Did Park Board Greens Cost BC Greens Seat/Votes?

While we’ve all been focused on Covid, BC’s Final 2020 Election results were released … and despite the initial spin and the hype, they were NOT good for the BC Greens.

Not only did the party LOSE one seat, dropping to two seats from three …. a third of the total number of seats the BC Greens had won in the 2017 election … it’s share of the overall popular vote also DROPPED, from 16.84% to 15.8%.

This, despite widespread public unhappiness at Premier John Horgan and the NDP government’s decision to call an early snap election, right in the middle of an escalating pandemic.

How could that happen? Especially at a time of growing BC, national and even global concerns over the environment, climate change, storms, wildfires and rising temperatures?

I put it to you that enough British Columbians, near and far, were turned off and reacted against the 2020 extremism of the Vancouver Park Board Greens … and the negative impact, coverage that received.

Over and over again on this blog, beginning in May, I exposed how the Vancouver Park Board Greens, in co-operation with their COPE allies, were discriminating against the physically challenged, the elderly blockading access to waterfront and beach parking lots … even denying access to handicapped spots!

And also, there was that disgusting TOTAL ban of cars from Stanley Park … the fascist-style dictatorial governance of the Greens, pretty well’ reserving the entire seven kilometer road around the park for their version of the “beautiful people”: those fit/able enough to hike, run, bike or roller blade around the park.

To hell with easy access for the handicapped in wheel chairs, other mobility challenged, frail seniors, or families with kids to tote along!


It took some time … proud now to say I wrote TWELVE blogs about the parking blockades/park ban … and the mainstream media and open-mouth pundits finally got on to what was going on; an on-line petition was signed by 30,000 British Columbians; and, some physically challenged even held public held protests, trying to get the Green/COPE dominated Park Board to show some humanity.

It took until late June, when ONE lane was finally re-opened to vehicles … but even then, only part way (some exits are STILL closed to vehicles today!)… and the Stanley Park road became an ugly orange-cone-lined construction site … with access to restaurants, scenic stops and much of the parking still blockaded.

Hurtful … and impractical!

British Columbians were watching … and clearly were NOT amused!

In my blog piece after the election was called, I appealed to voters to send a message to the GREENS in October’s vote: http://harveyoberfeld.ca/blog/bc-election-your-chance-to-make-the-greens-pay-for-their-silence-discrimination-exclusion-of-handicapped-elderly-by-the-green-dominated-park-board/.

Apparently they did! 🙂

Yes, the BC Greens’ share of the total vote DROPPED … and they lost what could have been their first seat on BC’s mainland: West Vancouver Sea to Sky.

How appropriate!

Because what the media has not noticed (ho hum) is how West Vancouverites were particularly affected and disrespected by the Park Board Greens’ extremist measures.

As part of the Park Board Green’s extended stupidity, even after the Stanley Park road was partially re-opened to vehicles, they still refused to re-open either the ENTRANCE into the park from the Lion’s Gate Bridge OR the EXIT onto the bridge from the park … even though NEITHER of those interfered in any way with the bicycle lane that remained on the right side of the roadway inside the park.

Just think what was therefore involved for anyone from West Vancouver (Capilano or Sea to Sky) wanting to enter Stanley Park: the convoluted driving pattern (down Georgia and then circling back on West End streets along Georgia again and then going through that whole process on exiting back onto Georgia and back around West End streets discouraged many from even trying.

Just nastiness, seems to me, by the Park Board Greens/COPE … and it ended up costing the BC Greens!

The Greens lost the West Vancouver Sea to Sky riding to the NDP by 41 votes. It’s not unreasonable to conclude that at least some of the 24,565 voters in that riding were really unhappy, turned off by the Greens’ Park Board exclusionary actions.

A judicial recount will be held; but how ironic if the loss stands; the vote coming just months after the Vancouver Greens snubbed West Vancouver’s 42,000 residents so badly!

Revenge of the excluded!

The Greens are now down to only two seats in the legislature … and NONE on the mainland. And province-wide, a lower percentage of the popular vote they captured in 2017.

I believe most British Columbians ARE environmentally concerned and conscious.

BUT we are moderates, who do support change and improvement, however, along with INCLUSION and RESPECT for others … especially the handicapped, the elderly and families with kids unable to ride, run or cycle their way into the park or ride buses from home or hike in, balancing their blankets and picnic baskets on their heads!

