Beware “Students” Who are Foreign Agents on Campus!

They sign up for the minimum number of courses (sometimes as few as two to qualify as “full time” students) … and then spend their days pushing foreign agendas, organizing anti-Israel propaganda “exhibits”, rallies, sit-ins and protests, fomenting dissent and intimidating/harassing other students they view as the enemy.

It HAS already happened here, at a Canadian university, I’m informed by a highly reliable source, a university professor, who taught there for many years.

And if a major, well funded, propagandization effort has occurred at one “higher level” Canadian university, does anyone really believe it is not also taking place on other campuses across the country?

College/university campuses in Canada have become, not places of civilized dialogue of alternative views and perspectives, where sharing and proposing differing ideas for resolution of conflicts are promoted/respected … but instead, centers of intolerance, intimidation, hate and even violence.

“Montreal police say a 22-year-old student was arrested Wednesday after allegedly assaulting a 54-year-old security guard at Concordia University during a violent altercation involving several people who align with opposing sides of the conflict in Israel and Gaza,” the CBC reported just a few weeks ago.

“A second security guard,19, and another student, 23, were injured by assaults during the altercation. All three people suffered non-life-threatening injuries and were not transported to hospital.”

(Read the entire story here:

Ironically, this happened at my own alma mater, Concordia University in Montreal, outside the Henry F Hall Building … the construction of which, as a student journalist, I reported on for The Georgian university newspaper (sporting my hard hat and detailing progress on the work site as the building went up) , while I was a Political Science (BA) student at the university.

Of course, we had our own student/activist issues at the time ( Viet Nam War, Expo 67 funding/hiring practices, and, a hot one, whether our university should join the separatist-sympathizing Union General des Etudiants de Quebec etc.) and I recall many protests/discussions/debates on campus … but NEVER was overt hate spewed, opponents’ heads cracked, opposing students harassed or spat upon on their way to classes … or campus security officers assaulted!

Sadly, the recent Concordia hate fest/violence is NOT an isolated incident.

At McGill University, many “students” there also spend much of their time organizing and pushing a one-sided anti-Israel agenda and propagandizing the student body … and it worked!

It took a Court Injunction to stop a disgracefully, one-sided Student Union policy resolution that called on McGill “to cut ties with people, corporations and institutions that are “complicit in genocide, settler-colonialism, apartheid, or ethnic cleansing against Palestinians.”  

Where exactly does that fit in the curricula of “students” pursuing Degrees in Medicine, Commerce, Science or the Arts? Looks to me like just another invasion/occupation of a higher-learning campus by extremists … there more to push extremist Palestinian propaganda/hate than study/graduate … or even advocate/propose reasonable dialogue/solutions to solve the decades-long dispute.

And do the Student Union organizers who just parrot/support the totally one-sided, biased anti-Israel diatribes on campus sound ready, mature or educated enough to hold open, even-handed consideration of world conflicts or solutions?

They disgrace McGill University.

And unfortunately, they are part of an intellectual decline of critical thought and unbiased analysis at too many of our once respected institutions of higher learning and academic integrity.

Too many university students today, unquestioningly buying into so much of what they are being fed by these activist student propagandists and extreme left professors too … remind me of those mini Maos decades ago, waving their little red books … totally abandoning independent, critical thought, preferring instead to just attack/shame others with differing points of view.

On October 25, with the blood of the 1,200 Israelis slaughtered, raped, maimed by Hamas not yet cleaned up, thousands of university students from Concordia, McGill, Universite de Montreal, Universite de Quebec and Montreal’s Dawson College staged a Walkout for Palestinian Solidarity, disrupting classes on campuses, with anti-Israel (not anti-terrorist!) protests, speeches and sit-ins.

(You can read the full story here:

The University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University have also been a source of intellectually-shallow, history-ignoring pro-Palestinian propaganda (the usual totally one-sided spin pushed by ultra far left Israel-haters).

No higher learning, conflict resolution expertise or critical thinking there these days!

And the administrations’ weak response, in my opinion, shamed both of them … and British Columbia as well.

