Harper Team Falling Apart

When you make a career out of any given calling … you don’t usually quit at 45 years old, when you’re at the top of your game …but have not yet achieved all you likely can.

But that’s what John Baird, 45, did in resigning not only as Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister but also announcing he won’t seek re-election either.

That isn’t exactly a great tribute to your boss!

Baird entered the political game when he only 25, serving in the Ontario Progressive Conservative cabinets f both Mike Harris and Ernie Eves; in 2006, he moved to federal politics and served as Transport Minister, Environment and Foreign Affairs. Some have even considered him a potential successor to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Baird will likely never say so, at least until he writes his memoirs …and likely nit even then … but I have little doubt Baird is another victim of Harper’s one-man dictatorial style of governing … and determination to hang on to power for at least five more years … or at least try to do so.

Who needs it …if you have other more independent possible professional avenues to travel … even likely more lucrative ones!

And Baird is not alone in quitting.

Here is the Toronto Star’s updated list of the more than TWO DOZEN Tory MPs not running again:

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird;  Diane Ablonczy: Calgary—Nose Hill; Mike Allen: Tobique—Mactaquac; Ray Boughen, Palliser; Garry Breitkreuz: Yorkton—Melville; Rod Bruinooge, Winnipeg South; Patricia Davidson: Sarnia—Lambton; Barry Devolin, Haliburton—Kawartha Lakes—Brock; Peter Goldring, Edmonton East; Richard Harris, Cariboo-Prince George; Laurie Hawn, Edmonton Centre; Russ Hiebert: South Surrey—White Rock—Cloverdale;  Gerald Keddy, South Shore—St. Margaret’s; Greg Kerr, West Nova; Ed Komarnicki, Souris—Moose Mountain; James Lunney, Nanaimo—Alberni; Colin Mayes, Okanagan—Shuswap; Rick Norlock, Northumberland—Quinte West; Gordon O’Connor, Carleton—Mississippi Mills; LaVar Payne, Medicine Hat; Joe Preston, Elgin—Middlesex—London; Gary Schellenberger, Perth—Wellington; Joy Smith, Kildonan—St. Paul; Brian Storseth, Westlock—St. Paul; and, Maurice Vellacott, Saskatoo—Wanuskewin.

That’s a LOT … especially for a party in power, looking to defend a majority government.

And remember, despite criticisms during terms of office, MOST incumbents ARE re-elected when they seek another term … so the fact that so many (and more to come?) have had enough … MUST reflect at least somewhat on what it’s like to be part of a “Harper team”.

I suspect it’s not fun or rewarding or easily tolerable for ordinary MPs who went to Ottawa full of dreams of fully expressing themselves, pushing their own honestly-held beliefs and voting their consciences.

Not that I expect ANY of them will say that … at least until AFTER the next election!

And don’t write Baird off from the federal scene … once Harper is gone.

Harv Oberfeld

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65 Responses to Harper Team Falling Apart

  1. Beenie says:

    Yes, I believe that Baird is off to learn what the corporate side is like so that when he does come back he will be talking with some experience. He will replace Harper after the next election. If Harper wins the next election, which I certainly hope he does, he will resign and open the door for Baird to come back and hopefully lead the Conservative party.
    As for the next election, there is NOBODY even close to Harper. The other choices are VERY scary. I know that I have lots of company with how I feel about the other party leaders.

    (Response: Yes, there may be cunning planning at work here by Baird …distancing himself from Harper for a while, building up his CV outside politics and readying for a return down the road. Reminds me of what John Turner did as a Liberal. h.o.)

  2. workforfun says:

    I am beginning to think that Harper is going down – albeit slowly.

    Maybe I am missing a lot, but I can’t think of too many good things Harper has done for Canada. Harper has done lot’s for Harper and his vision of what he wants Canada to become. Harper works for Harper and no one else – he even tries to take advantage of the ISIS situation by spreading fear and using religion to promote his own agenda.

    I am waiting for the Mike Duffy trial to start and see what happens when the sh*t hits the fan. That is just the start – there will probably be lots of fall out from that and the PMO will be in full damage control. The Canadian Veterans will do there little bit – remember ABC.

    Yes Harper is making lots of friends these days – NOT.

    I look forward to seeing Harper treated the same way as he has treated others – thrown under the bus.


    (Response: The best thing Harper has going for him is Justin Trudeau; I believe this latest defection …I mean retirement…and more than two dozen others from the Tories may even give an opening to Mulcair to show HE, not Trudeau, has the experience to be the alternative … depending on policies/stances he puts forward in the next several months. h.o)

  3. SunWuKong says:

    It seems like a few things together make a plausible scenario:
    1. Like Prentice, distancing himself from this disaster of a government will make an eventual leadership run more likely.
    2. The new rules for accessing your pension kick off next year, i.e., leave now and get it at 55, or stay and wait til 65.
    3. He’s too moderate to be leashed in the PMO dog pound.

    (Response: All good points … but I suspect the political reasons top any financial ones. h.o)

  4. R says:

    You lose your freedom when you have to tow the party line excessively.

    Minority government 2016?

    (Response: I’ll vote for that! As you may recall, I actually think the country is run best under minority governments, rather than majority dictatorships. h.O)

  5. Splashdancer says:

    You are so fake Harvey.

    Now you show fear, fear of Justin Trudeau, and oh my gawd, you express phony praise of Tom Mulcair? You, a lifetime NDP basher, angry Tom is your name for him is it not?, will wonders never cease, what next, Harvey Oberfeld being blessed by a First Nation chief and a quick trip to Quebec for a maple syrup celebration.

    You Harvey Oberfeld like the entire Conservative party is running scared, if Trudeau is so lame, so pathetic than why on earth would you be worried.

    You Harvey are as phony as a two-dollar loonie!

    NDP party is so far back in the polls, your ploy, prop up Mulcair as a way to elect Harper, split the vote.

    NDP is on life support, you are so easy to read Harvey Oberfeld, if polls were reversed and Mulcair was leading the polls you would be stumping for Trudeau.!

    As stated above, Stephen Harper has done nothing but degrade Canada and erode Canadian values, a monster running on fear, rhetoric and deranged ideology, Stephen Harper is the only threat to Canada.

    Not this time, Trudeau wins, deal with it.

