Young “Uncle” Trudeau Beat Back Older Bullying Trump

Make no mistake about it … the bully south of the border cried “Uncle”.

And it was because Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister, 47 years old, stood up … unflinchingly … to the 45th American President, 72 years old, telling him BLUNTLY that as long as our aluminium and steel is subject to Trump’s phoney “security” tariff, Canada would NOT ratify the new NAFTA (I won’t call it USMCA until it’s in effect).


Trudeau and Canada’s team knew Trump had been feeling the heat from much more important sources than Canada … American farmers, producers, manufacturers, exporters AND several Republican politicians facing re-election … all of them HURTING from Canada’s own retaliatory tariffs … on top of China’s own retaliatory tariffs.

Clearly, for many, Trump’s “winning” ways weren’t working as planned.

Turned out, American industrial producers and manufactures NEED Canadian aluminum and steel … even with the tariffs (passed on, of course, to consumers) … more than we need their bourbon, prepared foods, agricultural products, personal care products, kitchenware etc. … all fairly easily replaced or avoided.

In fact, despite the added cost of the tariffs, Canada’s Stelco, for example, “reported net income of $108 million on revenue of $648 million for the quarter ended Dec. 31, 2018, compared with net income of $16 million on revenue of $452 million the same period in 2017”, as Global News reported in February.


And the upward trend has continued into this year too: Stelco’s first quarter revenues totalled $517 … UP 7% from their first quarter 2018.

I leave it to the business analysts to figure out whether these solid gains resulted from increased exports to other countries, greater domestic sales … or the reality that American steel/aluminum-related industries NEED Canadian products to manufacture their goods.

And removal of those tantrum tariffs will only help Canada’s bottom line even more.

It’s clear, despite the rhetoric, the tariffs, the attempts to bully, the insults directed at trading partners … and the higher prices … most American consumers have not taken up Trump’s nationalist cause.

The US trade deficit has actually grown …

“The U.S. trade deficit widened in 2018 to a 10-year high of $621 billion, bucking President Donald Trump’s pledges to reduce it, as tax cuts boosted domestic demand for imports while the strong dollar and retaliatory tariffs weighed on exports,” Bloomberg news reported.

Trump was desperate for a “win” SOMEWHERE as the trade dispute with China escalates, his other foreign ventures flounder … and Democrat Joe Biden now repeatedly tops him in most polls.

So the bully caved on steel and aluminum.

I could hardly stop laughing as I watched the US President, addressing a rally of his base, still call his backing down a “win”. And they cheered. LOL!

So I think we should admire how Trudeau stood firm in handling the steel/aluminum US bullying … just as he has also not bowed to Saudi and Chinese bullying tactics on other matters of principle.

Canadians are a quiet, compassionate people … but that should not be mistaken for weakness.

Of course, let’s keep it real: the “win” could not have come at a better time for Trudeau either!

It should NOT make Canadians forget or, in my view, forgive his disgraceful handling/treatment of BC Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould.

But we should be prepared to grant Trudeau this: from a national perspective, his standing up to Trump, under pressure, took strength … and the result should make us ALL happy … and even proud.

Harv Oberfeld

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48 Responses to Young “Uncle” Trudeau Beat Back Older Bullying Trump

  1. JImbo says:

    Don’t forget Ms. Freeland with the accolades. She is a very persistent and intelligent person who led on this file.

    (Response: Absolutely correct. But the direction comes from the top: national leaders set the international policy for their nations (hopefully, but not always, in conjunction with their Cabinet members, officials, experts and strategists) and if they take the heat for failures, we should be prepared as well to congratulate them on victories … despite their other failings. ho.)

  2. Gene The Bean says:

    It was a total cave from the Twitident. I expected it earlier and I laughed too when he spun it to the knuckle-draggers as a win. Those people truly have no bottom.

    Millions of unemployed, barely employed, perpetually poor people with no hope and no future conned by the conservatives with the cry of “we are the only ones that can preserve your privilege and heritage”. So lame.

    China will get some big wins too.

    The con is unravelling.

    More billion$ for farmers wont stop a lot of them from not voting for The Stain. They wont vote for a democrat either, but staying away is the same thing.

    Big win for Canada. We all should be proud.

    (Response: Trump truly reminds me of an old “carney” at a fairground … selling his magic mixture … and amazingly, MILLIONS over the years have bought in to that. I get it …when rich Americans, benevolent Republican PACS and financiers and big corporations celebrate their further gains under his administration …but when so many getting so little (if anything) buy “in” as well to the hollow rhetoric, lies, even racism, it disappoints …to say the least. h.o.)

  3. Hawgwash says:

    Harvey, you give the kid far too much credit.
    It takes little effort to say “no” when the American Al interests have done your work for you.

    The US aluminum boat building industry alone is huge and they pounded Trump into submission long before Justin the justice jerry-rigger wagged a finger.

    (Response: As I indicated in my piece, there WAS a lot of heat south of the border ..not just from producers and manufacturers, but from Republican politicians in affected states as well. But make no mistake about it: If Trudeau had decided to go ahead with submitting the new NAFTA deal to Parliament as the best we can get at this time …we would have been all over him. So the fact that our government STOOD FIRM and told the US we would NOT approve NAFTA changes until those tariffs are removed … and we WON …deserves credit as well. h.o)

  4. 13 says:

    Trump VS Trudeau.
    Trump has vision that extends well beyond our lightweight PM. The new NAFTA /USMC trade agreement is a win for Trump. Trudeau can claim a win but the real victor will be the leader that still has his job come 2021.
    I shudder when I think about our trough dweller going toe to toe with any world leader never mind Trump. Somehow Trump doesnt strike me as a man that needs politics as much as politics needed him.
    Trudeau on the other hand doesnt have much to fall back on if he loses in October. Ski instructors and substitute drama teachers arent hard to find.
    I dont think that the removal of the tariffs on steel and aluminium will be enough to get most Canadians past the gag reflex when they see Justins face.

    (Response: You may indeed be correct: the Trump backdown and Canada’s victory may not be enough to overcome Trudeau’s weaknesses/failings. BUT he DID score for Canada a WIN in a very critical game: and frankly, I enjoyed watching Trump back down. h.o)

  5. Marge says:

    None of this is Trudeau. It’s his minions, you know the ones he blames when everything goes south. Like Jody, Jane and the Norman guy. The person you should be commending is Ms. Freeland, not Trudeau. He’s just a backroom puppet.

    (Response: Certainly, the government’s advisers, strategists, negotiators and Freeland ALL deserve credit: but let’s keep it real … none of them would have been standing firm, saying NAFTA approval would NOT be submitted to Parliament if the PM had not LED and DIRECTED Canada’s position. Sad to see such partisan animosity … even when Trudeau (who I myself have roasted on occasion) does something right. We should give HIM credit when credit is due. h.o.)

  6. Beenie says:

    Yes Canada won for many reasons. However, the trump supporters won’t recognize anything you pointed out. They will continue to believe everything he tells them. These followers need to be hurt in their wallets before they may listen.

    (Response: You’re right. I watched a bit of a rally he held today in Pennsylvania …and like trained sheep, they cheered at his ramblings, his lies right on cue and booed at the media on cue. I searched the background for even ONE realist … like that student in the plaid shirt at an earlier rally who showed his incredulity at some of Trump’s rambling … and became an Internet and TV show star for actually listening and critically evaluating what Trump said. But there was no one like that today. Sad. But my prime concern is Canada … and I’m happy we stood up to him …and won decisively. h.o)

  7. e.a.f says:

    Trudeau and Freeland brought the deal home. They both have the calm, clear, minds necessary. It was really all about not caving on this. Declaring Canada’s steel as a security risk to the U.S.A. was something which never did fly with most Americans. All Canada had to do was wait them out.
    Thankfully Scheer was not in office or we would have been in trouble.
    In almost any game we can out wait the U.S.A. just as China can and will out wait the Americans.

    To deflect from this “defeat” Trump is ramping up his rhetoric regarding Iran. This time other countries won’t be following the U.S.A. into a mindless senseless war. well perhaps G.B. but their government would like a diversion also.

