we need to hold meaningful negotiations now, no more time for dithering.

    How anyone thinks that PM Justin is Leading on this, the Pipeline, or any other issue is using “Alternative Facts”.

    Again China is the real target when it comes to U.S. Trade and Canada needs to settle NAFTA and then get out of the way and watch the China Deal play out.

    If Canada is able to secure a new NAFTA Deal with hopefully a small percentage Flat Duty we may see a lower CAD but that will actually benefit Canadian exporters.

    We in Canada and our Government and Trade Officials need to accept Trump for what he is and negotiate the best deal possible.

    Forget the personalities, name calling, retaliation, and the rest we need to get down to business and hammer out a new NAFTA Deal now.

    You could very well be correct on your stance here Harvey and I understand that you are upset but I just do not see the “Retaliation Card” paying any dividends regarding NAFTA for Canada or Canadians.

  7. Hawgwash says:

    Harvey, your efforts will not be rewarded with huge numbers of new boycotters. We are a country of complacency.

    Those who would boycot are already doing so by way of their own conscience; those who would not, won’t even read your linked list of products.

    Throw back to the 1980s ripped knee Levis are far more important; it’s just who we are.

    On the other hand, even considering Palmer is an admitted “liberal journalist,” this is a good read for the everyone, including the complacent;

    (Response: Never underestimate the power of ONE …multiplied by thousands. EVERYONE in Canada who has been bothered, disgusted, opposed to Trump’s narcissism, crudeness, rudeness, racism and bullying … now have a REASON and an OPPORTUNITY to take action and send a message to him and his supporters. Many Americans also oppose Trump and his latest actions: our response…LOOK AT THE LABELS AND LEAVE IT ON THE SHELF…. would send a message of support to them … and also expose Trump supporters to reality. h.o)

  8. Chuckstraight says:

    Good idea. For myself easy to do- haven`t been to US for over 20 years.

  9. BMCQ says:

    Eldon – 3

    or Mr. Bean for that matter.

    Is the attached what YOU might call Bold/Immense Leadership?


    Please explain just what may have happened to ANY Conservative Leader of ANY Government who happened to address a Student the way PM Justin spoke to the young woman during the attached event.

    I uh, await your answer for both questions.

  10. John's Aghast says:

    Gene, yoU shOWEd greAT Restraint! anD you did it mentioning only One Other counTRY. proud of You!

  11. Gene The Bean says:

    #10 John – funny!

    Thanks, and in case you were wondering I wasn’t referring to you with the use of random capitalization.

    As I pointed out on Harvey’s last post, one of the signs of a sociopathic narcissist is the use of random capitalization, like Trump and a few others do.

    Just for fun I encourage everyone to Google sociopathic narcissist and see if it reminds you of anyone…… It is amazingly accurate, for both of them.

  12. Gary T says:

    As far as I am concerned, we should just walk away from NAFTA talks. That will hurt a lot of US states far more than it will hurt us, as the US continually fights the current NAFTA every chance they get. Everything will change in the US this fall after their elections, and Trump will lose his ability to be a bully anytime he feels like it. Why do you think he was in such a hurry to get a NAFTA deal done so quickly. We, as a country need to stand up to the US, and show that we cannot be bullied, and there are other countries that we can trade with at better terms.

  13. Crankypants says:

    I have a question that some of you may be able to answer.

    Who keeps the duties that the various countries impose and collect?

  14. Gary T says:

    @Cranky. I do believe the feds get to keep that.

  15. Barry says:

    A way to hit Trump where it will hurt is in military equipment sales. Right now Canada has a program in place to replace our F-18 fighter jets.

    American companies should be loudly told they will not be allowed to bid until these tariffs are removed. The Europeans have many fighter jets that would fill our needs.

    And extend this to all government procurement. If we need a new jet to fly the PM around in, Airbus makes perfectly good airliners.

    The Americans need to have it drilled into them that trade is a two way street and if they don’t like it, well we can always go elsewhere.

  16. e.a.f. says:

    #13, if Trudeau got in the ring with Trump he’d clean his clock or did you forget the last time Trudeau got in the ring with a Con. Intellectually Trudeau is way ahead of Trump who has the reading ability of a grade 5 student and limited vocabulary. His main words appear to be, “sad, beautiful, very beautiful, grab them by the pussy”.

    Trump is not a good public speaker. His speaking to his base may work with them, but any body I know with over a grade 3 education doesn’t think much of him.

    Trump is a liar. He lies continually and simply refused to deal with that fact. I put my money on Trudeau. I’m good with what he and Ms. Freeland are doing.

    What this may be about is, what was written today on Politico, quoting Trump, he wouldn’t mind having two agreements, one with Canada and one with Mexico, which is what he has wanted all along and Trudeau has said from the beginning Trump is not getting.

    I vote with Gary T. at #12.

    The E.U. is also taking action. wonder how Georgia feels about that. Mercendez Benz employees 6K AMericans in their factories there and the salaries are the majority of wages are in the $60K to $70K range and considered THE place to work. the wages are way above other places of employment.