    (Response: You must be reading some other blog: I have ALWAYS and CONSISTENTLY and OPENLY stated my criticism and non-support for Justin Trudeau as being shallow, inexperienced and totally unsuitable for PM. And I don’t think it’s “praise” …phony or real…to acknowledge that Harper’s shrinking team could thus provide Mulcair with a bit of a boost. Just trying to keep it real in looking at how things are evolving in Ottawa….even though, as someone who wants a fair share of power for BC, I’m not a supporter of Mulcair either. And in case you therefore conclude I like Harper, search my blogs on him … and apart from principled foreign policy.. I’ve also been highly critical of him as a democracy-disrespecting dictator. Seems to me I’ve criticized them all … and can tell you, at one time or another, have voted for them all. So I think the problem is YOUR fanatical blind paranoid bias …not mine. h.o)

  6. Gene the Bean says:

    Just like any profession these days, it is hard to make it last due to the unending manipulations and contortions to your morals.

    I don’t think anyone could last a career nowadays in either your or my previous professions Harvey, unless you are willing to do things you don’t want to do….and I mean substantial things that make you stop and think about ‘right and wrong’.

    Politics is the extreme example of that.

    Harpers time is almost up and if this is an end game for Baird to come back without any Harper-cooties and lead a Conservative government for another couple of terms I am all for it.

    Everything we have achieved could be ruined should the cabal of Ont/Que Liberals ever get close to running the country again.

    (Response: Have to admit I can’t even imagine Trudeau as Prime Minister … at least, not in this decade. But as a Westerner/British Columbia advocare, Mulcair doesn’t impress me either. h.o)

  7. larry Bennett says:

    First of all, it is Jason Kenny who is being groomed for Conservative leader, if and when Harper steps down. I think many thought that Baird wants to run for Conservative Leader of Ontario, but Harve tells us he has no intent to run. As for those who will be stepping down, do we know for sure that they will not run for the leadership of the Party? I mean, I don’t think that Harper would have to step down for there to be a leadership challenge. I’m not sure of the process – does anyone know for sure? Personally, I could put up with another 4 years with Harper in the harness. Stephen Harper has defined himself very well and there are not many others that Canadians would be willing to put there trust in at this time. Sometimes the devil that you know is better than the devil you don’t!
    That said, I think Baird has done a fine job and intitled to move on if he so wishes; he’s in his mid forties and has a long future ahead, whether in politics or in private life.

    (Response: Baird said he would NOT run again …federally. So yes, perhaps provincially for leader could be a possibility …but about the only thing that is clear is he no longer wants to be part of a Harper government. h.o)

  8. larry Bennett says:

    Harve, you seem to be boosting the probability that Baird has a problem with Harper – that may be, but I have not seen any indication of it. Perhaps he does not wish to be a member of any federal party, that he isn’t the head of, or else he is stepping down for the betterment of the party, himself. One thing is obvious – that both Harper and he think along the same lines when it comes on how to treat threats by radical MUSLIMS (there … I said it!).

    (Response: It just seems strange to me that someone so young, who has made a career of politics, would step down when riding so high. I like your Ontario PC leadership possibility … that would make sense. But if he does NOT go for that …then the idea that he is putting space between himself and Harper for a later run really gains credence. h.o.)

  9. 13 says:

    I think somewhere someone said your an NDP basher Harvey. I think you need some practice as I dont think you are a very good NDP basher.
    I do believe that for every voter that votes for Justin another voter will vote against him. Much like many in BC vote for the Liberals as a way of keeping the NDP on the sidelines.

    Sadly in BC the NDP are the devil we remember and the BC Liberals are the devil we tolerate.

    As for PM Harper I guess we will know soon enough wether he gets what he deserves. Personaly I also can tolerate him for another term.

    (Response: It’s actually quite funny. A “lifelong NDP basher” no less! I can still hear the old Socreds and modern day BC Liberals laughing at that: pretty sure THEY …esp Gordon Campbell…considered me an NDPer! But it’s actually quite common: people who are SO PARTISAN they think it quite reasonable when you nail “the other side” but as soon as you criticize “their” side, you’re the WORST! LOL! h.o)

  10. nonconfidencevote says:

    @#5 Slashdancer

    What the hell are you babbling about?
    Or are you a staunch Liberal supporter ?
    Justin Trudeau is openly mocked in Quebec as the ‘Dauphin” aka The little Prince.
    He’s an intellectual light weight with aspirations of glory. Perhaps a genetic flaw exaserbated by his dalliance as a teacher of Drama.
    Either way, the majority of Canadians see him for what he is…..
    A figurehead, a preacher on a pulpit , wheezing incessantly, breathlessly until he reaches his dramatic conclusions no matter how ridiculous.
    And his puppet masters keep pulling his strings.

    As for a minority govt.
    I’d vote for THAT !

    Keep up the good work Harvey

  11. Splashdancer says:

    You are wrong nonconfidence.

    Justin Trudeau has led almost all polls for over 2 years, NDP has languished in third place, a distant third place for 2 years.

    Only as of late, with Harper playing the fear card and non-stop election ads on radio and TV has harper`s Conservative party had a mild bump in the polls.

    Harper has delayed the budget, why, there is no need, we have had recessions before, we didn`t delay budgets in other troubled economic years.

    Have you listened to cknw lately?

    For the last 2 months Stephen Harper has been running election attack ads, the only party running elections morning noon and night and with all that Harper has had a tiny bounce in the polls.

    Wait until the other parties remind Canadians about Harper`s promised defunding of the Canada health act, gutting home mail delivery, botching every military procurement for the sake of claiming a balanced budget in this election year.

    Harper has squandered an imaginary surplus, Joeoily Oliver is looking like a blind mouse searching for cheese, veterans are in disgust with Harper`s betrayal.


    Check out that above link, even today Justin Trudeau is still leading in the polls without one political ad.

    Eric who runs that site is not partisan, he merely reports on polling, all the polling and extrapolates numbers.

    None of you on Harvey`s sdite like Trudeau, I get that, you are welcome to that opinion, you are not though, allowed to make up polling numbers and false fact(@nonconfidence)

    Check out this, Eric`s combination of all polls through 2014, Trudeau Liberals are in first place in every province except Alberta and prairies.

    Trudeau is ahead in British Columbia, leading in Ontario, far ahead in Quebec, a massive lead in Atlantic Canada.


    Stephen Harper has been running non-stop attack ads targeting Justin Trudeau for over 2 years, to what end, Harper is still behind and soon the Green party, Mulcair and Trudeau will start reminding the public of what Harper has done and is planning on doing.

    Cue Mike Duffy, Bruce Carson, Pamela Walling, Del Maestro, what`s his name down in Panama waiting to be extradited back to Canada on excepting bribes, Harper appointed him as overseer to CSIS.

    Non stop Harper electioneering, releasing Bills and legislation at campaign stops rater than Parliament.