What has been going on across Canada on university campuses is too well-organized, too well co-ordinated, too-well funded, in my view, to be just spontaneous or even solely the results of “student” activism.

I believe something is amiss … Canada is being “played” by more foreign agents/pressure tactics than just those well-publicized ones from China.

In the last two years, we’ve opened our doors wide to them … disguised as “students”.

In 2019, Canada welcomed 637,855 foreign students; in 2022, more than 807,000 came; and, last year, a whopping 1,028,850 … and, interestingly, Stats Canada estimates almost 20% of those NEVER enrolled in classes!

Most of the absconders are likely just here to work, make money and, although breaking the rules, are no threat to Canadian security or our democratic ways.

But I suspect at least some of them … sent and funded by Arab dictators or even Islamic third-party organizations … are here for more nefarious reasons: as activist agents pushing their governments’ or sponsors’ interests, organizing deliberately anti-Israel protests, exhibits, actions on campuses or worse, even carrying out or encouraging anti-Semitic incidents to create fear/division/conflict in our society .

It’s time to find out if those … on and off campuses … behind the radical disruptions we have witnessed at our universities, are funded or advised/encouraged/assisted in any way from overseas.

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service should investigate:

*Have any of the foreign “students” been sent/funded by governments or organizations overseas to push their agendas on Canadian university campuses?

*Are any foreign “students” working on campuses to undermine our democratic principles, our traditions of tolerance and respect for others?

*Are any of those organizing/participating in campus rallies, protests, also deliberately pushing hate, intimidation and even violence?

*What roles are extremist, activist university/college professors/lecturers/staff members playing to promulgate their own personal biases/beliefs/ideologies … and intimidate/stifle and even eliminate students/professors/staff who have differing views?

*And, are any of those above … especially foreign students … active in fomenting the scourge of anti-Semitism that has spread like a cancer on so many Canadian campuses?

Spineless campus administrators, sympathetic university activist professors and weak federal and provincial government and educational officials (elected and appointed) have not only given extremist “students” free range to organize their hate campaigns on campuses for decades, they’ve encouraged it by doing little or nothing to stop/get rid of those behind it all.

What we are now witnessing on Canadian campuses does not bode well for the intellectual future of our nation.

Harv Oberfeld

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8 Responses to Beware “Students” Who are Foreign Agents on Campus!

  1. D. M. Johnston says:

    Timely post.

    What we are seeing, by Canada’s almost nonexistent screening of foreign students, is an influx of professional agent provocateurs intent on disrupting Canada in anyway possible.

    This is called asymmetrical warfare and is being practiced by Russia, China, and several of their satellite colonies er sorry countries.

    To destroy a nation, you must destroy their educational system and we see good evidence of that in the USA where internal divisions are sinking the nation into a an authoritarian dictatorship, complete with book turnings and anti science screeds.

    To be blunt, today’s universities are no longer “those ivied hall of higher learning”, but have become degree mills for the wealthy and foreign students are wealthy.

    I do not think the average Canadian realizes how much money a, say, a Chinese student brings?

    I do because we have had Chinese “home-stay” students from grade 7 on!

    One boy we had, did not pay his rent (only the Chinese students are allowed to pay in cash) and after much angst with the school board (which were less than useless), we sent an ultimatum, pay the rent or he is gone. The school board finally dealt with it, but when he was at school I searched his room (he was smoking in a non smoking house) and found two stacks of 100 Yaun notes, literally at least 8 inches high, easily $10K Canadain!!!!!

    I also soon realized that there was a private Uber service for Chinese students only, private clubs with B-Girls for students as well. Richmond is the ground zero for this as Richmond politicians have no stomach to close these down.

    The school boards know this but the lure of money keeps them quiet.

    I am sure it is the same at universities.

    There is a lot more I could say but I will say the following, Trudeau’s Liberals abetted by academics who should not be academics and a chorus of “higher purpose persons” have allowed foreign operatives into the country whose sole purpose is to disrupt Canada by agitating the all too easy antisemitic crowd and the anti-war crowd, and is bolstered by our local rent a mob.

