Global Newshour Ratings: the Sky IS Falling!

News LOVES publicizing numbers: weather numbers; stock numbers; crime numbers; sales numbers; body count numbers; and, especially polling numbers on just about any and every topic.

Except LOCAL television news.

It always amazes me that, within a few hours of the US Super Bowl game, Canadian media were all atwitter with the facts that the game scored (where it REALLY counts… in delivering TV viewers for advertisers’ bucks) at whopping 49.7 ratings score … even topping 52.9 at the end.

That meant more than 114 million people (consumers!) were tuned in.

We also read, hear. see coverage in Canadian media about ratings ups and downs for American TV channels and networks.

In fact, CBC.CA just last week carried a FULL detailed story on Nielsen ratings battles in the US, complete with analysis that overall viewership declined 12 per cent in January, compared with the same month last year.

But try to find/get TV ratings in Canada … and you encounter the GREAT WALL OF SECRECY: stations and networks guard their numbers from the prying eyes of the public and some of them even from their own staffs.

What are they ashamed of …that US stations/networks are not???

I think it says a LOT that an industry which spends a lot of time, effort reporting OTHERS’ numbers is so disrespectful of the public’s right to know when it comes to themselves.

Fortunately, though, there are still those in the media who understand that … and feel the public DOES have that right to know … so they feed me some tidbits from time to time.

And I’m happy to pass n the latest:

The sky IS falling at Global TV’s Newshour … or perhaps I should say continuing to fall  ….if you can believe a few tidbit pieces I’ve garnered from recent ratings at my old alma mater .

In January, Global’s Newshour garnered an average 4.6 rating, which I’m told is their worst January overall ratings score since the station went BIG TIME into the television news business …back in the 1960s!

CTV scored a 2.0 average rating…their second best January ever, while CBC at 6 p.m. averaged a miserable 0.4 …. DOWN from 0.6 in the same month last year.  (Seems I was right about new anchor Andre Chang’s lack of gravitas.)

Already this month, CTV News at 6 came even closer to Global’s Newshour …garnering a 2.6 score Feb 1, compared to  3.3.

All these ratings (percentage share of tv viewer audience) are in what advertisers see as the key 25-49 audience demographic (supposedly the BIG spenders).

Really hard to believe that for YEARS AND YEARS, Global … when it was BCTV and out of Global management’s clutches … regularly buried CTV by SIX to ONE!!!!

Now, if local media outlets have different or more detailed ratings and they agree the public DOES have a right to THEIR local news numbers as well as OTHER people’s, I’d be happy to publicize them.

Or are most of them too embarrassed?

Harv Oberfeld

(For those interested in hearing more about the TV ratings and my take on John Baird’s departure…you can listen to my interview on Talk Digital radio … )

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  1. Lester says:


    I don’t know who is running the show over there, but they are hiring unpolished reporters and trying to get them to do private news.

    CBC should be doing public broadcast style news and if people don’t like hearing about issues that affect them, they can switch over to the car accidents and shootings on the private stations.

    If I were CBC I’d can Vancouver’s management team and see if I could grab someone from NPR to fix the mess they made.

    (Response: Careful! I wrote about the “new”local CBC news show and anchor’s lack of “gravitas” and drew flack for saying it. But the dismal ratings prove me out and I agree with you: their role should be to bring SERIOUS issues and News coverage to those who don’t want the “flash” and accident/firest and shallow puff piece coverage of private broadcasters …not emulate it. Their 6 p.m. cast is already down to a half-hour, and their 5 will soon be gone …. very sad and, in my view, more proof that the “national” network basically operates more for the benefit of Ontario and Quebec and even the north …rather than fairly apportioning resources to BC and Vancouver. h.o)

  2. 13 says:

    Harvey, in your opinion is there any hope for TV news? From what I gather reading your post it seems all TV news is plumeting in ratings.
    Perhaps TV news is the next media source to end up on the scrap heap along with printed news papers and radio broadcast news.

    Seems that magical demographic of 25 to 49 have their eyes glued to I phones. Wont be long before if it isnt on social media it wont be considered news.

    (Response: TV news COULD still draw HUGE audiences if they provided programming WORTH watching. People still prefer to watch picture items on LARGE SCREENS, nit small computers etc. but they do NOT want to watch LOTS on violence … shootings etc …then only a couple of in-depth “minute long” pieces on ISSUES that actually affect them. h.o)

  3. D. M. Johnston says:

    The Global Newshour is mortally wounded and no wonder, it isn’t a Newshour anymore, it is rehash of old and stale news and has absolutely no depth in reporting.

    After breaking a long term practice of not watching Canadian News, I have begun watch both CTV and global and it is like comparing a Ford Fusion, with a Ford Edsel, with CTV more modern and ‘with it’ than the stuttering Edsel.

    It is so obvious that global has effectively raped the news budget of cash, to the point it is unwatchable.

    CTV News budget seems threadbare, but they seem to be able to do more with less; up to a point anyways.

    The CBC doesn’t even rate and Herr Harper and his gang of thugs has singularity destroyed Canada’s nation broadcaster.

    To see our NEWS decline is very sad, especially as we live in an age of almost universal political corruption; and impotent police and judiciary, and the seemingly long list of utterly stupid politicians, creating all sorts of mayhem.

    Unfortunately, the parent companies of our mainstream media would rather see corruption, stupid politics and a declining democracy, instead of a vibrant and independent news organization. In fact the media do not report news anymore, they report news releases as news and by extension, the media abets political corruption and duplicity ….. they are the problem.

    (Response: Very interesting observations. You’ll notice in my piece I did NOT surmise what the latest problems are over at Global: to be honest, haven’t watched much local Vancouver tv in months …spending much of the winter in Fla., so I left out of my blog WHY they continue to fall and value the views of those who HAVE tuned in. When I was home at Christmas, I found too much of what I saw on Global was already in the morning paper or on the radio … CTV seemed fresher …although still could do better. Easy to say, I know …maybe more complicated to actualize! h.o)

  4. EllBee says:

    It’s called Globull for a reason. Puff pieces that are sound bites only. Not unlike CKNW’s transition to what can only be called foxification. From Top Dog to Dead Dog.

  5. Gary T says:

    Watching Global news, is like watching pre-programmed cardboard heads, that move occasionally to make you think that they are alive. Their ads say that they tell you the back story about the news, but the odd time I do tune in, I leave feeling like I know less than when I started. Plastic people, and monotone voices leave me uninterested.

    (Response: Congratulations…. your line ” I leave feeling like I know less than when I started” wins the Award for the best line of the day…so far! LOL! Thanks. h.o)

  6. george orr says:

    Interesting percentages, but can you figure out what these #s mean?

    (Response: I think we’d need a LOT more detailed ratings data to really figure it out…but from the snippets, I find it amazing that CTV …which used to trail BCTV five and six to one is now often at two to one … or even 70% of Global’s viewership on some days. I suspect they’re smiling at CTV …and since at Newshour (unless they can supply differing figures) the decline has been going on for so long and seems to be getting even worse I doubt current Global policies and management care enough to fire themselves …and bring in what’s really needed …fresh experienced real storytellers/writers and better news managers. h.o.)

  7. DBW says:

    I am always interested by people being upset that the East gets more attention than the West which I am not denying but try living up North and watching BCTV or Global. It’s all Vancouver so why should anybody outside of the Lower Mainland tune in.

    I don’t mind late news out of CTV or CBC but none of the stations at 6:00 give me much to keep my attention.

    And I rarely listen to radio or read newspapers at least in hard copy form.

    I find most of my news online and what I appreciate about online news is its immediacy, not just with the story but with the comments that follow. I read a story and then I scan the comments to see what others have to say. It is that engagement that gets me thinking or reflecting.

    And blogs such as yours are even better. You write as many articles per week as Palmer and Smyth but the big difference is the engagement with your readers. You respond to most of the first posts and then let your readers interact with each other. Laila and Norm and others do the same. Don’t follow them as faithfully but I don’t recall Palmer or Smyth ever commenting on a reader’s response.

    And look at the time that some of your readers put into the responses certainly compared to those on newspaper sites. Even those I disagree with can teach me something.

    News in a vacuum is just useless information for a trivia contest. People need to make sense of what they are reading and seeing. We still use friends or work colleagues to help us with that, but I am finding virtual conversations (even vicarious ones) equally stimulating.

    (Response: You reaffirm my belief in what I do on here. Sometimes people forget I’m RETIRED know, NOT WORKING ..and they demand I investigate such and such or spend countless hours looking into voting records or mile-high files … and then I even wonder WHY do I do this. But you answer those questions I ask myself: I not only touch on many issues (in between my vacations, cruises and just enjoying outings with friends 🙂 but I allow a HUGE degree of freedom and space for others to interact on issues …some good, some silly, but mostly quite interesting and informative. And of course, I get in my own rants!! Al of this proves the blogosphere is a GREAT forum for democracy …beyond anything the MSM can offer. And my reader numbers are more than I ever thought would happen …although sometimes I wish I allowed ads to help cover my costs, I have not yet done so. But I still believe in the value of real news reporting, especially in print and on tv…which can bring us RIGHT into the scene, sometimes as it is still going on. Terrific! If only those in charge would do more on REAL issues that actually touch viewers’ lives…not just accidents/fires/crime du jour …then I believe people WOULD watch …even find it essential to do so …as they once did. h.o)

  8. Ken says:

    I too find myself drawn ever more frequently to the CTV news broadcast. Mike Killeen really is a polished presenter. Additionally, for the late evening slot, CTV is often pulling in local breaking news with video coverage where Global does not even mention the story.