    I’ve always bought Canadian first, even if it costs more. I believe in my country. Then it was American. Now that will be Mexico, the E.U.

    p.s. I’m not a Liberal.

  17. BMCQ says:

    Gary – 13

    Canada Exports about 75% of its various Products to the U.S..

    That includes Oil, Minerals, Autos, Aluminum, Machinery, Lumber, and several others including Parts and other Components.

    Just which Countries would you recommend to make up that 75%?

    Keep in mind that China and Even Japan as examples restrict the importation of Canadian Automobiles. In fact if one was to wish to purchase a Jeep in China that costs about $55 K in Canada Duties would push the price for that same vehicle in China to over $90K. Think about that.

    Then you as a Canadian might want to think about purchasing Real Estate in China or Japan and even have a desire to move to either Country. Let me know just how well that Purchase and the re-location goes.

    As to the U.S. being such a Bad Place?

    When was the last time you saw 100 or so Poor Downtrodden Americans rush down to the Beach in Miami, cobble together a Raft out of Old Cigar Boxes and Row Off to Cuba?

    As to the Mid-Terms?

    Do not Count the Votes yet Gary as Mr. Carriville once said, “It’s the Economy Stupid”!

    Employment in the U.S. overall is very Good at under 4%, Blacks and Hispanics are at the Lowest Unemployment Levels ever, ISIS is defeated, Iran is on its Knees, China is changing unfair Trade Policies, NOKO is desperate after Sanctions, the Dems are imploding where the best they have is WARREN, Booker, Harris, and some are even saying a soon to be 80 year old Creepy Uncle Joe Biden.

    Sure Gary the Mid Terms could be Great for the Dems, why don’t we ask POTUS Hillary and see what she says about the last Election where she was favored to become President by 85%, I am quite sure she will have an answer for you.

    Hell we might even ask Robbie Mook, Nate Silver, or our own Gene the Bean, they had it all figured out did they not?

  18. BMCQ says:

    Barry – 15

    Why don’t you ask PM Justin’s favourite Charity Bombardier how they might feel about a Trade War with the U.S..

    Would Liberal Warrior Justin risk His Darling Quebec’s Bombardier in a Trade War?

  19. 13 says:

    @eaf, Im sure that Justin in the ring would be a devastating combatant. Justin must be good at something because hes not much of a leader. He was duped by the Texas oil company. He looks like a complete hypocrite to anyone that believes in the climate change story. He has asked us to pay more carbon tax while approving huge carbon producing projects. Then he allows us to foot the bill for his inability to lead. Justin reacts slowly and without a plan.
    I see that DJT has dragged our farming and softwood industries into the mix. We need more help than Justin is capable of delivering.
    Threatening to buy fighter jets from Europe ? Weve been dithering about jets and helicopters so longer than the www has existed. We might be able to beam me up Scotty before we actually buy any meaningful arms.

  20. D. M. Johnston says:

    I am surprised that Justin “the apologist” is not apologizing to the USA over this. Somehow, it is our fault.

    What we see is the consummate grifter and now potentate of the USA decree that somehow the USA is badly off and we, we the terrible Canadians are part of the cause.

    No on wins in a trade war and only the little people get hurt.

    That being said, I welcome a cooling of US and Canada relations because the USA has treated Canada as a leper since 9-11.

    The last time I crossed in to the USA, some 3 years ago to take my son to play in a rugby game in Bellingham, we were treated with such contempt and bile by the boarder agent, with his parting shot; “Welcome to the land of the free”. That I have never been back.

    Land of the free, what the hell do Americans think we are in Canada?

    I know there are a few Canadians who want to be American and desperately want Canada to be American, but it aint going to happen.

    I would like to see Canadians have visas to travel south and those residing longer than 2 month in the USA, lose their medical insurance coverage.

    I would also like to see a lot of things stopped between Canada and the USA, as the once great United States of America has evolved into a latter day fascist state, where owning a gun is more important than the slaughter of almost 3,000 school children at schools since 2014!

    Trump will kill NAFTA, that is for sure as it is a platform of his base of voters, the gullible, ignorant, slightly demented and racist/religious extremists.

    The damage being done the USA is almost repairable, but that aside, the next big issue for Canadians is that when Canada legalizes marijuana, they will find it almost impossible to enter and travel in the USA, if they smoke or thought to have smoked pot.

    Land of the free? Entering the USA will soon be like entering Berlin, during the blockade.

    Boycott the USA, bring it on!

  21. e.a.f. says:

    Do like some of the points you make BMCQ. That is why I believe foreigners should not own more than one condo in Canada, just like China.

    Japan and China have both always had strict rules about imports. The U.S.A. not so much. We’ve had trade with the U.S.A. for a very long time. to suddenly have that changed because dump has an agenda which has little or nothing to do with the good of his country, just isn’t working for the U.S.A. or Canada. Our economies have integrated over the life of NAFTA. What dump wants is two agreements, where he benefits from both. That isn’t what has been on the table for all these years. dump is pandering to his base because they believe they will get jobs.