    Trudeau cannot admit to this fiasco because if he does, adios to the Liberals as they will ram into a voter iceberg and sink faster than the titanic. The same goes for the NDP, a politcal party drifting in a sea of incompetence and mediocrity.

    (Response: Canada seems to be a very easy target for foreign influence/interference. I don’t object to a fair amount of foreign students being accepted: it can help third world countries to get a leg up; it can bring in much needed extra revenue for our institutions; and, it can lead to at least some deciding they would like to stay here and contribute to our own growth etc. However, they should be here to study and to graduate… and I don’t even object to them working part time if they have to earn some cash. But they have no right to push their “home” government’s agenda or bring their foreign disputes hates with them and then try to promulgate them on our campuses or in out streets. h.o)

  2. Ijustdontknowanymore says:

    This would be what I would call a massive reason why the PC weaklings in Ottawa need to be replaced. Especially them. Trudeau must go. I can only say please Canadians, kick his butt out the door. And get real Canadians in whom know what Canada needs for thier security on all fronts.

    (Response: Clearly the federal government bears responsibility if ANY foreign students are actively provoking conflict, spreading lies/propaganda and/or carrying out violence/vandalism against ANY individual or group in Canada. But provincial governments must also step in and STOP our university campuses from becoming fertile grounds for anyone (local or foreign students, professors, staff) also spreading one-sided propaganda (on any side), repressing full discussions and differing ideas/positions or intimidating/harassing those with whom they disagree. Neither level of government, nor university administrators, while paying lip service to promises to deal with the problems, are doing a good enough job on any of these discriminatory and repressive activities that are hurting the academic integrity of our institutions and making some students feel very intimidated and unwelcome. Shame on them all! h.o)

  3. Gilbert says:

    I read that the government wants to reduce the number of international students in Canada. I view that as an admission that there are too many.

    (Response: No doubt when you bring in a million people to study here, it impacts all kinds of services: not just educational facilities, but housing; health care; social services; transit. But they also bring in and contribute millions of dollars to our economy too … and many end up staying and becoming Canadians …so it’s not all bad. My biggest concern is those who pack their old world hates, conflicts and violence in their bags too .. and then foment conflict, division and bigotry here: they should be harshly dealt with by educational institutions and deported by the federal government … both of which I believe are failing to do their jobs in this regard. h.o.)

  4. e.a.f. says:

    students from China having $10K on them is not a big deal. Going back to the 1960s wealth people in Hong Kong started sending their children to Canada for their education. (more like to get their kids out of Hong Kong if the riots continued). It wasn’t unusal then for the children to have their own house and nothing less than $10K in the bank. When the parental units are multi millionaires, $10K isn’t a lot of money.

    My concern is that with as many foreign students coming into the country, how are they vetted? Who are we actually getting? Who knows? There is no way the government can vet all those students. The federal government is responsible for who comes and goes in and out of Canada, but the provinces are responsible for who they let into their universities, colleges,, etc. Given how much students are charged, its a money maker and my take on it is, universities just don’t care, as long as they get the money. That needs to stop. I don’t blame Trudeau for having so many foreign students come into the country, its the universities.

    Canadian universities were not established to be profit making machines to furtherr some administrator’s career. They were created to educate the people of the nation, you know so we would have lawyers, doctors, teachers, scientists, engineers, etc.

    We have read about Iranian politicians who are part of the Guard in Iran being in Canada. How wonderful is that. How the hell did they get into Canada. Many Canadians of Iranian descent aren’t happy about it at all. Members of the Iranian government are terrorists who murder women for not wearing a head covering. They are not here to look at the scenery. They are here to harass people who object to the current Iranian government.

    We have the Chinese government sending in their “students”. They even had police stations in Canada. They monitor their former citizens. They black mail them, attempt to force them back to China, etc.

    Of course I’m sure there are other countries which have their “representatives” here to “watch over things”. they all need to go.