    When I see Trump “preform” at his rallies he reminds me of some of those 50s comics, a rude, crude, nasty version of them, but his speech pattern, etc. is much like they were, except they were funny.

    The E.U. has looked at by passing the American monetary system and establishing their own, so they won’t have to deal with the American’s sanctions on Iran. Europe made a lot of money when the sanctions were lifted. Unfortunately Canada didn’t make any money because Harper had cut diplomatic ties.

    Its time the world told Trump we aren’t interested in playing his silly games, Looks like Iran has done it and I’m sure China isn’t finished with Trump either. They could if they wanted, just dump all those American bonds they hold.

    Trump is a thug and a bully and Trudeau simply dealt with him as such. Good for Trudeau!

    (Response: I don’t think most Americans are really aware of the damage Trump and his bullying, his insults, his crudeness, his appalling so often displayed ignorance … have done to the US credibility and reputation around the world. I do like many aspects of America; it once was a real shining light of freedom and compassion in the world; I like many American people; their accomplishments and contributions to the world are unparalleled; and, I hope the US will one day respect the true meaning and principles inscribed in its own Constitution and Bill of Rights and restore its government’s own dignity, respect for others and trustworthiness … internally and abroad. h.o)

  8. BCMQ says:

    One thing for sure there is no shortage of Trump Haters on this Blog .
    Forget the facts, any excuse for a good “Trump Bashing ” seems to be the attitude .
    I am not surprised that Trump is blamed for almost everything including Climate Change and the upcoming next pregnancy of Kim Kardashian .
    My company exporters $ Millions of Dollars of Union Made B.C. Manufactured Non Ferrous Metal Products to the U.S. and up to 50 other World Nations including Israel, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, and many more.
    NAFTA was indeed an unfair Trade Treaty for the U.S. and a much better deal for Mexico and Canada, that is simply factual .
    Bill Clinton signed off on the Regan negotiated NAFTA Agreement and after the U.S. was taken advantage of ever since that day. Clinton, Bush 43. Obama, were all aware that it was a bad deal for the U.S. but they just sat on their hands and ignored the damage that the U.S. suffered .
    other horrible Trade Deals with China, The EU, Japan, and South Korea have also harmed the U.S. Economy and the Manufacturing Business Base including the Employees right across the U.S. .
    In some cases I has resulted in major job looses and an assault on the quality of life for Factory Workers and Shareholders of hose companies .
    It was long past time for an American President to act on NAFTA, the EU Trade, China Trade, South Korea, Japan, and others that took advantage of poor U.S. Trade Negotiators .
    say what you like about DJT but between bad trade deals, a horrible IRAN Nuke Treaty, Iran Proxy Wars in several Middle East Countries, NOKO, Afghanistan, Iraq, north Africa all bungled by the inept, impotent, ill equipped, distracted Obama and other former Presidents the Trump Admin was left with a very full Dance Card and no matter what he does he is criticized .
    Remember the Red Line Obama drew in the Syrian Desert People ? Russia and their venture into the Ukraine ? Otto Warmbier ? other Prisoners taken all under the Obama watch then released under Trump ?
    Trump was correct o re-negotiate NAFTA and the U.S. WON, Canada and Mexico also WON because it is for the vey most part a very fair deal . What more do you want ?
    I cannot win on this Blog when it comes to Trump so I will point out one or wo additional things and hen end my efforts .
    Trump did Canada a favour, Canada WON nothing, we should accept the fair agreement and build our relationship and trade with America .
    All of the Trade Actions taken by the U.S. are warranted and ultimately the Biggest Target of the Trump Admin is China who do everything they can to undermine Western Civilization .
    It is not Trumps fault that far too many past Presidents have ignore the Unfair and Illegal Chinese Trade practices of Intellectual Property Theft, Drugs including Fentanyl exported to Western and other Free World Nations, Inferior Products, and all of the rest but he is addressing all of it and I will be corrected .
    Even Democratic Leaders Schumer, Union Chiefs, and others are supportive of the Trump Trade Policies .
    The Washington Pos is no friend of Trump and they said his .
    Let’s not kid ourselves PM Justin, Freedland, nor any other Liberal WON anything.
    Canada escaped with a Fair USMC Treaty and we should be thankful .
    For any of you that are serious about China, U.S. and other World Trade Issues I suggest you read the Michael Pillsbury Book
    “The Hundred Year Marathon”
    Then remember that China is not our friend, they, China is in it for the Long Game and countries like the U.S., Canada and other Free World Nations had better pay attention.
    Hate Trump if you must but also appreciate what he is doing on the China File . Far too many past Presidents were far too busy planning Champagne and Caviar State Dinners to do anything about China .

    (Response: You say “NAFTA was indeed an unfair Trade Treaty for the U.S. and a much better deal for Mexico and Canada, that is simply factual.” That is an argument put forward in the Us by Trumpites and neocons, who quote absolute $$$ numbers, but simply not true in terms of global economic trade models. Yes, it has been good for Canada: giving our companies access to a much larger population/market. But you have to keep in mind, in terms of Canada-US trade, Canada has a population of 36 million, the US 350 million … so there is NO WAY trade can be EQUAL. We are simply not going to buy 10 toasters each, 10 lettuces at a time, 10 cases of soup, or 10 cars, aircraft or farm tractors. However, don’t underestimate the fantastic EXTRA market we have provided American farmers for their produce, their canned goods, their manufactured goods etc … allowing US plants to operate at FULL capacity and even overtime to meet Canadian market supply…. even as they CLOSED subsidiary plants in Canada, throwing thousands of OUR workers out of jobs. So Yes, there have been plant closures …but on BOTH SIDES of the border …as matters of efficiency and world trade production and labour-cost realities. But don’t underplay the FACT that MILLIONS of US jobs depend on trade with Canada! And we should never forget how NAFTA has given the US safe, preferential secure access to Canadian resources that many other countries envy. And no one’s interests, on their side of the border, are served by listening or buying into Trump’s lies, insults and attempts to bully Canada (or other countries)… except those trying to politically exploit the emotions he stirs up. h.o)

  9. Gary T. says:

    Okay Harvey. I can give Trudeau the win on this one, but now for the elephant in the room. Just when is he going to stand up to China ? It does seem like we are just lying here after the sucker punch ( two Canadians arrested, and charged ), feeling sorry for ourselves. I think we have to take some drastic action on this issue, and soon.

    (Response: Have you not noticed? Canada (Trudeau) HAS stood up to enormous pressures from China… including the railroading/arrest of two Canadians and even the sentencing to death of another Canadians … to drop extradition proceedings involving Huawei’s CEO. And with dictatorships like China, standing firm, refusing to cave …is a very important step …showing we will not kowtow to them. I’m not sure what else you expect our country to do …at this stage …that would actually EFFECT their release. If you’ve read my blog, you know I have been very critical of our government (and other governments and major companies) for not standing up more when China violates the human rights of so many of its own citizens. However, I do commend Trudeau for not rolling over and giving in to China’s pressures in the Huawei case. And if China goes ahead with prosecuting those Canadians being held hostage … then I’d like him to go even further … and curb commercial/diplomatic links … but we’re not at that junction … yet. And if they execute the Canadian they’re holding… then we should RECALL our ambassador and break off relations … but again, we’re not there … and I doubt they will actually do that. h.o)

  10. BMCQ says:

    Thanks for correcting my silly posting mistake, sorry for the extra work .

    Before I go any further I did point out on one of your topics several months ago that PM Justin and Freedland were handling the NAFTA dispute very well and they deserved great credit . I still stand by that statement . I always give credit where it is due even if I do not really like much about the individual .

    I still feel that PM Justin and Freeland deserve great credit for their patient approah and I also believe Trump had respect for their Negotiating Team, both the U.S. and canada represented their individual countries very well .

    You may not like this and frankly I fel it is a flaw with Trump but he is always aggressive and then pulls back when negotiating . Frankly I do not care as long as he is looking after his country and ultimately Free Democracies .

    DJT is not stupid, he knows Canada and the U.S. are Brothers and Sisters, he is doing what he can for the U.S. while not penalizing Canada permanently .