    Even though the unemployment rate in the U.S.A. is under 4% that is not an accurate reflection of the economy in the U.S.A. there are all those who live in depressed areas which just don’t have jobs and we know where they are, starting with Kentucky and other rust belt states. Then there all the people who don’t get counted because they have been unemployed for more than a year. there are all those who just gave up and their lives have gone on a downward slide. Then there are all those towns in Ohio with their drug problems. None of those people get counted into the stats.

    People aren’t just going to the U.S.A. for the economy, some are going because they are fleeing for their lives. Central American has a problem and people don’t want to be murdered by gangs and political rivals. A lot of the problems in Central and South America can all be laid at the feet of the CIA from back in the day.

    As to the lines about African Americans and Latinos and unemployment, reads like a quote out of the dump play book. Racism in the U.S.A is at an all time high. Cops are murdering African Americans at an alarming rate and people having the cops called for going about their lawful lives while being black is just a bit much. then there is the continued segregation of American public schools.

    People flee to the U.S.A because its the closest thing to Central and South America and they believe the dream. Some achieve it, many don’t.

    The treatment of the dreamers in the U.S.A is disgusting and racist, in my humble opinion.

    ISIS will never be defeated, they’ll morph into something else and resurface, Iran is not on its knees. Countries are going to be purchasing their oil in Euros and the Europeans will be more than willing to sell them goods as they did when the sanctions are lifted. Iran is a much better country than Saudi Arabia, they’re the real terrorists.

    If Canada looses the U.S.A. as a trading partner we can trade with Iran. Not a problem Hey we sold those war vehicles to Saudi Arabia, so why not planes and medical equipment and raw materials to Iran.

    China is never going to change their policies. They’ll amend them for the viewers in the U.S.A. but they will not be deterred. Just have a good look at their islands in the sun which upset the rest of Asia. They’re looking good right now because that is how the press portrays them. They gave Ivanka her trade marks on everything from dresses to caskets. they gave her father $500M for the resort with his name on it in Indonesia. Nope, I think this trade thing is all about something dump needs for himself or one of his financial supporters or some Russian crook. China is never going to stop stealing intellectual property and as long as some one is making money that won’t change.

    N. Korea, they’re just playing an egomanic for all its worth. They can make a ‘peace’ deal with S. Korea, China, and Japan and freeze out the U.S.A, get a few other countries to sign on and its done. dump has already said he expects China, Japan and S. Korea to bail out N. Korea’s economy. the U.S.A isn’t doing it. dump simply thinks he will get the Nobel, right as if they’d let him into a room with the Royal Family in Norway.

    In my opinion the U.S.A. is a country in decline, not unlike other greats before them. Hello G.B., Spain, Portugal, Holland, etc. They ruled the seas and then some one else came along. The internal divide in the U.S.A. simple is getting bigger and bigger. The “entitled whites” are seeing a change and they don’t like it. This is dump’s answer. As to the ones you named, none but Biden has a chance. But then the Republicans themselves may not like dump after their economy slides even further and Jeff Flake may be the next contestant.

    the tariffs are a source of income for the U.SA. and their government needs it badly given the tax breaks dump has given his financial supporters. In another few years the interest on mortgages will no longer be a tax deduction. Expect a big bust in their real estate market. That will be helped along with the repeal of Dowd Frank. We all know how things ended the last time the financial elites had a clear run at things. there need to be rules within a country or things can really go off the rails.

    of course all of this may be just fun speculation because Mr. Mueller may have other plans for dump and friends. Don’t think dump isn’t pardoning every one and any one he can to send his message. I’m waiting for him to Pardon Roman Polanski. Yes there are some who want him pardoned. Oh, right that republican governor of Missouri just resigned because of some unlawful things such as sexual assault, attempts at black mail. the republican governor of Alabama had to resign in a deal so he didn’t go to jail.

    Trump is desperate. he is telling Rick Perry to ensure they keep the coal and nuclear plants running. guess who benefits. its part of a plan to finish building a nuclear plant in Alabama which they stopped back in the 1970s. Cost over $4B. The U.S.A. needs those tariffs and its not about keeping our goods out of their country. Keeping a lot of our goods out of their country will hurt their economy and we keeping theirs out of theirs won’t help them. the Europeans are doing targeted tariffs, where it hurts republican politicians.

    We may suffer with all of this, but Canada has a social safety net, which the Americans don’t have. Now it may be argued, we won’t have it if we can’t finance it, but I expect we will carry deficiets and find other trading partners. The Americans will not have that major safety net, Health care.

    It might be interesting to see what individual States do. some of them are going their own way on health care, environmental issues, etc. Wonder if some will try to go their own way on tariffs or find away around it or take dump to court. California is the world’s 5th largest economy. bigger than G.B.

    dump is not a good business person. his own companies went bankrupt, he failed to pay his suppliers and trades and only started making money under a structured repayment plan to trade on his name.