    When attending U.B.C. there were foreign students there. They were carrying full course loads to become professionals which their countries needed to progress. They were here on scholarships.

    Over a million foreign students in Canada with little to no vetting. No, that does not work for me. If they are admitted as students and not attending school, refund them their money and send them home.

    As to the anti Israel gangs at universities, including the profs, that is not that new. Anti Semitism has been here about as long as Europeans have been here. Back in the day, if you were Jewish you could not join a golf club in Vancouver, the men’s club downtown, ditto, British Properties==if you weren’t a white type you had to be listed as a servant to live there. Jews were prohibited. There were sub divisions built in white Rock back in the 70s which had clauses in the regs. that the houses could not be sold to people of colour/Jews, etc.

    What is currently going on is right now it is once again O.K. to exhibit racism. The Palestinians have done a good job of getting their message out. They’ve been working at it for several decades, making inroads with unions, churches and the Green Party.

    (Response: The Palestinians have played the media expertly! Watching coverage of the Gaza war, notice how the media keep referring to “Palestinians” or “people” or “women and children” killed and injured … totally accepting Hamas’ version of events and numbers and assertions that the Gaza victims are ALL civilians… not a Hamas or Islamic Jihad terrorist among them! Bullshit!! With all the effort the Israelis put into warning civilians with leaflets and even phone calls to evacuate areas about to be focussed on (no other army I know EVER does that) I believe when the truth is really revealed, thousands of those “victims” who stay behind and suffer the consequences will turn out to be “martyrs” …ie Hamas/Jihad supporters/fighters/terrorists and their families who voluntarily or were forced to stay with them … unlike the REAL tragic victims of this war: the Israeli civilian concert goers, farmers and villagers slaughtered mercilessly by Hamas that started the war, or Israeli soldiers/reservists who have died or been wounded trying to save their country from oblivion and have given their lives, going after the Palestinian terrorists. h.o.)

  5. e.a.f. says:

    I do not expect anti semitism to go away any time soon. Its going to get worse with the impending American election and eventually the Canadian federal election. If we do not deal with it now, we might not be able to deal with it later. Its perhaps easier to blame your failures in life on a religious group or a racial minority group, but eventually you too may become a target because you no longer fit.
    When the Nazi’s were deciding who was in and who was concentration camp material you had to be able to produce all 4 baptismal certificates of all 4 grandparents. Lets not give racists a hand up to do their dirty work in Canada.

    (Response: One of the several things that bothers me about the rising anti-Semitism we have seen in Canada, the US and in Europe is the failure of the media to really confront those who directly or indirectly tie Jewish individuals, institutions or even synagogues to Israeli actions in Gaza. Remember how careful we …and the media …were (rightfully so) to ensure people who are Muslims were not automatically tied to “9-11” or bombings throughout Europe or other acts of Islamic terror. And yet, I have not seen a SINGLE reporter or network confronting demonstrators, speakers or clerics spewing anti-Semitic vitriol about the clearly double standard we are witnessing on campuses, against Jewish community buildings or people wearing Jewish religious garb etc. And not enough imams and Muslim community leaders are speaking out as vociferously against anti-Jewish acts or attempted discrimination. Shame on them! h.o)

    • e.a.f. says:

      If it bleeds, it leads is the old adage for the press. The press doesn’t want to tell the truth, or rather their owners. Blaming Jews for things that happen in Gaza is so much easier, gets more readers and is consistent with how things have always been done when it comes to anti Jewish sentiment. Its always the fault of the Jews and if you can blame a local, so much better.

      I’d suggest many of the Muslim community leaders are keeping their heads down and hoping the focus isn’t re directed to them. Can’t say I blame them. Some Muslim leaders have come out and spoken and they are to be commended. I suspect the reason mamy Muslims keep their heads down, is because many are not Canadian citizens yet. It is also much more difficult for Muslims to “pass”. Women of faith cover their hair, usually wear ankel lenth dresses or skirts. If you are Jewish, its easier to “pass”. Orthodox and Hasidic Jews tend to wear a skull cap. Married women wear wigs to cover their hair.
      Some people just like to hate and Jews have been hated for centuries so they make an easy mark and the media, well it works for them.
      In Charlottesville the tiki torchers walked around chanting, “Jews will not replace us”. No other group were mentioned. Some things never change in this world. Sometimes it is not fashionable to be racist. Sometimes people believe they have been given license to be racist.