  9. nonconfidencevote says:

    It seems as if the 6pm ‘news” on Global is a precursor to the 11pm news.
    Time and again Chris Gailus will report on “puff pieces” and then allow the 11pm news anchor Ann Drewa to speak about really news worthy stories that will be broadcast at 11pm??????
    What are these people thinking?

    CBC tv? Couldnt care less. Cancel it and save the taxpayers 1 billion dollars.

    CTV. Yawn. Tamara’s vapid stare is enough to make me change the channel.

  10. R says:

    Bbc and van island news seem more refreshing at times

  11. frosty says:

    Admittedly, watching a little too much TV….it seems to me, much of the outside reporting isn’t really that different….and I’m a little more into getting grown up presenters to front it all. Some of these “pretty faces” (Tamara, Gailus) are not working….if they could just purloin a few ADULTS from Seattle. and, (keep your eye on Jordan Armstrong)

    (Response: The topics HAVE changed though: many of the shallow-news-on-a-platter stories (accidents, fires, press conference announcements, photo ops etc used to be rlegated to the second package or below ..AFTER a strong first package FILLED with original stories viewers had NOT seen or heard elsewhere earlier in the day. Now the second package quality stuff is right up top …because they no longer have many serious investigative reporters or don’t give those who remain the time/resources to do it….and then they have to FILL the rest of the show with anything they can come up. And they wonder why people are tuning out! h.o)

  12. Gene the Bean says:

    Global Okanagan actually provides a good local news broadcast.

    It is far more polished than what you get out of Vancouver, with interesting and likeable on air personalities.

    Unfortunately the traditional 6:00pm “news” broadcast is going the way of TV entertainment / journalism in general.

    Everything will soon be “via subscription” so all you ‘layabout leftards’ and ‘soul snatching conservatives’ can turn into your OWN newscasts and get exactly what you want to hear. Intermixed with ‘native advertising’ dressed up as news or fact, all directed right at your heart ……. and wallet.

    Cant wait to read some of the comments on your site then Harvey !!!

  13. Lew says:

    Apparently the target audience seems to be the 25 – 49 age group, because that’s the ore advertisers want to mine. But watching the evening news hour or listening to ‘NW these days I can’t help thinking that whoever is in charge of these outlets believes they have to dumb down the product to attract the new (younger) audience. They are making a big mistake.

    Not only are they alienating the older, previously loyal audience, which WAS the 25-49 age group that tuned in and gave ‘NW and BCTV the top ratings, but they can’t attract the younger group with the thin gruel they’re trying to feed them. That group may have more disposable income, but they seek the same thing the older crowd does from these outlets. A trustworthy, comprehensive, and timely investigation of important events. They aren’t getting it.

    Instead of government cabinet ministers or captains of industry being grilled live on air about material decisions affecting the lives of the citizenry, we’re treated to features about computer dating or destination weddings. Instead of extensive on-air debate between opposing interests moderated by a competent and informed moderator, we’re fed press releases or talking points by one side at a time without challenge or critical analysis, and the audio portion of dated audio-visuals lifted off the internet. Instead of an hour or more devoted to thorough canvass of a topic, we get six or seven minutes of shallowness between commercials before flitting off to a new inane topic. On television we get worse, along with ad nauseam weather reports.

    We didn’t leave them; they left us.

    (Response: Exactly. I’m not sure why …maybe poling by the same people who said NO WAY the Libs would win the BC election?) but they seem to believe 25-49’s don’t care about BC or federal politics, even City Hall or development issues etc….but I believe those who DO watch the news…or try to..DO care about issues of substance. Many of them are condo buyers, renters who realize THEIR lives are much more affected by issues than just traffic accidents, yellow tape around crime scenes or fund raising puff pieces etc. h.o)

  14. e.a.f. says:

    R, has a good point, the two Vancouver Island T.V. stations do a better job of reporting than Global.

    While watching the 6 p.m. news, the whole thing can be covered in 10 minutes max. When you turn on Global its about some lame event or gang shooting. Then you quickly turn to CTV and find out there is something really newsworthy happening in the province or Ottawa. e.g. on the day the truck turned over on the highway out of the tunnel, Global lead with a couple of non news items and CTV had the full coverage about what had happened. Global didn’t get with the major truck accident until 3 or 4 items later. CTV nailed it without turning it into a “soap opera”.

    For international t.v. news its PBS. If you want a quick flash, the American CBS 30 min. news is o.k.

    The Vancouver CBC news isn’t that great but I enjoy their all news station which has some really good documentaries.

    mostly I read the news on my computer. It gives me more in the way of events, the type of coverage and different points of view.

    (Response: It would serve Global well to really think about your remarks …and those others on here. But I think the problem is they will likely ignore them … THEY know more than the viewers do … and then watch their ratings fall even further. Oh… and also hate me, the messenger, even more for letting you know the sky IS falling …another interesting story THEY have missed. 🙂 h.o

  15. Norm Farrell says:

    “…what advertisers see as the key 25-49 audience demographic (supposedly the BIG spenders).”

    I suspect that advertisers see younger people as more easily influenced while older folks have ingrained buying habits and brand preferences. It seems absurd to ignore healthy seniors who might have far more disposable income than younger folk. I know older couples who regularly spend big dollars on travel, technology, toys and trinkets. If they are written off by advertisers, it proves that industry dull and insular. However, the smartest people don’t follow the herd.

    Terry O’Reilly hosts ‘Under the Influence’ on CBC Radio, an excellent program about marketing and human behaviour. This is from a 2011 episode:

    “For the past 30 years, the advertising industry has worshipped at the altar of youth – because people 18 to 49 have the most disposable income. There’s only one small problem with that – it isn’t true. People 55+ spend the most money in almost all categories. They buy the most cars, spend the most on electronics, and control the most wealth. Yet advertisers aren’t chasing them. Join us this week, as we try and figure out why a touch of gray keeps advertisers away.”

    (Response: No doubt, older people are more critical (wisdom?) of “gotta have it” pressures/trends. But when it comes to buying tech toys, new tvs, home furnishings, fridges, kids diapers and clothes and games and sports equipment (Yikes…seen those prices?), trendy foods/snacks, beer, toiletries …even cars …most of us older folks already have a lot of that stuff …and keep it MUCH longer, so I can see the preference for that age group. But when it comes to travel/cruises etc.. few of the younger ones can afford spending a lot on that …but again, it’s not so much the flashy ads that sell with us…it’s more the promos/discounts offered …esp on on bargain websites that impress. h.o.)

  16. larry Bennett says:

    The whole problem appears to be a matter of money (or rather a lack of same) otherwise there would be several reporters (with camera guy) at city hall, in Victoria and at various points throughout the province. I watch Global news because I feel comfortable with that particular gang. There is never – ever an in-depth conversation with various people of importance (which would necessarily include the Premier) and there seems to be a great apprehension to embarrassing those who abuse their positions, which would necessarily include various mayors in the lower mainland. That said, if you are a sports fan you will be completely satisfied with the coverage. If entertainment personalities excite you, well, that and animal stories tend to be the cat’s ass.

  17. G. Barry Stewart says:

    DBW #7.

    That’s a great piece you wrote. It really gets to the core of the interaction that can be had on political blog sites.

    You’re right about Smythe and Palmer never responding to people’s questions or comments. I suppose it could become a full-time job in itself, once people realized they were getting a few minutes with the “rock stars” of local media.

    I don’t recall even seeing them mention concerns brought up in previous comments sections.

    Thanks, Harv, for your hosting of this valuable site.

  18. BMCQ says:

    Some very interesting comments here.

    I believe there is some truth to the phrases “A product of our environment”, and “A creature pf habit”.
    At least in my case.

    My parents were always BCTV viewers for Supper Time News. Tony Parsons was the “Go To” Guy. the man with Gravitas as H.O. pointed out a while back. Not unlike Walter Cronkite, Parsons appeared to be trustworthy, provided us with the facts with out bias. I had no reason to doubt what he was delivering to the viewer was anything but the “Hard News” of the day. Parsons gave the station credibility. Now that I have said that I hope I am correct about Parsons. My Parents were news hounds, read papers and just had a general interest in Politics. Seemed to rub off on me. Once I left the house I continue to watch Global, I suppose out of habit. H.O. and others here are correct, it has changed.

    The CBC let alone David Suzuki was never on in my Parents home. As a matter of fact I think my Father thought Suzuki’s Show was all about Motorcycles and Out Board Motors.!!

    We get our News these days from Global (out of habit) CNN, and commentary from Fox, (Horror of Horrors) and CNN. Listened to NW for most of my adult life for Political argument discussion, debate. Other than Jon McComb I have given up on NW entirely. Not sure what EllBee meant about “The Foxification” of NW but in fact NW with Simi, that pathetically week Eckford character, Rex, Ted, and Radio lab they have taken a very Anti Fed. Conservative and Provincial Liberal bias. McComb is an equal opportunity Basher of any Party and I am quite happy with that. As long as there is a sense of balance. Simi or Eckford could not find anything favourable to say about harper or C.Clark!!

    I hope The Eckford Spy Police see his name mentioned here!!

    My 25 year old son lives in The Olympic Village. He has cable and surprise he is actually a Conservative. One of the few his age I might say. He tells me most young people he knows do not have Cable/Dish, get their information from Social Media. Do not care about politics for the most part. Perhaps that is another place where some of the TV News ratings have gone, people under 35 might not be watching or listening.