    As they say, we live in interesting times.

    As to dump, what if Mueller really does have a “sealed indictment” against him?

  22. BMCQ says:

    Gary – 12

    Barry – 15

    By suggesting that Canada explore other Trading opportunities with Countries other than the U.S. you may have stumbled onto something BIG!

    Why doesn’t the Federal Canadian Government purchase a Pipeline that could transport Alberta Crude from that Landlocked Province to the West Coast of B.C. which would allow Canadian Crude to be then loaded onto ships for Export Transport to other World Nations for a much Higher Price than what Alberta/Canada now receives for that same crude from our neighbor the U.S.

    World Oil Prices are say about $ 70.00 per Barrel today and as it stands now because of our inability to export the Oil Offshore we are only getting discounted price of about $ 40.00 per Barrel.

    If we then added to or twinned that same Pipeline we could export More Crude for an even Higher Selling Price and Greater Profit for Canada and Alberta.

    Guess what, our Prime Minister has just partly solved the problem by purchasing and soon twinning the former Kinder Morgan soon to be named People Kind Pipeline.

    Imagine that, all of a sudden we can lessen our dependence on Exports to the U.S. and we can get an even higher price for the Oil.

    Canada and B.C. can then ask Newly Anointed LNG Warrior King Premier John Horgan to
    continue to fight for more profitable LNG Exports to various World Nations as prices will soon rise and demand will certainly increase at the same time.


    By increasing Oil and LNG Exports we are lessening our Dependence on the U.S., we are creating more jobs, higher profits, and we are increasing Royalties for Federal Government.

    All of this contributes to supporting Health Care, Education, Infrastructure and much more for Canadians.

  23. e.a.f. says:

    Over on Politico they are reporting Pence phoned Trudeau on Tuesday and insisted the NAFTA agreement have a sunset clause for 5 years and the deal would have to be re negotiated every 5 years. Trudeau’s response was to cancel his trip to the U.S.A. good for him.

    so when does a V.P. phone the leader of another country? Its supposed to be leader to leader, but it indicates to me the U.S.A is suggesting we aren’t that important. if we aren’t, I guess that deal won’t get signed and that is fine by me.

    Mexico it reported is going to impose $8B worth of tariffs on American goods.

    Many officials in the U.S.A aren’t happy with dump’s attitudes.

    Interesting. will be even more interesting to see what deals dump makes with China. I’ve got a suspicion it will be much more favourable than the deal dump wants with Mexico and Canada.

    Now lets hope that pipeline we just purchased from Kinder Morgan doesn’t get sold to Communist China.

  24. 13 says:

    @eaf, personally I can see why President Trump would send an underling to deal with Justin. Justin is lucky to get Pence and not the second chef from the White House kitchen staff.
    BTW if China buys the pipeline it wont be because Trump sold it to them. The pipeline courtesy of your golden boy belongs to you and I.

  25. e.a.f. says:

    I’d suggest we keep the pipeline as a Crown asset. Regardless of how much it costs to build a refinery, we ought to get with it because it provides us with security. If you have to rely on other countries it might not always turn out so well. Trading partners some times just kick you to the curb, as we are seeing now with the U.S.A.

  26. Art Smith says:

    Harvey, we have problems, and I mean big problems. Canada has, for quite some time now, a branch office mentality, we don’t make things anymore, we don’t process things anymore, we don’t do much of anything any more. We supply raw material for others to do what needs to be done, then we buy it back at a premium.
    We have plenty of smart people, but we elect stupid people to govern us and then we can winge about them, and not take any responsibility.
    We expect to have a robust economy and then let the likes of the KM protesters have free rein to stall our economy. We have a Prime Minister who has killed 2 pipelines and bought a third, which will probably never get built no matter what the Liberals say. They don’t want it, Notley doesn’t want it and Horgan doesn’t want it, it is all just political theatre. Nothing gets done in Canada anymore without going through a million miles of red tape, mostly to try and placate those who protest and they are for the most part paid for by Canada’s competition who don’t want to pay world prices for our resources or who want to keep us out of markets that they wish to exploit themselves.
    This was a roundabout way of saying Trump may cause us some temporary pain, but we have a lot of endemic problems which are self inflicted and until we start acting like a real country we will continue to have them.
    We need to take our military seriously, we need to take the northern part of our country seriously, we need to take our petroleum industry seriously and stop relying on imported oil and take our fresh water resources seriously and we need to take our borders seriously, if we don’t someone else will.

    (Response: When so much of our economy is tied to the US, it’s no doubt difficult to act on “principle” or even total self-interest. Especially with our much smaller population and economy. That’s why I support Trudeau’s retaliatory tariffs … good to see him standing up to Trump the bully… and I suspect as more and more “normal” Americans realize the stupidity of Trump’s actions, pressure will mount on him domestically. Meanwhile, I have not bought any groceries etc from the US this past week … kind of sad, since I like many Americans.. but feel pretty good taking a stand …until the US under Trump starts treating Canada again with respect. h.o)

  27. John's Aghast says:

    Great idea e.a.f. We can use up all the surplus aluminum and steel resulting from Dump’s tariffs, it’ll create no end of jobs to build and just as many to decommission when it becomes a Stranded Asset. Hopefully there’ll be a market for recycled refinery parts in a post fossil fuel project.