The voters taught the Greens a lesson: BC doesn’t like extremists, dictators.

Did the Park Board Greens learn? Did BC Greens learn?

If they didn’t, it will be at their own electoral peril.

Harv Oberfeld

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14 Responses to Did Park Board Greens Cost BC Greens Seat/Votes?

  1. HARRY LAWSON says:


    I agree to a point, i believe that there was a effect within the lower mainland , all of BC not so sure.

    I have to ask how much of a effect the Green infighting with Andrew Wilkinson had, ; as well as a new leader in place for only a short time?

    (Response: I don’t think the average voter, in West Vancouver Sea to Sky, or anywhere around BC, kept abreast or paid a lot of attention to Wilkinson’s infighting with other Greens. But once the MSM got onto the Stanley Park story, and the nastiness and cruelty of the Park Board Greens to the handicapped, elderly, families it was hard not to notice wherever you were … and the “Green” BRAND did not look very good. Those ugly orange cones could have cost them a lot of votes …not just the 41 they lost by in that riding! h.o)

  2. hawgwash says:

    OMG, here we go again.

    I broke a promise to myself that I would no longer participate here because of what I see as hidden agendas, but it is proliferating.

    Your headline is a question, to which the answer is “no.”

    Three points;
    1) One Green MLA whom I know personally claims the Vancouver Park Board was not mentioned to any Green candidate in any riding. Give it up!
    2) According to the same MLA, it was a concerted NDP effort which cost the Greens votes.
    3) “This, despite widespread public unhappiness at Premier John Horgan and the NDP government’s decision to call an early snap election.” Define widespread and provide supporting facts please

    (Response: Point Number 1: I’m sure if you ask Donald Trump “personally” the same question about whether his lies, tweets etc. had any effect on the vote, you’d get the same answer: Point Number 2 …that’s called SPIN …wake up to it!; Point Number 3 … if you’re not aware there was “widespread” unhappiness with election call…. where were you before and during the campaign??? Do your own research … just Google the MANY polls on the topic. h.o)

  3. DBW says:

    OK Harvey, I promise this will be my only comment.

    Here are the vote totals before the judicial recount.

    Liberal 9216
    Green 9175
    NDP 6174

    compared to 2017

    Liberal 10448 down 1232 votes
    Greens 6947 up 2228 votes
    NDP 6532 down 358 votes

    Yes they lost by 41 votes and sure 41 people may have been ticked off enough about Stanley Park to flip their vote, but how do you account for the +2228 votes at the expense of both the Liberals and the NDP?.

    And the 1% they lost in the popular vote is a direct result of the 9 ridings where they didn’t run a candidate this time. Almost 1000 votes from Prince Rupert alone.

    I get that you are angry at the Parks Board but it might be best to save your energy for the 2022 civic election and see how everything turns out then.

    (Response: Have you missed all the construction taking place in BC? Especially in urban areas everywhere? No doubt, almost every election in every riding, the NUMBER of eligible votes and voters can increase, because over the previous three or four years, the population …and the number of eligible voters … has also increased. That’s why it’s not numbers but PERCENTAGE of votes is so important and used to compare growth or loss. The Greens percentage of the total vote was DOWN in 2020 versus 2017. Read it and weep if you must. And it’s just silly to suggest that because they lost by 41, that means “41 people may have been ticked off enough about Stanley Park to flip their vote”. That’s just SPIN! You’re smarter than that: you KNOW they may have actually lost the votes of many, many more … not just 41 … perhaps even thousands: just the END tally was a loss by 41: who knows how many else voted Liberal or NDP just to keep the Greens OUT??? If they don’t moderate their positions and how they exercise power when they get any … I wish them MANY MORE such successes …lower and lower percentages of the total vote. h.o)

  4. D. M. Johnston says:

    In short, the answer to the question, “Did Park Board Greens Cost BC Greens Seat/Votes?”, is yes.

    The reason is that the Vancouver Greens have been taken over by the radical cyclist lobby, a no holds barred, win at any cost, lobby.

    Vision(less) Vancouver pandered to this lobby by building bike lanes, with little or no honest public input, for this, the rad bike lobby became shills for Vision and the NDP.

    The Broadway subway (which is being built on a transit route with not near enough ridership to sustain it) was an integral part of the Rad Bike Lobby deal with Vision.

    These guys are anti car anti anything but bicycles.

