Hamas Rocket Barrage Deliberately Aimed at Tel Aviv Shows Who Has the REAL Genocidal Intent!

The shower of rockets fired by Hamas from Rafah in Gaza Sunday morning was deliberately aimed at Israel’s second largest city, Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv, on the Mediterranean coast, is ” the economic and technological center of the country”, according to Wikipedia. It also has a huge educational/university presence, a major beach-front tourism infrastructure and is the tiny country’s intellectual center of arts and culture.

Tel Aviv has no special military significance, no strategic armed forces presence and no critical Israeli governmental infrastructure.

Yet, with its CIVILIAN population of 475,000, it was Tel Aviv that was deliberately targeted by Hamas … clearly with GENOCIDAL intent!

Unlike the Israel Defence Forces, the terrorists of Hamas did not announce days in advance which areas of Tel Aviv they would be attacking, giving civilians a chance to move away.

Unlike the IDF, Hamas did not drop leaflets pointing out areas the population should evacuate to for safety.

Unlike the IDF, Hamas did not telephone civilian residents of Tel Aviv giving them time to get out/away before their rockets were fired.

No. In firing what Hamas itself called a “big” volley of rockets, Hamas wanted to and tried to kill and injure as many Jewish civilians as they could.

Just as they did on Oct 7 … when they murdered 1,200 Israeli civilians attending a music festival or in their homes nearby, slaughtering babies, raping women, burning whole families alive and taking 250 hostages.

The world has reacted with great empathy to the terrible impact the Israel-Hamas war has had on Gaza’s civilian population.

War IS horrible (ask the 30,000 dead and injured totally innocent Ukrainian victims of Russia’s aggression.)

But we must not forget the Hamas terrorists had an estimated 40,000 fighters … hiding among and in 500 km (300 miles!) of steel and concrete reinforced tunnels purposely built right under Gaza’s civilian infrastructure, including homes, schools, hospitals even mosques … loaded with thousands of rockets.

Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Al Aqsa Brigade and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine have been firing deadly rockets into Israel for years … specifically directed at Israeli civilians, and have organized and carried out armed terror attacks on Israeli civilians at bus stops, gas stations, markets and anywhere else they can … trying to kill as many Jews as they can.

THAT is genocide!

What would ANY country do faced with such sustained violence and murderous attacks directed at its towns, cities, civilian population?

The disgraced and disgraceful United Nations and its various corrupted agencies/organizations … now pretty well controlled and dominated by a bloc of 56 UN member Islamic states … most of them dictatorships … and their equally disreputable corrupted allies in Russia, Iran, Asia, Africa, Cuba and parts of South America (NONE of which are democratic countries, or ever dare to hold free, open elections) repeatedly and consistently blame Israel for trying to eliminate the threat to their people.

Notice how little action they have taken against Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups that have fired their rockets or carried out attacks on Israeli civilians! In fact, some UN agencies/officials have been exposed for supporting and assisting Hamas’ Gaza terror-based rule and actions.

And turn on any “mainstream” newscast these days and you will see a plethora of one-sided, biased “stooges” from the UN, its agencies/organizations or so-called “human rights” or university “experts” (people we’ve often never heard of before), invited on air to denounce Israel … their sometimes outrageous statements/lies/claims never challenged … all designed to malign Israel and pressure it to stop going after the terrorists.

Watch closely and you’ll notice they universally call for: Israel to stop its fight against the terrorists; Israel to withdraw from Gaza; and, Israel to be sanctioned, divested from, isolated.

But they NEVER call on Hamas to: stop firing rockets; stop hiding/fighting from in and among Gazan civilians; or, their terrorist fighters to surrender, if not to Israel, to neighbouring Egypt or withdraw its forces to its Islamic allies in other Arab countries or its friends in Iran, Russia, North Korea, South Africa.

Why? Because their ultimate goal is NOT to save Palestinians, but to save Hamas, so it can keep attacking Israel and deliberately go after its civilians, killing Jews in the hope of eliminating the Israeli state and establish a Palestinian state “from the river to the sea”.

That is the REAL genocide!