    Canada Government ads promoting his election platform, all that campaigning and Harper still trails Justin Trudeau.

    The great oil economy, Alberta and Canada had high oil prices for 5 straight years, 6 months of low oil prices and Alberta is toast, Canada back in deficit.

    Harper can play the fear card all he wants, and it will work, as Canadians by large are scared, utterly terrified of Stephen Harper.

    (Response: Since when does leading the polls make someone BEST choice for public office? You therefore no doubt think highly of Vladimir Putin! h.o)

  12. Gilbert says:

    I’m not convinced that the resignation of John Baird is bad news. It may give the government the chance to elevate someone from Quebec such as Maxime Bernier whose scandal has been forgotten. Justin Trudeau lacks the leadership skills, the intellect and the vision to become prime minister. I doubt he worries the Conservatives. I suspect John Baird wants to make big money in the private sector and may decide to return to politics in the future.

    (Response: I also don’t believe we’ve seen the last of him in “public” life …either provincially or federally…after Harper is gone. h.o)

  13. larry Bennett says:

    noncon – quite an orgasmic description! So, not wishing to be too dramatic here, might I ask why Trudeau Jr., seeming to suggest that this has been the winter of our discontent – how then shall it be made glorious summer by this Prince of Pork?

  14. morry says:

    I am hoping that there are signs that will help bring about a minority government… and hopefully one not lead by Harper.

  15. morry says:

    Someone posted this on the Globe&Mail comments section. They seem like facts. I post them here in ace others can’t read comments behind the paywall.
    basile2013 14 hours ago said:
    John Baird has been a complete failure as a Foreign Affairs minister.
    • He got Canada kicked off the UN Security Council.
    • He lost Canada’s North Pole bid because he didn’t submit the claim within the 10-yr deadline.
    • He got our military kicked out of the UAE.
    • He lost most of Canada’s $563M in exports to Russia after picking a fight with them over Ukraine.
    • He was the one to approve use of infrastructure funds for Clement’s $50M gazebos during the G8.
    • He bought $400 gold-embossed business cards without even the word ‘Canada’ on them.
    • He won’t let the International Criminal Court investigate Israel for war crimes.
    • He has picked fights with just about every foreign country on behalf of Israel.
    • Canada’s international reputation has gone down the tubes since 2006: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/canada-s-reputation-worsens-global-poll-1.892750
    • He cut off Canada’s diplomatic relationship with Iran when other countries were holding talks with them. Even the USA and UK still have embassies, but Baird closed ours.
    • He personally defended Nigel Wright’s business deals worth millions with the Harper gov’t (Barrick Gold and Lockheed Martin), and he took SNC Lavalin and oil execs on a gov’t plane to Libya just after the war there.
    • He gave gave $1-million in federal money to a social hall project submitted by his personal rabbi, whom he also takes with him on every trip to Israel.
    • He defended his own Parliamentary Secretary for having an illicit affair with a Chinese spy.
    • He denied as “pure speculation” reports that Harper’s bodyguard was to be made ambassador to Jordan, just before it happened.
    • He called the 2013 election in Iran “meaningless”, despite the fact that non-Conservative voters in his own west Ottawa riding were targets of fraudulent robocalls in the 2011 election.
    are these facts true?

    (Response: Funny ….I actually LIKE many of those things… esp dealing with the corrupted UN and some of the worst REAL human rights abusers in the world… but gold-embossed business cards: that’s going too far! h.o)

  16. Gilbert says:

    According to Le Devoir (the article was written in November 2011), John Baird’s website was English only even though he speaks French. In an officially bilingual country, I don’t think this is acceptable. Here’s a paragraph from the article:

    Ils parlent français, mais ne l’affichent pas sur leur site Web personnel. De la quinzaine de ministres du cabinet Harper qui peuvent être considérés comme étant bilingues ou capables de parler la deuxième langue officielle, seuls James Moore, Maxime Bernier, Christian Paradis et Bernard Valcourt ont des sites personnels offerts dans les deux langues officielles

    (Response: His personal site … representing Ottawa-Nepean is in English …except, curiously, for the press release announcing he’s leaving, which is also in French. However his MINISTERIAL site was always fully bilingual. And frankly, if he decided to run years from now for federal leader …I doubt having an English-only PERSONAL website years earlier would prove much of an obstacle among Tory supporters. h.o)

  17. e.a.f. says:

    Interesting post and then the comments go on to discuss whether Harvey is a federal liberal or ndp basher or whatever else people think he is.

    He’s entertaining! He’s sort of middle of the road. He’s Canadian!

    Why did Baird resign now?
    -So he can take advantage of his $100K a yr. pension at 55 instead of 65.
    -get first dips on a good job and not be trampled by a stamped of other M.P.s before and after the election,
    -got tired of the “little shits in short pants” in the PMO
    -put some distance between himself and harper and what ever scandal may be coming down the pike.
    -was approached with a really good job offer, with way more money. perhaps in the arms business. like we did sell $10B worth of armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia.
    -wanting to marry his partner–not exactly con value friendly.

    We will never know why Flaherty actually resigned, but I’d put it down to the income splitting, so who knows perhaps there is something Baird just didn’t want to be part of.
    It isn’t exactly like he gave the P.M. a lot of notice, so there might be a nice back story there.

    He did get a nice speech from Dewar for his work on rights for GLBT community, on the international stage.

    Leaving the con fest maybe the best thing Baird has done for himself in a long time. Its not like its a great group.
    -Auditing non profits which opposed harper and his con agenda, while dismantling the auditing group which investigated business tax funny stuff.
    -one senator with 31 criminal charges, 2 senators under investigation; Arthur Porter–harper appointment to over see CISIS, brought back from Panama for a $22M fraud charge.
    – removing a billion from the Veteran Affairs budget while we have more dead Armed Forces personnel and Vets from suicide than we did from the wars they fought in.
    -Cut the RCMP budget and sent officers to work each and every day with out dated and ineffective equipment–i.e. insufficient vests, guns no self respecting criminal would use, vest which don’t stop anything much.
    -With 1,200 murdered/missing Canadian First Nations women, harper’s response in his interview with Mansbridge was, it wasn’t on his radar.

    Perhaps Baird finally had had enough and with the impending anti-terrorist bill or the dismantling of Canadian democratic rights bill, it was time for him to exit.