    The E&N folks are fighting with this group over the railway, with the Rad Bike Lobby lobbying for “Rails to Trails”.

    The Stanley Park debacle was/is more of the same, the rad bike Green types throwing their power around like mini despots.

    I have seen these guys at work for the past 30 years and they know how to pander to politicians which believe they have much influence.

    If Fursteneau wishes to grow the Green Party, she has to rid the party of these radicals and if she doesn’t and panders to them, the Greens will always take third prize.

    (Response: I really can’t say for sure, but I find it quite credible that, among West Vancouver’s population of 42,000 there would be SOME who were alienated (to put in mildly) by the way their entrance to Stanley Park, as soon as you come off the Lions Gate Bridge (and the park exit onto the bridge), remained BLOCKED, even after the road was opened to vehicles. I know Park Board Greens are not officially BC Greens …but I suspect almost all are!!! And the “brand” was no doubt hurt by the terrible fascistic-style handling of the parking lots and road closures for several months. And I’m glad if they did pay a price! ho)

  5. NVG says:

    Good grief:
    H.O. “I put it to you that enough British Columbians, near and far, were turned off and reacted against the 2020 extremism of the Vancouver Park Board Greens … and the negative impact, coverage that received.”

    Do you actually believe that your Park Board Greens have that much negative sway over how I, as one example, vote provincially in my riding on the North Shore because of your writing about it 12 times on your blog? How much traffic do you get here?
    H.O. ‘an on-line petition was signed by 30,000 British Columbians.’

    Yeah, sure, but you’re just rounding the number up because it sounds more convincing than an actual documented number. Signing an online petition doesn’t make them bonafide voters in Canada, in British Columbia, or more specifically in Vancouver where the ballot boxes are located. And the online petition organizers are only in it for the donations, which if the ‘voters’ tick the wrong box they are legally on the hook for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly ‘donations’

    As for the Park’s Board elections, Party Candidates vs ballot cast wise, the Green Party ran THREE candidates; NPA ran SIX candidates rather than three or four (majority ) comes across as being exceedingly arrogant on their part.

    MACKINNON, Stuart Elected GREEN 73,549
    DEMERS, Dave Elected GREEN 73,167
    DUMONT, Camil Elected GREEN 65,303

    The remaining Commissioners (candidates) didn’t even crack 50,000

    COUPAR, John Elected NPA 49,768
    BARKER, Tricia Elected NPA 48,786
    GIESBRECHT, Gwen Elected COPE 48,404
    IRWIN, John Elected COPE 46,287

    If these Four hadn’t run as well then in all likelihood there would have been a majority of NPA running the show.

    COPPING, Ann-Marie NPA 46,057
    MCGARRIGLE, Kathy NPA 45,607
    CRAWFORD, Casey NPA 45,527
    BEESLA, Pall NPA 36,098


    (Response: Picky, picky, picky. Actual number of signatures on Change.Org petition 28,435; and also more than 7,500 responded to Park Board’s own survey of what people thought of the fiasco plan they had foisted on the citizens …so I figure AT LEAST 1,500 of those had common sense. PLUS don’t forget the many, many many like me who wrote/called Park Board members directly to let them know how fascist-like their plan was, vowing to never vote Green ever again. h.o)

  6. DBW says:

    OK I lied. But when you suggest that I am “smarter than that” then here we go.

    So first off, why do you shut Hawgwash and me down with the claim that we are just spinning.

    Look at your spin. Your post is all conjecture.

    And a good part of your reasoning was how Vancouver Sea to Sky “exacted revenge” on the Greens because according to you there had to be at least 41 in fact maybe thousands of voters who were so upset at the Vancouver Parks Board that they didn’t vote Green for that reason.

    Raw data Harvey: As I pointed out the Liberals and the NDP shrunk their vote in Sea to Sky. Two independents didn’t run. There were another 308 extra voters in 2020 in Sea to Sky over 2017. If you add all those numbers together you get the 2228 EXTRA votes that the Green candidate received. How is that spin?

    Percentages. In Sea to Sky the Liberals dropped 5%. The NDP dropped 2%. Guess what? The Greens increased 7%. How is that spin?

    I could make a similar baseless claim that the responsible work of the Vancouver Parks Board to keep residents safe during a pandemic resulted in those increased numbers for the Greens.