  28. BMCQ says:

    Art Smith – 26

    Very Impressive, Take a “Big Bow”!

    A Very Thoughtful, Thought Provoking, Intelligent, Insightful, and Educational Post!!

    You make far far too much sense for most here to agree with you!

    You are obviously much better equipped than Canadian PM Justin to deal with this WORLD TRADE Problem.

    People that Lurk or Participate on this Blog should take what you have pointed out very seriously, NO Matter what their Political Brand.

    I am very happy you mentioned Alberta PM Notley, I agree that if she was an NDP or Green Politician in B.C. or any other Province than Alberta she would be 100% against the KM or ANY other Pipeline.

    Amazing what Most Politicians of any Brand will do just to save their own A**!!

    Hey, at least for now she is on the Right Side of the Pipeline Issue.

    You are a “Welcome Breath of Fresh Air Art”!

  29. 13 says:

    Art Smith, very interesting comments. Thanks.
    To Aghast and eaf and anyone else that drives a nissan leaf. GBS perhaps. The leaf replaces a sub compact fossil fuel burner. Probably saves 100 liters a month. Hmmm so thats the end of fossil fuels eh?
    I drive a 2013 Tandem axle Volvo with a standard Volvo engine. I pour 300 liters of diesel into that wonderful truck EVERY (not random)DAY. Now think about the thousands of truck running around the lower mainland. Many go further pulling heavier loads than I do. Think of the buses, again 1000s of them burning more diesel.
    Now I know that Tesla has developed an electric semi. Ive approached my boss with your concerns re fossil fuels. He doesnt think that he will be upgrading to the teslas any time soon.
    I think that any money spent on the fossil fuel infrastructure will NOT go to waste.
    An electric boeing 747 to shuttle all the climate gurus to their Swiss get togethers.
    An electric rocket booster. An electric aircraft carrier.
    Good thing were building site c

  30. Gene The Bean says:

    Art #26

    Congrats on hitting all the conservative talking points:
    -Canada is in big trouble (be afraid….)
    -others are taking advantage of us (be more afraid…)
    -governments are corrupt (I guess except conservative governments…)
    -too much ‘red tape’ (protecting jobs and the environment doesnt get the CEO a second vacation home…)
    -protesters are ‘paid’ to protest (lame, just so lame)
    -more military (for what…to go kill some more brown people?)

    Tick Tock.

    The largest demographic of conservative voters in Canada and the Excited States of Trumpastan are over 60. Tick Tock.

    The dinosaur numbers are dwindling every year, replaced by young progressive decent people who actually care about more than money and themselves.

    Enjoy Trump and all he has to offer. Relish it, roll around in it. It’ll be the last time you ever see a conservative government in North America.

  31. e.a.f. says:

    13 at #29, don’t drive an electric of any type and don’t expect to any time soon. Have two gas driven vehicles and one is a lovely gas guzzling F-150 pick up, just for fun. If you live in a rural area in this country an electric vehicle just isn’t going to cut it. You at least need a hybrid and they cost a lot of money. Electric vehicles are great in urban areas.

    As to that big Volvo truck you drive, switching over to Volvo electric will be good and if we can’t settle with the USA, I’m sure more Volvos will be driving around Canada.

    If we do not stand up to Trump, we will be swallowed up. We don’t manufacture much of anything any more. its too bad because we made good products, but people want very cheap things and hence China and other Asian countries. If a country doesn’t produce things, the economy doesn’t grow except on paper. Paper burns.

  32. BMCQ says:

    Art – 26

    Let’s just wait and watch what happens in the Canadian Province of Ontario Tomorrow.

    The Elite Leftist Liberals and NDP have turned that Province, Alberta, and already B.C. into “Have Not” Provinces and that is why Leftist Elite Federal Liberal Leader PM Justin is now all of a sudden the OIL PIPELINE and Selfie King.

    PM Justin realizes that with out of control Spending in Ontario, in B.C., and the Federal Level Canadians will be demanding Funds for Programs like Health Care Education, First Nations and the rest.

    As a wise Woman once said, “Socialism Works Great Until You Run out of Other Peoples Money” !!!!!


    “There is a Change Coming” And we only need to wait one or two more Sleeps !!

    Tick Tock !!

    China will soon be brought into line, NAFTA will soon be renegotiated and running smoothly and the EU will soon see big changes and that will present many new Trade Opportunities.

    It appears that the Socialist Activists in the EU are on their last legs and they will somehow revert back to a European Common Market Trade Deal but each Country will maintain Control of Migration/Immigration and they will have well defined Borders and they will defend those Borders.

    There are many new Trade Deals in our Future.