    Think of all of the things he could have demanded, he even let us off the hook for our Diary Supply System . Did he need to do that ?

    He wants us to do well for the very reasons you point out, we are joined at the hip with the U.S. and 75% of our Trade is with the U.S.

    I only wish our Trade Team would have tied Softwood and other Wood Products to the USMC, we missed an opportunity there .

    Trump is well aware that Canada and the U.S. are the two greatest allies in the world and we need each other . He just wanted a better balance in trade than NAFTA offered and he got it and it did not do undue harm to Canada .

    It was a WIN for both countries, trust me PM Justin taught nobody a lesson . Again give PM JT and his Team credit, they did not run off lighting their hair on fire .

    i agree with much of what you point out and in turn you and others must understand that the Trump Admin was nowhere as near hard on as one might admit .

    Again I urge all here to follow Michael Pillsbury, China is out for Blood and once you understand that you will also conclude that DJT is Boorish, Rude, Impatient, Reactionary and even Orange but he is saving the Western World,

    NATO is now on board NATO Chief Stoltenberg, even the EU now understand how important FULL participation is. Of course you will not see this on CBC, CNN, BBC, and the rest but….

    I export each and every day to the U.S. and it means over 25 Canadians are employed in manufacturing in B.C., that is hard to do and it is very rare . Because of the new USMC and because of the Trump stance against China those jobs are secure and I am willing to invest more in a handful of Business Ventures in Canada, the U.S., the UK, and Australia .

    I never ever would have considered the total mount of investment Dollars I will now commit to under Obama, Bush 43 or Clinton .

    I am well aware I cannot win my argument on this Blog but I ask you to listen and read some of what i have pointed out .

    Frankly I would rather have a rude, abrasive, boorish Trump in the White House than any of the last 4 Presidents .

    The new USMC is a better Trade Agreement for all three countries as all will benefit . and it si more than fair to Canada and Mexico .

  11. Marge says:

    Trudeau is a nothing in the eyes of the world. He got lucky with the Americans. I actually should say his foreign affairs staff and in particular Ms. Freeland got lucky. Trudeau doesn’t have the intellect to be in charge of that event whatsoever. He is a former drama teacher who didn’t even last in an all girls’ school. How did you expect him to run the country with that sort of background?
    I think you could have done us better by writing about the Norman case and Trudeau’s involvement there rather than his un involvement here as we all know he couldn’t have accomplished any of this as he doesn’t have the ability to do much else except look cute for the cameras . Oops – forgot there’s other stuff he’s really good at.
    Did you see where for example Trudeau is increasing the salary of Vance, the nice general who fell on his sword and took responsibility for the Norman case? Nice reward I’d say. $50,000 plus extra for towing the party dirt away from Justin.
    Now Ms. Jody Wilson-Raybould just recently said that “the actions of the Liberal Prime Minister should be “of great concern for many Canadians, across the country.”
    Please give credit where credit is due in the tariffs issue – to Ms. Freeland and not Trudeau. Justin is no hero to any of us. We all should be disgusted by his shenanagins.

  12. Gene The Bean says:

    Just like when a leader gets harpooned when things go wrong, she/he should be praised when thinks go right. Some of your commenters seem to see it one way only. That is really juvenile to me. There are dozens of hard working people behind the scenes that no doubt made this happen but they’ll never get the recognition externally that they deserve. They are the offensive linemen of football, absolutely critical but all the praise goes to the QB. That’s just the way it is folks.

    In an interesting coffee shop conversation one of my geezer friends who dislikes political discussions laid out this gem.

    Peoples politics often mirror themselves. Somebody that is caring, sincere and wanting to help probably supports Trudeau. Someone who is boorish, rude, uncaring and selfish probably supports Trump.

    He capped it off with this – you can tell a lot about a person by the type of dog they have as it mirrors their true self. That one really struck home. I can think of dozens of cases where that is true.

    Distilling a very polarizing subject into such simplicity.

    We get so caught up in things sometimes and miss the obvious. When I read comments here and elsewhere, you can read between the lines and it becomes obvious. Maybe I’m just slow but I guess that’s why you cant get through to a Trumpistani. They are as ignorant, crude and racist as he is. This will save me a lot of time moving forward as you cant reason with an unreasonable person.

    I am worried about what the upcoming federal election will do to the fabric of our great land. I think the aptly named Cons are going to go full pants on fire and fuel the fires of the nationalists, anti-immigration idiots and racists. It has worked elsewhere and I really hope it fails miserably here. I’m sure you’ll give us lots of opportunities here on that subject.

    There are very few true ‘political’ discussions anymore which is troubling. Airing our differences and hearing the other side is now lost in the drumbeat of morality and ethics. Like I said earlier, you cant reason with the unreasonable.

    (Response: Blind partisanship is not only disappointing, it is intellectual dishonesty, reflecting prejudice and sometimes even hate. That’s exactly what has happened in the US … to the point it is destroying the very essence of what America used to be and mean to the world. It has not happened YET to the same extent in Canada: most still seem to be able to criticize politicians/governments when due but also praise when due … and let’s hope that Canadian sense of fair play remains with the vast majority. h.o.)

  13. Art Smith says:

    Hi Harvey, so glad you are back. It is always interesting to read someone like GTB, who always stakes out the moral high ground for himself before labelling anyone who disagrees with him as racists, idiots and generally not nice people. All this because they have the effrontery to be, (heaven forbid) Conservative, and then wonders why there is no civil discourse. The lack of self-awareness is astounding.
    However be that as it may, I don’t think giving Trudeau an “atta boy” for this deal is warranted when he and Freeland were disparaging Trump before and after his election and probably caused most of the trouble in getting the deal done in an expeditious manner. I believe there was a time shortly after his (Trump’s) election when this could have been wrapped up, but they decided virtue signalling was the way to go, so fiddled around with things like gender equality and completely screwed up.

    (Response: I don’t think anyone anywhere caused most of the trouble in getting this deal … or ANY deal Trump has set his sights on … done in an expeditious manner. It’s HIS way of dealing …in business and in politics: make outrageous threats, take bullying actions wherever possible and then hope the other side will cave and just be happy with a deal, any deal to stop the hurt. What Trump did not calculate in the steel/aluminium tariffs case…as the figures show … it was AMERICAN producers who NEED the products who paid the most … Stelco for example sales and net revenues went UP … while US producers etc began hurting severely. That’s why Trump backed down … because Canada/Mexico held firm ..NO NEW NAFTA WITH THOSE TARIFFS. We beat the bully …and it feels good. Enjoy! h.o)

  14. BMCQ says:

    Gene the Bean – 12 – Harvey Response – 12

    Let me get this straight .

    Because one happens to Vote Conservative as Canadians Federally and Provincially have voted for at least Half a Century on many many occasions their Supporters/Voters are Morally Bankrupt, Ignorant, Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Islamophobic, Eat Little Children, and Walk the Earth with Cloven Hooves .

    Yeah sure that makes sense to me .

    I am honestly quite surprised Harvey would allow anyone to Spew Such Hate Speech !

    Would anyone else on his Blog get away with what the Bean has just said ?

    I think not 1

    Frankly I am embarrassed for Bean, why don’ people a leas read and digest what they have said before they totally discredit themselves as Bean has obviously just done .

    Why don’t more people speak out against what Bean is attempting to put over on participants on this Blog ?

    Surely we can disagree without calling Millions of Millions of people in Australia, Canada, the U.S., the UK, and many other Free World Nations that happen to Vote and Support Conservatives names based on nothing more than the Juvenile, Imbecilic Hateful, Ill informed, Bitter, Lonely, Sour Life Experiences of one Gean the Bean .

    Something else to keep in mind is he fact after he Total Destruction and Decapitation of the Alberta NDP Party in Alberta there is only ONE NDP Government still in power in Canada that being in B.C., and that has only two years left to Legislate the Had Working Tax Payer into the Poor House . Tick Tock !

    We will also quite possibly soon see the Conservative Stain spread right across this country Federally, we may very well see a Conservative Government in Ottawa, are each and every one of those Conservative Voters going to be labelled Morons by Bean as well ?