As Hamas proved Sunday by deliberately firing rockets … not aimed at Israeli military installations … but at Tel Aviv and its 475,000 civilian population.

To ensure its own survival, Israel MUST keep up its offensive in Gaza and get rid of Hamas and other terrorist groups’ military threat … even if the anti-Israel media and politicians pandering for Muslim votes don’t like it.

Harv Oberfeld

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9 Responses to Hamas Rocket Barrage Deliberately Aimed at Tel Aviv Shows Who Has the REAL Genocidal Intent!

  1. Chuck B says:

    Can’t believe the support for Hamas via protests for Palestine.
    And now Hamas attacking Israel again.
    Terrorists supported by the protestors.
    Obviously they really don’t know anything about the conflict.

    (Response: There was a terrible event today in Gaza: more than 40 Palestinian civilians were killed in a fire that Israel says was a “tragic mistake” when it attacked/killed a terrorist commander in Gaza. But there’s the difference: for years, Hamas has aimed thousands of rockets and carried out other terror attacks deliberately targeting Israeli civilians…. that’s a clear war crime, but there are never any Palestinian investigations or regrets or world actions! When Israel has gone after armed terrorists in close quarters, civilians have often paid a price too … but they are not deliberately targeted and when tragic mistakes happen, there are investigations, regrets expressed and often compensation to victims/families as well. I see a meaningful big difference in the two differing intentions: too bad, so many others can’t. h.o)

  2. D. M. Johnston says:

    I cannot help but wonder; how many Palestinian civilians HAMAS has murdered?

    HAMAS is an amoral terrorist group and to up the body count in Gaza, I would not put it pass HAMAS to slaughter Palestinian civilians.

    As for our local Terrorist Lite folks who are camped at universities, time to show them off the property, as this is no longer peace protest but more and more looking like asymmetrical warfare being practiced by Canada’s enemy’s and Canada does have enemy’s.

    (Response: Wikipedia has a separate article just on all the governing problems and internal fighting that has taken place between different Islamic factions inside Gaza and also between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority for decades now: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamas_government_in_the_Gaza_Strip#:~:text=Hamas%20has%20governed%20the%20Gaza,Gaza%20Strip%20by%20Yahya%20Sinwar. The people of Gaza have been victims of the “government” they elected 17 years years ago, but hasn’t held a general election since. I don’t think any of the “students” we see shouting the praises of Hamas on campuses around the free world would want to live for even a day under Hamas rule … especially women, gays, non-Muslims or, in fact, anyone who believes in the right to openly criticize, oppose Hamas policies/actions or dare blog about how poorly anyone there is treated! h.o)

  3. RIsaak says:

    What a great world, with so many oppressive regimes!

    Hamas is a coven of wealthy terrorists who only rule with an absolute goal which in their narrow minds is permission to commit as many offences as possible in pursuit of their goal.

    Russia is a coven of wealthy oligarchs who are lead by a delusional moron bent on achieving his stated goal of realizing the bygone days of soviet glory. He also openly embraces utilizing any & all tactics in pursuit of his stated goal.

    Iran is a coven of wealthy, religious, heavy-handed thugs. They also have goals, apparently they are willing to go to any lengths to achieve.

    Yemen is in civil strife, this done by rebels who use religious doctrine to justify their actions, financed & armed by Iran.

    China is ruled by thugs also, their weapons of choice are economics, cheap repressed labour & a heavy hand for all who live there and are not in the coven of the ruling elite.

    All the above nations are bent on achieving their expansionist goals. All could give a rats behind about their citizens, all have enough money to be comfortable far in excess of the comfort (or opportunity) afforded to their average citizens.

    They all have post secondary institutions, maybe some of our whiney college kids can go there and for once do a smidgeon of research before spouting off and acting out?

    Many of our post secondary educators have embellished the attributes of the boorish nations I list above. The opportunity to instruct over there should be pursued by many the Canadian schools employ.

    The students in Tiananmen, Tehran, Moscow & many other regions wish they could protest, wish they could be educated without worrying about military drafts or mandatory service, here they just piss & moan without doing any historical research on the factions they support.