    (Response: ALL good reasons why he may have thrown in the towel. And hard to blame him for any of them. Public service for top performers is never as lucrative as private industry …and rarely appreciated by most of the public. Kind of like blogging! LOL. h.o)

  18. nonconfidencevote says:

    @#13 Larry B
    Prince of Pork ….hilarious. My brother refers to Harper as “Tubby”.
    I think people here are assuming I like Harper.
    Nothing could be further from the truth. Several elections ago I voted for the conservative because I like their fiscal agenda.
    No more. And Mr Harper is a control freak who’s lost his mind..

    Ironically enough I paticipated in a 20 minute telephone poll last night.
    The question ALL focussed on Harper. His leadership. My vote for the party. My vote for Harper. Etc.
    Needless to say the conservatives will not be pleased to get THAT poll result.
    But I slagged Christy Clark in last years telephone polling and she trailed in the polls right up to the election . ( Remember the rumoured NDP majority win due to the polling Splashdancer?).
    What people say in polls or what people say to their friends and family can be vastly different to what they do once in that polling booth.

    God help us if Harper gets a majority. A minority aint so bad. He’d actually have to listen and compromise.

  19. BMCQ says:


    Polls you say!!

    Perhaps you would explain just how close the Polls in the listed elections below.

    Alberta – Wild Rose was well ahead in The Polls!
    How did that turn out?

    Canada – Ignatieff and his Minions were neck
    neck with Harper. How did that turn
    out? Where is your boy Iggy now?

    B.C. – That Genius Adrian Dix and his were 20
    pts. ahead in Polls were they not? How
    did that turn out?

    As I have pointed out before the methods used by almost all Pollsters today is “FLAWED” and has no credibility!!

    Most Polling today is done On-Line and those that take part are mostly younger “Left of Centre” individuals hiding in their Mothers Basement employing the use of a Hand Held Device. The DO NOT visit the Polling Booth on Voting Day!!!

    Mature people that tend to be more Conservative are the ones that get up off their Butts and visit the Polling Station and vote Harper. No matter what you “Hope and Dream”, them are the facts my friend!!

    Once again the only Pollster that has been close to correct for several years now is the B.C. Liberal Pollster in the last Election. He knew exactly where the Libs and NDP were!!

    Most Political savvy people understand that Justin is powered by his Mothers Brain, not his Fathers!! By the time the “Writ is Dropped” most Canadians will be aware that (Justin) “The Emperor has no Clothes”!!!

    As I have stated here before.

    Justin will however gain many seats in Que at the expense of that Campaigning Genius Mulcair. Unfortunately for The NDP they will sink quicker than the Italian Cruise Ship Concordia!!

    The NDP and Libs will then fight over crumbs in the rest of Canada. In fact in some key ridings The NDP and Justin will split the Vote and The Harpers will come up the middle and take those seats.

    The Libs and The NDP will end up with about 70 Seats each. Harper will secure the rest and in fact increase The Conservative majority!!!

    The Libs and The NDP will then have no choice but to merge the two parties. As I posted here a few weeks ago, the name of that new party will be “THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF CANADA”.

    Harper is far from done and I doubt very much that retiring Conservatives are leaving a Sinking Ship.

    I could be wrong but I personally feel that if Baird was looking for the head job he should fight for it from within the party. He should be there with a key/important Cabinet Post after the next Election waiting for Harper to step down in about 2018.

    But then what do I know……….

    I do not think H.O. is Shilling for anyone. Fact is other than Foreign Policy he has been fairly critical of Harper and The Conservative Government.


    Do not worry, you are still very much appreciated here!

  20. BMCQ says:

    I believe the Federal Pension Baird will receive at 55 is about $ 70K. Not sure about Provincial Pension. I am sure that number may soon appear.

    Even if both Pensions add up to say $ 100K I do not think Baird would consider himself wealthy.

    Who knows where he will end up. At this point it is all speculation.

  21. RS says:

    Be it the lure of lucre in the private sector, discordant egos, threats, political gamesmanship, or a personal matter, it seems to me – sadly – our politicos both advance and beat a hasty retreat in a flurry of half-truths, untruths and deception.

  22. Gene the Bean says:

    Harvey, I admire you for a number of reasons but the one that stands out now is how you handle the wack-jobs in the blogosphere. You are a patient man.

    We have all seen comments containing non-sensical rants, lies, half-truths, make-believe, science fiction, inane blubbering, verbal diarrhea and long winded pompous bafflegab.

    What we have never seen …. is it all in one comment ….splashdancer #5.

    A tip of the hat to you for not only allowing comments like that (as entertainment value for all of us!!) but also for putting a steel-toed response up the arse of the commenter.


    (Response: I’m reminded about what a server on a cruise ship once told me. We were at an evening set-seating table of 8 … most very nice… but with terrible older couple from Philadelphia: they bickered almost constantly; complained about a lot of the dishes; made MANY demands of the server for extras, dish changes and things not on the menu; and NEVER said Please or Thank You. Just before the cruise ended, I saw the server when we ate alone at breakfast and told him I sympathized and couldn’t imagine how he dealt so deftly and politely with people like that. He replied: “It’s easy. We just remind ourselves our experiences with them are very short …but some people, somewhere have to work or live around them all the time.” Well said! By the way, NOW we take open seating! 🙂 h.o

  23. Reality Check says:

    You can add Randy Kamp to your list of Conservative MP’s not seeking re-election.

    Also it’s been rumoured that Kevin Rudd (former Australia PM) has been courting Baird for a role in the World Health Organization.

    But it also makes sense that he’d want to get out now and start drawing his pension before he has to wait an entire decade under the new rules.

    (Response: Interesting reasons. It will all soon unfold, I’m sure … but certainly a big loss for Harper. h.o)

  24. larry Bennett says:

    A man steps down and the internet is in free-fall! It seems to me that there is a lot of paranoia our there in voter land. We have a long way to go before we can even begin to read anything from present polls as BMCQ so aptly noted. And e.a.f. seems able to get first DIBS without being … trampled in a STAMPEDE. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. Oh, and noncon, I doubt anyone will remember the fact that you “slagged” Christy – though, I myself will never forget Christy’s comment directly on winning. “Well … that was easy”

  25. An Old Friend says:

    I’m not sure if it’s scientifically accurate, but I often notice a direct correlation in your comments section between the length of the post and the craziness of the author. When I read that someone is now calling you a lifelong NDP basher, I laughed out loud. You pissed off the Socreds and the New Dems with equal measure over the years, which was your job; anyone who’s taken even a passing interest in the media should know that. Like you say, folks who are obsessed with partisan views will see everything as either an attack or an endorsement. They are blind to nuance and make themselves look very silly on your site on a regular basis. I would like to thank them for the entertainment.