    How SILLY !

    Why is it hat virtually each and every Poster on this Blog except GTB attempt to argue, discuss, and debate the merits of their points of view so we can all share in an experience of an exchange of ideas ?

    Harvey, YOU talk about “Blind Partisanship”, you might want to keep hat in mind when you are addressing each and every one of he Beans Post on his Blog, he offers absolutely nothing to any discussion I have ever seen other than one Post he put up a bout 2 years ago .

    I do not expect others to speak out on this as Canadians far too often sand up for nothing and have no courage of heir convictions so I will sand by myself on this if I must .

    I am going to strongly suggest and request that you let my full unedited Post to sand and face scrutiny as I am fully addressing the childish rant of Bean, nothing more and nothing less .

    Of course we will no always agree with others on his Blog but what would you do if BMCQ wrote a silly Juvenile Post such as Bean just did ?

    I can guarantee you I would not be allowed to sand with out editing or absolute trashing .

    Just read the las line of the Bean Post and that says it all .

    “You cannot reason with the unreasonable ”

    Really ? Imagine that !

    I need some Fresh Air !

    (Response; I did not see …on perusing and now on re-reading … ANY mention of any name or anyone in particular in the post you mentioned. As you know, I try to allow a great deal of breadth in the discussions on here … and do try to watch for silly personal insults etc … which really usually denigrate the writer more than any target. I don’t even see the words YOU mention in the comment that you are decrying Conservatives as:”Morally Bankrupt, Ignorant, Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Islamophobic, Eat Little Children, and Walk the Earth with Cloven Hooves”. Am I reading the wrong one? Other comments are the writers opinion or analysis …whether you ..and I ..disagree or disagree .. is not the issue. h.o)

  15. Bob McQuillan says:


    he names are attacks on any and all Conservative thinking Individuals, it is thee in Black and White .

    Post after Post after Post Bean attacks Conservatives
    (CONS) and indeed does call them Morally Bankrupt, Sexist, Homophobic, Racist, Ignorant, and all of the rest, it is all there to see and you only need to look back over the past year to see everything I point other than the “Eaters of Little Children and Cloven Hooves” which I once in a while add for a little colour and sarcasm .

    And please DO NOT forget ho often he accuses me of “Hating Brown People” . He does that on a continual basis and I am forever explaining my views have nothing to do with race and for good measure I bring up he fact that my 29 year old Son is a Pacific Islander hoping that might across a point but it does no good . That same Son BTW is also a Conservative .

    Yes you do allow a lot of latitude and I am one that has benefitted most, I admit and appreciate that . As a matter of fact at times I would like more latitude as I believe it would add much to this already enjoyable Blog .

    Look Harvey I have attempted to take part in the Norm Farrell Blog and simply because I challenge him or some of his Punters and offer my own opinions I was Banned . .

    No Defenders of B.C. Liberals or Conservatives are given fair treatment, he wants no other differing points of view other than his own .

    You on he other hand allow almost everyone to participate on “Keeping I Real” unless they cross your very Liberal and very fair limits of abuse and that makes for a much better Blog .

    Frankly I do no care about criticism I am quite capable of handling hat as I have done my entire life. I have never backed down on anything and I never will .

    I am attempting to point out that Bean name calls in a demeaning way anyone that disagrees with him.

    Argument, Discussion, and Debate is just fine but……………..

    Again, I have good friends hat have politics much different than mine and we can discuss without calling each other “Morally Bankrupt” etc.

    You are more than fair o me and all others on this Blog but I somehow feel that Gene the Bean is just a little more equal than the rest of us .

    I can only hope I might get a little support on his from others as there is more than enough proof of what I am saying on this Blog in past Threads and one needs not to travel that far back in time to find out what I am attempting to point out .

    Thanks for allowing me to make my points, that would not happen on many other Blogs .


    Bob McQuillan –

    (Response: Again … I re=read the piece in question: GTB did not even mention YOU … and although I don’t agree with some or even all of what anyone comments, and I personally abhor blatant blind partisanship, I simply cannot and would not EVER require that anyone Commenting on here not express totally partisan views … whether they be LEFT or RIGHT. h.o.)

  16. Gene The Bean says:

    Sorry I am causing people such distress but self evaluation is critical to self improvement and I see some of you are starting down that path. That is a good thing. Cant fix it if you don’t realize it is broken.

    On behalf of most of your followers Harvey I’d like to apologize for how you are being treated here. You shouldn’t have to accept being talked down to, instructed, coerced or “strongly suggested” to …. (is that a threat?) by commenters here. The entirety of post#14 is just an attack on me and accidently/on purpose, an attack on you. I know you get reprimanded whenever you edit Shakespeare’s posts and are probably hesitant to do that anymore but as I have pointed out multiple times, we go about a dozen responses here before the same cast of characters takes us off topic and into the gutter.

    That’s where conservatives want the discussion to be but I don’t think you or the majority of your followers want it there. I think we are better, and deserve better, than that.

    (Response: I am not intimidated. I read your remarks: agreed with some; disagreed with others …and responded with my Comments. At no time …even on second read …did I feel anyone in particular was personally being denigrated … and, although I personally might not agree totally, saw nothing worthy of censorship. h.o.)

  17. hawgwash says:

    It doesn’t matter a whit, what I think of Gene the Bean but, post 14, in it’s efforts to get the owner of this medium to gag and and banish a free speaker is, in itself, Trumpian and exactly what GTB goes on (and on and on) about.

    Your repsponse, Harvey, was fair and balanced.

    I see another “fine if you don’t want me” coming.

  18. e.a.f says:

    BMCQ, your comment regarding Bean 12’s comments, first its free speech. Your comment, “that Harvey would allow anyone to spew such hate speech”…………..
    You may disagree with what Bean wrote but it is hardly hate speech. If you consider this hate speech, free speech is in danger, if this is reflective of a Conservative approach to free speech, some may suggest this is problematic. One ought to be able to disagree with any one.

    If one were to look at “Trumpsters” and their speech, there is quite a bit of hate speech, such as referring to Latinos as rapists, murderers, pardoning convicted war criminals, acting like the deaths of 5 children in concentration camp conditions is just fine One could conclude this is a real departure from the norm as we in western Europe and north American have understood it.

    As to cloven hoofs, upp, they oppose the right to choose. The trumpsters and Scheer condmen women to death by their positions. If scheer has to come out and say “he” will not “touch” the abortion laws in Canada, we know its a problem and he knows it. We can’t trust him on this issue. He can easily keep his word by not bringing something to the floor of the House, but he can have others in the party do it for him. he is not LBGTQ friendly either. they have moved to make life quite unpleasant for the LBBTQ Community in Ontario and Kenney is heading in the same direction in Alberta. In the U.S.A. Conservative thinkers are down right violent towards the community. So some Cons are those with cloven hoofs. I would compare them to the devil if I believed the devil existed. What many of us once understood to be Conservatives were just other folks with other opinions. these days I see many Conservatives as haters of anything they don’t agree with.

    Bean is not trying to put anything over on any one at this blog or do you consider all of us so stupid that we would buy into anything Bean has to stay. that is how I read what you have written.

    I know any number of conservatives, they even vote conservative, but they also disagree with conservative thought on any number of subjects. Not everyone tows the party Conservative thought line. We will probably see any number of conservatives vote some thing else in the U.S.A. as the abortion issue comes into play.

    The point of this blog and others is an exchange of ideas and some of us have very differing points of view. I see us more as expressing these views than trying to change others minds’. Some times we pick up points we like and its something we can work on, other times never.

    Critizising others for their opinions is not a good thing, just critize the opinions.

  19. Marge says:

    “Somebody that is caring, sincere and wanting to help probably supports Trudeau. Someone who is boorish, rude, uncaring and selfish probably supports Trump.” Somebody that makes this kind of statement appears to be as boorish and rude and uncaring and selfish as the people he attacks. Name calling is very silly. My students all get this. I wish Gene did too.