    The G-7 Meetings will go very well and there will be a new awareness of what China has been able to get away with under the Disgraced Bill Clinton, GW Bush, and the Inept, Disengaged Barack Obama.

    Working Class People of ALL Creeds, Colours, Religions, and Incomes want to have Work, they want to support Families, and they want a Safe and secure Homeland.

    Yes, there will be changes with Trade Deals and thee will be new ones forged but very soon Canada will have it’s Fair and Balanced Trade Deal. NAFTA may change somewhat but it will work for Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.A.

    I look forward to the Vote Count in Ontario!

    So do the Hard Working Tax Paying Citizens of ALL Ethnic Backgrounds, Religions, and Skin Colour !

    I wish them all much success, the change has been far too long coming.

    Who knew that the Theory of Mr. Bean would be put to the test so very soon!

    In closing I must admit that I should give Credit where Credit is Due.

    PM Justin was wise to make his Retaliatory Tariff Sanctions effective July 1. By doing that he is allowing the G-7 Meetings to take place, he is allowing the U.S. to pressure China, and he is aware that Canada has “Favoured Nation Status” with the POTUS Trump.

    In fact I would be surprised if Trump and PM Justin had not discussed this whole NAFTA and World Trade Strategy in earlier discussions between each of them and their Staffs.

    I honestly believe that PM Justin is “Out Front” on this Trade File.

    Watch for a Deal with Canada, the U.S. and probably Mexico well before July 1.

    As I have stated earlier on this Blog, China is the problem here and China know they have Finally Met their match.

    The Facts Speak for themselves !

    This is just the beginning.


    I would Post the original Wall Street Journal Column but it would not open for Readers here.


    AS I stated the other day, a Jeep produced in Canada that retails for about $ 55 K in this Country sells in China for about $ 90 K!!

    China is the most restrictive crooked Trader in the World and things are about to change.

    BTW – I just purchased a New Haas VF-4 CNC Machining Center which is built in Oxnard California.

    And seeing as We are all still here.

    At the beginning of the Trump Administration Trump stated that NATO Allies were NOT full filling their obligation to the Organization.

    People were Upset, Sickened, Disgusted with his Tone but guess what?

    ALL NATO Partners are NOW full Filling their obligations by Investing about 2.5 % of their GDP into NATO Defense. Imagine that!

    NATO is now more than ever in a position to defend Europe and the West against Enemy Countries.

    As a Wise Old Man once said,

    “Security Through Strength” !!

    I firmly that a Fare NAFTA Deal is very much in play and the Agreement will be in place much quicker than one might think.

  33. Art Smith says:

    GTB #30
    I always find it quite amusing that those who, from what I read in their entries in this blog, try to imply that they are so much more enlightened regarding race than the rest of us Redneck Scum that dare to have an opinion that may differ from theirs. When I mentioned the military, I was thinking of defending our borders from any threat that may occur, not to shoot black or brown people, that was your construct.
    I know that people like you, from what I gather in your posts, think that big government is the way of the future and is the best way to go, but some of us, naive as we may be, think the individual and private business are much more reliable than any government. Maybe you should ask the people in Venezuela, Cuba or any other socialist utopia how great it is.
    Paid protesters, yeah, I knew it was lame, but when Tides pays for Tsporah Berman (sp) and Vancouver’s mayor Gregor Robinson I thought it might be relevant, no matter how lame.
    Let’s see what else did you disparage in my remarks, oh yeah, red tape: I read somewhere, that when the Liberals took over from the NDP in 2000 I believe, or thereabouts, the forestry regulations went from a 3 ft pile to a 1 ft pile, probably still too much bureaucratese, but that’s governments for you. Just as an aside somewhere it was reported that to sell broccoli in the EU the regulations took up 2600 pages, that kind of sums up government participation in trade.
    Oh, and by the way, comparing Trump to Obama is a joke. Trump never had racist attached to his name until he had the temerity to oppose Clinton. Obama was in charge of the most overtly racist regime ever seen in the U.S. (“Trayvon could have been my son.”) Give me a break!
    I understand the disappointment you must have had when Trump was elected, but for heaven’s sake, get a grip, he can’t possibly be worse than Obama, who disappointed everyone and was probably the reason Trump was elected.

  34. John's Aghast says:

    BMQ – 32
    BTW, I just got a brand new pair of roller skates… and they weren’t built in California!

    Are all the “Facts That Speak for Themselves” really Facts, or just Your Opinions?

  35. Gene The Bean says:

    #33 “Trump never had racist attached to his name until he had the temerity to oppose Clinton.”

    Ya, I guess his fathers involvement in the KKK was just ‘locker room talk’. Geez. The selective memories and alternate facts of conservatives is laughable. He is, and always has been, a racist. The facts speak for themselves.

    Conservatism unfortunately in the last 25 years has become a cesspool of hate and intolerance. Morally bankrupt to the core. History wont be kind to folks like that.