    (Response: Thanks. I wouldn’t call them crazy … more like passionate, and some of them do contain interesting background info and facts. However, I doubt many change their positions/ideas! The NDP basher remark …”lifelong” no less … really shows how difficult it is to be in any form of media: some blindly partisan people take ANY reporting or commentary that criticizes the “other” side as just normal reporting, BUT any reporting or commentary that criticizes “their” side as proof you ARE against them! If I was so anti-NDP, why didn’t Gordo call or send me even a note (Carole James did) when my retirement was announced? And after 38 years of anti-NDP “service” on the job and another 8 years blogging, where’s my Order of Canada from Harper or my Order of BC from Gordo or Christy? h.o)

  26. R says:

    More independents.strategic vote if need be.
    New riding in BC Vancouver Granville for MP spot.
    Gordon Campbell running?

  27. Scotty on Denman says:

    “…Mr Harper is a control freak who’s lost his mind…” Set to music this could be good. I mean, I sure didn’t react with a “My Gawd No! Impossible!…” then wake up…in a cold sweat!…Hey! THAT could be good too! Man! I shoulda been a song writer…

    …but as a Con-Troll Freaker, I’m probably only as good as Harvey (!) I mean, trying to parse the turtle guts and chicken shells is enough to make you lose your…Oh, never mind! here it is, right where it got left— under my armchair.

    Hey Harvey, remember how Adrian Dix and the BC Liberals turned us pundits into bundips (once I’m sitting on my breakfasts, I’d go for a good pun any day)? Boy, the only thing that cools my embarrassing prognostications back then is all the rest of ’em turned into bundips just like me. Sometimes you kinda miss being lonely, though.

    “…Goin’ to the chapel/ Gonna get married…” I should send that one to Baird—maybe he’ll bankroll my next album, “Freedom Sixty-Five”. Naaaw, he’s prob’ly got the EP already: “Come Alive, Fifty-Five!”

    Remember all those mouldy oldies we used to listen to way back when? What was the big hit again?…”801″? Boy! That sure brings back some ghosts for me…you know, that one about how Christy finds herself butt-kissing the pavement outside BC Liberal campaign HQ, with her party coveralls, a bruise where her hardhat used to be after tumbling down the front steps one minute after the polls closed…? That number was just sooooo popular and beautiful, I cried for a week when it didn’t happen. But what a leveller THAT was! Never thought the likes of you, me and the Dean would be tussling over personal floatation devices after that one. Jeez!

    I get the not-so-funny feeling I’ve seen this movie before—the BC version: rats jumping a sinking ship, foretelling a watery end, just like the Wicked Witch’s melting hat,… a political record even Adolph Hitler could groove to,… a miscast prancing majorette doing a bad Jeanne d’Arc,…and that smash hit “801”…where did it all go wrong? The parallels to Harper are frightening, starting with that long list of—of—of —sob!—RATS…(CUT!! time out!)

    (Take two:)

    But jeepers, Harvey! To hear you tell it, sounds like t’aint nobody fit to vote for anyhow. Excuse me, but ain’t that almost the same as the Cons’ current talking point, wearing out all the good threads lately: “they’re all the same, no point in voting…” Excuse me (again), but ain’t that exactly what the Cons would want cuz they the onliest party to benefit from low turnout…cuz it turns their democratic minority (about 20%) into a parliamentary majority (50%+, but might as well be a hundred…)?

    Well, I for one am not gonna fall for THAT again—or none of them bullshit polls neither! Fact is, if we wanna get rid of the worst party we ever had (see?…they ain’t “all the same” after all!), we’re gonna have to vote for one of the other ones, and it ain’t too surprising Con trolls and shills are pooh-poohing strategic voting cuz they know that would prob’ly fix their wagon good!

    “…Did you ever have to make up your mind?…” Hey!…now THERE’S something!…Hmmm, hmmm, hmm…
    “…pick up on one and leave the others behind…” Wow! NOW we’re getting somewhere!
    “…so many…hmm, hmm,hm…changes for me to…hmmm, hmmm, hmm, hm…” Oh YEAH! I got it now!…
    “…Did you ever have to finally decide?…”
    y’know, like, you gotta vote for the candidate most likely to beat the Conservative in your riding! Dang I’m good! Maybe get Steve’s garage band do the demo (I mean, jeez, that Beatles cover sucked! “…get by with a little help from my friends…” peeeeyuck!!)

    But I’m agonna (I was raised on C&W)… name it…Bill! or George! or ANYTHING BUT 801!!!

    Whaddya think, Harvey! We can all sing my new number together!

    And the hits just keep on comin’…!

    (Response: It is scary …. esp the point you noted “t’aint nobody fit to vote for anyhow”. I really think about that sometimes … there are no more statesmen (or women), no more real leaders who REALLY stand up for fairness and justice …just semi-principled politicians run by un-principled strategists and their supposedly expert pollsters whose ONLY aim is to secure POWER …to serve …not the Canadian people … but their own lobby/pressure/funding groups and voting block…. and do nothing for the rest of us. So more and more of us (who are NOT just blindly partisan) find ourselves voting for …not someone we really believe in …but the least of the bad. Some choice! h.o)

  28. Lester says:

    My theory is that Harper is going to be painted as “misleading” Canada into a shooting war. Baird wants to be PM one day and as FA Minister he’ll wear alot of that guilt. So, he’s getting out, to return at another time. That’s why he is stepping down from his cabinet post now, and not in a few months from now. It’s about to get hairy.

    (Response: Geez …watching all the news, I thought it already IS hairy! h.o)

  29. Lester says:

    Also, Harvey, come on, on the list of Baird’s failures how many could you REALLY like?

    (Response: Amazing how some will call it a “failure” when Canada actually stands up and won’t be dictated to by the likes of the UAE, Russia, Arab-controlled corrupted UN General Assembly, and Iran. Bravo for Baird and Harper for standing up to these evil entities. h.o)

  30. Lester says:

    And I meant Hairy for Canadian troops. 😉 and ensuing PR war.

  31. E. Johnson says:

    Strange how writers attribute others actions to support the narrative they support. You don’t care for the Prime Minister’s style therefore John Baird must not either. Perhaps Mr. Baird appreciates the value of leaving when at the top of one’s game. He is not the first politician to come to that realisation and seek opportunities outside of politics. John Manley is one example. I wish him well in whatever he does in the future.

    (Response: It’s not only his style…it’s MORE about his dictatorial actions to shut down public officials, scientists, information, MPs and his policies etc. Search my blog for “Harper” blogs and you’ll find a litany of criticism that goes well beyond style. Except, as I’ve said, I like his foreign policy …in my view, more principled than his domestic ones. h.o.)