    I am surprised Harvey that you didn’t call this person based on the above oh so biased statement. I do not support Trudeau because he is a hypocrite first and foremost. The person writing the above I guess has forgotten all those not so “caring’’ things Justin has done to women, the military and the environment. Maybe he should interview Jody or Jane and get a new perspective or send an email to Norman, Trudeau’s latest casualty. Trudeau also appears to “care” about our environment while gadding about the universe while seniors and veterans are shunted to the side. His treatment of Norman recently just reeks. And then to rub salt into the wound, the gentleman who took all the blame for it is now blessed with tons of extra cash. I guess that’s a really caring gesture Gene???
    Trudeau is not “rude’’ as shown by the comments he made about the indigenous woman who was complaining about conditions on her reserve: “Thank you for your donation,” Trudeau told the woman as she was escorted out by security. “I really appreciate your donation to the Liberal Party of Canada.” BTW I actually worked in that area of Canada as a young teacher and vouch for what that woman had to say. The problem has still not been corrected some thirty years later. Yet Trudeau was displaying good manners according to our buddy Gene, right?

    I am a caring sincere person and have always helped people (in particular young people and their families). I do not support Trudeau because he is a hypocrite first and foremost. I don’t want to pay for a carbon tax when Canada only is .01% of the problem. But hey if Trudeau says we have to cut down our carbon footprints, who am I to challenge it? Especially when the “selfish” man travels around and around on a jet. Isn’t he here today again? This is oh so caring of our planet isn’t it Gene?

    No matter what you say about Trump he gets things done. What Gene has Trudeau done for us other than legalizing weed? This tariff thing was the work of his minions, many of whom he throws under the bus so he doesn’t have to accept responsibility.

    And last but not least the comment that you can always tell a person by the dog he owns. Well I wonder what you make of this Gene? I have owned a wide variety of dogs in my lifetime. From collies to poodles to German Shepherds to Shih Tzus, to rescues, to my latest – a dog who was thrown aside because he was too big for the breed to show and his adopted sister from a puppy mill. And last but not least a Grand Pyrenees (actually daughter’s but I get to babysit my granddog now and then). So what does that say about me Gene? What dog do you own?

    I consider Trudeau to be a hypocrite of the highest order. Notice I didn’t call you that Gene. Just saddened by the fact that many people think only their point matters and everyone else is a crazed fool for thinking differently. I find this especially true with liberals. Maybe Gene can enlighten us as why this is so.
    Sorry for the long rant but as an educator who has been in the business for many years and one who teaches tolerance and acceptance of opinion, I am absolutely flabbergasted by this. My students would say this is not cool at all Gene.

    (Response: I try to allow for a fairly free flow of comments/ideas/criticisms … and I’m trying NOT to do what other blogs do … forbid reader comments. There is nothing wrong with criticizing someone’s or any groups ideas/opinions … but we really don’t need …or are enriched …by the personal insults … so must step up my critical cuts … which frankly wastes too much of my own time. h.o)

  20. BMCQ says:

    e.a.f. – 18

    I will not say any more on this other than to suggest YOU re-read YOUR last line .

    (Edited ..ENOUGH!!!)

    (Response: Get everyone back to the topic pls. h.o)

  21. 13 says:

    Trudeau is a fake feminist
    Trudeau is a liar.
    Trudeau is incompetent
    Trudeau is a small potato,
    Trudeau makes fun of indigenous people.
    Trudeau has little or no qualification to be a PM
    Trudeau panders to Quebec.
    Trudeau has a mild speech impediment.
    Trudeau doesnt deserve the credit for this trade agreement.
    All of the voters that supported Trudeau are fine people that exercised their democratic rights.
    God bless the stain.

  22. Gene The Bean says:

    (Edited…off topic.)

    This topic was about our government standing up to an idiotic bully and winning. Why are you folks so angry when Canada wins?

    ( topic. h.o)

  23. DBW says:

    Wow Harvey. You write a piece in praise of Trudeau and here we are…

    GBT’s comment

    Somebody that is caring, sincere and wanting to help probably supports Trudeau. Someone who is boorish, rude, uncaring and selfish probably supports Trump.

    is, ironically, classic Trump. Look how Trump demonizes Democrats. “They want criminals coming to our country. They want to execute babies etc.”

    When liberals/progressives criticize Trump supporters, they are asked to understand where they are coming from, why they are reacting as they do, what frustrations brought them to this point. Maybe conservatives on this blog should do the same regarding GBT.

    Even as a liberal I roll my eyes when GBT makes some outlandish comment, but I also do the same at the repetitive attacks made on progressives and their agenda by others on here. Sometimes I feel I should be self-flagellating because I spent 35 years in the public service and now collect a pension.

    I know your topic was on the trade dispute and how well Trudeau and Canada did in standing up to Trump. But I am fascinated by the comments here and the underlying ideas of what makes a great leader.

    We criticize Trudeau for being just a drama teacher (hey I was a teacher) but if we really wanted brains Michael Ignatieff or even Stephane Dion should have been PM. People look at Trump and his so-called business acumen and forget that he went bankrupt several times and many of his ventures from steaks to magazines to airlines to universities to casinos failed miserably.

    A true leader is one who can put a team together that can advance an agenda. Trudeau appeared to have that but seems to be floundering a bit. Trump said he would pick all the best people.

    An ex-American friend of mine (Republican/Conservative through and through) told me he would have voted for Clinton if he were still living in the States. But he was really pleased at the team Trump had put together particularly Tillerson and the three generals. Where are they now? And what did they think of Trump. And that’s because Trump only knows how to rule not to govern. (“I know more about ISIS than the generals” etc.)

    Americans are in a strange place right now. Trump is not the cause but the end result. The House Democrats have passed several pieces of legislation but Mitch McConnell (he of we will make Obama a one term president) refuses to bring them to the Senate floor. Trump won’t discuss an infrastructure plan because he’s throwing a tantrum over a Pelosi comment.

    Yeh it’s nice to be a Canadian.

    (Response: I do enjoy my time VISITING the US … I love the winter weather, the food, the shopping, the roads, the attractions and I have some good friends there … wonderful people …Democrats AND Republicans. But I’ll tell you …as I tell them … I am MOST proud and happy when I am in Canada … anywhere in Canada and, of course, BC and Vancouver. Even our partisanship here is not as bad or malicious (despite some comments made on here) as it is there … and I’m happy when many call out the extreme remarks. And yes, when we beat back the BULLY who insulted, lied and tried to hurt us into surrendering … we should ALL be proud and supportive. h.o)

  24. e.a.f. says:

    BMCQ, you are very correct, I made a typing error. Please accept my apology for such a lack of awareness.

    Yes, Harvey I’m very happy Canada won!

  25. BMCQ says:

    e.a.f. – 24

    I would challenge a lot about how you paint Conservatives in your Post but I may be off topic .

    No need to apologize, I m thrilled you made my point !

    (Edited topic)

    Personally as I type this I could easily believe I may be giving him too much credit as I also believe he is intellectually challenged and he may have just gotten somewhat Lucky with the USMCA Deal. Perhaps it has more to do with a capable, patient, and prudent Minister Freeland and her Team along with the same from the U.S. Team including a generous DJT .

    PM Justin did the correct thing putting Freedland in her Cabinet Post, she has for the most part performed well even though she got out a little too far over skis with comments regarding the U.S. a few months ago. I am not really sure if I was correct in giving PM Justin and Freeland Credit on the USMCA File because they showed patience or because they were afraid to do anything but rear Trade File was close to the only positive thing the Trudeau Government has done.

    I will not get agreement on this Blog but the USMCA is a better Trade Agreement for all three Nations and it is much fairer to the U.S. than NAFTA . Still wonder why we did not pursue Softwood and some other Lumber Products, the current Negotiating Process is brutal and unfair to Canadian companies . At the same time it hurts U.S. House Builders and Purchasers .

    There is absolutely no truth that PM Justin beat anyone but I believe there is somewhat of an understanding between Thr PM and Trump, they may not be close friends but they both understand the two countries are much better off with a supportive and loyal relationship .