    Maybe we as a nation of conscience should examine the curriculum in use today in regards to international affairs, seems to be a slight disconnect between the actions of students and the realities of oppressive governance? I think much of this is exacerbated by the folks currently employed to teach and the political statements made by teaching organizations (unions). The malaise seen in the BC NDP caucus in the Robinson matter was seized upon as an opportunity by many labour organizers, who wield the backroom hammer in the NDP.

    (Response: In 2003, CBS reported “Yasser Arafat diverted nearly $1 billion in public funds to insure his political survival, but a lot more is unaccounted for.” According to Wikipedia, “one of Arafat’s most trusted aides, Mohammed Rashid, accused by the PA of embezzling hundreds of millions of dollars … According to Rashid, (Mahmoud) Abbas’s net worth was US$100 million.” And, in November, a National Post investigation concluded “Abu Marzuk, deputy chair of the Hamas Political Bureau is worth $3 billion, while senior leaders Khaled Mashal and Ismail Haniyeh (who live in Qatar!) are each worth about $4 billion.” Palestinian “resistance” pays well …very well!!! While the Palestinian people wallow in poverty and corruption. Why would those in charge want peace and good governance? Too bad the media don’t zero in on this reality, which explains one of the biggest obstacles to peace. h.o)

    • RIsaak says:

      This is exactly what I referred to about teachers & unions. Will the BCTF defend this teacher who asks grade 6 or 7’s if Israel should even exist? Was the same question asked about Hamas? I’ll be following this closely, not holding my breath for any real solutions from the anti-semite BC NDP after the Robinson issue outed their true feelings.

      (Response: Debating whether the Jewish state should even exist! That teacher should be fired. The action reeks of the anti-Semitism that pervaded German schools in the 1930s…where teachers programmed children with the kind of hate that led many to question whether Jews should exist … the desired “correct” response then being “No”. Disgraceful. Disgusting. Totally unacceptable in Canada back then …and now. There’s also a Vancouver teacher who hung a Palestinian flag (but of course no Israeli flag) as part of her “education” of Grade 7 kids: https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/politics/palestinian-flag-in-b-c-classroom-forces-politics-on-kids-mother-says/ar-BB1nDPTm. In Grade 7! That kind of bias, prejudice-inducing one-sided political indoctrination should have no place in universities… let alone Grade 7!! It’s time for our “leaders” to STOP the hate … and that begins by taking action against those spreading it. h.o)

  4. Gilbert says:

    If the most secure border in the world had not been penetrated, many lives would have been saved. It’s true that Hamas hides among the civilian population and that many Palestinians are willing to sacrifice their lives. However, who is to say Israel can’t use that as an excuse to reduce the population and call every death a tragic mistake?

    The message seems to be that nowhere in Gaza is safe. There appears to be no end in sight to all the fighting. It is very sad to see more children injured and killed. I doubt Prime Minister Netanyahu cares. Until he is no longer in power, I see no solution.

    (Response: As I’ve written before, I believe in a two-state solution .. .but one negotiated as part of a peace agreement, not unilaterally imposed as a reward to terrorists. Hamas must surrender or withdraw under a truce to another Arab state, so that more moderate Palestinians who accept the two state idea can take power in Gaza and the West Bank … and then Netanyahu and his extreme right government must go, so Israelis can try once more to achieve a peace agreement under a more moderate government. There really is no other realistic way peace can eventually be achieved, but the first pre-requisite is to get rid of the terrorists … one way or another. h.o)

  5. e.a.f. says:

    Beni doesn’t care about anyone but himself. As long as there is a war, he doesn’t go to trial and then jail. ditto for his “charming” spouse. He is supported by the extremists in Israel and they are just another version of extremists everywhere. They don’t have to send their children into the armed forces. they’re praying, that is their contribution. Nice deal, if you can get it.
    Hamas is interested in keeping war going because their leadership makes money. The 3 top leaders of Hamas live in Quatar and have $7billion between them. Wonder how a trio of people acquired that much money when Gaza really doesn’t have a lot of manufacturing, etc. No one seems to be protesting that or demanding that money be given to the people of Gaza to rebuild.
    Hamas leadership knew or ought to have known what Israel’s response was going to be once they invaded and killed Israel citizens. they got what they wanted. they’re having a nice war and now peace talks are off the table for the time being. With peace talks on going with “senior Arab” countries, Hamas was out of the picture and they didn’t like it. Now they’re center stage.