    I wonder when Advertisers that sell Fords, BMW, Cement Sidewalks, Gas Fireplaces, Funeral Services, Burial Plots, Roofs and other products purchased by 40 and overs will realize that the under 35’s are not listening and more importantly they are not BUYING!!

    (Response: Whatever my other criticisms of Parsons are, you are quite right…he was a pretty good anchor and had the “gravitas” people would trust in the case of a major disaster etc. h.o.)

  19. RS says:

    Remember [Global Newshour]? Well…me either.

  20. AndyO says:

    Harvey, you’d think that Corus would be worried with it’s Global BC ratings or are the rest of their holdings doing well? I’ve seen the Numeris radio stats and CKNW isn’t performing that well either in it’s market. I watch CTV News more often than not and, besides Tamara Taggart, I find it watchable and informative. Investigative to a point and Lynda Steele’s bit “On Your Side” makes it interesting. Mostly watch Global BC news when my parents come to visit who have watched BCTV/Global all their lives. It seems to me Global BC hasn’t changed in their process. Gailis still sounds like he’s pushing the story and Baldrey is still there with his BC Liberal advertisement. Nothing’s changed, still the same. It’s almost like they dont try, but who are we to question Corus.

    (Response: It’s been quite a while since NW could say it is the Top Dog! Meanwhile, someone sent me a really fascinating Canadaland Blog article about how Global TV handled … or mishandled …a recent story about the Koch brothers (US right-wing billionaires) that I believe would have been of real interest to its viewers: It will make you laugh …and cry. h.o)

  21. Old Islander says:

    In addition to all the comments above (and previous posts) critical of Global News, here’s another greatly annoying ‘pet peeve’.

    When Gailus interviews a reporter ‘live’ in the field — anywhere in BC — there is usually a gap between his question and the remote answer. The reporter stares vacantly into the camera, nodding as they hear the question in their ear piece. You’d think they were 12 time zones away.

    I understand why this happens — a delay in case something something nasty happens in the background. The solution seems pretty simple — delay the entire program 4 or 5 seconds, so the ‘dead air’ gap disappears. None of the other stations seem to have this problem.

    It makes Global appear utterly ‘bush league’.

  22. e.a.f. says:


    that is so funny, thanks!

  23. Lew says:

    Regarding the Koch story, Ron Waksman, Global News’ Senior Director of Online News, Current Affairs, Editorial Standards & Practices, says they didn’t have the facts to back up their editorial hypothesis.

    Global bills the 16X9 program thusly on its website: “Chief Correspondent Carolyn Jarvis and our award-winning team of investigative reporters and producers uncover important stories that would otherwise remain hidden, and tell them the way important stories are meant to be told.”

    Sure. Except when they don’t fit their editorial hypothesis.

    (Response: You would think they would assure themselves (ie lawyer review) their stories BEFORE they start promoting that they will be aired. Sure look suspicious to me when they pull a piece AFTER they start promoting it but BEFORE it actually airs. h.o)

  24. An Old Friend says:

    Dear Old Islander. I’m the last person to defend Global, but the delay between anchor question and reporter answer is caused by technology, not a built-in editorial safety net. You might have seen that in the movies, but you clearly haven’t been inside a newsroom for quite some time, if ever. Some of the newer live feed devices that run on LTE cell technology have a shorter delay but with satellite and microwave hits there is often a delay of several seconds, even if the live hit location is down the street. I know it’s fun (and in many cases justified) to dump on the media on this blog, but the lack of basic understanding around the making of television on the part of many people who post here is quite shocking. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Do your homework before you weigh in with a critical opinion. That’s what journalists are supposed to do, isn’t it? Perhaps you should hold yourself to the same standard you use to attack the people actually still working in the business.

    (Response: I personally know this contributor and his explanation/knowledge of the technologies involved in television broadcasting today is quite substantial! h.o)

  25. nonconfidencevote says:

    @#24 An old Friend
    Well I also have noticed the time lag and consider it “bush league”.
    And while I consider myself fairly intelligent I’m not a “techno-geek” so your explanation, while it makes sense……means nothing to the average viewer who is ANNOYED with the time lag….
    Chris Gailus” QUESTION!”
    Reporter with earpiece” …………………………….answer”
    Chris Gailus ” QUESTION!”
    Reporter with earpiece”…………………………….answer”

    Your sarcastic and arrogant reply still doesnt deal with the VIEWERS impression that Global is………
    Bush League
    Sorry, but first impressions……are first impressions.

  26. Lew says:

    The delay is annoying, but not something unique to Global. It’s common on CNN, BBC, or just about anywhere satellite feeds are used, caused by the return travel and processing time of the signal. Try having a conversation through your cell phone to theirs when a friend is standing right beside you and the problem becomes apparent.

    I’ve noticed it is less of an irritant when the interaction between the anchor and the field reporter is kept to a minimum. The better prepared the reporter is to deliver the report without constant questions or interjections from the anchor, the better the experience for the viewer. Especially when the anchor is Gailus.

  27. Hawgwash says:

    Broadcast delay is a deliberate operational tactic to better manage the potential for issues such as video bombing, profanity, etc.

    Transmission delay is just that, a lag in transmission. It is usually a result of a satellite feed which is not as “direct” as some might think. There is also “buffering” which I will leave alone since some here will think I’m talking about waxing the floor, for which I would then be pilloried for going off topic..

    Transmission delays have been a part of live broadcasts since Cronkite pulled a Radio Flyer and I’m surprise people who claim to be current, are not.

    Oh, and I did not read An old Friend as either sarcastic or arrogant. I did sense the frustration though, as we all do, when we encounter “experts.”

  28. Jay Jones says:

    Maybe leaving voting to those 17-24 and 50-75 is the wisest way to go.

  29. Gee Tee says:

    Global is caught up in the cult of personality. Most who watch their evening news don’t do so to be informed but merely to see those smiling faces. It is just another TV show, with their favourite characters. Global is so confident of why people tune in that you can buy a chocolate bar at Purdys with their faces on it (supports show of hearts telethon). It is only partially a news program, mostly infotainment relying on footage and stories from other networks and or allowing others, ie: governments and business to tell the story. The need to feed the shareholders has taken hold and it sounds like the result is a direct loss in viewership. Advertisers must still see something there many others don’t. CTV is better, CBC needs send the hand gesturing, head bowing little fella out to the field. The show does though provide good background on stories, unlike Global and even CTV.

  30. larry Bennett says:

    Hawgwash – re: buffering” – ” … some here will think I’m talking about waxing the floor …” the topic you speak of should be those who would know what a buffer was, and it would be known only to old “duffers” like myself, and I haven’t seen one in 50 years, at the very least.
    As for “people who claim to be current”they would know that Chris Gailus, whom everyone here seems to think is the doofus of the week, couldn’t hold a candle to the wonderful NBC professional (liar) Brian Williams – oh and he may have learned how from the (almost) inimitable Hil Clinton!

  31. e.a.f. says:

    Hi Old Friend, thank you for the explanation. It confirms what I always thought, everything going by “waves” I thought it was like telephones of old when calling to Europe, there was always this second or 2 deal, now I know its a real thing on T.V.
    Thank you Harvey, for adding to this.

  32. Old Islander says:

    Dear ‘Old Friend’

    I’m glad that Harvey confirmed your expertise in this matter. From the arrogant, sanctimonious tone of your post, I might have concluded that you work in the PMO.

    For the 20 years prior to my retirement, I worked with satellite transmitting technology. While we interfaced with several different low orbiting satellite networks, we also employed GOES transmitters using the geosynchronous GOES satellites. These are in geostationary orbits approximately 22,000 from earth. A burst transmission, travelling over 44,000 miles from earth to the satellite and back to ground a thousand miles away, was was typically measured in milliseconds. I know… I know… this doesn’t really relate to transmitting an HDTV signal from the field.

    You explain why the transmission gap occurs on Global — that it is the nature of the technology — insinuating that they have no choice in the matter. I call BS. You don’t see this gap on most other TV networks, both in Canada and the US. Even Global occasionally pulls it off without the gap. The technology is out there, to avoid the data gap while talking to a guy down the street.

  33. nonconfidencevote says:

    @#27 Hawgwash
    Your summation.

    Oh, and I did not read An old Friend as either sarcastic or arrogant.”

    An Old Friend’s comments as follows…….

    “You might have seen that in the movies, but you clearly haven’t been inside a newsroom for quite some time, if ever.”
    “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Do your homework before you weigh in with a critical opinion.”

    Sounds pretty sarcastic to me……………..

  34. 13 says:

    You can slice and dice old friend all you like. He or she sounds a lot like a female poster on the blog. Truly the only gap that matters is the gap between what kind of news BCTV served up in the past and whatever the current Global news cast is serving up.
    I hope sincerly that the pathetic level of newcasting is because of a sever lack of funding. Sadly if its not because of money then it must be a lack of talent.
    Ive never worked in a newsroom but before the world changed and you could go anywhere without a security pass I often ate in the BCTV cafeteria, so dont try telling me I dont get to have an opinion..

    (Response: You’re certainly right about which gap is most important. In my view, when a station drops from 6.0 to 4.0 ratings points, the REAL concerns …if anyone there really cares abut ratings any more …should surround newsroom management/hirings/editorial decisions . Clearly the decisions they have been making about what constitutes real news are not keeping/adding viewers! h.o)

  35. DBW says:

    I don’t watch Global that often anymore and I can’t say if they were the ones with the delay but I find it annoying when it occurs.