    I strongly believe that if that was not true Canada would have been far worse off and we may have lost on Supply Management, Trump could have played Hardball and he did not .

    The U.S. will re negotiate Trade Deals with Japan, South Korea, and also fairly soon an Independent UK, free of the EU Masters that have destroyed Europe .

    China needs to be dealt with before the West is not in a position to push back .

    For too long China was ignored by Obama, Bush, Clinton and others, we need to bring China back down to earth on Intellectual Property Theft, Unfair Trade Practices, Counterfeit and Inferior Products, Human Rights, Transgressions in the South China Sea, and the rest .

    It is time for all Western Politicians and their Citizens to overcome their TDS and support the U.S. on this, the country you save may be your own!

    DBW –

    I am 100% certain that PM Justin was not even close to being anywhere as as good a Teacher as you and Marge!

  26. Gilbert says:

    It’s good that the tariffs on steel and aluminum were lifted, but let’s be honest: the Canadian government has made mistakes in its relationship with the United States. There’s little doubt that the American president is sensitive and that it’s wise to be very diplomatic while dealing with him and his administration.

    I believe that the prime minister should have resigned during the SNC Lavalin scandal, but clearly he’s not a man of honour. This was also made clear during the Mark Norman scandal. Due to his arrogance and obstinance, the prime minister will probably be out of office soon, and that makes me very happy!

    (Response: Honor and politics seem very different today than used to be more common. As for Trump’s sensitivity, many believe he is truly psychologically unbalanced, so nothing …not even being diplomatic … can prevent his irrational actions… and reactions. h.o.)

  27. DBW says:

    Comment #25.

    OK we all have our biases, but seriously. You are now going to take away any credit from Trudeau because you believe he is “intellectually challenged” and got “lucky” because Trump was “generous” and “could have played hardball but he did not”.

    Talk about the straight jacket of ideology.

    Trump either lies about or has no clue about how tariffs work. And anybody who says “I am an extremely stable genius” isn’t.

  28. Bob McQuillan says:

    DBW – 27

    I have already stated several times on this ?Blog that Trump may very well be Rude, Abhorrent, Abrasive, Orange and all the rest but the Western World was being taken down a very dangerous “Rabbit Hole by the likes of Merkel, Tony Blair, Hollande, Juncker, Tusk, and the dithering impotent, Barack Obama .

    Trump and what you will soon see in the UK, Brexit, a literal revolution in most EU Nations which will soon experience a Sea Change in Governance (even if it is far too late) where Uber Liberal Government Decisions by EU and various EU Nations Leadership have virtually destroyed a Society and the Culture in every single EU Nation . The EU will neve recover no matter what you think .

    Even the most ardant Liberal Supporter now acknowledges that PM Justin is Intellectually Challenged and simply an Actor playing a part right down to the Obama Rolled up Sleeves .

    Let me ask you this, what would your PM have done if he Best 18 qualified Candidates for a 20 Seat Cabinet posts were Women ?

    Would he have jettisoned 8 better qualified Women to appoint 8 less qualified and deserving Males to the Cabinet ?

    Come on, what kind of Logic is that ?

    Do I need to go into the Costume Gate Fiasco ? the SNC/ JWR/ Pjilpot Quicksand debacle ?

    What about the Vice Admiral Sh*t storm where PM Justin and his Warrior King Defense Minister Sajaan did not even have the courage show up for a vote when Mark Norman deserved a full apology and reinstatement .

    I have already stated hat I believe PM Justin and Freeland more or less deserve credit for their patience even some of those patience may have been fear of stepping in it and spoiling the USMC Negotiations .

    In all honety I would have hopefully done the same thing as I fully believe this whole trade thing was about getting a better deal for the U.S. without harming Canada and Mexico too much while at the same time believing Trump is rightfully targeting the Rogue Nation and Leadership of China .

    Take a minute and follow what Michael Pillsbury says on this Choina Trade concern .

    Yes I lean to thinking it was a combination of patience, fear, and some luck that we ended up with a fair USMC deal. Notice that the NDP or the Conservatives were not demanding poor PM Justin kidks sand in the face of DJT over NAFTA/USMC ?

    Of course Trump is not perfect and he is quite possibly a Bully but look at where the West was headed under Obama and the rest ? In all honesty who carees if he is rude ?

    Did you see the WH News Conference with the NATO Head I posted ?

    Results my Friend Results !

    And in closing I would like to say that if your PM Justin had accomplished ANYTHING of VALUE at ALL I would give him credit but still question his Intellect .

    Trump knows exactly how Tariffs work and he will get results with China, South Korea and Japan before he forms an Alliance with the UK, BoJo, and Farage .

    The EU will vey soon after that capitulate and we may very well soon see a failure of the EU .

    IMHO he EU will see a Disastrous Result in the current Election and there will be a huge percentage of Euro Skeptic Candidates take their Seats in he EU Parliament .

    The Days of Champagne and Caviar will soon come o an end for Merkel, Juncker, Tusk, Lofven, Macron and he rest of EU Leadership !

    The Hard Working ax paying European and British have had enough of Elite Uber Liberal Socialist Leadership and hey want change now !

    hose same people are sick and tired of Elie Politicians in Brussels dictating to them what kind of Food they have and how it is prepared !

    Those same people are sick and tired of High Taxes and Government Bloat !

    A “Straight Jacket of Ideology” has nothing to do with my opinions, I was in 17 countries last year and do business in over 30 Free World Nations and I pay close attention o what is taking place in all of hem . I am also a Shareholder in several Companies and it is my duty to know and understand what is going on with those companies, the Meals Market, Tariffs, Currencies, Economies, and more .

    It has nothing to do with Ideology .

    It is long past time for Politicians and Media o do the same !

    Hold me to this as I never hesitate to offer an opinion . My track record has been quite good so far .

    I do not claim to be a “Stable Genius ” as I do not believe anyone that participates on this Blog would believe me .

    One last thing here.

    When Harvey has his “Keeping it Real” Picnic later this Summer I want to be seated at the same table as DBW, Bean, e.a.f, Hawg, Helena, Aghast, and Max Avelli .

    I can hardly wait !

  29. BMCQ says:

    DBW – 27

    Should have mentioned that I still believe Liberal Paul Martin gave Canada Great Government and wish he was PM now .

    PM Justin could not carry water for Paul Martin !

    Interestingly enough if Martin was PM now the Conservatives would more than likely only be a distant Second Place in the upcoming October Federal Election. Yes Martin Balanced the Budget on the Backs of the Provinces but none the less he Governed well and with a Firm Hand .

    Instead it is quite likely we will see a Conservative Scheer Government .

    That alone should tell us ALL we need to know about PM Justin, his Governance, His Gravitas, and his uh Intellect .

    See DBW, NO Straight Jacket of Ideology !

  30. Gene The Bean says:

    DBW #25 – what a great line “the straight jacket of ideology.” I am going to have to steal that. My own ‘blazer of ideology’ is getting a little threadbare.

    I too am shocked that some cannot accept ‘the win’ just because there isn’t a Con running our country. If there ever was a group that would cut their nose off to spite their face, it would be them.

    Like Harvey says, it works both ways. If you dump on him when he goofs up you should praise him when he does well.

    The hate on for Trump is obvious – as so many in his own government have said – he is a moron.

    Don’t really understand the hate on for Trudeau. Is it his dad? People jealous of his stature so young, his looks … ??? Anyone care to enlighten me? He has never been my personal favourite but the hate is palpable by a few here and just about the entire province of Northern Alabama-Berta. Just don’t get it…..

  31. BMCQ says:

    Bean – 30

    I am more than thrilled you like the line

    “Individuals must not allow themselves to be Bound by a Straight Jacket of Ideology”

    Coming from you I take that as a real compliment !