    Anyways, the gong show that is tRump wont last long. He is so toxic now, everything he touches turns to dogcrap. I bet he’ll either not go or leave the G7 early as there wont be any fluffers there for him. Did anyone see that video of the cabinet meeting where tRump moved his water bottle from the table to the floor and Pence just about pulled a muscle to copy the Dear Leader. Too funny. You gotta wonder why tRump cant drink out of a glass like a normal person though…

    Please though, enjoy the present because the future has no place for people that think like you. I used to be a conservative until I ‘grew up’ and started using my own brain instead of blindly following. So, there is still hope for you.

    PS: Big government is not needed in a just and free society. Saying progressives support big government is just another lame conservative talking point, nauseatingly repeated by bleating followers.

    Yes, I would imagine forestry regs have been slashed, don’t really need them when you axe 6,000 mill jobs and export raw logs because that is more ‘profitable’ for the foreign owned corporations. High paying mill jobs, who needs ’em, they can go work at Mickey D’s, right?

    How far some have fallen…..

  36. Harry lawson says:


    Another thought provoking post,

    We have a winter home in Arizona so we could only do a partial boycott if we chose to.

    I have enjoyed the comments it is nice to see some new posters.

    This trade dust up is more about the mid term elections, and China than Canada .

    Some on this blog have blamed presidents Clinton ,Obama. The reality is every president and every cananadian prime minister has to deal with the fall out of Richard Nixon opening the doors to China as well as going off the gold standard.

    A bigger threat to the U S and Canadian economies are the fluctuation in the currencies .

    (Response: As I mentioned, I don’t expect others …or plan myself … to cancel vacations etc in the US. Many of us have family and good friends there… who are embarrassed and oppose Trump’s vicious attack on America’s closest trading partner and historically most loyal ally. But his “base” … many of whom do not realize trade is a two-way activity … need to understand how MUCH Canadians buy from the US. I have been looking at grocery labels/sources this week …. and have not bought anything from the US. Frankly that feels good! Imagine the impact if EVERYONE who reads this does that for a few weeks or months (as long as Trump’s attack on Canada continues) . .. and passes n the idea!!! h.o.)

  37. BMCQ says:

    Aghast – 34

    I would not Post anything on this Blog unless I thought it was factual, I wouldn’t expect anything different from you.

    Mistakes can be made and people could have incorrect information and that is OK with me as long as they are not intentionally misrepresenting the facts.

    People like you and me might differ on Politics but we should not differ on facts.

    I stated up the page that I feel PM Justin is not capable or “Not Ready” to be Prime Minister of a Great G-7 Nation like Canada but I believe PM Justin is handling the Trade Dispute with the U.S. correctly. I believe he has had discussions with DJT and Canada will fair well in NAFTA.

    That statement above is simply my opinion and you might not agree.

    I believe that what DJT is doing to Re-Boot World Trade Policies will eventually pay great dividends for the U.S., Canada, and other Western Nations that have lost much of their Manufacturing Base to nations like China.

    I run a Business that is a Manufacturer and an Exporter, I have a lot at stake and I am not just shooting off my mouth.

    DJT is certainly not perfect and as Harvey says Trump may be Boorish, Agressive, Confrontational, and the rest but IMHO the World needs someone like DJT to finally put China back on it’s Heels Militarily and Economically. Trust me, China is the problem when it comes to World Trade and they must be stopped now.

    For far too long World Leaders have ignored the Cheating and other Transgressions of China and something must change and it must change now.

    I would like to suggest that you watch the outcome of the G-7 Meetings and see the final result.

    I doubt very much that any Disaster/Catastrophe
    predicted and hoped for by the Elite Liberal Media and their Political Masters takes place.
    Please let me know if there is.

    I believe that a new direction and trade template will be negotiated, put into place and those of us in the West will see that new Trade Structure provide positive results almost immediately.

    Much of the pressure coming from DJT towards Canada and Mexico is part of the NAFTA negotiations and I understand that.

    I truly hope that a new NAFTA can be negotiated with minimal changes but I am not sure if that is possible. Again, IMHO there may be a small percentage of Duty attached to certain Goods crossing into the U.S. and Visa Verso into Canada. I really hope it does not come to that as things as they currently stand work so well.

    Art Smith – 33

    You “Hit the Nail on the Head” with your last sentence of Post – 33.

    DJT is POTUS because of the fact that the U.S. Electorate Rejected almost everything about President Barack Obama, simple as that.

    And I believe this was the Main Motivating Factor for Trump.


    So you see, we all have Barack Obama to thank for the FACT that Donald Trump is President.

  38. Gene The Bean says:

    Art, Obama is to blame….. cant be havin’ a black man in the white house …. threatens our, ummm, “heritage”, if ya know what I mean…..

  39. e.a.f. says:

    After Trump’s performance after the G-7 and the comments he and his made regarding NAFTA and our P.M., no good will come of anything regarding trade deals.

    Trump is more interested in bringing his friend Putin back into the fold. That isn’t good for trade. We all know how corrupt that country is. Keeping Putin/Russia out of things regarding trade is a good thing. In my opinion, Trump sees it as a hinderence to his ability to make money for him and his clan.