    I watched CTV at 6:00 this evening and in two of the first three stories they had interviews from the newsroom to a reporter elsewhere. No gap at all. Seamless.

    If it is still happening at Global then people have the right to question it.

    And back on topic sort of. In my first comment I said that people were finding sources on line much more readily than TV, radio, and newspapers. How are those sites counted. For example, both CTV and Global will suggest that to get more on a particular story, we need to go to their website. Anybody counting how often people do that. Personally I never do, but neither CTV nor Global is bookmarked on my computer. CTV has a daily poll (does Global?) that sends people to their website. Those numbers may tell a story as well.

    (Response: I believe the gap depends on the type of technology used: microwave seems to have faster transmissions for local coverage, but satellite no doubt does take longer. My own critical concerns, however, aren’t so much about technical issues…but quality content …or lack thereof! h.o)

  36. Clarence says:

    I think the flash memory of interacting with today’s smartphones, internet, and other technology has seriously eroded the news media’s ability to properly digest and serve up good stories. People largely have a very shallow reaction to what is going on. Results won’t be instant, but – and this is the key -just like building trust with a new friend, a slow steady stream of credible quality content will mean people will make the news (which ever station) part of their day.

    People have to feel like if they miss the news hour they really are missing out on what is important.

    It is my theory that people, no matter what the circumstances, will always seek relevant and important information – it is just natural.

    It seems the flash personalities of the people in the industry at this point are just unable to buckle down, do the work and have faith in the results. It is like stopping to study for a test if you don’t know all the content in the book by heart the first time.

    My message to Global staff (if you are reading): DO YOUR WORK:
    1.) Find your own stories (use you or your friends day to day problems as a starting point)
    2.) Ask questions of those in charge and those who you think would have valid criticism or concerns.
    3.) Research the history – the story probably has roots in the past or has actually been a problem before – this is very important to viewers to not only know what is going on now, but to be brought back up to speed on the issue.
    4.)Add pretty pictures and nice tone of voice.

    I really hope these people get it together, but I am leaning more and more toward the unsavoury view that the ownership merely wants to dumb down potential problems for them and their powerful friends. And that is frightening.

    (Response: REALLY good suggestions…especially the first one: it used to part of our job for reporters to come up with their own stories …not every day…but frequently …and that’s how we broke so many NEW stories, instead of just regurgitating what was in the morning paper or on the radio. But to do that, you need EXPERIENCED journalists, with well honed reporting/research skills and LOTS of contacts …and you have to give them the time/resources to investigate and dig into stories, statistics, government records etc. I don’t see a lot of that these days! Sad. You call on the reporters to do it…but they do need the time to do it … and that’s a big problem. h.o)

  37. BMCQ says:

    Since H.O. posted this topic a few days ago I have made a point of watching several Local Newscasts from various Cities including Vancouver, Detroit, Rochester, Seattle, Victoria, and one or two others.

    It is my opinion only but they all have some good and some bad points.

    It appears to me that the Local News Broadcasts appear for the most part to be less formal. Anchors and other on Air people attempt to be more “Folksy” for some reason.

    If I am correct and I am sure I will be corrected if I am not, I believe the Local Supper Time Newscasts have been “Dumbed Down”!

    Perhaps News Directors, Programmers or whatever the term is have assumed that The Great Unwashed want what have on offer. Perhaps those Management types do not know what Viewers are looking for.

    If I am correct BCTV had a man called Bradbury and later or before Cameron Bell as News Directors. Again, if correct they were both somewhat left of centre but as a viewer I really did not experience that. They seemed to concentrate on Reporting the News, and in many cases doing some actual Investigative Reporting and Reporting. Maybe that worked better.

    Some here are suspicious that the reason News coverage has gone the way it has is because of cost cutting, perhaps they are correct. Perhaps it is just because Management does not know what the Public wants.

    Watching Gallius at Global as an example. I actually see no reason why he could not do a great job with the News if he was directed to Broadcast Stories just as was once was done there by Tony Parsons. Maybe not with the gravitas as H.O> says of Parsons but much better than what he is now told to do. Maybe it is his own style but that could and should be changed if ratings are falling. Am I wrong?

    To repeat what I said up the page somewhere.

    As my 25 year old son told me there are not many under 35’s getting their daily News from Local Supper Time Newscasts.

    There are a lot of good comments here.
    As H.O. has mentioned it may be advisable to the various Station Management Teams to take notice.

    Having said all of that I believe that it I just too easy for many anonymous Posters to be critical of some of the On Air Personalities when we remain unidentified.

    Let’s be honest, most of us would not say many of the things we say here or on Social Media if we were not anonymous.

    (Response: Thanks for making a special effort to watch several newscasts to add to the discussion here. Your reactions to most are very similar to mine: esp the dumbing down factor, where there’s a LOT more attention to crime, etc …even though stats indicate serious crime has actually been dropping…. for years. But those stories are easy to cover …in terms of time and resources than serious investigative work and frankly, I’m not sure many of those on air these days would even know how to do investigative/land title/deep policy searches …or are ever given the instructions/time to do so. Fortunately there are still some at all stations who can can DO IT …if allowed to do so or given the leads they need. But I suspect news brass today want much more productivity …and also believe younger demographics don’t appreciate that …or political coverage … as much as what else they now give the viewer. Keith and Cameron were indeed news directors …not so much left or right …just REAL newshounds who believed (THANKFULLY for me and my career) that it was our DUTY to go after politicians, their spending of your money, their appointments, their contracts etc… and NOT just parrot the daily press releases/announcements handed out to reporters. I believe people would STILL RUSH HOME to see political coverage at City Hall level, provincial level and even federal level …IF stations gave them what to run home for! H..o0

  38. stewart says:

    BCTV’s Downfall
    Lee kjekstad..has to go (sp.)
    Kristie Gordon…abysmal…ship her out
    Chris Galius…non committal too “on the fence” trys to be Mr. Nice Guy…doesn’t work
    Sophie Lui….should be the 6PM anchor
    Mark Madrega…6PM weather guy..hes great
    Jay Janower…6PM Sports
    Katlyn Herbst….ship her out..needs a make over
    Jennifer Palma….over actor…ship her out
    Sonia Beeksma…arrogant know it all…ship her out
    Keith Baldry….boring as shit…buh bye
    Aron McArthur…under used and excellent anchor
    Lynn Collier….washed up
    Steve Darling….too much like a girl…hes a gossip queen…bye Steve
    Robin Stickley….her and Christie are having some sort of affair…see ya Robin

  39. Lew says:

    The whole piece is very good, but the part from 15:30 to the end relates to this post about Global. Well worth a listen.

  40. 13 says:

    If you listen to NW and hear the advertisers it makes you wonder.
    An array of funeral homes
    Endless financial advice on retirement
    Joint pain relief
    Retirement homes and their amentities
    Medical Plans for travel
    Perscription services
    Why is it their advertisers understand who listens to radio yet the idiot programer wants to attract the 18 to 45 crowd?

    (Response: Haven’t listened to them for some time … but if the ads are as you say, clearly their demographic is literally a dying breed … and maybe that’s why the ratings are as low as they now are at the once top dog. h.o)

  41. e.a.f. says:

    Totally agree on Sophie Lew and Aaron McArthur. They could have used him instead of Gallius and saved a lot of money. Its not that Gallius is a bad guy, he just isn’t serious, but then alas neither is that news station.. Some of it just the news they read isn’t that good. Good newscasts aren’t just about the person reading it, its about what they have to read and that is part of the problem at Global.

    Whomever is making the decisions about what is on the news and in what order isn’t that good. I don’t know who does that, but it most likely a producer. Perhaps if there were changes in producers and
    writers there might be a better show. Its like in a paper, if the editor keeps throwing out good articles, how will the paper be good, even if the reporters are good.

    (Response: Sophie and Aaron have great credibility and clearly come across as experienced journalists. But I believe the biggest problem is the content …and lousy story telling and lack of writing style: I believe responsibility for that lies with those who do the hiring. h.o)

  42. 13 says:

    Maybe we are a dying breed. I forgot to mention ads for hearing aids. Maybe koenexpress should buy a hearing aid and a pair of glasses. Even if his radio audience is dying off everyday people grow older as well. Ive said it before news talk radio appeals to a more mature audience. If the program director and the bean counters at NW want a younger audience then they are screwed. YOUNG PEOPLE dont listen to radio especialy AM radio. Every time I get a ride from one of my kids I ask them to tune in NW 980. They always look at me like Im nuts. They are the demographic 26 /33/39. I guarantee not one of them has ever tried to tune am980.
    So all koernexpress has done by bringing in Eckford and Drex is save money with a payroll decrease and piss off his core audience that enjoyed the likes of Frosty Raif Bill and Phil Berner and Faux. Oh yeah Mr “Get on with it” Peter Warren.

    (Response: I agree… I doubt younger demos care about AM radio …but once people get up into their 30s, buy homes, cars, start thinking about retirement savings …and thus public policies/politics talk shows ARE the way to go. But those shows HAVE to be good (pardon the pun) …not just informative just entertaining, but with a CLASH of ideas …not just one-sided Chamber of Commerce infomercials. But try getting the brass suits at big radio corps that now run the stations to understand that! h.o.)

  43. Laura says:

    CKNW is on the right path. The old audience was dying off and unless CKNW wanted to end up like its audience it had to appeal to someone other than over-60 Socreds.