  32. Marge says:

    The “hate on” for Justin Trudeau point form for Gene the Bean to read:

    (1) Promising to revise electoral system – when he realized it wouldn’t work in his favor this was jettisoned
    (2) Treatment of indigenous people – showing total disrespect by “asking” Jody Wilson-Raybould to take on the position of Minister of this department knowing how she felt about it
    (3) Pretending to be a feminist and a liberal thinker while talking down to an indigenous person who was protesting at one of his gatherings (Does “Thank you for the donation” resonate with you Gene?)
    (4) Pretending to be a feminist while treating three women disgustingly – Do the names Jody, Jane and Celina mean anything to you Gene?
    (5) Pretending to be an eco warrior while jetting all over the world on our dime (Can we charge him for his carbon footprint jetting all over this planet while warning us about climate change?)
    (6) Going after Norman. As we all know Trudeau pushed for the leak of information investigation that led to the breach of trust charge against Norman.
    (7) Not being man enough to stay in the House of Commons for the vote of confidence in Mr. Norman. Neither he nor the Minister of Defense (who BTW was making up his military history as he went along) had the courage to admit they were wrong or even be honorable.
    (8) Going on visits to foreign countries and embarrassing everyone by his behavior (Does India ring a bell with you?)
    (9) Saying how much he admired the countries of Cuba and China for their governments (Does the Hwei lady ring a bell?)
    (10) Holidaying on the private island owned by the Aga Khan
    (11) Being brought up on ethics charges (His cabinet was up on five breaches of ethics since 2015
    (12) Paying off Vance for taking the blame in the Norman affair (Can we say major pay raise the day after the trial was stayed Gene?)
    (13) Giving Galen Weston (that poor starving billionaire) ten million dollars to buy new frigeration units for his groceries
    (14) And last but not least the handling of the SNC Lavalin affair (Can we say cover up Gene?)
    Are these enough for you Gene? Please read them

  33. BMCQ says:

    (Edited …off topic. h.o)

    “Makes you feel Proud to be Canadian” does it not?

  34. hawgwash says:

    Good grief!
    So many on here are reading stuff that isn’t written and what is written is absorbed through clogged, defensive filters.

    It is a point we have come to though; many, not just here, peruse, skip and scan without taking it in context.

    Pose a straight forward question in an email and get an answer you swear must have been meant for someone else.

    Starting to feel sorry for your efforts ,Harvey.

  35. DBW says:

    I am sorry BMCQ. I am a bit confused on how to respond to your scattergun post at 28/29 in which you somehow managed to drag in your usual talking points – the death of the EU, incompetent western leadership under Merkel, Junker, the “dithering” Obama, Trudeau’s diverse cabinet, boasts about your world travels. I was disappointed that you left out Mumbles Meggs and anarchist Eby.

    None of these have anything to do with Harvey’s topic or my claim that you were showing your bias by spinning a narrative to praise Trump and knock Trudeau.

    Bias: You claim that Trump did not play hardball when in fact he did by slapping tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum.

    Bias: You claim that Trump was generous when he backed away from that failed hardball plan.

    Bias: You excuse Trump’s lies, hypocrisy, arrogance, boorishness (“who cares if he’s rude”) yet are outraged that Trudeau says uh or takes a selfie.

    Look I am not defending Trudeau (good list Marge). When he fails he deserves to be criticized.

    Here according to Harvey he did well, but you want to spin it otherwise by creating a narrative of your own choosing.

    If you want to do that, fine. You are in good company with Kellyanne (“you were very calm Mr President”) Conway and Sarah (“God wanted Trump to be president”) Sanders.

    (Response: Now readers can see how difficult it is to offer a blog where Comments are permitted: you are totally correct… many of the comments you mentioned were totally OFF the topic of Trudeau/Trump/Canada/US steel/aluminium dispute …but I allowed them because I hate censorship and tried to allow a broad discussion. Maybe I have to censor more? Ugh! h.o)

  36. elle says:

    I have to join the discussion because I cannot keep quiet any longer. It is really sad what is happening in our country. When our leader calls our citizens names for asking valid questions and then his followers get on social media and denigrate anyone that doesn’t agree with them by calling them racist, bigots, mean, unethical, knuckle-draggers, etc, etc. it is just intimidation tactics. This country is more divided now than it has ever been and it is the doing of the Liberals and their followers. Just because one votes Conservative doesn’t make them inhuman. The US has spent the last few years in turmoil not because of Trump but because the Democrats and the media have spent all their time trying to take Trump down any way they can. Whether he is good or bad they will have another chance to get him out soon in an election unless the people do indeed want him. That is what we have to do here in Canada. If we aren’t happy with what happened in the last election we have another chance at it the next election. Trying to intimidate people for their opinions is dictator-like and I fear that is what is happening in this country. When we have a government that wants access to our banking information and monitoring speech on the internet, how is that not seen as the start of dictatorship. We have a government that welcomes terrorists AND gives them money that we who give the government that money have no access to. We welcome thousands and thousands of people into our communities without vetting them properly. We apologize for everything that ever happened and Trudeau manages to squeeze out a tear and look so proud of his acting ability and compassion when we know he is not genuine. He has a meltdown in parliament when challenged about his actual feminism. There are many reasons why people are not as fond of Trudeau as they once were. Give him credit where due, but we Canadians need a sincere apology from him for what he has done to us these last few years.

  37. Gene The Bean says:

    Thanks Marge. Only one of your points has any validity or seriousness to it. The rest are simple opinions or things that wouldn’t even get somebody written up at work.
    Like anything else, when you peel back a few layers the truth becomes evident, I think I understand now.

  38. D. M. Johnston says:

    Trudeau and the Canadian side fought off the bully Trump and won, which is good news.

    What is bad news is that there is support for Trump and Trumpism. This is sad stuff, especially if the Trumpian conservatives get elected.

    Time for everyone to stand up for Canada and ensure we do not slip into the politcal morass of corruption, big money and oligarchs, now happening across the 49th.

    Canada won this round, which is good, because if Canada lost, we would be an American dormant.

    (Response: I agree completely. As I’ve written, I do like much about the US and I do like many, many things about most American people … BUT none of us should forget or overlook the bullying and insults Canada suffered from Trump as NAFTA was renegotiated, the farcical unjustifiable tariffs on aluminum and steel… and the fact that Trump backed down …not to do the right thing …but only because Canada and Mexico said NO to ratifying the deal (which he needs BADLY before his coming election) and he was under growing economic and political pressures from Republicans to back down. h.o)

  39. BMCQ says:

    DBW – 35

    First of all let me refer you and others to the very important Post of

    elle – 36

    Art, elle, Marge, and a few others point out the many failings of PM Justin and they use their reasons posted to shine a light on the Canadian PM .

    Then you have others who simply use a Scatter Gun approach that paint Trump, anyone that supports Trump including many on this page as Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Islamophobic and all of the rest .

    (Edited topic: NOTHING even remotely dealing with Trudeau/Trump/steel/aluminum .. h.o)

    Some support PM Justin without much proof or evidence of what he has done .

    Others here choose to show his juvenile behavior, his blunders, his poor legislation, and his outright acts of Political Correctness over kill to discredit him and illustrate his poor leadership standards .

    People here ridiculed Harper over silly little things and in fact if you were honest you would now recognize that Harper was a far superior Leader compared to PM Justin .

    Harvey praises PM Justin on the Aluminum and Steel File and I personally give him, Freeland, and her Team Credit but they did not reach the Bully Trump anything and they did not win, Canada, America, and Mexico arrived at a very fair USMCA Trade Agreement for all three countries and YES Trump could have been much tougher on Canada, especially the Supply Dairy Industry . We are very fortunate .

    How can anyone be off topic when they criticize PM Justin when you look at what Harvey says about Trump in his Opening Essay and when you see what Bean states about Trump and his Supporters ?

    (Edited…off topic)

    I am also going to attach something else that criticizes PM Justin and shows his lack of judgement and leadership when it comes to the safety and security of Canadians .

    IMHO just another reason that UNCLE PM Justin is NO Great States People Person .

    ( topic. h.o)

    I celebrate the USMCA Trade Agreement and I wish Trump much luck with his Trade Dispute with China .

    People on this Blog Hate DJT so much they wish him Ill Will in his Trade Dispute with China and that is ridiculous at best .

    Have you taken any time to look into the information I posted on Michael Pillsbury up the page ?

    China is not our friend and they are out to take everything they can from Free World Nations, we should all be wishing Trump and the U.S. Trade Team success .