    The students, oh boy saw some of them last evening on the news. They’re going to keep on protesting against Israel, so they claim. I’m sure some of them are believing what they are saying and drinking the cool aid, but many, I do wonder what they are really up to. They hide their faces, just eyes showing. They might say its because they want to protect their identify, but really, if any one wanted to know who they are, it would not be hard to find out. About 14% of the Canadian population is concerned about what is going on, so the “campers” are a a little out of touch. Of course it all does increase anti semitism which maybe the goal.
    It is interesting that these campers haven’t been keen to protest other violations around the world. They haven’t protested the war on Ukraine, Darfur, the plight of the Muslims in China. Last I read China had about 100K in camps. Then there are the Myanmar Rohinga, 45K have had to flee their homes in the last month or so.

    These protestors, campers, need to be removed from campuses. They do have the right to protest, but if they want to camp, they can try the DTES. When you think of all the people dying in B.C. due to drugs, homelessness, etc. you do have to wonder why these same students aren’t interested in protesting that or trying to do something about it. The campers are getting their 15 seconds of fame, get to yell on t.v. and increase anti semitism. It is interesting that the homeless are removed and their tents taken away in various places in B.C. yet these protesting campers, are free to set up shop on some of the most valuable land in B.C. I’d suggest the homeless might want to check out how they can get to camp on U.B.C. grounds. Its so much nicer than the streets of the DTES.
    Wonder how its all going to go once a Jewish person or more are killed due to all of this? There have been shots taken at a Jewish girls’ school back east.
    The Jews have been blamed for all sorts of things and not much has changed. Jews couldn’t join country clubs in Vancouver or some private clubs. Actually there are still areas of greater Vancouver which have covenants on properties which prohibit people of colour or Jews from living in those areas. They can’t be enforced but no one has removed those items either. Yes, that includes an area in /White Rock and british properties.
    Some people just need to hate and others like to take advantage of that. When B.C. had the “war in the woods” and protests against the pipeline, etc. I do remember the RCMP going in and arresting people and others going to jail. So what makes these little wonders on campuses so special they are allowed to continue with their activities.
    Lets see how strong their beliefs are if they were all to be arrested and stuck in jail until bailed out.

    (Response: You and I are on the same page this time with much of what you say. Historically, Canada … like many other countries …has a lot to be shamed about, not only in its treatment of Jewish people, but just about every minority (race, religion, ethnicity, colour, sexuality, physical and mental challenges etc.) But we seemed to be so over that in recent years, as we not only accept but celebrate diversity. However, recent hate-filled events have set us back .. far back. I wish I could say it’s only a small minority responsible, but I believe so many of our politicians, university officials and one-sided media have contributed to the rebirth of anti-Semitism by their weak, even pandering reactions/responses to the deliberate agitators who are working actively to spread hate. Just today, in scouring news sources from outside Canada I saw two horrifying stories: a fierce rocket attack by Hezbollah set several buildings ablaze in two northern Israel towns yesterday: https://www.france24.com/en/live-news/20240524-hezbollah-barrages-deal-heavy-damage-in-northern-israel; and, Hamas gunmen in the West Bank videoed themselves firing into a town in Israel (not the West Bank) https://www.jpost.com/breaking-news/article-804123 and https://vinnews.com/2024/05/29/watch-terrorists-fire-at-bat-hefer-located-1-km-from-tulkarm/. Where was the coverage here????? Or this: https://www.jpost.com/breaking-news/article-804383. What would any other country do faced with those attacks? When you see them repeated over and over again, you can understand why Israelis are determined to go after the terrorists (wouldn’t we?) …even if they hide themselves within civilian communities! Our media is doing a disservice by hiding this from Canadians …and instead encouraging anti-Israel and anti-Jewish haters. h.o)