    And Harvey I did read the % decrease province wide in the popular vote. They were down 1% which as I mentioned is attributed to 9 fewer candidates running. Our MLA got 57% in 2017. She got 72% this year. I can guarantee any credible candidate (even me as dumb as you may think I am) would cut into that total running as a Green candidate.

    Honestly Harvey, I don’t care that you hate the Greens. I don’t care if you are mad at the Parks Board. You have every right to feel as you do. But when you lose sight of the title of your blog and demean people who offer facts to counter your opinion, well… it makes it difficult to participate.

    (Response: Shut you down???? You have had ENORMOUS space on here lately, with virtually NO “Edited… off topic” edits or annotations. You should apologize! You are correct, though, in suggesting my premise is “conjecture”. That’s why I raised it as a question. But it sure makes me happy that: the extremist Greens LOST a seat and LOST part of their overall percentage of the popular vote. And if they don’t learn that British Columbians do NOT like fascist style dictatorial government, they will hopefully be tossed from not just the Park Board, but be denied any City Hall or School Board seats they seek as well …anywhere in BC. h.o)

  7. e.a.f. says:

    In answer to your question, as the headline: perhaps not, but I do think a retired journalist with cute cheeks, when he was young, may have had a lot to do with it. Bloggers have way more influence than the MSM is willing to acknowledge.

    It could be said, the Greens on the Parks Board took the actions and you simply wrote about it. However, if things don’t get reported, no one knows, so Harvey, I’d say it was you who had an impact.

    The election results, in my opinion, said Weaver had his own following and could have been re elected as an Independent. The West Vancouver riding, the B.C. Lieberals won by 41 votes. In that riding that is a very, very poor showing. Don’t know if the Conservatives ran a candidate there, but if they do next time, they may take the seat. Given many would never vote NDP in that riding and the showing the Greens had, I don’t believe what the Green Vancouver Parks board did had much of an impact on that particular riding.

    In other ridings, the Greens on the Parks board did not go over well. People in this province need their cars. There were major issues which needed to be dealt with in the province, given the B.C. Lieberals neglected a lot of things and the Greens just didn’t have a platform people could hang their nails on. They talked about how they wanted new school buildings to be Green, but parents whose kids are having to travel further or be in portables, just want to know their kids are in a decent classroom. There was nothing from the Greens about how to handle homelessness that appealed to people. Now its nice to say new buildings are going to have this and that and be “green”, but people who are living on the streets just want off the streets and the rest of the population is just tired of seeing tent cities, so modular homes are just fine with a lot of people and that was what Horgan is doing. Container housing. May not be the Greeniest build but it provides housing.

    If the Greens are to be competitive, they have to get over their “green everything” and have a good look at what the average working family needs and what those living below the poverty line need. Talking about Green transportation is great, but if you’re disabled living on $1,200 a month and can’t afford a car or taking the bus, what does it matter. You’re going to vote for the party who will get you from point a to b and not care what the vehicle is.

    As to Horgan being unpopular or people not being happy about him calling the election when he did…………ya not so much. He needed a majority and people gave it to him. They weren’t that unhappy with him. He covered a lot of bases in the time he was in office. the NDP’s handling of COVID got a lot of attention. Could the Greens or B.C. Lieberals have done a better job. Most would say NO. Having friends and acquaintances who are a lot more right and center than I’ll ever be not only voted for the NDP but really, really wanted him to have a majority. Really what was the alternative, a untried leader or a leader of a party which spent 16 years driving this province into a nasty place.

    Now just a tad off topic, but did you look at the role the B.C. Conservatives played in this election, in which they ran 29 candidates. (O.K. I’m too lazy to deal with it myself)

    The Greens like bikes which is great, but as I’ve written many times, this is not Europe. the cousins in the Netherlands ride bikes, but they’re close to everything. they were 15 minutes from work, shopping around the corner. Great public transport. to get to the airport in Amsterdam, they take the train, directly. No car necessary. These European cities are old, hundreds and hundreds of years old. Things are much closer by. They also never had personal transportation such as horses. that was reserved for the very rich.