    It will take time to build a new audience if that’s even possible given that AM talk radio is not ever going to be as popular as it was.

    I had given up on the day-long Liberal infomercial that was the old CKNW long ago and judging by the numbers I’m sure many other centrists and leftists had too. No new blood was listening. Postmedia has the same problem with its papers. Whether fair or not they are seen by younger people as one-sided and so their readership continues to fall.

    Mike Eckford is certainly far more informed and entertaining than Bill Good was. For older folk I’m sure Good was like a bowl of hot soup, familiar and comforting, but he was certainly not appealing to people with kids and jobs who wanted to hear some balanced information and debate.

    Same with Drex versus Charles Adler, no one but committed Conservatives listened to Adler out in BC.

    The number-crunchers at CKNW saw the writing on the wall and knew they had to change even if it meant losing their old audience. Makes sense to me.

    (Response: Perhaps you will be proved right and that their changes will start rebounding in the ratings. But haven’t seen that yet. I like Drex but not his time slot … and I enjoyed Jon McComb, and his fairness, in the afternoon …but find discussions of serious issues at 8 a.m. a downer…I want to wake up to humour and fun nonsense …like Frosty and McRae and Norm used to provide, making NW Number ONE! h.o.)

  44. E. Johnson says:

    Dumbed down news casts hits the mark! I could not agree more.7NA4Unable to tolerate watching any longer. Neither CTV nor Global are impressive. It becomes a matter of choosing which on air personalities’ banter you prefer. Don’t believe we have had a real investigative reporter in this province since Harvey left Global.

    (Response: Thanks …but there are other good journalists who could do investigative work (CTV does some occasionally) admittedly fewer than there used to be just not enough are given the time and resources to pursue in-depth meaningful stories/series. The brass may think people don’t want that, but at BCTV people watched in HUGE numbers when we did that and ratings have plummeted since they stopped… DUH!!! h.o)

  45. Paolo says:

    Hi Harvey!
    I really enjoy reading your blog.
    Thanks for posting these ratings; I totally agree with you when it comes to Global, and local news in general.
    Being a younger [teenage] viewer, I can really see how social media is impacting the viewership of ‘traditional’ evening newscasts (I am the only person among my friends that watches the news on a regular basis). I often watch Global out of habit, though it’s frequently frustrating to see the quality of their newscasts, their technical glitches, and how stories that are relevant to me and could be taken much further always end at the two-minute mark, leaving much to be desired.

    This blog often discusses Local news ratings and quality; I was curious to know your opinion on National News. Personally, I prefer watching Global National to what comes after it (News Hour). The stories seem better reported, better quality overall.

    Hope you’re enjoying your time in Florida!

    (Response: Happy to hear from a younger tv viewer and blog reader: would really like to hear from more of you and your perspective on the issues …some of which will affect the younger demo than the rest of us. As I’ve said before, I do believe that as younger people progress in their lives, their studies, strike out on their own and even start buying cars/condos they would be interested in more than social media and WOULD watch TV news, read newspapers …IF the quality was there, not the shallow crud we see so often that has absolutely no meaning/affect in most viewers’ lives. As for national news, I used to be quite a total devotee of The National …but not anymore. They’ve lost me over the past five or six years… I’m a bit left wing on social issues, but find them REALLY left wing; also very one-sided anti-Israel in their mid-East reporting; HIGHLY critical of Harper (which I am too on some issues) but they also FAWN over Trudeau (which I clearly do not …actually promoting him in my view; and their “national” panels are pretty well all the views of Ontarians and Quebeckers …to hell with the perspectives on issues from those from the rest of the country. So when I’m home, I still tune in The National …but also try to catch Global National and even CTV 24 Hour channel …not the 11 ..too late for me….and interferes with the Daily Show on Comedy Central! h.o)

  46. larry Bennett says:

    Don’t encourage him Paolo, it’s time he got back to where he belongs, I suspect that this is just a sunny version of Montreal. (Or, as Somerset Maugham said of Monte Carlo) – “A sunny place for shady people.”

  47. BMCQ says:


    Very interesting comments.

    I have mentioned a few times that I have a 25 year old son. He seems to have more or less the same view as you regarding younger people, the News, and Social Media.

    Somehow far too many young People today have become disengaged and to me that does not give me comfort!!

    I consider him to be fairly objective although he leans Conservative. From what I get from your comments I believe one could conclude that all though you lean somewhat Left you are more than willing to look at all sides of any topic. It is nice to see that your opinions are not “Clouded” by your Ideology contrary to almost all that post here! Of course I do not include myself in that!!

    I do not know what your plans are for the future but I am going to suggest that Main Stream Media would benefit greatly from having someone with your maturity, intelligence, objectivity, and what appears to be strength of Character join their ranks.

    Perhaps you could be that new Tony Parsons!!!

    There was once an old saying, “The Cream Always Rises to the Top”!

    Remember what H.O. said, “Gravitas”!!

    Thank you, you just made my day a little bit better!

  48. BMCQ says:

    By the way………….

    CKNW is NOT on the “Right Path”!!!!!!!!!!

    CKNW Ratings are going down quicker than the Italian Cruise Ship Concordia.

    Eckford informed???


    If that is the case then why does he spend at least a third of his “On Air” time apologizing for most of what he has stated earlier in the day or the day previous?!!!!!!!

    I am afraid your “Hero” Eckford could not find Poppies in Flanders Field!!

    I believe at least 3 or 4 of us have previously mentioned that once NW Advertisers like
    Funeral Service Homes, Hearing Aids, Concrete Sidewalks, Fords, BMWs, Fireplaces, Canadian Direct, Home Hardware, Kerrisdale Lumber, and many others figure out that NW is attempting to get listeners from the 20 to 35 year old demographic that DO NOT purchase any of the mentioned products those Advertisers will “Abandon that Ship”!!

    I suppose we should give the NW sales team some credit. They are obviously doing a good job selling the current list of Advertisers!!

    As a matter of fact those 20 – 35’s don’t purchase much of anything other than one type of a “Hand Held” Device or another!!

    I believe it will be just about that time that “Penny Will Drop” with Corus Execs and That Genius of a Program Director at NW will be out on the street looking for a new place of employment!!

  49. Laura says:

    Harvey, I don’t recall Norm and Frosty etc, I do recall Till and McComb in the morning. I found Till to be insufferable.

    BMCQ, CKNW ratings were falling long before the big changes. Can’t ignore that.

    What was management supposed to do? Just keep riding an audience that was getting smaller and smaller as long as they could?

    They’re not taking much of a risk in my opinion in trying to attract a new audience.

    I don’t think they’re trying to appeal to 20 year olds, more like the 30-55 demographic that have jobs and kids. That seems to be where their focus is.

    I didn’t say Eckford was perfect, nor is he trying to be, but he’s far more current, informed and balanced than Bill Good was.

    Maybe the changes will work out and maybe they won’t, but the old days were gone either way. Nostalgia is what it is.

  50. Laura says:

    Sun News is gone now too. For many of the same reasons, lack of audience. CKNW was going to go the same way. People don’t want that sort of politics.

  51. 13 says:

    Its hard to find people that support the direction NW has gone. I would have hoped that at some point in time IK would defend his new format.
    The only thing that I can remember him stating was that they were not going to be as political.

    I guess they have already abandoned that idea as most of the programs still devote a substantial amount of time to political subjects. Translink, and the coming referendum.

    I guess the gamble for corus is trying to attract an audience that isnt very interested in am talk radio. Balance that with the older crowd that still hasnt gone to CBC 88.1. and where they get their ad revenue from. Chances are as the kids age they might become interested in am talk radio. If corus thinks they can pry the youngsters away from their I pods phones macbooks tablets good luck to them.

    The only thing harder to find than kids that like talk radio, has got to be anyone that can stand Mike Eckford. I know that these people exist as they pop up now and again but if you read this blog or better still Puget Sound Radios blogs Mike gets panned at about 10-1.

  52. R says:

    Maybe report on the 1/4 billion dollar annual tax break to the top bc 2 percent while the other 98 pay more?

  53. larry Bennett says:

    Laura – If SunMedia is gone it is because the CRTC refused to give them a decent spot on the dial. And if, as you say “people do not want that sort of politics”, then they’re to expect the crap the Americans are getting with so-called coverage of Obama. It is assumed I think, that Brian Lilley may go to FOX, as they seemed to like the cut of his jib. Then again, maybe this is all a ploy by Peladeau to force Ottawa’s hand to protect the kind of political views that so upset the Lauras of the world?
    At any rate, you cannot keep a fellow like Ezra Levant down! He will pop up elsewhere in good time. The same with all the female talent that learned their art with this brassy outfit.

  54. Paolo says:

    Thank you so much for the kind comments! I have considered being in Mainstream Media, especially since Social Studies, specifically discussion on current events, and English are two subjects that I thoroughly enjoy.
    However, I sometimes wonder whether these mainstream media organizations will still be around by the time I finish all the necessary schooling, considering that the erosion of ratings is happening so quickly.

  55. nonconfidencevote says:

    @#49 laura
    “Harvey, I don’t recall Norm and Frosty etc, I do recall Till and McComb in the morning. I found Till to be insufferable.”
    A shame you didnt listen to CKNW when Frosty was “king” .
    He was brilliant.
    Funny, witty, lazer fast response to any comment from anyone.
    And his replacement?
    Philp Till? an absolute disaster.