  6. daniel says:

    e.a.f. brought up some interesting points about “campers” that I never considered. Good stuff.
    On Monday our federal government increased the number of Gazaan people to be allowed to enter Canada from 1000 to 5000. I can’t help but wonder about their vetting process and the possibility that some Hamas terrorists will be able to make their way into this country. Considering the liberal’s success rate in situations like this I wouldn’t hold my breath. ( i.e. the Chinese were able to disrupt our election process? ) I believe it’s just a matter of time and I find this to be very concerning.
    I have given up watching the news on Global and CTV doesn’t appear to be much better. You can forget about CBC. They are the worst. Too much fluff as well as interviews from “the man on the street” regurgitating the obvious. I do watch CNN from time to time, despite their obsession with Trump. At least some of their journalists are not afraid to ask some tough questions, compared to the news readers we now have here. I really wonder how it got to this point?

    (Response: The CRTC should hold an investigation into the one-sided anti-Israel bias clearly identifiable in the coverage Canada’s networks are showing in coverage of the Israel-Hamas war. Everyone should look at the articles I’ve linked in the earlier response to E.A.F.: have you seen ANY of them covered here? I doubt it… and yet, they really show the scope of the threats to Israel’s civilians and the UN/UNRWA’s complicity in helping the terrorists. You would never know watching our “national” newscasts or reading our major dailies that 100,000 Israelis are still out of their towns/farms in the north and south, away from their homes, jobs, schools, communities …to avoid the rockets still being fired at them by Palestinian terrorists. No doubt Gazan civilians have suffered terribly, but remember it was Hamas that BROKE the ceasefire that seemed to be edging the region towards peace and was seeing 700 trucks a day heading from Israel into Gaza with food, supplies, consumer goods, that was allowing 18,000 Gazans and 115,000 West Bank Palestinians into Israel daily to work and make much better wages, plus benefits, that saw Israel delivering millions of dollars in cash aid from Qatar to Gazans, and that even saw seriously ill Gazans, especially kids, being treated in Israeli hospitals. All gone in one horrible Hamas terror attack that saw 1,200 Israelis murdered, beheaded, raped, burned alive and more than 200 … including babies and toddlers …taken away as hostages. Nuts!! And it will NEVER stop until Israel clears the terrorists from governing Gaza and the West Bank. h.o)

  7. Keith says:


    comment #5. Brilliant!

    Can’t add to that.

  8. nonconfidencevote says:

    A great topic and great comments.
    I find it interesting that no one in the media is asking where the hundreds of millions of dollars came from for the miles upon miles of concrete tunnels, underground bunkers, weapons factories, on and on and on.
    Did the money come from the UN ? Arab oil profits?
    No one seems to care.
    Perhaps any and all further foreign aid should be audited? Since the Palestinians seem incapable of keeping out fo the hands of “Dictators de Jour”.
    Hamas, PLO, Al Queda….the alphabet soup of organizations that spend billions on death and destruction when that money could have built Gaza into a healthy, prosperous country next to Israel.
    The time of shovelling billions into the middle east maw of corrupt zealots is over.

    As for the Protesters on University grounds….
    If they aren’t students …arrest them, charge them , jail them.
    If they are students, expel them and strip them of their credits.
    Protest over.

    (Response: It has become quite clear that billions of dollars of foreign aid and UN funding … and tons and tons of permitted concrete and steel (imported through Israel!!) and supposed to go to housing, public services, economic development etc. … ended up in 500 km of highly sophisticated tunnels, rocket storage facilities, even underground meetings rooms, living quarters and the bank accounts of terrorist leaders Happy to repeat the info provided in my earlier response to Risaak:”According to Wikipedia, “one of Arafat’s most trusted aides, Mohammed Rashid, accused by the PA of embezzling hundreds of millions of dollars … According to Rashid, (Mahmoud) Abbas’s net worth was US$100 million.” And, in November, a National Post investigation concluded “Abu Marzuk, deputy chair of the Hamas Political Bureau is worth $3 billion, while senior leaders Khaled Mashal and Ismail Haniyeh (who live in Qatar!) are each worth about $4 billion.” Amazing!!

    How could any of those terrorist facilities possibly have been built, some of it right beside or underneath schools, apartment buildings, hospitals even mosques, without civilians knowing about it . Too bad the media don’t ask about any of that! h.o)

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