    Saying there is a “special place in hell” for our P.M isn’t about negotiating trade, its about trying to change the narrative and interfere with out political governance.

    BMCQ, I realllly can’t agree with you on your comment about the American electorate rejecting what Obama stood for. As I recall Clinton had several million votes more than Trump in the popular vote. It was the electoral college which did her in. If the American vote was by popular vote, she’d be President today not the misogynist, racist piece of nothing that occupies space on earth.

    No good will come of trade talks with the Americans and we will not have better trade. They want into our diary industry to keep Paul Ryan’s base happy. Once they do that, they will want more and more and more until we are simply their whore who goes out to work and they the pimp who takes all the money.
    We can survive without the U.S.A. and we may have to start doing that very soon.

  40. BMCQ says:

    (Edited…off topic)

    Any Honest person that reads and listens to the Comments by PM Justin should be able to see that he “Jumped the Shark” and rushed to ingratiate himself to his Canadian Liberal Base.

    The Deal was Done, it was all but set and he decided to Preen and Prance his way into becoming a Warrior King and it simply “Backfired” there is NO other way to look at if you consider the facts.

    Then Again, not every one wants to look at the facts.

    PM Justin Was Not and Is Not Ready!!

    I am almost embarrassed for him.

  41. BMCQ says:

    e.a.f. – 39

    Look there literally hundreds of Information Pieces on the Electoral College.

    I have attached just one here from the Huffington Post who absolutely hate Donald Trump.

    This Piece was printed in 2016 so they may have changed their opinion after the Election of POTUS but non the less here it is.

    The Electoral College guarantees a much more Democratic way of Electing the President.

    It it was left totally to the Popular Vote California and New York would Elect the President every year.

    Of course there is always the chance you might endorse that.


  42. Eliades Pastor says:

    Behold the oscillation of Canadian governments from bad to worse.
    Away from Harper to Trudeau, away from Prentice to Notley, away from Obama to Trump. See the trend? It gets worse.

  43. Rollie says:

    Here’s food for thought – The Wheat Pool guaranteed farmers payment and train cars to tidewater now the bins are full and no jingle in their jeans. Way to go Harper! Protect dairy we have learned our lesson!

  44. BMCQ says:

    Seeing as we are all still here I have attached a FP Piece that some might find of interest.


    China! China! China!

    China IN FACT are the Biggest Cheater when it comes to Trade, Trade Tariffs/Duties, Currency Manipulation, and Restraint of Trade.

    Hate Trump as you will but he is the FIRST Western Leader to take the Unfair Trade Practices of China!!

    It is an Atrocity that Macron, Merkel, Trudeau, and the rest of G-7 and EU Leadership Stand Back and watch a 72 Year Old Man take this Gargantuan Task On All By Himself!!

    In Fact they do not only abandon him they Work Against His Every Move and they Vilify Him.

    As Walter Kurtz once said, “The Horror, The Horror”!!

  45. e.a.f. says:

    BMCQ, oh, its Sunday morning or my version of it and went over some of the posts. Please spare me the 72 yr old man routine. His daughter just got 4 trademarks from China. He regularly has all his products produced there, as does his daughter, to avoid paying decent wages in America.

    The man is a monster.

    The problem with China has been there for more than a few years and all those countries and corporations had a choice. they wanted to lower costs so they did business in China. No one held a gun to their heads. they could have manufactured in their home countries or countries which didn’t want their intellectual property.

    China is going to do what is best for China. Might be better if Trump did that also.

    if we are looking at Trump taking on China, that is fine. Did he have to declare war on the rest of the G6 while he did it? Of course not. That was his choice because it panders to his base and at some level is working for him.

    With Trump it is always best to see what his other hand is doing when he waves one. the man is a mobster, a grafter, a child abuser, a thief, well all in my personal opinion. We shall see what Mr. Mueller has to say, or rather Mr. Cohen first.

  46. BMCQ says:

    e.a.f. – 47

    Not to beat this thing to death but very soon you will see what is at play with the G-7, EU, China, and the rest of the World Trade Fiasco.

    I gave you my “Coles Notes” Version about the DJT Negoatatikn On China and Free Trade up the page a d you choose to not accept those facts.

    I suppose we can discuss in January 2019 after the Mid Terms have been decided and after the Unfair China Trade Policies,Strategies, and Currency Manipulation have been dealt with and rectified.

    I will be the first to remind you.

    Sometimes I honestly believe that you would argue Physics with Einstein.

  47. BMCQ says:

    Seeing as We are ALL Still here!

    I am so very pleased so many of you are looking back to this Post Thread!!

    Once again, I find Conrad to be Arrogant, Egotistical, Full of Self Importance, and I truly believed he abused his position and squandered Corporate Funds on Personal Gain while CEO of Hollinger but he still makes a lot of sense almost every time he puts Pen to Paper and he is a Great Writer.

    One of two of you that have taken the time to look back this far might find the attached of interest.


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