  56. Noneck says:

    Interestingly enough, I found the following link in a matter of 5 seconds:

    So, it would appear that anyone person with an iPad, Macbook, or other similar technology can access AM radio without owning a physical radio.

    The question does come full circle: why aren’t the people watching/listening? Perhaps there is no need for investigative journalism because there is nothing to investigate in our political/social climate.

    I liken talk radio to talk tv – Dr. Phil, Maury, Rikki Lake, Ellen. These formats don’t interest me in the slightest. They never have and never will.

    PS – I did notice that you have to be at least 17 to download the CKNW app – you know, gotta throw in a little gambling to help pay the bills 😉

  57. Laura says:

    Larry, “place on the dial” doesn’t mean anything. And I don’t think that’s up to the CRTC anyway. Telus has TSN and Sportsnet in the 900s and it doesn’t seem to hurt them.

    If people want to watch your station they will find you. Yet Sun only averaged about 5,000 viewers. That was its core audience, and they needed more than that apparently.

    They wanted the government to bail them out by forcing everyone in Canada to subscribe. Sounds like a failure in the marketplace to me.

    (Response: CRTC does assign places on the dial … and I would agree with Larry that Sun’s Channel 177 was far out of the normal viewing pattern of most people. But I think their REAL problem was lack of ACTUAL news coverage/stories, locally, nationally an esp internationally…just a LOT of talk ABOUT news/stroeis/issues ….talk, talk, talk ….BORING! (Except Ezra Levant.) h.o)

  58. keith2 says:

    I used to watch Global at five but have since switched to CTV news with Coleen Christie, much more interesting newscast.
    My favourite newscast is Russia Today, certainly a different point of view.

    (Response: Russia Today is nothing but propaganda: biased, with an agenda. But then so is Fox News, MSNBC, CBC National, BBC and Al Jazeera! If you watch them ALL, you may get enough tidbits from each to find out what’s REALLY going on. Enjoy! h.o)

  59. 13 says:

    I wonder if Laura has ever enjoyed something and watched (listened) the quality diminish before her very eyes (ears). Believe it or not NW was and would still be the number one radio station in the lower mainland. All of the chatter about demographics changing and trying to attract a younger audience is simply a smoke screen to hide the real reasons NW is tanking
    The demogrphic deal means nothing. For every dinosaur that dies another your lad ages and decides to turn up his hearing aid and tune in NW.
    The single most obvious reason for NWs demise is the ownership got cheap and doesnt spend the dollars to attract the old dead guys like they used to . NO CANUCKS NO BC LIONS. No on air personality. Their payroll has been chopped not trimmed. From the talk show hosts to the sports dept to the newsroom. Total devestation causing huge losses to the radio market share.
    The current ownership doesnt give a damn about what Laura thinks. or 13, or BMCQ, Larry Bennet or even HO or Frosty or Wayne Cox (HO you do have an impressive following even if Laura hasnt heard of them) .
    The current ownership is squeezing every last drop of revenue they can out of a dying dog. When they are done they will leave it to die in a dumpster and move on like locusts to destroy something else.

    (Response; It’s most curious: when I critique or report falling radio or tv ratings and I and others on here offer our analysis of what’s wrong … I get lots of supportive reaction (on here and privately) from people working at those places …but the brass get upset at us for pointing out and/or discussing their slipping ratings. You would think they would be appreciative that we are offering ideas/opinions about what would attract listeners and viewers. Instead they blame the messengers …kind of funny when you remind yourself they are in the communications business …but don’t really want to hear from us …as they lose more and more audience. h.o)

  60. 13 says:

    PS they have done the same at Global

  61. nonconfidencevote says:

    Speaking of “news’ .
    Friday evening about 5pm CBC Newsworld had running live coverage of a possible terror related suicide and arrests at the Halifax Airport.
    Some sort of bizzarre plot to kill people at Vanetines day events in Hfx . Either way… was news.
    I just caught the tail end of it so I switched to Global at 6pm……..nothing,
    Over to CBC Vancouver…….nothing.
    CTV ………nothing.

    So much for “late breaking” news.

    Sad if it wasnt so pathetic.

  62. Noneck says:

    I’m thinking that Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada, Halifax, Nova Scotia was the target of the terror related attack.

  63. BMCQ says:

    Non Con

    Good point. Far too often Local Supper time News Casts cannot or will not Air later breaking Stories even I they take place hours before.

    someone else earlier pointed out that they also leave some important and or interesting stories to the preview of the 11:00 PM News Cast. Why?

    Perhaps off topic here but a fairly good linking site called The Drudge Report gives access to News Stories from all over the world.

    There are links to perhaps over 30 News Papers from different World Cities. There are also links to many different Columnists from different Papers and magazines.

    Many will criticize me for pointing out the Drudge Report because Drudge himself is a Conservative. Fact is the Columnists and papers he provides links to come in all shapes and sizes and Political Leanings.

    Drudge is worth a look if you want to get a little more than what local media provides.


    Has been declining for a while, that is true.

    The most interesting thing I find about the criticism of CKNW here is that most that Post and Criticize NW tend to lean somewhat left of centre. Interesting enough other than McComb who to me appears fair and balanced the rest of the NW Crew including Simi, Eckford are 100% in the Tank for The Provincial NDP and Federal Liberals and NDP. Interesting that those here would be so critical of the NDP Farm Team that now rules the Air at NW.

    By the way, Where is that Genius John Horgan and his Minions on the TransLink Botch Up?

    Really makes me wonder why they have gone silent on that fiasco!!

    Horgan must be in a Coma!! He is really missing an opportunity to criticize the Liberal Government on TransLink.

    They have really created a mess there and The Premier needs to step in, fire the Board, Jarvis, and turn it into a Crown Corporation and hire a new CEO that hires Transportation experts by contract for each individual jobs.

    The new Ceo and his group should then report to a Provincial Board that are paid out of their own ministry Salaries.

    Acccountability is what is needed there and it is the Premiers responsibility to fix the mess that has been created!!

  64. nonconfidencevote says:

    Speaking of News.
    Feb 15th . the 50th anniversary of the Canadian Flag. While Im not a jingoistic flag waving fool…..
    I cant imagine any other country in the world ingoring the 50th anniversary of their own flag.
    Harper govt has virtually ignored this day. Possibly because the flag was chosen and unveiled by a Liberal govt?

    What a petty little man.

    The federal election cant come soon enough to kick his partisan ass to the curb.

    As for partisan politics, how can Christy’s Liberal fire the Translink board? Arent most of them over paid lickspittles to the self same party?
    The political system in this country needs an enema. No more lobbying, no more political contributions, no more endless political appointments with zero qualifications…..

  65. Noneck says:

    “Acccountability is what is needed there and it is the Premiers responsibility to fix the mess that has been created!!”

    Then who cares what John Horgan thinks? If there is a Translink problem, the Liberals need to fix it. If they don’t, then we don’t vote for them the next election. Why must we always go running for the opposition to fight our battles and criticize them when they don’t?

    Ironically, most of the neocons here would never listen to the NDP comments on any issue. You still haven’t forgiven them for the Fast Cat ferry fiasco!

  66. 13 says:

    Why is Horgan silent on Translink? Probably because once you crawl through the 450 six figure salaries you get to his support base. The Translink workforce which will all be unionized.
    I read somehwere recently the salaries of about 50 Transit Police. Many touching up on $200,000. When you start to add up the mulitude of civil servants and quasi gov workers ICBC, BC Ferries, BC Hydro. All very well paid positions . Most tax payer funded.
    Long and the short of it the provincial NDP have nothing to gain by going after government waste.
    It is so wide spread and so socialy accepted that it would be political suicide to attack.
    Without a doubt Translink is a poorly run wasteful organization. From top to bottom. Or from top to some other point? From personal experience my guess is the entire org.
    Last year I delivered a load to the Translink maintenance facility in Burnaby. A magnificent facility. I was told to be patient and they would need to decide how they would deal with my load. I explained that after the first hour they would pay extra wait time untill I could leave. This brought gails of laughter and I was told that this was Translink and money was not important.
    In the 4 hours I waited for their decision I met many other employees that shared that opinion. The arrogance was so open and obvious that I wished that the rest of the world could see and hear what was going on.. Sadly its not that different than deivering to any municipal works yard or any government run project. The attitude of entitlement runs very deep.

  67. BMCQ says:

    Neck 65

    Neo Con? – Thank you for the Kind Words!!

    Please keep in mind that it is most likely fewer than 5 of the people that Post here that could be even closely compared to Conservative. Do you really feel that is a threat to you and others that Drink the NDP Flavoured Kool Aid?

    I was merely attempting to point that in my humble opinion that a healthy Democracy requires a robust Opposition!! quite simple really.

    As a Fed. Conservative and a B.C. Liberal supporter I am often critical of actions taken by either government.

    I am still upset with the B.C. Libs over the Virk/Basi deal, including the payout of the $ 6 Million in legal fees. I still believe there should be a fully transparent Public Inquiry into that matter. I believe Basi/Virk should have done Jail time and their own personal finances should have been exhausted before Government paid any of their legal expenses at all. The Public deserves to know what happened there!

    I also believe that the that Genius Horgan should aggressively attack The B.C. Government on the TransLink mess.

    I feel that Clark and her minions have [passed the buck, avoided responsibility and quite frankly screwed up badly on the Plebiscite issue.

    Christy is trying to avoid Political Fall Out by using the Pleb rather than being responsible and make a decision that may including raising various Taxes.