  32. Jay Jones says:

    “t’aint nobody fit to vote for anyhow”

    No doubt! It’s like only having kindergarten students and classes to select from to run a university.

    (Response: Kindergarten students are more open about their real intentions. h.o.)

  33. r says:

    P3- politicians protecting private interests?

  34. D. M. Johnston says:

    Everyone’ political stripes are on show.

    I was as surprised as any with John Baird’s premature departure from Parliament, especially that he is stepping down from his riding and not seeing the term out.

    Did he leave to become a ‘porker’ like so many he decried previously to collect his pension at 55? Or, was there a falling out with Herr Harper, so strong that he had to leave now? Or was Bay Street calling with an offer so good that he said “To hell with Parliament” and bailed?

    Herr Harper is getting a tad bit shopworn as are his remaining MP’s, but like so often in Canada, the opposition is weak and divided.

    Trudeau the Younger, I believe, as already snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and Mulchair Trudeau style one finger salute to the West, means he would sell the shop (or West) to get some of those Quebec seats. Vancouver East is also a bellwether on both provincial and federal politics as two sitting MLA want to get the hell out of Horgan’s shop (because it seems the BC NDP are run by Geoff Meggs and Vision Vancouver and Horgan has been relegated like a cuckolded husband) and into the federal pork barrel and if Kwan wins, she will do to the federal NDP, what Dix did in the previous election.

    So with Baird’s leaving and the mainstream federal political parties are held in such high odor, that I think the Greens will elect maybe 4 or 5 people to Ottawa and if it is a minority government and if the Greens elect 4 or 5 people to Ottawa (a big if), the Green Party may hold the balance of power.

    Ah the world of if………………..

    (Response: Now, wouldn’t that be interesting! Makes me look forward to the next election …even if I don’t like/trust ANY of the leaders. h.o)

  35. Lester says:

    Okay, but you still haven’t said what Baird ‘stood up’ for. Getting Canada kicked off vital committees does nothing but mute us.

    Seriously. Baird may as well be standing in the parking lot of the UN screaming at the building now. Yeah, that’s some REAL good foreign affairing. Meanwhile his government completely Kowtows to China. Give me a break with the “standing up.” Stuff.

    (Response: Baird …it’s actually CANADA …he was only the messenger has stood up MANY TIMES: against the FARCE that is the UN Human Rights Committee; stood up against the UAE’s BLACKMAIL attempt to get unfettered landing rights in Canada; stood up FOR Israel, rather than pander to Arab BLACKMAIL to get a seat on the Security Council; and stood up to Russia and Putin, calling them OUTRIGHT aggressors. Too many countries, through their FA’s, have been too complacent and complicit against the REAL tyrants in the world: Canada …through Baird …has stood up many times. You clearly don’t seem to like that and would roll over and sell out Canada’s independence, principles and dignity to tyrants … but I am GLAD Baird and Canada did NOT. h.o)

  36. larry Bennett says:

    Atta boy Harve! Tell it like it is. Maybe when America gets rid of Obama and his kowtowing, not just to China but to Russia and Iran and the Sheiks of Araby, maybe then the West can get back to standing up against the tyranny of these international punks.

  37. e.a.f. says:

    Has anyone found out where Baird is going yet? Like that would be more interesting right now.

  38. Lester says:

    I would roll over to Tyrants?

    Harvey, what part of “Kow Towing to China” doesn’t land with you? The only reason he went after Russia is because of the Ukrainian vote in Canada and the minimal amount of Trade Canada has with Russia.

    Yet, he’ll sell us out to China through FIPPA. Do nothing more than tweet a couple times for students in Hong Kong. And sorry, there’s no pin of honour for “standing with Israel” who murder dozens of Palestinians each year. Anyone who thinks you can just take a side on that is willfully ignorant.

    But hey, Look the other way cause of economic factors while the biggest dictatorship on the planet threatens free and democratic allies of ours in Asia like Japan and Taiwan.

    It’s 2015, Harvey, get in the current events game.

  39. larry Bennett says:

    You would prefer he (presumably, Harper) kowtow to Russians over Ukrainian Canadians? Yeah right Les, that would be real fair, wouldn’t it?
    Oh, and P.S. Canada has a large, and quickly growing Chinese population, most of them not particularly fawning over the People’s Republic or their overlords. I am not particularly pleased with the situation either, but there seems to be few immigrants of good old European heritage pounding at the door!

  40. DBW says:

    re: your response to 35
    Whether we believe that Baird/Harper/Canada were right to stand up to tyrants may be worthy of debate, but that misses the larger issue. I was intrigued by Joe Clark’s book The Power to Lead in which he discusses Canada’s role on the world stage both historically and currently, and what we might/could do in the future.

    His argument is that Harper has taken us away from our historical role (post WWll) of the country of diplomacy (what he calls “soft power”) We were a country that was essentially respected by all nations, one that could be trusted to form peacekeeping units in world trouble spots.

    Harper seems to be more interested in showing off our “hard power” which many believe has deteriorated our standing in the world community.

    Now maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe we should be showing off our tough guy attitude. After all, from the War of 1812 through the two world wars, our military has proven strong and our military personnel today also stands tall.

    But as you admit, Harper, domestically, has done much to deny parliament, that he won’t compromise. And isn’t that what he is also doing with his foreign policy. Sure we have to stand up to bullies and bad decisions of the UN. It is how we do it that matters.

    Canada has one of the most diverse populations in the world, maybe the only one with a large aboriginal group, two founding nations, and a large immigrant population from all around the world. Despite this we are arguably the most peaceful country in the world. We have done this through co-operation and understanding and compromise.

    We should be an example to the world through the use of our diplomacy rather than taking unnecessary sides.

    (Response: I agree that under Harper Canada has become less of a peace=keeper and more actively hard-edged. But the world is VASTLY different now than it was when Lester Pearson was around. And we do still have soft-edge leaders…like Obama … and that is definitely NOT working with people like Putin, ISIS, Boko Haram, the Houtis or Taliban etc. h.o)

  41. Gene the Bean says:

    I agree, Baird has FINALLY shown some of that Canadian backbone on critical issues on the world stage. About time.

    For those that would prefer the “hug a thug” method (Lester…?) I suggest you write a strongly worded valentine message to the boy blunder Trudeau and use extra soft tissues when you wipe away each others tears.

  42. e.a.f. says:

    Why would Europeans want to come to Canada? The economic climate in Europe changed in the 1970s and people saw little need to leave their homelands.