    If PM Justin, EU, Japanese, South Korean, UK, and other Free World Nations stood with the U.S. and Trump the World would be a much better and secure place .

    Perhaps Trade Warrior Uncle PM Justin will stand up and support Trump in his fight with China, now that would be Leadership !

    That just might win me over at least a little bit .

    One thing for sure we might know a little more about what Canadians think about PM Justin the morning after the Canadian federal Election .

    That is the upcoming Election that will not have JWR, Philpot, and one or two others running under the Liberal Banner because Canadian Feminist and PM Justin tossed them out for insubordination .

    Sure that sort of sounds like Leadership does it now ?

    elle – 36

    Take a Bow, I hope people read your comments very closely !

    (Response: Nothing wrong at all with comments about Trudeau or Harper’s leadership style or background or election suitability … when the topic is even close to Trudeau or Harper’s leadership style or background or election suitability. BUT when the topic is NAFTA/steel/aluminum tariffs … and someone kidnaps the site to totally redirect the conversation by ranting about Omar Khadr, for example, and a host of other unrelated subjects/biases … he or she is then disrespecting me, my blog and everyone else on here who wants to propose ideas and opinions on the actual topics raised for discussion… and read quite widely. Clearly I am going to have to exercise better control to ensure the blog is not stolen away from those of us who enjoy following and contributing regarding the actual TOPICS raised. h.o)

  40. 13 says:

    Harvey your response at 35 is troubling. When Hawg , GTB and other left wing Liberal types always scream about free speech. Seems that the ones that cry out to defend free speech are the same that want to stifle debate that doesnt fit their narrative.
    Having said that GTB is a lighting rod . I couldnt care less that he denigrates everything conservative. He can insult Herr Harper, Trumpistan Lieberal to his hearts content. Its when he puts down other voters or other people that are not politicians that some find a bit distasteful.
    As far as allowing comments vs sites that do not allow comments being more work. Without a doubt it is far more work . Its also far more interesting and far more entertaining. A few media outlets closed down the comments section of their web pages . The excuse they always give is the vulgar language etc. Truly its probably more of a cost savings than a problem with vulgarity. I seldom ever look at their sites.
    As long as you keep writing about the topics you find interesting I for one will keep reading and responding . Thanks for Keeping It Real.

    (Response: Your comment illustrates the growing problem: 250 words … ALL of it off the topic of Trudeau/Trump/steel/aluminum. The problem is clearly once I allow ONE writer leeway the “regulars” go …in every direction … and it’s difficult to impose controls on others after giving initial leeway to one …or two. But this hijacking and personal attacks is HURTING the discussion of the important issues I try to raise. Will do more censoring on the next topic … though I hate doing that. h.o)

  41. Eldon says:

    This comment section is a microcosm of how political discourse works in Canada. Deny the other side can do anything right and distract with red herring arguments.

    Get hurt feelings and frame yourself as a victim rather than an aggressor.

    Every word Harvey wrote on this is true. If it doesn’t fit your prescribed political narrative, just don’t comment.

    I’m not voting Trudeau, but he did not ruin our economy as predicted by many. There are wins and losses to categorize as there are with every leader. This is a win. Be glad his tenure wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be.

  42. elle says:

    Sorry Harvey that I” hijacked your site by ranting about Omar Kadahr”. I was incensed by how GTB had maligned anyone who had voted Conservative and continues to do so freely. He had asked why people hated Trudeau and I gave a few examples of why I don’t like him. I guess he was on topic and I wasn’t. I will try to be more fawning regarding Trudeau in the future.

    (Response: I find your last line personally insulting … and any fair reader knows I do not deserve such disrespect. This blog allow LOTS of criticism about every politician, idea, proposal, issue … MUCH more than others … and it should not be too much to expect those who comment to at least stick close to the topic up for discussion. h.o)

  43. Rob says:

    Eldon I agree 100%.
    Harvey you write a few hundred word articles on many subjects, some I agree with and others I don’t but that is the way it should be. You allow the likes of BMQC and 13 to continually comment with responses 10 times more words than you. I think it is time for them to get their own web sites.

    (Response; I don’t mind anyone writing a longer comment than my original piece (LOL!)… others often know more than I do on any given topic ..and their info can be quite enlightening and even entertaining … IF they stay on topic or even close. But I have been lax … and some are taking advantage … hijacking the space … and sometimes trying to change the subject completely … to fit their own agenda(s). Hate to do it, but to protect the blog for those who really enjoy reading it and getting a good discussion going on the topic … I am going to have to be more diligent in ensuring others don’t send all the readers off onto THEIR pet peeve. And, as you suggest, they can always start their own websites to have total control. h.o)

  44. elle says:

    I did not intend to insult you. I was insulted by your inference that I hijacked your site. I comment very rarely. It is your blog and you are free to use it as you wish. I do not agree with disparaging comments made by either Liberals or Conservatives but I will leave it to you and your readers to carry on. My opinions will stay my own.

    (Response:” All comments are welcome on this site … as long as they at least stick close to the topic being discussed.and I’m happy the topics and remarks are widely read by others in government, business and the media … so it remains a worthwhile endeavour. h.o)

  45. Hawgwash says:

    Harvey, you are too lenient as there are some here who have nowhere else to go, having been either shown the door or ignored by others less tolerant.

    Norm Ferrell was mentioned and like Black Press, he is known to simply not publish comments at times.

    I’m saying any of the above is a good or bad thing but you have lost some decent contributors; just why, I can’t say.

    (Response: Norm has a great, interesting site. People come and people go; some actually develop health issues or die off and or move elsewhere or simply lose interest in topics/discussions …or are turned off by those who try to steal the blog away by twisting/redirecting the topic to fit their own agenda. I still enjoy writing it …and ranting my own thoughts … and believe they (and the Comments) can have an impact … so will continue, until I feel otherwise. h.o.)

  46. BMCQ says:


    I do not believe that anyone on this Blog is attempting to undermine you or your Blog .

    Yes people have opinions and some like me get somewhat frustrated when we are called Racist, and all the rest of it when we post our honest heartfelt opinions and we will defend ourselves, and we should .

    I think you know and understand that .

    Speaking for myself I will attempt to do better and it will be much easier if I am not vilified for my thoughts, opinions, and voting practices .

    I am now attaching a MacLeans Canadian Magazine Article on the NAFTA/USMCA Trade Agreement .

    As we all know MacLeans like you, Bean, eaf, and one or two others are not exactly supporters of DJT so I can then conclude that MacLeans are not going to slant their report Pro Trump .

    I believe the Macleans Piece is well researched, objective, and a fair analysis , I also believe that we may get an update from MacLeans once the USMCA is Ratified as this attached piece was written Oct. 1, 2018 .

  47. e.a.f. says:

    (Edited…off topic. h.o)

    Trudeau isn’t perfect by a long shot, but he is far better than Harper and Scheer.

    Trudeau and Freeland had a real success in this matter and they are to be commended for it. When you’re a small country, dealing with the U.S.A. is difficult, but they did find a way. People frequently forget, we are only 36M vs. the American 340M. Some times Canada has to do a lot of home work, work behind the scenes, and wait for nature to take its course. That isn’t always what some want, but shouting and stamping your feet doesn’t work either. Quietly, quietly can win the day as it did in this case.

  48. JR says:


    First off welcome back. I decided to read the comments again for the first time in a long time but see they are still being taken off topic by some commenters. I still read the articles and sometimes agree and other times don’t but I have stopped reading the comments because of exactly what you are trying to get out of this thread. Unfortunately this is becoming more common the more polarized we get. Keep up the good work “Keeping it Real”. I will continue to visit and read your main pieces but I doubt I will look at the comments any longer. Sorry.

    (Response: Glad to hear from you. It is certainly tough to keep commenters on topic …esp since I try to allow for fairly wide/vibrant debate. But I get it … and will try to focus the discussion more on the topics raised. And what would help in that regard is hearing more often from more of the thousands who read the blog …not just the regulars. Because those in “power” are monitoring what we all say …on the issues raised. h.o)

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