    She is wrong on this and it is Horgan’s responsibility to shout that from any roof top he can find!!!

    Just as with your critical thinking process on this whole matter Horgan is also falling way short here!!

    A very wise woman one told me, “One should never allow their own Political Ideology to Cloud one’s Thinking”!!

    I repeat, I will always support The B.C. Libs over the NDP. Not because the Libs are perfect but because I am frightened to death of letting The NDP and their Special interests take over the Province of B.C.!

    Once again, thank you for the kind words!

    13 – 66

    You most likely hit the nail on the head here!!

    Very insightful!

    I read all Posts on The H.O. Blog. I must say that it is always interesting for me to hear your most objective thoughts on all topics!

    I suppose you have also just been labeled a Neo Con as well!!

    Thanks for the honesty!!

    “Entitlement” is quite possibly the most dangerous thing we as a society face at all levels of Government Agencies, whether it be Federal, Provincial, or even more concerning Municipal!!

  68. keith2 says:

    Regarding the 50th anniversary of the flag, perhaps there are plans to change the flag after the next election to coincide with Canada’s 150th birthday.

  69. nonconfidencevote says:

    Re Trasnlink Head office in Burnaby.
    Yup. Total agreement.
    Know a guy who used to do the building maintenance there when the building was run by the private sector. They a a part time manager to oversee 3 staff of maintenance people.
    They now have 2 managers, a tenant co ordinator(secretary fielding tenant complaints), overseeing 4 maintenance staff, 2 janitors, 24hr security and a parking attendant. All earning far more than ANY private sector company could afford to pay. Oh and did I mention their generous pension and benefits plans?
    Fire them all and replace them with 2 private sector people. The response times for calls will improve and the top brass will have an extra 600k to hand out to their friends on the board.

  70. Laura says:

    13, we all experience change in our lives and nostalgia for bygone days. But that doesn’t mean the world should stop turning.

    CKNW had to change, its audience was dwindling. Sun News didn’t and they’re out of business.

  71. Laura says:

    BMCQ, I believe the political leanings of the new hosts at CKNW are the root of it. Simi Sara, Mike Eckford and Drex’s viewpoints are closer to my own than Bill Good’s, Philip Till’s and Charles Adler’s. Or Christy Clark’s when she was an on-air host.

    CKNW is a business, they have to change with the audience, they can’t appeal to the over-60 Socreds forever.

    Which isn’t to say I’m making light of your plight, losing a part of what you loved about your days, but I managed without CKNW in the past, its not the end of the world.

    You still have Bruce Allen and Michael Campbell which is more than I had to listen to when CKNW was unabashedly right-wing from dawn to midnight.

  72. 13 says:

    As long as were thanking people, thank you Mr Oberfeld for your work (in a retired state of mind) as I too look forward to your blog and the variety of thoughts and ideas. My wife has asked me more than a few times what the hell I find so interesting on this computer. I tell her Im on Harvey Oberfelds blog and she seems happy with that.
    BMCQ , I find your neocon thought very insightful. The FACT that you get around and have first hand experience is a great addition to any topic. Ive got to admit Ive spent a bit of time in some yearbooks and on the VC web site trying to decifer your identity. Probably best I never find out but its fun anyways.
    Ive said it before from age 19 till about 1988 I voted NDP federaly and provincialy. When the NDP sat on their butts and watched deregulation of my industry in the mid eighties and the resulting demise of every major transportation company in Canada I decided to try and limit my financial ruin by supporting a conservative regime. If I was a public sector worker you can bet your bottom dollar that I would still be an NDPer. So here I am a dues paying union member that has a BC Liberal membership card. Even I get confused some days.

    (Response: Thanks. But I wonder what do you tell her when I’m away for a few weeks on holidays …and you’re still on the computer! h.o)

  73. 13 says:

    Laura , just between you and me Christy was an awesome radio host. I got through to chat with Carol James one day on Christys show. Her comment at the end of the call was “Ill put you down as NOT being an NDP supporter”.

  74. Noneck says:

    “I repeat, I will always support The B.C. Libs over the NDP. Not because the Libs are perfect but because I am frightened to death of letting The NDP and their Special interests take over the Province of B.C.!”

    And this is why BC is in the mess it’s in.

    It’s not ok for BC NDP special interests, but it’s absolutely fine for BC Liberal special interests. And Horgan must do his job to oppose, yet Christy can fuddle her way through governing us and this is entirely acceptable to you.

    I forgot – we’ve come back to the private vs. public sector contentions we debate on this blog. After I read comments #66 and #69 on Translink gross overspending, I very much understand why there is such disdain towards their business practices. So why don’t the Liberals do something about it?

    I did a quick check – Translink was formed under NDP governance in 1998. Ok, so the evil hordes set this up. However, Kevin Falcon (then Minister of Transportation) restructured Translink in 2007. I guess he didn’t go quite far enough. And if it was his government that made the mess, then they’re the ones to wear it.

    But this is moot, as we would never turn our backs on the party that protects our special interests. Instead, we’ll just blame everything and everyone else for negligence and bad practice.

  75. Bob McQuillan says:


    My plight? Really?!

    Actually it is more like concern for CKNW.

    To simplify my concern I will say that I believe I would personally like to see a balance of opinions. As an example……

    In the past five years say –

    Till was on early and he was more or less middle of the road. In fact he was fairly Liberal in his viewpoints, not Conservative. That is fine with me. I know some here did not like him but I found him easy and informative listening early at work when there by myself at 5:00 AM.

    Bill good was in my opinion very middle of the road, a person of good character and integrity. Again some here would disagree but I felt he was fair and balanced. I am guessing he would have voted Liberal both Federal and Provincial. He was always fair with James and Dix. Actually a little tougher on Christy.


    I am sure she is a nice person but she is very disingenuous at best. She is totally against anything Federal Conservative and she despises the B.C. Libs. Ever notice how she has any and all Provincial NDP Critics on speed dial?

    Mary Ellen Turpel Lafond spends more time on the Simi Show than she does watching over Children!! Has she ever just once said anything about the B.C. Government.

    Before I quit listening to Simi I called in a few times. One occasion about a week after Kwan Gate I called in to ask Simi if she planned on discussing the PHS mess and the involvement of Kwan. She immediately became upset and told me she was away that week and it had received full coverage. I then asked her if she would please comment herself. She became enraged and told me she had no comment and cut me off. Really? Surely she could do better than that!


    Good Host, informed fair and balanced, an equal opportunity Basher of any party.

    Things have changed and other than McComb there is an agenda at NW. That is simply my point.

    Today –

    Eckford is an amateur. He is unsure, ill-informed most of the time he appears to be talking down to the “Great Unwashed” that listen to him, all seven of them!!

    He is a :Legend in His Own Mind”!

    I do not see how any thinking individual could conclude that it is now “My Time” to have a Left Wing Junta ruling the Air at NW.

    At NW should be honest and not pretend they are appealing to all.

    My Days? Really?!

    Sorry to let you down, but actually “My Days” are NOW!

    I am not as old as some that Post here and I am older than others. Fortunately for me I suppose it was my parents that taught me it was not one’s age, income level, or level of education that made the person complete.

    There is a lot more than those mentioned that go into building strength of character, and integrity in any individual. Maturity is also an integral part but maturity has nothing to do with age. Oh yes, and perhaps one more thing, one needs to have respect of others. It is fine to be critical or disagree but respect is a nice asset to have for any of us.


    Actually I did not attend VC, it was my 25 year old Son that attended. Not a perfect School but a Great School! I am happy he had the opportunity!

    Families from all walks of life. Some very wealthy, some with not much at all. A great Mix of Students, Families, and Cultures!!

    VC was a wonderful experience for our whole Family. I personally learned a lot from Administration, Brothers, Teachers, Students, and Families. A Life Enriching Experience!!

    The Reform School I attended had no Year Book!

    We will get together for lunch one day, I know we have many mutual friends.

    13, you mentioned thanking people. I would also like to thank Harvey, especially for his patience with me.


    Sorry to run on here!

  76. larry Bennett says:

    I’m really bored with talking about CKNW – I haven’t listened to it in years. The discussion about the sense of entitlement at TransLink is fascinating. I recall when it all began back in ’86, that the bus drivers were upset, saying the “blue coats” (TransLink securtiy) were paid more than themselves! Where are they these days? Have you ever seen them walk through the cars at station stops, and tell this guy, to get off with his pizza, or to take their feet off the seats. or to quit with the “F” bombs? I applied some years back having at least a dozen years experience in security work, and was told they weren’t hiring at the time. What they meant was they weren’t hiring middle-aged white males. I once asked one of them if TransLink had no hair length policy (his hair was down to his waist – though plaited) and he laughed, informing me he was Native – we both had a good guffaw over that! The whole system is rotten from top to bottom and it is never going to change – even though I plan to vote “no” in the coming referendum. Sell the bloody system to private enterprise with government oversight, only. Wages will be at the discretion of the owners, who will decide on wages and you can be sure they will be lined up for a decent paying, low stress job.

  77. Laura says:

    I wanted to see a balance of opinions years ago at CKNW too, it didn’t happen.

    The old CKNW is dead, and most people would say good riddance, it wasn’t balanced or informative, and that’s why we didn’t listen to it.

    You might have found Till and Good to be balanced but most of us who tuned out sure didn’t. Hiring a Liberal government cabinet minister between Good and Till was the final straw for many.