      (Response: There are several radical Muslim imams and Islamic activists in Canada who, on social media, in speeches and even in “opinion” pieces published in various publications, go far beyond just differing views on political issues and policies and spread disgraceful, disgusting hate speech and vitriol against not just Israel, but Jewish people everywhere. The federal government are well aware of them, but da nothing … and I know that if anyone expressed similar despicable statements about Muslims (or Asians, blacks or First Nations) the government and anti-hate agencies/authorities would move … and fast!! And so they should when that vitriole is directed at Jews. h.o.)

  6. Marge says:

    I don’t think there’s much that can be done about any of this. The horses have been let out of the stable. All you have to do is go on FACEBOOK and see all the propaganda there for the “Palestinians” (aka HAMAS really!) This might be off topic but I think you should do an article about the failure of the UN with regards Palestine and Israel.

    What I think is more interesting is the fact that the United Nations itself, which was supposed to take over for the failed League of Nations, has utterly proven itself to be worthless. The UNRWA has been found to be part and parcel with HAMAS in Palestine. Canada has been providing millions upon millions of dollars to support not schools or opportunities but tunnels and rockets so that HAMAS could destroy Israeli lives. Only after the US took away its support and later in the day of course, did Trudeau withdraw support from it.
    Then hardly any of the media have made mention of the comments made by Judge Sebutinde about South Africa and the Court of Justice at the Hague. Given what the UN obviously knew about South African ties to HAMAS (especially banking) this action of theirs should NEVER have been allowed. I especially loved this comment of the Judge’s (the only rational voice on the Court):

    “It was brought to the attention of the Court that South Africa, and in particular certain organs of government, have enjoyed and continue to enjoy a cordial relationship with the leadership of Hamas. If that is the case, then one would encourage South Africa as a party to these proceedings and to the Genocide Convention, to use whatever influence they might wield, to try and persuade Hamas to immediately and unconditionally release the remaining hostages, as a goodwill gesture.”

    Whether it’s students coming in to foment trouble or the UN’s monumental failures, it’s all one and the same. We are allowing corruption to rule the day! Take what you might from the Conservative leader but it seems to me that we have lost the concept of common sense in this country!

    (Response: I have written many times over the years about the farce that the United Nations has become … including UNWRA. Just Search the topic on the blog front page. The 51 Muslim states … many of them brutal dictatorships …have the General Assembly, the Human Rights Council, UNESCO, the World Court, UNWRA totally under their influence and control … directly through biased, activist UN officials who hail from those countries and indirectly through billions of oil dollars used by various rich states as ‘aid’ to member nations to co-opt and corrupt the UN’s administrative setup, positions and activities. And the Security Council has long ago abandoend the establishing principles of the UN. Sad …but true! h.o)

  7. D. M. Johnston says:

    Middle East politics is a murky soup of religion, hate, revenge, greed, avarice and survival, fed by counties with agenda’s that are not in the best interest for world peace.

    Hamas’s goal is to remove Israel completely (from river to sea) and that is just not going to happen.

    The local “useful idiots” supporting the Palestinian cause are our usual suspects of community activists, academics, the and “rent a mob” who believe they are experts on everything, with an added pinch of antisemitism join the fray adding to Canada’s embarrassment.

    Sadly it is not going to end, simply because our politicians are far to weak to make it end, thus leaving the stage wide open for the useful idiots to play out their pantomime protests.

    It is sad because the useful idiots are gaining power, they are motivating the great brainwashed generation (gen-x and gen-z) to a perverted alternative history of this once great country and they better be damned careful, because Canada and all the freebies they take for granted, could end very abruptly and with a false history to guide them, will sadly become a footnote in history.

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