    (Response: You raised an interesting point that made me do a little research: (no not about my cheeks) but vehicles: the latest figure I could find shows there are 3.7 MILLION vehicles registered in BC. I think we can assume VOTERS drive a lot of them! So woe to ANY party that thinks it is a wise move to cater to bicyclists, runners, rollerbladers and long distance hikers and SNUB THEIR NOSES and DISCRIMINATE/EXCLUDE/INSULT those who enjoy/must drive. And the Greens, who did not listen to me and others urging them to show co-operation, understanding and road-sharing, had better listen to you, when you wrote: “If the Greens are to be competitive, they have to get over their “green everything” and have a good look at what the average working family needs and what those living below the poverty line need.” Or they will always remain just a fringe party … attracting only the far left extremist vote. h.o)

  8. DBW says:

    Harvey, we are all cranky. Covid is doing that to us. I think I apologized 3 times for the number of comments I made on your last post and thanked you a couple of times for being allowed a platform on a very important topic.

    But “shutting down” someone does not mean censoring or editing for being off topic (which I don’t believe I ever was). Shutting down debate is dismissing somebody’s ideas without actually engaging in the debate. I (and others) present another point of view and you dismiss it as spin rather than addressing the facts presented. And in my case you questioned my intelligence.

    As much as I enjoy participating here, especially while we are shut in, I really don’t need that. It is exhausting.

  9. NVG says:

    Lets try this again Harvey seeing as how you haven’t responded to my email. Nor contacted Puget Sound Radio which claims to weed out the slander, which they haven’t.

    A comment by Signed in as “Dr Bonny Hitlery and your name, your reputation is on the article which is kind of interesting from the standpoint that you edit comments made here, but turn your back on other copies, elsewhere.

    And this outfit doesn’t moderate their comments, at all.
    “Puget Sound Radio moderates all comments before they are posted to the public. We aren’t trying to control content or conversation, rather are making sure we don’t place ourselves at legal risk. Comments which we feel will do so will not be published.

    If your comment is unnecessarily aggressive towards another person, comment, or author, we may not publish it. We believe that while conversation can sometimes be heated and inspire robust debate, abuse of another is neither acceptable or permitted.

    When you place a comment, you can opt to remain anonymous. You will still be required to enter a name and email address, which will remain private and not be shared to any 3rd party. Please do not forget: the above rules still apply when posting anonymously.”

    Comment section:
    November 12, 2020 – 12:09 pm

    Signed in as “Dr Bonny Hitlery


    Even US mainstream news is like…yeah it has a 99.9965% survival rate for anyone under 80, if your over 80 with both feet in the grave a bad peice of lettuce in your salad CAN kill you a gust of wind can give you lethal pnuemonia. Absurd

    I REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE THIS MEDICAL DICTATORSHIP’S “ORDERS” I won’t destroy my life for *shuffles cards* Deloris Farmhedge aged 94 with stage 4 cancer sorry not sorry.

    You do you, live in fear wear the face diapers wash your eyelids with bleach I’ll be fine.

    (Response: I stand by my original post on here Nov 8: in fact, I believe it’s unfortunately turning out to be true … the original Order (changed a couple of timers since then!!) I believe was too restrictive, went too far … literally, and so many people ignored or “modified” it on their own. That’s the danger of over-regulating: people just start ignoring it, and even really important efforts, regulations, Orders go unheeded. Here is the original post: http://harveyoberfeld.ca/blog/big-sister-bonnies-total-ban-on-home-visits-goes-too-far/. As for others reprinting or commenting elsewhere: I know my posts get reprinted, passed on etc. All I ask is that people do so accurately: but I can’t spend my entire life searching the world for wherever it appears … OR monitor comments, reactions etc. around the world that are really the responsibility, journalistically and legally, of those who republish. h.o)

  10. Gilbert says:

    Maybe the actions of the Greens on the Park Board had an effect. West Vancouver was once very right-wing, but I think that’s no longer the case. There are many wealthy people there who consider climate change a very big issue and who are socially liberal, so it’s not as conservative as it used to be.

    The Greens probably thought they could pick up a few seats because of unhappiness with the government’s decision to break the agreement with the Green Party and call an early election, but they failed to do so. It may be that the former leader was more popular than the current one, who has not been leader for long.

    The lesson for the Green Party is probably that it shouldn’t be so extreme and should focus on a range of issues. If it manages to do that, it has a chance to expand its base. Otherwise, it will continue to be a very minor party.

    I also recommend that the BC Liberals change their name, which is confusing. It’s strange that a conservative party has the name Liberal. The federal Liberals have really moved to the left and don’t tolerate social conservatives. In fact, former MPs Tom Wappel and Dan McTeague are no longer welcome in the Liberal Party of Canada. I recommend that the provincial liberals change their name to the BC party.