    For the rest it was piping in Adler from the prairies to fill the evening.

    Remember, they already had the brother of the BC Liberal leader as one of their stars.

    The result? The people that already supported CKNW and the BC Liberals loved it and over the years their audience dwindled till it was a fraction of what it once was.

    Now they have to try and get people who found other sources of information at least a decade ago to come back. I doubt it will work but I can see why they have to try. They have no other choice, because as history has shown, there just isn’t enough of an audience for the right-wing pablum they were giving their listeners for so long.

    Only the faithful stayed with them. But they will have to realize they were a big part of the problems at CKNW and why they couldn’t grow their audience.

    I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying, what goes around comes around?

  78. Laura says:

    13, the NDP wasn’t in power federally or provincially in the 80s. It was the Conservatives federally and the Socreds provincially.

  79. 13 says:

    Laura, thanks for telling me whom was in power in the mid eighties. I guess I did not make my point clear enough so Ill try again.
    As I voted for many years for the NDP because I thought they were the party that would look favourably on trade union members. When deregulation happened the Fed NDP didnt do any more to try and stop it than the current provincial NDP will do to clean house at Translink. I did notrealize untill then (1988) that the NDP didnt give a hoot about private sector unions. They only cared about public sector unions. Yes they have the mantra and adages down to a well rehearsed script. So do union executives. It all sounds great but (and heres one of their favorites) when the rubber hits the road they all say (another fav) we fought the good fight and we didnt get everything we asked forbut rest assured brothers and sisters we will get them next time. We tried our best brothers but we had no choice our hands were tied. Im sure their is a hand book given to union execs.

    BMCQ or Bob if I may, Im a tad jealous and I would like to leap out of the closet but Im still a member of a private sector union as are two of my three sons. I know how vindictive unions can be and I dont want to see my kids suffer because of my speaking out so Ill have to wait.

  80. BMCQ says:

    13 – 79

    Actually my leap was somewhat unintentional.
    I was not aware until I read your Post. Truth be known I was on the phone when I was Posting and I was distracted. What can I say!

    For several reasons I wish to remain BMCQ. I am fairly vocal and have not made many friends with Mayors around YVR.

    Perhaps one day.

    I suppose that Horse has now left the Barn!

    Is it not a shame that we need to remain anonymous so we can protect our family or other interests we have?

    Yes, I know and understand many people from many walks of life are faced with similar circumstances.

    I guess one of the most well known situations is when in the present and in the past Employees were attempting to organize.

    Not right but………….

    That is why I firmly believe in the right of all Union Workers to have the “Right to a Secret Ballot”!!!

    Whoops, did I open a “Can of Worms there?!!!

  81. Laura says:

    13, supporting the guys that brought in deregulation and don’t support unions because you didn’t think the NDP with a few MPs did enough isn’t logical.

    I’ve noticed Greens have the same problem, they’ll get a bunch of votes but no power and their own supporters will get disillusioned. Even now they talk about how if they could get just a few more MPs and I’m thinking, what do they expect even five MPs to be able to do?

    Voters make bad decisions all the time, like continuing to vote for parties that keep making them poorer.

    The economy grows, the new wealth goes to the top, the median wage falls a few percent and yet the people affected vote the same way.

    Its funny but that’s life.

  82. 13 says:

    “Voters make bad decisions all the time”, Laura your not the first to tell the world that they dont have the intellect to vote as you dictate. The commonality among the all knowing , smarter that the rest of us, clearer thinkers, just plain better human beings is you likely didnt vote for the party in power. Only those of lessor intelligence voted for the party in power.
    I cant speak for the rest ( usualy the majority) that dont vote with your uncommon ability to make the right decision but on my part (Ill be kind) I disagree . I think everyone that casts a ballot has done their duty as a citizen of a democracy.

  83. Laura says:

    Well 13, your post is all mom and apple pie, makes me want to salute a flag, but that means you think the people of Russia are doing a great job by electing Putin over and over. And anyone who tells them different is an elitist or something.


    The reality is, voters often tend not to vote for their own best interests. As I said, that’s life.

  84. BMCQ says:


    I should clarify what I mean when I say “I will always……..

    That is if that B.C. Liberal Party are still the best alternative as opposed to say The NDP, Greens etc.

    If that same Liberal Party were all of a sudden making decisions I felt were against the best interests of my business I would vote another way.

    The reason I mention my business is because as with everyone else that is where my income comes from. that is also where the income for the Employees come from and that is believe it or not just as important to me. Why I am not sure but that is the way it is.

    That is probably why I want control of Government spending in all Ministries at all three levels of government.

    I certainly understand why you want an NDP Government Federally, Provincially and most likely Municipally if possible,

    I suppose we could both categorize that as “Special Interests”.

    The biggest difference between people like you and people like me is I want to keep government small and I want that Government to control spending.

    As to your last paragraph, I can only speak for myself. I vote for the party that is the best for my business and the people that work in it, that includes myself and my family.

    I have said elsewhere here that I am very angry with the TransLink mess created by The NDP, re-tooled by Falcon and really screwed up by the current TransLink board.

    Time to Clean House!!!

    I think people like you and people like me agree on a lot more than you might think!

    13 – 83


  85. 13 says:

    Laura , its always a pleasure to find out how wrong I am and how incredibly correct you are. When I reference voters I almost always think localy , you are indeed grandiose , global, a world of information. Yes if I needed to make an argument for people not being as intelligent and capable of making the right decision at the polling place I would think of those that voted for Jenny Kwan. Not Laura she uses a ruthless exe KGB as her example. Granted Putin might not be my choice or even yours but anyone that voted for him of his/her own free will gets a nod from the less judgemental.
    Mom and apple pie might be old school for the politicaly correct. ( when I say pc referencing you I mean literaly, your correct everyone else is wrong.
    I dont think someone that disagrees with someones politics is elitist. I think people like YOU that cast judgment on how they mark a ballot are elitist. Poor dumb Russians.

  86. Laura says:

    13, rather a long meandering way of admitting I was right all along.

    Next time save yourself all the typing.

  87. sd says:

    Shall we count the “legitimate” and “credible” journalists whose families have been employed by Liberals through Orders in Council and paid by taxpayers?

    – Times Colonist writer Les Leyne’s son Andrew was one. He worked for the Liberal caucus, then the Liberal Party and now for spin merchants and lobbyists Hill & Knowlton.

    – Former CBC bureau chief Stephen Smart’s wife was Christy Clark’s deputy press secretary Rebecca Scott. Both are now employed in the Spin/Lobbying business: he at Citizen Relations, she at Global Public Affairs.

    – Corus Radio political broadcaster Sean Leslie’s wife Lisa is a Communications Director for the BC Liberal government.

    – Black Press political writer Tom Fletcher is married to Kate Trotter, a Public Affair Officer for the BC Liberal Government.

    Other political journalists hire themselves out as speech-makers, often appearing before business groups interested in their coverage. Are there more political reporters who might be perceived as having potential conflicts? It’s not easy to know because none make voluntary disclosures of relationships that might be problematic.

    Another interesting connection is between the provincial Conflict of Interest Commissioner Paul Fraser and his son, John Paul Fraser who is a highly paid Deputy Minister in the Liberal Government.

    The question we might consider: Is our political world so small that numerous connections are inevitable or is there a pattern of behaviour here whereby the government insulates itself from bothersome criticism? – See more at:

  88. 13 says:

    Laura I have written and deleted this reply to #87 three or four times. Every reply was a bit mean spirited. Suffice to say your wrong . I do not agree with you.

  89. Laura says:

    13, if I’m wrong, great, but I see a lot of examples in the world of people voting for governments that don’t govern in the interests of the people that voted for them.

    Whether it be for religious, personal or ideological reasons is beside the point, the end result is the same.

    Your comments to me don’t seem to argue that that isn’t the case, you seem instead fixated on trying to be witty in front of your friends by being sarcastic and calling me names. In terms of changing my mind I assure you a well-reasoned argument would go much further.

  90. 13 says:

    Laura, If the name Ie pompus arrogant fits then we agree on that. Thank you for seeing my wit and thank you for creating friends for me.
    The long and the short of it is as follows without being witty.

    I think your opinion of other peoples inability to vote as you see fit makes you:
    pompus, arrogant, selfcentered, egotistical,etc.

    Its a ballot and it is a very personal decision. If you dont approve who cares?

  91. Laura says:

    13, once again you’re unable to provide an argument, just more name-calling.

    Perhaps you should just let the adults talk.

  92. 13 says:

    Harvey , Im thanking you in advance for allowing me to participate in a bit of childish nonsence.
    Laura, I was raised by parents with the help of clergy and teachers (nuns Christian Brothers and lay teachers)
    All of those people had a few common beliefs that they tried to impart on or to me. Humility, and respect for other peoples choices.
    It is wrong for me to tell people that vote NDP they dont understand what a bad decision they have made. BUT I have no problem telling anyone that wants to listen that the NDP are a tax and spend regime that caters to unions, enviromentalists, and any other special interest group that needs money and has no income to support the need.
    So Laura the difference between you and I is we might both think the NDP is a waste of time. We might both think that the BC Liberals are not much better but only one of us has the nerve to tell other people that they dont know how to vote or they dont understand the ramifications of their poor voting record. I just cant bring myself to think that highly of my own opinion.

    I dont think I could proclaim that only those with grandchildren should be allowed to…..

    I might make the arguement that people with grandchildren have a different view of the future because they care about the little ones, but not your way. No thank you.

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