    For many in western Europe, their higher standard of living and income has resulted in them being able to fly back and forth to North America, visit and return. They live in democratic countries with good social systems. Other countries, not so much. Once “racism” became less pronounced in the immigration system, people from other countries, which did not enjoy many of the benefits Europeans and North Americans enjoyed, decided to give Canada a try. Some have come for a democratic society. Some have come for economic reasons. Some are here just to make money and return to their home country.

    Times change. Unfortunately most Canadian politicians never did see the long game when it came to immigration and a whole lot of other stuff.

  43. morry says:

    So on the CBC At Issue Panel, it emerged that A) Baird resigned without consulting Harper b) He did so very hastily with no real reason to so…. i..e he has no immediate Job to go to and C) he sees himself much more Non-Partisan than he was asked to be….
    Sounds like he choose a route that is tatanmount to firing Harper.

    (Response: It did seem strange to me …so sudden, unexpected. If it’s true he never consulted Harper …that’s a BIGGIE! I’m sure he DOES have a plan…just not ready yet to reveal it. All makes me think a Spring election could be in the works …as I first suggested months ago. h.o)

  44. r says:

    And BC is giving 200 million a year tax break, to those 150 k plus,every year forward on Dec 31 2015.
    More social ills ,all for the sake of a break to those who can contribute.


  45. Keith E. says:

    Hi Harvey,

    as a follow up to Morry’s comment #43;

    Peter Mansbridge is doing a one on one with John Baird over the weekend on CBC. Probably worth the price of admission.

    (Response: Could be interesting …if it doesn’t become just a fawning puff piece. h.o)

  46. Lester says:

    Uh, sorry Gene, the only people HUGGING thugs are those hugging the Chinese Communists, AKA Harper and Baird.

    I’m sure you’d love a tissue, as long as it’s made in China so as not to upset your overlords.

  47. e.a.f. says:

    r, comment #44,

    thank you for the link. nice to see smaller town newspapers printing information such as this.

  48. samantha says:

    I used to like mansbridge and the cbc until he and a few others got caught shilling and getting paid by oil companies. now, not so much.

    Here are some of those rules, as laid out in the CBC’s Conflict of Interest and Ethics policy:

    1. No conflict should exist or appear to exist between the private interests of CBC/Radio-Canada employees and their official duties.

    5. Employees must not use their positions to further their personal interests.

    10. Gifts, benefits, money or other special considerations offered to CBC/Radio-Canada employees to influence, obligate or appear to influence a CBC/Radio-Canada decision must be refused.

    15.Employees may not engage in activities likely to bring CBC/Radio-Canada into disrepute.

    16.Employees may not take a stand on public controversies if CBC’s integrity would be compromised.

    18. Employees shall not engage without permission in outside work which involves services in competition with the CBC/Radio-Canada, exploits their connection with the CBC/Radio-Canada or restricts their availability, efficiency or causes a conflict of interest with their CBC/Radio-Canada duties.

    19. The duty to disclose and remove conflicts of interest rests with the employee.


  49. Keith E. says:

    Hi Harvey,

    (Response: Could be interesting …if it doesn’t become just a fawning puff piece. h.o)

    Probably lots of that, but I hope Mansbridge asks “Why now” and digs a bit.

    Hes pulled the plug reportedly without telling Harper and an election is just around the corner, (spring or fall), he could have announced his departure and then did a few laps of honour

    Problem is who will replace him. Joe Oliver replacing Flaherty and O’Toole replacing the disaster Fantino have’t exactly sparkled. It looks a bit thin in the talent department now with the number of experienced and compliant back benchers pulling the plug at once.

  50. larry Bennett says:

    Samantha, would this apply too to those politicians, or journalists, either running or sitting who accept money from lobbies like GreenPeace or the Tides Foundation? Should unelected solons be allowed to remove the ancient sanctions against abortion and suicide? When we grow too old to dream, should we be dismissed, and should the right to light up the night, be removed by radical environmentalists who weep over the death of a dog, but will not sanction those who throw their newborns into the garbage pit? If you could please get back to me on these, for I am confused about these turnarounds.

  51. larry Bennett says:

    Samantha – I will apologize (somewhat) as I may have misread the meaning of your post, in that I thought you were opposed mainly to the fact that employees there were only open to the “shilling” of large, private companies, industries and etc. That said, I am somewhat bewildered by your mention of ” … CBC’s integrity” and/or the possibility that stated corporation could possibly be brought into disrepute?
    I would wonder if there is a possibility that it be free of disrepute.

  52. e.a.f. says:

    Larry what ancient sanctions against abortion and suicide? As far as I know both practises have been taking place as long as women have gotten pregnant and people wanted to die.

    Now some religious types don’t like these 2 activities but there are a whole lot of us who have no religious thoughts who approve of these activities and there are a whole lot of religious types who also approve of these 2 activities.

    The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled, now get over it and let the rest of us live our lives.

    As far as Greenpeace and Tides is concerned, yes they and a whole lot of other organizations donate money to all sorts of organizations and pay all sorts of people to speak. However, there ought to be some sort of guideline when people “delivering” the news are also “shrilling” for organizations which are making a huge profit out of activities which may not be in the best interest of the majority of us.

    As to politicians accepting money for making speeches, I really don’t think that ought to be “on”. They get paid by the taxpayers and they ought to be available to taxpayers to speak, with out the taxpayers having to put out more money, if the organization is a non profit. Going to speaking gigs for profit making enterprises and getting paid, not so much. A sitting politician going to speak at a stock holders meeting, not good optics.

    Speaking of not good optics, turns out some of those groups fighting for private medical care in Canada are being funded by American organizations and they get to keep their “charitable” status. those charities such as churches, writers, anti poverty groups, they are still being audited and some have lost their charitable status. When it comes to bias, it sure makes you wonder, especially when “the great economist” P.M. isn’t signing the National health accord with the provinces and defunding our health care system by $36 BILLION come 2017. We can only hope “hide in the closet” P.M. harper is long gone by then, along with his tendency to like having charities who oppose his ideology audited.

  53. nonconfidencevote says:

    I’d take ten Peter Mansbridges “shilling” as a paid speaker at an oil function than one Gian Gomeshi getting away with his mysoginistic lunacy (all while his “handlers” tried to keep it quiet…… When DOES his trial start anyway?).
    As long as Mr Mansbridge isnt trying to hide his speaking engagement. I couldnt care less.

    Back to the topic at hand.