    The Greens can gain support by finding issues that resonate with a larger number of British Columbians. Public transportation in BC is far from perfect. People want to drive.

    (Response: I agree with you completely when you wrote: “The lesson for the Green Party is probably that it shouldn’t be so extreme and should focus on a range of issues. If it manages to do that, it has a chance to expand its base. Otherwise, it will continue to be a very minor party.” It will be really interesting to see how the Vancouver Park Board Greens handle Stanley Park in the Spring. If they’re smart, they’ll leave it the way things were/worked very well for 50 years without major incidents, accidents or conflicts: cyclists and cars, buses, horsedrawn tours sharing the road co-operatively. Period! Fascist-style governance clearly is not widely popular with Vancouver or West Vancouver or other BC voters. h.o)

  11. HARRY LAWSON says:


    Please indulge me , as i know i am off topic.

    i want to thank mission fire ,mission , ambulance and the rcmp for thier assistance during my wifes health issues, last night was tough , however they all were calm and reassuring .

    i know they read your blog so thanks guys

    (Response: Wishing you/your wife the best. And greatest thanks to Mission front line responders …and all responders everywhere! We are well aware and appreciative of all they do. h.o)

  12. nonconfidencevote says:

    I think that most people these days are so disgusted with the political candidate “options” that they “protest vote” against the party in power.
    The Greens didn’t do themselves any favors by wrapping themselves around the leg of the NDP after the previous election 3 years ago.
    Then ‘Dream” Weaver declined to run again and stepped down as leader of the Greens…

    So, playing the Devil’s Advocate.
    WHY would anyone waste even a “protest vote” on the Greens if they are going to vote with the NDP in the Legislature.
    Might as well join the winning team to get stuff done in your riding…….

    (Response: It’s often the nature of politics: so much easier to get voters to vote AGAINST a party or leader or policy than get them enthused in favour. Your point “Might as well join the winning team to get stuff done in your riding” may also apply, especially if people perceive the Greens to be more radical/extreme/uncompromising than they would like to see… or experience. h.o)

  13. dani says:

    Thank you for your latest topic and all the work you do here.
    I believe that Gilbert provided some interesting points, along with your response.
    Before the Stanley Park fiasco there was the Oppenheimer park situation that still has not been resolved. I recently saw in the news that restoration and repairs now sit at $870,000. Thank you Park Board Greens for both of these dilemmas. What’s next on your agenda?
    I would really like for someone to explain to me how a handful of people can have that kind of power over the thousands of people who enjoy the use of these public parks, not to mention the effect on the livelihoods of businesses and their employees, without even considering the consequences of their actions? How self righteous can you get? Looks like you were right all along Harvey.
    The next next city of Vancouver election will be the fall 2022. I am embarrassed to admit I never bothered to vote for the civic elections before, but I definitely will do so from now on.
    I’m sure most people are concerned about the environment and rightly so, but a little common sense goes a long way sometimes. Going green is good, but not at the expense of so many people. I think the Park Board Greens did cause the BC Greens some votes. No one likes a bully.Time for a change.

    (Response: In the 2018 municipal election, only 39% of eligible Vancouver voters turned out … down from 43% in 2014. And that affected not only the Parks, but the whole City …because the homeless and poverty advocates, cycling crowd, drug treatment activists showed up in force. As a result, the NPA captured five council seats; BUT six Cuncil seats went to NDP, Green, COPE, OneCity supporters; on the Park board, Greens/COPE took control … and I believe the city has paid a very heavy price for all that … not just in Stanley Park, or Strathcona or Yaletown … but resulting in a dead, dangerous Granville Street and the surrounding streets too. If the media ever showed a map of all the social services centres/housing/drug treatment, troubled youth facilities and drop in centres the city (and province) have placed in and abutting Granville Street, from Burrard to Homer and Georgia to the Granville Bridge … people would understand why the whole area is becoming an extension of Hastings/Main. It’s a terrific story …totally missed or underplayed by the media …and it has killed Vancouver’s downtown. I would not recommend anyone walk there …especially alone or at night at all. People have to get and vote … look at what the alternative has wrought! h.o)

  14. Tommy says:

    CBC censored ALL of my comments calling for strategic voting for the Green Party. If they were doing that to other readers who posted similar comments, it could have had an effect on the voting result.

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