    I agree with Harvey. We havent heard the last of Baird. He’s jumping ship before the SS Harper hits the voting iceberg.
    He’ll be back. A 45 year old politician still has a taste for the limelight.

  54. Gene the Bean says:

    Re post 46.
    I don’t like the Chinese “influence” currently taking place around the world anymore than anyone else.

    What I think we would all like to hear though is the commenters thought processes for supporting Putin and Palestinian terrorists?

  55. larry Bennett says:

    Are you saying that the P.M. is about to “come out of the closet”? Please explain your use of the word “shrilling”. Tell me e.a.f. whether you feel aborting our children, and assisting in self-murder, “is in the best interest of the majority ..” – and do you really feel that the chief ‘Madam’ of the Supreme Court (and I use the appelative in its widest and most disparaging and deprecatory sense) who is unelected, should be defining something so despicable, as a most worthy right for Canadians? As for ” .. as far as (you) know – well, I needn’t continue, need I?

  56. larry Bennett says:

    The truth of the matter is that “baby-boomers” are now one huge wave crashing onto our social services, and instead of preparing with palliative care, it will be much more fiscally wise to refuse treatment until they are begging to be killed. Modern medicine is far more capable of controlling, even the worst pain, then they were even 10 years ago. A friend of mine died of cancer almost 30 years ago, and his doctor had his medication set to the minute, and if the nurses, didn’t follow the instructions (late even a minute) this man went through terrible pain for one minute. Hospital staff failed again in allowing him to fall down the fire stairs in his wheelchair while high on painkillers. The door was alarmed – when I asked how it happened the staff refused to answer! I won’t mention the hospital, but I suspect it occurs in all venues, though they would say it was the result of staff shortages – they always do.

  57. Hawgwash says:

    Well Harvey, I’m waiting for you to move on ti opine about the alleged 2.75 million NDP satellite office boondoggle. You will surely be accused of NDP bashing and hugging in the same blog. I know a couple of regular ol’ boys here who must be just wetting themselves waiting to wail and rail.

  58. e.a.f. says:

    the P.M. isn’t going to come out of any closet until the gun person has been “neutralized”. I am simply referring to when he hide in a closet. You know him being such a “warrior’ and all, wearing them armed forces jackets, like he was a real military leader.

    They arrested some guy in Ottawa on 11 Nov. for impersonating a military member, harper does it to and its o.k. Its just another great “photo-op”. The President of the U.S.A. is commander in chief, not a P.M. of Canada.

    so the guy sends young people to be killed in the middle east but doesn’t care about them when they come back. Talks tough, but hides in a closet when there is a gun man on the other side of a locked door. Left the disabled out in the room. Nice P.M. so tough, so cowardly.

    Larry in case you haven’t noticed the majority in this country are in favour of abortion. this is not the U.S.A. where they have crazy politicians going around saying no to abortions in the case of rape and incest. One went so far as to its beautiful when a child is born out of rape.

    Abortion is a woman’s right. End of story. the Supreme Court of any country is there to ensure there is some organization there to keep a government from violating the constitution of a country.

    I have the right to live as I chose and I have the right to decide when I will die, i.e. “exit stage left”. I have relatives in Holland who “exited stage left” on their own terms. Works really well for those who want to do so. People will kill themselves when they can, if they can’t get help. It is time we had the same dignity in death as our pets did.

    Now we have wandered a tad off topic because Harvey’s post is about Harper’s team “falling apart” or can we say, exiting stage right.

    We can only hope more of them decide to exit stage right, centre or left, as long as they go. Harper’s Conservative Party is not the type of party I want in my Canada. Harper’s party isn’t the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, which really wasn’t all that bad. They even had some really good candidates and leaders, its just what Harper has turned it into is so sick and he is just so “weird”. He looks like a drag queen gone bad, when he is on t.v., 4 coats of pan cake make up, lip liner which shows and a shade of lipstick which isn’t the right one for him. the toupe ought to go also.

  59. DBW says:

    Hi Larry

    What’s with the hate for the Chief Justice? Is it because she is the only Mulroney appointee still kicking around? Is it because she was appointed Chief Justice by Chretien or is it because she is a woman and you can call her a Madame and use “the appelative in its widest and most disparaging and deprecatory sense”.

    Why not criticize the seven Harper appointees and the one Martin appointee who were all part of this thoughtful, unanimous decision by the Supreme Court.

  60. Hawgwash says:

    Excellent comment.
    The best thing about the decision is that it was unanimous.

  61. larry Bennett says:

    You have some points there DBW (for a change). It does appear that these people, no matter their political beliefs (they don’t appear to have any religious beliefs, but then it would require the belief in a higher power, which seems to be the abiding problem with all of them) tend to loose their common sense once they get those ermine capes on – of course, it could be that they no longer see themselves as being commoners.

  62. BMCQ says:

    I believe The Supreme Court based their Decision on The Canadian Constitution and The Rule of Law of Canada.

    As individuals we may have opinions on whether the decision was correct and that is fine. Some may agree and some may not.

    Some may disagree based on Religious and Moral grounds and that is fine as well.

    I would also speculate that many Dr.’s will be against the Supreme Court Decision. No idea about what that percentage of Physicians might but…….

    What about “The Hippocratic Oath”?
    Who wants to tackle that? Has the Canadian Medical Association commented?

    I am not a Constitutional Lawyer but I do not believe that The Supreme Court members had a choice.

    Even if each of the members were personally against the new Ruling they had no choice but to strike the current Law down.

    I believe they did the correct thing by giving the Government of Canada a year and enough time to put the next election behind them before they make any changes to the current Law or before they change legislation.

    Best to let a newly elected Parliament Rule over this whole new ” Can of Worms”!!

  63. e.a.f. says:

    the only “higher power” I have been concerned about in life was my mother.

    Can to the realization at about age 8/9 there wasn’t a “god” as described in the bible and that stuff they were selling about some guy called “jesus”, well that just didn’t seem right.

    there maybe a “higher power” in the form of some diety, but it isn’t what they were peddling in sunday school that I thought made any sense.

  64. larry Bennett says:

    e.a.f. – I am no more interested in what your 8 or 9 year old mind thought of the concept of Deity, than your concept of spelling or sentence formulation is today. Please give my regards to your dear mother, who, I’m sure did all she could for you, presumably without the assistance of your father.

  65. larry Bennett says:

    I guess there is no copyright for commentary on blogs, so I think I will run off a copy of Morry’s piece at #15. Like Harve, I find it almost the antithesis of everything I believe in! When confidence flags I will take it out of my wallet and quietly contemplate its wisdom.

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